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#my brain is slow I just woke up
godslush · a month ago
I remember catching ridicule as a kid for continuing to call Slash Man a dinosaur after X4 came out, because older fandom peers were like "psshaw, sure he lives in dinosaur park but he's clearly a lion because of Slash Beastleo" and the level of "well akshully" may have contributed to me losing some of my enthusiasm for the fandom.
Jokes' on them (and me) , because Slash Man's R&F/M&B CD data says he loves fruits and vegetables (which woulda thrown kid me for a loop), which has me convinced that he could be a small Therizinosaur.
Just look at Wily and tell me he's not a hyper nerdlord who would know some slightly more obscure fossils, I dare you.
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sleepingpowder · a year ago
it's been like a year since we talked but dghehf i just wanted to let u know you're still rad 👉👈
OMG WHO ARE YOUUU! Talk to me again .......
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extasiswings · a day ago
“Sometimes you get so close to someone you end up on the other side of them.” for Buddie
I needed an excuse to post finale-spec fic and this was conveniently in my inbox. So...
The harsh glare of hospital lights is familiar. It burns Eddie’s eyes when they flutter open, so he slams them shut again just as quickly—his head is foggy, weighed down and clouded over, and the rest of his body feels similarly. His legs are like lead, but he’s pretty sure he can wiggle his toes, and there’s a dull ache that throbs through his torso whenever he takes a breath.
Eddie’s pretty sure he would be in a world of pain if not for the very good drugs they have him on. That explains the brain fog at any rate.
His throat—that aches too, rough and torn like he’s either had a tube shoved down it or spent too long screaming—
Or both.
He thinks he might remember shouting. A lot.
His hands—
Red, red, red, slick and staining as ribs cracked from the force of desperate compressions and a heartbeat vanished under his palms—
Eddie forces his eyes open again, vaguely away of the heart monitor at the side of the bed picking up. He turns his head with some difficulty, looks at his hands—
They’re clean. Clean, but also sticky, like someone used a wet wipe that did the job but left residue. He remembers, though. He thinks—there was blood on his hands because he was in the parking lot at the station, the probie kid right next to him, and he saw the glare off the sniper rifle in the sun in the mirror of the truck—
He remembers. Blood on his hands and compressions and then pain ripping through his own torso—
The monitor gets louder, Eddie’s breathing comes quicker. A nurse rushes into the room.
“Mr. Diaz? Mr. Diaz, I need you to calm down for me. Take some slow breaths—can you do that?”
Eddie nearly chokes, but he manages one, then a second. The beeping levels out.
“Do you know where you are?” The nurse asks. Eddie swallows dryly.
“The hospital.”
“Good Samaritan,” she acknowledges. “Do you remember what happened?”
“I—I got shot.”
She nods. “You’ve been out for awhile. You had emergency surgery yesterday morning. Overnight you woke up very briefly because you were fighting your breathing tube, so we removed it. You’ve had some visitors in and out, but—is there anyone I can call for you?”
The irony is somewhat darkly hilarious. He broke up with Ana the night before that shift. Not that he would have wanted her to see him like this anyway. He thinks about Christopher, but he doesn’t know if he can touch his son while his hands still feel stained. His aunt, his abuela—he doesn’t think he can manage that either. Which just leaves—
“Buck,” Eddie rasps. “He’s—he should be my emergency contact.”
“No need to call,” Buck interrupts from the doorway. “I’m already here.”
He looks worse than Eddie’s ever seen him. Worse than after the ladder truck, after the tsunami, during the lawsuit—there’s at least a day of scruff on his jaw, and there are deep shadows beneath red eyes—
Eddie clears his throat roughly as he stares. He barely notices the nurse leaving the room.
“Did they—did they get the sniper?”
Buck nods once. “Yeah.”
“Well that’s...something, I guess.” Eddie looks back at his hands, feels the stickiness when his fingers curl into his palms. “He died, right? The kid.”
“There wasn’t anything you could’ve done, Eddie, even if you hadn’t—”
Buck goes pale so fast Eddie’s half-afraid he might be sick. Or pass out.
He looks like a ghost.
“Sit,” Eddie says quietly. “Please?”
Buck blinks and seems to come back to himself, finally crossing into the room and pulling up a chair next to the bed.
“Christopher,” he stammers out, “Carla and Isabel are with him. I was with him while you were in surgery, but I thought—he needed to go home and sleep and I promised him I would be here if you woke up. I didn’t—he didn’t want you to be alone.”
I don’t want to be alone.
Eddie bites it back.
“Was he scared?”
“Was he—?” Buck blows a breath out his nose and looks up at the ceiling. This close, the red in his eyes is more prominent, the normal bright blue dulled and bloodshot. “Of course he was. He was scared, Isabel was scared, I was scared, you almost—”
Buck cuts himself off and drags a hand over his face.
“I should have been there.”
“So you could have gotten shot, too?” Eddie replies. “So it could have been you bleeding out under my hands?”
“I’m supposed to have your back—”
“—and if you had we’d both be here, or worse,” he interrupts. “I for one am glad that—”
“You died,” Buck bites out, and Eddie stops. “In the ambulance. Your heart stopped. Hen told me. And I hadn’t even seen you since that stupid fight—god, Eddie, I’m so—”
“We both said things we didn’t mean,” Eddie says. “And—I’m sorry, too.”
Buck takes his hand and Eddie almost pulls away because it’s too gentle and soft and his skin is smeared with guilt and sin and failure that he can hardly bear to smear Buck with, but Buck’s lacing their fingers before he can. And then he can’t bear to pull away either.
Buck knows where his hands have been. But he doesn’t care. There’s something—something in the back of Eddie’s mind trying to whisper through the lingering fog, but Eddie can’t quite catch it.
He thinks, though, that he might like holding Buck’s hand.
“You have to stop dying on me,” Buck says finally, his voice a choked whisper. “I can’t—”
Eddie doesn’t have a lot of grip strength at the moment, but he squeezes Buck’s hand with everything he can manage.
“I’m not going anywhere.”
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villainousshakespeare · 2 days ago
Putting it Back Together Epilogue
Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11
Tumblr media
Rated E  - Grief, smut, sex, angst, mention of characters dead before the start of the story, blood, slow burn, touch starved, swearing, biting, suicidal thoughts
Summary: Since the death of his beloved Eve, Adam had been barely living, only alive due to a promise he made to her. Then one night he meets his new neighbor, a woman dealing with grief of her own. Will they help each other heal or drive each other crazy?
@yespolkadotkitty @just-the-hiddles @hopelessromanticspoonie @wine-and-whines @arch-venus25 @caffiend-queen @devilish–doll @enchantedbyhiddles @hiddlesholic @i-do-not-fangirl-i-fanwoman @kellatron55 @ladyoftheteaandblood @latent-thoughts @gorgeous1974 @maryxglz @myoxisbroken @nuggsmum @nildespirandum @pedeka @redfoxwritesstuff @sinfully-lustful-darling @vodka-and-some-sass @wrathkitty @kingtwhiddleston @wolfsmom1 @poetic-fiasco @shiningloki @dangertoozmanykids101 @bookworm-christina @thecutestlittlebunbunfairy @amwolowicz @delightfulheartdream @frostbitten-written @what-a-flammable-heart @tom-hlover @nonsensicalobsessions @myraiswack @loki-yoursaviourishere, from-hel-i-with-love, @sweetsigyn, @fictiondoesitbetter​, @ms-cellanies​ @evieplease @viviennes-tears
So sorry this has taken so long! I had a hard week where my annual board meeting at work, family drama, and post covid brain fog all hit at the same time and just knock me for a loop. I hope this was worth the wait!
Adam woke from a dream and sat straight up, reaching for the notebook that he always kept on his bedside table. Grumbling as he knocked over a photo of him and Lilly that also occupied a place of honor next to their bed, he pushed his disordered hair out of the way and struggled to write down the notes as he had heard them in his mind. He thought that he remembered them, and even better than that, he thought that they just might do the trick.
With a melodramatic groan he lifted himself from the bed to his feet. He didn’t bother with clothing, simply grabbing the robe from the door nob as he headed out of the room. It was not as if he and Lilly had guests after all, and she would hardly complain if he were to stumble upon her naked. Eleven years later, and just the thought of her had his hand straying to his half hard cock as lust ran through his veins. Why was she not still next to him? The only truly acceptable way to start the night was with a rousing tumble in the bed with his love.
Perhaps it was for the best though, as Adam regrettably had something else to attend to. He clomped down the stairs and through the door that had long ago been carved out between her building, where their living quarters and Lilly’s workshop sat neatly organized, and his building where all of Adam’s musical paraphernalia lived. They had discovered long past that this was the easiest way to keep the peace. Lilly would not be forever tripping over a loose cord or knocking down a set of symbols, and conversely Adam would not be driven mad when she reorganized his record collection in a manner completely incomprehensible to him.
Adam picked up his latest Fender and automatically started tuning it. He needed to finish this song, and he had to do it by himself. The thought that this was even a question still struck him with awe from time to time. He had spent so many years only allowing a few others to knowingly hear his work when he deemed it as close to perfect as any piece of music could ever be. Letting another person collaborate on a song – it was unthinkable.
Or would have been, at any rate. Adam had developed an alarming habit of sulking into Lilly’s workspace whenever he hit a rough spot in his composition. He would whine shamelessly, flopping down in despair next to her, looking at her with big, needy puppy eyes as he complained about his writer’s block.
He was not without method to his madness. The trips to pout in her room had from the beginning inevitably led to sex, as Lilly looked to cheer him up in the most pleasurable way for both of them. He had learned that she was always became amorous when she heard him play and was only too happy to distract him from his frustration.
What had surprised him was that one night after a very mutually gratifying romp on her desk, Lilly had suggested a new coda for the sonata he was working on. Adam had known what a superb ear she had since she shouted at him through his wall that first week. Still, it was a much more sophisticated composition that he was struggling with.
He had been grouchy at first, annoyed that she had come up with something he had not. As time wore on, however, he gradually noticed a pattern developing. Musical frustration, followed by sexual gratification, followed by one or the other of them being struck by inspiration. It was a wonderful arrangement all the way around and kept them going quite happily.
This song though, was different. Lilly had not heard a single note of it since he had conceived it a month ago. He had kept his headphones on anytime he even worked on a bit of background mixing. He wanted her to hear it all at once, complete.
Adam had never been a man of many words. Those he did speak tended to be cutting or sarcastic. He had been cold for so many years; sleep walking through the nights when he and Eve had not been together – more often than not at the end. Lilly made him want something else. He wished he were a poet, had his onetime friend Shelley’s gift with words. Lilly deserved nothing less. She deserved sweet lines in her honor, a recitation of all her many graces and beauties. All he had to give her in their place was a song.
Which meant that it had to be the best song ever written. No pressure there, he thought, rolling his eyes.
Plugging in to the sound system and fitting the headphones over his ears, Adam closed his eyes to play the new bridge that had come to him as he slept. The one he hoped would unify the sections he had in place thus far. He brought the pick to the strings to play the first chord and with a loud bang and sparks from the tower all of the power went dead.
“Fuck!” he roared, ripping the headphones from his head and throwing them across the room. “Lilly, what do you have plugged in?”
Eyes narrowing, he stalked back to the other side of their home, muttering under his breath. He had been saying for years that he needed to replace the wiring in the damn buildings. It had been bad enough when it was just his musical equipment putting a drain on the antiquated system, but now with Lilly’s workshop, it was completely out of control!
It had taken about a year together before they had discovered Lilly’s innate ability to repair musical instruments and equipment. She had always been handy with electronics, always loved to “tinker” as she called it, but it seemed that she was truly gifted when it came to sound equipment. Adam had been preparing a sort of maudlin funeral (though he would never have called it that himself) for his beloved Stratocaster when she had breezily picked it up and began opening the casing to look at the wires inside. As he stared in horror laced with a dash of hope, she had taken his baby apart and put it all back together, sitting like a child on the floor the entire time and humming to herself. In the end, it had sounded better than when he first purchased it decades before.
The delight she took from being able to revive his electric mistress was enchanting to Adam. He almost shyly asked if she might look at an old bass that didn’t quite have the reverb it once possessed. So had begun what had turned into a lucrative career for his darling. Once they had let it be known at the small club she occasionally dragged him to most of the musicians there began using her services for repairs to their kit. It started, he knew, as a way to honor her grandmother but Lilly quickly proved that she was no charity case but a master craftswoman.
It was lovely to see the joy on her face as she brought an instrument “back for the dead,” but the stress it added to the electric grid was too much for it to bear. Adam had nightmares about the walls catching fire and burning them while they slept. And was constantly nagging at her to warn him when she was using anything that required a large amount of power.
Barging into her space in the dark, he was surprised to not see her bent over her desk. She could almost always be found there if she were not lounging about, listening to him play. Instead, Adam was greeted with loud hiss and a swipe from a razor sharp pair of claws that he just managed to avoid feeling across his cheek.
“Quit it, you bug eating menace, or I’ll throw you in the East River,” he snapped.
The disaster of a cat Lilly had rescued a year past, merely hissed again, his tail standing on end as he eyed Adam warily from his green eyes. The cat had been underfed when she found it, with matted fur that turned out when clean to be white with black splotches on his head and back that Lilly insisted looked like a cape and hair. Coupled with his one long fang that hung down outside his mouth, and she had insisted that he was a vampire kitty destined to be their familiar.
Despite all of Adam’s protestations, Lilly had kept the wretched beast, christening him Renfield. He had grown fat in the year he lived with them, and protective of his territory. Unfortunately, that territory in his mind included everywhere that Lilly might found. Neither Adam nor Renfield was pleased to have to share their beloved with the other, and they maintained a strained peace at best.
“Well, you were supposed to be watching her,” Adam admonished the beast, who disdainfully began grooming himself. “Where has she wandered off to?”
“Mwar,” Ren sniffed.
“What kind of answer is that? I told you if you were to be allowed to live in this home, which I strongly opposed, by the way, you would have to earn your keep! Keep away the mice, give Lilly company when I’m busy working, and keep her from running off and doing anything stupid!”
“What was that about stupid?” a well loved, unfortunately sharp voice asked from behind him.
Adam jumped and could have sworn he heard Renfield laugh. He turned around to see Lilly standing in the hall, giant yellow flashlight and tool bag in her hand. Adam flushed and glared at the cat, convinced it was his fault that he was in trouble.
“I said the cat the stupid,” he lied.
“He is no such thing!” she protested, crossing to scratch the dreaded thing under the chin. “Renny is the most brilliant cat alive. After all, he takes after his father.”
He thought his eyes were going to roll into the back of his head. No matter how many times he disowned any relationship with the cat Lilly insisted that they were a family. Still, he pushed down his irritation. He could never give her a real family he could hardly grudge her a beloved pet. Oh, she claimed she didn’t want children, but Adam still felt guilt nonetheless.
“Now, are you going to put on some pants and help me fix the grid?”
“Why do I need pants? Are you suddenly prudish?”
He pulled her into him, her small body fitting snugly against his as he swayed lightly. She melted wonderfully in his arms and tilted her head up for his kiss. Adam wasted no time claiming her lips, loving the taste of her. The small moan that escaped her was all it took to have him hard and ready. He kissed across her jaw and down her neck, tongue lingering as it always did on the scar that had formed from over his favorite spot to drink from her. There were others he enjoyed as well – her femoral artery held an undeniable erotic appeal – but her sweet neck would always hold a special place for him. Her breath gasped and her leg rose on its own to hitch around his.
“Put down the tools and help me fix something else first,” he murmured into her ear, drawing her into the room and towards the couch.
“Oh dear, is something else broken?” she giggled.
“It is. My cock seems to be stuck straight up in the air. Think you can help me with that?”
“Well, come into my office and let me see what I can do.”
She pushed him down onto the couch and knelt beside it, hand reaching out to stroke his erection. Adam moaned and threw back his head, loving the way her touch excited him. Lilly gave him a wicked grin and licked a wide stripe up his length, flicking the top with her tongue. She had grown bold over the years, learning what he liked as well as what she liked to do with him.
“Tease,” he growled.
“Guilty as charged, love.”
She punctuated the plea by dipping her head and biting him, hard, on his inner thigh. Her fangs pierced his skin and he cried out, hips lifting off the couch as she quickly moved to take him in her mouth deep and hard.
“Fuck, I love you!”
“Show me,” she begged, lifting her head and staring at him with lust blown eyes.
Adam made a feral sound deep in his chest and grabbed her, pinning her in a moment to the floor. He took her wrists in one hand and with the other tore open her dress, exposing her breasts to his hungry gaze.
“You might regret that,” he purred, lifting her leg up and positioning himself.
She would never get enough of him. Lilly had learned that years ago. With Adam’s propensity for going about the home partially or fully unclothed, she would have thought she would get used to the sight of his perfect body, pale and muscled in the moonlight. It never happened. Every time she saw him she was struck momentarily dumb by how beautiful he was.
He surprised her too. His mind was just as developed as his abs, and it seemed that every day he would share some new discovery he had made or let drop some old piece of knowledge of which she had been previously unaware. He never made her feel stupid, or less than, the way some other men would have. Instead, he shared happily the experiences and talents he had gleaned from several lifetimes on the Earth. He encouraged her to learn and grow, suggesting she reach out to her musical contacts for clients in her new endeavor. Not because they needed the money, he hastened to add, she could do it for free if she liked, but because it seemed to give her so much pleasure.
And when he did, when he praised her, or played for her, or just looked at her with his soulful blue eyes, Lilly would come undone. Every single time. Why should this time be any different, she thought with a happy sigh.
With a fierce thrust he was buried balls deep inside her, their combined moans chasing the protesting cat from the room. He began rutting into her wildly, her walls clench around him all wet and slippery with her desire. It was not long before she could feel her desire reaching an early climax, one of several she was sure she would experience before they were done. One delightful perk of being an immortal was the stamina it gave them both.
She came shouting his name, fist pulling on his beautifully wild black hair. He chuckled darkly and stood up, keeping her impaled on him as he did. A few steps had her slammed against the wall, and he was pushing up and into her from below.
“You feel so fucking good around me,” he said, low in her ear, his large hand keeping her head from slamming repeatedly into the wall as he fucked he hard. “Such a perfect home for my cock. I could stay inside you forever, just fuck you until the house fell down around us.”
“God, Adam, yes!”
As if on cue, a picture came crashing off the wall and they both laughed, eyes meeting just before their laughs mingled with their tongues. She ran hers over his sharp teeth, so beautiful like all the rest of him. Her heels were digging into his perfect ass, and she spared a moment to wonder, as she often did, that this amazing man had chosen her to spend his life with.
“My darling wife, my perfect lover,” he purred a bit later when she was bent over the back of the couch while he slid in and out of her from behind. “You take me so damn well.”
For a man of few words, she loved how verbal Adam could be when they coupled. His voice was pure sin even at its most innocent. When he was telling her all the things he wanted to do with her, it was the strongest aphrodisiac she could imagine.
“I’m gong to cum love,” he panted, speeding up a bit as the couch slowly moved by inches across the room. “Cum with me. One more for me, my darling.”
His hand found her clit with ease of practice, and Lilly felt the coil build within her again, despite having already orgasmed several times. Adam always tried to get her to finish with him, prided himself on being able to draw out that last magical moment for her. She knew it would be no different this time, and as she felt his fangs sink into the back of her neck she cried out once more. Her own name in his deep voice joined her cry as he spilled inside her, sweat drenched body pressing her heavily to the back of the couch.
“Are you alright my darling?” he asked after a moment, helping her stand and wobble to sit down.
“More than,” she smiled dreamily at him. “We may have to make it up to Renfield though.”
“Fuck that,” he said, pulling her against him and stroking her gently. “I am not apologizing to the bloody cat.”
Lilly giggled. She loved teasing Adam about the cat. The truth was, the two were so much alike that she sometimes thought there was magic involved. Vampires were real, why not familiars? With the two of them, she was happy. Her little family complete.
“So, you blew out the power again?” she asked, poking him in the rib.
“I did no such thing.”
She looked around expressively at the dark room and felt him squirm.
“You were using one of your damned tools in here?” he demanded.
“Nope. I was in the other room. How much power were you using?”
Adam looked guiltily away. He always blamed the power outages on her, but in truth she used mostly mechanical tools; all of the electricity came from his side of the joined homes.
“Some,” he admitted at last.
“What are you working on anyway? I haven’t heard so much as a chord from you in days, maybe even weeks!”
“It’s nothing,” he mumbled, looking away.
“Tell me!”
“I said no.”
“Please?” she looked up at him with big, pleading eyes.
“That is not fair. I told you not to do that anymore.”
“I save it for special occasions,” she grinned. “Spill.”
“I am working on something for our anniversary tomorrow,” he admitted at last.
“Really?” her eyes glowed.
“Well, I have to top last year somehow.”
“Adam, last year you gave me immortality. I don’t know how you top that.”
It had been on the ten-year anniversary of the night they met, the first time she had experienced a power outage in this building, that Adam had turned her. At last giving in to a long campaign of pleading and pestering from her, he had finally realized that she did want to change. She had no real connection to any of her surviving family, and those friends she had were distant. Lilly had always been solitary, preferring a few special people to large multitudes. Her one deep relationship, her grandmother, was ten years gone. Adam was her family, and she wanted him forever.
It had hurt a bit, but not as much as she had feared. Because it was Adam and it was her, the entire experience was more intimate than anything else. He had drunk deeper from her neck than ever before, slowly and sensually taking her as he did to distract from the pain. When she began to lose consciousness he had bit open his own wrist and pressed it against her mouth. Lilly had sucked instinctively at the metallic liquid seeping from his arm, and slowly the strength had begun to return to her limbs. She felt a new energy thrumming in her body, and the pace of their love making had sped up in time with it, synching the two of them even more deeply than they had previously gone.
“You don’t regret it? Giving up your life?”
“How could you ever ask that? I may have traded one life, but I have a new one. A better one. With you.”
“I love you so much, Lilly.”
“I love you too. Now, tell me about this project.”
As Adam began to self consciously describe the song he was writing, mixing in the old tapes of her grandmother’s voice with a new composition of his own, Lilly snuggled securely into him. She had everything she could ever want. She had taken her life apart and put it back together, with Adam at the center of it. He was her home.
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proditeur · 5 days ago
— i see i have some new followers and a bunch of unread IMs, just a note that i’m gonna be slow in catching up on things because i woke up feeling BRRRRR brain and i am finding it so hard to focus or produce actual thoughts. i’m gonna avoid catching up until i can actually put my full attention into it.
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strwbryrainbows · 5 days ago
still into you | leona kingscholar
Request by anonymous.
"Hi, there! Can you do a sweet scenario where Leona plans a perfect proposal to his fem! S/O? Leona is my most favorite character! Please and thanks!"
Just to clarify, this takes place after all the current NRC boys graduate! Sorry if you don't listen to Paramore, anonie!
Tumblr media
Leona's been weird lately.
His heart was unstable, as if his heart was on a ship that sailed through a sea with deadly waves. His emotions were jumbled up, he can't even tell if he's hungry or not. The visible confusion on his peers' faces did nothing to help calm him down. All of this was caused by one, simple yet complicated reason.
His plans to marry you.
Of course, the first step was to propose. And yet, here he was, pulling his own hair out because of the first step. Others often told him that the first step was always the hardest step to take. He didn't really pay any mind to those words, but only now was he really feeling the truthfulness behind them.
"Ahhh!" a loud grunt echoed throughout Leona's bedroom, which was as disheveled as ever, as if mirroring the state of his heart. Bedsheets were crumpled up and tossed to one side of the bed, clothes lay strewn around here and there, and of course, his iconic wallet on the dead center of the floor. If Ruggie was here, he'd definitely scold Leona to tidy up and get himself together.
Speaking of Ruggie, was that the real him at his bedroom door or perhaps just an illusion?
His inquiry was answered when a familiar hand pulled his ear and the usual "Leona-san!" was heard.
All the words that left Ruggie's mouth went into Leona's right ear and went back out through the left. The lazy lion was snapped back to reality when the jumble of words stopped, being replaced by a loud sigh.
"Okay, let it all out, Leona-san." And so, he spilled everything he had held in for so long.
"Oh, then can't you just do whatever you know she likes?" The statement from the hyena was met with a loud grunt from the lion.
"Everyone says that. But I don't wanna let her down. I want this to be her moment."
Silence fell and clouded the bedroom, both inhabitants of the room looking each other in the eyes. Ruggie broke the cloud of silence, "If you do it sincerely, isn't it better than anything extravagant you could give her?"
"...That's actually really smart. You've got more brains than I thought." "Please, everyone knows I'm the one with the most braincells between the two of us."
"You take that back!" Chaos ensued.
A gentle voice urged you to awaken from your slumber; not to mention it sounded really familiar. You opened your eyes, albeit slowly, to see three faces smiling directly at you.
Ah, the former members of the Light Music Club; Kalim, Cater and Lilia. It was probably the old fae who woke you up, with a voice as tender as a mother's. Before you could open your mouth to ask about why they were in your bedroom, Kalim spoke up, "(Y/N)! Hurry up! We've got a special event for you!!!"
You couldn't even give the three a proper answer because you were dragged out of bed and immediately put up on your feet. Then, the three of them worked together to doll you up; you couldn't see who was who because all you could see was a tornado of brightly coloured clothes and cosmetics products.
When you opened your eyes (thanks to Lilia's instructions to do so), the mirror stood strong in front of you as your gaze burned into your reflection. "Wow, I never knew I could pull this style off." The three of them chuckled, clearly amused with your statement. You wanted to stay a bit longer but was dragged out of your room towards an unknown destination.
"Ha? Isn't this the Light Music Club's clubroom? Are we at NRC now??" That was all you could ask when you opened your eyes. When your question was left unanswered, you turned around only to see the trio gone from your side. You shook your head, a slow sigh leaving your lips before you turned your head to face your front yet again. You were not prepared for what you saw.
It was the trio and the current members of the Light Music Club, they seemed to be in positions to play a song. A student sat at the drumset, others held basses, electric guitars and more instruments that you couldn't name. You were too shocked to say anything, so you just stood in your place and closed your gaping mouth.
Suddenly, the students played a familiar beat; Paramore's Still Into You, your favourite song! Oh, but that was not the biggest shock yet.
The biggest shock was when a really familiar voice sang the song's first verse. It was your boyfriend, Leona.
"What-How... Why?" That was all you managed to let out of your mouth, way too shocked to form a coherent sentence. But, he kept singing, even interlocking your fingers together whilst he sang his heart out, accompanied by the Light Music Club.
As he sang the last line, "I'm still into you", your heart was doing somersaults in your chest. You grabbed Leona's collar and locked your lips with his. The whole room was filled with awes and coos from the inhabitants of the clubroom.
When your lips parted, Leona let go of your hands slowly and kneeled down on one knee. You could feel the tears bubbling up in yourself, was he gonna do what you thought he would do?
"Let them wonder how we got this far, 'cause I don't really need to wonder at all. But after all this time, I'm still into you. (Y/N) (L/N), would you do me the honour of becoming my wife for eternity?" he recited smoothly, even quoting your favourite song, the love was evident in his voice.
You nodded, not being able to form a simple sentence as the tears flowed down your face. No word could explain the happiness you felt right now, and you were sure of it. Little did you know, Leona was thinking the same thing. You did not know how euphoric he felt when you accepted his proposal.
Now, you were both in a rollercoaster towards your happily ever after, hand in hand.
Hope you enjoyed! Consider checking out my other works?
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perriewinklenerdie · 5 days ago
Married (Ethan Ramsey x MC)
Pairing: Ethan Ramsey x Claire Herondale
Word count: 2,4 k
Summary: Parts of Ines’s wedding told from Ethan’s perspective feat. E&C dancing, staring at each other during the wedding, basically being a married couple and everyone calling them out for it. OH3 Chapter 11 added content.
Warnings: None, it’s fluff town all the way
A/N: I feel scammed by PB. All the golden opportunities - wasted. So I fixed it.
Tumblr media
His shoes sank a bit in the sand as he began walking towards the venue. More and more people were beginning to arrive, sounds of conversation and laughter increasing by the minute. He recognized his coworkers with ease and approached them. The first to notice him is Tobias, his eyebrow arching slightly at the sight of him.
“You came alone? Where’s Herondale?” he asked, looking over Ethan’s shoulder to search for the blonde resident.
“She helped me fix my tie, then kicked me out of our room. And refused to let me see the dress.” He explained, shrugging with a helpless laugh. Harper laughed along with him, clapping her hands gently.
“That’s wife behavior. Are you sure you two aren’t married?”
“Dude, if you two eloped, I’m not going to be working out with you anymore.” Bryce chimed in, acting as though he was offended, a serious look overtaking his face.
“Where would you- why would you- “ Ethan started stumbling over his words, realizing only after a moment that everyone was smirking at him teasingly. He huffed, fighting a blush that creeped onto his cheeks anyway. “I see. You all think you’re funny.”
“You make it too easy, Ethan.” Harper giggled, shaking her head.
“And we know we’re funny, Ethan.” His mentor put his hand on his shoulder sympathetically.
“Hilarious, even.” Baz added.
A small sound of an incoming message caused everyone to stop talking. Sienna unlocked her phone, her eyes scanning the screen.
“Claire just texted me a photo of her in a dress.”
Immediately, everyone jumped to her side, long before Ethan could even move his finger. Once he woke up from the daze, he took a step towards the young doctor that he considered his friend. Zaid stopped him in his tracks with a hand pressed to his shoulder.
“She said to not let you see the photo.”
Her voice rang from behind him. “I wanted to see your reaction myself.”
Ethan turned around and, at once, his breath caught in his throat. His gaze dropped to her shoes and dragged up her body slowly. The gentle flow of her skirt, pink silk that he knew for sure would almost spill through his fingers. The bodice, snug against her chest, accentuating her curves and making his male brain run wild. Careful to not linger on her chest too long – he would not get crap from their friends for this – he finally looked at her face. She was grinning smugly with a bit of a nervous spark.
He stepped up to her, resting his hand on the dip of her waist, tracing the floral patterns under his touch. With his other hand, he grasped hers in a gentle manner, raising it to press a warm kiss to her fingers.
“You’re taking my breath away.” he muttered, staring at her intensely.
“Hypoxia is dangerous, maybe I should go.” Claire teased, leaning away a fraction of an inch. He immediately pushed on her back to stop her, their personal spaces merging.
“Not having you by my side is fatal.” He dropped his voice to a low rumble, her grin melting into the soft smile. Their lips met in a slow kiss, no heat to it, just pure emotions.
They remained like that for a prolonged moment, his hands carefully pressing her to his chest. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other, making their bodies move in a swaying motion.
Jackie burst their bubble. “You, lovebirds, the brides are about to arrive, cut it out.”
Ethan pressed his lips to Claire’s one last time, then leaned away. Their noses brushed against one another as their eyes met. He whispered gently. “I’ll come find you after the ceremony.”
She pecked his cheek sweetly. “Can’t wait.”
He wasn’t particularly a fan of weddings. He wasn’t invited to a lot of them, either. If combined with his dislike for big social gatherings, one would come to the conclusion that Ethan Ramsey was miserable right in that moment.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
As Ines and Angie exchange vows and talk about their love for each other, his eyes find Claire. Sitting in her chair across the aisle, she’s holding Sienna’s hand and passing her a tissue. She’s all anyone could ever ask for, and the mere sight of her makes him fall down into the void of memories.
How far he’s come as a person. A cynic that dreaded what a new year would bring along with a new batch of interns. A man that had only two people in his life that he could call friends. A man that went to the bar every night to forget the day behind him, only to go back to his empty apartment. All of that was so long ago that he barely recognized that version of himself anymore. He was so different now.
He smiled more. Laughed, even, and found that he didn’t find stupid jokes Lahela made all the time half as annoying as he once did. He didn’t spend every waking moment at work. Instead, he enjoyed his time off. Still at a bar, but not to drink away his worries. Not alone – not anymore.
Now, he had someone to come home to.
Claire shook her head as she laughed at what Zaid said and Ethan’s heartbeat quickened. They grew together as people too, and along with that, their relationship evolved.
From the night they spent together in the NICU, when her head slowly fell onto his shoulder and he couldn’t find a single cell in his body to tell him to lean away. Because he wanted her to be close. It was the first moment in which he thought that maybe this brilliant woman was meant to be more to him than just an intern – and right after that, he squashed the idea back down.
Every hold of her hand, every silent sign of support, he cherished it all. Unknowingly falling deeper for the woman that would become the center of his universe before he realized what was happening.
Their kiss in Miami would be at the forefront of his mind in his every living second until he kissed her again. Growing stronger with each time his resolve broke and their lips met, softly or with wild abandonment.
The first time he could call her his – the first time he had her to himself. He knew in that moment that he was ruined for everyone else. No one would ever make him feel that way, ever again. He knew it damn well – and yet, he still fought against it.
Absence makes heart grow fonder. He now knew it was true. Months he spent away from her, keeping her at arm’s length, taught him as much. How could he deny those words when the moment he pulled her closer to him outside his apartment and their lips touched, he felt his mind go blank and his heart stop. He vowed to never let her leave again. To never lose her.
And then he almost did.
The thought alone made his muscles spasm, and he was a millisecond away from running to her side, just to feel her warmth and hear her heartbeat. Leaving her side now, even if only for a moment, even to do their job, caused a silent voice to go off in his head. A wave of panic usually followed, staying with him until he saw her again.
Thankfully, nowadays, she was within his reach most of the time. She never asked why he sometimes needed to pull her close and just hold onto her – she knew.
He felt the corners of his lips rise on their own accord. She was radiant in every second of every day. In that moment, she was the most beautiful person there. The idea that it was him that she continuously chose to be with, day after day, only made him smile wider.
This was it for him. He found his one and only, as cliché as that sounded – he knew it for sure. Guess weddings really did make people reflect on love after all.
Ethan was very much aware of how lovestruck he must have been looking in that moment. With his eyes on Claire, he was a picture of a man in love – and he was finally ready to admit that he was. He loved her.
Almost as though she could hear his thoughts, she turned around to look at him. Their eyes met and a brilliant smile bloomed on her face. His lips moved as he mouthed the words, her smile becoming gentler.
“I’m yours.”
She mouthed it right back to him.
Music wasn’t as obnoxious as he anticipated it to be. That didn’t, of course, mean that he condoned every dance move he saw the guests do. He decided to not complain, though – it was a day to be happy, he wouldn’t bring anyone down with his opinion on their questionable choices of moves.
Currently, he was seated by the table, nursing his whiskey. Mirani twins, Tobias and Naveen sat beside him, all five men watching their colleagues party with wine glasses in their hands.
“How long, do you think, will it take for one of them to break a glass?” Baz asked, leaning out of his seat to see his friends better. Zaid grinned, taking a sip of his drink.
“Any second now. And my bet is on Varma.”
“Why?” Tobias’s face twisted in confusion as he turned towards him, intrigued. Zaid shrugged.
“Because she can.”
Ethan tuned their conversation out, choosing instead to look at his girlfriend. She danced with Sienna, laughing as they sang along to the song. Her dress moved with her, flowing through the air elegantly. He felt the urge to stand up and walk up to her.
“Ramsey, you do know you can just walk up to her instead of sitting here and pining for her, right?” Tobias snickered, punching Ethan’s shoulder playfully. He scoffed, leaning away with a hint of a burn in his cheeks.
“I’m not pining for her.”
“You are.” All four of his companions replied.
He was so distracted by their words that he failed to notice an approaching form. Her hand landed on his shoulder softly, the tips of her nails scratching the back of his neck. Knowing who it was, he leaned into her touch, breathing out deeply.
“Sorry, gentlemen, but I’m stealing him.” she mused happily, dragging her hand down his arm until her fingers tangled with his. Ethan let her pull her up, looping his arm around her waist.
“Stealing is bad, Herondale.” Tobias shot back, moving his eyebrows suggestively at the couple. Claire opened her mouth to speak, but Ethan beat her to the punch.
“She can’t steal something that’s already hers.” He grinned at them, then turned towards her. Claire’s jaw dropped in surprise at his boldness, her posture softening enough for him to pull her away from the table, smirking. Faintly, he heard Tobias’s words.
“Married. For sure.”
Ethan’s arms wrapped around her, fingers hooked onto her hipbones. She threw her arms around his neck, staring up at him with a soft smile. A slow song began playing and one look at where the DJ was situated told them who was behind this change. Ines grinned at them, giving them thumbs up and a cheeky wink.
“Is it just me, or is everyone trying to tell us something?” Claire giggled, nuzzling her nose against his jaw. He kissed her nose gently.
“So, you noticed it too?”
“Kinda hard not to. Girls said we’re acting like a married couple at least twice today.” she traced the lapel of his jacket, laughing quietly at the recognition in his eyes.
“Guys did it too.” Ethan muttered, tightening his hold on her. She laid her head on his shoulder.
“And how does that make you feel?”
He was silent for a long while. They swayed to the song, tuning out everything else. To her surprise, he didn’t tense up – nothing about his posture spelled out the doubts he once told her he had.
“Not as terrified as it did before.”
Claire leaned back to look at him. Their eyes met, tender understanding in them. Ethan leaned down, capturing her lips in a kiss, perfectly soft and not nearly deep enough. She clutched his lapel in her fist, creasing the fabric with how strong her pull was. His fingers dug into her back, skipping past the coarser material of her bodice and gripping the soft silk of her skirt. A voice in the back of his head told him to loosen up the hold or he’ll mark the fabric, but the overwhelming need he felt for her overshadowed everything else and he couldn’t bring himself to let her go.
The song ended and with it, their kiss. Foreheads pressed together, they caught their breath, standing in the middle of the dancefloor. Blissfully unaware of how much attention they gathered with their tender moment.
Ethan opened his eyes and finally allowed his mind to register the music again. Some sort of a fast tune that made people around them go mad. His girlfriend stared at him with an unspoken question, and he got the meaning perfectly well.
With a definite move, he dipped her onto the floor. She giggled, the sound breaking through the loud music to reach his ears. Ethan smirked, throwing her back into his arms. With his lips against her ear, he mused hotly.
“I have a few tricks up my sleeve.”
Her leg wrapped around his thigh, pushing their bodies closer. His voice broke off and his breath shuddered at the way their bodies clashed and the suggestive smirk she sent his way. His hand fell to her ass, all inhibitions gone.
“Ethan!” she exclaimed, laughing at the carefree smile he gave her. He moved his hand a bit, albeit begrudgingly.
“Can you blame me? You’re irresistible.” He muttered, kissing the shell of her ear. Claire hummed, then twirled out of his hold and back into it, jumping into his arms with her legs wrapped around his hips. Ethan groaned deeply in his throat, making her smirk.
“I have a few tricks up my sleeve too.”
This is a part 2 to the Mile High Club fic. As I said, PB could have made the chapter so good with all the wedding themes that I’d lose my wig. Writers apparently don’t know how to do basic research into fiction themes, but that’s okay (kinda). It just means I have more material to work with.
Round two smut is coming soon. 
Thank you for reading! <3
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madswritingvoid · 6 days ago
Adore You
Tumblr media
Pairing: Shane “Dio” Morrissey x f!reader
Words: 2.1k
Warnings: Soft smut BUT STILL SMUT 18+, oral sex (f), fingering, p in v sex, swearing, sensual massaging, Dio beating the best boyfriend, mentions of depression
A/N: As always @dinsprettygirl​ let’s me write for the goth boyfriend of my dreams and I will always be grateful for it! Hope you like this and start to feel better soon lovely, sending lots of love xxx
As soon as you woke up today, you knew you weren’t getting out of bed. Your bones were made of lead and your head was foggy. 
Somehow Dio already knew, you could feel his fingers gently brushing across your cheek. You wanted to say something, anything to tell him you’d be okay eventually but you couldn’t get the words to come out. “It’s okay, my love,” he whispers, “I’ll take care of you.” It was days like today that had Dio on high alert, knowing that you didn’t know why you were feeling this way but that he would do whatever he could to make it that little bit better. Giving you a soft kiss to the forehead and a “see you soon, my goddess,” he got dressed and made his way into the city. 
He’s flying around the city, stopping at the bodega near your apartment to pick up your favourite snacks, already having hit up the video store to rent your favourites - even that one romantic comedy he can’t stand but knows you love because you say the lead actor reminds you of him. He’d never admit it, but seeing you smile and get misty eyed watching the leads fall in love makes him feel like his heart will burst right out of his chest. Regardless of what your brain may be telling you today, Dio is determined to make you happy no matter what.
“Darling?” he calls into the dark apartment. 
You hum in acknowledgment and he feels a soft smile creep onto his face when he saw you were at least smiling a bit, laying on your side giving your cat Lucifer belly rubs. Shucking off his jacket he grabs the bag of goodies and strides over to sit on his side of the bed, careful not to disturb the purring ball of black fluff. “I got you some things my love,” he whispers and you lift your eyes to meet his. Arching your brow you nod at him to continue. “The essentials,” he proudly states, pulling out the movie rentals, snacks, and finally his surprise item - massage lotion, “I thought I could help you relieve some tension my love, if you’d like?” Meeting his eyes you offer a soft nod and are rewarded with a blinding smile from Dio. He’s off the bed in a flash, lighting the candles on his nightstand and going over to your shared CD player to put on your favourite album, setting the mood. “On you stomach, please,” he softly orders as he changes into just his black boxer shorts.
Rolling over onto your stomach Dio springs into action, straddling your hips he slowly pushes your shirt up to expose your naked back. Taking his rings off, he slathers the lotion onto his hands to warm them up before slowly starting to massage you. “Have I ever told you how much I love these?” He asks softly, placing his thumbs into the dimples at the bottom of your spine, drawing slow circles on your tender flesh. “So soft, so beautiful,” he mutters more to himself than you as he continues to work his way up your back. Too relaxed to argue with him, you can only softly hum your acknowledgement, allowing yourself to sink further into the mattress and let your boyfriend take care of you. All he wants to do is take care of you and for once you weren’t going to stop him.
Hitting a particularly tight spot on your left shoulder you let out a deep moan making Dio’s cock twitch in his briefs. Reminding himself this was about you, he worked at that knot until he could feel the tension lessen and finished your other shoulder. “Mmmm thank you baby,” you mumble into the pillow but the kiss between your shoulder blades let you know he heard you. Tapping you on the shoulder so you can  meet his soft brown eyes you offer a small smile. “Can I keep making you feel good baby, can I keep touching you?” He asks, running his hands up and down your sides, making you shudder. You couldn’t lie that having him take care of you was turning you on, heat pooling in your belly as he worked out the knots in your body. “Yes,” you whisper and he gets off of you so you can turn onto your back. Slipping off your underwear, he starts to run his hand along the inside of your thigh.
Opening your legs so he can sit between your thighs, his big hands start massaging the soft flesh as he litters your skin with kisses. Paying extra attention to your stretch marks, sucking the skin to leave his own marks there. “I just fucking love you so much,” he mutters against the inside of your knee, “so so much,” he starts kissing his way up your legs causing you to wiggle under his touch. “Please,” you gasp as he kisses the top of your mound, “plea- oh!” You jolt up a bit from where you’re laying as Dio dives in, taking your clit in his mouth and sucking. Moaning into you, he doesn’t stop. He’s licking and sucking at you like a man starved and your pleasure is only heightened when he finally adds one, then two fingers inside of you. Setting a steady pace, you can feel your orgasm coming as the coil starts to tighten in your belly. Once you start rocking your hips against his face, Dio curls those fingers to find your g-spot, rubbing against it as your eyes roll back in your head.
“D-Dio I’m gonna cum, p-please sosososos close,” you whine. “Yeah? Go on, baby, it’s okay,” he coos.  Brushing his fingers over your g-spot again, your eyes shut as the coil snaps. You feel yourself gush around his fingers, thighs shaking as he continues to slowly pump his fingers to help you ride out your high, placing soft kisses to your shoulders, neck, anywhere his lips could reach. Once your breathing went back to normal, Dio slowly pulled out of your and brought his fingers to his mouth, cleaning off your slick with a moan. “Nectar of the gods,” he murmurs leaning down to capture your lips, sliding his tongue into your mouth so you could taste yourself. “Thank you,” you murmur against his lips, enjoying the weight of him on top of you. He starts to get up and you whine at the loss of his body heat, “wait, where are you going? What about you?” you pout and he only shakes his head. “Today, tonight, tomorrow, forever is all about you my queen,” he shrugs, “you don’t have to worry about me. I can take care of this later.” He goes over to the bag of goodies and pulls out one of the movies, “I thought I could make you some popcorn and we could watch this?” Realizing he wasn’t going to make any moves on you, you huff and finally get out of bed, bringing your favourite blanket and sit on the couch.
You’re trying really hard to watch the movie, it’s one of your favourites and Dio was even trying to make comments throughout to get you to start your usual commentary on how romantic everything is, or fun facts you learned about filming. But you’re so distracted, he has you tucked into his side with one arm thrown around your shoulder and the other resting on your thigh. The hand on your thigh is rubbing soothing circles into your skin, but you just feel like everywhere he touches is on fire. You can already feel how wet you’re getting imagining what you could be doing right now that you don’t even realize your hand is sliding across his lap to cup him through his boxers. “Babe,” he asks after a few strokes, trying to gage where you’re at. “Is this okay? I want us both to feel good,” you whisper. His eyes are boring into you and you can see his jaw clench, holding himself back so you can take the lead but you want him to take control. “Come on baby,” you purr, “touch me and you’ll see how good you made me feel today.” Grabbing the hand on your thigh you bring it between your legs, his fingers sliding through your already slicked folds. He swears under his breath and after you squeeze him again through his boxers, then he’s on you.
Turning you onto your back, you giggle as he peppers your face with kisses. “You’re so perfect, you know that?” He asks between kisses. “Always so beautiful, and strong, and smart,” You cut him off by bringing your lips to his and sliding your hands down his chest to take off his boxers. A low growl rips from his throat as you start pumping his length again, using your thumb to swipe the drop of pre cum leaking from his tip, making your movements smoother. “I love you,” you moan against his lips as his thumb starts rubbing your clit. “I fucking love you,” he groans as he starts to thrust into your hand until he stops you. Quickly pushing himself off the couch he runs over to his night table to grab the bottle of lube, eyes black with lust as he sees you continue to touch yourself waiting for him. “That’s mine,” he warns, moving your hand away, coating his cock and your entrance with lube. Wrapping your legs around his waist he notches his cock at your entrance, waiting until you nod again as he pushes in. You both moan and Dio is so lost in the way your walls grip him he is already thrusting in and out of your dripping pussy before finally bottoming out. 
Normally Dio is all harsh thrusts, bites, and making sure you ache the next day but tonight he’s different. The hand not holding your hips is cupping your face, tracing your features as he slowly moves in and out of you, letting that coil slowly start to build again. “I just, fuck, love you so much,” he says as he brings his face closer to yours, lips just brushing against each other, “you’re my everything. You are everything.” You can’t do much but moan into his mouth before closing the distance, hoping the way your tongue begs for entrance into his mouth can show him how much you love him too. Your hands are everywhere - in his hair, sliding down to grip his shoulders as you try to meet his thrusts. He starts to grind his cock into you and the hair above his dick rubs deliciously against your clit, making you try to thrust against him harder, make him move faster.
“P-Please Dio,” you whine, “feels so good. No one fucks me like you, I love you,” moving your hands down his back Dio growls as you grab his ass, trying to press him even closer. He lets out a low groan as he starts picking up the pace, “just-just wanna make this good for you,” he breathes into your neck, “a-wanna make you feel better.” You can’t respond with anything other than moans as this new pace gets you closer and closer to your release. Your pussy starts to flutter and squeeze Dio more, letting him know you’re getting close and he snakes a hand between your bodies to rub rough circles around your clit and you scream his name. “Yes yes yes you’re so good, always so so good,” you babble and the praise only eggs Dio on more. Two more hard thrusts has you falling over the edge and soaking his cock as your walls grip him so hard he can barely move, bringing him over the edge. You shiver as you feel him come deep inside of you, and let out a content sigh as Dio continues to give short, shallow thrusts to prolong both your highs.
Collapsing on top of your chest your fingers find their way into his sweat-slicked hair, massaging his scalp as you just enjoy being close. “Shane,” you whisper, not wanting to burst this happy bubble just yet. He hums in acknowledgment, drawing shapes into the skin of your shoulder. “I know I haven’t been at my best recently, especially today, but I love you. Thank you for taking care of me,” before you can say more Dio raises his head to capture your lips in a sweet kiss. “You never have to thank me, my goddess,” he whispers back, “I will always take care of you just as you take care of me, I love you more than anything.”
You feel your eyes sting as a few tears start to fall but Dio quickly kisses them away. You both know there will be more days like this, for both of you, but you also know you’ll always have each other.
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ooh-ouch-me-bones · 11 days ago
So this might be late but I wanna say: Your portrayal is awesome as fucking hell I could stop right here because that's facts but I want to elaborate that no matter which muses I've seen you write, they are always on point and plotting with you, talking with you, writing with you is lots of fun and I genuinely enjoy it, even tho I'm a slow fuck that takes ages to reply. I love it anyway! Your writing is really amazing so thank you for being on my dash! <3
((Oh my goodness, thank you so much!!! I actually kinda just woke up from a nightmare so this was lovely to see first thing after.
I remember seeing you rbed this too, so let me just say here: You portrayal of Shoto is so amazingly balanced??? There’s always this duality with him, and it’s so easy to go one way or the other with any of the aspects. Adding to that how quiet he is, and he’s a difficult muse to master. But every time I see your writing or we talk ooc, you’re so on point!
I also want to  add, tho I haven’t seen much of it, you’re similarly good at understanding Enji, as well! There’s a lot of depth to the way you write any character, because you always seem to understand them!
I would probably have more words, but sleep brain soooo I’ll leave it here haha.))
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cyllaeth · 14 days ago
do i wanna know
Hi! This fic is heavily inspired by this post (i love you!) and wonderful @on-maars who agreed to beta-read this (she writes too! sooo go visit her blog and ao3 and show her some love!) Enjoy! ❤
Find it on ao3.
Itʼs a very boring, slow shift. Theyʼve been on a few ordinary calls, no dramas this time. Oh, theyʼre not complaining—actually itʼs nice and refreshing that LA for once seems to be careful. It doesnʼt happen often so the 118 really is grateful for this peaceful and sleepy evening. The station is silent. Theyʼd eaten Bobbyʼs macʼnʼcheese earlier (it tasted like heaven) and then most of the team decided to take a nap. Bobbyʼs sitting in the kitchen, talking quietly with Athena on the phone. Theyʼre planning another Grant-Nash family dinner because Athenaʼs complaining that David is working way too much and deserves to fully rest. And she wants to make sure heʼll be able to do it. Chimʼs sitting by the table, focused on his baby book; he takes his dad role very seriously and he wants to be as much prepared as he can. Heʼs still a little nervous because what if he will be a bad parent?, but most of the time he manages to shush these thoughts and focus on the bright side. Henʼs also deeply concentrated on her medical book although sheʼs sprawled on the armchair in a very odd position—she should probably get up and stretch her legs but she doesnʼt have the energy to do it and sheʼll probably regret it soon. She repeats quietly some words from time to time; it helps her remember things. Buckʼs on another armchair; heʼs spread out in  an entirely different—and definitely more comfortable—position. Whatʼs maybe surprising for some people, he also has a book in his hands. Heʼs reading about love languages and it seems like itʼs a very engrossing lecture because thereʼs a wrinkle between his brows and he occasionally chuckles at something.
Eddieʼs nowhere in sight. That heavy, drowsy atmosphere at the station got to him very quickly and he went to sleep. It didnʼt go that well, though. He slept maybe for like 20 minutes but then he woke up and kept shifting positions. Itʼs like his brain just couldnʼt shut up. Lying in the bunk doesnʼt make sense anymore so he gets up and goes to the kitchen. Heʼs not surprised to see  his closest coworkers sitting there. They barely notice him when he decides to take a bottle of water from the fridge. He comes closer and stands across the armchair Buckʼs sitting on. He knows his friend is aware of his presence but he still doesnʼt pay attention to him.
Eddie takes a sip from the bottle and then he clears his throat.
“I have this urge to do something stupid”, he says casually because he hopes his friends would understand.
“Iʼm stupid, do me.”
Thereʼs a sudden change of atmosphere. Itʼs no longer sleepy—itʼs almost cracking with electricity. Four sets of eyes are looking in Buckʼs direction. 
Oh, shit. Has Buck really said those words out loud? Panic starts to creep up in his chest because he didnʼt plan to blurt something like this while his friends are here. Or never. Heʼs convinced he just fucked up the most important relationship in his life. But Eddie is not looking at him with disgust, but with disbelief and uncertainty—as if heʼs not quite sure Buckʼs serious or if heʼs just joking. His gaze is piercing, like heʼs trying to read Buckʼs mind.
Chim slams his book on the table and looks very exasperated.
“Really? In front of my baby book?”
He surely sounds irritated but his face is betraying him. Heʼs been waiting for so long for something like this to happen— maybe not this stupid — but something thatʼd push those two idiots to resolve this sexual tension between them.
Hen, on the other hand, looks very cheerful.
“Iʼm gonna be a hundred dollar richer”, she grins widely.
Bobby doesnʼt say much; heʼs completely fine with only being an observer. Heʼs perfected his poker face through the years so the expression on his face is unreadable. Deep down, he hopes that his boys will talk about whatʼs going on between them and they will get together. He doesnʼt even mind if he loses a little bit of money. As long as Buck and Eddie pull their heads out of their asses.
“Wait, why are you gonna be richer?”, asks Buck and he looks at Hen very suspiciously. He prays Eddie would say something and maybe stop looking at him like this because it makes him nervous and more embarrassed. Heʼs sure that his friend noticed already that his cheeks are probably red by now.
“Oh my sweet, clueless Buckaroo”, says Hen, looking at him with a  rather fond expression. “Weʼve had a—”
The bell rings.
Buck has never hated the bell more.
— • —
The call—itʼs not bad. Itʼs not difficult, nothing that they couldnʼt handle. Just a couple of dumbasses at a party doing stupid challenges. They work almost as well as usually—synchronised, effortlessly, quickly—but the tension between Buck and Eddie is even more noticeable, less bearable  than normally. Bobby decides to separate them; Eddie goes with Hen and Buck works with Chim. It doesnʼt help too much. Hen catches Eddie staring at Buckʼs ass and rolls her eyes. Chim claims that Buckley is the obvious one but he clearly hasnʼt seen the way Eddie looks at Buck now. And itʼs definitely not platonic. Hen may be the one who wears glasses but she definitely sees how they look at each other. She nudges Eddie softly to bring him back to reality and to finish their tasks. When theyʼre officially done with helping there, they go back to the firetruck. Buck sits across Eddie, their knees bumping from time to time but they donʼt share a word. They just... Let themselves  glance at each other quickly only to look away just as fast every time their eyes actually meet. Chimʼs jealous of Bobby because he at least doesnʼt have to witness this awkwardness. He doesnʼt try to bring a topic to talk about even if Henʼs silently encouraging him to do so. They spend the rest of the drive in complete silence. Both Chim and Hen pretend to be asleep; Hen opens one eye a few times to check if either Buck or Eddie made some movements, maybe moved closer or, at least, looked at each other but no. They sit still as if someone froze them. Locking them in a closet is a very tempting idea (it was actually Maddie who came up with it) because all of the 118 and their friends are already so done with them dancing around each other for two years. Eventually, they arrive at the station. Buckʼs not in a hurry to leave the firetruck; heʼs nervous and he bites his lip quite hard, wondering if he should bring the topic.
“Eddie?”, he asks with some hesitation in his voice. Eddie finally looks at him and he only nods.
“Guys, can you—”, Bobby wants to hurry them up but heʼs quickly shushed by Hen. 
“Leave them, Cap. Let them do each other.”
Bobby looks horrified at the thought. He eyes both Buck and Eddie very suspiciously and he points the finger at them.
“You two, no making out in the firetruck! And no sex either!”
Buck nearly chokes on his own saliva. This isnʼt something heʼd expected to hear. Especially from Bobby. He tries to explain itʼs not like that, itʼs not like theyʼre going to kiss each other. Buck only wants to apologize to Eddie for saying something this stupid and hopes itʼs gonna be enough for him. But Bobby doesnʼt stay, heʼs already going to the kitchen, Hen and Chim following his steps.
Theyʼre left alone and Buck finally turns around to face Eddie. His friend has a very weird expression on his face and Buckʼs not sure if heʼs able to read it right.
“Having sex with you in the firetruck  wasnʼt my first thought when I said I wanted to do something stupid”, Eddie confesses and he starts to grin. He hasnʼt moved yet but Buck feels like heʼs so close to him heʼs taking his breath away. Okay, this is something he hasnʼt expected either.
“Then what were you thinking about?”, Buck asks. His voice is shaky, unsure but Eddieʼs smile is contagious.
“Iʼm not really sure. I didnʼt have anything particular in mind I think. But you really caught me off guard and I canʼt stop thinking about it since.”
As he says it, heʼs finally moving towards Buck. He stops when thereʼs barely any space between them. They donʼt break eye contact even for a second; Eddie gently cups Buckʼs face in his hands. He strokes the stubble on his friendʼs jaw with his thumb. They let their breaths mingle, their lips maybe an inch away from each other but none of them moves first.
Buckʼs mind is still trying to process what Eddie has said but itʼs hard to form any coherent thought when he can feel the other manʼs body heat and, holy shit, is Eddie hard because of him?
“If youʼre still thinking about doing me, I think it requires at least a little bit of kissing”, manages to say Buck. Heʼs still not sure if itʼs all real or itʼs just his imagination but he doesnʼt care. He retrieved his usual cocky attitude and he knows Eddie likes it.
“Smartass”, Eddie chuckles but then he captures his lips with his own.
Itʼs far from chaste, sweet or innocent. Itʼs very heated, rushed; the kind of  kiss that makes your blood boil. Buck moans softly when Eddie tugs him closer by the belt and he rolls his hips over him. He hears the belt unbuckling and a Spanish curse when Eddieʼs struggling with unzipping his pants. His mindʼs all fuzzy because of all the touches, the kisses, the heated stares. Because, apparently, itʼs all very real and—
Thereʼs a loud bang on the window.
“I told you, no making out in the firetruck”, they hear Bobbyʼs voice but he doesnʼt sound angry or annoyed. Itʼs more amused than anything. And then, they hear footsteps growing quieter which means theyʼre alone again.
“I need to remind Bobby that no making out rule should apply to everybody, not only me”, Buck scowls.
“Wait, you saw something I havenʼt seen and you haven’t told me?”
“I once caught Cap and Athena kissing here. It was gross, theyʼre like my parents”, Buck exclaims, making a very disgusted expression.
Eddie laughs.
“I think we made sure nobody will try to kiss here again. So... What do you think about the showers?”
Buckʼs only response is to lead him to the bathroom.
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roaringup · 14 days ago
Misc thoughts:
- when it’s safer I want to take at least one art class/workshop of some kind a season. This I can afford to do and would like to do
- woke up with my back fucked; the left upper side (neck and shoulder) is like... stiffened, and in pain when I move it. Possibly I was in a weird posture last night or slept wrong. I can’t think what else it would be. I took some cyclobenzaprine I was hoarding from my last weird back thing
- I have a bunch of hot Italian sausage I cooked (but didn’t brown, I just simmered it) yesterday. I had a sausage, pepper and onion sandwich for lunch and pizza with sausage for dinner. Not sure what to do with the rest of it
- I’m going to bake something with coffee and am not totally sure about that either, but I think it might be a honey cake
- I started playing this game Wandersong last night and it’s fun and cute, but also there are spatial skills required that I just absolutely do not have. My brain setup is mostly all right for me in terms of being able to do a job that involves editing, writing, and light graphic design/image editing/coding; I can also do other stuff I want to do like cook, take public transit, and orient myself in space with the help of familiarity/verbal instructions on GPS; but also I am way way too [nonverbal learning disorder + aphantasia] to be anything other than extremely slow at many video games. This always makes me think about the social model of disability because if it were more socially important for me to have video game competence or... I don’t know... the ability to learn dance moves or understand how machines work... I would be a lot more “disabled” (unable to do the things people consider important to do without assistance)
- thought I had more to say but this back situation is really distracting! I guess I’ll just chill and read and hopefully cook a bit today?
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bwbatta · 15 days ago
The one where James finds out (3)
Abstract: Y/N and Sirius have been friends since they first met on the Hogwarts Express, so when they do get together, they decide not to tell their friends straight away. (Friends AU)
Pairing: Sirius Black x Lupin!Reader
Warnings: Swearing
Word Count: 3.3K
A/N: Thank you all for you lovely comments and interactions with the first two parts of this series! I love hearing what you have to say about it, even if I leave you all on a cliffhanger! If you want to add yourself to my taglist for this series, you can do so here!  
Tumblr media
Series Masterlist | Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Your eyes blink open to welcome the light surrounding you. You weren’t exactly sure what happened and you don’t remember falling asleep. 
You were lying on your stomach which should’ve been a giveaway at first that something wasn’t right, it wasn’t your favourite position to sleep in and you rarely did.
Attempting to move and prop yourself up, you managed to lift yourself only slightly before a blinding pain jolted through your body.
“Hey, take it slow.” The familiar voice of Sirius was heard before you felt a comforting hand over your own. “Your back is still recovering.”
“Hey, kitten,” he crouched down until he was eye level with you. “How’re you feeling?”
“I bet,” he tried to send you a small smile as his eyes flickered from your back to your face. “The healers are doing everything they can.”
"What happened?"
"My psycho cousin hit you in the back with a powerful curse, we couldn't wake you up. You're in St Mungo's now." Sirius hesitated as you watched him with wide eyes trying to take the information in. "I- don't you- it's my fault!"
"If I was just paying attention, I would've seen her coming-"
"Sirius, stop."
The wizard stopped his rambling as he let his eyes trace your features, trying to assess how furious you were with him. To his surprise, there was no malice to be found in your expression.
"We were both just as wrapped up in each other. If anything, it's both of our faults." Your eyes held his own as you tried to relay the importance that it wasn't his fault. "Do you know how long I have to be here?"
“They said a few hours longer after you woke up.”
Sirius interlocked his fingers with your own before lifting your hand to his lips.
“How bad does it look?”
He hummed slightly as his eyes rested on your back. The scar was large and was tinted purple in colour. The best way Sirius could describe it was that it looked like scattered lightning.
“It’s nothing. If anything it makes you sexy,” he winked causing a soft scoff to escape you. You met his eyes with an unamused look which he waved away, leaving forward and pressing his lips to your forehead. “Who knew I could be even more attracted to you?”
“Only you could be trying to sweet talk me when I’m lying injured in hospital.”
The door to your room opened as Remus walked in carrying a takeaway cup of tea and a chocolate bar from Honeydukes. Seeing you were awake, he quickly took the chair next to Sirius.
“Hey! I didn’t know you were awake yet.”
“Just woke up.” You sent him a smile. “Any chance you could get me out of here? The bed isn’t that comfy.”
“I’ll go get the healers,” Sirius smiled, “don’t go busting out those dance moves of yours while I’m gone, kitten.”
With a grin, he left the room leaving your brother and yourself behind.
“Please don’t make me go through that again.” Remus began, “When I heard what happened I was terrified.”
“I’ll try not to get attacked anytime soon, though that might be a little difficult.” You chuckled. “Our job is literally to hunt down death eaters.”
"Still doesn't mean I don't worry. How come you guys got distracted anyway? I would've though Moody's 'constant vigilance' speech would be ingrained in your brain by now!"
You knew exactly what had you distracted and you were reminded of it as said distraction walked through the door. Sirius shot you a wide smile as a healer followed him through.
"Can't remember, only that they jumped us." You mentioned quickly, not wanting to linger on the subject.
The healer checked your back over and deemed you in good health despite the large scar on your back.
"You'll need to come back in a week, just so we can see how it's healing. Unfortunately there's nothing to be done about the scar. That's permanent I'm afraid."
Handing you a pain potion and another vial of a healing draft, you sat up easier after you took the two. The healer explained the same two should be taken daily to minimise the effects of the curse.
Remus left with the healer to sign some forms for your release as Sirius stayed with you.
Reaching for the large jumper, you caught sight of your back in the small mirror next to your bed. Standing, you wandered closer to see your back better.
Thin purple lines marred your skin that you ran your fingers over, feeling the scar tissue where the curse had hit you. You frowned, you hadn’t really seen a scar like this before. It wasn't necessarily ugly, just unpleasant and unattractive to look at.
Attempting to put on the jumper you recognised as Sirius', you couldn't help the wince that escaped you as your arm got caught.
"Here, let me help."
Carefully guiding the jumper over your body, he made sure you didn't strain your back or injure yourself further. Pulling it down, Sirius gripped the fabric and pulled you closer to him as your back was against his chest.
You could see each other in the mirror as you now stood facing it. Sirius' grey eyes locked on your own as he began to frown.
"What's going through your mind?" He rested his chin on your shoulder, his gaze not breaking from yours.
"It's not exactly nice to look at, is it?"
His frown deepened.
"So? You're still gorgeous." You searched his face for any sign of a lie but found none. "Every scar you may or may not have, doesn't make you any less gorgeous. It shows you're strong and perfectly you. And that, kitten, makes you even more magnificent."
Tumblr media
The week following your injury consisted of Lily taking charge of making sure you took your medicine. She was over at your flat at 9am sharp every morning, and it wasn’t rare that she would wake you up as she’d see fit, to make sure you were following the healer’s rules.
This of course meant that Sirius and you had to be even more careful with the threat of Lily letting herself into your room at the crack of dawn. With certain wards being places on all your homes as the war seemed to rage on, it restricted your ability to apparate into each other’s rooms.
Of course, Sirius took this as an excuse to see how many ways he could sneak into your flat without Marlene knowing.
The most recent was his use of portkey. 
After agreeing on 2am for him to come over, you waited patiently watching the clock. A few minutes before the hour struck, Sirius landed in your room with a loud thump as he crashed straight onto the floor.
“Fuck,” came the groaned curse as he tried to stand, “think I landed on my wrist.”
As he stood, he held up his wrist to inspect as you left your bed to offer another set of eyes. Seeing his wrist at a slightly odd angle, you winced.
Sirius was about to say something else before the thump of a door was heard down the hall and your wide eyes met Sirius’ own. Without much thought, you shoved him into your wardrobe like you had done a handful of times before, just as your door opened with a slight knock.
“Y/N?” Marlene rubbed her eyes as she entered with a stifled yawn. “I heard a thump, what’s going on?”
“Oh, sorry, that was me,” you shrugged trying to quickly come up with an excuse. “Fell out of bed.”
“You fell out of bed?” The blonde was skeptical.
“Yeah... might’ve been trying to sleepwalk and got tangled in my sheets. Sorry I woke you.”
“Wait, you sleepwalk?”
You prayed it didn’t sound as much of a question to Marlene as much as it did to you.
“Ah, didn’t know that,” your roommate chuckled before rubbing her eyes once more, “alright, imma go back to sleep, night.”
You bid her goodnight as she left your room, closing your door behind her. Waiting until you heard the click of her door down the corridor, you turned to open your wardrobe to let Sirius out.
As you opened the door, you spied him sat surrounded by your shoes. Holding up a pair of heels, he pulled a face.
“I honestly don’t know how you walk in these things,” he put it down next to him, “bloody death traps.”
“Stop messing around with my heels.”
Helping him out, you were mindful of his wrist, casting a quick ‘episky’ to snap it back into place.
“Thanks,” he grinned at you, pulling you closer to press his lips against your own. “I didn’t know you sleepwalk though?!”
“I don’t,” you slapped his chest lightly, “but I had to come up with something that didn’t look too suspicious.”
“Like the fact your boyfriend was in your wardrobe.”
“Yeah something like that.”
With a smirk, Sirius quickly wrapped his arms around your waist as he walked you backwards to your bed. His lips met yours again as he guided you back onto your bed.
He kissed you until your head spun and your lungs had run out of breath. Pulling back, Sirius followed your lips hovering over you, pressing two or three more little ones to them making you giggle at his affection.
“You know, what if we go away somewhere so we don’t have to worry that anyone would walk in on us?”
“What, where we can be naked the whole time?” Sirius smiled wolfishly at you.
“Yep, exactly.” You matched his grin, pressing a quick kiss to his lips. “Somewhere where I won’t feel anxious that my brother might catch us fucking.”
“Well, how about the Leaky Cauldron?" Sirius suggested and quickly followed his idea up at the sight of your expression. "I mean, we can get a room that no one will walk in on us, we're nearby in case there's an actual emergency, and we can be naked the entire time."
You had to admit, it wasn't a horrible idea.
"Alright but how about we actually go somewhere else, and say Dumbledore sent us on a mission for the order. The next meeting isn't for another week, and we can downplay the details of it saying it's a 'surveillance' task because of my back."
"Somewhere muggle?!"
The look of excitement on Sirius' face was infectious and you felt a smile creep on your own face because of it. His hands gripped your hips as he rolled you over so he was underneath you and you were lying on top of him.
Sirius' fascination with muggles started early into your years at Hogwarts. It was only when he'd found out about muggle magazines from Lily, that he decided to stick muggle posters of women in bikinis and motorbikes to his bedroom walls back at his parents house. Despite the fact you hadn't seen them in person, Sirius' recollection of the event was told by him numerous times over the years.
You weren't sure if his fascination was a leftover trait from trying to annoy his parents, but his genuine curiosity made you smile.
"Yes, we can go somewhere relatively muggle." You giggled, leaning down to connect your lips again. "As long as you don't do anything stupid where I'll have to use several memory charms on others."
Tumblr media
The fireplace of Sirius and Remus' flat flushed green as James stepped through. Straightening his glasses and running a hand through his hair, his eyes darted around living room quickly.
"Moony? Padfoot?"
There was no answer.
Knowing Sirius was out on an order mission for a few days, James thought he ought to check neither man wasn't home before he headed straight for a specific room with his eyes narrowed.
James Potter was mad at his best friend, which surprisingly was a common occurrence. Yet the most recent annoyance was the bare faced lie Sirius had told him weeks ago, about the specific bottle of Firewhiskey that previously lived under the stairs in James' own house.
Shaking his head at the memory, James knew Sirius must've had Y/N cover for him when James asked her about the missing bottle days later.
Opening his best friend's bedroom door, he stepped in and immediately scanned the room for a bottle of Sirius' own Firewhiskey that James could steal back. Deciding on starting with the usual hiding place, he headed straight for Sirius' bed and checked underneath it.
Moving around boxes full of Sirius' stuff, James quickly found his best friend's old Hogwarts trunk behind them. Pulling it out from underneath the bed, he rooted through it, not finding anything more than a few old textbooks and an old jumper.
Putting everything back in it, he pushed it back under the bed to where it had been previously before a glint of something in the sheets caught his eye.
Reaching for whatever it was, James grabbed the small shiny object and picked it up to see it better in the light.
In his hand laid a small circular ruby red earring.
Frowning, James swore it looked familiar from somewhere. Sirius did have his ears pierced and regularly had a small silver hoop in one of them, yet this earring seemed too feminine for his taste. If anything, it was probably owned by Sirius' last shag, not that James knew who that was.
Placing it on the bedside table, James shook his head, dismissing his thoughts on the jewellery. Nicking Sirius' Firewhiskey was more important at the present time.
Tumblr media
Sirius stayed true to his word, barely using magic at all when you had your few days away. Those few days also, really couldn't have gone smoother.
You booked the two of you into a small hotel down by the south coast, not too far from the town of Bournemouth. Being by the sea was a nice change from London, and actually being able to be a couple away from prying eyes was refreshing. You found yourself enjoying your small getaway immensely.
Sirius especially enjoyed the fact he could call you his girl with no repercussions, since no one knew who you were.
The highlight of the trip, apart from all the sex you guys were having, was when you ran into the Puddlemere United Seeker, Damien Yates, and Sirius had to control his inner fangirl as not to appear like a crazy fan. 
Before you knew it, your few days away came quickly to an end and you both apparated back outside the boy's flat. Entering and upon realising Remus wasn't home, you both took the opportunity to utilise the empty flat once more before you planned on returning home.
It wasn’t until later that night that you caught up with the others, minus Marlene who was running late. Inevitably there were questions about the ‘mission’ which you both downplayed, sticking with the story that nothing happened while you were away left nothing to report. 
The first thing Sirius had told James when he saw him was that he had seen and met the Puddlemere Seeker, which James was very jealous of and had asked Sirius every question under the sun about it. 
“Hey!” The front door to the boys’ flat opened as Marlene stepped in. “Glad to see you’re back!”
You got up to give her a hug in welcome. 
“Yeah, I must’ve missed you earlier when I dropped my stuff off.” 
“Well, we do live with each other, we were bound to see each other sometime.” Marlene laughed, taking a seat next to Lily on the sofa. “Heard you saw Damien Yates though!”
“Yeah, that was the best part of the mission really.”
“Where were you both based again?” Lily asked, taking a sip of her tea as she crossed her legs under her. 
“Up north.” Sirius said quickly, taking a seat on the arm of armchair you were sat in. 
“I swear Yates lives and trains down south?” Marlene frowned.
“Must’ve been on holiday.” You chuckled easily, covering up your lie. “Ooh before I forget again, I’ve been meaning to ask you if you’ve seen my earring around the flat? I lost one last week and can’t seem to find it.”
“The ruby ones?” Marlene asked as James’ head shot up.
His eyes went wide as he stared at you.
“Yeah, the little round ones. I don’t know, it must’ve fallen out somewhere.”
James’ jaw dropped as his attention shifted back and forth between Sirius and you. 
The loud expression escaped James before he could catch it. Pointing at Sirius and you, your boyfriend quickly stood up, his eyes also wide as he realised James might know something. 
“James, can I talk to you for a second?” Sirius asked before he stepped forward to grab James’ arm, yanking him to his feet as he carried on walking towards his room. 
You quickly jumped up, following the two, shutting the door behind you and casting a silencing charm for good measure. 
“You!” James pointed accusingly at Sirius before his eyes snapped to you. “You!”
“James,” you shared a look with Sirius rapidly, assessing between the two of you if he knew or not. Judging from his reaction, it was a very high possibility. “What about us?”
“You! And you!” James pointed between the two of you again before he turned to Sirius’ bedside table and grabbed the earring he’d left there previously. “Do you mean you’re missing this earring?!”
The ruby earring in his fingers was indeed yours. You bit your lip lightly as you tried to figure out what to say in response. 
“Maybe.” You shrugged. “Where did you find it?”
“In his bed!” James pointed at Sirius once more. “Are you two- you’re together?!”
“Yeah.” Sirius nodded, “but you can’t tell the others.”
“No one knows.” You added. 
“What? How? When?!” James fired off questions as he took a seat on the bed. 
“It first happened at your wedding.” 
“At my WEDDING?!” 
“Prongs, shut up! I don’t exactly want to be mauled to death by an overprotective werewolf for shagging his sister.” Sirius rolled his eyes as you checked on the silencing charm, making sure it was strong enough. 
“Tactful, thanks Siri.” The man just shrugged his shoulders in response. You turned back to James. “The reason we didn’t tell anyone was because we didn’t want to make a big deal about it.”
“But it is a big deal!” James exhaled heavily looking anxious. “I have to tell Lily.”
“No! If you tell Lily, she’ll tell Mar, and we all know Mar loves to gossip and soon the entire order will know which is exactly what we don’t want.” You rested your hands on his shoulders, trying to reiterate the point. “We just don’t want to deal with telling everyone!” 
“Come on, Prongs, just do us a favour and don’t tell them?” Sirius asked James. 
James looked torn as he looked at the two of you before sighing again. 
“Alright. But this is unbelievable! It’s great! Are you guys serious about this though?” 
“Very Sirius.” The man grinned at the use of his pun. “I mean, can you believe she wants to be my girl? I’m not giving her up anytime soon.”
Tumblr media
“What do you suppose is going on in there?” Remus asked Lily and Marlene.
“Who knows?” Marlene shrugged as she reached for another chocolate biscuit. “James is probably still pissed they teamed up and nicked his last bottle of Firewhiskey.” 
“That was them?” Lily snickered. “He wouldn’t stop going on about that for days.”
“I assume he’s already changed his ‘super secret hiding place’ then?” Remus questioned. “I mean, everyone knew about it being under the stairs before, right?”
“Oh yeah, I told Mar and she told everyone else about it.” Lily nodded as Marlene laughed confirming it. 
“And uh... where’s his hiding spot now?” Remus inquired.
“Kitchen cupboard under the sink. In the spare cauldron he’s labelled as ‘dangerous’”. The redhead smiled into her cup of tea. “You never heard that from me though.”
Tumblr media
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thirstybtsthoughts · 16 days ago
I came here to saaaaay finally had a sex dream /‘wet dream ‘and it was with yoongi 😍stay tuned cause I’m coming to share what Happened omg omg I woke up like I HAVE TO TELL MY tumble besties , I even had to talk about it so I wouldn’t forget it shit I don’t even remember a lot that was being said but I picked up a few moments 😭😭I’ll be back !
Okay so I’m back to drown y’all in my yoongi dream that I didn’t know I needed I guess good things come when your not thinking or looking for it lol. He was the last picture on twt I came across before I went to bed so the explains the dream I had about him.... I got agust d vibes from that whole shit I was man handle!! . 
I remember walking into a dark room and I only saw flashes of light so the Tv was on and I seen he was alone on the couch while he was on his phone I have no idea where I was at idk who’s home maybe the dorm or something the home they must share together who knows that’s besides the point lol anyway, so I knock on the wall to get his attention and I’m like “Hii....” mad low he couldn’t barely hear me cause once he turns he’s like “huh?” 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😩 a whole dream but why I’m so embarrassed making shit hella awkward , Jesus he was so fucking beautiful like I can’t 🥺😍😍 his dark hair was covering his eyes , his skin ! , lips ! Delectable up close ugh bro this was getting a little to realistic for me I was liviiiiinnng almost was sad asf when I woke up lol.
I had asked where were the others and why was he alone— but when isn’t yoongi getting a little bit of solitude?! So it almost felt like a dumb question to ask but he answered and said they were out & I had told him I was leaving to go home soon and if he didn’t mind I stay until it’s time for me to leave, then he asks “oh and what time is that ?” And he’s looking at me up and down and he was hella intimidating I’m like “oh you Tryna get rid of me ?” I just laughed he then returns a full smile my stomach ?!>>>🦋🤸🏽🦋🤸🏽🦋when he smiles it’s one of my weakness that whole scene was just sexy it’s the way he smiled I can’t explaaaain that was more than just a normal smile because that instantly started up sexual tension like as I’m talking to him I’m literally like “why is it hot in here your not hot ?“ and he goes “no” and he’s smirking not keep you all reading on for to long to making this a little short cause a lot was going on also me struggling to not leave parts out . 
Then he say “I’m asking because I’m wondering how you can I keep you here with me “ apparently my brain wanna be toxic cause I mentioned I was seeing someone *sigh* but did that stop me ?! Nope one thing led to another he got me sitting in between his legs and he in my ear like “I want you to touch yourself while I watch “ LAAAAAWD JESUS! And y’all know yoongi anything he says it’s gonna come out sexy his voice is so attractive , so I do as I was told no hesitation he starts it off and I’m watching his fingers go across the buttons of my high waist jeans then he zips it down and I feel his body heat on me got me wet so fast !! So I’m like rubbing my clit against my panties then it’s building up slowly getting into it and as this is going on while I’m pleasuring myself he’s caressing In between my thighs slowly running his hands up my waist then under my top which is a tube top so guess what no bra and he squeezes my breast okay bye ! he didn’t seem dis pleased my little ass Titties anyway... 😂😂😂💀 aye he peeped the nipple piercings thhooo😛👌🏾he was like “mmm cute “ chill that part I was blushing I was so high off him I was moaning like crazy and he hasn’t even really started so he removing my hand from inside my jeans removing everything so bottom half I’m full on display for him fast forward he starts fingering me he starts of slow then fast and all you hear is how soaking wet I was it definitely got messy ended up squirting the way his fingers was moving in & out of me so fast like that had my eyes rolling back I’m gasping , grinding my ass against him feeling him getting hard I returned the favor and gave him head next he had me on all fours and he just went crazy choking me from behind dirty talking he was saying so much shit I can’t remember so much but I remember screaming I was gonna cum it took a lot to say I forgot how to speak how good he was hitting it 😍 he like “give it to me..” ✨NUT✨ and that’s exactly what I did and he came right after yup i swallowed☺
So like after I swallowed I was going to wipe off the rest that was on my lips and down my chin but he grabs my face and licks it off then followed into a kiss. So I blink a few times like okaaay that was freaky asl cause he taste his own cum basically 😲🥵🥵. He pulls me into him we laid for a bit then got cleaned up before the others came then the door opens and then I see rm and we just look at each other then at rm then he lowkey realized what went down he shakes his head and closes the door not before saying that the food was here and I can stay longer to eat with them LMAOO, after leaving I seen jk from the corner of my eye looking at me then his wondering eyes fell right to my ass he didn’t even care I caught him when I said bye it’s like my dreams was telling me jungkook was next IF SO I would like To see that dream happen too please ! 😂cause the way he was starring 😍he took hiiiiis time wit it too smirking and all ! Like He knew all my secrets ! Then I woke up best dream of the year tbh !
That was quite a ride to read 😁, my goshhhh sounds like the BEST dream. I swear I had butterflies the same time as you did while I was reading this. AAAHHHHH the things Min Yoongi does to us 🥴🥴  
Hahaaa the Jungkook part, love it 😂😂
- 🐰 
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mascmasochist · 16 days ago
Chapter 13 - Turning Blue
My new longest one. 3,371 words.
TW: noncon kissing, noncon touching, choking, guns, blood, noncon drugging (mention)
Tag list: @whatwasmyprevioususername @milk-carton-whump @whumpasaurus101 @whatwhumpcomments @mnmlover2002 @ashintheairlikesnow
Time seemed to slow down. Charlie felt as though shards of ice had entered his veins. He raised his hands and pushed Mallory back before turning away and heading for the basement. He stumbled slightly, a mixture of the intoxication and the tears blurring his vision.
He made it down the steps and slid down against the wall, pulling his legs up and burying his face in them. He hugged his knees and tried to prevent himself from hyperventilating. His ears strained as he listened for footsteps, but they never came.
He ended up on his side, curled up. The tears eventually stopped, and he stared at nothing. The overwhelming sense of confusion numbed his brain. He finally closed his eyes and fell asleep.
He woke up in a cold sweat to soft fur brushing against him. He was having a nightmare, but he couldn't remember anything besides feeling cold and not being able to breathe. Sasha kissed his nose and he smiled softly as he pet her. She curled up next to him and he was able to fall back asleep.
Charlie slept through the rest of the night. When he woke, he looked over to find a brown paper shopping bag sitting on the floor by the stairs with a note attached. He walked over to it as he stretched and picked up the note.
Went shopping. There are some clothes and some other items for you in the bag. Shave your face.
- M
He scratched his head before setting the note aside and began pulling things out of the bag. There was a razor, a bottle of shaving cream, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a pack of black boxer briefs, a pair of grey joggers, and a white long sleeve t-shirt.
He put everything back in the bag and took it into the bathroom. He started the shower and washed himself, then dried off before opening the razor. He turned on the sink and lathered his face with shaving cream.
He was right about having bruises on his neck. He tried to ignore them as he shaved. The beard he had started to grow was bothering him. It was a small relief to have a clean face, even if he did prefer to keep a little stubble. He rinsed the sink and then brushed his teeth.
Finally, he got dressed, and stepped back into the main room. The door to the stairs was shut. He wondered if Mallory was home. He passed the time by looking at all the different types of alcohol in the bar, then he decided to take a risk and turn on the TV. He'd hear Mallory come down the stairs. He could turn it off before he knew a thing.
Charlie sat on the floor in front of the couch and grabbed the remote off of the coffee table. He clicked on the TV, and was met by the deafening sound of daytime television. He fumbled with the remote to shut it off. Once he did, he sprinted to the other side of the room, acting as though nothing happened.
But the door unlocked and Mallory came down.
"Did you touch the telly?" He asked, arms folded.
"No," Charlie lied.
"Then what was that noise I just heard?"
"I fell."
"You falling sounds like the telly blaring at full volume?"
Charlie shrugged. Mallory sighed and sat down on the second to last step.
"Your face was starting to look like you had gotten lost in the woods," Mallory said.
"I'd prefer being lost in the woods to this," Charlie mumbled.
"If you're going to speak to me like that, you can at least speak up," Mallory replied.
"Go fuck yourself," Charlie hissed.
He didn't care anymore. Mallory stood and moved right in front of him. Charlie rose to his feet and stared straight back.
"You heard me," he spat, "I said go fuck yourself."
Mallory raised his hand to smack him, but he was able to duck just in time. He moved away and brought his fists up in front of him.
"You're going to fight me now?" Mallory questioned.
Charlie swung and missed.
"Alright, but if you lose," Mallory said as he dodged another swing, "I get to have my way with you."
"What does that mean, exactly?" Charlie asked, moving backwards.
"Don't know yet. We'll see, won't we?"
"And if I win?"
"Then I'll get whatever you want for dinner and I'll leave you alone for the rest of the night. I’ll even let you sleep on the bed in there.”
Charlie liked his chances. Mallory was hungover, and he was full of adrenaline. He slipped his shirt over his head and brought his fists back up. He swung, but it connected to Mallory's shoulder. Mallory swung back and managed to get him in the jaw. Charlie shook it off and prepared for another hit, but he was instead forced to the ground. Mallory landed a few hits to his head before he was able to gain his bearings and roll.
They were back on their feet, and he got a few jabs in before Mallory had him on the ground again. This time, he was face down, and Mallory had his arm pinned behind his back. He used all of his strength to push him off, to no avail.
"You motherfucker," Charlie hissed.
"Give up?" Mallory taunted.
Charlie tried again to push him off, but he was sitting on his legs. He couldn't roll, and Mallory was just pulling his arm tighter.
"Fuck, fuck! Okay," Charlie grunted, hitting the ground with his free hand.
They got up and Mallory straightened his clothes, a smirk on his lips. Charlie rubbed his shoulder as he glared at him.
"That was far too easy," Mallory said, "I'm finding it harder and harder to believe that you're some special forces operator."
"Fuck you. I've been in shitty conditions for what, a month now? Of course I'm not at my peak."
"Oh, well. What matters is that I won. I'll be back in a bit," Mallory said before starting up the stairs.
Charlie slumped to the ground and folded his arms. He was pissed, and now he had to worry about what Mallory planned to do with him later. He shuddered at the thoughts in his head. He picked up his shirt from the ground and slipped it back on, suddenly becoming very uncomfortable being undressed.
A few hours passed until Mallory came down again. He turned a dial on the wall which lowered the lights, making them dim, but not enough for it to be dark. Charlie sat in the corner with his knees pulled up. Mallory lifted his hand and looked at his bandaged finger. Charlie’s mind cut to last night, and he hoped that it wouldn’t be brought up.
“I’ve pondered over what I should with you all day,” Mallory said.
Charlie stayed silent. He watched Mallory as he took a seat at the bar and turned toward him.
“We’ve concluded that the data we’ve collected from testing Q-179 is sufficient enough. Now, we will begin working on a version that doesn’t require that special gene,” Mallory explained, “This allows us to begin the testing phase of other serums we’ve created. Like the truth serum, for example.”
Charlie’s eyes went wide.
“Oh, don’t worry, love. I’ve realized that I don’t need it,” Mallory said, stepping off the barstool, “because I can get the truth out of you just fine without it.”
Charlie pressed his back into the wall as he was approached. Once in front of him, Mallory motioned for him to stand up with his finger. Charlie slow rose to his feet. Mallory took hold of his wrist and pulled him over to the couch, where he sat him down in the middle. He began pacing in front of the TV.
“We’re going to play a fun game of would you rather. Only, I’ll be asking all of the questions. You have ten seconds to answer. Whenever you take longer than that, it’s a point. You’ll learn what the points mean after we’re through. Understand?”
Charlie nodded just as Mallory’s phone began to ring. He pulled it out of his pocket and answered it before putting it to his ear.
“Already? That was quick. Perfect timing, actually. I’ll be up in a moment,” he said into the phone before hanging up.
He walked away and up the stairs before Charlie could ask. Charlie sat with a puzzled expression for a moment. The possibilities of what could be happening frightened him. It was a few minutes before he could hear Mallory talking to someone upstairs. Then, heavy footsteps started down the steps. He held his breath as he waited.
The last thing he expected was for Crow to appear.
Charlie shot up from his seat, but Mallory shot him a look which made him sink back down. He and another man he hadn’t seen before were holding Crow’s arms. His wrists were bound behind his back, and his ankles were tied with rope. A blindfold covered his eyes and a gag was tied in his mouth. They lead him over to the area in front of the TV and the man kicked Crow to his knees.
“This is my associate, Rudy,” Mallory said.
“I’ve been wanting to get a look at you in person since you arrived,” Rudy said, a cruel smirk on his lips.
His curly auburn hair was messy, and his eyes were as dark as coal. Charlie kept his focus on Crow as Mallory began to remove the blindfold. Once his eyes adjusted to the light, they went wide. Charlie did his best to offer a comforting smile.
“I wasn’t expecting this, but it appears he will be joining our little game,” Mallory said.
Rudy moved behind the couch and leaned against the wall. Crow had closed his eyes and his head had fallen forward a little bit. His eyes shot open when Mallory snapped his fingers.
“How much Versed did you give him?” Mallory questioned.
“Enough. I can wake him up for you, if you’d like,” Rudy replied.
Mallory ignored his comment and clasped his hands together before speaking.
“Let’s begin. Alright. Charlie, would you rather be stuck in a tiny closet for three days, or be stuck underwater for two minutes?” Mallory asked.
“What the fuck kind of question is that?” Charlie spat.
“Ten seconds. Answer the question,” Mallory hissed.
“I-I guess the closet? I don’t know,” Charlie said.
“Good,” Mallory answered.
Rudy snickered. Charlie clenched his jaw. Crow began to shift uncomfortably, and Charlie’s heart ached, knowing how uncomfortable his jaw must’ve been. Mallory paced between Crow and the coffee table.
“Would you rather... be stabbed, or be shot?” He asked.
“Depends where at,” Charlie said.
“Stabbed, I-I guess? What’s the point of this?”
A muffled sound came from Crow, and Mallory placed his hand on his head. Charlie clenched his jaw.
“Would you rather go without water for three days, or without food for five?”
“You can die after three days without water,” Charlie said, “so, food.”
Rudy stepped over to the bar and started to make himself a drink.
“Hey, no,” Mallory snapped, “I need you cognizant.”
“Aw, no fun,” Rudy sighed as he returned to his place by the wall.
“Let’s step this up a bit, shall we? Would you rather I give him a black eye, or kiss me?”
Crow tried to move, but Mallory held him down by pressing on his shoulders. Charlie began to panic, eyes darting between the two.
“Tick tock,” Mallory spoke.
Crow shook his head. Charlie opened his mouth to speak when Mallory cut him off.
“Time’s up, that’s a point,” he said.
“Wait, I-“
“Shut it. Next question, would you rather I hit you, or him?”
“Me,” Charlie spoke without a second thought.
Crow began shaking his head again, this time more frantically, as Mallory left him to approach Charlie. Rudy replaced him to hold Crow in place. He flicked out a switchblade and held it to his throat. Mallory didn’t give Charlie a chance to protect himself, and reeled back his fist. It connected to the side of his face.
Charlie’s hands flew up to cover his head. He began to taste blood, and felt around to see if another tooth had gotten knocked loose. He realized he had bitten the inside of his cheek. Knowing how Mallory would react to blood on his carpet, he tore his shirt over his head and held it to his mouth as blood began to spill out.
“Aw, did that hurt? Let me see,” Mallory teased.
Charlie slowly pulled the now bloodied shirt away from his mouth. Muffled curses came from Crow as he noticed the amount of blood.
“It’ll heal,” Mallory stated, almost disappointedly.
Charlie put the shirt back to his mouth and glared at him.
“I guess that’s enough for now,” Mallory sighed.
“But it was just beginning to get good,” Rudy whined.
“Oh, I know, but we can pick up where we left off later. Only one point, Charlie. I’m surprised,” Mallory said, “I’d thought for sure you’d get more. Come, Rudy. Let’s get something to eat, and we can discuss what to do with these two.”
Rudy laughed as he followed Mallory, but ruffled his fingers through Charlie’s hair before leaving. Charlie listened as they went up the stairs, then, as soon as the door closed, he raced to Crow. He dropped the shirt on the coffee table and began to undo the gag.
“Charlie,” Crow spoke.
“I’m so happy to see you,” Charlie said softly as he wrapped his arms around Crow.
“I’m sorry I snapped at you before,” Crow said.
“It’s okay, it’s okay. I don’t care about that, I’m just happy that you’re alright.”
Charlie moved behind him to undo the bindings on his wrists and ankles. As soon as they were off, they both stood, and Crow pulled Charlie into a hug.
“We’ll be okay,” he whispered, “I’ll get us out of this.”
It was then Charlie realized that they had never hugged before. He never wanted to let go. Eventually, he did, but only because Crow had to sit.
“I’m sorry, I’m really dizzy,” he said, “they’ve had me drugged up since I last saw you.”
“It’s okay,” Charlie said, sitting next to him.
“That Rudy bloke is a real prick.”
“I assumed so. He seems like a piece of work.”
“That’s an understatement. He took over when Mallory left, and he takes ‘power trip’ to new levels. I even heard some of the guards talking shite about him.”
“So he’s a megalomaniac?”
“Pretty much, yeah. Even worse than Mallory.”
The two spent a long time talking. At one point, Charlie felt like they were back home, having one of their conversations at the dining table. He had a sense of comfort that he hadn’t had in a long time.
“What do you reckon that point means?” Crow asked.
“Don’t know, and I don’t want to find out,” Charlie replied.
Charlie got up to rinse the blood from his mouth. After he came back, they both looked toward the stairs when they heard a quiet scratching.
“The bloody hell is that?” Crow wondered aloud.
“Sasha,” Charlie replied.
“She’s his cat. She likes to come down here.”
“You mean to tell me he likes animals? That’s surprising.”
Sasha suddenly came bolting down the stairs. The door must’ve been opened. She ran over to Charlie, but stopped when she noticed Crow. She was cautious, but began to consider him.
“I don’t remember saying you could untie him,” Mallory spoke.
Charlie’s blood ran cold. Rudy stepped off of the stairs and stood next to Mallory, holding something behind his back.
“No matter. Charlie, come with me,” Mallory said, then nodded to Rudy, “and you keep him under control.”
Charlie looked at Crow before standing and walking
over to Mallory. Rudy revealed a pistol, and aimed it at Crow.
“Won’t shoot ya if you stay still,” He said.
Charlie followed Mallory into the bedroom, and Mallory locked the door behind them. He took his phone out of his pocket and opened the timer app.
“Each point meant twenty minutes of punishment. Luckily for you, you only got one point,” Mallory spoke.
“Please, I was going to answer,” Charlie pleaded.
“You had ten seconds to answer, and you wasted them. One more word, and I’m adding another twenty minutes,” Mallory snapped.
Charlie backed himself into the wall next to the bed as his heart raced. Mallory took off his belt and snapped it in his hands. Charlie put his hands up, and Mallory swung it at him. It connected to his shoulder with a loud crack. He cried out as he slid to the ground, pulling his knees up and hiding his face in them. The belt cracked against the hand covering his head.
“Get up,” Mallory growled, grabbing his wrist and pulling him to his feet.
He spun him around so his chest was against the wall, and hit him three more times across the back. Charlie clenched his jaw to avoid making a sound, but failed as a whimper slipped through on the third hit. He froze as he felt the leather wrap around his throat. Mallory hooked it through the buckle and pulled tight, pressing his body against Charlie’s back.
“You want this to stop?” He whispered in his ear.
Charlie nodded.
“Too bad.”
He pulled it tighter, and Charlie coughed as he began to choke. He raised his hands and tried to slip fingers inside of the belt to make room to breathe, to no avail. Mallory stepped back and yanked hard on the belt, causing Charlie to fall to the ground. Mallory let go and Charlie gasped for air as the belt loosened. It was short lived, though, as Mallory straddled his legs and gripped the belt again. He pulled tight, and Charlie gripped onto his arm, digging his nails in.
He plead with his eyes as he choked in whatever air he could. His mind raced for some way out. Mallory leaned in a bit closer, just in reach, and he took a chance. Charlie reached up and managed to get his hands behind his head. He pulled him into a kiss.
It worked. He eased his grip on the belt, and Charlie could breathe again. He kept his hold on him. The longer he could, the less time remained. Mallory let go of the belt completely and moved his hand up to Charlie’s face, putting his other hand on the ground to hold himself up.
Charlie did his best to dissociate himself from the moment, but Mallory’s movements prevented him from doing so. His hand left his face and traced down to his chest, where he rested it over his heart. Charlie finally broke away and turned his head to the side. Mallory roughly grabbed his chin and pulled him back, kissing him again.
“Stop,” Charlie mumbled.
Mallory took hold of the belt again and tugged on it. Charlie whimpered and reluctantly kissed him back. He dropped the belt. Charlie fought back tears as Mallory tangled his fingers in his hair. It seemed to last forever before Mallory finally pulled away. He got up and ordered Charlie to do the same. He was thrown against the wall, and Mallory slipped the belt from his neck.
“You’ve convinced me,” he said through his teeth, “but don’t expect that to work again.”
He put his belt back on before opening the door. Charlie followed him out and Rudy lowered his gun. Crow looked as though he was ready to rip Mallory apart, but just had enough self control to stop himself.
“Come on, Rudy,” Mallory said as he started up the stairs.
Charlie waited for the door to close before he fell to his knees. Crow rushed over to him and traced the red marks on his body.
“Are you okay?” He whispered.
The tears began to fall. Charlie clung to him, crying into his shirt. Crow pulled him close and rubbed his back.
“Shh, you’re safe now. I’ve got you.”
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aisalynn · 17 days ago
I wrote today!
Almost 500 words at work, since it was kinda slow thanks to the snow.
This is the first day in weeks that I have not felt just utterly exhausted, and it was like my brain woke up. It probably helped a great deal that Clara only briefly woke up last night and actually self soothed and went back to sleep after a few minutes. But also, I don't feel sedated on the Lexapro today. I am supposed to start taking the full dose instead of a half here soon, so I am sure I will have another adjustment period where I feel like crap, but today does give me hope that I will adjust.
So despite the snow pissing me off, today is a good day.
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primo-prompts · 19 days ago
can I request chongyun and bennett taking a nap/cuddling with their crush and waking up, realizing they got excited? bonus if the crush also wakes up soon after
Reader be like: [purposefully shoves ass back in their crotch while cuddling] “oh, you’re hard? What a surprise!”
[NSFW] Getting Hard While Cuddling S/O
Naps with Chongyun were rare, but under the right conditions you two could happily cuddle without fear of his condition acting up. Even if you shivered from the low temperature of the room, you’d take it if it meant being in the embrace of your icy boyfriend. Eventually, sleep claimed you both.
It was several hours later that Chongyun awoke, still cuddled up behind you in his bedroom. It was late afternoon now, the sun’s warm glow filtering through his bedroom window, barely illuminating the room. He cracked his eyes open for a few seconds, before groggily closed them again and cuddled even further into you. For once, he could enjoy your warmth and closeness without the complications of his condition, thanks to the half-unconscious state he was still in.
Slowly, though, his brain caught up to being alert again, and he could feel warmth pool in a certain area- Chongyun shifted slightly, a choked moan escaping him when his dick rubbed against your ass in the movement. He stopped immediately, frozen still as he realized-
Oh no.
He felt even worse when he felt you shift into wakefulness as well, a sleepy groan leaving your throat as you came to. Unfortunately the shifting only resumed bringing light to his issue, and another groan escaped him before Chongyun could stop it. You froze, and he swore his heart stopped for a moment.
Though, any fear or doubt he had was vanquished when he felt your hand carefully caress his dick through the cloth of his pants, and he was helpless to do anything but buck up into your touch. He heard you chuckle, a slow, breathy movement due to sleep still clinging onto you. He buried his head into the back of your neck, face hot as his arms clung even tighter to you.
“My, my...Need assistance, Yun-yun?” You teased, turning around in his embrace and kissing his heated cheek.
Well...How could he say no to that?
Bennett is a cuddle bug, and you were more than happy to fulfill every desire for closeness of his. As such, every chance you got to lay down and be lost in the proximity of one another was eagerly taken.
That was the case today, where he and you were under the tree in Windrise, relaxing after clearing a Hilichurl camp not too far away. You were sat in his lap as he leaned against the tree, the sun fluttering between the leaves and casting a silent dance of light upon you two. Sleep easily claimed you and Bennett within a matter of minutes.
It was already nighttime when Bennett awoke. He held into you still, the ache in his arms proving that fact, but he made no move to wake you just yet, despite the better idea being to go home since it was so dark now. He decided to stay like this just for a couple more minutes, and shifted slightly to relieve the stiffness in his legs, but the motion only proved to make him realize a stiffness elsewhere…
He didn’t mean to, but he supposed the constant pressure you put on that area...Affected him. That, and you were just so warm and cuddly, he loved admiring you...So cute...Oh no, he only got harder as he thought about you! He should wake you now-
Only, you woke up just as he was about to do so, and your moved to get in a more comfortable position, inevitably brushing against the hardness between his legs. He tried to hold back the moan, but couldn’t, and in the dead of night it sounded embarrassingly loud. You stopped moving, and his blood ran cold.
Quickly you shifted to be sitting up in front of him, and a hand being stuffed down the front of his pants only brought another surprised moan from him. He was about to tell you you didn’t have to, but you beat him to it.
“Let me take care of that for you, Benny.”
Ohh, he didn’t last very long after that...
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fruitcoops · 19 days ago
I have this really funny idea where Coops is doing the dishes after dinner and being all cute and Reg just walks into the kitchen and goes “You know there’s a dishwasher right...”
This is such a cute idea and a great excuse to write some brotherly love! SW credit goes to @lumosinlove <3
They were giggling again. Regulus cracked one eye open to glare in their general direction before turning his music up a notch and settling back into the couch for an after-dinner nap. It had been a busy day of research and interviews, and his pasta-slowed brain was telling him that it was ready to be dormant for a while. He had plenty of time to be productive when it was dark outside.
“Stop!” he heard Sirius laugh, setting them both off once more.
“Mon dieu,” Regulus muttered to himself, pressing pause on his phone and bringing his headphones down to rest around his neck as he trudged toward the kitchen. One night without being the cutest, sappiest couple the world has ever seen. Just one, please.
Sirius and Remus were still at the sink when he arrived, elbows-deep in suds and warm water as they handwashed all the dinner dishes. Seeing as they had barely made it through the plates in the twenty minutes he had been gone, Regulus guessed that the sink was the last thing on their minds.
Remus jerked back and scrunched his nose up when Sirius blew a handful of bubbles into his face. “Cut it out, you’ll wake your brother up!” he protested around a smile.
“He’s fine,” Sirius scoffed. “It’s eight pm, he doesn’t need a nap.”
Regulus cleared his throat and leaned on the doorframe, cocking an eyebrow. “You guys know there’s a perfectly functional dishwasher, right?”
Sirius sighed, letting his head fall back; Remus swatted him lightly on the arm and glanced over with an apologetic smile. “Sorry if we woke you.”
He shrugged. “As long as you know which appliances are in your own kitchen, I don’t mind.”
“Thank you, Regulus,” Sirius said, shooting him a playful glare. “Now scoot, I think Sesame Street will be on soon.”
“Oh, fuck you,” Regulus complained as he ducked out of the way of a spray of bubbles.
“If you two are going to fight, you should do it outside,” Remus said mildly as he returned to scrubbing a pan. “Less chance of breaking any glass or bones.”
Sirius gave him a wounded look. “You’re kicking me out?”
“Of your own kitchen?” Remus laughed. “Sure, hon, I totally have the authority to do that.”
“It’s your kitchen, too!”
“If you’re going to get in a knock down, drag out fight with your little brother, I will absolutely boot you from this kitchen.” Remus rolled his eyes. “Which sounds ridiculous to say.”
“You have a younger brother,” Regulus pointed out.
“Yeah, and I’m fifteen years older. If I hit him, my mother would flay me alive,” Remus snorted. “I just turn him upside down and shake him around if he’s being a brat.”
A spark of interest lit in Sirius’ eye and Regulus’ stomach sank. “No.”
“Oh, yes.”
“Don’t touch me.”
“Get over here!”
“Like hell! You’re all bubbly!”
Sirius lunged for him and Regulus tensed to make a run for it, but Remus snagged him by the belt loop. “What, you’re going to make me finish these by myself?” he asked, giving Sirius’ waistband a light tug.
If Regulus was a weaker man, even he would have melted at the puppy-dog look on Remus’ face. Sirius never stood a chance. “Well—um, no, but—” Sirius stuttered, clearly torn between a wonderful new addition to his older brother repertoire and the soft hope on his boyfriend’s face. He deflated. “No.”
“Thanks, lovey.” Remus kissed his cheek and handed him a few forks; as soon as Sirius’ attention was back on the sink, he made eye contact with Regulus and winked.
I owe you one, Regulus mouthed.
Remus stifled his laughter and nodded, then tilted his head toward the living room; Regulus mock-saluted him before heading back to his nap. Hopefully, they would be a little quieter this time around.
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