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#music major
hi-raethia11 hours ago
something鈥檚 fruity about all those string players. what鈥檚 your limp so wrist for. proper bow hold? why don鈥檛 you hold my hand coward
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leeshmusic16 hours ago
Major Lazer ft. Wild Belle - b2gether (MIJA REMIX)
Another goodie.
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fictionally-fantastica day ago
because i feel bad about how long this chapter is taking, have my writing playlist for the fic! basically just songs that remind me of the characters and how i want some of their relationships to be and grow :)
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katiebug-ladybuga day ago
i hate giving film majors the why are we listening to neutral milk hotel before 10 am? go to therapy
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Little Green Men
a little 4/20 adjacent ficlet because I can't help myself
modern au - pre relationship but definitely soft
tw: Jaskier is high
Geralt glances up when he hears Jaskier come tumbling through the front door. His heeled, rhinestone studded ankle boots clack quietly across the floor as he makes his unsteady way from the coat closet to the living room, where Geralt is sitting on the couch watching X-Files with a half-eaten bag of gummy worms in his lap. The younger man peers around the corner; his eyes are bleary and red-rimmed but his gaze is fond and his smile is wide. It's Geralt's private opinino that the official dictionary definition of mirth should include a high-resolution, full-color photograph of Jaskier smiling.
The music theory student waves excitedly, as if his best friend and roommate isn't sitting merely a few feet away. "Geralt, my darling, how lovely that you're still awake!"
"You hung out with Yenn and Priss for four-twenty, didn't you?"
"Mmhmmmmm," Jaskier hums. He follows the hum with a quiet, sweet little giggle that does something absolutely stupid to Geralt's heart. "And I'm... fucked up, buttercup."
"Hmm. I can tell."
"Geralt," Jaskier pouts, swaying a little in place. "It was chilly on my walk back home and my feet hurt and I'm sleepy. Let me snuggle you a little bit to warm up? Pretty please, dear heart?"
It isn't fair. Jaskier knows how much Geralt loves that pet name. The name Jaskier saves only for Geralt, for these moments when they're all alone and the rest of the world seems so inconsequential.
"Jaskier," the older student frowns, gut stirring uncomfortably when he realizes again just how much his feelings for Jaskier have changed since they first became friends, "You're not in your right mind. You should go change into pajamas and sleep off your... adventure."
"You're no fun," Jaskier replies, sticking his tongue out. He spins on his heel and marches off toward his bedroom, heels clicking and clacking as he walks. Geralt hears him muttering under his breath: "Stupid thick-skulled history majors and their broody nonsense. I can't believe I-"
The flow of words is cut off when Jaskier slams his bedroom door shut behind him. Geralt sighs and sinks further into the couch, guilty and ashamed of his behavior just a moment ago. Jaskier only wanted someone to be close with; he was the sort of creature that needed the warmth of other people to survive.
Geralt could be happy to live in a little hut in the middle of nowhere, Shrek-style, and never see the civilization again.
Jaskier would go bonkers without someone else to talk to/at/with. Geralt knows already that he's willing to be that person for now and forever.
But that's not the issue at hand. No, the issue is Geralt's apparently never-ending stupidity. He stands and stretches before making his way down the hall. He pauses in front of Jaskier's room and takes a deep breath. Then he knocks. "Jaskier?"
From inside comes a muffled: "What do you want?"
"I'm sorry for being snippy, Jaskier. Do you still want to snuggle?"
A brief pause. Some shuffling. Then: "Are you watching a scary episode?"
"You think every episode of the X-Files is scary," Geralt replies, the smile obvious in his tone. Jaskier's door opens to reveal the younger man's mussed brown hair and half-lidded eyes. He's wearing one of Geralt's old Kaer Morhen High School t-shirts (a detail that only speeds the pace of Geralt's already racing heart) and loose cotton pajama bottoms in a pale shade of pink. Geralt takes another, deeper breath before continuing. "If you really want to snuggle and warm up with me, I have plenty of gummy worms and room on the couch and, just to prove that I am truly sorry, I will hide your face during the scary parts."
"My hero!" Jaskier declares, leaping forward to throw his arms around Geralt's neck. The history major allows his hands to rest on Jaskier's slender hips for a moment before he pulls away. He takes the brunette by the hand and leads him back to the living room, navigating him between piles of laundry and various displaced pillows. Geralt wraps a fuzzy pumpkin-print blanket around Jaskier's shoulders and pulls him down onto the couch, tucked closely against the larger man's side. Geralt tries to hide his giddiness when Jaskier wiggles his way under Geralt's arm and presses one side of his face into the patch of shirt over Geralt's collarbone, "Now I know I'm safe from the aliens."
"I wouldn't even let them get close enough to touch you," Geralt asserts. He clamps his mouth shut as the words have left it, the pinkening of his cheeks mostly hidden by the dim light from the television. If Jaskier notices he doesn't say anything; instead he lays his head against Geralt's shoulder, still smiling broadly and hazy-eyed.
"I know you wouldn't let me come to any harm. You're too strong and fast and brave," the music student sighs wistfully. "I can always count on you to protect me and help me when I'm feeling down, Geralt. You're so fucking kind. Your heart is enormous and so full of love for the world, even when the world is unfairly shitty to you. That's why I love you so much, you know. Your big fuckin' heart."
"Hmm. Not my butt?"
"No, but your butt is definitely an added bonus. I could watch you walk up and down stairs all day long and never get bored."
Geralt chuckles quietly. He places a feather-light kiss to the top of Jaskier's nest of messy brown hair. The music student relaxes his entire body against Geralt's, letting himself be held steady by the older student.
The X-Files plays on but neither man is really paying that much attention, too content to be close with the other. Too unwilling to let the moment pass unnoticed, unobserved, unmemorized.
They won't admit their feelings to each other for a little while yet but this... this is the beginning of something beautiful.
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the-world-lit-or-unlit2 days ago
Me: Has read both Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre, in which the heroines play only "a little," multiple times.
Also me: If I don't start practicing an hour a day and if I don't improve my piano playing exceptionally, I will never find love.
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caitlynnstudies2 days ago
Day 88/100: 04/20
The Art of Doing Absolutely F#$%!ing Nothing
I think this is definitely one of my favourite posts yet.
About 2016/2017, I was in tenth grade. I think I was in the same boat as I was in this year: super burnt out, tired, not wanting to do anything AT ALL. It was horrible and I just wanted high school to just end already. It felt SO LONG. It also didn't help that, every morning to make sure I felt prepared for the day, I woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning everyday to go to school at 7am, then stay at school until 5pm at the latest two days a week, and sometimes go to bed at the most ungodliest of hours. It was the worst routine of my life, needless to say.
One day though, I found an app called Headspace. Now I was a super quirky teenager, listening to Dodie Clark and watching Dan Howell back when he was still in the closet, still danisnotonfire and Phil Lester and going through a very late, very unfortunate emo phase. I never really thought of meditation as something worthwhile, and every time in my grade 9 fitness class we had guided meditation, I either A) fell asleep or B) cried for the entire hour and a half. (But softly because I didn't want anyone to hear me WAIL) TLDR; meditation to Grade 10 Caitlyn: not worth her time.
But, on the 6am bus ride to my school, I tried the app out. It wasn't anything special to me at the time, it was just an app that guided me through breathing exercises with a guy who had a nice voice. But then it wasn't until maybe halfway through it where I closed my eyes and just did and thought nothing where it gave me the biggest impact. Doing the meditation told me to do nothing. No music, no fiddling with my phone or fidgeting with my bag. Just doing nothing but listening to the meditation, and helping me master the art of doing absolutely nothing.
I ended up losing this skill for a while since it is a paid subscription, but I recently took it up this year again and paid the subscription. It's an AWESOME tool to have and it's something I know that makes my life better by having at least 10 minutes in a day where I do nothing. And those are the most thrilling. (This meditation thing is also on Netflix!)
So if you have the chance, try it! if you can't get it, all it is is to focus on your breathing, feel the sensations of the body where you are at that moment and let your mind focus on letting go. this will change your life.
Have a great day friends!
- Your favourite Asian
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plss-let-me-sleep3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Stills: London Grammar performing their new album 鈥楥alifornian Soil鈥 live for the first time ever.
Watch here:
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starduststudyblr4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
apr 18 2021
馃嵂饾殣饾殬饾殨饾殟饾殠饾殫 饾殤饾殬饾殲饾殯馃嵂
i'm officially done my classes for my first year of uni! exams are this week and i have a ton of stuff to finish in the next few days. thankfully i'm not having as much of a breakdown as i was this time last semester, so i'm counting that as a win. good luck to everyone writing exams in the next few weeks!馃槉
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shards-of-divinity4 days ago
*plays Bodhi meditation song on flute and hopes it's works as well for as me as it does Zhou Zishu*
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zestychille5 days ago
Major Lazer - Light it Up (remix FT Nyla & Fuse ODG)
Bringing back one from 2016 that went down as one of my lasting favorites.
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