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skye-vylet-art21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Made another oc for @trinitytrilogy's demo! :) This one's Thrax. They're not my main (that's Vinicio), but that doesn't mean they're not here to say hello. This time, I made their love interest Ajax. Of course, you will have their bio under the cut
Thrax De Bellis (They/Them
Age: 19
About: The hotheaded and rebellious child of Ares. They're straightforward, extroverted, and can quickly lose their fuse in a moment. Such attitude gives them a no-fuss reputation around the camp, and many people tend to avoid them for those reasons. However, they're actually a sweetheart once you get to really get to know them, and they'll protect you with all their life as your friend.
Self-Image: Thrax is stubborn to the underestimation they get for their parentage, causing them to impulsively lash out when being criticized. They want to show people that the stereotypes are not who they really are, and wish for someone who could understand them.
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Baby, I moved the mirror specifically so you could watch me rail you as I pin your head to the mattress.
And now you're telling me you didn't even look at yourself? And instead looked only at me?
Now now, princess, don't be embarrassed, you look so good when I'm thrusting into you, and the way you sound, god, it really does have me feeling like a king.
So let's try this again, and if you aren't good, guess I'll just have to fuck you harder
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youchangedmedeana day ago
Why Dean鈥檚 Heaven Outfit is so Cursed
You may have seen my previous post about why Dean鈥檚 outfit in heaven is so cursed, but since then I have spotted even more.
Tumblr media
According to Jared at the Virtual Con after 15x20 aired when asked 鈥榃ere any lines added or ad libbed by you two [Jared and Jensen]?鈥櫬(starts at聽29:28 timestamp)
... So, when we鈥檙e on that bridge and uh, and Dean says, 鈥淗eya Sammy鈥 and then it cuts to Sam, and I鈥檓 dressed like, as best I could, like uh like the pilot with Dean, y鈥檏now. ...
So from this, we know that Sam on the bridge in 15x20 was supposed to be dressed like the pilot. I infer that Dean was also supposed to be dressed like the pilot but based on the wording it鈥檚 possible that鈥檚 not what he meant. As soon as we got BTS pics from the last day on set however, we all pointed out that they were dressed like the pilot聽but there is a difference.
So what did Dean wear in the pilot? He had on 2 different outfits. First a dark jacket and a red shirt.
Tumblr media
After Dean gets covered in mud, he changes into a denim shirt and John鈥檚 leather jacket.
Tumblr media
Another thing to note is that both Sam and Dean wear sneakers in the pilot. No boots for Dean.
Tumblr media
So it looks like for Dean in 15x20, the heaven outfit is based on outfit 1 with the dark jacket, plain red shirt and jeans.
Dean consistently has plain red shirts through the seasons and continues to wear the dark jacket until 9x03 so I would bet that the very jacket was sitting in storage until s15.
Something to note is that while Sam is in a virtually identical outfit in 15x20 and the pilot, Dean is not. They must have had to source Sam鈥檚 outfit specifically for this. Sam does wear a hoodie and a beige jacket in later seasons so they could have built it out of Sam鈥檚 wardrobe but they chose not to. He does not wear these exact clothes at any other point in the series apart from in Heaven. Dean鈥檚 Heaven outfit is just made out of his clothing from later in the series. They both wore sneakers in the pilot but in Heaven Dean still has his boots while Sam is wearing sneakers.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If I was building Dean鈥檚 heaven outfit out of later seasons outfits, I would have chosen his plain red shirt (note: this is not the Demon!Dean/MoC!Dean shirt, it is a different one).
Tumblr media
By the later seasons, Dean doesn鈥檛 actually wear dark dark jackets much. His only black jacket in s15 was this denim one which he has had since 10x04:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But the wardrobe department decided not to go for these and instead decided on cursed items instead.
So what was Dean wearing in Heaven?
The Shirt
Now this shirt is just plain cursed. This is only seen at 2 other points in the whole series, and it was a new one for s15.聽
We first see it in 15x04 Atomic Monsters for the Chuck AU where Lucifer!Sam kills Dean. Directed by Mr Jensen Ackles himself.
Tumblr media
Thanks to him, we also get a good look at the shirt
Tumblr media
So this is the first time we ever see this shirt and its for a Chuck AU where Sam kills Dean.
The second time we see it, its in 15x13 and this is another cursed appearance. It is worn by Huntercorp!Dean while pretending to be our Dean in the bunker.
Tumblr media
And why was Huntercorp!Dean there at all? Because Chuck was destroying worlds.
When AU!Dean leaves the bunker, there is an exchange that is a bit cursed.
Huntercorp!DEAN: Oh, uh, you think we could keep the flannel shirts?
So the shirt actually gets a mention by Huntercorp!Dean.
What we see here is that this shirt is NEVER worn by our Dean. It is worn by a Chuck AU Dean and Huntercorp!Dean fleeing a world Chuck had destroyed while pretending to be our Dean.
We never see our Dean wear this shit until Heaven which seems like an odd choice.
Tumblr media
Dean also doesn鈥檛 normally wear red and black plaid shirt. In fact, the previous one he had has an interesting history as pointed out by @wigglebox鈥 when we were discussing it.
It is first seen in 12x21 and he continues to wear it into 12x23 when Dean has to go into Mary鈥檚 mind.
Tumblr media
We then see it again and for the last time in 13x16 Scoobynatural.
Tumblr media
Both of these episodes are sort of AU episodes where he鈥檚 venturing into another character鈥檚 mind or heading into Scooby-Doo world.
So both Dean鈥檚 black and red plaid shirts have a cursed history relating things not being real and for this specific shirt, AUs. They could have chosen a plain red shirt almost identical to the pilot but they chose not to.
The Jacket
Dean has this jacket for a long time. He has a blue one and a black one. This black jacket has been around since s9 and gets worn a fair bit. On the whole, it doesn鈥檛 have a very happy history, its first worn for Kevin鈥檚 funeral in 9x10 and is worn after Claire is bitten by a Werewolf in 12x16.
However, the most notable thing about this jacket is what should have been it鈥檚 demise.
Dean is wearing it in 13x23 when he fights Lucifer and AU!Michael takes over his body.
Tumblr media
At the end of the episode, we see that Michael has changed dean鈥檚 clothes and presumably ditched them somewhere.
Tumblr media
Dean comes back at the end of 14x02 wearing Michael鈥檚 clothes. He arrives back at the bunker in 14x03 and changes into Dean clothes but is missing his watch for the whole episode, presumably because Michael ditched it. The denim shirt Dean wears in 13x23 is never seen again (yes, I have watched s14 and s15 just to check and have spreadsheets for Dean鈥檚 outfits!). His boots are back in 14x03 but I suppose you could argue he had multiple pairs.
Tumblr media
We are left to assume that the jacket is also gone (and it really should be gone) but it makes a miraculous reappearance in 14x13 Lebanon.
Tumblr media
Now this episode is an odd episode. They get their Dad back by messing up time, Cas doesn鈥檛 know them until they reset it back again. The shirt in this episode is also notable and I will write a post on it soon. So again, we have part of Dean鈥檚 heaven outfit connecting to alternative timelines where it really shouldn鈥檛 be at all.
This jacket appears at just one other point in s15. Now if you had to pick the most cursed of cursed times to put it where would you put it on Dean?
The Vamp Chuck future in 15x09 where Sam and Dean die as vampires.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So this jacket should have disappeared in 13x23 but reappears for an episode where time is altered in 14x13 and when Chuck is showing Sam the future in 15x09 if they聽鈥榳in鈥 and they die as vampires. Dean is then killed on a vampire hunt in 15x20 and ends up wearing this jacket in Heaven. Cool, cool.
This jacket becomes connected to our Dean but in altered timelines and worlds while the shirt is connected to alternative Deans.聽Both the shirt and the jacket have direct connections to Chuck.
Tumblr media
So we see Dean in Heaven wearing this cursed outfit drinking cursed El Sol beer with the same cursed monkey from 14x13 Lebanon (see above, it was in the roadhouse too).
This is not an outfit that screams happy. This is not an outfit that screams Sam and Dean won. This is an outfit that seems to scream Chuck won.聽
I guess we鈥檒l just have to wait until Jackles manages to get a continuation...
One final odd thing to note. We all remember Jensen鈥檚 video posted before the finale when he was dressing up as Dean for the last time聽鈥渁t least for now鈥. Well he wasn鈥檛 actually wearing the outfit Dean wore in Heaven although all the Heaven scenes were shot on the last day of filming, the 10th of September.
He was wearing the Heaven plaid shirt, but not the Heaven Jacket. It was Dean鈥檚 black denim jacket I pointed out earlier. If you look it has seams that the Heaven Jacket doesn鈥檛 and the pocket flaps are a different shape.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I have gone through all the Heaven scenes and he is wearing the Heaven jacket in all of them. But I can鈥檛 think of a reason why on a hot day in September when Jensen is getting changed into costume he would have a different one of Dean鈥檚 jackets on over the shirt he needs to wear for the scenes.
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narklos2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This was a palette request, but it turned into something quite different.
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tua-masked-author2 days ago
Thank you in advance for organizing such a lovely event!!!馃槏馃槏馃槏
鈾ワ笍 you're welcome, we are looking forward to it so much! 鈾ワ笍
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y4ngy4ngs2 days ago
I missed the face reveal! Jesus take the wheel 馃 And I probably flopped my entrance exam but I'm a flop myself so I wouldn't be surprised!! (鈥 sub!younghoon anon 馃懞)
i had it up for max three minutes before i got nervous and took it down :/ my mutuals that just have their face on their account i love you i wish i had that confidence
i'm rooting for you!! i'm manifesting good things for you, you can't fail an exam when i'm telling the universe that you're gonna pass
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d-e-s-t-i-n-e-s-i-a2 days ago
girl help my latest obsession has no online community
#i don't WANT to create content I want content to be created for me#this is about#wwdits#by the way#speaking of there are some posts coming up in the queue so. you might wanna filter that#ya'll I can't stop thinking about it#give me a week and ill be over it but right now it's part of my personality#the issue is that i watched the movie#And I've heard that the tv show is good so I'll watch it#but i'm focused on the movie and i'm not ready to move on#most of the blogs I look at are talking about the tv show which fair enough but#i'm not ready yet#tumblrs search function obviously doesn't help#there's probably a huge fandom for it and im just not finding it but 馃様#when i've watched the tv show i'll probably find some good blogs! but right now :(#hope this passes soon actually#i want to go back the spn where the fandom is big and there is so much content#but noooooooo apparently we're thinking of this movie now#thanks to whoever is reading these tags#they're more of a self-vent#because i get to talk about wwdits without having to actually be smart#like i have no headcanons for any of the characters but I'm DESPERATE to hear others#it's not even like i can just talk with my friends about it. i have nothing to add. I just wanna hear others talk about it#im actually watching reviews of it on youtube#this is really making me sound dramatic but that's why it's in the tags!#it's fine honestly#also my queue is so long that by the time the wwdits posts come out I'll probably have completely moved on#and i'll be like ??? get this off my dash#but looking at it now I have about a week's worth of wwdits#i haven't even scrolled through my dash in a while. ive just been trying to find wwdits posts
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hellsing-security2 days ago
Custom video for @punishedhermeshasnowings
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kindahoping4forever2 days ago
hi crystal!! okay so i鈥檝e been searching for a fic and i thought it had been written by you or @cal-puddies (or both in a collab) but it was cal鈥檚 s/o pegging him. it also could have not been cal but I thought it was!
also i love u hope you鈥檙e having the best day 馃ズ
Hey buddy! Cass and I did indeed write a Cal pegging fic called Wanna Know That Body Like It's Mine 馃槏鈽猴笍
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kkoongies3 days ago
wait scratch that i just remembered the login
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slutabed3 days ago
ooh you asked about Mountain State the other day so I鈥檓 going to give you some random trivia about the movie/fic:
1. Both Abed and Troy are kind of playing the lead character of the movie: Andrew Largeman is an actor from LA who flies back home to Jersey, like Abed, but it鈥檚 also his first time being home and seeing his high school friends in a really long time, like Troy.
2. The opening scene, Troy鈥檚 party scene, the doctor鈥檚 office scene, and the pool scene are all straight from the movie with original dialogue (although the party and pool scene actually take a lot of lines straight from the movie).
3. In the movie, Andrew comes home and finds a vintage motorcycle in the garage that his grandpa had left to him, and if I wasn鈥檛 a coward I would have found a way to write that into the story because Abed on a motorcycle is just too cool. (oooh or maybe I should鈥檝e had that be one of the things Pierce left to Troy!)聽
4. In the movie, the main character鈥檚 relationship with his mother is a HUGE central part of the film, as is his strained relationship with his father, and obviously that鈥檚 so central to Abed鈥檚 relationship too and that鈥檚 part of what drew me to writing this AU/homage fic. But I didn鈥檛 really want to parallel the relationship exactly because I really like Abed鈥檚 relationship with his dad. I think he tries his best for Abed and I like fics where they鈥檙e really close. So the relationship with his mom is going to come up at some point but the big climactic confrontation between the main character and his father, which happens in the movie, probably isn鈥檛 going to happen in this fic even though it definitely could be written that way. It鈥檚 just not the direction I want to go with it I guess.聽
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