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edhelgund · 54 minutes ago
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incorrect-dungeonbreaker · 12 hours ago
Tim the Goblin: Once you get past his general air of disdain, defensive and poor communication skills, emotional barriers, and extreme moodiness, all the while dodging his continuous attacks to push you away... Morbos is actually a really soft and fun person to be around!
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dapurinthos · 19 hours ago
i’d just like to congratulate the costuming department on loki’s shirts??
*chef’s kiss* i love the way that it basically has a bolero built in so that there’s not a regular collar for the tie and how the line makes it look like there are raglan sleeves even though that construction would never work with a button-up shirt, and how it tries to trick you into seeing a regular collar with the buttons in the place where they would be on a normal shirt.
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Tumblr media
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loverofpiggies · a day ago
Man ): Athena has grown so much since I’ve adopted her, that I forget she even came from a puppy mill. You couldn’t even tell she was a puppy mill momma, with her behavior.
But this heartbreaking thing happens sometimes- I was unplugging my phone charger from the wall, a long 10 foot cord, and I swung it slightly as I pulled it to roll it up, and Athena immediately cowered- absolutely terrified.
It broke my heart, I wasn’t even facing her or close to her, but it still terrified her. ): Needless to say, I gave her a really nice treat and some good pets. I showed her the cord too, to tell her there’s no reason to be scared. She recovered quick and snuggled in my lap, so don’t worry. It just makes me sad. None of my other dogs ever reacted like that before to something like this, you know?
I love her a lot, man.
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catboyfuyao · a day ago
OK but post novel xianlie quartet, Xie Lian is happily munching on a half burned bun he made, sweetly remarking how lovely it is that feng xin and mu qing are finally getting along to hua cheng(who alternates between glaring at them and lovingly staring at his husband),meanwhile fxmq are locked in an intense staring contest/communication/angry flirting(?)that consists of eyebrow raises and rolled eyes
yes!!!! exactly!!!!! this is the vision <3 the casual domesticity and the continuation of the friction and xie lian actually being right that fxmq are getting along and thats just how theyve learned to interact at this point but the sting and the hurt has gone out of it for the most part they just like to bicker and get under each others skin i mean i do think for them that all their actual grievances aside there is also the element that attention is attention like theyre not willing to just let it all go and ignore each other they clearly mean a lot to each other despite the anger... honestly i love thinking about post-canon quartet like i dont think they would all ever fully get along peacefully that often if at alll but they could learn to coexist for xie lian's sake and it would be really funny tbh. i love how feng xin and mu qing kind of put aside their differences when theyre suspicious of hua cheng which is so real when you dont like your mutual friends new boyfriend imo youre like "okay i know we dont get along all the time but we can agree that guy sucks" and i think that would kind of continue although i do think its a bit more chill post-canon but still it would take a lot for the three of them to actually become friends but you know what? reluctant friends-in-law is a painfully real dynamic as well... anyway love the inclusion of the half-burned bun and as ive said before i think xie lian's cooking can be the thing that finally gets fengqing together i believe it in my heart like that time they went to visit him during his year alone and then left when he offered to cook in my heart i know then ending up eating dinner together i think its a tiny little gift echoing down from xie lian's mom who was fond of them both i like to think about her presence continuing on after 800 years even if no one really brings her up anymore its about the little things that reflect the people who were important to us and how they still matter even when theyre gone they still live on in tiny ways through us and they still ripple outwards and continue to affect our loved ones in different ways ANYWAY post-canon fengqing has such a special place in my heart and i love thinking about hua cheng still lowkey or highkey hating them but also being really amused by them.... would he be the competitive type about their relationship vs his relationship or would he be too busy making heart eyes at xie lian to care? open to discussion but i think it would be funny if he was like "ugh THATS what you got feng xin for his birthday? i wouldnt be surprised if he leaves you" to mu qing OR COUNTERPOINT what if xie lian was the one who got funny about it.... im unsure but i am laughing either way
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limbowiccan · 2 days ago
I might open up small sketch ko-fi commissions to save up for something I want to get that is Loki related...
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empcratriz · 2 days ago
With tired eyes and a sigh of exhaustion, the princess flops onto her bed. She doesn’t bother to change into something more comfortable, she is far too tired. Instead she accepts that she is now one with her bed. Should anyone try to interrupt her attempt at sleep, they may face the consequences.
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emigmatic · 3 days ago
update for moots and people who care :)
so I'm basically acting as a live-in nanny for some close family friends. I'll be doing this for a few weeks, on top of my kinda crazy college course. I thought I would have some time to get writing in, but now I'm not even sure I'll be able to get all of my homework done each week haha....
So, until I'm done babysitting, I most likely will not be posting any new content. I might have little blurbs about ideas, but I highly doubt I'll find the time to sit down and keyboard smash 5k words. (Any spare time will be spent napping.)
I'm also not gonna be very active on here. If you want to reach me you can always shoot me a message or tag me, but my response time is gonna be all over the place.
That's all, I just wanted to let y'all know that I am, in fact, still alive. I'm not dead in a ditch. I'm just dead tired after chasing a toddler and a pair of doggos around for a whole day :)
#aaaaaaand now we get the juicy update here in the tags ahahaha#but first i must fill space so people who dont care bout my life dont have to read bout my life :)#emi rants#thats probably good enough#LALAKDJSKJFKSKDKFNDKFJJX#i hung out with gamer guy again and fed him ceviche and watched him put up wooden cabinets#i really like guys who are good with their hands ahahahahahah :))))))#anyways#LSKFJAKDNNXKSJAJJS UGH#im just so done with myself rn#pulling into his driveway my heart was beating sO FAST#i silent screamed in the car for a minute before i went inside bc idk how to cope#i hadnt seen him since mid april and i really really really missed him :(#i took them some shrimp ceviche bc shrimp ceviche. (real ones will understand)#and then. and THEN.#his mom was like 'oh emi stay for supper we have plenty of food and you have GOT to try ceviche with rice'#and i was all lajfks bc i didnt want to overstep my bounds or intrude so i asked him if its ok and#i was all 'are you sure its okay? i dont want to intrude'#and this guy. this gamer guy#this absolute moron.#he says 'if i didnt want you to i wouldnt be offering'#holy shit dude. talk about an instant ko#i know i blushed. i know i did. holy shit how could i not??? oh my god man.#anyways so i stayed for supper and talked with them and teased him with his mom and then watched him put up cabinets with his dad#and pet the dog who is the only poodle mix on this planet that i can stand to deal with.#it was so good. so so good. weve been snapping more and texting more too#bruh he texted me today and we argued about sports and i could not stop grinning like an idiot.#anyone who saw me would be able to immediately tell who i was texting#the worst part is that i think im starting to worm my way into his heart bc hes so stupidly soft around me??? idk#but he doesnt wanna date anyone bc his mom is sick and im okay with the way things are :)
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