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alissonlovespump · 13 minutes ago
¡Otro edit más! En este me tomé mi cierto tiempo y paciencia para que quedara bien, la verdad me encantó el resultado, cada uno con su nombre. Espero les guste. <3
Another edit! In this I took my time and patience to make it look good, I really loved the result, each one with their name. I hope you like it. <3
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coveredinsun · 24 minutes ago
my dad taught me how to spin a silly little stick and now i just stand there and do it for no readon
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solitarysolarpunk · 36 minutes ago
One bright side on cane using is that it has granted me automatic shotgun to the front passenger seat over mom and brother, so motion sickness is much more rarer occurrence these days. Haven't seen yet if it applies to dad too, but A. dad usually drives if he's in the same car as me and B. he's disabled too.
Brother kinda grumbled at first but it stopped after he saw me ONCE in a car on a bad knee day and evidently he doesn't want to repeat the experience.
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wewhohavebeeninspired · an hour ago
grandbrothers – ezra was right by thomas charier ABSTRACT MUSIC VIDEO Directed and animated by Thomas CHARIER The main concept of Ezra Was Right is to reduce a graphic style to its purest and simplest form, while keeping the viewer's attention. Forcing him to interpret negative spaces and break them with several graphical ruptures. Taken from Grandbrothers debut album 'Dilation' Out Now. Listen to the album on Spotify: VINYL: CD: MP3:
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hella1975 · 2 hours ago
a complete disaster (affectionate)
you know what anon? yeah <3
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bluejaysarecorvids · 2 hours ago
Okay, characters, listen. This is supposed to be the chapter where you actually act like early-20s nerds and have sex, ok? ok?
1200 damn words later and they're both still talking about feelings and how to not mess this shiny new relationship up.
This would be less frustrating, I think, if I weren't the author.
Awkward discussions abound, dear reader!
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blueskittlesart · 2 hours ago
Have fun with Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess!!! I haven't played SS yet, but Twilight was my first Zelda game and it's still one of my absolute favorites
i've heard very good things about tp!!! ive been obsessed with zelda lore since i was like 11 so i know the basic plot of pretty much every game (espc ss since its. literally all lore lol) but im really excited to play through them myself!!!
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crystallinebismuth · 2 hours ago
Honestly I think after the new trailer for bow2 the choice to release a remastered skyward sword makes a lot more sense
The trailer heavily features Link flying around in what looks like ruins of Skyloft. It could be that they’re going to connect the lore from the beginning of the timeline (Skyward Sword) to the end (BOTW) it’s plausible that the remastered Skyward Sword is just kind of a refresher on the lore before Botw2 drops
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alissonlovespump · 3 hours ago
Bueno, después de todo, no hago solamente wallpapers aesthetic, también hago edits, ME ENCANTA hacer edits, cuando me pongo nerviosa o estoy estresada agarro el celular, descargo 3 o 4 videos, abro CapCut y me inspiro, y me siento más relajada, en este caso solamente descargue 2 videos y salió ésta obra maestra.
Aviso que también hago edits gratis, escribanme al privado y con gusto se los hago. También si gustan pueden tomar los videos mientras le den créditos a su creadora original, osea, yo. UwU
Well, after all, I don't just do aesthetic wallpapers, I also do edits, I LOVE doing edits, when I get nervous or stressed I grab my phone, download 3 or 4 videos, open CapCut and get inspired, and I feel more relaxed, in this case I only downloaded 2 videos and this masterpiece came out.
Notice that I also do free edits, write to me privately and I will gladly do them. Also if you like, you can take the videos as long as they give credit to their original creator, me. UwU
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pavithra04 · 3 hours ago
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nctrnm · 3 hours ago
#NowPlaying: " Premiere: Tomy Wahl - Kunda (Space Motion Remix)- Leisure Music Productions" by Electronic Groove
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