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#mr freezy fanfiction
moonlight-onyx · 12 days ago
Can you do a fic where the reader surprises chris at his hotel room while he’s on tour and they do the nasty (include that too) and the avengers cast hears them. then the next day they all tease him before a panel and either seb or anthony says the reader has porn star moans and chris gets annoyed
thin walls.
pairing: (chris evans x fem!reader)
summary: you slip off to chris’ room the night before the conference and sebastian & anthony realize just how thin the walls of your hotel really are.
** this work contains nsfw content. minors are not to interact, read all warnings before continuing.
Tumblr media
word count: 3.5k
warnings: smut, unprotected sex, enemies to lovers, angst, oral (f rec), very little fluff, aftercare
request status: open
chris evans masterlist
Tumblr media
you were dreading this conference for a few reasons. number one, the early mornings. number two, having to deal with chris. and number three, having to hide the real reasons why the two of you “hated” each other from the rest of your castmates.
you didn’t hate each other, it was more of a longing that caused the two of you to bicker as much as you did. you were constantly at each other’s throats, and if you weren’t then it was only because one of you was too busy fucking the other.
you and chris were exclusive, to say the least, but definitely not official in the slightest. but that was your idea, not his. personally, he wanted everyone to know that you were off limits, that you were his girl, but you didn’t want to deal with the media or the judgement that was sure to follow the headlines, “y/n y/l/n dating captain america.” nothing you did would be good enough, even if it was completely fine, and you knew that, you just didn’t want to deal with it. so you didn’t.
your entire day was shit. you woke up late and almost missed the tour bus, barely making it to the station on time. then you realized that you forgot to charge your phone and left your charger at your house, along with the book you were planning on bringing. you fell asleep in an awkward position which strained your neck terribly and to top it all off, you got stuck sitting next to chris.
the smirk he gave you when you realized that the seat beside him was the only one left made you want to slap him, but you rolled your eyes in response instead. for the entire twelve hour drive chris was annoying you. not purposefully, but it was still happening.
“can you cut it out?” you hissed quietly when he wouldn’t stop bouncing his leg, the same one that was spread so far that it was rubbing up against your own. “i’m trying to take a nap.”
“didn’t you just wake up?” he countered, brow raised slightly.
“just stop bouncing your leg,” you rolled your eyes and bunched up your jacket, using it as a pillow against the window.
“whatever you say, princess,” chris mumbled under his breath, causing you to stomp on his foot. “ow! what the hell?”
“don’t be a smartass,” you smirked at him and closed your eyes, sighing contently. so, as payback, chris “accidentally” elbowed you when he turned in his seat to talk to sebastian.
the rest of the ride was full of little moments like those and death glares that turned into painfully longing looks to the back of their head as soon as the other person turned around.
when you finally arrived at the hotel at almost seven p.m. you were each assigned your room number and roommate. you were in a room with lizzie, chris with rdj, sebastian with anthony, hemsworth with hiddleston and the rest of everyone else was roomed up accordingly. lizzie was out doing something, you couldn’t remember what, and robert was also conveniently missing, hearing something about a quick get-together at the bar around the corner.
some of your castmates decided to head out to stretch their legs after that long car ride, and you didn’t blame them, but you definitely didn’t join them. you’d decided to stay in, order room service, watch some movies and get cleaned up for the night. you were getting ready to go to sleep after your shower when you realized that your phone was missing. you groaned internally and rolled your eyes as you pulled on a sweater and some slippers, making your way down the hall.
you knocked on the wooden door, your arms folded across your chest as you waited for chris to open it, a surprised smile on his face. When he met your tired eyes “y/n?”
“i think i accidentally put my phone in your bag,” you muttered quietly, looking behind him.
“i haven’t seen it but you’re welcome to look.”
you furrowed your brows at him slightly, wondering why he was being so sweet to you. “what’s it like? being roommates with rdj?”
chris chuckled quietly and sat on the bed, handing you his bag to look through, “i wouldn’t know, he’s been out all night.”
you nodded, “lizzie, too. they’re probably still getting drinks.”
he hummed in agreement.
you ran a hand over your face in annoyance, “it’s not here. how the hell can someone lose a phone?”
“i can call it if you want?” chris offered up, a sympathetic look in his eyes.
“it’s dead.”
“right,” he dropped his head, “that sucks. sorry i can’t be of more help.”
you shrugged, “s’fine. just annoying that i always seem to be losing shit.”
he snickered quietly as he leaned back against the headboard, his fingers interlocked behind his head comfortably. “you look stressed.”
you sat on the bed next to his legs, your eyes shut tightly as you let out a bitter sigh, “yeah, i guess that’s a word for it.”
chris thought about giving you a snide remark like he usually would, but after seeing the pure exhaustion written all over your features, he decided against it. “you wanna talk about it?”
your head snapped over toward him, your eyes narrowed in suspicion. “what?”
he shook his head slightly and raised his hands lazily, “i was just offering.”
“why?” you whispered, eyes still locked with his blue ones.
“what d’you mean, why? you seem like you’re going through something, i just wanted to see if you were okay.”
now it was your turn to snicker. “since when do you even give a shit about me being okay, evans?”
he scoffed quietly, “since always, y/l/n.”
you nodded slowly, clearly in disbelief of his words as you looked around the room, “yeah, i’m so sure.”
“what’s it gonna take for me to make you believe that i actually care about more than just trying to get off with you, y/n?”
you shrugged and stood up, suddenly needing to be alone. “i shoulda just asked you for it in the morning.”
“y/n,” chris called after you, standing quickly, but not moving from the side of the bed. “don’t run away, not again. please.”
you froze, your hand barely brushing up against the cold metal of the door handle. you knew exactly what he meant, the sadness in his tone told you. you’d snuck out in the middle of the night one night after letting it slip out.
you could hear his heart beating steadily in his chest. not too soft, not too hard. the sound was soothing, as was the warmth of his bare body against your own. but as soothing as it all felt, you could never truly feel comfortable when you were with him. it was nothing against him, just something buried deep inside of you that was desperately trying to claw its way through your chest.
“i love you,” you barely heard your own words, your air catching in your chest when they registered in your mind.
chris’s heart fluttered in his chest and he smiled softly, though you couldn’t hear it, “i love you, y/n.”
he’d thought that the two of you had finally made some progress. he was sorely mistaken.
you were gone before the sun came up, a steady stream of hot tears cascading down your cheeks as you rushed to your car as quietly as you could. that night might’ve been the only night that you were truly thankful for the near silence of your car’s hybrid engine.
chris woke up, expecting you to still be in his arms. when you weren’t, he kept a sliver of hope as he walked downstairs. he was met with a note on his kitchen counter.
i can’t do this. i’m sorry.
he clenched his jaw and blinked away the tears that were slowly gathering in his eyes, shaking his head softly. he should’ve known better than to fall for you, not after the amount of times that the two of you had repeated this pattern before.
one of you opens up and is gone by morning. without fail. chris can’t blame you, though. he still remembers the few times he’d left you hanging. while he regretted his actions deeply after the fact, it doesn’t change anything.
you took a deep breath and turned, your guilty expression meeting chris’ heartbroken one. “i don’t know what you want me to say, chris.”
“i just wanna know why you left,” he muttered quietly, biting at the inside of his cheeks.
“i don’t know why i left,” you shrugged, feeling your throat close up slowly, “i shouldn’t have said it.”
“did you mean it?”
“well, yeah, but-”
“then why’d you leave?”
you moved closer to him, stopping when you were just in front of him. “because i was scared you’d leave if i didn’t do it first.”
chris let out a laugh, “you really think i’d leave you? you really can’t see how much of a hold you have over me? i mean, just about everyone sees it except for you.”
“that’s not true-”
he quickly opened his phone and showed you a set of messages from anthony. it was a picture of you on the bus, after you’d fallen asleep, with your head resting on chris’s shoulder. he’d just so happened to fall asleep with his head resting against yours, both of you sporting a soft smile. anthony sent it with one short message attached, “well that’s what i call love at first hatred, what about you?”
you sighed quietly, “i don’t wanna hurt you, chris.”
“i’m a big boy, y/n. i can handle it.”
“you’re not gonna quit, are you?”
he smiled at you, “you want me to answer that?”
you let out a quiet giggle and pulled him down slowly as you looked into his big blue eyes, filled with nothing but love for you.
it was like all the tension in the room just dissipated when the two of you finally kissed. maybe it was because this might’ve been the first time neither of you were hiding a part of yourselves. or maybe it was because it wasn’t needy for once, but slow, just the two of you wanting to feel each other.
as innocent as the kiss may have started, though, chris had picked you up and carried you over to the bed, propping himself up on his hands as he continued kissing you. you slowly dragged your nails up his bare chest in the way that you knew drove him crazy.
you broke the kiss with a quiet gasp, your head immediately tilting to the side to allow him to kiss at your neck, “c-chris.”
he hummed against you, one of his hands gingerly making its way up your sweater to massage at your chest. you felt far too aware of the amount of clothes covering your body at the moment, a quiet whine slipping from your lips.
“what is it, princess? what do you need?” he questioned quietly between kisses.
“you. i need you chris, please.” you ran your fingers through his hair, tugging softly when he found your sweet spot.
“yeah? you sure you’re not gonna leave again?”
“i won’t. i promise,” you pulled him back to where he was kissing you again, the strain of desperation fueling your actions. “won’t ever leave again.”
he let out a tiny sigh or relief against your lips and kissed you for a moment before pulling away to pull the sweater from your body.
your eyelids fluttered softly when he started sucking at your nipple, massaging the other in one of his hands. your fingers moved to thread through his soft hair, groaning quietly when he pulled away with a lewd pop.
“chris, baby,” you breathed out, your pupils blown with need, “please.”
he smirked at you, slipping off your shorts and panties quickly, the cold air making you flinch slightly. chris let out a low whistle as he licked his lips, so close to where you needed him.
“i don’t think i’ll ever be able to get over how fucking gorgeous this little pussy is,” he groaned, the ache in his hardened cock only growing.
any and all thoughts you had before went out the window when you felt his tongue slide up your slit slowly, the wet muscle swirling around your clit. “oh god.”
he hummed his approval against you, continuing his ministrations on your sensitive area. you let out a quiet whimper when he slipped two fingers into your cunt, pumping them slowly.
you had one hand gripping chris’s roots while the other massaged your tit, your eyes screwed shut.
you felt a sharp slap against your inner thigh and gasped quietly. “look at me,” chris ordered, stopping all of his previous movements. you opened your eyes slowly and looked into his. “wanna see the moment you fall apart, baby.”
you could almost cry when he went back to pumping into your cunt, curling his fingers upward in a way that had your whole body tense up. you were close, very close, and chris could feel it.
“you gonna cum for me, baby?” he muttered against you.
“yeah, yeah gonna fucking cum,” you whined, your eyes losing focus as you tried to keep them open, “please, please, please chris. let me cum please.”
he winked at you, his way of giving you the go ahead and you threw your head back against the mattress, cumming all over his fingers with a broken moan of his name.
chris continued pumping through your orgasm, licking up all of your juices as he did so. when your body finally relaxed, you let out a quiet sigh and looked at him, biting down on your lip.
he was a sight. his blue eyes were almost black with lust, his beard covered in your cum as he moved his fingers toward your mouth. “suck ‘em, sweetheart. taste how sweet you are.”
you kept eye contact with him as you grabbed his wrist softly and guided his fingers into your mouth, making a show of sucking them, your tongue swirling around them expertly.
chris cursed under his breath and waited until you pulled away with a purposeful pop before pulling down his sweats, his hard cock bouncing out quickly.
you bit your lip softly and reached out to touch him, your fingers barely dragging along his length. you went to wrap your hand around him but he stopped you, “i needa feel you.”
you nodded but put your hand against his chest when he went to line himself up with your entrance. “what’s wrong?”
“can i ride you?” you questioned, your eyes hopeful.
he smiled widely and moved to sit back against the headboard. you crawled over to him, still feeling the faint burn in your thighs as you settled over him, one hand gripping the headboard as the other guided him to your entrance.
you took a deep breath and slowly sank down, your head falling back from the burn of him stretching you out. “oh fuck,” you whined quietly as chris helped to guide your hips down until he was fully sheathed inside of you.
it wasn’t long before you approached your high, your whines growing louder and louder with each harsh bounce on top of chris. “fuck, y/n, baby you’re taking me so well.”
anthony and sebastian were winding down, having just gotten back from the bar after leaving early. they had barely made it through the door before they realized that all the noise was coming from the room next to theirs.
“are they-?” sebastian’s jaw dropped when he heard your wanton moans through the wall.
“is that y/n?” anthony questioned, his own face dropping in awe, “i thought they hated each other?”
“well, apparently not,” seb chuckled, his eyes widening at your next statement.
“oh, fuck-fuck, chris! i’m gonna fucking cum,” your head was thrown back as you bounced on top of the man, one of his hands resting on your hip to help you as the other gripped at your breast, your own hands gripping the headboard tightly.
“shit, they’re really going at it,” anthony snickered, wincing when he heard the knocking of the headboard against the wall.
“should we, like, go?”
“where are we gonna go, sebastian, it’s literally midnight,” anthony threw his hands up.
“we’re intruding, though.”
“it’s not our fault those two are fucking each other’s brains out next door,” the man walked over to the mini fridge to pull out a bottle of water, “but i’m definitely gonna clown them tomorrow.”
“oh, yeah,” sebastian stood from the bed, “i’m gonna go shower, man.”
anthony hummed in agreement and pulled the headphones from his bag, quickly plugging his ears with them as he blared his playlist.
you would’ve collapsed on top of chris if it weren’t for his hands holding you up, the warmth of his cum running down your thighs making you smile softly.
he helped you off of him and moved to the bathroom to grab a washcloth to clean the two of you up. you winced slightly when you felt the rugged fabric brush up against your swollen clit, quickly hearing the soft apology that followed.
chris tossed it back into the bathroom and moved to sit with you on top of the blankets. it was quiet for a moment before you spoke up, your throat tightening slightly, “i, um, i should get going.. before rdj gets back.”
he barely nodded, his hand coming up to rub at his face, “y-yeah, yeah, you’re probably right.”
hearing the sadness in his tone, you cupped his cheek, “i meant what i said earlier. i’m not leaving, i just don’t wanna explain anything tonight.”
“i get it,” chris gave you a weak smile and nodded again.
“we’ll figure out a way to tell everyone after the conference, okay?”
“sure thing, y/n.”
you pecked his lips softly before rolling off of the bed and picking up your clothes, slowly getting redressed in them. “i’ll see you in the morning, chris.”
“see you in the morning,” he repeated, his arms crossed over his chest.
you sent him one last smile before peeking your head out into the hallway like a teenager would in this scenario, being very careful to make sure no one was out as you hurried back to your room. luckily, lizzie wasn’t back by the time you arrived, giving you enough time to take another shower and get ready for bed.
Tumblr media
you groaned when you heard lizzie’s alarm go off, desperately needing a few more hours. the absolute burn that spread through your muscles when you stretched made you wince, your thighs feeling like mush from the work you did the night before.
lizzie gave you a knowing smile and you raised a brow at her, deciding not to confront it. you grabbed some clothes from your bag and moved into the bathroom to get dressed, do your hair and brush your teeth. feeling far too tired to do anything too serious, you opted for some cherry chapstick and mascara, making sure you looked semi-presentable for the day.
you were one of the first people in the lobby, sitting in one of the lounging chairs as you tried to get just a few more minutes of sleep. you heard someone else approach and opened one of your eyes just enough to see chris’s warm smile looking down at you.
“hi,” you grinned softly.
“hey,” he took the seat next to you, subtly scooting it closer, “how’d you sleep?”
“like a rock,” you snickered.
“yeah, i bet,” chris flinched out of the way when you went to smack his arm, “i’m just saying!”
“shh,” you muttered with a playful smile.
“well, if it isn’t the two love birds,” anthony clapped his hands together as he approached, “how’d the two of you sleep?”
you rolled your eyes, grumbling a quiet “shut it, mackie,” to keep up the act.
“hey! i was just asking,” he smirked at the two of you.
chris sat back in his chair, arms crossed defensively, “i slept fine. turned in pretty early so i’m rested.”
“oh, did you now?” anthony raised his brows, “cause that’s not what me and sebastian heard last night.”
your felt very awake all of a sudden, your brows furrowed tightly, “the hell are you talking about?”
sebastian’s eyes went wide as he backed up a step, “i’m not getting in this.”
“we heard you two last night,” anthony clarified, “doesn’t seem like there was much hating going on.”
chris opened his mouth to say something but you cut him off, “okay, so?”
“so why are you both lying to everyone?” sebastian wondered.
“it doesn’t matter,” you grumbled, interlocking your fingers with chris’s, “cause i’m not lying anymore.”
his head perked up as he looked at you, “y/n, are you sure?”
“sure as i’ll ever be,” you gave him a comforting look, “i’m not messing this up again. i can’t.”
Tumblr media
chris evans: @mssteverogers @peachyyybabyy @lxst-sxulss @lunalovegoodsgirlfriend @princessnnylzays @multifandoms1019 @chaoticweasleys @mauvesdior @kaatelyyynn @nagygreta @aayaissaa @mrsevans1981 @yippikaiyaymotherfucker @vintageobx @kaiparker-avengerssmut @stiles-stilinski-24-dylan @amelia-song-pond @infernal-fire @lostaurorax @qtmxybnk @stefans-wife @lolooo22 @sohoseb @littlezombie666 @aubreeskailynn @i-love-scott-mccall @lilstanxd @iceythelostwinchester @indigo-child-is-here @thebiggestsimponearth @kaiparkerwife @chvntelle-99
Tumblr media
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moonlight-onyx · 14 days ago
robert pronge a.k.a mr freezy
Tumblr media
— misc
DISCLAIMERS: some of the following works are 18+ and should not be consumed by minors. by clicking any of the following links, you are agreeing that you are eighteen or older. i am not liable for any of the content that you consume, you are. be responsible & happy reading! -- any and all possible triggers are tagged accordingly and listed in the warnings on each post. please read them before continuing.
Tumblr media
coming soon.
Tumblr media
© moonlight-onyx
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chuckbass-love · 22 days ago
Dancing With The Devil | Mr Freezy
A/N: Helloo everyone. So this is my entry for @cloudystevie 4k followers Mob AU challenge. First of all just wanna say, congratulations on hitting 4k, lovely. You deserve it. 
Secondly i want to issue a warning for this fic. It is quite possibly the longest fic i have ever written, unintentionally of course. I was tempted to split it up into parts but in the end decided not to for my own reasons so i understand if it takes everyone a while to read or a couple days to get down to reading it but i really hope it’s worth the wait and i’m confident in this fic. 
I will now go back to writing requests in my ask box and part 9 to Only Love Can Hurt Like This shall be out soon. Also want to give a special shoutout to @mychemicalimagines​ and @llamadelreyx​ you two have listened to me drone on about this fic for over a month and i’m eternally grateful. Thank you both❤️
Disclaimer: My work is not to be translated or to be posted anywhere else other than MY Tumblr, Wattpad and Ao3 without my permission. However, reblogs are welcome.
Pairing: Mob!Robert Pronge aka Mr Freezy x Fem!Reader/MobFem!Reader
Warnings: Talk of murder and actual murder described in detail. Cyanide poisoning, gun use, drug use, alcohol use, unprotected sexual intercourse, cigarette smoking, rough sex, hair pulling, spanking, degradation, praise kink, daddy kink, spit kink, biting kink, vaginal fingering, anal play, anal sex, oral (m & f receiving), slow burn (sorta), swearing, mention of domestic abuse/implied, mention of petty crimes (stealing, graffiti), mention of drug dealing, heavy angst, heavy fluff and heavy smut. As always guys, when it comes to a man like Freezy, it’s important you understand the tough topics mentioned in this fic and it’s important that you’re 18 and older when reading. Thank you.
Word Count: 65,140 (wheww, issa long one)
GIF NOT MINE!!! Credit to @weheartchrisevans go check them out💕
Tumblr media
Roberts whole life has consisted of him building walls sky high to keep anyone and everyone out. Walls that could quite literally resemble that of barbed wire, if someone got too close they’d get shocked.
He’d made it his life long goal to be forever alone because to him, being alone was better than facing disappointment at the hands of others, it was better than risking the chance of someone else having the upper hand over him. And maybe that’s why he ran down the wrong path, got caught up with the wrong people, people who lead him to the position he’s in now. 
Sure, being a criminal isn’t exactly a career but it’s money, big money and easy money. And money seems to be the only companion in his life right now along with the cold blooded acts he completes to get it.
Those first fleeting minutes after his introductory hit man job were like none other. The adrenaline rush he got was enough to make him want to do it again. He revelled in inflicting pain upon others, having their lives in his two large calloused hands. He felt power greater and heavier than the weight of the world, he became addicted and eventually was hired as a full time contract killer. 
Contract killing is a form of murder in which one party hires another to kill a targeted person or multiple people.
Robert soon discovered he had a very special set of skills, well more so that he was colossally fucked up. He had no empathy, no sympathy and no heart or at least not a heart that was visible to others. He’d buried it too deep.
See, his start in life was rough to say the least. His parents always neglected to be there at important times and his childhood consisted of him fending for himself.
His dad was a drug dealer and his mom was just along for the merry little ride, doing whatever his dad ordered her to do. He knocked her around, treated her like his property, not exactly setting the best example for young Robert who was still learning how to read and write. But beggars can’t be choosers and you can never choose the family that you’re born into.
Roberts dad had spent years preaching to him about what being a man really means. To be a man you have to be tough, you can’t put up with any bullshit from anyone and if you want something then take it. 
Oh and lastly the golden rule, never let anyone see you vulnerable.
Once his mid teenage years had rolled around, Roberts dad’s little business had reached it’s peak. He was employing more people to deal for him and buying more weapons to keep in the house just in case one of his clients or employees decided to get testy. And as bad as it was, Robert couldn’t help but feel influenced by his dad. 
He even started partaking in minor crimes at the age of 13, only silly things like stealing candy from the local grocery store at first. He never got caught so the games always continued. He felt invincible as time went on, being that he was able to start robbing to sell to his fellow delinquent friends at school. Alcohol was the sought after, it was all the rage in his group.
In fact shortly after, things took a rather dark and interesting turn for young Robert as he reached the tender age of seventeen. His actions had gone unnoticed for so long that he came to the realisation that graffiti and stealing were no longer cutting it. He was eager to move on to the next best thing...assault.
After wasting the night away, drinking in the field with his so called friends, Robert decided to stumble back home when a car pulled up next to him. 
A rather elaborately dressed man got out, ranting and raving about how he was walking in the road and how he should have been looking where he was going. 
He was talking as though Robert gave a shit what he was saying. So instead of listening to him boorishly drone on, he continued to walk, well if you can even call it that. 
He was losing his balance more often than not but nevertheless, he kept on. As he turned another corner, he realised he was one more block away from his house, still away from any buildings though. He just had one alleyway left to walk down, he’d soon see more street lights.
However, that stranger just wouldn’t drop it, he couldn’t get over Roberts careless attitude so he followed him. A decision that he later regretted.
He crept up behind him, grabbing a hold of his jacket before shoving him up against one of the walls, a pure sinister glint in his eyes as he seethed with rage.
“Listen you little punk, i was talking to you” he spat, hoping he’d get through to the young man but instead it had the opposite effect. Robert couldn’t have cared any less even if he had actively tried to. His head was pounding from all of the vodka he’d consumed and along with the large amounts of alcohol consumption came a lack of brain cells or care for any consequences.
Robert chuckled at the man, not taking anything he had said seriously. That’s when he was shoved again causing him to smack his head off the wall and he could practically feel the blood seeping out of the fresh wound.
“You shouldn’t have done that” Robert said, tutting as wide smile graced his face upon staring the man down. The stranger was completely perplexed at the sight, his brows joining.
With his guard down, Robert managed to flip him around so he could snatch away the upper hand for himself before he raised his fist and punched him right in the nose. All that could be heard in that small alleyway was a loud crack and that was when he knew the strangers nose was fucked. But he didn’t feel bad about it, he expected to feel guilt even just a little but it never arrived.
In fact he felt proud of himself, the adrenaline rush was too good to miss. So he hit him again and the blow was just enough to knock the stranger to the ground where Robert joined him. He proceeded to punch until he’d had enough, rising to his feet to tower over the unconscious mans body. A satisfied and smug smirk appeared.
He could have easily apologised for his actions and been on his way but he decided that he didn’t want to deal with that mans smart mouth. He had this perception that he was above Robert because he was driving his fancy car, in his fancy clothes and his designer watch. Robert refused to stand idly by and let him get away with that. So he took care of it and the second he’d finished admiring his work he fled, racing home to sneak in and avoid waking his parents.
Once he’d gotten a taste for blood, he craved more and that’s when he knew he was destined for something greater.
More weeks passed with him picking fights and scrapping with anyone who so much as looked at him the wrong way and he began to earn himself a reputation. If his parents knew about his erratic behaviour then they didn’t care to correct it. After all, his mom was a doormat for his criminally minded dad and she didn’t dare speak up and voice her opinions because all that would usually follow was a reminder that she was only useful for sex, cooking and cleaning. 
However, that was the norm back then, women rarely ever got the respect they were owed.
Much like the outcome of the majority of Roberts crimes, he eventually grew tiresome. He had a habit of getting bored very easily, always searching for something new to focus his pent up anger on, the anger of a loveless household and parents that fought all throughout the night. A dad who would rarely ever acknowledge him and a mom that cried all day whilst his dad was away doing god knows what to provide.
So it’s really no surprise that he got into more serious murder.
He was tracked down by a guy who was a lot older than him, a guy who was at least in his mid twenties. He’d seen Robert a couple of times, knocking about the streets with his friends, fighting even and he figured he’d make for the perfect employee for his dad’s business, working as a contract killer. 
Robert was wary at first but soon came round to the idea and the moment he turned 18, he was sent off on his first job. 
He was trained on what to do prior to that night but it wasn’t easy, put it that way. Robert certainly felt a little anxious and out of his depth since he was rolling with the big men but he had a point to prove, a chip on his shoulder if you will.
However despite his concerns and nerves he still went through with the it, cleaning up after himself before the bosses son pulled up in a black van to help lug the body into it. He drove Robert back to his house, promised him a huge payout for the job the very next day and drove off.
Funnily enough he bought his first apartment with that money and he ended up living there for around 2 years. Since that first payout, he never bothered to look back. Not just at his old life but his family too.
He did one last deed, a good one at that before he left though. He reported his dad anonymously to the police, tipping them off about his drug dealing and the abuse he had been subjecting his mother to. If he was going to leave for good, he wanted to make sure she had at least one solid chance at happiness, even if it meant he’d never see her again.
As much as he admired his dad, he couldn’t look past the way he’d treat his mother like she was nothing but the dirt on his shoe. She’d brought Robert into this filthy world and he owed her some gratitude. That was one of the few good things about Robert and to this day it still is.
More years had passed by, thousands of more bodies were collected and he still felt that hunger for more. However, he was growing tired of working for someone. 
He was beginning to crave the idea of authority, being the boss and owning his own little business, where douche bags just like him would go out and collect his debt and believe it or not, whilst working for other people all of this time he'd accumulated a few debts of his own.
He did favours for others, kept secrets and loaned money to assholes who failed to pay him back. Maybe if he had his own business, he could be in charge of their fate.
Another couple months passed since he first had that idea of being the man in charge and as each day came and went, it was looking like a better idea.
That’s when his current boss James called him up earlier today and demanded to see him immediately.
So of course he got there as fast as he could, even running a few red lights. If James tells him to jump, he says how high, literally. But soon enough, he’ll be in control. He’ll be calling the shots, he’ll have the upper hand.
Once he arrived at the office, James locked the door before returning to his seat behind the desk.
One day that seat will be his.
Although he expected it to be bad, he wasn’t scared. If there is one thing that is for certain about Robert Pronge it’s that he prides himself on fearing no one and nothing. He had isolated himself so far from anyone and anything that there was nothing at stake for him to lose. However that soon changed when James offered his business to him.
If anyone had heard that conversation they’d automatically think that James was unbalanced to give away his business that he’d spent the better part of 30 years working on to who some would call an amateur. 
He’d collected a large catalogue of clients who now go to him regularly whenever they need a job doing and he had an even bigger list of men ready to take it on, Pronge included. But out of all of his workers, Pronge has always been by far the best in his eyes.
He’s been perfecting his craft since the age of 18. Now in his mid to late 30’s, he’s the go to for any high risk jobs since he knows how to cover his tracks better than anyone else. Plus he gets the biggest kick out of inflicting pain, he’s pretty fucked up like that.
Refusing to turn such an opportunity down, Robert accepted without hesitation, he’d be a fool to. After all, this is what he’s wanted for so long, to run things, be the man behind the desk, the boss.
Now he is. 
Well, not officially. 
James has to die first.
See, he confided in Robert about the tumour the doctors discovered on his brain and sure treatment is available and he’s been getting chemo therapy for months but nothing seems to be shrinking it, in fact it’s doing more harm than good. He knows he doesn’t have long so he’s just trying to get all of his ducks in a row...starting with his will.
He informs Robert that he’s drafting one up, one that will leave the business and all of the money that comes with it to him since he never had kids and his wife wouldn’t have the first clue about what to do with any of this. 
She’ll inherit a large amount that was kept away from the business money just for her.
All that’s left to do now though is wait it out and complete any further jobs for him. But first, he has to finish off others. Decomposing bodies which he has to do very soon, today even.
Meanwhile you’re on the other side of town, working 9-5 at Victoria’s Secret. It’s not the worst job in the world, the pay is decent enough and your colleagues are easy going and fun to work with. Besides, it’s free lingerie for you, not that you have anyone to show it off to which kind of makes it pointless but when you wear it you feel elite and pretty. A feeling every woman should experience. Who needs men eh?
Your upbringing was the polar opposite of Roberts. It was far from perfect but you were stable. Your dad was a lawyer and your mom was a housewife. He was always taking her out to dinner once a week and showering her with kisses every morning before he left home and now that you think more on it, it’s probably why you’ve spent so many years aiming to find a love exactly like it. 
You’ve always yearned for romance.
It became a regular thing in your household where your dad and mom would sit you down once a week and have family night. Board games, takeout and lots of laughter. They even let you try alcohol once and although the liquid burned on its way down your throat, you enjoyed it. 
You never had to spend long nights tossing and turning as you wondered why they didn’t care like Robert did because it was obvious how much you were adored by them. 
You did semi well in school, you got good grades and soon after you landed your first real job. It was only making tea and coffee at the local hair salon but it was something at least. Oh and you also swept away all of the hair that had been chopped off.
After working there for around a year you decided you’d worked hard enough and were reeking no benefits. So you left and got another job at a video store and it was the best job that you could have ever gotten. 
You were there all day every day aside from Sundays and the pay was a whole lot better. Besides, you were a movie fanatic so the fact that you got to rent movies for free was an added bonus that you took full advantage of. 
You mostly took out horror and romance movies, you’d sit down on the evenings and even make your parents watch some with you. Your dad loved horror movies too, your mom however not so much.
More years came and went and you were still at that video store but much to your disappointment, it eventually closed. The owner wasn’t making as much money anymore so he decided to close it down. But he let you keep some of your favourite movies as a little keepsake to remember your time there.
Now here you are, the age of 29 and still working in retail.
As for your parents, they both passed away a couple of years back. They weren’t exactly young when they had you so they always expected it to happen soon enough. 
Your dad got lung cancer, probably due to all the smoking and your mom got brain cancer. 
You took care of them for years as you lived with them right up until they passed. It was definitely hard to watch them slowly deteriorate, the people who brought you into this world were leaving you and it was a tough pill to swallow. 
You felt like your life was falling apart day by day and there was nothing you could do to stop it. All that you could do was be there for them and savour every last second you had.
Your mom was the first to go, leaving you and your dad shattered. 
One night when you were heading up to bed, you passed your dads room and what you heard made you still your movements. 
He was talking to your mom, telling her all about his day and how he beat you at chess. You wiped your tears away, a sad smile gracing your face as you slid down the wall outside of the room. You spent God knows how long that night just listening to his endless rambling to the love of his life and it was comforting in a way. 
Just the knowledge of your dad missing her and still being as madly in love with her as he was when they were kids gave you hope for the future that maybe you’d meet someone who would feel the same way about you.
When your dad passed it was like the broken pieces of your heart that you’d finally taped back together after your mom had broken again. It wasn’t in any state to be fixed, they were gone and that was that. 
They left a huge gaping hole in the wake of their deaths and every night after that you cried yourself to sleep as you mumbled details about your day to your two angels in the sky. Of course they didn’t respond but you always knew they were listening and that they were right there with you.
Once you managed to even make any decisions on their house, you came to the conclusion of keeping it. It was filled with memories that you had made with them and it was your childhood home so it was a no brainer. You renovated small parts and completed a bit of redecorating and now it’s where you currently live. It’s perfect.
As you return to the cash register, joining your colleague Jenny who’s leaning on the wall, she continues your ongoing chat.
“So, how’s the dating scene treating you?” she asks, smirking wickedly and provoking a thunderous laughter to fall from your mouth.
“What dating scene? I’ve gone out with 2 guys this last week and both of them were about as useful as a vibrator with no batteries” you roll your eyes at her and she bursts into laughter with you.
“I’m sure things will pick up soon, you’re a catch” she smiles softly, walking over to the register and standing next to you as a young woman who looks about seventeen approaches. 
She places two white laced sets on the counter which you ring up right away, announcing the total to her and collecting the money whilst Jenny packs them away neatly in a bag. 
As soon as she gets her change the girl struts away, leaving you and Jenny to resume your chat.
She begins telling you the latest regarding her boyfriend Ray. He works for the bank, he’s rich, smart and treats her like a queen. What more could a woman want? Well, you want more than that at least. You don’t want just any guy, any regular old relationship.
You crave a love that runs deeper than the ocean, a love that consumes you. 
One filled with extreme levels of romance with a man that loves you so much that it hurts, so much that he’d do anything for you and anything to keep you. 
But what you crave, isn’t available around here. All you’ve discovered so far are douche bags who are only after sex or men who are looking to cheat on their wives, to escape from their loveless marriages that they only agreed to for the sake of their kids. It’s pathetic really. So until that special all consuming love enters your life, you’re better off alone.
The rest of your shift seems to drag but you’re glad you’ve got Jenny to keep you company. If you were to ever work a shift alone then you’d probably quit. It’s like a death sentence. Jenny said that once she had to do it and it was dreadful. She had nothing to do but inventory. Boring. As. Hell.
Whilst you’re passing by the last hour before closing time, Robert is entering the mall.
He’d just been busy, starting the process of decomposing two bodies from the last job he did and in doing so he’s worked up quite the appetite. He heads straight for some random pizza joint across the way, passing Victoria’s Secret as he walks over. 
You’re stood near the doorway, laughing and smiling from ear to ear. Your eyes glistening as you respond to who looks like your colleague. Robert stills as he watches you from a distance, you look like the type of woman who’s soft and sweet, not a bad bone in your body. Which isn’t the full truth but it’s not a lie either. You only tend to get angry every now and then and it takes a lot to wind you up.
Your smile could light up any room, destroying anyone else’s chance at being the centre of attention. He assumes that you’re the type of woman that others find intimidating or get jealous of, being that you have this bright and positive aura circling you. 
The complete opposite to him. 
He’s dark and brooding, smoke and fire whereas you’re a little slice of heaven with a cherry on top. He can practically smell your innocence and without a second longer to think, he comes to the conclusion that you’re about to be his new plaything. He’s got to have you, but that’s when he’s ripped from your distracting light as strangers all around shove past him reminding him of the constant rumbling coming from his stomach. So he heads to the pizza joint and away from you.
Just like his father once told him, if he wants something, then he can have it. And he’s got to have you, he WILL have you. You’d look perfect on top of him, stuffed full of his cock and bouncing on it. You might seem innocent but it doesn’t mean you’re not able to change, for him. But now’s not the time to scout for new fuck toys, nows the time to eat and take care of business.
But he’ll see you again soon, very soon.
“Omg hell no” you shake your head quickly as you attempt to stifle your own laughter, shoving Lana away. She was trying to get you to eat some of the mushrooms on her pizza and you absolutely despise them. 
They are slimy and just downright gross, you refuse to eat them, even though as a child you loved them. It’s funny how things can change throughout life.
As you burst into a fit of giggles with your colleague, Robert sips away at his coke just a couple of tables away. After laying his eyes on you the week before he’s found it impossibly hard to keep away.
See with Robert, when he takes a liking to a woman, he’ll do whatever it takes to have her. It’s probably why his number is so high. Well, that and the fact that he somehow gets bored way too easily. 
He soon realised that when it came to women, he didn’t want anything serious because with serious comes trouble and commitment. And right now in his life he is in no position to be with anyone nor will he ever be. His career doesn’t exactly make room for relationships either, not that he’d want one anyway. 
So he made a habit of using women for all of his sexual needs and desires, keeping them around for no longer than a week until he locked eyes with the newest plaything and shoved his old one to his list of emergencies.
In this case, you’re his new meat.
Your bright light is distracting to him but still heavenly. He just has to conjure up a way to attract you to him, not that it would matter if you didn’t want it though. 
He has his ways of getting exactly what he wants and needs, it’s called manipulation. Something he’s not particularly proud of but his conscience doesn’t allow him to feel bad for long.
He decides to stand up and put his now empty cup in the bin that just so happens to be located next to your table. As he slips past, you make eye contact with him, the second long silent exchange makes you smile. The kind of smile he’s witnessed from afar all week long. Oh you want him, he can sense it and soon enough he’ll give you what you want, all in good time.
Another day arrives and another long ass shift at work awaits you. You haul your half asleep and heavy body out of bed with a loud sigh as you shuffle toward the bathroom. 
First things first, you need to shower before you even attempt to do anything else and then of course you’re gonna need some strong coffee. It’s the only thing that can help you get in your car and drive.
Today’s outfit consists off a black cropped tank top with some loose fitted high waisted jeans rolled up at the ankle along with a pair of white frilly socks and hi-top reeboks to finish off the look.
Everywhere you look outside, people’s wardrobes seem to be brimming with colour. Whereas you like to keep it simple, only busting out the neon once in a while, it’s rare if you wear stuff like that to work. However, even without the neon, you like to think you still have a great sense of style. Not too trendy but not too unique. You sit pretty in between both.
You arrive at work, taking out the keys from your jean pocket and unlocking the doors before locking them again right behind you. You have to set up first and besides, it’s not even 9am yet, the mall isn’t open to the public and you still have ten minutes before you start the work day. 
Ten minutes that always seem to rush by as if you literally blink them away. You’re seriously wishing you’d have quit rather than agreeing to do this shift all alone. 
Why did you have to say yes?
Just like you anticipated, time flew by and now you’re practically dragging your feet towards the doors, groaning at the sound of a customer banging on them. You don’t know who let them into the mall so early but you want to yell at them.
“Alright, alright. I’m coming” you call out before unlocking and opening the big double doors to find a woman who looks to be around your age. She storms inside, shoving you in the process to which you just scoff and bluntly say “an excuse me woulda been nice”.
Sure you’ve worked in retail for a long time now and as previously stated, this is not the worst job in the world but it’s also not the best. The customers can be rude, stuck up and let’s not get started on the sleazy men who come in just to try their hand at flirting. 
You’ve dealt with your fair share of men with wondering eyes, the way some of them would check you out so obviously as if they weren’t even scared of being caught by their prudish girlfriends and wives. 
You can still remember the last time it happened.
You were wearing shorts that sat perfectly on your lower half along with yet another crop top that showed off your figure. Some guy walked in, hand in hand with his despicable girlfriend and boy was she awful. She bossed Jenny around as if she was her own personal assistant whilst you were busy stocking.
As you were reaching up to place a matching set onto one of the top hooks, her boyfriend walked up behind you. 
He whispered crude things into your ear and causing you almost throw up in your mouth then and there. You carefully backed him up, advising him to move away from you but he didn’t get the message, instead he snaked his arms around your waist and rested them on your ass as he told you all the things he wanted to do to you. 
Quite literally the grossest thing you’ve ever experienced. 
His stuck up bitch of a girlfriend saw before she marched him out of the store, hurling obscenities and insults your way as if you were the one to blame.
But that’s how a lot of men are around here, you’ve yet to meet a man who isn’t. All they want is the next best thing, constantly searching for a new plaything once they get bored with their current one.
And you refuse to settle for a man who will just throw you away once he gets tired, you want a guy who can’t get enough of you and wants to see you all the time. 
A man who knows how to dress, preferably bearded and you love long hair on a guy, it drives you wild. You want a guy that’s adventurous, doesn’t take himself too seriously but a guy that’s just a tiny bit dangerous. It spices things up a little, especially in the bedroom. 
Which is what you’ve always needed but instead you’ve settled for guys that were boring, selfish and bad in bed.
An hour ticks by and you’ve not served a single customer since that bitch when you opened. She was fussy too, demanding you go out the back and get her size in a silk night dress to which you explained to her that everything you have in stock is out on the floor, those are the only sizes you have in for each item. 
If it’s sold out in that size then she’ll have to wait for it to be restocked just like everyone else. Eventually after a little back and forth argument, she paid for her other items and left, leaving you huffing out of annoyance.
Robert pulls up to the mall once again and he quickly makes his way to the second floor where you’re located. The moment he struts towards your store, he spots you leaning on the counter with your head in your hands and a rather sad look on your face, not a single customer in sight. 
You could probably use some company but he can’t decide if he’s ready to speak to you yet, he likes to sus out women before approaching, get a feel for how they are and then make a move. So that’s exactly what he does. 
He takes a seat in the food court just opposite you, sipping on his juice and munching on pancakes. He occasionally catches glimpses of you near the doors as you tidy up some of the shelves and drawers and he cannot for the life of him take his eyes off of you or your outfit.
The way your shirt shows off your stomach is making his mouth water. 
Soft skin that he’d do anything to touch, kiss and even bite is on view for everyone to see. You certainly have great body and style but the real show stopper here is your face. It’s becoming abundantly clear that you have no idea about the beauty you possess, that you clearly don’t think a lot of yourself.
If you were his then he’d make it known just how attracted he is to you by devouring your pussy and fucking you into multiple orgasms, he’d worship your body over and over and he’d make you see it for yourself just how gorgeous you truly are. Especially after he ruins your pussy for any other men. 
He’d kill to man handle you, bend you to his will and turn you into his own little whore.
Besides, he could use a distraction from all of the stress in his life right now. 
James isn’t doing too good, he’s had another round of chemo but it’s not doing much for the tumour. Robert has no clue why he even cares for the man but James has done more for him than anyone else. Plus, he’s leaving him the business so he feels compelled to show an interest.
He makes it his mission to check in on him once a day, it’s his good deed done.
Another 2 hours pass and Robert hasn’t moved from his spot once and if he were to be honest, he can’t afford to sit here all day, you’re busy working and he has bodies to dispose of. 
Plus he still needs a little longer to feel you out before he approaches. It’s how all of his fuck buddy deals start out. So rather than stick around, he slips his jacket back on as he stands up and stalks towards the exit, passing your store on the way. 
But before he leaves entirely, he decides to get one last look only to find you with a guy.
You’re talking to a customer, a male customer at that and he’s smiling at you in the creepiest way possible as he swears he’s shopping for his girlfriend.
You’re not buying it though, you weren’t born yesterday. Still he continues to sweet talk you, flirting as you walk him over to a gorgeous pink set “would she like this?” you ask, voice monotone as if somehow that’ll help him get the message that you aren’t interested but of course, men are dumb.
Robert watches as you inch further away from the gentleman, scrunching your face up in disgust after he touched your arm and winked at you. 
This man clearly doesn’t know how to read body language. 
Robert decides to get closer by entering the store, beginning to browse the many pairs of panties as if he’s intending on purchasing any, using a cover so that he can listen to what this guy is saying to you.
“Any chance of you modelling it for me? I don’t wanna commit to buying if it’s not gonna look good” he smirks “you do have the body for it after all”
Robert isn’t shocked in the slightest, he’s never been the type to shy away from this sort of behaviour himself so who would he be to judge this guy?
There are a lot of creeps out in this world, himself included and he’s done some pretty disgusting and despicable things. Things he’s not proud of. Things that at the time have only given him a short lived high. He’s never been the best at reading signs from women either but it’s not like he’s ever cared to bother. 
Some would even say he’s cold hearted.
All he’s ever been interested in with women is sex, nothing more, nothing less. Just a pleasure filled high that he’s always done whatever it took to get. This behaviour and lack of respect most likely comes from the way he watched his dad treat his mom but he has no intension of dissecting his bad habits and ways.
However, seeing how uncomfortable you are and the way this creep is getting too close to your shaking body is making him angry, knuckles turning white from gripping the lingerie so hard. 
He’s never gotten this attached to anyone before let alone a strange woman that he’s never formally met or spoken to. Somehow you seem different, there’s just something about you and he can’t quite put his finger on what it is.
“I’d like you to leave now, please” your trembling voice is soft as you look away from the intrusive man. When you turn your head to the side you see another customer stood there, his eyes meet yours and he looks kind of familiar. 
He can see your lip trembling as you scramble in your head to come up with any sort of resolution or escape route from this situation. You can’t say working in the store you do doesn’t earn you some unwanted attention but this takes the cake.
Without another second more to fester on it, Robert approaches you holding some lingerie. 
“Excuse me miss, is there any chance you could help me?” he can see the gratitude in your eyes as soon as the other guy huffs, dropping the items he had in his hands before storming out. 
You look back at the guy who helped, your eyes raking over him, noting how tall he is and of course his beard and long wavy hair, the way it sits on his shoulders perfectly. You can’t help but ogle as you feel the butterflies forming in your stomach.
He watches your shoulders drop and your mouth open before you let out a huge sigh of relief.
“Thank you so much” you smile shyly, wiping away tears before they can even fall.
The action alone bothers him in a way that he’s never felt before. He never knew he was capable of feeling anything but anger and joy. Both emotions only appear when he’s doing what he does best. 
But now a new emotion is forming, is it sympathy? No, it can’t be. Robert doesn’t feel bad for anyone. Normally he avoids feelings since It’s better to be completely heartless in the business he’s in, to not get too attached to anyone.
“No problem, that guy was a real creep huh? I hope you’re okay” he says, smiling back at you as if he’s Mr Innocent and you can’t help but ogle him some more, everything from his face to his clothes and demeanour. 
He seems sweet enough but something tells you there’s a lot more to him. One thing is for certain though, he saved you from that man and you’ll be eternally grateful for his interruption.
As you converse with him, he doesn’t miss the way you look him up and down as if you’re checking him out, he likes it though. Maybe you’ll enjoy being his new toy after all.
“Yeah, i’m fine i guess. I get that shit all the time so i should probably get used to it” your voice cracks at the end as you shrug and make your way back to the register with the perfect stranger hot on your heels. 
As you stand behind the counter, he leans on it, looking directly into your eyes. 
The intensity of his stare has you squirming and looking away first before biting your lip anxiously. Now you come to think of it, you have seen him before, in this exact mall.
“Thank you again for the help, i really do appreciate it. I don’t know how i could ever repay you”
Oh naive little Y/N, saying that kinda thing to a man like Robert Pronge is a big mistake. You instantly regret it as he stands upright, looking as though he’s about to leave but instead he clears his throat.
“How about your number?” his cheeky grin makes it impossible for you to say no. But you’re still shocked at his very forward suggestion, after all, he is a stranger. A perfect stranger at that but you don’t even know his name.
“I don’t even know your name” you quip back, raising your brows at him whilst you wait for him to tell you.
“Well, it’s nice to meet you Robert, i’m Y/N” you reach your hand out for him to shake and surprisingly, he does whilst chuckling a little at the estranged greeting. 
He’s getting more of a feel of the type of woman you are right now. Innocent just like he thought you would be but with a slight corrupted mind. Kind but not totally naive to the wicked people that roam this earth.
You’re gentle too and polite, definitely not the usual type that he goes for. He tends to prefer women that have more of an edge, more disturbed minds and ones that know all about his reputation but turn the other cheek because they use him just like he uses them.
This doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t capable of that though, he could introduce your piercing light to his dark side. After that he’s sure you won’t ever want to go back to life as you know it to be today.
“Now, how about that number” he winks at you, making you feel shy all over again but you soon roll your eyes with a smile as you pull out a piece of paper and a pen. You scribble down your name and number for him, noting the way he watches over you.
He stares at the number for a second upon you handing it to him before folding it and sliding it into his pants. That was easier than he expected, that’s step one complete. Soon he’ll have you in the way he wants.
“I best get going now, but i’ll call you” with yet another wink, he walks away, making false promises that he has no intentions of keeping.
The perfect stranger now has a name... Robert. 
As much as he seemed to leave in a hurry, you’re not worried. He might have been into you but you need to make sure to keep it strictly platonic. There’s no time for men right now, you’ve made a deal with yourself to focus on you and improve your confidence. 
A man like Robert only screams trouble for your soul searching. He also screams danger and as much as you’re attracted to him, you need to keep away. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look...right?
A deafening ring forces Robert awake, he rubs at his eyes before getting up to answer the cause for his much to early awakening.
“Pronge” he announces to whomever is on the other line, seconds later James speaks giving him details to write down for another job. 
All of this will be worth it in the long run when he gets to sit behind that desk and run the show, he just needs to keep reminding himself of that. 
He hangs up the phone once he has all of the information before pulling out a packet of cigarettes and putting one between his two plump lips. As he lifts the lighter he covers the flame with his hand before inhaling and blowing the smoke out whilst the cigarette sits comfortably between his index and middle finger.
Although he’s tried his hardest, he just can’t get you off of his mind. You’re living in there rent free and he barely even knows you, he’s only spoken to you once.
How is it possible for someone to have such a tight grip on his heart when he’s made it his mission to guard it from everyone. Besides, his intentions aren’t pure. But somehow you’re breaking through his walls with ease and he can’t decide if he wants to accept it or push you away before it goes any further.
He looks over at the coffee table where the piece of paper with your number on lies. Should he call you? Wait, no. He can’t. He should never have asked for your number in the first place, it was a huge mistake to think that he could try out new women, women who are different to the ones he usually goes for.
At first he fully intended on playing the nice guy until he had you laying mercilessly beneath him as he fucked you into his mattress and used you. But that was way before he spoke to you and once he did, he could tell you weren’t a woman to fuck around with. 
You aren’t the casual sex type and it was painfully obvious to him. Not that it matters anyway, every woman in this god forsaken world is a whore at heart, they just need the right man to bring it out of them. 
However, you may be a little harder to crack than most and he’s not sure he even has the time.
But it doesn’t mean he isn’t tempted to see you again, to speak to you. Surely calling won’t be so bad. For all he knows, you could have a boyfriend or just want to keep it platonic. Even then, platonic relationships aren’t even a thing in his life. Either he fucks the women he meets or he tosses them aside so he can find ones that put out.
No respectful woman who looks the way you do would ever give their number out to a man like Pronge unless they wanted something from him.
Getting you off his mind isn’t easy, your breathtaking smile, your mind blowing body. The way you’d look coming undone on his cock as you grip onto his biceps frantically, crying out for more. 
These images are hard to kick. 
Maybe it’s not such a good idea if he calls you after all, maybe that will only make this infatuation worse. He doesn’t do serious and something tells him that sleeping with you once will only lead to a second time and then a third until he’s blinded by unwanted feelings. And that can’t happen. 
He’s never been about that type of life. So for now your number will sit on the coffee table untouched whilst he gets ready for another job later today.
Most people would take one look at Robert and what he does and assume that his crimes aren’t warranted. Actually not most people, everyone would. But that’s not necessarily true.
The guy he’s going after tonight has been playing with fire in the revenge porn business. Yes, that’s right, It’s a business that many dirt bags work in. 
Now Robert’s career isn’t exactly squeaky clean either and as despicable as he is and has been, the one thing he would never do is sell sex tapes of him and unsuspecting women. What he tends to do is get them into bed, use them and then throw them out like trash straight after the deed is done. But he’s also never been shy of getting women to do whatever he wants them to do with a little sweet talk.
As he always says, he’s not proud of it but then again he’s not proud of a lot in his life.
If he were to give you or women like you a chance and actually get more than just a quick fuck then he’d see the beauty of true intimacy and maybe he’d realise that he’s capable of a lot more than a life of crime but he refuses to give up now. Especially since he’s got big things coming his way.
He just needs to remember who he is, Robert Pronge AKA Mr Freezy, a man to be feared not some soft guy. And he intends on keeping it that way.
Whilst he gets ready for yet another adventurous day filled with danger, you’re at home in bed just waking up. It’s your day off today and you plan to spend the entire day in bed doing nothing but relaxing.
Oh and thinking about Robert. 
He still hasn’t called yet but you’re trying not to worry, you’ve said yourself time and time again that you need to focus on you so it shouldn’t matter if he calls or not. It’s no skin off of your back. He’d only pose as a threat to your progress so far anyway. If he calls it’ll be nice but if he doesn’t you’ll be okay. Besides, you don’t even know him.
In fact, talking of focusing on yourself. You need a pamper day. It’ll help you destress and forget all about mystery man. You can paint your nails and even put on a face mask, you have earnt it after all. The only decision left to make is the colour.
In the end you decide on bright pink, it stands out and it looks good on you and whilst you wait for your toes to dry you sit back with a magazine, reading through the latest gossip of the world and laughing to yourself as you sip at your wine. 
This is what a day off is supposed to look like and you’re glad you’re not in until tomorrow after lunch. Your boss decided to be nice and give you a little extra time off, you have no idea as to why but who are you to question his generosity?
Maybe since your start tomorrow won’t be an early one you can allow yourself one more large glass of wine, as an extra treat.
Robert pulls up outside the apartment complex in his ice cream van, the cover he uses to appear relatively normal to everyone and sus out his victims occasionally. So far he’s had no complications, guess you could say he won’t be getting caught anytime soon.
He shoves his stringy hair up into a low pony tail as he gets out with a duffle bag hooked onto his shoulder. He pulls the door open to the building before strutting up 2 flights of stairs and banging on the door listed on his notes...apartment 2C.
After a couple bangs of his fist, the door finally creaks open and a guy pokes his head out, this must be him, James said his name was Johnny but he looks kind of familiar.
Robert pushes past him as he walks into the apartment, setting his duffle bag on the floor after he takes out his gun and the second the little weasel sets his eyes on the firearm he holds his hands up in surrender.
“Look, man. I don’t want any trouble” as soon as Johnny talks, it clicks. He’s the creep from the other day at the mall. The guy who was harassing you. 
He had a funny feeling as soon as he laid eyes on him and it’s no surprise to Robert about what he gets up to in his spare time. Perhaps he had similar plans for you, to get shots of you naked and sell them to pedophiles across the world.
“Spare me the bullshit. If that were true then you wouldn’t be making money off of being a creep” he spits, stepping into his space and pressing the gun to his chest, using force to push him down onto the dirty couch. 
“So, this what you do when you’re not trying to harass women in public, huh?” his face drops, he squints at Robert.
“What do you mean?”
“What do you mean?”Robert mimics him in a whiny tone, pouting before chuckling “don’t act fucking dumb, cunt. You know exactly what i’m on about and why i’m here” he mutters, looking around the tiny apartment to see boxes filled with tapes.
“A-are you g-gonna kill m-me?” he stammers, tears evidently brimming in his disgusting eyes. Oh Robert is gonna enjoy this one, that’s for sure.
“Kill you? Oh that would be too easy. You have no idea, what i’m about to do to you” he glares, scratching his beard as the guy gulps in fear for his life.
He can practically feel the douche bags heart thumping in his chest as if it’s about to burst at any second. Not that he cares, he’s here to do a job and because of his little fuck up the other day his time is all the more limited. So there’s no point beating around the bush here. 
He towers over his victim, a wicked smirk on his face as his mouth nears closer to his ear “little tip for ya. When someone has a gun to your chest, acting dumb and scared only makes things worse. You’ve just made my job a whole lot easier perv” the mans heartbeat picks up, if that’s even possible as Robert moves away, aiming the gun to the mans genitals and pressing down on the trigger to shoot him. 
He falls to the floor, screaming out in pain before another bullet hits his pelvic bone.
“You don’t even fucking deserve to live let alone have a dick in the first place. So go on and cry, no ones gonna fucking save you now, cunt”
He can’t help but feel satisfaction as he bends down, aiming the gun one last time and shooting him twice in the head. Blood splatters everywhere, even all over his face, a bit messy but at least the job is done. The creep had it coming.
That wasn’t just any old job though, that was also revenge for you and deep down he knows it. As much as he doesn’t care to admit how he feels, you’ve creeped into every crevice of his brain, corrupting it with your angel eyes and innocent smile. He’s fucked. But for now, he can’t focus on you or anything else for that matter, he has to get this body out of here and fast. 
He shoves on his gloves, as he pulls out the body bag from the duffle, using all of his strength to lug him into it and zip it up.
He then takes a quick look in the mirror, watching himself as he cleans up the blood from his face before continuing to drag the body out of the apartment. No traces of blood, no traces of the crime he just committed.
You spent pretty much the entire night tossing and turning in your bed unable to get even a couple minutes of sleep let alone an hour. It had to have been the wine, you drank an excessive amount plus your thoughts were interrupted rudely by Robert yet again. You have to drop this man from your mind. 
He’s still not called so that speaks volumes in itself, it screams ‘not interested’ so it’s about time you got with the programme and forgot about the tall man with that dangerous glint in his eyes.
After three cups of coffee you’re feeling a little more inclined to get ready for work, it’s only 11:00am but you wanna get there a little earlier to grab a bite to eat before your shift. 
You’ll be there until six today since you took the offer of having the morning off and Max insisted on you staying an extra hour to help unload some new stock. 
You figured it was a fair trade.
You’re dressed in a pastel blue floral dress, paired with some white tennis shoes and frilly socks. It’s a cute outfit and you’re feeling in the mood to look cute today rather than your regular go to style which can only be described as ‘different’.
You down the rest of your coffee before brushing your teeth and rushing out of the house to your car. The journey is usually around twenty five minutes give or take depending on traffic so it shouldn’t take too long and since traffic isn’t hectic this time of day, you’ll be there in no time.
11:25am and you pull into the parking lot of the mall, ensuring that you lock your car before heading inside. 
As you approach the food court, you notice it’s pretty busy, just your luck but you decide to get in line at the pizza place anyway. The queue seems to go down pretty quick but it doesn’t stop your growing impatience, you purposely avoided eating too much at breakfast so you could eat more at lunch. So any stomach rumbling is your own fault.
Thankfully when you reach the front of the line, there’s still a lot of your favourites left. You order a couple slices before adding a coke onto the order and paying. 
You spot an empty table close by so you take a seat there, hooking your bag onto the back of your chair before digging in. This pizza is by far your favourite in town, no takeout pizza places can even come close to this joint.
After working tirelessly to finish off yesterdays job, Robert can now defrost the body. He makes a start on decomposing with the added pressure of completing it as fast as possible. And since he’s got some time on his hands whilst it defrosts, he decides to head back to the mall for some food. He’s worked up quite the appetite.
It’s becoming abundantly clear that you’re the main cause for his constant visits here,  since there are other perfectly decent food joints near his house that he could go to but he won’t admit to this. 
As soon as he arrives on the second floor he takes a look around, his eyes scanning every inch of the place until they ultimately land on you. You’re sat pretty at a table in the food court, eating pizza and minding your own business, reading a magazine by the looks of it. 
Despite deciding to stay away, he can’t help himself. So he throws caution to the wind by stalking closer to you and taking a seat at your table, making you look up to meet his eyes.
“What do you want?” you snap before focusing back on your magazine and shuffling in your seat uncomfortably. How dare he just show up after not even calling, how dare he even bother asking for your number in the first place. He has some nerve and you shouldn’t care but how come you do? You simply can’t help yourself however, there’s no way he’ll be able to sweet talk you this time.
“Ouch, someones cranky” he feigns sadness, holding his hand across his chest.
“I’m not cranky. You didn’t call me” you roll your eyes before picking up the last slice of pizza and biting into it. As you wash it down with a couple sips of your coke, he attempts to converse a second time.
“Careful now sweetness, anyone would think you liked me and that might just feed my ego” he simpers before snatching the coke away and taking a couple sips himself as you stare in disgust.
“Oh trust me, i don’t like you” you roll your eyes at him, taking in the mischievous expression that has etched its way onto his face as he watches you wipe your mouth with your napkin. You then take out your lipstick to re apply.
You hate that he’s here right now, you hate that you even like him in the first place and most of all you hate that he’s acting so different with you. The first time you met him he was so sweet and nice and this time he seems so arrogant and rude. Looks like you dodged a huge bullet.
Before you can even get your bag and stand up though, he pulls you right back down with a tight grip on your bicep, the action alone causes your breathing to hitch and your heart starts to race.
“Sure about that, huh?” he’s so certain that he has this power over you, that he could click his fingers and you’d go skipping to him but not so fast. In fact, fat chance. After how he’s been acting, you want nothing more to do with him. 
You rip you arm out of his grasp, tucking your chair in neatly before disposing of your trash and walking to work, you refuse to waste your breath on him.
He shouldn’t even care that you walked away but how come he does? 
He also shouldn’t want you the way that he does and yet here he is, getting attached. 
Robert could sense your attitude and how desperately you wanted to get away from him, it was probably his switch in demeanour. 
He’s not always going to be the Mr Nice and friendly that he was when you first met and if you can’t accept that or handle it then it’s probably best you walked away. Even though that won’t keep him away.
Without another thought, he stands up and heads over to your store, strutting in like he owns the place, spotting you chatting away to some lady who looks way too old to be shopping for suspenders and garter belts. He pretends to browse the section filled with bras whilst he waits for you to be free.
And just as he expected you to, you tap his shoulder for him to turn around.
“You don’t happen to do this in a mens size do you?” his shit eating grin makes you furious, furious at the fact that you’re trying so desperately not to smile at his childish ways.
“No, we don’t. Please leave” you demand, pointing towards the door.
“I’m only messing around so you can quit it with the smart mouth” he snaps, his face expressionless, a look that confuses the hell out of you yet it almost cracks your tough girl exterior but you stop yourself before it happens. 
If you were to give in now, he’ll believe that he can be an asshole towards you whenever he likes and no man is worth that much hassle. Not even your dream man. 
God, you have got to stop calling him that, you barely know him.
“Robert, please” your exasperation has him sighing.
“Look, about the call sweetness, if you’re looking for an apology then you aren’t getting one. I can’t help it if i’m a busy guy besides you’re not exactly the type to fit in with my lifestyle anyway”
Lifestyle? What lifestyle?
“Oh so you’re one of those guys” emphasis on those as you spin on your heels to return to your colleague Lana.
“If by those guys you mean guys who just want sex then yes, i am... usually” he shrugs, moving to stand in front of you and preventing you from walking any further.
You can’t shake this guy and now that he’s shown you his true colours, you just want him to leave and never disturb your peaceful life again. But something tells you that it won’t be so easy to rid yourself of him.
“Usually? Oh don’t tell me, please, let me guess. You used to be a man whore and then you laid your eyes on me and you suddenly want to change... sound about right?” you rest your hands on your hips as you raise your eyebrows at him, instead of agreeing he shakes his head.
“No, actually. You’re wrong” he starts, leaving you embarrassed as you rush to walk off “i mean you’re hot and all but let’s not get ahead of ourselves” he finishes as you get closer to the cash register.
“Goodbye Robert” you decide to end the conversation there, waiting for him to leave before you turn back around. Sure enough, he does.
He can’t help but feel smug about today’s encounter, he chipped away at you and eventually you revealed your true reason for being mad about him not calling. 
You like him, it’s as clear as day. You’re a tough nut to crack and you won’t openly admit it in those exact words but he can bet that he’ll be able to draw them from you just like he drew the anger so easily. 
That smart mouth of yours is bound to cause issues for his own anger though.
After leaving the mall he decides to pay James a visit to collect on his payout, using it as his chance to check in on him too, killing two birds with one stone before he drowns himself in alcohol and inevitably passes out on the couch.
“James” he greets, walking in as though he owns the place, which he soon will. 
Once he takes a seat, James kicks his feet up onto the desk as he leans back. 
Robert spies an envelope in the centre of said desk, must be his well earnt blood money.
“That mine?” he asks, James nods proudly before gesturing for him to take it and when he does, he opens it first to count. It’s common sense in this business to always count the money and make sure it’s all there before walking away.
“So how is everything with the uh...the cancer” James looks at him, rolling his eyes at the mention of the C word.
He’s probably heard that word around a thousand times today and even more so in the last couple months and it can’t be easy, being constantly reminded of his deteriorating health. 
James if anything is a proud man, a man who has spent his entire life making sure that everyone in town feared him as he created a legacy.
Robert is well aware of the pressure that’s being passed down to him along with that legacy and he's well aware of how much harder he’ll be required to work to keep it afloat and to keep the fear people associate with his name intact.
Not his real name of course but Mr Freezy. He’s known all around the area for his work back when he was a freelance killer. He’d work for anyone who wanted a job done. And just in case people decided to pull a fast one over on him, he ensured that he was extra careful when covering his tracks and the payout was always anonymous drop offs in random discreet places.
James starts to fill Robert in about his recent visit to the hospital with his wife and what they said about his tumour. 
They told him it’s getting worse and they’ve prescribed more pointless pills to him that do a fat fuck all for his situation. But he knows the doctors only give that shit out to make their patients feel like they have a handle on their illness, it’s a placebo effect to give them false hope of it prolonging the inevitable pending death.
Luckily James and his wife Karen are well aware of this. They know what’s going to happen soon and as fucked up as it is, they’ve made peace with it, accepted James’s fate.
Despite being responsible for a couple hundred maybe even a thousand deaths himself, Robert can’t stand illnesses like cancer. Illnesses that take way too many lives each year for absolutely no reason. Cancer knows no bounds, there’s no picking and choosing, it’s luck of the draw. 
Some people go on to live long, full and happy lives and some have their lives cut short by what can only be described as a destructive and careless killer.
Those who know Robert may even view him as both destructive and careless too but he’d beg to differ, the way he sees it is that his crimes are in favour of the greater good. Getting rid of earths biggest scum bags. Those who don’t deserve to be here in the first place and sure, sometimes he’s even been known to show no mercy to the innocent, especially when it comes to cleaning up after himself. 
But it was only to prevent being caught.
For example, the last time he had to get pretty rough and nasty with an innocent party was when a young girl around 18 was exiting her apartment just as he was trying to drag a body to the back of the building where his van was parked. 
When she looked down to see the body bag in his hands, her eyes widened, panic was clearly setting in and the dumb bitch decided it was smart to run. 
She darted towards the stairs but before she could even make it, he pulled his revolver out, shooting her in the back which caused her to tumble down, smacking the railing a couple times along the way. 
Once she reached the bottom, he jogged down, previous murdered corpse on the floor at the top of the staircase and he aimed the gun once more but this time at her head.
“You shouldn’t have run, that was a very silly move sweetheart” he feigned sympathy as he pulled the trigger, making sure to finish her off for good.
Poor girl was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
But despite the fact that she was completely innocent, he doesn’t feel bad for taking care of business the way he was always taught how to. Never leave a potential witness at the scene of a crime, it’s sloppy and just downright stupid. 
Two things that Robert is definitely not.
If they saw something, that means they saw him and if they saw him that could lead to police sniffing around which would be bad for business along with a potential trip to prison. Something he’s cut out for but wants to avoid at all costs.
After a brief chat with James, Robert decides it’s high time he upped and left, bidding his boss goodbye and heading out with his envelope stuffed full of cash.
Next stop, the liquor store then back home for a much needed drink topped off with a nap.
Weeks have passed since you had your last run in with Robert and you can pretty much count on more than 2 hands how many times he’s visited the store.
He mostly comes in to get under your skin, commenting on the selection of panties and even holding some up to ask if they suit him. 
Jenny finds him intriguing and hilarious but you just find him to be a total pain in your ass. However, you also find him attractive and the fact that he’s paid you more than a healthy amount of visits over the last few weeks means that you have spent way too much time denying his advances or feigning disgust at his sexual innuendos.
Today is no exception either. He hasn’t been in for a couple days but that’s about to change as this time he’s determined to leave with a date on the cards for the two of you. If he can get a date then he’s one step closer to getting into your panties and oh how he can’t wait to see you in your panties.
You’re working with Lana and Jenny today so you already feel good about the shift before it begins as you shove your things into your locker and head out to join them at the register. 
Lana hands you a list hooked onto a clipboard, it’s filled with demands from your boss for the day ahead. Tasks that you must complete before you lock up.
Such as: Restock the entire store, tidy up, vacuum and mop the staff areas out back, gather all of the hangers and store them away neatly so that they can be re used and last but not least, cash up at the end of the day and wipe down the entire counter.
Jenny agrees to take on the staff areas, you and Lana agree to restock and sort the hangers and then you all decide to cash up together to get it done quicker.
Once you get started, Jenny remains at the register ready for any customers that might need to purchase anything.
You gather a rather large and extremely heavy box into your arms before shuffling back towards the store front and as you near closer, you hear an all too familiar voice.
“Is she in?” the deep voice speaks.
“She’s just out the back but she’ll be here soon” Jenny responds before you interrupt with a cough to announce your presence.
“You again” you analyse, dropping the box and gesturing to Robert and his body.
“You again” he repeats in a mocking tone, causing Lana to almost choke on her water.
Each time he comes around you’re forced to fight off any animalistic urges to jump his bones and kiss him. He is your dream man after all but there’s something that stops you every time and it’s the faint sound of those words that he spoke to you not so long ago. It was the way he had this threatening and arrogant tone that annoyed you most.
“You’re not exactly the type to fit in with my lifestyle”
“If by those guys you mean guys who just want sex then yes, i am... usually”
“i mean you’re hot and all but let’s not get ahead of ourselves”
You can’t help but wonder what he meant when he said he’s usually the type of guy to just want sex, did he mean that he’s no longer that guy or that he’s still deciding if he is. 
And what on earth was up with that last comment? You recall accusing him of trying to charm you, mocking his deep voice as you insinuated that his intentions when it came to you were pure but he soon snapped back with that last line. 
Hence why you shut him out afterwards. 
It took a couple of visits after that to even get you to talk to him and now you’re responding, he’s one step closer to his goal. A goal that he’s not quite sure he even wants anymore.
As it was unveiled previously, Robert initially wanted to fuck you, use your for his own gain and then dispose of you instantly but that plan soon went down the drain as he learnt more about you. 
You’re not an easy girl, not in the slightest and of course one more thing stood in his way, you’re innocence. He could tell you’d barely done a lot when it came to sex so he knew that you’d be one hell of a mission. He’d have to work hard to even get a kiss from you.
So he devised a new plan, to date you, start slow with the goal of getting a kiss from you first before he built it up to more. He had to earn your trust before he could get you naked. But now he’s questioning his motives, something that’s hard for him to accept given who he is.
Robert isn’t exactly known well for his sweet side, he’s pure evil in a lot of people’s eyes, including his own but deep inside where no one else can see, there’s a heart and every time he’s around you he feels that heart rising from the shadows more and more. 
You’re tearing down his tough guy exterior and it’s infuriating since he’s trying to keep his reputation in tact. But he can’t bring himself to walk away now, he’s in too deep. Weeks of flirting and laying the ground work for a potential date that could honestly lead to god knows where now.
“Do you even have a life or do you spend all of your time annoying women?” you roll your eyes before picking up the box again and making your way over to the night dress section. You rip open the top of it before heading back behind the cash register for some hangers.
“Go on a date with me” he blurts out confidently and you can’t help but notice that he didn’t ask you, it was more like a demand as opposed to a question. 
Is he that bossy and self assured that he can’t even ask? Most likely.
“Why should i?” you challenge, looking him dead in the eye as you put the box of hangers down “because i think you want to, secretly” he winks, winding you up all the more but you know he’s right.
You do want to go, you want to see where this little back and forth could lead and you’re dying to know more about him. 
He’s full of threats, mood swings, danger and mystery and you’re full of insecurities, sass, innocence and honesty. On paper, you’re the perfect match, the perfect mix of good and bad.
Every woman's dream relationship. Even if they won’t admit it.
He doesn’t seem to be budging one bit as you squirm under his intense stare so you sigh, ultimately giving in to him.
“Fine. One date” you say holding a finger up.
The cocky grin that curls it’s way onto his bearded face makes you smile too but you have to pair it with an eye roll or he’ll think you’re going soft on his annoying ass.
“Where are you planning on taking her?” Lana interjects, standing in between you and although Robert turns to face her completely, he still keeps glancing at you, he’s struggling to look away. He just can’t help himself.
Part of him curses the day he intervened when that creep was harassing you, simply because since then he’s been unable to let you go. If he’d have just left you as some stranger that he laid his devilish eyes on a couple of times then none of this would have happened.
His whole life he’s pushed people away, avoided feelings and in doing so he’s developed a whole bunch of issues that are sky high. 
His lack of trust in those around him have led him to lead a very sheltered life and even in a crowd of people he feels lonely, in fact it’s times like that where he feels the most alone. But he doesn’t mind so much, it prevents anyone feeling disappointed in him or worse, the other way around.
However, here you are. You stand to be the first person who doesn’t make Robert feel like an outcast. No one else has ever tried to understand or decipher the thoughts that race through his twisted mind and absolutely no one has ever been able to make him smile and chuckle in a positive way. Usually if that happens it’s due to the pure bliss he acquires from harming others.
You bow your head as you smile and the strangest sensation flutters through his body, the type of feeling he hates yet loves simultaneously. It’s irritating though. You’re so pure and perfect, a literal angel that fell from the sky to set him straight and make him a better man. Not that he’d want to improve though,  he’s grown to love who he is. No one fucks him around and his name is a threat in it’s own right.
“Uh, there’s a nice restaurant down the block from here that i had in mi-“
“I heard they were setting up a carnival in town, maybe you could take her there” this Lana girl is really screwing up his plans and he can’t help but scratch his beard out of anger at her unwanted suggestion. 
He had everything mapped out. He was going to take you to out to an expensive and fancy restaurant for dinner, pull the chair out for you, shower you in compliments and sweeten you up. All in hopes of a chance that you’d grace him with the gift of your soft looking and tempting lips that you’ve been torturing him with for weeks. Maybe you’d even fool around with him.
The way you’re biting down on your bottom lip right now should be illegal. He can feel his cock twitching at the unintentional erotic sight and it has him internally screaming, strings of curse words also silently follow due to the agony of this sweet torment. 
If he had things his way then a date wouldn’t even be on the cards. In fact he’d have just kissed you that first day he spoke to you or maybe he’d have convinced you to suck his aching cock.
“Oh i adore the carnival” you gush, grinning from ear to ear as you look back up at him and then over at Jenny as you continue to hang the new stock until it’s all out on the hooks. 
You take the box apart before making your way over to the counter and shoving it in the bin. The moment you turn around, he’s leaning on the wall right next to you, his arm just above your head, caging you in.
“Carnival it is then” as he says it, he spits the words like they are venomous, as if it’s the worst idea in the world.
The thing with dating you is you adore originality, you love dates that stray from the norm of serious. 
You love dates that give you the opportunity of getting to know the guy and asking them all of your weird and wacky questions. And a carnival is the best way for you to see Robert loosen up and dig deep to get to the route of who he is inside. 
Couples that are humourless will never last and if you can’t be crazy in front of someone and laugh with them then what is the point? And Robert is no exception. Despite you’re deep seated need to impress him, you’re still planning on being yourself.
“Someone doesn’t seem so keen” Lana teases, taking the bin that you just filled up and heading out back along with Jenny, leaving you all alone with the man himself.
“You’re acting as if i’m holding a gun to your head” you start, giggling anxiously as worry sets in. 
Is he changing his mind?
“Because we can always just go to dinner if that’s what you had planned for us. I’d hate to ruin that” you murmur, letting out a deep breath and batting your eyelashes at him.
God, you really are an angel, a real life angel.
Shit. Focus Pronge.
How can he ever say no when you’re looking at him this way, drawing him in deeper and sinking your claws into his skin. You rest your hand on his bicep as you encourage him to make all of the decisions for this date and just as you become aware of how touchy you’re getting with him, it’s too late. 
He feels his cock jump in excitement at the physical contact and he looks down at where your soft skin meets his relaxed bicep. He flexes accidentally as you squeeze to push him for an answer causing him to look back into your eyes.
He can never even think about declining now. If you want to go to the carnival then he’ll take you to the carnival. Whatever you want, you shall get.
“No, no. It’s fine. If you’d prefer the carnival then it’s settled. Just make sure you come prepared to lose at everything” he teases causing you to giggle once again, shoving him playfully before you step back.
“We’ll see all about who’s going to lose but i’ll let you in on a secret” you clutch at his shirt to pull him closer and once his face is inches from yours you whisper.
“it’s not going to be me” and you swear that you hear his breathing hitch.
His eyes turn dark with hunger and lust as your face remains extremely close to his, his breath continues to fan your face. However, just as your urges emerge, calling out for you to take his lips as yours right here, a cough causes the feeling to subside, pulling both of you from the powerful and heated moment.
As you stand upright, correcting your posture, Robert steps back, ripping his gaze away from you.
That’s when the customer sets some items down on the counter for you to attend to.
“I’m sorry for the wait, let me just ring this up for you”
“That’ll be 20 dollars then please” you announce, taking her cash and handing her the correct change before pulling a pink bag from under the counter along with a piece of hot pink tissue paper. You stuff it inside before adding the items and another piece of tissue paper. Once it’s all packed away to your standards, you hand the bag to her and thank her for shopping at the store.
Robert watches you intently, noting your natural flare for customer service. 
Unlike that douche bag from a couple weeks ago who he later murdered, you’re brilliant with the public. The way you flash them your award winning smile, baring your teeth too. You have a way of apologising that makes people automatically forgive you without holding a grudge and it amuses him greatly.
Once the woman leaves you turn all of your undivided attention back to him.
“So... when did you want to go out?” you ask, curiously whilst shying away a little, it’s not like you to get like this.
The few relationships you have had have never made you this giddy before and it’s new territory. It’s hard for you to make sense of what you’ve never had. You never really had the butterflies for this long with any guy before either and it seems like they swarm your stomach every time he’s near. Sometimes the whole zoo tends to follow suit. It makes it near enough impossible to get anything done.
One question still raids your mind though and it’s the fact that he’s still not taken advantage of your number which makes you overthink everything.
You could argue that he just prefers to see you face to face but then you could also argue that he’s not as into you as you are him.
“Tomorrow night?” oh so now he’s choosing to ask you? Very backwards but you’ll take it.
“Sure, shall i meet you there?”
“No, i’ll call you to get your address and i’ll pick you up. This is a date after all, what do you take me for?”
His sarcasm makes you laugh obnoxiously loud as you slap his chest which sets him off too.
Just as Lana and Jenny return, you’re conversing casually about random things.
“Anyways ladies, i’ve got business to attend to so i will see you another time. Call you later, sweetness” he shoots you another wink before strutting off and out of the store, leaving you, Jenny and Lana to squeal like teenagers whilst jumping up and down.
“About time a date was arranged, poor man has been trying for weeks” Lana jokes.
“Well, you have to make them earn it or else they’ll get cocky” you remind her, earning a nod in your direction “you’re right and guys like Robert certainly exude cockiness”.
The remainder of the shift is filled with excited giggles and talk of outfits that you could potentially wear to the date.
The only definite decision is hair, you’ve decide to have it in a scrunchie but aside from that, you’re stumped. You’ve got until tomorrow to decide though so it’ll all be fine.
You hope.
Unbeknownst to you, his intentions aren’t at all as he’s making them out to be. He’s pulling the wool over your eyes, fooling you completely. He doesn’t even want to continue his plan but he has to.
The one and only time he feels more for a woman and he’s trying his hardest to push it away, he’s failing miserably though.
In preparation for your impending date with Robert, you decide to spend the day pampering yourself, being that you have the day off work thanks to Jenny who convinced Donna to take your shift.
Before you can even get anything else done, you decide to start with a face mask and two slices of cucumber on your eyes to rid yourself of dark circles along with some much needed liquid courage. 
You’d be lying if you said you weren’t nervous for tonight because in truth you’re terrified. This is the first date you’ve had in a long time and it’s taken you an even longer amount of time to pluck up the courage to put yourself out there. Besides, all you know about this man is his first name. So before you even get into his car you’re gonna need to know a little more than that.
This is also completely out of the norm for you, most would tell you it’s a terrible idea to even see this man and they’d be right to feel some level of concern, he is a stranger after all. But for some reason you feel completely at ease around him. 
Despite that, his arrogance and habit of switching from nice to rude in a matter of seconds really riles you up.
He’s never spurred on the water works but he does make it a regular occurrence of talking to you as though no matter if you agree to date him that he’ll take whatever he wants and that’s the kind of danger that shouldn’t entice you...yet it does. 
He’s got a little bit of hell in him, okay, maybe a lot and you saw it clearly when you were under his stare yesterday, you saw the evil behind his dreamy blue orbs. And tonight you intend on finding out as much intel as humanly possible.
You continue to pamper yourself for now though, Jenny said she’d stop by to help you with your outfit since you still haven’t decided and you’re beginning to panic about it in all honesty. She should be here anytime soon to save you.
Suddenly the door knocks making you jump out of your skin. 
You set down your rather large glass of wine next to the empty one for Jenny before rushing to the front door and opening it to reveal your happy go lucky friend.
“Right, let’s get you ready for this date” she squeals, following you inside and closing the door behind her. Once you enter the lounge again the phone starts to ring and you answer it with a rather quick and upbeat ‘hello’ not expecting the person on the other line to be Robert.
“Oh, hey Robert” you say, loud enough for Jenny to hear and her head shoots up, a smirk plastered across her face.
“Yeah, my address? Uh...” panic consumes you as it all clicks into place, you’re actually going out on a real date tonight. As soon as you hear him talk again, you realise that you turned silent on him. How mortifying.
You soon recover though, giving your address out before he sends your world spinning.
“See you later then, sweetness. I’ll be there around 7:00” that nickname is both a blessing and a curse. 
A blessing because it makes you feel good, it’s unique but it’s a curse because every time he says it, you lose all ability to think straight, it has your legs turning to jelly and it causes a pool to develop in your pink cotton panties.
In no way do you intend on sleeping with him tonight but at the same time you doubt you’d ever be able to control yourself around him if he made any advances.
Giddy and keen to help you get ready, Jenny takes your hand dragging you head first up the stairs and into your bedroom. 
You take a seat on the bed, watching on as she opens the doors to your wardrobe, pulling out a couple items of clothing.
“Right, the weather is looking like it’ll be cool tonight so i suggest you wear this” she says, holding up a white short sleeved shirt along with your black v neck pinafore dress.
"These together with some tennis shoes would be so cute” she encourages, handing them to you to go and try on in the bathroom along with some lace panties and a matching bra. When you return, she whistles as you twirl.
You dig out your tennis shoes from your closet along with some frilly socks (yet again, they aren’t just for children), you really pull them off. Plus you’re not about to change your style for a man. You happen to love how differently you dress from everyone else, it sets you apart and besides you don’t just dress in cute outfits, you can do sexy too but that style is reserved for when you go dancing.
It’s half 6 now and you’re just finishing off your makeup with Jenny’s assistance. 
She convinced you that a smokey eye and some gloss should be enough. Oh and a dash of mascara too and by the time you’re ready, she has to go.
She gives you a tight hug, wishing you all of the luck in the world before encouraging you to misbehave a little. After all, she did convince you to wear your fancy new pink lace set underneath your outfit. The one you got for free from work. And then just like that, she’s gone. Leaving you all alone to fester over your thoughts and over think everything until he arrives.
What if he stands you up?
What if he’s rude tonight?
You can’t help but go over all of the possibilities but one thing remains the same despite the anxiety filling you to the brim and that’s that you like him and he clearly likes you.
Robert pulls up just outside your house, giving himself a second to breathe before he gets out to knock your door. It’s a fancy house considering you’re only a retail clerk at a lingerie store.
He’s had the worst day imaginable. James handed him a job to work on with some cunt who’s quite literally the sloppiest hit man going. Robert has heard all about his reputation and how he’s had way too many close calls to count on two hands.
Even after his constant efforts to get James to budge, he wouldn’t. He called it a test, to see if Robert could get even the clumsiest of pricks to do a job right. 
One things for sure though, if this goes wrong then there’s not a chance in hell he’ll keep him on when he’s in charge.
The detail of where you work continues to cross his mind, distracting him from his current rage. He can’t help but wonder what sort of underwear you wear on a daily basis, god he’d love to find out, love to see you naked underneath him as he works you through an orgasm, his cock gently poking at your g-spot as your walls flutter around him.
Before he can get too carried away though, you open the door.
He scans your entire outfit, all the way down to your frilly socks and tennis shoes.
Each time he sees you he loves how you dress but he still can’t get enough of it. You have your own unique style and he admires the way you just wear whatever you want. Your style whilst cute is a far cry from the usual girls he goes for and their style. They tend to wear more risque outfits such as mini skirts, ripped tights and crop tops that are more like bras.
Maybe it’s high time that all changes, maybe he needs a little bit of good in his life and you’re the perfect girl for that. Even if he plans on corrupting you a little or his own entertainment.
Every day is a new battle when it comes to you. 
On one hand he’s determined that having you in his bed will surely be the answer to this obsession he’s got but on the other, he doesn’t seem to believe that will ever be enough for him.
“You look beautiful” he smiles as he leads you to his ice cream van, earning an eyebrow raise from you.
“Thank you, you scrub up well too but what’s with the van?” you giggle as he helps you into the passenger side.
“It comes with the job” he answers simply, not flinching as he lies through his teeth to you, the one woman who he’d consider to be too pure for him is now just another player in his game of lies.
Usually he’s pretty cocky when it comes to women, e gets whatever he wants in that department and if they don’t cooperate at first, he convinces them to turn that no to a yes real fast. He has a number higher than 100 and he’s got a list of kinks as long as his arm, kinks that are sure to intimidate pretty little things like you.
The thing with your previous relationships is you’ve had a total of three. All of them were very short lived and lacked passion.
The sex was awful for one, boring old missionary. Every. Single. Time. So you decided it was best to stay single until that epic love came your way and you can’t help but jinx it by assuming that Robert is that epic love.
You might be intimidated by him and the way he carries himself but you’re more than sure you can learn to keep up.
“So how long have you worked at Victoria’s Secret?” he asks, occasionally stealing glances at you as he drives.
“Couple years, it’s not the most ideal job but the pay is decent enough” you start but before you can continue, you’re reminded of the long list of questions you had for him, his surname being one.
“What’s your surname?” you inquire, turning to look at him, focusing on the way his jaw clenches and also noting the way such a simple thing has you holding yourself back from kissing him.
Ever since you first met him you’ve been dying to feel his plump pink lips on yours, dying to have the air ripped from your lungs as he ignites a fire inside of your body. 
You’re almost certain he’s feeling it too, the ever-growing sexual tension and chemistry
“That’s a rather unusual surname” you smirk as he pulls into the parking lot of the carnival and turning the key before putting the van into park.
He shifts in his seat so that he’s facing you completely and you remove your seatbelt “well i’m an unusual man”
“That you are”
You can feel the heat rushing to your sex and the whole dam zoo roaming your stomach as you flutter your eyelashes, your lustful orbs barely looking at him, driving him crazier as the seconds tick by. His stare is so intense that you’re struggling to stay still, your hands begin to shake and your breathing hitches.
You then bite down on your bottom lip.
All of a sudden he darts over to your side of the van, gripping your face violently in his large hand causing you to gulp in response, puppy dog eyes all wide in surprise at his actions. 
He runs his thumb over your lip, freeing it from your teeth before licking his own lips.
Your chest starts to rise and fall rapidly and you doubt you’ll be able to hold back any longer. You’re itching for attention, your core aching and in need of his touch. A man you barely know.
The tension continues to build as you stare into each others eyes, almost like you’re in a typical romance movie or novel. It feels all to familiar to the feeling you’ve read about and watched for years. You spent so long searching for that to no avail yet here you are now, with a man who you should consider to be a complete stranger but your mind, body and soul feels familiar with him somehow. 
You feel more sparks with him in this moment than you ever have when actually kissing any other guy.
But is he going to kiss you? A girl can dream.
Robert is battling with his demons, the way he can see that look in your eyes, the look of hunger. You’re desperate for him and he’s just as needy. 
He longs to feel your sinful lips on his as he fights with your tongue for the role of dominant. A role he very much wants to and will fulfil eventually. Just not right now, not here in his shitty van. 
The real question here is not when it’ll happen but if he even wants it to be just sex anymore...does he?
He can see that look in your eyes, pleading with him to take a dive in your deep clear blue ocean, he’s sure the waves would drag him down deeper if he were to take that step but he’d gladly take it. It would be his pleasure to drown in you.
He slowly pulls away after swiping his thumb across your lips once more before pressing a chaste kiss to your forehead. His lips linger there for a second or two before shuffling back to his seat and getting out of the van, leaving you flustered and confused.
He heads to your side, sliding the door open and helping you out before locking it and strutting towards the carnival. The two of you walk side by side in silence, an awkward one at that. 
You can’t even begin to make sense of what happened back there. You were ready for that kiss and from what you could sense, so was he. 
Why did he stop himself?
He didn’t hold back because of anything you did, he held back because internally, he’s struggling. He’s struggling to make sense of his feelings for you. 
The way your bright light blinds him, a constant reminder that he’s in way over his head. Sure he’s lied to women before about his job but with you, you make him want to be better, you make him want to come clean. Something that’s never happened before. He can’t make sense of the way you’re worming your way into everything he does.
He can’t stand it but he also can’t get enough. It’s utter madness.
And just now in his van, he felt so much heat between the two of you, the way your chest was rising and falling had him on the edge, losing any last little bit of sanity that he possessed.
When he decided to go for the forehead kiss instead, your mouth was level with his neck, directly on his sweet spot, the spot that could turn him from a man to a whimpering and moaning mess. Your breath fanned his skin, torturing him deliciously.
As you stand next to him, walking towards the entrance of the carnival, he can sense your unease and he’s not surprised in the slightest. He did just pull away from a potential kiss, leaving you questioning if he even likes you in the first place. But thankfully, you recover rather quickly from the mortification.
“I know this is a very strange question to ask you now that we’re on a date but you never told me your age” you raise your brows as you join the line of excited couples.
“I’m 35” he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear as you look up at him “how old are you?”
“Does it bother you that i’m older?”
You shake your head eagerly before focusing your attention on the line, moving forward and eventually past the entrance. Now you can really get this date started.
A younger girl... even better for him. It’s a win win if he can get you to drop your panties. A win that he’s still questioning if he even wants. Dammit, why is he backing out? He can’t for the life of him figure this out. But whatever it is, it’s a problem. He should have never asked you on this stupid date in the first place, he’s screwed himself by doing so.
Without thinking you grab a hold of his hand, intertwining your fingers with his and dragging him head first into the crowd, just like Jenny did with you earlier. 
You’re partly expecting him to object and pull his hand away from yours but instead he shocks you by going along with it, granted he doesn’t look pleased about being pulled left right and centre but you’re about to change that.
The line for the Round Up ride is shorter than all of the others so you immediately head for that one first and once you’re stood still you glance down at your locked hands, immediately feeling a rush of shame before ripping your hand away. But to your surprise and his, Robert takes your hand in his again.
He didn’t expect to miss the feel of your skin touching and yet he did, having your hands locked feels like second nature, just like it did for you when you first initiated it. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t feel ecstatic right now.
To his surprise though, he doesn’t feel strange being like this with you. The only thing that’s strange is that there’s no explanation as to why or how this is even possible. He’s never thought of himself as someone capable of intimacy on a greater level than just a filthy hookup and he’s never thought of himself as a man that any woman would want to be with either. Yet here he is with a woman that clearly has feelings for him, pure intentions and a pure heart to match.
Millions of questions race through your mind, questions you’ve mentally collected ever since you first met him but the first one that comes to mind for you to ask him is “what were your first impressions of me?” random, granted. But you have to know. Despite your facade, you still care way too much what people think of you. 
As you look up at him whilst moving forward in the queue, you notice a smile appear which is soon followed up with a chuckle.
“Nothing. I’m just thinking of the first time i met you”
“And what did you think of me?” 
“I remember seeing you way before we formally met” he reveals, catching you off guard a little. 
What does he mean?
He catches wind of your confusion, choosing to explain rather than leaving it up to you to ask.
“I was in the mall a couple weeks before and i couldn’t keep my eyes off of you. I-“
“You...what?” you force his eyes back onto yours by cupping his face and even though he jolts a little at the unexpected touch, he still welcomes it.
“No, it doesn’t matter”
“Oh you’re not one of those guys who can’t express how he feels, are you?” you mock him, shoving him playfully and grinning from ear to ear.
His cheeks heat up right in front of you “could say that” but before you can even press him for answers, it’s time for you to get on the ride. He stands in the section next to you, both of you focusing on doing your belts up instead of each other.
“Are you really not going to tell me?” even though it’s not that big of a deal, curiosity is still getting the better of you.
He already told you that he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, what was so bad about it that made him stop? You sense that he’s an alpha male, he’s dominant and manly and for some reason he’s got it into his head that revealing how he feels about you will somehow make him any less of a man. And if you’re right about that then he’d be wrong to feel that way. If anything men that show how they feel are automatically more attractive, especially to you.
It’s not that he doesn’t want to tell you, it’s more that he’s straying away from his usual self enough as it is. 
Shit like dates and holding hands are already crossing a very thin line for him, it’s a cross of boundaries too. He doesn’t do feelings or caring for women. He just fucks them into oblivion and stores their numbers for another time, the next time he needs a pick me up in the form of pussy.
How is he ever supposed to get any work done or expect to be taken seriously when he takes over after James if he’s got a girl in the picture? He also can’t provide a life for you if it even got to that stage, not in the way you’d ever want anyway.
He’d never be able to give you kids or commitment. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to though. He’s desperate to make you his already, despite it only being the first date and despite his prior plans to use you. He wants you to be his girl and he means that in every sense of the word. 
He wants to kiss you, romance you and god he’s dying to fuck you. But it’s just not realistic.
For now though, he’ll enjoy the night for what it is before he lets you down gently.
The ride starts up and you squeal out of excitement, Robert smiles at you, watching until he can no longer see you. Everyone around starts to scream so you join in until you feel your lungs give out. It’s the best adrenaline rush ever and you count your lucky stars that Robert agreed to come here in the first place. 
Little to your knowledge though, this might just be the last time you see him.
As the ride comes to a stop. Robert unbuckles his belt before helping your limp body do the same. You giggle like a little kid as he escorts you off the ride, supporting you and preventing you from falling.
Once you’re back on solid ground he snakes his arm around your waist, continuing to support you.
“That was so much fun. This is so much fun, i’m having the best time with you already” you turn to face him placing your hands on his chest. Each time you look at him this way, he feels his plan slipping. How can he ever leave you when you’re so perfect? How could he ever think that deceiving you was a smart idea?
You take his silence as a sign of discomfort, immediately moving back from him and his soothing touch and taking a walk towards the drinks stand with him hot on your heels.
Sure, you really like him but he’s blowing hot and cold and you can’t make sense of it. 
If he’s not having fun then you’d much rather he said than continue to lead you on. For now though you’ll get a drink and something to eat as you hope his mood picks up.
You stand on your tip toes to talk to the guy in the van, ordering two slushies and some funnel cake before scrambling through the small pocket on your dress for some change.
“I’ve got this” Robert interjects, pulling out a wad of cash that looks way too big to belong to an owner of an ice cream van business. 
A strange feeling niggles at you but you shove it to the back of your mind, you’re sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for the amount of cash he carries. He hands you your drink and cake and nods towards some benches away from the crowd that you can eat at.
You take a seat and dig in instantly, filling the silence up with chewing and sipping your slushy. You can’t help but feel insecure now. 
First off he’s flirty, asking for your number, then he’s telling you that you won’t fit in with his life. 
Next he’s bothering you for weeks until he asks you on a date and even leaning in to kiss you before changing his mind. 
Then he’s letting you hold his hand but quickly ruins it by refusing to answer your question and now he’s not even letting you know if he’s having fun. You feel like a fool for even thinking you stood a chance.
“What’s wrong?” he asks, typical of him. Men are all the same.
“If you’re not having fun with me then i understand but at least tell me rather than just pretending”
Robert can’t even bring himself to say a word, he’s shocked at your assumption. 
Of course he’s having fun, that’s part of the problem. You’re making him happy but he’s got a reputation to protect. Like he’s always told himself, women cause distractions and all he can offer them is a casual low key agreement.
“I’m having fun, what would make you-“
“Why didn’t you say that when i said it then? Because right now it seems like you’d prefer someone else’s company” you question him, an even more confrontational tone in your voice. You’re done playing around now and although your words are harsh, they are also true. It seems to you like he’s only after one thing. Guys like that always pull this crap, they lead you to believe they want something serious just so they can get what they really want.
“I’m in no way shape or form the type of girl you can mess around with and i don’t appreciate this little game you think you’re playing with me. If you want sex then there are plenty of other women here tonight that could do just that but if you actually want me then act like it”
You’re not the type to be easily angered but he’s pushed you to the edge and you watch as his look turns from shocked to irritated. He clenches his jaw once more, scratching his beard too before locking his eyes onto yours.
“That’s not the case at all. Look Y/N, i’m just not the romantic type, okay? I’m not even the dating, caring or the considerate type. If you don’t like what you see sweetness then i’m not stopping you from leaving. But don’t ever fucking talk to me like that again, got it?” he spits in a much more threatening tone, leaning over the bench to get close to you. 
He really is hot and cold. One minute he’s the sweetest guy and the next he’s rude. You should want to run a mile, maybe even a hundred miles but you don’t feel fearful in the slightest for your life. You feel annoyed yet turned on and you’re cursing your body for betraying you.
Silence falls upon the two of you as he pushes his cake to the side after only a couple bites.
You’re not sure where to go from here, neither of you are willing to break the tension that you could very much cut with a knife. He’s so strange, everything about him is a mystery. The wad of cash, the temper, the mixed signals. All of his cards are held so tight against his chest that you’re questioning if you made the right decision to throw your no dating rule out the window.
No matter how awkward and out of place you feel right now though, you decide that since you’re already here with him, you may as well make the most of it if this is to be your last time together.
He’s just too complicated for you, too angry and closed off.
“Shall we go on some more rides then?” you ask, hoping he doesn’t embarrass you further by rejecting your offer. 
Thankfully he doesn’t, he just nods silently before standing up and walking back towards the rides with you.
Part of him feels awful about the way he spoke to you and he hates it. He shouldn’t give a shit about you or how he makes you feel yet he still does. He can’t stop himself from wanting to keep your interest but the change in you convinces him that he’s already fucked it up. Your face softened after his outburst and he could see the way you flinched.
At least if he’s fucked it up then it spares him the tough task of letting you down gently. It’s for the best anyway. He has no clue what he was even thinking, thinking he could date and commit to one woman.
You get in line for the ferris wheel, avoiding him at all costs by looking around at everyone else. The place is packed out with other couples that seem so loved up and here you are, the polar opposite. His outburst may have turned you on but the way you flinched and felt the embarrassment trumped that instantly.
If he’s so insistent on pushing people away then so be it, you just won’t around to see him suffer in the long run.
Once you’re both on the ferris wheel you finally realise that there’s no where to hide. You have no choice but to look at him and when you do, he looks away, avoiding you just as you did minutes earlier.
This has well and truly taken a shitty and awkward turn.
After this you’re going home, no ifs or buts. He’s not gonna change your mind.
He notices the way you shiver slightly as the wheel reaches the top and without thinking, he removes his jacket which shakes your cart a little before handing it to you to put on. You take it gladly, mumbling a swift “thank you” before facing away from him.
For the first time in his sorry life, he’s considering an apology. 
He feels so uneasy right now, so guilty for causing you to shy away. You look miserable and that’s the last thing he ever wanted. All he wants to see is that jaw dropping smile of yours, it’s a sight so heavenly that he could look at it all day. 
He’s going soft on you, something he’s not particularly happy about.
The apology can wait though. For now he’s just enjoying the view of the carnival from up high.
As soon as you get back onto the grass, you pull him to the side.
“Can we leave?” you struggle to maintain eye contact as you start to pick at the skin around your finger nails, anxiety drowning your body rapidly.
“Already? Um, sure if that’s what you want”
He knows what he did, so why is he acting so clueless about it?
“It is” you respond, voice monotone as you follow him to the parking lot and over to his van. You get in next to him as an exasperated sigh escapes your mouth catching his attention.
“I’m sorry i snapped at you” about time he apologised.
“It’s okay, i just want to go home and forget about it” your eyes glaze over as exhaustion consumes you. He remains silent, turning the key in the ignition and reversing out of his space and pulling out onto the road. You rest your head back onto the seat before closing your eyes and wishing for time to go faster.
By the time he pulls up outside your place, you’re fast asleep. He nudges you gently, moving strands of hair out of your face and tucking them behind your ear as you stir.
“Mm, where am i?” you groan, sitting up straight.
“At your house” he answers, putting the van in park.
“Oh. Thank you for giving me a ride home” you take a peek over at him to find him staring you down, his eyes searching your face for any sign of how you’re feeling.
“You’re welcome”
You undo your seat belt before slipping his jacket off and handing it back to him.
“I believe this is yours” he takes it from you but your grip still remains on the other end and he uses that to his advantage by pulling you closer to him until you’re so close you can smell cigarettes on his breath. He must have smoked whilst you were asleep.
Now that you’re so close to him, he doesn’t think he can let another opportunity go to waste so he grips your face in his large hand just like he did earlier this evening and he crashes his lips to yours, stealing all of the air from your lungs. 
At first you try to fight it, doing the most to pull away but that’s when he grips your face with both hands, deepening the kiss and earning a soft whimper from you
The tobacco taste on his tongue mixes onto yours and you yearn for more. You can feel your pussy aching for him. After the torturous build up, the long awaited kiss is happening and it’s better than you ever imagined it to be. His lips are so soft as they swallow yours and his tongue is so skilful and devious.
But as you both pause, resting your foreheads together, you come back to reality
And the reality is that he’s giving you mixed signals and you can’t continue to see him.
“I can’t do this” you confess, pulling away.
“Can’t do what?” he furrows his brows as his index finger slips under your chin, lifting your head up.
“This. Us. It’s not gonna work Robert. Your constant indecisiveness is driving me crazy and i never know where i stand. I think you’re great and i really like you but i’m looking for something serious with someone who wants me and only me and someone who isn’t so confused”
His plan to date and get his way with you has well and truly backfired but rather than feeling angry he feels a tinge of hurt rush through his heart, a feeling he’s never experienced up until now. 
What are you doing to him?
Rather than opening his mouth to object he just stares at you in shock again. He never anticipated that you’d actually call things off before they’ve even had a chance to begin, he thought that would be his job and now it’s happening, he no longer wants to deny you.
“I like you too you know, for what it’s worth” he intervenes before you can attempt to get out of the van, his declaration shocks himself more than it does you.
“That doesn’t matter because in the end we’re just too different”
“But what if different is good? What if we both need a little different?”
He has no idea why he’s fighting to keep this alive when all this time he’s insisted that you’d only be a distraction to him and his job, that all you’d bring is complications. He also insisted that he only wanted to fuck you and use you for your body and yet here he sits, fighting to keep you around like an unrecognisable fool.
“Robert” you breathe, sniffling a little whilst trying to avoid the water works. The last thing you want is to embarrass yourself further in front of him. You’ve already done enough of that by thinking he actually wanted you.
“I’m serious”
“So am i” you add, he’s making this so much harder.
“Just go on one more date with me” he pleads and you fall silent, unsure of what to say.
A huge part of you wants to continue seeing him but if you were to agree to this then he has to take it seriously. He has to want this as much as you do and he has to be open for a potential future if all goes well.
“What happens if the date doesn’t change a thing?” you question, shuffling more in your seat.
“Then we walk away and never see one another again” he answers simply although he’d love to see you again, maybe even have his wicked way with you.
“And if it goes well?”
“Then we see each other again”
“And you’re going to enjoy that, are you? Because if you’re not willing to take this seriously then i’m out. I’ve had enough guys take advantage and mess me around without adding one more to the list” you can still recall the way your ex boyfriends switched around you after sex. It was like they only ever flirted or sweet talked you so that you’d agree to fuck them. You’d hate for Robert to be the same.
Without a single word, he pulls you flush against him, his lips grazing yours in a tender yet rough kiss, causing you to go dizzy. 
How does he do that? 
How does he turn your entire world upside down with just his lips?
They feel so perfect against yours and the kiss is the right amount of give and take. Each time you pull away, his tongue brings you back and you find yourself absentmindedly resting your hands either side of his neck. You have to feel more of him, you need to feel more of him. 
His lips are so soft, they are the missing puzzle piece in your life and they have you wondering what his bedroom skills are like if this is how he kisses.
He sucks on your tongue seductively, causing every square inch of your body to turn to gooseflesh along with shivers dancing  up and down your spine. You feel awakened sexually, spiritually and mentally.
“Robert” he swallows your moan before releasing a satisfied hum. With every passing second you’re finding it harder to avoid inviting him in but the minute you realise where you are again, you push him off slowly. It’s abundantly clear how easily you get carried away with him, something that’s bound to cause trouble for you.
“So, am i seeing you again?” a question he never expected to ask and he finds himself waiting for an answer he never expected to care about but when you whisper “I need to think about it” and move back from him, he sighs loudly.
Robert can’t help but feel confused, he thought things were looking up after he snapped earlier but clearly he read things all wrong. Why do you need to think about it? What is there to think about?
He’s turning soft on you and he’s not keen on it one bit but he can’t control it. 
You have this energy he can’t resist and he’d be lying to himself if he said he wasn’t bothered by your answer. You didn’t say no but telling someone you’ll think about it is like half of a rejection. He doesn’t know if you’ll say yes eventually but he hopes you do. He just needs one more shot with you. One more shot to get his way and a chance to hold up his reputation.
You scoot closer to the door, sliding it open and bidding him goodbye before getting out and unlocking the door to your house. Once you’re in with your back to the it you let out a deep breath and once you’re out of his sight, so does he.
Things just got a whole lot more interesting. Your lips are a curse to him but he’s left wondering if he’ll ever feel them against his again. He really wants to stick with his plan but you’re making things a whole lot harder. Plus with you turning him down the way you did, he can’t help but feel more drawn to you, after all he always wants something more when it’s off limits.
Question is, does he just want you sexually after that kiss?
If he were to be truthful with himself, then the answer would be no.
What is happening to him?
Ever since that night he’s thought about nothing more than your lips against his. 
The images of you are playing round and round in his head on a constant loop and it’s driving him insane.
He’s really starting to get worried about his chances with you, did he fuck it up by losing his cool that night?
If you were here right now and he wasn’t hesitant about opening up then he’d tell you that the reason he snapped was because his whole fucking life he’s dealt with people assuming the worst of him, people not giving him a fair shot. 
That’s why he steers clear of feelings and that’s why he’s in the business he’s in, it doesn’t let him down like people have in the past. And now he’s fucked any chance of going back to being so heartless because you’re all he can think about.
All that he’s done since that night is collect a list of pros and cons of being with you.
So far in the pros list is that you’re the first person he doesn’t feel lonely around, the first person who is able to help him breathe and most importantly the one person he’s ever cared for and not just because he’s getting something in return or because he feels like he has to but because he can’t stop himself. You mean more to him than anyone else ever has. Which when he says that shit out loud, it sounds ludicrous, it’s impossible to really care that much when you’ve not known the person that long.
But on the cons list is the fact that you can’t ever know about what he does, you can’t ever know about his past and he’s not sure if you’ll even stick around if you ever found out but hypothetically if you did then he knows he’d be fucked. 
He’s also not known for having any feelings, if Jame’s rival mob catches wind of this, then he’s done for. As soon as you open yourself up to feelings, a whole can of worms is cracked open too and that gives his rivals leverage over him. 
They’d target you in a heartbeat and he can’t put you in danger, nor can he appear weak and feelings only make people weak.
It’s high time he faced it, he’s better off alone. 
No one to disappoint, no one to disappoint him and also no one will be under threat. It’s just a case of whether or not he can leave you alone. Now he’s had a taste, he wants more. No, actually. He needs more. But even with that in mind, it’s not up to him, it’s up to you and he’s not heard from you all week.
He’s been refraining from tracking you down, demanding an answer but with the result of the first time he snapped or made a fuss being the main reason he’s in this predicament in the first place, he’s held himself back.
However, he’s Robert fucking Pronge and if he wants something, he’ll be dam sure to get it so he can’t say he’ll let you think for much longer.
All of a sudden his phone rings and he finds himself launching across the room to answer it, only to be disappointed when he hears Jame’s wife Karen’s voice.
“What is it?” he asks, waiting anxiously for her to explain.
She tells him it’s James, he was rushed to hospital in the early hours of this morning after falling into a very horrific and intense seizure.
Robert stares blankly at the wall until Karen repeats the sentence along with “Robert, are you there?”
“Yes. Yes, i’m here”
In times like these it’s impossible to talk to anyone, especially the person closest to the one suffering. There’s nothing he can do or say that will comfort her, nothing will take her pain away. Her husband is on his last legs to put it bluntly and Robert can’t stop it. 
She’s spiralling and she needs someone to be there for her. He feels selfish for not wanting to be that person and it’s not even because of his problem with caring for people. It’s more because seeing James in that hospital will mean having to face the fact that he’s dying.
James took Robert on after years of freelance work. He took him under his wing, treated him like the son he never had and Robert actually felt like he belonged. He was finally comfortable in a job that wasn’t going to leave him high and dry.
So rather than sit at home doing nothing, he hangs up the phone before grabbing his jacket and heading out to his van, he needs to visit James. Even if he is reluctant.
But just as he reaches the last set of lights round the corner from the hospital, there’s a long line of cars waiting for the green light to signal them to go. 
Robert taps his fingers against the steering wheel, wishing time to pass quickly and wishing for things to take his mind off of you. All he wants is to push you for an answer but he knows it’s in his best interest to give you your time. As stated a million times before, you’re changing him, this isn’t like Robert at all. 
The old Robert had no patience and he didn’t care for boundaries.
Eventually the light turns amber and he finds himself beeping his horn at the slow drivers in front who haven’t yet moved forward, why does every driver wait for it to turn green before they move? And the answer is because they are cunts.
He pulls into a parking spot as quickly as possible before rushing over to the doors, not bothering to correct his shitty parking.
“I’m here to see James Pace, he was brought in earlier” he tells the receptionist who nods before looking through her computer until a familiar voice speaks up.
“Robert” when he turns his head, Karen is stood there, tears evident in her eyes as she ushers him closer to her and as he approaches she starts walking him down the hall until they are outside James’s room.
They both sit down on the chairs provided as they settle next to his bed when James stirs a little before opening his eyes.
“Robert?” James says his name in the form of a question, obviously unsure why the most feared man in town is sat next to him, supporting him and Robert would be lying if he didn’t feel immense sadness just looking at his soon to be former boss. 
He looks dreadful, a shell of the man he once was.
“You’re not dead yet then you cunt” Robert jokes, nudging his arm softly, his dry and dark sense of humour doesn’t sit well with a lot of people but James has always followed along with it just nicely, another reason why he has favoured Robert for so long. 
Karen excuses herself, giving the men a bit of space since she knows that her beloved husband hasn’t got long left. The alone time will give them the chance to properly say goodbye.
Robert never expected the cancer to consume James as quick as it did, he also never expected to care if anything happened to the man yet here he is, sat at his bedside in what will most likely be the last time he sees him. It’s pretty sad to think of things that way but then again, illnesses like cancer are never positive or kind and the way they damage and kill isn’t exactly pretty, it’s realistic and it’s not a sight that anyone deserves to see.
And no one deserves to go through that.
As Karen returns from getting coffee, she takes a seat outside after peaking through the blinds of the hospital room. Robert is making James laugh and the two look like they are having a more upbeat conversation than ones that she’s been having with him. It’s nice for her to see James smile properly, after all he hasn’t had much to be cheerful about lately.
“I need you to take over” James whispers as he starts to choke a little, Robert hands him some water and he sips at it before continuing.
“Look at me, i’m not getting out of here alive”
All Robert can muster is a simple nod in response and it’s probably the first time he’s ever been speechless. To hear James say those words out loud is a big shock to the system and he doesn’t get like that easily. Death isn’t usually a sore subject but the current circumstances make this different.
“James i-“
“Karen has the keys to the building and my office, you have a meeting today with Bryce and Lance” he pants, trying to catch his breath, he can’t seem to do anything these days without struggling.
Fuck. This is actually happening. He’s actually about to be handed the reins, he’s officially the boss. As James has said, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll be leaving here alive and he’s not willing to take chances. On the other hand though, if he does get out of hospital, this is Roberts chance to prove that he didn’t make a poor decision by choosing him to take over.
“Meetings are at 11, you really need to get going” he waves his hands around in front of Robert, practically shooing him away and out of the room until he’s back in the long hallway once again. 
He turns to Karen who shoots him a look of sympathy despite needing that same look herself. She’s the one losing her husband, she’s the one who’s entire world is about to crumble into a million pieces and yet she still takes pity on a man she barely knows. She only ever saw Robert here and there and now might be one of the final times.
Karen takes Roberts hand in her own, opening it for him before placing the keys to the office in his palm.
“I’ll be in touch about the money, for now though you have somewhere to be” and just like that he turns around in an instant, speed walking down the hall and out to his van where his messy parking skills seemed to have attracted a couple pedestrians. All of them staring as he stomps over, anger fuelling his walk as the thought of James dying in the hours to come fills his already overflowing brain.
“You pricks staring for any reason in particular?” he barks, staring each one of them down individually and making sure they really see his eyes as he removes his large framed glasses. 
One scrawny looking man shakes his head rapidly before scattering away quietly, probably too scared to even respond. 
Next is some woman who looks rather snobbish, and that’s a nice way of putting it. She straightens up her back, sticks her chin out and rolls her eyes before strutting away to her car at the back of the lot and then another man just gets into his car, speeding off without so much as another look in Roberts direction.
It’s nice to know he still has the intimidation factor. He’s gonna need it for the meeting with Lance and Bryce. Two of the most stuck up cunts in the business. 
They are always collecting debts from somebody. In truth though, if it weren’t for those two fuckers then Robert is almost certain he wouldn’t have been working for James as long as he has. He’s been doing jobs through James for those two for as long as he can remember. Those same jobs are what made James open his eyes to his talent for killing, they also happen to be some of the messiest work he’s ever done. 
One in particular was some blonde bimbo bitch with a superiority complex and a whole load of daddy’s money that she just loved to splash.
One night Lance came to James with the job of messing around with her, said he wanted to get her back for the incompetence she’d caused him when she ruined one of his jobs by accidentally interrupting a drug deal. 
She walked down the wrong alleyway where money and a bag of cocaine was being exchanged as clear as day. Of course she carried on walking, she’d already gotten halfway down the alleyway at this point and once Lance realised his guy was short on the cash, he said no deal. But that little blonde bimbo caught Lances eye, so much so that he got distracted by her perky pushed up tits and perfectly round bum. Now, Lance has been drug dealing for years, he’s never been distracted before so when it happened, the guy ripped the bag from him and fled without paying up.
At this point the blonde had already made it safely out of the alleyway, he tried to follow her but she walked right up to some guy at a gas station, the guy looked like her boyfriend from all the kissing he witnessed but he made sure to take note of the license plate for good measure.
Days passed as he plotted how he was going to get her back for costing him at least a grands worth and soon enough, he came up with the perfect solution. 
He’d screw her over just like she did him.
Lance spent a couple more days after that just watching her from afar, he’d park his car just up the road from her house. Every morning he bared witness to her and her weakling of a boyfriends kissing fest and every morning he felt sick at the sight.
One morning was different though, he had his window down so he was able to hear them speak. The boyfriend in question wished his bitch of a girlfriend good luck for her interview and the more he listened the more he heard.
She had an interview for a job at the same gas station they were at just the other day. How brilliant.
Lance contacted James instantly, asking for a guy to do a job for him and the payout for said job was 2 grand. A rather large amout of cash that Robert was more than happy to take on himself.
James passed the notes to Robert who then took a nice little joyride down to the suburbs where the bitch was located. 
He changed into some dark blue overalls as he watched her through the windscreen, she was just collecting some mail in her silk robe before returning back into the house and slamming the door shut. 
Robert then made his way further down the road where a payphone was located. He dialled the number Lance had managed to collect for her, making sure to give out all of the changed details for the interview before hanging up and hopping back into his van, a smug smile plastered all over his face.
As she hung up the phone a weird sensation began to spread through her entire body like she somehow knew something was up yet she still decided to go to the new and rather dodgy location.
Robert waited patiently for her to arrive and once she did, he watched her park her car before stepping out in the most incredible outfit. Knee length skirt, white transparrent blouse and black kitten heels. She looked sexy to say the least but he was here to do a job.
So he did just that, he approached her with caution as if to keep up some kind of innocent man facade. The bitch soon stepped back when she laid her eyes upon a stranger with a rather evil glint in his sparkling and dreamy eyes.
“Excuse me miss, can i help you?” he asked politely, something that Robert is most definitely not. In fact, he’s the polar opposite.
“Uh, yes i have a job interview and for some reason they sent me here” she scowled as she looked around the beat up parking lot with an even more run down warehouse beside it.
“Now now, this is my home you’re turning your nose up at. Maybe you misread the directions sweetheart”
“Can you not call me that, i have a boyfriend”
Her attitude only wound him up further so he stepped further into her space.
“I’m sorry darlin’ but i don’t take too kindly to rudeness” he said as he followed her until she backed up to the trunk of her car.
“Oh, looks like you’re trapped now” he teased, gliding his hand over her bleached hair “guess your not gonna make it to that interview in time”
“Please, let me go and i’ll never speak of this again. I have to make it to that interview”
“I’m afraid i can’t. You’ve pissed me off now and once someone pisses me off, there’s no going back”
Robert continued to taunt her for a couple more minutes after that. He watched on as she begged and pleaded but he refused to give in.
Now, his mission that day wasn’t exactly to kill the unsuspecting woman but to mess with her, make her late to the interview or better yet, make sure she never showed up. But being that he had a lot of pent up anger along with the fact that no killing jobs had come his way in a week, he was looking for a little more fun. 
So he played with her in his warehouse until he couldn’t fight the urge any longer.
He stabbed her multiple times all over her body. Her blood sprayed him each time he shoved his sharp blade inside, each time it pierced her skin. Something he’s always revelled in, the feeling of being covered all over in the blood of his victim, it drove him wild.
And as he chopped her body into tiny little pieces, he sang along to the radio, 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton was playing. He bounced around eagerly as he bopped his head to the beat. Something that only psychopaths are capable of, something he most certainly is.
Once he’d reported back to James on his decision to kill her, James went ballistic. He made it perfectly clear what his job was but Robert didn’t care, he argued back for what felt like hours, pleading his case.
Eventually James calmed down, he rung up Lance for the payout and once he arrived to pay Robert, he was clued in on his handy work. He didn’t even care about how far he took it, he was just glad the bitch was taken care of. He proceeded to hand him the two grand with a cheshire cat like grin plastered on his face before insisting on James getting a grand of that as well as an extra ten for the lengths Robert took to get rid of the bitch.
They sat and laughed about how she begged for mercy until it got dark out and James had to head home to Karen. Robert then made his way back too, only he was heading home to an empty house. But he wasn’t lonely, or at least he’d never felt lonely. That was until now.
Now he has someone he cares for and all he wants is to have you with him in his home but he can’t because he’s giving you space and it’s not wise to get that close to you. 
Although he’s pretty sure you’ve had enough space by now and you’re really testing his patience.
As he sits down at the desk in James’ office, he props his feet up on the old wood whilst twiddling his thumbs and glancing over the notes left for him for the meeting. By the time Bryce and Lance arrive with a loud bang on the door, he’s all up to speed.
“Come in” he shouts, watching their jaws drop to the ground as they lay their beady eyes upon him.
“What’s this shit? Where’s James?” Bryce spits, glaring at Robert almost as if he’s initiating a staring contest, one that he’ll surely lose.
“James is sick, you’ll be dealing with me from now on” he explains, clasping his hands together with pure joy, this is what he’s always wanted, to run things and be in control, now he is. He can only hope all of James’ clients get on board with the change.
“You’ve got to be shitting me, you? Freezy come on man quit dickin’ around” 
Both men take a seat opposite him as he lowers his feet to the ground, slouching back in his chair. 
“I’m not. Like i said, James is sick. I’m in charge now” he exclaims, looking both of them directly in the eyes as he speaks to ensure the news really sinks in.
“So, what can i do for you pair of pricks” he smirks again as they both glance at each other in confusion. A new man in charge is going to take some getting used to that’s for sure. But they can either like it or lump it
“Watch it Freezy” Lance snaps before Bryce shuts him up “we need one of your men for a job, well we need two of them. Some cunt downtown hasn’t paid Lance for weeks”
Little back story on Bryce and Lance for everyone, Lance deals for Bryce who is the well known drug lord in town. Everyone fears him, everyone goes to him for a pick me up and he’s not to be messed with but Robert is also not to be messed with and he’s certainly not scared of Bryce. That’s probably why he’s managed to get away with insulting and provoking him with little to no consequences thus far.
Robert flicks through the books to decide who to assign before inevitably assigning that sloppy cunt Frank from the other week along with one of the best killers he has Jeff. Jeff will surely knock him into shape just like Robert did when he was forced to work with him. Only this time, Robert has the power to get rid if he doesn’t step up.
He jots down some notes into the famous book that James has kept all these years before arranging a payout of 50 grand for each guy and an extra 100 for Robert.
“Pleasure doing business with you” Robert says as they both exit before he kicks his feet back up onto the desk. He then picks up the phone, dialling the number of Jeff first to give him the lead on this job.
“Oh and Jeff, he fucks up you send him my way, i don’t want no sloppy cunt working for me”
Jeff agrees before hanging up.
Next is Frank.
“I got a job for ya, how does fifty grand sound?” he asks, waiting for the typical response of ‘fuck yeah’ before dishing out the details.
“Frank you mess this up and i’ll fucking kill you, you got that? No time for sloppy shit, i want a clean job, no traces. I can’t have cops sniffing around”
Frank goes on to defend his previous fuck ups until Robert shuts him up “i don’t give a fucking shit. You work for me now so if you still want the money to be rolling in and i’ll bet you do, then you get your fucking shit together”
He then hangs up on him before Frank can even respond. 
Now all he has to do is relax and wait for them to complete the job. It’s tomorrow night and they have to be subtle. They’ll do it at the guys apartment. Robert recommended a silent kill, so there will be no guns involved. If it’s at night in an apartment complex, it’s easier to get the body in and out without leaving a trace or making a sound that way.
Now all that’s left to do is think about you.
He wonders what you’re up to right now, whether you’re thinking of him or not. But rather than driving himself insane with it, he picks up the phone again, dialling your number. 
He memorised it for god knows what reason but that doesn’t matter. What matters is if you want to see him again.
Four rings later and you answer with a peppy “hello” that makes him smile before he realises how ridiculous he must look.
“Y/N” is all he says and just from that alone, you know it’s him.
“Robert? Hi, uh i’m sorry i haven’t called you. It’s jus-`”
“It’s fine” it is most definitely not fine but he can’t tell you that. 
You’ve practically left him to stew in his thoughts for a week and he shouldn’t even be giving you the time of day right now, he should really be writing you off as a failed attempt and move on to the next unsuspecting whore. Maybe he’ll even say no if you ask to see him again...just maybe.
“No, it’s not. I left you hanging and that was wrong of me but if you’re still interested, i was wondering if you wanted to maybe go out again” your voice is quiet, almost timid like and laced with worry. He just knows that you’re biting that bottom lip of yours as you wait with bated breath for him to answer and in truth he’d be right to assume.
Because you are biting down hard on your lip and you are worried. You’ve left him for a week with nothing to go off or no indication of how you feel and with how you rushed out of his van so hastily, it’s not exactly helped the situation. 
Anyone with the knowledge of how your date went would think you’re crazy for going back for more but after a lifetime of constantly playing it safe and being the good girl, you’re finally deciding to take risks. Even if it involves dancing with the devil.
“Sure” Robert says simply “what did you have in mind?” since the first date planning was ripped from his grasp, all thanks to your colleagues, he’s leaving it up to you to plan where you go.
“I was thinking dinner, since that was your idea the first time around and it would be nice to do more talking” you reply, rolling your eyes at the idea of a conventional and serious date setting. 
Robert doesn’t strike you as the serious dating type either but he clearly chose it to step outside of his comfort zone which shows he cares so you’re willing to try too. Even if it means sitting awkwardly at a table for two with candles and flowers obnoxiously placed around to somehow ‘set the mood’. But the mood never feels like it’s being set it just makes you constantly fear a fire starting up. 
Sure that’s a bit dramatic but you can’t help it, you tend to get like that a little. 
His responses are so quick and snappy and it’s making you even less excited to see him, maybe this is his way of playing hard to get because of the way you made him wait. Which is completely fair but you still wish he’d act just a little keen to be seeing you again. However, you can’t complain about what you caused.
Maybe on the date he’ll care more, who knows?
“I’m free tomorrow night after work, if that works for you” hope filling your voice as you begin to twirl a strand of hair around your index finger like a school girl talking to her first ever crush.
“Shall i pick you up from work?”
“Oh, no, i’ll head home first and change beforehand”
After a brief discussion regarding small details such as times, you hang up the phone before smiling like an idiot as you head into the bathroom to take that much needed bubble bath. 
You cannot wait to get to work tomorrow to tell Lana. She is going to freak.
Robert hangs the phone up, fighting his huge grin as he sits back in his chair with his hands behind his head to flex his muscles. He has a second date with you and he couldn’t be happier. However, he really has to try his best to hide it around other people. The last thing he needs is others seeing him like this.
The only thing left on his mind now though is James, he can’t help but wonder how much longer he has left. He makes a mental note to himself as he’s locking up the office to phone the hospital and check in with Karen tomorrow.
For someone that rarely cares for others, he sure is changing and he’s not yet decided if he likes this change or if he wants to push it as far away as possible but either way he can’t seem to get a handle on it right now. So it looks like he has no choice, unfortunately.
Tonight is the night, your second date with Robert and you’re stomach is currently churning. The urge to run to the bathroom and puke your guts up is so unbelievably strong right now that you’re unsure if you’ll ever get around to changing. You’ve been at work all day, from nine this morning until five and you’ve been at home all but two minutes and you’re already feeling those pre date nerves.
Despite seeing him plenty of times before and even making out with him a little, it’s still hitting you like a freight train that you’re about to be alone with him again. In a more intimate setting too.
The time the two of you agreed on was seven which gives you a solid hour and thirty five minutes to shower, change, do your hair and makeup but you also need to spare some time to work yourself up into a frenzied panic. It’s a must before any date or at least it is for you.
Robert is just waking up from another long nap and as he opens his eyes he realises that he fell asleep on the couch again, he should really start making better use of the bedroom. 
All he seems to do these days is sleep on the couch as if the bed isn’t good enough. But each time he sleeps on that bed he feels like the mattress is too soft, same with the pillows. He needs to get a new one at some point but if his schedule was hectic before then it’s bound to be worse now so it’s not looking likely that he’ll ever get around to it.
He rubs his eyes as he sits up before rising to his feet and heading into the quaint little kitchen that he barely finds time to use these days. He’s more of a takeout guy, it’s quick and easy and it saves him the chore of doing any dishes. 
The only time he cleans in there is to wash the one mug he uses, all other cutlery and crockery are no doubt gathered in dust right now in his cupboards.
You on the other hand have always enjoyed having guests round and you can’t get enough usage of your rather large kitchen. It’s big enough to fit a wall to wall table and you’re always cooking something. Whether that be homemade pasta dishes or a spot of brownie baking. You adore it and have received many compliments from friends. Particularly Jenny who makes it a habit of putting in a weekly request for your sweet treats.
The more yours and his traits are shown, the more obvious it becomes that you’re the complete opposite to him but it doesn’t mean you’re above him in any way. It just means that you’re different but as he said that night...
“But what if different is good? What if we both need a little different?”
You step out of the shower and stand in front of the bathroom mirror, swiping your hand across it to get rid of the condensation that gathered on it as the steam from the hot water filled the small room. You start off by splashing your face with cold water before rinsing your mouth with some mouthwash. Next you head into your bedroom to dry off before taking a seat at your dressing table.
You pick out the make-up you plan on using before brushing your hair and towel drying it. All you can think of is time, you still have an hour and twenty minutes, that’s more than enough time to get everything done.
When he rung you yesterday, panic hit you initially. You’d spent a whole week away with little to no thought of seeing him again but it wasn’t because you didn’t want to, in fact it was more because you’d forgotten. 
Work has been hectic lately and you were also busy outside of it too with Jenny and Lana. They took you shopping one of the days and by the time you’d arrived home, you were just about ready to pass out. Which is exactly what you did, you got undressed until you were near enough butt naked before slipping under the covers and closing your heavy eyelids.
It felt like you drifted into dream land almost instantly.
You also tried to push Robert to the back of your mind entirely and it was purely because if you didn’t, then you’re every waking and sleeping moment would have been corrupted by him. However, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t failed at slipping through the cracks some days because he has, just not often enough thanks to your ability to distract yourself.
But now here you sit, getting ready to see him again.
Millions of questions and worries roam your brain.
Will he be snappy tonight?
Will he be polite?
Will he kiss you again?
Do you want him to kiss you again?
Will you actually get to know him tonight?
Or will he be just as closed off as he’s continued to be since the day you met him? 
Because Robert is nothing if not consistent.
You’ll never know until you see him but one thing is for sure, this is his last chance. If he fucks this one up then there’s no way he’s getting another.
You just hope he doesn’t mess this up because he’s managed to work his way into your heart, slowly but surely. You couldn’t bare to let him go now. It’s hard to imagine your world without him let alone to actually have it be a reality.
As you’re finishing up your makeup, Robert is shrugging on one of his finest dress shirts, a white floral one at that. He pairs it with some dark green pants and a brown belt along with some dress shoes
Pretty fancy for someone who is constantly trying to convince himself he doesn’t feel anything for you or at least attempts to convince himself but he always fails. 
He can’t fight this anymore and he knows that, no matter how hard he tries to stop it, the soft spot he has for you is growing more and more at an alarming rate.
With the finishing touches of your makeup completed, you take a quick glance at the clock on your bedroom wall to see the time is 6:30pm and your stomach starts acting up all over again. Butterflies and the whole dam zoo flood it, making it nearly impossible to stand up and change.
You have the outfit laid out on your bed. It consists of a red halter neck chiffon dress that ends mid thigh, it’s one of your favourite dresses out of all that you own. You have a nice pair of black stilettos to go with it too, everything has been planned all the way down to the last detail. You just hope it’s all worth your while what with Robert having an issue of containing his anger.
Unbeknownst to you though, he has no plans of snapping tonight. In fact he wants to make up for that by treating you the way you deserve to be treated and during the last week of silence from you, he’s had a chance to re think his plan to get into your panties.
Now, in no way is he saying he’s not going to try for sex, after all, he’s Robert Pronge and sex is his weakness, his addiction. But that’s not all he wants from you, now he wants more. Something he’s not entirely thrilled about but there’s no going back.
He pulls up outside of your house, tapping away on the steering wheel of his ice cream van before he finally decides it’s time to get out and knock your door.
A knock brings all movement to a halt just as you slip your shoes on. Your breathing hitches and your legs turn to jelly all the more as you stalk closer to the open it.
Once you do, revealing your date, you don’t miss the opportunity to ogle him like he’s a piece of meat. Head to toe his outfit ticks all of your boxes and the way his biceps are bulging out of the sleeves of his dress shirt is enough to make you almost drool here and now but you quickly stop yourself by ripping your eyes away. It doesn’t help that he smells amazing either.
Your eyes flicker up to his and you notice that he’s still taking the time to appreciate your outfit choice as well as the flash of cleavage that your dress allows, it still leaves at least something to the imagination though. You watch as he bites down on his bottom lip when his eyes meet yours and you can’t help but smile a little at the thought of him being lost for words.
“You look....” he pauses, Adams apple bobbing as he gulps before continuing “beautiful”.
“Thank you sir, you scrub up well too” you step out of the house, grabbing your purse on the way before locking the door and following him over to his van. 
The infamous ice cream vehicle that you’ve grown to love.
Robert helps you into the van before jogging round to the drivers side and once he gets in you find yourself unable to look away from him. The nerves still have full control of you but it’s giving you this strange rush and urge to take life by the balls. However, the moment he glances over at you, you shy away, turning your head to the side as an unintentional giggle slips out.
You feel the heat spread to your cheeks as he starts up the van.
“What was that for?” he questions, a smirk filling his face as his eyes search yours when you finally look back over.
“Nothing, i’m just nervous that’s all” you say in hopes of him dropping that embarrassing giggle of yours, why do you constantly have to make a fool of yourself? 
But to your surprise and his own too, he only finds it endearing.
Normally he’d avoid women like you, women who are shy. Yet with you, he can’t get enough.
He adores how you look away whenever he stares you down and he can’t help the blood that rushes to his cock every time he sees you. Your body in this dress tonight has to be a highlight, it hugs your figure in all of the best ways. It’s becoming near enough impossible for him to keep his hands to himself, he’s dying to touch you. However, he wants to at least get through this date before he attempts anything. So for now he’ll stick to resting his hand on your exposed thigh.
Your warm and soft skin feels just right underneath his cold and large calloused hand, he can only imagine how your nude body would feel pressed up against his own. Skin to skin, every flaw of his touching every inch of perfection of yours.
As he drives, steering the van with one hand, his other rests on your thigh with the occasional removal to change gears, it feels nice. You love his skin on yours. The dirty side of you can’t help but imagine how it would feel to have him touch every inch of your body as you lay naked for him and the thought alone is enough to cause a pool to develop in your white laced panties.
You purposely wore nicer underwear tonight just because you never truly know what could happen. Sure, you’re not the type to give it up easy but with Robert, it doesn’t feel like you would be. You’ve known him a while now, been on one date already and he just exudes sex appeal. His whole demeanour screams experienced which is something you’d love to involve yourself in, but only with him.
In a last bid to take control of your shyness, you rest your hand over his, slipping your much smaller fingers through the cracks of his thick digits, intertwining them in the simplest of ways. 
You feel his eyes on you as you do so and without a second more passing, he switches it up, flipping your hand over and holding it instead. Your heart skips a beat. You just hope your hands don’t start clamming up, that would be truly mortifying.
Robert pulls into the parking lot of this fancy restaurant, one you’ve never even heard of before but it looks nice. He pulls his hand from yours before getting out of the van and making his way to your side to help you out. Once you’re feet are on the ground, he locks it and walks the two of you inside.
Upon approaching the front desk, Robert asks politely about the reservation that he’s supposed to of made but the gentleman is having none of it. Insisting that there’s no such name on the booking sheet. You stand there patiently as he gets into a rather heated discussion with the employee.
“Well i’m saying check again because i definitely booked” Robert seethes, trying his hardest not to act up in front of you or make you feel uncomfortable.
“It’s fine, we can go somewhere else if there’s an issue” you suggest, wrapping your hand around his huge bicep at an attempt to dial his temper down a notch but to no avail.
“No, we’re eating here, the asshole just doesn’t know how to do his fucking job” he snaps, an action that would usually make you jolt or take a step back but this time you refuse to let it have the same effect. You step closer, standing in between Robert and the employee.
“Can you just take another look? I know he booked” you ask again politely, waiting until he walks away to speak to his colleague before you turn to face your date.
“How did you manage to do that when i couldn’t?” he sighs, resting his hands on his hips as he stares down at you with intrigue “maybe it has something to do with your rather unique way of asking” you giggle again, covering your mouth as you do so before you’re interrupted by the same guy.
“I’m very sorry Mr Pronge, this was a mistake on our end. You did book, we’ve just found the confirmation. Andrew here will lead you to your table if you’d like to follow him”
Before Robert can make a dig or rude comment, you grip onto his forearm, pulling him away and over to the waiter who then leads you to a booth at the back of the room.
The second you’re left alone, you look him in the eyes.
“This place is really beautiful, you have good taste”
“Shame that prick at the front had to ruin the start of the date” he scoffs, scowling a the man from across the room.
“Hey, let’s not let him continue to ruin our night” you say as you reach over, gripping his face and using that to force his attention onto you. But before you can sit back down in your seat his lips attack yours in a quick yet filthy kiss.
As your lips part, you keep up with the intense eye contact, even when you both sit back down and wait for the waiter to return with your drinks. You ordered a glass of red wine, he ordered a non alcoholic beer since he’s driving.
Once they are placed on the table you both decide to order mains, taking your eyes off each other to talk to the waiter who nods simply before rushing off to the kitchen with his little notepad open in his hands. You went for steak and chips, as did he and the more you think of your food you find your stomach starts to rumble but you soon cover it up with a cough.
“So...” he chuckles, causing you to do the same “so...”
You raise your brows at him and he repeats the very same action as his arms rest either side of the cloth covered bench. You have no idea why you’ve avoided these type of dates all this time, now that you’re actually on one, you can see the appeal. It doesn’t mean you’re gonna lose your originality though.
“Tell me more about yourself” you finally say, breaking the ice to which he sighs again, rolling his eyes before resting his hands back down onto his legs.
“What do you want to know?” he challenges, making you roll your eyes this time “everything, parents, childhood, past relationships, how many women have you slept with?” your response, as innocent as it is, is causing Robert to tense up. He hides it well though.
“Parents split up once i moved out, i don’t get to see them as much as i’d like to now though and my childhood was pretty boring. I’ve not had a relationship before and as for the amount of women i’ve slept with, i don’t think that’s a question you want the answer to, sweetness” he licks his lips as he adjusts his glasses all while maintaining eye contact with you which causes you to become flustered.
So you decide that if he’s going to wind you up more, you’re going to do the same.
First step is taking a sip of your wine and once you swallow the liquid, you wipe the corners of your mouth before licking your lips seductively.
“What about your parents, childhood and all that” he says as he tries his absolute hardest not to lose control of the situation.
“Parents passed away not too long ago, my dad died of lung cancer and my mom died of brain cancer. My childhood was full of happy memories, constant vacations or family days out and now i live in their house”
“And your past relationships...” he winks at you, catching you off guard but before you can even respond, the food arrives and you’re distracted. But not for long.
“This looks delicious” you smile at the waiter, thanking him before he leaves the two of you alone.
“That’s not the only thing” Robert mumbles before taking a large sip of his beer. You don’t bother to ask him what he said since you’re too busy enjoying his attraction to you and his clear desire to have you in every filthy way.
“Anyway, you didn’t answer” he says, pointing to you with his cutlery before you catch on.
“Oh. Uh, i’ve had a couple relationships, not many but none of them were all that” your laugh is laced with nerves as you tuck into your steak, moaning a little as the taste of it hits you, it’s perfect and just what you’ve been craving. 
A succulent piece of meat to really satisfy your immense hunger, the same hunger that you’ve had for Robert, one that has seemingly consumed you for weeks on end.
Robert can’t help his reaction as he hears you, your act would appear innocent to everyone else here but to him, it’s far from it. The sound alone is like music to his ears, causing his cock to grow harder in the confines of his pants and boxers.
It’s going to be a long night...
You burst out laughing before covering your mouth with your hand as you continue to attempt telling Robert a story from work, particularly a shift with Donna. She’s a colleague you mostly tolerate at best, there’s no hard feelings but you’re not exactly the best of friends.
It was a Monday, more specifically the morning time when a guy came in trying to buy lingerie and he was accompanied by a woman. Although she was older than the guy, you could all see she was his girlfriend. Everyone except Donna who insisted on not assuming, saw this.
So rather than stop her you allowed miss know it all to approach the pair.
She proceeded to show them around the store, pointing out the pink sets, then the blue and then the black and white ones. The customers seemed very happy with the selection, the young man in particular was less than interested and it was in fact the woman who was asking most of the questions. Once they eventually settled on a couple of sets from each colour as well as some gorgeous night gowns and robes. Donna took the items to the cash register for them and once they joined her there, she really put her foot in it.
Yourself, Lana and Jenny were stood behind her as you watched on.
“I wish my mom came with me to get my boyfriend presents, you’re lucky she’s here to help and i’m sure the lucky lady will adore these” Donna said, glancing at the guy and smiling. For someone who was the literal the queen of not assuming someones situation, she sure did assume this one.
“I am the lucky lady, not his mother” the woman hissed, her now rosy red cheeks giving away her anger as she glared Donna down.
“Oh. I’m sorry, i just thought -“
“You thought wrong” the guy then chimed in, tossing his card her way to pay for all the items. Meanwhile you and Lana couldn’t hold your laughter in so you made your way to the stockroom to do so without the customers seeing or hearing you.
As you finished the story, Robert was unable to stifle his own laughter.
“I’ve gotta meet this Donna woman, she sounds hilarious” he snickers and you nod.
“She is, she sure makes for entertaining shifts”
The two of you finish off your drinks before deciding pay.
As soon as the waiter arrives you pull out your card and Robert pulls out a wad of cash, the same amount or most likely more than last time.
“Put that away” he demands before handing the waiter the right amount to cover the bill with an extra 20 dollars as a tip because being with you has lightened his mood and he’s clearly feeling extra generous.
You stand up, as does he and the pair of you make your way back outside to the parking lot and into his more neatly parked van.
You put your seatbelt on before turning to face him.
“I had a really good time tonight”
“It doesn’t have to end” he starts, sticking the key in the ignition “you can always come back to my place for some coffee and maybe some dessert”
His offer is too tempting to turn down and although you don’t normally do this, you’ve consistently said that if he made any advances that you would never stop him because you want him in every way too. So without allowing another second to pass, you agree “sure, i’d love to”.
Dam it. Why did you have to say it like that? Keen or what.
He’s gonna judge you for that, surely.
Robert doesn’t care at all about how you said it, all he cares about now is getting you back to his place. He wants to get to know you away from everyone else although he’s pretty certain that he’s learnt so much already.
He may have bent the truth about his family and childhood but it doesn’t mean he lied, he just couldn’t bring himself to tell you all about his fucked up life. Just like he can’t bring himself to tell you about what his real job is, it’s not just the ruse of being an ice cream man that he keeps up to prevent attracting any unwanted attention but there’s also whole thing with him taking over from James.
Maybe one day, if you stick around, he will tell you but then again, it’s too risky.
James managed to tell Karen, sure she was in on what he did from the very beginning but she still accepted it and him. All she ever asked was that he never told her the gory details of what crimes were committed to earn the blood money that brought them their first and only home.
You arrive at Roberts place in less than ten minutes and it’s a lot smaller than your house is but still nice nonetheless. As he lets the two of you inside you’re immediately blasted with the smell of the aftershave Robert has on tonight, a smell you very much welcome to intoxicate you.
“Nice place” you say as you walk further inside until you’re in the lounge. The couch looks so comfortable that you practically dive onto it and Robert joins you once he makes some coffee, you were almost certain that he was just using that as an excuse to get you alone in private so he could make a move but instead he actually meant it.
You feel a little bummed out but keep a smile on your face regardless.
“So what’s with the lack of relationships then?” you ask, sipping at your coffee before realising how hot it is. You then take a quick look around the room, it’s not anything like your lounge but you like it. It’s homely. The decor is simple but he is a man after all so you can’t say you expected a whole lot more.
“They’ve never appealed to me, i don’t see the point. Most relationships end in cheating or failed marriages and I never fancied that for myself plus i’ve always been better off alone. Until now, of course” he had you fooled for a second, you almost thought that he was only after a quick fuck. Maybe you haven’t had him pegged after-all. He already told you he’s not the romance type when you were on your first date but you can tell that it’s starting to change and that alone makes you very happy.
“Why now?” you wonder out loud as you stare into his dreamy blue eyes, almost getting lost once again until his voice snaps you out of it.
“I think you know why” and all of a sudden, you feel the pool in your panties grow, it’s uncontrollable and you can’t seem to relieve the ache.
You try to cross one leg over the other as if somehow that’ll do the trick but to no avail and it’s more obvious to him how you’re feeling. He knows because he feels it too. All of the constant back and forth teasing, the mutual pining, the stolen glances that the two of you have taken has built up to this very moment.
Sexual tension that has inevitably circled since the day you first exchanged names. It’s developed into something much more substantial now and honestly you can quite literally feel your hands shaking with anticipation of what’s to come.
Will he make a move on you or chicken out like you’ve done plenty of times tonight? 
The urges that swallowed you whole in the moment that you laid your eyes upon his smart attire tonight were undeniable. In that moment you wanted him like you’ve never wanted anyone or anything before. It was so strong that you could taste it and now you’re making a mental promise to yourself that you won’t leave here without getting what you truly desire.
You attempt to cover your now extremely flustered state by taking a sip of your coffee but he pulls it from your hand before you can, placing both mugs on the coffee table as he sits closer to you. His hand rests on your thigh in a feather like touch before his grip tightens and you find yourself taking a quick peak at where his skin touches yours. You can’t help the way your breathing grows heavier as your heart skips yet another beat. It’s all you seem to do whenever you’re around him.
“So, did i make up for that first date then?” his voice drops a couple of octaves, getting deeper and more gravelly but all the more sexy.
“You sure did” usually you could talk until your lungs give out but now you’re rendering on speechless, most likely because of the nervous wreck he's turned you into.
“Good” he whispers, blowing air on your shoulder as he lowers his head, getting closer to the exposed skin. And just like you were hoping he would, he presses his lips to it, his beard tickling you as he takes his time to properly kiss you. Your stomach turns into a gymnast, performing backflips as your heart beat rapidly picks up speed and your chest starts to rise and fall even more with each kiss before he moves his lips up to your neck, earning a frantic gasp from you.
But you need more, you crave more.
Still you allow him to take his time with you, revelling in the feeling of his soft plump lips on your sweet spot.
After a couple open mouthed kisses he moves to your lips, his face is inches from yours yet he doesn’t kiss you, he just admires your features. You watch as his eyes move from yours to your hair, then to your nose and cheeks then lastly your lips. 
Robert isn’t usually one for intimacy in this capacity so in some ways this is like a new experience for the both of you. It doesn’t mean he’s going to go easy on you though, he doesn’t do easy, soft or gentle. He only knows rough.
Rather than kissing you he moves down to the floor, kneeling in between your legs as if he’s worshipping your very existence. You part them way too eagerly as he puts pressure on your thighs, a touch you more than welcome. But you can’t think of a single way that you don’t want him to touch you, you’ve waited so long now for this that you’d let him do whatever he pleases.
“I gotta say, this dress has had my head spinning since the second i first saw you in it” you can’t help the pathetic whimper that escapes at the sound of such flirtatious words falling off his tongue. He’s telling you all the right things, touching you just enough for your eyes to glaze over and pushing you to an edge that you’re trying your hardest not to fall off of. But in the end, he’ll always make you fall and you can’t continue to fight it any longer, you don’t have the strength to.
All of a sudden the skirt of your dress is bunched up at your waist, laced panties on show for him to admire whilst his tongue darts out to wet his lips before he bites down on his bottom one.
Those danger filled blue orbs of his are sure to be the death of you as he continues to meet your lustful eyes but it would be your pleasure to die at his merciless hands.
In such an intimate situation, you’re surprised that with next to no words being spoken that it isn’t awkward but that’s just because the sexual tension is doing all the talking, it’s clear he’s craved you just like you have him.
He takes your right leg in his hand, holding it by your ankle before starting to kiss up it in such an agonisingly slow pace that it’s torturous. You rarely beg when it comes to sex and your previous failed relationships will speak to that, the sex wasn’t exciting and you were certainly stubborn when it came to doing anything but with Robert, the shame or anxiety aren’t going to stop you.
“Please, kiss me” you whine, hips bucking up as if it’ll somehow help your case, but instead it has the opposite effect. He pushes you back down to the couch before making his way back up to your face where he grips it in one hand.
“Easy there, sweetness. Daddy plans to take his time with you” he rasps lazily before burying his face back where it belongs with his nose nudging at your panty clad mound. You tense up as you anticipate the feeling of him but nothing could have prepared you for the real thing and you never expected the noises he would elicit until he practically ripped your panties off of you with little to no effort. The lace tears in half before he discards them onto the floor behind him with no care whatsoever for destroying your garments.
“Such a pretty snatch, sweetness” his vulgar words are causing you to become less and less lady like, unable to hold back now. You’re turning into a withering and moaning mess underneath him.
Once you’re bare the way he likes he flattens his tongue, licking a single stripe from your soaked hole to your bundle of nerves and the feeling alone has you arching your back and weaving your fingers through his long and curly hair. His beard rubs against your inner thighs, leaving a burn that’s nothing short of delicious and your grip on his hair earns you a deep and harsh growl, a noise you could certainly get used to hearing.
His tongue works expertly across your soaked and sensitive petal like folds as two of his thick digits dance around your entrance, waiting a little while before he plunges them deep inside of you with ease.
“God... YES” you scream out as your back arches off of the couch completely whilst your hands push his head into your sex aggressively, forcing him to hold his breath.
His fingers curl inside of you, practically punching that spongy spot that has the power to make the coil in your stomach snap in seconds if he keeps up this tongue to finger ratio.
But rather than doing that, he takes you by surprise, hovering over you with one of his knees pushed into the couch cushion that you’re sitting pretty on. He uses his other hand to grip your face in it, forcing you to look directly into his eyes as his fingers pick up their pace, his intense stare refusing to let up.
“Cum for me, sweetness” he demands as he leans closer, connecting his lips to yours in a kiss that is sure to leave your lips beautifully bruised. You open your mouth ajar to make way for his forceful tongue and as soon as its inside he begins to explore your mouth, even asserting his authority by sucking on your tongue. You can taste yourself faintly.
He continues to work you over as he watches your squirming body wriggle and writhe under his dominating touch. A touch you’ve done nothing but dream of for weeks, how it would feel to have his skin on yours in such a way and doing things that should almost be illegal.
Your list of potential kinks and sexual fantasies are almost as long as his yet you’ve barely had a chance to explore any of them until now, now you know for sure that this is only the start of to your otherworldly experience. After tonight you’re certain that you’ll refuse to ever let another man into your panties unless that mans name is Robert Pronge.
“That’s it, baby. There it is” he smirks as you stick your chin out so that you can look up at him and get a better glimpse. He watches as tears of pleasure stream down your face, your mascara is now ruined along with the rest of your make-up and he can see that you’re teetering on the edge. All he needs to do is press his thumb down onto your throbbing clit as he rams his fingers into you and you’ll be trembling.
Once he does, his fingers continue to drag along your walls until suddenly, the coil in your stomach snaps and he feels you tense up.
Your upper body goes stiff and your legs wrap around his torso as they start to shake uncontrollably. Your toes begin to curl in your stilettos and you grip onto his biceps with desperation and a need for some form of support.
As he retracts his fingers, he wastes no time in bringing them up to his lips and slipping them into his eager mouth. The satisfied and enthusiastic hums that vibrate around them as he gets lost in the taste of your juices is not helping you here. All you can think about is how it would feel to have those vibrations on your pussy and every inch of your shaking body.
Without a warning to you he gets up, grabbing a hold of your hand and dragging you head first into another room that appears to be his bedroom. The small double bed sits neatly in the middle with bedside tables either side of it as well as a dark brown wooded wardrobe. The door of it is open just enough for you to get a peak inside at his many shirts and pants. Then you spot some drawers attached to the wardrobe, perhaps all of his underwear and socks are hidden in there.
You really like the look of this room but before you can even attempt to explore it he picks you up and throws you down onto the bed as if you barely weigh a thing to him.
You make a pathetic attempt at flicking your heels off until he stops you in your tracks “nuh-uh, sweetness. Keep them on” his instructions followed by a seductive stare causes all the hairs on your body to stand up and every inch of your skin to turn to gooseflesh. He excites you in all of the ways that he shouldn’t, being that you’re not oblivious to the disturbing aura that seems to surround him. But you still remain intrigued by him and you long to discover more about this brooding and mysterious man that has managed to sweep you off your feet.
He keeps his eyes on you as he removes his dress shirt, revealing his toned chest that has a little sprinkle of hair decorating his pecks. And the muscles you’ve had the pleasure of peeking at over the course of the last couple weeks are finally out for you to feast your eyes on. All you want now is for him to ruin you for any other men.
As he unbuckles his belt you get off of the bed to stand in front of him, using this as your way of telling him that you’re his to do with as he pleases.
Which of course, he does. He snakes his arms around your body, using his grip to pull you flush against him, chest to chest, an action that causes you to swallow with a loud gulp. His finger nails start digging into your back before he catches you off guard by spinning you around.
Robert pushes you up against the wall as his free hand sets your hair to the other side, freeing your neck for him.
His plump and pink desirable lips then settle on the skin almost immediately, sucking, slurping and even biting. That’ll surely leave you marked up as proof of who you now belong to.
You rest your hands on the wall as he lifts up the skirt of your dress and your chest rises and falls against the wall as you feel him kneel behind you.
“Hold your dress, sweetness” so you do exactly as you’re told, bunching it up at your waist for him before his hands grip onto your ass cheeks with such intensity and force that it’s almost painful, yet you take it. He spreads your ass cheeks without hesitation, revealing your tight and puckered hole to him.
“Look at this ass. So fucking pretty” he drags out his words and you feel the heat collect in your cheeks at his attempt at a compliment but you’re soon distracted from your flustered state when his tongue begins to lap at your hole greedily, a sensation you’re unfamiliar with. He spreads your ass cheeks a little more before diving back in but this time he pushes his tongue inside of you, making you jolt out of surprise.
“And so tight too”
Anal isn’t exactly something you have much experience in, in fact you have none. But the way his tongue is forcing it’s way inside of you is too earth shattering to stop. It’s like he knows your body better than you and everything that makes it tick. You’re exploring a whole bunch of firsts with him, a new level of vulnerability coming to light right here in this room.
You hum out of appreciation for the pleasure he’s bestowing upon your innocent body and this is exactly what sets Robert apart from the other men from your past, he’s a man, they were simply boys with selfish intentions. It’s clear he’s making it his mission to make you feel good and so far, he’s succeeding.
Robert doesn’t bother to ask how it feels because he can already feel your body reacting to his tongue but he’s yet to really get started with you and he’s excited to see how you react to everything else.
His fingers then dart to your aching pussy, taking the time to rub at your pulsating clit with his thumb with such precision it’s almost unbearable. Whilst the remainder of his fingers shower your puffy, folds in attention too, making sure no spot is left untouched or un kissed. You start to grind your ass into his face unintentionally, unable to stop yourself from reacting to his mouth.
“Someones a greedy little slut, huh?”
“Yes” you’re trying to speak more but your brain is failing to function properly and it’s all because of him and that sinful tongue of his. He’s certainly awakened the sex crazed animal inside of you, setting every spark inside of your body alight. You just cant help but act out of the norm.
After a while he rises back to his feet, using one foot to kick your legs further apart, giving him better access to your tight and inexperienced cunt.
“You ready for me, sweetness?” he asks as he allows his dress pants to fall to the floor in a pool at his feet. You nod your head way too eagerly again as you stand there waiting for his touch to return.
Once it does, a smile washes over your face and that’s when you feel his fingers toying with your entrance before he replaces them with his cock.
You’ve yet to see his size but in a weird way, you’re glad you haven’t seen it. 
You’re easily intimidated and you know that the size of it is bound to be bigger than you’ve ever experienced, something that will only scare you out of sleeping with him.
So instead of asking to see it you just stand there, ass poked out ready for him with your legs spread like the whore he’s turned you into.
“This might hurt a little” he warns, the tip of his cock catching on your entrance before he pushes in. You cry in pain, the feel of him stretching you out to accommodate his size has your walls spasming. Still they welcome his downright ungodly intrusion and as soon as every inch of his cock is buried deep to the hilt deep inside of you, you poke your ass out as if to signal for him to give you more. Which he does.
Robert looks down at where your bodies meet, the way you’re encouraging him to take full advantage of you and the way you’re holding your dress up for him is almost too much to handle. Not to mention how tight you are.
The feeling of your soaked and warm walls fluttering around him is enough for him to remain seated inside of you for all of eternity, it’s better than he could have ever imagined. He’s bound to spend more time like this than he is doing actual work for his business.
His business, it feels weird to say that now, because it still feels like it belongs to James.
He grunts as he pulls back out, keeping the tip inside of you before slamming back in roughly and making your cheek press up against the wall as a string of moans fall from your beautiful mouth, moans he could listen to forever.
His breath fans the side of your neck as his mouth latches onto your sensitive spot and the open mouthed kiss is more like biting and sucking, more effort on his part to mark you up.
“Robert” you mewl, arching your back as his pace renders on animalistic and his skin continuously slaps against yours harshly.
“Fuck, please” you beg, unsure of what you’re actually begging for but then the coil in your stomach starts to tighten as the tip of his cock punches at the g-spot within you. You know you’re not far from that impending orgasm now. His hands grip onto your hair at the scalp, using it as leverage to yank your head backwards roughly, arching your back more.
“What is it, sweetness?” he mocks, as his fingers pull your mouth open wide, keeping them there so that you don’t close it.
“I’m gonna cum” you choke out as he spits into your mouth before he removes his fingers to force you into swallowing it like his good girl.
“Yeah? Gonna cream all over my cock like a dirty little whore, huh?” the pure filth leaving his mouth only eggs you on further, exciting you as more arousal drips from your core and down his shaft as he drags it along your walls relentlessly.
There’s something about him that always led you to believe he was a little kinky but this takes the cake, he’s a lot rougher and kinkier than you could have ever imagined but you can’t get enough of it or the way he’s manhandling your body like somehow he was always supposed to.
The coil tightens until you’re sure it’s seconds away from snapping, giving you more of a push to get there. So you push back against him, meeting his thrusts which only earns you more grunts and growls that emerge from his x rated mouth. His hands knead at your soft globes before he eventually spanks you hard enough to leave you sore for when you next sit down, he repeats the same again before returning his hands to your waist, squeezing it.
“God, such a fucking whore for daddy. Ain’t that right, sweetness?” he asks, forcing your head to the side so you can look at him. Your mouth hangs open in the perfect O shape as more pleasure fuelled tears fall down your face “yes” you murmur, barely able to get a proper coherent word out until he smacks your cheek, gripping it in his hands.
“Yes what?” he pulls your mouth open again, spitting into it twice before forcing you to swallow it just like you did only minutes earlier. His hand then collides with your cheek once more until you finally respond to him.
“Yes, daddy” the nickname shouldn’t excite you yet here you are, creaming all over him just like he said you would. Shockwaves flood your entire body as you cum with a silent cry of his name.
“Robert” you say it so quietly that it’s almost inaudible but he hears you just fine.
“That’s it, there she is. My good little whore” he smirks as he pulls out and turns you around quickly so that you’re facing him.
You stand there just admiring him for a little while longer as his body is flush against yours whilst he cages you in. His eyes burn into yours as if he’s looking deep into your soul and the only sound filling this room of his is the sound of both of you panting, trying to control your breathing.
He really went all out, took you by surprise and fucked you until you were a withering mess and now all you want to know is what’s next because you’re certain he isn’t done with you yet.
“That was quite something” you giggle as your hands splay across his chest.
“That was just the start, sweetness. You really think i’m done with you yet?” all you can do is shake your head.
Without a warning, Robert reaches behind you to the back of your neck so that he can untie your dress and once it slips down your body and pools at your feet, he takes a step back to admire all of you.
His cock jumps with excitement for the sight in front of him, a sight he’s spent many nights imagining. All those nights he held his cock in his large hand, he imagined that you were the one doing it, that you were the one pumping him slowly until he eventually came with a deep and raspy groan. Now he’s got the real thing, he’s gonna use you and fuck you until you beg for him to stop, until your tight and sore cunt can’t take anymore.
He picks you up so that you wrap your legs around him with the heels of your shoes digging into his ass cheeks. He slides himself back into you causing you to wrap your arms around him for support as your head falls backwards, a long and breathy moan falls into the air as he pushes you back up against the wall once again. 
You curse at the pain of the collision but it’s soon masked with pleasure as he fucks into you with reckless abandon, not giving much care as to how hard or rough he’s being, only caring for the pleasure he’s providing himself. He’s almost certain that you’re loving it too though.
Which you are. You’ve never experienced sex like this, never had a guy last long enough for you to get off but with Robert, you’ve already cum twice and all signs are pointing to more. He’s like an animal, a machine. He can keep going and going and you want him to, you don’t ever want this feeling to stop. You always want to be the one he gives it to.
“Mhmm, Robert” you encourage, gripping his face with both hands before moving forward to capture his lips with your own. The kiss is so intense that you feel the air slowly disappearing from your lungs and you’re sure he feels the same way. The kiss is rough and passionate. It’s teeth, tongues and fireworks.
You may be just as innocent as he assumes you to be and he might be more dangerous than he’s led you to believe but it works. It’s fire and ice.
Just like at the restaurant earlier, he got irate and angry and you calmed him down, you brought peace to him, centred him. Which is something you know he doesn’t get much of, it’s obvious in the way he walks, his entire demeanour too.
When you kissed him that night of your first date, you could feel his tense shoulders drop and tonight is no exception. It’s like somehow with you he feels free and if you were to ever ask him about it, he’d try his hardest to deny that a woman has any control over him but he’d only be lying through his teeth.
He’s never been affected by women, not in the way that a normal man would be because truthfully, he’s never seen women as anything more than a temporary fix to a temporary problem.
But with you, he was certain you’d cause problems for him the moment he laid his villainous eyes on you and he only worsened that notion when he decided to see you again. Now he’s fucked and he knows he can never just be fuck buddies with you, especially not after the rush he got from finally touching you in this way.
You just might be his newest addiction.
The kiss concludes as he gives your ass a painful squeeze, digging his nails in once more.
Your walls flutter around his girth over and over whilst your bundle of nerves pulsates signalling that you’re so unbelievably close to reaching your third orgasm of the night. And Robert can sense this, hence why he slips his hand in between your bodies, pressing the pads of his fingers onto your delicate sex and rubbing firm circles to push you off that cliff and into a pool of ecstasy.
And just when you thought your body wasn’t capable of one more, you start to jerk as your nails dig into his back, dragging along and earning a hiss from him.
“Fuck” you breathlessly moan, shivering as he starts to slow his pace before eventually placing you back down to the ground.
Before you can even make sense of it, you’re kicking your heels off and pushing him backwards and onto the bed. Once he’s lying down and looking up at you, you join him. You get a proper glimpse of his cock in this position and you can’t help the hunger and lust that consumes you as you practically dive onto him, lining him up with your sore entrance.
Although your legs are shaking like you’ve had enough, it isn’t going to stop you from getting another taste of something sweet, after all they do say bad boys bring heaven to you and you’re more than happy for him to bring it to you all night long. 
You’re not entirely sure what’s gotten into you but as you discovered earlier, he’s awakened an animal inside of you and one thing you know for sure is that he’s corrupting you in all of the best ways. A change you’re more than happy with.
Robert just watches you with wide eyes as you straddle him and sink down, your pussy devouring every inch of his impressive size like it’s no big deal.
You start picking up your pace, riding him like it’s your job. All you want now after how many times he’s had you reaching your peak is for him to reach his so rather than allowing him to take over, you force him to lay back and relax. 
Surprisingly he does as he’s told which is rare for men like Robert who are so used to taking the reins and controlling the situation.
As you fuck yourself on his cock, Robert can’t keep his eyes off of you or your mind blowing breasts for that matter, the way they bounce as you do is enough to make him spill is load into you right here and now. So he decides it’s high time he stopped fighting it.
He sits up, still allowing you to ride him whilst he wraps his arms around your body “such a fucking whore for me, aren’t you?” he mutters, a small smile appearing as he forces you to look at him “yes daddy, only for you” you lick your lips, flicking your hair out the way as you make way for him to show your breasts some love.
He kneads at the soft globes with extra care before, starting to suck on one of your nipples. As he does this he rolls the other one between his index finger and thumb, massaging you gently before switching it up all while you’re juices are dripping down his shaft and to his balls causing him to moan in between kisses to your delicate skin.
“Keep going, s’close” he mumbles as he lies back down on the bed, allowing you do your thing and with each bounce he’s inching closer to that pleasure filled high, one that he’s been desperate for since the start of the night.
You continue to work him over, grinding in circles every couple of bounces to add something different to it until he inevitably reaches his end.
You feel his cock twitch inside of you, a movement that sends your walls fluttering before you start to clench down around him uncontrollably. And seconds later he spills himself inside of you, painting your walls with thick white ropes of cum. Thank god for birth control.
Still, you remain on top of him, your hands resting atop of his chest with his hands rested on your waist before he pulls you down and rolls you over so he has the upper hand.
“Don’t tell me you’re ready to go again already” you smirk, rolling your eyes as he chuckles.
“Would that be so bad?”
“Not necessarily but if you ever want me to recover then you’ll give me a while” you tap his shoulder before moving to get up. Your legs feel like jelly and you soon realise you’re gonna struggle to make it to the bathroom. So rather than standing up to pick up his shirt, you sit on the edge of the bed as you bend to retrieve it before slipping it on your upper body and buttoning it up.
“What if i don’t want you to recover?” he quips, leaving you with no comeback to dish out, only a soft giggle.
Robert slips his boxers back on before sitting up on his bed and reaching for the packet of cigarettes on his nightstand along with his lighter. He watches as you stand up, his shirt just about covers your ass and he can’t stop himself from watching as you strut out to the bathroom whilst he lights up the cigarette between his lips.
Suddenly all that he’s shamelessly said and done up until tonight to be able to have his wicked way with you hits him at once. Part of dating you in the first place was to get you into bed before he planned to toss you aside for another time but he knows now that he can’t do that. 
His well thought out plan has failed miserably but in the process of it failing, he’s discovered something much more pleasurable than any one night stand could have provided and thats you. Just having you around him makes him want to have you all the time and after what you just did with each other, he’s got that in the bag.
You make your way to the bathroom, using the time to pee and then splash some water on your face to rid yourself of the ruined make-up and on your way out you walk through the lounge just in time to answer the phone as it rings.
“Robert Pronge’s home” you smile into the phone as you look around to check if he heard which he didn’t.
“Who is this?” a woman's soft voice responds, she sounds troubled.
“It’s Y/N, a guest of Roberts, who’s this?”
“It’s Karen, is he home?” she sobs into the phone, alarming you instantly and stripping you of your post sex glow.
“Robert” you call and seconds later he rushes out to see you holding the phone out for him “it’s Karen, it sounds urgent” you inform him and he practically snatches the phone from your grasp.
A couple of ‘i’m sorry’s’ and ‘are you sure’s?’ are spoken before he finally bids the distraught woman goodbye and turns to you, sadness splashed all over his face.
“What’s happened?”
How can he ever explain to you what’s going on when you have absolutely know intel on who he really is and no idea what he does. However he’s lied through his teeth to you again and again so what’s one more added to the pile?
“A friend of mine passed away, he had cancer” he reveals, it’s not even a lie, James was technically a friend. But he still feels bad for withholding information from you when all he wants to do is be honest. And that never happens but now he’s dug himself this hole, he’s got no choice but to lie in it and keep it up. All he has to do is pray you never find out.
“Oh, i’m sorry” you frown before pulling him close to you for a hug. Your arms wrap around him in a way that feels strange and uncomfortable to him yet he allows you to continue because having you close means a lot to him.
Once you pull away you lead him back to the bedroom where the two of you sit on the edge of the bed. He reaches for the ashtray on the nightstand before taking the lit up cigarette between his index and middle finger. He takes a long drag of it, really inhaling the poisonous tobacco before blowing it out into the room. The smoke clouds your view and you could almost choke as you accidentally inhale some but you stop yourself. If this is how he unwinds and de-stresses then you’ll happily let him smoke a whole packet.
One thing is for sure now though and that’s that with you here, he’s not going to be alone in grieving for his friend. No one deserves to be alone in grief, especially since he’s probably going to be wrapped up in the initial shock of it all for quite some time.
“Did you want me to get you anything, a drink perhaps?” you offer, soothing his back with your hand as you lean into him.
“No, i’m fine” he shakes it off like it’s nothing but you can see right through him and his false stability.
“Is there anything at all that i can do?” you try once more, he turns to look at you, his hand moving to tuck a strand of hair away from your face.
A minute of silence falls upon the two of you and you find yourself wishing for some reprieve from his speechless state. This is certainly a first for you to experience but how does anyone cope with death? Everyone grieves in their own ways and if he wants to sit in silence then who would you be to complain.
Suddenly, his voice breaks your daze “i mean there is one thing” he then looks away and down at his crotch, a situation has evidently formed and you know what you have to do, if it helps in any way then you’ll happily do this for him. Besides, you’ve wanted to do this since you first saw his impressive size with your own eyes.
So without any questions you drop down to the floor, in between his legs just like he did earlier tonight for you. He watches you intently as he takes yet another drag of his cigarette, his brows furrowing as you pull at the hem of his boxers. He allows you to move them down his legs, freeing his now semi hard cock from its confines.
No words are spoken, no sounds are made. It’s just you and him sat in a blissful and comfortable silence whilst you bring him the pleasure he desperately needs.
Your hand wraps around his large and impressive size and you start to pump him slowly. Once you get a simple pace going, you decide to introduce him to your warm tongue but before you can even try his cigarette free hand grips a hold of your face and forces you to look up at him.
“You gonna suck daddy’s cock then huh? Make him feel better?” he questions, with a menacing tone, all you can manage is a shy nod as you swallow. Your eyes trained on him, waiting for his permission for you to go ahead but it never happens.
Instead he smirks “then beg me for it” five words that are causing arousal to flood to your needy and aching hole again, five words that have you shivering with excitement. Still you glance up at him, looking to him for some help, not that he’d ever help.
“Do i need to repeat myself?”
Your head shakes rapidly as you overthink in your head how the hell you’re ever going to beg but although you’ve never done this before, you’re going to give it your best shot.
“Please, let me suck your cock daddy. I need it so badly” you say, using your shy girl voice and flashing him your best puppy dog eyes, mentally slapping yourself and cringing at the embarrassment but despite thinking he was about to laugh at you, he doesn’t. He just gives you that wicked smile of his before demanding you beg for it again.
“Daddy, please may i suck your cock?”
This time he gives in, grabbing his size in his large free hand and inching you closer by pushing at the back of your head “make daddy proud, sweetness and show me what you got” he doesn’t have to tell you twice.
You start off slow by latching your mouth onto his soft balls, sucking one into your mouth and pumping his cock as you do so before switching to show the other one some attention, ensuring that you really taste him.
Breathless moans escape as he shifts in place, watching you still as you then lick from his balls and up the underside of his girthy cock, tongue gliding across every single prominent vein with such precision. 
Nothing would bring you more joy than to have him exploding into your mouth, filling it up with his sweet and salty arousal. You crave the feeling of it gliding down your throat as you swallow every last drop so that’s exactly what you intend to do.
Your mouth eventually reaches his eager red tip, pre cum oozing out of the slit. 
All of this just entices you to continue. You give him a couple of kitten licks to remove the pre cum before you finally take him into your mouth, making your way down until almost all of him is inside, deciding to pump whatever is left.
The more you cover him with your saliva, the faster you bob your head up and down until soon enough that same saliva is dripping from the corners of your mouth, dirtying you up, not that he minds. If anything he prefers it this way, the dirtier the better in his eyes.
“Look at you, my dirty little slut. All messed up from sucking daddy’s cock like a fucking porn star” your eyes latch onto his as you continue, making sure to never look away.
Soft, angelic sounds fill your ears and his mouth hangs open, actions that only spur you on further. One hand massages his balls whilst the other pumps as your tongue flattens against him and by the sound of his breathing when he blows out the smoke and the look on his face you can tell he is dangerously close.
“Such a dirty and pathetic whore, begging to suck my cock like that, huh? Begging like only whores do” he bucks his hips up in your face, fucking your mouth a little and causing you to gag.
Somehow even in this moment you can feel his confusion easing, his broken state subsiding. Your mouth acting as a healer and a distraction all in one. If you can help him in any way then you’ll always try to but rather than allowing you to make him cum, he pulls you up so that you’re straddling his lap.
Your mouth hangs open and he exhales the smoke directly into it. It causes your eyes to roll black and just as you come back to normality, his hand starts to wonder down south.
You know exactly what he wants so you let him take it.
“So fucking wet already, who’s this for then huh? All for daddy? Maybe begging is your style after all and i gotta say, i love it when my whore acts all pathetic and cock drunk”
Two of his thick nimble digits start to enter you suddenly and everything starts to feel hazy. Maybe it was the smoke from his cigarette or maybe it was the high you’re still on from the events of tonight but whatever it is, you love it.
He flips the two of you over so that you’re lying on your back with him hovering at the side of you, his fingers still seated up to his knuckles, his pace getting faster.
How did you pleasuring him even lead back to you in the first place? Any guy you’ve gone down on before have let you keep going until they came but not Robert. Maybe the only distraction he needs is to make you feel good.
You don’t say a word though, just lay there moaning under his touch.
As he gets to the point of no return, pushing you closer to the cliff edge, you can feel something new inside of you, something unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s bigger and more intense than the normal coil tightening that you get when you’re about to cum and suddenly as his thumb begins playing with your sensitive little button, a liquid erupts from your pussy. It covers his hand, the bed sheets and your inner thighs.
Shame and embarrassment consumes you simultaneously, so much so that you rush to cover your face until he stops you, preventing you from shying away again.
“You dirty girl, how come you didn’t tell me you could do that?” he inquires, removing his fingers from you.
“I didn’t even know i could” you shrug, smiling innocently and it’s that same innocent smile that got him hooked on you in the first place so it’s no surprise to either of you when he puts his cigarette out before getting on top and instantly inserting himself inside of you, hitting home way too easily.
“Do it again, sweetness. Just for daddy” his hands start getting rough with you as he explores your body once he unbuttons the shirt of his that’s covering it up too well.
His clothes on women have always bothered him until you, you look so great in his shirt that he decides to keep it on you, just unbuttoned so he can have unadulterated access to those perfect tits of yours.
You arch your back off the bed as your legs wrap around his waist, each thrust has you keening and begging for more. You can’t get enough of the full feeling you get when he’s inside of you.
“Take all of me, sweetness. Just. Like. That” he encourages as his arms snake underneath yours and around your shoulders before eventually wrapping around your throat. A gentle yet assertive squeeze makes you work harder as you continuously clench down around him and move to match the powerful and violent snap of his hips.
As his hands squeeze a little harder, he lowers his head so his lips can swallow yours in a hard and passionate kiss, your tongues colliding magically, lip smacking sounds matching the sound of his balls slapping your ass cheeks.
You feel the now familiar feeling approaching, getting stronger each time he bottoms out.
“Robert, i-i’m close” you sob, gripping onto his bulging biceps with need and once you snap, that same liquid gushes out, covering him and you all at once. 
His thrusts turn ragged and the snap of his hips turn to hard rather than quick.
You feel him twitch inside of you, growls and grunts like music to your ears as he cums with a frantic gasp. His mouth hangs open in surprise before he finally pulls out and collapses onto the bed beside you.
“Fuck, sweetness” he pants.
“That was crazy” you laugh, turning on your side to rest your head on his chest. He manoeuvres the two of you up the bed before wrapping his arm around, his index finger starts to draw circles on your shoulder and upper back.
“I’ve never had a squirter before” he confesses and this only gives you an ego boost, you’re feeling pretty satisfied with yourself that he’s experienced a first with you tonight.
“And i’ve never squirted before so i guess it’s a first for us both”
“I’m just glad i made that happen”
You hum your agreement before deciding to close your eyes for some rest, rest that he’s more than happy to join you in.
The sun dazzles through the bedroom window and onto the pillow you’re laying your head on, instantly cutting your peaceful slumber short. Your eyes flicker open then closed before you sit up and rub them, a movement next to you catches your attention and that’s when you see Robert laying there. The duvet just about covers up his god like body but his biceps bulge as he lays on his forearm behind his head. The events that occurred last night soon come flooding back and your lips curl up into a satisfied grin before you decide to sneak out of the room to make some coffee.
You button up that same shirt of his that you had on last night before scooting off of the bed and padding out quietly, trying your best not to wake him, after all he had some sad news last night. He deserves the rest.
As you enter the lounge you spy the mugs that were left out last night, the coffee still inside with maybe one sip taken from each at most. So you take them with you into the kitchen to empty them out and wash them before making fresh coffee.
It doesn’t take long before you head back into the bedroom with a fresh mug for the both of you, placing his one onto his nightstand before slipping back in beside him and taking a sip of yours after blowing on the hot liquid. You feel him shift next to you, stirring a little before speaking up.
“Good morning” his raspy morning voice is rather chipper as opposed to his deep gravelly voice last night as he fed you all of that dirty talk.
“Good morning handsome, i made coffee” you respond, placing your own mug down so that you can lean over him to retrieve his before handing it to him as he sits up. His eyes scan your face and body, taking in every last detail. 
The way your hair is messed up and all over the place, the way his shirt looks on you and last but not least, the sincere look in your eyes as your cheerful smile fuels his own. You’ve always been this beacon of light for him, this angel that is and always will be way too good for the likes of him, yet you shine your light his way and engulf him in your attention.
However, just because he doesn’t deserve it doesn’t mean he won’t do whatever it takes to keep a solid grasp on it. No one and nothing can ever take you away from him now.
You continue to sip your coffee and stare at each other with eyes full of happiness, happiness that you’ve not felt in such a long time. How you managed to turn a man so hell bent on avoiding relationships into a man that is clearly into the idea of having one with you, you’ll never know but you’re more than ecstatic about it.
“I think that was quite possibly the best sleep i’ve had in a long time” he confesses after finishing his coffee and placing the mug back onto the nightstand. You can’t help but put yours down too before you lie back down and cuddle into him. His strong and protective arm wraps around you in a way that makes you feel like nothing could ever harm you or even attempt to, a feeling you’ve certainly not felt since you were a teenager around your parents. 
God, if only they could see you now, truly content and living life the way you want to.
“Me too, it’s crazy how fast time has flown. If you’d have told me when we first met that i’d be laying in bed with you this morning after a night like last night then i’d have called you insane and refused to believe it” you giggle, nestling your head into the crook of his neck.
“Why’s that?” he asks, nudging you so that you look at him.
“Because before with men i rarely gave them anything until i knew they were serious about me or until we were officially a couple. But somehow with you i didn’t feel the need to follow my usual rules, i just went with the flow and did exactly what i wanted”
You’ve always been the good girl, the innocent one but last night you proved that you don’t need to be that way to have a clear conscience, you can still live how you want to live and have a clear mind.
When you first met Robert, he screamed trouble and all you’ve done since then is think about him, stress about if he likes you or if his intentions are pure but now that you’ve been with him in such an intimate way, that’s all washed away with the waves. You feel liberated and wanted. Doing what you want and what makes you feel good has cleared all of your worries away. And it feels amazing to say the least
“Well i’m glad i’m the one you want” he admits, surprising himself at his fluffy talk, he’s not soft one bit but why with you does he transform into an entirely different person? You make him want to be a better man, not that it’ll be possible in the slightest now, he’s in too deep but he can always try to be a better man around you. Show you the side that you want to see.
One things for sure though and that’s that now he has to work overtime to protect you from his rival mob and any enemies that may want to get their dirty hands on you to fuck with him.
James has had issues with another mob for years, they always try to poach his clients or his employees and one time they even tried to get to Karen to get him to cough up one of his best workers. That was before Robert joined on but even so, it was a huge fucking incompetence. He managed to get Karen back safely without any damage but it’s the principle of the matter. Karen was everything to him and they knew that, hence why they targeted her in the first place.
If word gets out that Freezy has gone soft for a woman, not to mention a woman with no knowledge of his real career, it’ll destroy all of James’s work within weeks maybe even days. So he has to do whatever he can to keep you under-wraps and out of harms way.
You watch his face as he speaks, his eyes glancing down at yours occasionally and before you can even stop yourself you press your lips to his in a quick yet soft kiss, his eyes close before yours do and once you break away, he forces you onto your back.
“What’re you doing?” you ask, a teasing element in your tone as you smirk up at him.
“Oh i’m continuing on from last night unless of course you have a problem with that?” he raises his brows at you as he hovers above, hands touching you all over. All you can do is smile some more before you shake your head and wrap your arms loosely around his neck.
“No objections your honour”
He disappears underneath the covers and you feel him undo the buttons on the shirt that’s been covering your modesty so far and the second your body is exposed to him, his mouth starts to suck and bite your soft flesh, earning him a squeal or two.
What a way to start the day...
Robert pulls up to your house, dropping you off so that he can finally start the working day. He may or may not be an hour late due to taking part in extra curricular activities with you in his bed and although he was cursing when he realised he was late, he didn’t seem to mind as you finished him off with your pretty little mouth. You near enough sucked the life out of him, making him shoot his load down your throat as he grunted loudly. And you must say, you were thoroughly pleased with yourself afterwards, the way he was unable to move for a minute or two showed you that your head game was unlike anything he’s ever encountered.
Before you get out you discuss plans for when you’re next going to see each other but the conversation ends with him promising you he’ll call when he’s finished with work today and you trust that he will.
He pulls on your arm to get you closer so that he can cup your face in his hands and kiss you, his lips tangle with yours and you swear you can see fireworks as you close your eyes. As he rests his forehead to yours, you bid him a swift goodbye, pressing a chaste kiss to his cheek, his beard tickling you once again, a feeling you can’t seem to get enough of.
“Speak to you later” you get out and head to your front door, pushing the key into the lock and turning it.
“Laters, sweetness” he shouts, beeping his horn and pulling away just as you turn to look at him.
The second you get into your house, you squeal like a school girl just getting her first kiss. 
You never even knew dating could be this exciting and truth be told, neither did Robert. He was too blind to the perks of it, being that his father never treated his mother right or even gave her an ounce of respect. 
The only example of true love he’s had came from Karen and James. The amount of times he watched Karen be there for James and take care of him and he did the same with her. They loved each other with everything they had and now he can see the hype around it. Well, sort of...
Last night was incredible but he’s not entirely sure he’s ready to make anything official just yet, after all he is still testing out this commitment bullshit, so far he likes it but he still has his doubts that it’ll work out just fine with no obstacles in his way.
After a seemingly difficult morning involving issues with your shower, you finally arrive at work wearing a red sundress and tennis shoes. Lana struts into the staff room just after you, shoving her things into her locker before closing the door and leaning on it.
“So...” she hums, catching your attention as you close your locker too “so...” you hum, reciprocating the same level of enthusiasm as she had before Jenny calls out for you two to join her.
You strut out, a little spring in your step as you walk to stand behind the counter whilst Jenny opens up the shop doors for the customers. Two women enter and immediately head over to the lingerie, giggling like teenagers usually do as they browse the various colours.
“So are you planning on telling us how the second date went or not, you’re killing us here” Lana stands, hands on her hips as Jenny nudges you, pushing you further for answers to which you giggle like a teenager too. 
You really want to tell them everything but you cannot for the life of you wrap your own head around any of it yourself. So much happened, so many realisations, so many feelings, so much sex. 
You learnt more about him in that whole entire night than you have in the short time that you’ve known him, he’s a closed off person to say the least but being with him in all of those ways had you feeling close to not only him but his soul too. It’s hard to explain to everyone else but you’re pretty sure he felt it.
That you’re not just dating and getting to know one another but more that you’re just re introducing yourselves and your souls were previously together in another life. He had your body doing things its never done before, had you feeling things you’ve never felt before and had you moaning and keening in new ways.
It’s all just hazy and unique to anything you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing and it’s also something you want to have forever now that you’ve finally got it.
He is the love you’ve spent your entire life searching for, all consuming.
“Well, put it this way, i spent the night” your words have them squealing again, the sound causing you to wince before rushing to cover your ears a little, they spot your discomfort and stop with Lana mouthing a quick ‘i’m sorry’ but you’re not mad. It must be exciting for them too. 
They’ve watched Roberts infatuation with you unfold and develop, they’ve encouraged his flirting and yours too. Hell, Jenny even helped you get ready for your first date with him, they are just as invested in this as you are. Besides, they’ve had to watch you date and encounter some rather large douche bags. 
Men that were simply too childish to even be considered men. So it must be nice for them to watch you finally be happy.
“Please, if that’s all you got for us then i’ll be disappointed, tell us more” Jenny urges before excusing herself to serve the two women that entered just as she opened up the shop while Lana throws a whole bunch of questions at you
“What was it like?”
“Did he go down on you?”
“Did you go down on him?”
“Did you actually manage to cum because guys are terrible with that?”
“How long were you guys at it?”
“How many times?”
“Are you going to see him again?”
When Jenny finally turns her focus back to you, she gestures to Lana “so, which question are you going to answer first?”
“Okay okay. It was amazing, mind blowing actually. Yes he went down on me, not for long the first time but the second time, oh boy and yes i went down on him too. Yes i came and i can’t even remember how long we were at it because it honestly felt like the whole night. We did it three times and yes i’m going to see him again... happy now?” you laugh, raising your brows at the pair, both of them giddy and smiling ear to ear, you can’t help but do the same.
“How big?” Jenny purses her lips, leaning on the counter as she asks, her question might be pushing a couple boundaries though. Since she’s met Robert and is bound to see him again, it’s hard to reveal something so personal. But something tells you that Robert wouldn’t mind being the topic of conversation between three ladies.
“Big, too big and just... wow” you find yourself picturing his size in your mind, smiling with eyes glazed over as you also remember how it felt the first time he bottomed out inside of you, then your mind takes you back to yesterday when he started things up again. The way his hands held your body like they were always supposed to, the way his tongue pleasured you endlessly until you were quite literally a withering mess was so intense yet you enjoyed every last second. Even now, it’s all you crave.
You’re dying to be back in his arms, naked in bed as his hands wonder down south, as his lips latch onto the spot between your neck and collarbone.
All of a sudden the voices of your friends bring you back.
“Earth to Y/N”
“What? Sorry, i got lost for a second there” you admit, heat spreading up your neck and to your face.
“We asked about those marks on your neck”
“Omg, he left those didn’t he?” they gasp in unison, you just nod, unable to get a single audible word out as you cover your face out of embarrassment.
“Y/F/N YOU KINKY LADY” they tease, nudging you again and making you throw your hands up in surrender.
“You two are nosy and annoying, i’m gonna go and tidy up the store” you then strut off, leaving them singing something about you and Robert getting married but you ignore it to get on with your job, since you don’t get paid to stand around and gossip about your new and exciting love/sex life. You get paid to work.
Not that you mind the interrogation but it’s making you miss him, you’ve not seen him since yesterday mid day when he dropped you home and he’s not called either but you’ve just put it down to him being busy with work or maybe he just wants to give you your space. Who knows? Whatever it is though, you can’t deny how much you like him or how strong your feelings are, they run so deep that you’re drowning in them. 
He has you so far gone that you doubt you’ll ever be able to come back to any sense of normality.
That’s just what sex does to females though, despite the cliches that are always spoken and written about, it’s true what they say. The moment any woman experiences intimacy in that sense, they get attached to the man that provided it. It’s only normal, you just hope he feels the same way as you.
Whilst you stand around, dreaming of him and the moment you get to have his lips on your skin once again, Robert is back in his office, meeting with Lance and Bryce about the job from the other night.
“Now, here’s fifty grand for your boys, then as promised, one hundred for you” Bryce slams the three envelopes onto the desk before sliding them over to Robert who just shoots him the death stare.
“Careful now Bryce, anyone would think you could handle these crimes yourself the way you’re looking to get dropped” Robert scoffs, opening each enveloped to count the cash as Bryce sighs, sitting down in one of the chairs and slouching.
“Seems like everything is in order, you can fuck off now” he says, glancing up at the pair of them but rather than leaving, Bryce stands up “who the fuck do you think you are? James? Because you’re far from it Freezy so if i we-“
“If what? What are you gonna do Bryce? you can barely handle your own fucking business so don’t come in here shouting your mouth off”
Lance tugs on Bryce’s arm, in hopes that he’ll get him to budge but to no avail, he just walks around the desk as Robert stands, squaring up to him. Toe to toe. Granted Robert is taller and more muscular than he is but Bryce has never been one to show fear.
“If i were you, i’d be a bit more careful how i speak to others”
“And why’s that prick?” Robert challenges him, stepping closer, causing Bryce to back up a little.
“Because you could flush this business down the drain in days if you’re not careful or worse, get arrested”
“Ha, that’s funny. You really think i’m scared of you or anything you could do” he starts, pulling the revolver from the holster attached to his upper body “you wanna try that again, cunt? Go right ahead, make another threat because i can assure you, they are nothing but empty and meaningless words to me. I could have you dead in seconds if you push my buttons one more time”
“Bryce, he’s not worth it. Let’s go” Lance tugs his arm and he finally turns to leave but not before Robert pulls the trigger, shooting the wall next to the pair as they head for the exit.
They both near enough jump out of their skin.
“What the fuck was that for, we’re leaving aren’t we?” Lance protests.
“Yeah, you’re right you are leaving but let that be a lesson to you and make sure you remember it because i won’t tell either of you again” Robert shouts back, keeping the gun in his hand as he watches them leave and close the door behind them.
His authority has well and truly been asserted.
After four days of pacing past the phone in your lounge, you finally decided to bite the bullet and pick it up. With your hands shaking heavily, you dial his number before resting the phone to your ear and awaiting the sound of his voice.
“Pronge” he says, more like a question and completely unaware of what it does to you. But then again, he’s completely unaware of a lot of things, like the way you’re falling so dangerously hard for him that there is bound to be at least one casualty once you reach the floor. Or the way that you’re barely hanging on by a very thin thread every time his skin collides with yours or his lips kiss yours beautifully.
“Robert, it’s Y/N” you squeak, voice timid as you announce your identity to him, his breathing switches up before he clears his throat. The noise sounds distant as he does so, he must have moved it away so the noise didn’t bother you.
“Hi, uh, look about me not calling-“
“It’s fine, i’ve been pretty busy myself” you share, hoping you don’t sound pathetic because in reality, you’ve not been all that busy, you’re only saying that so you don’t come across as some clingy and crazy woman who is attached to him, desperate for his declaration of feelings for you.
So rather than acting that way, you brush it off like it’s no big deal. It’s for the best. Things are only just starting to take off with the two of you and he’s never been in this situation before, he’s new to this and most likely terrified. You have to go easy on him.
“Look, i just called to ask if you had any plans tonight?” you bite the bullet before waiting anxiously, unsure of his response or if he even wants to see you again. Sure, he’s made it abundantly clear that he has feelings for you but that doesn’t mean a thing unless he’s actually down to be with you properly. Does he even want a relationship anymore? He told you he’d never seen the point of them until you, but men have lied to you previously.
Okay, now you’re truly overthinking this, working yourself up into a frenzy for no reason at all. You have to calm down and let him answer.
A couple more seconds pass before he speaks “i actually have plans tonight but i should be done around say 8, why what’s on your mind?” you can hear the menacing and sensual tone in his voice, you know that voice like the back of your hand now.
“I wanted to invite you over for dinner, i was planning to cook. If that’s alright with you and 8 is fine for that, actually it’s perfect” you ramble excitably, a small part of you praying he doesn’t cringe at your eagerness.
“So, i’ll stop by when i’m done with my prior commitments then?” he asks, humming before you respond “yes, that’ll be great”
“See you later then, sweetness” and with that he hangs up, causing your legs to turn to jelly all over again. The moment you attempt to walk to your kitchen, you immediately struggle. You grip onto the nearest flat surface, your entire body shaking with both nerves and elation. He’s coming to your home to eat dinner and possibly stay the night if all goes well.
But just as that fact hits you, you glance around at the mess covering the lounge. You know for another fact that your bedroom isn’t much better either, in fact it’s worse. You have to get started on the food first and whilst it’s cooking, you can clean.
This house will be gleaming by the time he enters it, you can bet money on that.
You gather up all of the cleaning products first before cracking on with desert for your meal. You’re making brownies, everyone loves brownies so it’s impossible to go wrong on that front. After you pour the mixture into the baking tray and place them into the preheated oven you take a moment for yourself to just think.
You’re really cooking for a man, a man you like. This is huge.
However unbeknownst to you, his plans aren’t what you might think. In fact they will involve his trusty revolver and him paying a little trip to visit an old friend of his.
And whilst you get cleaning, waiting for the brownies to cook, you decide to turn the radio on and add a little more fun to the already boring chores. You start off with shoving all of your dirty laundry into the basket, ready for the launderette tomorrow. Next you move on to vacuuming the entire ground floor before the second floor.
By the time you finish up, the time is 5:00pm and now that the brownies are done and cooling, you have just enough time to get started on the main course. Spaghetti and meatballs. Simple yet tasty. It’s also one of very few dishes that you have perfected, some other dishes need a little more work but practice makes perfect, right?
Taking the fresh mince meat in the mixing bowl, you add the seasoning before mixing it in with your hands until it’s all together. Next you start to separate it, using your hands again to shape each section into decent sized balls before placing them onto the baking tray and preheating the oven.
As you get started on the sauce, Robert is pulling up to a public park, one that’s far away from your house. He checks his mirrors before stepping out and walking towards the huddle of benches, one of which is currently occupied by a man.
He approaches, straightening his posture before he gets there and as he sits down next to him, he can see the poor bloke struggling to contain his shakes.
“Evening Briggs” Robert greets, pulling his packet of cigarettes out, he even offers him one but he kindly declines.
“Freezy” is all he says before turning his head to get a quick look at his former friend and now the atmosphere between them is rigid, uncomfortable even. 
Briggs holds one hand over the other in hopes that his shakes will calm but to no avail and this alone gives Robert added confidence that tonight will go his way.
“So you got the money for me? Or are we still making those counterfeit excuses?” Robert asks, lighting up the cigarette as it sits pretty between his lips. He takes a long drag of it before blowing the smoke into Briggs’ face, causing him to cough.
“I just need a little longer, my daughter needed new shoes for ballet and our rent needed to be paid, i swear. I’ll get it to you soon, i just n-“
“How long?”
“A month” Briggs blurts out fearfully, his heart beat picking up speed until he’s dam sure it’s about to explode and jump out of his chest, leaving him for dead. 
He knows all too well what happens when Freezy doesn’t manage to collect his debt but somehow he arrived at the park with high hopes that he’d show him mercy, maybe since he’s known Robert a long time. And so far, he’s got his mind fixated on that coming true.
That is until Robert laughs. His shoulders move, he almost chokes as he takes another drag of his cigarette. The noise is so bellowing that he wouldn’t be surprised if passers by could hear him. But that’s when he stops, turning to face his old friend.
“You’re funny Briggs, i’ll give you that” he starts, slipping his hand inside of his jacket to pull out his gun subtly “but i don’t really give a shit about that, i want what i’m owed and yet again you’ve turned up empty handed. Now, i’ve tried to be patient with you but i’m all out, your times up”
Robert then lifts his hand up as he holds the gun, finger on the trigger before suddenly shooting Briggs in the stomach once. He grips onto his wound for dear life, as if that will save him now.
“No need for that money now anyway” and with that he shoots him once more but this time in the head. Blood splatters all over the park bench and Briggs slips off of the seating, falling onto the ground with a heavy thud.
The sun is starting to set, slowly but surely and it’s now 6:30pm. So he lifts Briggs up by his arms and he starts to drag him back to his van. Once he gets there he shoves him in the back before stepping in himself and closing the doors, he starts off by shoving him into a body bag and by the time he’s done, into thr freezer he goes. This van will always come in handy.
“I tried to warn you pal, you just don’t listen” Robert tuts as he gets into the drivers seat, he pushes the key into the ignition before reversing and pulling out of the park. If he’s going to get to yours for eight then he really needs to clean himself up and get his old friend to the warehouse.
Right now, he’s living a double life or so it feels that way. He’s telling you one thing and doing another. He’s told too many lies to keep track off but the beauty of it is that Robert has spent his entire life telling lies, weaving webs so tangled that even the cops couldn’t unravel them. 
So he highly doubts that you’ll ever figure any of this out. Still though, he can’t help but feel a tinge of guilt for leading you astray, making you believe he’s something that he isn’t. Hopefully that guilt subsides soon because he can’t let you slip away now, so he’ll either have to buck up or out himself and the latter is definitely not an option. You’re too innocent and delicate to handle the real him, the true monster within.
7:40pm and all of the food is done, minus the spaghetti of course but Robert isn’t here yet so there’s still time to get it started. The homemade tomato sauce smells delicious, the brownies both look and taste better than you’ve ever made them and the wine is on the dining room table, ready for you to pour once he gets here. You weren’t sure if he’d want something stronger so you decided it was best to get in some Jameson too. Everything is near enough perfect now and the closer the hands on that clock get to eight, the more elevated you feel.
It’s been a long four days and all you want to do is kiss him. Although you did promise yourself you wouldn’t turn into one of those crazy girls, you know the kind of girls who sleep with the man they like and turn clingy. But somehow, you find it hard to believe that you’ll ever be able to act casual and nonchalant around him now, not after that night. 
Everything changed that night, he knows it too. You just hope he accepts your affection once he arrives.
Robert just about managed to get the body back to the warehouse on time but even then he was cutting it a bit fine. So rather than starting the decomposing process early on, he had to shove the heavy bastard into bigger freezer for the night. He had to get back home to change before heading out to yours. He shoved on his usual pants and another flamboyant dress shirt before grabbing his belt and shoes too. On the way out of the door however, he foolishly grabbed the same jacket he’d worn earlier, a decision that he might regret later on....
You hang your old apron up onto one of the spare hooks that is attached to the kitchen door just as a knock at the front door rings in your ears. He’s here, you gush to yourself as you pad out into the hallway to answer it and once you see him standing there, hands in his brown leather jacket, you feel the arousal pooling.
“Hey” you greet him, stepping aside to welcome him into your ancestral home but after you close the door and go to kiss him, you find that he’s already finding his own way into the well decorated lounge.
“Something smells good” he smirks, shimmying out of his jacket and hanging it on the back of one of the chairs at the table.
“Yeah, i cooked spaghetti, i hope that’s alright and i also made brownies” his eyes light up at the mention of the worldwide loved dessert.
“Brownies huh? Daddy’s in luck tonight then” there it is again, that nickname. It’s like he’s trying to make you forget about dinner and lead straight to the sex.
But rather than getting caught up with everything, you clear you throat before excusing yourself to go check on the pasta that’s cooking away in the scolding hot water on the stove. 
You put a lot of effort into tonight, into the food and the cleaning so you have to keep yourself together, or at least just long enough to finish eating. Once the spaghetti has been devoured, you’re all his and he’s all yours. You want to try your best to contain yourself and the burning desire to jump his bones right now and have him balls deep inside of you as you kiss him hard.
God, what has he turned you into?
You dread to think how silly you must look right now, flushed, flustered and as horny as one person can ever really be.
As you stir the spaghetti, you find yourself squeezing your legs together tight, giving yourself the tiniest bit of relief before you dish the food up and have to face him. Knowing you’ll have to spend an entire meal holding yourself back is going to be torturous and Robert feels the same.
When you opened your door to him, wearing a little black dress that left very little to the imagination, he was immediately aroused by you. From your head all the way down to your toes, you are the definition of true beauty. A goddess even. And after getting his wicked way with you four days ago, he’s thought of nothing else but your skin on his, how it felt to have your tight snatch wrapped around his cock, squeezing him for all he’s worth, milking him dry.
“This looks incredible” his voice breaks you from your corrupt thoughts as you begin dishing up the food “well, i hope you’re hungry” you smile, picking up both plates and shuffling past him to get to the lounge and dining area, your ass brushing his crotch area briefly since the entryway to the next room is small to say the least.
Robert sucks in a deep breath, trying his best not to let the other head on his body do all the decision making. Instead he follows you through and takes a seat at the table that you’re already sat down at. The food presented well on the plate, enticing. But that’s not the only thing he’ll be eating tonight and both of you know it.
You lock eyes with him, the intensity of his stare has you shifting in your seat and shying away occasionally but still you try to evert your eyes back to his dreamy blue orbs that have had your knees weak and your focus completely on him. It’s like your vision blurs the world out whenever he’s around and it’s something you welcome with open arms, even though you shouldn’t since you tend to lose focus on everything else.
“This food is...” he kisses the tips of his fingers, moaning his appreciation and clearly gifting you a compliment. Like you’ve said before, your cooking receives a boat load of compliments but if this is how he is reacting to the spaghetti then you’re excited to see how the brownies go down.
“I’m glad you like it” you murmur, pursing your lips before taking another large bite of your food. He’s right, the food is nice but you can’t find your appetite for it.
Random conversation fills the space between chewing and sips of alcohol, his Jameson and your wine. You’re glad you got in another option now.
“So what have you done today?” you ask, curiosity pricking at your brain, seeing as he mentioned on the phone about his plans before seeing you.
Robert feels you prodding at his unravelable web but for an experienced liar, of course he’s already conjured up a lie to feed you. A lie you’ll never see through. 
Sometimes he questions if he should feel bad for involving you in his life, especially when you could get any man you like with that beautiful face of yours. But you’ve chosen him, who would he be to turn you away when you’re so perfect?
“I was with James’ wife, Karen. You know, my friend who passed away” okay sure, evil thing to do, royally fucked up. Bringing his late boss into this, using his passing as an excuse is horrible. But what else could he have said, he’s hardly Mr Popular and you know about his family, or the PG, non illegal version of it so James was all he had left. And judging by the sad expression on your face, the way it softens as you lock eyes with him, it’s working.
Rather than speaking a word you put your cutlery down, reaching your arm across the table  and resting your hand over his, using it as your way of being there for him. Death is hard for anyone to handle but you’ve never been oblivious to how most men handle it, your dad was the same. He constantly told you he was fine but when you turned your back, you’d overhear his broken cries and not so silent prayers to be reunited with your mom.
Somehow men believe they are viewed as weak if they show any raw emotion, but that’s not the case. Or at least it isn’t for you, you believe that everyone has a right to be vulnerable without judgement, even men.
He sighs loudly, almost like he’s fed up of the false sympathetic looks but something tells you he knows yours is as genuine as they come. You always want him to rely on you, come to you to talk about things that bother him and lean on you but you can’t force it. He has to want it too and seeing as he was so reluctant to date you in the first place, you won’t be surprised if that takes a little longer to happen. 
He said it himself on your first date, he doesn’t do dating, romance or monogamy.
Counting yourself lucky that he still wants to try in the first place, you give his hand a quick squeeze before shuffling in your chair and reaching for his plate. He stops you before you can take it though.
“No, let me take these, you cooked the food” Robert insists, yet again shocking himself at is chivalry. You really are doing quite the number on him. You smirk as you give him the go ahead and he stands up, pushing his chair back as he does so. His brown leather jacket falls off of the back of his chair as he takes a step toward the kitchen. That’s when you notice a small piece of folded up paper, it must have fallen out of his pocket when the jacket fell.
You rise to your feet and over to it, picking it up.
“What’s this?” you ponder out loud more to yourself than to him but he catches it just about, turning to face you with the plates still in his hands. Once Robert catches a glimpse of the paper in your hand, panic sets in.
“Where did you get that?” he asks, remaining calm and putting on his best poker face.
“It fell from your jacket as you knocked it over, what is it?” you start as you unfold the paper before noticing a bunch of what looks like names scribbled down messily “Bryce, Lance, Briggs, Andy, Johnny. Why do you have names written down and why is Briggs crossed off?” you peak back up at him through your lashes and then back down at the list “Carter, Ben, Vince” you read more names off of the list before he irritably snatches the paper from your grasp, the action causing you to furrow your brows in confusion.
“It’s nothing, just a list of people i had down for an interview. Some days can be busier than others in the van so i was looking for some help. That Briggs guy didn’t show the other day so i crossed him out” silence falls upon the two of you for a moment before he picks the plates back up from the table “so... how about those brownies then” he eagerly suggests and suddenly you snap out of your confusion, following him into the kitchen.
You place the brownies on a bigger plate before carrying them into the lounge and putting them onto the coffee table as you take a seat on the couch. He joins you seconds later. 
His body is so close to yours and you can feel the heat radiating off of him, you’re almost certain he can feel it coming from you too. The way he stares you down intently, eyes following yours and everywhere they look, even when they shy away.
To Robert, you’re the most interesting woman he’s ever had the pleasure of meeting. You’re insecurities are very much visible as they eat away at all shreds of confidence that starts to build on the inside but he can’t imagine why a woman of your calibre would ever doubt herself. 
However, if he were to take a look inside of your messy and crowded brain as well as your past then he’d see why you are the way you are. Your only examples of what you thought unconditional love was from an intimate relationship was your ex mistreating you and barely making you feel like you were enough for him. 
In fact you brought more pleasure upon yourself than any man ever had before Robert came along.
Now he’s here, you’re certain you won’t need to brave the dating scene again or at least, you’re hoping so.
“Let’s see if these are just as good as the main course” he picks a brownie up, breaking it in half before bringing the slice up to his kissable lips, parting them to insert the brownie in. You watch him chew, lips pursed as you await his judgement but once he closes his eyes and groans you know he’s pleased with the outcome of your baking.
“These are quite something, when did you learn to cook?”
“I’ve always baked and enjoyed cooking, i guess my mom taught me well” you feel heat spread through your cheeks as you try your best to take the compliments that he just wont stop dishing out.
“She did indeed” he seconds it, before finishing off the other half of the brownie and leaning back on the couch. His arm rests around the back, so close to your body that you’re desperate to feel it on your bare shoulder.
The simplest of touches, you crave.
“I’m glad you loved them, i’ve had a lot of compliments from friends” you add, scanning the room before that same inevitable force draws your eyes back to him like an invisible magnet.
“Well i’m not surprised, they are certainly very delicious, i mean, not as delicious as that snatch of yours, sweetness but they’ll do for now” the obscenity spilling from his unfiltered mouth has your own watering until you gulp as you swallow. 
The effect he has on your body is undeniable to both you and him, god you never even knew sex could be like this, so thrilling and pleasurable. Fuck you never even knew that sexual tension was a thing either until Robert. But boy is it real, it’s more real than the brick walls that make up your house and you can feel it, it’s a force so heavy that it’s almost like you’ve never relieved it. 
When in reality, you relieved it four days ago, somehow though, your body just can’t get enough.
You’ve had a taste and your body yearns for more.
Slowly you can recall how he initiated everything last time, his flirty comments, his teasing touches and those lips. But this time, you feel like making a change. So you start off by gripping his bicep as he rests his face in his hand.
“Really? How about you tell me more” you propose, raising your eyebrow at him and luring him in with your captivating smile. He brings out your naughty side, that’s for sure. Which even Robert has claimed that every woman has their own naughty side, they just need the right man to bring it out of them and he is that man for you without a doubt.
“I can show you better than i can tell you” his words have you biting your lip as you squeeze his bicep whilst your other hand grips at his thigh desperately. 
You hike your leg over it as you remove your hand and he can’t keep his eyes off of your dress and how it’s riding up your thigh. Little black dresses are perfect for women with bodies like yours and he thanks god that you decided to wear one tonight.
“So show me, then”
His hand assists you in hiking your leg up more until before you know it you’re straddling his lap. You giggle as his hands grip your ass, splaying across your soft globes as he helps you grind over his crotch. The moment you feel something poking you, you grind your hips on your own, your hands finding purchase on his chest.
The trouble with men like Robert Pronge is that they know the power that they possess, they are well aware of the intimidation their presence holds and they are certain that whatever they want, they can get, no questions asked. And he’s proving all of that to be true now, taking what he wants from your body as his hands give your waist a dominating squeeze.
“That’s it, sweetness. Grind yourself on my cock” he encourages, spewing pure filth as per usual “you know how much i like that” he chuckles, pushing the dress up over your ass, exposing it and the lacy thong that sits in between your ass cheeks.
“Woah, what’s this we have here?” his rhetorical question makes you want to hide your face in the safe and warm crook of his neck, his veins bulging now but not so fast.
His nimble digits trail the thong all the way until he feels it disappear into your ass but now he wants more, so he spreads them. He slips your panties to the side gently yet forcefully simultaneously, it’s almost like he’s consumed by you and everything about you just like you are with him. 
You both fail to hide your obvious obsession and right now, you don’t want to hide. You’re through with running and denying the effect he clearly has on you.
You purr lazily as you feel his head nuzzling into the valley between your breasts, taking the time to inhale your scent “smell so good” he acknowledges, as if you aren’t aware of the power your perfume holds, still you take the compliment and grasp it tight with both hands before holding onto him for dear life. 
His nose nudges at the material covering you up detestably “works of art like you should never be concealed” his words, an order for you to follow.
But all you can do is bat your eyelashes at him, doing your best to suppress that feeling of giddiness before it takes control of your brain and makes all of the decisions for you. Although you know he’d never want you to. Robert wants to hear everything, see everything. Everything from the music your mouth concocts without your knowledge to the way your body moves on its own accord. He cherishes the way he draws it all from you effortlessly
Once he manages to free your breasts, he presses two chaste kisses, one to each before devouring one entirely. His mouth sucks on your hardened and sensitive nipple as if he were on death row and your body were to be his final meal but still it’s nothing compared to how he dined on your pussy and ass four days ago. Which your mind has been unable to erase since it’s been replaying on a continuous loop, something that’s spurred on your own unholy needs to touch yourself as images of him touching and teasing you invaded your mind in flashbacks.
Again, what has he turned you into?
“Oh, Robert” you whimper, toppling forward and dangling your breasts in his face, suffocating him gloriously. Your fingers start to tug on his earlobe as all kinds of noises escape and as he comes up for air you join him in gasping. You latch your mouth onto his neck suddenly, tongue and teeth licking and nipping at his pale white flesh hungrily as you make your way up to his earlobe. 
Your teeth sink into it lightly, giving him just enough but not too much as your hands on his forearms around you feel the goosebumps form.
Robert feels the hair on the back of his neck stand to attention as your mouth makes a desperate mess of him unalike his usual dominating, cocky and self assured persona that he struts around with. 
You’re changing him too, although you’re certain that’s what he’s doing to you, you’re not the only one contorting to the ways of your new lover. 
His heart beat starts to match your own, rapidly thumping against the skin of your chest and building up the moment all the more until you call it quits, giving in pathetically by crashing your lips to his. 
His teeth clank against yours but neither of you care to notice as your tongues collide feverishly, his warm hands dance all over your skin as he tries to tear this black dress off of your body to access more of your desirable skin.
“I got this” you say, confidently as you move off of him and rise to your feet. You kick the heels off before dragging the thin straps of your dress down, taking it one arm at a time as you look down at him alluringly. 
Once they are halfway down your bicep you push the dress down your body, shimmying to get out of it, the movement causes your breasts to move. Robert certainly doesn’t miss that. He can’t rip his eyes away. Right now, if this room was full of people, not one person would look away either. You command his attention with your lustful eyes and boy do you have it, undivided and in buckets.
He can’t help the gulp that accidentally occurs as you saunter back over to him, stepping out of your dress that’s in a pool at your feet before straddling him once more. Your thong is the only thing left on you but that’s bound to change soon.
“God, where did you come from?” he wonders out loud, eyes scanning your face and secretly remembering every final detail in the off chance you were to ever desert him. 
His hand grips your face aggressively “so fucking precious” his voice low and raspy, his breathing heavy until he’s manoeuvring the two of you until your laying on your back on the couch and he’s in between your legs.
“Mhm, please” you plead, begging him for some reprieve to your aching core, and after the events of tonight that lead you to this very moment, he knows to go easy on you but first... he has to breathe you in and worship you.
His kisses scatter your inner thighs, making you squirm to push him for more until he dives right in all of a sudden. His skilful tongue laps at your folds before inevitably settling on your sensitive button. The tip of his tongue begins to circle it delicately until you buck your hips up into his face “anyone would think you enjoy being spanked”
“Why don’t you do it and find out?” you challenge, hooking your leg around the back of his neck to pull him back to you and his long eyelashes flutter against your mound as he presses a kiss to it before sucking on your pussy, no spot left dry,
“You’re a dirty girl, sweetness. Very dirty indeed” he smirks, mumbling each time he comes up for air.
You reach your hands into his hair, lifting it out of his face and gripping onto the strands at his scalp roughly as he shakes his head into your pussy. His beard scratches you harshly but you welcome it and every time he moves away from you the feel of him remains, convincing you that he’s still down there pleasuring you.
“Only for you daddy”
The look in his eyes turns from lustful to feral and before you know it he’s stripping out of his pants as quickly as humanly possible. Items of clothing pool at his feet as he rubs the tip of his hardened cock all over your soaked pussy, covering himself in your arousal before slamming into you with no warning.
“FUCK” you scream out, instantly gripping onto his biceps as he pushes your legs back to your head “who’s your daddy, sweetness? Huh? Tell me” your eyes glaze over as you try to regain any composure that you previously owned to no avail “you are, only you” you confirm, your eyes twinkling with certainty as you rub intensely at your clit, feeling that end nearing closer with each passing second.
“That’s it, good girl. Taking all of this fat cock like a greedy.fucking.whore” as he thrusts into you with reckless abandon, he lowers his head so that he can look deep into your eyes, his stare intense and intimidating. You can’t help the new found confidence that always rises to the surface when he fucks you so without thinking it over you kiss him urgently.
He slows his hips down, his body tensing as he tries to comprehend the love that he felt from you during that kiss. But once he does, he kisses you back just as urgently, forcing his tongue past the threshold and into your mouth to explore every crevice as his cock does the same in your warm and soaked chanel, poking at that spongy spot inside of you with ease as if it’s no big deal.
His girth mixed with his length makes for some extreme levels of love making, levels that you’re certain go up and up with no end in sight. You know there’s more to his sex appeal and skills than you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing for yourself but it only excites you further to see more.
“Fucking whore” he growls, snapping his hips harder and ramming into you with no care in the world. You know you’re going to wake up sore tomorrow, it’d be your pleasure though. Having your body destroyed by him would be pure bliss.
“Make me cum, daddy” you encourage, winking at him as he drags his cock along your welcoming walls and causing you to flutter around him beautifully “please, daddy. Give it to me, just. like. that” your words are like bullets, hitting him all over his body, causing him to fight harder. 
His cock starts to twitch as you clench down around him over and over. Your arms clinging onto him for dear life as you let out the most angelic sounds, matching his own as they bounce off the walls as well as the sound of his balls slapping against your puckered hole.
“God, shit. I’m gonna cum, cum with me, sweetness” he demands, using his own hand to rub furiously at your pussy to throw you off the edge with him.
The coil in your stomach snaps, leaving you to scrunch your eyes closed as stars cloud the darkness you see. He too closes his eyes, visions of the two of you fill his darkness and he can feel you fluttering again.
This isn’t exactly how he pictured the second time with you but he couldn’t contain himself any longer and by the way you were looking at him, neither could you.
Once the two of you finally come back down to earth, he bows his head, chuckling. Your soft and sweet giggles follow suit as you move his head so that he looks at you once more. You decide to sit up with him still very much seated deep inside of you.
“What’s that look for?” he asks, brows furrowing further as you remove his glasses and kiss him passionately. Every sense in your body is alert for him, every hair on your body is standing on end and every inch of skin has turned to gooseflesh. 
He makes you feel sexy, nervous and happy. The whole stomach is flooding with the entire zoo. How does he manage to pull this off just by being near?
His lips move expertly along yours and you feel electrified, like for the first time in your life you’re really experiencing what it’s like to live and feel free with no weights holding you down or keeping you locked away. You let down your walls for Robert and so far, he’s done nothing but prove you wrong for keeping them up for all that time. You feel at peace, finally.
“I want this” you say, panting as your lips pull from his
“Want what?”
“This. Us” you wiggle your index finger back and forth between the two of you.
“In what way?” he prods, wanting to be sure what you want instead of assuming.
“I want to be exclusive. Just me and you with no one else involved”
Robert feels his fight or flight kicking in a little, he’s never been exclusive with anyone, not even angels like you. He prefers to be a lone wolf, not tied down to anyone in particular. But for some reason with you he wants it. The question is, will he feel okay agreeing to this when it’s so out of the norm for him? If he does this, there’s a higher stake on it and a target on your back.
“Are you sure?” he asks, double checking that you’re serious about him, serious about being his and his only.
“Of course i am” you insist as he moves off of you and slips back into his boxers.
“Where’s the bathroom?”
You direct him and as he walks away, you decide to follow. What is it with him? Blowing hot and cold once again. You’ve now had 3 dates, had sex a bunch of times and he’s scared to commit.
“What’s wrong?” you poke at him until he shuts the bathroom door to which you only open it again, disturbing him.
“Robert” you nag, gripping onto his bicep.
“I’m no good with romance and monogamy and all that serious shit, okay? It fucking terrifies me” he reveals, snapping at you just a little and causing you to back away to give him space.
You walk into your bedroom, opening your wardrobe and pulling out some night clothes which only consists of a white oversized shirt and big fluffy socks. Silence falls upon the two of you as he enters, only to find you looking away from him and avoiding his eyes.
“Y/N” he says, you ignore.
“Y/N” the decibels rise this time but you still ignore him.
How dare he sought you out for weeks on end, ask you on dates, wine and dine you, fuck you and then say he’s scared as if he’s the only one who is. 
You’re scared too. You’re scared of everything, of intimacy, of heartbreak, of love, of being with one person forever, of possibly never settling down at all and of course you’re scared of him walking away from you and you never feeling for the rest of your life the way you feel when you’re with him.
“You’re not the only one who’s frightened, Robert. So if you don’t want to do this because of that then you’re a fucking coward” you snap, pushing him away as he gets closer.
“Don’t fucking say that, i’m far from it”
“Then grow some balls and tell me how YOU feel” you start, poking at his chest to emphasise your point “worries and fears aside, how do you feel? What do you want?”
Now he comes to think of it, he wants you. No doubt about it. He said he’d never let you slip through his fingers and he meant it but the internal battle is fucking with his brain and causing him to mess things up.
“You” he murmurs, hands resting on his hips.
“What was that?” you inquire, stepping closer to him this time “i said, i want you, i like you”
“Well then stop fighting me” you urge, pleading for him to show you some mercy, to accept you and welcome you into his life and most of all his heart with open arms.
He embraces you, hugging you tight as his arms wrap around you.
“Just be patient with me” his voice laced with exhaustion “deal” you agree, humming as you pull away and head back down the stairs to clean up and lock the door before you both head to bed.
He watches you from the doorway he’s leaning on as you bend over that coffee table to collect the plate full of brownies and once you pad back over to him, he smirks.
“This shirt looks great on you, but i’d prefer it if you were naked 100% of the time” he teases and you grab a hold of his hand, leading him up to your bedroom seductively.
Once inside, you push him down on the bed, joining him in the form of straddling his lap.
He lies back, pulling you with him so that your leg is hiked over his and your head is resting on his chest. A bold move that Robert would usually detest and refuse to partake in.
His finger tips are like feathers, grazing your skin gently and drawing all kinds of shapes on it, tickling you.
You then rest your chin on his chest as your eyes flicker up to him, hair moving to cover your face until he tucks the strands away silently.
“Wow...” he mumbles, barely audible “what?” you ask, your voice soft as he moves to rest his head on one of his arms whilst using the other to keep touching your soft skin.
”” your eyes refuse to leave his as you start tucking strands of his hair behind his ear now “what about us?” you question, unsure where he’s going with this.
“I don’t know, i guess i just never pictured myself being in this position. Having discussions about relationships, seeing the same woman more than once. You’re changing me” he whispers soft and slow, the rasp in his voice causes you to shiver.
“I was about to say the same thing to you” you confess and he snorts at your words “oh yeah? And how’s that then?”
“Well i’m not usually this confident but when i’m around you i don’t feel as insecure as i once did and i.... i uh, i’ve never experienced sexual needs before i met you, you’ve turned me into a sex obsessed freak” your nervous giggle slips out “i guess i’m just happy that you finally brought me out of my shell”
He doesn’t utter a word in response, just flashes you a half smile as he pulls you down to cuddle him, another move that used to be foreign to him before you. If it were ever a competition then he’d definitely win ‘who’s changing the most’ but it’s not and although it’s a change he’s still figuring out, he’s sure he can get used to having someone around that really cares for him.
He just can’t get over how you handled hist outburst at that restaurant four days ago, the way you calmed him down and resolved the issue with no trouble. Your softly spoken voice and your gorgeous face brings him back down to serenity or whatever serenity he can even achieve. With his job, peace isn’t a thing, it doesn’t exist. Talking of his job, he needs to concoct up an excuse to get out of here in the morning so that he can see to Briggs’ body at the warehouse.
Wanting to remain in this moment with you, with yours arms wrapped around him, Robert decides to forget about that for now and live in this moment with you.
As the morning sun begs to be let into the room, you shift in the bed before turning on your side to face Robert who is still fast asleep. He looks so peaceful, in a deep sleep. You’re not surprised given the mattress he has at his house, it’s nice and soft but in the night it was certainly too soft at times. It looks like you’re gonna need him to stay here the majority of the time, but by the looks of him sleeping, you sense that it won’t be an issue.
“Morning” he croaks out, his hand reaching for your waist before he pulls you closer to which you squeal like a child.
“Morning” you repeat, cuddling up to him romantically as he buries his head in your breasts for comfort, they are technically like pillows so he might as well put them to use.
After your little conversation last night the two of you just lay there for what felt like forever until you finally managed to doze off into a deep sleep and you could tell that Robert instantly fell in love with your mattress. Oh and the way your hand reached out to hold his as he woke up briefly in the middle of the night, he can’t forget the way his heart skipped a beat.
He was beginning to love the feeling of you wanting him close. As a child, Robert never received any love or support from anyone, not even his own family. His mother was too frightened for her own life to care for his and his dad was a cunt, to put it nicely. You had all of the love and support you could ever dream of, you had it in buckets full, maybe that’s why you can sense that he didn’t and you feel this force pulling you closer to give him what he missed out on.
He could definitely get used to having you around him, your soft touches, passionate kisses and the laughter that erupts every time he brings it out of you, it feels like his new home. 
But being with you means changing his stubborn ways permanently, not allowing himself to snap randomly and also keeping up his web of lies.
He’ll have to give it a go. He has no choice in the matter. You’ve sunk your teeth all the way into him, piercing his skin to make your mark, there’s no going back now. You’re his only and he is yours. Exclusively. Not that he’d ever agree to those terms out loud, that’s just for him to know, for now at least.
You feel Robert nudge you a little and as you open your eyes again, you realise you must have fallen back asleep in his arms.
“I have to get going soon, sweetness” he informs, rubbing his hand across your back to which you huff and hug him tighter “i promise i’ll be back later, don’t you have work too?” he wonders out loud.
“No, today is my day off, i’m gonna miss you” your lips touch his in a quick peck like kiss before he removes his body from yours and stands up.
“Bathroom is down the hall and the towels are in the cupboard” you direct before pausing your movements to watch him remove his boxers right in front of you. 
His cock springs free, dangling between his legs, making you shiver once more. 
His body is like a work of art but dam that cock is like an elephants trunk. You just want to jump his bones but you know if you were to shower with him then he’d be late for work.
Still, you can’t help yourself as you stand up too on the other side of the room. You remove your socks and then your night shirt, revealing your naked body to him.
“What are you doing, sweetness?” he tuts, shaking his head and feigning disgust.
“I’m just getting ready for when you get out the shower, so i can shower next. Duh” you stick your tongue out, scrunching your face up in a silly expression. 
Robert can’t control himself either, so he strides over to you, using his somehow superhuman strength to lift you up and throw you to the bed.
“Such a needy little slut” he coos as he spreads your legs wide open, giving him a great look at your swollen pussy.
You lay there for him, watching as he admires your body until he spits on your aching pussy. He does this a couple more times, using his fingers to spread around his saliva before tucking into you like you’re a five star meal. The slurping sounds that come as he shakes his head into you and the beard burn that comes along with it are having you wriggling around and groaning like crazy.
“Robert” you whimper, grinding your pussy into his face as your hands yet again slip into his hair at the scalp, gripping it tight.
“Come on, i got plans for us” he pulls away without warning, leaving you whining and pouting until he picks you up with ease and carries you to the shower. You step inside, turning the top shower head on and waiting for the water to heat up before stepping in and allowing it to cascade over your naked body.
Once Robert joins you, you spot that all to familiar gleam in his eye as he sinks down to the floor, his tongue reuniting with your soaked cunt. You stand there, one leg draped over his shoulder whilst you struggle to keep your balance.
“Robert, please”
“Use your words for me, sweetness. What is it that you want?”
“I want you, i need you” you plead, pulling him up to his feet. You turn around with your back facing him, ass poking out as you spread your cheeks for him.
“Please” your constant begging is irresistible to him so rather than declining the idea of torturing you, he steps up behind you and starts to push his cock deep into your desperate cunt.
The feel of his cock sinking into you and sliding home makes your eyes roll to the back of your head. You should probably getting used to this feeling now.
Heaven is definitely a place on earth with him.
Twenty days later.....
And you’re so into him that the feeling quite literally takes your breath away, you feel warm and cosy from your head all the way down to your toes. 
Could it be love? 
You’re not sure but whatever it is, you can’t get enough. Every time his eyes meet yours, you feel giddy, you feel on top of the world like nothing or no one could ever pull you back down to earth. Every time his lips touch yours, you feel complete. It’s love, it has to be. There is no other explanation for it and although it scares you, you can’t deny that it feels good to be in love, to be so enamoured by someone that all negativity washes away with the tide.
For the last twenty days, you’ve spent an endless amount of hours tangled up in bed sheets with Robert. Your legs draped over his, his arm pulling you closer where possible and his lips peppering kisses on your forehead as you rambled on about all kinds of bullshit nonsense that he really didn’t need to know. 
You can’t help but spout random information, whether it be about your job or your friends. But for the last twenty days, he’s listened, regardless. You even found out a little more about his parents.
He confided in you about his childhood a little more, a decision Robert deemed necessary to unveil. 
You’d been so open and honest with him thus far that he felt guilty for withholding his own truth, so it was only right he revealed a little more about himself. He began to tell you all about his dads career in crime, well more specifically... drugs. You listened carefully, not interrupting him for even so much as a second as you could see that it was hard enough for him to talk about. 
You already know he doesn’t trust easy and the proof of that is in the way your relationship begun, the way he held himself back at the carnival when you poked around a little and also the way he apologised. Something told you then that he was reluctant and very stubborn. You always felt like he didn’t want you near him by the way he was so closed off, now you understand why.
The way he spoke, with his tone casual and his face expressionless, it concerned you. You were unsure why he was seemingly holding himself back from showing emotion even as he was opening up. But he witnessed his dad abusing his mom on numerous occasions, it must have been a heavy sight to stomach. 
At a young age, he was merely a lost boy trying to find his way in this world without a single solid family foundation set down for him to lead by example. 
He had to discover life for himself and teach himself everything, even get himself through shit situations.
He taught himself how to tie his shoelaces, how to do his homework from school with no help and also how to ward off bullies.
But still he managed, he got by and although he was dealt a bad hand, he didn’t let that effect him. 
You’ve always believed that in this life, everyone has a choice. They can either let the bad things define them, make or break them. Robert let it be the making of him and the more you learn the more you love. Shit. That four letter word just won’t leave your brain. 
It’s there, rent free just like all of the memories you’ve made with him so far as well as his name and face. 
Whenever he catches you admiring him, or as he likes to call it, staring, you find something new to love. 
His eyes are the main subject of your affection. The dreamy blue orbs that have had you hooked since day one and recently, the veins on his neck. They become more prominent when he’s on top of you, slamming into your aching cunt with such vigor that it’s almost unbearable. Tears of pleasure always stream down your face.
The sex is something you’ve gotten more used to though, the man is an animal. He’s all over you like a rash, anytime day or night, most the time it’s both. He just can’t get enough of your body or you for that matter.
With each passing day, you feel more familiar with him but then again, you’ve felt familiar with him since the second you first lay your eyes on him.
You’ve said it before that you’ve always felt as though your soul knew something that your mind and body didn’t know yet when you met him, and that’s the fact that your bodies were supposed to connect, your lips were always supposed to touch and your souls were destined to spend eternity together. You can only hope it comes true. 
It’s never felt like you’ve been getting to know him, more that you were remembering him from another lifetime. Which makes it all the more special to you because to you that means that your souls have chosen each other before. 
You’re soulmates. 
If only your dad could see you now and speak to you, he’d scoff sarcastically and roll his eyes before encouraging you to take life by the balls and live. He’d be happy round about now for you and all that you’ve accomplished. You also know he’d get along with Robert, very well indeed.
Robert can’t quite believe he’s here with you right now, twenty days later.
Before you came along, the idea of love felt unreachable and impossible. It felt fake, like it was something people made up or over exaggerated. But now he knows it’s real, he messed around and fell in love accidentally with the most incredible woman. A woman who has not only taught him how to love but also how to open up. 
When he told you about his parents and what really happened, he felt as though he was unraveling one tangled web, granted it was one out of many but it’s certainly a start, that’s for sure. Maybe one day there will be no secrets, no excuses and lies when he has to cover up where he’s been.
He just needs time, a little more time to figure out how he’ll ever even begin to tell you something so upscale as his real career. 
He’s basically a mob boss, a criminal who has killed more people and been responsible for more deaths than he can even begin to count or understand. Not that he regrets what he’s done with his life, sure he wanted a normal life like every kid does when growing up. 
He was also a dreamer, dreaming of becoming a fireman one day or a policeman, on the right side of the law. But instead he got this life, this messy and complicated blood bath. He wouldn’t trade it though, as bad as that sounds. He loves being the man people fear when they hear his name or see him coming in the streets. He loves the money he makes, the women that he fucks or fucked and the loner lifestyle that came with it. He was always quite a lone wolf but the deeper he got into this career, the more he appreciated his alone time.
He only ever felt alone around other people...until you.
Lately you’ve been introducing Robert to the world of monogamy and domestication, mostly things like grocery shopping, cleaning and cooking and also dates. 
The dates have only continued in the last twenty days. Since you’ve known from the get go about his lack of experience when it came to all of this, you’ve made sure to be careful with the pace you go, treading carefully.
Robert feels overwhelmed about it all if he’s being honest, but right now all he wants is for you to stick around. You’re teaching him how to love essentially, how to prioritise. It’s all so hard to grasp but you can see he’s trying and actually being persistent.
Like just yesterday, he called you baby. It was something so small yet so sacred to you. He’s made it very clear about how he feels when it comes to pet names like that, he usually only calls you sweetness, but the occasional baby is nice. It makes you feel special. More proof that he’s trying.
He’s been driving you to work, taking you out for lunch and even picking you up from work too. Robert can see himself transforming and he can feel it too.
Don’t get it twisted though, he’s still very much the same guy when it comes to the business side of things but just for you, he’s sweet, caring and attentive. 
You still have to show him the ropes.
But however well it’s going, you bicker, like an old married couple at that. It’s both amusing and frustrating. 
Since he has no experience in the world of relationships, he doesn’t take too kindly to your mood swings or any kind of disagreement that escalates. They never last long though, once you explain things to him and he understands, you manage to talk it over. But no relationship is ever perfect and that’s the only thing Robert is certain of.
It’s been a long day to say the least. You managed to force Robert up early this morning so that the two of you could go grocery shopping since he has literally no food in his cupboards or his refrigerator. Of course he groaned as you shook his sleeping body and kicked up a fuss when he finally opened his eyes, he even tried to seduce you into staying in bed. 
His hands pulled your naked body close to his own and you could feel his hardened cock instantly but still, you remained persistent and denied all advances he made. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t difficult though. However, with the promise of sex when you returned, he eventually headed for the shower, dragging you with him for the sole purpose of ‘saving water’.
He’s a crafty one, you’ll give him that.
Once you returned home and started to unpack the many bags, Robert crept up behind you, giving you no chance to reject and continue with your current job. 
He just reminded you of the promise you made earlier and started to kiss your neck like he was on a mission, a mission to turn you on. 
He seems to forget every time that with him, there’s no turned off stage, you are constantly ready for him, always needing to be full of him and it’s a feeling that even now, still consumes you. He corrupts every waking thought as well as every sleeping thought.
And right now, you’re laying on top of him, riding him like a pro, bouncing up and down so skilfully as he keeps his eyes locked on your mind blowing body. 
The way your tits bounce will never get boring, he’s constantly in awe of you and although he doesn’t see why you chose him, who would he ever be to second guess you out loud?
See with other women before you, he understood why they were drawn to him and that’s for three separate reasons.
1. His money 2. His reputation 3. His looks
Women he previously fucked and fooled around with were either hookers or on the right path to become one. 
They liked the look of danger and Robert has always had that, his mystery is bold and obvious. They also preyed on him in clubs and bars, places where his huge wads of cash would fall into their eye-line and once he told them his name, they knew who he was.
It was always piss easy to get a quick fuck but the moment he first felt your walls wrapped tightly around him, he felt like he was experiencing something otherworldly, just like you did. 
It was a new experience for him too, the feeling of intimacy. 
Usually the sex with other women was fast and rough. But with you, he didn’t want it to end, he wanted to make you the centre of attention, make your pretty little cunt cum as many times as possible and witness your body succumbing to his dominance. The way he had your legs shaking and your body bending to his will was a feeling so intense that it instantly became his new favourite thing.
“That’s it, baby. Go on” he coos, reaching his hand up to your face and drawing his thumb across your bottom lip and pulling it down to force your mouth open “come on, ride daddy’s cock, sweetness, make yourself cum” he encourages, pulling you down onto his chest to kiss you hard. 
It’s everything, it’s teeth and tongues. Your eyes scrunch closed as your body moves with his thrusts, his balls slap against your ass over and over.
“Such a good fucking slut”
“Yes daddy”
“You drive me fucking crazy” he growls, forcing your mouth opening and spitting in it once again before you swallow what he gave and bury your face in the crook of his neck. 
His teeth then latch onto the skin of your shoulder, biting and pulling back. He continues this until he reaches the sweet spot on your neck where you like to be kissed, then his biting soon turns to sucking until your whimpering into his neck.
Your noises vibrate onto his skin and urge him to get rougher. You’re practically covered in hickeys, everyone you two come across in public knows you belong to him when they see your neck. But that’s how you want it to be.
You are his and he is yours, unconditionally. Always and forever, proudly.
You mumble into his neck as he continues to buck his hips up and fuck into you rapidly, not stopping or slowing down for a second and he can tell by your incomprehensible moans that you’re about to cum, so he works harder.
“Cum for me, sweetness. Cream all over my cock, give me that cream”
Your walls flutter around him each time he speaks, his words hitting you like bullets all over, killing you softly and beautifully. You feel the coil twisting and turning agonisingly inside of your stomach, urging you to just release and with one more thrust, one more punch at your g-spot, you cry out his name.
“That’s it, there we go. Give it all to me, sweetness. Use that tight snatch of yours to make daddy cum”
Robert Pronge and his dirty mouth be dammed. You’re in heaven now.
Your eyes glaze over as you continue to bounce up and down, the pleasure overwhelming you and consuming you from the inside out. His cock will surely be the death of you one day.
Death by dick, it’s definitely a thing.
His hands splay across your ass, gripping it so hard and aggressively that his finger nails even dig into your skin, making you wince. Your bounces get more intense too and you can feel him shivering along with his breathing hitching. 
Your head is so close to his chest that you swear on your life that you can hear his heart beating like crazy, almost as crazy as yours. Heart beats in sync as your bodies are joined magically in this moment.
“S’close” he murmurs, voice shaky as he works harder with you, both of you moving to reach that end goal. But neither one of you wanting this moment to end, sex with Robert never feels like a chore or a pass time. 
It feels special, you do it because you feel so strongly about one another and your bodies naturally collide like two opposite ends of the magnet that still fit together perfectly.
You force him to relax, taking this time to work him over by yourself. You lift up and sink down slowly a couple times before going fast, practically bouncing yourself on him using just your ass. A skill he’s come to obsess over.
“That’s it,” and with that, you feel him spill his load into you in scattered spurts. His chest rising and falling as you lower your head to kiss any breath he had left away. His arms pull your entire body on top of his as he’s still inside of you and you kiss him harder, it intensifies within no time at all. No shock there. 
Whenever this happens it’s near enough always impossible to withdraw yourself from his lips and embrace. Everything feels great with him, you feel safer, happier and you certainly laugh a lot more, a sound he loves to draw from you.
Especially when you really let go and laugh properly. Snorting and all. It’s embarrassing but he adores it.
Once he pulls out of you, you get off and lay comfortably next to him, both of you making shit attempts at regaining control of your breathing. But soon after you manage to calm it down just enough to finally move off of the bed.
“How about another shower?” he proposes, standing up too “i’d love to” you agree, smiling from ear to ear like a teenager in love.
The shower water is freezing cold at first but once it heats up you start to wash each other, with the two of you even attempting to tickle one another. 
Eventually you get it done though. Once you’re finished you decide to get out first, leaving him to finish up whilst you strut back into his bedroom butt naked as you dry off your body and then your hair. 
You scrub at your hair before slipping into some fresh panties and one of Roberts favourite shirts, it’s a dark one, a deep blue, one of the very few that has no floral or quirky patterns on it. You gotta say you definitely prefer his quirky shirts, they suit him the most.
By the time he’s out and into new clothes you’re laying on the couch, your hair wrapped up in your towel to keep it from dripping everywhere.
“Coffee?” he offers, passing you on his way to the kitchen, you shout back a quick yes before picking up the book you recently started reading. Pride and Prejudice to be exact. A romance novel you must have read over a thousand times by now but you never tire of it.
Robert strolls in, placing the two mugs of coffee onto the table in front of the couch, you wait for it to cool a little before taking a hearty sip. As he sits down next to you, you lay down, draping your legs over his and occasionally moving the book to smile at him. He just sits there, drinking the coffee, clearly lost in his own world.
After a while you start to shift in place, turning onto your side and then again switching to cuddle into him as you read, the silence is anything but uncomfortable.
He gets up suddenly, removing his arm from around your frame “be right back, nature calls” you giggle at his phrasing before going back to your book and burrowing your head deep. 
Your brain focuses on the characters and storyline a little bit too much and you know this much is true because as soon as the phone rings, you near enough jump out of your skin before standing up to go and answer it.
“Robert Pronge’s home” the same line you used last time you answered, you still let out a little giggle at your own joke, a joke that isn’t even funny.
“Who’s this? Where’s Freezy?” a deep male voice booms and your smile fades. 
Unsure of who he is you question him on his identity to which he scoffs at you rudely.
“Lemme guess, you must be the new flavour of the month?”
“Huh? What’s that supposed to mean?” you snap, mad at the tone this stranger is taking with you and you almost hang up before he says “listen, i don’t have time for games, okay? Just put Freezy on will ya” how dare he order you around.
“He’s busy at the moment, can i at least take a message since you’re so insistent on telling him something” you’ll admit, your smart mouth has gotten you into trouble more than once but if he’s a friend of Robert then your guess is he’s a nice man deep down, probably just going through something. 
You still can’t quite wrap your head around the name Freezy. He told you his friends like to call him that as a joke because of the ice cream van business he has.
“Sure, tell him Jeff called and that i did what he asked but he owes me extra for all the trouble that fucking bitch put me through. She was a fucking biter, my hands are all marked up but i took care of her good and proper and as for her fella, he was a piece of cake, right douche bag though so it was well deserved. I’ll be at his office later, so tell him to meet me there, no later than 10”
And with that he hangs up rather abruptly. You freeze in place, brows furrowed with confusion. What the fuck did he just say? What did all of that mean?
‘i took care of her good and proper’
‘i did what he asked’
‘he owes me extra for all the trouble that fucking bitch put me through’
By took care of, he couldn’t have, it’s impossible. Robert isn’t like that, that’s not the man you know.
“Did i hear the phone ring or was that just me hallucinating” the voice of the man you’ve come to know over time then chuckles before you turn around, tears streaming down your face as your eyes widen and your mouth hangs open ajar.
“What is it? What’s wrong?” he rushes to your side before you stop him in his tracks “don’t”
“Jeff called...” you trail off, unsure if you even want to hear his explanation “he said... he said that uh, that he did what you asked him to do but...” you can’t do it, you can’t repeat out loud what he said because then saying it out loud makes it real. Did his friend hurt those people? He couldn’t have, why would he?
“Y/N, i can explain..”
“Please, do explain because right now my brain can’t comprehend why the man i’ve fallen in love with would ever want to hurt another person in any way. Why the man i thought i knew, would ever lie to me and keep things from me”
“Y/N, if you could just stop for a second and listen”
“Robert, what the fuck is going on? You better have a good fucking explanation for this and it better not be what i’m thinking it is”
Your head is spinning, you feel sick, dizzy and exhausted. More tears well in your eyes before dropping out and sliding down your cheeks like rain slides down a window.
You start to pace the room as he stutters his words, trying his best to get them out to keep you from leaving him. He can’t lose you, not now and certainly not like this. 
All that’s going through Roberts mind right now is the utter panic he felt when you said the name Jeff. He knew then, he’d fucked up, that you were already slipping away. 
Whatever it is Jeff said, he’s going to fucking pay. He’s done this job long enough to know what the do’s and don’ts are. He also knows not to be a fucking loud mouth and go telling anyone about his bad deeds.
Even though it’s not his fault, Robert still wants to shift blame to everyone else when he chose to lie to you in the first place. He chose to lie and sneak behind your back when he could have been honest from the start. Granted, you may have written him off if he’d have done that but that’s normal, writing him off would have been the go to response from anyone.
However, if he’d have known his days in heaven with you were numbered, he’d have done everything differently. He’d have held you tighter, kissed you harder and made you laugh a whole lot more.
There’s nothing to lose now but only one thing to gain back. You.
So here goes nothing...
“Did he kill those people?” you grill him, looking him dead in the eye as you do so, trying your best to decipher the thoughts going on in his mind and checking his eyes for signs of honesty.
He doesn’t move, just mumbles a quick “yes” and now you’re regretting wishing for honesty.
“Why?” you ask, the list of questions is somehow endless.
“I SAID WHY?” you shout after waiting a couple seconds, noticing him shifting uncomfortably as he stands somewhat still or tries to at least.
You never shout, never. It’s rare if you do.
“The woman had been stealing extra money from her clients, she’s a hooker and her boyfriend was getting her to do it. They both also owed my friend thousands in rent, he was fed up of all the men coming and going from their apartment. He was worried that no new tenants would want to live there because of the reputation they brought. He tried to kick them out, they wouldn’t listen, even pulled a gun on him. So he contacted me. He knows i recently took over from my previous boss and wanted me to handle it for him. So i got one of my employees to take care of it and as you know, he did”
You can’t quite believe your ears. Nothing ever warrants the killing of another person. It’s sick, fucked up even and downright criminal. You’ve had the wool pulled over your eyes all of this time, you’ve been blinded by your own feelings, your own love for him. 
He’s had you fooled this whole time and the more you think about it, the harder you sob.
Just when you finally thought you had found true happiness and love, it’s ripped away from your hands in a heartbeat, never to be returned to you. Life isn’t fair, this isn’t fair.
But then, something clicks inside of you, your eyes flicker back up to meet his, your face a mess due to the tears. Your eyes all puffy and your nose running constantly. You recall being suspicious from the get go, it was the cash he had.
“It all makes sense now” clocks and gears turn inside of your head as you remember something else, the list of names. Oh. My. God. That wasn’t a list of future employees. That was a list of murders he’d been involved in, his kill list. You scrunch your eyes closed, picturing the list in your head as you do so but only one name comes back to you.
“The huge wads of cash, that list you had...” his face softens and for the first time in your relationship, he doesn’t look cocky or arrogant “who’s Briggs?” he tenses up as the words leave your mouth.
“He was a friend, i didn’t do what i did for no reason though. You have to believe me Y/N. I had no choice”
“Oh, right. Of course, my bad. I apologise” you spit sarcastically, rolling your eyes at him in response to his poor excuses. How dare he make out like any of this is okay. Your boyfriend is a murderer, a liar. He betrayed you after you let your walls down. You shared things with him that no one else knows, did things with him that you’ve never done with other men and you truly felt safe in his presence. 
How ironic. 
The most dangerous man around has been in your home, in your bed.
Everything feels hazy, like somehow you’re expecting to wake up from this nightmare. But even after your silent prayers and wishful thinking, you remain stuck here.
“Do you get a kick out of this? Huh? Lying to me for all of this time. I bet there’s not a single ounce of truth to anything you’ve told me” you’re words are like knives, stabbing into his buttons with such brutal force that he’s about to snap, his temper is bound to cause an earthquake soon.
“You know, i always knew there was something different about you, a mystery if you will and a hint of danger but then you go and make me look like a fool. I feel humiliated. How dare you bring me into this, this fucked up life. How dare you put your hands on me, knowing that you had just used those same hands to kill someone and innocent or not, no one deserves to die like that”
“Did you not listen to a word i said?” he challenges, stepping closer to you until you push at his chest with as much force as you can muster “fuck you. fuck you. fuck you. fuck you. Piece of shit. Lying fucking bastard” you cry out, pushing at his chest again until you realise it’s not doing much. That’s when you resort to slapping him. His arms, his chest, anywhere you can.
“No one fucking deserves to die like that. It’s not your job to take the law into your own hands you fucking bastard” you continue to slap him, taking everything out on him, hitting him as hard as humanly possible. You can’t believe it. You’ve never felt so much betrayal, so much anger, so much frustration. You feel broken, delicate like a flower, close to smashing into smithereens at any second like glass.
“HOW FUCKING DARE YOU” you scream, your hands continuing on until he grabs a hold of both wrists firmly, keeping you there to stop the attack
“STOP” he screams back, causing you to cower. He’s never screamed like this before, never. Not even when he snapped at you at the carnival and especially not during the bickering you’ve endured together. It was just snide remarks and slightly raised voices. Never screaming.
“Why? Why did you lie to me” you squeak, voice slightly hoarse from all the shouting and crying.
“I didn’t do it intentionally” he insists, trying to get you the believe him but it’s no use, there’s nothing he can ever say that could calm you down. Your breathing picks up until you’re pretty sure that what you’re experiencing is a panic attack. Your heart is racing as you try to get some air.
You push away from him, ripping your hands from his grip before taking off to the bedroom “i need to get out of here” you gasp, picking up your bag of clothes and slipping into some shorts before storming back out into the lounge.
He blocks the door before you get there, guarding it with his life to avoid you walking out on him.
“LET ME GO” you scream again, you’re certain that you’ll have no voice in the morning and what’s worse is you have work with Lara and Jenny. Shit. Your friends. How are you ever going to explain this to them? Exactly, you can’t because then you’ll have to admit how wrong you’ve been and the mortification isn’t worth it. 
You can never tell a soul. It’s clear Robert has a reputation and men who would do anything for him so keeping your mouth shut is a given. But right now all that you want is to leave this house and never return, to never see his lying, murderous face again.
“NO” he grips your face in his two cold blooded hands, squeezing you tight to force your eyes on his “look at me. Dammit, look at me” and you do.
“I love you, please believe me. I love you and i’ve never lied with the intention of hurting you”
“Fuck you” you roll your eyes, his confessional going straight over your head, how can you ever believe a word he says after this? Exactly, you can’t.
At a last minute ploy to escape, you knee him in the stomach, you intended on going for the balls but missed. However, before you can even get the door open, he’s already recovered as he pushed you up against the it, his hands wrap around your neck, securing you in place. That’s when he shocks you by pressing his lips to yours, a kiss that you’re trying so hard not to want. 
A kiss that no longer than 10 minutes ago would have had you keening for more. But now, you feel repulsed.
As soon as those three words left his mouth, your heart skipped a beat and a shiver ran down your spine. Because ultimately, you love him too but now you’re not sure who you’ve actually fallen for.
“Get the fuck away from me”
“Please don’t leave me” he pleads before you manage to shift his heavy body from you and open the door.
“Goodbye Robert”
The door slams shut and he punches it with such force that he heard a crack and pain shoots through his right hand.
He can’t believe you’re gone. He started the day grocery shopping with you and he was supposed to end it with you in his arms in bed but now, he’ll be sleeping alone...just like he used to.
It’s been two weeks since your world came crashing down and you’ve done nothing but sleep, work and cry. 
All the things he said have been running through your head on a constant loop. 
All the things you shared with him, the memories. All of it is now tainted, it means nothing.
Your first shift at work afterwards was a nightmare, you had to lie to the people you care about the most. You told them it ended due to constant arguing. You couldn’t bring yourself to out Robert or embarrass yourself. It’s just too much to bare and the fact that you’ve got no one to talk to makes it worse. 
Everything is 100 times worse when there’s no one to break your fall or help you through it. You can never tell a soul because not only would they not understand why you haven’t called the police but they would also call the police for you.
It’s going to take a miracle to bring you back from this... only time will heal, you hope.
It’s been a month now and you’ve done nothing but fend off his unwanted and pathetic attempts at a revival. He’s been ringing your phone non stop, parking his van outside of your house in hopes of seeing you as you come and go and he even resorted to hounding you at work. 
Each time he comes in, you hide out the back and tell Jenny to ward him off and today is no different. You just ran out to the staff area as you saw him approaching the store.
“Robert, whatever is it that you did i think it’s best if you just leave her alone for now” Jenny advises, hoping he’ll listen.
“I just need five minutes of her time to explain properly. She needs to hear this and then if she wants to walk away, i’ll let her”
“Robert” she warns with more of a softness in her voice as she tries her best to sound serious.
“Please” he begs.
“I can’t promise anything”
He gives her a brief nod before turning to walk away, dragging his feet along the floor and once he’s out of sight, she calls you back.
“What did he actually do?” she inquires, tone laced with worry “i-i can’t” you shake your head as a tear falls. She pulls you in for a sympathetic hug, shushing you as you cry, mascara tears soaking her shoulder.
Days have passed since Roberts recent attempt to get you back and he’s still not heard anything. 
This past month has dragged and he’s spent the majority of it drunk. Everything has been ruined, his life is falling apart and this isn’t the Robert you first met. 
He’s been channeling his anger into his crimes, getting more hands on with killing again. It’s the only time he feels a couple seconds of reprieve from it all, a couple of fleeting seconds where he doesn’t feel like a loser or a failure. He practically begged Jenny to talk to you, yet nothing came of it but he knows in his heart and mind that he’s never going to give up until you agree to hear him out.
You have to. He can’t move on until you at least try to understand and if you hear him out and still want to leave, he can’t stop you.
He wonders into his kitchen to open yet another bottle of Jameson, the umpteenth one of the day but before he can, there’s a knock at the door.
You’ve spent days going round and round in your head, trying to come up with reasons why you shouldn’t see him or reasons why he’s not worth your time. But despite everything, you love him. 
As disgusting as you feel for loving him, you can’t stop, he’s worked his way into your heart and your life and you can’t shake him. Besides, you at least owe it to yourself to hear what he has to say.
The last time you spoke, everything was a mess. It was like an endless screaming match and no good came of it. You wanted answers but barely got them. Today you’re optimistic to leave with closure.
He answers the door, only to find your angelic face looking up at him.
“Can i come in?”
He nods, standing aside to make room for you to enter and once you do he slams the door shut before following you inside. You take a seat on the couch that you once fucked him on, the couch that holds so many memories that you still hold close to your heart.
“What’re you doing here?” he mumbles, barely audible.
“I came to hear you out and no, this is not me taking you back. I came for closure, i didn’t get much of an explanation last time so i felt i deserved one”
Without another word he hums his agreement before clearing his throat as you gesture for him to speak.
“As you already know, my childhood wasn’t the same as yours or any kids for that matter. I constantly felt alone, rejected by the two people who were supposed to love me the most, left to my own devices. And in doing so, i made friends with the wrong kids at school, they were a lot like me in the sense that they never had much either, all poor and all from broken homes. 
We all hung out after school and on weekends by the off licence near my house and one day, one of the kids dared me to steal some candy from the same store. Of course i did it, it was a case of hanging around with them or being a loser and a loner. So i did whatever they dared me to do and once i realised that i wasn’t getting caught, i started to do it without them even daring me.
Eventually it escalated to graffiti as i got into my teen years until one day it was fights. It felt like everything i did to channel my anger or distract myself from my crappy home life, nothing worked. I got bored or fed up with it and moved onto something new to focus my attention on. And once the fights started, they didn’t stop. I would get this fucking thrill after punching someone, from bringing them pain. It’s fucked up, i know. Trust me i know and i’m all kinds of fucked up for even enjoying it, i wish i could say i didn’t love it but i do.
Then soon enough i was approached by the dodgiest guy i’ve ever seen, he hired me to work for his dad. Once i turned 18, i took him up on that offer. The first guy i killed was a guy called Ross. I still remember the feeling i got when i killed him, when i ripped his life away i felt on top of the world, i felt in control, properly. For the first time in my life i felt like i was invincible.
I made sure to never let anyone into my life, kept myself to myself. Only hooked up with random women so i knew they wouldn’t cling to me for long and i never allowed a single person to know anything about me. James, my old boss, even he didn’t know a whole lot. I kept myself locked away out of fear of rejection or people screwing me over. Plus i always felt alone more when surrounded by other people. That was until i met you.
Y/N the moment i first laid eyes on you, i was hooked. You were so pure, so innocent looking, i remember thinking that i had to have you or i’d die. But since honesty is the key here. It started as a mission to fuck you. I wanted a new plaything, someone to be there when i was horny and in the mood and you were right there in front of me, enticing me and drawing me in with your body, your smile and just everything about you.
After that first date, i knew i was in too deep, i knew my mission was slowly slipping away and then after we fucked for the first time, i had made my mind up, i didn’t just want you like that, i wanted you as someone i could be with, seriously”
By the time he finishes talking, tears are drowning out your vision and you feel heat flood your body, anger too but most of all love.
He’s more fucked up than you ever could have realised or imagined. But this just goes to show that everyone has a story, reasons behind their actions and the way they live. Robert is no different. He’s a victim of a badly dealt hand, parental failure and falling in with the wrong crowd.
Sure, everyone has a choice in this world but what if you’re wrong in believing that? What if sometimes things are out of your control? Robert was fucked up before he was even born, his path was basically paved for him by the ones who made him. A world of drugs is no world for a child to be born into.
Sympathy consumes you as you watch his broken face and although you’re torn up inside, desperate to pull away and leave this life whilst you still can, there’s a stronger force present. It’s telling you to stay and to never give up. He still remains the only man you’ve ever truly loved, the only man you crave and yearn for. Your body misses his touch and every night you spend away from him, you lay awake unable to sleep. 
In fact you don’t think you’ve actually had a decent nights sleep since the day you walked out on him.
“I’ll never expect you to understand why i am this way, but i guess no one ever could. All-“
“Show me” you gulp at your own words.
“What?” he can’t quite believe what you’re saying.
“Show me, i want to see it for myself. Let me see it for myself. It’s the only way i can ever begin to understand you” hope fills his eyes, the same hope you imagine he had growing up, hope that one day he’d be accepted by his good for nothing father and punch bag of a mother. 
You can see the lost little boy in him as soon as you properly look and it’s even more of a valid reason to try again.
The last thing he needs is yet another person abandoning him and pushing him further into the darkness and leaving him feeling even more ostracised from society than he already does.
“Y/N, i-i don’t think that’s a good idea” he shakes his head, with the knowledge of how brutal these jobs can be, he’d hate for you to ever bare witness to that, to feel guilt that you were there and he promised himself one thing from the start and that’s that he could never involve you.
“Robert” you warn, stern voice and all. In all honesty, even you have no idea what you’re doing. You have no idea about the extent of what you’ve just asked of him, of how risky this would be. To involve yourself in the murder of Roberts next victim, it’s crazy, you’re crazy.
Do you really need to do this?
Can you not just walk away?
This will change everything
Don’t do this
Your subconscious can be a fucking bitch sometimes, you think to yourself as you shake the good girl side away. 
Maybe for once you just want to be bad, to rebel against everything you’ve lived for all these years and change yourself up. Or maybe you just can’t let him go and this is your way of clinging on to him with all of your might.
In the end you’ll always be a fool but you’re a fool for him and if being with him means accepting this side of him then so be it, it’s not going to be easy but you want to try. You have to try to keep the only happiness you’ve had for a long time before it escapes.
“Please” you plead with him, scooting closer to him on the couch and taking his hands in yours “show me” and as he sighs, you know that was his agreement.
After what feels like forever passing by of Robert arguing with you about the dangers of you doing this and then him pacing the lounge, he eventually agrees verbally and once the phone rings he rushes to answer it.
You wait patiently as he converses, your hands and legs shaking uncontrollably as you shift a couple times on the couch.
“Sure, deal”
He hangs up the phone before letting out a deep breath he’s undoubtedly held in the entire time and that alone makes you wonder how for years he’s gotten through working like this, how does he not have a panic attack or fear getting caught. If this were you, you’d sweat at the sight of a cop and end up confessing after a record breaking minute.
You could never lie like he’s been able to and has been doing his whole life, which makes you question again, are you really ready for this? This isn’t just some fight that happens in the school playground, this is a murder. You’re heading out to watch your boyfriend murder someone. If there was ever a time to back out, now is that time.
He explains the situation for you, one of his employees couldn’t complete the job he’d handed to him because Bryce demanded Robert do it. So of course, he agreed the other day and today the details were revealed. The where and when.
It’s taking place at a club which would require you dressing up into your fanciest clothes.
Robert recommended you wear a dress that hugged at every curve and really showed off your body. If you are to be involved, then you’ll be front and centre, right next to him. Fuck.
The two of you make a plan for him to drive you back to your place so you can get ready and head out but as soon as you get into his van, the all to familiar feeling of all the nights you spent in here hits you. All the times he’d rest his hand upon your thigh to feel closer to you as he drove, all the laughs you shared and especially your first kiss. 
That first kiss was so unforgettable that even now to this day, you can remember the smell of cigarettes on him, the tobacco only added to the intensity. You remember exactly what he was wearing and exactly how you felt.
Once you arrive at your house, you reluctantly invite him in before instructing him to sit on the couch in the lounge whilst you head up to scan your wardrobe for something to wear. 
After all of this time of being without him, you don’t know how to act. All you know is how to be close to him, how to touch him, how to kiss him and being faced with this strange phase, it’s hard to grasp. Does he want you to touch him? Because you really want to touch him but you also don’t want to push yourself too far when right now you’ve got a job to do.
Doesn’t mean your brain will shut off though, it runs 24/7, and Robert is the main reason.
The dress you pick out is a gold sequinned bodycon with an open back, spaghetti straps and a deep v neck. It gives you chance to show off your cleavage whilst also showing off your accentuated body. You decide to pair it with nude coloured heals and smokey eyeshadow with lipgloss.
You take one final look in your bedroom mirror, head to toe you’re dressed for the part in an outfit you’ve never worn. And you feel somewhat unrecognisable but there’s no turning back now, so instead you head down the stairs and into the lounge to find Roberts mouth hanging open in shock at the sight of you.
“Is this okay?” you ask, turning around so your ass is on view for him and you notice him adjust the situation in his pants as he clears his throat and stands up.
“Yeah, you uh, you look great” now you can see the same confusion in him that you’ve been battling with, he’s unsure how to act around you too. Hence why he never rested his hand on your thigh on the way to your place.
It’s probably for the best right now anyway if you keep it casual, friendly even.
By the time you set off to the club, it’s half eight in the evening and you’re exhausted from all the crying you’ve done lately. Tonight is the first time you’ve worn makeup in weeks, crying with mascara on isn’t fun nor is it pretty so you avoided it because the thought of sporting panda eyes made you cry more.
“Right we’re here” he announces, parking the van down a secluded alleyway near the back door of the club.
“Okay, we’ll enter through the main entrance and exit through that door there” he points to the fire exit, making sure you get it before moving on to remind you of the rest. He tells you that you’re going to be dancing with the target as Robert makes his way over, he’ll use the spray bottle of cyanide he concocted up to fake sneeze into the guys face and with that the guy should collapse to the ground.
It all sounds simple enough but your brain feels completely overwhelmed by it. Robert notices the worry and fear in your glistening eyes and the way your hands start to shake so at a last minute attempt to calm you down he takes them in his own “look at me” and you do as you suck in a breath.
“I love you” he murmurs, resting his forehead to yours and you feel a tear about to slip but he catches it just in time. Hearing him say those three words is almost too much to handle and your mind instantly takes you back to the day he first spoke them. You recall ignoring them and feeling like it was all a lie, all just a ploy to keep you there but now you know he meant them. He feels it too and he always has, it’s clear now.
So rather than worrying in this van you smile at him before getting out of the truck and strutting out of the alleyway towards the main entrance of the club.
The bouncer eyes the two of you up intently and internally you’re screaming ‘let us in, we aren’t suspicious’ and of course, he does. He doesn’t smile, doesn’t speak, just lifts the rope up for you to head inside and once you pass the threshold the loud bass of the music fills your ears almost deafening you entirely. 
Robert grips a hold of your hand as he leans closer to your ear to point out the guy for you.
As you spot him, you look him up and down. He’s a bald guy, slim and very tall but not your type whatsoever. You give Robert the nod before making your way over to the dance floor, swaying your hips as you go. Robert smirks as he watches you, god everything about you drives him crazy but nows the time to focus and not let you distract him.
He orders a shot real quick as he waits for you to settle in.
The target sizes you up as you worm your way into his circle, giving him your most flirtatious eyes as you shimmy closer. His hands rest on your waist, his way of inviting you to dance with him but the feel of another mans hands on your body is disgusting. 
You just want Roberts hands and only his hands. But still, you sway your hips, gyrating in circles as you wrap your arms loosely around his neck. Robert dances his way over, even nodding his head towards some of the women before his eyes return to you. Seeing you dancing like that with another man makes his stomach churn, but he can’t be mad. He told you to do this and if this distracts his next victim then so be it but as soon as this is over, he’s stealing you back.
You’re his and he is yours.
The target starts to get more handsy, his hands dance down your back and towards your ass but before he can even get there, Robert nudges you away ‘accidentally’ before sneezing into his face.
“Omg” you feign shock as you turn your nose up in disgust and once you see the target and his damp face, you walk away, acting as though he repulses you, which he does.
Robert walks ahead of you, whispering as he passes for you to meet him by the van and his hands graze yours as he hands you the keys to the van.
You make quick work in finding the fire exit, pushing it open and stepping out into the cold night, the breeze making you shiver. You rush to cover your arms with your hands, moving them over your skin to help in any way but to no avail. 
The van is parked right in front of you but just as you go to walk, you hear someone.
“Who’s there?” you call out “Robert?” no answer.
“Calm down sweetheart, i’m not gonna hurt you...unless you ask nicely” the unfamiliar voice sniggers and when you turn around, an average sized man is approaching, his hair is short and his body is covered in a rather fancy suit. Bit too fancy for a club like this.
“My, uh, my boyfriend will be here soon” you stammer, trying your best to sound tough. It’s funny how the main objective of the night wasn’t actually as scary as you thought it would be, it was certainly not as scary as this. 
All you can do is look around as he backs you up to the brick wall and once you hit it, you feel trapped. There’s no way out and this man is getting a little too close for comfort.
Robert finishes up in the toilet before heading to the fire exit to meet you. He gave you strict instructions to wait in the van until he returned but as soon as he steps outside he sees you trying to fight off a strange man. 
That same man has his hands all over you as you beg for him stop and in this moment he sees red. His anger builds as he storms over and all it takes is one punch to the mans head to get him to stumble before falling.
“Are you fucking nuts?” he shouts and you continue to look around incase anyone comes along.
No words manage to escape your mouth as you stare in shock, Robert is now on top of the stranger, punching at him until blood covers his knuckles.
“Robert, stop” you beg, rushing to pull him off but it doesn’t work. He just keeps hitting him and hitting him, smashing his head back against the concrete until he’s certain the guy is done for. Another casualty added to the night. 
If Robert had gone alone tonight and left you out of then this wouldn’t be happening but you know as well as he does that he just can’t leave you alone, he can’t stay away. 
You mean more to him than this poxy business he’s taken on and you always will do. Therefore, he will do anything to protect you.
You stand there in shock, unsure what to do now aside from watching him as he rises back to his feet. His bloody knuckles, the blood on his shirt and even splatters of it on the lenses of his glasses, everything about it alarms you or at least it should do. So why are you turned on? Why do you feel more safe than you should? Why do you feel closer to him somehow?
Well, couples that kill together stay together... or so it goes.
He wipes his face with his forearm before bending to grab a hold of the mans feet “are you just gonna stand there or help me get this body in the van?” his voice raised slightly, causing you to wake up and run to the van. 
You unlock the back doors before grabbing the guys arms and lugging him into the back. Your hands shaking as you take slow steps until Robert steps inside, pulling him up and in too.
“We need to make a pit stop before we go home” he insists, slamming the doors closed and locking them before jumping into the drivers seat right next to you. He digs the key into the ignition before stepping on the gas and pulling out into the road.
As he drives you steal a couple of glances his way, before looking back at the body. Guilt consumes you but for some reason you don’t feel it in the way that you should, it feels good. It’s a strange feeling, one that you never expected to ever understand when it came to why he enjoyed this kind of thing. But now you get it, it’s an adrenaline rush like no other. But it’s still scary and you could never make this a regular gig. It’s Roberts thing and you expect to keep it that way but now at least, you’ve seen it first hand.
And this alone will help you to understand him better, it will bring the two of you closer together.
Robert notices you looking back at his latest victim so he reaches over, taking your hand in his and intertwining your fingers, catching your attention and turning it back to him.
For as long as you can remember you’ve always prayed for a love so intense that it was almost too overwhelming, a love where the man cared enough and loved you enough to protect you in times of desperate need.
A man who would stop at nothing to make sure you’re safe. Tonight, Robert was that man. 
He saw you in trouble and that switch in his head flipped on like it was no big deal. Sure, murdering any threat to you isn’t what you had in mind when you were praying but that man was about to do some cruel things to your rigid and shaking body like it was fun for him and you can’t bare to thing how that would have ended for you. 
For the man however, it would have ended the same. Either way, he’d still be dead now so there’s no use thinking on what could have been different or worrying your mind about it.
What matters now is that you’re safe, with Robert. He wouldn’t dare allow anything to ever happen to you.
He pulls into the parking lot of an abandoned warehouse.
“Where are we?” you ask, turning to face him
“This is where i....” he trails off and you know right away that this is where he gets rid of the bodies. This is where he does all of the grunt work.
“I understand if tonight was too much for you to handle. It’s not a ideal lifestyle for a woman like you, you deserve a lot more but i’d do anything for you”
You nod before undoing your seatbelt and launching yourself at him, straddling his lap.
“Sweetness” his voice a breathless rasp as you crash your lips to his, fireworks and a thousand stars light up the darkness as you close your eyes, allowing yourself to really feel him.
His tongue swipes over your bottom lip, his question of whether or not he has permission and as you invite him in, his tongue glides across yours. The feeling ignites you and you feel full and complete.
Without Robert Pronge you’re Y/F/N the good girl, retail worker, daughter of deceased parents, adventurer, slight alcoholic and too innocent for your own good, also a shell of a woman that you once were because with Robert Pronge, life is better. You’re better.
Everything is in bright colours when he is near, without him it’s black and white.
You kiss him so hard that you’re certain the air was ripped from your lungs as well as his, you need him, desperately.
Pulling away and resting your forehead to his, you start to make quick work of his belt. He bucks his hips up to pull his pants and boxers down for you before you line him up with your dripping entrance and lower down.
The tip of his cock catches and as he fills you up with all of him, sliding home in no time your eyes glaze over.
Your hands grip the back of his neck, fingers digging into the long strands of his hair at the same time whilst he grips your waist and ass.
Grunts, growls and heavy breathing fills the van as your speed picks up, greedily chasing that release that you’ve missed all too much. 
Robert buries his face in the crook of your neck, tongue lapping at your sweet spot before sinking his teeth in like a vampire does. The longest and loudest groan escapes your mouth as you arch your back in his arms, keeping up your fast pace.
“Oh god” you cry out, feeling that coil snap. Your walls flutter around him, uncontrollably, spasming like crazy at the feel of him. But you keep going, pushing yourself through the intense high to break him into a million pieces. To tell the truth, you adore the way he falls apart all because of your pussy.
Only you can make him crumble. Only you can make him cum as hard as he’s about to and only you can see the sweet side of him. That alone makes you feel extremely lucky, cocky even.
His cock twitches inside of you, reminding you that he’s extremely close and seconds later you feel him in more ways than one. His breathing turns shaky, an endless stream of curse words fill the air as his grip on your body tightens.
“God, i love you”
There it is again, that word. Love.
“I love you too” you murmur, so quiet that it’s almost like a whisper, the first time you’ve ever truly felt it deep inside of you. There’s never been a hesitation on whether you have, not with Robert. It’s consumed you for a long time and now you’ve finally said it back to him, you realise that you don’t ever want to leave him.
He smiles as he cups your face, pulling you close to him so that his lips can attack yours, violently. It’s steamy, teeth and tongues. His whole heart is on view and his feelings for you come out into the way he kisses. He’s missed you more than he’d ever care to admit out loud.
“We should probably deal with our current situation” he suggests, slowly pulling away and nodding his head towards the back of the van that contains his latest victim. You giggle before humming your agreement and stepping out to unlock the door to the warehouse for him so he can drive the van inside.
Once it’s in park you both carry the body up to the second floor where a table sits, Robert takes the body in his hands, tossing him carelessly onto the slab before turning to face you.
He goes over everything that he has to do, watching as you listen carefully but just watching him has you ready to go another round.
“So did tonight help?” he asks, standing there with his hands on his hips, raising his brows.
“I’d say it was very helpful” you start, walking closer to him “in fact, it couldn’t have been more helpful. So now i’m left with one more thing to do” your face turns angry, eyes squinting as you back him up to the wall.
“Don’t ever. fucking lie to me. again... okay?” your voice rises in decibels, your hand rests on his crotch area and you laugh as he stares you down.
Rather than agreeing, he flips the two of you over, forcing your tight dress up over your ass cheeks and around your waist. He slips your panties to the side and frees his cock, you hear him spit once, then once more but this time the spit lands on your spread ass cheeks and down onto your puckered hole.
“Ready to go again this soon? Wow Freezy” you giggle, seductively, knowing how that nickname coming from you makes him feel. Then suddenly you feel him pushing his way into your puckered hole, something you’ve never been able to do with him until now. The feeling making you gasp and whimper as he pushes your face into the wall, hard. You poke your ass out a little as he goes deeper, exploring you in a new and exciting way.
The result of the intense stretching has you sobbing into the wall whilst also begging for more. It’s a strange situation but it’s one you can’t get enough of and for some reason you can’t deny the feeling of closeness that surrounds the two of you. You’re no longer two separate people but better yet one whole, joined together in the name of love and murder. A dangerous love.
“Robert” you whine, moving back to meet his agonisingly slow thrusts, he’s breaking you in as his fingers force their way into your mouth to pull it open “such a fucking good girl for me, taking my cock in this tight ass” your chest rises and falls.
He spits into your open mouth before forcing you to swallow it as he shoves your face back into the wall, your cheek squishes as he does so. His pace picks up once you bounce back to meet the harsh snap of his hips once again and now you know why people enjoy anal. The feel of it is like a beautiful disaster.
“Like it when daddy fucks your ass, huh?” his hand reaches to your pussy, rubbing at it furiously as he spreads his cum that’s slipping out all over “oh and such a wet pussy, loving the feel of my cum dripping out, aren’t you sweetness?”
“Yes, daddy”
“Now, take daddy’s cock, slut. Make me cum” so you do, letting him fuck into you aggressively until he spills his load, making that two holes out of three that are filled up to the brim with his thick white ropes.
He’s careful as he pulls out, giving you a rough kiss before tucking himself away and helping you do the same. You feel him dripping out already, soaking your panties before dripping down your legs. No time to clean up yet though, right now you have work to do, assisting Robert before you can even think about leaving.
You entered this day with optimism of closure from Robert and you’re finishing it with his cum oozing out of your two used holes in an old run down warehouse surrounded by sharp blades and sinks. It’s not at all what you expected to come of seeing him when you knocked on his front door but somehow you wouldn’t want to change the course of events.
It might be all about work right now but afterwards, you wish to fall asleep in his arms for the first time again.... and you always get your way.
Robert kicks his feet up onto his desk as he takes a long drag of his cigarette, once he blows the smoke out he looks back at Jeff.
“So you thought by avoiding me for all this time that i would just let it go?” his rhetorical question has Jeff shifting in his seat uncomfortably.
After he outed Robert to you, he knew then that he’d fucked up and would end up dead. Robert isn’t exactly known for negotiating second chances and Jeff knows that best as he’s watched his ruthless friend go after people for a lot less than his own crimes.
Jeff panicked, fleeing to the other side of the state so he could stay with his sister. Not his best move, granted but boy did Robert hold on to that grudge. It didn’t go anywhere so ultimately Jeff left for nothing.
“Freezy please”
“Don’t even bother begging, it makes you look pathetic” Robert rolls his eyes as he puts the cigarette out “there’s only one resolve for this”
But before he can even continue, the door swings open. 
You strut inside, kicking it shut with your stiletto before heading over to where Robert is sat.
He moves his feet off the desk before spreading his legs so you can sit down on his lap, your own legs draped over his as you wrap your arm around his shoulders.
“Who the fuck is this? This happens to be a private meeting princess so if you don’t mind” Jeff scoffs, gesturing for you to leave until you stand up slowly.
“Princess? More like the girlfriend of your boss and last time i checked that meant i was above you” you feel Roberts hands on your waist, tugging you back down but there’s no way in hell that you’re backing down from a cocky prick like Jeff. 
Robert told you he was meeting with him this evening, just before he was planning to take you to dinner so you took it upon yourself to surprise him at work in a new outfit, only to be greeted by his awful employee.
Although you’re glad Jeff told you about who Robert really was, you’re still angry. He was rude to you on the phone that day and you don’t take too kindly to rudeness.
“Flavour of the week more like” he chuckles, not taking you seriously.
“Fiancé more like” you slam your hands on the table to really show him who won this battle. And by the look on his face, he knows.
Robert gasps as the words leave your mouth and when you turn to face him, the biggest smirk is plastered all over his face. 
He proposed to you last week, pulled out all the stops to get the night perfect. 
You, the only woman for him had stolen his heart the second you locked eyes but even he could never have imagined this, not in his wildest dreams. You’ve had some rough patches to get through but you did it together, you never abandoned him. 
He is yours and you are his, forever and always.
At first you were terrified and even intimidated by the expensive rock that he pulled out on you, so much so that you declined it. You insisted that you needed time to think things over before making a decision.
Well now, you’ve come to it, you want him for the rest of your life, if he’ll still have you.
“Ha, Freezy settling down and giving this up? No chance”
“Who said anything about giving this up?” you question, raising one brow up at him “If anything this just means i’ll be more involved so i guess you better get used to seeing me around, Jeff”
Jeff just scoffs before standing up to leave, muttering curse words under his breath before leaving, unable to take your cockiness for much longer.
You sit back down onto Roberts lap as he pulls you down, his hands roaming your waist.
“Now... how about i slip this ring onto that finger of yours, make it official” he opens the top drawer of his desk, pulling the small box out before sliding the diamond onto your ring finger and bringing you into a passion filled kiss.
“Think we have time to celebrate before dinner?” you ask, lips curling up mischievously, only one thing on your mind.
“Or, we could eat each other for dinner” his crude suggestion makes you giggle, nodding your head in agreement. You can never resist.
“Great, now get that ass on my desk, daddy’s pretty hungry...fiancé”
This doesn’t feel real, it’s not sunk in yet but when it does, you’ll scream it from the rooftops that Robert Pronge is your future husband.
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twjournals · a month ago
You’ll Wish You Listened
Tumblr media
Warnings: Robert Pronge (OF COURSE ITS GONNA BE DARK), NON-CON, humiliation, degrading, oral (male receiving), gunplay, unprotected sex, breeding, mobs, overstimulating
Word Count: 7.1k
Summary: After a run-in with some unwanted visitors, they seem to take an interest in you. Since your boss has some debt with them, they make him an offer he can't refuse, you or his business. Unfortunately, it's an offer you can refuse. When you quit your job on the spot, your boss doesn't take that move too kindly. Now you have to deal with Pronge.
A/N : THIS IS YOUR WARNING. I am aware this is a real person. I am only writing about the role Chris Evans played, not the actual person. If you do not like or are upset by dark fan fiction, I highly recommend you do not read. Any negativity will be blocked. I am not responsible for your intake.
"Headed out?" You heard from behind you as you started to undo the back of your smock. You took one more look around the restaurant, mentally checking off the list of things you had to do and humming.
You folded up your smock in your hands, putting it in your bag as you pulled it from its spot wedged behind the counter. "I think so."
"Well, it's about time." James stepped out of the kitchen, wiping his hand with a towel and taking a look around with a small chuckle.
"Speak for yourself." You rolled your eyes as he tossed the towel in the trash.
He leaned against the counter beside you. "I mean it. I have plenty of help in the kitchen. Tony isn't going to feel the need to hire any more waitresses if you keep accepting all these extra shifts. I'm surprised you even get any sleep."
You stayed quiet, holding onto your bag in your hands. "I'm not trying to beat you up. It's none of my business, but I'm just looking out for you. I would hate to lose the only worker I can stand in this building." He nudges your arm and you fight back a smile, obviously failing.
You nudged him back, making him smile. "Come on, Sam isn't that bad."
"Are you kidding?" He scowled. "He's annoying."
"Now, now, James. Let’s not act like you’re not sometimes.” You tease.
"Probably, but it doesn't stop you from closing with me." A smug smile raises to his lips.
You rolled your eyes with a smile. "Never."
You glance out the window of the diner, biting your bottom lip as you notice the street lights on and very few people walking the streets. It was the one thing you hated about closing the diner. You lived close to the diner so the walk was too far, but you still weren't comfortable especially with everything happening on the news. All these people you knew and even did not know coming up missing. Some even turning up dead. It was a cruel world.
James noticed how uneasy you were, snapping from your thoughts. "Could I give you a ride home?"
"It's fine, honestly. I live just up the road."
James pressed a reassuring smile. "All the more reason why I don't mind."
You bite your bottom lip, staring out the window again and trying to think of any reason not to bother him. As much as you wanted to take him up on it, the independent side of you fought against it.
"Y/n." Your thoughts shut off at the sound of his voice. "I really don't mind. I just want you to get home safe."
You let out a deep breath, feeling the weight on your shoulder being lifted and you smiled at him. "Okay, James."
His smile widened before he lifted himself off of the counter. He took a moment to shut the lights in the diner before grabbing his coat. You followed him to the door, smiling when he stepped aside to let you first. You shivered, looking around at the empty streets as James turned to lock the door to the diner behind the two of you.
It made sense why no one wanted to be. If you had the choice, you would stay in too. You were thankful for your coworkers. It was because of them you actually kept coming to work, otherwise, you would have started looking for a new job a long time ago.
The drive to your house was a comfortable silence. James even went as far as catching every door for you, making sure you were comfortable with the heat in the car and the music on the radio.
"James, it's your car." You reminded him and he still smiled.
When you arrived in the parking lot to your apartment, he walked around to your side to let you out before you even had a chance to open the door.
It surprised you how a man like James continued to work for Tony considering how much of a sweetheart he is. For all you knew, maybe he stuck around for the same reason as you. You thanked him quietly as he let you out of the car. He offered you his arm for comfort and you playfully rolled your eyes, wrapping your arm around his and holding onto his coat.
“You really didn’t have to do all of this, ya know?” You looked up at him as he walked up the stairs to your floor.
“I told you I wanted to make sure you were safe.”
“I know.” The two of you walked down the hallway once you got to your floor. You stopped in front of your door, letting go of his arm and turning around to face him. “Well thank you. I appreciate it more than you know.”
He waved it off with a smile. “It’s really not a problem.”
“Well, I do appreciate it. I’ll see you tomorrow?” He nodded, shifting on his feet slightly as if he was lost in thoughts. You didn’t want to hold him up any longer than needed. You removed your keys from your bag, unlocking the door.
As you pushed your door open, James stopped you. Stumbling over his words as he tried to find his voice.
“Can I..” You looked at him, noticing how close he was now and it all clicking. He had been debating whether or not to kiss you and your cheeks blushed a deep shade of red at the realization. You didn’t move, only leaning into him as he leaned into you. His lips barely brushed yours when a whistle sounded in the hallway making you both pull back.
You looked up to see one of your neighbors, Robert. “Some of us have places to be. You guys are kinda taking up the hallway.” Robert slowed his walk, passing by the two of you. James shoved his hands in his pockets awkwardly.
You scowled at Robert. “And yet, here you are passing by just fine.”
Robert smirked, glancing at James. “You just let your ole lady get mouthy with anyone, huh? Surprised Tony even keeps you around, but I see now.” He glances between you and James. “Crystal clear.”
James cuts his eyes at him, trying to bite his tongue.
“Oh, fuck off, Robert. Don’t you have an ice cream truck convention to get to?”
Robert snarled his nose. He’d like nothing more than to fix your attitude. “For his sake, let’s hope he puts your mouth to better use.”
“Hey!” James called after him. “Don’t talk to her like that!” It was too late though. Robert was already down the stairs and could care less what James had to say. It would not stop him from talking to you in any type of way. You knew it would not change anything aside from someone getting hurt. In your case, you did not want it to be James.
“James, it’s okay honestly.” You tried to get his attention by tugging on his coat.
He huffed, finally turning back to face you once again. “What a dick.” He muttered.
You shrugged and he finally looked up at you with apologetic eyes. “Don’t even think about apologizing. You didn’t do anything wrong.” You giggled and he ceased, realizing what he was doing and closing his mouth. You smiled widely, closing the space between you only for a moment to press a kiss to his cheek. His eyes widened at the gesture before he broke out into a grin.
You laughed quietly at his reaction. “Thank you again, James. I’ll see you tomorrow.” You turned to step inside your apartment. James gave his farewells before you both parted ways.
It felt never-ending at work the next time. Between a rush hour and it still being the middle of the day, you knew it was going to be a long day. There you were lent over a table, washing it down along with the seat. You had already received a table from Tony that some very special guests would be making an appearance. They couldn't have chosen to come at a worse time.
You cursed under your breath, slowly backing out of the booth until your body collided with another and making you jump a little. You looked over your shoulder as the man stepped aside with a smirk on his lips. Something told you it wasn't an accident. You swallowed hard when you noticed the group of men behind you. You could tell just by looking at the men in suits this was the guests Tony warned you about.
You rushed out of the booth, sliding out of it as quickly as your legs could operate. You were fluttered. "I-I'm so sorry." You apologized.
The man seemed to get off on your uneasiness. "I assume this would be ours?" He almost challenged and you nodded quickly, making him narrow his eyes at you.
"I'm sorry. It is. I apologize in advance, we are kind of busy." You stepped aside, letting the men take their seats before passing out the stack of menus. You took your notepad from your smock, smiling at the men before you. "Can I get you guys started with something to drink?"
You hurried off to get their drinks after they ordered. You looked up the drink machine to meet James' gaze.
"Everything okay?" He threw his towel over his shoulder as he sat a plate of food in the window.
"Perfect." You muttered, but he knew otherwise. He peaked out from the kitchen window at the guy who talked at one of the tables behind you.
"Breathe, it's okay." He tried to assure and you lift your tray of drinks, shooting him a 'kill me' look before rounding the counter to the table of men. It was not hard to miss that the men were a group of mobsters and that put them at the top of your list of tables to serve. You passed around the drinks before you taking their food orders to James, pinning the paper above the window for him.
You could hear Wanda struggling with some trays of food and you hurried to her side to help, taking the extra tray she was struggling to balance.
"Woah, Woah... I got it." You smiled at Wanda as she let a big sigh of relief.
"You're a lifesaver." She thanked you and you followed you over to the table of hungry people, helping her pass out the food and helping with any refills since it was quite a large table. You took a moment to check on your other tables.
You turned to leave, nearly knocking into Tony as he stood just behind with his hands on his hips. "What do you think you're doing?"
You weren't sure what he was talking about. "What do you mean?"
He scowled, grabbing a hold of your arm and pulling you off of the floor and through the swinging door to the kitchen.
"You have a table of very people out there and you're busy fucking off at other tables."
You yanked your arm back from his grip. "I was helping Wanda with the food."
"Wanda doesn't need your help. She can handle her own." You could tell everyone in the kitchen listening even if they refused to look up from what they were doing.
"Tony, she was struggling with her trays. Was I just suppose to let her drop them?."
Tony shook his head. "From now on, you take care of those men. Don't worry about Wanda."
"I am, Tony. You realize I have other tables too, right?." You reminded him.
"Not anymore." He shook his head again. "Wanda can handle them. I need you to keep these men happy. I own a lot to them. The last thing I need is you fucking this up."
Your eyes widened suddenly. You were in disbelief at what you were hearing. James looked up at you when you glance back at him. You knew what he was thinking. He only shook his head and lowered it again to finish chopping some vegetables. "Wanda can't handle every table in this diner. Tony, it's lunchtime."
"I don't care. Get out there." He grabbed your arm, pushing you toward the swinging door. You stared back at him in shock. "Are you deaf all of the sudden? Go."
You took a deep breath trying to calm your nerves. It took everything in you to keep from giving him a piece of your mind for treated you like crap in front of everyone. It was expected from Tony though. You would hear Tony behind you as you made your way over to the table of men waiting on you. You heard Tony’s footsteps stop behind you as you passed Wanda and you knew he was breaking the news to her.
“Anyone need any refills? The food should be just a moment. Did you guys need anything?” You put on your best smile.
The men all exchanged looks before the one closest to you spoke up. You could tell just by looking at him, he was in charge. “What I want isn’t on the menu.” You raised an eyebrow, trying to think what he might have meant until you notice his sweep of your body.
“I.. I could have the cook customize something if you want."
He raised an eyebrow. He wasn't sure if you were playing dumb or if you really were dumber than you looked. "No customizing needed, suga. You already look good enough to eat."
You cleared your throat, trying to swallow down what you really wanted to say but your mouth still failed you. "You're right that isn't on the menu."
The man smirked as if your words were a challenge he was willing to take you up on.
“Nonsense. You guys can have anything you want.” You jumped slightly when you felt Tony rest his hands on your shoulders as he came up behind you. “She’s my best girl. She’ll give you anything you want.”
James was getting good at noticing your uneasiness because he rang the bell, giving you an excuse to leave the table. “Order up!”
“Uhh...I should go get your food.”
“Tony can get it. Can’t you, Tony?” Tony took his hands off your shoulders, staring at the man for a moment. “Go on. Make yourself useful.” The man challenged and you swallowed down the lump in your throat.
“It’s fine I can-“
"Have a seat, doll. You could use a break, don't you think?" You were scared to answer as Tony nudged you forward toward the man.
"No problem. Coming right up." Tony forced a smile as the man found his hands to your hips and pulling you down on his lap.
You didn't know what to think. A part of you wanted to get up and leave but the other part of you, the part of you that you felt was keeping you alive right now, was terrified to move from your place on his lap. You wanted to say something, to protest. You want to call him a pig when you felt his fingers tracing shapes against your leg where your dress had risen up your thigh when you were pulled onto his lap.
You could feel his fingers creeping up your thigh as he talking to his men about God knows what. You slap his hand, pushing it back down.
"God. Can you at least be civil in public?" You scowled, pushing his hand and the man grabbed your wrist. He squeezed it, making you squirm on his lap.
"Watch your mouth." His free hand pops your mouth, catching you off guard. Your eyes go wide looking at him. "You see, you need to realize who's in charge here. It's clear you lack proper discipline."
"I'm a waitress." You reminded him.
"You're whatever I tell you you are. Right now, I have no problem making you a personal cockwarmer for me and my men." You glanced around at the men at the table who clearly seemed to be enjoying the show.
Your eyes were on the verge of bugging out of your head. A part of you couldn't believe this was happening, but you couldn't put anything past Tony at this point. It was taking everything in you to stay in place.
You shook your head slowly and he nodded in return. "That's not for you to decide. You'll realize that soon enough." You stared at him in disbelief. He wasn't really going to do that in front of everyone, was he?
James' voice spoke up from behind you. "Y/n, Wanda needs you."
The man looked up at James, narrowing his eyes and you stared up at James with pleading eyes. "Is she okay?"
Tony finally came to the table with the food, sitting it down in front of the men. "What are you doing out of the kitchen? Y/n is busy."
"It's an emergency." His eyes had a sparkle in them when he looked down at you again.
Your eyes moved back to Tony and Tony glared over at James. "She's busy, James."
"Tony, Wanda could be hurt." You pleaded.
When Tony didn't answer, the man loosened his grip on your body. "That's okay. Go check on your friend. We'll talk more later." He smiled against your cheek.
You didn't hesitate to get up from his lap and hurrying to back in search of Wanda with James following right behind you.You didn't hesitate to get up from his lap and hurrying to back in search of Wanda with James following right behind you. You look around the kitchen in search of Wanda.
"Where is Wanda?"
"She's just getting something from the cooler. She's fine."
You stare at James in slight relief and confusion.
"I saw what he was doing to you out there. I'm so sorry." He frowned, wrapping his arms around your neck and pulling you into a comforting hug. You melted into the hug, feeling your eyes getting wet with tears as you hugged him tightly. You wished words could express your gratitude but words couldn't come close to explaining it. So you held onto him, mumbling a thank you into his shoulder.
You jumped when you heard the door swung open with force.
"What the fuck was that?!" Tony voice's lit like fire echoing through the kitchen, making everyone else stop what they were doing. You and James slowly parted from your hug. "Does nobody listen to me around here?"
Everyone stayed quiet and Tony paces back and forth for a moment before stopping in front of James. He jerked the hat off of his head, throwing it on the ground. "What part of 'she's busy' do you not understand?!"
"They were hurting her!" James spits back.
"Hurting her?! They were HAPPY." Tony yells in his face. "You realize you're playing with fire here? They're mobsters for crying out loud! They could fucking kill you for that and not lose an ounce of sleep over it." James stands down, swallowing the lump in his throat.
Tony shook his head in shame before stopping in front of you, pointing a finger at you. "You. My whole business is depending on you right now and you pull this stunt."
"She had nothing to do with this. It was my fault, sir." James jumped in.
Tony cut his eyes back to James. "Pick up your fucking hat and get out of my face."
James picks up his hat from his feet, dirting it off before returning to his spot at the grill.
Tony crossed his arms over his chest, his eyes staring you down again. He let out a deep breath as you let your eyes drop to your feet. "Luckily for you, they're willing to overlook this. They'll be back tomorrow, so I expect you to be on your best behavior. I do not care what they ask for, you give it to them."
Your mouth fell up slightly with a gasp. "Tony."
"Don't act so stuck up. This is your life we're talking about. Now when they come back tomorrow, there won't be any more stunts. You'll be going with them. Understood?"
The whole kitchen stopped working instantly. You had to remind yourself to breathe.
"I-I don't think so."
"You think you have a fucking choice? I'm your boss and I'm telling you are going with them." Tony raises his voice, making you flinch slightly.
You reached behind your back, untying your smock and shoving in Tony's hands. "What do you think you're doing?"
You turned away, grabbing your bag from its usual spot. "I quit. I'm done here."
"You can't just quit!" Tony stormed after you, grabbing ahold of your arm and jerking you back around to face him. "You owe me!"
"Tony, I don't owe you anything! I kept this business afloat. If it wasn't for me, this diner would have never made it this far. I agreed to waitress. I did not sign up to be your hand out for your fuck ups."
You watched as his face turned a bright shade of red. "You're gonna regret that."
"No, I don't think I will." You glanced back at the kitchen staff. "And I think I speak for everyone when I say, you are the shittest boss to take advantage of your team the way you do."
His jaw clenched and everyone seemed to work at a slower pace in order to keep from missing a detail. Tony pressed his lips together, forcing a laugh to keep from making an even bigger scene.
"You're gonna wish you listened to me. You're gonna regret all of this, princess."
"Go to hell, Tony." You mumbled as you walked out of the kitchen before leaving the restaurant.
It had been two weeks since you had quit working for Tony and you had not heard anything since. You were relieved. You were slightly curious what he meant by you would regret it, but this far you could confirm you did not regret leaving that shit hole of a job. You had started working in an office building and to say the least, it was a lot better than waitressing.
It does not long after you left that James followed in your steps. You both need it was something bound to happen but of course, you had given him that extra push he needed to get the job done. After everything had happened, it also gave James the push he needed to make his move with you. You two had not spoken much about what happened even though you hang out almost every day now it seemed.
The two of you sat on the couch, your back against his chest as you both sipped on a beer. You were three in and already feel a buzz. You rested your head back with a hum, resting your eyes for a moment as you listened to the television in the background. His arm dragged over your shoulder, holding onto you as he took the last swig of his beer. It was late and he could tell you were getting sleepy.
He kissed the top of your head, smiling as he moved his arm from around you. He rose from the couch to gather up the empty bottles and tossing them in the trash to save you from having to clean up later.
You sat up from your spot and watched him with a smile. "I could have done that."
"Well, now you don't have to." He chuckled, leaning down in front of you and resting his hand on the back of the couch as his head hung down over yours.
You could smell the alcohol on his breath and you scrunched your nose up with a giggle. Alcohol gave you more courage than it should have. Your hands found their way around his neck, pulling him down to you until his lips landed on yours. The kiss was firm and eager. He did not hesitate to kiss you back. You could taste the alcohol on his tongue as mingled with yours. Your back fell back against the couch bringing James with you and James settled in between your legs, kissing you.
You could feel how hard he was pressed against you just from your kiss alone. An eager whine fell from your lips as your fingers worked their way down his shirt, unbuttoning the buttons as they lowered. At one point James was helping you until you were almost done with the buttons, his hand closed around yours.
"Wait..." He breathed against your lips, pulling back from the kiss to catch his breath. Your eyes stared up at him, your lips still tingling and swelling from his kiss.
"What's wrong?" Your lips still brushed his.
"Nothing. I just would prefer we did this sober." He answered shyly as if he was worried he was saying the wrong thing. You could not help but smile no matter how much you were aching for his touch right now. You understand and you agreed with him.
"Then we'll wait." You agreed with him.
He sat up on the couch, working the buttons to his shirt again. "I'm sorry. Believe me, I really do want to touch you, but I don't want alcohol influencing anything when I do."
You smiled. "It's okay. I respect that."
He lets a sigh when he glances over at the clock on the wall before looking back at you. It was right at midnight. "I should probably get going. You should try and get some rest before work."
"What? I'm well-rested. Can't you tell?" You stared back at him with tired eyes.
"I don't know about that." He laughs, starting to get up from the couch and you followed as he walked to the door.
"Goodnight." He leaned down, pressing a kiss to your forehead making you give a tired smile. If you had not been feeling the beers then, you were starting to feel it the fourth one now.
You shut the door behind him as he left, locking the door in place. You turned off the television once you found the remote. You wandered into your room to change into a nightgown. You were ready for bed.
Knock, knock.
You furrowed your brows in curiosity before giggling quietly. It was probably James.
You unlocked the door, pulling it open. "Change your min-" You stopped as soon as your eyes met Robert's. He smiled at the sight of you. He could tell you had been drinking and that was okay. It was going to make what he was here for a lot easier.
"I always knew you were a slut." He smiled one of his smug smiles.
"Do you not have anything better to do, Robert?"
He started to lean against your doorframe as if in thought. "Come to think of it, I do." His eyes seemed to fall down your body. They racked your body as if they were undressing you from your nightgown.
You scowled. "You're disgusting." You grabbed the door, starting to slam it shut in his face but his boot caught it. "Move." You gritted your teeth.
His foot didn't budge. In fact, all it took was a rough push of the door and it had you stumbling back. It was too easy. You cursed yourself for drinking.
"Wh-What are you doing?" He pushed his way inside your apartment and he pushed the door shut behind him. You watched him starting to reach for the lock. You slap his hand, tearing his hand away from the lock. He wasn't going to make himself at home. "I don't know what you think this is. Get out!" You raised your voice which soon died into a whimper when he grabbed you by your throat.
Your hand grabbed at his fingers, trying to tear them from around your throat and they only tightened with every attempt. You could hear the door lock as your head grew lighter. Maybe this was it. Robert was here to kill you for everything that happened. Just as you could feel yourself losing the last bit of oxygen in your lung, Robert gave you life again.
He releases your throat. Your lung burned trying to get oxygen back in them as you fell to your knees. An ache pounded through your skull from being so lightheaded. You crawled on your hands and knees to get as far away from him as possible and he whistled as he simply walked behind you. He could see your panties poking out from underneath your gown.
“Pathetic.” He chuckles as he steps one boot in front of the other. “You really think you’re something, huh? Think you’re too good for people. You’re not even close. You know I never knew what Tony saw in you. Nothing but a mouthy little bitch.”
You got to your feet, stumbling over your feet to get to the kitchen. You started to hurry through the drawers to get one of your cutting knives.
Robert lifts his shirt, pulling a gun from its place tucked in the waist of his jeans. You flinched when you heard him cock the gun. You stopped and slowly put your hands in the air in defeat.
"Robert, please..." You felt helpless. One wrong move and you were dead where you stood. "Don't do this."
Step by step he moved closer to you. His hand rubbed over your hips as he pushed you against the counter, pushing the gun against your temple and you closed your eyes tightly. You couldn't stop the tears from falling.
He pushed you over against the kitchen counter, his rough hands rubbing over your hips and feeling it slide up your back. Your hands out of habit grabbed for his and he shoved your head down hard against the counter, pressing the gun firmer against your head. That was definitely going to leave a bruise.
"Are you forgetting who has the gun here?" He snarled and you whimpered as your head throbbed from the impact. His hand rubbed over your ass and you blinked back the tears, looking at him. "I'm starting to see why Tony dealt with you for so long. Must have seen some real potential."
He grabbed you up by your hair making you yelp in pain. "Get on your knees."
You could see where this was going. You shake your head and he gave your hair a hard tug, slapping his hand against your cheek.
"That wasn't an option. Get. On. Your. Fucking. Knees." He gritted his teeth as he pulled you to your knees. You gripped his thick thighs to push yourself away as more tears fall down your face.
"Please. Please. No.." You cried.
"I'll shoot you right now and I won't think twice about it. I won't make your death quick. If you wanna suffer that's fine, or you can be a good little slut and we can put this pretty mouth to better use. The choice is yours."
You looked up at him with tear-filled eyes and stained cheeks. "1.. 2.." He started counting as he gripped the gun in his hand while the other tugged at your hair, pulling your head back to you look at him. "I'm tired of hearing your mouth. If I get to 3, it's not gonna be good for you."
You took a shaky breath, your smaller hand reaching up to undo his jeans. You undid the button and pulled the zipper down, your hands tugging on his pants a little to free his throbbing cock. You gasped as it was rock hard and precum already smeared over the angry red tip. He was much bigger than you expected. You never expected much from a guy like Robert.
You weren't even sure you could fit him all in your mouth. At this point, you were terrified to get even that wrong.
"Y-You're too big." Your voice cracked and he chuckled, smearing the salty tip over your lips and you pressed your lips together in humiliation.
"Giving up already huh? You haven't even started." He laughed. He adjusted the gun and you winced as he pushed on your temple with the barrel. "Show me what you're good for."
You were completely aware he was in full control of you and whatever he wanted from you. You wrapped your small hand around the base of his thick cock, dragging your hand up and down it with a stroke. You were hesitant about guiding it to your mouth so you started off with kitten lips to the head and letting your tongue trace over the slit of his cock. You lapped your tongue around the head, licking up all of his precum.
His head fell back for a moment with a sigh as his teeth sank into his bottom lip. "I wonder if James knows just how big of a whore you really are."
You tried not to make eye contact with him. Robert was not bad-looking by all means, but you could never look at Robert as so when he was such a shitty person. The quicker you got this over with, the quicker he might let you go. You closed your eyes tight trying to imagine it was not him.
"Eyes on me." He growled suddenly.
He must have noticed what you were trying to do. His hand slapped your cheek making you moan after his cock. Your eyes shot open, ruining your chances of imagining it were someone else. He tilted your head up to look at him.
Your eyes watered as you peer up through your lashes at him. His hand pushed on the back of your head, urging more of his cock into your mouth before the tip hit the back of your throat. His hips thrust against your mouth as you sucked. Your nails digging into his thick thighs. You wished you could push him off but you were too scared of what he would do in return.
"If only Tony and the boys could see you now." He smirked through his heavy breathing. You could tell he was close. "Miss. Goody Two Shoes on her knees sucking the ice cream man's cock. But you're too good for everyone right?" He laughed to himself, his breathing shuttering and you gagged against his cock. Your lungs are begging for air. "So close."
Your hands slapped against his thighs, but he didn't pull away. He didn't care if you croaked out from his cock.
"You better swallow every drop. Better not waste it."
You whimpered as the tip of his cock thrust roughly at the back of your throat, squeezing his thighs. He grunted suddenly, stroking his cock as he slowly eased it out of your mouth and painting your tongue with his spend. You swallowed every inch, trying to catch your breath. You were starting to wish he had just killed you, but it was over here. Now he would be on his way.
But he wasn't. His cock never softened even after he came. He was just as hard as ever. He didn't stop. You yelped as he pulled up from the floor by your hair. You stumbled over your feet trying to keep up with his pace. He pulled you down on the couch and you tried to get up quickly before he can get on top of you. You were already over the arm of the couch when he drags you back on your back beneath him.
"Robert, I'm sorry! Please, stop!" You begged.
He traced your fingers across your cheek, smiling at your tears and you swallowed hard. You didn't want to think about what was coming next.
"Sorry for what? Being a tease? A bitch? This isn't for me. I told you about that mouth of yours, but you never listen." He chuckled as he rubbed his hands down your figure, admiring the way your nightie hugs your curves perfectly. "Now you're stuck dealing with me. I know that's what you've always wanted, hm?"
You bite your bottom lip hard, your bite almost drawing blood from your lip. You shake your head quickly, making him growl and push your gown up as he settled between your legs. His fingers rubbed against your panties, making you gasp when he rubbed over the wet patch.
"You're a horrible liar. You're soaked." He smirked.
His hands dragged your panties down your legs, tossing them aside in frustration. He tsked at the sight of your glistening cunt and you wiggled, trying to close your legs.
"Don't fucking move." He pointed his finger in front of your face. "I'm so tired of warning you. I'm just gonna have to fuck your corpse if you keep on."
He absolutely disgusted you in every way possible. You were ashamed at how wet you were. How your body could betray you in a situation such as this.
You glared at him even through your teary eyes. It seemed to amuse him as he rubbed his long fingers through your folds, letting two of them push inside of you. Your juices instantly coating his digits. He pulled his fingers out, bringing them up to show your arousal. He wiggled his fingers in front of your face. You hated him so much.
"Have anything to say for yourself?" He grinned.
"Fuck you." You muttered and he pushed his fingers inside of your mouth, letting your tongue lap up your juices. You gagged slightly as his fingers brushed the back of your throat.
"Oh, we're getting there." He grinned as he brings the gun down your stomach between your legs, brushing your clit with the barrel. You froze with wide eyes at the feeling.
“R-Robert.. please don’t.” You took a deep breath to keep from crying again. You felt pathetic, helpless and boy did you look the part too. At this point, you would rather die than play this game with Robert.
“You know it’s going to happen, so why do you try princess? Do you really think I fucking care? Besides,” he tilted his head as he brushed the gun against your entrance.
Your bottom lip was quivering at this point. “Just kill me. Please. I can't do this...” You begged and he pulled the gun away before he ran his tongue along the gun, licking up your sweet juices with a groan.
“I don't waste.”
You sobbed as he dragged the tip of his cock through your folds. You tried to close your legs but he only pinned them apart, holding them down as he shoved his cock inside of you.
You cried out, gripping on his shirt so tight your knuckles turned white. He groaned, not giving you a chance to adjust and instantly thrusting into you.
“Fuck… if I knew it was gonna be this good, I would have would this long ago.” Robert held your legs apart as they shake underneath his grip. It was stinging between your legs from his size. It was almost like losing your virginity all over again.
“R-Robert..” You whimpered. He smirked as his name fell from your lips.
“You like this, don’t you? I figured a slut like you would.” He ground his hips with yours, the sound of his thighs smacking against the back of yours filling the room with every rough thrust.
“I hate you so much.” You cried as the pain slowly but surely began turning to pleasure. You were struggling to hold back your moans. “I fucking hate you.”
“I’m finding that harder to believe when you're hugging my cock so good.” As much as you wanted to hate him, your body welcomed him. It humiliated you how soaked you were, how good his cock hit parts of you no one ever had. You choked a moan, pushing on his chest as if you could even get him off of you.
He pulled your leg over his shoulder which once allowed him to take you deeper. Your stomach burned with desires, your climax swiftly approaching no matter how hard you found for it not to happen. You didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of making you cum but you could not help the wave of pleasure that pulled you in. You cried out as your body arched, your juices soaking his cock and he groaned at the sight as they soaked even his thighs.
Robert leaned down, gripping the back of your neck to make you look at him. Your tired eyes struggled to keep your focus on him from the climax you just experienced.
“Look at you all fucked out.” He chuckled as he thrust harder and faster against your spot, nearly pushing you over the edge again. He knew what he was doing and you knew no matter how much you fought back, he was doing to take what he wanted. "You’re gonna look so good full of my cum.”
You shook your head with a whine. Your hands slapped his chest and pushing on his stomach to try and push him out of you. “No, no, please. P-Pull out!”
Robert roughly grabbed your hands, pinning them to the arm of the couch above your head. He pulled down the front of your gown to free your breasts, groaning as he watched them bounce with every hard thrust of his hips. You panicked. You did not know what to do else. You weren't worried if he would kill you. Dying was better than having to experience this. You started to scream, only to receive a hard slap across your face to sounded through the room. You could feel the tears falling faster now as you cried.
"Scream again and see if I don't fuck you unconscious." He challenged. Even with everything going on, he never stopped though. You could feel your climax building in the pit of your stomach.
"Maybe I should. I wouldn't have to hear your pity party." He reached between your legs as his rough fingers slapped your clit, making your body jump from the intense feeling. "Don't make this any harder than it has to be." He growled in your ear as he rubbed his fingers swiftly against your clit.
You cried out as he sent you over the edge for the second time. Your walls clenched and fluttered around his cock, pushing him towards his own release. The tears falling down your face were a mixture of fear and overstimulation.
"You can't stand me now, just wait until our child is the spitting image of me." He smirks through his heavy breathes. "Now, this, this is for me."
He grunted quietly against your neck, biting on your skin as his cum warmed your core. You knew your life was over. He ruined everything. Whatever future there was before was ruined. He ruined you.
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stargazingfangirl18 · a month ago
Robert Pronge (aka Mr. Freezy) Masterlist
Tumblr media
🥵 Indicates explicit sexual content.
😈 Indicates dark content.
Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge x Female!Reader | Word Count: 2,676
Summary: There was a reason why you were counting down the days until your apartment lease was up.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Smut. Non con. Dark fic. 18+ 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Kinktober 2020 Prompt 12: Obsession w/Mr. Freezy
Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge x Female!Reader | Word Count: 2,632
Summary: Robert shows you his collection, then makes you part of it.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Kidnapping. Slight dub con. Anal play. AU probably. 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Kinktober 2020 Prompt 17: Overstimulation w/Mr. Freezy
Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge x Female!Reader | Word Count: 3,540
Summary: You’d lost count of how many days you’d been here, locked away as his little plaything, but one thing you knew for sure? You didn’t want to make him angry.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Non con. Dub con. Overstimulation. Vaginal fingering. Anal play. Smut. Dark fic. 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Ransom Drysdale x Female!Reader; mild Mr. Freezy x Female!Reader
Summary: After witnessing a murder, you’re taken captive and caught up in a web of wicked deeds, deceit, and dark desire, unsure of who’s the lesser of two evils: the smooth talking devil with the face of an angel or the terrifying hitman who does all of his dirty work for him.
Warnings: Explicit language. Explicit sexual content. Kidnapping. Reference to murder for hire. Non con touching. Non con exhibitionism. Non con voyeurism. AU. Dark fic. 18+ 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Wicked & Willing
Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge x Female!Reader | Word Count: 1,097
Summary: It’s late at night and you’re all alone when the intruder appears, and your home isn’t the only thing he wants to ruin.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Virgin!Reader (but she’s in her 20s). Implied loss of virginity. Light degradation. Dom/Sub vibes. Dark elements. 18+ 🥵😈
Tumblr media
Freezy Drabbles, Headcanons, Imagines, Etc.
Savor 😈
Mr. Freezy’s Special Cream 🥵😈
Famished 🥵😈
Where Do You Think You’re Going? 🥵😈
Delightful divider made by the talented @firefly-graphics​ 😍
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Idea I just had cuz of ur reblog of your Freezy story
Virgin! Reader who just wants to get wrecked by any of Dark! Chris's characters (soft dark wins too)!!!
Not sorry. My hoe holes are needing rite now
Hahaha look. I love a good corruption/innocence kink, okay? And when it’s with a super dark babe?! HNNNGH 🥴🥴🥴
Let’s just imagine it for a moment, shall we...
Wicked & Willing
Pairing: Robert Pronge (aka Mr. Freezy) x Fem!Reader Word Count: 1,097 Summary: It’s late at night and you’re all alone when the intruder appears, and your home isn’t the only thing he wants to ruin.
Warning: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Virgin!Reader (but she’s in her 20s). Implied loss of virginity. Light degradation. Dom/Sub vibes. Dark elements. 18+ only!
Tumblr media
He found you in your bedroom, curled up at the head of your bed, knees hugged to your chest as you gasped at the appearance of him in your doorway.
The sound of him rifling through your family home had woken you--the loud thuds of furniture being overturned and the shattering of glass and collectibles--but you had been too afraid to check what was happening, too frozen in fear to think of calling for help.
“Well what do we have here?” He smirked, lips hinting at amusement even as his eyes shined with darkness.
You swallowed nervously as he slowly sauntered closer, unable to look away from his imposing figure.
He was so big. Tall and broad, his biceps like tree trunks and his shoulders wide. He looked like he could easily snap you in half, and something about that realization had your body buzzing to life with awareness as a shiver of anticipation zipped through you.
“You’re not supposed to be here,” he tsked, wagging his finger as he looked you over. His eyes slowly roved up your bare legs as he touched his tongue to his teeth. “My intel said your entire family was out of town.”
“I-I didn’t want to go,” you whispered, licking your dry lips and overly aware of how his gaze lingered on your mouth.
Your breath caught as he sat on the edge of your bed, sparing no space between you as the mattress dipped beneath his added weight.
“I was just supposed to toss the house, send a message from my employer to your daddy.” He grinned, nice and slow, as he gave you another leer. “But I guess it’s my lucky fucking night.”
You went still as his big, rough hand touched your bare calf, sliding up along your soft skin until he was rounding the delicate curve of your knee.
He watched your face, hungry for your reaction, eyes glittering with something sinful when you gasped, your mouth parting in a surprised little ‘o’ as your eyes went big and scared, but excited.
When his hand pushed your knees apart and you let your legs fall open without resistance, he chuckled.
“You look innocent,” he purred, palm settling heavy on your bare thigh and giving you a squeeze. “But you don’t act it.”
The caress of his fingers along your inner thighs had you squirming, the touch unfamiliar yet exhilarating, like the warm rush of desperation that flooded you as your nipples pebbled hard beneath your nightgown.
A quiet whine you’d never made before fell from your lips as you spread your legs wider in invitation, scooting closer to him until your nightgown was rucked up around your hips and your sweet little flower panties were on unabashed display.
“I-I’ve never...” you trembled, jerking as his thick fingers teased along the front of your panties, sending a jolt of pleasure streaking up your spine. “But I want it.”
His fingers pressed harder, until the scrap of cotton between your legs started to grow damp, then wet, as you writhed against his wicked touch.
“Even if you didn’t want it,” he hummed, leaning in so close his long, soft hair tickled your warm cheek. “You’d still get it.”
You mewled as he kissed along the shell of your ear, making you shiver, and then he was sucking your earlobe between his lips, ripping a moan from yours before you felt the sharp nip of teeth as he pulled away.
His thumb rounded your clit through your panties and he huffed in amusement as your hips rocketed up off the mattress eagerly.
Sitting back, he grinned at your distressed noise at the loss of his touch. Sucking his wet fingers into his mouth, he growled, “Get those good girl jammies off, sweet thing, because it’s time to be bad.”
You could only nod faintly at his directive, your head buzzing as you watched him rise to his feet and tower over you as he unbuckled his belt.
His eyes were fixed on you as you lifted off your nightgown and tossed it aside, baring your body to a man for the first time ever.
The way he licked his lips at the sight of your naked, quivering body, his eyes greedily drinking you in, made the vulnerability that was overwhelming you evaporate as a wave of satisfaction took its place.
You liked the way he was looking at you--this big, dangerous stranger--like he could just eat you all up.
“Panties too,” he grunted, whipping his shirt over his head and flinging it behind him.
But you didn’t move, frozen at the sight of his powerful upper body. He was all pale flesh and rippling muscle, his skin littered in various tattoos as dark hair sprinkled his chest and down the cut of his stomach.
You squealed to suddenly find his hand around your throat, his face twisted with a sneer as he snarled at you, “When I tell you to do something, you fucking do it.”
“I-I’m sorry,” you trembled, wide eyes falling to his naked chest once more. “I’ve never...” you trailed off, reaching for him before you could think better of it.
Because you needed to touch him.
You needed to know what a body like that felt like.
He stiffened as your shaking fingers tentatively trailed over his warm skin. His gaze dropped to watch the way you touched him, with a mixture of curiosity and awe.
When your hand slid down the ridges of his stomach, your inquisitive fingers tracing the dips and divots of his muscles, he grunted, the tent at the front of his pants becoming more prominent as he caught your wrist with a gruff laugh.
“Oh, honey, if you’re this hot already, just wait until you get a load of my cock. Figuratively and literally,” he snickered.
Leaning close, his fingers pressed against your throat until your wide gaze was regretfully leaving his body to align with his.
“Is that what you want, sweet thing? Want me to fill all of your slutty little holes with my cock? Have you leaking my cream and fucked so good you can’t remember your own name?”
“Yes,” you breathed instantly, pressing your thighs together at the gush of arousal that image conjured. “Please. Please!”
“Mmm never had anyone beg so pretty for me to fucking ruin them.” His grin was lecherous as he leaned close and licked at your parted lips. “Now lay back, spread your legs, and show me that virgin cunt like a good girl, then we’ll get this fucking party started.”
Tumblr media
What can I say? Freezy takes Hump Day very seriously 😘
Also - I kind of feel like I pulled off soft!dark Freezy here?!?! Yes, no, I’m a hoe maybe so?!
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Mera’s Library ~ Restricted Section
Tumblr media
This section is strictly 18+ and will contain explicit & mature content featuring dark topics which some may find triggering.
If you want to return to the lighter side of the library
Click here.
For Restricted Section, click below the line.
The following works contain dark topics including noncon/dubcon. This blog will strictly never broadcast any works containing bestiality, paedophilia or incest. All works have their own warnings, and please remember your media consumption is your own responsibility. All fics belong to the individual writers.
Tumblr media
Nocturnal Miscreant by ozarkthedog (Somnophilia, Swearing, Male Masturbation, Explicit)
Tumblr media
Bad Moon Rising by slothspaghettiwrites (Light smut, Light Daddy Kink, Mature)
Tumblr media
Harsh Truth Part i & Part ii by stargazingfangirl18 (Dark!Steve, NonCon, Explicit)
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Drag Me To Hell
Part 3
Shoutout to @pagesoflauren for encouraging me to choose violence, and post a  chapter for 2 different stories tonight! (You’re the best ❤️). Honestly, this story has been done (mentally) since Halloween, but I think I just need spaces when I'm posting something this dark lol. Your favorite terrible and murderous couple are back with more bullshit, too much sex, and some fluff! Sorry this is so damn late, but I hope you all enjoy!!
Warning: Smut, Swearing, Drinking, Violence, Murder, Abuse/Fighting, Mentions of Suicide, Cheating, Vulgar and Explicit Sexual Content, Dialogue Heavy, Dark Elements, Mentions of Gun Use,...Fairly sure that’s it.
Word Count: 4862
I do not condone or support any behavior or relationships like this. This is purely for entertainment purposes. I do not give consent for any of my works/stories to be posted anywhere else.
“You and that fuckin’ mouth,” Robert grunted, driving quicker than usual to Victoria’s house. “I told you to behave.”
“We both know it’s no fun when I do,” Victoria snickered, biting her lower lip.
“You can’t do shit like that when I’m working, I fuckin’ told you that!”
“Who’s he gonna tell? He’s dead. He went out like a little bitch too. Jesus, all that screaming,” Victoria scowled.
“None of that matters. These jobs have to be clean and discreet. That means no sex and blowjobs. What if you had gotten blood on you? Under your nails? You don’t fuckin’ think!”
“Baby, I’m sorry! You just get me all worked up when you’re working,” she whimpered, rubbing her hand over the crotch of his pants.
“What the fuck am I gonna do with you?” he groaned, hands gripping the steering wheel tighter.
“You can always leave me home,” she snorted, removing her hand from his crotch and stroking the side of his face.
“So you can punish me for a quickie? I think the fuck not,” he muttered, swatting her hand away.
“Aw, someone misses me after being without me for a while,” she teased.
“Don’t fucking start that shit!” he snapped as Victoria just let out a loud laugh.
As much as he hated taking her along with him, he also loved it. The whole thing started with her just asking questions. Had it been quick or did he draw out the process? Did the person cry a lot or did they try to die with dignity? What had he used? (she always loved when he used his hands)
Eventually the questioned started to drive him crazy and he started taking her with him to the meat warehouse. He was nervous at first, but that all dissolved within the first five minutes of her being there. She was fascinated and exploring the limited rooms, asking questions, and completely ignoring the soon-to-be dead man crying and begging for her help. After that, he was addicted her being there, and she was addicted to going.
However, with her excitement came her lustful desire for him. What made it worse was that he could never turn her down. He knew how unprofessional it was, and he knew he had a job to do, but those fucking eyes. Whenever she looked at him through her thick lashes, especially when she was on her knees, it always made him go weak. How the hell was he supposed to tell her no? Sometimes he was able to keep her at bay until he was done, but most of the time she got her way while he was in the middle of the act.
He didn’t understand what about the whole thing drove her so crazy, but he also didn’t care. She made it all somehow feel normal. Like he wasn’t so terrible for doing what he does. He had already come to terms with the fact that he was going to hell, but he wouldn’t lie; it was nice to not feel so damn alone all the damn time. No, he’d never actually tell her that she was the closet he had ever felt to whole, but he knew he didn’t have to. She already knew it.
“You do this every time we get to your house,” Robert muttered after they had been parked for a while.
“I fucking hate it here.”
“Then fucking leave.”
“If it were that simple, I would. Besides, I’m not giving that smug prick any satisfaction. He knows I’m fucking someone else and it kills him. His pain brings me joy and I’ll live in that for as long as possible.”
“You still fuckin’ him?”
“You know better. Only you,” she smiled at Robert. “It causes issues, but I hate the feeling of him. On me or inside of me. Makes me sick. I’ll take the fights and arguments if-”
“I thought I told you to stop letting him hit you!” Robert snapped, annoyed that he hadn’t noticed any bruises or scars. Damn makeup.
“Not as easy as it sounds,” she sighed, finally getting up. “You need to sleep and I have work in the morning.” Huffing, she took off her panties and handed them to him. “You more than earned these tonight,” she smirked.
“Fuckin’ trouble maker,” he muttered, grabbing them out of her hand and taking a deep sniff of them before putting them in his pocket. “ I gotta be away for a couple days, but I’ll come and see you when I come back.”
“Robert!” she protested.
“Don’t start that shit! I’ll see you when I get back and you’ll keep your fuckin’ legs together until I do. Don’t forget what I told you, Sweetheart.”
“Yeah yeah, while you’re out fucking whoever you want, right? This is bullshit.”
“What the fuck is with you lately? You’ve been so fuckin’ moody!”
“Nothing,” she sighed “I’ll see you when I see you.”
“Bye!” she snapped, slamming the door to the ice cream truck.
“Fuck!” Robert yelled, slamming his hand down on the steering wheel.
He watched her cross the street, not in any particular rush, before turning on his truck. He was about to pull off when his irritation got the better of him. For the last few weeks she had been...strange. Not angry but always irritated. Never really moping but there was always a faint lingering presence of sadness. He cursed himself for even giving a fuck, but her not being herself bothered him more than he cared to admit.
He turned off his truck and lit a cigarette, looking into her house through the open window of the living room. Something was wrong and was determined to figure out what it was.
“Look who finally decided to show up,” James slurred before finishing the rest of his drink.
“Why don’t you go out anymore? The house is much more pleasant when you aren’t here,” Victoria muttered, kicking her shoes off by the door.
“I was on my way out when the phone rang, it was your boss.”
“It’s clearly not something good so just spit it out,” she sighed as she made her way into the kitchen. Whatever it was, she’d need a drink to handle the rest of the night.
“He told me about your disruptive behavior at work.”
“What? I haven’t done shit.”
“You’re fucking some ice cream man that comes to your job? Parks across the street from the building during lunch hours. He said you’re sneaking him into the building after hours.”
“Now how would he know that?” she smirked.
“The fucking janitor saw you two!”
“Oh? Then he’s welcome.”
“You’re not even gonna deny it?! Of all fucking people?! A FUCKING ICE CREAM MAN?!”
“He’s more of a man than you’ll ever be,” Victoria snickered, making her way back into the living room and grabbing the remote to turn on the TV.
“WE’RE NOT FINISHED TALKING ABOUT THIS!” he roared, throwing his glass at her, that she dodged just in time. “I HAVE GIVEN YOU-”
“You’ve given me what?! Debt?! Headaches?! Bruises?!”
“I’ve provided for you! Given you a roof over your head! I buy-”
“You forget that I’m not one of your little whores you meet at clubs,” she laughed coldly, putting her own glass down. “You work for your daddy, who literally provides every thing for us cause you’re a weak little shit. You think I don’t know how your daddy had to bail you out before you met me? Cause of a brainless investment you made? I know that you’re still paying him back and I know that he paid the bills last month! You’re not as slick as you think you are! Jesus! How did you ever manage tricking me into this life?! Tricking me into thinking I love you?!”
“The same can be said for you, honey” he smiled cruelly. “Out of all the bitches I could have scored-”
“Not with that 5 inch dick” she scoffed.
“Fucking whore!” he yelled throwing the lamp at her, just missing her.
“Fucking dick!” she screamed back, throwing her drink at him.
Before long, they were having another all out brawl. Nothing that wasn’t common for them. He slapped her, she punched him, he tried to choke her out, and she beat him repeatedly with her heel. It was a regular fight until he got a knife from the kitchen.
“I swear to God I’ll kill you tonight!” he yelled, pressing her against the wall.
“You’d be doing me a fucking favor!” she spat in his face before kneeing him in the groin, causing him to drop to his knees and drop the knife. “You stupid fuck! You didn’t think that one through did you?! Try a bit harder you ignorant fuck!” she yelled, straddling him and holding the knife to his throat. “I have dreamed of murdering you so many times!”
“Then you should’ve done it!” he coughed, before wrapping his hands around her throat and squeezing as tight as he could.
“Victoria?! Vic, open the fucking door!” Robert yelled, pounding on the door.
Victoria was trying her best to attack James but her vision was starting to blur and she was starting to lose consciousness. While she had no problem dying at an early age, she refused to die by James’ hands. Just before she succumbed to the darkness, she felt a sudden rush of oxygen and her throat almost instantly felt relief. She coughed and fell backwards into the wall, while catching sight of Robert continue his assault on James out of the corner of her eye.
“How does it feel you stupid cunt?!” Robert roared, kicking James in his rib cage again.
“Robert stop,” she coughed out, trying to regain her composure.
“You fucking prick! You put your hands on her?! You tried to fucking kill her?!” he yelled, continuing his assault.
“Robert...” she trailed off as she stood up, “Robert stop,” she pleaded as he stomped on James’ chest. Once she could focus on her balance, she made her way over to him and placed her hands on his shoulders. “Not here, not like this,” she stated softly.
He froze almost instantly in her hands. “You’re not staying here tonight.”
“Okay, I’ll grab some things and we can go,” she breathed, limping to the bedroom.
She didn’t take long; only grabbing her cash and some clothes before making her way back out into the living room.
“So you’re gonna choose him over me? After everything?” James questioned as he finally sat up, blood coming from his mouth and face.
“After you just tried to fucking kill me?! Yeah, I’ll take him over your dumb ass any day. Fuck you!”
“You’ll come back,” James snickered, spitting blood out of his mouth “you just wait and see.”
“There won’t be anything for her to come back to,” Robert promise before ushering her out of the house.
They made their way to his truck in silence, Robert making sure not to walk too fast because Victoria was limping. When they got inside, she instantly threw her bag in the back and looked out the window.
After driving in silence for the first 5 minutes, Robert finally spoke. “What the fuck did I tell you? What would have done if I hadn’t showed up?” he growled, his grip tightening on the steering wheel.
“Don’t, okay? I don’t fucking need it right now.”
“What happened?”
“What do you mean?”
“What fucking set him off like that? He almost killed you. What the fuck happened?”
“The janitor at my job. He told my boss about me sneaking some ice cream guy in and me fucking him in my office. Obviously, when I came home late tonight, he put 2 and 2 together.”
“You’re gonna need to get rid of that notebook tomorrow. It needs to be the first thing you do when you go into work.”
“Get rid of that fucking notebook. The one with all the damn drawings. Sneak it out, burn it, rip it up, whatever. Just get rid of it. Also, when you go in tomorrow, make sure all your scars are visible.”
“What are you getting at?”
“Just do as I say,” he stated as he pulled into the parking lot of a hotel.
Too tired and sore to think on it anymore, Victoria just nodded and gathered her things as he parked. When they got inside, Robert gave her name as the guest, but paid for it with his own money. That caught her completely off guard.
When they finally got to the room, Robert instructed her to take a shower and wash herself off while he made a phone call.
While in the shower, she thought about his actions and what he had asked her to do. She knew Robert would never come right out and tell her that he loved her, but she had to wonder if this was his way of saying it. If it was his way of saying that he belonged to her just as much as she belonged to him.
After she got out of her shower and dried off, she opened the door to the bathroom and caught the end of his conversation.
“I don’t care how hard it is, I want that mix by next week! It’s not a fucking request!....Listen, have that shit ready or you’ll fucking regret it!” he warned before slamming the phone down. When he heard her come out of the bathroom, his eyes roamed over her. “Take off your robe and get on your hands and knees on the bed,” he growled.
Victoria didn’t ask a single question, she just did as she was told. Before she could get comfortable, Robert had his mouth on her pussy and two fingers in her ass. “Fuck,” was all she could moan out at the pleasurable sting.  
As he took turns assaulting her hole and clit with his tongue, Victoria squeezed her eyes shut and tried to hold on a long as possible. Gripping the satin sheets in her hands, she moaned his name loudly as she came apart all over his tongue. Even though she was lost in a daze, she felt him cleaning up the mess she made, before she heard him unzip his pants.
“You’re all mine,” he groaned, keeping his two fingers in her ass. “I don’t like when my things are damaged or abused,” he confessed before thrusting into her.
“Robert!” she screamed, not having fulling recovered from her first high.
“You’re mine, do you get that? Do you get that no one is allowed to touch or look at you without my say so? You’re my fucking girl! Tell me you get that!” he growled, grabbing a fistful of her hair while fucking her faster and harder.
“I get it, baby! I belong to only you!” she screamed.
“I’ll make that fucker regret ever thinking of putting his hands on you,” Robert huffed, his movements becoming erratic. “Gonna need you to come soon, Princess,” he groaned.
“Any...anything you want, baby,” she moaned before clawing at the pillows and shouting his name, cumming hard all over his cock.
“That’s my good girl,” he grunted, releasing his hot seed deep inside her.
After riding out both of their orgasms, Robert stayed inside her for a moment and committed the moment to memory, before pulling out and collapsing beside her. Their labored breathing being the only sounds that filled the room, they both laid there and just stared at the ceiling.
“Do you love him anymore?” Robert asked simply, eyes not leaving the spot on the ceiling he had focused on.
“My husband? I don’t think I ever loved him,” Victoria admitted, laying her head on his chest. “It was all out of convenience.”
“He’ll never lay a fucking finger on you ever again. I promise.”
“You don’t have to-”
“Don’t worry about what I do, just follow the instructions I give you. Understand?”
“I understand,” she said simply before closing her eyes. “I’m tired, baby. May I sleep now?”
“Rest up, sweetheart. You’re gonna need all your strength,” he cooed, running his hands through her hair.
As Victoria started drift off, she started to feel more secure in her...well, feeling more secure in whatever she had with Robert. She’d do whatever she needed to keep him safe, and she was starting to believe that he’d do whatever he needed to do as well.
Victoria sat in her office, paying little mind to pile of work on her desk. It had been two weeks since she had seen Robert, and a week since the death of her boss janitor. It had been said that her boss had a heart attack, and the the janitor had committed “suicide” by hanging. She couldn’t find it in herself to really dedicate any energy to work, because she just didn’t give a damn anymore. A heart attack? She knew that was bullshit. She heard Robert demand a mix that night and she knew what that mix could do. She had seen it a handful of times. As for the suicide, she just had to laugh.
Her new boss wasn’t any better than her last, but at least he minded his own business. Made a habit of being sexist only at lunch and right before he was leaving. She started having fantasies about killing him after his first day.
“Just call me Victoria,” she smiled at the receptionist in her doorway. “Oh, are those for me?” she questioned, eyeing the gorgeous bouquet in the receptionist’s hands.  
“They are Mrs...Victoria,” she nodded, placing them on the desk. “Looks like your husband feels pretty bad.”
“Or he’s bored,” she laughed dryly, taking the flowers.
“i just...I’m really sorry about what happened,” the receptionist said softly. “I know the men here are real assholes and they make it impossible for the women who work here, but to have to go home and deal with it...I’m just so-”
“Hey,” Victoria called softly “it’s alright. I didn’t go down without a fight. Listen, don’t ever let anyone give you a hard time. Especially men. Don’t let them think they own you. Always stand up for yourself and take shit from no one. You understand?” she asked sincerely.
“They just-”
“They’re just men. They break just like the rest of us. They only treat us like shit because we let them. The next time one of them grabs at you in the elevator, slap em. Cuts you off mid sentence? Keep talking and talk louder. Don’t let these assholes jerk you around. I didn’t get to where I am because I let men bully me around, you’ve got stand up to them. It’s the only way.”
“You’re right. I know you’re right...I’m gonna do better. I’m gonna stand up for myself. Thank you, Mrs... thank you, Victoria,” the receptionist smiled before walking out.
Victoria smiled to herself, feeling a bit of pride, before turning her attentions towards the flowers. She saw the little envelope peeping out between two pink roses. It simply read, ‘Secret Admirer’
Victoria squealed in delight and quickly pulled the envelope and ripped it open. Tossing the envelope aside, she opened the little card and giggled at the note inside.
‘Miss me? Wear that dress I love tonight and no panties, I have a special surprise for you.’
Victoria hugged the little note close to her chest, smiling hard as she thought about what awaited later that night.
“You stayed away for 2 weeks. Don’t do that again,” Victoria practically snapped as she closed the door to Robert’s car.
“You know why I had to. We’ve gotta keep you out of trouble.”
“When do I get to go home?”
“Probably by tomorrow night,” Robert smirked before pulling out of the hotel parking lot.
“What did you do?”
“It’s about what you’re gonna do.”
“Robert,” she warned.
“What? It’s not like you’re getting into heaven anyway,” he laughed darkly.
“Don’t fucking say that!”
“Oh come on! Even if you hadn’t been doing all the shit you’d been doing before, you can’t actually believe all that shit is real!”
“I clearly do if I haven’t wrung anyone’s neck yet,” she scowled.
“I guess we’ll test that theory tonight.”
The car ride was filled with jokes about her boss’ death and questions of what he’d been up to for two weeks. When he told her that he filed for a divorce from his wife, it Victoria to a level of excitement that she had never reached before. Because of that, he got her off 3 times before Victoria realized he was taking her somewhere he hadn’t taken her before.
“Really? After everything, this is how you decide to kill me?” she huffed, crossing her arms.
“What the...why would I be killing you?” he scoffed.
“Well, why the hell else would you be dragging me out into the middle of nowhere?”
“I told you that I have a surprise for you.”
“Either way, I will take care of you,” he stated sincerely as he pulled up to an abandoned house in the middle of the woods and turning off the car.
She eyed him cautiously before nodding and getting out of the car. He covered her eyes and directed her where to go, before leading up a small stairway and unlocking a door.
“Surprise!” he sang into her ear before uncovering her eyes to reveal a tied up and badly beaten James.
“You like it?”
“I love it!” she beamed, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him deeply. “Is this why you stayed away for so long?”
“Yeah, none of this can be traced back to you, cause you haven’t seen him in two weeks.”
“For me? You did this for me?”
“I’d do anything for you,” he practically whispered into her ear.
“Do I get to watch you-?”
“No, I get to watch you.”
“I told you that we’ll test out your theory tonight. What would it take for you to commit a murder? For you to go against what you so strongly believe?”
Victoria was silent for a moment before she spoke. “You. You’d have to be in danger.”
“Well, what do you think will happen if you don’t do this? I’ll go to jail for good. I only stay out of jail and off death row if you do this,” he smirked, knowing he had her.
“Robert, I-”
“You can’t do this for a reason,” James coughed out “you still love me!”
Victoria grabbed a fire poker that was against the fireplace and smacked James in the knee with it. “Shut up! One way or another, you will die tonight! This has nothing to do with love, so stop being stupid!” Victoria spat at him.
“See baby? You can do this,” Robert cooed, coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist. “You just need to push those silly ideas-”
“They’re not silly!” she protested as Robert chuckled darkly in her ear.
“Either you want me or you want Heaven,” he pressed, pulling her closer to him so she could feel how excited he was for her. “Either way, I will take care of you,” he sighed against the shell of her ear. He temporarily removed his hand before putting it back with something extra in his hands. “You have to decide how you want this relationship to go,” he finished, pressing the side of a cold metal gun against her stomach.
“You’ll take care of me either way?” she asked breathlessly, taking the gun out of his hand.
“I will always take care of you,” he promised, slowly pulling the bottom of her dress up, until he had full access to her bare pussy and sliding two fingers into her soaked folds. “I’m starting to understand why you get so worked up when you watch me work,” he snickered.
Victoria closed her eyes and moaned before opening them and setting her attention on James. She thought about all the hell he put her through. All the lies, beatings, cheating, and humiliation. Then she thought about Robert. Yeah, he was obviously a great fuck, but he made her happy. He understood her, he made her feel normal, and he took care of her. He knew he’d do anything for her, just like she’d do anything for him.
“Fuck it,” she muttered, as Robert kissed along her jawline and started to rub her clit a little faster “drag me to hell.”
With that, she shot James twice in the chest and once in the head. She stared at James’ lifeless body, feeling both a happiness and calm that she should’ve felt ashamed about, but she just couldn’t. Why should she? It had been something she had wanted for such a long time, and it had finally happened. Plus, she had Robert and she trusted him. He’d take care of her as long as she took care of him.
That night, they made love on the floor, right in front of James’ body. Robert didn’t stop until she was spent, almost instantly falling asleep on the floor. He carried her to the bedroom and tucked her under the covers, before going back out into the living room and taking care and disposing of James. Victoria had the best sleep of her life that night, for once unafraid of what the future held.
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Ensnared Masterlist
Tumblr media
After witnessing a murder, you’re taken captive and caught up in a web of wicked deeds, deceit, and dark desire, unsure of who’s the lesser of two evils: the smooth talking devil with the face of an angel or the terrifying hitman who does all of his dirty work for him.
Warnings: Explicit language. Explicit sexual content. Kidnapping. Reference to murder for hire. Non con touching. Non con exhibitionism. Non con voyeurism.  AU. Dark fic. 18+ only!
Tumblr media
Ensnared: Part 1
Ransom Drysdale x Fem!Reader, minor Robert Pronge (Mr. Freezy) x Fem!Reader | Word Count: 597
Summary: You never knew that being in the wrong place at the wrong time could end like this.
Tumblr media
Ensnared: Part 2
Ransom Drysdale x Fem!Reader, minor Robert Pronge (Mr. Freezy) x Fem!Reader | Word Count: 4,219
Summary: Robert preps you for the handoff to the smooth talking stranger who bought you, but before he lets you go, he wants to have a little fun first.
Tumblr media
Black heart divider made by the talented @whimsicalrogers​
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stargazingfangirl18 · 2 months ago
Ensnared: Part 2
Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Female!Reader; minor Robert Pronge (Mr. Freezy) x Female!Reader Word Count: 4,219 Summary: Robert preps you for the handoff to the smooth talking stranger who bought you, but before he lets you go, he wants to have a little fun first. Warnings: Explicit language. Explicit sexual content. Non con touching. Non con exhibitionism. Non con voyeurism. Kidnapping. Reference to murder for hire. AU. Dark fic. 18+ only!
A/N: Freezy wanted to play, and what Freezy wants, Freezy gets 👀
Ensnared Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
You winced as the car trunk was thrown open and sunlight flooded in, momentarily blinding you.
“Let’s go,” Robert grunted.
He held up a pocket knife, pushing the button so the small, silver blade flipped out, and you felt a brand new wave of fear wash over you.
Was this it? Was this the moment you died?
“No, please,” you cried, trying to squirm away.
There wasn’t much room in the dirty car trunk though, and you couldn’t really move with your wrists and ankles zip tied.
You were as trapped as ever.
“For Christ’s sake, stop being so fucking difficult and come here,” he hissed, leaning over and slicing through the plastic holding your ankles together. He grabbed your arm harshly, shoving you onto your belly until he could reach the zip tie at your wrists to cut through that too.
Then he was yanking you from the trunk, and you were stumbling against him, trying to find your footing as feeling rushed back through your extremities after being tied up and cramped in a small space for so long.
You didn’t realize how tightly you were clinging to Robert’s massive shoulders until you slowly lifted your head, his long, messy hair hanging around his face as he smirked down at you.
“You know Drysdale paid a pretty penny for you, sweet thing, but you keep throwing yourself at me like this, and I’m sure not even he could blame me for giving in.”
You shuddered at the shameless innuendo lacing his words, at the way his big hand slid over the curve of your ass and squeezed.
Whimpering, you shoved away from him, catching yourself on the car trunk behind you.
Snickering, Robert retrieved the duffle bag at his feet before thumbing behind him. “Let’s go, we gotta get you cleaned up before the hand off.”
Your gaze flickered behind him and you realized you were at a rundown motel. You glanced around, quickly taking in the gravel parking lot and just how empty it was.
No other cars in sight, no other people, you didn’t even see a check in office, just a barren parking lot, a shitty motel, and the edge of the woods a long distance away.
The familiar sense of helplessness rose up over you just as Robert huffed and grabbed your arm, yanking you close before propelling you toward the door in front of you marked 118.
“Don’t get any bright ideas, we’re in the middle of nowhere, and even if you tried to make a run for it, you’d likely just find yourself in worse company than me.” He laughed at the disbelieving look you gave him as he dropped your arm to unlock the motel room door. “Yeah, I know, that’s sayin’ something, huh?”
Swallowing down the urge to cry, because you knew enough about this terrifying stranger--this murderer--at this point to know he didn’t like that, you didn’t resist as he grabbed you again and shoved you into the motel room.
It was dark and dingy, the only furniture the queen size bed, a set of cheap looking nightstands framing it, and a raggedy dresser with an outdated TV and an old, ugly lamp crammed on top.
Robert shut and locked the door behind him, moving past you. He tossed the duffle bag on the foot of the bed before flipping on the light in the tiny connected bathroom and giving it a quick once over.
Checking his watch, he turned to you. “You got less than an hour to get cleaned up before he gets here.”
Moving back to the duffle bag, he yanked open the zipper on it, rifling through the contents before pulling out a small toiletry bag. He tossed it at you, snorting as you barely caught it.
Hesitantly, you opened it to find a travel size set of shampoo, conditioner, and soap, as well as a small toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash. There was some lotion and deodorant too, and then Robert was shoving a woman’s razor at you.
“Take this too,” he grunted. “Go on, go clean up.” Grabbing your arm again, he shoved you into the bathroom. “And don’t fucking try anything cute,” he warned you. “Or I’ll kill you. I don’t need the $50k that bad, you got it?”
You nodded shakily, glancing around the small, dirty bathroom. “W-what about clothes?”
“I grabbed some stuff from your apartment,” he smirked. “I’ll set it out for you, go shower now. Hurry up.”
“You were in my apartment?” Your stomach flipped unpleasantly at the thought.
This awful man was in your home?
“Wasn’t hard to find considering you had your license on you,” Robert’s grin was mean. “Cute place,” he hummed, moving closer. “Too bad you’ll never see it again.”
And with that, he shoved you further into the small space, stepped out, and slammed the door shut.
You stared at it for a long moment, jumping as Robert pounded on it hard from the other side.
“I don’t hear that water running,” he barked. “Unless you want me to come in there and wash you myself--”
You scurried toward the shower, tears brimming and spilling over as you twisted the nozzle and played with it until the temperature was bearable.
Then it was like you were on autopilot as you began to undress mechanically, kicking your dirty clothes aside before stepping under the stream of hot water and pulling the ratty shower curtain closed behind you.
Only then--in the first meager privacy you’d had in nearly two days--did you let yourself cry, hoping that Robert couldn’t hear you.
Muffling your sobs with your hand, you prayed that whoever the smooth talking stranger was who bought you was somehow better than Robert.
And maybe...just maybe...he’d let you go.
Tumblr media
You stared at the empty bathroom counter, shivering as you clutched the thin towel around your naked body.
Robert hadn’t set out fresh clothes for you like he promised, but he had snuck in to take your dirty clothes away.
The thought that he had been so close to you without you realizing it--and when you were so vulnerable no less--had your stomach churning.
Obviously he was messing with you, goading you into going out there half-naked, and the thought of doing so made you feel even more sick.
“Clock’s ticking,” he hollered from the other side of the door, and you trembled.
You wished you could just hide in the bathroom until he went away or that you’d suddenly wake up to find that all of this was a terrible, terrible dream, but you knew neither was an option.
Just like you knew Robert wouldn’t hesitate to kill you, because he certainly hadn’t hesitated to kill that man.
Unbidden images--memories--began to swirl in your frazzled mind.
The first glimpse you had gotten of Robert in the dark alley behind your workplace. The sound of the muffled gunshot that had made the other man jolt back. The way the blood had pooled beneath his head as his unseeing eyes stared up at you. The wave of unadulterated terror you had felt when Robert’s soulless eyes had met yours for the first time as he realized there was a witness to his wicked deed.
In that moment, you had truly thought you were going to die.
And you didn’t want to die.
You really, really didn’t want to die.
Not then, not now, and not anytime soon.
So you took a shaky breath and hesitated for a second before opening the bathroom door. Making sure the towel was wrapped tightly around you, you poked your head out, trying to keep your body shielded by the door as much as possible as you caught Robert’s gaze.
He was sitting on the bed, lounged back against the outdated headboard as he flipped through the channels on TV. When he caught sight of you, he smirked, clicking off the TV and setting the remote aside.
“M-may I please have my clothes?” you asked.
“You can come out here and get them yourself,” he drawled.
You felt your eyes well and embarrassment warm your face. “Please.”
“Get over here and get your fucking clothes before I drag you out here myself.”
The harsh snap of his voice had you scurrying toward the foot of the bed. Avoiding his gaze, you grabbed the duffle bag, turning to quickly retreat, but his voice stopped you in your tracks.
“No, you’re gonna get dressed right here, where I can watch.”
You couldn’t hold back your tears anymore, feeling them spill down your cheeks hotly as you trembled. “No, please--”
“Turn around,” he gritted. When you didn’t move a muscle, you heard the bed creak and groan with his movements. “You make me get up and come over there and you’re gonna fucking regret it.”
Sniffling, you turned back toward the foot of the bed, setting the duffle bag down on the corner furthest from him. Your frightened gaze flickered up to find Robert crawling toward you, his eyes bright and smirk wicked as he sat on the edge of the bed, arm muscles bulging as he planted his hands on the mattress at either side of him and leaned toward you.
“Well go on,” he urged, his eyes dark and attentive as they trailed over you.
His tongue poked out to wet his bottom lip as he watched you pull a sundress, bra, and matching panties from the bag.
“Picked those out just for you, had to dig around for them, rifle through all those good girl panties you had to find the real prize.”
You stared down at the sheer, lacy set. You’d never even worn them, they were a wine drunk online purchase that you had regretted the next day when you weren’t feeling so lonely and boring.
“Put them on,” Robert snapped impatiently.
Trying your best to ignore his leering gaze, you shook the panties free before bending, intending to pull them on under your towel.
“Nice try, sweet thing,” he laughed. “Drop the towel. I wanna see the goods.”
Beneath the ever present buzz of fear running rampant in your body, you felt anger. You felt fury and humiliation to the extent that it had you snapping your words before you could check yourself.
“He said you couldn’t touch me,” you challenged on a hissed whisper, your watery gaze lifting to Robert’s.
A quiet rage was brewing in his eyes, his unspoken ire enough to make you flinch and swallow nervously as you instantly regretted your outburst.
“He said I couldn’t touch, he didn’t say I couldn’t look,” he sneered, lip curling back over his teeth. “Now drop the fucking towel before I strangle you with it.”
Resisting the urge to flee or curl in on yourself, you slowly dropped your towel, feeling it pool at your feet with a damp plop.
“Mmm, look at that,” Robert hummed, his eyes inching over your naked body and making your skin crawl. “Now you have me second guessing who’s getting the better end of the deal here.”
Your head was buzzing and your face felt like it was on fire as you reached for your panties with trembling hands. Vision blurred by your tears, you moved quickly--jerkily--to get dressed.
“Slower,” Robert purred, enjoying the view as you shook so hard he could see it as you tugged on your panties. He bit at his bottom lip, gaze snapping to the soft jiggle of your breasts as you reached for your bra next. “You’ve got a nice set of tits on you, sweet thing.”
Choking on a sob, you struggled to shrug on your bra, staring at the ugly, flower printed bed spread in front of you so you wouldn’t have to look at Robert, see him admiring your body without your permission.
Violating you without even touching you.
“You ever let anyone fuck ‘em before?” Robert asked, his voice tinged with a deviant glee.
You ignored him, reaching for your dress next.
Robert caught your wrist, giving it a harsh squeeze as your watery eyes darted to him. “Answer me,” he hissed.
“N-no.” You tugged your hand away from him, and he allowed it, watching as you pulled on your dress, fingers shaking as you tried to fasten the row of little buttons up the front.
You were so focused on your dress, on slipping into the plain black flats you found in the bag, that you weren’t watching Robert, and you didn’t realize he had his cock out and was stroking himself hard until you glanced up and froze in horror.
He grinned at you, humming low in his throat on a slow upstroke as he patted the spot beside him on the bed. “Come here.”
“W-what are you doing?” you trembled, taking a step back.
“What the fuck does it look like?”
“But...but he said--”
“I’m not touching you, sweet thing,” Robert grinned, crooking his finger at you. “Now come sit over here and keep me company till I’m done.”
Openly crying now, you turned away, squeezing your eyes shut as your hands cupped your warm face. “No! Please, I-I can’t--” you screamed as you were suddenly shoved into the wall between the dresser and the door.
Robert yanked you around, his hand gripping your throat hard before he was slamming you against the dark wood panel of the wall. He sneered at your frightened chirp of pain, his other hand still stroking his cock as he pressed up against your front.
His hair was wild and swinging in his face, his too-big glasses sliding to perch on the tip of his nose as his blue eyes flashed at you, growing darker with each passing second.
“I’m not sure what’s more tempting right now,” he panted. “Fucking that uptight pussy of yours or snapping your pretty little neck so I don’t have to put up with your whiny bullshit anymore.” His lips curled as you whimpered, shaking your head frantically.
His grip on your throat slackened as he drew in a long, shaky breath. “Gotta watch it though, don’t wanna leave any marks, or I’ll need to deal with Drysdale’s bitching and moaning.”
You shuddered as Robert’s warm breath puffed against your tear-stained cheeks. Closing your eyes, you turned your face away, fingers curling in the hem of your dress to curb the impulse to push him away.
He was already so angry, so deranged…
“Look at me,” he snarled, fingers twitching against your neck.
You blinked your eyes open slowly, glancing at him before looking away.
“Better yet, look at my cock,” his laugh was raspy, a groan following soon after as he squeezed himself hard. “Look at how hard I am for you. Go on!” He shook you roughly--like a rag doll--leaning back and stroking his cock slow once he had your undivided attention.
As much as you wanted to, you couldn’t look away. You weren’t sure if it was unbridled terror or shock that had you frozen in place, your big, frightened gaze fixed on Robert’s cock.
It was the biggest you had ever seen, curving at the end, the tip angry, red, and oozing white beads of precum as he touched himself.
“Yeah, this is what a real man’s cock looks like. I’d pound that pussy so good you’d be crying for me, all pretty. Fuck,” he hissed, rutting into his own grip as he dropped his head back. “I’d fucking tear you apart.”
You couldn’t even begin to describe the obscene noises that started to rise up the faster Robert jerked off, the more precum he leaked. You felt more tears spill over as he gave a throaty groan and pulled his hand from your throat to slam it against the wall above your head, leaning in close as he worked to finish.
“Pull up your dress,” he panted, wild eyes finding yours.
“W-what?” You flinched as he leaned in and pressed his face against the crook of your neck, his nose trailing along your skin as he breathed in deep and moaned at the soft scent of you.
“Pull up your fucking dress,” he snarled, head pulling back so he could bare his teeth at you, his hand moving faster along his cock. “Show me that sweet soft belly of yours,” he grunted. “Gonna fuckin’ cum all over you, you little slut.”
“No!” you cried, cringing away from him. A scream caught in your throat as Robert yanked up your dress with his free hand, planting it hard against your sternum as he beat off against your trembling skin.
“Oh fuck, that’s it, so soft and warm,” he panted, gaze dropping to watch as he pressed the head of his cock against your quivering stomach, dragging it around until your skin was as wet and sticky as his cock.
“Fuck, I’m gonna--” he grunted, moaning as his hips jerked and the first hot, white ribbon of his cum hit your skin. “Shit,” he hissed, broken groans sounding from the back of his throat.
He finished himself with firm, fast strokes, his hips rutting against you until his load was spent and cooling quickly on your stomach.
Your breathing was shallow--frightened--as Robert sagged against you with a satisfied hum. Your eyes were frantic as you turned away, trembling as his lips drew against the delicate slope of your neck.
It took you a moment to realize you were staring at the ugly, vintage lamp on the edge of the dresser.
Within reach.
The plan wasn’t even fully formed in your mind when you grabbed for it and hefted it up. It was heavier than it looked, and you were weak from fear and lack of food, but you still swung it as hard as you could.
It made impact with the side of Robert’s head and he grunted in pain, hissing a curse as he staggered sideways before dropping to his hands and knees, dazed.
Dropping the lamp, you scrambled past him, fumbling with the lock on the motel door before pulling it open and darting outside.
You felt hope flare to life in your chest as you spotted another car in the parking lot. The owner hadn’t even fully exited the vehicle yet before you were racing toward him.
“Help me! Please! Please help me!” you begged, voice quavering and terrified as you threw yourself at the man in desperation.
“Whoa!” his voice was startled as you pushed him back against the driver side door of his car, your hands gripping his jacket as you frantically glanced over your shoulder, checking to see if Robert was following you.
He wasn’t.
You felt warm, soft hands on your wrists, the touch gentle, and you turned back to the stranger, staring up at him with big, pleading eyes.
“Where’d you come from?” he asked, his own gaze surprised as it flickered over your face, then lower, to your rumpled dress.
“Please, do you have a phone? We need to call the police. Or, or can we just drive somewhere else?” you whispered. “Please, can you just give me a ride--”
“Oh, he’s gonna give you so much more than that, you little cunt.”
You stilled at the sound of Robert’s breathless snarl, a whimper catching in your throat as you slowly turned to him.
He looked murderous, blood coating the side of his face, the top of his jeans still undone as he advanced on you slowly.
“No,” you pressed yourself back against the stranger with a terrified whine. “Help me, please.”
His hands touched your shoulders, a warm, gentle pressure. “Shhh, it’s okay, sweetheart.”
You went stock still as you felt his breath tickle your ear.
You hadn’t realized it at first, too focused on trying to get away, too desperate for help, but his voice was familiar. His words too.
You heard them last night when Robert met with the stranger who wanted to buy you.
The stranger who had paid him to murder someone.
“No,” a sob caught in your throat at the realization, and you tried to twist away from him, but he easily held you in place and tugged your back to his chest.
“Wanna tell me what’s going on here, Pronge?” he asked, his voice not sounding so gentle anymore.
Robert huffed, mopping the blood from the side of his face. “She fucking attacked me.”
“No, he tried” you shook your head, tears blurring your vision as you squirmed and trembled.
The stranger’s hand fell to your hip, then slid to your stomach to hold you in place. You felt him stiffen against you.
“What the fuck…” his words trailed off and then he was spinning you around and yanking your dress up, blue gaze narrowed as he spied the mess smearing your skin. His nostrils flared, gaze meeting yours briefly before he was scowling at Robert. “Did you fuck her? I said untouched, you piece of shit.”
“I barely touched her,” Robert snorted. “Just made her watch as I jerked off. It was nothing.”
Fiery blue eyes met yours. The stranger ducked close, gripping your chin so you couldn’t look away. “Did he fuck you? Tell the truth now because I don’t tolerate being lied to, do you understand me?”
Something in his gaze had fear ebbing up in you once more. “I understand,” you whispered. “H-he didn’t,” you trailed off, flustered and embarrassed at the line of questioning. “He just did what he said.”
He stared at you a moment longer, eyes dipping to your parted lips before he was straightening and glaring at Robert again. “You fucking came all over her.”
“There’s an extra change of clothes in the room, don’t be such a fucking pussy about it,” Robert rolled his eyes before turning around and sauntering back to the room. “Now bring in my money, prick!”
The man before you growled quietly, his fingers digging into you chin hard enough to make you trill in pain. He shook back to himself at the sound, his touch going soft and falling away from your face as he watched you.
You found it difficult to look away from him, caught up in his mesmerizing blue gaze.
It was no wonder you had run to this man for help without a second thought, he was the complete opposite of Robert in every way.
Although he was tall and broad, he was also perfectly put together, his pale face magazine cover worthy with his sharply cut jaw, beautiful blue eyes, and plump pink lips. His hair was light brown and stylishly coiffed, his clothes high end and expensive looking.
Never in a million years, at first glance, would you think this man was capable of everything you knew so far.
His soft, amused voice washed over you, pulling you back from your thoughts. “Got some fight in you after all, huh, kitten?”
He smirked, but it wasn’t nearly as cruel as Robert’s. It was almost...playful.
“Good,” he hummed, ducking lower and grinning as you gasped and jolted backwards in fear. “If anyone can appreciate a little bit of spirit, it’s me.”
You flinched as his hand slid against your cheek, but his touch was gentle, thumb brushing along your skin as he stared at you, his gaze unwavering on yours as he drank you in.
“Didn’t get a good look at those big doe eyes of yours last night,” he murmured, his teeth catching his bottom lip as he watched you. “Talk about windows to the soul, sweetheart, I can read you like an open book. You’re so pretty when you’re scared.”
Your breath hitched as he teased you--found amusement in your terror--and you felt your chest tighten and clench with a kind of devastated anguish you had never felt before.
Your vision blurred as your tears welled and you struggled to swallow against the lump in your throat, your mind slowly starting to spin out.
“Come on, none of that,” he cooed, softly wiping away a few of your tears.
“Please,” you whispered brokenly, your shaking fingers catching on his wrists and clinging desperately. “Please, I just want to go home.”
He watched you for a long moment before replying. “We’ve got business to wrap up here, and then we can discuss what comes next.”
His lips curled at the mixture of hope and trepidation that played across your face as he gently shook off your grip.
Shifting you away, he turned and reached for something inside of his car, a new looking black duffle bag. As he pulled it out and gripped it in one hand, he turned you toward the motel with the other, his large hand settling on the small of your back.
“What’s your name, sweetheart?” he asked as he guided you across the parking lot.
You told him and he repeated it with a pleased purr, grinning over at you as you shivered and hugged yourself tightly.
“I’m Ransom. Now, let’s go get you cleaned up, send that disgusting asshole packing, and then we can get to know each other a little better.”
Feeling a new pit of dread settle heavy in your stomach, you could only swallow back your tears as Ransom urged you into the motel room and closed the door shut behind you both.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Pairing: Dark!Robert Pronge x Reader
Warning: mention of death.
Summary: You witness the murder of a co-worker. This forces you into hiding but how much longer before he finds you. 
You could feel the cold metal against your palm. You moved your hips slowly to the music. The bright overhead lights shining in your face. The white gems on your bra and thong sparkled. You grabbed the pole with your other hand as you turned around slowly.
You jumped a little and twirled around the pole with your head thrown back. You could feel the money raining down on you. You changed positions so that your legs were pushed back.
You press your thighs against the pole. You could hear your thighs scraping against the pole. Your heels touch the ground and you grinded slowly to the music before going into a split.
You twirled around on the floor, your ass facing the crowd. Robert watched you dance while his associate Richard kept his eyes on the target. Robert grabbed his glass of whiskey and took a sip. “Alright the two of them are moving to the back. Go get the truck and meet me around back.”
Richard stood from his chair and followed the overweight man. And the stripper that was hanging on his arm. Robert rolled his eyes and downed the last of his drink. He walked away but took one last glance back as you finished your dance.
He would do anything to get in between your legs. But he had to get to work other than imaging tying you up and fucking you for days. But he could hold out on his little fantasy.
You grabbed all the money off the floor along with your bra before heading into the back room. You sat at your station and started to count up your money. You set aside some cash for tonight’s payment. Your friend and roommate Cherry was fixing her makeup.
She smiled over at you, “done for the night?” You shook your head. You put the money in a black trash bag, “yeah. I’m ready to get in bed and pass out.” She laughed with you. You pulled the black stilettos off your aching feet.
You flexed your toes before putting socks over your feet. “Hey, don’t forget to get the kids from my moms house.” You pulled your shorts up and buttoned the Daisy dukes up. “Sure, want me to take your car then?” You threw the black cami on you before putting on the denim jacket.
“Yeah and I’ll make sure that your precious car returns safely.” You chuckled as you slid your feet into your vans. You kissed Cherry on the cheek before grabbing her keys along with your things.
You pushed the heavy back door with a grunt. You could feel the cool summer air as you made your way through the alley. You stopped in your tracks when you heard someone scream. You turned your head to see a man shoot the new stripper. Her body dropping to the ground, his long hair hung in front of his face as he put his gun away.
You slowly stepped back toward the entrance of the alley. You could hear two men talking to each other in hushed voices. Your heart was racing as you stepped back, your foot came down on a bottle. The bottle made a noise which made the long haired man turn your way.
You turned on your heels and took off running to Cherry’s car.
Robert was about to chase after you when his associate stopped him. He turned around to Richard with his nose flared. “That little bitch saw me. Why are we letting her get away.”
“Because we need to get rid of these bodies. We can’t afford a third one and for one she barely knows you. She probably didn’t see you because it’s fucking dark. Let’s go.” Robert mumbled something under his breath as he grabbed the girl.
You opened the car door and slammed it shut. You put the keys in the ignition and took off. Your bag of money was sitting in your lap. You gripped the steering wheel as you drove to the closest gas station. You kept turning your head back to see if anyone was following you.
With the adrenaline pumping, you barely noticed the tears running down your face. There was no way in hell you just witnessed some girl get murdered. You prayed that it was dark enough that he couldn’t see you. But he probably could have seen you.
You remembered his square rimmed glasses and his long hair. His gloved hand holding a small pistol, you shuddered from the thought. You pulled into a gas station and pulled into a parking spot. You took a deep breath in as you wiped your face with the back of your hand.
You waited in the gas station for thirty minutes. No one drove up behind you and dragged you out of the car. The killer didn’t see the car, you calmed yourself down. You pulled out of the gas station before pulling off. You took the longer route to Cherry’s mom house.
The two kids were sleeping in their beds. You watched them as you leaned up against the doorframe. You yawned and decided you would have to go to bed soon. You closed their door before walking downstairs to your bedroom. Your body felt heavy like lead, your eyes starting to close.
You kicked off your shoes, then pulled the denim jacket off. You heard it hit the ground with a thud. Soon your clothes followed after. You grabbed the pajamas off your bed and put them on. You pulled the covers back before getting in.
The sheets felt soft against your skin. You pulled the weighted covers up to your chin before falling asleep.
Sleep came surprisingly easy after tonight’s events but the nightmares were unsettling. You imagined the guy was chasing you with his gun. He cornered you in an alleyway, “dead woman walking!” He screamed before he shot the gun.
You woke up with a start. You were drenched in sweat, the air conditioner was making soft noises. You pulled the covers off you. You shuddered from the cold air circulating. You stood from the bed and moved slowly out of your room.
You could hear a car pulling up to your driveway. You raced to the kitchen to grab a knife. Cherry opened the door and you startled her with the knife. The two of you screamed at each other which made you drop the knife to the floor. You raked a shaky hand through your hair.
“What the fuck dude. You scared the shit out of me, what’s with the knife?” You slowly bent over to pick up the knife. You slammed the front door shut and locked it. You wrapped your arms around her neck.
You sat on the couch, your legs draped over hers. You held a warm mug in between your hands. You told her everything. Cherry rubbed her thumb against your knee, “that’s terrible. I don’t think he’ll come after you, you have nothing to worry about. As long as you don’t say anything, they will never know. You never saw anything last night.”
“You’re right. I didn’t see anything last night, it was all in my head.”
The girl who you saw get shot was plastered all over the news. Except they were saying she was missing not dead. You buried yourself in your day job. You stopped dancing at the club completely.
You couldn’t bear to dance at night, in fear he might come back. It was time for a fresh start anyway. You barely slept because of the guilt eating away at you. A month passed of the same old routine and you forgot all about that night. Except Robert didn’t, he was looking for you and he needed you gone.
Well not completely gone. Just out of the public eye so he could have some fun with a new play toy. He was a sick bastard that was for sure. Someone you needed to stay away from.
You were finally over that night and life was starting to get better. It was a hot summer day and you were out on the porch lounging. The two kids were playing in the sprinklers with a few other neighborhood kids out on your lawn.
You looked up at the sun that was beating down. You were thankful that you had on shorts and a tank top. You could feel sweat all along your thighs. Gosh, it was such a hot day out. The water from the sprinkles came your way, giving you temporary relief from the baking sun.
The ice cream truck blared as it came down the street. All the kids turned their heads. One of the twins came up to you. “Can we please get ice cream,”
“Sure, just let me go get some money. Don’t have him leave.” You stood up from the ground as the twin ran over to the other little kids. The ice cream truck came to a stop and a bunch of kids were lined up with their parents beside them.
You quickly grabbed a twenty out of your room before heading back outside. The twins were talking to Robert. His long blonde hair pulled back into a bun. The same thick framed glasses on his face, his thick beard neatly trimmed.
You looked up and stopped in your tracks as you saw his face. Your hand started to shake, Lucy came running over to you. She wrapped her small fingers over your hand and dragged you over. You could hear your heart beating loudly in your ears.
Robert looked up with a smile. He couldn’t believe his fucking luck. “You got some funny kids.” You thrusted twenty dollar bill into his hand. He chuckled at how jumpy you were acting. The kids rambled off what they wanted, Robert smiled and went into the back of his ice cream truck. He came back with three ice pops, he handed them all to you.
Your hands shake as you try to hold onto them. “Keep the change,” you grabbed the twins by their hands and walked them away. “I’ll see you around,” he said loud enough for you to hear. You kept walking until you were inside.
The kids whined but you told them it was much cooler inside. You stood in the window as you watched him pull off, the ice cream tune soon fading in the distance. He knew where you lived now, he was going to come for you.
You spent the rest of the day inside with the kids, you didn’t want them to leave the house. Not with that maniac out on the street.
After your run in with the killer from that night. You decided to get an alarm system to ease your mind. And with that you went on with your life as best as you could.
Except that didn’t exactly last too long.
Candy screamed as she looked at the envelope in her hand. She ripped it open as she pulled out the three tickets. “There is a God,” she slammed the door shut as she made her way over to you.
You were on the couch sprawled out with a book in your hand. You flipped the page and tried to read but Candy jumped on you. The book fell out of your hand with a thud. She wrapped her arms around her neck as she squished her face against yours.
The two of you were cheek to cheek. “I just got tickets to the twins favorite show on ice. They have been waiting all week for this. Can you believe it…. but I need to ask you for a favor.”
You sighed as you pushed her off you. “I can’t take your shift over tonight?”
“Why not? I have to take them to this or they will never forgive me.” She sat back and made her eyes really big as she pouted at you. “I’ll make it up to you, I swear on my momma.” You groaned as you threw your head back.
“Fine, I’ll do it for you.” She hugged you again but this time tighter. You laughed as you tried to push her away. “You’re the best friend any girl could have.”
You stepped out on the floor with your head held high. You made you way over to an old client of yours. He was an older gentleman with a good sense of style, he always smelled so good to you. He pulled out a stack of cash with a smile, “I’ve missed you. Here’s a little something for you.” He was different from most of the guys that came in here.
All he needed was for you to give him some attention and he would pay you handsomely. You grabbed the money from his hands and took his hand in yours. “This gets you a special private room dance since you are being so generous.” He stands up from his friends and follows you to one of the backrooms.
Inside the room was a big couch enough to fit ten people. The lights were dim low enough so that you two could see each other. The music was much softer in here and it was great for talking with him. You walked over to the couch and sat down with a sigh. He laughed as he made his way over to you. “Have you been having trouble? I was worried when I didn’t see you for a month.”
“I wanted to stop dancing and focus on doing something I'm more passionate about.” You turn around to face him, he put his hand on top of yours. “Well if you ever need any help. I would be more than welcome to help you out. All you have to do is to just give me a call.”
Before you could thank him the door was pushed open. Robert stood in the door and pointed his gun toward the old man. The gunshot rang out and he slumped over in your lap, the blood was splattered across your face. You let out a piercing scream as you realized what just happened. Robert slammed the door shut behind him and pointed the gun towards you.
Fear started to creep in as you started to shake. “Please, don’t kill me.” Robert watched the way your lips trembled in fear. How glossy your eyes looked from crying over the dead man. “Get up and come with me.” You tried to move the body off your legs slowly as you tried to get off the couch.
Robert rushed over and grabbed you by your arm. He pulled you out of the room, he put his gun back inside his gun holster so no one could see it. His associate was out the door with cleaning supplies, he went in the room after the two of you walked out. He squeezed his grip on you tighter that made you stagger in your stiletto heels.
You trembled when you saw the ice cream truck outside waiting for you. “No, please.” He opened the back door and pushed you inside the truck. He slammed the door shut in your face, you smacked the door with your palms as you pleaded with him to open up. “Shut up, the crying is giving me a headache.” He slammed his door shut before he started up the car.
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stargazingfangirl18 · 3 months ago
Do you have any tips on writing Mr. Freezy?? I want to write a story or potentially a series with him but I'm not good at writing for him!
Ohhhh hoe hoe, alright let’s dig into our favorite psycho here, shall we? A lot of these are my personal takes and headcanons on Freezy, mind you, so feel free to play with what resonates, leave the rest behind, and also experiment with him and develop your own version of Freezy!
Putting this under a cut for explicit language and sexual talk. 18+ only!
He’s unfiltered. Freezy is gonna do and say shit to make you squirm, make you uncomfortable and scared. He literally gives no fucks and is more than likely looking for a reaction.
He’s crude. Language. Sex. Just his natural way of being. He’s gonna drop a “cunt” and a “jizz.” He’s gonna unexpectedly eat out your asshole without asking for permission. He’s gonna cum all over your face and rub it in real good. He likes making a mess.
He’s emotionally constipated. If he ever shows emotions at all. You may need to dig those out of him, depending on your story and character. Bottom line is Freezy ain’t here to talk about his feelings and he’ll likely hurt you if you push him too far in this arena.
He’s physically confident and aware of his body. Liike look at this strut:
Tumblr media
He knows who he is and who he isn’t. He’s confident in his strength and skill set. He’s probably rarely, if ever, afraid.
He has a corruption/innocence kink. He likes to ruin pretty things. Tarnish good and innocence. Make things dark, dirty, and ruined, like him.
He’s unpredictable. Look, sometimes I don’t even know what Freezy is gonna do in my fics lol. I thought he’d be a minor character in Ensnared and then he took over chapter two and has me liiike 😳😳
I don’t think he’s redeemable. Could you write him soft!dark for a special someone? Sure. But is he gonna turn over a new leaf and be a golden hearted A+++ husband and father material? Noooo. Never ever. But. If he really likes you. Wants you bad enough. Can’t get you out of his head? He may try to treat you as well as he can, in his own Freezy way 👀
I hope this helps, nonnie! Sometimes you just need to experiment a bit to find the flow and voice of the character. But try to have fun with it and don’t put too much pressure—or judgement—on yourself! ❤️
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fuel-joy · 3 months ago
Missed me - One Shot
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dark!Robert Pronge x Reader 
warning: Non-con and mention of death along with blood. Mention of stalking somnophilia and Manhandling
Summary: After the murder of his sister. Robert vows to get his avenger on you and your friends. This prom will be an unforgettable bash. 
(Notes: The story starts below because it starts off really dark. The reader is of age, I know it’s set during a senior prom. But it’s based off the 1978 prom night. Also a part of my scary movie fics.)
Her screams faded as she fell to the ground. The sound of glass shattering and a loud thud following after. And all was left was silence that grew. The three kids looked down below at the girl, their eyes growing wide in fear.
You walked out of your hiding spot with your fingers in your ears. “Is she okay?” The little boy with the dark hoodie named Alex turned to you. “We need to get out of here now,” the leader was ten year old Elizabeth. Her red bow loosening from the running around. Her white shoes scuffed up from playing.
She moved back and looked at the three of you. “We don’t say anything to anyone. Or we’ll go to jail.” The boy with the big bifocals named Simon pushed his glasses back. “I don’t want to go to jail.”
“Well then let’s get out of here now.” Simon grabbed your elbow. The four of you ran out of the abandoned building.
Robert stood in the distance, he was gripping his school books tightly. He watched as you and your friends grabbed your bikes. He waited until the four of you were tiny specs in the distance. He walked closer to his sister, tears pricking the corner of his eyes.
He stared down at his sister staring up at him. His eyes grew darker with the sky. The police sirens wailed, the tires driving on the dirt road. Robert was still standing by his sister. He didn’t move as he kept his eyes on her.
He was watching over her even though she was already gone. Blood seeped through the front of her blue sweater. His father grabbed him by his hand and dragged the boy away. “It’s my fault,” his voice cracking as he cried to his father.
His dad wrapped his arms around him tightly as he thrashed and kicked. He watched as his mother screamed at the sight of his sister. That was the day he promised to himself he would kill your friends.
8 years later
After Robert's sister's death, they convicted an innocent man for the crimes of your friends. You didn’t know what happened because you were hiding in another room. You never did know what happened to Robert’s sister or how she fell out that window that day.
Life moved on for you and your friends except for Robert. Of course he grew up, he was four years older than your group of friends. He graduated from high school and went to college.
He wore thick bottle cap glasses. Long stringy dark blonde hair. A very unusual looking beard but it worked for him. A muscle toned body that was covered up by his choice of clothing.
After his sister's death he was different, meaner and had a thing for watching people suffer. And after all these years he still thought of your friend group. How one night he would get his revenge soon.
You stayed in touch with Robert because your parents were friends. You were always so nice to him even more when his sister died. But you were obsessed with Simon, he even tried to ask you out. But you kept talking about how Simon already did.
That made Robert even more angry. You were his shining light in this dark world. He always kept a close eye on you, always wanting to make sure you were safe. Even though you two lost touch.
You held your books close to your chest, your arms crossed over the books. Simon had his arm wrapped around your waist. He held his binder in his free hand, he still had those bifocal glasses on. His brown curly hair looked bigger today. The two of you walked to the gymnasium.
“Are you excited for the dance tonight?” You looked over at him with a smile on your face. “I’m excited because I get to go with you.” He looked over at you with a small grin. His cheeks turned red but he turned his face away.
He moved his hand away from your waist and opened the door for you. Inside the gym was chaos. Some girls were writing on banners as the boys were playing around with paint. Things were thrown all over.
The principal stood on stage with your science teacher. The floor was covered in school bags and books. Balloons with streamers resting on the floor too. A big brown podium was on the stage. Pink streamers hanging down from the edge. You kissed Simon on the cheek before running over to join the other girls.
Elizabeth was in her cheer uniform. She was talking to the quarterback by the corner. She saw you and gave you a smile before going back to her conversation. You put your books down in the pile of other books.
You took a seat in between a girl with strawberry blonde hair. And another one wearing her hair in box braids. You joined in giggling with the other girls and talked about tonight.
Robert pulled his cigarette to his lips. He was parked outside the front of your school. He took a puff of his cigarette, he sat back as he watched students leave. He spotted you holding hands with Simon. Elizabeth was walking behind you guys. Alex was standing by his car when he called you guys over.
He sneered as he watched Simon kiss your forehead. He thought you deserved someone who wasn’t a two face liar. He watched the way you bounced over to Alex, his eyes lingering on your lips. He would get to have you soon.
Robert looked down at the yearbook from last year to confirm everyone’s identity. He watched you guys leave in Alex’s red convertible. He pushed open his door with his shoulder. The door popped open as he got out.
He pulled his black book bag from the passenger side. The sun was starting to set and all the teachers were leaving to go get ready for tonight. Robert pulled his cigarette from his lips and dropped it to the ground.
He dug his toe into the cigarette before walking to the building and inside. No one noticed him going inside the building. The excitement over the senior prom had everyone’s mind preoccupied on that. Then some man with a book bag.
You mom stood behind you, she combed out your curls slowly. You smiled at her in the mirror. You wore pearls around your neck. Your dress was pink and had thin spaghetti straps. You had a pink shaw over your arms, the material felt soft against your skin.
Your mom put her warm hands on your shoulder. She pressed her cheek up against yours. You looked just like her except a little bit younger. “You look beautiful dear. Simon is a lucky boy, but let’s not keep him waiting much longer.”
You nodded your head, she kissed your cheek before pulling away. You slowly got up from the wooden chair. It creaked a little as you pushed it back. You looked at the floor length dress and how it was cinched at the waist.
You twirled around as the dress swayed. You stopped before you would make yourself dizzy. With a smile on your face you walked out of your room. You stood at the top of the stairs and took a deep breath in.
You grabbed the railing as you other hand held the bottom of your dress. You slowly walked down the steps, your heels hitting each step hard. Everyone in the living room could hear you walking downstairs.
Simon stood in the middle of the living room in his black tux. He smoothed his hair down and adjusted his glasses. The two of you smiled at each other as you made your way over to him. “You’re so beautiful, I’m so lucky.”
Before you could say anything your father was arranging you two together. Simon held you close to him as your dad started snapping pictures of you two. You smiled so big that after a while it started to hurt. “Dad, we have to go. I don’t want to be late to prom.”
“Alright dear.” He put his Polaroid camera down with a pout. Simon let his hand fall as you walked over to your dad. You kissed his cheek, “I love you dad.” He kissed the top of your head.
Your parents walked you and Simon out the door. The black limousine Elizabeth got was parked in front of your house. She was standing up in the sunroof, she squealed when she saw you two. “Let’s go,” she screamed out.
The car ride over to the school was more of Elizabeth drinking up half the alcohol. Her prom date was too busy talking to Alex about football. You and Simon were both cuddled up, your leg over his.
When the limo pulled up, Elizabeth opened the door and stuck her head out. You covered your eyes when you heard her gagging. Everyone screamed gross before getting out.
The gymnasium was transformed into an aquatic theme. Blue balloons made to look like bubbles. The blue and green light shining off the disco ball. People were already dancing to the music. Others by the punch as a kid spiked it with tequila. The chaperones on stage talking about what section to take.
You grabbed Simon’s clammy hand and ran to the dance floor. You let go of his hands and held your hands against your thigh. You slowly dragged your hands up before you started to dance.
Simon was cheesing as he watched you dancing in front of him. He awkwardly moved his long limbs, he tried his best to keep up with you. You could feel the bass vibrating underneath your feet.
The room was starting to get hot with everyone close together. Your elbow brushing against someone’s suit or another girl's arm. But you didn’t care, your eyes were closed as you moved to the beat of the music. Hips swaying back and forth.
Elizabeth grabbed her date's hand and the two of them went inside the school. Her date pulled her close to him as he kissed her neck, “not right here.”
“C’mon, why not?” He said as he hiked her leg on his hip. Robert was standing at the end of the hall with an axe in his hand. He walked down the hall as the two resumed kissing.
They barely noticed Robert was behind them. He pulled his axe back and swung it into the boy’s back. He wailed as he threw his head back. Elizabeth screamed as she watched him fall to the ground.
She stared at the mask over Robert’s face. She started to run but tripped over her date’s foot. She hit the ground with a thud. Robert put his foot on her back, “this is for my sister.”
You were tired and your friends seemed to be missing. Simon went to go get a gift out of his locker but he never came back. Alex and his date went missing too. Elizabeth was nowhere to be found. You found yourself walking down the hall, your fingertips brushing against the lockers.
“Simon,” you called out for your boyfriend. You stomped your foot when you stopped by the boys locker room. “Simon this isn’t funny, can you please come out here.” You huffed as you turned around.
Robert was standing in the middle of the floor with his axe against the floor. The overhead lights showed you the blood on the blade. You stepped back as he walked closer, the blade scratching against the floor.
“Hey baby, how’s prom going?” You shook your head, he slammed his fist into the locker which made you jump. “What’s the matter? Prom not going the way you wanted it to. Did you even miss me babydoll? I sure missed you.”
“Robert? What are you doing here?” He laughed as he stepped closer to you. “Just getting rid of some trash. Why don’t you come here?” You shook your head no, you looked down at the axe.
You turned on your heels to run but he was quicker. He grabbed the back of your head and pulled your head back. You cried out from the pain as he pulled your head back harder.
He smacked your face into the lockers. You saw stars in your vision as you felt your body go limp. Darkness welcomed you as you fell into his chest.
The last thing you heard was, “Now, I don’t have to watch you through your window.”
You woke up to the feeling of someone’s warm mouth on your nipple. The other nipple was already slathered in saliva. Someone’s hands gripping your hips, their fingers pressing into your skin. You opened your eyes slowly to see the sun streaming into the bedroom.
You could feel Robert deep inside of you. He pushes inside you more. His hand feel hot on your body, you gasped when he slid out only to thrust in hard. He pulled back as he looked down at you.
He groaned in your face as he used you. The sheets underneath you felt wet. Who knows how long he’s been fucking you. He angled his hips a little so that the head of his member hit your spot.
You bite down on your tongue to stop the moans. “Don’t be like that. You were whimpering and moaning when I first fucked you. I can’t believe I was your first, too bad Simon didn’t have a chance.”
The bed creaked as his thrusts got harder, he gripped your harder with his hands. He bent down and kissed you forcefully. He slid his slimy tongue inside your mouth.
He played with your tongue as he groaned from the feeling of you tightening around him. Your lower stomach started to feel weird. You could hear how wet you were, how sticky your inner thighs felt.
He pulled back from the kiss with a smile on his face. “I’ve waited too long for this.” You balled your hands into fist and hit his chest. He laughed as he sat up and picked your pelvis up a little.
He rammed himself in and out of you harder. He watched you arch your back from the pleasure. Tears running down your face as you erupted into moans. “There you go, I bet you like being fucked by a killer. Like getting off to the man that killed your friends. Such a dirty slut but your mine’s.”
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the-iceni-bitch · 4 months ago
Who’s Got Their Claws in You My Friend
Pairing: Robert Pronge x hit woman!Reader
Words: Another mobile entry so no fucking clue
Summary: You get the pleasure of working another hit with your favorite colleague.
Warnings: DARK!!!! Dark, dark, dark, please be mindful of all warnings! Violence (m to f, f to m, blood, gore, death), explicit language, explicit sexual content (oral sex (m receiving), unprotected vaginal sex, hate fucking, mentions of penetration with a foreign object, spit kink, choking, overstimulation), SMUT!!!!! 18+ ONLY!!!!!
A/N: This was totally unplanned! Something just clicked in my brain and I thought, “Y’know what, I’m gonna write a Freezy fic.” Anyway, this is super fucking dark y’all, even darker than the first one, if that’s possible, so if you are one of my soft babies maybe skip it. All you dark hoes are in for a real treat though!
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!!
Tumblr media
“You look so pretty with my cock in your mouth kitten.” Robert growled as looked down at you, one hand wrapped in your hair and the other squeezing your neck, cutting off your air as he fucked your throat. “Shit, I can feel myself in there. I bet you’re so fucking wet. You gonna cum like a good little whore?”
You whined around his cock as you squeezed your thighs together, your eyes rolling up into your head as you clenched around nothing, arousal soaking your panties and leaking down your thighs. Your clit was throbbing with need as your vision started to go black at the edges.
He hissed as your teeth scraped against his length and you swallowed around him, his cock twitching at the back of your mouth before he shot his load down your throat. His fingers squeezed your neck in a bruising grip as you almost passed out, your cunt fluttering as you came apart from nothing but the feel of his thick seed sliding down your throat.
You almost passed out before he released your neck and backhanded you across the face, his ring raising a cut along your cheekbone. You managed to catch yourself on your forearm before you went sprawling across the alley, wiping the mixture of blood and cum from the corner of your mouth with the back of your hand.
He gave you a wolfish grin as you stood up, tucking himself back into his slacks as he stared at you.
“How do I look?” You said with a grin of your own, blood staining your teeth.
“Fucking terrible.” He muttered. Your cheeks were stained with mascara and tears, and your lipstick was smeared all over your chin. A thin trickle of blood was starting to seep down your face where he had struck you, and the skin around the cut was starting to swell. His handprint on your neck was starting to bruise. “Missing a little something though.”
He took a step towards you and ripped your dress down the front before tearing one of the sleeves loose. You weren’t wearing a bra, and you did your best to cover yourself with the tatters he’d left you with.
“I liked this dress, cocksucker! I’m gonna get you back for this.” You growled at him.
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, sweetheart.” He said as he pulled his gun out of his waistband. “Now run.”
You winked at him before sprinting out of the alley, letting out a terrified shriek as he strode after you shaking his head.
You pounded on the door to the townhouse, screaming and crying as you did your best to keep yourself covered with the ruins of your dress.
“Let me in, please!” You wailed, your nails scrabbling on the painted wood of the front door.
A giant man in a police uniform wrenched the door open, cursing when he got a good look at you and ushering you inside quickly.
“Thank you!” You cried, collapsing against his chest with a sob, your voice completely blown out from the abuse you had taken.
“What happened honey?” He said as he ran his hand over your back in a soothing gesture.
“He cornered me in an alley.” You mumbled against his chest as you peeked out to the rest of the house. You saw two more cops in the kitchen, and an asshole in a suit lounging in the living room. “I don’t know how I got away, he said he was going to kill me!”
“Don’t worry, sweetheart, you’re safe here.” He nodded over his shoulder to the two officers who were coming out of the kitchen now. “O’Dowd, Mangione, go check it out.”
“We’re supposed to stay with the witness, Sarge.” One of them grumbled.
“I think I can handle it. I feel like a rapist running around is a more immediate threat.”
The two officers headed out the front door, shaking their heads.
“Are you sure you shouldn’t go with them Sergeant?” You whined, batting your eyelashes at him. “I know I’d feel safer if you were out there looking for him.”
“Someone’s gotta stay here with you, darling. I wouldn’t feel right leaving you alone after what you’ve been through.” He murmured, looking down at you with a warm smile.
“Well, fuck.” You said with a heavy sigh before pulling the knife out from under your skirt and plunging it into the base of his skull. “I hate killing cops. It’s so fucking messy.”
The idiot in the living room cursed and dove off the couch as you wrenched your knife free. He scrambled towards the back door as you followed after him, letting the tatters of your dress pool around your waist.
He just made it to the back door of the kitchen when Pronge burst through it, leveling his silenced pistol at the mark’s head.
“Where ya goin’ Joey?” He said around a smirk as he cocked the pistol. “You don’t seem that happy to see us, rat.”
Joey raised his hands in supplication as he backed away from Robert, and right into your knife. You twisted it against his spine before ripping it out of him and slashing it across his throat.
Robert came to stand next to you as the two of you watched the snitch bleed out on the kitchen floor, tucking his gun back into his pants as he scowled at you.
“This one was supposed to be mine, cunt.” He growled at you.
You just shrugged as you twirled your blade between your fingers. “They said they wanted to send a message, and I feel like a good stabbing says a lot more than a couple of bullets.”
He watched you bend over the body and open its mouth, slicing his tongue out and slapping it on the kitchen table. You grabbed one of the chef’s knives from the counter and plunged it through the center of the thick muscle, pinning it to the table.
“That oughta do it.” You said as you surveyed your handiwork, wiping your own blade on your skirt before tucking it back into the sheath on your thigh.
“You’re sick sweetheart.” He said with a shake of his head, following you out the back as he watched you ass swaying back and forth in your boots.
“Quit sweet talking me.” You said over your shoulder, accepting his jacket he handed you to cover up as you made your way back to his car parked in the alley.
He pinned you against the wall as a group of cop cars sped past. His face was buried in your neck as he inhaled your scent deeply. You smelled like blood and sex and he could feel himself getting hard again as he slotted his knee between your thighs.
“Fuck, kitten.” He growled into your hair as he ground his hips against yours. “I wanna wreck that whore pussy of yours.”
You punched him in the nose as you laughed in his face, making him hiss as he stumbled backwards.
“That’s for my dress, bastard.” You said as you started sauntering towards the alley again.
He wiped his sleeve across his face and winced when it came away bloody. The snarl he let out was absolutely feral as he charged after you.
It only took him a second to catch up to you right as you entered the alleyway, grabbing the hair at the back of your head and slamming your face into the hood of his car.
“You goddamn fucking bitch!” He hissed in your ear as he bent over you, grinding his cock into your ass as you moaned wantonly.
You threw your elbow back and caught him in the ribs, smirking as you felt a crack and he released you with a groan, pressing a palm to his diaphragm.
You turned yourself over and wrapped your hands in the front of his shirt, ripping it open and running your palms over the plains of his chest before bending forward and sinking your teeth into the firm muscle there as you worked to undo his belt. A thin whine emitted from your throat as he gripped your jaw hard and drew your face back, tilting your chin until your neck was bent at a painful angle as you looked into his lust blown eyes.
His other hand dug painfully into your breast as he slotted himself between your thighs, your fingers still working at undoing his pants. You let out a whimper and felt your cunt clench when he slapped your nipple harshly, a new rush of arousal seeping down your thighs from your already soaked panties.
“You gonna be a good little slut for me?” He asked as you finally freed his dick, wrapping your hand around him and swirling your thumb through the precum that had collected on his angry red tip.
“Fuck you Pronge.” You hissed through clenched teeth as you gave his balls a harsh squeeze, making him groan.
“You’re playing a dangerous game, kitten.” He growled as you lined him up at your entrance, running his tip through the slick that had coated your mound. He moved his hand from your breast to tuck under your ass and drew you onto him in one smooth motion, your pussy fluttering around him as he stretched you open. “Goddamn, this cunt is so fucking tight. Squeezing me so good.”
His hips started slamming into you, barely giving you time to adjust to his girth before you devolved into an simpering mess. You both hated and loved the loss of control you felt ever time he fucked you, but the knowledge that you could turn him into a needy, demanding animal always filled you with the heady feeling of power that nothing except killing had ever given you before.
You gripped one of his biceps painfully as your other hand dug into his chest, your fingernails raking across his skin in deep gauges as he kept your head bent at its unnatural angle, his teeth running over your throat as he rutted into you. He nipped at the soft skin of your neck and you felt your pussy clenching around him as he pressed you into him, blood seeping from the wounds you’d left on his chest smearing across your tits as your breath started to hitch.
“That’s my pretty little whore.” He murmured against the shell of your ear as his hips slammed into you. “Lemme feel that cream all over my dick kitten.”
You moaned as your pleasure overtook you, riding its wave as your torso spasmed and rolled underneath his, your cunt fluttering as your released flowed out of you around his cock, making it easier for him to start moving even faster.
“God, I fucking hate you.” You moaned as he fucked you through it, your eyes rolling back as aftershocks vibrated through your core.
“The feelings mutual, bitch.” He said around a grin, turning your head so you were facing him. “Now open your mouth.”
You did as he ordered and he spat into the back of your throat, slamming your jaw closed with a clattering of teeth before ordering to swallow with nothing but a glare. He beamed as he watched your throat constrict before bending to catch your lips with his, sending another shockwave through your body.
His kiss caught you off guard. It was all desperation and need as his teeth pulled at your lips and his tongue slipped between your teeth. You felt the echo of it in your core as he ran his thick muscle over the swell of your bottom lip and you moaned into his mouth before kissing him back with equal fervor.
Another drive of his hips had you cumming again and he let out a snarl as you sank your teeth into his bottom lip, relishing the metallic taste of his blood as it filled your mouth. Your body shook underneath his as your pussy clamped down on him.
You were left breathless as he broke his face away from yours, panting hotly against your cheek before he pulled out of you suddenly, making you whine. Before you had a chance to adjust he was flipping you over and running his hand over the curve of your ass. He slapped his hand against your cunt suddenly and you let out a yelp before he ran his tip over your slit, teasing you with it as his teeth ran over your shoulders.
“This is my pussy now kitten.” He murmured against your skin as he slowly sank into you, grinning at the moan you let out. “I’m gonna fuck her so hard, she’ll never be able to forget me.”
He drew himself out halfway before slamming back into you and you let out a shriek as you came, your legs turning to jelly as his tip kissed your cervix.
“I ever find out you let some other cock anywhere near my pussy,” he growled into your hair as his hand wrapped around your throat, his hips slapping against your ass at a punishing pace. “I’m gonna shoot him in front of you then fuck you with the gun until you beg me to cut your throat.”
You were sobbing with pleasure against the hood of the car when he wrapped his other arm around your front and pinched your clit hard, ripping another orgasm out of you that had your vision turning white as drool leaked over your chin and ran down across his fingers.
“Now,” he hissed at you, his teeth scraping over the shell of your ear as his fingers circled against your overstimulated bud harshly. “You gonna tell me whose pussy this is, or did I fuck your too stupid to talk?”
“Shit!” You screamed as you came again, fighting against your own body as you struggled to keep from blacking out. “Fuck you, it’s yours!”
“That’s my good little cockslut.” He purred against your neck. “I’m gonna fill you up, and you better not fucking spill any of it. I want you to carry me with you for days.”
You felt his cock twitching inside you and let out a shriek as he sank his teeth into your shoulder, his spend shooting into in thick ropes that filled you with warmth. Your body sagged against the hood of the car as your final orgasm rippled through you, shaking your overworked muscles as you struggled to stay conscious.
He stood up over you and let out a groan of satisfaction at the sight of your throbbing cunt brimming with his seed. He scooped up a few errant drops with his fingers and shoved them back inside you, yanking your panties back into place and giving your pussy a pat like a well trained bitch.
You finally caught your breath and turned to glare at him, making him chuckle darkly at you as he wiped his dick clean on your skirt before tucking himself back into his pants.
“You fucking bastard.” You spat at him, seriously considering drawing your knife and stabbing him in the chest.
He seemed to read your mind and caught your wrist, gripping it painfully as he stepped into you.
“That’s enough for tonight kitten.” He growled as he brushed his teeth against your swollen lips. “I can fuck you unconscious tomorrow.”
You hated the grin that spread over your face at the thought.
“Promises, promises.”
Tumblr media
A/N: I’m not even a little sorry, hope you enjoyed, ya sluts!!!
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fuel-joy · 4 months ago
Materlist - Coming Soon
Tumblr media
The Call (Based on the movie)
Dark!Robert Pronge x reader
Summary: You just moved into a new house that holds a dangerous past. Speaking of the past, how is it possible that someone is calling you from the 60s. You fight to keep Robert from changing your present but how can you when he’s doing this all from the past. Will he get his way or will you be able to beat him. 
Chapter 1: The first time 
Chapter 2: Dead man talking 
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:
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dbnightingale24 · 4 months ago
Drag Me To Hell
Part 2
Story time before the story! This chapter has been practically done since before Halloween, I just couldn’t figure out how to finish the damn thing. Anyway, for anyone who reads this, I am so sorry about the delay. I really don’t think I’m gonna go past Chapter/Part 4. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this Chapter!
Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Mentions of Rape, Mentions of Murder, Abuse, Arguing, Smoking, dialogue heavy....I think that’s it? Please tell me if I missed anything!
Word Count:  2819
I do not condone or support any behavior or relationship like this. I do not consent to have my works/stories posted anywhere else. This is purely for entertainment only. 
“Fuck Robert! Just like that!” Victoria yelled, as he continued to slam into her pussy from behind.
“Fuck, I love the sound this pretty little pussy makes for me! I want you to cum hard on this cock!”
“Fuck, fuck I’m so close!” she moaned, gripping the freezer tighter before exploding all over his cock.
“Such a good girl for me,” he grunted, chasing his own release “fuck!” he screamed, shooting his load in her.
 This had become routine for them. After the first hookup, they both decided once wasn’t enough. So, they started fucking each other as much possible. She’d sneak him into the office after everyone had gone home for the day, he’d rent them a hotel room, and they took turns in each others cars. Hell, instead of selling ice cream during the lunch hour, he’d drive off somewhere and fuck her senseless. They couldn’t get enough of each other.
 They had both stop sleeping with other people, because there was no point. No one else could compare and it always felt like a big disappointment in the end. Even when Victoria decided to indulge her husband, she couldn’t get off without thinking about Robert. On the days when they couldn’t see each other, they were both useless. Robert had an attitude problem and Victoria would draw more horrifyingly gruesome drawing than usual. Their animalistic sex was what kept both of their tempers at bay.  
 “That bruise on your arm isn’t from me” Robert commented, tucking himself back into his pants.
“Good observation.”
“The fuckin’ mouth on you, I swear.”
“You don’t mind it so much when it’s on you,” she smirked, hoping on top of the freezer and lifting up her dress up, to reveal her bare cunt.
“Don’t you ever get tired?” he groaned and she let out a loud laugh. “We can’t tonight. I have to go to work.”
“Who the hell wants ice cream at 11:30 at night?”
“My other job.”
“What do you do?”
“Don’t worry about it.”
“Well, take me with you. I can help the time go by quicker.”
“Not tonight princess” he muttered, getting irritated. He hated when she started getting curious about his job. He didn’t want her to become a body added to the pile, but he’d do it in a heartbeat if he had to.
 However, she wasn’t as clueless as he thought she was. She noticed…things around his ice cream truck. Things that wouldn’t normally be in an ice cream truck. She found a wedding ring one night when they were fucking on the floor of his truck, and she knew it wasn’t his. There was another time she had dared to get a push pop without letting him know first and he lost his shit on her. She hadn’t opened open the door much, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see the tip of someone’s toes.
 No, she didn’t know for sure that he was a killer, but the thought that he could be one turned her on more than she cared to admit.
 “Well, then I’m not wearing panties the next time we see each other.”
“For fucks sake, wasn’t tonight enough?!”
“Nope, you’ll get your little keepsakes when you start spoiling me again.”
“You’re pure torture, you know that?”
“Like you wouldn’t believe” she smirked, hopping off the counter and putting her shoes back on. She loved finding new ways to torture him. She knew how much he loved keeping her panties so he could have something of hers to get off to when they couldn’t see each other. She hadn’t worn any this time, because they had a quickie the last time.
“Your fella, he’s hitting you?”
“Eh, he does from time to time. He gets mad about random shit and needs someone to take it out on. Sometimes it’s my fault and sometimes it’s not.”
“Why are you with him? You don’t seem to like him all that much and you definitely don’t enjoy the way he fucks you.”
“Why do you stay married even though you don’t give a shit about your wife?”
“There ya go,” she smiled at him, getting down on her hands and knees “did you happen to see where the hell my watch landed?” she asked, looking under one of the racks. When she didn’t get a response, she turned her head to see him looking directly at her ass, and rubbing himself over his pants. “Earth to the ice cream man, where’s my watch?”
“Like I have a clue. I can squeeze in one more round.”
“If it’s going to be a quickie, don’t bother. I’ll make it a week before I wear panties around you again.”
“Such a fuckin’ brat.”
“And you love it, so shut up. Now help me look for the damn thing. This truck is only but so big” she huffed.
While scanning underneath the the drivers seat, her eyes landed on a few teeth. After that, all of her suspicions were confirmed.
 “Found it, how much was this thing?” he called from behind her.
“I don’t know, James bought it. One of his ‘I’m sorry’ gifts” she shrugged, standing up and smoothing out her dress.
“You shouldn’t let him beat on you. Stand up to him or he’ll kill you.”
“What? Like you don’t beat on your wife?”
“She ain’t you. Now get your ass outta here.”
“Have fun at work,” she smirked, standing on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek.
“Always do, princess.”
“Oh!” she called, turning to face him “if you’re not too busy tomorrow, come over. James is going away on business for a few days and I’ll have the place all too myself.”
“Stay up late, I’ll make worth your time.”
“You always do,” she winked, before turning and walking to her car.
 When Victoria got home, she found James drinking alone at the dinner table. She said nothing to him as she hung up her coat and took off her shoes.
 “You’ve been out being a little whore again, haven’t you?” he slurred, not even bothering to look up.
“Oh goody, I’m home early enough to catch the end of your pity party.”
“Don’t you fucking talk back to me,” he snarled, finally looking up to see her making her own drink in the kitchen.
“It’s late and I’m not in the mood. Shut up or go to bed.”
“You’re gonna disrespect me in the house I-”
“In the house you what? Bought? Bullshit. Your daddy bought us this house as a fucking wedding gift. You don’t don’t own shit in this house besides the clothes on your back!”
“I’m warning you, watch it.”
“Or what? You’ll beat me? Cheat? Leave? I fucking wish you would, so I wouldn’t have to deal with you!”
“Fucking bitch!” he roared, throwing his drink at her, which missed her by half an inch. “You think because you have some fancy fucking job you can talk to me any fucking way you want?!”
“I think that because I pay the fucking bills and do everything, I can talk to you however I want! This isn’t how you thought this marriage would go at all, is it? You picked the wrong broad and that just gets under your skin, doesn’t it? Thought you would just be able to boss me around, cheat on me, beat on me, and I’d just take it? You thought you’d just be able to parade me around when we had outings and use me to make yourself feel good? Well fuck you! I fucking hate you more than you could ever hate me, and I will never take your bullshit lying down!” “I swear to Christ, I’ gonna fuckin’ kill you!” he growled , making his way over to her, fury written all over his face.
However, before he got a chance to get his hand around her neck, she held up one of the glass shards from the glass he threw at her, and held threateningly close to his throat. “Lay a fucking hand on me, and I will slit your fucking throat and dance in your blood,” she spat, her voice dangerously low.
The fear in his eyes gave her a greater delight than she thought it would. She had never stood up to him before, and he wasn’t sure if he should believe her or not. “You fucking wouldn’t.”
“Try me and find out. I’m sick of this shit. If you’re going to keep me trapped in this sham of a marriage, I’m going to have my fun. You think I don’t know about your little sexcapades? You think I haven’t found the phone numbers in your pockets? Think I don’t hear your heavy breathing phone calls? Stupid fuck. You’re going to stop beating me and you’re going to leave me alone to do whatever the fuck I want.”
“You’re fucking crazy.”
“Honey, I’m fucking insane and pissed off. Put your fucking hands on me again, and I will kill you. I promise” she snapped, before dropping the glass shard. “Good fucking night” she muttered, picking up her glass of wine and walking to the bedroom. Enough is enough.
 “Who knew that a princess in a palace could be such an amazing fuck?” Robert snickered, making his way into her bathroom.
“That’s queen to you, honey” Victoria snapped, lighting a cigarette.
“Whatever you say, sweetheart.”
Victoria rolled the next sentence around in her head before saying it. “You know,” she started, taking a drag from her cigarette “ I know what you do.”
Robert was silent for a moment. “I know you know what I do. It’s how we met.”
His voice was strained and Victoria knew he was pissed. “Not the ice cream job, Robert. Your second job that you refuse to tell me about.”
 Usually, a long silence would have gotten under her skin, but she knew what was coming next. She couldn’t wait for what was going to happen next.
“You shut the fuck up. You don’t know shit about anything” Robert warned, slowly coming out of the bathroom.
Now, to any sane person, this would be enough to make them shut up and change the subject. However, Victoria quit on the idea of being a sane person a long time ago. “I’m not as stupid as you’d like for me to be, Robert. Jewelry that doesn’t belong to either of us, random teeth under the driver’s seat, body parts in the freezer. It doesn’t take Einstein to put 2 and 2 together.”
Robert was on her in an instant, one wrapped around her throat. “I could fucking kill you right now, you know that? It would be nothing to me!”
“You could but we both know you won’t.”
“How is that something we both know?” he questioned through gritted teeth, his hold on her throat getting tighter.
“Because you love to fuck and you love to fuck me. Sure, you could kill me, but where else would you find a better fuck? No, you’re not gonna kill me because you need me like I need you.”
“I don’t need anyone for shit! You think you’re the only hot pussy around-”
“Bullshit and we both know it. Who are you gonna fuck? Your wife? Those little inexperienced hookers that hang around the peep shows? You gonna rape someone to get your rocks off? No, because it doesn’t fucking work like it used to. Besides,” she sighed before putting her cigarette out “what fucking difference does it make to me if you kill me or not? I’m in a marriage I hate, I have a job I hate, and I have to fake who I am every damn day. You don’t think you’d be doing me a favor?”
Robert searched her face for any hint of a lie, but found nothing but truth and desire. “You’re really off your nut, you know that?”
“Look who’s talking” she smirked. “It clearly doesn’t bother me. We’ve been at this for some time and I’m still showing up. I’m still begging for you. If I’m going to be completely honest with you, knowing what you do gets me off.”
“Do you know how many times I’ve fantasized about killing my boss? Coworkers? My fucking husband? I’ve caught you sneaking little peeks at my notepad. You know what I want to do to them. You can’t be all that surprised that me knowing gets me excited. Makes me want you more.”
“You’re full of shit” he spat.
Victoria took his free hand and rubbed it against her soaking folds, getting a grunt from him, before taking his fingers in her mouth and sucking her juices off of them. “Am I?”
“Fuck” he growled, growing impossibly hard. He hated that she was right. He’d never go so far as to call it love, but he was addicted to her. Especially the fucking. Every part of him was telling him what he should do, but he just couldn’t follow through with it. Her being so crazy is what drove him wild about her in the first place.
“Think you’re so fuckin’ smart, don’t ya?” He gripped her thighs and forcefully laid her flat on her back. He was pissed but he was even more turned on. “Snooping around in my fuckin’ business,” he spat before thrusting himself inside her “I should fuckin’ punish you.”
“Then fucking punish me, Robert” she moaned out, keeping her eyes on him. “You like it better when you punish me.”
“So do you, you fucking cock slut” he grunted, slamming into her harder. “You know what this means now, right? It means you’re mine. You can never fuck or give a fuck about any man other me. Why? Because I’ll fucking kill you and the other guy. You got that?!” he grunted, wrapping his hand tight around her neck.
“Yes baby” she moaned, grinding her hips against his.
 As Victoria let herself get lost in the euphoria that Robert’s aggressive thrusts were giving her, she couldn’t help but be excited about the new situation she found herself in. Sure, it was probably the worst situation she could get herself into, but she didn’t care. Robert was the kind of a man she had always wanted. Nothing was going to change her mind now.
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the-iceni-bitch · 5 months ago
Killing Floor
Pairing: dark!Mr. Freezy x dark!fem!Reader
Words: 4389
Summary: You run into Robert Pronge one night and end up tangled in a scheme together.
Warnings: DARK so, so dark, please do not read if these type of fics upset you! non-con (erring on the safe side), dub-con (for sure), very graphic violence (m to f and f to m), death, gore, explicit language, explicit sexual content (unprotected vaginal sex, hate-fucking, cavalier use of a handgun), SMUT, 18+ ONLY!!!!
A/N: My first dark fic! It got away from me for sure but I enjoyed it. Please, please be mindful of the content you are consuming though, this could very easily be upsetting! Because of this, I’m only gonna tag my fellow Freezy hoes here, as I haven’t updated my taglist doc to include dark!Fics.
Check out my masterlist and join my taglist if you want!
Tumblr media
You eyed the Mr. Freezy truck warily as you carried your garbage to the dumpster behind your apartment building. This was the third time this week you had seen it outside your place, and it was setting you on edge. There were hardly any kids in your neighborhood, so you didn’t know why it was hanging out here.
You cursed under your breath as the truck moved to the mouth of the alley, blocking your exit. You pressed your back to the wall behind the dumpster, right as a man exited into the alleyway from the bar underneath your place to smoke a cigarette.
A massive man in a white uniform stepped out of the back of the ice cream truck and walked towards the smoker, pulling on a pair of black leather gloves as he made his approach. He asked him for a cigarette before pulling a silenced pistol out of his jacket and shooting his target three times in the chest.
You schooled your breathing as you watched him drag the body to the back of his truck, trying to remain as still as possible. He stormed back into the alley to search for the shell casings, turning his back to you as he collected them.
Your legs were starting to cramp from your crouched position, and as hard as you were trying to stay still, it was getting difficult. You tried shifting your foot, but your ankle rolled in your heels and you let out a hiss. The killer straightened up suddenly at the sound, cocking his head as he turned toward you with a sneer on his face.
“Is that a little kitty I hear?” He jeered as he walked toward you, his voice thick with a Boston accent.
You stood up from your hiding place, preparing to make a run for it. He saw you tense up and lunged at you, wrapping a massive hand around your throat and pinning you against the wall, knocking the air from your lungs and cracking your skull against the bricks.
“Nice try, sweetheart, but I can’t let you go just yet.” He pressed his body against yours to pin you, his other hand brushing his stringy hair from in front of his glasses. “You have got horrible timing. To think I almost got out of here without getting a look at you, kitten.”
You just glared him as he moved his hand down from your throat to dip inside your blouse, grinning as he pawed at you as he buried his face in your shoulder, grinding his crotch into you.
“Think I’m gonna have a little fun with you before I let you go. You’re being so good and quiet.” He panted against your neck. Suddenly he stilled and drew his face up to look you in the eyes. “Why haven’t you called for help?”
He had relaxed just enough to allow you to move and you drove your knee between his legs at the same time you shoved your hand into his jacket and drew out his pistol, whipping it across his face and sending him sprawling.
“You cunt!” He spat, bloody spittle flying from the corners of his mouth as he moved to charge you again, stopping short when you pressed his gun to his temple. “Oh, you stupid little bitch.”
“I’m the stupid bitch?” You growled at him. “You wanna tell me what the fuck a Gambino hitman is doing so far outside of their territory?”
“Shit.” He hissed between his teeth as he eyed you warily. “You’re with the Genoveses?”
“That’s right.” You said, drawing back the hammer on the pistol. “Now answer my question.”
“Alright, alright!” He raised his hands in supplication, showing you his palms. “Fella in my truck has a father who owes Marks a good chunk of change, and y’know, he needed a little incentive to pay off his debt.”
“Marks gave you the ok to take out this hit? The mans getting bold.” You snorted, releasing the hammer as you pulled the gun back. “Lucky for you, I feel like leaving this to the bosses to figure out. Get the fuck out of here.” He stood up warily and reached for his gun, which you pulled back with a tut. “No, I’m gonna hold onto this for now. Maybe I’ll give it back later.”
Mr. Freezy growled as he brushed off his uniform and stalked back to his truck, grumbling under his breath the whole time. You just winked at him as he drove away, heading back up to your apartment to call this in.
  You saw him again 2 weeks later at a sit-down. Marks came to make amends to your boss for overstepping, hoping to find someway show his remorse for sending his man into the Family’s territory without permission. You were perched on a stool in the back of the room when the two men entered, and a small smirk teased your lips.
Lombardo liked bringing you to meetings as a distraction. Most of his comrades assumed you were there for eye candy, just the latest piece of tail the boss was wetting his dick in, too stupid to care about. But the real reason he kept you around was for protection. He loved the look of surprise that came over his enemies’ faces when you pulled out your garrot.
“Great to see you Leo!” Lombardo said warmly, moving to give the man a kiss on each cheek before sinking into his chair, gesturing for Marks to join him. “Y/N, grab us some wine sweetheart. Does your man want any?”
“No, I don’t like my men drinking while they work.”
You moved to open the wine when a massive palm wrapped around your upper arm.
“This is the bitch I told you about, boss.” The killer seethed as he wrenched you around viciously.
“The fuck are you doing, Pronge?” Marks hissed, giving you a chance to grab the corkscrew and press it to Robert’s throat. “Benny, I apologize for my man’s behavior, he’s been foaming at the mouth about some broad getting the best of him and it’s made him a little erratic.”
Lombardo just laughed as Pronge released you with a duck of his head. You kept the corkscrew where it was, watching a thin trickle of blood run down his neck.
“Let him go, Y/N.” He said with a wave of his hand, and you moved to open the wine, pouring two glasses and bringing them over to the seated men. “My girl has a tendency to elicit that type of reaction. It’s one of the reasons I keep her around!” He gave you a pat on the ass as you headed back to your stool, your eyes trained on Robert Pronge.
He was glowering at you maliciously as he leaned against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest and his forearms flexing as he clenched his fists. You heard him growl from deep in his chest when you gave him a conspiratorial wink.
“You see my problem Leo, we can’t have Gambinos moving through our territory with impunity, as much as we can sympathize with the need to collect a debt. Fortunately for you, the boss is still soft on you fellas, so we’ve come up with a solution I think will work for everyone.”
“Ah, Benny, I can’t tell you how happy that makes me! Of course, whatever you need.”
“Excellent! We’ve got a little problem with one of Big Mike’s nephews. The kids an idiot and has been making some waves that are making it increasingly difficult to manage our operations, I’m sure you know the type.”
“There’s one in every family.” Marks said with a shake of his head.
“That there is. Anyways, Funzi wants us to deal with the kid under the radar. I’d normally send in Y/N on her own to take care of it, but as great as she is, the kid is surrounded by morons all the time. We also have a disposal problem. Funzi wants to make it seem like the kid ran off with some bitch, hopefully avoid a war, and we’ve heard that your man Pronge here is a disposal expert.”
“Oh, fuck no!” Pronge exclaimed. “I’m not working with this cunt!”
“You’ll do what I order you to do, or I’ll fucking end you, now shut the fuck up!” Marks roared at Robert, making him wince as he leaned back against the wall. “He’ll do it.”
“Glad to hear it.” Benny murmured, his nostrils flaring in anger as he gave you the signal to relax. “Let’s drink to our friendship while we let these two hash out the details.”
You stood up from your stool with a deep sigh as you moved towards your new partner. The man looked like he wanted to murder you, and you just gave him a wicked grin. He seemed to relax as you went over the plan with him, not really offering any notes, just grunting in acknowledgement as his eyes roamed over your body. You managed to come to a grudging agreement and made plans to meet in two days to carry everything out.
  You had been waiting outside the club for 10 minutes when Pronge finally parked his sedan across the street. He leered as he walked towards you, eyes drinking you in. You looked extremely different than the last time he saw you, relaxed in a flowing dress that stopped mid-thigh and plunged almost all the way down to your navel.
“You always dress like a whore on the job?” He grumbled as the two of you headed to the entrance.
“Sure. You always dress like a clown?” You asked, wincing at the painful pattern on his shirt.
“Fucking bitch.” He muttered under his breath, not quite low enough that you couldn’t hear him.
“That’s right.” You said, your eyes roaming around the club as you looked for your man. “There he is.”
There was a group of young men in a booth at the back. The leader bent to snort a line of coke off the table before screaming for more drinks.
“What a fucking moron.” Pronge said from directly behind you. You could feel the suffocating heat of his body against your back as you stretched your neck. You sensed his eyes boring into you, searing over your bare flesh.
“Wait for my signal.” You muttered as you moved towards the dance floor, winding your way through the crowd smoothly until you positioned yourself in front of the mark’s table.
Pronge moved around the edge of the dancefloor as he kept an eye on you, you even danced like a slut. Your eyes were fixed on the mark as you gyrated to the music. It didn’t take long for the idiot to notice you. Your hands wandered all over your body as you swayed drunkenly, tracing the curves of your breasts and running over your neck languidly before dropping to your hips and teasing the hem of your skirt higher on your thighs.
He felt his dick starting to get hard as he watched you move, fighting the urge to pull you into an alley and fuck you until you couldn’t talk. His bitch wife had been refusing to put out for months, but ever since he first saw you in that alley, you’re all he could think about. He just wanted to shove his cock in that smart mouth of yours and shut you up for good. He had dreams about wrapping his hands around your throat as he ruined your pussy, marking your tits with his teeth as he split you open.
Fuck, he was so hard it hurt. He did his best to school his thoughts as he watched the mark move to join you. He felt himself tense as he watched the moron slot himself behind you and grind against your ass. His hands roamed over your torso until he was cupping your breasts, squeezing them softly as you dropped your head back against his shoulder with a moan, arching into his grasp.
Robert lost his patience and stormed towards the bathroom, slamming the door open as he strode inside. His did his best to control his breathing as he checked the stalls for occupants. He heard your laugh coming from the corridor and he scrambled to conceal himself, perching on top of a toilet and closing the stall door as you entered the bathroom.
You were giggling breathlessly as the idiot mouthed at your neck. He ripped the sleeves of your dress down your arms until your tits were exposed, and you sighed as your nipples pebbled in the air. Your mark bent to run his mouth over your chest sloppily as he fumbled with his belt.
Pronge lowered himself to the floor gingerly, splaying his palm on the stall door and pushing it open slowly. Your eyes shot open and did your best to swallow a hiss. Something must have tipped off the mark, because he straightened suddenly and turned around.
You growled at Robert and wrapped your arms around the mark’s neck before he had a chance to raise the alarm, squeezing hard enough that his oxygen was cut off. Your eyes bored into his as you choked the man, bringing him to his knees as you crouched behind him, your body curled tightly around his. Pronge’s cock was pressing painfully against the front of his pants as he watched you work. Your dress gathered around your waist and your makeup smeared all over your face as the muscles in your arms strained with the effort of strangling the man.
He finally stopped fighting you, and you moved to grip his head at crown and chin before wrenching your arms in two different directions, snapping his neck. You dropped the body to the floor and stood slowly to glare at Pronge, your nostrils flaring.
“You’re supposed to be in the alley.” You seethed as you pulled your dress back over your shoulders, moving to check the hall for any alarm.
“You moved faster than I was expecting.” He hissed, climbing one of the toilets to open the small window to the alley. He gripped a pipe running over the ceiling and lifted himself up enough to shove his legs through. He moved his hands to brace against the sill as he slid through the narrow opening, his broad shoulders just barely able to fit through the frame. He dropped into the alley and looked around, ensuring there were no witnesses.
It was only a few seconds before you were shoving the body through the window for Pronge to catch. He couldn’t deny he was impressed. You were stronger than you looked to be able to lift all that dead weight through a window 8 feet off the ground. He caught it easily and hauled it to the Mr. Freezy truck, shoving it in the back before moving back to the window.
He came back to find you with your legs dangling from the window as you slid through. You dropped softly on the balls of your feet, being careful not to roll your ankles as you landed in your stilettos.
Robert was leering as you strutted past him, your hips swaying suggestively as you made your way to the truck, wrenching open the doors and stepping inside. He climbed into the driver’s seat and started the engine, pulling out slowly as you worked to wrap the body in plastic sheeting.
The two of you reached the warehouse in a little under an hour. Robert backed the truck into the loading bay and threw it in park before moving around to open the dock doors. He opened the back doors of the truck and tossed the body over his shoulder as you stepped out.
“Just head straight through.” He instructed you. You gave him a nod over your shoulder as you headed in. He grinned wickedly to himself as he watched your ass swinging back and forth in those heels, moving to follow you.
You found the old slaughterhouse easily and lowered a hook over the drain in the floor as he came to stand behind you, close enough that he had you on edge.
Once the hook was low enough, you moved forward in tandem. You ripped the plastic sheeting off the body as Pronge moved to wrap the hook and chain around the ankles. Once everything was secure, you stepped back to raise the chain.
Robert was still watching like a hawk. You did your best to ignore his eyes on you as you stood with one hip cocked, one heel tapping impatiently on the slanted floor.
Once it was at the required height, you stepped forward to drain the body without an ounce of hesitation, pulling a hunting knife out of your bag.
He growled from deep in his chest as he watched you work, leaned against the railing surrounding the killing floor, his cock starting to harden again as you stepped back, wiping your blade on a handkerchief.
“Almost forgot, Pronge.” You said, digging your hand in your purse and pulling out a pistol. You grinned at the panic on his face before flipping the gun in your hand so the grip was pointed at him. “This is yours.”
He took it from you warily and shoved it into the waist of his slacks, eyes still boring into you as he ran his tongue over his bottom lip.
“We’ve got some time to kill sweetheart.” He murmured as you moved to walk past him, heading back towards the loading bay.
Just like that he was on you, one giant hand wrapping around your throat as he slammed you against the wall, your head cracking against the concrete and your teeth snapping together painfully. You brought your knife up whip fast and pressed it to his throat at the same time he drew the gun from his waistband and pressed it to your abdomen.
“You’re just turning me on even more, kitten.” He leered at you, slipping the gun down the curve of your hip and drawing the hem of your skirt up your thigh with the barrel. He brushed the edge of his hand against your panties, groaning at how soaked you were.
He brought his other hand down and shredded the thin fabric easily, tucking the ruins in his back pocket before digging his fingers into your hip, gripping you hard enough to draw bruises. He sneered at you as he slipped the gun between your legs, running the barrel between your folds and teasing it against your clit, making you arch into him with a hiss.
“God, what a fucking slut you are.” He chuckled as he slipped the cool metal over your sex, your arousal soaking the steel as you writhed against it. “Acting so stuck up, and here this cunt is begging for me. Maybe I should fuck you with my gun, would you like that?”
He pressed the tip of the barrel against your entrance and you spat in his face, pressing the knife further into his neck and giving a mock sound of sympathy as a drop of blood welled at the tip.
“Just keep doing what you’re doing, fucker.” You ordered him, grinding yourself into the steel as another round of arousal seeped from your pussy as it clenched around nothing.
“Oho, you bitch. I’m gonna fucking ruin you.” He growled menacingly at you as you slipped your hand under the buttons of his shirt, popping them open one at a time at an agonizing pace as you kept your blade trained on his jugular.
“Promises, promises.” You tutted, the coil in your abdomen growing tighter and tighter as you dug your nails into Robert’s chest, drawing a moan from deep in his throat.
He pressed the gun against your clit violently and grinned as you fell apart. Your legs trembled as you release gushed over the now-warm steel. You bit your lip as you gave a low moan, your cunt fluttering as came down from your high.
“That’s right, whore.” He withdrew the gun from between your legs and brought it up to his face, running his tongue over the barrel and moaning at the taste of you. He tossed the weapon aside carelessly before bringing his hands up to wrench the sleeves of your dress over your shoulders, until it was pooled around your ankles.
“Just fucking look at that.” He murmured as his eyes raked over you. “No wonder the Genoveses keep you a secret.”
He brought one hand to dig painfully into your breast as his other slipped between your thighs. You removed the knife from his neck before slashing it across his chest in a quick motion, making him hiss as you ducked your head to drag your tongue over the wound, moaning as the metallic taste of his blood hit your tongue.
His backhand sent your sprawling, your teeth cutting the inside of your cheek as the knife flew out of your hand. You laughed darkly as you straightened back up, spitting the blood out of your mouth as you watched him strip off his clothes.
“I’m gonna split you open and break you apart, cunt.” He spat as he stalked towards you. His body had an air of menace about it, thick corded muscles stretched over his frame that was covered in scars. “And you’re gonna fucking thank me.”
You groaned as he pounced on you, his mouth moving to trace your breasts hungrily as his fingers dug into the small of your back. You sucked in a harsh breath and wrapped your fingers in his hair painfully as you felt him sink his teeth into you and he moaned into your soft flesh. He moved his teeth over your tits in a vicious trail, marking you with them.
“Fuck.” You hissed as a particularly deep bite had him drawing blood.
He wrenched himself up to glare at you and wrapped his hand around your throat tight enough that it was cutting off your oxygen.
“I don’t wanna hear another word out of that mouth of yours.” He growled, pressing you against the wall again. “I’d shut you up with my cock, but I wanna wreck that hole between your legs first.”
He slapped his swollen tip against your pussy once before spearing into you. He grinned wolfishly as he felt your throat vibrating under his hand and he bent to scrape his teeth over your jaw.
“God, this whore pussy is so fucking tight.” He growled into your ear. “You’re squeezing me so hard, you gonna cum already?”
He felt you stiffen for a beat and then you were quivering around him, a thin whine escaping from your tightened throat as you raked your fingers down the muscles of his back, drawing deep gauges with your nails.
He slammed your head against the wall hard enough to draw blood as your release seeped over his cock, leaking down the inside of your thighs as you fought the urge to pass out.
Robert released you suddenly, his hand leaving your throat as he pulled out. You only had a second to suck in a breath as he spun you around, tilting your hips just a bit before slamming into you again. You pressed your cheek against the wall as he plunged into you brutally.
You let out a series of small whimpers as he pinched your nipples harshly, tugging at them and pulling your tits away from your body. You fought the urge to yelp when he slapped them, making your pussy clamp down on his cock as he fucked into you.
“What a good little slut you are.” He hissed in against your hair, smearing his face through the blood seeping from your head wound. “Yeah, you love the feel of my big fucking cock inside you?”
The only answer you could give was a low moan, followed by a gasp as he wrapped a hand around to pinch your clit.
“That’s right bitch, cream all over me. God you’re fucking cock drunk, aren’t you?”
You just whined as he tweaked your clit one more time and you came apart, your legs giving out. Robert wrapped a hand around your thigh and drew it up to pin against your waist as your body quivered against him, your pussy milking his cock as your eyes rolled back in your head.
“Fuck.” He whispered as his cock twitched inside you and he sank his teeth into your shoulder as he came, blood welling into his mouth as you cried wordlessly and he shot his seed into you, coating your canal in thick hot ropes that seeped out over your thighs.
He kept fucking you through it until he started to soften, then shoved you against the wall violently, pulling away and spitting your blood out of his mouth.
He watched you closely as you turned around, doing his best to keep from hardening again as he looked at you. Your hips and thighs were covered in bruises that were sure to darken even more over the next few days. There was the trace of his hand over your neck that you were absentmindedly running your fingers over. The side of your face where he had slapped you was starting to swell, a shallow cut running along your cheekbone. Blood was leaking from the corner of your mouth and your chest was covered in angry bite marks, some of them bleeding.
You wiped your hand across your face as you stared back at him, wincing. He didn’t look any better. His chest was covered in deep scratches and claw marks, smeared with blood from the cut on his chest. A thin red trail was running down his neck from the shallow prick you had made under his chin. His face was smeared with your blood from where he had buried himself in your hair, and when he turned to collect his clothes, you admired the deep gauges you’d made in his back.
“That was something.” You murmured, catching your dress in mid-air as he tossed it at you. You flicked your head towards where the body was suspended and gave a deep sigh. “Where’s your bonesaw?”
Tumblr media
A/N: Welp, I’m going to hell, but at least I’m taking you hoes with me!
@stargazingfangirl18​ @starlightcrystalline​ @ozarkthedog​ @drabblewithfrannybarnes​ @slothspaghettiwrites​ @sultrygoblin​ 
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chuckbass-love · 5 months ago
Hi my love! Saw your Smut Dialogue post and wanted to request! can i please have #93 with either Evans or one of his characters? you choose please! love you!! 😍🥰😘
MEL!!!! Thank you so much for this request, i love it. For me, this screamed Mr Freezy. I hope that’s okay. Also love you too🥺🥰
A/N: Lil message for everyone that has requested recently, i will get around to all of you, it just might take a while and i do apologise for the long wait, hopefully it’ll be worth it.
Disclaimer: My work is not to be posted anywhere else other than MY Tumblr, Wattpad or Ao3 without my permission. However, reblogs are welcome.
Prompt #93: “It’s okay, honey, you can pull my hair as hard as you want while i’m between your legs”
Pairing: Mr Freezy x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Dub-Con oral, hair pulling, age gap (reader is 21 in this), swearing, slight daddy kink if you squint, vaginal fingering and a death threat. 18+ as always, you know the drill.
Word Count: 2,472
GIF NOT MINE!!! Credit to @imissyourbattlecries go check them out💕
Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time
Tumblr media
As you sit there, hands and legs tied, mouth covered with tape. You can almost swear that you see the end. This is it... this is how you die. 
In the back of some ice cream truck with no one but Mr Freezy to blame.
And now you’re starting to realise that calling him Mr Freezy is silly. But it’s only because you don’t know his real name.
God knows how much more time passes by before the truck doors swing open to reveal your captor. Smarter attire adorns his slim figure and his hair is tied back.
Not how he’s ever appeared to you before. No, usually he looks a lot scruffier. Clearly he’s made an effort today, could you be the reason why?
“Oh good, you’re awake” he chirps, stepping into the truck and slamming the doors shut behind him “now the real fun can begin” he rubs his hands together in excitement, the action only makes you shiver with the worst kind of anticipation. 
What does he have in store for you?
You mumble away, your mouth not moving an inch behind this tape but he hears your cries. He stands, towering above you, legs either side of your scared frame before dropping to his knees.
He grabs your face in one hand, squishing your cheeks whilst pointing with his other index finger “if i take this off, you better not fucking scream or i swear i’ll kill you, got it?”
The way you nod almost instantly, body trembling with fear has a smug smile plastering his face. He gets off on this.. sick bastard.
Once the tape is removed, you open your mouth. But not to scream.
“Why me? Why am i here?” your voice laced with the fear that he can smell on you. But that only spurs him on, if you really thought he’d stop once you showed just how scared you are then you were a fool.
“Why not you?” he retorts, hand still gripping your face but the grip isn’t as tight “see, the way i think of it is you should feel flattered. An older man like myself being interested in a pretty young thing like you” 
The tone in his voice, he seems too calm. Doesn’t he feel bad?
“Are you going to kill me?” the words that you never thought you’d speak yet here you are.
“I’ll spare you the brutal and agonising death if you do a couple things for me princess”
“And what makes you think that i’d do anything for you after how you’ve acted? What is wrong with you?” the snap in your voice, you’re beyond outraged with him. He always appeared so kind to you in the weeks leading up to this moment. Maybe this was why he was so nice, he wanted to suss you out, get close enough for you to trust him and then attack.
“Evidently a lot” he quips proudly with a sinister chuckle following before his hand moves from your face, dancing down your neck and eventually reaching your breasts.
The shirt you have on, showing just the right amount of cleavage for him to feast his hungry eyes on. He can hardly contain himself, biting his lip as a situation forms in his pants. 
You notice immediately. Your own eyes looking down to see his penis growing harder by the second and for some bizarre reason, you feel strangely turned on but still intimidated nonetheless.
“Omg” you feign disgust, trying your best to move back but you can’t, it’s a dead end.
“Now now princess, anyone would think you’d never seen a real cock before” 
“Huh? Did the cat get your tongue?”
Silence before you shake your head. He can most likely smell your inexperience.
“Please, just let me go. I won’t tell anyone about this, i promise” even your best bargaining voice won’t cut it, he doesn’t seem like he’s budging.
“You really think your the first stuck up bitch to try and trick me? I admire your efforts sweetness but that’ll be a no” 
“What are you going to do to me?” 
He doesn’t answer, just leans in, his breath that reeks of cigarettes fans your face and soon enough his lips touch your cheek. A chaste kiss is pressed and you flinch.
“What’s wrong sweetness, not enjoying this?” his low and raspy chuckle has your eyes widening.
There it is, that evil laugh again. He is totally getting off on your discomfort and it’s sickening. But why is there a pool starting to develop in your cotton panties? You’ll never know.
“Okay. What about this?”
His lips lower to your neck and more than just a peck is placed as his lips press numerous open mouthed kisses to your skin, finding your sweet spot so easily and before you can stop it, a soft and breathy moan escapes. You feel betrayed by your own body. Why does this have to feel so good? Why does HE have to make you feel so good?
“There she is, the girl i knew you were. You enjoying this sweetness?” his kisses get sloppier as he makes his way to your collarbone, nipping ever so slightly to add to the build up. The build up for what exactly? You have no idea.
“Take it off” he instructs, pulling away and tugging at your shirt
“What? No. No way” you insist, trying your best to slam your ground but he shoots you a look that if the possibility was there, it would burn you to ashes. A fist punches at the cupboard door at the side of your head, scaring you even more and now it’s abundantly clear, he isn’t to be messed with.
So you do exactly as you’re told. You don’t want to anger him by making him tell you again. Once it’s off, you fold your arms across your body in shame of how you look but he soon yanks them away.
“No need to feel ashamed sweetness. Take it all off, bra first” he smiles and in this moment as you reach behind to unclasp your bra, you swear you can see a nice side to him. He soon cancels it out though, hurrying the process up by taking the bra off for you and discarding it behind him. You then make quick work of your leggings, tugging them down your legs to which he finishes the job before taking your panties off for you in seconds.
And now your naked body is exposed for him to have his filthy way with.
“Please, don’t hurt me. Let me go” pathetic attempt number 2 and he’s no less stubborn as he was a few minutes ago. If he wants you then he’s going to get you, no matter what.
You belong to him now. Just like all of the other girls he’s done this to.
“Again sweetness, you can’t fool me. I can smell your arousal from here, bet if i spread these legs i’d find...” he pauses, slotting his knee between them, spreading them and now your arousal is on show “oh and what do we have here, looks like a soaking wet cunt to me, now try and tell me you don’t want this” you look away out of embarrassment.
Your body really has betrayed you today.
“Mhm, almost looks good enough to eat” 
Did he just say what you think he said?
Most likely. But you’ve never had a guy eat you out and you most certainly don’t want the first time being with him.
His hands graze over your body before he tugs you closer by your legs. His hands wrap around your thighs once he lowers his face so he can slowly kiss the inside of them, making you squirm in his arms. Partly from trying to escape.
“Someone’s needy huh?” he mocks
However, he’s right though, you need it so desperately but to beg him for anything would be the worst thing you could ever do, so instead you watch him work at your inner thighs, nearing closer to your sex as you wriggle and writhe like crazy.
He’s so close yet so far and you can almost taste the pleasure when his mouth shocks you by attacking your folds with his tongue. 
At first you try to pull away, trying your best to act like you don’t want it. But he just holds onto you harder, devouring you like an animal.
“Stop fucking moving” he growls as he starts to suck on your bundle of nerves, biting a little too to get you to listen.
“If you don’t want me to move then maybe that’s a sign that you should leave me alone” you scoff, irritated yet all the more aroused.
“And what if i don’t want to? Huh, you gonna hurt me? Don’t threaten me with a good time sweetness”
His tongue movements have you so agonisingly close to letting go, he’s working you out like he already knows all of your weak spots.
But you can’t let him just take what he wants, thinking that you’re easy. Which is how you’ll feel once you let that guard down. Once you allow yourself to enjoy this.
His eyes meet yours and you watch him go to work on you like you’re his final meal before death and boy is it a meal he’s enjoying.
Your stubbornness is swallowing you little by little and you feel so close to seeing stars. Fingers delve into your wetness, circling your tight hole before 3 are added one by one. Time is left in between each to give you room to adjust, how chivalrous of him.
All 3 drag along your walls, curling as they press against that spongy spot within you, your done for if he keeps this up and he’ll know you’re enjoying it. 
The finger to tongue game ratio has your back starting to arch, your head scraping along the cupboards behind you and the handle digging into your now fully arched back.
“Come on sweetness, let go for me. I know you want this too”
Hips buck up into his mouth as all control ceases to exist inside of you. Now all that’s left is a huge need to cum. Your hands reach down to where his head rests and your delicate fingers find their way into his long brown locks. You start to tug on them a little which makes him hiss from pleasure, since this man totally strikes you as someone with a high pain tolerance.
The noises he’s eliciting from you are sinful to say the least, loud and borderline pornographic which earn you grunts of appreciation from him.
“Fuck, just like that. Squeeze these fingers”
“Such a tight fucking cunt”
So you do exactly that, sweat droplets forming on your head as the knot in your stomach tightens. You already know that there’s no going back now, what’s done is done and an earth shattering orgasm is about to consume you.
Fingers grip tighter onto the roots of his hair “oh god, fuck. I’m gonna cum” you mewl frantically.
And before you can even stop it, his fingers pick up, getting quicker and his plump pink lips wrap around your clit, sucking like his life depends on it and flicking his tongue over it occasionally.
“Need that cum sweetness, give it to me” his words of encouragement suddenly have the atmosphere changing, your body feels heavy, the knot feels just about ready to break apart and this space in the back of his ice cream truck feels even smaller than it was previously.
In a cloudy haze of sexual desire, you pull so hard on his hair that he glares at you as he goes to town on your body.
“I’m sorry, i didn’t mean to hur-” you scramble to apologise, feeling awful for hurting a man that had no qualms in hurting you this morning when he took you but he just cuts you off.
“It’s okay, honey, you can pull my hair as hard as you want while i’m between your legs” 
So you let yourself tug again, making sure to not let up or loosen your grip and as you feel yourself getting closer, you use his hair and your moans to signal that to him whilst grinding your hips on his face in time with his tongue movements.
With one more suck to your clit, you come on a silent cry, he removes his fingers from your warm walls, replacing them with his tongue. You feel your clit pulsating under his thumb and you start to clench around nothing as your cum drips from your tiny hole and lands onto his tongue for him to swallow.
“S’sweet princess, s’fucking sweet” his final words before his face moves until it’s inches from yours.
He lowers his head, capturing your lips in a heated and bruising kiss, leaving you no choice but to pull him close. Arms wrap around his neck loosely as his tongue slips past your lips and into your mouth. You can taste yourself and that alone is enough to have you keening for more from him with your hands groping his bulge but he soon settles you down.
“Patience sweetness, patience. You gotta return the favour first”
Your brows furrow in confusion before he eventually explains.
“What? You didn’t seriously think i’d go down on you and then fuck you did you? I only did it to loosen you up. Now you’re gonna get on those knees like a good girl and suck this cock” he starts, undoing his belt then his pants before pushing them down, along with his boxers, releasing his cock for you “because, if you don’t sweetness, i’ll have to make you and we wouldn’t wanna ruin this good behaviour of yours, would we?” 
You shake your head again, moving to a kneeling position and taking his huge size into your small hand, pumping him a couple times before opening your mouth ready. He gathers your hair in his hands, lifting it up out of your face and tugging ever so slightly.
“Now it’s my turn to pull on your hair sweetness so don’t you hesitate, it’s time to show daddy what you got”
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sweeterthanthis · 5 months ago
My Favourite Fics of 2020
Tumblr media
What a year its been!
I’ve only been here since late August, but I’ve read so many incredible stories that I felt the need to make a list and pay tribute to the wonderful authors who spend hours of their precious lives to bring these characters to life for us, over and over again. 
A majority of these fics contain explicit content, and you’ll find the warnings at the top of each individual fic. They range from dark to fluffy. All fics are female reader inserts unless stated otherwise. 18+. I cannot stress that enough.
These are simply the ones that stole a part of my heart, and I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did!
All The Good Girls Go To Hell  by @cockslut-padalecki - Sam Winchester x Stepdaughter/NieceReader x Dean Winchester
Safe Keeping by @ozarkthedog - Dark!Ransom Drysdale x Reader
The Winter Ghost by @msmarvelwrites - Bucky x Reader
Its A Deal by @justreadingfics - Bucky x Reader
The Wrong Idea by @mypoisonedvine - Dark!Lee Bodecker x Reader
Pretty Baby by @jtargaryen18 - Dark!Mr Freezy x Reader
Drinks With The Bodeckers by @slothspaghettiwrites - Lee Bodecker x Reader
Bucky’s First...(A series of firsts for Bucky Barnes)  by @drabblewithfrannybarnes - Bucky x Reader
Give In by @not-a-great-writer - Lee Bodecker x Reader
Made For Me by @saiyanprincessswanie - Dark!Bucky x Reader
You Won’t Want For Nothin’ Boy by @howdoyousleep3 - Daddy!Steve x Bucky x August Walker
One Shots 
Steve Rogers
Harsh Truth by @stargazingfangirl18 
Past Self by @donutloverxo 
Pot Of Gold by @gotnofucks
A First Goodbye by @whateveriwant​ 
Ruby Digits by @whateveriwant​
Somnophilia w/ Cpt. Hydra by @stargazingfangirl18
Chris Evans 
Under His Thumb by @ozarkthedog
Mr Freezy (Robert Pronge)
Overstimulation by @stargazingfangirl18
Down The Hatch by @ozarkthedog
Andy Barber 
Pull It Harder by @angrythingstarlight
Ransom Drysdale 
Say It by @stargazingfangirl18
Art by @savior-adriana
Worth by @negans-lucille-tblr
Bucky Barnes
Teachers Pet by @whateveriwant
On His Shoulder by @whateveriwant
Crawl Home To You @msmarvelwrites 
Brooklyn & Moscow by @wkemeup 
Earned It by @fvckingavengers
Heat Wave by @evansweaters
Lavender by @wkemeup
Lee Bodecker
The Interview by @navegandoaciegas 
Disingenuous by @iraot 
Sweet Tooth by @gotnofucks 
Steve/Bucky/Reader (Not Stucky)
Midnight Delight by @drabblewithfrannybarnes 
Following Orders & Continuing Orders by @navybrat817 
The Way That It Was by @negans-lucille-tblr & @firefly-in-darkness
Retribution by @ozarkthedog
It’s All Good Business by @sweater-daddiesdumbdork
Steve Teaches Bucky How To 👅 by @maddiewritesstucky 
Spring Break by @howdoyousleep3
Breeding Kink by @howdoyousleep3
Lap Full of Slut by @howdoyousleep3
We Freak On The Cam by @howdoyousleep3
Hooker Role Play by @maddiewritesstucky
The Winchester’s
Daddy’s Little Princess by @negans-lucille-tblr
Aesthetic’s Of Hate by @cockslut-padalecki
Thank you! All of you! You incredibly talented bunch of filth mongers! Can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store!
PS. Don’t be surprised if I end up adding to this over the next couple of days 🤣🤣
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stargazingfangirl18 · 6 months ago
Kinktober Prompt 17: Overstimulation w/Mr. Freezy
Pairing: Robert Pronge (aka Mr. Freezy) x Female!Reader Word Count: 3,540 Summary: You’d lost count of how many days you’d been here, locked away as his little plaything, but one thing you knew for sure? You didn’t want to make him angry. Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Non con. Dub con. Overstimulation. Vaginal fingering. Anal play. Smut. Dark fic. 18+ only!
Do not read on if any of this upsets you!
A/N: Oh hello there. Won’t you join me for the latest round of This Fic Is Definitely Sending Me to Hell? 😘
Tumblr media
You were basking in the glorious numbness that had consumed your wrung out body when the large metal door slid open, the sound of rusted, grinding metal making your ears twinge.
Even as your heart jumped into your throat and your skin began to crawl, you kept your eyes closed, your breathing shallow, hoping--praying--that maybe he would think you were asleep or passed out and he’d leave you alone.
Those desperate hopes were dashed when you felt the rough drag of fingertips against the jut of your ankle bone, then slowly up, up, up the sweat covered skin of your calf.
Your entire body was covered in sweat, your skin itchy and sticky from today’s round of “play time” as Robert liked to call it.
That morning, he’d bound you to the old, creaky bed spread eagle. The rough ropes around your wrists and ankles burned against your skin, adding to the array of purple bruises and painful abrasions that littered your abused flesh.
The lumpy, stained mattress was uncomfortable, and you never felt the springs digging into your back more than when Robert fucked you into the mattress like it was some kind of marathon.
The marathon of your misery.
The desecration of your body.
The slow, silent torment of your soul.
You’d stopped fighting him days, maybe weeks, ago. You lost track of time, unsure of how long you’d been here, held captive in some long abandoned warehouse that was presumably in the middle of nowhere, because Robert didn’t bother to gag you to keep you quiet, and you spent many hours while free of him screaming until your voice wouldn’t work anymore.
And still, no one ever came. No one but him.
So your fight was long gone, but your regret weighed heavy in your stomach. In fact, you never regretted anything more than walking home late that night by yourself.
You’d cut through the back alley you’d used to shorten the distance to your shitty apartment a million times before. In the back of your mind, you knew it probably wasn’t the safest route for a young woman walking by herself. But despite the foul odor of the always overfilled dumpsters and the stray homeless person or two, you’d never had any problems with your shortcut.
Until that night.
That night there had been a beat up old ice cream truck taking up most of the alley. And when you shimmied past it, intent on getting inside your building, you’d been shocked to see a ragged man in a white uniform shooting another man in the head at point blank range.
You hadn’t been quick enough to muffle your scream, and you definitely hadn’t been quick enough to run away.
He’d been on you before you could blink, his big hand covered in a worn, black leather glove as he crushed it over your mouth, long hair falling over his sweaty face wildly as he slammed you into the brick wall.
“Ohhh, you are in the wrong place and the wrong time, little miss,” he’d growled, his big, wiry glasses sliding down to the tip of his nose as his dark eyes glittered with ill intent.
You’d struggled against him like a hellcat, literally fighting for your life, your shrieks and pleas muffled to near silence beneath his big hand.
And he’d laughed.
He laughed right in your face, leaning back some to take in the show of your pathetic resistance as he trapped you to the filthy brick wall like it was the easiest thing in the world.
It probably was, you had realized, as your tear-filled eyes had finally looked at him. To the bulging biceps flexing and jumping as he held you captive. The massive round planes of his shoulders beneath his filthy white uniform. His strong torso tapered down into a narrowed waist, and you could see the hard lines of his thighs in his ill fitting pants.
He was so much bigger than you, and your struggles had died down as you processed the difference in size, and that you most likely weren’t getting out of this alive.
Once you’d gone still, your shrieks turning into gentle weeping and frightened whines, he’d watched you for a long moment, this terrifying stranger, those devil like eyes of his slowly taking you in from head to toe.
A wicked smile curled his lips as his free hand groped along your body, testing the warm softness of your belly, the heaving swell of your chest. He’d yanked the zipper on your coat down roughly, impatiently parting the garment and humming in satisfaction at the frightened rise and fall of your breasts, the hint of cleavage peeking out from the top of your sweater.
When he spied the glint of gold around your neck, the simple gold cross that had been a gift from your grandmother, he laughed, a dark, rasp of a sound as his fingers curled around the pendant.
“Don’t tell me you’re a good girl?”
He touched his tongue to his teeth at the thought, ducking closer to meet your frightened gaze. He was grinning as he saw the answer shining in your eyes.
“Must be my lucky day. I was just gonna fuck ya then chuck ya, sweetheart, but damn, look at those sweet doe eyes of yours, so scared.” He mocked a pout at you, squeezing your face hard with his hand. “All that fear goes straight to my cock. Wanna feel?”
You’d shook your head vehemently, making him laugh again, but still he grabbed your hand and pressed it to the hard line at the front of his pants. Groaning, he’d rocked his hips against you, snickering as you cried harder, tried to twist away.
“Can’t waste such a pretty little good girl on a one night thing,” he’d said with a final rut against your shaking hand. “Gotta break you in, get you dirty.” He leaned in, eyes dancing with dark amusement as he murmured, “Like me.”
That night seemed like a lifetime ago now, as you feigned sleep and tried to suppress the tears burning the back of your eyes.
The more he touched you, the more the numbness of your body faded away.
The pain of overstimulation pulsed to vibrant life, and the low, buzzing sound of the wand tied between your legs, pressed firm over your swollen clit, sounded louder than ever before.
“You giving me the cold shoulder, sweetheart?” Robert’s voice was amused, his hand sliding up your stomach to roughly squeeze your breast.
He laughed as you didn’t even flinch, didn’t move an inch except for your slow, steady breathing.
“Playing dead, huh?” He pinched your nipple harshly, scoffing in appreciation as you continued to be still and quiet.
The bed dipped, creaking with Robert’s weight as he pressed a knee beside you, stretching over you and planting his hand above your head.
“Pretend I’m not here all you want, sweet girl,” he said, trailing his rough, chapped lips over your warm cheeks. “Doesn’t change the fact that I am. That you have my cum from this morning crusting all over your thighs.”
He traced the cross hanging around your neck with a smirk. He’d not only let you keep it, he reveled in you wearing it as he used you in the dirtiest ways he could think of.
The way it had gleamed against the hollow of your throat the first time he felt your virgin cunt around his cock, as you squeezed your eyes shut and cried pathetically, your face turned away as he had rutted over you until you felt the hot burn of a man’s cum filling you up for the first time…
Robert felt himself getting hard just thinking about it.
Pressing a kiss to your slack mouth, he crawled between your spread legs, humming at the sight of your swollen pussy. You were soaked, ruining the mattress beneath you, the lips of your cunt inflamed and begging to be kissed.
Robert turned off the vibrating wand, and you were unable to suppress a relieved whimper.
Snickering, he glanced up at you, roughly yanked the ropes away from your hips and tossing them, and the wand, to the floor carelessly.
“Bet you’re feeling sensitive right now, huh, sweetheart?” Robert said, slowly drawing his thumb up your shining slit.
Your hips jolted without your permission, and then you were whining as he thumbed at your poor clit. “No, please,” you finally broke, your voice a ragged whimper as Robert knelt between your spread legs and licked a firm stripe up your cunt.
You cried out at the burn of overstimulation, made worse as he tugged back the hood of your clit and sucked the puffy bud into his mouth.
Robert alternated between harshly sucking your clit and lashing it with relentless kitten licks, until you were sobbing into your shoulder and squirming beneath him, everything too much and making your head spin.
“Always taste so fucking sweet,” he breathed when he finally sat back. He palmed at the tent bulging the front of his jeans, groaning as he teased himself. He licked your slick from his lips, mumbling, “Wanna try something,” as he hardly blinked, staring at the wet, puffy petals of your sex.
You shuddered as Robert teased the cut of you with his fingers, every touch amplified and so much more intense than usual after hours of stimulation. Then he was shoving two thick fingers into you without fanfare, groaning at the wet, hot slide of your cunt against his questing digits.
Your back arched as you mewled, fresh sweat dotting your forehead as Robert fucked your with his fingers. His thumb rubbed against the side of your clit, and you keened brokenly, gasping for breath as a wave of fiery, traitorous need swept over you.  
“Yeah, that’s it, show me how I’m making you feel, sweet girl,” Robert hummed. “Gonna fuckin’ ruin you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”
His fingers railed you hard, wrist twisting and touch searching as he pressed his free hand over your belly. The warm pressure of his palm against your quivering body had your nipples pebbling and your hair standing on end.
White noise began buzzing in your head as Robert’s thumb swiped over your clit at a ceaseless, punishing pace. His fingers curled against that spongy spot inside of you,  and you bowed against the bed, restraints digging into your wrists and ankles as your body responded to his assault.
“Yeah, come on, let go, sweetheart,” Robert murmured, dropping his head to kiss his way up your stomach. “Time to make a mess,” he rasped, biting at your nipple before tonguing at the abused peak. He gave your other breast a quick nip before sitting back on his heels.
His fingers drove harder, the press and circle of his thumb at your clit harsher than before. And then he was pressing down firm on your stomach and the band inside of you snapped.
You cried out, feeling a warm gush flooding from your pussy as your hips rocked and your breath caught in your throat.
“Yeah, that’s it, give me everything,” Robert groaned.
He didn’t stop playing with your overwrought pussy, but went at you harder, the wet squelches and slides of his skin against yours making your face flame as you went pliant against the mattress with an exhausted whine.
“Give it to me,” he chanted, staring at your drenched cunt, watching the way his fingers disappeared between the fat, shiny lips of your pussy over and over again as if hypnotized.
And then you were gasping and whimpering as another painful orgasm was ripped from you. Your body spasmed, completely out of your control, as you felt another flood erupting from your cunt and soaking the mattress beneath you.
“Fuck me, you’re perfect,” Robert sighed, sounding dazed as he slowed the push and pull of his fingers.
He didn’t tug them free until you stopped pulsing and fluttering around him, and then he was staring at the shine of your juices on his skin. He scissored his fingers, watching the wicked play of your arousal thread apart before his eyes.
Robert sucked his fingers into his mouth, eyes fluttering closed as he groaned at the taste of you on his tongue. Once he was done savoring your unwilling pleasure, he blinked his eyes open and gazed down at you.
He smirked at the sight of you panting and boneless, your body covered in sweat as your bound hands laid limply at either side of your head. He gave your pussy a pat, grinning as you whined your discomfort.
Crawling up your body, Robert tsked at the drenched state of the mattress beneath you, the knees of his jeans already soaked through as he settled over you.
“You made such a mess,” he whispered against your ear, tongue swirling inside and making you shudder. “Made you feel so good your sweet little body fucking wept for me,” he hummed, pressing a kiss to your cheek.
Robert settled over you, rough hand sliding against your cheek and aiming your face up toward his. “Hey!” he snapped, slapping you gently until your tired eyes fluttered open, watery and dazed. “You’re gonna return the favor now, aren’t you, sweet girl? Now you’re gonna make me feel good.”
Your eyes filled at the thought. “No, please,” you whispered as a few tears streaked down your temples. “I can’t. I can’t--”
“Sure you can,” Robert smirked. “You’re worked over so good your pussy’s gonna let me right on in. And to think, you were rocking that sweet little cherry of yours just a few weeks ago. And now you’re ruining my fucking mattress like a broken in whore.”
You cried harder, voice cracked and pleading as Robert worked his jeans open, shoving them down his thighs until his weeping cock was hot and heavy in his hand. He drew his length along your folds, laughing breathlessly as you tensed.
“No, please, Robert, please,” you cried. “It hurts. It hurt so much.”
“Aw you say that like I should give a shit,” he faux pouted at you, swooping in close. “I don’t.”
He groaned as he pressed his cockhead between your lips, searching for your entrance. And then he froze, eyes gleaming at you as an idea struck him, had his mouth curling with wicked intent. “Although, you really are begging so sweetly for me not to destroy this little pussy, huh?”
You sniffled, blinking up at his dark smile, confused.
Because Robert didn’t negotiate, and he certainly didn’t give a rat’s ass if he hurt you. If you cried and begged and pleaded. Quite the opposite - he seemed to get off on it.
“You wanna give that tired pussy of yours a break?” Robert asked, fingers gently stroking the side of your face as his long hair hung around you both, tickling your skin.
Hesitantly, you nodded.
His white teeth gleamed as he grinned at you like the cheshire cat. “Then I’m gonna fuck that tight ass of yours.”
You went rigid at the thought, closing your eyes as more tears leaked free.
“You didn’t like that so much the last time, huh?” Robert whispered, facial hair scraping your cheek as he kissed along your skin. “But that’s your choice today, sweetheart. Cause I’m in a giving kinda mood, letting you pick. So what’s it gonna be?”
His fingers tapped your cheek, and you knew what he wanted, to see your eyes. He could read you like an open book, and he fucking reveled in it.
You blinked your eyes open, feeling trapped in his dark, watchful gaze. Your voice was small--shaky--as you asked, “Please, can you use my mouth instead?”
Robert smirked. “That wasn’t one of your options, sweetheart.” He booped your nose. “Better decide before I decide for you, and I dunno, I’m kinda in the mood to ruin both your slutty holes today.”
Your lower lip trembled as you stared up at him, the pit in your stomach growing heavier by the second.
You knew it would be worse the longer you drew this out, because he would get angry, and you would take a playful, willing to slightly bargain Robert Pronge over a cruel and depraved Robert Pronge any day of the week.
“Will you…” your voice cracked, the words getting stuck in your throat as you looked away, your face impossibly hot.
“Spit it out,” Robert huffed impatiently, rutting against you and grunting as he squeezed the base of his aching cock. “And eyes on me.”
“If you...take me from behind--”
He was smirking again, eyes glinting with dark amusement. “‘Fuck you in the ass,’” he corrected. “Say it.”
“If you fuck me in the ass,” you flinched at the words, feeling dirty just saying them, “Can you...make it not hurt like last time?”
“Jesus, look at you, demanding little slut now, huh?” But there was no malice in Robert’s voice, he looked more entertained than anything. “Aw, you want me to make you feel good, sweet girl, that it?”
He laughed as you grimaced, pushing himself up until he was sitting back on his heels, slowly stroking his cock as he watched you thoughtfully.
“Wouldn’t mind seeing what you look like when you’re begging me to make you cum like a good little whore, instead of just crying for me to stop like you usually do.”
You watched as his eyes darkened further as they slowly inched over you, his hand stroking himself a little faster.
“Tell you what, sweetheart, you really let loose and get into it, and stop acting like such an uptight virgin prude, and I’ll make it good for you.”
He released his cock, reaching for the ropes securing your right ankle.
“I’ll warm up that sweet little asshole so good you’ll be begging me to fuck it stupid and fill you with my spunk,” Robert promised as he worked on untying your other ankle. “How’s that sound?”
The incessant throbbing between your legs had you reluctantly nodding.
Grinning, Robert made quick work of the ropes at your wrists, and then he was flipping you over onto your stomach and yanking you up on your hands and knees.
You trembled as Robert kissed a trail down your spine, his big hands gripping your ass cheeks and pulling them apart.
“Mmmm, look at that,” he murmured, licking his lips as he eyed your back entrance with delight.
You flinched at the sound of him spitting, feeling the warmth of his saliva hit your skin and drip down the crack of your ass before reaching your puckered hole.
He thumbed that spot, and it was reflexive, the way your body jerked forward, trying to escape his indecent touch.
And then Robert’s fingers were digging into your skin so hard you whimpered in pain.
“Don’t start,” he growled, stretching over you until his chest was flush with your back, his worn t-shirt scratching against your overheated skin. “You wanted this, remember?” he hissed against your ear. “You wanna be difficult? Then I’ll wreck your cunt and call it a day. That what you want?”
“No,” you whispered, shaking your head. “I’m sorry.”
“Prove it. Beg me for it.”
Humiliation warmed your face quick, and your eyes filled as you stared at the filthy wall in front of you, unseeing. “Please fuck my ass, Robert,” you whispered at last, shivering as Robert’s low chuckled rushed past your face in a warm huff.
“Look at my good girl begging for something so bad,” he taunted, dragging his lips along your warm cheek.
The fleeting tease of his mouth trailed from your shoulder and down your back, making you shiver. And when you felt him settle behind you, his hands spreading your cheeks as far as he could, you closed your eyes against your tears, digging your fingers into the mattress so you wouldn’t move.
You inhaled sharply as you felt Robert’s tongue tease your asshole, but you didn’t jerk away, didn’t tell him to stop. And when he pressed his face more firmly against you, groaning his delight as he kissed and tongued along your puckered hole, you felt a gush of arousal between your legs as your body betrayed you.
The shame shot through you quickly, but you stamped it down, closed it away in that dark, quiet place that you only let yourself dwell in during those precious few moments when you were by yourself, your body blissfully untouched and your own again.
Because shame made you resistant, and resistance made Robert angry, and when Robert was angry, he made sure you hurt, and the hurt usually lasted for days.
So you did what he told you to do earlier, and you let yourself go, let it feel good.
And soon, you were begging for it, shamelessly rocking your ass back against Robert’s face as fucked your tight hole with his tongue.
Soon you were moaning his name and genuinely begging for his cock, your body buzzing with want and greedy desire.
And that overwhelming pain of overstimulation that you’d been feeling all day? Now it was nothing but a distant memory.
Tumblr media
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