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#more to come
theweddinglistmp3 · 4 minutes ago
random but sometimes i think about all the bisexual celebrities that are out there and it's like...damn. we really do stay winning.
it really is kinda like omggg to think abt all the bi celebrities out there like i don't really like "stan" celebrities or anything but when someone comes out like i can't help but to be feel excited <3 there are probably so many more celebrities who are bi or lesbian or gay that aren't even out! and it's like kinda reassuring in some ways like we're everywhere lol!
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whiteboyonthebeat · an hour ago
Some guy on the BM subreddit got intoBM like a little under 2 weeks ago and already got 8 live blu-rays and has 5 CDs I wish I were you so bad
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todosweetheart · 2 hours ago
How do I write without actually writing
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stanknotstark · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
OH do i have experience with this XD bottling up is just so easy you know? @imagine-loki​ thank you for the prompt :D
It had been a calm day, the Avengers were out on a mission (Quest, Loki denies to stoop so low as to say mission) fighting AIM, in California. So the tower was empty save for you and Loki, seeing as Fury didn’t want everyone gone in case something happened in New York. The Fantastic Four were on call with you and Loki being the extra members if an attack did happen. 
Loki figured you’d be happy today, as if you weren’t everyday which is what unsettled him. He has never seen you exhibit another emotion as strongly as you exhibit happiness. He knew somewhere deep down you had to experience sadness and anger just as strongly, right? He was concerned but didn’t necessarily want to break your happy streak. 
He finds you cooking in the kitchen, something is in the oven and you stand with your back to him but by the looks of it you’re staring into nothingness. So he makes his way towards you to make a coffee. It was inevitable, you had thousands of spices littering the counter and a few of them straddled the edge so precariously. He tried to slip between you, who refused to move, and the counter and his shirt nipped a spice causing it to fall. Loki apologized but moved out from between you and the oven but when he looked at you you were furious. He blinked and then you were pulling the pan from the oven with mittens, muttering to yourself. 
Loki raised a brow and watched as you pulled the pan from the oven. The food was clearly not finished so he started to ask what you were doing. Instead, he stayed silent and watched you take the food to the common room and heard you scream and the pan hitting the ground. Loki knew something was wrong as you continued screaming and yelling.
“Can’t believe you would-Fuck-God you’re just so-UGH!” 
When you come back into the kitchen you immediately start opening the drawers and throwing utensils all over the floor, and before Loki can even move you open the cabinets and throw all of Stark’s glassware on the ground, still yelling obscenities.
Finally Loki comes back to himself and wraps his arms around your arms and hugs you to his chest to stop you from flailing around like a lunatic. 
What in the ever loving Norns.
“Sweet, you need to calm your breathing you’re going to pass out of you keep this up.” Loki softly says into your ear. When you continue to kick and try to rip from his arms he decides to just keep talking in a soothing voice.
“Sweetheart I know you hurt right now but you’re going to hurt yourself if you continue and I’ll never forgive myself if I let that happen. Please, calm down. I’m right here, I’m not leaving you, I’ll stay right here until you feel better. Please.” Loki slows his words down as you stop struggling and instead stay in his arms and sob.
When he thinks you’re safe enough from yourself he turns you around and his heart tugs at the tears trailing down your face. He has only known you to be happy, he’s never seen you display another emotion this strongly and it’s affecting him more than he would like to admit. Grabbing your chin he tilts your head so you’ll look him in the eye. His other hand comes up to wipe at your tears. 
“Darling, what’s wrong? What happened?” 
Loki swallows as another sob comes out of your mouth then you’re talking so fast he can’t understand what you’re saying. Loki puts a finger over your lips, “Shhh, slow down.” 
Loki watches as you take a few deep breaths then talk again. 
“My mom died and my dad couldn’t handle it so he killed himself. He didn’t even call to tell me he just offed himself like it wouldn’t hurt me and-”
At this point Loki saw Steve walk into the kitchen doorway with wide eyes but left when Loki leveled him with a glare and shook his head. 
Looking back at you you still babbled on but he got the gist of it. So he pulled you into his arms and hugged you tight, his chin resting on your head. 
“I understand your pain, darling, I lost it when my mother passed away. I cannot imagine what it is like to lose both of them in such little time.” Loki said, one hand rubbing your back and the other coming up to hold your head to his chest. 
Loki just stood there holding you until you had completely calmed down. When you pulled from him he looked over your face. Your eyes were puffy and cheeks bright red. 
“How about,” Loki said letting his arm trail down your arm and hold your hand in his, “We go to my room and you can read my norse myths book.” Loki had known you were dying to read about actual norse myths, and for him to tell you what was true and wasn’t. So he smiled a little when you nodded your head, excitement in your eyes now. 
Passing through the kitchen door Loki saw the Avengers cleaning up the food you had thrown across the floor and walls but no one stopped you both as you passed through the room and to the elevator. Loki hugged you to his chest tighter as you hid your face in his chest in embarrassment. 
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doodlebloo · 3 hours ago
C!Beeduo have marital issues, to the point that Ranboo doesn't even know how Tubbo got the scars on his face. They keep secrets from one another and don't even attempt to try and figure out why, which implies that they brush most of their problems under the rug and operate under a don't ask don't tell mindset.
That being said, I think it's a bad narrative decision for their marriage to fail.
Every single other couple, whether it was seriously canon or mostly a joke, has failed. Nearly all the family and security Tubbo has ever had has been taken from him, and Ranboo can't even remember his bio family.
I think they have issues they need to work through, yes, but we've seen relationships fall apart on the SMP. In fact, that's almost all we've seen up until this point. I just think that it would be so much more satisfying for them to work out. For some of the youngest members of the server to have the maturity to talk things through, to show compassion, to put their care for one another above any moral beliefs or ulterior motives.
As far as writing goes, I think we're overdue for a story about how love endures, and I think that's what c!Beeduo could be.
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fatgum-sugarplum · 3 hours ago
About Me
Hi everyone! Decided this would probably be helpful. I’m a 24 year old Mama who decided to finally get back into writing fanfic after not doing it for like...four years? I’ll mostly be writing MHA but I may occasionally post other fandoms here! When I do, I’ll update my list here for who I write for. 
This blog is 18+ and I do write NSFW content. I’m also very liberal with the block button, so don’t expect to get by if you’re underage. I will also write dark content but it will be appropriately tagged and always under a read more like the rest of my works so you can avoid it. 
Characters I Write For:
Note: I do write for just about anyone honestly, so feel free to ask if you don’t see someone here. Worst I’ll say is I don’t really have a muse for them!
All underage characters are aged up unless otherwise specified. 
-Present Mic
-Mr. Compress
-Gang Orca
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redrobin-detective · 3 hours ago
Danny Fenton may have walked out of his parents ghost portal with half his life but he still experienced a death. And death changes people. Oh part of it was the circumstances, the ghost attacks, the secret keeping. But having your life violently ripped away and then forced back into a physical body would of course have an effect. One the people in his life noticed immediately.
While was generally very lighthearted, always smiling and cracking bad jokes, his eyes were often shadowed. As if he wasn’t completely feeling the mirthful attitude he portrayed, like he was still trying to fulfill a role he’d grown out of. He almost became more reckless, more energetic in those early days to hold onto the lingering whispers of the old Danny Fenton. But by the time Junior year rolled around, he’d given up the ruse. Danny Fenton was no longer skittering or jokey. He walked with his shoulders back, his gaze sharp and his smiles were smaller. No less warm or genuine, but more restrained than most teenagers usually were.
His emotions were more variable too, more potent too. He was quick to anger, his good cheer turning bitterly cold in an instant with the most vile insults on his tongue. The moment would pass and he’d be all frowns and apologies. But he never used to fly off the handle like that before his accident. His joys too seemed almost uncontainable, and his grief would shake the world. All his emotions seemed so much larger, like it knew they weren’t supposed to be confined to such a small body. 
Friends and family and other people would look at Danny, be it working at school or laughing in the park with his friends or cleaning the dishes after dinner and just feel that something had changed. That something in Danny had been lost, when no one was looking, leaving this boy in his place. He was a good child, kind, honorable, distracted at times and carrying an exhaustion that had little to do with sleep. Soon, it wouldn’t be long before this Danny was just Danny. But sometimes they’ll pause in what they’re doing and remember how he used to be, before the portal. Danny Fenton may have temporarily dodged death but that doesn’t mean he escaped completely. 
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jetfx · 3 hours ago
#god when i come on here i suddenly feel so lonely but im like. incapable of being friends w people#i kind of feel like some failed attempt at growing a human person. like not in any disastrous way but like#i feel like i dont have a lot of experiences that make everyone else yk. the way it seems everyone else is ?? like#i have a weak foundation and as soon as something shitty happens im not gonna be able to deal with it and just#quietly waste away in my room and die or something#lately ive been thinking about how like. selfish and ungrateful i am and how i never do anything to support my family and i dont know how#and now i dont see them very often and i feel like i just forgot everything i knew about them#and i know i should be doing something to fix it. or express this somehow. but im so awkward and i dont have the energy and its#so uncomfortable and that doesnt excuse anything but i still do nothing about it#and i feel guilty but it doesnt last long i know i should hate myself for thinking maybe i dont even love my parents for some reason?#theyre good people and ive spent my whole life with them but i have trouble remembering times i felt the way kids are supposed to feel#towards their parents and something just got fucked up along the way and i wanna start over and just like. be more present and#pay more attention to them and grow up the way i was supposed to and maybe i would be able to function better now and i would know how#relationships are supposed to f*king work and i would feel like a person or something#i just feel. i dont even know what to call it. im just so complacent and i look back and try to think about why iim like this and what this#even is and god i dont know. it isnt too late for me to fix anything. like the state of my life right now. my relationships with my family#none of it is remotely unsalvageable but im still just sitting here doing fucking nothing like the bare minimum of taking care of myself#and its just because im lazy and theres no other reason for it im just being a shit person and im not gonna stop because i dont even feel#just a few moments of guilt before im distracted by some random internet shit again. i dont know what any of this is suppose dto be#i think i need to see a therapist lol. but i actually saw one (or two) for a few yrs in school and i stopped because i just didnt really#get along with them. like it was so awkward or they grated on me or i got frustrated because what we were doing felt pointless#even if i tried to cooperate. but i keep thinking maybe it would be different now that im an adult or something#probably not#personal#lol
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banzai-larusso · 3 hours ago
hi! remember that you can enter my giveaway once a day! get as many as you can in before the deadline. 
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princekirijo · 4 hours ago
As much as I really like Sae as a character I wish she was held accountable for at least half the shit she does before her change of heart.
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heartsechoed · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
starter call for my grishaverse muses (click names for bios: genya, zoya, anton, marina). feel free to specify a muse or two, or if you’d rather plot something out just drop me a message or reply with ‘plot please’!
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