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#multiple chapters
bionicbarnes · 4 days ago
Masterpost: You Weren’t My Mission (Bucky x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky Barnes is working his way through his list of names, and you're on it after having been a casualty in one of the Winter Soldier's missions in 2012. As he makes his amends, you try to get to know him in an attempt to un-work the difficult memories you've held onto all of these years since the attack. Being friendly with your former nightmare has its complications, but one thing leads to another that happens to make that easier.
[This is a loose summary, as I am in the process of writing the story and am not 100% certain of all of its contents]
Content: fem!reader, slow burn, angst, eventual smut (none yet), bucky makin amends in more ways than one iykwim
TW: sexual content (not yet) and mentions of ptsd, violence
Chapter 1 – A Second Encounter
Chapter 2 – Making Amends
To be continued...
Also available on Wattpad and AO3
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slightlycrunchy · 4 days ago
I like starting stories. I don’t like finishing them.
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thetpot · 4 days ago
seven sentences game
rules: post the last 7 sentences you wrote and tag 7 people
thanks for the tag, @the-cloud-whisperer! this came at a good time. luckily, the last 7 sentences i wrote don’t contain any major spoilers for after the flame, a pause, only a suggestion of where the story is headed - but if you’d like to avoid knowing anything at all, feel free to scroll on by. this is from chapter 11. 
Zuko caught only a few moments with Suki before her days were consumed by meetings with the palace guard. All over the city, unnoticed except by those who knew what to look for, security measures tightened. The days ticked past and the palace guard in Suki's meetings were replaced by the Fire Nation's elite spies; whatever security discussions happened there had her returning with shadowed eyes. Zuko didn't ask, and she didn't tell.
The Earth King's delegation, led by Shen, arrived and was welcomed with a banquet. The Avatar's absence was a point carefully skirted past by all parties involved. The dinner concluded with the intention of commencing negotiations the following day and Zuko was numb with exhaustion, too tired to feel worry, too tired to feel surprise, when he returned to his chambers to find Aang perched on his bed.
i’m tagging @praetorqueenreyna, @lady-tortilla-chip, @thinkingisadangerouspastime, @slpytea, @foxy-knowledgeseeker, @irresistible-revolution, @richardcampbellganseytheiiird. feel free to ignore :)
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starculler · 8 days ago
finally hammering out the basic plot for the ROTS AU i've been thinking about and what started as a 3-5k idea sparked by a prompt is turning into a 3-part, multichapter series from at least 4 different characters' points of view and i'm just sitting here thinking about why i can't just write a oneshot like a normal goddamn person
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robot-hands · 9 days ago
im writing a travis phelps fic while listening 2 last words of a shooting star. u already know
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bts-ao3-recs · 10 days ago
The Heavens Roll Away - Runchrandom (infraredphaeton)
PARRING: namgi / rm x suga
SUMMARY: Yoongi is a hacker who steals broke university student Namjoon's identity, and quickly decides that he can't just leave this kid living this way. After that, well, he really should have known that it would spiral out of control. --- YOONGI (17:29): okay, so don’t freak out, but i’ve decided you need some help YOONGI (17:29): and i am uniquely in a situation where i can help you YOONGI (17:30): i’m sure you’ve noticed the change in your finances YOONGI (17:31): bitch are you even reading these?? YOONGI (17:32): fine, i’ll wait
BIBI’S THOUGHTS: feels like wattpad, but it's super enjoyable lol
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newtcallsmetommy · 10 days ago
You ever have those people that comment under practically every chapter of your fic and you're just like "I hope you know your existence gives me so much serotonin"
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thehairingrove · 14 days ago
Harringrove April Day 24- Afterlife
tw religious themes
Neon lights, broken glass, a monster screech, searing pain, relief. Billy looked down in just enough time to see the monster pull back from where it had impaled him, the ground rushing towards his face.
There was no moment where his life flashed before his like everyone in the movies talked about, all he saw was Max. He couldn’t hear her, he could just feel himself dying, tasting blood in his mouth as he tried to form an apology.
For everything he’d done, by his own accord and by the monsters, for everything he hadn’t done and would never be able to do. He was sorry not only to Max, but to all of her friends and to his own, but mostly to himself.
It was a terrible way to die, but at least it was quick, he thinks. He was never supposed to get a happy ending anyways. You sin, you repent. You don’t repent, you go to hell, and well, Billy never knew how exactly he was supposed to earn forgiveness when his sin was being himself, simply existing, so.
Still, he tried to make sure things would be different. He went to every service, prayed every night like a good Christian was supposed to and tried to make up for being the way he was, but those things just felt just like a performance. Especially now that he was dying, he knows all of that was just futile attempts at pleasing the man upstairs that had gotten him nowhere near any closer to the pearly gates.
He’s terrified, but he thinks he deserves what’s coming all the same. As much as he’d like to see a familiar face once he goes, he knows he doesn’t have a place in paradise.
Honestly he doesn’t think he minds it so much, where he goes after it happens; he just wants to be away from all the suffering.
Not just the pain, but everything that had led up to it, what he’d seen and done, he deserved this fate. He should repent for those he’d hurt, those he’d killed.
He just feels bad he won’t get to spend all of eternity with those he cares about, watching from down below as Max exchanges her ticket with the angels. Maybe Steve at least would end up with him too, since he was a sinner all the same, at least in the dark of the night, every third night out at the quarry, but he feels like shit for even thinking that.
But, as the mall blurs to nothingness around him, just before the unseen forces could fulfill those worries and wishes, Billy wakes up.
His alarm clock goes off on the bedside table, and he startles so badly he falls out of his bed.
Frantically he searches for the gaping hole in his chest, the bleeding bite marks all along his sides, but they come back with nothing. He lets his head fall back and hit the floor, and laughs, exasperated. It had all been a dream.
He picks himself up off the floor, catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror, and he freezes. Minutes pass as he stares at his reflection, creeping sense of dread like something was missing sending a chill up his spine.
He could imagine the blood all down his torso, the monster that had impaled him looming behind him in his reflection. His mirror image moving just a little bit in a way he hadn’t, blinking too many times, a twitch at the corner of his lip he didn’t feel.
Memories come rushing back, shattering glass and tires squealing, broken ribs and chemical burns, red hot heat, gun fire, fireworks, his blood on the tiles, agony like he’d never felt before. He wasn’t the most responsible when it came to what he put in his body, but no amount of the cheap drugs he could find at parties could make him feel all of that .
It hadn’t been a dream. He had lived through all of that and he died.
Now he was in his room, and according to his calendar it was the 27th of June, two days before he was, or would be, possessed by the shadow. He had to get to the bottom of this. Fast.
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hermitreunited · 15 days ago
I was tagged by @goldieknocks, @fanthings, and @softforklave Thanks you guys!
Rules: share your most recent line from your WIP (any WIP) and tag the same amount of people as there are words.
Well, okay, so. My fondness for sentence fragments makes my most recent tua wip sentences not very illuminating at all. But since that’s three people tagging me and I have three fanfic wips I am going to share them all. Unfortunately, the interesting one is not tua at all I’m sorryyy
It’s a question of degrees. <-  from There’s Going to Be Some Changes
(No he wouldn’t.) <- from Everybody Loves a Vacation
It turns out that years of wishing you could talk to your dead mom doesn’t do much to prep you when that conversation actually comes around. <- from a gotg fic that I last updated in uhhh 2017 but I have for some reason come back around to writing and anyway this is possibly a big spoiler except, as I’ve said, this is from 2017 so there is no way that anyone knows and/or cares
I’m going to pick the first one for how many people to tag because I actually know 5 people! make the rules work for you
@wireless-telegraph @totallynotremus @cowgaykermit @intricatecakes and @courtneytarynofficial if you want to, of course! no pressure. and anyone who wants to share and tag me, that would be neat, I love seeing what people are doing! <3
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softlybarnes · 17 days ago
hey I have a question and I know this sounds silly, and you can answer this privately if you'd like, but I have to ask, do you have an ending planned for the 3B & bucky story? And if so, will it be a happy ending ? I have a lot of trouble reading multi chapter fics because the anxiety of what might come keeps me from them, but if I know that theres a good end in sight I can read it much easier ! I hope this doesnt bother you, I'm really enjoying the story !
i do have an ending planned! this is the first story where i actually have each chapter planned out. ive never given a ‘bad’ ending. everything i write has a good or at least positive ending 
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harrystinyshorts · 19 days ago
Can we hear more about ur college fic?
Hmm what exactly do you want to know? I’m won’t give too much away besides sharing small snippets so don’t go crazy with the questions 😅
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Does anyone know the Dark Steve Rogers x Reader fic where reader is homeless and living in her car, and Nomad Steve ends up becoming obsessed with helping her? I think he commandeers her car while she's still in it (she's like sleeping in the back and he didn't know she was there, so she wakes up to him driving?), then does little things to "help" her, then assaults her in the back seat and kidnaps her? I think he steals her car again and takes her to an airplane.
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