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turtle-babe8315 minutes ago
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Why do I feel like this is Donnie and Mikey? 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ
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askdanian hour ago
Tumblr media
Slash is Dani's best friend and the closest thing she has to a brother. She has been loyal to him ever since he saved her from the Kraang.
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sdekendraan hour ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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chaoticgoodness-graciousan hour ago
Rise! Donnie saw that post abt how 鈥渄addy issues make you a people pleaser鈥 and tried so hard to veer in the exact opposite direction that he just came full circle.
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lunarstalkeran hour ago
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agarot fullbody and shading practice :) | art blog
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tmntspidergirlan hour ago
The brothers are forced to participate in a mutant high school play about food and making healthy choices. When trying on their costumes in front of the mirror...
Mikey (Mushroom): 鈥淭his costume is dumb! I look like a stupid umbrella.鈥
Leo (Broccoli): 鈥淵ou think that is bad? I look like a tree.鈥
Donnie (Walnut): 鈥淗aha. How fitting! I kind of look like a brain.鈥
Raph (Banana): 鈥淒ude!鈥濔煒 *Points to himself* 鈥 not a word. Change the topic.鈥
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brightlotusmoonan hour ago
Right now, rise Leonardo鈥檚 mental state is basically in his own version of protective mode. He noticed Bay Raph seemed mad at the comment RiseDon made, so his brain basically viewed bay Raph as a potential threat, and he did to bay Raph What he does every potential threat: he鈥檚 testing his limits.
Rise Leonardo knows that his brothers have a habit of pressing certain buttons without intending to, so if he meets someone who he thinks might lash out (bay Raph in this situation) the first thing he does is try to test how they would react to certain irritations. Basically, he is intentionally obnoxious with the intent of making the other lash out at him while he鈥檚 expecting it instead of one of his brothers when they鈥檙e not expecting it, and if they do lash out, then he will know to keep an eye on them around his brothers
Aha, I gotcha. That makes all the sense in the world.
Meanwhile, I'm playing Bay Raph with years of desperately controlled anger due to the Lead Pipe Incident, where this time he actually followed through just a little, unlike Mirage and 2003 where Leo stopped him right away.
And Mikey really does forgive him despite not remembering where the dent in his skull came from and needing to be reminded.
So Bay Raph begging Rise Leo to quit pushing him came from a genuine need to never hurt anyone he loves. He'll do plenty of verbal sparring and a shoving or three, but he knows he needs help. Which is why he tried to deny April sharing her therapist's words. He's very proud and protective in his own way. And he still sees part of himself as a *looks around* *whisper* monster because he hurt his baby brother and he hates yelling at Leo but Leo just pisses him off because Leo himself refuses to accept help. It's a whole thing. I see much Doctor Feelings in their future.
Thanks for letting me know all this, it's really going to help! Also, do you still want to play Bay Leo?
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rewrittenspromo2 hours ago
Tumblr media
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽the year is 2012 聽鈥 聽again . 聽the 聽avengers 聽had 聽thought 聽that 聽it 聽was 聽a 聽done 聽deal : 聽 they 聽go 聽back 聽in 聽time 聽, 聽 they 聽stop 聽thanos 聽, 聽 & 聽everything 聽goes 聽back 聽to 聽normal 聽- 聽and 聽of 聽course 聽, 聽 they 聽get 聽back 聽the 聽people 聽they 聽were 聽missing 聽for 聽those 聽five 聽years 聽. 聽 alas 聽, 聽 nothing 聽would 聽go 聽perfect 聽for 聽the 聽avengers 聽, 聽 would 聽they ? 聽 something 聽goes 聽wrong 聽, 聽 and 聽when 聽they 聽try 聽to 聽go 聽back 聽鈥 聽there鈥檚 聽a 聽flash 聽. 聽 everyone 聽wakes 聽up 聽moments 聽later 聽. 聽 and 聽they鈥檙e 聽still 聽in 聽2012 聽. 聽
REWRITTENHQS 聽is 聽a 聽marvel 聽+ 聽dc 聽rpg 聽centered 聽around 聽the 聽multiverse 聽, 聽 taking 聽place 聽in 聽the 聽middle 聽of 聽ENDGAME. 聽instead 聽of 聽the 聽avengers 聽returning 聽back 聽to 聽their 聽timeline 聽, 聽 not 聽only 聽are 聽they 聽STUCK 聽in 聽2012 聽, 聽 but 聽it 聽seems 聽others 聽have 聽been 聽brought 聽back 聽to 聽2012 聽nyc 聽just 聽as 聽well 聽. 聽
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hatsampixie2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some pictures of the monster from the mockbuster film 鈥楢pe vs Monster鈥 I found on Wikizilla.
Basically looks like Zilla with some plastic surgery, with Ghidorah鈥檚 tail with Singular Point鈥檚 teeth.. Like this won鈥檛 get 鈥榚m busted by Toho.
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Slash: Okay, you know what?! You鈥檙e in time out! Get on top of the fridge! Get up there!
Mondo Gecko, climbing on top of the fridge: THIS HOUSE IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE!!
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evelinanimation2 hours ago
Donnie's gonna get you~
Tumblr media
Just felt like doodling some perspective before bed.
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my-marvel-musings2 hours ago
I think I am all of these and you know it
You are, and that鈥檚 why we work as enablers 馃ぃ
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my-marvel-musings2 hours ago
Oh boy mutual challah
Yeah, I am definitely both of these 馃ぃ
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Mud is Thicker then Blood: Test
Verse: ROTTMNT Fantasy Verse
Summary: Being a father is one thing, but also being a teacher is another matter entirely. Especially with a son as stubborn as Donnie
Characters: Leonard, Donnie, Mickey, and Danny
Pairings: Why are you like this?
Rated: G
Dedicated to: @star-boy-blue for all the amazing art you made us!
鈥淔ocus Donnie鈥
The fourteen year old in front of him rolled his eyes, but as a parent he鈥檚 used to that. Donnie brought up his bo staff again. 鈥淚 am, Dad.鈥 As he expected, Don responded with an attack. Whenever Don got frustrated, he鈥檇 always respond with physical retaliation. Len took a step back, avoiding the blow before forcing his way into Don鈥檚 space. The teen immediately gets a flustered look on his face before doing a corkscrew dodge away. Len can see Don鈥檚 eyes shift to his left. The teen starts charging to move past him when Len sweeps his hook staff out, catching him around the ankle. With a squawk, that Len struggles not to laugh at, Don hits the ground on his plastron.
Len can鈥檛 help but wince. 鈥漎ou ok?鈥 He stepped closer, kneeling down looking over his son's form with a critical eye. Other than some dirt on his clothes, there didn鈥檛 seem to be anything wrong. 鈥淗ow鈥檚 your leg?鈥
鈥淚t's fine.鈥 Of course Don wanted to do things the hard way. He rolled away and back to his feet with his training staff in hand. A part of Leonard is proud, but he can鈥檛 help but sigh as he stood up. 鈥淒ee, you don鈥檛 have to do this. If you need more practice and training it's fine. No one will think less of you.鈥
The teen looked at him with what can only be described as exasperation. 鈥淣o, you don鈥檛 get to decide when I鈥檓 done. After how many times you made me try 鈥榡ust one more time鈥. No, I鈥檓 not done till I say I鈥檓 done.鈥 He spun his staff for a moment, probably to vent some anger before slamming the end into the ground and settling into a stance.
Len studied him for a moment. He knew that Donnie is determined not to fail today. He knows what鈥檚 at stake. 鈥淭hen listen. When you bottle up your feelings you get clumsy. You lose your advantage. Just breath and you鈥檒l succeed.鈥 He slid back into a ready stance.
A moment later, Donnie鈥檚 on him again. The two deflect each other鈥檚 attacks for a few moments before Don pivots in his step. Bringing his staff up to swing at Len鈥檚 head. With more defense then necessary he brings his shoulder up to shove Don away before taking several steps back. Without breaking eye contact he reached up to test his ponytail to make sure it wasn鈥檛 undone. With that, Len can鈥檛 help but grin. A surge of energy goes through him as his hand catches the incoming bo, his hand now traced with an almost translucent black flame that makes Don give a offended noise. 鈥淣o fair, you didn鈥檛 say we could use magic!鈥
鈥淐ome on, rule number one is sometimes you gotta make up your own rules.鈥 Len freed his hand, allowing his kinetic magic to flow through his body. Don, who knows better at this point, bends his knees and jumped backwards. Len can see the gears rolling in his son鈥檚 head as Don decides his next move. Len shoots forward to retaliate, causing Don to jump again with a furrowed brow when his levitation kicks in and allows him to float further away and try to stay out of his reach. (this was about the range of Don鈥檚 control at the time. It may not have seemed like a lot to an outside observer, but it was miles above where Don had started).
Len is on him the minute he hit the ground with an almost inhuman speed. His son is able to deflect his blows but is forced to take several steps back till his shell is up against a tree. Len brought the hooked staff down from above as Don quickly blocked with his own. Len can see his brow is furrowed in frustration, struggling to come up with a solution to the problem. The part of him that is Donnie鈥檚 father, silently begged him to surrender. They can always try again later. The teacher in him begs his son not to give up.
Don suddenly released his bo staff and ducks away, the staff snapping to the ground causing Len to stumble. Before Len can move, Don twisted his body and gives him a kick in the ribs. The blow broke his concentration and he lost his kinetic magic as he held his ribs with one arm hand. 鈥淣ice hit.鈥 He commented, even though he doesn鈥檛 have a broken rib or even a bruise, it was enough to knock the air out of him. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not enough to beat your old man though.鈥
Don grins. 鈥淵ou said I didn鈥檛 have to beat you though.鈥 in his free hand Don holds up a familiar blue headband with a gold coin held between his fingers that made Len blink rapidly. He reached for his ponytail again, only to find that the headband he used to tie it back is replaced by a cheap, frayed string, that falls apart at his touch letting his hair fall in his face. He can only stare in surprise for a moment before grinning. 鈥淵eah, I did say that.鈥 He stood up. 鈥淲hen did you realize that鈥檚 where I hid the coin?鈥
鈥淭his morning I saw you putting product in your hair, which you wouldn鈥檛 have done unless you were worried something might fall out.鈥 Donnie held up the coin. 鈥淭his counts as a win right? I found the coin, stole the coin, all without you noticing.鈥
Len鈥檚 proud smile sank into a slightly sadder one, one he hoped donnie wouldn鈥檛 notice. 鈥淵eah kiddo, you win.鈥
Barely a moment later, Mickey burst out of the bushes, flailing his flippers in the air 鈥淲OOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO go cookieee!鈥 He shrieked with glee before sliding over and wrapping the teen in a hug, 鈥淵our Uncle Mickey is so so proud of you baby Deeeeeeeeeeeee.鈥
Don gave a loud gasp as he struggled to free himself, 鈥測eah I know Uncle Mickey! Air, turtles need air! Gah!鈥 He squirmed around but Mickey鈥檚 hugs are a power all in themselves and they both end up in a somewhat escape/wrestling match (escape for Donnie, wrestling for Mickey), Len grinned as Danny approaches him. 鈥淲ell, he won.鈥
鈥淥nly because you went easy on him.鈥
Len glanced at the wrestling nephew and uncle, thankfully too enraptured in their wrestling match to notice them 鈥淒on鈥檛 tell him that. He鈥檚 my kid, I鈥檓 not going to go all out on my kid.鈥
鈥淚 know, you big softy.鈥 Danny wrapped his arm around Lens鈥 neck and pulls him into a side hug for a moment before Len gave him a playful elbow to the ribs and steps away, he brought down his hook staff hard enough to catch the two wrestlers attention (though Mickey had Donnie in a nonlethal head lock, Donnie had a grip on either side of Mickeys cheeks and was now trying to stretch his face out), Len snapped his fingers with his free hand and pointed to the ground just in front of him. Mickey squirmed free and went to his side while Don stood up.
Hesitating long enough to take a deep breath and move closer, readjusting his hood as though it were a safety blanket. In almost a blink the confident teen who wanted to challenge the world around him was again wracked with insecurity. But, as Donnie stepped up, Len knew his neverending courage would never fail him. 鈥淯m,鈥 Donnie started quietly, 鈥淚 did what you asked. I haven鈥檛 snuck out, I鈥檝e listened to everything you said, trained with you everyday, and I got the coin without you noticing鈥 Despite the anxiety in his eyes, there鈥檚 a glimmer of hope, 鈥淒o I pass?鈥
Len had always waited for this day with dread and excitement. He lets out a breath through his nostrils before putting on a brave smile. 鈥淵eah you pass. You can be a Mud Dog now.鈥 Don鈥檚 eyes fill with excitement as he curled his hands under his wide smile, a strangled squeal starts emitting from his throat that sounds sorta like that time Mickey drank that bottle of rainbow liquid that made him radioactive for three days before he stood back up again. Seeming to understand there was more Len wanted to say.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e earned it. I always knew this day would come, but-鈥 he reaches out and cupped the side of his son's face. A act most sons would have detested but Don gently tilted his head into the touch with a smile 鈥-It seems like yesterday I found you, a tiny little child with not even a name. I鈥檝e seen you grow, get better, get stronger, smarter. More stubborn.鈥 He used his thumb to rub his cheek, 鈥淵ou grew up too fast for me kid.鈥
鈥淎re you saying you鈥檙e old now?鈥 Don said with a wicked grin, trying to alleviate the swelling of Len鈥檚 melancholy. But Len responded with an equally wicked grin. 鈥渘ot too old to put you in a corner you brat.鈥 He reached up and pulled down Don鈥檚 hood, causing him to let out a loud laugh before adjusting it to his standards. Len gestured to Danny and Mickey, 鈥淎lright, these two softies said they wanted to give you something in case you passed today. So I鈥檒l let them at it.鈥
The teen blinked and looked in between the two, 鈥淲ait, no you don鈥檛 have to-鈥 but Danny waved him off. 鈥淐ome on kid, I promise it isn鈥檛 vegetables this time.鈥 With a dark blush, Don ducked his face into his scarf, save for his dark pink eyes but didn't protest further.
Danny went first. 鈥淔rom me.鈥 He dug into his pocket, and draws out a familiar silver old pocket watch that he held out. It was probably twice Danny鈥檚 age and the only thing on it that had been replaced in its time was the fine dark purple cord that would hold it to the user's form. Don took it with both hands, eyes widening. 鈥淩ecognize it? It鈥檚 the same one you fixed for me when we first found you. Been running ever since. Took care of it so when this day came you鈥檇 have something from your favorite Uncle.鈥 Danny Ignored Mickey鈥檚 offended look in his direction, 鈥淎nd see?鈥 Danny pointed to the outside of the pocket watch, 鈥渋t even has our initials.鈥 Referring to the giant D on it. 鈥淚t鈥檚 the closest thing I can give you to a family relic.鈥 Danny gave a shrug that he probably hoped to seem nonchalant but failed at the slight quiver to Danny鈥檚 breath. 鈥淗opefully you鈥檒l think of me every time you use it.鈥 he said rubbing Don鈥檚 scalp over his head.
With that he steps back and turned away for a moment probably hoping no one will catch him quickly dabbing at his eyes with his sleeve. If anyone but Len noticed they gave no indication. Don looked at the pocket watch with a smile and glint in his eyes before putting it back in his pocket and looking over to Mickey as he squiggled forward. 鈥淲ell from your ACTUAL favorite Uncle,鈥 Mickey made sure to give Danny a pout (who had collected himself to turn back around) before turning back to Donnie, 鈥淚 made this a while ago, and figured you鈥檇 make good use out of it.鈥 He held out a dark purple bag. That, to an observer may have looked like a terrible gift but Don鈥檚 eyes widened showing how valuable it really was, 鈥淚t鈥檚 an infinite bag, you can load it up with a ton of stuff and carry it with you like it was nothing!鈥 He flailed his tentacles excitedly , 鈥淛ust like what we have!鈥
Don took the bag with both hands with a look of awe before he smirks weakly, 鈥淭here鈥檚 not a criminal in this right? I don鈥檛 want another Registration Day fiasco-鈥
鈥淚T WAS AN ACCIDENT!!!鈥 Mickey cried loud enough for nearby birds to take off, flailing his tentacles again dramatically. 鈥淎n accident! I didn鈥檛 know Heinous Green was in it, I didn't!鈥 He probably would have spent another hour defending himself had Danny not reached out and pulled Mickey back. 鈥淚 know buddy, I know.鈥 Danny said, pulling off his fedora and setting it on the eels head as a way to appease him. Which you wouldn't think would have worked except Mickey immediately deflated, his head sinking into his neck as he let out a sigh, feeling the brim of the silk fedora with a giggle.
Donnie let out a chuckle at his uncle's antics before tying the bag to his waist. He opened his mouth again, probably to thank everyone when Len held up his hand, 鈥淚 got you something too. It鈥檚 not exactly new but I think you鈥檒l enjoy it.鈥 He swung his hook staff around. The moment Don鈥檚 eyes set on it he gave a loud gasp. 鈥淚-No-Dad I can't, I can鈥檛!鈥 he protested immediately, taking a physical step back. But Len gave him a stern, but warm look that made him move back into place. Len lets the staff rest in the palm of his hand as it returns to its handle form with a flash. 鈥淭he Dragon Claw staff has been in our family for generations. Only a few of us have been able to use it to its full power. My mom, your grandma, was the first to use it fully in three hundred years. Then me, then you. The staff accepted you as part of the Yukimura family ever since it formed in your hands when you were five. When you wield this staff, it鈥檒l be like me and your grandma are always protecting you.鈥 He extended it out to him.
In that moment, he remembered watching his Mother train with this same staff. He remembered learning how to use it under a bridge, his only shelter from the snow and the only distraction from his hunger. And finally, he remembered a small, green hand, far too curious for his own good, reaching out and touching it, only for it to flash and form. Scaring the poor child for a good day in a half. It had only been when it formed again at Don鈥檚 touch (days later under the protective eye of him and Danny) that Len knew it had claimed Donnie.
Donnie looked up to him, only when he saw Len鈥檚 affirming smile and nod, did the fourteen year old take it. Cradling it in his hands like a sacred treasure. Len can see the tears form in Don鈥檚 eyes and is in a way grateful that his son understood how important a moment this is. He鈥檚 about to step up and console him when Donnie scrubbed his eyes on his sleeve
鈥淭h-thanks you guys. Thank you dad. I know I wasn鈥檛 always the easiest kid in the world, but you never laid a hand on me or gave up on me. Even though we aren鈥檛 blood, I never felt like we weren't鈥.鈥 He took a breath, 鈥淔amily.鈥
At that moment, the tables are quickly turned and suddenly it's Len with rapidly filling eyes that he can鈥檛 blink away. 鈥淎w hell.鈥 He said, wrapping his arms around his son. He can feel Donnie hug him back just as tightly, his smaller hands gripping the back of his jacket as though terrified Len would disappear from his grasp. 鈥淚鈥檓 so damn proud to be your dad.鈥 He said pressing his face into Don鈥檚 scalp after giving it a small peck.
Don鈥檚 muffled voice broke out from its place in Len鈥檚 chest. 鈥淎re you crying?鈥
鈥淣o!鈥 Len quickly rubbed his face with his free arm to hide his lies before rewrapping it around Don. 鈥淥f course not!鈥
鈥淥h Definitely, he鈥檚 barely keeping it together.鈥 Danny said with a grin that made Len promise to burn all his romance novels later. 鈥淗e鈥檚 going to cry big time.鈥 Mickey added.
Len glared at them both, 鈥淵ou two are assholes you know that!?鈥 He used this thumb to wipe his newest stream of tears away. Despite what he said, and despite the laughter, the two Uncles join in the hug. holding them together as close as they could. The world saw them as thieves, as criminals. Wanted posters said three of them were unreformable monsters. But in that moment, and in so many more, he was a father. The luckiest Dad in the world.
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sbnkalny4 hours ago
the cheat is a strip猫d green rabbit with two butts
Ganondorf: the great EVIL slain by a Striped pattern on its Mighty shoulders, playing roughly with us
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milkytheholy4 hours ago
Apocalyptic love: Chapter one: Stop that van!
Summary: Gone are the days where New York was the city of dreams, now all that lies is a city living in it's own broken shadow. The Foot rule the streets, chaos and riots are a frequent thing now days, whoever dares stop them?
Howdy everyone, this is my new series im doing for TMNT. It focuses on the 2012 show and contains some gritty and dark themes so beware. Btw these are fairly long!
This book is set within the 2012 universe but will not focus on any events from that show. This book takes elements from the IDW Comic: The Last Ronin, but nothing else. This book will delve into darker topics like abuse, violence and death With that said, enjoy!
Chapter 2 TMNT masterlist Utimate masterlist
New York City used to be a happy place, used to be full of hopes and dreams. People would walk around following their agenda, not paying attention to the crime that lived underground. My brothers and I did what we could to keep the criminals and gangs at bay. We fought countless ex-cons, Purple Dragons and Foot soldiers, and at one point it seemed like all our hard work was paying off.
Until one faithful day...
"Leo, they've initiated the second phase of their plan, if we don't cut them off at the next junction then we might not get a chance to stop it!" Donnie yelled from his spot in the Shellraiser, his actions frantic as he planned the best route to take.
Leo pressed his foot against the gas pedal, the engine roaring as it owned the street. Leo flickered his gave from Donnie to the road, "Donnie, you gotta give me a clear path!" he shouted, quickly skidding the truck around a corner. The occupants of the vehicle jostled around, weak complaints about their leader's driving skills mumbling from their lips.
"Mikey, I need you to look at the map for ninth street, we know they're heading to the docks, so find some shortcuts!" Leo commanded, his gaze solely focused on the patchy tarmac in front of him. "On it, dude!" Mikey responded, rotating back to face the pinned map. He leaned in closer, his finger tracing the route his brothers were currently on until he found a cross junction. "Got it, Leo!" he cheered, "We can cut them off at the next junction!" the engine grew louder as Leo put the pedal to the metal.
As the tires crushed the concrete beneath them, the turtles soon saw the white van whip around a corner and snake between the late-night traffic of New York. "There you are," Leo muttered under his breath, his eyes full of determination. The brothers had been following the Kraang for a total of three months, with a tip-off that the Kraang and the Foot were working together once again, the brothers knew it wouldn't be good.
They'd been able to infiltrate the Kraang headquarters on a few stealth missions, only going for the sole purpose of finding some information on their plan. The last visit hadn't ended so well, Casey had come out of the whole ordeal with a broken arm, he said he didn't care made him look 'wicked awesome!' in his words. The Kraang had somehow known that they were coming and were prepared with portals to dimension X, bringing in more troops than the turtles could handle.
Leo had called for a tactical retreat, much to Raph's disappointment. Getting away from them was tough, especially with some wounds here and there, but they did, eventually, do it and returned to the lair with nothing to show for it. The mission had seemed like a total failure, well, that was until Michelangelo pulled out a hard drive he had found in the Kraang labs. He had swiped the thing when shit hit the wall, handing it to a wide-eyed Donnie, who quickly scampered his way to his lab to decode the thing.
With injuries wrapped and dealt with, the brothers were held up in the common lounge resting for their next battle. It hadn't taken Donnie long to find that the plans held on the hard drive were for a bomb of some sort, he couldn't really decipher all of the text, but from what he could tell, this device of theirs had the potential to level the whole of New York. And with this in the hands of the Shredder of all people, who knew what the maniac could do. But the question was: why? Why did Shredder want to destroy New York? Sure, the guy had a dream of owning the streets, but what streets could he own if he blew them up?
As well as plans for a bomb, Donnie was also able to decode their loading schedule. He was able to devise that the Kraang would be dropping a package off at the docks to the Foot, if the brothers got there before the delivery it would put a stop to the bomb, or at the very least slow down the process.
A quick plan was made: take the shellraiser, stop the Kraang, take the parts back to Donnie's lab, probably have a few fights along the way. They thought the mission would be simple, but apparently not.
The Kraang in the van had easily spotted the mammoth that was the Shellraiser, with an added speed they made their way through the traffic and closer to the docks. One of the robots stuck his head out of the window after observing the turtle's vehicle in the wing mirror, "Kraang, it is the one called the turtles approaching behind us."
"Kraang, we must put a stop to the ones known as the turtles before the Kraang get to the location known as the docks."
The Kraang droid observing the Shellraiser kicked open the passenger door, his blaster illuminating a bright purple before firing random shots towards the vehicle. The Shellraiser swerved left and right in an attempt to avoid the plasmablasts, sure Donnie built the thing to withhold a lot but that doesn't mean Leo wanted Donnie's constant complaints in his ear the whole time.
"Man the cannons!" Leo had shouted, Raph rolled his shoulders with a grim smirk "Finally some action," he gruffed, sitting in the middle chair before it could elevate to the roof. Raph's grin widened when he aimed the garbage cannon at the small van, his emerald green eye peeking through the sniper-esque hole for a perfect shot. "Raph, don't kill 'em! We still need answers!" he could faintly hear Leo bellow, Raph blew out a sigh, his shoulders slumping in disappointment, "You never let me have any fun," he grumped. Aiming the garbage just a few centimetres ahead of the van, Raph's thumb encased the trigger and the garbage was ejected with ease.
The trail of the dump spread through the air, the pile of compact scrap smashed against the road towards the Kraang's front tire sending the vehicle veering between lanes. "Yeah!" Raph cheered triumphantly, the chair slowly moving back down for cover. "Nice shot, Raph!" Mikey praised, a big beaming smile overtaking his face. The Kraang seemed to keep the van under control, enough for them to zoom further ahead and to the docks where the Foot were waiting.
"Finally, I thought they stood us up or somethin'," Bebop huffed, arms uncrossing from over his chest. He pushed away from the container he was leaning against, his glasses falling down his snout slightly. Rocksteady, who was also leaning against the crate, pushed away from the dented metal, "They vouldn't stand us up, my friend; especially when vorking for the Shredder."
"What junk are we meant to be picking up anyway? Did the big guy tell you?"
"Nyet, but vhatever it is must be important. Why else send the best, yes?"
"Ya kiddin' right?" Bepop blew out, his tone lighthearted but a sense of sarcasm lurking underneath. The sound of screeching tires caught the pair's attention, the Kraang's van skidded to a stop, behind them came the thunderous Shellraiser. Rocksteady shared a look with his counterpart before pulling out his weapon, they didn't plan on fighting the turtles today but it didn't seem to bother them too much.
The Shellraiser came to an abrupt stop, the turtles pilling out of the vehicle with the weapons raised, bodies poised. Rocksteady took a step forward, "If it isn't the turtles," Bebop slide up next to him, his movements done with a certain cockiness.
"You better just turn around and leave, turtle buddies, forget you ever saw us."
Raph's grip on his sais tightened, his shoulders rolled back with a snide comment slipping from his lips, "Forget we ever saw you? Your ugly mug is scarred into my memory, there ain't no forgetting that!" he laughed. Mikey grinned at his brother, crouching to the ground with his fingers pulling peace signs, "Ohh, get wrecked son!"
"The only ones getting vrecked vill be you, you annoying reptiles!" Rocksteady roared, scratching his foot against the ground before charging at the teens. Bebop leaned on the tips of his toes, releasing a high pitched squeal, then turned invisible to the naked eye. The brothers jumped out of the way, the raging rhino crashing into the front of the Shellraiser. The windows cracked under the pressure of Rocksteady's horn, the front bumper dented beyond belief, "My baby!" Donnie cried out.
He was the first to make a move against the rhinoceros, using his bo as a bat and thwacking the mutant on the back of the head. The wooden stick shook violently, the move doing nothing to stop Rocksteady. Donnie went in again with another assault, hitting Rocksteady's legs and upper back, the hefty mutant stumbling forward but not going down.
Meanwhile, Leo and Mikey stood shell to shell patiently waiting for Bebop to make a move. Leo could sense that he was close, using all his training Master Splinter had taught him to detect what you cannot see. "I could be over here or over here," came his voice from thin air, Mikey swung his nunchucks around in a circle, quickly growing frustrated with the hog. "C'mon Bebop, can't stay hidden forever," he whined, Bebop's form appeared in front of Mikey, ducking down quickly and swiping him from under. Mikey fell to the ground but pulled it off with a quick front roll, landing back on his feet in no time.
Bebop had turned invisible again, Mikey's body crumbling and shuffling about, puffs of breath being knocked out of him as he fell to the ground, bruised and in pain. Leo ran up to his younger brother with worry laced in his features, his katanas held protectively over his body as he guarded his injured brother. Bebop's laughter filtered Leo's hearing, mocking him in a way, but he stayed vigilant. He closed his eyes and picked up on any sound that he deemed relevant: the waves against the docks, the ruckus his brothers were causing with Rocksteady, breathing, the wooden floorboards creaking around him. With one slick movement, Leo pulled his sword and slashed it in front of him, the mutated hog appearing in solid colour.
Bebop was unaware that Leo could see him, kicking his legs in the air as he danced at the leader in blue. Leo watched him with a hardened gaze, eventually, Bebop took notice and slowed down his movements, "Er, you can see me, can't you?" he asked, voice trembling. Leo cocked an eye at the mutant, unamused, "what do you think?" he quipped. "I-I could just lay down now if you want?" he whimpered, moving to lay his back against the splintering wood. Leo grabbed Mikey's nunchucks and wrapped him up in chains, leaving him to roll around like a pig on a spitroast.
Mikey's weak groaning caught Leo's attention, rushing back to his brother with a helping hand, Leo smiled at him "You good?" Mikey's eyes opened with a start, jumping into a fighting stance, arms readied in the air "Where is he, Leo, I'll mess him up!" Leo chuckled at his younger brother, placing a calming hand on his shoulder, "It's okay Mikey, I handled it."
"Oh... right on," Mikey gasped, giving him a thumbs up.
Raph repeatedly punched his fist against the concrete skull that was Rocksteady, another hand yanking on his horn to steer him to the edge of the docks. Donnie continued to aim for Rocksteady's legs, the end of his bo splintering against the weight of the Rhino, "Keep going Raph, he's almost there!"
"Wasn't plannin' on stopping!" Raph yelled back, ducking to avoid the mutants calloused hands. Rocksteady continued to swerve left and right in an attempt to throw the hotheaded turtle from him, ducking into shipping containers to flatten his shell, "Get off you infuriating pest!" he groaned. Rocksteady continued to whack his head against the metal of the containers, slowly losing consciousness as he knocked himself out. With one final blow, Rocksteady dropped to the ground, Raph abandoned ship before he got crushed into turtle dust.
"Aww, they look so peaceful when they're knocked unconscious." Raph mused, spinning his sais back into the straps along his belt. Donnie joined his side holding his bo, eyes roaming the damages, "Ugh, that's the fifth stick this month; Master Splinter's gonna kill me." Raph slapped a hand against the terrapins shell in sympathy.
"Guys!" Leo called out, both him and Mikey running up to the duo. They looked over at the sleeping rhino with a raised brow but said nothing, moving in to pull off a high three. The sound of a van door slamming caught the boy's attention, they turned back to the forgotten Kraang, a groan slipping past Mikey's lips as he physically deflated.
"Oh come on! Can't you dudes give us a break!"
The answer was no, no they cannot. The Kraang bared their weapons and began a heavy rain of plasma fire. The brothers ducked and tumbled out of the way in a frantic attempt as to not be shot, ducking back behind the dented shipping container, they breathed in pants. "So what now?" Donnie asked, clutching his battered bo to his plastron, "Yeah, oh fearless leader, what do we do?" Raph grumbled, muscles tense. Leo rolled his eyes at the nickname, scratching his head for a single thought.
"Okay, here's the plan: Donnie and Mikey you attack them from above, distract their rain of fire from us. Me and Raph will go from the sides and start taking them out, got it?"
"Why do we always have to be the distraction, man?" Mikey moaned, shoulders slumped. Leo sighed, not ready for this argument again, "We'll talk about it later, guys." that basically meant we're never going to have this conversation again so get over it. Mikey frowned at the notion and began climbing the container with Donnie, they could feel the metal vibrate as the shots kept hitting the thing. With a battle cry ripped from his throat, Mikey and Donnie launched themselves off of the container with their weapons spinning in the air. Just like Leo had predicted, the Kraang aimed their fire up to the two brothers completely forgetting about the terrapins coming from either side of them.
Just like clockwork, the brothers had slashed through the six Kraang droids camping the van. It had all seemed to victorious Leo thought, only Bebop and Rocksteady and six Kraang droids, where were the others? The brothers crowded around the back of the van, Donnie flipped open the doors as the others peaked over his shoulder to see the contents inside. "What is that thing, D?" Raph asked, Donnie shrugged his shoulders, using the end of his bo staff to prod the metal.
Inside the van laid a part of the device Shredder had commissioned the Kraang to build, the shiny hue of metal glistened in the moonlight, it's full size unidentifiable due to half of it being encased in shadows. "Hmm, I'm guessing that whatever this is they're using it for that bomb."
"Are you sure, Donnie?" Leo asked, his back to his brothers as he kept lookout, still not liking the scenario they were in. "Positive, I think. Why else would Bebop and Rocksteady be waiting here for them?"
"Maybe they're friends and were going out to party or something!" Mikey beamed, hands clasped together in wonder. Raph slapped the back of his head with his palm, arms crossing over again when Mikey pouted, "Were you born stupid or did it just come naturally?" he teased. Leo shushed the bantering brothers, hands itching to grab his katanas, "What's up with you?" Raph gruffed out. Leo's eye twitched in frustration, "Don't you think that was too easy?"
"Too easy? More like we're too good!" Mikey cheered, Leo groaned "No, it's just- why were there only six Kraang droids, and what about Bebop and Rocksteady, where were the Foot soldiers? Somethings not right here, guys."
"Gah! Would you quit sayin' that stuff, every time you do somethin'-"
Before Raph could finish, rapid footsteps could be heard surrounding the docks. Foot soldiers dropped from the stacked crated and circled the white van, purple portals opened up and out popped troops of Kraang; big blasters in their hands. The turtles were surrounded.
"-bad...always...happens," Raph mumbled out lowly, eyes wide at the mass amount of baddies in front of them. They grouped together and pulled out their weapons, eyes white with concentration. "You better run now while you have the chance, turtles." They knew that voice, TigerClaw emerged from the crowd, a snarl ripping out of his snout.
"TigerClaw!" Leo shouted in surprise, the big cat only smirked, "Go home and tell that master of yours how you failed him."
"We'll never fail him!" Mikey yelled back in retaliation, "What are you doing teaming up with the Kraang, thought you already learned your lesson from the last time." Donnie spoke, pushing Mikey to the side. "What we do and decide is our business, I'd love to explain it to you but sadly you won't be around much longer to hear it." With that said, TigerClaw launched at the group, commanding the Foot and Kraang to do the same thing.
The battle had been tiring, one of Leo's katanas was shattered by the hands of Tigerclaw, Donnie's bo had entirely split in half, Raph was sporting a black eye and Mikey was recovering from a slight concussion. When they trudged back into the lair, nearly collapsing onto the entrance stairs, they had planned to just die there from exhaustion. With all the noise, Splinter awoke from his deep meditation and stumbled upon his sons. With a quickness that only he could have, he had them all in their own chambers, respectively, and began aiding them.
"Leonardo." he spoke, his voice commanding but only people who truly knew the rat sensei could hear the worry in his tone. His gaze had landed upon a limping Leo fighting in the dojo against a dummy, his body was still sore from their previous spout that day, covered black and blue. "Hai sensei," he huffed out, not stopping his actions no matter how much his body yelled at him for rest. It was only when he felt the nimble hand of his master did he think to stop, "You should be resting, my son. Your muscles deserve a break, do they not?"
"I can't rest sensei knowing that the Foot got their hands on the Kraang bomb."
"Did you not do everything you could to stop them?"
"I- well yes, but that doesn't matter sensei, they still got the piece. If Stockman can finish building that device then who knows what the Shredder can do."
"Hmm, I see." Splinter mused over, stroking his beard in deep thought. "Perhaps you should meditate, my son, allow your body to rest and your mind to wander."
"Sensei, I don't have time for this, I've got to come up with a plan to stop the Shred-"
"Leonardo, you will not be doing your team justice with a plan based entirely on exhaustion and anger. You must take time to relax and calm yourself before you can run around stopping others."
"Hai, sensei." Leo slowly collapsed on the floor in front of his father, allowing his breathing to steady as he closed his eyes and the room was submerged into darkness.
"Turtles!" Slash yelled from the entrance of the lair, his loud footsteps echoing in the tunnels. Leo's eyes flinched open, immediately moving to the dojo's doors along with his master, there he saw a frantic Slash joined by the rest of the Mighty Mutanimals. "Slash? What's going on?"
"The Kraang and the Foot, they're building a bomb!" he barked out, his eyes moving franticly, "Tell us something we don't know," Raphael called out, leaning his shoulder against a sewer tunnel; he was probably startled awake by all the loud commotion. "No, you don't understand, my friends, they're building it tonight." Leatherhead rasped out, Leo looked to Raph, a shared look of shock and fear in his features. "I thought they didn't have all the parts yet?"
"Well it appears some things were made 'in-house', as it were, who knows how long the Shredder's been planning this thing," Rockwell spoke, his eyes bulging out of his head with nerves. While the group debated the best approach to this whole situation, Leo stood there with too many thoughts clouding his mind, too many fears and nerves seeping through the cracks.
"We go tonight, take them out and put an end to this."
"What're you sayin'?" Raph spit out, walking up to his brother. Leo gave him an emotionless glare, the slits of his eyes blinking white, "Tonight we end it...Tonight we kill the Shredder." Raph wanted to say something snarky back, I mean c'mon, kill the Shredder? He made it sound easy, they've been trying to kill the Shredder since the day they came topside. The sternness and authority in Leo's voice silenced Raph, it silenced most of the room if we're being honest. No one had ever heard Leo sound so sure and so angered by just one thing, even Master Splinter held back a comment or two.
"Wake the others up, I'll call Casey and April see if they're willing to help."
"I thought Casey had a broken arm?" Raph huffed out, was his brother really about to go this far, end the life of someone so bad. Leo strutted back into the dojo to grab his katanas, or what was left of them, "We can't afford to lose this time, Raphael, we need all the help we can get." Raph had a lot of respect for the leader, he may not show it but there wasn't anything he wouldn't do to help him out, even going through with a suicidal plan like this. Raph had disappeared from the dojo, the chatter from the Mighty Mutanimals falling upon death ears and Leo focused his breathing, staring at his own reflection in his shattered katana.
"Leonardo, are you sure you're making the right decision?" Master Splinter questioned, approaching the teen from behind. Leo slumped his shoulders, exhaustion aching his bones, "What choice do I have, Sensei? If we don't kill the Shredder then he'll just find a way to do something even worse. I can't take that chance, if innocent people die because I didn't do it, Sensei, I wouldn't be able to live with myself."
"Though I do not condone the act of killing, it does seem the benefits outweigh the negatives. However, if you do mean to do this, then you will need help." Leo looked up to his father with hopeful eyes, he wanted to ask Splinter if he would join them, but with the history between him and Saki, Leo didn't know whether he would. "Does that mean you're coming with us, father?"
Splinter nodded in reply, gliding effortlessly across the dojo to his room. He returned only a few seconds later with a brand new katana for the leader to wield, "Try not to break this one so soon, my son." Leo let a small smile take place on his face, an indirect promise to try his hardest no matter what. The two left the dojo to join the small crowd held up in Donnie's lab, Casey and April had arrived and Mikey and Donnie were begrudgingly awake.
"Alright team," Leo announced, walking past the crowd and up to a table where a whiteboard was laying and awaiting a plan. Leo drew a basic map of Shredder's lair, placing dots where he thought guards would be a problem. "We've snuck into this place before and we can do it again, we need to be cautious, they've probably upgraded their security since we came. Donnie and Rockwell, you'll be our computer guys, silence the alarms and give us directions; we want the shortest route possible."
Donnie and Rockwell nodded, they could put their petty differences aside for at least one minute, especially when the whole of New York was at stake. "Mikey and Pete, you guys take out the soldiers on the top level and be quiet; a ninja's best weapon is that of surprise."
"You got it, bro!"
"Can do!"
"Slash and Leatherhead, you guys are the muscle-"
"I thought I was the muscle?" Raph questioned, hurt by the statement. Leo ignored his quarry, "Slash and Leatherhead, you're the muscle," he emphasised, mainly to piss Raph off. "You take the lower levels while Mikey and Pete take top, got it?"
"Smash the bad guys, yeah we're good." Slash bragged, heaving his weapon over his shoulder. Leo rolled his eyes but continued, "Casey, April, Raph, you're with me and Splinter. The Foot aren't going to be our only problem while we're there, Casey and April you take on Bebop and Rocksteady, Raph will take on Xever and I'll go for Rahzar."
"What about me, my son?"
"Sensei, I thought you could go after Karai, try to talk her out of it." All Leo received was a hum of Splinter's throat, "Mikey, Pete, Slash and Leatherhead, when you're done with the foot on your levels join us in the throne room. Donnie, Rockwell and April will go to Stockman's lab and destroy the machine. Alright, everyone knows the plan?" Leo asked, sheathing his Katanas. He received a yell of confirmation from the group, their hands forming a circle as they counted down from three.
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turtlepower125 hours ago
First a mysterious stranger comes from the future with a dire warning then Leo is forced to rise and lead. As much as I've always wanted Leo to lead, and like many of us, I'm not a big fan of making it happen on Raph's expense after THAT finale and how much it focused on Raph and his struggles as the leader and how he sorta overcame them to defeat shredder and be a good example of a protective older brother whom everyone is counting on. We're all thinking "but Raph was perfect, if it ain't broke don't fix it".
So what if in the future, in that mysterious stranger's timeline, Raph was the leader, all the same, but he messes up big time which led to a great loss or defeat so this stranger had to time travel to warn them and ensure this never happened by changing the team's management. This way it will open up to Raph's frustration and Leo's feeling of responsibility without the two having to fight but who am I kidding I'd kill for a fight like the 2007 movie with rottmnt Leo and Raph and I also get the part of Leo just taking away that role from Raph to give us good ol' cool but crude Raph and leader Leo
But then you're gonna say "what about Splinter's line in the finale?", if any of the words above made sense, then it is either a joke or that rat knows something no one knows.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Concepts of adult Mikey and Regenta Seri
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@viacom-blog and @netflix bring back Rise!!
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