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#music of the week
ameetingplace · 4 hours ago
How could anyone ever fight it
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1-kiara-1 · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
When God puts you through something and you ask him; “Why me God.” and every time you asked God whispered back; “why not you?” See, every time you cried, beaten yourself up, feeling down, looked yourself in the mirror and said: “I’m not good enough.” You always got back up. You kept walking, you had the strength. That was God picking you back up and pushing you to keep walking, that was God telling you to get up because journeys not over..this is just the the end you will get the crown of life.(James 1:12)So what are you waiting for? Get up and go fight in his name.
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sassy-kunoichi · 15 hours ago
#WEEK 7#OH MY GOD WEEK 7#week 7 spoilers ahead dont read the tags if you haven’t played it#tamale you were right waiting to play this was a mistake#the first song the entire time i couldn’t focus because i kept glancing over at the girlfriend to make sure they weren’t gonna try anything#funny while i was playing#i also found it funny how she was just vibing to the music at gunpoint#idk how to feel about tank man though#like i don’t love him and i don’t hate him#THE CUTSCENE WAS SO WELL DONE#also how did bf and gf even GET there in the first place#“babe we should have a date at a restricted military site”#anyways the second song was really good#(as to be expected of fnf)#BUT THE THIRD SONG#THE THIRD SONG#WHEN I TELL YOU I SCREECHED WHEN PICO CAME OUT#I’M EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO PICO AND GIRLFRIEND FOR NO REASON#but i also want to see what would’ve happened if pico hadn’t shown up 👀#i feel like girlfriend would’ve murdered everyone#I COULDNT EVEN PAY ATTENTION TO THE NOTES BECAUSE I WAS WORRIED ABOUT PICO#I WAS SO WORRIED ABT HIM FOR NO REASON#AND THE WAY HE SHOT TO THE BEAT OF THE MUSIC...#i wanted to fight tankman through the screen when he insulted pico#ok let me stop ranting about pico#the way the bf held the gf his arms while battling at the same time 🥺#if my future boyfriend can’t do that for me i don’t need him#and when everything ended the kickstarter thing started playing#and you can bet your behind i’m gonna donate to the kickstarter#i KNOW this game’s gonna be amazing.
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fgyoonieee · 22 hours ago
playlist of the week
explosions by ellie goulding
wash & set by leikeli47
la sandunguera by nathy peluso
stop the world I wanna get off with you by arctic monkeys 
immortal by marina
heartless by the weeknd
wasted by nnamdï
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wr0temyway0ut · 2 days ago
On the Edge of Great - A Julie Playlist
Tumblr media
Track listing under the cut!
More JATP playlists!
1. Lucidity - Mia Stegner
2. Note To Self - Meet Me @ The Altar
3. Karma - AJR
4. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
5. To Noise Making (Sing) - Hozier
6. Get Up - Mother Mother
7. Comeback Kid - New Politics
8. Family - Mother Mother
9. Could Have Been Me - The Struts
10. Glitter & Gold - Barns Courtney
11. SING - My Chemical Romance
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virtuosin · 2 days ago
{{  Passing out but bless each and every one of you. Thank you for being patient with me as always, and thank you to those who checked in on me during my godawful week last week. You’re wonderful, appreciated, and beloved. <3  }}
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gohyuck · 3 days ago
I don’t have any favourites but I’ve been obsessively listening to the same sad songs like daddy issues and cry baby by the neighbourhood, cinnamon girl by lana del rey, let me down slowly by alec benjamin and pity party by melanie martinez
also what happened? do you have a lot of assignments or something? try to take a nap when you have free time :(
long story short last night my friends and i got pretty majorly hammered and i woke up at 2 pm (i don’t get hangovers bc i always drink enough water and pee regularly while drinking!!) which is. i mean lbr. super late wakeup time y’know. so i’m just like... awake now lol
and omg those are all good but let me down slowly is fr one of my cry-to songs... 3:00 am by finding hope also fits the sad song vibe imo
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shemakesmusic-uk · 3 days ago
Track of the Week: ‘Purge the Poison’ by MARINA
MARINA will release new album ANCIENT DREAMS IN A MODERN LAND on June 11. The record is her first since 2019's LOVE + FEAR, and finds MARINA working alongside James Flanigan and Jennifer Decilveo on six tracks.
Out on June 11, the record is teased by bombastic new single 'Purge The Poison'. It's a fun drenched return, but as ever there's a rich potency to MARINA's lyricism. [via Clash]
Check out more of our favourite songs this week via out Spotify playlist below.
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tigerteal · 4 days ago
i found old art i made of applejack in 2012 the other day :) yes i was a closeted mlp fan during its first 3 seasons
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I was tagged by @let-the-sun-rain-down-on-meee for this tag game, thank youuu! ^^
Tag mutuals you want to get to know better.
Last song: Some song from this DJ set. I had it playing in the background at breakfast and stopped it somewhere that I can’t remember (maybe past 47 minutes), can’t really tell the songs apart either :’D
Last movie: Uhhh some shitty movie that was on TV the other night and I watched it for a while, does that count? Before that, I remember rewatching The Handmaiden for the nth time some time ago.
Currently Watching: Nothing...? I don’t have Netflix or anything, I just watch random things on TV and YouTube sometimes.
Currently Reading: The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall for a course.
Currently Craving: A nap, some help with my homework, and two weeks actually off school with no deadlines or independent study zzz...
I tag @anchorghost, @piercethewolves, @no-heaven-without-hell-beneath, @oliviadtd, @ireachedthecoldpitsofhell, @you-promised-me-the-world, if you want to do this :) (Basically I’d like to tag all of my mutuals but I’m a bit scared so :’D But if anyone else is interested, feel free! ^^)
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