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#moon and stars
aeohn · an hour ago
@wiitchtime ❛       were    you    ever    planning    on    telling    me?      ❜
Tumblr media
HIS     whole body is quivering, peacock feathers surrounding his buckled knees. his breathing is uneven, hastened and desperate. his hands had balled into a fist. it took a bit for him to look up at his mother. no signs of blood or anything on his body, but beneath his muscles strain themselves hard.
“ mum, ” he says between breaths. “ i - ” how can he explain this burst of light when he doesn’t know himself what is going on. “ - the moment ... me or rodin know what is going on. ”
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youngreckless · 4 hours ago
no but i am actually so glad about the existence of the moon and stars <3
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voca-kin-edits · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Regular Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon) headers with green, pink and yellow starcore for anon...
Please credit if you use these...
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oudeamalty · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Your self respect is what matters. You cannot have a good life or have other people respect you for that matter if you don’t respect yourself.” -X ✨💫🌙
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theonlystarm · 9 hours ago
Un emotivo final
Se que he estado escribiendo lo mismo una y otra vez, y puede que estés cansado de ello, pero ¿sabes? Tendríamos algo en común. Yo no me sentía satisfecha escribiendo lo mismo, porque haciéndolo, me daba cuenta que no había avanzado nada, o quizás no mucho.
Hay algunos momentos donde pienso que debería dejar de escribir mis sentimientos en cuanto a esto, pero no haría gran diferencia, sé que no avanzaría de la noche a la mañana, y prefiero dejar un recuerdo de esto y notar mi cambio cuando este mejor, para por fin sentirme satisfecha en algo relacionado con nosotros.
No sé si algún día leas esto, si algún día querré mostrarte todo por lo que me has hecho pasar, todo lo que me has hecho sentir. No sé.
Solo quiero que tengas paciencia, como la tuve yo. Sé que mis sentimientos para ti nunca fueron la gran cosa, pero me gustaría darle el final que se merece a esto.
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dragonheart-swtor · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Togruta Gods: Sadravan (”Serenity”)
Overview: One of Shili's moons, god of serenity, winter, mothers, and protector of women. Called the Eldest Sister.
Depicted as a heavyset Togruta woman with wide montrals (often decorated with jewelry) and facial markings including a circle in the center of her brow similar to Tsaal's. Her skin and montral markings are the same pale bluish-silver. She is always depicted with two orbs representing the moonlets orbiting the moon Sadravan, often hovering above her palms or around her head. Though she is often depicted smiling, it is always a closed-lipped smile, never showing the points of her fangs.
Alternate depictions vary little, but may change the color of her skin and/or montral markings to a darker shade of blue or gray. Sadravan may also be depicted as a much older figure at times, ranging from middle-aged to elderly, especially when taking mortal form.
Sadravan is one of the six moon gods of the Togruta, and is a god of peace, serenity, winter, and motherhood. She is the one god most often called mate to Tsaal, and though she may take other mates and lovers in several myths, she and Tsaal are always loyal to each other – to the point that some texts translating Togruta myths mistranslate him as being her husband (not a completely inaccurate translation, but not a completely faithful one either). She is often called on to calm the sun god in the myths wherein he becomes enraged and burns the land, cooling his temper and the world alike. Because of this association with peace and serenity, she is considered a god of peace, though in a different way from Shaluu – Sadravan is personal, inner peace, where Shaluu is peace between peoples. She is also an active god in her own right, ruling the night sky and the mostly mild Shili winters as well as acting as a protector of mothers, especially those in childbirth or with young children. She is a mother goddess herself, though her exact list of children varies from tradition to tradition (sometimes even including some of the other moon gods, though they are more often viewed as siblings).
The real moon Sadravan is Shili's largest moon, and the only one with a large enough gravitational pull to support the two moonlets orbiting it. These moonlets are also visible from Shili's surface, and have remained in Sadravan's orbit by an impressively complex interplay of gravitational forces preventing them from being pulled away by Shili's other moons as they pass by in their own orbits of the planet. Whether they are fated to eventually be pulled into the planet, flung away by a slingshot effect into the void of space, or pulled into Sadravan's own surface is a mystery currently under study.
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myrddinthewizard · 12 hours ago
ahhh thanks @reyyya <3
cloud watching or stargazing // cherries or strawberries // messy room or tidy room // cooking or baking // blue pen or black pen // poetry or prose // loose clothes or fitted clothes // bookmark or dog-ear // orange or yellow // chocolate or red velvet // rings or necklaces // netflix or cinema // monsoon or autumn // late nights or early mornings // road trips or train/flight // candles or fairy lights // music streaming or record player // blinds or curtains // picnic date or carnival date // piano or violin // ice cream or frozen yogurt // museums or libraries // pancakes or waffles // cookies or brownies // moon or stars
tagging @messandahalf10, @tcs-main, @idlestories, @tireddruid, anyone else
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loftydreams101 · 12 hours ago
Wrath of the Moon and Stars
Out of the cove and onward
To the open sea
To a swathe of black
Rolling endless and free  
The full moon leads a vast legion of stars
All burning in revolt
Against the fading daylight
Pushing westward
As they guide from above  
Sending circling shadows
Sinking back to their abyss
The night is bright and spare
Beneath the full moon’s ire
Clearing a path,
To a green unknown
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shiftingshiftingshifting · 12 hours ago
okay so i saw something that said like the full amount of letters in your name is how old you will be when you die or smth i’m sure you can find it but anyways i did it and now i wanna brag more bc the tags are just not enough so
TAG GAME: the full number of letters in your DR name is how old you will be when you die.(without spaces)
Rosalie of the House Tarth, Third of her name, Queen Consort in the North, Queen of Winter, Lady of Evenfall Hall, Daughter of the Small Council, Fosterling to the Late King Robert Baratheon, Master of Law to the Late King Joffrey Baratheon, The Archer
tags: @lilys-lab @shifting-lark @nottheonlyshifter @trancedreamer @chaos-bb @lil-shifting-shit @shifting-nerd and anyone else who wants to
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Krakle: So what do you do?
Caius: I work in genetic research, and I'm currently trying to eliminate all Cancers.
Krakle: Fuckin' nerd.
Caius, squinting at Krakle: Then I'll move on to Libras.
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