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#motivation to study
ginger-student · a day ago
Tumblr media
April 9th, 2021
26/100 days of productivity
Hello! I hope your day went well!
I am so proud of me today, because I pushed myself into studying evolution and all the eras and periods and epochs.... It's a lot to memorize, but I guess I can manage to remember basic information :D
Weekend is coming, time to finish homeworks and tests in Moodle and also time to pamper myself and relax a bit :D
Picture shows me during the weekend.
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ginger-student · 2 days ago
April 8th, 2021
25/100 days of productivity
Today was such a long day. I was not busy with classes, I studied for the usual amount of time, but something felt strange. I have no idea why I felt like that.
I finished my maths homework, studied taxonomy of protozoa and some physiology of them.
I also downloaded quizlet, so I might create some flashcard tonight.
One thing that makes me happy is that the covid situation is getting better, less patients are hospitalised, but our university already stated we will be online schooled until the end of the semester. Maybe exams will be in present form. We will see.
Also, my medschool entrance exams are aproaching, i still have 2 months left. I plan to end my biology revision by the end of the april and then do it all over again until exams. I am already getting nervous.
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starrstudyblr · 3 days ago
7th April 2021
Day 21/100 of productivity
3 week!! I have been doing this for three weeks i can't believe that. I try to keep everyday productive cuz i think that's what this challenge is about. For me that is studying everyday even if it's for a short period.
Today i didn't get a lot done. My mom's sick so i had to do stuff. She isn't really sick but i wanted her to have rest. And being the elder one i had to do it alone even tho i have a sis but being baby of the house she is exempted ( I'm still trying to find the logic behind this)
Today i did:
Maths revision
Wave optics
4-5 glasses of water
Went to walk with the said sis.
I usually go with mum and her but today we went by ourselves. And then we got scared of being eaten by "something" got home early.
I wanna try sth. I am going to list one thing everyday that i did that is better than yesterday. So I'm gonna do it for the rest of the challenge.
Enough if my chit-chat. Take care everyone.
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ginger-student · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
April 7th, 2021 
24/100 days of productivity
Well, this photo is older, but it’s very similar to how my dest looked today. Even though I didn’t have many lessons (2 of them were rescheduled for tomorrow and Friday), I feel a bit tired and demotivated. 
I feel like I am always doing something, studying, writing notes, making flashcards and my mind never stops for a quick relax. I guess I should start meditating or something. 
As I mentioned yesterday, I found website Mooclab and I already found a studybuddy. We just have to schedule some time for our first study session, but I kinda have this feeling it won’t work very well because of time zones :/ But I still have hope. 
Please, do not look at the coffee stain. I promise I have already changed the tablecloth :D
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studywithmoi99 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Guys, can you please pray for me?
I did a job interview last week and getting that job would mean THE WORLD to me! 🥺❤️ Honestly, that job is all I ever wanted!!!
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ginger-student · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
April 5th, 2021
22/100 days of productivity
So, my Notion list of notes is getting bigger and bigger by each passed day. I decided maybe I could try typing my handwritten notes in Notion. At first, it was very confusing for me to use this platform, but now, I love it! Maybe I do not use it like professional, but I like it my way. 
This are just a few topics I have typed for now, but there will be more of it. It’s part of my revision. 
I have no idea why, but today feels like Sunday for me. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have any classes? :D Tomorrow’s physics has been cancelled, so I will have some spare time to work out and clean my study corner, because during Easter holidays it got messy and dirty. 
Also, has anyone some experience with MoocLab? I found it just today, but I am not sure whether I should create an account and join studygroups there or not. If you know this website, or you’re already a user, feel free to dm me :) 
I was wondering about joining an online study group, but I am not sure about the breaks :D My spoken english is very poor and my accent is funny (#slavic) so I feel really shy to speak in front of others. 
Without thinking about that, I would like to join some study group. Google meet would fit me the best, but I am open to try new platforms :)
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starrstudyblr · 6 days ago
04th March 2021 || Day 18/100 of productivity
I literally studied just one subject the whole day and tomorrow I'll have to take exam of it. I did go to then farewell thingy that i mentioned and it was nice tho a bit sad. The family who is leaving isn't close to anything but i still feel bad. I myself have changed towns, houses etc but still it reminds me too much of what i leave behind every time.
And this is becoming my journal or sth which I def should not do.
I finished after by anna todd and im...
Anyways wish me luck for tomorrow and have a wonderful day
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ginger-student · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
April 4th, 2021
18+19+20+21/100 days of productivity
Happy Easter everyone! I hope all of you have relaxed, watched some tv, treated yourself well <3
For me, Easter has started on Thursday, you know, catholic stuff... but school holidays began on Friday. I didn’t study at all, just did some quizzes for medical school entrance exam. 
Maybe I should have done more studying, more notes, but breaks are good, I spent good time with my family, I am full of new energy, new motivation to study, refreshed. 
Tomorrow is the beginning of another week. We do not have any classes, but I still need to catch up on my chemistry notes, so I will probably finish them or else they will haunt me in my dreams :D
Question, can anyone give me a tutorial how to draw perfect benzene? :D 
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starrstudyblr · 10 days ago
|31st March 2021||Day 14/100 of productivity|| 2337 hrs|
Two weeks. That's like a record cuz i didn't have a breakdown during which i just layed in my bed and did nothing. I did a lot during this time. But still a long way to go.
I have English exam tomorrow morning so good luck to me myself and i. Hope it goes well and the maths viva the following day. I'm more worried about that.
What i did today:
Relation notes and some ques
5 glasses of water
50 min walk
Finished the inheritance games (it was so good and it wasn't productive thingy but still it goes here)
Hour wise it was just almost 6 hrs of studies but my focus is getting better. I felt somewhat down but I'm better now. Talking to my bff helps too.
Take care of yourself. You've got this🧡
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starrstudyblr · 11 days ago
🌻30th March 2021||Day 12/100 of productivity|| 2347 hrs🌻
Hii everyone! I got done most of my times in less time than i actually thought. I studied 5 and a half hr but those were very productive. I have my first exam of the semester on 1st and I'm nervous. But it's English so I'm concerned about the ones after that.
What i did today:
2 chapters of calculus
Completed chemistry ch
5 glasses of water
40 min walk
Now imma get some reading done and get to sleep. I am nit waking up early and i want to do so tomorrow.
Anyone saw the shadow and bone trailer?? It's so good!
Cr: the inheritance games
Anyways take care of yourself. You are doing great 🧡🧡
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starrstudyblr · 12 days ago
🌻|29 March 2021||Day 11/100 of productivity|🌻
Yeah so i have finally lost my mind. I know that i should study but I can't stop my self from reading a book which, who am i kidding, isn't even that good but man the plot is so twisted and the suspense is killing me. But I won't read it anymore (did i mention it is an eight book series and i have already finished 3 of them in the last three days? Yeah...)
So bcoz of that I didn't study less but didn't study mote either.
I did today:
Optics(not complete yet)
Religious studies
Drank 5 glasses
Went for a walk
I hope u r keeping yourself hydrated and keep moving from time to time.
Keep hustling 🧡
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starrstudyblr · 13 days ago
|🍀28th March 2021🍀|
|🌼Day 10/100 of productivity🌼|
I can't believe it's day ten already. Today's been okay like i studied 6hrs tho i wanted to push further.
I took a mock test for my upcoming exam next month and i must say my ego is crushed. I made a new study schedule and changed some of my strategy which I'll hopefully follow from tomorrow.
What i did today;:
Optics(i WILL finish this tomorrow!!)
P block
Mock test
5 glasses of water(I'm trying to kep myself hydrated)
It's important to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water. Keep it with u at all times. And maybe put timer or sth to remember it.🧡
Stay positive. See ya all tomorrow
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starrstudyblr · 14 days ago
27th March 2021
Day 09/100 of productivity
So yeah I'm back to normal(or as normal i can be). Today i kinda slacked during the first half of the day but then i decided i gotta pick up the pace now. So i pushed myself and crossed my 6 hrs of study(i could have done more)
Today i did:
Claculus(not much really i just quickly read a few concepts)
Optics(it's so long ughhh)
Religious studies
The biggest portion went to optics since i watched the video lectures on YouTube and completed previous year ques but i still have to go to ray optics which is whole another thing.
Anyways hopefully everyone is having a nice weekend. Stay productive. Stay hydrated.
Ps: I finished midnight sun!! It was amazing :P (that was my 10th book of the month lol)
I'd ask if any of u read but maybe no one will read it anyways.
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starrstudyblr · 16 days ago
25th March 2021
Day 08/100 of productivity
What a day! Felt very productive and did study pretty well. Last night was pretty rough. I couldn't sleep. Like at all. Was up til 2 then woke up again at 0430ish then finally fell asleep and woke up around 0915.
What i did today (not much tbh but what i did was quality work)
I don't have anymore thoughts today so yeah that's it.
One very important thing that i have come to realise: Always, always believe in yourself. Never ever think you can't do it. Think you can and chances are already raised.
Take care.
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starrstudyblr · 17 days ago
24th March 2021
Day 07/100 of productivity
Well i didn't do much today. Felt low but ya i finished my maths work and I don't know what else i did the whole day. I didn't even read midnight sun that much really but somehow the whole day passed in a blur. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
See ya all later.
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starrstudyblr · 18 days ago
23rd March 2021
Day 06/100 of productivity
Well I'm gonna keep today short(sth that i try to do daily but we know how that turns out). I think i did okay today and i managed to finish most of the tasks i set for myself tho there's a chance for improvement here.
What i did today:
Comp Sc.
Religious studies
Am i forgetting sth???? Idk I'm sleepy(tho I'm gonna read midnight sun 🙈)
I had a mock paper today and tomorrow too. Not too long just 90 min but i don't wanna do it feels like a waste of time.
I'm gonna go to sleep now(but read a bit first cuz it feels like I'm missing sth idc if u think I'm crazy :P)
Take care of yourself and stay positive.
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studywithmoi99 · 20 days ago
Hey! In welchem Semester bist du? / In which Semester are you?
Hey, ich bin im 5. Semester. / I‘m in my 5th semester. 🥰
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studywithmoi99 · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Important news, guys.
I will be starting to post every day again! ❤️
Join this community on our road to 10,000 followers. Follower count today: 9,068
My day tomorrow:
waking up at 6:30 am, showering, having only fruit for lunch
studying Chinese
making me and my boyfriend plant-based lunch
posting on my OnlyFans account (
Posting on Tumblr
Working out (2 hours)
studying French
vegan dinner
going to sleep at 9:30 pm
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