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stronghopelovefaith · 2 days ago
Rewatching “Outlander” from the beginning is such a wonderful experience. To see Jamie and Claire slowly falling in love again, knowing what kind of complicated journey they have ahead of them. They have always been and will always be one of my favorite fictional couples and OTPs. And also to see so many great “old”  characters that have already sadly passed away and also to know how many wonderful characters are yet to arrive. To make some connections between certain events that you didn’t figure out earlier. And the excitement is still present, because plot is so colorful, multilayered and well-written that one can’t possibly remember everything by heart. I just love this show so much and can’t wait for season 6. 
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ivorydragoness44 · 2 days ago
Hello there, I hope you're doing well :)
Out of curiosity, I was wondering what sort of content you are more interested in or want more of or more frequently. Such as art, fanart, fanfiction, imagines, fandom inspired merch (which I'm designing like crazy lol), Darth Maul in general, a Darth Maul calendar that I scrapped but sorta shared???
Let me know via reply or message (even as anon).
Thank you, and I hope you have a pleasant day :)
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saphira-approves · 3 days ago
human!dragons figure skating AU where dragon and rider pairs
are figure skating pairs
(and yeah we’re throwing the “one Man and one Lady” rule out. also the “only Men can do lifts” rule. the ISU can fight me.)
Imagine, if you will, a tall, beefy Saphira dressed in shimmering sapphire sequins and floaty gossamer-tulle skirts, lifting Eragon clad in blue velvet over her head;
Murtagh and Thorn dressed in twin red rhinestone numbers, making an entire audience weep at the emotion of their performance;
Arya all in velvety black, and Fírnen in beaded green coattails, gliding along in synchronized footwork that flows seemlessly into serpentine lifts and spins…
pair skates, y’all. gotta love em.
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secretsolstice · 4 days ago
Guys I found the trinity of tall dark and handsome in fantasy and our childhoods
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fictionkinfessional · 4 days ago
I will never not be bitter for how completely and utterly alone the King and my father forced me to be. Whether they knew it or not. Between where I came from, who I was, and what I was forced to do, I couldn't find a home with anyone. No one. The Varden, the Elves, the entirety of Alagaesia... It didn't matter -who- I wanted to be with. They didn't want me. ----Murtagh (Inheritance Cycle)
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where-dreamers-go · 6 days ago
Cuddle date avoid Roran, Eragon and Murtagh
Uh oh.
Cuddle: Murtagh? He definitely needs them. But so does Thorn. He'd probably be very cautious about the whole idea.
Date: Eragon. Maybe... At least he would always be honest. Then again, in dating, he would probably over share. He'd leave nothing unsaid and have fun the whole time.
Avoid: Roran. The guy could accidentally gesture with his hands while talking and knock me out. Respectful distance.
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boyneriver-fraser · 7 days ago
What a wonderful review of TV Murtagh’s Outlander journey. The scenes with Jamie and with Claire are particularly poignant, and the ones with Brianna, Fergus (wee and grown), Marsali, and Young Ian show the godfather’s love for the next generation. Despite the inclusion of that slut Jocasta, this video is a treasure for TV Murtagh fans. (We keep all video of Real Life Murtagh™️ at home, under lock and key.)
#Outlander #Fan art #Julia LeBlanc #Murtagh FitzGibbons Fraser ⚔️ #YouTube #215 #050121
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inheritance-cycles · 7 days ago
If you were in control of the cast for an Eragon reboot, who would you pick?
Idk about the rest of the characters, but I could see Kristin Kreuk as Arya. :)
Tumblr media
I’m seriously curious! What is your dream cast?
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enastrcs · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
{ @psychewrote​ asked: ❝ there is a response to such an insult. but it would not be appropriate here. ❞ / from marsali for murtagh ! }
Tumblr media
“No, it wouldna be,” Murtagh replied, calmly situating himself between Marsali and the man who had offended her. Though he didn’t dare doubt Marsali and her abilities. (Or her temper.) 
“And we dinna need a fight on our hands today, do we?”
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moonussie · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⚔ What would we do without Murtagh ⚔🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
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where-dreamers-go · 10 days ago
Eragon and Inheritance Cycle Masterlist 2
(A/N: Since Tumblr is deciding that my first Eragon masterlist doesn’t exist when quick searching on my side blog here just to edit...I’ll make a part 2.)
ASK -Eragon and Murtagh’s reaction to Modern!Reader slapping a man for assaulting a woman. More like Reader lecturing the man. 584 words.
. . .
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livedtough · 11 days ago
@overlordmorzan​ said: “Murtagh, I have some news to discuss.” Fortunately Morzan was in a good mood (brandy in hand nonetheless), smiling serenely to his son. “It’s really quite important. Come have a drink with me.” (His dragon remarked: I doubt he will ever care to drink with you...) Morzan’s smile faded from the comment. He rolled his eyes, gaze shifting from Murtagh for a moment until he explained simply then amended his request, “Mara. Never mind, come eat dinner then.”
Murtagh did not, as a rule, like when his father said he had news. He didn’t much like any time his father wanted to talk to him, but he seemed in a decent enough mood--or, at the very least, he held a glass in his hand, which could be a sign of ease, or one that threatened dark anger. For the latter point, he had a scar on his back to prove it. But to deny his father was to risk that anger, so the boy did as he was asked, taking steps to close the distance between him and his father.
Eyebrows rose in response to the  unheard conversation between man and dragon, though he had no expectation that he would be clued in, he was grateful to be. He nodded, sitting by Morzan, expression only now taking on an air of curiosity, and when he spoke his voice took the same to match, “What is it, father?”
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livedtough · 12 days ago
@overlordmorzan said: “Murtagh! What the hell are you doing?”
“Nothing, father.” 
Body turns to face the elder, young heart beating with a hummingbird’s wings in his chest. Guilt crawls across his skin like an army of ants, twists at his insides, but he hadn’t thought he had been doing anything wrong. 
(Do children ever think they are doing wrong?)
“I was just going to--” What? “--I was going to see if the stable hand needed help. I’ve finished with my lessons, and I like spending time with the horses...”
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cajon-desastre · 12 days ago
To have compassion for those who suffer is a human quality which everyone should possess, especially those who have required comfort themselves in the past and have managed to find it in others.
Giovanni Boccaccio. The Decameron
Tumblr media
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enastrcs · 13 days ago
{ @timeshackled​ liked! }
Tumblr media
“Claire! Are ye alright? Where’s Jamie?”
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