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thehumming6ird · 15 hours ago
Tom Hiddleston has said there is something “relatable” about his character Loki’s “vulnerabilities” that draws people towards him.
“I think, over time, I’m made aware of the different things he represents. Some people enjoy his playfulness, his spontaneity, and that inherent sense of mischief he has. Some people enjoy his quality as an antagonist,” Hiddleston said during a virtual press conference on Monday.
“There are some people who are drawn to his vulnerabilities, under all these layers of charm and charisma. There is something really relatable about vulnerability,” the 40-year-old actor added.
Hiddleston also thanked the writers who contributed to creating the personality of the “God of Mischief.”
“I owe it to the writers, everyone who has ever written this character. Starting from Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Don Payne, who wrote the first four movies, way to Michael (Waldron) and his amazing team,” he said.
“I just love playing Loki. I feel so fortunate that I’m still here and there are just new aspects to the character every time that I learn about it,” he said.
“I was so excited by the idea of series and also had to scratch my head a bit because that scene in Infinity War (when Thanos kills Loki) felt so final and conclusive. It looked like the end of Loki’s story,” he added.
The new teaser clip for the series has officially also confirmed that the impish villain is gender-fluid.
The promotional clip, which was released on Twitter on 6 June, includes a shot of what appears to be a file on Loki kept by the Time Variance Authority – an organisation that polices timeline disruptions and the multiverse.
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thehumming6ird · 16 hours ago
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