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#mr freezy x you
smutsonian · 21 days ago
soft mr freezy with innocent reader part two where the reader finds out about his job
robert pronge x reader
part one — read #1 possibility here
warnings: smut, mentions of violence and corpses, darkish reader, reader tops robert, ooc robert, not proofread.
word count: 900
an: idk how to write smut anymore guys :’) inspired by the conversation @infernal-fire and I had from the first part ✨💗
Tumblr media
When Robert gets caught by the innocent reader, there are three possible outcomes.
This is the #2 Possibility
This one’s kind of hilarious because Robert would notice how his girl would be acting different but this expert of a hitman who’s done an impeccable job ever since wouldn’t notice how he would inadvertently leave clues for the cops because he’s too damn focused on his girl acting a bit… weird.
His girl would be out in the most ungodly of hours and she’d disappear out of nowhere without a word only to come back all giddy and smiley. At first, he’d think she may be seeing someone else but he knows his girl so much that he knows that she wouldn’t do that to him.
So, he continues to watch her, his girl consuming his mind 24/7 which makes him fuck up his job more than he should be fucking up but he never gets in trouble, surprisingly.
That was until the cops came knocking on his door to which he answered the door with a creepy smile.
“Lovely day, officers. How can I help you?” He’d wear a shit-eating grin but he’ll be cursing himself in his mind when one officer asks him why his ice cream truck was found parked in the middle of nowhere at midnight. The officer didn’t mention the body he disposed of but he knew they were looking at him as a suspect.
He was about to come up with a lie when his girl suddenly wraps her arms around his form, failing to intertwine her fingers together because he’s just too big, and smiles at the officers with her gorgeous fucking lips that Robert felt himself getting hard down there.
“That’s my ah- fault, officers. I kind of begged him to take me there so he could take me there. The thrill of someone catching us always makes me giddy but I was so sure that nobody would see us but…” Robert watches as his girl straight up tell a lie of a story like a fucking pro that he almost believed it happened and he just bumped his head somewhere and forgot about it.
“I guess I was wrong… Ugh… This is so e-embarrassing.” His girl becomes a stuttering mess and he could see his innocent girl once again and apparently, so does the cops because they were quick to reassure her that they didn’t see them do anything and even promises that they would just forget about all of it.
“Just forget we were even here, sweetheart,” the officer smiles at his girl before nodding at him and leaving his house.
As soon as the door closes, Robert pins his girl on it, staring at her with glistening eyes that are filled with amusement and desire, as well as pride.
To his surprise, his girl stares back at him with a salacious smirk.
“You little troublemaker… You’ve known all along, have you? That why you’ve been so distant lately?” His hand finds its way to her neck, squeezing gently only to earn a little scoff from her.
“I wasn’t being distant, Robbie. I was fixing your mistakes. You keep leaving pieces of evidence everywhere, it’s like you’re eager to get caught!” She complains, earning a glare from Robert and his grip on his neck tightens for a second before he releases her completely, stepping back with a chuckle.
“So, you don’t just look like an angel but you’re my literal guardian angel, aren’t you?”
“I don’t know… I’m getting pretty tired of covering your ass up, Pronge.”
Something inside Robert snaps and before he knows it, he has her pinned back against the wall once more, his mouth devouring her own, his mustache brushing against her face as his tongue laps everything it could reach.
“You’ve got everyone fooled with your innocent act but you’re far from that, are you? You’re not some helpless little girl, are you sweetheart?” He continues to make out with her like they never had before. When he feels her hands sliding through his locks, he groans in ecstasy as she pulls on it.
“Show me.”
His girl looks at him in confusion as he pulls away.
“Show me how much you can take care of me. Ride me.”
A few orgasms later, Robert finds himself sitting on the couch while his girl rides him with all her might, earning pitiful moans from him which she was only able to do. Robert’s sizable hands grasp his girl’s ass in order to make her take his cock deeper.
“Goddamn!” He cries out as her walls clench around his cock, milking him one more time before she cries out herself as she reaches yet another orgasm as well.
Both breathing heavily from the newfound dynamic, Robert caresses her face before pressing another kiss, this time, less passionate and more wholesome.
“You’re just fucking full of surprises, aren’t you?”
She chuckles at him, her innocent aura returning as she presses a shy kiss on his lips before cuddling against his chest and falling asleep.
After that revelation, Robert and his girl would become the best duo. Unstoppable yet inconspicuous.
Robert opens up the ice cream truck window, staring at his girl across the park who’s sucking on a popsicle while looking at him with those innocent eyes as if they didn’t just dunk a corpse inside the ice cream truck together.
He watches as she blows him a kiss.
Robert chuckles at his girl, smiling and nodding at himself for earning himself a girl like her.
General: @readermia​ @unlikelygalaxygiver​ @xoxabs88xox​ @anncutamarica​ @chaoticfiretaconerd​ @i-love-superhero​ @caffiend-queen​ @coconutqueen21​ @jtargaryen18​ @jennmurawski13​ @mushyjellybeans​ @ninjabucky​ @buckstaybucky​ @donutloverxo​ @rebloggingeverything​ @adriannajackson @la-cey​ @awaywithtime​ @gotnofucks​ @empath-bunny​ @belovedcherry​ @white-wolf1940​ @the-soulofdevil​ @mianorth​ @scorpiosmalfoy​ @rottenstyx @littlegasps​
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Chris and seb: @harrysthiccthighss
people who liked the first one and might like? to read this one :3 @fangirlofallthings @smediumsmeatbae @hevans-angel @kind-of-crazy-butthatsokay
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smutsonian · 21 days ago
soft mr freezy with innocent reader part two where the reader finds out about his job
robert pronge x reader
part one — read #2 possibility here
warnings: mr freezy is a warning, character death, angst, hella ooc robert, not proofread
word count: 750
an: this is also inspired by the conversation @infernal-fire and I had from the first part so thank you for inspiring me and sorry that this took so long jfdvjf
Tumblr media
When Robert gets caught by the innocent reader, there are three possible outcomes.
This is the #1 Possibility
Robbert’s girl would come to his home while he decided to run a little errand, leaving his victim in the basement because he’s so damn sure that he’ll be quick with his errand.
But fuck, it took hours when it should’ve been just fifteen minutes.
He comes home panting hard, scared out of his mind and praying to whatever fucked up god he has that he’s not right about what he’s thinking.
He enters the house quickly, heart-shattering at the sight of his girl’s coat hanging by the door. That could be good news too, though… Right? She hasn’t run away which means she hasn’t seen his victim. He mentally thanks the poor victim, promising to make his death quick instead of torturing him first.
He walks around the house, eyeing the basement door like it’s the most offensive thing in the world. He finally sees his girl, trudging around the kitchen with those huge headphones on. He comes closer, hearing how the music was playing way too loud and he finally lets out a breathe, finally sure that his girl hasn’t seen or heard his victim.
His girl turns to him, giving him a smile and offering a sandwich that she was just making.
Robbie smiles before kissing the top of her head and sitting down on a chair as his girl makes another sandwich.
Later that night, when his girl had to sleep over at a friend’s house to study, Robbie visits his victim. But then he sees it. A piece of his girl’s hair on his victim’s shirt.
“Fuck!” He shouts, scaring the victim who didn’t have time to let out any word as Robert easily takes his life away with a grunt.
Robert stares at his phone, waiting for his girl’s usual goodnight texts but it never comes.
He could’ve sworn that he heard his heartbreak. He couldn’t even bring himself to hurt his girl, unafraid if she’d tell the cops.
That night, he sleeps on his bed with endless tears, cursing himself for falling for his perfect girl and expect her to be just fine and dandy with a fucking corpse in his basement. He regrets not telling his girl about his job. He thinks of how she would’ve reacted better than running away from him.
What hurts him the most is the thought of his girl being afraid of him that she had to run away from him.
Robert wakes up feeling groggy and dreadful that he almost didn’t believe his eyes when he sees his girl setting down a plate of eggs and bacon right in front of him.
“Sorry I wasn’t able to send a message last night. We stayed up so late that I didn’t notice the time and by the time I did notice it, it was already late. I still sent a goodnight text though!” Robert watches his girl, eyes misty as he pulls his girl for a hug. He feels her stiffen under his hold and he immediately lets go.
“You’re fucking terrified of me…” He starts, shaking his head at the way his girl’s head was down. Probably afraid to even look him in the eyes.
“You fucking hate me,” he hisses, almost choking at his own words.
To his surprise, his girl looks up at him with wide eyes, head shaking eagerly in disagreement.
“I-I don’t hate you, Robbie.”
Robert smiles at the nickname as well as her words.
“I’m scared,” she whispers.
“Can I hold you?” He asks, watching her nod in response.
He carefully embraces her, his broad arms wrapping around her with so much gentleness to not scare his girl.
He feels himself sighing in relief when his girl sags against his body, her smaller arms wrapping around his ample form.
“I will never do anything to hurt you,” he strokes a hand down her head, silently thanking all the gods for bringing his girl back to him.
“I-I will stop. If you want me to, I’ll stop. I’ll just be a real fucking ice cream man.”
He watches his girl as she looks up at him, her mouth slightly ajar.
“Y-You will?”
“Anything for you, baby.”
He feels her wrapping her arms around him and he does the same with her smaller form, not even caring about anything as long as his girl is right beside him.
He loves her too much and he won’t lose—
“I love you, Robbie. Even if you’re so terrifying at times…”
Yeah… He fucking loves her.
an: this kinda turned out stoopeed 
General: @readermia​ @unlikelygalaxygiver​ @xoxabs88xox​ @anncutamarica​ @chaoticfiretaconerd​ @i-love-superhero​ @caffiend-queen​ @coconutqueen21​ @jtargaryen18​ @jennmurawski13​ @mushyjellybeans​ @ninjabucky​ @buckstaybucky​ @donutloverxo​ @rebloggingeverything​ @adriannajackson @la-cey​ @awaywithtime​ @gotnofucks​ @empath-bunny​ @belovedcherry​ @white-wolf1940​ @the-soulofdevil​ @mianorth​ @scorpiosmalfoy​ @rottenstyx @littlegasps​
Anything Chris: @patzammit​ @princess-evans-addict​ @shadowcatsworld​ @notyourtypicalrose​ @onetwo3000​ @bluemusickid​ @heyiamthatbitch​ @inlovewiththefictionalcharacters​ @slytherinandoutasgard @chrisevanisliterallysir​
Chris and seb: @harrysthiccthighss
people who liked the first one and might like? to read this one :3 @fangirlofallthings @smediumsmeatbae @hevans-angel​
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the-iceni-bitch · 23 days ago
It’s Taking Over
Pairing: Mr. Freezy x hit woman!Reader (killer OTP)
Words: ~2.8k
Summary: Your nosy neighbor has been driving Bobby to the edge of his sanity, but you have a plan. 😈
Warnings: DARK, explicit language, explicit sexual content (female masturbation, unprotected vaginal sex that ended up being way softer than I had planned, whoops), disgusting married men, minor character death (nothing violent but graphic descriptions of exactly what’s happening), murder, soft psychopaths? (is that a thing?), SMUT!!!! 18+ ONLY!!!
A/N: Welp, Hank is finally going to get what he deserves, y’all, and it is fantastic. I went all the fuck out guys, so if graphic descriptions of poisonings aren’t your thing, maybe skip? Also, write the smut while I was a little buzzed and it ended up kinda soft, but I’m actually ok with it. Also, also, I didn’t explicitly state which poison we used to get rid of this fucker, but if you guess, maybe you’ll win a prize!
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!!!
Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
A week. Seven fucking days of having to put up with watching that fat asshole leer at you and and give him knowing winks, knowing that he was probably touching that mediocre dick while he thought about your perfect body writhing on top of him.
Every night Robert buried himself in your pretty snatch and asked you when you were gonna finally kill that motherfucker, but you just kept putting him off and grinning when he took his frustration out on your cunt. He knew you were right about doing something drastic, having the cops in the neighborhood wouldn’t be good for either of you. But all he wanted was to watch the life leave that bastard’s eyes while he stood over him, then fuck you next to the corpse.
Now you both had to go over to that cocksucker’s house for a goddamn dinner party and pretend like there was nothing going on, and Robert was worried he was going to have a fucking stroke. Mary was stupid excited about the get together and she had not shut up the whole day, making her stupid cobbler and nattering away. He didn’t know why she had been on him constantly, but it was going to drive him crazy.
The dumb bitch was leaning heavily on his arm and staggering as the two of them made their way down the street, having already drunk four glasses of wine before they even left the fucking house. Robert grumbled under his breath as he knocked on the front door, dreading the entire evening and wishing he could just go kill someone with you then fuck your brains out.
Hank’s poor wife answered the door with an insipid smile on her face, flashing it between the two of them with a vapid greeting as she ushered them inside. Mary wandered off to gossip with the other wives once she spotted them, leaving Robert to join the pervert slobs who were gathered around the bar. You were nowhere to be seen, and that just made him even more angry, though it would be nice to not have to listen to the idiots drool over you. 
“Is she not coming?” Fuck, didn’t these morons have anything else to talk about? “Those little outfits of hers are the only reason I actually come to these things.”
“I know. After the last one I was actually able to fuck Jill for the first time in weeks.” God, they were disgusting. “Not face to face, but you know.”
“Yeah, Bob, is Suzy coming to this thing or what?” Robert felt the tumbler of whiskey he was holding groan in his hand at Hank’s question, downing the drink in one gulp and hurriedly pouring himself another as he did his best to tamp down his rage.
“Do you think she shows me her fucking social calendar?” He tossed back his second drink and poured another quickly, tonight was going to be torture. “I haven’t even talked to her in two days.”
“Whatever you say, Bob.” The moron rolled his eyes at him and he bit back the growl that threatened to rip from his throat. 
They all stopped talking when there was a sudden rap on the front door, Hank’s wife moving to open it and the group of pervs letting out a collective sigh when they saw you standing there in a jumpsuit that showed off much more of your body than Robert would have liked. 
“Hi neighbors!” How the fuck could you sound so damn cheery? “So sorry I’m late! Was just making the last minute preparations on my little contribution to dinner tonight.”
All the women started cooing excitedly when you whipped the top off your serving dish, small gasps of excitement filling the room when they got a look at the pretty display you had made.
“My goodness, Suzy!” Mary was slurring like an idiot as she looked at what you brought. “I guess you lied when you said you couldn’t cook. This sushi looks amazing!”
“Well, I’ve been practicing.” You said, beaming around the room at everyone and winking when your eyes met Bobby’s. “And I’ve got two of the best pieces of sashimi for our hosts. Here you go Lauren. Come over here, Hank!”
That fat bastard looked stupidly pleased when he waddled over to you, grinning like an idiot and chuckling when you drew your hand back when he tried to take the piece of fish from you.
“Nu-uh, open up, I wanna watch your face when you taste it.” You teased, stepping a little closer to the lardass and making Bobby’s jaw clench.
Hank opened his mouth and let you place the sushi on his tongue, humming in satisfaction once his mouth closed and he bit into it. Everyone started milling around the dish then, chatting happily about the excitement of trying something so new and laughing like idiots while you left the dish on the table and moved to the bar to pour yourself a drink.
“You don’t want any sushi, Robert?” You asked, keeping things formal since you were still within earshot of the other partygoers.
“Not really my thing.” He growled, his eyes fixed on Hank who was staring at your ass when you bent over the bar.
“Oh, I think you’d really like it.” You said, giving him a meaningful look as you sipped on your gin.
Robert just cocked his head at you before turning to follow your gaze, finding Hank looking a little perturbed and then trying to suppress a grin as he moved closer to you.
“Is anyone else’s lips feeling numb?” He sounded drunk, his words slightly muffled like he didn’t know how to use his tongue.
“What, sweetie?” You almost felt a little bad for his wife, but really not.
Hank coughed a few times then collapsed, screams slicing through the calm of the party as he started convulsing on the floor. You moaned softly when you felt Robert press himself to your back, his hardening cock rubbing against your ass while the two of you watched that rat bastard choking on air.
Someone was screaming for anyone to call 911, and you watched one of the other pervert idiots run to yank the phone off the wall and start dialing madly. There was no way an ambulance was going to get there in time. Even if that was a possibility, they were going to assume that fat slob had a heart attack and he’d die anyway.
Bobby was grinding against your ass as you watched the motherfucker’s lips turn blue, panting into your hair as you did your best to school your face so it looked like you were frozen in shock and not itching to touch yourself as you stared at your dying neighbor. Everything was complete chaos, Hank’s wife sobbing uncontrollably as she sank to the floor and his movements started stilling, the distant sound of a siren growing closer all too late.
The two of you had to disconnect reluctantly when the paramedics came through the front door and Mary came running into Robert’s arms, tucking her face into his chest and choking on her tears as you suppressed a look of disgust at the display. He could not hide the discomfort he was feeling at being required to soothe his hysterical wife, patting her back awkwardly and turning his hips away from her so she wouldn’t notice how hard he had become from dry humping you. 
All of you watched the paramedics do their work closely, one of them administering CPR while the other two worked on getting Hank strapped into the gurney. It didn’t matter though, the man was dead. One of the other couples offered to drive Lauren to the hospital, and people started filtering back to their own homes slowly with dazed looks on their faces after the ambulance drove away. 
You made your way back to your house on your own, pleased with your work but pissed that Bobby wasn’t with you. He’d muttered a quick “soon” at you as he dragged his wife back to their house, and even though you knew he’d probably slip her something so he could join you as soon as possible, you wanted him now. 
The jumpsuit slid to the floor as soon as your front door closed behind you, your skin buzzing with the electricity of an adrenaline rush as you walked through your house completely nude except for your stilettos. Slick was coating the insides of your thighs and your cunt was throbbing with need while you strolled to your bar, pouring yourself another gin and moving back to your couch with a sigh. You sank into the cushions with a huff, sipping on your drink and propping one foot on your coffee table as you moved a hand between your thighs to try to relieve some of the ache you were feeling.
Everything between your legs was warm and pulsing and wet, your fingers finding your swollen clit immediately and shocks started traveling through your body when you applied just the tiniest bit of pressure. The muscles in your abdomen twitched when you slid a finger into your soaked channel, your arousal coating your hand as you curled and stretched yourself until you could slip in a second finger.
A low moan escaped your throat when the pads of your fingers brushed against that soft spot that made your toes curl, your palm grinding into your clit as you writhed your hips against your hand and moved your free hand up to play with your tits. All you could see in your head was the look on that stupid fucker’s face when he stopped breathing, your body viscerally reacting with absurd pleasure when you thought about the fact that you’d ended that son of a bitch’s life and no one had any idea.
It wasn’t enough though. Your thoughts kept wandering to the memory of Bobby’s body pressed against yours, his breath hot on your neck and his cock hard against your ass while the two of you watched that idiot die right in front of you. Every time the thought of his presence crept into your mind your pleasure receded, your body drenched in sweat and your breath leaving you in a constant pathetic whine as you tried to bring yourself to completion. 
“Fuck, kitten.” Your entire body jolted when he suddenly spoke from behind you, you hadn’t even heard him come in. “You got started without me.”
“Well, you had to take care of your cunt wife.” You grumbled, trying not to pout as he slowly circled your couch and drew off his shirt. “So I figured I’d take care of myself.”
“Don’t be a fucking brat.” He scolded, dropping his jeans to the floor and sitting next to you. “Kitten, c’mon, y’know we have to keep our cover.”
“I needed you, Bobby.” You’d had enough to drink that you didn’t fucking care what you were saying, the heady mix of alcohol and adrenaline making your mind fuzzy. “I killed that fucker for us and then you left with that bitch.”
“Shit, don’t be like that, baby.” He was still buzzed on watching Hank’s death, a little in awe of how you’d done it in front of the whole fucking neighborhood and none of them would ever know. “I’m sorry, c’mere.”
You whined when he pulled you into his lap and nuzzled his face into your throat, his hard cock rubbing through your soaked folds and nudging against your clit. 
“I needed you too, kitten.” He purred, his tongue flicking over your pulse as his hands moved to the curve of your ass and drove you against him. “Fuck, watching you work always makes me so hard. I just wanted to fuck you right there in front of everyone.”
“Ah, fuck, I wanted that too, Bobby.” You moaned when he moved his face to your breasts and started nipping at your soft curves gently, your hands dipping between the two of you to wrap around his cock and line him up. “All I wanna do is kill assholes then let you fuck me until I can’t think anymore.”
The two of you sighed together when you sank down onto him, your bodies coming together slowly until your hips met and you fluttered around him with a low moan. You moved first, grinding into his lap and bringing your hands up to tangle in his hair as he kept moving his mouth over your tits.
“That really all you want, kitten?” He cooed, tracing his lips up your chest and throat until his eyes met yours, grinning when you bit your lip and nodded at him. “Shit, all you have to do is ask and I’ll fucking give it to you, Y/N.”
You barely had a second to return his smile before he was pulling your face to his and tugging at your lips with his teeth, groaning when you opened up for him and let him slide his tongue against yours. He growled into your mouth when you started riding him, your hips meeting his in faster and faster intervals until pleasure started traveling up your spine in tiny shockwaves. 
It didn’t take long for you two to get lost in each other, your breath mingling as you panted into each other’s mouths and your bodies writhed together. His fingers started drawing bruises on your hips when he fucked up into your suddenly, his mouth swallowing your cry when he took over the rhythm and felt you start to clench around him in waves.
“Fuck, Bobby, fuck, I’m gonna come.” You whined, rolling your body into his and framing his face in your hands as you panted desperately into his open mouth. “God, don’t stop.”
“Never.” He murmured, chasing your lips when you pulled back from him and wrapping his arms tightly around your back. “I’ll never fucking stop.”
Every muscle in your body went rigid until you came around him with a scream, your cunt fluttering wildly as you creamed all over his cock and he caught your lips with his own. You sucked his bottom lip between yours with a low moan as he kept fucking you through it, giving your body no time to relax as he did his best to draw another one out of you.
He ran his fingers up your spine until he was cupping the back of your head and keeping your mouth molded to his, his other arm wrapped around your waist and holding your body pressed closely to his as he continued driving up into you viciously. The only noises you could make were a series of desperate mewls that he swallowed greedily, gazing into your eyes as he took your body apart like he owned it, because he fucking did.
Your fingers wound painfully in his hair when the tip of his cock hit you deep, drawing a hoarse cry from your throat when he brought you right to the brink and held you there. It was like there was nothing else in the world but the two of you, your sweat soaked bodies writhing wildly against each other as you sobbed and screamed and moaned without a care for how much noise you might be making. Who gave a fuck about your neighbors when you could make each other feel like this?
Bobby felt your breath hitch and knew you were there, grinding himself against your clit violently until you let out a wordless shriek. He yanked your head back by your hair so your cry could echo off the walls of your house, the pure wantonness of it sending him over the edge. You moaned when he fucked his cum into you with a few short, stuttering thrusts, your name leaving his lips with a feral growl as his fingers dug into your flesh.
Both of you collapsed against each other when you were finished, your chests heaving with deep breaths as you pressed your lips over each other's faces desperately while you came down. He grinned when you sighed into his mouth, his hand moving to cup your jaw as he dragged his thumb over the curve of your cheek softly.
“Christ, Y/N.” He purred when you tucked your face into his shoulder and started nipping at him gently. “What other assholes did you want to kill, kitten?”
“Oh, I’ve got a few in mind.” You cooed, laughing softly when he rose to his feet and started to carry you to the bedroom. “Getting real sick of that cunt you’re married to, for starters.”
Tumblr media
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the-iceni-bitch · 27 days ago
Wanna See You on Your Knees
Pairing: Mr. Freezy x hit woman!Reader
Words: ~2.1k
Summary: A hit goes pretty bad and you need to fix Bobby up and deal with your own injuries.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (fingering, female and male receiving oral sex, face fucking, voyeurism, cum play), our psychos being kinda soft for each other, mentions of violence, minor gore, field medicine, SMUT!!!! 18+ ONLY!!!!
A/N: Well, this is a bit of a change after the last fic but still in line with our fave murderers’ weird dynamic. Also, there may be trouble in paradise coming
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Tumblr media
You shifted uncomfortably in the driver’s seat, eyeing Robert warily as you pulled into your neighborhood.
Blood was seeping from underneath the towel you had pressed to his shoulder, his own hands occupied with keeping pressure on the stab wound in his thigh. That hit had gone almost as bad as it could have, but you had finally managed to disarm that motherfucker and break his neck before he did any irreversible damage.
“Fuck, are you trying to hit every fucking pothole?” He hissed, glaring at you and grunting in pain. 
“Quit being a damn baby.” You snarled, wincing when you hit another bump. “And put your seat back, don’t need the fucking perv watch seeing you driving around with me.”
Robert pulled the lever and fell back with a pained groan, continuously grumbling under his breath as you turned onto your street. Fortunately, there was pretty much no one out this time of night, and you pulled into your driveway without incident. You got out of the car to open your garage door then pulled in, shutting off the engine and moving quickly to slam the door closed before helping him out of the car and basically dragging him into your house.
“Lay down.” You ordered, leaning him against your counter with a small huff as you moved to grab your supplies. Your ribs were screaming as you staggered to the bathroom, the pain taking over now that your adrenaline had gone down after the fight. 
He was sprawled over your counter when you limped back into the kitchen, somehow having managed to remove his shirt and slacks and was now wrapping one of your dish towels around his thigh with a determined look on his face. You didn’t give him a chance to argue with you before you were shoving his belt in his mouth and slamming him back on the counter, hefting your kit and setting it beside him before opening it up and pulling out your tools.
“It didn’t go through, so I’ve gotta dig it out.” You murmured, pouring betadine all over the bullet wound in his shoulder before grabbing your forceps. “Try not to pass out.”
A muffled scream escaped from his throat when you started digging into him, his eyes fixing on yours and his fists clenching at his side as you searched for the bullet. It fortunately didn’t take long, the slug having lodged itself in his collarbone when he got shot. He grabbed your forearm and dug his fingers into your flesh when you gripped the bullet with the tool, his eyes rolling back in his head when you wrenched it out of the bone and drew it out of him in one quick motion. You swiped a cloth over the wound before getting the suture kit out of your supplies and stitching him up as quickly as possible.
“Bobby, hey!” You gave him a soft slap to bring him back, giving him a wicked smirk when he glared up at you. “Leg next. You want a drink?”
He took the bottle of whiskey you handed him with a growl, spitting the belt out of his mouth and chugging a few gulps as he sat up. The towel around his leg was soaked with blood, and he winced softly when you peeled it away from the wound to inspect it.
“Fuck, Y/N!” He choked on his whiskey when you doused the knife wound in antiseptic, his thigh twitching under your hands as the sting spread over his skin. 
“Suck it up, Bobby.” You muttered, grabbing some new sutures and working on closing him up. “You don’t hear me complaining about having to clean you up when I’m dealing with who knows how many broken ribs, I think you can deal with a couple of stitches. There.” You stepped back when you were done and gave him a wicked grin. “Not even gonna leave a scar.”
The bottle of whiskey was half empty now and almost toppled over when he set it on the counter, rising to his feet a little faster than you would have liked and almost staggering into you. He wrapped a hand around the back of your neck and tilted your head towards his, staring into your eyes with pupils that were blown wide from either adrenaline, pain, or lust, you weren’t sure which.
“That fucker broke your ribs?” He growled, cupping your jaw and running his thumb over the curve of your cheek. “Lemme see.”
“Ok, you’re drunk.” You sighed, rolling your eyes at him when he pulled you closer and ran his nose over yours.
“Barely.” He grumbled, grabbing the scalpel from your kit and slicing your blouse off you in one quick slash. “Fuck, that asshole is lucky he’s already dead.”
You sighed when he skimmed his fingers over your side, wincing and flinching slightly when he reached the deep bruises that covered your ribs. He snarled at the pained look on your face, wrenching your face to his devouring your mouth as he wound his arms around you.
“Ow, shit, Bobby, what’re you doing?” You mumbled against his lips, smiling a little bit as he lifted you and started carrying you towards your living room. “If you rip those stitches I’m gonna be pissed.”
“I told you, I’m the only one allowed to put bruises on that pretty skin of yours, kitten.” He growled, nipping at your lips as he sat down on your couch and settled you across his lap. 
“Bobby, fuck.” You moaned when he undid your jeans and shoved his fingers into them, finding your clit immediately as he sucked on your neck. “I know it’s not our thing but you gotta go slow, I might puncture a lung.”
“You want me to go slow, kitten?” He curled his tongue against yours before pulling back and staring into your eyes. “Want me to take my time and make you forget all about how bad those ribs hurt?”
You didn’t get a chance to respond before he was rolling you over, kneeling in front of you suddenly and starting to press his lips down your torso. His teeth skimmed over your breasts and you keened until he gripped your hips and yanked you to the edge of the couch.
“Christ, Bobby!” You arched into his face when he started sinking his teeth into the insides of your thighs, because of course he couldn’t keep himself from getting a little rough with you. “Mmm, that’s good.”
“Yeah?” He slapped the thigh he wasn’t biting and groaned when he watched slick leak from your throbbing cunt, his tongue running over the indentations his teeth had left slowly until you were keening for him. “That’s cos I know what you like, kitten.”
You tossed back your head and whined when he spread you apart and rubbed his lips over your sex, his tongue flicking out to taste you randomly as you tried to drive yourself into his face. The thick muscle pushed past your entrance and you gripped his hair, yanking on it when he rubbed his nose over your clit and curled his tongue against your soft walls. It was taking all his restraint not to stand up and fuck the life out of you, but he always went a little soft when you got hurt. 
He slurped up the slick that was slipping out of you hungrily, his lips wrapped around your cunt as he sucked and lapped at your swollen folds with a series of satisfied grunts. So much pleasure was radiating from your core that you could hardly focus, your grip on his hair turning painful when you arched into his mouth and filthy whimpers started falling from your lips like a prayer. 
Your thighs closed around his head when he moved his lips to wrap around your clit and sucked softly, one thick finger sliding between your folds and curling against that spot that he knew made you crazy. He chuckled darkly when he felt you clench against his face, his lips still pulling gently on your small bud and rolling it over his tongue until he heard your breath hitch.
“Oh, fuck, Bobby!” Your voice was a breathy cry as you felt a warm coil gathering in the pit of your stomach, your body trying to arch off the couch as his mouth brought you closer to the edge. “Jesus, that’s it.”
Robert felt you flutter against his lips and laved his tongue over your pussy as you came apart with a hoarse cry, your release gushing into his mouth and soaking his chin while you ground into his face. He gazed up at you through his lashes as you came down, aftershocks still coursing through your system while he pressed his lips over your throbbing pussy in a series of gentle kisses. One final peck to your swollen clit and he straightened back up and devoured your mouth with his, grinning when he felt your whine as you tasted yourself on his tongue.
“How those ribs feeling now, kitten?” He purred against your lips, tracing the edge of your mouth with his tongue and groaning softly.
“You’re spoiling me, Bobby.” You cooed, winding your fingers through his hair and nipping at his tongue with a soft sigh. “Make me wanna open those wounds back up just so we can do some of our normal, fucked up shit.”
“Yeah? What if I just fuck that pretty face instead?” He teased, his hand wrapping loosely around your throat and his thumb tracing your jugular as you tilted your head back to look into his eyes.
“Mm, please.” You beamed at him as he rose to his feet and gripped the hair at the base of your neck. “You better come all over my face and tits, Bobby, I fucking need it.”
“I know you do, kitten.” He hooked a finger over your bottom lip and yanked your mouth open, grinning when you immediately stuck your tongue out for him. “Good girl.”
Drool started leaking from the corners of your mouth as he pressed his fingers over your tongue and slid them to the back of your throat, keeping your mouth open as he slowly fucked your face with his hand. He dragged his fingers over your lips and across your cheek, biting his lip and groaning at the trail of spit that now glistened on your skin. 
Everything else in the room disappeared for him when he pulled out his weeping cock and slapped it against your waiting tongue, your lips eagerly wrapping around his head and sucking softly before he started sliding further into the warm cavern of your mouth. His tip slid down your throat and you made one of those soft choking sounds that made him twitch, your tongue massaging the underside of him as he started to slowly fuck himself into your mouth.
You gazed up at him when he started moving faster, losing yourself in his eyes as his hips slapped against your face and you brought a hand up to play with his balls. He let out a soft groan when tears started leaking down your cheeks, drool falling from the corners of your lips and pooling on your tits as you choked on his thick cock.
The two of you were so drunk on each other you didn’t even notice the movement in your side window, your fucking pervert neighbor Hank having managed to catch you doing something that made him very happy he’d finally worked up the nerve to indulge in his creeper tendencies. He came all over his hand when Robert slapped your tit on your uninjured side, doing himself up quickly and scurrying back to his house with the hope that his wife hadn’t woken up and found him gone.
Robert’s balls tightened in your palm and he pulled out of you with a soft grunt, jerking his fist over his length desperately until he was shooting thick ropes of cum all over your cheeks and tits as you hummed with satisfaction. 
“Fuck, kitten.” He dragged his thumb over your face to collect his spend and slid it into your mouth, grinning when you eagerly sucked it clean. “You look real fucking pretty when you’re covered in cum, honey.”
“Don’t sweet talk me, Bobby.” You teased, nipping softly at his thumb before he drew you to your feet and immediately lifted you to wrap around him. “You know how much it pisses me off.”
“Well then you’re gonna hate me spending the night, kitten. Not like I can go back to the wife with a bunch of stitched up wounds.” He grinned as he carried you towards your bathroom. “Let’s get you cleaned up, then you can keep my cock warm all night like it’s your fucking job.”
Tumblr media
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the-iceni-bitch · 28 days ago
Hope to God you See my Face
Pairing: Mr. Freezy x hit woman!Reader
Words: 2.1k
Summary: Bobby does not like when you let one of your neighbors help you with some chores.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (fingering, unprotected vaginal sex, rough sex, slapping, spitting, light choking, snowballing, cum play, these two just being nasty fuckers), mentions of domestic violence, possessive/jealous Mr. Freezy, SMUT!!!! 18+ ONLY!!!!
A/N: Our fave horny psychos are back!!! God I love these two crazy freaks. This is just pure filth guys but I’ve got a whole fucking arc planned so be prepared for more murdery, freaky shit.
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!!
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Tumblr media
Robert had finally managed to break away from his dumb fucking wife and her ridiculous to-do list, hating that now that summer was almost here he had to do yard work every damn weekend to keep that stupid cunt off his back.
The only thing that kept him sane was knowing that you were right down the street just waiting for him to bury himself in your perfect pussy any fucking time he wanted. It was even easier because his moron wife was so obsessed with you that he just had to mention he was going to help you with some chores and she’d send him out the door with a smile and a goddamn pie.
“I’m gonna go help Suzy with some yard work.” He called into the house, wiping his hands on his jeans and thinking about fucking your face until you passed out.
“I think she’s probably ok, sweetie.” Mary shouted at him, making him freeze in his tracks. “I saw Hank going over there earlier.”
That made him growl from deep in his chest. What the fuck were you doing letting that fat fuck into your house? If that asshole had laid a hand on you he was going to shoot him in the face then fuck you over the body.
“Didn’t you have a casserole or something you wanted to bring her?” He said through gritted teeth, trying not to punch the wall as his brain conjured up an image of you riding that fat motherfucker until you let out one those screams that were supposed to be just for him. 
“Oh, yes! I made some mac and cheese for her!” That stupid twat was grinning at him like an idiot, scurrying to the fridge and grabbing the foil covered serving dish she had set aside. “Thank you so much for bringing it over sweetie! I’m just at such a good spot in my book, I don’t want to put it down!”
He snorted and grabbed the dish, barely avoiding her when she tried to give him a peck on the cheek. Fury was coursing through his veins as he stormed towards your house, thinking of all the ways he was going to fucking ruin you if he found out you let that cocksucker put his hands on you.
You were standing in your front lawn in nothing but a pair of tiny jean shorts and a bikini top, watching that miserable lardass mow your lawn with a lazy smile as you pressed the cold glass of lemonade you were holding to your neck. He snarled as he looked at you, imagining choking you with the straps of that swimsuit while he impaled you on his fat cock until you were crying for him.
“Hey there, Robert!” Your grin grew even wider when you saw him, waving excitedly and prowling towards him with that fucking strut that made him want to bend you over something. “Wasn’t expecting to see you today! Is that for me?”
“Yes.” He managed to bite back the venomous retort he wanted to spit at you, his eyes wandering to where Hank was watching you walk towards him lasciviously. “Where do you want it?” 
“Let’s put it in the fridge.” You said, picking up on his mood and making him even angrier when you winked at him. “You want a glass of lemonade, Hank?”
“That sounds peachy, Suze.” The idiot grinned at you and ran his tongue over his bottom lip, and Robert could’ve stabbed him.
Robert followed you into your house with a wordless snarl, barely stopping himself from slamming your front door once he was inside as he dropped the dish he was holding and wrapped one massive hand around your throat from behind.
“What the fuck is that asshole doing here, kitten?” He growled, shoving you into the wall and grinding his hardening cock against your ass.
“Jesus Christ, he offered to mow my lawn, Bobby.” You rolled your eyes as he plucked at the straps of your bikini with his teeth. “What was I supposed to say, ‘Sorry, my fake best friend’s husband is coming over later to split me open with his fat cock and he gets all pissy when I talk to other men’?”
“I don’t like the way he looks at you.” He finally got the straps undone and moved his hand from your throat to dig into your tit, his other hand trailing down your abdomen until his fingers could tease under the waist of your jeans.
“Well, people are gonna fucking look Bobby.” You sucked your bottom lip between your teeth when he undid your fly and shoved his hand into your bikini bottoms, his fingers immediately finding your clit and spreading your slick over it. “Not like I’d ever let that fat fucker touch me.”
“You’d better fucking not, kitten.” He purred, sucking your earlobe between his teeth and nibbling on it as he continued drawing soft circles over your swollen bundle of nerves. “Cos I’d kill the son of a bitch and make you watch.”
“You’re so goddamn insecure.” You murmured, grinding down against his fingers and leaning your head back against his shoulder. “Getting real sick of having to stroke that ego of yours constantly.”
“Fuck, you’re such a cunt.” He spat, pulling his fingers away and spinning you around with a snarl. “Maybe if you didn’t keep trying to work me up by flirting with these slobs…”
“Flirting? Fuck you.” You laughed in his face as you started undoing his fly. “I’m the only one who’s actively trying to keep the whole fucking neighborhood from figuring out not only that we fuck each other stupid almost every damn night,” you wrapped your hand around his cock and he groaned against your lips, “but also from knowing that half the time when we come back from work we’ve got a damn body in that truck. So excuse me if I have to indulge these assholes a little bit so you can keep getting your dick wet.”
He ripped your shorts off and lifted you to wrap your legs around his hips, undoing your bottoms in a rush before pulling you onto his length with a muffled grunt. You shoved your fingers under his shirt and drew deep gauges down his torso as he started bouncing you up and down on his cock, your mouth pressed desperately against his as you flicked your tongue between his lips.
“I told you, kitten, I don’t fucking care anymore.” He growled, sucking on your tongue when you tried to shove it down his throat. “I’ll come all over those perfect tits and shove you outside for that fat moron to see who makes you fucking scream.”
“Then fucking do it, Bobby.” You teased, rolling your hips to meet his as his fingers drew bruises on your waist. “Mark me up and show me off to all those fucking idiots, or quit fucking talking about it.”
He wrapped one arm around the small of your back and snaked the other up to curl around your neck, his lips trailing down the column of your throat and you could tell he was thinking of sinking his teeth into you. His hips were moving wildly against you as his face moved to your chest, his teeth scraping over the soft slopes of your breasts while you arched yourself into his thrusts. You laughed heartily when he wrapped his lips around your nipple, taking as much of your breast as he could into his mouth before biting into your supple flesh with a low moan.
“That’s what I thought.” You cooed, a mocking edge to your tone as you felt yourself getting closer to the edge and clenched around him. “If you don’t have the balls to make good on your threats you’d better at least make me come. That moron is probably wondering where we are.”
“God, you’re a fucking bitch.” He growled against your chest, groaning when you wound your fingers through his hair and yanked his face up to yours.
“Yeah, and you just keep coming back.” You grinned as you nibbled on his lips, loving how pissed off he looked right now. “Look at you fucking pouting. You gonna mope, Bobby?”
His open handed slap made you laugh even harder, your head whipping to the side as he moved to throw you on your couch with a feral snarl. He wrenched his shirt off and stepped out of his jeans before pouncing on top of you, tossing your knees over his shoulders and spearing into you viciously.
“Every time you run that cunt mouth, I just wanna break your fucking jaw.” He purred, turning his face to scrape his teeth over your calf and smirking when you tossed your head back and moaned wantonly. “But then you shut up so fucking fast when your drunk on my cock, kitten.”
“Fuck you.” You whined, hating how quickly your body bent to his will as you writhed underneath him when he hit you deep.
“That the best you can come up with?” He teased, tilting his head down and spitting on your clit before pressing his thumb into you and making you bite back a scream. “Such a dumb little slut.”
You punched him in the mouth and he hissed with fury, gripping the hair at the base of your neck and yanking your head back as he bent over you. He slapped your clit and your dark chuckle devolved into a whimper, your back arching into his thrusts as he snarled in your ear.
“Jesus, fuck, Bobby, I’m fucking close.” You wound your fingers in his hair and whined when he scraped his teeth over your jaw. “God, I’m gonna come.”
“Good. Now open your fucking mouth.” He gripped your chin and wrenched your jaw open, curling his tongue against yours before spitting into the back of your throat with a wicked grin.
That filthy gesture did it, the feeling of his spit sliding down your esophagus sending you tipping over the edge with a low moan. He sucked your bottom lip between his teeth and purred happily when you fluttered around him, your release soaking his cock as his rhythm grew sloppy. You hissed and tried to grab him when he pulled out, but he just pinned you down by your neck while his other hand jerked over his length until he was shooting his cum all over your stomach and tits with a satisfied hum. 
“You fucking bastard.” You growled, scowling at him when he started rubbing his spend into your skin. “That fat fuck may be an idiot, but he’s gonna notice your cum all over me.”
“Yeah, you want me to clean you up, kitten?” The look he was giving you was positively evil, his fingers intertwining with yours as he brought your hand up towards his face and started pressing his lips over the inside of your wrist.
“What the fuck are you… oh shit!” You gasped when he curled over you and started running his tongue over your torso, slowly collecting every drop of his seed as you sighed happily. “God, you’re fucking nasty.”
“So are you.” He teased through clenched teeth, crawling back up your body and rubbing his nose over yours. “Open up again, kitten.”
You did as he asked, humming when he pressed his open mouth to yours and his thick spend  slid over your tongue to the back of your throat. He smiled lazily when you swallowed for him, his eyes never leaving yours while the two of you came down.
“Jesus, you know I was actually looking forward to that mac and cheese, Bobby.” You said, frowning at the broken glass and casserole that had splattered all over your floor when he dropped the serving dish. “That wife of yours is a fucking moron but she can cook.”
“I dunno what you want me to do, kitten.” He huffed, watching you as you stood up and walked to your kitchen to grab a broom. “Don’t let the neighborhood pervs into your house and I won’t want to wreck you.”
“Baby, you always want to fucking wreck me.” You teased, giving him a lopsided grin as you collected the debris into a neat little pile then working to pull your clothes back on. “You goddamn perv.”
“Shut up.” He pulled on his jeans and moved to wrap his arm around your waist and nip at your throat. “Go give that fat moron his lemonade and get rid of him so I can take my time tasting that pretty snatch.”
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You’ll Wish You Listened
Tumblr media
Warnings: Robert Pronge (OF COURSE ITS GONNA BE DARK), NON-CON, humiliation, degrading, oral (male receiving), gunplay, unprotected sex, breeding, mobs, overstimulating
Word Count: 7.1k
Summary: After a run-in with some unwanted visitors, they seem to take an interest in you. Since your boss has some debt with them, they make him an offer he can't refuse, you or his business. Unfortunately, it's an offer you can refuse. When you quit your job on the spot, your boss doesn't take that move too kindly. Now you have to deal with Pronge.
A/N : THIS IS YOUR WARNING. I am aware this is a real person. I am only writing about the role Chris Evans played, not the actual person. If you do not like or are upset by dark fan fiction, I highly recommend you do not read. Any negativity will be blocked. I am not responsible for your intake.
"Headed out?" You heard from behind you as you started to undo the back of your smock. You took one more look around the restaurant, mentally checking off the list of things you had to do and humming.
You folded up your smock in your hands, putting it in your bag as you pulled it from its spot wedged behind the counter. "I think so."
"Well, it's about time." James stepped out of the kitchen, wiping his hand with a towel and taking a look around with a small chuckle.
"Speak for yourself." You rolled your eyes as he tossed the towel in the trash.
He leaned against the counter beside you. "I mean it. I have plenty of help in the kitchen. Tony isn't going to feel the need to hire any more waitresses if you keep accepting all these extra shifts. I'm surprised you even get any sleep."
You stayed quiet, holding onto your bag in your hands. "I'm not trying to beat you up. It's none of my business, but I'm just looking out for you. I would hate to lose the only worker I can stand in this building." He nudges your arm and you fight back a smile, obviously failing.
You nudged him back, making him smile. "Come on, Sam isn't that bad."
"Are you kidding?" He scowled. "He's annoying."
"Now, now, James. Let’s not act like you’re not sometimes.” You tease.
"Probably, but it doesn't stop you from closing with me." A smug smile raises to his lips.
You rolled your eyes with a smile. "Never."
You glance out the window of the diner, biting your bottom lip as you notice the street lights on and very few people walking the streets. It was the one thing you hated about closing the diner. You lived close to the diner so the walk was too far, but you still weren't comfortable especially with everything happening on the news. All these people you knew and even did not know coming up missing. Some even turning up dead. It was a cruel world.
James noticed how uneasy you were, snapping from your thoughts. "Could I give you a ride home?"
"It's fine, honestly. I live just up the road."
James pressed a reassuring smile. "All the more reason why I don't mind."
You bite your bottom lip, staring out the window again and trying to think of any reason not to bother him. As much as you wanted to take him up on it, the independent side of you fought against it.
"Y/n." Your thoughts shut off at the sound of his voice. "I really don't mind. I just want you to get home safe."
You let out a deep breath, feeling the weight on your shoulder being lifted and you smiled at him. "Okay, James."
His smile widened before he lifted himself off of the counter. He took a moment to shut the lights in the diner before grabbing his coat. You followed him to the door, smiling when he stepped aside to let you first. You shivered, looking around at the empty streets as James turned to lock the door to the diner behind the two of you.
It made sense why no one wanted to be. If you had the choice, you would stay in too. You were thankful for your coworkers. It was because of them you actually kept coming to work, otherwise, you would have started looking for a new job a long time ago.
The drive to your house was a comfortable silence. James even went as far as catching every door for you, making sure you were comfortable with the heat in the car and the music on the radio.
"James, it's your car." You reminded him and he still smiled.
When you arrived in the parking lot to your apartment, he walked around to your side to let you out before you even had a chance to open the door.
It surprised you how a man like James continued to work for Tony considering how much of a sweetheart he is. For all you knew, maybe he stuck around for the same reason as you. You thanked him quietly as he let you out of the car. He offered you his arm for comfort and you playfully rolled your eyes, wrapping your arm around his and holding onto his coat.
“You really didn’t have to do all of this, ya know?” You looked up at him as he walked up the stairs to your floor.
“I told you I wanted to make sure you were safe.”
“I know.” The two of you walked down the hallway once you got to your floor. You stopped in front of your door, letting go of his arm and turning around to face him. “Well thank you. I appreciate it more than you know.”
He waved it off with a smile. “It’s really not a problem.”
“Well, I do appreciate it. I’ll see you tomorrow?” He nodded, shifting on his feet slightly as if he was lost in thoughts. You didn’t want to hold him up any longer than needed. You removed your keys from your bag, unlocking the door.
As you pushed your door open, James stopped you. Stumbling over his words as he tried to find his voice.
“Can I..” You looked at him, noticing how close he was now and it all clicking. He had been debating whether or not to kiss you and your cheeks blushed a deep shade of red at the realization. You didn’t move, only leaning into him as he leaned into you. His lips barely brushed yours when a whistle sounded in the hallway making you both pull back.
You looked up to see one of your neighbors, Robert. “Some of us have places to be. You guys are kinda taking up the hallway.” Robert slowed his walk, passing by the two of you. James shoved his hands in his pockets awkwardly.
You scowled at Robert. “And yet, here you are passing by just fine.”
Robert smirked, glancing at James. “You just let your ole lady get mouthy with anyone, huh? Surprised Tony even keeps you around, but I see now.” He glances between you and James. “Crystal clear.”
James cuts his eyes at him, trying to bite his tongue.
“Oh, fuck off, Robert. Don’t you have an ice cream truck convention to get to?”
Robert snarled his nose. He’d like nothing more than to fix your attitude. “For his sake, let’s hope he puts your mouth to better use.”
“Hey!” James called after him. “Don’t talk to her like that!” It was too late though. Robert was already down the stairs and could care less what James had to say. It would not stop him from talking to you in any type of way. You knew it would not change anything aside from someone getting hurt. In your case, you did not want it to be James.
“James, it’s okay honestly.” You tried to get his attention by tugging on his coat.
He huffed, finally turning back to face you once again. “What a dick.” He muttered.
You shrugged and he finally looked up at you with apologetic eyes. “Don’t even think about apologizing. You didn’t do anything wrong.” You giggled and he ceased, realizing what he was doing and closing his mouth. You smiled widely, closing the space between you only for a moment to press a kiss to his cheek. His eyes widened at the gesture before he broke out into a grin.
You laughed quietly at his reaction. “Thank you again, James. I’ll see you tomorrow.” You turned to step inside your apartment. James gave his farewells before you both parted ways.
It felt never-ending at work the next time. Between a rush hour and it still being the middle of the day, you knew it was going to be a long day. There you were lent over a table, washing it down along with the seat. You had already received a table from Tony that some very special guests would be making an appearance. They couldn't have chosen to come at a worse time.
You cursed under your breath, slowly backing out of the booth until your body collided with another and making you jump a little. You looked over your shoulder as the man stepped aside with a smirk on his lips. Something told you it wasn't an accident. You swallowed hard when you noticed the group of men behind you. You could tell just by looking at the men in suits this was the guests Tony warned you about.
You rushed out of the booth, sliding out of it as quickly as your legs could operate. You were fluttered. "I-I'm so sorry." You apologized.
The man seemed to get off on your uneasiness. "I assume this would be ours?" He almost challenged and you nodded quickly, making him narrow his eyes at you.
"I'm sorry. It is. I apologize in advance, we are kind of busy." You stepped aside, letting the men take their seats before passing out the stack of menus. You took your notepad from your smock, smiling at the men before you. "Can I get you guys started with something to drink?"
You hurried off to get their drinks after they ordered. You looked up the drink machine to meet James' gaze.
"Everything okay?" He threw his towel over his shoulder as he sat a plate of food in the window.
"Perfect." You muttered, but he knew otherwise. He peaked out from the kitchen window at the guy who talked at one of the tables behind you.
"Breathe, it's okay." He tried to assure and you lift your tray of drinks, shooting him a 'kill me' look before rounding the counter to the table of men. It was not hard to miss that the men were a group of mobsters and that put them at the top of your list of tables to serve. You passed around the drinks before you taking their food orders to James, pinning the paper above the window for him.
You could hear Wanda struggling with some trays of food and you hurried to her side to help, taking the extra tray she was struggling to balance.
"Woah, Woah... I got it." You smiled at Wanda as she let a big sigh of relief.
"You're a lifesaver." She thanked you and you followed you over to the table of hungry people, helping her pass out the food and helping with any refills since it was quite a large table. You took a moment to check on your other tables.
You turned to leave, nearly knocking into Tony as he stood just behind with his hands on his hips. "What do you think you're doing?"
You weren't sure what he was talking about. "What do you mean?"
He scowled, grabbing a hold of your arm and pulling you off of the floor and through the swinging door to the kitchen.
"You have a table of very people out there and you're busy fucking off at other tables."
You yanked your arm back from his grip. "I was helping Wanda with the food."
"Wanda doesn't need your help. She can handle her own." You could tell everyone in the kitchen listening even if they refused to look up from what they were doing.
"Tony, she was struggling with her trays. Was I just suppose to let her drop them?."
Tony shook his head. "From now on, you take care of those men. Don't worry about Wanda."
"I am, Tony. You realize I have other tables too, right?." You reminded him.
"Not anymore." He shook his head again. "Wanda can handle them. I need you to keep these men happy. I own a lot to them. The last thing I need is you fucking this up."
Your eyes widened suddenly. You were in disbelief at what you were hearing. James looked up at you when you glance back at him. You knew what he was thinking. He only shook his head and lowered it again to finish chopping some vegetables. "Wanda can't handle every table in this diner. Tony, it's lunchtime."
"I don't care. Get out there." He grabbed your arm, pushing you toward the swinging door. You stared back at him in shock. "Are you deaf all of the sudden? Go."
You took a deep breath trying to calm your nerves. It took everything in you to keep from giving him a piece of your mind for treated you like crap in front of everyone. It was expected from Tony though. You would hear Tony behind you as you made your way over to the table of men waiting on you. You heard Tony’s footsteps stop behind you as you passed Wanda and you knew he was breaking the news to her.
“Anyone need any refills? The food should be just a moment. Did you guys need anything?” You put on your best smile.
The men all exchanged looks before the one closest to you spoke up. You could tell just by looking at him, he was in charge. “What I want isn’t on the menu.” You raised an eyebrow, trying to think what he might have meant until you notice his sweep of your body.
“I.. I could have the cook customize something if you want."
He raised an eyebrow. He wasn't sure if you were playing dumb or if you really were dumber than you looked. "No customizing needed, suga. You already look good enough to eat."
You cleared your throat, trying to swallow down what you really wanted to say but your mouth still failed you. "You're right that isn't on the menu."
The man smirked as if your words were a challenge he was willing to take you up on.
“Nonsense. You guys can have anything you want.” You jumped slightly when you felt Tony rest his hands on your shoulders as he came up behind you. “She’s my best girl. She’ll give you anything you want.”
James was getting good at noticing your uneasiness because he rang the bell, giving you an excuse to leave the table. “Order up!”
“Uhh...I should go get your food.”
“Tony can get it. Can’t you, Tony?” Tony took his hands off your shoulders, staring at the man for a moment. “Go on. Make yourself useful.” The man challenged and you swallowed down the lump in your throat.
“It’s fine I can-“
"Have a seat, doll. You could use a break, don't you think?" You were scared to answer as Tony nudged you forward toward the man.
"No problem. Coming right up." Tony forced a smile as the man found his hands to your hips and pulling you down on his lap.
You didn't know what to think. A part of you wanted to get up and leave but the other part of you, the part of you that you felt was keeping you alive right now, was terrified to move from your place on his lap. You wanted to say something, to protest. You want to call him a pig when you felt his fingers tracing shapes against your leg where your dress had risen up your thigh when you were pulled onto his lap.
You could feel his fingers creeping up your thigh as he talking to his men about God knows what. You slap his hand, pushing it back down.
"God. Can you at least be civil in public?" You scowled, pushing his hand and the man grabbed your wrist. He squeezed it, making you squirm on his lap.
"Watch your mouth." His free hand pops your mouth, catching you off guard. Your eyes go wide looking at him. "You see, you need to realize who's in charge here. It's clear you lack proper discipline."
"I'm a waitress." You reminded him.
"You're whatever I tell you you are. Right now, I have no problem making you a personal cockwarmer for me and my men." You glanced around at the men at the table who clearly seemed to be enjoying the show.
Your eyes were on the verge of bugging out of your head. A part of you couldn't believe this was happening, but you couldn't put anything past Tony at this point. It was taking everything in you to stay in place.
You shook your head slowly and he nodded in return. "That's not for you to decide. You'll realize that soon enough." You stared at him in disbelief. He wasn't really going to do that in front of everyone, was he?
James' voice spoke up from behind you. "Y/n, Wanda needs you."
The man looked up at James, narrowing his eyes and you stared up at James with pleading eyes. "Is she okay?"
Tony finally came to the table with the food, sitting it down in front of the men. "What are you doing out of the kitchen? Y/n is busy."
"It's an emergency." His eyes had a sparkle in them when he looked down at you again.
Your eyes moved back to Tony and Tony glared over at James. "She's busy, James."
"Tony, Wanda could be hurt." You pleaded.
When Tony didn't answer, the man loosened his grip on your body. "That's okay. Go check on your friend. We'll talk more later." He smiled against your cheek.
You didn't hesitate to get up from his lap and hurrying to back in search of Wanda with James following right behind you.You didn't hesitate to get up from his lap and hurrying to back in search of Wanda with James following right behind you. You look around the kitchen in search of Wanda.
"Where is Wanda?"
"She's just getting something from the cooler. She's fine."
You stare at James in slight relief and confusion.
"I saw what he was doing to you out there. I'm so sorry." He frowned, wrapping his arms around your neck and pulling you into a comforting hug. You melted into the hug, feeling your eyes getting wet with tears as you hugged him tightly. You wished words could express your gratitude but words couldn't come close to explaining it. So you held onto him, mumbling a thank you into his shoulder.
You jumped when you heard the door swung open with force.
"What the fuck was that?!" Tony voice's lit like fire echoing through the kitchen, making everyone else stop what they were doing. You and James slowly parted from your hug. "Does nobody listen to me around here?"
Everyone stayed quiet and Tony paces back and forth for a moment before stopping in front of James. He jerked the hat off of his head, throwing it on the ground. "What part of 'she's busy' do you not understand?!"
"They were hurting her!" James spits back.
"Hurting her?! They were HAPPY." Tony yells in his face. "You realize you're playing with fire here? They're mobsters for crying out loud! They could fucking kill you for that and not lose an ounce of sleep over it." James stands down, swallowing the lump in his throat.
Tony shook his head in shame before stopping in front of you, pointing a finger at you. "You. My whole business is depending on you right now and you pull this stunt."
"She had nothing to do with this. It was my fault, sir." James jumped in.
Tony cut his eyes back to James. "Pick up your fucking hat and get out of my face."
James picks up his hat from his feet, dirting it off before returning to his spot at the grill.
Tony crossed his arms over his chest, his eyes staring you down again. He let out a deep breath as you let your eyes drop to your feet. "Luckily for you, they're willing to overlook this. They'll be back tomorrow, so I expect you to be on your best behavior. I do not care what they ask for, you give it to them."
Your mouth fell up slightly with a gasp. "Tony."
"Don't act so stuck up. This is your life we're talking about. Now when they come back tomorrow, there won't be any more stunts. You'll be going with them. Understood?"
The whole kitchen stopped working instantly. You had to remind yourself to breathe.
"I-I don't think so."
"You think you have a fucking choice? I'm your boss and I'm telling you are going with them." Tony raises his voice, making you flinch slightly.
You reached behind your back, untying your smock and shoving in Tony's hands. "What do you think you're doing?"
You turned away, grabbing your bag from its usual spot. "I quit. I'm done here."
"You can't just quit!" Tony stormed after you, grabbing ahold of your arm and jerking you back around to face him. "You owe me!"
"Tony, I don't owe you anything! I kept this business afloat. If it wasn't for me, this diner would have never made it this far. I agreed to waitress. I did not sign up to be your hand out for your fuck ups."
You watched as his face turned a bright shade of red. "You're gonna regret that."
"No, I don't think I will." You glanced back at the kitchen staff. "And I think I speak for everyone when I say, you are the shittest boss to take advantage of your team the way you do."
His jaw clenched and everyone seemed to work at a slower pace in order to keep from missing a detail. Tony pressed his lips together, forcing a laugh to keep from making an even bigger scene.
"You're gonna wish you listened to me. You're gonna regret all of this, princess."
"Go to hell, Tony." You mumbled as you walked out of the kitchen before leaving the restaurant.
It had been two weeks since you had quit working for Tony and you had not heard anything since. You were relieved. You were slightly curious what he meant by you would regret it, but this far you could confirm you did not regret leaving that shit hole of a job. You had started working in an office building and to say the least, it was a lot better than waitressing.
It does not long after you left that James followed in your steps. You both need it was something bound to happen but of course, you had given him that extra push he needed to get the job done. After everything had happened, it also gave James the push he needed to make his move with you. You two had not spoken much about what happened even though you hang out almost every day now it seemed.
The two of you sat on the couch, your back against his chest as you both sipped on a beer. You were three in and already feel a buzz. You rested your head back with a hum, resting your eyes for a moment as you listened to the television in the background. His arm dragged over your shoulder, holding onto you as he took the last swig of his beer. It was late and he could tell you were getting sleepy.
He kissed the top of your head, smiling as he moved his arm from around you. He rose from the couch to gather up the empty bottles and tossing them in the trash to save you from having to clean up later.
You sat up from your spot and watched him with a smile. "I could have done that."
"Well, now you don't have to." He chuckled, leaning down in front of you and resting his hand on the back of the couch as his head hung down over yours.
You could smell the alcohol on his breath and you scrunched your nose up with a giggle. Alcohol gave you more courage than it should have. Your hands found their way around his neck, pulling him down to you until his lips landed on yours. The kiss was firm and eager. He did not hesitate to kiss you back. You could taste the alcohol on his tongue as mingled with yours. Your back fell back against the couch bringing James with you and James settled in between your legs, kissing you.
You could feel how hard he was pressed against you just from your kiss alone. An eager whine fell from your lips as your fingers worked their way down his shirt, unbuttoning the buttons as they lowered. At one point James was helping you until you were almost done with the buttons, his hand closed around yours.
"Wait..." He breathed against your lips, pulling back from the kiss to catch his breath. Your eyes stared up at him, your lips still tingling and swelling from his kiss.
"What's wrong?" Your lips still brushed his.
"Nothing. I just would prefer we did this sober." He answered shyly as if he was worried he was saying the wrong thing. You could not help but smile no matter how much you were aching for his touch right now. You understand and you agreed with him.
"Then we'll wait." You agreed with him.
He sat up on the couch, working the buttons to his shirt again. "I'm sorry. Believe me, I really do want to touch you, but I don't want alcohol influencing anything when I do."
You smiled. "It's okay. I respect that."
He lets a sigh when he glances over at the clock on the wall before looking back at you. It was right at midnight. "I should probably get going. You should try and get some rest before work."
"What? I'm well-rested. Can't you tell?" You stared back at him with tired eyes.
"I don't know about that." He laughs, starting to get up from the couch and you followed as he walked to the door.
"Goodnight." He leaned down, pressing a kiss to your forehead making you give a tired smile. If you had not been feeling the beers then, you were starting to feel it the fourth one now.
You shut the door behind him as he left, locking the door in place. You turned off the television once you found the remote. You wandered into your room to change into a nightgown. You were ready for bed.
Knock, knock.
You furrowed your brows in curiosity before giggling quietly. It was probably James.
You unlocked the door, pulling it open. "Change your min-" You stopped as soon as your eyes met Robert's. He smiled at the sight of you. He could tell you had been drinking and that was okay. It was going to make what he was here for a lot easier.
"I always knew you were a slut." He smiled one of his smug smiles.
"Do you not have anything better to do, Robert?"
He started to lean against your doorframe as if in thought. "Come to think of it, I do." His eyes seemed to fall down your body. They racked your body as if they were undressing you from your nightgown.
You scowled. "You're disgusting." You grabbed the door, starting to slam it shut in his face but his boot caught it. "Move." You gritted your teeth.
His foot didn't budge. In fact, all it took was a rough push of the door and it had you stumbling back. It was too easy. You cursed yourself for drinking.
"Wh-What are you doing?" He pushed his way inside your apartment and he pushed the door shut behind him. You watched him starting to reach for the lock. You slap his hand, tearing his hand away from the lock. He wasn't going to make himself at home. "I don't know what you think this is. Get out!" You raised your voice which soon died into a whimper when he grabbed you by your throat.
Your hand grabbed at his fingers, trying to tear them from around your throat and they only tightened with every attempt. You could hear the door lock as your head grew lighter. Maybe this was it. Robert was here to kill you for everything that happened. Just as you could feel yourself losing the last bit of oxygen in your lung, Robert gave you life again.
He releases your throat. Your lung burned trying to get oxygen back in them as you fell to your knees. An ache pounded through your skull from being so lightheaded. You crawled on your hands and knees to get as far away from him as possible and he whistled as he simply walked behind you. He could see your panties poking out from underneath your gown.
“Pathetic.” He chuckles as he steps one boot in front of the other. “You really think you’re something, huh? Think you’re too good for people. You’re not even close. You know I never knew what Tony saw in you. Nothing but a mouthy little bitch.”
You got to your feet, stumbling over your feet to get to the kitchen. You started to hurry through the drawers to get one of your cutting knives.
Robert lifts his shirt, pulling a gun from its place tucked in the waist of his jeans. You flinched when you heard him cock the gun. You stopped and slowly put your hands in the air in defeat.
"Robert, please..." You felt helpless. One wrong move and you were dead where you stood. "Don't do this."
Step by step he moved closer to you. His hand rubbed over your hips as he pushed you against the counter, pushing the gun against your temple and you closed your eyes tightly. You couldn't stop the tears from falling.
He pushed you over against the kitchen counter, his rough hands rubbing over your hips and feeling it slide up your back. Your hands out of habit grabbed for his and he shoved your head down hard against the counter, pressing the gun firmer against your head. That was definitely going to leave a bruise.
"Are you forgetting who has the gun here?" He snarled and you whimpered as your head throbbed from the impact. His hand rubbed over your ass and you blinked back the tears, looking at him. "I'm starting to see why Tony dealt with you for so long. Must have seen some real potential."
He grabbed you up by your hair making you yelp in pain. "Get on your knees."
You could see where this was going. You shake your head and he gave your hair a hard tug, slapping his hand against your cheek.
"That wasn't an option. Get. On. Your. Fucking. Knees." He gritted his teeth as he pulled you to your knees. You gripped his thick thighs to push yourself away as more tears fall down your face.
"Please. Please. No.." You cried.
"I'll shoot you right now and I won't think twice about it. I won't make your death quick. If you wanna suffer that's fine, or you can be a good little slut and we can put this pretty mouth to better use. The choice is yours."
You looked up at him with tear-filled eyes and stained cheeks. "1.. 2.." He started counting as he gripped the gun in his hand while the other tugged at your hair, pulling your head back to you look at him. "I'm tired of hearing your mouth. If I get to 3, it's not gonna be good for you."
You took a shaky breath, your smaller hand reaching up to undo his jeans. You undid the button and pulled the zipper down, your hands tugging on his pants a little to free his throbbing cock. You gasped as it was rock hard and precum already smeared over the angry red tip. He was much bigger than you expected. You never expected much from a guy like Robert.
You weren't even sure you could fit him all in your mouth. At this point, you were terrified to get even that wrong.
"Y-You're too big." Your voice cracked and he chuckled, smearing the salty tip over your lips and you pressed your lips together in humiliation.
"Giving up already huh? You haven't even started." He laughed. He adjusted the gun and you winced as he pushed on your temple with the barrel. "Show me what you're good for."
You were completely aware he was in full control of you and whatever he wanted from you. You wrapped your small hand around the base of his thick cock, dragging your hand up and down it with a stroke. You were hesitant about guiding it to your mouth so you started off with kitten lips to the head and letting your tongue trace over the slit of his cock. You lapped your tongue around the head, licking up all of his precum.
His head fell back for a moment with a sigh as his teeth sank into his bottom lip. "I wonder if James knows just how big of a whore you really are."
You tried not to make eye contact with him. Robert was not bad-looking by all means, but you could never look at Robert as so when he was such a shitty person. The quicker you got this over with, the quicker he might let you go. You closed your eyes tight trying to imagine it was not him.
"Eyes on me." He growled suddenly.
He must have noticed what you were trying to do. His hand slapped your cheek making you moan after his cock. Your eyes shot open, ruining your chances of imagining it were someone else. He tilted your head up to look at him.
Your eyes watered as you peer up through your lashes at him. His hand pushed on the back of your head, urging more of his cock into your mouth before the tip hit the back of your throat. His hips thrust against your mouth as you sucked. Your nails digging into his thick thighs. You wished you could push him off but you were too scared of what he would do in return.
"If only Tony and the boys could see you now." He smirked through his heavy breathing. You could tell he was close. "Miss. Goody Two Shoes on her knees sucking the ice cream man's cock. But you're too good for everyone right?" He laughed to himself, his breathing shuttering and you gagged against his cock. Your lungs are begging for air. "So close."
Your hands slapped against his thighs, but he didn't pull away. He didn't care if you croaked out from his cock.
"You better swallow every drop. Better not waste it."
You whimpered as the tip of his cock thrust roughly at the back of your throat, squeezing his thighs. He grunted suddenly, stroking his cock as he slowly eased it out of your mouth and painting your tongue with his spend. You swallowed every inch, trying to catch your breath. You were starting to wish he had just killed you, but it was over here. Now he would be on his way.
But he wasn't. His cock never softened even after he came. He was just as hard as ever. He didn't stop. You yelped as he pulled up from the floor by your hair. You stumbled over your feet trying to keep up with his pace. He pulled you down on the couch and you tried to get up quickly before he can get on top of you. You were already over the arm of the couch when he drags you back on your back beneath him.
"Robert, I'm sorry! Please, stop!" You begged.
He traced your fingers across your cheek, smiling at your tears and you swallowed hard. You didn't want to think about what was coming next.
"Sorry for what? Being a tease? A bitch? This isn't for me. I told you about that mouth of yours, but you never listen." He chuckled as he rubbed his hands down your figure, admiring the way your nightie hugs your curves perfectly. "Now you're stuck dealing with me. I know that's what you've always wanted, hm?"
You bite your bottom lip hard, your bite almost drawing blood from your lip. You shake your head quickly, making him growl and push your gown up as he settled between your legs. His fingers rubbed against your panties, making you gasp when he rubbed over the wet patch.
"You're a horrible liar. You're soaked." He smirked.
His hands dragged your panties down your legs, tossing them aside in frustration. He tsked at the sight of your glistening cunt and you wiggled, trying to close your legs.
"Don't fucking move." He pointed his finger in front of your face. "I'm so tired of warning you. I'm just gonna have to fuck your corpse if you keep on."
He absolutely disgusted you in every way possible. You were ashamed at how wet you were. How your body could betray you in a situation such as this.
You glared at him even through your teary eyes. It seemed to amuse him as he rubbed his long fingers through your folds, letting two of them push inside of you. Your juices instantly coating his digits. He pulled his fingers out, bringing them up to show your arousal. He wiggled his fingers in front of your face. You hated him so much.
"Have anything to say for yourself?" He grinned.
"Fuck you." You muttered and he pushed his fingers inside of your mouth, letting your tongue lap up your juices. You gagged slightly as his fingers brushed the back of your throat.
"Oh, we're getting there." He grinned as he brings the gun down your stomach between your legs, brushing your clit with the barrel. You froze with wide eyes at the feeling.
“R-Robert.. please don’t.” You took a deep breath to keep from crying again. You felt pathetic, helpless and boy did you look the part too. At this point, you would rather die than play this game with Robert.
“You know it’s going to happen, so why do you try princess? Do you really think I fucking care? Besides,” he tilted his head as he brushed the gun against your entrance.
Your bottom lip was quivering at this point. “Just kill me. Please. I can't do this...” You begged and he pulled the gun away before he ran his tongue along the gun, licking up your sweet juices with a groan.
“I don't waste.”
You sobbed as he dragged the tip of his cock through your folds. You tried to close your legs but he only pinned them apart, holding them down as he shoved his cock inside of you.
You cried out, gripping on his shirt so tight your knuckles turned white. He groaned, not giving you a chance to adjust and instantly thrusting into you.
“Fuck… if I knew it was gonna be this good, I would have would this long ago.” Robert held your legs apart as they shake underneath his grip. It was stinging between your legs from his size. It was almost like losing your virginity all over again.
“R-Robert..” You whimpered. He smirked as his name fell from your lips.
“You like this, don’t you? I figured a slut like you would.” He ground his hips with yours, the sound of his thighs smacking against the back of yours filling the room with every rough thrust.
“I hate you so much.” You cried as the pain slowly but surely began turning to pleasure. You were struggling to hold back your moans. “I fucking hate you.”
“I’m finding that harder to believe when you're hugging my cock so good.” As much as you wanted to hate him, your body welcomed him. It humiliated you how soaked you were, how good his cock hit parts of you no one ever had. You choked a moan, pushing on his chest as if you could even get him off of you.
He pulled your leg over his shoulder which once allowed him to take you deeper. Your stomach burned with desires, your climax swiftly approaching no matter how hard you found for it not to happen. You didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of making you cum but you could not help the wave of pleasure that pulled you in. You cried out as your body arched, your juices soaking his cock and he groaned at the sight as they soaked even his thighs.
Robert leaned down, gripping the back of your neck to make you look at him. Your tired eyes struggled to keep your focus on him from the climax you just experienced.
“Look at you all fucked out.” He chuckled as he thrust harder and faster against your spot, nearly pushing you over the edge again. He knew what he was doing and you knew no matter how much you fought back, he was doing to take what he wanted. "You’re gonna look so good full of my cum.”
You shook your head with a whine. Your hands slapped his chest and pushing on his stomach to try and push him out of you. “No, no, please. P-Pull out!”
Robert roughly grabbed your hands, pinning them to the arm of the couch above your head. He pulled down the front of your gown to free your breasts, groaning as he watched them bounce with every hard thrust of his hips. You panicked. You did not know what to do else. You weren't worried if he would kill you. Dying was better than having to experience this. You started to scream, only to receive a hard slap across your face to sounded through the room. You could feel the tears falling faster now as you cried.
"Scream again and see if I don't fuck you unconscious." He challenged. Even with everything going on, he never stopped though. You could feel your climax building in the pit of your stomach.
"Maybe I should. I wouldn't have to hear your pity party." He reached between your legs as his rough fingers slapped your clit, making your body jump from the intense feeling. "Don't make this any harder than it has to be." He growled in your ear as he rubbed his fingers swiftly against your clit.
You cried out as he sent you over the edge for the second time. Your walls clenched and fluttered around his cock, pushing him towards his own release. The tears falling down your face were a mixture of fear and overstimulation.
"You can't stand me now, just wait until our child is the spitting image of me." He smirks through his heavy breathes. "Now, this, this is for me."
He grunted quietly against your neck, biting on your skin as his cum warmed your core. You knew your life was over. He ruined everything. Whatever future there was before was ruined. He ruined you.
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stargazingfangirl18 · a month ago
Robert Pronge (aka Mr. Freezy) Masterlist
Tumblr media
🥵 Indicates explicit sexual content.
😈 Indicates dark content.
Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge x Female!Reader | Word Count: 2,676
Summary: There was a reason why you were counting down the days until your apartment lease was up.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Smut. Non con. Dark fic. 18+ 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Kinktober 2020 Prompt 12: Obsession w/Mr. Freezy
Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge x Female!Reader | Word Count: 2,632
Summary: Robert shows you his collection, then makes you part of it.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Kidnapping. Slight dub con. Anal play. AU probably. 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Kinktober 2020 Prompt 17: Overstimulation w/Mr. Freezy
Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge x Female!Reader | Word Count: 3,540
Summary: You’d lost count of how many days you’d been here, locked away as his little plaything, but one thing you knew for sure? You didn’t want to make him angry.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Non con. Dub con. Overstimulation. Vaginal fingering. Anal play. Smut. Dark fic. 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Ransom Drysdale x Female!Reader; mild Mr. Freezy x Female!Reader
Summary: After witnessing a murder, you’re taken captive and caught up in a web of wicked deeds, deceit, and dark desire, unsure of who’s the lesser of two evils: the smooth talking devil with the face of an angel or the terrifying hitman who does all of his dirty work for him.
Warnings: Explicit language. Explicit sexual content. Kidnapping. Reference to murder for hire. Non con touching. Non con exhibitionism. Non con voyeurism. AU. Dark fic. 18+ 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Wicked & Willing
Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge x Female!Reader | Word Count: 1,097
Summary: It’s late at night and you’re all alone when the intruder appears, and your home isn’t the only thing he wants to ruin.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Virgin!Reader (but she’s in her 20s). Implied loss of virginity. Light degradation. Dom/Sub vibes. Dark elements. 18+ 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Freezy Drabbles, Headcanons, Imagines, Etc.
Savor 😈
Mr. Freezy’s Special Cream 🥵😈
Famished 🥵😈
Where Do You Think You’re Going? 🥵😈
Delightful divider made by the talented @firefly-graphics​ 😍
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stargazingfangirl18 · a month ago
Idea I just had cuz of ur reblog of your Freezy story
Virgin! Reader who just wants to get wrecked by any of Dark! Chris's characters (soft dark wins too)!!!
Not sorry. My hoe holes are needing rite now
Hahaha look. I love a good corruption/innocence kink, okay? And when it’s with a super dark babe?! HNNNGH 🥴🥴🥴
Let’s just imagine it for a moment, shall we...
Wicked & Willing
Pairing: Robert Pronge (aka Mr. Freezy) x Fem!Reader Word Count: 1,097 Summary: It’s late at night and you’re all alone when the intruder appears, and your home isn’t the only thing he wants to ruin.
Warning: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Virgin!Reader (but she’s in her 20s). Implied loss of virginity. Light degradation. Dom/Sub vibes. Dark elements. 18+ only!
Tumblr media
He found you in your bedroom, curled up at the head of your bed, knees hugged to your chest as you gasped at the appearance of him in your doorway.
The sound of him rifling through your family home had woken you--the loud thuds of furniture being overturned and the shattering of glass and collectibles--but you had been too afraid to check what was happening, too frozen in fear to think of calling for help.
“Well what do we have here?” He smirked, lips hinting at amusement even as his eyes shined with darkness.
You swallowed nervously as he slowly sauntered closer, unable to look away from his imposing figure.
He was so big. Tall and broad, his biceps like tree trunks and his shoulders wide. He looked like he could easily snap you in half, and something about that realization had your body buzzing to life with awareness as a shiver of anticipation zipped through you.
“You’re not supposed to be here,” he tsked, wagging his finger as he looked you over. His eyes slowly roved up your bare legs as he touched his tongue to his teeth. “My intel said your entire family was out of town.”
“I-I didn’t want to go,” you whispered, licking your dry lips and overly aware of how his gaze lingered on your mouth.
Your breath caught as he sat on the edge of your bed, sparing no space between you as the mattress dipped beneath his added weight.
“I was just supposed to toss the house, send a message from my employer to your daddy.” He grinned, nice and slow, as he gave you another leer. “But I guess it’s my lucky fucking night.”
You went still as his big, rough hand touched your bare calf, sliding up along your soft skin until he was rounding the delicate curve of your knee.
He watched your face, hungry for your reaction, eyes glittering with something sinful when you gasped, your mouth parting in a surprised little ‘o’ as your eyes went big and scared, but excited.
When his hand pushed your knees apart and you let your legs fall open without resistance, he chuckled.
“You look innocent,” he purred, palm settling heavy on your bare thigh and giving you a squeeze. “But you don’t act it.”
The caress of his fingers along your inner thighs had you squirming, the touch unfamiliar yet exhilarating, like the warm rush of desperation that flooded you as your nipples pebbled hard beneath your nightgown.
A quiet whine you’d never made before fell from your lips as you spread your legs wider in invitation, scooting closer to him until your nightgown was rucked up around your hips and your sweet little flower panties were on unabashed display.
“I-I’ve never...” you trembled, jerking as his thick fingers teased along the front of your panties, sending a jolt of pleasure streaking up your spine. “But I want it.”
His fingers pressed harder, until the scrap of cotton between your legs started to grow damp, then wet, as you writhed against his wicked touch.
“Even if you didn’t want it,” he hummed, leaning in so close his long, soft hair tickled your warm cheek. “You’d still get it.”
You mewled as he kissed along the shell of your ear, making you shiver, and then he was sucking your earlobe between his lips, ripping a moan from yours before you felt the sharp nip of teeth as he pulled away.
His thumb rounded your clit through your panties and he huffed in amusement as your hips rocketed up off the mattress eagerly.
Sitting back, he grinned at your distressed noise at the loss of his touch. Sucking his wet fingers into his mouth, he growled, “Get those good girl jammies off, sweet thing, because it’s time to be bad.”
You could only nod faintly at his directive, your head buzzing as you watched him rise to his feet and tower over you as he unbuckled his belt.
His eyes were fixed on you as you lifted off your nightgown and tossed it aside, baring your body to a man for the first time ever.
The way he licked his lips at the sight of your naked, quivering body, his eyes greedily drinking you in, made the vulnerability that was overwhelming you evaporate as a wave of satisfaction took its place.
You liked the way he was looking at you--this big, dangerous stranger--like he could just eat you all up.
“Panties too,” he grunted, whipping his shirt over his head and flinging it behind him.
But you didn’t move, frozen at the sight of his powerful upper body. He was all pale flesh and rippling muscle, his skin littered in various tattoos as dark hair sprinkled his chest and down the cut of his stomach.
You squealed to suddenly find his hand around your throat, his face twisted with a sneer as he snarled at you, “When I tell you to do something, you fucking do it.”
“I-I’m sorry,” you trembled, wide eyes falling to his naked chest once more. “I’ve never...” you trailed off, reaching for him before you could think better of it.
Because you needed to touch him.
You needed to know what a body like that felt like.
He stiffened as your shaking fingers tentatively trailed over his warm skin. His gaze dropped to watch the way you touched him, with a mixture of curiosity and awe.
When your hand slid down the ridges of his stomach, your inquisitive fingers tracing the dips and divots of his muscles, he grunted, the tent at the front of his pants becoming more prominent as he caught your wrist with a gruff laugh.
“Oh, honey, if you’re this hot already, just wait until you get a load of my cock. Figuratively and literally,” he snickered.
Leaning close, his fingers pressed against your throat until your wide gaze was regretfully leaving his body to align with his.
“Is that what you want, sweet thing? Want me to fill all of your slutty little holes with my cock? Have you leaking my cream and fucked so good you can’t remember your own name?”
“Yes,” you breathed instantly, pressing your thighs together at the gush of arousal that image conjured. “Please. Please!”
“Mmm never had anyone beg so pretty for me to fucking ruin them.” His grin was lecherous as he leaned close and licked at your parted lips. “Now lay back, spread your legs, and show me that virgin cunt like a good girl, then we’ll get this fucking party started.”
Tumblr media
What can I say? Freezy takes Hump Day very seriously 😘
Also - I kind of feel like I pulled off soft!dark Freezy here?!?! Yes, no, I’m a hoe maybe so?!
I no longer do tag lists, but if you'd like to be easily notified when I post new writing, follow my side blog @sirisshamelesshoelibrary and turn on notifications to get pinged when I drop some new hoe fuel 😘
Please note that my work is not to be reposted, published, or translated anywhere other than my Tumblr without my expressed permission. Reblogs are most welcome though! ❤️
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hevans-angel · a month ago
Mucho Mistrust
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Robert Pronge (Mr. Freezy) x Reader
Word Count: 934
Warnings: Robert is a warning, dark fic, implied drugging, creepy ice cream man, Rob is a mega creep, sexual undertones, implied kidnapping, age gap (reader is in college and Rob is in his 30's.)
A/N: This is a short little piece for @stargazingfangirl18 's Soft Dark challenge!!! This is my first dark story so be nice please 😭😭😭 I chose the prompts "you catch the eye of someone dangerous" and the Mr. Freezy gif prompt. I'd like to tag my fav Freezy writers @jtargaryen18 @ozarkthedog and @the-iceni-bitch + siri because they are the queens of Freezer Daddy in my book 😂😂 no obligations of course!
Divider made by @/firefly-graphics and 18+ banner made by @/cgl-graphocs
It was a late summer afternoon; you were laying on a lawn chair, soaking up the sun as Heart of Glass by Blondie blared on the radio. Your nieces and nephews were a few feet away, splashing in the pool while your sister’s husband grilled burgers and hotdogs.
It was the perfect afternoon.
The unmistakable sound of ice cream truck music got closer and closer, and your nieces and nephews started begging for a sweet treat  on a stick. Your sister laughed at their excitement and stood up from her seat next to you.
“Let me go inside and get some change for you guys,” she looked at you and raised an eyebrow curiously, “would you mind walking with them?” She leaned in closer so that just you would hear, “I want to stay here in case you-know-who burns the burgers again,” She nodded in the direction of her unknowing husband and you smiled slightly before nodding.
“Yeah, sure. C’mon guys, I could use a popsicle myself.” You called to the children and you and your little army headed for the popular Mr. Freezy ice cream truck.
The five of you talked about what you were going to get and as you neared, you noticed the large man standing at the window serving a few kids; Mr. Pronge, or Robert as he insisted. He was a quiet and intimidating, man yet friendly enough man; it always surprised you that he had such a wholesome job. A part of you felt wary of him, the look in his eyes he’d have whenever he saw you giving you chills. It’d only be for a split second before his demeanor would soften to how he was with the children of the neighborhood.
“What can I get you guys?” He spoke as you got close enough, eyes fixated on you. The children rattled off their requests as you did your best to avoid his gaze- friendly with a dark undertone. He got their treats out before looking at you again. “And what about you, cutie? Fancy a treat?” Your face heated at the pet name before clearing your throat.
“Yeah, can I get a grape popsicle please?” You could have sworn you saw a faint smirk underneath that ridiculous facial hair; like always, however, it disappeared almost as quickly as he did as he ducked into the freezer to pull out your request.
“Lucky you, got the last one.” You gave a polite laugh in response and took the popsicle from him. As you reached to give him the money, he put a hand up to stop you and shook his head.
“No need; it’s on me.” You were skeptical of his kindness, and your face must have shown it as he spoke up again. “Really, I don’t mind. Just make sure you enjoy that popsicle, okay?” You weren’t sure if you were just imagining things, but his tone when he said that didn’t help his creepiness at all.
“Well, alright. Thank you, Mr. Pronge.”
“It’s Robert, sweetie. No need to be so formal.”
You nodded and offered a small, apologetic smile.
Your back was to him now, and although you couldn’t see him you felt his eyes on you; suddenly you were very uncomfortable wearing that new swimming suit you bought recently.
Tumblr media
A few weeks later you were walking home from your summer job. The sun was beginning to set, the beautiful oranges and pinks painting the sky as kids sped past you on their bikes to get home for dinner.
You heard the familiar voice and turned towards it. You were startled to see Robert there in his truck, you hadn’t even seen it coming your way.
“Oh, hey, Mist- Robert.” You corrected yourself sheepishly. He motioned to your shirt before replying.
“You’re working at the convenience store down the road?”
“Oh- Yeah, while I’m home from college. My sister says I need to contribute since I’m staying with her.” You finished with a small, awkward laugh. He made you so uncomfortable.
“College, huh? Got a boyfriend?” Another uncomfortable laugh left your throat, shaking your head as you fiddled with your fingers.
“Uh, no. No boyfriend. Too busy with my studies.” He hummed in response. Even with those big sunglasses he was wearing, you could tell he was looking straight at you. Silence fell between you two for a few moments, and you quickly changed the subject. “Doing your last rounds before turning in?” He nodded and smiled a toothy grin.
“Yeah, you want a cone?”
“No, I shouldn’t-”
“C’mon, it’s on me.” He insisted, everything I get is on him, you noticed.
“I’d love to, but… My sister’s making spaghetti and it’s my favorite. Don’t want to spoil it.” You politely declined, your face warming at your excuse. He chuckled and ignored your protest, scooping some vanilla ice cream into a cake ice cream cone. His long arm extended it out to you, an eyebrow raised expectantly. Not wanting to be rude, you took it.
“Thank you,” you murmured, taking a lick around the sweet treat.
“You’re welcome. I’ll let you get going, tell your sister I said hi, okay?” You bid him good night and continued walking. The ice cream tasted a little off; maybe it was slightly freezer burned?
As you rounded the corner to get to the house, your head started to feel funny.
You stopped walking to regain your balance, holding onto a lamp post. As your vision started to blur, you failed to see a figure walking towards you.
You blacked out and fell to the ground.
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the-iceni-bitch · 2 months ago
So We Can Act a Fool
Pairing: Robert Pronge x hit woman!Reader
Words: ~1.8k
Summary: Mr. Freezy’s wife may not be as dumb as you thought.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (fingering, unprotected vaginal sex, choking kink, slapping kink), infidelity, SMUT!!!! 18+ ONLY!!!!
A/N: Our two favorite psychopaths are back!!! This was going to be a little longer but the second half didn’t hit the way I wanted it to so it’ll be it’s own little fic later 😉
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!
Tumblr media
The fucking phone had been ringing every 20 minutes for the whole goddamn morning.
Robert had told his wife he had to go to some conference, did they even have conferences for ice cream men? And he’d spent the first day doing nothing but taking you apart slowly. Right now he had you leaned against the bar, his hands digging into your tits as he fucked your tight pussy in smooth long strokes.
The phone rang again and he lifted your knee to rest on the bar with a low growl, his cock hitting you even deeper and making you moan.
“This is getting ridiculous, I’m going to fucking answer it.” You snarled as you eyed the offensive appliance.
“You think you can stay quiet, kitten?” He teased as he leaned into your hair. “Cuz I’m not stopping.”
“Good.” You grinned at him over your shoulder and reached for the receiver. “Hello?”
“Suzy? Oh I’m so glad your home! I’ve been trying to reach you all morning.”
“Mary? Is there something wrong?” You felt Robert freeze for a second before he started slamming into you like an animal.
“I just... I feel like you’re my only real friend.” You rolled your eyes, she sounded like she was about to cry. “And, well, I really need to talk to you in person.”
“I’d love to honey, but I’ve got kind of a busy day planned.” You had to swallow a cry when her husband’s cock punched you in the cervix.
“I think Robert is cheating on me.”
You had to slap your hand over the receiver as you cracked up, taking just a few seconds to compose yourself before bringing the phone back to your face.
“I’ll be over as soon as I can. Bye Mary.” You turned your head to peek at Bobby over your shoulder. “Your bitch wife might not be as dumb as we thought.”
“What?” He wrapped his hand around your throat and pulled you back against his chest, burying his face in your neck and nipping at your jaw.
“She thinks you’re cheating on her.”
You cackled when his hand on the bar slipped and he almost went down, catching himself at the last second with a hiss.
“Goddamn it.” He seethed as he pulled out of you and flipped you around, shoving himself back into you with a snarl. “I knew this would fucking happen. You fucking cunt, had to play your crazy bitch games with my life.”
You fluttered around him when he slapped you hard across the face before curling himself over you and running his tongue over your cheek. One of his massive hands wrapped around your throat, putting just enough pressure on your jugular that your head started to get fuzzy.
“Careful, Bobby.” You teased, rolling your hips to meet his desperate thrusts as every muscle in your body tightened. “Don’t wanna have to explain to that little peach why I’ve got your marks all over my neck.”
“I don’t fucking care, kitten.” He purred, running his teeth over your jaw. “Sick of having to hold back so that stupid cunt doesn’t catch on. Maybe I’ll just fuck you in the driveway so all those asshole neighbors finally know your mine.”
“Well, aren’t you sweet.” The thought of him claiming you in front of those pervy idiots was sending you towards the edge. “Fuck, god right there!”
“That’s right kitten. You want me to split that tight little pussy open with my thick cock in front of all those morons? Want me to show them what a good little slut you are?”
His cock punched you in the cervix again and you lost it, your body arching up off the bar as you let out a sharp gasp. He bent to sink his teeth into your shoulder as he followed you, his thick cum filling you up until it was leaking out around him.
“You get that out of your system?” You teased, rolling him off you with a huff. “Or are you really ready to completely blow your cover?”
“Almost, kitten.” He wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you on top of him with a happy sigh. “Getting real sick of this sneaking around.”
“Well I’m not moving again so too fucking bad.” You sat up with a moan. “Now I’ve gotta go talk that dumb cunt off a ledge.
Tumblr media
You were knocking on the door of Mary and Robert’s home within 10 minutes, trying not to pull at the edge of your turtleneck that you had to wear because of course Bobby couldn’t help but mark you up. He was holed up in your garage, working on a bomb for the new job you’d just taken on.
Mary looked relieved for a second when she opened the door, then she immediately burst into tears. God, there was no quicker way to make you uncomfortable. You did your best to make appropriate soothing noises as you stepped inside, patting her on the shoulder while you moved to sit on the couch.
“You just let it all out sweetie.” You rolled your eyes as she sobbed against your shoulder, wincing as her tears and snot soaked through your shirt.
“I just don’t understand what happened, Suzy.” She choked out, dabbing a handkerchief against her eyes as she sat back.
“Why are you so sure he’s cheating sweetie?” You were curious what might have tipped her off, and a little surprised at the fact she didn’t suspect you.
“I wasn’t totally sure at first. He’s always worked strange hours with his business, and when it started happening more I just thought business was picking up.” God she was stupid. “Then I found these in our bedroom.”
You had to bite your lip to keep from cackling. She was holding up the lacy pink thong you had misplaced during the little anal romp you and Bobby had in their bed a few weeks ago. You had completely forgotten about it.
“And those aren’t yours?” Oh my god, this was too good.
“I could never wear anything like this.” “She looked disgusted at the suggestion. “What kind of harlot would even own something like this?”
“I... I don’t know.” All your concentration was going towards not cracking up, you weren’t even wearing panties right now. Her husband preferred easy access. “Well, has it effected your sex life at all?” Might as well get something juicy out of this.
“Oh, Robert doesn’t have much of a sex drive.” You had to slap your hand over your mouth at the absurdity of that statement. “And I,” she dropped her voice to a low whisper. “I just don’t like it very much.”
“No.” No shit, the frigid bitch.
“Once we had Billy, I just didn’t see the point anymore. And Bobby seemed fine with every few months.” Oh, he definitely wasn’t.
“Well, have you tried livening things up at all?” Why the fuck were you poking this hive?
“How do you mean? Like, me being on top?” God, this cunt was ridiculous. “That seems exhausting.”
“Right, never mind.” Jesus Christ, this was mind numbing.
“I just wish I had someone I could trust to keep an eye on him.”
Oh, if that didn’t give you an evil idea.
“Like, when he’s at work?” You said innocently, peering at your fingernails.
“Oh, that would be perfect!” She was completely oblivious. “But I don’t know anyone who works with him.”
“Is he looking to hire anyone?”
“I don’t know, maybe.” She gave you a quizzical look. “Why do you ask?”
“I have been thinking of leaving my job in the city.” You lied. “And if I can find a nice cushy job out here in the suburbs and help you out at the same time...”
“Oh my god, Suzy, you’re the best!” You were the best, this dumb cunt didn’t even know. “When he gets back from his conference, I’ll do my best to convince him to hire you. I’m sure he could use a secretary or something.”
“Right, that would be great.” Oh my god, this woman was the biggest moron you had ever met. “Now what other gossip do you have for me, Mary? I’ve got a couple hours.”
Tumblr media
You sauntered back to your house two hours later, a little wine drunk and very pleased with yourself.
“Oh, Bobby, I’m home!” You tossed your jacket over the couch and staggered towards the garage. “Guess what I did?”
“Where the fuck have you been kitten?” He hissed, reaching behind him and yanking you towards him with a low growl as he looked over the work he’d done. “You were supposed to help me with this thing.”
“Well, it looks fucking great, Bobby.” You beamed when he pulled you into his lap and started to feel you up. “You are not gonna believe what I talked that stupid cow into.”
“I told you, I don’t fucking care.” He purred, unbuttoning your jeans and shoving his fingers into your pants. “I just want to enjoy my week away from that dumb bitch.”
“But it’s one of my best ideas.” You whined when he slid two fingers inside you, grinding into him and dropping your head against his shoulder when he squeezed your breast. “Oh, fuck, that’s it.”
His fingers curled against that spongy spot and you keened, gripping his wrist to keep him in place. The feel of his third finger starting to stretch you was almost too much, your chest heaving with deep breaths as he scraped his teeth over your neck.
“You get so dumb so fucking fast for me, kitten.” He growled into your hair, grinding his palm into your clit and grinning at the moan you gave him. “Just a stupid little cockdrunk slut.”
“Shut the fuck up.” You spat, turning your head so you could suck his bottom lip into your mouth. “Just make me come, you bastard.”
“God, this cunt of yours is so greedy. Sucking on my fingers so good.” He nipped at your lips, flicking his tongue against yours as you groaned into his mouth. “Think you can take another one?”
“Are you really asking or just... shit, Jesus Christ, Bobby!”
The stretch was almost too much, but then he brushed his thumb across your clit and you were gone. Your body arched into his hands as you quivered around his fingers, your release flooding your jeans and soaking him to the wrist. You sagged against him with a sigh, your brain going blank for a few moments while he brought his hand up to his face to suck his fingers clean.
“What was it you wanted to tell me, kitten?” He just chuckled darkly when you snarled at him. “C’mon, Y/N, spit it out. I want to finish this fucking bomb then spend the rest of the day ruining every hole you have.”
“Oh, aren’t you a sweetheart.” You said with an eye roll, redoing your jeans and bending to work on the wiring as you told him about your little plan.
Tumblr media
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stargazingfangirl18 · 2 months ago
Mr. Freezy, dark, “where do you think you’re going?”
(Hope I did this right! It’s my first time playing one of your games 🙈)
Aw yay! Welcome to shameless hoe game time! So glad you’re playing with me this evening 🥰❤️ And you did this perfectly! Thank you for the prompt! Hope you like it!
Tumblr media
Warning: Explicit language. Sexual themes. Non con touching. Implied non con. Violence/shootout aftermath. Blood play. AU. Dark fic. 18+ only!
Your hands were shaking so hard you could barely hold up your weight as you crawled around overturned tables, over broken dishes and smashed food, over dead bodies and pools of blood.
You didn’t care that your hands were stuck with shards of broken glass, adding your blood to the floor of the restaurant turned scene of some kind of crazy shootout.
You’d been in the middle of another horrible blind date when gunfire had erupted, when the screaming had started, some of them ending so abruptly your stomach turned just recalling those horrific sounds.
You’d loss track of your date in the chaos, but you just wanted to get out of here, you just wanted to live.
So you had played dead until things had gone quiet. Until the rumble of mean, male voices congratulating each other on a job well done had stopped and their heavy footfalls sounded their retreat.
You had even counted to 500 in your head before peeking your eyes open and checking that the coast was clear before you stayed low and started your slow crawl to the back door, and blessed escape.
You were so close as you scurried around the end of the bar, within feet of the exit, when a heavy boot kicked you in the ass and sent you sprawling on your stomach with a muffled shriek.
You went stock still as said boot planted hard and heavy on the middle of your back, the harsh pressure making you whine in pain.
“Where do you think you’re going?” The voice was an amused growl that had your hair standing on end.
You whimpered as you felt the foot lift from your back and then the tip of it dig into your ribs hard, until you were tentatively rolling onto your back.
He was terrifying, the man standing over you. His shoulders broad and stretching his t-shirt to its limit, his hair long and dark and hanging in his face. He wore glasses that were far too big for him but emphasized just how blue and menacing his eyes truly were.
His lips curled into a mean smile as he stepped over you, crouching down over you until you could feel the warmth of him seeping through your little black dress.
“You’re a sneaky one, huh, sweet thing?” He rasped, eyes trailing over you slowly. His hand was hot and heavy on your bare knee, slowly sliding higher and taking your dress with it until he saw a flash of red lace between your thighs. “Mmm and here I thought my fun was just ending for the night. Never been more glad to be so wrong.”
“No, don’t!” You whispered as his hand slid higher, his wrist twisting until he was cupping your core and watching your face to see how you would react.
You grabbed his wrist, nails digging into him, the blood from your palms smearing over his skin as you tried to squirm away from his indecent touch.
Whimpering as his free hand shot out and grabbed your wrist, yanking you closer, you could only watch in horror as he ducked his head close, examining the cuts on your palm, the blood oozing from your skin before leaning in and slowly licking your skin clean.
“Can’t wait to see which tastes better,” he husked, eyes sparkling at you as he met your gaze. “This,” he sucked your finger into his mouth, tongue swiping as he groaned at the tang of your blood. “Or your cunt.”
And with a dark laugh, he rose to his feet, yanking you up with him before shoving you toward the back exit and out into the dark, dreary night.
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stargazingfangirl18 · 2 months ago
Ensnared Masterlist
Tumblr media
After witnessing a murder, you’re taken captive and caught up in a web of wicked deeds, deceit, and dark desire, unsure of who’s the lesser of two evils: the smooth talking devil with the face of an angel or the terrifying hitman who does all of his dirty work for him.
Warnings: Explicit language. Explicit sexual content. Kidnapping. Reference to murder for hire. Non con touching. Non con exhibitionism. Non con voyeurism.  AU. Dark fic. 18+ only!
Tumblr media
Ensnared: Part 1
Ransom Drysdale x Fem!Reader, minor Robert Pronge (Mr. Freezy) x Fem!Reader | Word Count: 597
Summary: You never knew that being in the wrong place at the wrong time could end like this.
Tumblr media
Ensnared: Part 2
Ransom Drysdale x Fem!Reader, minor Robert Pronge (Mr. Freezy) x Fem!Reader | Word Count: 4,219
Summary: Robert preps you for the handoff to the smooth talking stranger who bought you, but before he lets you go, he wants to have a little fun first.
Tumblr media
Black heart divider made by the talented @whimsicalrogers​
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stargazingfangirl18 · 2 months ago
Ensnared: Part 2
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Female!Reader; minor Robert Pronge (Mr. Freezy) x Female!Reader Word Count: 4,219 Summary: Robert preps you for the handoff to the smooth talking stranger who bought you, but before he lets you go, he wants to have a little fun first. Warnings: Explicit language. Explicit sexual content. Non con touching. Non con exhibitionism. Non con voyeurism. Kidnapping. Reference to murder for hire. AU. Dark fic. 18+ only!
A/N: Freezy wanted to play, and what Freezy wants, Freezy gets 👀
Ensnared Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
You winced as the car trunk was thrown open and sunlight flooded in, momentarily blinding you.
“Let’s go,” Robert grunted.
He held up a pocket knife, pushing the button so the small, silver blade flipped out, and you felt a brand new wave of fear wash over you.
Was this it? Was this the moment you died?
“No, please,” you cried, trying to squirm away.
There wasn’t much room in the dirty car trunk though, and you couldn’t really move with your wrists and ankles zip tied.
You were as trapped as ever.
“For Christ’s sake, stop being so fucking difficult and come here,” he hissed, leaning over and slicing through the plastic holding your ankles together. He grabbed your arm harshly, shoving you onto your belly until he could reach the zip tie at your wrists to cut through that too.
Then he was yanking you from the trunk, and you were stumbling against him, trying to find your footing as feeling rushed back through your extremities after being tied up and cramped in a small space for so long.
You didn’t realize how tightly you were clinging to Robert’s massive shoulders until you slowly lifted your head, his long, messy hair hanging around his face as he smirked down at you.
“You know Drysdale paid a pretty penny for you, sweet thing, but you keep throwing yourself at me like this, and I’m sure not even he could blame me for giving in.”
You shuddered at the shameless innuendo lacing his words, at the way his big hand slid over the curve of your ass and squeezed.
Whimpering, you shoved away from him, catching yourself on the car trunk behind you.
Snickering, Robert retrieved the duffle bag at his feet before thumbing behind him. “Let’s go, we gotta get you cleaned up before the hand off.”
Your gaze flickered behind him and you realized you were at a rundown motel. You glanced around, quickly taking in the gravel parking lot and just how empty it was.
No other cars in sight, no other people, you didn’t even see a check in office, just a barren parking lot, a shitty motel, and the edge of the woods a long distance away.
The familiar sense of helplessness rose up over you just as Robert huffed and grabbed your arm, yanking you close before propelling you toward the door in front of you marked 118.
“Don’t get any bright ideas, we’re in the middle of nowhere, and even if you tried to make a run for it, you’d likely just find yourself in worse company than me.” He laughed at the disbelieving look you gave him as he dropped your arm to unlock the motel room door. “Yeah, I know, that’s sayin’ something, huh?”
Swallowing down the urge to cry, because you knew enough about this terrifying stranger--this murderer--at this point to know he didn’t like that, you didn’t resist as he grabbed you again and shoved you into the motel room.
It was dark and dingy, the only furniture the queen size bed, a set of cheap looking nightstands framing it, and a raggedy dresser with an outdated TV and an old, ugly lamp crammed on top.
Robert shut and locked the door behind him, moving past you. He tossed the duffle bag on the foot of the bed before flipping on the light in the tiny connected bathroom and giving it a quick once over.
Checking his watch, he turned to you. “You got less than an hour to get cleaned up before he gets here.”
Moving back to the duffle bag, he yanked open the zipper on it, rifling through the contents before pulling out a small toiletry bag. He tossed it at you, snorting as you barely caught it.
Hesitantly, you opened it to find a travel size set of shampoo, conditioner, and soap, as well as a small toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash. There was some lotion and deodorant too, and then Robert was shoving a woman’s razor at you.
“Take this too,” he grunted. “Go on, go clean up.” Grabbing your arm again, he shoved you into the bathroom. “And don’t fucking try anything cute,” he warned you. “Or I’ll kill you. I don’t need the $50k that bad, you got it?”
You nodded shakily, glancing around the small, dirty bathroom. “W-what about clothes?”
“I grabbed some stuff from your apartment,” he smirked. “I’ll set it out for you, go shower now. Hurry up.”
“You were in my apartment?” Your stomach flipped unpleasantly at the thought.
This awful man was in your home?
“Wasn’t hard to find considering you had your license on you,” Robert’s grin was mean. “Cute place,” he hummed, moving closer. “Too bad you’ll never see it again.”
And with that, he shoved you further into the small space, stepped out, and slammed the door shut.
You stared at it for a long moment, jumping as Robert pounded on it hard from the other side.
“I don’t hear that water running,” he barked. “Unless you want me to come in there and wash you myself--”
You scurried toward the shower, tears brimming and spilling over as you twisted the nozzle and played with it until the temperature was bearable.
Then it was like you were on autopilot as you began to undress mechanically, kicking your dirty clothes aside before stepping under the stream of hot water and pulling the ratty shower curtain closed behind you.
Only then--in the first meager privacy you’d had in nearly two days--did you let yourself cry, hoping that Robert couldn’t hear you.
Muffling your sobs with your hand, you prayed that whoever the smooth talking stranger was who bought you was somehow better than Robert.
And maybe...just maybe...he’d let you go.
Tumblr media
You stared at the empty bathroom counter, shivering as you clutched the thin towel around your naked body.
Robert hadn’t set out fresh clothes for you like he promised, but he had snuck in to take your dirty clothes away.
The thought that he had been so close to you without you realizing it--and when you were so vulnerable no less--had your stomach churning.
Obviously he was messing with you, goading you into going out there half-naked, and the thought of doing so made you feel even more sick.
“Clock’s ticking,” he hollered from the other side of the door, and you trembled.
You wished you could just hide in the bathroom until he went away or that you’d suddenly wake up to find that all of this was a terrible, terrible dream, but you knew neither was an option.
Just like you knew Robert wouldn’t hesitate to kill you, because he certainly hadn’t hesitated to kill that man.
Unbidden images--memories--began to swirl in your frazzled mind.
The first glimpse you had gotten of Robert in the dark alley behind your workplace. The sound of the muffled gunshot that had made the other man jolt back. The way the blood had pooled beneath his head as his unseeing eyes stared up at you. The wave of unadulterated terror you had felt when Robert’s soulless eyes had met yours for the first time as he realized there was a witness to his wicked deed.
In that moment, you had truly thought you were going to die.
And you didn’t want to die.
You really, really didn’t want to die.
Not then, not now, and not anytime soon.
So you took a shaky breath and hesitated for a second before opening the bathroom door. Making sure the towel was wrapped tightly around you, you poked your head out, trying to keep your body shielded by the door as much as possible as you caught Robert’s gaze.
He was sitting on the bed, lounged back against the outdated headboard as he flipped through the channels on TV. When he caught sight of you, he smirked, clicking off the TV and setting the remote aside.
“M-may I please have my clothes?” you asked.
“You can come out here and get them yourself,” he drawled.
You felt your eyes well and embarrassment warm your face. “Please.”
“Get over here and get your fucking clothes before I drag you out here myself.”
The harsh snap of his voice had you scurrying toward the foot of the bed. Avoiding his gaze, you grabbed the duffle bag, turning to quickly retreat, but his voice stopped you in your tracks.
“No, you’re gonna get dressed right here, where I can watch.”
You couldn’t hold back your tears anymore, feeling them spill down your cheeks hotly as you trembled. “No, please--”
“Turn around,” he gritted. When you didn’t move a muscle, you heard the bed creak and groan with his movements. “You make me get up and come over there and you’re gonna fucking regret it.”
Sniffling, you turned back toward the foot of the bed, setting the duffle bag down on the corner furthest from him. Your frightened gaze flickered up to find Robert crawling toward you, his eyes bright and smirk wicked as he sat on the edge of the bed, arm muscles bulging as he planted his hands on the mattress at either side of him and leaned toward you.
“Well go on,” he urged, his eyes dark and attentive as they trailed over you.
His tongue poked out to wet his bottom lip as he watched you pull a sundress, bra, and matching panties from the bag.
“Picked those out just for you, had to dig around for them, rifle through all those good girl panties you had to find the real prize.”
You stared down at the sheer, lacy set. You’d never even worn them, they were a wine drunk online purchase that you had regretted the next day when you weren’t feeling so lonely and boring.
“Put them on,” Robert snapped impatiently.
Trying your best to ignore his leering gaze, you shook the panties free before bending, intending to pull them on under your towel.
“Nice try, sweet thing,” he laughed. “Drop the towel. I wanna see the goods.”
Beneath the ever present buzz of fear running rampant in your body, you felt anger. You felt fury and humiliation to the extent that it had you snapping your words before you could check yourself.
“He said you couldn’t touch me,” you challenged on a hissed whisper, your watery gaze lifting to Robert’s.
A quiet rage was brewing in his eyes, his unspoken ire enough to make you flinch and swallow nervously as you instantly regretted your outburst.
“He said I couldn’t touch, he didn’t say I couldn’t look,” he sneered, lip curling back over his teeth. “Now drop the fucking towel before I strangle you with it.”
Resisting the urge to flee or curl in on yourself, you slowly dropped your towel, feeling it pool at your feet with a damp plop.
“Mmm, look at that,” Robert hummed, his eyes inching over your naked body and making your skin crawl. “Now you have me second guessing who’s getting the better end of the deal here.”
Your head was buzzing and your face felt like it was on fire as you reached for your panties with trembling hands. Vision blurred by your tears, you moved quickly--jerkily--to get dressed.
“Slower,” Robert purred, enjoying the view as you shook so hard he could see it as you tugged on your panties. He bit at his bottom lip, gaze snapping to the soft jiggle of your breasts as you reached for your bra next. “You’ve got a nice set of tits on you, sweet thing.”
Choking on a sob, you struggled to shrug on your bra, staring at the ugly, flower printed bed spread in front of you so you wouldn’t have to look at Robert, see him admiring your body without your permission.
Violating you without even touching you.
“You ever let anyone fuck ‘em before?” Robert asked, his voice tinged with a deviant glee.
You ignored him, reaching for your dress next.
Robert caught your wrist, giving it a harsh squeeze as your watery eyes darted to him. “Answer me,” he hissed.
“N-no.” You tugged your hand away from him, and he allowed it, watching as you pulled on your dress, fingers shaking as you tried to fasten the row of little buttons up the front.
You were so focused on your dress, on slipping into the plain black flats you found in the bag, that you weren’t watching Robert, and you didn’t realize he had his cock out and was stroking himself hard until you glanced up and froze in horror.
He grinned at you, humming low in his throat on a slow upstroke as he patted the spot beside him on the bed. “Come here.”
“W-what are you doing?” you trembled, taking a step back.
“What the fuck does it look like?”
“But...but he said--”
“I’m not touching you, sweet thing,” Robert grinned, crooking his finger at you. “Now come sit over here and keep me company till I’m done.”
Openly crying now, you turned away, squeezing your eyes shut as your hands cupped your warm face. “No! Please, I-I can’t--” you screamed as you were suddenly shoved into the wall between the dresser and the door.
Robert yanked you around, his hand gripping your throat hard before he was slamming you against the dark wood panel of the wall. He sneered at your frightened chirp of pain, his other hand still stroking his cock as he pressed up against your front.
His hair was wild and swinging in his face, his too-big glasses sliding to perch on the tip of his nose as his blue eyes flashed at you, growing darker with each passing second.
“I’m not sure what’s more tempting right now,” he panted. “Fucking that uptight pussy of yours or snapping your pretty little neck so I don’t have to put up with your whiny bullshit anymore.” His lips curled as you whimpered, shaking your head frantically.
His grip on your throat slackened as he drew in a long, shaky breath. “Gotta watch it though, don’t wanna leave any marks, or I’ll need to deal with Drysdale’s bitching and moaning.”
You shuddered as Robert’s warm breath puffed against your tear-stained cheeks. Closing your eyes, you turned your face away, fingers curling in the hem of your dress to curb the impulse to push him away.
He was already so angry, so deranged…
“Look at me,” he snarled, fingers twitching against your neck.
You blinked your eyes open slowly, glancing at him before looking away.
“Better yet, look at my cock,” his laugh was raspy, a groan following soon after as he squeezed himself hard. “Look at how hard I am for you. Go on!” He shook you roughly--like a rag doll--leaning back and stroking his cock slow once he had your undivided attention.
As much as you wanted to, you couldn’t look away. You weren’t sure if it was unbridled terror or shock that had you frozen in place, your big, frightened gaze fixed on Robert’s cock.
It was the biggest you had ever seen, curving at the end, the tip angry, red, and oozing white beads of precum as he touched himself.
“Yeah, this is what a real man’s cock looks like. I’d pound that pussy so good you’d be crying for me, all pretty. Fuck,” he hissed, rutting into his own grip as he dropped his head back. “I’d fucking tear you apart.”
You couldn’t even begin to describe the obscene noises that started to rise up the faster Robert jerked off, the more precum he leaked. You felt more tears spill over as he gave a throaty groan and pulled his hand from your throat to slam it against the wall above your head, leaning in close as he worked to finish.
“Pull up your dress,” he panted, wild eyes finding yours.
“W-what?” You flinched as he leaned in and pressed his face against the crook of your neck, his nose trailing along your skin as he breathed in deep and moaned at the soft scent of you.
“Pull up your fucking dress,” he snarled, head pulling back so he could bare his teeth at you, his hand moving faster along his cock. “Show me that sweet soft belly of yours,” he grunted. “Gonna fuckin’ cum all over you, you little slut.”
“No!” you cried, cringing away from him. A scream caught in your throat as Robert yanked up your dress with his free hand, planting it hard against your sternum as he beat off against your trembling skin.
“Oh fuck, that’s it, so soft and warm,” he panted, gaze dropping to watch as he pressed the head of his cock against your quivering stomach, dragging it around until your skin was as wet and sticky as his cock.
“Fuck, I’m gonna--” he grunted, moaning as his hips jerked and the first hot, white ribbon of his cum hit your skin. “Shit,” he hissed, broken groans sounding from the back of his throat.
He finished himself with firm, fast strokes, his hips rutting against you until his load was spent and cooling quickly on your stomach.
Your breathing was shallow--frightened--as Robert sagged against you with a satisfied hum. Your eyes were frantic as you turned away, trembling as his lips drew against the delicate slope of your neck.
It took you a moment to realize you were staring at the ugly, vintage lamp on the edge of the dresser.
Within reach.
The plan wasn’t even fully formed in your mind when you grabbed for it and hefted it up. It was heavier than it looked, and you were weak from fear and lack of food, but you still swung it as hard as you could.
It made impact with the side of Robert’s head and he grunted in pain, hissing a curse as he staggered sideways before dropping to his hands and knees, dazed.
Dropping the lamp, you scrambled past him, fumbling with the lock on the motel door before pulling it open and darting outside.
You felt hope flare to life in your chest as you spotted another car in the parking lot. The owner hadn’t even fully exited the vehicle yet before you were racing toward him.
“Help me! Please! Please help me!” you begged, voice quavering and terrified as you threw yourself at the man in desperation.
“Whoa!” his voice was startled as you pushed him back against the driver side door of his car, your hands gripping his jacket as you frantically glanced over your shoulder, checking to see if Robert was following you.
He wasn’t.
You felt warm, soft hands on your wrists, the touch gentle, and you turned back to the stranger, staring up at him with big, pleading eyes.
“Where’d you come from?” he asked, his own gaze surprised as it flickered over your face, then lower, to your rumpled dress.
“Please, do you have a phone? We need to call the police. Or, or can we just drive somewhere else?” you whispered. “Please, can you just give me a ride--”
“Oh, he’s gonna give you so much more than that, you little cunt.”
You stilled at the sound of Robert’s breathless snarl, a whimper catching in your throat as you slowly turned to him.
He looked murderous, blood coating the side of his face, the top of his jeans still undone as he advanced on you slowly.
“No,” you pressed yourself back against the stranger with a terrified whine. “Help me, please.”
His hands touched your shoulders, a warm, gentle pressure. “Shhh, it’s okay, sweetheart.”
You went stock still as you felt his breath tickle your ear.
You hadn’t realized it at first, too focused on trying to get away, too desperate for help, but his voice was familiar. His words too.
You heard them last night when Robert met with the stranger who wanted to buy you.
The stranger who had paid him to murder someone.
“No,” a sob caught in your throat at the realization, and you tried to twist away from him, but he easily held you in place and tugged your back to his chest.
“Wanna tell me what’s going on here, Pronge?” he asked, his voice not sounding so gentle anymore.
Robert huffed, mopping the blood from the side of his face. “She fucking attacked me.”
“No, he tried” you shook your head, tears blurring your vision as you squirmed and trembled.
The stranger’s hand fell to your hip, then slid to your stomach to hold you in place. You felt him stiffen against you.
“What the fuck…” his words trailed off and then he was spinning you around and yanking your dress up, blue gaze narrowed as he spied the mess smearing your skin. His nostrils flared, gaze meeting yours briefly before he was scowling at Robert. “Did you fuck her? I said untouched, you piece of shit.”
“I barely touched her,” Robert snorted. “Just made her watch as I jerked off. It was nothing.”
Fiery blue eyes met yours. The stranger ducked close, gripping your chin so you couldn’t look away. “Did he fuck you? Tell the truth now because I don’t tolerate being lied to, do you understand me?”
Something in his gaze had fear ebbing up in you once more. “I understand,” you whispered. “H-he didn’t,” you trailed off, flustered and embarrassed at the line of questioning. “He just did what he said.”
He stared at you a moment longer, eyes dipping to your parted lips before he was straightening and glaring at Robert again. “You fucking came all over her.”
“There’s an extra change of clothes in the room, don’t be such a fucking pussy about it,” Robert rolled his eyes before turning around and sauntering back to the room. “Now bring in my money, prick!”
The man before you growled quietly, his fingers digging into you chin hard enough to make you trill in pain. He shook back to himself at the sound, his touch going soft and falling away from your face as he watched you.
You found it difficult to look away from him, caught up in his mesmerizing blue gaze.
It was no wonder you had run to this man for help without a second thought, he was the complete opposite of Robert in every way.
Although he was tall and broad, he was also perfectly put together, his pale face magazine cover worthy with his sharply cut jaw, beautiful blue eyes, and plump pink lips. His hair was light brown and stylishly coiffed, his clothes high end and expensive looking.
Never in a million years, at first glance, would you think this man was capable of everything you knew so far.
His soft, amused voice washed over you, pulling you back from your thoughts. “Got some fight in you after all, huh, kitten?”
He smirked, but it wasn’t nearly as cruel as Robert’s. It was almost...playful.
“Good,” he hummed, ducking lower and grinning as you gasped and jolted backwards in fear. “If anyone can appreciate a little bit of spirit, it’s me.”
You flinched as his hand slid against your cheek, but his touch was gentle, thumb brushing along your skin as he stared at you, his gaze unwavering on yours as he drank you in.
“Didn’t get a good look at those big doe eyes of yours last night,” he murmured, his teeth catching his bottom lip as he watched you. “Talk about windows to the soul, sweetheart, I can read you like an open book. You’re so pretty when you’re scared.”
Your breath hitched as he teased you--found amusement in your terror--and you felt your chest tighten and clench with a kind of devastated anguish you had never felt before.
Your vision blurred as your tears welled and you struggled to swallow against the lump in your throat, your mind slowly starting to spin out.
“Come on, none of that,” he cooed, softly wiping away a few of your tears.
“Please,” you whispered brokenly, your shaking fingers catching on his wrists and clinging desperately. “Please, I just want to go home.”
He watched you for a long moment before replying. “We’ve got business to wrap up here, and then we can discuss what comes next.”
His lips curled at the mixture of hope and trepidation that played across your face as he gently shook off your grip.
Shifting you away, he turned and reached for something inside of his car, a new looking black duffle bag. As he pulled it out and gripped it in one hand, he turned you toward the motel with the other, his large hand settling on the small of your back.
“What’s your name, sweetheart?” he asked as he guided you across the parking lot.
You told him and he repeated it with a pleased purr, grinning over at you as you shivered and hugged yourself tightly.
“I’m Ransom. Now, let’s go get you cleaned up, send that disgusting asshole packing, and then we can get to know each other a little better.”
Feeling a new pit of dread settle heavy in your stomach, you could only swallow back your tears as Ransom urged you into the motel room and closed the door shut behind you both.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Pairing: Dark!Robert Pronge x Reader
Warning: mention of death.
Summary: You witness the murder of a co-worker. This forces you into hiding but how much longer before he finds you. 
You could feel the cold metal against your palm. You moved your hips slowly to the music. The bright overhead lights shining in your face. The white gems on your bra and thong sparkled. You grabbed the pole with your other hand as you turned around slowly.
You jumped a little and twirled around the pole with your head thrown back. You could feel the money raining down on you. You changed positions so that your legs were pushed back.
You press your thighs against the pole. You could hear your thighs scraping against the pole. Your heels touch the ground and you grinded slowly to the music before going into a split.
You twirled around on the floor, your ass facing the crowd. Robert watched you dance while his associate Richard kept his eyes on the target. Robert grabbed his glass of whiskey and took a sip. “Alright the two of them are moving to the back. Go get the truck and meet me around back.”
Richard stood from his chair and followed the overweight man. And the stripper that was hanging on his arm. Robert rolled his eyes and downed the last of his drink. He walked away but took one last glance back as you finished your dance.
He would do anything to get in between your legs. But he had to get to work other than imaging tying you up and fucking you for days. But he could hold out on his little fantasy.
You grabbed all the money off the floor along with your bra before heading into the back room. You sat at your station and started to count up your money. You set aside some cash for tonight’s payment. Your friend and roommate Cherry was fixing her makeup.
She smiled over at you, “done for the night?” You shook your head. You put the money in a black trash bag, “yeah. I’m ready to get in bed and pass out.” She laughed with you. You pulled the black stilettos off your aching feet.
You flexed your toes before putting socks over your feet. “Hey, don’t forget to get the kids from my moms house.” You pulled your shorts up and buttoned the Daisy dukes up. “Sure, want me to take your car then?” You threw the black cami on you before putting on the denim jacket.
“Yeah and I’ll make sure that your precious car returns safely.” You chuckled as you slid your feet into your vans. You kissed Cherry on the cheek before grabbing her keys along with your things.
You pushed the heavy back door with a grunt. You could feel the cool summer air as you made your way through the alley. You stopped in your tracks when you heard someone scream. You turned your head to see a man shoot the new stripper. Her body dropping to the ground, his long hair hung in front of his face as he put his gun away.
You slowly stepped back toward the entrance of the alley. You could hear two men talking to each other in hushed voices. Your heart was racing as you stepped back, your foot came down on a bottle. The bottle made a noise which made the long haired man turn your way.
You turned on your heels and took off running to Cherry’s car.
Robert was about to chase after you when his associate stopped him. He turned around to Richard with his nose flared. “That little bitch saw me. Why are we letting her get away.”
“Because we need to get rid of these bodies. We can’t afford a third one and for one she barely knows you. She probably didn’t see you because it’s fucking dark. Let’s go.” Robert mumbled something under his breath as he grabbed the girl.
You opened the car door and slammed it shut. You put the keys in the ignition and took off. Your bag of money was sitting in your lap. You gripped the steering wheel as you drove to the closest gas station. You kept turning your head back to see if anyone was following you.
With the adrenaline pumping, you barely noticed the tears running down your face. There was no way in hell you just witnessed some girl get murdered. You prayed that it was dark enough that he couldn’t see you. But he probably could have seen you.
You remembered his square rimmed glasses and his long hair. His gloved hand holding a small pistol, you shuddered from the thought. You pulled into a gas station and pulled into a parking spot. You took a deep breath in as you wiped your face with the back of your hand.
You waited in the gas station for thirty minutes. No one drove up behind you and dragged you out of the car. The killer didn’t see the car, you calmed yourself down. You pulled out of the gas station before pulling off. You took the longer route to Cherry’s mom house.
The two kids were sleeping in their beds. You watched them as you leaned up against the doorframe. You yawned and decided you would have to go to bed soon. You closed their door before walking downstairs to your bedroom. Your body felt heavy like lead, your eyes starting to close.
You kicked off your shoes, then pulled the denim jacket off. You heard it hit the ground with a thud. Soon your clothes followed after. You grabbed the pajamas off your bed and put them on. You pulled the covers back before getting in.
The sheets felt soft against your skin. You pulled the weighted covers up to your chin before falling asleep.
Sleep came surprisingly easy after tonight’s events but the nightmares were unsettling. You imagined the guy was chasing you with his gun. He cornered you in an alleyway, “dead woman walking!” He screamed before he shot the gun.
You woke up with a start. You were drenched in sweat, the air conditioner was making soft noises. You pulled the covers off you. You shuddered from the cold air circulating. You stood from the bed and moved slowly out of your room.
You could hear a car pulling up to your driveway. You raced to the kitchen to grab a knife. Cherry opened the door and you startled her with the knife. The two of you screamed at each other which made you drop the knife to the floor. You raked a shaky hand through your hair.
“What the fuck dude. You scared the shit out of me, what’s with the knife?” You slowly bent over to pick up the knife. You slammed the front door shut and locked it. You wrapped your arms around her neck.
You sat on the couch, your legs draped over hers. You held a warm mug in between your hands. You told her everything. Cherry rubbed her thumb against your knee, “that’s terrible. I don’t think he’ll come after you, you have nothing to worry about. As long as you don’t say anything, they will never know. You never saw anything last night.”
“You’re right. I didn’t see anything last night, it was all in my head.”
The girl who you saw get shot was plastered all over the news. Except they were saying she was missing not dead. You buried yourself in your day job. You stopped dancing at the club completely.
You couldn’t bear to dance at night, in fear he might come back. It was time for a fresh start anyway. You barely slept because of the guilt eating away at you. A month passed of the same old routine and you forgot all about that night. Except Robert didn’t, he was looking for you and he needed you gone.
Well not completely gone. Just out of the public eye so he could have some fun with a new play toy. He was a sick bastard that was for sure. Someone you needed to stay away from.
You were finally over that night and life was starting to get better. It was a hot summer day and you were out on the porch lounging. The two kids were playing in the sprinklers with a few other neighborhood kids out on your lawn.
You looked up at the sun that was beating down. You were thankful that you had on shorts and a tank top. You could feel sweat all along your thighs. Gosh, it was such a hot day out. The water from the sprinkles came your way, giving you temporary relief from the baking sun.
The ice cream truck blared as it came down the street. All the kids turned their heads. One of the twins came up to you. “Can we please get ice cream,”
“Sure, just let me go get some money. Don’t have him leave.” You stood up from the ground as the twin ran over to the other little kids. The ice cream truck came to a stop and a bunch of kids were lined up with their parents beside them.
You quickly grabbed a twenty out of your room before heading back outside. The twins were talking to Robert. His long blonde hair pulled back into a bun. The same thick framed glasses on his face, his thick beard neatly trimmed.
You looked up and stopped in your tracks as you saw his face. Your hand started to shake, Lucy came running over to you. She wrapped her small fingers over your hand and dragged you over. You could hear your heart beating loudly in your ears.
Robert looked up with a smile. He couldn’t believe his fucking luck. “You got some funny kids.” You thrusted twenty dollar bill into his hand. He chuckled at how jumpy you were acting. The kids rambled off what they wanted, Robert smiled and went into the back of his ice cream truck. He came back with three ice pops, he handed them all to you.
Your hands shake as you try to hold onto them. “Keep the change,” you grabbed the twins by their hands and walked them away. “I’ll see you around,” he said loud enough for you to hear. You kept walking until you were inside.
The kids whined but you told them it was much cooler inside. You stood in the window as you watched him pull off, the ice cream tune soon fading in the distance. He knew where you lived now, he was going to come for you.
You spent the rest of the day inside with the kids, you didn’t want them to leave the house. Not with that maniac out on the street.
After your run in with the killer from that night. You decided to get an alarm system to ease your mind. And with that you went on with your life as best as you could.
Except that didn’t exactly last too long.
Candy screamed as she looked at the envelope in her hand. She ripped it open as she pulled out the three tickets. “There is a God,” she slammed the door shut as she made her way over to you.
You were on the couch sprawled out with a book in your hand. You flipped the page and tried to read but Candy jumped on you. The book fell out of your hand with a thud. She wrapped her arms around her neck as she squished her face against yours.
The two of you were cheek to cheek. “I just got tickets to the twins favorite show on ice. They have been waiting all week for this. Can you believe it…. but I need to ask you for a favor.”
You sighed as you pushed her off you. “I can’t take your shift over tonight?”
“Why not? I have to take them to this or they will never forgive me.” She sat back and made her eyes really big as she pouted at you. “I’ll make it up to you, I swear on my momma.” You groaned as you threw your head back.
“Fine, I’ll do it for you.” She hugged you again but this time tighter. You laughed as you tried to push her away. “You’re the best friend any girl could have.”
You stepped out on the floor with your head held high. You made you way over to an old client of yours. He was an older gentleman with a good sense of style, he always smelled so good to you. He pulled out a stack of cash with a smile, “I’ve missed you. Here’s a little something for you.” He was different from most of the guys that came in here.
All he needed was for you to give him some attention and he would pay you handsomely. You grabbed the money from his hands and took his hand in yours. “This gets you a special private room dance since you are being so generous.” He stands up from his friends and follows you to one of the backrooms.
Inside the room was a big couch enough to fit ten people. The lights were dim low enough so that you two could see each other. The music was much softer in here and it was great for talking with him. You walked over to the couch and sat down with a sigh. He laughed as he made his way over to you. “Have you been having trouble? I was worried when I didn’t see you for a month.”
“I wanted to stop dancing and focus on doing something I'm more passionate about.” You turn around to face him, he put his hand on top of yours. “Well if you ever need any help. I would be more than welcome to help you out. All you have to do is to just give me a call.”
Before you could thank him the door was pushed open. Robert stood in the door and pointed his gun toward the old man. The gunshot rang out and he slumped over in your lap, the blood was splattered across your face. You let out a piercing scream as you realized what just happened. Robert slammed the door shut behind him and pointed the gun towards you.
Fear started to creep in as you started to shake. “Please, don’t kill me.” Robert watched the way your lips trembled in fear. How glossy your eyes looked from crying over the dead man. “Get up and come with me.” You tried to move the body off your legs slowly as you tried to get off the couch.
Robert rushed over and grabbed you by your arm. He pulled you out of the room, he put his gun back inside his gun holster so no one could see it. His associate was out the door with cleaning supplies, he went in the room after the two of you walked out. He squeezed his grip on you tighter that made you stagger in your stiletto heels.
You trembled when you saw the ice cream truck outside waiting for you. “No, please.” He opened the back door and pushed you inside the truck. He slammed the door shut in your face, you smacked the door with your palms as you pleaded with him to open up. “Shut up, the crying is giving me a headache.” He slammed his door shut before he started up the car.
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the-iceni-bitch · 2 months ago
Beautiful Crime
Pairing: Mr. Freezy x hit woman!Reader
Words: 630
Summary: You and Freezy go to a porn theater
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (hand job, m receiving oral sex, mentions of p in v), murder (nothing too gory though), darkish, SMUT!!!! 18+ ONLY!!!!
A/N: Just a little quick and dirty drabble that popped in my head for our original toxic pairing. Slightly dark so please be mindful!
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!
Tumblr media
“A porn theater, Bobby? Jesus, maybe save some of these sweet date ideas for your little wife.”
“Would you shut the fuck up, it’s a good spot.” He was holding you tightly against him, rubbing his face in your hair and cupping your breast as the two of you waited in line. “It’s one of the only spots this asshole is alone, nice and dark and quiet.”
“Uh-huh. You didn’t just jump on the chance to get me alone at a dirty movie?” You slapped some cash down once you reached the ticket counter, biting your lip when he flicked his tongue out to trace your ear.
“That’s just a perk, kitten.” He purred in your ear, dragging you inside by your waist and guiding you towards the back of the theater.
The two of you sank into your seats heavily, your eyes scanning the theater for your mark, finding him a few seats down in the row in front of you. You were about to make your move when the movie started, an attractive couple coming on the screen and getting right to it.
Robert felt himself getting hard as he watched you watching the screen, your head cocked to one side as you took in the scene.
“Jesus, just missionary? This better get more interesting. Oh my god, would you wait a second!” You had to shove him off you when he tried to bury his face in your neck, scowling at him when you stood up slowly.
He watched you pull the syringe out of your bag and palm it, stalking towards the mark slowly in a crouched position. No one was looking at you when you stopped behind him and plunged the needle into the base of his hairline, pushing the plunger down in a rush then moving back to your seat and dropping the syringe into your bag as the mark sagged into his seat.
“Now, where were we?” You said with a wicked grin, pushing the armrest between the two of you up and turning towards him.
He swallowed a groan when you pressed your palm against the tent in his slacks, running your fingers over his bulge slowly. His head thumped against the wall when you gave him a squeeze, bucking up into your grip and squirming under your grasp.
You drew his cock out and hummed to yourself in satisfaction, turning your head so you could gaze at him when you ran your thumb over the thick vein that trailed the underside of him. He hissed your name when you swirled your thumb through the precum collected at his tip, smearing it over his length and starting to jerk him off in smooth strokes.
The couple on screen was moaning loudly, covering the sounds the two of you were making as you worked him over. He’d wrapped an arm around you and was holding you tightly to him as you leaned into his shoulder and nuzzled into his neck, your hand starting to pump him faster as he panted with need.
You felt him twitch in your hand and bent forward, wrapping your lips around him and taking him down your throat in a swift motion.
“Fuck, kitten.” He wrapped his hand in your hair and held your head down, shooting his thick spend down your throat with a jerk of his hips. “You get it all?”
The look you gave him was full of condescension when you sat up, wiping the corners of your mouth and frowning at him.
“Did I get it all? Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to baby?” You settled back in your seat and let him tuck himself back in, turning to look at the screen. “Oh, look, they moved to cowgirl. How kinky.”
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the-iceni-bitch · 2 months ago
It’s Not Enough
Pairing: Mr. Freezy x hit woman!Reader
Words: ~1.7 k
Summary: You collect on your bet 😈
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (anal play, unprotected anal sex, minor choking, barely there spit kink, mentions of male masturbation), infidelity, our two favorite psychopaths, SMUT!!!! 18+ ONLY!!!
A/N: So, this is just these two defiling the sanctity of marriage and enjoying it a whole bunch. Not too dark but part of a dark series so please be mindful!!
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!!
Tumblr media
You were in the middle of cleaning your Colt when the phone rang, reaching over to pick it up and tucking it into your shoulder as you started to apply the oil.
“They’re gone.” You felt a smirk tug at the corner of your lips at Pronge’s low growl. “Get over here.”
“So impatient, Bobby.” You tutted as you rubbed the cotton pad over the internal mechanisms. “I gotta finish cleaning my 1911. You know I hate to half-ass things.”
“Fuck, kitten. I told you I wanted to watch next time you cleaned that thing.” You could hear the edge of desire in his voice and rolled your eyes. “Tell me what your doing right now.”
“God, you’re such a freak. I just finished rubbing down the internals.” You let voice took on a low timbre as you narrated for him. “Now I’m lubricating the barrel.”
“Yeah, you gonna oil it up real good?”
“Yeah baby, it’s looking nice and shiny. I’m gonna do the slide next.”
“Are you jerking off? I literally just have to reassemble it then I’ll be over. It’ll take me five minutes max.”
“Then get the fuck over here. Come in the back, the neighbors are extra nosey.”
You snorted and hung up on him, putting the gun back together quickly and stashing it behind your couch.
It was less than five minutes before you were strolling around the block, hopping the fence around the corner and knocking at his back door with a wicked grin on your face.
He pulled you inside quickly, his arm wrapping around your waist as he kissed you hungrily. You grinned against his lips when he started pawing at you, his fingers digging into your ass eagerly as he slammed the door closed.
“Well, aren’t we eager? We on a timetable, Bobby?” You stepped back and beamed at him when he growled at you.
“They’re at church for two hours. Quit being a fucking tease.” His pupils were already blown wide with lust as he took you in, watching you greedily as you started to stalk towards the bedroom.
“No. You’re going to fuck me in the ass in your marital bed while your wife and kid are at Sunday school?” You started giggling hysterically when he curled around your back, his hands digging into your tits as he guided you to the bed. “That’s too fucking good.”
“And you call me a freak.” He tore your blouse open before scooping you up and tossing you on the bed with a squeal. “Take your damn clothes off.”
“Look at these nice, crisp sheets.” You teased, biting your lip as you peeled off your shorts and watched him start to strip. “Has anyone ever had an orgasm in this bed, or are we really breaking it in?”
He grunted at you as he stepped out of his jeans and boxers before pouncing on top of you, smashing his mouth to yours and rolling until you were on top of him. A shiver traveled up your spine when he smacked your ass hard before gripping your hips to start grinding you over his length.
“Do you know how fucking long I’ve waited for this ass?” He purred into your neck, grinning when you arched your back into him with a whine. “Too long.”
You yelped when he sat up suddenly, nipping at your throat before tossing you off him and flipping you over. He lifted your hips until your ass was flush against him, a hand on each cheek as he gazed at you. A shiver ran up your spine when he spat on your pretty hole, letting out a low moan as you felt it seep down over your pussy.
His index finger teased over the tight ring of muscle, smearing his saliva over you and grinning when you twitched for him. He slid the first digit inside you and you keened, pressing your cheek to the mattress and arching your back into his hand as he started to stretch you open.
“Fuck, Bobby.” Your voice was a low purr as he started fucking you with his finger, slipping a second inside you and scissoring them in your tightest channel.
“That’s enough prep, I wanna feel that asshole strangle my dick.”
He slapped his cock against your soaked cunt, coating himself in your arousal before moving his swollen crown back to your pretty hole and spearing into you. The moan you let out was obscene, your body trying to draw him in deeper as he collapsed on top of you with a deep sigh.
“Jesus Christ, I know my ass is perfect but if you come before me I’m gonna be pissed.” You wiggled underneath him a little and grinned when he groaned into your hair. “You gonna move?”
“You talk too much.” He growled, drawing his hips back before moving them forward in a slow stroke that had you keening.
His hips started grinding against you at a languid pace, relishing the feeling of every ridge of your tightest channel dragging along his cock. He scraped his teeth over your shoulder when your hips started moving to meet his, your hands tangling with his above your head as you panted into the sheets.
“You going soft on me, Bobby? What’s with this slow shit?” You teased him, turning your head so you could peak at him over your shoulder. “I thought you were gonna fuck my ass, not make love to it.”
“So fucking ungrateful. I wanna take my time and enjoy this kitten.” He drew himself out of you almost fully then slammed back into you, grinning when you gave him a yelp. “But if you want me to wreck this pretty hole, I’m not gonna complain.”
You chuckled darkly when he unwound his fingers from yours and sat up over you, his hands moving to grip your hips and pull you down onto his length at a now vicious pace. Slick was leaking out of you and pooling on the sheets, your pussy throbbing and clenching around nothing as a quiver traveled up your spine.
“Fuck, that’s it.” You buried your hands in the sheets and curled your legs back around his hips, arching your back into him.
“God, you’re such a fucking slut. You gonna cum just from my cock in your ass, kitten?”
“Oh shit, yes.” You choked on a sob when your cunt started fluttering and warmth spread from your core, every muscle in your body snapping like a bowstring as you came.
He grinned and wrapped one hand in your hair, wrenching you up until your back was flush against his chest, the hair that dusted his torso scraping against your skin. One of his hands trailed up towards your neck, stopping to give your tit a harsh squeeze before wrapping his fingers around your throat.
“You’re squeezing me so tight, kitten. I’m gonna fill this ass up.” He was growling into your neck, the hand he had resting on your hip moving to strum your clit and grinning when he felt you clamp down on him.
“Fuck, I need it.” You rolled your head so your mouth could meet his, smiling when he started tugging on your lips with his teeth. “Give it to me.”
His fingers tightened around your neck at the same time he pinched your clit and swallowed your shriek, his hips stuttering as he chased his own end. It didn’t take much, just two thrusts and he sank his teeth into your shoulder, groaning when he tasted you. You felt his cock swelling inside you and then you were flooded with warmth, his spend leaking out around him as he fucked it into you with staggered jabs.
You crawled away from him with a sigh, collapsing on the pillows and turning to beam at him as you stretched your whole body like a cat. His tongue ran over his bottom lip as he stared at you, groaning when he stood up and caught a glimpse of his cum dribbling out of your pretty hole and pooling on the sheets.
“That was something else, Bobby.” You grinned at him and rolled onto your side, propping your head on your hand to watch him move to the bathroom. “I need a smoke.”
“Can’t smoke in the bedroom.” He called before striding back out and tossing a cloth at you. “Told that dumb bitch I’d quit.”
You gave him a mocking pout and cleaned yourself up, running the cloth over your thighs slowly as he gazed at you.
“Poor Bobby. Whipped by that stupid cunt and she won’t even put out.” You rolled around lazily until you were tangled in the bedding. “If she doesn’t like the smell of smoke, how’s she gonna feel when she gets home and the room smells like sex? Or do you always jerk off when she’s at church?”
He didn’t get a chance to answer you before you heard the front door open and his wife called out a greeting.
“Damn it, they’re early!” He gathered up your clothes and thrust them at you, ignoring your shit eating grin as you slowly rose out of the bed.
“Wait, where are my panties?” You looked like you were enjoying this way too much as you scanned the room, pulling your blouse over your head.
“Just get the fuck out of here.” He dragged you towards the window with a snarl, barely giving you a chance to step into your shorts. “Wait.”
You turned back to him and grinned when he smashed his lips to yours, shoving his tongue down your throat before he wrenched the window open and pushed you out.
“Ugh, asshole!” You hissed, barely landing on your feet and snatching your shoes out of the air when he threw them at you. “See you tomorrow, Pronge. Hope you find my panties before that sweet wife of yours does.”
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the-iceni-bitch · 2 months ago
Wasted on Each Other
Pairing: Mr. Freezy x hit woman!Reader
Words: ~1.7k
Summary: You and Freezy try to pass the time on a stakeout.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (cockwarming, unprotected vaginal sex, fingering, mentions of anal sex), infidelity, murder (but nothing gory), psychopaths, smoking, SMUT!!!! 18+ ONLY!!!!
A/N: As @stargazingfangirl18 has said, this is the second OTP (one toxic pairing) and they are for some reason all I want to write about right now, so prepare for a lot of psycho sex over the next few days. This is a dark series so please be mindful of your media consumption babes!!
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!!
Tumblr media
The two of you had been staking out the supposed safe house for three days now, waiting for your mark to finally show up at his mistress’s.
“They’re sure he’s gonna show?” You asked, frowning through the binoculars as you scanned the street. “Cause this is starting to feel like a massive time fuck.”
“God, kitten, if you don’t quit moving, I’m gonna lose it.”
He’d been buried to the hilt in your warm cunt for the past three hours, the two of you desperate for something to break up the monotony of staring at the empty street. It was bliss and agony at the same time, and he’d lost count of the number of times you’d wrenched his pleasure back from him when he was so fucking close.
“Look at you, begging me.” You grinned at him over your shoulder. “What a nice change of pace. This was your idea, Bobby. Quit whining about it.”
You clenched around him and he let out a low groan, leaning back in his seat and running a hand over his face in frustration. It was taking every ounce of his self control to not fuck into you with abandon, but a bouncing car was sure to draw attention the two of you didn’t want.
He started moving his hips slowly, grinding against you and gripping your waist as he drove into you with smooth strokes that made you whine. The feeling of your warm channel squeezing his cock in waves was sending him hurtling towards his end fast.
“Fuck, aww shit.” He lost control for a second and rutted into you viciously, the tip of his cock kissing your cervix and making you swallow a scream.
You dropped the binoculars when he did it again, bracing your hands on the dashboard and biting your lip until you tasted blood.
“Slow down.” You hissed, glaring at him over your shoulder before he wrapped one of his hands around and pinched at your clit with rough fingers. “God, don’t stop!”
“Well which is it, kitten?” His voice was full of mischief as he teased you, bringing his other hand to smack your ass while he watched you ride him.
“Shut the fuck up and make me come.” You started rolling your hips to meet his, your breath coming in short pants as pleasure coiled warm in your core.
A slight twist of his hips and you choked on a sob, your body going board stiff before every muscle vibrated with the strain of your orgasm. You held stock still as your cunt milked his cock, only letting out a low moan when he sat up suddenly and nuzzled into your hair. His chest rumbled with a growl when he came, hips jerking slightly as he filled you with that thick sticky mess that warmed you right up.
He wrapped an arm around you, holding you to him tightly as he panted into your hair. Your hands were still braced against the dashboard, arms quivering as aftershocks still shook through you.
“Fuck, is that him?” You dove over the console to find the binoculars, making him groan when he slid out of you with a lewd squelch.
He sucked in a breath when he looked down at you, fingers itching to shove the cum that was leaking out of your swollen pussy back into you as your ass wiggled right in front of his face.
“Shit, I think it is.” He moved his gaze back to the street reluctantly. “Gimme the glasses.”
You found them and handed them over, sliding into the passenger seat and grabbing a tissue from the glove box to clean yourself up.
“Yeah, that’s him. Great timing.” He watched the mark take a look around as he got out of his car. “Alright he’s inside.”
He turned to look at you but you were already closing the door behind you, moving to grab the package out of the trunk. You tapped on the window and winked at him before walking towards the mark’s car.
The breeze was teasing at the edge of your skirt as you sauntered away, making him bite his lip as he fought the urge to touch himself. The pace you were setting was lazy, but you still reached the car pretty quickly.
You leaned against the door and lit a cigarette, the package tucked under your arm as your eyes scanned the street. A woman walked by with a toddler and you smiled at her, waiting for her to disappear around the corner before tossing the butt aside and diving under the car.
It only took you a minute to connect everything you needed to, and then you were crawling out and jogging back to him. He grinned at you when slid back into the passenger seat, slamming the door behind you and propping your feet on the dash.
“How long you think this asshole is gonna take?” You asked, grabbing another cigarette and rolling down the window when you lit it. “They want confirmation, right?”
He nodded and took the smoke when you offered it, eyes trained on your legs as your skirt slid up towards your hips.
“He seem like a two pump chump to you, kitten?” You sighed when he reached out to run his fingers over your thigh. “Bet I can make you come before he sets it off.”
“Yeah, I’ll take that bet.” A grin split your face when you uncrossed you’re legs, moaning around the cigarette when he slid his hand up to curl around your sex. “What do I get if I win?”
“Dealer’s choice, kitten.” He ran his fingers over your puffy lips before sliding one inside you, grinning at the moan he drew from you. “When I win, I’m gonna finally fuck that perfect ass of yours.”
“Oh, that’s a waste of a bet, honey. I would’ve let you do that anyway.” You grabbed the binoculars and trained them on the car, arching into his hand when he slipped another finger into you soaked channel. “When I win, I’m gonna let you fuck my perfect ass, but we’re doing it in the bed you share with that bitch wife of yours.”
He snorted at that, curling his fingers against that spot he knew would make your eyes roll back in your head. You took a deep breath when he turned towards you, nuzzling into your neck and flicking his tongue over the hollow behind your ear.
“That’s cheating.” You muttered when he started tracing your throat with his lips, hitting every single curve and dip that drove you crazy.
“Don’t think we actually set any rules for this, kitten.” His free hand reached over to dip under your blouse, teasing over your nipple through the lace of your bra. “And I fucking hate to lose.”
He shoved his fingers in as far as they could go so he could grind his palm against your clit, grinning when he felt you clamp down on him. You squirmed under him when he pulled your bra down and ran his thumb over your nipple, fighting the urge to arch into him and let go as he sucked a bruise against your throat.
“C’mon kitten, just give it to me.” He bent his head to wrap his lips around your nipple and you keened, your eyes losing focus for a second before you bit the inside of your cheek and brought yourself back.
“Fuck you, I want that sweet little wife of yours to walk in when your balls deep in my ass Pronge. You ever even get close to that tight little hole of hers?” That got a reaction; you felt him growl against your chest before shoving a third finger inside you and starting to fuck you viciously with his hand. “I’m gonna take that as a ‘no’. Bet she’d start sobbing if you even tried.”
“Careful, kitten.” His voice was a menacing purr as he worked you over, his teeth brushing over your nipple and making you whine. “You’re gonna piss me off.”
“Yeah, Bobby? Well I just love to make you mad.” You wound your free hand in his hair as he kept flicking his tongue over your nipple. “Thinking about that poor little wife of yours crying anytime you get a little kinky is really doing it for me, you might actually win.”
He grinned against your chest, groaning when he felt your breath start to hitch and your cunt start to flutter around him.
“Right there?” His fingers curled against that same spot and you rolled your hips to meet his hand.
“Yeah, shit.” You whined, your fingers tugging on his hair painfully as he brought you right to the edge. “Oh, you’d better fucking hurry, baby, he’s coming out.”
“What? Fuck.” He started fucking you even harder with his hand, driving himself into your clit with each thrust until you felt like you were going to pass out.
“Wait, he’s kissing her goodbye. He’s walking to the car. Fuck, Bobby I’m so fucking close, don’t you dare stop. He’s getting into the car, and...”
A massive explosion shook the neighborhood, blowing out the windows on the neighboring houses and rattling the car. Your shriek was right behind it, your release squirting out of you and soaking his hand to the wrist as your whole body arched off the seat.
He growled before releasing you, sitting up and scowling before bringing his hand up to his mouth to suck his fingers clean. His refusal to look at you made you grin, straightening yourself out as he started the car.
“He was in it right?” He grumbled, pulling out and turning around to head back to your neighborhood, still refusing to make eye contact.
“He sure was. You gonna be a sore loser baby?” You couldn’t stop yourself from teasing him, it was too much fun. “Don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy look so upset about getting to fuck me in the ass.”
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the-iceni-bitch · 3 months ago
It’s a Fixation
Pairing: Mr. Freezy x hit woman!Reader
Word Count: ~1.7k
Summary: You meet all the neighbors at the Pronge’s first spring cookout.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (f receiving oral sex, salad tossing, fingering, unprotected vaginal sex, dirty talk, semi public sex, infidelity), gross married men, SMUT!!!! 18+ ONLY!!!!
A/N: For some reason, putting these two psychos in a domestic environment is doing it for me, so here we are. Why do I love them so much? Next one is gonna be more murdery though 😈 This one isn’t super dark, but is part of a dark series so please be mindful!
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!!!!
Tumblr media
You leaned against the low stone wall and sipped on your beer, enjoying the warmth of the early evening sunshine on your shoulders.
“Hi Suzy, have you seen Robert?” Mary was giving you a cheery grin as she surveyed the yard. “Some of the neighbors are getting a little antsy about getting the cookout underway. Men and their meat, huh?”
“Yeah, hmm. Sorry, I haven’t seen him, sweetie! I’ll keep an eye out though.”
“Ok, thanks Suzy!” The vapid woman wandered off with a little wave, and you just rolled your eyes.
“Did you marry her because of how unbelievably stupid she is? Oh fuck, right there!”
Robert was kneeling behind you, his face buried in your ass and three fingers shoved into your pussy as he swirled his tongue around your asshole. You gripped the edge of the wall tightly when he swiped his thumb over your clit at the same time he pushed his tongue past the tight ring of muscle, stretching you open until you felt unbelievably full.
One press of his thumb and you had to swallow a shriek, your cunt fluttering around his fingers as your release ran down his hand and trickled over his forearm. He stood up slowly, peeking over the top of the wall to make sure no one was looking before he rose to his full height.
“Your wife is looking for you.” You teased, handing him a napkin so he could clean off his hand.
He just grunted at you as he ran the napkin over his fingers, shaking his head while you gave him a wicked smirk.
“You wore that dress just to torture me didn’t you kitten?” He purred, running his tongue over his bottom lip as he looked you over.
“You told me to wear a skirt, Bobby.” You said with a shrug, leaning forward on the wall and taking another swig of beer. “You really complaining about easy access?”
He snorted, shoving his hand under your skirt and smacking your ass. The yelp you let out made him grin as he started making his way towards the grill.
Mary caught his eye and gave him a dumb smile before moving to grab the meat from the refrigerator. God the woman was a moron, he could still smell you on him and she just kept chattering away like a stupid little bird. She was completely oblivious as you winked at him over her head, toying with the hem of your skirt before she turned and started nattering at you.
He slapped the burgers on the grill and opened himself another beer, watching you chat with the neighbor women with a strained smile on your face. The men of course congregated around the grill, and he let out a deep sigh as they started talking to him.
“Just fucking look at that. You guys see her sunbathing yesterday? Jill almost caught me jerking off in the bathroom after, I dunno how I’m gonna make it with her around all the time.” Great, of course they were gonna perv out over you, what a sad bunch of slobs.
“Ugh, I know. Tell us about this Suzy, Pronge. What’s she like? She into married guys?”
“Jeez Hank, you’re asking me if my wife’s sweetheart friend is into lazy bums with beer guts who can’t even pleasure their own wives? I feel like the answer is no.”
They all laughed like he’d made the funniest joke in the world, and not like every word out of his mouth was the god’s honest truth. It did give him a certain thrill knowing he was gonna be stuffing you with his cock later while all these dumb fuckers were lusting after you.
“God she looks good in that dress. I wonder if she’s wearing anything underneath it.” You weren’t.
“Meats done. Let’s eat.” He sighed, waving at his cunt wife to signal the food was ready.
“Perfect, we’re somehow out of beer though sweetie. Maybe we need to do an intervention for our neighbors cause they’re all a bunch of alcoholics! Ooh, I’m so bad!” The stupid twat was drunk, and he did his best not to roll his eyes as she draped herself around him.
“Y’know, I’ve got a keg back at my place.” You were grinning wickedly at him as you took a very suggestive bite out of the bratwurst you were eating. “I just need a hand hauling it over here.”
“Suzy!! You are such a lifesaver!! Baby, go help her bring that keg over.”
“Y’know, I could also assist, maybe.” The way Hank was looking at you had Robert clenching his jaw hard enough to snap something.
“I think I’ve got it, Hank, eat your burger.” He rolled his eyes at the idiot. “Lemme grab the dolly.”
Robert moved to his work shed, unlocking it and tossing a tarp over the dolly before hauling it out to follow you back to your place.
“You got a surprise under there for me, Bobby?” You teased, unlocking your front door and hoping it open for him.
“Maybe I do, kitten.” He was giving you a wolfish grin as he set the dolly behind your bar. “The neighborhood perv watch is obsessed with you, by the way.”
“Those fat slobs? How flattering.” You tried to take a peek under the tarp as you hopped up on the bar. “Maybe you should tell them I let you bury that thick cock in my tight little pussy every night, I bet it’d blow their fucking minds.”
“God, you’re fucking filthy.” He groaned, stepping into you and teasing his fingers under the straps of your sundress. “And all fucking mine.”
You moaned when he slid the straps of your dress down your arms and bent to mouth at your chest. His lips ran over the soft slopes of your breast, marring them with his teeth as his fingers crept under your skirt.
“Fuck, Bobby.” He slid two fingers inside you and started scissoring them, drawing lewd squelches from your soaked pussy as he started sucking his way up to your neck.
“Always so ready for me.” You fumbled with his belt as he murmured in your ear, scraping his teeth against it. “Tell me how much you need it kitten.”
“Oho, fuck you Pronge.” You seethed, freeing his cock and wrapping your fingers around it, slapping the tip against your thigh as you glared at him. “I think you’re the one who needs it. Following me around all the fucking time.”
He groaned when you lined him up and slid your hips forward until he was fully seated in you, your cunt fluttering around him as you adjusted to his girth.
“Look at you, taking me so good, kitten.” He drew out halfway before slamming back into you, his hips setting a languorous pace that had your eyes rolling back in your head. “You cockdrunk already, you little slut?”
“God, fuck you.” You were turning into a whimpering mess as he took you apart, fucking you in long smooth strokes that made you want to scream. “I hate you.”
“Yeah? You’re a damn liar.” He ground himself into your clit and you swallowed a scream. “This pretty little snatch is telling me a different story. Squeezing me so tight.”
His tongue flicked out to trace the curve of your ear as he tucked his hands under your ass and tilted your hips so he could hit that spot that made your toes curl. The force of your orgasm had you falling back on your bar, your back arching violently and your knees squeezing his sides while you spasmed around him.
You wrapped your hands around his neck and drew his face down to meet yours, your lips smashing together in a vicious clash of teeth and tongues that left you both breathless.
“Shit, kitten.” His hands were raising bruises on your waist as he pulled you onto him at a rough pace. “Gonna fill you up.”
“Mmm, give it to me.” You snaked your hands under his shirt and dug your nails into his back.
“Yeah, you want my cum? You’re such a dirty little whore.” He grinned into your neck before scraping his teeth over your jaw. “Beg me for it.”
“Fuck, please.” Your raked your nails down his back when you felt a coil gathering in your core. “Wanna feel your cum inside me.”
“Shit, all you gotta do is ask.” He purred into your neck, his hips starting to stutter. “Gonna fuck it into you so hard, I’m gonna be leaking out of you for the next week.”
You felt his cock throbbing inside you and then he was groaning in your ear as he flooded you with his spend, thrusting it into you with rhythm less jerks that triggered your own release. Blood welled under your nails as you raised deep gauges in his back, your pussy milking him for everything he could give you while your body rolled against his.
He collapsed on top of you with a deep sigh, panting into your neck as the two of you came down. You felt him wince when you removed your hands from under his shirt, bringing your fingers up to your mouth and sucking the blood off them.
“Enough cuddling, get the fuck off me.” You pushed him off you with a huff, ignoring his satisfied smirk as he pulled his jeans back up and tucked himself in. “You think we have time for a smoke before those dumb fucks wonder where we are?”
“I think we could take all night and those morons would swallow whatever lie we fed them.” He grabbed the cigarettes you’d left on the bar and tapped one out.
“Well, I gotta put a sweater on now, cause I’m pretty sure they’d notice the bite marks.” You lit the cigarette for him before wandering off to your room.
He handed it to you when you came back out, a light sweater over your dress to cover the marks he’d made all over your chest.
“Alright, let’s get this keg back to the party. Open your surprise kitten.”
You gave him a wink before ripping the tarp off the dolly and letting out a small sound of surprise.
“A bomb? You shouldn’t have!”
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stargazingfangirl18 · 3 months ago
Ensnared: Part 2 Sneak Peek
I’m feeling like a generous hoe queen on this lovely Sinday, enjoy 😘
Tumblr media
Warning: Explicit language. Explicit sexual content. Non con voyeurism. Dark fic. 18+ only!
You took a shaky breath and hesitated for a second before opening the bathroom door. Making sure the towel was wrapped tightly around you, you poked your head out, trying to keep your body shielded by the door as much as possible as you caught Robert’s gaze.
He was sitting on the bed, lounged back against the outdated headboard as he flipped through the channels on TV. When he caught sight of you, he smirked, clicking off the TV and setting the remote aside.
“C-can I please have my clothes?” you asked.
“You can come out here and get them yourself,” he drawled.
You felt your eyes well and embarrassment warm your face. “Robert, please.”
“Get over here and get your fucking clothes before I drag you out here myself.”
The harsh snap of his voice had you scurrying toward the foot of the bed. Avoiding his gaze, you grabbed the duffle bag, turning to quickly retreat, but his voice stopped you in your tracks.
“No, you’re gonna get dressed right here, where I can watch.”
You couldn’t hold back your tears anymore, feeling a hot flood spill down your cheeks as you trembled. “No, please--”
“Turn around,” he gritted. When you didn’t move a muscle, you heard the bed creak and groan with his movements. “You make me get up and come over there and you’re gonna fucking regret it.”
Sniffling, you turned back toward the foot of the bed, setting the duffle bag down on the corner furthest from him. Your frightened gaze flickered up to find Robert crawling toward you, his eyes bright and smirk wicked as he sat on the edge of the bed, arm muscles bulging as he planted his hands on the mattress at either side of him and leaned toward you.
“Well go on,” he urged, his eyes dark and attentive as they trailed over you.
His tongue poked out to wet his bottom lip as he watched you pull a sundress, bra, and matching panties from the bag.
“Picked those out just for you, had to dig around for them, rifle through all those good girl panties you had to find the real prize.”
You stared down at the sheer, lacy set. You’d never even worn them, they were a wine drunk online purchase that you had regretted the next day when you weren’t feeling so lonely and boring.
“Put them on,” Robert snapped impatiently.
Trying your best to ignore his leering gaze, you shook the panties free before bending, intending to pull them on under your towel.
“Nice try, sweet thing,” he laughed. “Drop the towel. I wanna see the goods.”
Beneath the ever present buzz of fear running rampant in your body, you felt anger. You felt fury and humiliation to the extent that it had you snapping your words before you could check yourself.
“He said you couldn’t touch me,” you challenged on a hissed whisper, your watery gaze snapping to Robert’s.
A quiet rage was brewing in his eyes, his unspoken ire enough to make you flinch and swallow nervously as you instantly regretted your outburst.
“He said I couldn’t touch, he didn’t say I couldn’t look,” he sneered, lip curling back over his teeth. “Now drop the fucking towel before I strangle you with it.”
Tumblr media
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stargazingfangirl18 · 3 months ago
Yes, I missed your last game because of stupid work!!
Tumblr media
Mr. Freezy, frisky, semi-public sex 😉
Bwahaha yesss! I love this one! Thank you, you sweet little devil 😘
Tumblr media
Warning: Explicit sexual content & language. Unprotected sex. D/S undertones. Implied age gap, but Reader is in her 20s. Slight dub con. Performing covert sexual acts in front of minors (who are unknowing of what’s going on). 18+ only!
“E-enjoy,” you quavered, handing the rocket pop to the little boy standing outside of the ice cream truck.
The next customer stepped up to the window, a little old lady and her young granddaughter who couldn’t have been more than five.
“What’ll be, little lady?” Robert hummed, leaning over your back and ducking closer to the window.
You bit your bottom lip, fingers clutching the metal rim of the ice cream freezer in front of you hard as Robert somehow drove his cock a little deeper in your quivering channel.
He seemed to take a sick joy in this, fucking you in plain sight as he served his customers, none of them having a clue as they only saw you both from the chest up.
They had no idea you were naked from the waist down, Robert’s big, curved cock stuffing your cunt and hitting all the spots you never new existed until starting this job while on summer break from college just a few short weeks ago.
“Sure do, let me take a look,” Robert’s voice brought you back to the present moment, and you barely swallowed your cry as he dug around in the freezer, all the while fucking into you nice and slow, hard and deep.
You were on the brink of cumming when he leaned further over you and out the truck window to hand the little girl her ice cream cup.
“Look at us, multitasking,” Robert grunted into your ear, waving as the last of the customers scampered away with their ice cream.
“Hiring you was the best business move I ever made, sweet thing,” he smirked, sliding the serving window closed before manhandling you deeper inside the truck.
You whined as he shoved you over another freezer, stuffing your fist in your mouth as he began to fuck you without restraint.
“Oh no, honey, I wanna hear those sweet noises you make,” he snarled, pulling your hand from your face. He grabbed the other one for good measure, wrenching them behind your back and using them for leverage as he fucked you.
You couldn’t suppress the humiliating sounds he pulled from you if you tried, the coil inside you twisting round and round, tighter and tighter, as Robert filled you with his cock over and over again.
When his free hand snuck between your legs and started rubbing your clit, ruthless and hard, you were done for.
You came with a broken mewl, your body going taut as your pleasure spiked, and then shaking and rocking as the wave of release rushed throughout you.
“Fuck, thatta girl, that sweet cunt’s milking my cock so good,” Robert groaned, his hips stuttering, once, twice, and then he was driving into you so hard he took you right off your feet, shoving you against the freezer as his cum filled you up.
You shivered as his hot breath panted against the nape of your neck, his chest rumbling with satisfaction as he took a moment to come down from his high.
And then Robert was pulling out of you and tucking himself away as he watched his spend leak down your trembling thighs.
“Consider this an employee perk, sweet thing,” he chuckled, dragging his fingers through his cum and shoving it back inside your messy cunt. “Your very own serving of Mr. Freezy’s special cream, made fresh on the spot, just for you.”
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