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#multifandom event
sallowhillshq · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
EVENT 003: the awakening
in the deep woods, in the early morning of beltane, a fire was lit. larger than anyone had ever attempted in these woods due to fear of angering the creatures inside. yet this was a matter of life-and-death for the townsfolk gathered around the fire, old relics dug up by emmet sallow himself held aloft in their hands. this was a matter of keeping not only the town alive, but also themselves. 
the goal had been simple for the cult of original residents: wake the fabled red dragon buried under the forest, bid them to rid the town of the new travelers, and be done with the whole affair. in their haste, the cult members did not account for one detail: waking the red dragon would also wake it’s mortal enemy, the white dragon that slept next to it. their fear of the other creatures attacking led them to botch the ritual, to miss a few key phrases that would keep both dragons in a better temperament. 
what happened was this: the cult woke the dragons. the dragons regarded this as a very bad and controversial move. a few members were gobbled up by the white dragon, only to continue its battle for the land with the red dragon. 
their dueling fire lit up the night sky brighter than even the bright of midsummer, burning down hundreds of trees and even the fence that kept sallow hills’ relative peace. the screams from both the residents of town come to see the battle and the dragons themselves shook the very earth. 
death was fortunately kept to a minimum. it wasn’t long after the battle had started that several people had spotted armes sallow carrying the original copy of dr. sallow’s bestiary in hand, several people in lab coats trudging behind her into the woods, into the eye of the dragon-created storm.  
officially, the statement both armes sallow and her affiliates at the research center have put out is that the whole event had been blown massively out of proportion. a small group of radicals from the edges of town, spurred on by wildly inaccurate legends, accidentally hit a vein of incredibly concentrated carbon dioxide while attempting to destroy one of the natural hills in the woods surrounding the town. the damage was simply caused by explosions of the gas interacting with the gas lamps used to light the town. 
no need to pay attention to the claw marks that scrape by the few pieces of fence remaining intact.
                                              i.  regrowth
no matter what conspiracy theory the townsfolk subscribe to about what happened, everyone can agree the need to rebuild the fence surrounding the town and help clear away the damaged trees in the forest for fire safety reasons. 
interested parties can head to town hall to speak to the mayor’s assistant, finn, in order to sign up for either the reconstruction efforts or the replanting efforts!
                    ii.  reconsider   ever since the dragons- or gas, as the official statement goes- had destroyed part of the town and the woods, the dragon eggs have been acting strangely. Intense heat has been emanating from them and eggs left in one spot will be found in a completely different area, potentially even a different room. 
no one truly understands what is happening to these eggs. the research center is asking for more of these eggs to further study the phenomenon, but after the incident, trust in them is at an all time low.
                   iii.  retry
some members of the cult are not happy with the outcome of the events. the ones from the more extremist half of the cult agree there was not enough damage done, that not enough of these new travelers were hurt in the battle.
they have decided to take matters into their own hands. residents from other realities, other worlds, have reported an increase in stalking, by hooded figures ducking behind back alleys. various screams have been heard from separate parts of town, but no bodies have been found.
the neighborhood watch says it’s only an increase in creature attacks caused by the lack of fence around the town. however, most residents refuse to believe that, fearing that they might be next.
hello members! here we have the three parts for our event with added backstory! if needed, we will be happy to post clarification for any questions you have!
the event will begin at midnight pst on the 10th of may and will run until midnight pst on the 21st of may. the start of the event will be announced by a post on the main.
characters are allowed to participate in any part of the event! they can participate in only one, two, or all three parts! the decision is entirely up to the individual mun’s discretion.
we ask that you place all current threads on hold until after the event.
after the event is over, you will be given 48 hours to wrap up your event threads and start new ones/continue pre-event threads.
every update will be tagged with ‘event003′ and also linked in the event-updates channel of the discord server!
we can’t wait to see what threads and plots come out of the event! we hope you all have fun and happy may!
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sicktember · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
We’re really looking forward to getting to know you all as writers and content creators! Today’s question is:
Have you participated in other writing challenges?  Which ones?
I have participated in @comfortember as well as @friendly-neighborhood-exchange, both were super fun experiences!
I took part in my first writing challenge this past November with  @comfortember  and I really enjoyed that!  I also jumped right into my first ‘fic exchange’ experience this past year by signing up for the @irondad-fic-exchange as both a participant and a pinch-hitter!  That was also a really great experience and I’m really glad that I decided to participate.
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nakunakunomi · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
All these are 2nd person GN reader.
❀ = written and scheduled 
Tumblr media
Black Clover 
Fuegoleon Vermillion 
💧 + ⏰ - When it seems like it’s too late. 
Luck Voltia 
🌈 + 👶
Nozel Silva 
❤ + 🧑‍🦲
William Vangeance 
❤ + 🌜 - Making William come to bed  ❤ +🎵- When you can’t sleep  ❤ + ⏰ ❤ + 👶
Yami Sukehiro 
❤ + 👶 - Meeting a baby Niece 
Tumblr media
❤️ + 📸 - Memories of the past 
Tumblr media
Hitoshi Shinso 
🌈 + 🏀
Izuku Midoriya (Deku) 
❤ + 🧞‍♂️
Kaminari Denki 
❤+ 📸 - When he keeps all your memories 
Katsuki Bakugo 
❤ + 🎈
Keigo Takami (Hawks)  
❤ + 🌜 - Waiting for him to come home  ❤ + 🧦
Shoto Todoroki 
❤ + 🏝
Tumblr media
❤ + 🌜 - When he’s in his human form  ❤️ + 🧦 
❤ + 🏝
Tumblr media
Kamigami no Asobi 
💧 +⏰ - At the cliffside  
❤ + ☔ - When the BBQ is ruined. 
❤️+✨ - Birthday surprise  
Tumblr media
❤️ + 🌜 - Nightly quality time 
🌈 + 🐊 - Making him do his paperwork 
Tumblr media
💧 + 🧦 - Full of regrets  ❤️ + 🧞‍♂️ ❤ + 👶
❤️ + 🧦
💧 +  🧞‍♂️  - Leaving on a mission after a fight  ❤️ + 🛩️
❤ + 🛩 - emotional distance 
❤ + ☔
🌈 + 🎈
❤️ + ⚘ - forcing him to take a break   ❤ + 🌜 
Tumblr media
One Piece 
❤ + 🏝 - At the beach   🌈 + 🧞‍♂️ - His one wish   ❤ +🌙 - When you cannot sleep  ❤️ + 🧦
💧 + 🌜 - When he goes off on his own   ❤+ ☔ - Saving the date 
❤ + ✨ - Stopping at an island  ❤ + 🌜 - when the crew parties  ❤️ + 🛩️ - When he’s too late 
❤ + 🛩 - What happens when you’re apart  ❤️ + 🎵 💧 + ☔ ❤️ + ✨
❤ + 🧦 - Wearing his coat   ❤ + 🏀
❤ + 🏝
❤️+ 🌛 - Late night talks 
🌈 +🎵 ❤ + ✨
❤ + ☔ - Training getting interrupted  
💧+☔ - When the secrets are revealed 
❤️ + ⚘ - Picnicking outside  
❤️+ 🏀- Gamer’s date [modern AU]
❤ + ☔ - After the storm  💧 +🌛 ❤️ + 📸
❤ + ⚘ - Trying to make him go outside  ❤️ + 📸 - Picture present   ❤ + 🏀
💧 + 🛩 - Distancing yourself 
❤️ + 👶  - Helping a lost kid ❤️+ 🎵
💧+🌙 - Having nightmares 
❤ + 👶
❤ + ⚘ - The gift of beauty 
❤ +🎵- when you’re sick 
❤+🏀 - Beach Volleyball with the crew  ❤+👦- Showering each other in love  ❤ + 👶
💧+ ☔️ - When it’s over 
❤ + 🧑‍🦲 - When he’s working 
❤ + 🧞‍♂️ - Tanabata wishes   ❤ + ☔ 
Whitebeard (Edward Newgate) 
❤ + ☔ - The perks of being a couple with Whitebeard ❤ + 🛩 🌈 +🌛
❤ + 🧦
❤ + ☔  -  Towel drying after training 💧+🛩  ❤ + 🐊 ❤ + 👶 ❤ +🎵
Tumblr media
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sicktember · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
We’re really looking forward to getting to know you all as writers and content creators!  Today’s question  is:
What makes you feel better when you’re sick?
We’ll go first!
I always feel so much better after I’ve had a day in bed where I can put on comfort shows or movies and doze in and out of sleep all day. I have trouble sleeping in the daytime so the noise of familiarity helps me zone out. The extra rest, especially when I have a fever, usually gives me the kick start I need to begin feeling better!
When I’m sick, I like to put on my comfiest pajamas and lay under my favorite blankets to read.  But I think what helps the most is when my family pitches in to take care of the tasks I’m typically responsible for.  Not having to worry about those things allows me to relax and get better!
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fiberfic · a month ago
Fiberfic: A Multifandom Fibercraft Writing Event
How it works
Starting on April 18th and going until April 24th, write a fic for any or all of the seven prompts, then post it on tumblr using the tag #fiberfic.
Can this be for any fandom?
Yes!  All fandoms, characters, and ships are allowed.
Is there a required word count?
Fics must be over 500 words.  There is no upper word limit.
Can this be about any craft?
The prompts were created with yarn-based crafts in mind, but any fiber-based craft (e.g. sewing, cross-stitch, embroider, macramé) are allowed.
How closely do I need to interpret the prompt?
The prompt is just there to get you started!  As long as the fic is about fibercraft, you’re good.
Does my fic need to be in English?
No, fics can be any language.
Does my fic have to be posted on the corresponding day?
No, all fics will be accepted any time from April 18th to the 24th.
Day One: Fiber Farm
Day Two: Spinning
Day Three: Hand-dyer
Day Four: Craft Store
Day Five: Pattern-maker
Day Six: Craft Streamer/Youtuber
Day Seven: Finished Project
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sicktember · a month ago
Tumblr media
We’re really looking forward to getting to know you all as writers and content creators!  So, for our first question, we’d like to ask:
What Fandoms Do You Write For?
We’ll go first!
While I’ve only ever written Marvel-Iron Dad content I love to read Harry Potter, Black Butler, Big Hero 6 and BatFam fanfictions sometimes as well.
Currently I write for Marvel- Iron Dad and Spider-Son, though in the past I’ve written for Gilmore Girls, This is Us, Supernatural, and The Outsiders as well!
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sallowhillshq · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
EVENT 002: my bloody valentine is now open!
as it is midnight, our event is officially open for threads! more clues will be dropped soon so keep an eye out for that on the main. and just remember to have fun! if you have any further questions about the event, we’ll be happy to answer them here on the main. 
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sallowhillshq · 2 months ago
our second event is starting tomorrow at midnight pst and the admins here are so excited!   if you haven’t seen all the informational posts about the event,  make sure to check the tag #event002 on our page (click the source link to find it).  some things to note:
we will still be accepting apps during the event!  the admins will do our best to make sure you’re caught up and can participate in it!
all non-event threads must go on pause for the duration of the event (from 12 feb - 26 feb).  we ask that all threads be related to one of the two parts of our event.
if you wish to not take part of the event,  please message the admins immediately so we can work out a hiatus
check the #event002 tag and the event-updates discord channel as we will be dropping clues frequently throughout the event so you all can try to solve the mystery along with your characters!
please be respectful to other muns and mindful of triggers.   this event may lead to discussions of blood, gore, and death.  please ensure you’re tagging all of those things!
kate kane and stephanie brown are leading the official investigation,  so that the admins can control the outflow of information.  however,  please feel free to do your own investigations and/or try to hinder kate and steph’s!
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sallowhillshq · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
EVENT 002: my bloody valentine
a soft, dusting of snow covers the cobblestones, yet the chill does nothing to dispel the merriment from the night before. dancing, singing, and frenzied matchmaking had defined the night, the first of a three day festival celebrating the holiday. 
celebrations had lasted long into the night, until the event coordinators had chased the drunken guests out into the snow, back to their homes to sleep off the intoxication until the next night. revelers stumbled home as the event staff locked up the community center before making their own separate journeys home. 
yet  no one could get that well-needed rest for at dawn a scream was let out. a terrible, terrible thing had been discovered in the middle of town.
how could they think the fragile peace would last? sallow hills has been overdue for a disaster, after all. 
                                 i.  keep as watchman to my heart
the community center has been decorated for a matchmaking dance, starting the night before valentine’s day! dancing, food, a professional matchmaker’s booth, and even a tarot reader in case the truly brave want to test their love against the cards! it’s campy and cute, almost more so than the halloween market. it’s as if everyone is trying to distance themselves from the last time the town attempted to have a lighthearted celebration. 
                                  ii.  show me the steep and thorny way
trigger warnings for this portion of the event:  death
just at dawn, a scream rang out through the streets. a body had been discovered by a poor opener for lawson’s, propped up against the very tree that emmett sallow had planted upon the founding of the town. city officials were quick to erect barriers preventing the residents from looking. never had a body been discovered so carefully placed in the middle of town. 
the calm lull that had come over the town in the past few months was now gone, with accusations flying on all sides. neighbors turned on neighbors, wondering just how this could happen? the creatures in the forest had never been so bold as to leave their... leftovers in the middle of town, the peace holding that much. 
none knew what truly caused this atrocity. they could only hope it would be solved and justice would be served. 
hello members! here we have the two parts for our event! if needed, we will have more posts coming explaining each part in depth along with plot/clue drops before and during the event to help the characters figure out exactly who did it!
the event will begin at midnight pst on the 12th of february and will run until midnight pst on the 26th of february. the start of the event will be announced by a post on the main.
characters are allowed to participate in any part of the event! they can participate in only one or both parts! the decision is entirely up to the individual mun’s discretion.
we ask that you place all current threads on hold until after the event.
after the event is over, you will be given 48 hours to wrap up your event threads and start new ones/continue pre-event threads.
every clue will be tagged with ‘event002′ and also linked in the event-updates channel of the discord server! 
due to the nature of the event, if you do not feel comfortable participating in any of it, message us here on the main and we can work out a hiatus that works for you!
we can’t wait to see what threads and plots come out of the event! we hope you all have fun and happy february!
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mrs-kuroojinguji · 3 months ago
No words other than thank you.
Thank you very much for 3K! ❤️
I never thought I’d make it this far but three thousand of you have proven me wrong. Sending all of you love 💕
Tumblr media
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found-family-bingo · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Late sign-ups for Found Family Bingo 2020-2021 are now open! If you wish to participate in this event you have until December 15th to fill out this form. We look forward to meeting you! If you have any questions take a look at our about page, or send us an ask.
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thezombiebang · 6 months ago
The Zombie Bang 2020 Masterlist
This masterlist on dreamwidth here.
First, thank you so much to all those who participated even if they didn't manage to complete. We understand this year has had some unprecedented hardships. Everyone who joined but didn't make the deadline are more than welcome to sign up again next year. Now, congratulations to everyone below!!!
Title: Gentle and Surly; Fierce and Brave Author: Corina (CorinaLannister) Artist: Goblin (Undici) Fandom: Game of Thrones Word Count: 11k Rating: M Pairing: Sandor Clegane/Sansa Stark, Arya Stark/Gendry Waters Summary: A zombie apocalypse is where your true personality shows. This is the case for Sansa, Arya, Sandor and Gendry. Their true colours shine through and it’s for the better. However, there are some survivors who you do not want to come across in the zombie apocalypse. After an event rips the Stark family apart, will they find each other again? and who will they find along the way? Warnings: Graphic Violence, Major Character Death Link to fic || Link to art
Title: Hell is Empty Author: fogsrollingin Artist: kingstoken Fandom: Supernatural Word Count: 10k Rating: T Pairing: Dean Winchester & Sam Winchester (gen) Summary: Sam didn't close the door when he'd gone to take a shower. Dean supposed his brother didn't want to miss it if Dean yelled for him to get in here the zombie apocalypse was about to start in the parking lot. Link to fic || Link to art
Thank you so much again for everybody who participated, the completionists, anyone who asked questions or gave advice/support for the running of this bang. We'll see everybody next year in May! <3 
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hoxadrine-art · 6 months ago
💜 Now it's virtually the best time to join my Patreon community! 💜
Exclusive merch for patrons only will be available for a couple of tiers on November, and YOU have the chance to curate and help me choose the Sticker and Print of the Month on my Discord community! 
Want that Shingen on your wall? Or maybe Gavin?  👀 The future is now, now YOU get to choose! (There’s also the Sticker of the Month as well btw)
This is it, folks! It can't get better than this!
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sallowhillshq · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
EVENT 001: halloween horror
when the leaves turn and wind chill sets deep into your bones, it’s officially october in sallow hills. pumpkins abound and warm, rich colors start to decorate the town. it’s a time to embrace the fantastical rumors, revel in the town’s seemingly magical history. children tell stories of the ghosts and ghouls that roam the woods. teens dare each other to get close to the abandoned cathedral. 
and once the 31st comes around, the town comes alive. banners hang from streetlights along with trick-or-treat stops along every corner. practically picturesque in every way. an unassuming little town that barely concerns itself with ghost stories.
there’s only one key problem: this is sallow hills. nothing here stays unassuming for long.
                                  i. thus pure the heart will grow                        
for the townwide celebration, a halloween market has been set up! there are stands selling all sorts of seasonal squash and gourds, decorations, and even a few carnival style games. food vendors dot the rows of market stalls, complete with a few beverage carts. 
after, a family-friendly dance will be held in the community center until 8pm! plenty of balloons, streamers, and live music to keep the little ones entertained. 
                                ii. who can ever crush thy light?                        
after, a large clearing in the woods has been procured for an older celebration of the holiday. the samhain bonfire will take place in the clearing. a traditional ritual of mourning and celebration will be held, all adults are invited to join! the festivities will continue on through the night here, with both food and drinks provided once the ceremony comes to a close. 
                                iii. all the broods of hell’s abroad                        
despite the merriment, there’s something lurking in the dark. just beyond the treeline, all manners of creatures are stirring. the season has brought them into the light and they intend to stay. these creatures roam the town, unperturbed by the gate and protections in place. 
at the harbor, the merfolk have suddenly found dry land more agreeable and begin their trek onto land. no more painful transformation nor need to leave an old skin behind, they simply walk into town as if they belong
in the woods the local werewolves run free along the trees, the blue moon invigorating them. they seem aggressive and far more territorial than usual, potentially even wandering into the good neighbors’ or cŵn annwns’ parts of the forest. 
in town, the vampires and witches have come to roam far more freely, their respective bloodthirst and magic far more apparent than usual. the full moon increases their power, yet also increases the vampires’ need to feed. 
st. paul’s cathedral is another story entirely with it’s own war waging within. the more feral vampires have claimed the desecrated church as their own, chasing out the revenants into the attached cemetery. but no matter, the revenants have their own revenge. 
the cemetery is the location of the revenants’ new home. they are not to be considered harmless however, as their buried brethren burst out of the ground to join them. from there they spread like a virus, infecting both the immediate area around the cemetery along with the outskirts of the town. 
hello members! here we have our three parts for our very first event! if needed, we will have more posts coming explaining each part in depth! this event will change the town as a whole, upping the stakes and creating a darker environment for the town after as introduced in part 3 of the event! a few important things to note:
the event will begin at midnight pst on the 24th of october and will run until midnight pst on the 2nd of november. the start of the event will be announced by a post on the main.
characters are allowed to participate in any part of the event! they can participate in only one, or even all three parts! the decision is entirely up to the individual mun’s discretion. 
we ask that you place all current threads on hold until after the event. 
after the event is over, you will be given 48 hours to wrap up your event threads and start new ones/continue pre-event threads. 
aside from that, thinking of and posting your characters’ halloween costumes is highly encouraged! even in just a simple reblog or an aesthetic, we would love to see what you all come up with! 
we can’t wait to see what threads and plots come out of the event! we hope you all have fun and a very spooky october! 
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thezombiebang · 9 months ago
Authors! Last Day to Submit Your Fic's Information for Claims!
To the Author Horde!
Today is the last day to fill out claims details. Even if you have less than 50% of your fic completed right now, if you're confident you'll be able to get it done in time and you'd like to pair with a fanworker for it, submit your fic's information below today! Please check your email for the link to the google form, or if you haven't received an email, please contact
Your fic's information will be posted to The Zombie Bang's dreamwidth on August 12th, claims begins August 16th. Thank you so much! 🧟🧟‍♀️
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