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#mustachetm Nikolai
saintprivateer5 months ago
can I slide this most monstrous idea over to you: long haired mustache Nikolai I hATE IT SO MUCH but my brain could not let me sleep before telling you of this most curSED IMAGE
What we are essentially remaking right now is my first impression of Sturmhond from Crooked Kingdom so this was my reality for the longest time 馃槀馃ジ also drawn here!
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saintprivateer5 months ago
I just imagined Nikolai with a beard but without a moustache and now I am internally screaming at this cursed concept
PFHDHDHDIANA HAIR HELMET. @xandrei actually came up with a similar concept except he has a mustache in this art 馃ジ鉁
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saintprivateer5 months ago
how did nikolai even have the time to grow a mustache without zoya finding out and putting a stop to it
GOOD Q I鈥檓 thinking it took a week of annoying Genya into tailoring him for a she was the enabler but she ALSO gave Zoya the razor so she is both the enabler and the disabler to please both inner demons
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saintprivateer5 months ago
hi I am LIVING for moustache nikolai honestly this just made my DAY THANK YOU
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saintprivateer5 months ago
this is all fun and games until he really gets a moustache in the show
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saintprivateer5 months ago
I've always thought of aaron as vronsky as my ideal nikolai and now you have given him a stache!!!!!
i mEAN
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YES thats one of the pics I referenced actually! 馃槀 I had a post somewhere here that showed some visuals I had in my head of Nik but I dunno what happened to it 馃様馃
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saintprivateer5 months ago
Just saying that I love mustache Nikolai if only for the fact that the eventual downfall of said mustache will likely be at the hands of Zoya and I am practically *vibrating* with excitement for it.
She鈥檚 trained her whole career for the moment Nikolai tries to overstep and now she鈥檚 in predator mode
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saintprivateer5 months ago
i havent seen the gv fandom as active in MONTHS as they are in stache nikolai discourse thank you so much for this
馃ズ馃А馃А馃А I鈥檓 SO TICKLED because I鈥檓 seeing intrinsic human connection and I鈥檓 seeing us come together for an obnoxious cause with the KNOWLEDGE that it is ridiculous and I鈥檓 glad to have started discourse that didn鈥檛 compromise someone鈥檚 humanity (okay maybe Nik鈥檚 but....he needs it to build character) so!!! Really I should thank YALL for also jumping on this bullet train and being silly with me!! 馃ジ馃専
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saintprivateer5 months ago
no more mustache nikolai,,, im not,, strong enough,,
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He鈥檒l face the consequences of his actions soon 馃様
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saintprivateer5 months ago
where did inspo for mustache nikolai come from
this post from lazyvoyager 馃ズ mustacheTM Julian Devorak is DARLING and something inside me was awakened. There鈥檚 also some Alexei Vronsky influences 馃槼
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