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our-wargame · 5 minutes ago
excerpt bc i can
rating t
Dazai closes his eyes, already tired of himself, even without having to pretend around Odasaku. He thinks about calling it off but that's rude and it'd make him look weak and it's all a lot more troublesome than going through with what he has so far. It's freezing but somehow, the heater is the one thing he doesn't have the energy to bother with as he gets off his ass to fix up the apartment. He turns the TV on, keeps the volume nice and low on that channel that only replays old movies. Neither of them are wine people but that's what you're supposed to have for these kinds of occasions, aren't you? So he leaves a half empty bottle of sake on the coffee table. Lounges on the couch as he sips from his glass.
How classy is he.
A knock at the door. Odasaku knows it's already open and only does it to alert Dazai. But he still waits outside until Dazai calls, "Come in." It's so unnecessarily considerate of him, Dazai shivers. And hates Odasaku a little bit, even as he thinks about pushing Odasaku against that door and kissing the gentleman right out of him.
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sugushou · 24 minutes ago
oh my gosh lumie you are so soft,,, bonding w a picture frame,,, my poor heart can't take it 🥺 miss you! i haven't been around too much lately but so happy to hear you're doing well ✨claire
sdhfaksdjfh i remember the sheer anticipation i felt every single time we pulled into the kohl's parking lot,,, i was excited for 1. the stupid cool carts (they had these carts with double seats and me and my sibling always made my dad push us around in them) and 2. the picture frames sdfhsdf
also also! do not worry at all! i miss u ofc but real life is always always more important than the blr! i hope u are doing so so well and thriving because you truly deserve nothing less than the best!!! 🥺💖
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i-d0g · 27 minutes ago
Summoning circle time
🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 Megumi fics for 🕯 FtM readers that aren't 🕯 From cis girls 🕯 🕯with a fetish🕯 🕯
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chococrayon · 41 minutes ago
a selection of haikus I wrote
a field i stand, tall
and my eyes are full of sun,
blooming, radiant
i hope my love for
her is as endless and vast
as my empty skull
cobwebs fill empty
cavities, left by sorrow;
spiders flee back home
the teapot, tea filled;
empty now, replaced with air;
to be filled again
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fandomfluffandfuck · 43 minutes ago
just a honour of seb’s pierced nipples in at pic..i present to you subby beefy bucky getting his pierced nipples played with by lil dom stevie...and in that delicious torturous way 😎💙
Y'all really out here coming for my piercing kink, huh?
Picture, if you will, beefy Bucky laying flat on his and Steve's bed. On his back, hands tied to the headboard above him. Steve is riding him, moaning and praising him, rolling his little hips like sin while telling him how good he feels. Between more, uh, intense sessions of riding Steve grabs at Bucky's thick pecs, digging his nails in and smashing them together to make a dirty comment about his cleavage. Leaning down to lick the line between them, telling him he tastes so good and feels good too. When Steve has the peace of mind to do it, you bet your ass he pulls at Bucky's piercings, making his eyes tear up and his back arch. Garbled little noises fall out of him, making his own cheeks heat at the particularly pathetic sound of them.
Just think about big, beefy, tough looking Bucky getting louder and louder and louder as Steve rides him for all he's worth, tugging at his nipple rings while Bucky himself tugs at the cuffs holding him down, arching into it until he nearly bucks Steve right off of him.
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ricinbeans · 45 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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stigmatatism · an hour ago
My OF is $3 for the next 50 subs! When u subscribe u can choose between a 1 on 1 smoke sesh or custom! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bliss-bud · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
what tired adults... look at those hollow eyes...... 👁‍🗨
I posted this over on instagram so I thought, why not post it over here? 
Im basically learning how to draw the Thinman and the Lady cause I plan on branching out to the LN fandom soon 👀 (+ I need to post more sketches,,)
bonus teenie tiny menaces:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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banspissygirl · an hour ago
i’ll never be skinny will i? lol. why can’t i think about anything but food...? lol the pain away i guess😜 feeling a lottaaa bit hopeless lol🤩 i hate being in this body... lol
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