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#moon lovers
alingcocothemuse · 5 hours ago
jazz music just hit different. you could just easily romaticize that its the 1920s you are at a speakeasy and you are the mysterious person sitting down and sipping on some champagne, then all of a sudden you make eye contact with some gorgeous person, who then starts to approach you and converse with you, making you laugh. yeah.
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forever-yel · 6 hours ago
Impossible Eclipse
The moon always chases the sun
But as it reaches the horizon,
They never had a chance
To be together,
The tragic thing is,
They are destined
to be separated forever,
But isn't it also beautiful
How the Universe made a way,
For the two forbidden lovers to meet
Along the heavens of eclipse?
Our undying faith and love
Gives me a glimpse of hope
That one day the Universe,
Even the stars in the Orion,
will give us the serendipity,
For the two impossible lovers meet
In the awe of eclipse.
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artofmaquenda · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Moon Dance To celebrate the joy of being alive and a kind of love that isn’t complicated, it simply is. Awoo! :)
Prints: And I also have tapestry pre-orders open till the 15th of May, so I’m happy I could finish this one in time. It isn’t in the listing, but you can order a random number and say you want Moondance instead during checkout :) Size would be 100 x 100 cm Tapestries:
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bby-moon-se · a day ago
kieres saber komo soy, te doy una pista, too lo contrario a lo que viste x el insta
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Tumblr media
'toy fumando cheese o hachís, prendo chispa
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oliviame17 · a day ago
Nevermind figuring out the modern world, could you IMAGINE what So is going to do to Hae Soo's ex? That boy ain't even ready for the shitstorm he's gonna get hit with, Hae Soo got herself an UPGRADE 😬😂😏
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doramafrases · a day ago
Tumblr media
"Toda vez que eu vou até você, os meus problemas se tornam mais leves. Então como posso viver sem te ver?"
- Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo ❤
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alwaysgratefullll · a day ago
I had seen you just last week,
drinking coffee with your girlfriends.
You were laughing,
You looked happy.
How hard was it to convince yourself,
that you’re happy?
How tough was it to make them believe,
you're happy?
I knew you loved movies,
but never knew,
you are an actor yourself,
acting out these scenes,
making everyone believe in your,
twisted lies.
But I had seen this play before,
and I knew,
I wouldn't like the ending.
Honey, it must be a strange feeling,
to bury yourself alive,
for the sake of society,
and yet never recieve,
any acknowledgement.
Under pressure your hopes,
Pampered life lived in disguise,
yet you chose to stay in your closet,
with your demons and,
everything you fear,
each second giving you fright,
but keeping quiet so nobody knows,
you're there.
But now that closet is a coffin,
and you're nailed shut,
with all your monsters,
If I was there,
when you caged yourself in,
let everyone out,
and cooked yourself a recipe,
for self-destruction.
I would've leaped through,
your walls of insecurity,
but now you’re playing dead,
and no one’s allowed to win,
but you.
And I can't do anything,
but admire the final look of peace,
on your face.
A genuine world did exist out there,
but you chose to believe instead,
in your own constructed fantasy.
That’s the only sin you've committed.
But the punishment assigned is to rot,
with the woman who you hated with depth,
but sadly shared,
the same name, the same face
and the same death.
You killed yourself slowly,
but everyone believes,
it was a 15 second task.
But they don't know,
that scar on your neck,
doesn't show half of your wounds.
You slowly sipped venom,
and hoped for this day,
You added poison in your every meal,
just so everybody would say
what they say.
"She died on a fine afternoon,
She was such a happy soul,
She was always cracking jokes,
She never cried,
She always looked so,
You lied so marvelously,
everybody believed.
But you couldn't make me believe.
I knew you were going to do this,
I knew and yet here I stand.
Cursing, and blaming myself.
Your death is my fault,
for I knew and saw everything,
and yet never talked.
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radmoonlover · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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fallenangeelsworld · 2 days ago
something i wrote last night...
Beautiful moon dressed in pink.
The reflection of your shine in the sky of others illuminates mine.
Because my dark sky is nothing but clouds with wells of pink and purple.
You, silent watcher of nights of crying, passion, beginnings and endings.
You cry, laugh, scream and throw tantrums tired of witnessing a tragic spectacle without end.
That today you are going to gala to finally escape without fear of hurting the few people who look up in search of your devalued beauty, to tell you their secrets and ask you for their wishes.
You go to party and you leave me with only your essence and a couple of photos.
Yet here you have me, typing this pile of words to continue desperately looking for you.
Because I don't want you to miss me tonight, or any other.
Beautiful moon dressed in pink.
The reflection of your brightness no longer illuminates my sky, but I know that you are out there illuminating other skies and dreams that are worth more than mine.
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artemiseamoon · 3 days ago
A Lovers Moon
Ezra x GN reader
A request made earlier this year, I just lost the orginal post somehow, sorry Anon. I did save it in my notes though. I hope you see this. ( Angst + Prompt: I’m not going anywhere )
Words: 695  | Warnings: Some Angst (then fluff ) | GIF - uuushiny
Tumblr media
Ezra was quiet today. For a man of many words and long winded responses, this was odd behavior.
It’s quiet on the walk back to camp. The sounds of nightlife and the whispling of the trees are the only sounds; neither of you speak.
When you make it back, the moonlight highlights Ezra’s troubled expression. Before you get a chance to ask, he heads inside the tent and proceeds to strip off his helmet and exo-suit.
You do the same while keeping a close eye on him. Down to his shirt and pants, Ezra sits on the floor and takes a deep breath, savoring the freedom of breathing without a helmet.
A few months ago you splurged on an expensive, but very useful filter, one that made moments like this even more enjoyable. After a few minutes, you gather some snacks and drinks for you both to enjoy.
“Here, eat something.” You stand next to him, holding out a box of biscuits. Ezra glances back, flashing a forced smile.
“You enjoy it, I’m not hungry.”
“You have the biggest appetite of anyone I know,” you sit on the floor directly in front of him. Ezra tries to busy himself with the case of gems, you take it from him and force him to look at you, “Ez, you’re worrying me. You haven’t said a word in hours.”
Ezra sighs, you watch the dramatic rise and fall of his shoulders as he lets his head hang low, “Gem, I am a man with a heavy mind. I do not wish to unload such cumbersome thoughts upon you.” Ezra’s eyes find yours, that sad puppy dog look makes your heart ache.
You cup his face with your palms, “Ezra, what bothers you, bothers me. We're in this together, you and me. You can tell me.” You plant a kiss on his cheek, “you talk to me about anything.”
“There are things about me you do not know. Things I did to survive - things I am not proud of - “ he trails off, a glossy look in his eyes. Ezra goes quiet. You press your forehead against his. Ezra places his hands over yours.
When he continues, his draw seems more intense, his voice laces with exhaustion, “This last month with you has been Kevva sent. A reality unlike one I've ever known or dreamed of. I fear, if you knew the things I’ve done, if you knew who I really am - “ his eyes return to yours, “you would be less keen on coupling.”
“Ezra,” moisture covers his eyes, “doing what we do, we have to take some questionable actions from time to time. I’ve done things too, things I don't want to discuss or revisit, ever. The past does not define us. Rest assured my love, I’m not going anywhere.”
Ezra smiles, his eyes brighten. You move back just a little to get a fuller look at him, “I love you and all your imperfections.”
Ezra closes his eyes, savoring the feel of your skin against his, your words falling like tender kisses on his ears, on his heart.
You run your  finger across his scar, then upward to play with the blonde patch in his hair, “to me, they make you that much more perfect.”
“How you soothe my soul with your truth, Little Bird,” Ezra pulls you closer until your lips meet. The kiss is sweet, tender, loving. After a moment, he wraps his arms around you, hugging you tight.
You rest your head on his shoulder and speak against his skin, “it’s a pink moon out tonight.” You whisper.
“A lover's moon,” he sings, “I believe it’s only right we suit up once more and gaze at her majesty.”
You sit up, gazing longingly at him, “I like the way you think.” You kiss him once more before coming to your feet.
Ezra follows your lead and takes you by the hand as you move to your favorite spot under the oddly shaped tree.
Sitting in between Ezra’s legs, you relax back and listen to his breathing. Luna basks you both in her tender light.
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angedn · 4 days ago
heyy, I came back haha, I'm already managing to edit my photos, in fact, I created an Instagram just to post them. here are my favorites for you! my @ on instagram is @visionsoflens ❤
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