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dong-garage · an hour ago
Kinda fucked how Morrigan and Wynn aren’t romanceable by girl wardens and like Wynn being unromanceable period is a crime
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cadence-blackburn · an hour ago
Elder Quinn: Please sit on this chair, I'd like to ask you some questions.
Jupiter, whispering to Morrigan: Deny everything.
Morrigan: That’s not a chair.
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lightlyblooming · 5 hours ago
ACOTAR Characters Finding Their Mate Headcanon
This is excluding Rhys, sorry. You know how he'd react, anyway.
Tumblr media
The moment Cassian found out that you were mates, his entire world flipped around. He had to take a few days away, just to centre himself. To stop from bursting into tears from joy.
For his whole life, he'd wanted to find the perfect partner. Someone to settle down with. Someone to laugh with him and drink with him and stay up in the dead of night with him. A true companion. A true match. Someone to love, and someone to be loved.
For the year or so that you two had been purely friends, Cassian had thought he'd found a best friend. In the way that he'd always be in love with you, but had come accustomed to the idea that you'd never reciprocate his emotions.
So when he found out you were mates, he had a mix of feelings. Overjoyed excitement. Validation of his love. And worry. Worry that you'd feel obligated to comply with his wishes. Because of that, he didn't tell you.
However, you found out. When you did, you were finally able to get up the nerves to approach Cassian and confess your feelings. The love and affection you've felt for him for so long.
After you confessed those feelings, the bond instantly snapped into place. Making you two a Mated pair. You spent the rest of the night--and most of the week--in each other's arms, boarded up in your apartment.
At first, he'll hate himself. For falling in love with you and falling out of love with Morrigan. For being forever bound to you, despite not being worthy of your attention.
Slowly, over a good handful of years, he'll come to terms with the bond. Come to appreciate it. Still, he isn't able to get up the nerve to tell you. The one thing worst than forever being on the sidelines is being rejected straight out.
Over the course of a year, Azriel starts to show his love of you in small gestures: An extended hand when you're down, a friend who never leaves your side, gifts here and there, even a few "dates" that neither of you really felt comfortable or ready to call dates.
In the end, you found out. Should that be through a kiss or a game of chance, but you did. The moment it became present in your mind, you were certain that Azriel was the person you'd want to spend the rest of your life with.
After a long talk, a fair amount of hugs and cuddles, Azriel was finally in a place where he could accept the bond. And, gods, the nights you spent together right after were pure bliss. You couldn't have asked for a better, more doting, mate.
When Morrigan first found out you were her mate, she was both excited and terrified at the same time. She'd fallen in love with you, despite the small amount of time you've been together. She thought you were the most spectacular person to ever exist. But, you were a woman.
No matter how much she cared for you, the thought of having to tell everyone that she was mated to a woman made her ten different types of nervous.
So she kept the mating bond a secret, to keep herself from pain. She kept you at arm's length, forcing herself to be satisfied with you as a friend.
However, sooner or later, you find out that you're mates and unlike Morrigan, you don't have the restraint needed to keep it to yourself. So you tell her the second you see her. In private, of course.
Seeing your excitement about the whole thing comforts Morrigan, and she feels content enough to explain to you why she had kept it from you.
Still nervous, she was hesitant to fully accept the bond. But, with some convincing (also known as you pulling her into a hug and peppering her with kisses) she gave in.
The both of you spent a good week hidden away in your home, wrapped in each other's arms, in complete bliss.
Amren had thought her time to find love was over. After all, she was tens of thousands of years old, yet she had never found a single person that she fell head-over-heels in love for. Really, she couldn't understand those who did. People were people. They were all flawed beings trapped inside meat suits. She could never understand how someone could see another being as perfect, stunning, and worthy of everything that existence has to offer.
That is until she met you.
When she first laid her eyes on you, she thought you were like every other person to meet her. Lesser. Not as powerful nor as smart. Another wisp of time and essence trapped inside of a body. Soon to be forgotten and soon to fail.
However, the longer she spent with you, the more she learned how wrong she was.
Your joy for life was strangely fascinating. She thought it was weird how much you loved the night sky, the sand between your toes, the feeling of grass on your skin, the chirping of birds. Within time, that fascination turned into admiration. It was only a matter of time before she fell in love with you.
Then, one fated day, she found out that you were her mate. It shook her to her very core. She didn't even think it was possible for her, a being completely different from your own, to have a mate. Let alone one so wonderful and alive.
For the first few months, she locked herself away, unused to the emotions that sparked in her chest at the idea of your smile. It took a while for her to get even remotely used to it. And even longer to feel like it was time to tell you.
When she did, though, it was done in the most fumbling way. There were no words she could use to describe what she felt. She didn't even know what it was herself. You two spent the rest of the month together, travelling the Night Court and enjoying each other's presence.
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yazthebookish · 5 hours ago
Do you think there’s a possibility that az and mor are mates but don’t realize it which is why az is so attached to her? Like their stories could be the ones where they both choose who they love and not have it written down for them? Az with gwyn, mor with emerie.
Hello anon,
That's a very interesting theory but I doubt it or else we would've seen more or heard of Azirel's reckless behavior throughout the centuries when it comes to Mor.
And Im more convinced about the idea of Gwyn being his mate and I love the theory that the singing he heard when he left the ring to which his shadows sang back to was the Mating Bond.
I'd love to see them fall in love naturally before they realize there is a bond because by then Az would've probably given up at the idea of finding a mate but then Gwyn turns out to be his mate in the end.
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cadence-blackburn · 6 hours ago
Arch: Are you in love with Morrigan?
Cadence, sweating: pfft, no...
Arch: Then why do you draw C+M everywhere?
Cadence: ... it stands for crime and murder.
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incorrectda · 7 hours ago
Alistair: You read my diary??
Morrigan: At first I did not know it was your diary, I thought it was a very sad handwritten book.
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yazthebookish · 8 hours ago
ok wait let me rephrase. I don’t think mor and azriel will ever happen nor do I want them to happen, but hypothetically if mor suddenly decided that azriel would make her happy, would azriel go immediately back to her. I’m basically wondering how deep do you think azriels feelings, or lack there of, for elain run. that if he had the option of the female he’s wanted basically his entire life, would he let go of elain, would it be a hard decision where he ultimately chose mor, would he want elain, etc.
Hell again anon,
He will go back to Mor, no question.
The reason he shifted his feelings to Elain is because Mor is not reciprocating them, he never got closure and he saw his brothers become mates with the two sisters around the same time and there is one left so surely she must be meant for him too (even if she already has one but the Cauldron must be wrong).
I am not saying his feelings are not genuine towards Elain, but they are carbon-copies of what he felt for Mor but a watered down version because you can't compare it to a 500 year old one-sided infatuation.
He latched onto Mor despite her making it clear and sending him signals that she feels nothing more than friendship for him because he was so sure a Mating Bond would click between them.
He fell for Mor at first sight and on the other hand he met Elain around the time he was still in love with Mor and his feelings did not change much until maybe ACOFAS? And even in ACOFAS you had him looking at Mor with longing.
I had to look away to keep from laughing. Az, to his credit, gave Mor a smile of thanks, a blush creeping over his cheeks, his hazel eyes fixed on her. I looked away at the heat, the yearning that filled them. — A Court of Frost and Starlight pg. 182.
This novella takes place months before ACOSF's events, he was still looking at her with longing so despite Elain being there, Azriel's feelings did not entirely fade away for Mor. This alone shows that if "hypothetically" Mor decided to be with Azriel, he'd be with her without hesitation.
The High Lord of the Day considered Cassian and Azriel, then frowned. “Where's my beautiful Mor?” Az said tightly, “Away.” — A Court of Silver Flames pg. 422
Jealousy strikes again Azriel? This is still ACOSF where some claim he is already deeply in love with Elain. He is still affected by Mor and these one of the small signs.
Sorry for making this a long answer anon. I'm actually writing a post later exploring Azriel's feelings in regards to Mor and Elain so I thought I'd give a more detailed answer to show you that Azriel's feelings for Elain do not run as deep as they did for Mor.
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yazthebookish · 9 hours ago
do you think that if azriel had the chance to be with mor, he would take it?
Hello anon,
Even if he did, I don't want him to and it all comes down to the fact that his self-worth issues strike around her and their personalities don't compliment one another. Azriel will always try to appease Mor and change who he is for her and I don't enjoy seeing that in a relationship because it's one person giving more and one person taking more.
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lesetoilesfous · 11 hours ago
For DADW "Kiss in a dream" warden/morrigan
Ooooh this was delicious, thank you!
(If you’d like me to write you a dragon age fic, send me a prompt from here!)
Pairing: f!Warden Surana x Morrigan
Characters: Eloren Surana, Morrigan
Tags: Fade shenanigans, unhealthy coping mechanisms, self destructive behaviour, demons pretending to be your lover
Rating: Mature
Eloren never sleeps easily. She hasn’t since she was six years old, and templars came banging on her mother’s door following reports of a girl with blue sparks at her fingertips. Ever since, every night, she wakes with a jolt as if she’s falling, terrified of what she’ll find when she opens her eyes.
It’s fine.
They’ve been trekking for three days out of Denerim, slaughtering what spawn they’ve found on their way. Even Zevran’s smiles are wearing a little thin with the sheer exhaustion of it all, and Alastair is visibly harrowed. Leliana and Morrigan are better at covering it, but Eloren doesn’t doubt that they too feel the weeping ache of overused muscles by now. She’s been avoiding Wynne.
The Fade is as familiar and cold to Eloren as it has always been: a land of shifting icy mists half obscured by cloud. As she treads down into the uneven landscape of her dreams, her bare feet prickle against the frozen floor. Her hands drift in front of her, more habit than fear these days, parting the clouds in trailing ribbons of smoke. 
She knows it isn’t her. Eloren thinks it even as the thing that looks like Morrigan smiles at her, gold eyes glittering with secrets. But she keeps walking anyway, until the thing that looks like Morrigan takes her into its dark, wiry arms, made strong by years of wilderness, burned brown by the sun.
The thing’s face twists into an expression of concern so unlike the real witch that for a moment even Eloren cannot lie to herself. “You seem tired.”
Eloren shrugs, running her fingers over the thing’s slender, muscular waist. Its skin is warm, and rough with years of weather, branched by stretchmarks and scars. “I’m always tired.”
The thing clicks its tongue, and long, calloused fingers cup her cheek. Eloren leans into its palm, but resists the urge to shut her eyes. She’s self destructive, not suicidal. She looks up into the thing’s eyes: sketched so exactly like her own Morrigan’s, with lashes thick and dark as smeared coal, bright against the vivid paint she wore in a band across her browbone and cheeks. The thing smirks, and that is like the Morrigan she knows. Eloren sways closer like a sapling in a gale.
“I know a remedy for that.”
The thing’s hand slips back into Eloren’s hair, scratching blunt fingernails against her scalp. Eloren shivers, and the thing slips its thigh between her legs, bending to press a kiss to the tip of her ear. “What say we truly tire you out, hm?”
Eloren’s hand tightens around the thing’s waist as it leans down to kiss her neck. Her other hand comes up to pull loose the leather tying up her lover’s hair, and she relishes the thick fall of warm weight against her forearm as she presses Morrigan closer. Her hands move to the fastenings at the back of Eloren’s robes, but Eloren stops her. “Kiss me.”
Again, she smirks, pausing before she tilts her head to murmur with laughter on her lips. “I should warn you. I bite.”
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nomouthtospeakof · 11 hours ago
god i was just playing inquisition (again) last night and i forgot about this fuckin incredible bit of dialogue that im obligated to share now
Cullen: I do not like having that mirror - eluvian - in Skyhold.
Cullen: Corypheus may not be able to travel through it, but what if something else can?
Inquisitor: Morrigan’s our expert on the eluvian. If you’re worried, why not ask her?
Cullen: I did.
Inquisitor: And?
Cullen: She said I was being unreasonable, then offered to explain how the eluvian works using words with less than four syllables.
Inquisitor: Ah.
Cullen: The Circle had a library. I’m fairy well read.
Inquisitor: Right.
Cullen: I’m not unreasonable...
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dragonfan20 · 12 hours ago
Personal Opinion
I really don’t see Morrigan with anyone.
I mean, she gives off really strong lesbian vibes, but I honestly can’t see her with anyone in the books so far.
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hellogoodbye14 · 14 hours ago
Cass to Rhys: you’re such a simp
Rhys: I’m not a simp
Mor and Az: You totally are a simp
Rhys: I’m not a simp
Toddle Nyx mumbles from Azriels lap: shhhimmmmpp
*Everyone laughing while Rhys glares at them*
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feyre-a · 15 hours ago
Yesterday’s meeting could have gone better
At first az was explaining everything his shadows told him
But then cass started arguing and mor cut in too
And it became a mess
I was talking to rhys last night, we dont know what to do yet
It’s risky and we need more courts to join us
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nespy00005 · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sometimes I think that my Tabris a little zoophile...
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cadence-blackburn · 20 hours ago
Morrigan: have an idea but I need your permission
Cadence: why would you need my permission?
Morrigan: because if it goes wrong I don’t want it to be just my fault
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missinkylace · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Marik Lavellan at the ball, also I can’t get enough of this outfit like daaang it’s one of my faves ;)
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So recent CR polymorph shenanigans have got me thinking about Morrigan shape-shifting and messing with her party.
-Turning into a raven and landing on Alistair's head, occasionally pecking at him.
- She'll also bring him shiny trinkets as a peace offering.
- A romanced Morrigan turning into a cat and pressing her head against the warden's legs.
- She uses this form a lot until Zevran bought some catnip and she went crazy with it; she refuses to acknowledge this ever happened.
- Salamander form being too stupid to do anything except sit on warm rocks and vibe.
Feel free to add onto this!
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