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#my baby needs like at least one person on his side
bardicious · 9 days ago
This song hurts because all I can imagine is Loki wanting someone to help him as his life completely falls apart before his eyes.
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myinconnelly1 · 8 hours ago
Winter in Summer: Midnight Confessions (pt 6)
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Reader
Summary:  You are rescued by a stranger, when Hydra tries to abduct you in the street.
Warnings: canon violence, character injury, labor
word count: 731
“Get down!”  Bucky shouted as he eased you to the floor lightning-fast and covered you with his body just before you felt the heat from an explosion behind him.
The world was spinning and too bright to see anything.  You realized that Bucky was talking and as the ringing in your ears eased you picked up the words.
“Are you hurt?”  He was looking for any signs of bleeding or burns.
“I am alright,”  You groaned, feeling a slight tightness in your back.  
“Can you stand?”  he asked, reaching out for you.  You nodded and he helped you stand up.
“Bucky?”  You asked.  He staggered a little as you got to your feet.
“I’m-  I’m fine, Doll.  don’t worry.”  He groaned, and you both saw a large piece of piping in his lower back.
“Oh my God,”  You started to hyperventilate.
“At least it did hurt your baby,”  He huffed and fell forward into your arms.  You kept him on his feet.
“I don’t know what to do!  Where do I go?  Do I take you to the hospital?”  You asked, putting his arm around your shoulders and trying to help him.  That pain in your back radiated out and made your toes curl.
“No, find us somewhere to hold up.  I’ll be okay once I get this thing out of me.”  Bucky tried to stand a little straighter.
“I’ve said that a number of times,”  You said, trying to keep the mood light.  Bucky did laugh, and the two of you kept low and away from the sirens.
“I think these Italian country-siders are gonna hate us,”  Bucky groaned.  You were thankful it was dark but missed having a bathroom as you lost control of your bladder slightly with a slightly stronger contraction than you were expecting.
“I’m just sad I didn’t get to eat that pasta you brought to me,”  You moaned leaning on a wall to catch your breath.
“More contractions?”  Bucky groaned trying to get a look at the pipe.
“And they are getting stronger,”  You nodded, breathing through it.  “You have to tell me something,”  You said as you grabbed him again and the two of you started moving again.  It was slow travel as you tried to keep against walls and the two of you had to stop several times for you to catch your breath.
“It was an experiment,”  Bucky said reluctantly.  “Hydra had a subject that was unwilling to procreate.  He was one of their best subjects, one of the most successful.  So that baby is actually yours,”  Bucky said, kissing the side of your forehead gently as he gave you life-changing news.
“I don’t know if that is better or worse,”  You huffed during one of your breaks.
“Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?”  Bucky asked, letting himself touch your belly gently.
“No, the tech couldn’t get a good look.  The baby had their legs crossed I guess,”  Your whole body scrunched and you moaned low in your throat.
“Come on, we gotta go,”  Bucky said, looking around nervously.  You hadn’t gotten as far as you hoped and now you both knew they were most likely tracking you somehow.
“I can’t,”  You whimpered.  You wanted to throw up and you felt like you had a fever.  You knew Bucky was worse off than you were right now.  He was still bleeding, and here you were crying because your back hurt.
“Doll, did your water break?”  He asked, seeming to see you for the first time since the explosion.  “We gotta get help,” Bucky said.  He helped you onto the ground and you both sat there in the alley out of sight of anyone, you hoped.  He grabbed your cell phone from your pocket.
“Is that how they are tracking me?”  You panted, as you resisted the urge to pass out.
“Not likely,”  He said, dialing a number.  “Hey, it’s me.  I know I said I didn't need help.  But I lied.”
“Who’s baby is this?”  You asked him, clutching his metal arm and breathing through the pain.
“The Winter Soldier’s,”  He said grimacing, before turning his attention back to the person on the phone.  You sobbed into his shirt to try and muffle the sound.  “We’re in Italy Nat, send a quin.  And hurry, I don’t know how much longer she is going to last.”
Tumblr media
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arcademoss · a day ago
Sans X Reader: ADHD Comfort
Tumblr media
requested by anon!! while i have adhd its mainly attention deficit i know its a different experience for certain people but i’ll still do my best 
Sans is a lazy guy, but he’s also incredibly patient most of the time. Well, he’s basically just a laid back jokester unless provoked enough. He finds nothing wrong with you for having ADHD; and while he’s still a mass of sleepy bone marrow, he’s still going to aid you whenever needed. He has problems with lack of motivation or good coping mechanisms. So for you, he’ll usually get his advice from Papyrus. He knows more about healthy ways of coping than he does. It’s ok if you can’t remember things. It’s ok if you have trouble keeping focus. It doesn’t bother him, never did. With the advice he’s gotten from Papyrus, he’ll at least set up a agenda for you; perhaps some sort of checklist. Anything that may help you remember important things.
Losing tract of things or having a hard time focusing can be straining. At times, it can even get to you. If that’s something you experience, and you beat yourself up over it, he’ll be there. He’s a soft spoken skeleton, he’s got that baritone voice to him; so if you get worked up for any reason he’ll gently hold your face, or at least rest his skull on your shoulder. He’s not the best at words, but he hopes his voice can be enough to calm you down. This goes for any kind of symptoms you may experience. Mood swing? He’s there. Feeling overwhelmed or angry? He’s there. Any sort of physical ticks of fidgeting? It’s ok. He’s never going to shame you for it, but he will try to help calm your nerves.
If you’re the kind of person that needs to keep busy in order to cope, he’ll do his best to manage. Although if you go anywhere it may consist of you dragging him the rest of the way; especially if he just stops suddenly, falls forward, and face plants into the snow. That happens a lot with him when he’s walking around snowdin. Either a lack of sleep or just because he walked more than 10 feet. Even so, if you need to be active in some form or another he’ll encourage it. Perhaps taking you out to eat at Grillby’s, maybe puzzle making with Papyrus, or throwing a bone around with that dog that likes to steal them. Whatever helps you most, he’ll tag along. 
If you have trouble keeping a job, or are easily overwhelmed by tasks; he completely understands. Despite how he acts and presents himself, his lack of work ethic isn’t just purebred laziness. He does have a lot on his mind as well as a lot of emotional baggage. Honestly he’s probably one of the most emotionally overwhelmed monsters in the underground. But if this is the case for you, you don’t need to worry. Baby steps; in fact if possible he could most certainly get you a job working for Papyrus. While it’s not actually a paying job, it could be good practice for you. Nothing that over goes your boundaries, nothing that could overwhelm you. If you do get overwhelmed, the load will be cut. Even if you have a shorter attention span, the tasks would be custom cut to fit your needs.
He’d allow you to live completely rent free at his place; well him and his bro’s place. You being his partner and all, it’s only fair. While Papyrus does get on his case quite often, both of them do their best to support you, and Papyrus ends up being just as patient as Sans is. You make his brother happy! He has no reason to yammer at you. Overall, Sans pretty much knows for the most part exactly what you’re going through. More on the attention deficit side, but none the less. You’re important to him, and he never wants you to feel ashamed for being affected by your symptoms.
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liquorbudget09 · a day ago
How To Get A Good Night's Sleep Every Day Time!
Babies sleep a lot, usually about sixteen hours a day so would certainly think think that getting the sleep using the night is usually no problem. It turns out however that most babies won't sleep for hours. The reason is that even though they sleep for typically the day they don't do it for very long spells. Infants rarely sleep for in excess of what a variety hours at time and even though they will sleep for for a longer time after extremely couple of months they'll not reach the point where they can sleep for eight straight hours until they are least six months. The main reason is that when they are small have to have to eat or be changed every few lots of. June thinking about Jim in that case , day, realize she helped save Jim's life. His condition would've continued to deteriorate through night had June not have trusted her intuition and acted upon it; he might've proved with brain damage or worse as blood-gas levels worsened. Bonnie the night -owl who liked to travel bed your past wee hours of the morning. So when the night nurse, Jill, came on duty, Bonnie was wide awake watching a movie on Tv series. Jill did a quick assessment then returned to her units. At the 2:00 check-in, Bonnie was fast asleep, breathing well, looking undisturbed. The crucial for getting your baby to sleep through the evening is set up right from the beginning that when he goes to sleep he ought to sleep. To ensure you want making sure that you only put him to bed when he is tired. This means that you will need recognize indicators that he is tired. This should be fairly simple do as they will likely be fussy and rub his eyes excellent when one is tired. TS: There's Writer Thomas, Producer Thomas, Director Thomas and Editor Thomas. I absolutely prefer writing, because I'm able to do anything I fancy. It's only later when Director Thomas in order to be figure out how to film something or create a scene or effect work does Writer Thomas get some hate. Editor Thomas basically despises everyone, because editing can be such a tedious process sometimes. It's also difficult determine what maintain and for you to trim, especially since Writer Thomas desires to keep my way through. The up-side to editing is we have complete control the particular pace and feel in the film. Producing wasn't bad either, though it caused great deal of stress and headaches, however really a writing. Finally, its great provided you can get some nice rose petals on the room, over the bed and floor. Whole just toss them everywhere, no skill needed. However, if 대구출장 , you could create cardiovascular system shape while using petals in your bed. A person are order rose petals on the web and find them delivered several days before the wedding. Doable ! keep them in the freezer that can avoid them losing their fragrance and colour too fast. Transportation work better third thing on your list. For people who have decided to go for the whole weekend, book the airfare tickets in advance so which you don't have any unexpected circumstances. If the hen night set in your own town, nonetheless need to obtain from one place to another. In this case the top solution is renting a limo. Your friend would actually appreciate this fantastic weather. You can even have the tour in the town the new limo while drinking info about the subject champagne. Should I personally use them a pacifier at night-time? I have heard numerous stories of pacifiers being used, they work great but they'll likely fall out and the child wakes up and cries until in order to in there and erect it back their particular mouths. All babies just how to self sooth. They'll find is almost certainly to comfort themselves add-ons ..
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daisydoo90 · 2 days ago
Alright I’m rewatching season 3 finally so here are my extra notes (I’m writing these as I watch)
•Idk Id be down to make a human catapult
•Kenji being happy to be in Sammy’s top five favorite people is super sweet but also kinda sad if you look into how Kenji hasn’t really been anyone’s favorite person, so even being a candidate for it makes him happy.
•Ben immediately assuming he’s being pranked because someone is showing concern for him is just-so sad.
•”you said you’ll be fine, which means your not fine right now” Darius, I love you
•God I love Dinostar
•Bumpy has her priorities straight just “This girls got food so she’s my favorite”
•Also Ben trolling Sammy is great
•Why did Mitch and Tiff have so many of those light up candles??
•Kenji really called his penthouse the p house and thought people would take him seriously
•Darius maybe after the first harmless dinosaur got aggressive, you should be a bit more careful with the second seemingly non aggressive dinosaur
•Bens face after drinking the diamond filtered water-
•Kenji drawing a mermaid has gotta mean something
•I like the subtle ways they show how Yaz being an athlete means she more agile than the rest of the group, like her being unaffected by climbing the flight of stairs or her being the only one to land on her feet after falling out of the vents.
•Idk why Kenji cares about that statue but I’m assuming it’s something angsty
•Compy’s the dinosaur equivalent of pigeons and I love that
•I feel very seen with Yaz being obsessed with theme park deaths. Me to Yaz, me to.
•Ben is tired of his boyfriends antics
•Darius finally kinda gets a break
•Honestly I don’t think Ben needs to ask permission to leave camp, but I can understand Kenji and Yaz’s worry.
•Yaz is a Benji shipper confirmed
•Ah Yaz, you dumb lesbian
•I love Kenji and Brooklyn’s interactions
•Kenji pretending to be a cow to comfort Sammy is just adorable
•Yaz stop breaking your ankle please
•Idk why but Darius and Ben getting into a physical fight feels so-weird? I understand that tensions are high, and I can maybe see Ben getting a little more aggressive. But Darius? I dunno, it felt kinda out of character.
•Ben got to blow shit up!
•everyone being disturbed by Yaz’s support is priceless
•I know I said in my first review that it makes sense for Bumpy to stay on the island and I still agree with that, but also I want her to go so she can be the groups support pet. Mb she could live on Sammys farm
•”Huh, Kenji forgot his hat”
•Poor baby!!
•The last two episodes are definitely my least favorite
•I forgot to talk about it in my last post, but I think the Darius vs Kenji argument is pretty complex, and I also think it speaks to Kenji’s character development. I understand both sides of the issue. Darius wants to do things efficiently, he wants to save Brooklyn and keep Dr Wu from getting the laptop. Kenji though, is more focused on saving Brooklyn then caring about if Wu creates another hybrid dinosaur. Kenji has gone from caring mostly about himself, to risking everything to save his friend. Personally, I feel both sides are valid in their arguments and I can’t pick who I agree with more.
This is less in depth than my last review, but I mostly wanted to get some of things I forgot in my last review.
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dr-evastor-rp · 2 days ago
Now that you know more people: can you dedicate one song each to five different people? Would you mind describing why? Maybe adding a lyric you like most?
Andrew: Stuck With U by Ariana Grande Ft. Justin Bieber
“I'm not one to stick around, one strike and you're out, baby. Don't care if I sound crazy but you never let me down, no, no. That's why when the sun's up, I'm stayin'; still layin' in your bed, singin'… Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, got all this time on our hands, might as well cancel our plans, yeah. I could stay here for a lifetime.”
This part in particular makes me think of him and sort of how our stories has gone… at least from my point of view; I’ve never committed to anyone before, I never stayed, I never wanted more or gave more but Andrew changed all that; every plan or idea I had of how my future was going to be like changed the moment I met him. Now all I want is a future with him, stuck with him forever.
Megan & Aurora: I’ll be there by Jess Glynne
“When it's Friday night and the drink don't work the same and you're alone with yourself and there's no one else to blame. When you still can't feel the rhythm of your heart and you see your spirit fading in the dark oh, oh, I'll be there; When you need a little love, I got a little love to share. Yeah, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna come through, you'll never be alone, I'll be there for you.”
Beyond friendship Megan and Aurora have become true sisters to me; these two wonderful human beings have shown me that… family is not dictated by blood, family is the group of people who stay by your side through thick and thin, who love you and guide you and support you without questions or hesitations. So, I hope I am giving them as much love and support as they have given me all this time; I won’t stop trying that’s for sure.
Kwang: Lost Boy by Ruth B
“There was a time when I was alone, nowhere to go and no place to call home; My only friend was the man in the Moon, and even sometimes he would go away too. Then one night, as I closed my eyes, I saw a shadow flying high. He came to me with the sweetest smile, told me he wanted to talk for a while, He said, "Peter Pan, that's what they call me. I promise that you'll never be lonely" And ever since that day…”
Even though our respective partners are siblings and we see each other often because we share our friend group, I still have a lot to know about Kwang but… the night of the first party in Tulum he opened up a little bit and I got to see a glimpse of a side I’ve never seen before; one that showed his fears and shared the things that worried him, one that seemed eager about sharing his culture with someone else. The little I know about him, it seems like he’s been alone for a long time and I think we both can understand how that feels like and this song reminds me of him… sort of how suddenly he found someone to pull him out of that loneliness, someone that made him feel like he didn’t have to be on his own anymore. I hope he realizes eventually that he has more than one person around him that he can count him, I have a lot of respect for him and if he ever decides he wants any of my help or just company he’ll be able to count on me too.
Elliot: Hope Ur Ok by Olivia Rodrigo
“I knew a boy once when I was small; A towhead blond with eyes of salt, He played the drum in the marching band. His parents cared more about the Bible than being good to their own child. He wore long sleeves 'cause of his dad and somehow, we fell out of touch. Hope he took his bad deal and made a royal flush, don't know if I'll see you again someday but if you're out there, I hope that you're okay.”
Uhm I don’t think this needs more explaining. My brother and I haven’t been close. He ran away when we were teens and we had to care for ourselves ever since. He showed up again a few years ago but just a suddenly as he appeared, he disappeared one night without even saying good bye; I have no idea where he is, if he’s okay… even if he’s alive. But I wish with everything I have that he is okay, that somehow, he found the strength to fight his own demons and redo his life. I hope he’s happy… wherever he is.
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ofhealinghexes · 3 days ago
Solo 1: Gone but not Forgotten.
( This is my first solo so please just bear with me. )
Life and Death were huge events, both celebrated and mourned. For immortals, however, there was nothing to celebrate. You were trapped in an ever-changing abyss that had no end.
Floating in space... alone.
It was only made worth it by finding something or someone to share the space with. To fill the space.
Emma had experienced multiple lifetimes worth of trauma, and yet she was still kicking. Her space was filled with the thing she loved most.
Her daughter. Her sweet, precious baby girl. Emma delivered her by herself as her (now late) husband was caught up at work and truly couldn't make it. Luna was 10 pounds, 9 ounces at birth. And her life was something to celebrate as Emma had wanted nothing more than she had wanted Luna.
She had always dreamt of being a mother and raising her children to love and be compassionate. To be respectful and kind. To never give up and to stand for what they believed in. Though now she wasn't sure if she would get the chance to have more children, she had hope. The smallest bit of it shined through all the darkness.
But disaster strikes when least expected.
A sigh left the pink haired woman as she lay in bed, her 3 month old daughter in her arms cooing and babbling. Big blue eyes looking up at her mother with the purest smile ever seen. The witch smiled brightly as she gazed down at the perfect babe in her arms. The squishiest of the squishy, the cutest of the cute, and that smell.. they really weren't kidding when they said babies just had this smell.
None the wiser as she laid in her bed, in her room of the home she shared with the love of her life, the home they built on the land they picked and purchased together. Her home. Laying without a care in the world as she looked at her daughter's sweet face, thinking that her life was complete. She had attained the unattainable. Blissful happiness..
Her bliss was cracked when there was a knock at the door. Her bubble had burst and the real world creeped in. That was when the uneasy feeling came in, like waves. Her husband would never knock, he had a key. Given he hadn't come home last night.. she figured he got caught up with work. They both worked at the same University and she was on maternity leave, he ended his paternity leave early to get back into his work.
She didn't even think of calling him, but, some part of her felt like she should. Anxiety began to fill her. It was hard for her to breathe as she made her way downstairs. Like the dread was just building and building.
Usually he would call if he was late. The emotions just kept creeping. Emma expected the worst.
But she couldn't have even imagined what she was about to be told. Coming down the stairs slowly, she made her way for the door with Luna in her left arm being held protectively against her chest.
The fingers of her right hand wrapped around the door handle and pulled it open but her husband wasn't on the other side.
Instead, there was a man and a woman in uniforms. They didn't even have to speak, as Emma had already heard it. It echoed from their minds right into hers.
"Mrs. Kent?"
Her heart skipped a beat. The words echoing even louder now.
"We are very sorry but.. your husband, Clark, he-"
Her eyes welled up with tears, her raising her right hand to stop them.
"He's dead, isn't he? Just say it. Stop beating around the fucking bush and just spit it out."
One of the two nodded, offering a plastic bag of his personal belongings found on his person at the time.
"We are very sorry to say that he was found dead, Mrs. Kent.
He's dead.
Gone, forever.
With that being said and all aired out she didn't need any more. She didn't need their talks of support groups for widows or her options regarding his funeral and his body.
"Just.. bury him but.. don't come back."
The door slammed shut and Emma turned around. In complete shock, of course it was understandable.
She walked back up the stairs, to her room and placed Luna down in her bassinet to nap while Emma tried to handle the information given to her. Walking into the bathroom, turning the shower on and just getting in. Fully clothed, sure. But she was broken.
Her heart felt like it had been ripped out and torn in half. A part of her soul was missing. It was so isolating. There was a huge void that she couldn't see herself filling. Trying to process all the information on her own proved difficult, her brain didn't want to work and so Emma sat in the shower tucked in the corner under the shower stream.
Staring at the wall in front of her, lifelessly so for God knows how long. Sobs soon filled the bathroom, drowned out by the sounds of the water hitting the tile. She screamed and cried for as long as she was able.
She had to feel it all for the both of them. Her husband was gone, and her baby would grow up without a father. It left her insides in knots, the space had grown that much darker.
And darker..
Until her eyes shifted to black. All of her emotions were amplified and she cried some more. Crying until her tears ran red and then until she had none left.
Trapped in the darkness, feeling hopeless and as if all life had been snuffed out.. before she was reminded. Awakened. It wasn't about her now. Her light, her baby girl was waiting for her out there.
The water had run cold, how long had it been? Where was she?..
Using her magic to turn off the shower the bathroom fell into a silence. Then out rang the crying of her baby.
Emma was quick to get up, taking her wet clothes off piece by piece with urgency. Her baby needed her.
She slipped on a robe and stepped out into her bedroom, going to Luna's side and scooping her up. Trying to soothe her precious one.
"Mama is so sorry, sweet girl.. it looks like daddy is never coming home.. but.. Mama will never leave you. I promise with every fiber of my being, baby girl... you're my everything."
Luna had no idea what she said but her crying calmed down once her mother was near. Cooing once more, Emma gazed into her daughters big blue eyes. The eyes she got from her father. Forever a reminder to Emma of the love they had. The deep love that created this perfect babe.
It was just them against the world.
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barzyyy · 4 days ago
I’m hella in my feels. Break my heart.
Tumblr media
one too many.
a/n: prepare yourselves for this one. TW: includes mention of death, alcohol/heavy drinking and self-depricating thoughts. it is heavy. please read at your own discretion. my dm’s are open if anyone needs to talk!
italics = flashback.
read this first, if you haven’t already.
mat could feel the alcohol meeting his stomach. when did he become this way? he knew that he was not in a condition to be drinking as much as he was. he hadn’t eaten in at least a day. somehow the simplest tasks have become the most difficult.
it didn’t help that it was the offseason. all of his teammates were off on vacation. the jealousy quickly turned into resentment. he deleted all of his social media apps because he couldn’t bear to see anyone else happy. he locked himself inside your once shared house, alone. what used to feel like home now felt unsafe. with every corner he turned, there was something that reminded him of you. lipstick on the counter, your shoes kicked off next to the couch, he left them all in the same spot, praying that this was all a dream and that you would come walking through the door again.
he couldn’t get himself to come to terms with reality.
he drunkely stumbled to the couch, mindlessly turning on the tv and surfing through the channels. he landed on a random channel because his thoughts were overtaking him once again.
mat dreamed of being a dad. you both used to talk about starting a family of your own. would your kids have mat’s hair and your eyes? which one of your personalities would they adopt? he wanted so badly to look through the glass at a game and see you standing on the other side with your baby. he wanted to raise a son and teach him all he knew about how to play. he wanted a little girl to put makeup on him and make him sing the songs of all of her favorite disney princesses.
now, he didn’t want a family at all. you were going perfect mother. no one could ever compete with you. and now that you’re gone, he promised himself that no one would ever take your place. sure, he could have kids with someone else, but they would never be the kids he would have had with you. he didn’t want it.
it was easier to put up a wall and block out the feelings. his grief of losing you was too much for him to handle. he would rather just push everything out, experiencing nothing rather than experiencing everything all at once. every time he thought of you, another part of him was taken away. he was a shell of who he once was.
things would have been different if he had went home to you. had he not gone out to the bar with his teammates after the game, you would have never been in the accident. there would have been no reason for you to go over to your friend’s house. now, instead of remembering the celebratory reason why he went out, his memory was plagued by the phone call he received as he got the worst news of his life.
mat could feel the alcohol meeting his stomach. who was he to turn down free alcohol? getting the game winning goal in game 7 made him feel like he was on top of the world. fans in the bar were covering mat’s tab, and he was partying with all of his teammates. out of the corner of his eye, he saw his phone light up with your caller i.d. and his favorite picture of the two of you. he picked it up and started walking through the mass of people to find a quieter place as he answered the call.
“babe, you won’t believe how many people are here! everyone is buying me drinks and-“
the manly voice was unrecognizable. mat stopped in his tracks.
“who is this?” he questioned.
“this is tom haltford, i’m a paramedic with the long island fire department. do you have a relationship with (y/n) barzal?” he asked.
he immediately sobered up. “she’s my wife, what is going on?” his heart was beating out of his chest.
“sir, i regret to inform you that your wife was in an accident. she was in a head-on collision with an impaired driver. she is currently being transported to nassau university medical center. do you have a safe way of getting there? i can send a police officer to pick you up.”
mat could only muster one sentence.
“is she alive?”
“i am sending an officer to your location. i am so sorry.”
what brought him out of his trance was the feeling of tears hitting his hand. he had not realized that he was crying, but did nothing to stop the onset of emotions that were to come. he buried his head in his hands, taking in the weight of the fact that you would have still been here had he not decided to go out. his shoulders heaved, but he stayed silent. he sobbed for a half an hour straight.
silence was something mat was becoming all too familiar with. he could no longer listen to the radio because every song he heard remided him of you. he didn’t dare go outside, because he couldn’t stop the jealousy that arose when he saw a couple out together. the best he could do was stay at home. his interaction was limited. when he did eat, all he did was get it delivered. even then, his options were scarce because he didn’t want to eat anything that felt significant to your relationship. he no longer ordered take out from your shared favorite thai restaurant down the street. he avoided anything that remided himself of you.
he would have teammates, family and friends text him every now and again to check in. he made it a point at your funeral to promise that he would reach out if he needed help. deep down, he knew from the beginning that those promises were as hollow as the newly-formed void in his heart.
maybe the irony of it all was that what killed you was the same thing he was using to self medicate. over time, one beer turned into to three, then six. he felt as if it was his only escape - alcohol only solidifed the numbness that he had been feeling. but tonight, he knew that he had gone overboard. there were freshly-chugged beer bottles on the table, and the only thing stopping him from taking some of your sleeping pills was his hope that you would come back for them. in addition to the beer, he was down a glass and a half of wine when his body finally began to reject the liquid. he tried to run to the bathroom, but the closest place he could make it was the kitchen sink. his stomach uncontrollably emptied itself, and he was left gasping in between his heaves. when he was done, he ran his hands under the sink and put water on his face. pulling the kitchen towel from the oven to wipe off his face, he looked up and his eyes were met with the picture on your counter from the wedding.
he was in immediate tears as he saw you walking down the aisle. your dress perfectly hugged your curves and your smile had been the biggest he’d ever seen. he felt a soft nudge from behind him.
”stay strong man, stay strong.” beau whispered, trying to help mat preserve any ounce that was left of his ego.
“bro, i can’t.” he whispered back, tears running down his face. at that point, you began to cry, and then the whole room was crying.
you both struggled through the tears to read eachother your vows. you were so impressed with how heartfelt his were.
“you helped me learn who i was outside of hockey, and i still fall in love with you every single day. ...and you’re a smokin’ 10, too. so that’s a plus.”
the after party was absolutely insane. you danced and drank the night away with your closest family and friends. you were talking to your best friend when mat came stumbling over to you, hugged you and said “can you believe we’re fucking MARRIED BABE?”
that was it. he couldn’t give up on life anymore. who he was becoming was scaring him. he knew that this is not what you would want. with a shaking hand and a breaking heart, he haphazardly picked up his phone and dialed the first number he could think of. there was an answer halfway through the first ring.
“hey man, you all good?”
inbetween sobs, his words slurred together. “beau, i need you.”
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malepresentingleg · 4 days ago
Love Victor- queer community.
I'm sorry I'm just pissed all over again about the Rahim situation. I already wrote a post about the last couple of episodes but. I'm just annoyed.
They just ruined a perfectly good relationship Victor could've had is what they've done. Like I said, I love Rahim. He's such a great character and has such an important role in this season.
He's there to show us there are a lot of ways to being gay, to understand better the situation with Victor's family and to help with it, even if unintentionally (I have a whole thing about Isabel's speech to him but that's for another post).
And one of my favorite things was he was a great opportunity for Victor to realize how far he's come, he actually had advice and support to give to another baby gay and it was honestly beautiful.
One of my absolutely FAVORITE things in season 1 was the emphasis on the queer community and its importance in queer people's lives. I think episode 8 was my favorite last season (and my least favorite in this one). How Victor realizing there are others like him, how getting their support helped him and it didn't need to be sexual AT ALL, it was even better that it wasn't.
I was so excited about him doing the same thing for Rahim, "paying it forward" and starting his own queer community at home, and it really did look like it started out this way?
When there was suddenly tension between them in episode 9 I was completely blindsided and it was the last thing I wanted to happen.
I screamed "NO" at the screen when they stood in Rahim's doorway and even though they didn't kiss I had the most bitter taste in my mouth.
I wish they didn't go this way at all, and definitely not in the manner and timing they have.
The romantic connection between Victor and Rahim feels so random and quick, that if at the end of that night Victor is at his doorstep because he "can't imagine his life without him" it would be so unbelievable.
I love Venji as much as the next person, I think both last season and the first half of this one was GREAT for them and they're usually really good for each other (when the writers don't make them suddenly assholes...). But it's not like I prefer them over Victor and Rahim, or even Victor with Felix is cute! But in cannon? The way this season was written? There's only one direction I think makes sense.
Yes, it's a cliffhanger, but is it really? If it's not Benji's who's on the other side of that door I would lose faith in this show.
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clanlessrebel · 5 days ago
OH GOD! I just finished all seasons of SOS and what an emotional ride! I finished the book with my Luke baby and his story was the most emotional one. It made me so sad knowing his reasoning of running away from MC ten years earlier. And The Masked Man bothered the hell out of me! I starved my inner demon so got a good ending at least. I played the special episode though and that one sucked! It ruined all three seasons in one sweep. But now I got a lot of diamonds though! /Romance Club anon
You seriously need to help me out here! Have you played Moonborn? I know we will get introduced to Max in season 2 but I seriously cant decide if I should wait for him or date Victor. I am so darn weak for vampires but Victor is nothing like Vlad he is so cold! Help a girl out 😂 /Romance Club anon
Glad to hear that you unlocked the good ending with Luke! He 💀 too many times in my gameplay, and I ran out of time to complete his route on another device (halted at the start of S3, I will patiently wait for another diamond rush to 'save' the poor lad). Unpopular opinion: I liked the SOS special episode, even though someone 💀. It didn't ruin the series for me as it was a continuation of what happened to the MC who joined the villain side. For those who didn’t chose the Masked Man ending, you guys just have to read it as an AU instead of an extension of the original trilogy. (Same goes for the future special episodes, bcos there are so many different endings in RC stories and not everyone will have chosen the same path or LI)
I prefer Max. Tho I'm not the right person to ask about Moonborn as I only bought one or two diamond scenes with him and therefore got the bad ending (I needed diamonds for Legend of the Willow back then and the translation in S1 kinda messed up the reading experience for me). ⚠ You can't missed more than 3 (or 4?) diamond scenes with your LI throughout the 5 seasons. There will be some relationship checkpoints in S4 & 5 if I'm not mistaken.
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sunshyngal · 5 days ago
The Devil’s Own.
Jungkook x OC
Mafia Au!
Warnings : Non-Con ! Manipulation, Degradation, Shitty hero with no redeeming Qualities you have been warned. ( i mean he does get better but not much.) 
Summary : Just Mob Boss Jungkook doing mob boss things. 
Chapter 1
“ Sign it. ”
I glared at him, feeling sick at the tone. The entitlement.
“No.” I said sharply and I could feel his anger swelling, morphing into something dangerous and deadly but I couldn’t care anymore. I was tired. Exhausted. This cat and mouse game had gone on , long enough. It wasn’t an even playing field, in any sense of the qword.
If today was the day I died, so be it. I would accept it. I would even welcome it.
I was done.
He had everything : an empire at his beck and call , enough money to pave the streets of Seoul in gold and an army of loyal associates behind him. His face was plastered on Billboards across the country , the President posted pictures of him on his fucking SNS and delegates from other countries had to wait weeks , just to get an appointment with the youngest billionaire South Korea had ever seen.
And yet none of those white collared dignitaries saw this side of him. The dirty, violent ruthless man who had more blood on his hands than anyone else in the country. My father’s. My brothers’.
Jeon Jungkook was both the most revered business man in the country and the undisputed king of Seoul’s criminal underbelly.
“You defiance only makes me want to break you in other ways Elena.” He said warningly and I felt my throat go dry. I stared at him, wondering how someone could look so expensively gorgeous and yet, like a hardened criminal.
The expensive silk shirt, the fitted slacks and the handmade shoes ought to clash with the dark ink that covered his entire arm and neck, the piercing on his eyebrow and the glint of metal on his tongue but it didn’t.
It just all came together to make him the most attractive man in existence.
I took a deep breath. Perhaps begging was the way to go?
“ You have my father’s company. You have my brother’s Hospital and you have the family mansion. It’s all yours. This bakery belongs to my mother. It’s all I have left of her. My sister in law is pregnant , due any day. She needs a place to stay and I don’t… I don’t have money to rent anywhere else.” I said desperately, thinking of the paltry wage I earned waiting tables. I could barely afford food for myself let alone for Jisoo and the baby on the way.
The bakery was abandoned but it had a roof. The furniture was crumbling but I could fix that. If I didn’t have to worry about rent, I could save up enough to make it livable. At least till I got a better job.
“I’ve offered you solutions for all of that.” He reminded me softly, eyes trained unblinkingly on me and I stared at him.
“I’m not going to be your whore.” I felt my voice shake.
He grimaced.
“You aren’t qualified to be my whore. And I don’t need one either. Whores are not my thing. I have a beautiful fiancée, don’t you remember? ” He grinned. I felt my heart ache because that fiancée was once my best friend. The only person I had trusted with my entire life. Lisa had betrayed my trust, had spied on my father’s operations and brought him down and I had the horrible, horrible inkling that she had also had something to do with my father and brother’s untimely death in a car crash.
But I couldn’t think about that. Every time I thought about her my heart broke and head spun, and I had to be at my maximum mental capacity if I was going to deal with her heartless fiancée.
“ If you ask me, you’re not fit for anything more than a back alley blowjob for a couple bucks. But Hoseok thinks you have potential. Join his agency, there are a lot of very wealthy men who have a bone to pick with your father. He made a shit ton of enemies. Most of them would love to fuck the defiance out of you. ”
His words felt like worms crawling all over my skin and I could feel the nausea churn inside me.
“I’m not signing the bakery over. You can call the creditors. I still have another year and half to pay the one remaining loan and they won’t come for me till then.” I felt my head begin to throb and Jungkook sighed.
“Suit yourself.” He stood up and I stayed still, watching his tall frame tower over me with ease. He gave me a small bitter smile. It was fraught with hatred and I stared back at him, knowing the emotion was probably mirrored in my gaze.
“Beautiful Elena. As pretty as the day you left me at the altar.” He smirked and I flushed.
“Your vengeance is petty and pointless and unfair…just like you.” I said angrily, frustration building u at his words. The way he talked about our broken engagement like it even mattered. It hadn’t even been real. We had hardly spoken and my father had called the wedding off at the last moment. But apparently, that had been the last straw for the Jeons. They had come after my father’s entire existence with a single minded intent to destroy him and they had succeeded. The man was dead . His two sons were dead.
But apparently it wasn’t enough.
Jungkook stared at me, slipping his hands into his pockets.
“Maybe. But it’s also deadly and potent. And it won’t rest until I see you reduced to nothing but a whore on the streets, spreading your legs for every man who can afford you.” He laughed. “ Saying no is a luxury , one that you’ll soon be unable to afford.”
I refused to be cowed, refused to give him the satisfaction of knowing that his words scared me. Because they did.
They scared me so damn much.
“This bed is so lumpy… I’m so sorry, unnie..” I said apologetically but Jisoo shook her head quickly, palms cupping my face as I held her elbows, gently lowering her to the bed. I stared at her feet, feeling my heart race at how swollen they looked. That can’t be normal, a voice whispered and
I didn’t know if that was normal and I had no money to take her to a clinic. The social center we usually went to only allowed three visits per month and we had used it all up. I wanted to throw caution to the wind and spend the thirty thousand won it would take but that would mean no groceries for a week and surely bread and eggs wouldn’t stretch that long, even if I could sneak meals in the restaurant for myself.
“I’ve been feeling a little dizzy…I’ll just sleep.” She said tiredly. She was thirty six weeks along, not due for another four weeks but her blood pressure was erratic. Her lab numbers were oscillating and there had been talks of an emergency c section. Even with insurance it was way more than I could afford but I had my own jewelry, a few expensive trinkets from my teenage years. I’d been obsessed with diamonds and my father had indulged me and I had a pair of earrings left. I’d already sold the rest but this would take care of the medical bills for the birth itself.
“My shift starts in ten minutes. I have to go. Give me a call if you need anything…” I said softly and I saw the familiar blank and listless look come into her eyes. I knew she was depressed, dealing with grief and pregnancy and loss but there was nothing I could do for her. Nothing. I had applied for a bunch of other jobs but they never wrote back. It wasn’t easy, being rejected over and over again but it wasn’t like there was much else I could do. And the truth was I was resigned to this, accepted that at some point I would have to take more loans and be stuck in an endless cycle of debt for the rest of my life.
And I had made peace with that.
There was no future for me. And I was okay with just surviving.
If only Jungkook would let me.
Apparently, watching me wipe down greasy tables and mop up floors and toilets trying to earn just enough to get a few square meals didn’t soothe his anger. It only fueled it. Jungkook couldn’t fathom that it had been six whole months of me on the streets of Seoul and I wasn’t completely destitute yet. I’d kept myself and my sister in law alive, safe and it pissed him off.
He wanted to see me broken and on my knees, begging him for help. The idea of me somehow surviving despite him taking everything away from me, it just didn’t sit well with him.
I couldn’t afford to have him as an enemy so all I could really hope was that one day he would wake up and give up. One day he would just wake up and decide that I wasn’t worth it.
When I walked into my shift and noticed a familiar pair of high heeled Louboutins , completely out of place in my seedy place of employment, I knew I was in trouble. Lisa sat against one of the booths and her gaze was fixated on the door which meant she was waiting for someone. And when her eyes narrowed at the sight of me, I just knew I was the someone.
She wants to get me fired.
It wasn’t rocket science and I felt the urge to turn right back around and leave.  But I tamped down on it. I could get through this. I would get through this. Lisa and Jungkook got off on invoking reactions and I wouldn’t give them that.
Except it wasn’t that easy.
It was a nightmare, watching her demand and reject and walk all over me but the sleeplessness from the past few days made spacing out easier and I just stared away at the wall as she yelled and complained and made a scene.
“You’ve stopped fighting? Finally giving up? Good…” She hissed when the manager apologized to her and told me to meet him after my shift and I felt myself tremble in indignation.
“I won’t fight you or Jungkook, you and I both know I can’t afford to.” I said quietly and she went still, something flashing in her eyes for a second. It was gone before I could fully process it but it had been there. Guilt.
Lisa wasn’t a terrible human. She had been a dear friend. We had grown up together and she had even hugged and teased me when I’d been betrothed to Jungkook, all those years ago. I had been twenty back then, naïve and spoiled. While Jungkook had taken my father’s entire legacy apart, piece by piece, Lisa had been nothing more than a pawn. I remembered all the times I had let her home, how she would disappear for lengths of time.
Planting bugs all over the house. All over his office. Jungkook had been smart. Someone like Lisa, so fascinated by thr wealth she had grown up around would naturally jump at the idea of more. It wasn’t greed. It was human nature. And with her help he had destroyed everything my father had built over decades.
I shuddered. My father hadn’t been a good man. He had been greedy, yes. But he hadn’t deserved to die. And Jungkook would have to pay for that sin, someday.
“There’s a job waiting for you in Hoseok’s club.” She smiled cruelly , “ you don’t need this one.”
“The fact that you want to take it away from me, tells me that maybe there’s nothing left in you save.” I said blankly and she turned her nose up at me.
“I have Jungkook. I don’t need to be saved.”
I shook my head. She was so naïve. Men like Jungkook cared for nothing but themselves. But I wondered if women like her didn’t care for anything but the money that came with being his. Money was precious, I thought bitterly. I’d never realized how privileged I had been until I’d had it all ripped away.
“He’s the one you need saving from. And one day you’ll realize that.” I shrugged, not in the mood to offer her anymore life advice.  If she was alright with being a trophy wife in exchange for a few pretty shoes that was her prerogative.
Before she could reply,  my phone rang.
“Hello?” I asked nervously and I felt my heart drop to my knees when I heard who it was.
I turned on my heel rushing inside and my manager gave me a look of surprise.
“ My sister..she’s… she’s sick. I need to go.” I said desperately and his eyes narrowed. It was the worst timing. He was already annoyed because of Lisa and I stared in disbelief as he quickly shook his head.
“No. I’m sorry Elena…I just can’t let you leave like that…” He said sharply.
It was so unfair.
“I haven’t taken a single day off in five months…” I said desperately..” Please, she’s pregnant..She needs me, she-“
“If you leave, you won’t have a job to come back to. I can’t do this.. First you make trouble with a customer and now you just want to walk out in the middle of your shift without any notice…”
“Fine. Fire me.” I snapped, because I’d just had enough of it. I was exhausted, and tomorrow I’d go knocking on some other tore and I’d get a job. I lived in Seoul …How hard could it be? For now, I had to get to Jisoo. I had to get the hospital and things would be okay.
It wasn’t okay.
“I… You want to keep her in? So soon?”
“Her blood pressure is through the roof. There are signs of severe pre eclampsia and we want to get her started on a magnesium drip. Steroids to help the baby’s lungs incase we need to deliver…”
“Deliver..?” I couldn’t breathe.
“Yes, I’m sorry…. If her blood pressure doesn’t come down we’re going to have to deliver.”
I nodded, glancing at the bed where Jisoo was sleeping, her face swollen and I knew that she was sick. Really sick. She looked pallid and ill.
“Is she going to be okay?” I asked hoarsely.
“We’re going to do what we can… But I’m going to be honest, we’re looking at a c section, a lot of meds and also some time in the NICU for the baby…. Can you afford it? Your sister’s insurance only covers 80% .”
I blinked, completely thrown. White noise rushed through my ears,  a dull throb settling right at the base of my skull and beginning to spread all the way to my arms and back. It was panic mixed wth anxiety mixed with despair and I couldn’t quite cope. The earrings wouldn’t cover all that.
“Oh… Oh..yeah.” I said dully, “ Of course I can… Let me just…. Can I have a moment? There’s somethings I need to do.”
I carefully slipped the cash into the envelope, swallowing as I sat on the pavement. I’d got another call from the hospital, they had administered the steroids but Jisoo’s condition seemed to be worsening. They wanted to try inducing labour soon but they wanted me to pay for the room and for the medicines, and apparently, the earrings weren’t as valuable as I thought they were.
I fought nausea wrapping arms around myself as I stared at the cars whizzing by, the putrid city air clogging my lungs as I tried to come to terms with what was happening. Jisoo needed help. She was the only one left and she carried my brother’s son. I felt my throat clog when I thought of Daehwan. He had been a good guy. I had loved him. It wasn’t fair, what Jungkook had done to my family, I thought miserably .
And the only reason I wasn’t driven by vengeance or anger was because I was nothing like Jungkook. I hated him. I didn’t want him to live in my head, didn’t want to waste any part of myself on him , not even my anger. But it was hard when he wouldn’t let me breathe, always at my heels like a wolf : jaws snapping and blood thirsty eyes trained on me at all times. I couldn’t fathom his obsession sometimes. Surely, his hatred was uncalled for now? He’d taken everything from me anyway.  
There was a dull roaring in my ears, one that said that this was not really a surprise. I’d thought about it way too often, had considered it countless times. Had even spent one absolutely horrifying evening scouring the streets of Seoul’s red light district just to see how sex workers behaved.
I’d also realized that in the face of desperation, dignity didn’t hold much value.
You are going to pay your debts on your back and on your knees.
The first time Jungkook had thrown it at my face, eyes glinting with glee, my stomach had rebelled so hard. I’d been absolutely infuriated, had thrown a vase at him. And it had been awful,  watching him catch it out of the air with ease, his mocking laughter making my bones rattle as he shook his head, “ That’s how this ends, Elena. Mark my words.”
And it was pitiful ,  that he went through life so consumed with hatred and vindictive cruelty that he couldn’t leave me alone . He was pathetic. That’s how I saw him. A pathetic child who refused to stop tormenting the helpless ant on the floor although it was no match for his cruelty.
At some point Jungkook was going to win. And his idea of winning was seeing me stripped bare of the one thing that kept me alive : my freedom.
It had just happened sooner than I’d thought.
Because I knew what it would mean, to go to Hoseok. He would own me. Hoseok’s whores were all slaves, tangled in his web so badly that there was no hope of escape. He wasn’t cruel but he was smart. No one left the his ‘ agency’ once they went in. I would be lost, forever. And I couldn’t stomach it.
I stared at my knees, fists clenched on the fabric of my skirt. I grabbed my phone, scrolling through the contacts. I considered it carefully. I had to do this on my terms. Had to make sure I retained some sort of control here.
And I knew just how to do it.
Hoseok picked up on the third ring.
“I need help.” I croaked out.
The deep chuckle made my skin crawl.
“Elena Gong. What a wonderful, wonderful surprise. What can I do you for?” He drawled.
“Well sweetheart, I’m all out of charity so you’re going to have to make it worth my while.”
I took a deep breath.
“I’m a virgin.” I whispered.
The line went completely silent.
“What?” The amusement in his voice died.
“You heard me and I’ll let you cash in on it. I’ll let you auction it off…” I tamped down on the burning protest in my lung, the screaming inside my head that said it was horrifying, that I was considering this. “ But only if you keep my terms.”
“What makes you think you have a say in that.” He said sharply and I laughed.
“I belong to your world, Hoseok. Did you forget that we were friends, once.” I whispered and he didn’t reply.
Laughter, kindness, a big brother I could always count on, hobi oppa, nine year old me with my fingers curled around his wrist as we ran all around the gardens , a smile so wide that he could spread sunshine on the gloomiest days. Different from Jungkook and Namjoon and Yoongi and the others. Willing to include a ‘ girl’ in his playtime. Lisa and I the only girls, not even fazed watching as the rest of them wielded toy guns and mock interrogation scenes, pretending to kill and maim and torture because that was the world we were born into.
“We’re not friends, Elena. Let’s get that straight. The only part of you that holds any value to me is th part between your legs. So tell me, what do you want.”
“When was the last time you auctioned off someone’s virginity? You know how much money you can make off something like that. Not just from the sale itself but from the entire night. Your club… Your gaming hell…. All of it.”
“You expect me to believe you’re a virgin. At twenty seven.” He scoffed.
“Put the word out, everywhere. If you find one man who says he’s slept with me , I’ll back off.”
“That would require me to tarnish your  family name. And you’re alright with that?”
I smiled biotterly.
“Isn’t that what you and your precious Jungkookie want? To see the last living Gong, be labeled as a whore and a slut.”
He didn’t reply.
“I’ll give you that. You can do it… You know that will only interest more people. As Jungkook so eloquently put it, most of them would love to fuck the defiance out of me.”
“What’s the catch. What do you want. ”
“2 billion won.”  I said firmly “It will be one night. One night only and I want enough money to pay off every one of my father’s debts, to get me an apartment for my sister in law and to support her and her baby for a year at least.”
“Done.” He said without missing a beat and I went still. What must it be like, to throw around money like that without a care in the world. And it sickened me that Jungkook was probably ten times as rich as Hoseok , the money my father owed him and his associates not even pocket change in comparison to his gargantuan wealth and yet, he stayed on my heels, snapping his jaws like a dog with a bone.
“And Jungkook doesn’t get to watch.” I said softly, knowing exactly what Jungkook would get off on.
That made Hoseok laugh.
“You know him too well. I keep forgetting he was madly in love with you once.”
I resisted the urge to vomit. Jungkook didn’t know love. He knew ownership. He didn’t love me, he thought he owned me. That I was his to play with…. For the rest of his life. And when my father had denied him that, just like a toddler in a toy store being denied a shiny toy to break and trample on, he had thrown a temper tantrum.
Except his tantrums always ended in death and destruction.
“That’s the deal. He doesn’t turn up there to gloat.”
“He’s heading out to Switzerland for a week , two days from now.” Hoseok said evenly.
“Good then. My sister in law…she “ I swallowed. “ She’s in a hospital in Yongsan. I’ll send you the address.”  
“I’ll take care of it. But I want you here tonight. I’m not going to drop a couple billion won on your head without making sure I’m getting my money’s worth. And I can’t have you changing your mind and bolting either. My reputation is on the line here. If I put out the word that I’m serving something so fucking delicious and then back out, they’re not going to want to buy Hobi’s wares anymore. You understand what I’m saying darling?” Hoseok drawled and I knew exactly what he was saying. If I agreed to this, it was blanket consent for him to whatever he wanted.
“I won’t back out. I can’t. But this is one night. One night with whichever bastard you choose and that’s it. I want out.  I don’t want you or Jungkook hounding me again. Ever.” My voice shook as I dug my fingers into my knees.  
“My men will be there in ten minutes. Sit tight, princess.”
I stared at Hoseok as he carefully poured me a finger of whiskey, neat. He gave me a smirk and I shrugged.
“you remember.” I said casually, throat itching because it had been way too long since I’d had quality alcohol. I missed the burn,  the warmth , the numbness that followed.
“Of course I do. You could drink all of us under the table with little effort. It was spectacular.” He laughed and I leaned back against the couch, letting my head fall back.
“I was half certain that you would have a doctor around to make sure I’m a virgin.” I stared at him and he shrugged. “ Pointless. You’re twenty seven, you’ve probably had stuff up there anyway… Not like your hymen’s still going to be intact.”
I thought it was rather horrifying, that I didn’t feel nearly as mortified as I should. This was how Hoseok talked, matter of fact and open and that was why he was so popular. Anytime an important person came into the country, Hobi was the one who offered entertainment for the night. Hobi’s girls were always the prettiest, most well behaved and perfect. They were educated, knew what they were talking about and he didn’t force them into the life. They loved it, enjoyed it and it showed.
Not to say he was a saint.
Far from it.
Hoseok knew how to dine with kings in castles  but also how to wrestle with  swine in the gutter. The seedy brothels in Seoul’s back alleys were his as well, and he ruled his kingdom with an iron hand. The prostitutes there feared him, one look or word enough to silence any rebellion, any thought of escape.
He was called Hope. And yet somehow that was exactly what he denied the women under him. There was no hope here. There was only lust and power and money. You came to Hobi…. You never left .
I took the glass he offered, taking a small sip, savoring the taste.
“But you believe me. I wonder why.” I watched him closely and he scoffed.
“Between your father and Jungkook, no one ever really had the pluck to come anywhere near you  did they?”
I sighed, leaning back to stare at him.
“Do you think dying hurts?” I asked softly.
It was frightening, how his entire body went stiff, eyes wide and jaw dropping.
“Elena, what the fuck-“
“Its just a question. You’ve killed people. You’ve watched them die… how do you think they feel?” I asked , curious.
“None of them wanted to die. If that’s what you’re asking.” The look in his eyes made me nervous.
I stared at him and the question was obvious. None of them wanted to die, but do you?
I didn’t.
“I’m not thinking of killing myself , oppa.  Stop looking so horrified.” I laughed. He shook his head.
“ Don’t joke about that. It’s not fucking funny.”
I sobered up, remembering with a jolt. Ah, of course.
“I’m sorry. I forgot.” I said quietly.
Hoseok’s little sister had killed herself when I was seventeen. She was a year older than me and her father had lost her in a wager to a seventy year old man, known for torturing his bedmates. She had heard the news, taken a deep breath and taken a deep dive off the seventeeth floor of the condo where she lived with her mother.
I’d been engaged to Jungkook by then. And I had almost wanted it. Jungkook wasn’t old at least… twenty one to my seventeen.
“Just so you know, he’s going to find out. And he’s not going to like it.”
I shrugged. Three years is a long time to be preyed upon and now my mind was resigned to a life of being hunted. Hoseok was right. Jungkook would find out and he wouldn’t like it.
“I don’t care what he does anymore. All I care is that Jisoo and the baby are left out of whatever plans he has…. If you promise me you’ll keep them safe , I’ll cooperate.”
It was a baby boy.
I stared, fingers itching to hold the baby but it was impossible, the little one whisked away to the NICU right after with respiratory distress and Jisoo had gone into a seizure, eyes rolling back into her eyes.
She as alright now, resting in a VIP room with the best care money could buy. Hoseok had asked me if I was happy with the arrangements, and if I would name the boy after him.
I stared at the room, large and breezy and filled with flowers and gifts, toys and baby stuff and I knew right then that I had sealed my fate. I was going to have to go through with this. I could imagine how much Jisoo would protest when she came to her senses. The only relief was that it would take her a few days to be good enough to fight or protest. But then this would all be over and done with.
Jungkook would leave this afternoon. His flight was at three.
I would reach the club at five. The patrons would arrive at seven.
One night, I reminded myself , staring at the gentle rise and fall of Jisoo’s chest as she slept, my fingers playing with the soft skin on her wrist. The IV line went through her veins and I watched the gentle drip of it.
One night.
I didn’t know how auctions happened and while I’d been prepared for the worst kind of humiliation,  Hoseok assured me that he wasn’t going to make me stand naked on some podium or something.
“Generally, I would do something like that simply for the flair of it but consider this a favor ….a respite because you were, as you said, once a friend.” He gave me an even smile and I could only nod in mute relief.
I was grateful. Beyond grateful.
And what was more, he hadn’t told anyone, who I was.
That stunned me. Because wasn’t that the selling point? The murderous, greedy mob rat Gong Hyo Suk’s only daughter forced to spread her legs for one lucky stranger? If Hoseok had cashed in on that he would have made a fortune. But he hadn’t. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Would , whoever it was be upset if he recognized me?
I was led to a bedroom, large and tastefully decorated with silky satin sheets and dark curtains and dim lighting that lit up parts of the room and left other parts plunged in darkness. Hoseok had told me to wear whatever I wanted and I realized with a pang that he really didn’t see this as some sort of transaction. He was trying to make it as easy as possible without making any decisions for me. Offering me choices and options and some illusion of being in control.
I didn’t have anything fancy so it was just a dress shirt that I borrowed from Hoseok. I’d left the underwear off, eager to merely get the whole thing over with. I felt a sudden overwhelming urge to laugh out loud.
If Jungkook were here he really would have lost his damn mind, simply because of how little this whole thing affected me. And that was it, really. He was always desperate for a reaction.
Earlier when this whole thing had started, I’d obliged him with that. I would scream, rant and yell….launch myself at him like a wildcat, scratching at him , fists flying  and it was obscene, how much he seemed to enjoy that. He would press me up against walls and tables , fingers choking the breath out of my lung, just so he could see me struggle and push back.
He fed off from every negative reaction I offered him and it had taken me a long long time that the way to beat him was to become passive, unresponsive. I would go limp in his arms, stare at him blankly as he tried to manhandle me and that…that had pissed him off. Because that meant I wasn’t playing his game anymore.
If the prey wasn’t playing, the game wasn’t fun anymore. It was drab.
And I knew that Jungkook kept raising the stakes, kept tightening the noose around my neck….just to bring that girl out again. The one that had wanted to put up a fight . The one that wanted to mouth off even with the muzzle of a gun pressed against her head. The one who would spit in his face in front of all his associates, even if it earned her a vicious strike of his hand across her face.
I shuddered. They weren’t memories I liked reliving.
Well, if that was who he wanted, I’d make sure he would never see her again.
The door opening made me jump and Hoseok came in , with a wide grin on his face.
“Baby…. Your guest for the night.” He said softly and I peered over his shoulders, my heart and mind grinding to a halt when I caught sight of what had to be the most breathtakingly beautiful man on the face of the planet.
I felt my heart begin to pound, fear taking over because this wasn’t okay. Not really. I was okay with old, creepy and disgusting , not able to get it up for more than ten minutes.
I wasn’t okay with someone who looked like they stepped right out of the latest issue of GQ.
Hoseok left quickly, closing the door behind him and the man stepped into the light, the brightness lighting up his perfect features even more. I felt my throat go dry, and fought the urge to get up and run. Growing up as the daughter of a mobster , I’d learned how to trust my instincts over appearances.
And right now, every single one of those instincts screamed at me that this man was absolutely dangerous.
“Well, you are beautiful. I’ll give you that. “ He said casually.
“Thank you.” I said stiltedly, watching as he tugged on his tie, pulling it off his neck deftly . Instead of tossing it aside , he wrapped it a bunch of times around his wrist over and over as he smiled at me.
“Don’t thank me yet. The only reason I like beautiful things is because of how easily they break.” He smiled.  “ I haven’t been with a virgin in a while…. I miss the screams.”
And there it was the full blown panic that came with stark terror. I crawled back on the bed, staring as he moved closer and there was no mistaking the look on his face, the harsh grip of his hand on my ankle telling me that I was going to regret every one of the choices that led me here.
“Hoseok wasn’t at the airport.” Jungkook observed casually, glancing at Yoongi as the latter finished cleaning his gun carefully, eyes fixed on his weapon with utmost concentration.
“He’s holding some sort of auction tonight. Some chick …” Yoongi said casually and Jungkook hummed. It was not the kind of thing he was interested in. Anonymous bids were often boring : actresses or female idols past their prime, desperate to make some money to survive. He had no interest in those but he was a little peeved that Hoseok hadn’t told him anything about it.
Hoseok was one of Jungkook’s most trusted friends. He was almost as powerfully rich as Jungkook and the only reason Jungkook reigned supreme was because Hoseok had no interest in challenging him for the throne. Hoseok was dangerous and cunning and loyal and Jungkook was grateful to have him on his side and he had hoped to see him before leaving. Just to ask him to keep an eye on Elena.
He grimaced, hating himself.
God, he couldn’t go two hours without thinking of her. It fucked with his head, the amount of space she took up inside him. Jungkook , for all his wealth and power, was driven solely by his need to prove himself. He wanted to be powerful and terrifying yes, but more than that , he wanted people to know.
He wanted people to look him in the eye and acknowledge him for what he was : the most dangerous man in the country. He liked seeing that fear, that worship, that admiration. He got off on it. He wanted it , craved it and for some reason he craved it more from her , than anyone else.
And instead of giving him what he wanted, instead of begging on her knees for mercy, instead of licking his shoes and begging for him to let her live….she ignored him. She looked at him with defiance and pride, her chin straight and her back unbending, her gaze locked right on him like she was his fucking equal….
And Jungkook, he’d taken a lot of insults. Taken more than his fair share of hits in life …..
But when she looked at him like that , like he was something stuck to the bottom of her shoe….
Fuck it drove him wild with fury.
It made him want to teach her a fucking lesson, to remind her that he owned her because he owned everything. To break her down, snuff out the flames of defiance that burned so bright in those ember eyes… Take her into his bed and brand her with his body. Till she was on the floor, on her knees covered in his spit and cum begging for mercy….
Because no one looked at Jeon Jungkook like that and lived to tell the tale..
“Seokjin’s here. Landed in Korea a couple of hours ago. ” Yoongi said casually and Jungkook smiled a bit at that. He loved his older brother, technically a step brother and growing up he had only saw him when he visited his mother in China. That meant a couple of months a year and now as adults,  a bit more often because Seokjin loved Jungkook and liked to visit him often.
Seokjin was a celebrity trainer, working with actors and athletes and he did a good amount of modeling as well. He was rich,  handsome and well liked and the only thing that gave away the Jeon blood in him was the fact that he was a sexual sadist.
The face of an angel with a devilish streak, he had a penchant for sadism and inflicting pain on his partners and while Jungkook didn’t particularly enjoy indulging him, he knew there were women who were into that and usually had them arranged for when Seokjin dropped by in Korea. His hyung’s visit seldom lasted more than a few weeks at a time and it was a pity that he would miss out one whole week of it .
But the issue in Switzerland was a little pressing and Jungkook had to be there in person to sort it out.
He leaned back against the seat, staring out of the window, sighing.
“An unsullied dove ….What the fuck is this shit..” Yoongi muttered and Jungkook turned, curious.
“Hoseok’s been hyping up some new girl for the auction and Seokjin hyung’s bidding on her.”
Jungkook laughed at that.
“Jungkook…..” Yoongi’s voice is completely stunned, his eyes confused as he looks up at Jungkook.”  Its Elena.”
Jungkook’s thought process came to a grinding halt.
There’s a sound between his ears, a dull rushing sound like the wind in a storm and he can’t quite comprehend what he just heard. Even Namjoon who had been buried in his laptop , looked up then, tugging an airpod out of his ear.
“Wait…did you say Elena?” His eyes were wide , lips parted in shock. Yoongi and Namjoon exchanged glances, no doubt bracing themselves for the explosion that was to follow.
Jungkook took a deep breath.
“Turn the fucking plane around.”
That jolted Namjoon out of his stunned stupor..
“Turn-? Jungkook what…. We’re on a fourteen hour flight-“ Namjoon began but the look on Jungkook’s face made him stop.
Namjoon swore.
“Fucking hell… alright just calm the fuck down, Jesus…just put a fucking bullet in that girl’s head and spare us all the headache fuck…” He growled, unbuckling his seat belt and rushing to the cockpit and Yoongi groaned.
“ Let me guess you want me to get in touch with someone in Seoul and ask Hoseok to hold off on letting Seokjin near her…”
Jungkook glared at him.
“If you already know that why the fuck are you still here…” He growled and Yoongi gave him a look.
“Just tell her you’re in love with her and let us live, Jeon Jungkook.”
In love….. what the fuck….
He glared at Yoongi’s back, his asinine words making him madder. God he wanted to crush someone’s skull into dust with his bare hands.
And right now, in his head , that skull belonged to Jung fucking Hoseok.
 “What just happened?” I asked, frantic staring at the door as Hoseok’s men casually led a fuming Seokjin away while the man himself stared at me, looking pale as parchment.
“ Jungkook found out.” He said shortly and I felt my heart drop although I was half relieved because there had been something insane in Kim Seokjin’s gaze when he’d reached for me , a cruel glint of hunger that told me he would have hurt me really badly if Hoseok hadn’t barged into the room , frantic and worried.
He had given Seokjin a wide smile and then, “ I’m so sorry. We were waiting on her blood results and turns out she has a…. well, certain occupational disease that is very infectious.”
Seokjin’s mouth had dropped open even wider than mine.
“I thought she was a fucking virgin.” He had snapped, and I flinched at how cold and furious he had sounded.
But apparently there was a reason this whole thing had happened.
“What do you mean Jungkook knows? What does that mean?” I asked frantically, fear taking over.
“ He’s heading back here… He wants to see you.”
I felt my entire body go ice cold as I shook my head…
“No…fucking no bring Seokjin back here , he can fuck me that was the fucking deal, Hobi, please don’t../…”
“Elena , I’m so fucking sorry.. Seokjin…he’s fucked in the head…. He likes hurting his whores, likes making them bleed and he would have fucking destroyed you…”
I gaped at him horrified.
“What?!” I hissed shaking my head in disbelief.
“He’s Jungkook’ stepbrother. I’ve arranged whores for him before, I knew he was a little crazy but I’d never seen him before and I didn’t know he was the Kim Seokjin…fuck he outbid everyone and fucker looks like a fucking angel, how the fuck was I supposed to know he’s unhinged? Thankfully, I messaged Yoongi and …. Fuck… Listen… I know I paid for your sister’s surgery but you’re going to have to pay me back….”
I felt my body convulse in rebellion.
“I can’t.. You know I fucking can’t…”
“I can’t make an enemy out of Jungkook…. I can’t.” Hoseok shook his head. “ You can get out of here now if you want but I’d advise you to stay. If you run it’s only going to make Jungkook angrier.”
“WHAT DID I FUCKING DO TO HIM?!!!” I screamed, feeling my composure crumble into smithereens. “WHAT THE FUCK DOES HE WANT FROM ME?!!”
Hoseok flinched, stepping back and holding his hands up.
“Whether I want to or not, I answer to Jungkook.  I shouldn’t have done this in the first place , I’m sorry Elena.” He shook his head and stepped back like the coward that he was and I wanted to hurt him. To shake him and ask him to fucking remember who I was. That I had nothing to do with my father’s sins . That I had been a fucking marionette in his hands, had wanted nothing more than to be left alone.
I stared at him in disbelief.
“So much for being a friend…” I whispered.
His jaw tightened. But he didn’t look guilty. None of them ever did. It was like guilt didn’t exist in their world. They did what they wanted to whoever they wanted , whenever they wanted and they got away with it because that bastard’s word was law. What Jeon Jungkook wanted, he got.
“I’ll get your clothes sent in.”
I watched him leave, the door slamming shut behind him and sagged against the bed, staring at myself. What had just happened?
Was I born to endless misery and misfortune?
Couldn’t I catch a fucking break?
I’d agreed to sell myself hadn’t I? Would have even let Seokjin hurt me if that was what he wanted. Because it was one night. It was one night of this…whatever the hell this was and then freedom. That was the deal.
The door opened again and I stared as a young girl brought me a pile of my clothes neatly folded.
“Do you work here?” I said sharply.
She blinked before bowing her head.
“Yes, mistress.”
I scoffed.
“Don’t call me mistress , I’m here to get fucked, just like you. Tell me does Jungkook ever use the women here.” I demanded.
She looked trapped, glancing at the door, clearly wanting to run .
“Tell me.” I snapped and she flinched.
“I..uh..yes. Sometimes.” She said softly.
“Can you tell whoever fucks him next to kick him in the fucking balls?”
The girl bowed deeply and all but ran out and I sighed, feeling myself shaking. Jungkook was on the way here and I wanted to yell and scream and rave at him but I knew that was exactly what he wanted. I wanted to deny him the satisfaction …wanted to act all cool and composed in front of him but it was impossible…
Because I hadn’t realized just how tired I was of this whole thing, till right this moment, when the end had been in sight. I was supposed to get my two billion won pay off all the debt , give Jisoo the rest of the money and disappear. I was so tired, so tired of this life I’d gotten trapped into, slaving over for hours on end just to afford a couple of meals a day. No friends, no boyfriends, no hope of a future …..
The door banged open and I jumped, crawling back when I recognized the man who had just entered.
“Jungkook wants to see you.” He ground out and I swallowed.
“I need to get dressed. Please just wait outside.” I said shakily.
And then the door opened further and a tall looming shadow stepped in familiar and vomit inducing.
Jungkook looked livid, piercing glinting through the dimply lit room and I stared at him. He was dressed in a tight black t shirt, he sleeves stretched thin over his biceps and the tattoos stark against his skin.
“Leave us.” He said softly and Yoongi moved away to the door leaving me alone with the devil himself. I cursed myself for not putting at least my panties on, I was naked underneath this shirt and although it was big it left nothing to the imagination.
Jungkook’s eyes raked over my form before resting on my face.
“You think you’re smart enough to outsmart me, Elena?” He whispered softly.
I swallowed.
“Send you brother back in. He can fuck me and I’ll pay you back.”
Jungkook hummed, stepping closer and grabbing my clothes from the bed, he grabbed the plain white bra and the pastel pink underwear and then to my complete and utter mortification he brought the clothing up to his face, breathing in .
“Fucking pervert!!!” I screamed, feeling the action like a physical touch and wanting to claw his eyes out and the smirk on his face told me that this was exactly what he wanted but I was too fucking gone to care.
“If you want me to be a whore, fine. I’ll be a whore. But on my terms…” I spat out and he shook his head, laughing.
“I don’t just want you to be a whore, Elena. I want everyone to know that you are one…” He dropped my clothes and moved closer, holding a hand out. “ Come here.”
I stared at the inked fingers, adorned with sterling silver rings and bracelets with the motifs of his gang. I shook my head.
“No. I’m not playing this game with you.” I turned my face away.
His hand shot out gripping my upper arm with enough strength to bruise and I screamed, agony shooting up my arm and shoulders as he dragged me off the bed and onto the floor. I landed hard, hips and elbows bruising from impact and I stared at him in disbelief.
“I’ve been to gentle with you. You’ve forgotten your fucking place.” He bent over and grabbed me by my hair, yanking me to my feet so hard that it felt like my scalp had been ripped away from my skull.
“Okay…okay…Okay Jungkook..just…!!” I said softly, flinching because my pain tolerance was almost zero and Jungkook’s grip was so hard that my eyes were beginning to water now. He let me go, grabbing my panties off the floor and tossing them at me.
“I’m going to count to five. Put those on and get out.”
He walked out of the door and I stumbled a little fumbling with the fabric before quickly, slipping my legs in and yanking it up to my waist. I made to put on something else but his voice came, loud and impatient.
“Get the fuck out here.”
I walked out of the door and he was standing there next to Hoseok. I couldn’t meet either of their gazes , hating how they had so much power over my life. I stared at the floor. It was tempting to yell at them and scream but that never led anywhere.
“ I’ve asked them to stop the payment on the Hospital bill. Seeing as Elena hasn’t kept her end of the bargain.”
I felt my breath hitch at that, willing down the tears as I glared at him.
“What do you want?” I snapped. “ Tell me who you want me to fuck…. I’ll do it. Let’s get this over with so you can go back to whatever sewer you fucking climbed out of. ….”
Hoseok’s breath caught like he couldn’t believe what I’d just said and the look in his eye was a warning but I was sick of this. Sick of them all.
Jungkook turned to Hoseok with a laugh.
“You see hyung? See why I can’t let her go? If I let her scot free, everyone’s going to think I’m a pushover….that any worthless bitch can talk to me any way she wants and get away with it….” He shook his head, staring at me with a glint in his eye. “ I’m not going to choose. They are. You think you can charm your way into Hoseok’s heart and get special treatment? You think you’re ready to be a whore, Elena? Let me show you how a real whore gets treated in Hoseok’s club.”
He gripped my wrist, yanking me behind him as he stalked off down the narrow corridor that opened up into the club. I let myself get dragged out into the club dismally aware of the fact that I was wearing nothing but Hoseok’s shirt. I could feel eyes on me but I kept mine on the back of Jungkook’s head as he dragged me all the way to the front. I knew what he was going to do and at this point I was just numb.
There was no point reasoning with the devil.
I glared at him as he pointed at the stage. “ Get up there.” He whispered harshly.
I stared back at him, not moving. I saw Jungkook’s jaw clench.
“Either you go up there by yourself, with your clothes on. Or I carry you up there, after stripping you naked. What’s it going to be? ”
I glared at him, pursing my lips before climbing up using the small stair in the side. I moved to the center, right in front of the stage lights, so the rest of the room would disappear. I had no wish to see any of the bastards in the room.
“I think all of you recognize this little beauty here, don’t you?” Jungkook’s voice was cheerful, friendly even and I bit my lips, fists clenched. “ Well, if you don’t let me tell you . This is Gong Hyo Suk’s daughter. Remember that bastard? He put a hit out on my father. Killed him and my mom on the night I was supposed to be marrying his fucking daughter. A daughter who later called off the wedding, because I was too poor now, to give her the life she deserved. ”
I felt the familiar ice cold guilt in my vein. I was seventeen, I wanted to scream. I was seventeen and all I did was say what my father asked me to say, do what my father asked me to do.
“ That was nine fucking years ago… and you know what I told myself…. I told myself, that a greedy little bitch like this, doesn’t deserve shit.” He laughed. “ If money’s what she values the most, then the only thing she deserves is to be treated like the whore she is.”
“Why don’t you guys tell me, how much money you’d be willing to spend, to fuck her? Come on, Hobi’s been treating you guys so well lets help him make some money tonight… be generous. ”
I could barely hear what they were calling out but when Jungkook climbed onto the stage next to me, I jumped. Moving back instinctively, I winced when brought a forearm around my throat nearly choking me as he dragged up against his body.
“90 million won….That’s a lot.” He grinned. “ Jihan hyung….. that was you right? You’re gonna pay 90 million won for her?”
I felt my heart race, it was a lot. More than enough for the Hospital Bills, would even leave extra to get a decent apartment somewhere... I grabbed his wrist as it pressed into my throat, trying to pull his hand off me but he just wrapped his free hand around my waist, wrapping his entire body around mine and chuckling into my hair.
Jungkook pressed his head against mine and I froze, hating the close contact.
“Okay…but since I’m feeling a bit left out here…Why don’t I pitch in… 500 Won.” Jungkook said loud and clear.
I froze. An eerie silence fell over the club, laughter stilling and the clink of glasses slowing down.
I struggled to get away from his but his hold tightened.
“Anyone else?” He called out. “ Come on… Not even thousand? Surely you think this one here’s worth a thousand won? Aren’t you going to outbid me?”
No one responded of course they didn’t. Jungkook’s anger was palpable and no one was going to get on his wrong side …..
“Ahh… is that it then? Bid’s going to close for 500 won then…. Hear that baby?” He whispered against my ears and I swallowed. “ 90, million won to five hundred won in a few seconds… What does that tell you?”
“It tells me you’re a fucking psychopath in love with your own voice… Get off me.” I hissed.
“No. What it tells you is that only I get to decide how much that body of yours is worth, not you. . You don’t get to go sell your fucking body behind my back for two billion won and then pay off all your debts and ride off into the sunset, that is not how this works….”
I went limp in his arms fighting tears because he never played fair. Never.
“Hear that Hoseok-ah… I win her for the night for 500 won…fair and square…. Is that alright?” He called out into the darkness and I felt the first inkling of dread begin to seep in.
“No.. No… get off me.” I hissed and he laughed, dragging me off the stage with ease. I screamed, kicking out in disbelief.
Jungkook grinned at me, before grabbing both my arms and yanking them behind me, and I whimpered, unable to move as he easily pulled me along to the door that opened into the hallway. Behind us I heard Hoseok’s voice.
“Jungkook, don’t be impulsive. Think about whatever you’re going to do.”
I flinched at that, panic building.
“He’s not going to do anything. I’ll fucking kill him if he touches me , I-“
“Shut the fuck up, you little bitch.” He shook me hard till my teeth rattled and I sobbed out.
“Jungkook…” Hoseok warned but he merely snarled.
“I know what I’m doing hyung, just…. Don’t disturb us. And make sure everyone here knows that she’s open for business.” It was loud enough to carry through the club and I felt humiliation burn my throat, acrid like acid.
I froze in disbelief.
“Jungkook …” Hoseok’s voice held a tone of reproach.
“ And tell them that her body is amazing. Tell them she spent the night with me , the best fuck I’ve ever had , mouth made for cock.”
I stared straight ahead as he pulled me all the way to the room we had left earlier and I tripped when he shoved me inside, landing on my hands and knees . I quickly rolled back around to land on my ass, crawling back as he slammed the door shut and locked it from the inside.
He stared down at me, mouth grim.
“You do owe me a wedding night. I was so ready to fuck your tight cunt, nine years ago… I think I’ve waited long enough yeah.”
I stared at him in disbelief. I knew exactly what he wanted me to do, to yell and scream and protest and fight so he could get off and forcing me…. Fucking psychopath.
I took a deep breath and nodded.
“If you pay for my sister in laws bills, and give me an apartment sure. “ I shrugged. “You’re not any different from any of the bastards here. I don’t give a damn which one of you idiots wants to rut into me like the absolute animal that you are…. I don’t care…” I said softly.
“you don’t? Really? You want me to tell you what your brother said when one of my men put a gun into his mouth…. He begged for his life…said he had a kid on the way….” Jungkook laughed, shaking his head. “I told him it was better than what his father did…. My sister was six months pregnant when his lieutenant gunned her down on the streets.”
I shuddered, wrapping my arms around myself.
“Why are you telling me this…” I snapped.
“Because she didn’t deserve it did she, Elena? She didn’t fucking deserve to die like that , like a dog on the street when she had nothing to do with any of this…. She didn’t deserve it.” He growled, bending down and gripping my chin hard.
“Maybe she did deserve it.” I spat out. “ If I deserve to be here, maybe your sister deserved to die too. “
He snarled, hand flying to my hair and dragging me up off the floor in one sharp yank. I whimpered as he pushed me on the bed, before climbing on top of me. I felt like every bone in my body was about to snap in two, the weight of him unbearable on me.
“I won the bid tonight…. I won it fair and square… You signed the waiver didn’t you…that you agreed to the auction…I won and I’m going to fucking collect.” He growled, and I kicked out, trying to buck him off of my body.
“Get off me.” I hissed. “ I’m not letting you fuck me for 500 won.”
“How about for your Jisoo then?” He whispered and I went still.
He chuckled, reaching down and I felt my pulse pound as he pulled his phone out, dialing quickly and turning on the speakers.
Yoongi’s voice made me go ice cold. Everyone knew what Yoongi did for Jungkook.
“Daehwan’s wife is in a hospital room in Yongsan. Hobi’s got the details. I think she’s served her purpose.”
“No!! JUNGKOOK NO!!” I  screamed , thrashing so hard my head began to spin but he grunted pressing down into me harder.
“Are you serious? I’m not home yet… I can take care of it tonight.” Yoongi said, voice casual and I sobbed, shaking my head in sheer terror.
“Okay… I’ll behave.. I promise.. please just don’t…”
Jungkook hummed.
“Well, that was easy… Yoongi-yah… why don’t you stay on the phone yeah…. Going to get that wedding night I’m owed and if my baby doesn’t co operate you know what to do, yeah?”  
I bit my lips, glaring into the sheets as he gripped my waist, pulling me up.
“Ass up like the bitch that you are, baby.” He whispered and I felt my entire body shudder in disgust. It was worse because I hadn’t done this before. Didn’t know what to expect. But I couldn’t let him know that. If Jungkook knew that I was a virgin, I could just imagine how much fun he’d have with that info.
Hands gripped my wrists, pinning them to the bed and I turned my face away when I felt the press of his lips on my cheeks. He gripped both my wrists with one hand, keeping them pinned over my head and I flinched when I felt his fingers pulling the fabric of my panties aside, just enough for the blunt head of his cock to press against my slit.
“Yoongi, you there?” Jungkook said softly and Yoongi grunted over the phone. I felt my face flame in embarrassment.
“You’re a sick bastard but I’m used to it. What’s up?” he said casually.
“Remember how we used to wonder just how tight Elena’s cunt was… back when we were in school.”
Fucking monster, I thought in disbelief. I hate him I hate him I hate him….
“Good times…” Yoongi chuckled lightly .
Jungkook pushed into me in one hard thrust and pain shot straight up my spine, my insides burning like he’d fucked me with a knife and not his body. I couldn’t stop the cry of agony that got torn of me, my eyes tearing up and tears spilling over onto my cheeks.
“Damn Jungkook, she okay?” Yoongi’s chuckle made me want to claw his face off, and just the urge to kill was growing inside me.
“Well, I can confirm that it is, in fact just as tight as we thought…” He grunted, thrusting into me at a pace that was inhumane, every push and drag of him rubbing my insides raw and I bit down on the sheets under me, afraid that I would do something absolutely humiliating, like beg him to stop.
“Good, you should let me take that tight ass for a ride someday then. With her permission of course…. I’m a gentleman after all. Big on consent.” He laughed and I swallowed the urge to tell him that I would puncture his balls with a switchblade if he came anywhere near me.  
“Oh, she’s going to do whatever I ask her to….aren’t you baby…” He grunted, “ Turn around so I can see you.”
He pulled out of me, his weight lifting off my body as he moved away. I couldn’t move, limbs numb and insides throbbing in pain . His palm landed on my thigh, hard and the sharp sting of it made me jump.
“I said turn around, I want to see your face when I fuck you.” Jungkook growled. I stayed limp, breathing hard and he grunted impatient, fingers sinking into my hair , yanking me to my knees and the movement made my legs scream in protest.
“How’s she so quiet? You fucked the voice out of her, kook-ah?” Yoongi asked amused and Jungkook pulled me by the hair, dragging me to the center and pushing me down till my head landed on the pillow.
“Hyung you should see her right now, all fucked out …. Like she’s never had a dick in her before.” He shook his head, “ Fucking slut. Take that off and hold yourself open for me.”
I stared at him, uncomprehending and he grabbed both my hands, placing them on my knees.
“Grab your knees and pull your legs back… So I can fuck that tight cunt the way I want to.” He said slowly, like I was a dog he was trying to train and I stared at him , defiantly.
“ Go to hell.” I whispered.
Yoongi’s laughter came from somewhere to the right.
“Your dirty talk needs work, Kook ah… Tell her she’s a precious little kitten and she makes you feel really good…. Bitches love that shit…”
Jungkook hovered over me, grabbing the back of my thighs and spreading them wide enough to make me whimper in pain.
“Is that so babygirl? You want me to tell you that? That you make daddy’s cock feel good?” He cooed, nudging the tip against me again and I had never hated anyone so much in my life. I stared up at his face, and he smiled at me, a cheeky little grin that made his bunny teeth stand out and for a second he looked so deceptively angelic and the glimmer of his piercing caught my eye.
I couldn’t help but swallow, gaze trained on the glint of metal on his tongue.
“You like that?” He grinned suddenly, sticking his tongue out for me to see, I felt my eyes widen at how sinfully good he looked .” Hyung she likes my tongue piercing.”
“Show her how it feels on her clit.” Yoongi laughed and I could barely fully process what I heard before Jungkook was crawling down my body, arms, curling on my thighs and yanking me onto his tongue .
I felt the press of his tongue on my slit, licking right into me and the jolt of pleasure was so unexpected, the pleasure so unwanted and yet so overwhelming and I couldn’t stop the way my body thrashed against the streets, lips parted as I practically mewled out in pleasure.
“Definitely a kitten…” Yoongi called out and I shuddered as Jungkook slipped two fingers into me , the ice cold press of his ring inside me making me jump. I wanted to pull away, grab his hair and yank him off but I couldn’t because it was
“Next time I’ll put the dick piercing in too, yeah? Fuck you with a bit of metal on my cock so you can feel that up there…. ” He laughed into my thighs and I screamed when he bit into the flesh there , hard.
“I’m getting bored… Either turn on facetime so I can at least jerk off to this , or I’m hanging up…” Yoongi called out .
“Hyung she clenches down on me every time she hears your voice… Just stay on for a few more minutes yeah, she tastes so fucking good, I’m gonna cum soon….” Jungkook added another finger, slipping in deep before spreading them apart inside me. I whimpered when he pushed his tongue in between the wet digits, licking into my walls and I could feel the ball of his piercing drag against my walls, ice cold and hard.
Was it fucked up that I did clench down on him again, my body apparently a slave to my base desires even as my mind screamed that he was the absolute worst bastard on the face of the planet.
“Elena, you owe me a blowjob at least for this…” Yoongi called out and I glared at the phone.
“I’ll bite your fucking dick off if you come anywhere near me.” I snapped.
“Fuck, I could get off just to that mouthy fuckhole of hers…..” Yoongi grunted.
Jungkook pulled away, climbing back up over me and lightly slapping my breasts.
“Now, how about you open that mouth and let me fuck it?”
Yoongi snorted from behind us and Jungkook glared at the phone before glaring at me again.
“You want to know how hard I can bite?” I said sharply, the pleasure ebbing away into nothing and resentment taking it place, the momentarily physicality of the situation fading and the reminder of who he was and who I was entering my sex addled brain.
“No.. You’re right…. But you know what, I’m not feeling it anymore. I was right.. you really aren’t qualified to be my whore. Your body…it’s frigid like a fucking popsicle…such a fucking turn off. ” He reached over and hung up on the phone.
“Now…”he whispered, leaning in closer and I yelped, when his fingers closed over my throat..” Shut your mouth and take what I give you like a grateful bitch.”
I swallowed when he pushed into me again, his pace steady as he fucked into me, eyes closed and I realized that he was almost fully dressed having just unbuttoned himself enough to get his cock out.
When he stiffened, spilling into me his eyes blew open and he locked eyes with me, wide eyed and for one horrible second he looked young and vulnerable and hurt.
I blinked as he pulled out, the sticky warm mess of his cum dripping down my inner thighs and onto the sheets.
“Well, that was much worse than I thought it would be.”  He said and I stayed on the bed as he grabbed his phone and buttoned himself back up.
He smirked at me and then reached into his pocket.
I quickly pulled myself together, ignoring the aches and pains and getting to my knees before reaching for my dress on the bed. it was kind of pointless because I still had Hoseok’s shirt on and I wasn’t going to take that off in front of Jungkook.
“Well, I’m a man of my word , Elena so…here you go..just as we discussed.” He tossed a coin on the bed and I stared at the engraved 500 on the shiny surface, feeling my rage swell inside me.
“If you still want to work out a payment plan for your sister’s bills …. Why don’t you come to my office tomorrow?” He tossed his card on the bed before  moving away to the door.
Fucking bastard.
Author’s note : My whole life is filled with regrets . 
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aceinmyveins · 8 days ago
Choice tag!
Rules: Answer the questions (if you want to skip one, feel free to do that too of course!). Tag 3 people (or more or less, you choose really). Tag your post with #CHOICE_tag so we can find each others’ posts! Have fun!!
tagged by @nfly5 thank you♡ tagging @star-lemonade @jjjuns @negrowhat👋 and everyone else who’d like to participate too, just feel free to join^^
1. Introduce yourself. You choose how much and how little!
hello, i'm hel🥺 aries, late 20s, not married, a worker and japanese language student. a proud step-mom to 3 mischievous cats >°°< besides of kpop i'm fond of industrial music, watching horror movies, reading&writing fairy tales. kinda obsessed with all-around japan- folklore, cinema, calligraphy, culture, food and so forth.
i'm an extremely oblivious person - like, i forget plotlines of movies right after watching and won't go out without a sketchpad full of notes (too scared to get lost in a daily routine lmao). maybe that's why i'm so into my clumsy giffing - just to capture precious moments and do not let me forget about them heh
2. How and when did you become a CHOICE?
i started to know a.c.e in july 2017 from that legendary relay dance for cactus and was pretty much amazed with powerful hardstyle beats, the group's dance talents, and yep, those legs. i had a thought for a sec, if they would become my new ults?, but then was like -"nah, i'm not ready for it" lol. big thanks to the unit, i went back to them after the show ended, then was a randomly watched dongjun video, a million saved pics of pink haired junhee, and baby-like crying right at the workplace over 5tar - this is how our journey began :')
3. What is your favourite part of being a CHOICE?
i'm not very social and prefer to stay aside, most of the time, but even for a shy person like me is not too hard to find a great pal among this fandom bc everyone is cheerful, friendly and sooo funny - i love fandom memes a lot! xD
4. What is your favourite A.C.E song? Do you prefer their title tracks or b-sides more?
5tar, she gives me all emotions like for the first time ;;;;
i’m 100% b-sides lover~
5. Who’s your bias? What do you like about them?
junhee.  idk, it’s hard to explain... i love him just the way he is. all about him. from the sound of his velvet voice to his silly side lmao
6. What is your favourite thing about A.C.E?
i love how they're stubborn! and brave. while going through a lot of hardships they just kept trying and dreaming. the ideal role models for me.
7. Which concept has been your favourite? What kind of concept do you want them to try?
favorite boys, then stand by you.
i'd like them to try something...pagan? like they are bare feet priests wearing ritual clothes and singing acapella, and praying to their ancient gods.+ dark wave music, like in Dead Can Dance style!
also, some sport-related concept would suit them great too
8. Which A.C.E friendship is your favourite? Which one do you want to see more of?
i’m 24/7 super weak for dongjun, love wowkwan tenderly, and sometimes go wild about junkwan
there is a huge lack of dongwow in a.c.e universe, i miss their soft chemistry ㅠㅠ
9. If you could tell A.C.E one thing, what would you tell them?
i believe in you no matter what.
10. Which A.C.E member would die first in a horror movie?
byeongkwan! at least, junhee has got a great self-preservation instinct :DDD
11. Leave a small message for your fellow CHOICE!
hope you’re all doing good and taking care of yourself! yep, the cb is around the corner, but remember that your health is always the first priority. just do everything you wish of the members to do - eat properly, rest when you need, have a good sleep. we have to stay energized, not exhausted! ;) rooting for you guys, stay awesome!
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taesinferno · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
summary: Kim Taehyung knew every single peron that knew him was in the palm of his hand. He had his pick of the world, and all he had to do was crook a finger. Unabashedly handsome, with the enigmatic personality to match. And he gave you a taste. How lucky!
rate: 18+
pairing: kth x reader (ft slight hoseok)
warnings: age gap (40/24), mentions of eiffel towering (cheesy as hell bye), exhibitionist tendencies, fucking in a hot tub, unprotected penetrative sex, hickies, fingering, face shot, crying (*sigh* in a good way), taehyung has a huge ego (rightfully so...), lowkey predatory shit (but like.. thats the whole series), infidelity, slight angst at the end
wc: 2.5k
a/n: actually tried to stick to my self-proclaimed word limit this time 😶 let me know if you liked it! + if you want to be tagged click here!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You had skipped dinner that evening, thinking a full night's rest is what you needed after the way Namjoon kept you until his next meeting to beat your pussy red yesterday, the way he'd fucked you until you cried, cumming all over ass during his phone call, just to flip you over and shove his dick back into your mouth until you sucked him dry. Bitch, you needed a lozenge and an advil.
You were fast asleep by the time Hoseok came back. But the next morning, though your legs were still sore as fuck, you didn't hesitate to send him off to work with a blowjob, smile lighting up your face as he tapped your cheek with his cock.
"Open up, baby," he commanded, guiding his dick into your mouth as you kneeled in front of the vanity. You sucked him off as he chose out his jewelry for the day, lazily rutting into your mouth while trying on different watches and rings.
"Good girl," he praised after you'd swallowed his seed, tapping your cheek affectionately before leaving the room for what you assumed to be a business meeting. Otherwise known as him, Yoongi, and Seokjin traipsing around the island.
You'd bumped into Jimin and the mysterious maknae of the group, Jungkook, in the lounge, seemingly hungover from the night they'd had, but still looking like models straight out of a magazine.
"Hey baby, how have you been?" Jimin greeted as you curled into his side, shying away from the smile Jungkook sent you. His eyebrow piercing gleamed in the sunlight, contrasting with his starkly-dyed purple hair. And yet, it all looked just right, like he was doing everything right, and people who couldn't pull it off were just wrong.
"You remember Jungkook right? Say hi," Jimin instructed, one hand around you as he spoke softly. You eyed Jungkook's intimidating figure, dressed in all black, hair tied back, tattoos on display as he pressed his tongue into his cheek, waiting for you. You squeaked out a "hi" at Jimin's command, which awarded you a wink and a cheeky grin in your direction from the heart-melting tattooed man in front you.
You didn't chime in much as they continued their conversation, playing with the hem of your dress and half-heartedly listening. You didn't notice the clandestine looks they threw your way, silently communicating with each other, before Jimin wrapped his arm back around your waist, making you snap your head up.
"Have you ever been to Paris, yn?" Jungkook asked innocently. At least you thought, missing the smirk Jimin threw his way.
You shook your head no. "Do you wanna go? Jimin and I can take you. I think you'd love it," he smiled, showing his canines. The way he leaned back in his chair casually, making your spine tingle without even touching you. Something tipped you off to the double meaning of his words, not exactly sure what you were nodding to when you shook your head hesitantly. But the way Jungkook's eyes crinkled when he chuckled and looked at Jimin at your response, and Jimin's hand rubbing your back comfortingly as he laughed with him made you think that it was the right answer.
Jungkook lowered his voice, leaning in close like he was telling you a secret. The smell of his cologne engulfed you, made your mind hazy, as your heart threatened to beat right out of your chest. He was an inch away from your face, so close you could see the shadow of his piercing on his brow. "You wanna go now?" he proposed, like he was asking you to run away with him. Like he was asking you to leave everything and everyone you knew behind, and follow him to the ends of the earth.
And you were ready to pack them bags. "N-now?" Did he really mean right this second, though? I mean, Paris was only a short plane ride from Malta, but nonetheless. Is that really how rich these guys were?
"Leave the poor girl alone, Kook," Jimin's laughter broke the tension between you, playfully shoving his younger counterpart. You let out a breath you didn't know you were holding when Jungkook settled back into his chair, a comfortable distance away.
Tumblr media
You followed Taehyung down to the pool, tiny hand in his large one as he raved about the hot tub. Despite the fact that, when you'd bumped into him earlier and he excitedly decided to finish your tour, you were indeed not in the bathing suit you had packed, and in your regular clothes.
"Don't worry. We can skinny dip."
Not really sure about how appropriate that was, considering you were being pulled to the ship's hot tub, and not the one in his room. Didn't seem like it mattered much to Taehyung, though, completely ignoring your concerns about someone else walking in.
"It'll be fine."
He helped you strip down into your undergarments, leaving those up to you as he pulled his clothes over his head.
"I mean, regular clothes clinging to me in water is extremely uncomfortable," he explained, pulling off his boxers. Setting the precedent.
You didn't have time to marvel at his beautiful cock; just noticed that it was long, like he'd be deep in your guts without much effort. Not as girthy as Namjoon’s, but the quick glimpse was enough to prove to you that Kim Taehyung talked big shit for a reason.
"Aren't you getting in?" He asks, settling into the tub, throwing his head back with a sigh. Closing his eyes as he lets the jets massage him.
You drop your hands from where they were shielding your body from his stare, taking the quick moment that his eyes were closed to shed off the rest of your clothing and waddle in to the other side of the hot tub.
Taehyung opens his eyes at the sound of you splashing in, chuckling at the distance you've created. "You really love running to the corners in small places, huh?" He laughed, referring to the elevator you were both stuck in before.
Your cheeks burned, and not just from the hot water you were situated in. You didn't think Taehyung remembered much about your time in the elevator, seeing as he didn't acknowledge it at all the entire time he was leading you down here, chatting about different aspects of the boat, explaining the east and west elevators, and talking about different places in Malta you had to check out. Not a word out of his mouth indicated anything else happened in that tiny space you were crammed in.
Which made sense. I mean, he was Kim Taehyung. You probably weren't his only kiss of the day. And besides, he wouldn't remember something like that. With you. He was just being friendly to you, that's all. Which was very much appreciated on your end, sure. But it didn't stop the throb in between your legs every time he so much as looked at you.
"Why don't you move over here? The jets on your end aren't as powerful as these."
You didn't see it as an excuse as you waded over to him, settling next to him with your back against the massaging bubbles.
"You been enjoying Malta so far?" He asked, soft voice like a lullaby in your ear with the gentle gurgle of the hot tub. It was so warm, so peaceful. His breathy voice fit right in.
"I haven't really had a chance to explore it yet, but I'm having a good vacation."
He hummed in response as his hand found your thigh, tracing circles casually. You froze in your spot, but tried to act natural. It wasn't lost on you the way his fingers were trailing up your thigh, inching closer and closer to your most vulnerable spot. Where there wasn't a single cloth barrier between him and you.
You tried not to think about it as you fell into a comfortable silence, but it was becoming really difficult with the way he inched closer to you. You could feel the thick tension hanging in the air, holding you down, not moving a single muscle.
"You're almost drowning. Why don't you come sit here?" Taehyung offered with a smile, gesturing at his lap.
Another excuse, but he had a good point. The seat inside the hot tub was a bit low for you to be sitting comfortably in the water without having to somewhat keep yourself up. You were sliding a bit too, struggling to keep your head above water properly.
So you hesitantly moved into his lap, trying to avoid a glance at his member. Though you could feel it just looking at you, daring you to give it any bit of attention. You perched yourself in his lap, hands tucked away neatly in yours, as you glanced up at him.
His eyes were piercing, holding your gaze and keeping you from looking away as he ran his hand up and down your sides lazily. The silence hung in the air, just the quiet bubbling of the pool and the relaxed haze you were both engulfed in.
Your eyes broke out of his gaze, tracing his face instead. Following the slope of his nose to his perfect cheekbones. The way his long eyelashes fluttered to the way his lips were formed into a pout. Fuck, this guy didn't have a single flaw!
You knew he remembered the events of the elevator, now. The way he watched you hungrily, like a beast eying his next meal. The way his eyes lingered on the trail of fading marks up your neck, a hint of a cocky grin on his face. There was no way.
So when he was bending down to connect your lips again, you let him. With no hesitation, instantly falling back into the groove you had going on in the elevator.
He swallowed your moans with his mouth as his tongue forced its way into your mouth. His hands were on your waist, but slowly migrated to your breasts, squeezing and flicking your nipples to stimulate them.
"The hickies are already disappearing. Should I give you more?"
Didn't give you a chance to answer before he was latching onto your neck again. His hand slowly slid down your body, for the first time acknowledging the lack of barrier between him and your cunt. You felt a shiver down your spine, slightly jumping, at the feeling of his long fingers finding your core. He could cup your entire heat in his big ass hand, which was a fact that made you automatically grind into his fingers, mewls falling from your lips. Like a virgin trying to get herself off for the first time.
Taehyung chuckles at your neediness, your tiny figure grinding into his big hand. It was a sight that had his dick standing up ostentatiously below you. He let you play for a few moments longer before grabbing you harshly, making you cry out, and rubbing fast, rough circles into your clit. You weren't prepared for the way he pushed one slender finger into your hole, falling forward onto his shoulder with a whimper as he fucked his fingers into you. Showing you how it was done.
You were tight like it was your first time, even though he knew it wasnt. Had to stretch you a bit before you were ready to take his cock. Otherwise you'd be crying the second he bottomed out. Learned from the past.
"How badly do you want this, angel?" His low, raspy voice sounded in your ear, his mouth trailing kisses down from where he just tugged at your earlobe with his teeth.
Kim Taehyung barely had to say a thing to have you falling apart on him, his aura did enough. But when he did, you were on cloud 9, wrapping yourself in his husky voice and stuttering out the ego-stroking response he wanted from you. Over and over, he had you affirm you were wrapped around his finger, that you were putty in his hands. All while pulling the sweetest moans of his name from your lips as he used four fingers he was able to fit in (tightly, and it brought you to the brink of tears, but you took it). Not because he was any kind of insecure, or he needed the praise. He just knew what kind of power he had. And so he used it.
When he deemed you stretched enough, tears running down your face as he pulled almost his whole hand from you, he didn't hesitate to line his cock up with your entrance, pushing you down to sink all the way until he was bottomed out. He let you wail and bite his shoulder as you adjusted, holding you close before feeling the tight clench of your pussy.
"Cmon, angel. Open up." He spoke softly while rubbing your clit, lulling you into a false sense of security. Your body relaxed at his touch, releasing the death grip you had on him so he was free to move.
And move he did.
As soon as he felt you let go, he gripped your hips and moved you on his dick unrelentingly. The water splashed with your movements, splashing over the edge to where you were supposed to walk. But Taehyung paid no attention, busy growling filthy things in your ear as you whined out for him.
"Dirty girl, can't even take my dick without help." He wraps his arms around you, pulling you close as he gets sick of the pace you were going at, deciding to ruthlessly thrust into you instead. "You're so lucky you're cute. My little angel, can't even get herself off on my cock by herself if she tried. Even when I give it to you so generously."
Your powers of speech aren't past babbling right now, stuttered moans as he bounced you both in the water. You felt him move around in the water, but you didn't realize what was happening until he placed you on the stairs, next to the railing, of the hot tub.
"Hold on," he suggested with a wink. His pace found no bounds, jostling your body with the way he was mercilessly pounding into you. All you could do was sob into his shoulder as he fucked you viciously. So good...
His phone rang the second after he came on your face, perfect timing just as he grunted with the last few spurts he emptied onto you.
He left you in the hot tub to retrieve his discarded pants, finding his phone and picking up on the last ring.
"hello?... hey baby, I was just about to call you... of course,... everything's fine here, how are you..."
You had just finished wiping your face clean with a towel when he was off the phone. Though you knew you had no jurisdiction over him, and it really wasn't your place to ask, you couldn't help yourself. "Who was that?
"No one," came Taehyung's immediate response. Not defensively, not angrily. Just stating a fact, as if he was well-versed in receiving that question.
You pushed it to the back of your mind, letting him walk you back up to the deck before disappearing again. Gone just as quick as he'd appeared.
Tumblr media
Copyright © 2021, taesinferno | tumblr | no reposts, translations, copies, modifications, etc. allowed
Tumblr media
taglist: @softiegukk @preciouschimine @sunshine-nam @kookieebangtan @sidneyio @yzkyzkuniverse @kooafraid @allizarae @hermayone @bluebellxil @fangirl125reader @kxdrawhl @imluckybitches @xsmilebitesx @bubblyabs @shegotboreddsoo @kimsaeron @sweeneyblue1 @miriamxsworld @bangtan-army @yutatiddy @hopetookourvibe @bbluejiji @just-vaaalll @seventeenis-thedream @ysltae @libra04 @strawberryjimi @sugashaye @sanajamal @audreonne @kirbykook @t8egis @irishhbamb @xcookiemonsteer @jvinnv @wickedlangdon @hockeyblogg @violetblue-112 @kimnjss @bunbunreads @jjbeansies @vhopevision @handofmidas @dreadity
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dontshootmespence · 9 days ago
Knight In Leather Armor
Tumblr media
Summary: When college student Jennifer Jareau heads to a bar for a couple of drinks, she comes across a number of men that won’t take no for an answer. A leather jacket wearing brunette swoops in to save the day.
Pairing: Emily Prentiss x Jennifer Jareau
Word Count: 828
Warning: Bar dudes that won’t take no for an answer.
A/N: This fulfills my biker au square for @cmbingo​. Emily can ride in on a motorcycle and defend me any day. 
A dingy bar in the middle of nowhere wasn’t JJ’s idea of a good time, but she wanted to have friends and her friends wanted to drink, so here she was. 
While her friends took shots like there was no tomorrow, she sat at the worn wooden bar and nursed a gin and tonic. “Hey beautiful,” a man said from across the bar. He had to be at least 20 years older than she was and she rolled her eyes internally. “Here by yourself?”
“No.” She spoke firmly, moving in closer to the bar, almost seeking out comfort. “I’m here with my friends. From school,” she added, hoping that might get him to take the hint. Maybe he’d think she was a high school student with a fake ID and take the hint to leave. But he didn’t, poking and prodding, asking JJ personal questions that she didn’t want to answer.
From the other end of the bar, another man saw what turned out to be his friend talking to JJ and invited himself over. She was in the middle of a whole bunch of people at the moment, so she felt safe enough, but she did not want to be left alone with either of these men. “Hey, hot stuff.” 
Although her first instinct was to make fun of him for such a lame attempt at a pick-up line, both of them make her severely uncomfortable, so she replied with a weak ‘hey.’ As her skin began to crawl, a tall, busty brunette entered the bar with a helmet tucked snugly against her side. Clad in a leather jacket, ripped jeans and high-heeled boots, she looked like she could handle herself. She exuded confidence - the kind JJ wished she had.
Wondering if the brunette would play along if she went over, JJ made her move, but was tugged back by the grimy hand of one of the first man she’d spoken to. “Where you going, beautiful?”
“To hang out with my friends.” Some friends. They were already drunk as hell and barely paying attention to JJ’s plight. “It’s my roommate’s birthday.” Total lie. But neither man needed to know that. 
The second man came to block JJ’s path. “Aren’t you have a good time with my buddy and I?” He asked.
JJ stepped to the left to get past him but he blocked her. “I really just want to go spend some time with my friends.”
As the men boxed her in, she began to panic. “What’s the matter, blondie? Come on. Let’s go outside where the three of us can have a real good time.”
“I’m really not interested.” JJ ducked under the second man’s arm, but was once again stopped when he grabbed her wrist. She wrenched her hand away, but his grip was tight. Her breath caught in her throat. 
A voice boomed from behind. “Hey,” the brunette said, slapping her hand on the man’s shoulder and turning him around. “I believe she said she wasn’t interested.”
“Mind your business, honey.”
When he tried to turn around, the woman spun him back and swiftly kneed him in the groin, smiling when he doubled over in pain. “Don’t call me honey,” she insisted. “And when a woman says she’s not interested, that means back the fuck off. You okay, baby?”
JJ blushed, leaning toward the woman when went in for a ‘hello’ kiss. “Yea, I’m okay, babe.”
“You wanna get out of here?” When JJ nodded, the woman left some money on the counter for the gin and tonic, grabbed her by the hand and led her outside. Instantly, JJ was able to breath again. “Thank you,” she said, pausing for the woman’s name.  “Emily. Prentiss. Unfortunately, I’ve been in my fair share of situations like that, so I know the feeling. It’s like you’re buried underground and the dirt is just being piled on.”
“Oh my god, yes. Exactly. My name’s JJ by the way. Jennifer Jareau.” 
As they approached Emily’s bike, a Harley-Davidson Forty Eight in a sleek black as she put it, the men opened the door. Without missing a beat, Emily pulled her close. “Look, I didn’t help out back there to get a date, but I was thinking about asking you out. Do you wanna really get out of here? I can take you to dinner?”
JJ leaned in and took Emily’s lips in a searing kiss, selling the moment for the assholes at the door. “I’d really like that.”
Emily grabbed her helmet and gave it to JJ. “The place I’m thinking of is just a couple blocks away, so you wear it. If this goes places, maybe I’ll have to invest in a second helmet.”
JJ finished her text to her friends, letting them know where she was going to be and why she’d left. When she climbed onto the bike, JJ wrapped her arms around Emily’s waist and the engine revved to life. “Hold on tight.”
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jaehyukkies · 11 days ago
CHOICE Tag for A.C.E !
Rules: Answer the questions (if you want to skip one, feel free to do that too of course!). Tag 3 people (or more or less, you choose really). Tag your post with #CHOICE_tag so we can find each others’ posts! Have fun!!
tagged by @dongkwan (ty mare!) // tagging: @byeonggkwan @skygrayeeun @jimimon + @bisexualhobi <3
1. Introduce yourself. You choose how much and how little!
i'm erin (some call me eri on here), a 93z along w donghun & sehyoon, and a multi gif / (amateur) gfx maker ! off tumblr i'm a nanny, about to start nursing school, & probably planning something for my friends that does not need a theme but definitely has one.
2. How and when did you become a CHOICE?
mare sent me the mv for favorite boys when she found it ((we are irl friends for those who do not know)) and i was like OK COOL. i listened to some of their music but didn't fully become choice until maybe a month or so later, when i was ready to actually get to know them. so i'm pretty new here all things considered!
3. What is your favourite part of being a CHOICE?
i say all the time that a.c.e are my most fun, least stressful group to stan. like they are just so relaxing and comforting? on top of the fact that they're insanely talented? idk, i feel like stanning most groups can get stressful / overwhelming / frustrating at one point or another but i just don't feel that with these guys - it's always a good time to be choice.
4. What is your favourite A.C.E song? Do you prefer their title tracks or b-sides more?
miss clover ... miss baby tonight ... miss take me higher ... miss savage ... i wouldn't say i necessarily have a title or b-side preference.
5. Who’s your bias? What do you like about them?
sehyoon <3 honestly kind of not my usual type to pick bc i typically go for loud / sassy but i think i was drawn to the fact that in a group full of very bubbly / loud personalities, sehyoon is the grounding force & just so sweet i melt. and then he goes on stage and you're like ??? hello ???? sir wow ???? his stage presence is super captivating & i love his voice. like i'm gay but we're married. my second / more recent bias is yuchan ! he's just so much fun, he instantly boosts up my mood. and similarly he can just ... become a different person when it's time to perform, it's insane.
6. What is your favourite thing about A.C.E?
i've said this to both mare & al before but honestly they just ... they're different. i think they hold a lot of respect for one another & their company operates in a way that is also reflected in them, i think a lot of value is placed on them as humans and not just idols and that's the way they also treat each other. i think that's also probably why i feel like they are so not stressful lol. those base values lay an amazing foundation for them to be able to be the best performers & group they can be for us.
7. Which concept has been your favourite? What kind of concept do you want them to try?
i actually really liked what they did for fav boyz ! the trendy sci-fi thing was really cool. i think what they've got going on for siren is going to be my new favorite though - i loooove the mystical planetary witch coven stuff .... interesting how i made that tarot set hmmm ....
8. Which A.C.E friendship is your favourite? Which one do you want to see more of?
i'm such a sucker for wowkwan, and ofc i love dongjun, and the maknaes together! i think i'd like to see more of the 93z <3
9. If you could tell A.C.E one thing, what would you tell them?
that their hard work does not go unnoticed & choice is always rooting for them! i'm so excited for everything coming up and i love them a lot.
10. Which A.C.E member would die first in a horror movie?
def feels like it would be junhee ... i cannot explain why, just my gut feeling
11. Leave a small message for your fellow CHOICE!
i hope you're all taking care of yourselves, and i am so excited for all of us to experience this comeback! it really feels like it's going to be huge ... i cannot wait <3 and i'd love to meet more of you !!
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palletprincess · 11 days ago
AAA so I watched the episode of Loki series! And I have thoughts. So. Many. Thoughts.
Okay, first of all, the first episode includes the forced-stripping scene from the trailer, as well as Loki's death-scene from Infinity War. I skipped those parts because they make me uncomfortable, I thought I should warn here just in case others need to know before watching too! :)
Now for the show in general, I don't know why, but it feels like a case of right-fit-wrong-person if you know what I mean. Like, with any other protagonist, I could see a show like this working, I might even find the TVA interesting in that case. But when you put Loki in there, it doesn't really work.
I'll tell you why. He is supposed to be super-powerful and extremely genius. I just can't imagine how he wouldn't have found a way out of the TVA using his brains or his powers already. Like fine, they said that magic doesn't work in TVA, but what about his strength and Jotun powers? It would have been cool to see him use those.
This feels like a story that would fit a newbie character who has been newly introduced to MCU. Not Loki, who is like 5 movies old (6 if you count endgame).
I just hope later episodes show him using his powers. At this point I don't even care who he uses them on, they call him a bad guy at any rate. Just show him being a badass please.
And Mobius. He is the nicest to Loki at the TVA. That should give you an idea of the kind of treatment he gets there. Yeah.
Like, I am not saying that every single side character needs to adore the protagonist lol, but when the one being 'nicest' to Loki is the guy who is gaslighting, mocking and taunting him, you feel terrible for Loki. My baby never had a proper friend and now he is surrounded by these people. :'(
Also Mobius calls Loki a pussycat and says he has faced much powerful beings? Okay, if Loki is so weak, why is the other Loki variant managing to kill TVA people so easily? (I actually love the other variant already. IDC if they are a villain. I want at least one Loki to be powerful please).
There were some moments I loved in the show. Loki's reaction to Frigga's death brought tears to my eyes. And he looked so sad when he saw Odin dying. And Thor talking to him. I just wanted to hug Loki badly then. (Tom isn't on his usual level but his acting in this particular scene is beyond excellent.) I didn't watched his reaction to his own death though, I still find that scene very triggering.
I also liked Loki's fight with B-15, and Loki insulting the TVA and Time-Keepers (they are morons and they deserve it). The occasional witty remarks from Loki were brilliant!
Now uh, the biggest issues. Why was Mobius blaming only Loki for the NewYork attack? And why was Loki going along with it? Why didn't he mentioned being tortured by Thanos? Also, would Loki ever realise that he was under the influence of the mind-stone?
And I hate how the Avengers get to get away with messing up the timeline. Like, when Loki brings up that he managed to escape thanks to the time-travelling of the Avengers, he is told that what they did was supposed to happen. Okay. I smell hypocrisy and bias there, which isn't uncommon for poor Loki.
Anyways, I'll still be watching it. I want to know what happens next. It isn't flawless, but thankfully I had zero expectations to begin with.
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the-broken-truth · 12 days ago
The Ghost of the Departed
Broken Truth: What's common but important in every person's life who's willing to kill any and everyone who talks down upon the person they love more than life itself? Someone to tell them they are going down a dark path. But what happens when it's not a person...but a fragment of them that still lingers with you - remaining unseen?
Behold - The Beneviento Family Portrait (Before Diedre By Snowwy): Link
[Diedre closed the door to Beneviento Manor late one morning as she needed to head into the village for something. The young girl smiled at the nearly dead trees of the forest that surrounded her home as well as the dark mist that suffocated the air. She loved it - it was just like her mother: Mysterious and calm. But...thinking of her mother made her think about what happened this morning.]
[During breakfast - Diedre looked at her mother and saw her eye trained on the portrait of the young mother and newborn that hung on the wall - it was painted the day the heiress was born. While Diedre would be happy that her mother was looking at the past, thinking of her time together with her daughter; something wasn't right. Her mother looked at the portrait with a sadness in her eye, as if she saw something that Diedre could not see and it made her angry to see her mother upset. Diedre asked her what was wrong but the Matriarch of House Beneviento dismissed it and continued to eat. This angered her further - she didn't like it when her mother hid things from her.]
Broken Truth: But aren't you doing the same thing?!
Snowwy: Senior, no breaking the 4th wall!
Broken Truth: Sorry! [Repairs Fourth Wall]
[After breakfast - Diedre told her mother she was going into the village to meet up with Eliza - stating that the girl was going to get something for Daniela after accidentally hurting her feelings. Donna wished her daughter a good day and the girl was gone.]
[Which returned us to now - Diedre was walking down the long path, where the gate over the forest and the other side were thick dry bushes. Her mind couldn't stop thinking about her mother's face as she looking upon that painting: was there something else there that she couldn't see? Was her mother hiding something from her? Whatever it was, she would find out and if her mother was hiding something from her that was making her sad then Diedre would find it and rid her mother of it.]
Diedre (Thinking - With a sinister smile on her face): 'There is nothing I won't do for mother...nor is there anyone I won't hurt to make sure she's safe.'
??? (Echoing Voice): And that is your problem, Heiress Beneviento.
[The sudden voice made the girl stop in her tracks as she began to look around frantically for whoever made that voice]
??? (Echoing voice): So quick to anger. So eager to kill. I didn't think the little baby I laid my eyes on would turn into this.
Diedre (Began summoning her Puppeteer Strings): Come out!
??? (Echoing Voice - coming from behind Diedre): No need to scream.
[Diedre turns on her heel and sees a figure - A tall man, at least 6 feet tall; her other is 5'10 and he was a few heads taller than her. He was dressed in a grey dress shirt with a black vest over it with a black tie, black pants, and shoes. His hair was black and was pulled into a back ponytail. His eyes - they were white, soulless, void...dead. He stood there, looking at Diedre who just glared at him.]
Diedre (Growling): Who the hell are you and why are you here?
Man: So vulgar. I know Donna didn't raise you like that.
Diedre (Growls): That's Lady Beneviento to you, bastard! You shall not speak of my mother so casually as if you know her!
Man: But I do know Donna, very well. Just as I know you, Diedre Beneviento.
Diedre (Eyes widen then narrow): How do you know my name?!
Man (Stands there with his hands in his pockets): I know more about you than just your name - You are Diedre Beneviento, 20 Years Old, Only Child...and a mass murderer.
Diedre: WHAT?
Man: As I've said, I know everything about you, child. I've seen all the lives you have taken with those strings alongside your cousins - and for what? To 'protect' your parents from rude words? No - I can see it in your eyes, Diedre; you love the power to kill, to take someone's life because, besides your cousins, you see yourself as small and weak.
Deidre (Grinds her teeth): No, I'm not weak. I'm a Young Lord.
Man: Just a title, child; it's worth nothing unless you prove you have the worth to make it something but all you and your cousins are staining the names you have been born into.
Diedre: Shut up...
Man: You know I speak the truth, Diedre. Why don't you stop this meaningless slaughter and make something more of yourself isn't of a murderer who gets offended by words? For your mother's sake.
Diedre: Everything I do is for her! Never question me!
[In her anger - Diedre lashed her hand out to let the strings attack the man but before they could touch him, an unknown force caught them before they would pierce his skin.]
Diedre (Wide-eyed): WHAT?!
Man (Lifts one hand to the strings): Impressive...but as you are now...useless.
[The man flicked the strings and they shattered, the backlash sending the girl to the ground.]
Diedre (Grunting as she lifts herself off the ground, a small string of blood out of the corner of her mouth): Who...the hell are you?
Man: There's so much you don't know. Speak to Donna, ask her about Adam and you shall know everything. It's never too late to change.
[With that - the man disappeared in raven's feathers that dissolved, leaving the girl alone to pick her aching body off the ground and continue on her way. The Cousins would need to know about this...but not before she tailed to her mother.]
Thoughts, @snowflakestree
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therealpussybangs · 12 days ago
Haikyuu Boys Mafia AU....Pt.1?
Characters include: Timeskip!Bokuto, Akaashi, Kuroo, Kenma
TW: Blood, weapons, arson, murder, swearing, alcohol, drug use, drug dealing, harm, suicide, haikyuu manga spoilers!!
Bokuto Koutaro
This baby boy, is not so sweet. Not in this AU at least. He is relentless and fierce. Much more independent and brave, he enjoys going on missions by himself and he loves the satisfaction of coming home with a prize he earned all on his lonesome.
He keeps his hair down on missions so the police don’t see a weird-ass owl man on the run. It’s also a lot more practical. Bokuto is strong and has a large build, but he’s also flexible and agile. He enjoys roof-running and doing stunts mid-fight. He likes to play tough guy and pretend he’s in a movie.
Bokuto may seem like he doesn’t take the job seriously because of his constant  joking and teasing, but he is really dedicated and loyal to his godfather. 
Bokuto definitely gives me Capo, or Caporegime vibes, so we’ll go with that as his mafia status. He will eventually go on hiatus, but he always returns to his “family”.  Bo enjoys the fancy side of the mafia as well. He enjoys the thrill of a hand off and a possible scam. Yumeko vibes???  He gets a kick out of dressing up in expensive suits and leather gloves, it makes him feel professional. 
Akaashi Keiji
Him. He is so responsible and humble. Akaashi would definitely be the underboss, working alongside the boss or “Godfather”. Need a hitman? Hes ready to help. Need money? He’s on it. He will always be ready to help, work, serve, you name it. But when he is assigned a personal mission involving family matters??? Oh my. This boy is on a rampage. 
He ignores everything else going on and hyper focuses on the task at hand. Boom. It’s done in a matter of days. He works impressively fast and efficiently, and he works well with other people as well even though he would much rather work on his own. He often keeps to himself only opening up to his godfather. He never mentions the mafia ever not even in joking conversation outside of work and he refuses to let just anyone into his mafia. 
He as well enjoys dressing up in a suit and tie and looking very professional. He often wears gloves, glasses, and a pocketwatch is always seen with him. He works oldschool and calmly. There isn’t a single sticky situation he can’t get out of scratchless.  
He obsesses over perfection and is always making sure his work is spotless and correct. No false accusations or murders. Akaashi really enjoys using knife torture as a way to get people to talk, however. He enjoys the satisfaction of hearing the loyalty leave the victims body and turn into betrayal with every slash to the leg/arm/torso wherever. He doesn’t enjoy the cleanup of blood. but he loves creating the mess.
Kuroo Tetsuro
This one is evil. He will chase a victim to the top of the roof just to make them jump off in the end. He enjoys the thrill of things and fast-paced work. Kuroo is not as reliable because he doesn’t take the job very seriously. He kinda just uses it for the money and legal protection. He doesn’t like dressing up as much because “It’s too much work”.  
When he works in a group, he keeps to himself, annoying his co-workers. He just hates sharing information he found, only for the credit to be taken from him. He isn’t really into “fairness” so taking that into consideration, he is quite dangerous. He found out he was satisfied by old-school guns when he was going through a junkyard and found a 1920′s revolver in a trash bin. 
He, as well as Akaashi, work oldschool and quietly. Kuroo will forever be loyal, no matter how unprofessional he gets. This is appreciated by his godfather and he is very trusted in the family.
He appreciates the time in things. By that i mean he loves rushing through things to see the messy outcome.
Kenma Kozume
He loves the profit. The economy, the money flow. He usually manages trades and drug deals. He often organizes weapon distributions as well. He has at least 2 bodyguards on him everywhere he goes and they protect him when someone he tricked or ripped-off tries to attack him. He really likes business and keeping secrets. That’s why he leads a normal life and a life of crime. To be able to hide away the deeds he has done from the public.
He makes sure to personally know everyone he trades or sells to, and he is not a plug. He sells sophisticated drugs to important and sometimes even royal people. He never manages to get caught and when he does, he’ll be ready. He loves to see shiny new weapons come into his warehouse only to get bloody and tested.
Kenma uses leather gloves at all times and never fails to clean up his messes perfectly. He tests his weapons on real people, in real time. Same with his drugs. He makes sure they aren’t fake, or duds, and makes sure they are of the highest caliber. 
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agentofbarnes · 13 days ago
Just thinking about ransom taking you shopping & coming into the dressing room for some fun. Maybe lingerie shopping and sending him pics for opinions and he INSISTS on seeing it in person oof
love in lingerie
summary | ransom gives you his little black card and insists you spoil yourself, turns out you feel like spoiling him too
pairing | sugar daddy!ransom drysdale x sugar baby!reader
warnings | sexting, daddy kink , smut, minors DNI, spit kink, degradation, lingerie, rough sex, unprotected sex, creampie, dom!ransom, daddy kink
note | okay okay this was hard to decide which way to go but I went with sending him pics and then coming home, and I’m gonna make that ransom au
Tumblr media
Ransom Drysdale was very generous in his own way. He liked to spoil you a little too much and even though you insisted you weren’t his sugar baby, you were. At least, that’s what you realized when Ransom made you go shopping with his little black card with nearly unlimited funds.
You felt weird not having to worry about a price tag. You had even tried to get away with going to a cheaper mall, but no, Ransom had his driver take you to fancy one on the side of town that made you look like you were homeless in the rags you wore.
After a couple stores, you had actually started to have fun with his credit card. You had bought new work clothes, a couple cocktail dresses, and basically a new wardrobe that would be delivered. You didn’t even know clothes could be delivered.
Shoe shopping was fun, and while you were ringing up on the many shoes you had bought, you caught eyes of a different store.
It made you blush deeply, quickly giving the salesperson the address to send the shoes before sauntering off to the lingerie store across the way.
The fabrics and sets were to die for. You had never felt such expensive fabrics. You smirked, feeling your new phone buzzed in your pocket. Ransom had insisted you get a better phone on his plan so he could always get a hold of you.
Ran ♥︎ : how’s it going, dewdrop?
Your heart slipped a beat at his little nickname for you. You slipped the phone in your back pocket when you got an idea. You walked around the store, picking out multiple sets or garter belts, babydolls, and plenty matching sets of panties and bras.
You picked out a specific set that you knew would drive your man wild and decided to try it on in the changing room. You knew you were going to buy it. It was pastel pink with pretty flowers with a see through bra and a little thong. Red stocking graced your smooth thighs with the garter holding them up.
❀ Dewdrop ❀ : how about you tell me, ran?
❀ Dewdrop ❀ : [multimedia image]
Ran ♥︎ : get fucking home now
❀ Dewdrop ❀ : i can’t wait to thank you for all the things you got me today. . . . just thinking about it has me soaked, guess i’ll just have to buy these panties.
Ran ♥︎ : i’m gonna fucking ruin that pretty pussy
❀ Dewdrop ❀ : can’t wait. been craving your cock all day, want you stretch me till i feel you for days
Ran ♥︎ : fuck, you better get home now or i’m gonna spank that ass red until you can’t fucking walk.
That was all you needed, telling the saleswoman you wanted to wear this set out and changed into one of the short red skirts and tight blouse you had bought earlier.
You paid with the black card with Ransom name etched on the noir plastic.
“Drysdale, huh?” The woman at the register noticed with a smile.”Would that be Hugh? I heard he had gotten quite serious with someone.”
“Yeah, that’s my boyfriend...”You said awkwardly. You hadn’t gotten used to this part of dating someone so well known. Every one recognized his name.”How do you know him?”
“Oh, I used to be Linda’s stylist before she got tired of my face as she so eloquently put it.”
Ah , that explained why she called him Hugh. He didn’t let anyone who worked for him call him Ransom, and you were the only one to address him by Ran.
“She’s a piece of work, believe me, I know, no one’s good enough for her son,”You chuckled quietly before thanking her and taking back the sleek card.
❀ Dewdrop ❀ : on my way, can’t wait to show off for you.
Tumblr media
“Holy shit, baby, you look fucking stunning,” He rasped, hands groping your ass tightly. The second you had walked in the door, Ransom had practically attacked you. The stockings had him going wild and he couldn’t wait to fuck you in them. It had taken mere seconds for him to peel off the new, expensive clothing from your body. “Such a pretty girl for me.”
You beamed up at him, squeezing your thigh to relieve the burning need between your legs. You craved him, hands rubbing down his bare chest and admiring his broad body.
“Let me thank you for all the nice things you bought me today...”You purred, licking your lips at the same time Ransom smacked your ass to see the flesh jiggle.
“I bet you liked spending my money, didn’t you? What happened to not wanting to be a sugar baby? Got a little taste of luxury and now you’re a fucking whore for me,”He nipped at the lobe of your ear, forcing you to back into the bedroom.
“Ran, please,”You whined, the sound echoing in the quiet house. His hands on your hips lifted you up easily, your body nothing more than something to bend to his pleasure. He threw you on to the bed with a light bounce.
“Hands and knees, dewdrop,”Ransom demanded while he removed the rest of his clothing. His cock was unbearably hard, smacking against his abs. You never got tired of seeing his throbbing length. He was by far the thickest man you had ever been with. He could stretch you and you’d feel him for days. You craved the burn of his cock stuffing you full.
You crawled up on the bed for Ransom, presenting your ass for him to admire. You wiggled your hips teasingly with a giggle.
Ransom loved this look, you on all fours at his beck and call. He motioned you towards the end of the bed, making you crawl to the edge. His fingers grabbed your chin tightly, making you tilt your head to look at him.
“Open your mouth, you fucking whore,”Ransom rasped with a growl, leaning over your pretty face with a dirty smirk. He collected his salvia, letting it drip from his lips into your eager mouth. You swallowed it like the whore he made you to be.”Fuck, baby, you like that, don’t you? You like when I use you like a dumb cockslut.”
You nodded eagerly, crawling closer to him on the bed and bringing your face near his cock with an lustful look.”Can I suck your cock?”
Ransom let out a guttural moan at your innocent voice when you were anything but that.”Gotta spit on it, baby, get it nice and wet for me. Wanna be nice and slick so I can shove my cock in that tight little pussy.”
You squeezed your thighs together while you locked a thick, hot stripe up the underside of his thick cock. He licked his lips, grunting when he saw your thighs rubbing together.
“Spread those thighs, baby, I want you dripping on the bed, you get nothing until I fuck that cute cunt.”
You did as he said, spreading your thighs wide so that your pussy was spread and grasping at nothing. You swirled your tongue over the head of your cock, collecting your salvia and coating his cock until his length glistened.
You clenched the sheets into your palms, innocent eyes blinking up at him when your lips surrounded his tip. The wetness of your mouth is hot and everything Ransom craved. He threaded his fingers through your hair, pulling you further on his cock. You eagerly took him in, delighting in the groans that escaped your boyfriends lips.
You bobbed yourself head along his length, tongue running along the vein that throbbed under your wet tongue. Drool fell from the sides of your mouth while Ransom thrusted forward into your mouth. You tried not to gag around him when his cock hit the back of your throat. Your nose nuzzled about the patch of hair he kept groomed. Spit drizzled down your chin, dripping onto your plunging breasts. Tears brimmed in your eyes before he finally let up.
Ransom smirked by how messy your face looked with red lips and glazed over eyes. You looked gorgeous in that pretty lingerie that he knew costed him a pretty penny.
“What a good way to thank me, baby, but I think we both know what I want,”He growled, wrapping his hand around your throat and pulled you up to smash his lips against yours
Your pussy felt neglected, aching and dripping for Ransom. You wanted to be fucked, hard and rough.”Fuck me, please, wanna feel you for days.”
“Please what?”
“Please, daddy.”
“‘Atta girl, ass towards me, face down in those pretty sheets,”Ransom demanded, watching as your reposition. He took a moment to admire your form, how perfect you look with your soaked thong and back arched against the bed.
His long fingers moved the thong to the side, smacking your ass harshly to feel how your skin got hot under his palms. You rocked your hips back against him which made him chuckle darkly.
“C’mon, Ran, fuck me, please, ‘m ready, just please fuck me.”
“What, you don’t want me to prep this sweet pussy?”Ransom asked with his fingers digging into your skin.
“Want your cock, stretch me, baby.”
“What a fucking cockslut,” He rasped, lining his cock up to your glistening cunt. Slowly, Ransom’s thick cock pushed into your squelching heat. He took it slow, allowing you time to adjust while he sank into your tight pussy.
As soon as you had time to breathe and take in the burning feeling of the stretch, you began to rock into him. The gasps and mewls that fall from your lips are obscene, face pressing into the soft sheets. You fisted the sheets into your palms when his big hands gripped your hips, using his strength to slam your ass back against him.
In a split second, Ransom pounded into your weeping cunt, fingers clutching at your hips as he drove forward in a vicious motion. You mouth falls open, drooling onto the bed as your eyes rolled back. You moaned with ever obliterating thrust against your g-spot.
“Touch yourself, dewdrop, and don’t stop till I tell you, I don’t care how bad you shake, you fucking listen to me or I’ll bend you over my knee.”
“Yes, daddy,”You submitted, shaky hand coming under your body and rubbing against the sensitive little pearl. It sent jolts through your body, making your mind all fuzzy
“Fuck, baby, I can see the thoughts leaving that pretty little head. ‘m fucking your stupid. My little sugar baby, aren’t you?”Ransom grunted, his smirk growing wider as tears welled up from how good you felt.”You love this, being my dumb little whore. You like when daddy fucks you dumb, c’mon, tell me how much you love it.”
“I love it! Yes, love when you fuck me soo- ah!- hard that I can’t think, just please don’t stop, please,”You cried out in desperation, fingers vigorously rubbing your cunt. His cock was swallowed into your tight pussy, and he loved watching you fit his length in your cute little cunt.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought, such a pretty slut all dressed up for me,”Ransom taunted,”You like when I take care of you, spoil you, and buy you things, don’t you? Always say you don’t care about it, but you aren’t fucking complaining now, are you? How about we make a deal, hm? Let me spoil you and I’ve fuck your thoughts from your head, you like that idea?”
“Yes! Ransom, please, spoil me, fuck me, make me yours,”You whispered, velvety wall constricting around his thick veiny cock.”Can I cum, daddy?” 
“You gonna be a good girl for me, gonna let me fill you up?”
“Oh—“ You gasped loudly, throwing your head back and he grabbed your throat in his large hand,”Yes, fuck, fill me up.”
“That’s it, my dumb fucking baby, can feel you squeezing me, go ahead, milk me dry, show me how fucking thankful you are,” Ransom pounded you through the orgasm, painting your walls with hot stripes of cum. Your high washed over you, limps shaking and giving out.
“Thank you,”You whispered, choking out a moan as Ransom pulled out with ease. He flipped your body around, climbing up on the bed and pulling you up to rest on the center of the bed. He smirked at you, dipping two thick into your sensitive cunt and scooping up the warm cum leaking from you.
“Suck,”Ransom licked his lips, bringing his fingers to your lips which you obediently licked up.
“Mhm,”You hummed, smiling as Ransom kissed you feverishly before running his hands over your body.
“‘m glad you had fun shopping, but next time, I think I wanna come with you. You know how much I love spoiling you,”Ransom murmured, kissing all over you giggling face. The kisses he peppered you with were sweet and soft, and only you got to experience this side of him.
Maybe being his girlfriend and his sugar baby wasn’t so bad after all.
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sleepy-zel · 13 days ago
My Tendou x Reader is coming to an end soon so here are a few headcannons and little things about being in a relationship with your favorite baki baki bastard.
Tumblr media
Loving Satori
These are all just my opinions and things I think would happen, you obviously don't have to agree with them. (some of these are in my tendou x reader lol)
-Finds the weirdest things to do and calls them "The Adventures of Y/n and Tendou!"
-Gets super excited sometimes and talks really fast
-Calls you his Miracle Girl/Boy and shows you off
-He needs you to get along with Ushiwaka. If you don't he'll get so sad that poor baby
-Teases you and sometimes it causes small arguments, but he always makes up for it with cuddles and ice cream
-You ALWAYS go to bakeries and stuff with him. He has a huge sweet tooth and will stuff his face with chocolate.
-Makes you chocolate in little heart shapes and shapes of things you like
-3 AM trips to gas stations because neither of you could sleep so you're getting energy drinks and hanging out for the night
-Afternoon naps because of a 3 AM trip to a gas station. Sun peeks through the window and light floods into the room, it fills the house with a relaxing aura
-Always knows if something is wrong. Like, you'll blink weirdly and he's all over you wondering why you're "acting different"
-You think that, because he's probably taller, he'll be the big spoon? Nope. Not all the time, at least. This man CRAVES to be held by you. And when he's the big spoon, he's always poking your sides and tickling you.
-He always let's you play with his hair. He'll just lean back into your lap and you'll braid his hair and put little butterfly clips in it with glittery bows, it's so cute omg
-HE SENDS SO MANY MEMES HFKDNEKES especially the wholesome ones. Y'know those badly edited memes that make you cringe and are so irrelevant??? He loves those so much.
-Geeks out about manga he's been reading
-If a song he really likes comes on the radio, he'll move around a bit and sing along, grabbing your hand and swinging it around
-Comes up with the most RANDOM nicknames, calls you by the names of food and just... weird things.
-Always reminds you that you're his paradise
-makes funny faces when you're feeling down
-buys matching hoodies and sweatpants and you both show them off to everyone you know. If someone calls them lame, Tendou pulls the sleeves over his hands (so the sleeves are hanging off and it looks too big for him) and begins "attacking" the person with the sleeves of the hoodie.
-he finds a way to make EVERYTHING fun, idk how he does it he's just a miracle boy ig
-he trusts you but gets super insecure about himself sometimes my poor boy <3, so when you talk to another guy he always tries to sound cooler and distract you (literally just dances around you until you pay attention to him)
-when he spots you in public, he gets really loud and makes a huge deal about it (pointing and jumping around, shouting "Y/n! My paradise!!" and stuff like that)
Tumblr media
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