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#months later I am still yelling about the Themes here
noellawrites · 22 days ago
Wedding Bells - Yandere!Jonah Simms x reader
warning: this story contains threats and possessiveness, proceed at your own discretion!
Tumblr media
It was 10:15 pm, and you had finally stretched out to relax after pouring yourself a cup of hot cocoa.
Your evening shift at Cloud 9 had been especially brutal, as your boyfriend, Jonah, barely left your side. Sure you liked him, but he was way too clingy.
All of a sudden, you heard your door unlatch and the lock clicked open. You jumped up in fear, grabbing the TV remote off of your table in defense.
“Hey, baby!” Jonah grinned, shutting the door behind him. His blue vest still hung on his shoulders over a red and yellow checkered shirt.
“Jonah? W-what are you doing here?” You gasped. When did I ever give him a key? you asked yourself.
“Oh, I just thought we could go over the wedding details. Y’know, theme, invites, your dress,” he explained, sitting down on your couch and patting the spot next to him.
He pulled out his laptop and proceeded to open several documents and websites, all wedding-related.
Suddenly, the air in your shitty Old North St. Louis apartment felt stiflingly thin. A wedding? You’d only been dating for less than a month, and while it hadn’t been the worst month of your life, you were nowhere near ready to marry him.
“Jonah, what on earth are you talking about?”
“Our wedding, babe,” he laughed, “It’s in two weeks.”
“What? Jonah, we barely even know each other. I-I don’t have a career, a life, anything. I just can’t commit to that right now,” you tried to explain.
“Th-that’s okay! You can stay home with the kids, b-but only if you want! As a woman, you can choose a career or not. Personally I would prefer you to stay at home, just for safety!” Jonah said, arguing with himself per usual.
“Jonah, what I’m saying is that I can’t marry you.”
“(Y/n), what I’m saying is that you don’t actually have a choice,” he said almost delicately, as if trying to break the news gently.
“And what are you going to do if I don’t?” you argued, growing more and more upset.
“First, I’ll slip biofreeze into Cheyenne’s slushee. Then, Sandra will get hurt a freak bus accident. Followed by Marcus loosing his arm in the box crusher machine. Do you want me to keep going?” He warned gently, staring at his laptop the entire time.
Your body shook in fear. All this time, your sweet, sensitive, gentle boyfriend was secretly a monster. You were trapped, nowhere to go. You couldn’t just let your friends get hurt because of your defiance.
“Now. Are you thinking A-line dress or ball gown?” Jonah grinned, locking eyes with you.
Reluctantly, you spent the next three hours miserably planning your ‘wedding’ to your boyfriend. It took all your strength to not cry, wishing someone, anyone would help. But no one would.
“Congratulations, (Y/n)!” Sandra said, warmly smiling and you and touching your shoulder.
You didn’t have enough time to think about it before Glenn approached you only seconds later.
“Oh, (y/n)! I am so excited for you! Matrimony is a holy sacrament, you know! God loves weddings!” Glenn exclaimed.
Suddenly, you had the burning urge to stab Jonah Simms in the chest.
“What the hell?” you yelled, pushing him into the lockers in the break room. You were more than mad, you were angry.
“Woah, woah, we’ll have plenty of time for this after the wedding,” Jonah grinned. Ick.
“Why is everyone telling me ‘congratulations’?” you seethed.
“Probably because of this,” Jonah began, pulling a textured piece of paper out of his pocket.
Matrimony... Jonah Michael Simms and (Y/n) (y/m/n) (y/l/n)... St. Paul’s Chapel, Downtown St. Louis...
You couldn’t read the rest, tears clouded your vision. Thirteen days. Not only would you have to be there, but so would the rest of store 1217’s staff. You would have to put on a happy face and pretend like you loved him.
“I-I took the liberty to send some to your family, too. I figured you’d want them there. But the same rules apply, if you try to drop hints or say anything, you’ll regret it,” Jonah explained, ducking out from under your arm.
You couldn’t hold back your tears any longer as you ran across the back room into the employee bathroom, seeking solace in the sterile white porcelain toilets.
After the wedding, you were talking with Cheyenne as Jonah talked to Garrett and some other friends you didn’t recognize.
“Thank you for asking me to be your maid of honor. This is, like, so cool. You and Jonah are going to have, like, the smartest and hottest kids,” Cheyenne grinned.
You looked into the crowd, meeting eyes with both Amy and Dina as they gave you matching dirty looks. What you wouldn’t give to switch places with them.
“No problem,” you said, partially distracted.
“Hey, babe!” Jonah grinned, putting his hands on your shoulders.
“Hey!” you exclaimed, mustering up enough bravery to put on a fake smile.
“I’ve got a surprise for you,” he said, holding out a scarf and wrapping it around your head, covering your eyes.
“Ooh, romantic!” Cheyenne swooned as Jonah led you to the back of the church basement and through a few doors.
The scarf over your eyes added to your nervousness, Jonah finally stopping and kissing all over your neck. Maybe you were supposed to feel sexy, you thought as he held your hand, but you just wanted to throw up.
Jonah pulled the scarf from your eyes and thrusted a large box into your hands.
You opened it, half expecting someone’s severed foot or hand. Instead, a delicate lingerie set laid in the tissue paper. It was white lace, with small decorative jewels sewn in. It looked expensive.
You looked up at your new husband. A giant smile spread across his face, and he did look pretty handsome. Like the Jonah you had first fallen for.
“It’s really pretty,” you admitted, closing the box and shifting it under your arm.
“I can’t wait to see you in it tonight. I-I mean, I can’t wait for you to take it off,” he confessed, wrapping his arm around your waist possessively.
He was so glad everyone finally knew who you belonged to. It wouldn’t be long before you quit your job, stayed at home, and gave birth to beautiful little Simms babies.
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crystalwillow · a month ago
Exiled Problems – Part Six
Pairing: Ethan Ramsey x Casey Valentine (F!MC)
Features: Bryce Lahela
Word Count: 1.9K
Warning: This AU features themes of; Angst, Swearing, Alcohol Use, Violence, NSFW Material (Mature Themes, 18+)
Taglist: @sophxwithers @otakudreamer @an-jell-o @curiousconch @mm2305
The weeks turned into months and before they knew it Ethan and Casey were taking lunchtimes to the park, sitting in the coolness of shade in the warm summer heat. Casey had taken to ordering lunch to Ethan’s apartment or making them a small picnic. Ethan would then pick her up from outside his apartment block and they’d drive to the nearest park and take a stroll around the duck pond or small nature trail before heading back to Ethan’s car and getting back to their respective jobs. The past few months hadn’t been easy on Casey’s family or Bryce and his family if she were to be honest with herself. Tabloid headline after tabloid headline was speculating about what ‘trouble could be in paradise’ for the couple that seemed to be so happily engaged mere months ago.
Truth is, they weren’t engaged; not really. Casey hadn’t said one word to Bryce that didn’t consist of “fuck.”, “dickhead.”, “off”, or a phrase that was similar to that of “If I wanted to catch an STI I’d come home.”
She despised him more than she did her parents. They could have picked from any eligible bachelor for her to fake a marriage to, but they had to pick him. The most insufferable and intolerable man on planet Earth.
Today however, Casey had brought the picnic to Ethan’s office as the rain poured down outside, ping ponging off the Boston streets that are quieter than normal as people stay in work or at home, diving into the nearest store for shelter; or making their way into coffee shops using their jackets as a temporary umbrella from the natural shower that threatens to soak through their clothes.
As she knocked on his office door, Casey shivered a little from the cold and the rain that dampened her clothes as she forgot her umbrella and had to run from the taxi into the hospital. After a few moments the door opened, Ethan’s greet smile falling into a look of concern as he saw Casey shiver.
“You’re soaked.” he exclaims
“Yeah, that… tends to happen when one forgets their umbrella.” she giggles nervously.
He shakes his head with a bemused smile and steps aside, opening the door wider and inviting her in, closing it again swiftly behind her.
“I’ve borrowed a round table from the cafeteria.” he states, motioning to the table that’s a new addition in the corner of his room. Casey looks over at it and smiles. “Your desk would have been fine, you know that right?”
“I do.” he nods, “but as it goes, I wanted this to be somewhat of a romantic lunch. My desk is where I work. I’d rather keep the two things separate.”
“You say that as if you we’re making me lose my mind on there mere months ago, not giving a damn who heard us.” Casey laughs as she sets up the food.
“Yes. Well… I-” he stammers as his face starts reddening slowly.
“Oh my God! You still think about it don’t you?” Casey teases with a sly grin.
“No,” Ethan protests; “I do not!”
“Ahhh the man protesteths too much.”
“It’s part of MY language so keep any criticisms to yourself please.”
Ethan holds his hands up in surrender as he crosses the room and takes his seat next to Casey. As they settled they gave each other smiles before falling into easy conversation that flowed naturally for the next hour as they made their way through the picnic. As they finished Ethan let out a yawn.
“Tired?” Casey asks
“Just a bit. Thank God that I only have 4 hours left today.” he sighs.
Casey gave him a kind smile. “I thought I’d order pizza and dough balls for dinner tonight. I was going to do it so it arrived shortly before you were due back but I can wait and let you have a nap first if you like.”
“That’s… awfully thoughtful of you.”
“Well, our secret date did overrun and ended up in your bedroom last night.” she chuckles.
He responds with a chuckle of his own, leaning over to press a kiss to her cheek. She smiled at the gesture, turning her head and captured his lips with her own as she gently pulled him back in by his tie.
“Oh!” he gasps with surprise before responding to the kiss with a deepened passion of his own, the pair reluctantly pulling apart when a knock sounds at the door.
“One moment please.” Ethan calls out then turns back to Casey. “We’ll have to go on another date soon.”
“You plan another stealth outing?” Casey grins imitating a move like one of Charlie’s Angels.
“You’re insufferable.” Ethan laughs looking bemused.
“Yet you still choose to date me in secret.”
“I like you. Why would I?” he asks. “And considering you accept all the invitations and seem to enjoy my company, I guess you like me too.”
Casey smiles up at him with a warm softness and gives him a nod but one thing nagged at the back of her mind.
No you idiot, I love you; but I’m hiding from a fake engagement so we can’t publicly be together the way I want us to be.
Another knock sounds and they jump springing apart from their hug they had naturally fallen into. Ethan cleared his throat as Casey started to pack the tupperware away in the bag she was carrying with her.
“Come in.” He called out.
The door opened and a nurse walked in, placing papers on his desk. “These are the test results for Ms Schneider you ordered Dr Ramsey.” he smiles
“Thank you, Samuel.” Ethan nodded, pulling his eyeglasses from his jacket pocket, and placing them on before picking up the paper and looking at them closely.
“I’ll… see you at home.” Casey spoke up as she reached the door the nurse had just left.
“Hrm?” Ethan hummed looking up, gasping slightly as Casey smiles back at him. “Oh! Yes. I’ll see you at home. Enjoy the rest of your day.” he smiled politely.
Casey nodded and left with a wave over her shoulder, gently closing the door behind her. As she waited at the elevators, a doctor stopped beside her. She gave a polite tilt of her head and a smile, the doctor respectfully returning the gesture. A few seconds later he speaks up.
“Are you Casey Valentine?” he asks.
“Uh… yes.” she answers a bit confused.
“Dr Naveen Banerji.” he smiles back kindly extending a hand, Casey shaking it just as the elevator arrives and they step inside.
“Where is it you’re heading Miss Valentine?”
“Uh. ground floor. Thank you.”
Naveen stood watching as the door closed before he asked his question. “What do you think of Ethan?”
“I’m sorry?” she asks, a little stumped at his boldness.
“Sorry let me give you some back story. Dr Ramsey was my intern when he started here. We’re close and he’s somewhat like a son to me, He’s told me about you.”
“Oh.” Casey responds in surprise. “Good things I hope.”
“He’s told me about your secret dates, explained the tabloid headings I’ve seen.” Naveen sighs as they step out of the elevator. “It seems you lead quite the troubled life Miss Valentine.”
“Please, call me Casey.” she smiles politely.
“Only if you call me Naveen.”
“You’ve got yourself a deal.” Casey chuckles as they shake hands. “But yes,” she continues with a sigh. “Things are quite complicated and troubled at the moment.”
Naveen smiles sympathetically. “You’ll make it work. I’ve caught you two looking at each other sometimes. You can't fake a bond like the one you two have. You’ll break free of the farce and get your happily ever after. I can feel it.” he nods.
“Really?” Casey ponders and Naveen nods in response as he pulls a card from his pocket. “If you need anything, call me. It’s the number that goes directly to my office. My lunch hour is 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.”
Casey nods as she accepts the card, Naveen holding her elbow and patting it softly with a look of approval in his eyes.
“I best get back to work, Casey. It was lovely meeting you.”
“You too, Naveen.”
The two part ways with a wave and smile before Casey heads to the exit, sliding the card into her back pocket. As she passed the water feature, she looked up to Ethan’s office to see him looking out pensively at the life that was bustling below now that the rain had died off. She waved up to him with a smile and after a moment he noticed her and waved back with a small smile.
As Casey walked around the corner and out of view from Edenbrook an uneasy feeling settled in her stomach and she felt like she should head back into the hospital, but she knew she had work to get back to so she pushed on. That proved to be a mistake when suddenly her world went black as arms restricted her and something covered her head.
“AH!” she screamed, trying to kick out and get her attackers off of her.
“Hold her tighter!” one angry voice shouted.
“I’m trying!” another shouted back.
“Get. Off of me!” Casey yelled as she managed to stomp on one of their feet with her wedged heel, hearing a crunch and yelp of pain. The grip around her arms left as they fell to the ground giving her the freedom to blindly escape her other attacker.
Just as she had been taught, she got them into a position where she had the power before she locked him in a chokehold until they fell to the ground.
As Ethan was preparing to leave work his office phone rang.
“Hello, Dr Ramsey at Edenbrook hospital speaking. How may I help you?” he said professionally, only to have his professionalism drop when he was informed it was the police calling. “Okay.. Right… I see… Yes. Mhmm. … Well, thank you for letting me know, officer. Of course. Thank you again. Bye now.” Ethan smiled until he placed the phone back on the receiver with a troubled and deep sigh.
When he returned home, he heard sobs coming from the bedroom he was allowing Casey to stay in. His heart was already aching, and the sounds made it worse. He approached the door and raised his hand to knock but stopped himself. He should just let her go, is what he thought to himself. Turning away and heading to his own room, listening; and waiting to hear the front door to his apartment open and close again. Once he did, he made his way to the kitchen, where he found a pizza box with a note on it.
I’m sorry to leave you like this. I have to abide by my parents' rule for the safety of both of us. These past few months with you have been amazing. The most free and happy I’ve felt since I was young. Please know that I still love you, and it’s you my heart is with. I will return to you once it’s safe to do so, but for now. This has to be goodbye.
All my love,
Casey xx
P.S: Tell Naveen I said hello when you next see him? I met him today, he seems to think of you as his son. It was nice to meet a parent. Oh and enjoy the pizza, I put a little bit of myself into it. You’ll see. Sleep well tonight, know I’m with you.”
A tear slipped down Ethan’s cheek as he looked up from the note and opened the box, a breathy chuckle escaping his lips.
“Oh, Casey.” he sighed shakily with a bittersweet smile upon seeing the chili on the pizza.
That night both went to bed yet had trouble sleeping, their performances at work suffered over the next few weeks as summer turned to fall and Casey's wedding to Bryce crept towards them quicker that either would have liked it to.
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chocosweets · a month ago
Hey there! I just wanted to say that I love the whole concept and aesthetic of your tumblr, it's so sweet, cute and adorable all over! Keep up the good work!!\\ I have a request, if that's ok with you- I'd love to see DMC3 Dante being kind of a spoiled brat, demanding more and more while oblivious to his gain until he pops a button, or his pants stop fitting him- But of course you don't have to write this if you don't vibe with it\\ I hope you have a lovely day!
Tumblr media
First of all, thank you so much for the compliments! 💕 That’s very sweet of you. I do have a weakness for cute, pink things, and I really wanted to emphasize the nice little bakery part! I am truly glad you’re enjoying my wares so far. 
I love young and cute 3Dante—maybe I don’t talk about him enough because I am easily distracted by 4/5D(ilf)ante. Anyway, thank you for the request, I hope this is what you had in mind. 
Too Much Pizza
Word Count: 1,233
Dante/Reader, SFW (Suggestive Themes)
Tags: Unreliable Narrator, Weight Gain, 3Dante, Stuffing, Pizza, You are the Pizza Delivery Person, (See AO3 for more tags).
He isn’t ever very privy to wearing his jacket around the office anymore.
That twang of scarlet fabric has been hanging limp on the coat rack for several weeks now. 
Dante kicks his jukebox with a pepperoni slice hanging out of his mouth and wishes he’d bought another two large sausage pizzas. Damn. Maybe for a midnight snack later. He’s out of cash so the next deliveries will have to be put onto his unreasonably long tab. 
...He hasn’t noticed how the slightest roll of pudge pinches the waistband of his pants. Or how his arms and thighs are considerably softer. It's more comfortable to just lounge around shirtless anyway. 
Dante gets to the crust and crunches on it before flopping onto the sofa to nap. Maybe he'll get some ice cream later, too.
There’s a knock at the front—Dante opens the door and you stare back, a stack of boxes laden in your arms. As soon as he registers it’s the pizza, his blank expression changes to a grin. 
Steam billows out even through the cardboard. You’ve been bringing outrageous amounts of food to him like this for the past month or so. 
The pizza joint you work at knows his name and number after such a long time, and you’re the new hire—so the senior drivers have been shoveling his orders off onto you, because they’re always annoyed that Dante never has enough money to tip when he orders so much. You suspect the owner would sue him for his overdue tab by now if he wasn’t so afraid of the guy. 
“—Huh? Only three ?” That grin shifts to a scowl.
“Um—they only gave me the three boxes.” You’re just the driver after all. Surely he must realize that?
“Just great.” That sigh and eye-roll tells you he's just irritated at having to get some more later on in the night. “Well, you guys better not have screwed up and put olives on ‘em like the last batch. I should’ve asked for a refund ‘cause of that, you know!”
When you look back at his desk, you can see he’d still eaten all the pizza anyway—just with stray pieces of black olives flicked off onto the floor, and some into the empty boxes laying on the desk.
“No, Mr. Redgrave, they cooked them just like you asked,” you drawl, uninterested.
Dante still opens up the top box and peeks inside of it to check, just to make sure. You roll your eyes when he isn't looking.
You’ve watched his toned, slender body slowly grow softer over these few months. The slight muscles at his stomach have turned into a little muffin top, and his chest looks fuller than you remember. One day you’re going to snap from all his brattiness and tell him to stop ordering so much greasy pizza before he fattens up like a prize hog. 
...But you need this job. And your life. 
You hand the boxes over with the most neutral expression you can muster and rattle off a “Have a nice night, sir.”
When you knock this time, Dante yells back, “It’s open!” He calls often already but the amount of food he's been getting has only increased drastically. And although there are rare occasions where he pays cash, everything mostly goes to his tab. How much debt is he in to a shitty pizza place by now? It's a little pathetic.
The place looks rancid and smells of fast food and cum. There are piles of old pizza boxes and soda cans littered all over the floor. The jukebox hisses and sparks in the corner, a huge dent at its front.
But he smiles when he sees you, as he has often been doing these days. You must drive over here for every meal by now, sometimes with strawberry shakes, too. Like usual, you set the pizza down on his desk while he reclines in his chair—he's too lazy to get up and greet you at the door these days. Sometimes you feel like his butler or something.
"Four this time? I could've sworn I ordered five…"
"It's the two pepperoni plus sausage and the two prosciutto just like you called in, Mr. Redgrave." But you say it sort of...fondly.
To be honest, his cocky attitude had started to grow on you as he'd progressively gotten chubbier. That and the fact that he knew you by name and face now (and that sometimes he's so happy to see you with his food that he'll shove some grubby dollar bill tips into your hands) just made you kind of like the guy. 
Maybe you should've actually told him to lay off the pizza, though, because Dante is nothing less than plump now. His lovehandles are blubbery and his gut is soft and round—it's big and solid from carbs and always being so full. A little part of his underbelly still jiggles over his crotch, though, straining his zipper. Even his moobs flop over onto the crest of his gut (which makes a sort of shelf) when he's seated like this and squishing all his fat together; they're all flabby and perky at the nipples. And yet, he still parades around shirtless, with his spoiled attitude and head held high.
To be honest, it makes him look pretty cute, though.
"Oh, right. I guess…" He just shrugs and opens up the first box, taking a bite of the prosciutto. The cheese droops in a gooey string and then snaps off. "Hey," he says through a mouthful of dough and with sauce on his lips, "can't you snag me an extra free pizza next time, sweetheart? I'm such a loyal customer and all. I think I deserve it."
This is the third time he's asked—he's always demanding more. You've only said no for the sake of not encouraging this addiction. 
You can't help but grin teasingly and watch his jiggly tummy when he's not paying attention. "With your overdue tab? I'm surprised boss even lets you still order."
"I'll pay it back soon, I swear!" Dante licks his fingers from grease, and then goes to pick up the next slice. "You're cold, you'd rather just let me starve?"
You almost laugh out loud—but you stop yourself. You have more restraint than his eating habits. It's funny that he acts like he's so small, when by now he has a good chance of being able to hibernate all Winter and still be fine.
You just scoff at him and sigh. At least he seems happy… Dante grins and this time he's the one who chuckles flippantly at your reaction.
And as he stuffs another slice into his mouth greedily—
—The button on his pants goes pop, unable to bear the strain of keeping in his stomach. His gut tumbles out, fat jiggling as it settles into his lap. You look on with brows raised and see Dante's face go red, his expression horrified as if he'd just now realized his weight gain.
For once, he has nothing to say.
You giggle under your breath as you bend to pick up the button. When you go to hand it back to him, you take care to pat his belly lovingly. "You ought to stop ordering from us every night, Mr. Redgrave. Too much pizza isn't very good for you, you know?"
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joyaphoria · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: suna x f!reader
warnings: angst, toxic?suna, suggestive themes(?), sad endings
word count: 1.68k
note: thank you for all the love on my part one! i hope you enjoy this my little angsty babies <3
summary: suna knew that he was doing something wrong, but he refused to acknowledge it. therefore, you slowly dropped five major hints for him, hoping that he would notice them and take action to fix your broken relationship. suna really did notice them, he just didn’t figure out in time that you were actually going to leave.
taglist: @aonenthusiast @800855 @awoooooogaaaa @fluuuuuuuft @ivrypetals @peppytine @simpforeveryone​ @sunaispretty​ @ahopefulbouquetcollection @bitchingburrito​ @ilhy2003​ @rockinaesthetic @sharkbb @averagebree @thegreatikigai @catb6y 
(if you want to join the taglist, click ‘intro’, and if the taglist is open, you can comment to be added. this is so that you are informed when i post a new part)
series masterlist | introduction
© 𝘫𝘰𝘺𝘢𝘱𝘩𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘢
Tumblr media
part two: lingering touches
Tumblr media
BEING the good friend she was, of course she wanted to help you—except mei had never been in a stable relationship before.
“cmon girl, just rub him up a lil you feelin’ me?” she wriggles her eyebrows and you slap her arm.
“mei,” you hesitate for a moment, making sure that you wouldn’t regret the words that were about to leave your mouth. “i think i wanna break up with him. i think i wanna break up with suna.”
she’s quiet at that, observing your facial expression. she hums and spins the mug in her hand.
she lifts her hand and the cafe waitress walks over to our table, with a “what could i get you?”
you cock an eyebrow at mei as she outstretches her finger to you. “my friend here has been dating her boyfriend for a nearly a year. however, a month or so back, he started changing.” you narrow your eyes at her, as she continues to spill out your business. “he comes home late, rarely shows any affection, and doesn’t talk as much. do you know what to do?”
“really, mei?” you sigh, pinching the bridge of your nose. “you can’t just—”
“i was in the same situation with my boyfriend a few years ago.” she nods, looking over at you. “he broke up with me, saying that something changed, and he didn’t love me anymore.” she smiles at you, her eyes gazing off. “baby, if he’s not even going to put in the effort, just leave. it’s not worth it, i promise. you can do better—you will do better.”
you looked down at your mug of hot chocolate, watching the swirls of chocolate intently. 
you wouldn’t be surprised if suna had fallen out of love for you. the image of him flirting with one of his fans outside of his practice gym jabbed at your gut, and a harsh feeling of embarrassment washed over you.
“take your time, okay? that’s what i did.” she placed a hand on your shoulder, and you looked up at her with teary eyes. “slowly detach yourself. little by little, unravel yourself from him; it makes everything easier in the end.” she cocks up the side of her lip, a look of encouragement shot at you. “he’ll either let it be, or he’ll notice that he’s loosing you. he’ll try to fix things, or he won’t.”
quiet jazz played in the background, accompanied by low chatter from other guests around the cafe, talking about their days, their kids, families, etc.
you, mei, and the waitress, however, were silent.
your phone buzzed and you checked it, suna’s name displayed on your phone.
‘i’m outside.’
“i’ll try that.” you nod at the waitress. “thank you. also, can I get a sprinkle donut please?.”
she leaves at that and returns with two of the donuts in a paper bag. when you dig into your purse to grab money and pay for everything that you and mei ordered, she shakes her head. “it’s on the house. have a great day, and remember what i said. you don’t deserve this, love.” she nods before walking away, not giving you a chance to thank her.
you smile and create a mental reminder to tip a lot next time you come, as mei gets up to hug you. “good luck, babes.”
you offer her a smile, before walking out the cafe. suna had his car out front, his fingers tapping on the steering wheel. it was his day off practice today, so while you went to hang out with mei, he was off doing whatever.
“hey, rin.” you smile at him, and he nods. “how was your day?” you press on, putting on your seatbelt as the car whirs to life.
“it was okay, i guess. how was yours?” he mumbles, driving off. he seemed to be pretty down, but then again, he always seemed to be that way nowadays.
“it was good—here, i got you a donut—well, donuts. that waitress gave me extra, she was so nice.” you extend the little paper bag to him, and he shakes it off.
“i don’t like sprinkle donuts.”
that was bullshit, you had thought, because spinkle donuts were his favourite, and they always had been. from the beginning of your relationship, he always got them.
“since when?” you furrow your eyebrows together. you didn’t want to argue with him, but things were getting out of hand.
“since last week, did you not know?” he deadpans, his hands tightening on the steering wheel. 
“how am i supposed to know things when you never even fucking talk to me?” your voice raises, and he doesn’t respond to that.
the car envelops in a tense silence, and you feel the tears pricking the back of your eyes. when suna got like this, you knew that it was only because he didn’t want to say something he would probably regret. but at the same time, it felt like he didn’t care enough to say anything back.
suna wasn’t sure of what to do at this point. he didn’t know if he was being a little too extra with his neglecting, or if this was what he needed to do to push you away.
when you got home that night, you didn’t coddle him. you didn’t hug him or kiss him, but suna was too lost in his own thoughts to even notice.
the way you turned around and had your back to his, mumbling a quiet “g’night, rin.” because even if you weren’t sure of his feelings, you knew you still loved him. you loved him so much, that this had to be necessary. if you didn’t distance yourself from him, he would shatter you all at once.
the next day was no better for either of you.
as a journalist, you were stuck at work while your boss yelled at you. ‘you call this news? this isn’t shit!’ he was so convinced that you were a newbie, despite the fact that you had been working here way longer than he had.
suna was stuck at practice, while his entire team was off. none of them had gotten rest the day before, and they were now moving around like slugs.
you got home that night, dragging your feet. you had absolutely no motivation to do anything, but you knew that dinner was a must.
you made some udon soup, and set the bowls and utensils on the table. you waited for rin to come home, and surprisingly, he came home on time.
“hey baby, you hungry?” you walked over to the front door and kinda just stood there, a tired smile on your face.
he looked up at you and nodded, following you to the table. you had sat down and dug in, the atmosphere as tense as usual.
“how was your day?” you asked, poking at the noodles with your chopstick. you sigh heavily when he shrugs. “did you forget how to talk?” you look up from your bowl to glare at him, and he looks up at you.
“no, i just don’t feel like talking to your annoying fucking ass right now.” he grumbles, and you snap.
“you know what? i’m so fucking tired of you, rin.” you spit, the venom dripping from your lips. “did i do something wrong? am i asking for too much?”
he doesn’t answer. instead, he takes another bite of his noodles, pulling out his phone to scroll through his socials.
“oh my fucking—i’m not doing this right now.” you stand up and slam down your chopsticks, retreating to the bedroom.
suna sits there in silence for a moment, before his thoughts fill the room. did he go a little overboard there? no, this is what he needs to do. he tried so hard to believe that.
when he slipped into bed later on, you finally spoke up. “i’m sorry for yelling.” you whisper. even though you knew that your relationship was in shambles, you hated going to bed on a bad note.
“i’m sorry too.” he mumbles back to you, before turning around.
suna was now in doubt. his original plan was crumbling to dust, and he knew he had to act fast. letting things play out was taking a toll on him and you. sure, he wasn’t certain about his feelings for you, but he was watching you suffer. he could tell that you still felt passionately about him, and he could see the way you were detaching yourself.
the whole point of this was so that you could both get out while keeping your sanities, but he was simply driving you to the edge, and he didn’t know what to do. breaking up now would only make matters worst, no?
but despite all the rushing thoughts in his head, suna had noticed something else; something that he should’ve noticed from before.
when he came home just an hour or so earlier, you didn’t try to hug at him, did you? no, you didn’t. even the night before, when he picked you up from the cafe, you didn’t kiss him or hug him. you didn’t come home and try to cuddle him, either.
so what was missing? what was different? when was the last time that you laughed in front of him?
a few days ago, right?
you didn’t touch him either. you didn’t touch him—but that couldn’t have been possible. you couldn’t go days without rubbing on him or playing with him or something—it was your fucking love language for goodness sakes. you couldn’t have just stopped right then and there—
but what was he even thinking? this was what he wanted, right? this was what he wanted the entire time. he wanted to let you down easy, so that you could be at peace with yourself; so that you could break up with him, instead of the other way around.
he was doing this because—
because what? because.. because he didn’t love you anymore.. right? this was what this was all for.. so why was he fretting over it?
why were you turning things... on him?
Tumblr media
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cosmiclatte28 · a month ago
00′s Love (Sungchan x you)
a/n : I DID IT!! @starsfly01091711 this one’s for you! A second part to 90′S LOVE
SECOND PART OF 90′S LOVE (Thank you for the much love this story received)
warning : some mentions of forced dietary (not allowed to eat), slight angst, HAPPY ENDING!! I kinda liked the ending, so please if you’re okay with the theme go on read this and tell me what do you think about the ending!
here we goo
Moving on was hard, even when you have been hurt by the past and the present is waiting for you to reach for their hand and walk forward to the future with them.
Mark Lee was your first crush, and everything about a first crush makes it harder for you to realize he was not the one and that you should stop gawking over him and his boyfriend. They look cute, as much as you hate to admit it, Haechan brings a big smile to Mark. A smile you could never see when he is with you.
“(Y/n)!” your instructor yells one more time at you. You shake your head from the daydream and stutter “Yes?”
“Dozing off again? Are you sure you can follow today, you seem a little bit under the weather.” Your instructor skates to you and plants his palm over your temple.
You laugh dryly, “No, I’m okay. I am not sick,” you drop your tone, but deep inside your heart you want to add up “I am not okay, imagine learning your crush has a boyfriend, you have to prepare for the state championship, and you’re just not feeling well inside your heart.”
“Okay, we can take a break if you really need it, but buying more time is what we need. The championship is in three months and its been your dream to participate in one.” He tries to cheer you up.
You nod, “I got this, shall we repeat from the top?”
He nods and turns the music on. You begin dancing on ice, over the soft song of A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi) and with the sad violin music you close your eyes as you feel the sad song and let your body do its magic on ice.
Your routine ends, all the jumps are perfect and all the spins are gracious. You have to thank yourself for pushing your younger self to the limit in order to reach this point. But something is hollow in your heart, something is missing.
You end the routine and open your eyes, only to let a teardrop fall.
“That was good, your techniques are wonderful but where is the emotion?” your instructor asks as he skates next to you. You wipe the tear and look to your feet.
“I am sorry,” you mutter
“You do know just a great technique won’t help you right?” Taeyong Lee, your best choreographer and instructor sighs.
“Clear your head, you really look … I don’t know… you’re not like you. I will say you take a break today and tomorrow come back only if your heart is okay.” He dismisses you like that and you have your head down while entering the locker room.
“Hey (y/n)~ why the long face?” Sungchan taps your shoulder and goes shocked when he sees your hollow eyes.
“Oh Sungchan-ie,” you force a smile to your face.
“I miss Ten hyung,” Sungchan calmly says while taking out his practice gears from the locker.
You froze in track, oh so someone did miss Ten too. Ten hyung left you to pursue a dream he was chasing. He was offered a scholarship to train and be one of the professional hockey athlete in NEO University. Your parents of course sent him away, with all the proud and happy faces sending their first son to a prestigious school while you, you’re staying here with them alone living through cold nights.
“Can you stop hogging the dinner table, you won’t be going to the championship with that eating behaviour.” Your mother looks at you with disgust as she takes away your plate.
You wanted to complain, how could one let her own child starve, but here you are. Forced to count your calories intake for your upcoming championship. Well, you had to thank her she just wanted the best for you, but what she was doing was a bit over the line.
“Oh my, I was a figure skater myself, and let me tell you we skip dinner.” Your mother said as she cuts you an apple.
Your father always come home late, he has to work extra hours to pay for Ten’s extra living costs, while also supporting your school and athletic life. Mom was a figure skater back then, a great one, until she reached the age of stopping skating. She opened courses for beginner skaters, but she doesn’t want to teach you herself. Mainly because she said a younger trainer will know more than her. Weird? No its also because you don’t want to be tortured by her.
“Now, finish up the fruit and go study or do some more stretches.” She stood away from the table and preoccupied herself into other things.
You missed your old family, where four of you would sit around the table, eating joyfully over luscious or even simple dish. But now, you rarely have anyone to sit with even worse forced to eat just fruits.
“Yeah I also miss Ten.” You finally speak about the truth today to Sungchan.
“When is he coming back?” Sungchan asks you and he has already put on his hockey costume, you didn’t notice that! Taeyong was right why are you so out of your head today.
“He is trying to come home on my competition day.” You fiddle with your hand, suddenly feeling how cold your hands are. You shrug it off as the skating rink’s fault
“Cool, by the way the boys and I are going to grab some tteokbokki after practice, want to join?” he nicely invites you.
You want to go so bad, but imagine the calories and no even worse what will mother say if she saw you eat? But Sungchan has been trying his best to always look after you, especially after he said Ten personally pleaded for Sungchan to look after you.
“I’ll see, if mom is not able to pick me up yet, I can wait and probably join.” You try to make the tall guy smile, he is the sweetest person you have right now. Might as well hold on to him and not let him go, right? Luck was in his side, your mom cannot pick you up that early so you waited for the boys. Your eyes most of the time are focused to Sungchan’s tall figure, but still a glance or two on seeing Mark won’t hurt right? Apparently it hurts. A lot, even more as you think of how silly you looked like to Mark.
“Thank you for waiting,” Sungchan pinches your cheek first thing first after the team laughs along their way to the locker.
You shrug your shoulder “What else can I do?”
Sungchan notices the way your cheek feels different, “Yak why are your cheeks gone?” he quirks an eyebrow
You raise your brow, bewildered that you actually loss weight to that point, “Uh is it? No. you’re just imagining things.” You push him to change with the others and he joins them, but when you take a glance to your reflection you cannot disagree him.
“(y/n) you should eat!” Mark notices how you were quiet when they were shouting of what to order.
You jolt in surprise, “Ah yeah, don’t mind me, I will just order later, not that hungry now.” You smile to him.
“No way a person can stay sane after a skating class. You eat, don’t refuse.” Haechan suddenly speaks ending all of your thoughts. He ordered one for each and you just lose it, “I am in a diet!”
“Just one portion won’t hurt!” Haechan desperately puts his puppy eyes on for you.
“She can share with me, if that makes her more comfortable.” Sungchan calmly glances at you and raises his brow.
“She will share with me,” Sungchan speaks for you when you do not let out any rebuttal.
He understands, Sungchan is magical, in a way that you don’t have to speak your mind out loud, but he can grasp what you want to say. Words you speak in silence, within one look of an eye he understands. Does he secretly have the ability to read mind?
When the hot meal was served, the boys all quickly savour the hot food in front of them. They look super happy and you gasp when Sungchan hands you a fork with tteok in front of your lips.
“Eat up!” he smiles and that makes you finally open your mouth and eat the first yummy food in two months.
“I can eat by myself” you blush when the other members throw both of you a cheesy smile.
“Mark me too! Feed me too” Haechan attempted aegyo and that only earned him a smack from Jeno.
“It’s cute when (y/n) and Sungchan did it, but not you.” Jeno teases the couple and that make the team laughs, you cannot hold your laughter too and somehow laughing makes your shoulder feels lighter.
“You just finish two bars, please at least eat four for me…” Sungchan pleads when he finishes his half or more like three of a quarter. Yang yang is already eyeing your side of the plate, still full of fishcakes and tteoks.
“I am full,” you put your fork down but before you can say anything Mark already poke a fork on one of the red bars and offer it to your mouth “If you do not want to eat for you nor Sungchan, eat for me.” His hand is still hovering, and you glance to Haechan, who just sends you a nod of approval, “You don’t have to do this,” you sigh but take the fork instead.
“You eat, or we will do that one by one.” Said WInwin.
Your eyes pop open “It’s embarrassing! Okay I’ve had three! It’s enough… really… I beg you all, thanks.” You smile when they give up
The team separate way and Sungchan walks with you back home.
“Have you always been like this?” Sungchan asks as two of you walk under the moonlight.
You smile and he answers himself “No, you like tteokbokki. Is it because you still cannot move on?”
You smack your lips “I’ve moved on. Just can’t eat much because of the upcoming competition.”
Sungchan stops in track and looks at you deep into your soul “Mother?”
You force a smile “Aiya no way, how could a mother starve their children?! What will the world say?” you laugh out loud but Sungchan stays serious. He shakes his head and holds your hand tightly “Don’t laugh. It’s not funny.” He glances to your shaky hand in his bigger palm, “You were starved!”
You roll your eyes “Not starve. You exaggerated that one.” Though you secretly want to yell and ask him to just bring you foods everyday… but you know you’ll get embarrassed if people find out your mom did this to you.
“I just have to hold on for some months Sungchan, don’t worry.”
He gives up convincing you to eat more when you’re out with him, but he failed. And for once he wanted to turn back time and blamed himself for not forcing you to eat whenever he has the chance.
“You were too sick for practice” Sungchan worriedly sits on your side when you’re tying up your skates. His practice is always after yours, but for the last two months he had been coming to cheer you up on your practice and bring you small foods.
“I am not sick,” you chuckle and wipe a sweat that falls over your head.
“You’re having a cold sweat (y/n), this is not right.” He rummages his bag and takes out one piece of apple “Please,”  he pushes his hand out to you and you shake your head “I can’t. I have to warm up, see you prince.” You lean in to kiss his cheek and his eyes twinkle for a moment but its soon gone when he sees your fragile poorly fed body slides on the ice rink.
Yes he has brought the relationship up by a notch with you 2 months ago. he’s been a wonderful supportive boyfriend and you would not change him for anyone, not even mark!
Sungchan knows you like his own little sister, he knows your behaviour and he knows how you hide your emotions well. What he doesn’t like is how you can perfectly lie into his face and sometimes he bought it. Like now, you lied about being okay but he can clearly see you looking super tired in the rink.
Sungchan leaves the benchmark and runs when he sees you stopping in the middle of your routine.
“You should eat.” He forces you a bar of chocolate when you reach the chair and finishes a glass of water. “Please eat for me.” He unwraps the bar and pushes it into your lips.
He did not let you eat half, he didn’t want to regret more. He’s been frustrated about your health and he wants to change it. Now it looks like you’re already affected by your mom’s unhealthy diet and he doesn’t want his girl to fall sick or even ruin her body with this kind of lifestyle.
When the bar is done, he offers you a sweet tea and you shake your head refusing his drink. He sighs “Come on, do I have to force this into your mouth?” he twists the bottle open and almost gulps down the drink and you quickly shake your head “I DON’T WANT.”
He quirks his brow “What? You think I’ll force this mouth to mouth? Sexy but nahh I’m not doing it here, there’s minors.” He wiggles his brow and you punch his shoulder.
“Is that all you got? Gosh (y/n) that punch is so weak. Eat more.” He teases you when you angrily grab the drink and gulps half of it.
You feel better, your sugar level is back to normal and you no longer feel cranky. Well, earlier you were cranky to your trainer and that must be because of this.
“Better now?” he asks when you lean into his shoulder. You nod “I was mad earlier, coach kept on telling me I made mistakes.”
Sungchan rubs your hair “Did you though?” You blush and fiddle with your skirt “Well I did. I am just too tired to repeat everything.” You lean your whole body into him and straighten your legs.
Sungchan grabs your hand and kisses the palm “Come on, your sugar level should be better now. Go nail the practice and I’ll bring you for a good dinner. We can have one cheat day right?” he winks and you laugh. Tempted so much by the dinner and feel fluttery because Sungchan can never stop surprising you with small cute romantic actions.
“I know your mom won’t be mad for one meal. I’ll be the one responsible if she is mad!” he sounds so sincere and you can’t hold back your laughter.
“I found myself a great man, didn’t I?” you pinch his cheek and he only kiss your hand “And I found myself a cute princess to take care of.”
Your mood is boosted and you get up from the chair “Watch me prepare for top three! Or Gold as mom said” you roll your eyes and ump down into the rink.
Sungchan stands on the side of the rink and gives you a thumbs up “I am aiming to see you enjoy ad express yourself on ice!”
Your heart softens at that, that was new! Everyone always encourage you for Gold or silver, or perfect performance.. but Jung Sungchan, the star who waits for you when you’re too engaged with the moon. The star in your dark night, the star of your heart, love of your life? He comes up with a new motivation. Not gold, not silver, not even bronze. He did not ask for a perfect performance, but for you, the love of his life, to enjoy and express yourself on ice.  
You can’t wait to nail the rest of your practice and wait for his hockey lesson to finish. Well, you will have to kiss him for his encouraging words, thank him for a great dinner (though you did not know yet what you’ll be eating, but you know it’s gonna be great with him) and of course for reminding you the purpose of life. To enjoy and express yourself.
Your coach heard that too and he comes to whisper “So, I guess you did find the right one. Ready to start over and enjoy yourself?”
You nod and stare into Sungchan with stars in your eyes, “Ready.”
“WHEN I SAY ONE CHEAT DAY, I DON’T MEAN THIS.” You stare in horror at your boyfriend who brings you to an all you can eat restaurant.
He shrugs his shoulder “I am hungry, and you said I can choose.”
You shake your head “Not like this…”
He hugs your shoulder and drags you away from the restaurant “Even when I say dinner’s on me?” he brings you to watch the marbling meat a person is grilling next to the window.
You gulp “It’d be a waste.”
He giggles and ruffles your hair “Fine. We’ll keep this for your after performance. Now what do you want?”
You tighten your hug on his arm and smile “Tteokbokki sounds nice.”
Sungchan smirks “I knew it, you are weak for tteokbokki, that’s why I was super confused when you refuse to eat back then.”
You blush “Stop bringing that up.”
He giggles and bops your nose “Okay darling I’ll stop, anything to make you smile and be happy.”
“I love you Sungchan!”
“I love you most, (y/n)!”
tell me what do you think?? it’s happy ending right ;D
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my90santhem · a month ago
The Mustang Gang
Tumblr media
You know those moments in your life where you think you are going to die?     Yeah, this is one of those times...
One of the more crazier experiences I had in my life was an incident that involved the most epic car chase you could be a part of without being in a fucking movie. The night started out with me, James, Kristen, and Kristen’s friend Joe. We were contemplating on what to do for the night and decided to grab some Strawberry Hill & a few 40’s and drive up to our local look out point. It was a famous street in our city and if you drove it all the way to the top, it would take you to a cliff with amazing views of the city. We drove up and parked where there was a drop off from the cliff on the passenger side that wrapped to the front of the vehicle. We pulled up as close as we could to the edge. The only way for us to pull out would be to first back up and then turn left. We were in a White 1994 Honda Accord and I was in the driver seat. Kristen and Joe were in the back, James was in the passenger seat pouring the drinks. We put on some music and started to bullshit when we were blinded by the headlights from a car that had just pulled in. It was a Cherry Red 1969 Ford Mustang and 4 guys got out. James immediately told me to lock the doors. The underlying fear in his voice had probably scared me the most. He is a tough guy and won’t back down from shit so this was concerning. A man in his forties rushed to the driver side and asked if we could help him with his car. I remember the first thought I had was that they wanted to carjack us. Now back in the 90’s carjacking was a pretty regular thing. Suddenly it felt like I was in a scene from a movie where everything is in slow motion and I am trying to process what's happening. I looked up at the man through the window... James: "Don't roll down that window" Kristen: “CeeCee just roll down the window” James: “CeeCee don’t roll down that fucking window”. The Man: “Hey I just need help with my car, can you help me?” James: “Fuck that, why can’t they help you!?!” The man nods to the guys on his right and they begin to surround the car... James: “Go, fucking go CeeCee!” Me: “I can’t!” They had us boxed in and the only way out was going off the cliff. I was frozen in fear. James continued to yell... James: “CeeCee put the car in drive and turn it to the left” Me: “I can’t, we will go off the cliff and I will run over the guy!” James: “CeeCee drive” James puts the car in drive and I am shaking with fear. He yells again, over, and over... James: ”Drive!” Me: “I can’t!” He takes his left arm and grabs my headrest, kneels with his left leg and proceeds to put his right foot on the pedal over mine with his right arm turning the wheel to the left. We all began screaming at James. Suddenly the man had nowhere to go but jump on the hood of the car, his body was spread out like a flying squirrel, his hands were barely gripping the lip of the hood. We were half on the gravel and half off the cliff as we made the sharp turn to the left to get on the dirt road. The guys jumped in their car and began chasing us down the dirt road at 60 miles per hour. When I tell you this was a fucking scene out of a movie, like Oh My GOD this was a scene out of a fucking MOVIE! James jumped back in the passenger seat and told me to keep driving until we could get help. I started honking the horn and we all began shouting... Joe: “Stop the fucking car, you’re going to kill us!” Me: “Get the fuck off the car!” James: “Get the fuck off the car man!” Kristen: “Stop the car you’re going to kill him!” The Man: “Stop the car, stop the car” As we got to the paved road we were far enough ahead from the Mustang so I pulled off to the side to let the man off the hood... James: “Get the fuck off the car man!” Me: “Get off the fucking car!” Joe: “Get off!” The Man: ”My hand is stuck, I can’t” James: ”Bullshit, nah fuck that keep driving!” I booked it again, James yelling at me to swerve the car left & right to get him off as James began throwing bottles of alcohol at him. The man began losing his grip and started to fall to the side, I abruptly stopped causing him to fall off and then floored it again. James told me to stop so he could run into a house to call 911. We stopped and James jumped out of the car when suddenly the red mustang appeared. James yelling to "Drive!". We took off with the passenger side door still open leaving James behind. I picked a random house and pulled up the driveway. All 3 of us jumped out of the car leaving the doors open while screaming for “help”. The front door quickly opened and we ran in and told them to call 911 because we were being carjacked. Probably the strangest thing is what came after. The Mustang boxed us in again and the driver jumped out of the car and proceeded to stab all 4 of my tires with a knife. Like who the fuck are these people!?! What is their fucking problem!?! AND why are they still here!?! Don’t they know we called the cops? Eventually 5 police cars pulled up. James and “the man” had made it down. What was disturbing was the way the police handled the case. The lead Police Officer strong armed me and threatened that if I filed any charges against them, that he would have to arrest me for reckless endangerment. I couldn’t believe my ears, it felt like some kind of conspiracy. I was in tears and every statement I tried to make the cop would talk over me and told me exactly what I was & wasn’t going to do. When James saw what the cop was doing to me he tried to intervene and couldn't control his anger. The cop told me that if I didn’t drop all of this right now he was going to take James to jail. Defeated, I conceded and when I asked about my car he said it would be towed to the yard and I would have to pay $500 to get it out. Shit, I was just asking about the tires. I didn’t even have a job, how was I going to pay for this… The injustice of this incident was so unfair. I don’t even remember how we all got home that night. I just remember crying in the arms of James and him promising me that it will all be OK and that he will take care of everything. James being the man he is was able to talk the tow truck driver into dropping the car off at my house. The next day he picked me up and we went to a junk yard and got 4 random tires. He paid for it all and never asked me for a dime. A few months later “the man” called my step dad’s house and wanted my stepdad to pay for damages done to his car. No, not the Mustang but some random car. So the story goes that “the man” was driving with his daughter on a street not far from where he found us that night and someone had cut him off, which caused him to drive into the back of a parked water truck. Huh!?! He then jumped out of his car and flagged down the red Mustang and asked if they could try to find the car that cut him off. So he leaves his daughter and jumps in the red Mustang, they drive around and can’t find the car so someone suggested to go to look out point because maybe the car is there. What!?! We never went up this particular street because James reminded me that at the time he told me to go up a different street, specifically because he knew there was construction on that street and wanted to avoid it. All I knew was that we didn’t cut off anyone that night. Once my stepfather explained this to “the man” he still continued to call the house, but now requesting me to get a copy of the police report and filing a formal complaint against the lead officer in the case. Apparently the strong arming wasn’t only done to me. Soon after I did receive a call from a lead investigator wanting a statement from me. I did eventually request that police report and it confirmed the story “the man” told. The final twist was that the driver of the red Mustang was a kid who lived up the street from me and that I went to middle school with, I would even call him an old friend. What a wild ride! I still don’t know if I believe the story behind it. In my mind we almost became victims of a multi million dollar chop shop ring ran by an international crime organization. (; I’m honestly just grateful that no one got hurt and hey, now I have a pretty cool story to share with all of you! Everyone needs a James in their life. Someone who has the courage when you do not. Someone who will sacrifice themselves before others. Man what a fuckin Hero! Love you James! Theme Song: Sabotage by Beastie Boys
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sugasbabiie · a month ago
Missing Pieces: Chapter Eight
Tumblr media
Mafia!Yoongi  x Reader
Genre: Mafia AU, Enemies To Lovers, Strangers To Lovers, Unexpected/Unplanned Pregnancy, Smut, Angst, Fluff
Word Count: 6K
Description: Hooking up with Yoongi was a mistake. A mistake you’ve been making for the past 8 months. You knew he was dangerous; your friends had warned you before. Dealing with him was a bad decision. You knew that one day, things would get messy. That day came when you found out that you were pregnant. You didn’t expect things to go well, but you also didn’t expect things to spiral out of control either. When telling him about the pregnancy doesn’t exactly go as planned, you’re forced into a world you know little about. It’s there where you find out just how dangerous Min Yoongi really is.
Warnings (Still Updating): Mature Content, Crime, Violence, Unexpected/Unplanned Pregnancy, Smut, Heavy Angst, Torture, Cursing, Lots of Trust Issues, Character Death, Gore, Mafia Related Themes, etc.
Warnings for this Chapter: Mature Content, Crime, Mentions blood & character death, Use of Drugs, Explicit Sex, Soft DOM/SUB Switch, Daddy Kink, Orgasm Control & Denial, Lactation Kink, Impreg Kink, Nipple Play, Dirty Talk, Begging, Trust Issues, Cursing, Descriptions of Murder, Heavy Angst, Asshole Yoongi has returned, Mentions Kidnapping, Cheating, Betrayal, Childbirth and other sensitive topics (please proceed with caution), I hope I have everything, I’ve gone through the chapter several times...please proceed with caution.
A/N: Hello everyone, here it is. I’ll log out before you guys attack me. I had to upload from my phone again so there may be errors. Apparently, this an issue with Tumblr and it is being resolved. Anyway, please don’t hate me, enjoy!
Main Masterlist
Missing Pieces Masterlist
One - Two - Three - Four - Five - Six - Seven - Eight - Nine - Ten
Tumblr media
****Warning! This series contains violence, mature content, mafia related themes, & mentions of the following: (rape, abortion, kidnapping, childbirth, torture, death, and other sensitive topics.) If you think you may be triggered by anything listed above, please proceed with caution.****
Tumblr media
“I shouldn’t be here. He’ll be looking for me.”
“Oh no, you’re definitely in the right place.”
“But there’s nothing here, only darkness.”
“There is something here, you’re just not digging deep enough.”
“And what am I even supposed to be looking for?”
“Your missing pieces.”
Tumblr media
The car ride home was filled with an awkward silence. Yunho didn’t say too much after the two of you parted with Yoongi, which left you with nothing to do but worry about Yoongi. You didn’t like the idea of him driving back alone. What if something were to happen to him? Neither Yunho nor the other guy assigned to escort you to the mansion was allowed to make phone calls to Yoongi unless it was an emergency, and you weren’t allowed to speak on the phone at all. The plan is to make the Serpents believe that you’re staying at Bangtan Headquarters for your protection and safety. You’re in the last trimester of your pregnancy, and Dr. Kim has informed you that twins are usually born before their due date. She says that in most cases, women that are carrying twins give birth around 36 weeks. For you, that’s only a few days away, and to say that you’re about to give birth soon, you sure don’t have anything prepared. You have two cribs and other things you may need, but there’s no nursery to put anything in. Yoongi told you a while back that he’d take care of everything, but he hasn’t made any arrangements to get anything together, as far as you know. He’s been busy lately, but this is also important; the babies need their own room and somewhere to sleep. He needs to figure something out, and you need to make sure he actually does. You want to be prepared when your little ones get here.     “Boss said that I should take you in through the med wing; it’s safer that way,” Yunho informs you, pulling you out of your thoughts. You didn’t even realize where you were until the young man in front of you said something.   Yoongi’s never taken you through this entrance before, and you’re not sure if you even know where to go once you’re inside. As if he could read your mind, Yunho turns in his seat to tell you something.     “I’ll escort you to the main hallway once we’re inside; then, I’ll need to leave and finish my training for today,” he adds, opening the door and exiting the car. He walks around and opens your door for you as well, although when he notices that he’ll have to assist you with getting out, he freezes.     “We’re going to be standing here all night if I have to get out by myself. Yoongi will understand, and if he doesn’t, then I’ll make him understand. Now get me out of here; I have to pee.” you tell him, extending your hand so he can help you out of the car.   Surprisingly, he doesn’t argue with you and grabs your hand to help you out of the backseat. Once you’re out of the car and your feet are planted firmly on the ground, Yunho quickly retracts his hand and puts it in his pocket. You can’t help but laugh at how he’s acting just because Yoongi threw him a few empty threats. You’d never allow him to hurt anyone for trying their best to protect you, and he knows that. You had that talk months ago.   When you enter the main hallway, you expect Yoongi to be there waiting for you, but to your surprise, he’s not. In fact, he’s nowhere to be found. He’s not in the kitchen, his office, your bedroom, none of the places he could be at this time of day. The panic sets in immediately, and you begin looking in every room, trying to locate the father of your children. He said he’d be here when you got home, so where is he?     You spot Hoseok walking down the hall, and you stop to ask him if he’d seen Yoongi anywhere.   “Do you know where Yoongi is?” you ask, searching his eyes for any lies. Hoseok is horrible when it comes to lying or keeping secrets. You’re surprised he held your relationship and pregnancy from the others for so long.   He gives himself away instantly by looking anywhere but your face.   “He umm…”     “I’m right here, beautiful!” a familiar voice says from behind you. You turn around and find your boyfriend walking towards you with a bouquet of roses in his hand. You smile and open your arms to hug him.     He wraps his arms around you and kisses the top of your head. When you finally pull away from each other, he hands you the flowers, and you look at them in awe.   “Yoongi, these are gorgeous,” you tell him, examining the flowers. Hoseok tells you goodbye, but you’re too mesmerized to hear him.   Yoongi scoffs, and you frown at him, wondering why he would do such a thing.   “Do you even know what to do with them? I bet you don’t even like roses.” he laughs, wrapping his arm around your waist and guiding you down the hall.   “You’re such a fucking dick, Yoongi. Do you even know how to be romantic? The price tag is still on these.” you say, pulling off the tag and showing him.   He laughs and snatches the sticker from you, putting it in his pocket to conceal it.   “At least they’re expensive, and shut up, I couldn’t find any dahlias,” he mumbles.   “How did yo–”   “Because I love you, now come on. I have your other phone in my office,” he says, smacking your ass lightly. You gasp and look behind you to see if someone saw. Thankfully the hallway is empty, so you turn around and slap his ass in return, making him stop in his tracks.   “I love you too, baby!” you yell, leaving him standing there in shock as you make your way to his office.
Tumblr media
  “I know you all are wondering why I’ve called a meeting on such short notice, but if you bear with me a few more moments, I’ll discuss everything with all of you. For now, I would like to introduce you to someone. Y/N, can you please give us a tiny wave so that everyone will know who you are.” Mr. Min asks, looking in your direction.   When he asked Yoongi to let you sit in on the meeting, you had no idea that he’d make you the center of attention. Everyone is looking at you now, finding it easy to spot the only woman in the room. You wave awkwardly at the men around you, digging your nails into Yoongi’s arm under the table. He could have warned you about this; you would have at least been prepared if he did. He grunts when he feels the stinging sensation of your nails piercing his flesh, grabbing your hand to pry it away from him.   “I’m sorry, I didn’t know. Please, don’t argue with him; I promise this is the nicest he’s been in years. Just let him do whatever he’s trying to do.” Yoongi says through gritted teeth. You release your grip on his wrist but not before you give him a piece of your mind first.   “Fuck you, Yoongi. I bet you helped in planning this,” you whisper, earning a snicker from Jimin, who’s sitting on the other side of you. You throw him a nasty glare, and he shuts up immediately, not wanting to be scolded for his immaturity.   Your secret argument with Yoongi is cut short when Mr. Min begins speaking again, and all your attention goes back to him.   “Everyone, this is Y/N, she’s my son’s girlfriend, and she’s also carrying the future of Bangtan. If you haven’t noticed already, she’s heavily pregnant, 35 weeks along, to be exact. The twins that she’s carrying right now are the future to the Min bloodline.” he continues, pausing to give everyone a moment to process his words.     No one expected Yoongi to be the first of his crew to settle down, and they definitely didn’t expect him to have any children after being so adamant about not wanting any. This time last year, he would have snapped on anyone who announced that he was about to be a father. However, five parenting classes later, Min Yoongi is now an excited father to be who can install two infant car seats in under ten minutes. That’s a huge improvement, and you’re very proud of him for his hard work.   “Y/N will also be permanently living here with us, and she will be shown the same amount of respect as you give any of the women of Bangtan. You will protect her and follow any orders that she gives to you. If anyone is ever so bold enough to do the opposite…well, god bless your soul because Yoongi will want to deal with you himself. Does everyone understand that?” he asks, looking around the room. Everyone gives him a “yes sir,” and he moves along with his speech.     “Great, moving on then,” he says with a deep sigh.     “Some of you may know this already because news does spread quickly in the streets of Seoul, but for those of you who are in the dark, I am sorry to be the one to inform you that Mayor Lee has suddenly passed away. He may or may not have had an accident while driving home last night. Now you all know that I had grown very close with our mayor in hopes of getting to claim Songpa District as Bangtan’s. However, with him being dead and all, I don’t feel like there’s a reason for me to be friendly anymore.  The way I see it, if I want Songpa District, there’s no reason why I just can’t take it. I mean, who would stop me?”     “He’s lost his fucking mind.” Yoongi mumbles, massaging his temples.   “Your dad’s fucking insane, Yoongi. He’s going to start a fucking war.” Jimin adds, leaning over to whisper to your boyfriend. He isn’t as quiet as he thought he was, though.   “You’re goddamn right, Park. From now on, we’re going to start taking what we want.” Mr. Min shouts from his chair, smirking when Jimin nearly falls out of his seat.     “Oh, and one more thing before we adjourn this meeting.” Mr. Min says, looking in your direction. You cross your fingers and hope that he’s looking at Jimin, but you’re proven wrong when he speaks again.     “Y/N, I told you that I would help you, and I’m a man of my word. I’ve collected some names over the past few days, sweetheart. The bitch is talking but offering very little information about her twisted circle she calls a family. We’ll break her, though; I can guarantee you of that.” he tells you.     “Who, Mr. Min?” you ask, looking over at Yoongi, who is just as lost as you.    
“Lee Hana.”    
Tumblr media
After dinner, you went to your room to take a shower and read to the babies for a while. You found it easier to relax by yourself since you knew about Hana’s capture but you still missed your boyfriend’s company. Yoongi had to help his mom with something before joining you for bed, and he came in about thirty minutes ago, complaining about needing a shower because he touched something nasty in the medical wing while helping Mrs. Min. Honestly, he smelled like paint to you, but it may just be the weird way your nose works now. Certain scents aren’t the same anymore, so it’s hard to tell what’s what nowadays. When the bathroom door opens, your boyfriend comes out wearing nothing but a towel, and boy is it an eye full. He walks over to the bed and falls on his back with a loud groan. He must be exhausted because he doesn’t bother putting on any clothes. Somehow the impact of his fall made his towel untuck, and it now lies loosely around his waist. Fuck, he looks so good like this, all you have to do is peel away the barrier, and all his glory will be revealed to you. But he looks so tired, would he even want to?     Fuck it.   You put your book on the nightstand and crawl over to Yoongi’s side of the bed. He doesn’t open his eyes, but you know he’s awake. He does this sometimes, it’s like he wants to sleep, but he also wants to talk to the babies, so he gives himself a moment to “rest his eyes” before he speaks. However, when he feels your thighs wrapped around him, his eyes shoot right open.   “What are you doing?” he asks, cock twitching when he feels your wet core pressing against his cock. You’re only wearing one of his shirts with absolutely nothing underneath; of course, that got a reaction out of him.   “I’m horny, and you look so good like this. I want to fuck you, Yoongi,” you whine.   He grabs your hips to stop you from moving, and you pout at him for ending your fun, making him chuckle softly.   “I’m tired tonight, baby. I can’t fuck you like this.” he sighs, a little disappointment in his voice. You fold your arms and look down at him with a raised brow.   “But what’s stopping me from fucking you? I mean, you may be sleepy, but this guy certainly isn’t,” you reply, pointing to his hard cock between your legs. “Besides, I’m not a pillow princess; I can make us both cum, just lay there. I’ll take care of it.”   “What!? No, I can’t let you ride me. You might hurt yourself.” he chides, hands sliding under your shirt to caress your belly.   You close your eyes to relish the feeling of his hands on your body. His touch drives you crazy, and you don’t even realize how wet you’re getting just sitting on his lap, feeling his hard cock underneath you.   “Uhh, baby,” he calls, voice shaky and breathless. You hum in response, still not paying any attention to the mess you’re making.   “You’re soaking...” he whispers, looking up and you.   Your eyes open and lock with his; you can only imagine how desperate you must look right now, but you can’t bring yourself to care.   “Yoongi, please,” you beg shamelessly, picking up the pace of your hips just to entice him some more. He sighs but ultimately gives you what you want, just like anything else you’ve ever asked him for.   He can never tell you no, and sometimes you use it to your advantage. Just like right now.   “Okay, baby, ride my cock. Let me know if you need some help,” he replies, putting his hands behind his head and allowing you to do your thing.     You don’t wait for a second after he gives you permission to take what you want. You raise your hips and angle his cock at your entrance. You sit on it slowly, feeling every inch of his thick length as you take him in. Once you’ve taken in every inch of him, he moans and curses underneath you. It’s been a while since you’ve had each other like this, and you want to enjoy yourself. When the kids get here, you’ll have to wait a full 6-8 weeks before you can have his cock again.   “Fuck baby, you’re so tight and wet. I’m not going to last long; it’s too good.” he moans, trying to buck into you. You purposely clench your walls around him, and he stops immediately. It was already hard for him to move at first; now, it’s nearly impossible with the way you’re squeezing him.   “Slow your ass down. You’ll come when I say so; you didn’t want to fuck me, so just lay here and let me fuck you. I won’t remind you again.” you tell him, rocking your hips at a steady pace.   You know what he likes, so it’s not long before he’s a complete mess; you’re not keeping it together that well either. You’re so wet; you can hear your juices splashing as you’re bouncing on Yoongi’s cock. His hand grabs a fist full of his hair while the other one plays with your clit. You can feel your orgasm approaching already, so you pick up the pace and ride him even harder than before.     “Look at me while I’m fucking you, daddy. Look at how good I make you feel. Your cock feels so good inside me; I’m going to make you fill me up with your cum. I want it inside me so bad; I promise not to spill any. You know I hate wasting daddy’s cum; I want it all to myself. Please give it to me, daddy!” you sob, voice breaking and eyes watering. His eyes open, and he begins praising your hard work.     “It’s okay, baby. You’re doing so well; daddy’s going to fill you up, don’t worry. You’re making me feel so good, beautiful. Just look at you. My future wife, nine months pregnant, riding my cock like a pro. No other woman could ever do that, but this fucking goddess on top of me right now. You keep this shit up, and I won’t be able to stop myself from knocking you up again.” he says, fucking into you from below. Your walls clasp around him, letting him know just how close you are.     “Oh, you like that, huh? You wanna walk around here swollen with my seeds all the time, don’t you? I’m fucking with that; I want to make you my wife first, though. Is that cool, huh? You want to be m–”   He stops talking to stare at you, and you start thinking that something’s wrong. You follow his eyes to your shirt and notice the huge dark patches on the material. Out of curiosity, you lift your shirt and what you see leaves you both in awe.   “Milk.” you both announce at the same time. He collects some off your belly and sticks his finger in his mouth, moaning when the white substance hits his taste buds.     “It tastes so fucking good, kitten. I’m going to have some fun with those later, but I need to come right now. Can I? You feel so good. Can daddy fill you up with his cum, hm?”     “Daddy’s going to come when kitten tells him to,” you reply, circling your hips at a faster pace. He cries out your name, and it nearly drives you overboard. You’re so close to coming, and you know he can feel how tight you’re getting around him.     He moans and begs for some relief, but you need him to hold on just a few seconds more. When his thumb finds your clit again, it sends you over the edge, and you don’t hold back anymore. You lean forward and wrap your hand around his throat, applying just the right amount of pressure to have him feeling like he’s floating mid-air.     “Cum.” you command, allowing yourself to let go as well. Your walls contort around him as you ride out your orgasm, and it’s enough to milk his cock dry.     Ropes of his seed shoot into your womb as he bucks and thrusts underneath you. You release the grip on his neck and slowly rock your hips to help him chase his high as well, rolling off his body when his flaccid cock slips out of you. The both of you lie there in a peaceful silence until sleep finally catches up with you.   “Goodnight, my babies,” he says, kissing your stomach and then your lips. You kiss him back and snuggle into his chest.   “Goodnight, daddy.”
Tumblr media
It’s been two hours since you stepped foot in Yoongi’s office. There are mountains of documents piled up in front of you, and you know that the answer to your problems has to be on one of them. You have some extra time to look over things because Mr. Min canceled your session last minute. Since the mayor’s “accident,” he’s been busy supervising his men and ensuring security around the mansion is highly enforced. No one is allowed inside, and the people who are permitted to travel must always have their location on. You wanted to convince him to let you tell Yoongi about your sessions today, and you also wanted to show him the handwriting you found. Mr. Min has been around longer than Yoongi; maybe he could help. You’ll have to discuss it with him when he gets home; you can’t wait until another private meeting; you don’t want to lie to Yoongi anymore. You won’t lie to him anymore.     While you’re getting ready to grab another stack of papers, you notice that Yoongi left some reports on his desk that didn’t belong. Not wanting to get them mixed up with the rest of the files, you pick them up and place them in his top desk drawer. However, as you’re closing it, something makes every hair on the back of your neck stand up. Sitting right on top of the rest of the reports is the signature. You’ve seen this handwriting a thousand times over the past week. You know this is the one.   “No fucking way, it can’t be,” you mumble to yourself. You grab the document and place it next to the notes and inventory sheets with similar signatures. The names are different on each signature, but the penmanship is an exact match. This person is the thief, all these sheets possess the same messy handwriting as this report. All you need to do is flip the page and see wh–   “Are you out of your fucking mind!?” Yoongi roars, storming into his office. He slams the door behind him, and the sound is so loud that it makes you cringe. His entire face is an angry red, and there’s blood all over his shirt.   “Oh my god, baby, what happened?” you ask, getting up and rushing over to him. You try to touch him to examine the bloodstained areas, but he quickly pulls away from you.   “Don’t you dare touch me, you fucking slut!” he yells, walking across the room to pour himself a drink. You watch him in confusion, trying to figure out what’s going on.   “Yoongi, what are you talking about?” you ask him, a little hurt by the name-calling, but you don’t say anything about it. You observe how his hand grips the bookshelf tightly, something he does when he’s trying to calm himself down.     “You know exactly what I’m talking about, Y/N. You can cut the bullshit; you know goddamn well that you’ve been letting other men stick their cocks in you while I’m out working. You are so fucking disgusting, and I want you out of my room by tonight, or I swear I’ll throw your shit out. Go sleep in your old room with Yeona or any room other than mine for all I care. Just leave me alone. We’re done; go fuck whoever you want now.” He says coldly.   Your heart drops to the floor, and your eyes begin to water instantly. Is he for real right now? He can’t be.   “Yoongi, let's just sit and talk for a se–”   “No! I’m done talking about it. You want to fuck Jin be my guest, but you won’t be doing it with my kids inside of you anymore. After you give birth, I don’t give a fuck what you do; I just know that you won’t be doing it with me. I’m not about to bust my ass for a woman who opens her legs for other men every chance she gets. You’ve been fucking him for months, and I should have known it. I had an idea that you were sneaking around with him while I was gone; I nearly caught you coming out of his office one day. You both were sweaty and out of breath; I could tell you were lying when I stopped you that day. But I stupidly ignored that little voice in the back of my mind telling me not to trust my whore of a girlfriend and gave you the benefit of the doubt. Every day for the past few months, I have ignored the fact that you’ve been with him so much that he smells like you. But today, I couldn’t, not while we were…never mind. Today I just couldn’t ignore it. I checked out some of the footage from every Thursday before today, and every time I’ve had to go out for my father, I see you walking towards Jin’s office. The minute you turn onto the hallway where his office is, someone tampers with the footage. No one else’s office is in that hall, and the rest of the rooms are empty, so there’s nothing to do over there but go to his office. Once you’re out of sight, the security cams turn on again. What you’re doing is fucked up, and it’s also dangerous. I don’t give a damn if you don’t care about your life; my only concern is my kids, so after you have them, you’re more than welcome to be a free woman and fuck god knows who, just don’t expect me to support you anymore. You’re nothing to me, believe that. I’ll never forgive you for this shit, and the only reason why I haven’t thrown your ass out is that you’re the mother of my children. But you’ll need to stay far away from me; I can’t even look at you or him the same anymore. We can discuss co-parenting one day but not right now; you need to leave because I’m not in the best place. I might tell you what I really think about you and your sad excuse of a cunt. Go before I change my mind.” he warns, voice laced with venom.   Your knees nearly go weak; you can’t believe this has backfired on you like this. You haven’t slept with anyone other than Yoongi since you met him. Even if you had, it definitely wouldn’t be with one of his best friends or while you were pregnant with his children. Yes, you hooked up with Yoongi the same night you met him, but you don’t just go sleeping around with different people. You’re not that type of woman, and you thought he knew that; you’d never cheat on anyone, especially someone who’s done everything for you and loves you as you are. It hurts to hear that he thinks that lowly of you, but you have only yourself to blame for that; you lied, and he has every right to question your loyalty. You need to try and tell him the truth now. You don’t want him to think of you in this way. You love him; he should know that.   “Yoongi, please let me explain myself. It’s really not what you think; if you just talk to me, I can explain everything,” you say, inching closer to him. If he can just listen to you for a moment, maybe you can calm him down.   You place your hand on his shoulder, and his whole body tenses up, making you remove it immediately. You take a few steps back, so he doesn’t lash out or accidentally hurt you. He’d never intentionally do anything to harm you, but there’s still a possibility that something could trigger his PTSD. It’s best just to be safe and let him talk when he feels like it.   “Y/N, please leave before I start throwing shit; you don’t need to be in here when that happens,” he tells you, downing his drink right after.   “But Yoo–”   “I SAID GET OUT, YOU STUPID BITCH!!!” he screams, turning around and throwing the glass right past your head. You quickly hurry out of there, not wanting to anger him anymore.   Once you’re in the hallway, the reality of the situation finally sets in. Yoongi just broke up with you. After everything you two have been through, he broke up with you, and you don’t blame him. You deserved everything that’s happening to you right now, but it still hurts. It hurts like hell and not just emotionally; it’s physical too. The stress must have caused you to have a contraction, and they’ve been pretty bad lately. This one nearly brings you to your knees, and you know knocking on the door behind you is not an option; you can already hear things shattering and breaking. You need to make it to Yeona’s room; you’ll hang out there until she gets back from shopping with Hoseok and helps you find another room. It’s a long walk to the other side of the mansion, and you sure hope that you can make it.
Tumblr media
“Thanks, Ji-woo,” you say to the friendly maid. She’s been very kind to you since you got here, and she always has a smile on her face. She’s definitely gone above and beyond for you during this pregnancy; you couldn’t possibly thank her enough for it either.     Ji-woo will stop anything she’s doing to help someone, which is why when she saw you in the hallway holding your tummy with tears in your eyes, she came to your rescue. You asked her to help you get to Yeona’s room, but she didn’t just stop there. Ji-Woo went as far as helping you on the bed and going to the kitchen to bring you some tea as well. After a while, the Braxton Hicks subsided, and you decided not to call Dr. Kim this time since it’s common to have them this far along. You’re 36 weeks pregnant now, and your doctor says that the babies are doing excellent. She says that you could give birth any day now, and you don’t know if you’re scared or excited about that. You never thought that you’d be a mom, but now that you’re expecting, it’s all that you can think about. No matter what’s going on with your relationship with Yoongi right now, you’re still happy about becoming a mother. That’s a joy nothing or no one could ever take away from you.     “It’s not a problem, Miss Y/N. Would you like for me to dim the lights? It may help you relax a little.” she suggests, walking towards the lamp.     “That’s not a bad idea, sweetie; let’s do that,” you reply, taking a sip of your tea. The kitchen must be out of the flavor you prefer because this one tastes different, kind of bitter, but it’ll have to do.   She dims the lights for you, asking if it’s to your liking before she begins doing something else. You tell her that it’s fine and continue to drink your tea. A silence falls over the room, and it leaves you with nothing to do but look around curiously. You like what Yeona’s done to your old room; she’s always been the best decorator out of your circle. It’s no wonder why she and Hoseok hit it off; they’re so similar when it comes to fashion and design.   Scanning the room, you expect to find Ji-woo busying herself or preparing to leave but instead, she’s sitting about two feet away from you, staring like she’s watching her favorite show. All you can see is her facial features and silhouette due to the poor lighting. Her appearance startles you. She looks so different in this setting; the warm smile she usually wears has been replaced with a smirk and her eyes…   “Ahh!!” you scream when the hot liquid burns your skin. Luckily, the tea has cooled a bit, or it would have been worse. Ji-woo gets up from her chair and shakes her head, making her way to help you clean the mess.   Your thoughts from a few moments ago come flooding back as she extends her arm to pick up the mug that fell on your lap. Looking at the inside of her wrist, you notice something that you hadn’t seen before. The maid has a chunk of flesh missing from the inside of her right forearm. It looks like a scar from a bite, a human bite. When your gaze travels back to her eyes, that’s when everything hits you. The hospital, the car, the person in the backseat, the accident, you know exactly what’s going on now, and Hana should be the least of your worries. You should have known it was her. Her voice, her eyes, the scar; it’s her. You should have known; you need to get out of here. You need to find Yoongi.     “Hey, I forgot that I need to go grab my stuff from Yoongi’s room. He wants me to sleep in here tonight, so I’ll be right back,” you say nervously, shuffling your way out of the bed. You’re surprised at how fast you could get to your feet, and you don’t waste any time heading for the door.   However, within the first few two steps, your legs become wobbly, and your head begins to spin. All of a sudden, you’re not feeling so well, and everything around you becomes blurry. Falling to the ground felt like it was happening in slow motion and staying awake begins to be a challenge for you. You need help, but you can’t think straight, everything’s so confusing, and it’s hard to focus. You watch the door open, and you believe that your savior has arrived because the person standing there is your best friend. She should be screaming for help, but she just stands there.   “Yeona.” you groan, reaching out for her. 
She’s going to help; you’re like a sister to her. She wouldn’t let you die.
    So why is she staring at the woman that’s trying to kill you with a smile on her face? Maybe you’re just seeing things right now. Perhaps you’re not. You don’t even have any time to process it because, within a few more seconds, all you can see is darkness.
Tumblr media
“Hey hyung, where’s Y/N? She okay, she never misses breakfast.” Jungkook points out, sitting at the table. Yoongi only grunts, and Hoseok rolls his eyes. Honestly, Yoongi hasn’t seen you since yesterday, and he figured that you were with Yeona since Seokjin was in the med wing with a broken nose.     His mom would have told him you were there if you were.     “I’m assuming she’s sleeping; ask Yeona. That’s who she was with all night,” he replies, picking at his food. The young woman looks at him in confusion, and so does Hoseok.     “What do you mean, Yoongi? I haven’t seen Y/N since yesterday morning. She was supposed to come to my room, but she wasn’t there when I arrived home yesterday. I figured you two had made up since you were being a ridiculous asshole to her and all.” she states, earning a glare from Hoseok.   Yoongi looks around the table, taking in everyone’s facial expression before it finally hits him as well. No one has seen or heard from you since noon yesterday. It is now 9 am on the next day, and as Yoongi looks at the kitchen service log, he realizes that you hadn’t ordered any meal since the other morning either. Your phone and purse were still in his office this morning, and none of your things had been touch in his room. How could he be so fucking stupid? He let his guard down, and now you could be missing. He’s already nearly 24 hours behind your trail. Your life could be on the line and every second that goes by is a second too late. You and the twins are his responsibility no matter what status your relationship holds. He loves all the three of you more than he’s ever loved anything. He swore that he wouldn’t let anything happen to you, and he probably failed. He has to find you, wherever you are. That’s what he does; he finds people. He’s going to fix this; he just hopes that you can hold on until he finds you.       “I want this entire fucking mansion on lockdown.”
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Tumblr media
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ghostly-arcade-peach · a month ago
Hisoka Morow x reader angst
Tumblr media
this one's gonna hurt... i can feel it
warnings: both hisoka and the reader acting kinda toxic, mentions of nudity, angst and bad grammar
Masterlist; requests are: opened
I feel like the thought of meeting Hisoka's parents never really crossed your mind. You've been dating for a few years, you're living together, he even met your parents and eventually they ended up loving him.
So everything went smoothly for the most part and the thought of meeting his parent never crossed you mind... until he proposed.
Let me paint the scene. You're cooking something, trying to make the time pass faster, until Hisoka shows up. When he finally arrives, he goes into the kitchen and finds you standing. With one hand you're eating whatever you just cooked and with the other you're scrolling on your phone. Hisoka wraps his arms around you, pulling you into a tight hug. He starts putting kisses all over the area of your exposed neck and shoulders and you can't help but giggle. You keep eating your meal and feed Hisoka too. You two stay like this a few minutes, enjoying the silence and each others presence.
Then you feel Hisoka shift and he's suddenly holding a ring, casually asking you if you want to be his wife. You drop your fork while choking on your food and as you cough awkwardly, he's watching you with the most impatient look.
'Well, do you?' he purrs.
And that's the story of how Hisoka almost killed you with his proposal.
So here we are now, a few months after the proposal, still fantasizing about your wedding day. The dress, the cake, the places where the guests would sit, your parents in law-
Wait, you never met them... how did that happen...
You decided to ask Hisoka about it. You tried to wait for the right moment, when maybe he's mention them... but that moment never came and you couldn't even remember of a moment when he did that
So one day you just confronted him about it. You were sitting on the couch, your head on his lap as he played with your hair and told you about whatever happed with him and Gon. 'It's now or never,' you said to yourself, trying to gain some courage.
'Babe?' you had his attention, 'it's now or never...'
'When am i going to meet your parents?'
Hisoka froze. Now you were sitting, waiting for a reaction. Instead he just stared into space.
'And then Gon-' 'Can you please stop talking about Gon for one second and answer to my question?'
Hisoka froze again.
'Babe?' No reaction.
'Hisoka?' Again, no reaction. Wait, there actually was one...
He got out and headed straight to the door of your apartment, having the same blank expression all over his face, not even bothering to answer your calls.
And with that, Hisoka was gone, leaving you to wander what the hell you did wrong and if he's ever coming back again.
For the next four days he didn't answer any of your texts or calls. Then he showed up as if nothing happened.
'Someone finally decided to show up...' again, silence.
'I'm still waiting for my answer, you know'. Silence.
Anger starting to take over your body, all the bottled up anger and frustration that you bottled up, finally exploded and you snapped at him.
'Why is it such a big deal that I want to meet your parents? Are they dead or something?'
'They might as well be, end of discussion'
For the first time in years, Hisoka yelled back at you. Then he went into the bedroom, avoiding you for the rest of the night.
And for the first time in years, you slept under the same roof , but in separate rooms. To be honest, you cried the whole night, confused and frustrated and angry and hurt. You wandered if the ring that he put on you finger even meant anything for him right now.
You ended up crying youself to sleep.
The next day, Hisoka was the first to wake up. He saw you sleeping peacefully on the couch. The fluffy blanket (the one that he got to you because he forgot about Valentine's Day so he rushed to the store and bought the first heart-themed object that he saw, then said that your gift lays right under the blanked, while he stood the naked and patiently waited for you to figure out what he was talking about) was on the floor. He picked it up and carefully covered your body with it. It's not like he stayed awake the whole night and listened to you try to muffle the sobs.
Then he went to the kitchen and made himself a cup of coffee. He made one for you too and left in on the counter.
Half an hour later you finally woke up. You saw Hisoka standing in the kitchen, drinking his morning coffee. You decided to go to him and verbalize your thoughts.
So you wrapped the blanket around your body and walked to him.
'You can still take it back if you want to.' You're voice almost gave up in the middle of the sentence but you struggled to push the words out and keep the tears in. Avoiding his gaze, you mentally prepared for the worst.
'Do you want me to?'
Your gaze met his and you broke down again. 'Of course not.'
There were a few moments of silence, or... intense starring. You let out silent tears and clutched the blanket tighter. That was the side of him that you hated. You hated how easily he could push people away and not give a damn about their shared past.
'Can I hug you?' you managed to say. He let out a soft sigh and nodded. Hisoka placed his mug on the counter and you took that as a sign to step closer.
You wrapped both your arms and the blanket around him. His hands touched your body in an instant as you burried your face in his chest, wetting his shirt with tears.
You inhaled his scent and tried to calm yourself down. Perhaps... he wasn't abandoning you but you could still feel the distance that creeped between the two of you.
'I feel like there are a lot of things that you're hiding from me.'
'Well, family issues are not exactly a good conversation starter,' he purred. You let out a quiet chuckle.
'I'm not mad that you kept it to yourself. It's just... the way you reacted after... How you left instead of trying to talk it out and find a solution...' You kept your faced buried in his shirt and hugged him a bit tighter as you spoke.
'I'm sorry but you were really annoying'
You sighed at his response. 'Don't run away like that again.' 'It's not like you'll give me any chance to.'
For a second, the thought of keeping him next to you for the rest of your life, made you smile. But right now your promises seemed to be nothing more than empty words and your future together, just a silly dream.
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cxmetery-gates · a month ago
SUMMARY: Mr. Hiddleston comes to Lynn with an opportunity. WORD COUNT: 3.3k NOTE: Thank you for reading!! I added more specific warnings below that will act as major reoccurring themes throughout this story. Please heed them! I also want to make it known that while yes this is a dark!teacher!Tom Hiddleston fic, I’m writing as though this is a book (well, first draft of a book lol). Other plots will be laid out and Tommy H isn’t going to be the center of Lynn’s world (at least not right now); this is a slow burn that comes crashing down. Just as an FYI :) WARNINGS: dark!tom hiddleston, teacher!tom hiddleston, elements of stalking, obsession, possession, and other dark themes. do not read if this makes you uncomfortable!
Tumblr media
IT WAS NEARING FIVE O'CLOCK when I wiggled the key into the deadbolt. A content sigh passes through my nostrils as the door opens on my command, the familiar smell of the house easing all possible stressors. Making sure the front door is locked more than a few times — you can never be too certain— I kick off my beat-up checkered Vans before heading down the long hall to my bedroom. By the time I reach my room, music is already being played from my phone, helping to wane myself into a peaceful state.
Today wasn't difficult. Truthfully, it went by rather quick, save that futile math class. All my classes seem to be passable, but perhaps that's just the first-day-optimism speaking. Despite the fact that nothing has gone terribly wrong, I can't help but focus on the downside of things. I worry about how this year will conclude. My thoughts running from place to place, questioning every possible way my life could turn out, and ultimately end. There are endless possibilities; I could flunk out this year or maybe I won't be accepted to any colleges. God, I'd rather fall over dead than be trapped here in this part of the world. I don't have to acknowledge it but I will: there is no reason for me to think on the negatives. I'm fully aware of my qualifying GPA, my classes all seem easy enough, and everything is falling into place. This "funk" as an old therapist would say is something I shouldn't worry about. But I still do years later, though I typically ignore it as best as I can.
Ignorance is bliss, they say.
I roll my neck, moving the random blip of pessimism to the side, at least for now. Again, there isn't a reason to be, yet it's just there. I blame the last bit of my teenage angst trying to pull something. While I love my mom and her company, I'm glad she isn't home to bombard me with questions; I can see myself exploding under her interrogation while this weight were present. I take the lump and push it back as far as I can. I bet I'm just tired.
The black duvet welcomes me home as I fall into them, my worn but comfy sheets are too inviting as my body curls into their embrace. What annoys the living hell out of me is how fatigue is basically nonexistent until we're lying down with pillows and blankets surrounding us. I mean, I would personally like to be aware of it before I hit the haystack. What if I needed to do homework or begin making dinner? And more importantly, what if I really need to pee? Damn you comfy pillows, with all your fluff and things. I slip further into that blissful exhaustion when I trade out my skinny jeans for a pair of sweatpants and the lack of a bra.
If I could have a piece of heaven, this exact moment is what I would ask for.
The heavy weight of sleep hangs in front of my eyes, however I can't find myself willing to go to bed so early. Instead I sit up, allowing my limbs to stretch closer to the heavens before leaning towards the edge of the bed. "Come 'ere, you," I say softly, pulling a bulky laptop from the floor and onto my lap. A green light blinking indicates that it's charging port is still intact, which I pay no mind to after making the observation. I open the lid and wait patiently for the screen to emit a black light. In the reflection, I see myself looking painfully bored, a deep frown and dead eyes being a little too much. I blink a couple times and let my eyes wander elsewhere while the computer screen shows me it's powering up. I finally take notice of the lumpy form on my desk. "How many times have I told you," I say to the cat, my words tolling off as I notice he isn't on anything important-- yet.
His bored yellow eyes look at me when he hears me speak. Goblin simply yawns in response, returning to his nap. I can already see his pitch black fur leaving traces of his existence along my desktop.
"Weirdo," I call him as I begin typing in my password.
Eventually, I find myself watching a random show on a streaming service, one hand stroking Goblin's chin after he decided to join me and the other plotting out dates in my planner that I'll no doubt lose by next week. It's the thought that counts, right?
I can't be sure how long I spent scrolling through social media and YouTube, but by the clock on my bedside, it hasn't been terribly long. At least eight hours haven't passed, I tell myself, reminding me how my entire summer went. Rolling on to my stomach, I pull my phone from the charging cord, deciding a 68% is good enough for now. Mindlessly, I scroll through several social media apps, trying to distract myself from an annoying feeling of boredom.
My finger hovers over a video of baby raccoons when my senses spike.
There's a noise coming from somewhere in the house when there definitely should not have been. My body freezes looking for any sign of where the intruder could be, but my detective skills are mediocre at best. Slinking off the bed, I head for the hammer that always lies under it, just in case this moment happens. Wrapping my hand around the rubber handle, I slowly move towards the bedroom door, trying to peek through the cracks as I do so.
I try to find reason among the swarming chaos inside my head. Based on where I stand, I am unable to see my clock and I stupidly left my phone on my bed. Typical. Fear grips me, a nostalgia-flavored growth of terror-induced adrenaline pumping through my veins, expelling all rational thought and sense.
I line my body against the wall, breathing heavily. Then I hear it: the sounds of footsteps coming towards my door. In an instant, I feel all heroism drain from my hands, nearly dropping the tool in the process. I mentally scream "fuck it" before darting across the room and into the connecting bathroom.
Luckily, my courage does not return when the door opens.
"What the hell are you doing, child?!" My mother yells when she finds me cowering in complete fear.
I don't think I've ever been more embarrassed in my entire life. Here I was, ready to pound my mother's face in (unknowingly, let's make that clear) with a stupid hammer, all because I must have been too zoned out to hear the garage door and the door leading to the garage open. I wonder how that statement would have worked out if the worst case scenario were to transpire. At least there was an attempt to be brave, I tell myself.
Gasping for breath, I mutter, "I didn't hear you come in. I thought someone broke in."
"And your first instinct is to become a B-rated teenage girl version of Thor instead of calling the police?"
"Desperate times call for desperate measures," I reason.
My mom just rolls her dark eyes at me, a laugh sputtering from her lips in the process, though I do feel her concern. "Christ, kid. What am I gonna do with you?"
I follow her out of the bedroom, heading down the hall and to the kitchen. "Adoption is still an option. You've got a few months left to try that out."
"Yeah, that'd be too good for you," she says, placing her purse on the kitchen counter. "So, how was school, kiddo?"
My shoulders bounce in a single shrug. "It wasn't terrible," I tell her truthfully. "All my classes are fine-- speaking of which. Remember that class that was supposed to help with writing and counted as an English credit?"
Mom just nods and hums a response while digging around the pantry, which is more of a cabinet in our small kitchen.
"Yeah, well, apparently it was dropped over the summer 'cause the teacher moved away up and out of the blue--"
"Are you serious?" Mom asks, peering over her shoulder. "Are there any other options that offer college credits?"
My head shakes, annoyed. "Not any that I need. I know there's one for physics but I refrain from entering that realm at all costs."
"Don't blame you."
"Anyway, I decided to take English just to knock out the remaining credit I need to graduate." My tone is mundane, bitter even, despite the effort put in to keep it hidden.
"You don't seem too thrilled," she comments.
Again, I shrug. I don't really have an opinion yet on this class. The only thing I'm certain of is how attractive my teacher is. But Mom doesn't need to know that much. "I mean, it was an unexpected and unappreciative surprise. I'd rather be taking a class on what I'd really like, not just something that may not help."
Unlike me, Mom has a more optimistic look on the world. Sometimes I wish that carried over to me, but not all of us can be happy. "Well, who knows? Maybe this class will turn out for the best."
I nod slowly, offering a teenage-typical shrug. "Yeah, maybe."
The next week-and-a-half went by like a breeze. While it's only the second week of this school year, I have a gut feeling most of my classes aren't going to screw up the GPA I've sold an arm and a leg for. Math might kill me, but I'm sure I'll be raised from the dead by sheer mention of iced coffee. However, English might be the one class on my schedule that will steal more of my... attention.
Thankfully, I had broken out of my stare when Mr. Hiddleston turns around, my eyes shifting from his tight pants to his face in a fluid, unnoticeable fashion, at least I hope so. I can't say the same for other girls, as blushes of embarrassment leak into their cheeks. As I attempt to hide evidence of a possible blush, my eyes linger out the window.
Ten days ago, I dreaded being a part of this class. All I wanted was to take Mrs. Walters's class to not only help me with my writing but to gain some more college credits. However, the more time I spend having legit reasons to gawk at Mr. Hiddleston, I can't help but find my resentment fading away more and more by the minute. And yes, I am painfully aware that I've spent no more than a handful of periods and even less conversations with the man. But that doesn't matter: I'm enjoying myself, and it appears he enjoys spending time in the library too. When I'm helping Mrs. Gibbons in the morning, I see Mr. Hiddleston more times than not, as if my presence for fifty minutes a day isn't too much already. The rational part of my brain tells me that he doesn't have much to do when there aren't things to be graded or lectures to be rewritten or moved. But a girl can dream.
When I was shelving some new fiction editions, Mr. Hiddleston came up behind me, nearly scaring me out of my skin.
"You'd think someone interested in thrillers would be more alert," he told me with a teasing grin.
I let out an airy laugh as I tried to get my breathing back to normal. And, boy, did his presence make that hard. "Yeah, well, it's also barely eight in the morning and I'm in a school library. I think a mass murdering stalker is the least of my worries here."
Then I remembered where in the world I happen to be living, poking holes in my own statement.
He shrugged with a small smile (professionally ignoring the insensitive innuendo) as I tended to the books, picking them up with care and ease. You'd think I was holding an infant given how smooth and thoughtful my touch and movements were. I could sense Mr. Hiddleston watching my every move, but not uncomfortably. It was clear he was interested in what I had been doing. "You know, I always wanted to be a librarian."
My eyebrow raised as I slid a book on insects into its proper location, doing my absolute best to ignore the creepy crawlers on the cover. I wiped my hands down my jeans just to appease my screaming inner narrative. God, I hate bugs. "Really? I mean, I'm not terribly surprised, considering you're an English teacher and all. What made you want to teach instead?"
It felt like I opened the doors to oblivion with that question alone. Mr. Hiddleston told me about how little his teachers cared for the subjects they taught, leaving him with more questions than answers. When he got into college, he found his calling of public speaking before realizing he doesn't know how to use that degree for anything else than teaching or TED Talks (which made me giggle and I asked him to make one someday). Due to the lack of "muster" his teachers gave when he was young, the man ultimately decided to do what they hadn't.
"And to think, I thought you were just some boring English teacher, coming across the pond for paid summer breaks," I joked.
"Please. Britain's system makes far more sense than this country's." I can tell he's teasing, nationalist words being used to get a small rise out of me.
However, when I opened my mouth to argue, I stumbled across something stopping me: a good argument. I actually laughed, tucking hair behind my ear. "Well, you aren't wrong." Besides, I wasn't about to argue an education system I didn't know a whole lot about.
"I'm normally not. Figure I should mention that now." Despite my eyes averting to the books in front of me, I had no doubt his smirk was present. Part of me is glad I didn't have a chance to peek.
I rolled my eyes and pretended to groan. "Sure, whatever you say, redcoat."
Flickering my eyes, I try to find my way back down to planet earth before luck runs out on my side. There's a smile that wants to break into a grin at the small flashback from earlier today. I'm truthfully the funniest person I know. At least, that's what I tell myself.
Zoning out is something I've been newly good at, appearing more times than not and more so when I really need to be focusing. Sure, I have a firm grasp on nouns and adjectives, but it's just rude to ignore lectures by an amazing teacher. Like a radio looking for a wave, I tune into the lecture again, however my circuit is cut short when I find my eyes meeting the stare of Mr. Hiddleston, standing a foot from my desk. And it appears the rest of the class is peering in.
My cheeks are burning beet red, all my muscles ache with nerves. Was I really that out of it?
"Good to see you're back, Ms. Moore."
A shaky laugh exits my throat. "Good to be back, sir."
The remark is meant to be playful, but no one here knows about the friendly banter the teacher and I partake in. The moment the words leave my lips, I can see how my response could be viewed as sarcastic and disrespectful, something I know he would not be content with other students hearing; if I can tease and joke around, then my classmates might believe they can too. I didn't mean to possibly irritate the Englishman, but the look I'm given confirms my fear.
His brow arches, as he leans forward just slightly, enough to press his hand against my desk and whisper, "Please stay after, Lynn."
I feel my eyes go a bit wide, despite the friendly smile he sends me. Perhaps he's trying to comfort any possible anxieties that are trying to ignite, but I definitely sassed him in front of his entire class. Calling him a "redcoat" in private and normal conversation is one thing, but I know I should have said something less informal. What if—
I tell myself to shut up. Come on, Lynn. You're really going to get your head wrapped around something so small you'll forget by bedtime? The rational version of me agrees. I mean, it's definitely not the worst thing anyone has said to a teacher. He's probably just going to pull me aside to remind me that he needs to have some kind of respect, which I would understand. I'm sure I would agree if our places were switched.
My blood cools down as I tease myself on how incredibly silly I'm being. Not everything has some terrible outcome.
"You're getting detention."
"Wait, seriously—"
"Until your graduation."
I pause, mouth slightly agape. "You're joking."
A smile breaks out on his lips. "Of course I'm joking, Lynn. I definitely got you though."
After class ended, I told Ellie to head on out, not to wait as I was unsure how this after-class meeting would go. When the last person left, I felt incredibly nervous, a little bit scared even. Looking back, I should have known better. Nice job blowing things out of proportion like usual, Lynn.
A sudden wave of relief washes over me, cooling my warm body instantly. But I can't let him see that. "No, I saw through your bluff."
"We both know the truth," he tells me, shuffling some papers into a drawer. Then, he looks back up at me. "Anyway, the real reason why I called you after is that I have a feeling several students are going to struggle—"
Oh, God no. Is he going to try and get me to tutor my classmates?
"I'd take the detention over what I think you're about to do to me."
Mr. Hiddleston laughs scooting closer to his desk in his swivel chair. "I'm sure you would. But looking at your scores from your previous classes, I'm going to go ahead and assume you'll pass with soaring marks."
"Don't give me too much credit. I'm still confused when it comes to conjunctions."
There's a kind and humored smile on his thin lips, perfectly straight and white teeth gleaming. I'll be honest and say I'm jealous, wondering what dentist he sees. "Most are. But, can I ask for your help this year? Just once a week, maybe a couple depending on the load."
Well, that's not exactly what I was expecting. Helping him? With what? Before I can further question his proposal, he beats me to words. "Don't think I'm incompetent. Trust me, I've held this position for quite some time. It's just..." He pauses, looking at his desk for a moment before meeting my eyes once more. "Part of me feels bad for that dropped class. I figured maybe going over papers and grading would help in some way. I understand if you would be opposed, but I figured I should try something."
His blue eyes are so pleading, so... Desperate. Why? It confuses me that he is so adamant on requiring my help. However, this also gives me a way to kiss some ass, maybe even get on his better side, as if I really need to. And if that's the case, maybe he'll defend my name when my math teacher inevitably talks shit in the break room. It's a long shot, but maybe this after school deal can benefit me in some way.
And do I need to even mention the reason that wins by a landslide?
"Why not?" I respond after releasing a breath. A smile of gratitude grows on his lips.
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
@khadineberry @kingtwhiddleston
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whoovesnassistant · a month ago
A Hello, A Thank You, And A Brain Dump.
Dear PwPP team,
     I am a recent fan, and I am quite an odd one. I am a lover of everything Doctor Who, so much so I have memorized everything about the Doctor and his interactions during the 2005 revival. Yet since I have watched basically all the doctor who media I had access to (Excluding the most recent season because it does not interest me in the slightest, no offence to 13’s actor) I was without any Doctor Who content that actually interested me.
      Well until I made a discovery. You see, when I was moving to a new house, I found a figure I did not remember owning. It looked like a My Little Pony version of Doctor number 10. It fascinated me because It was officially licensed! So, I went down a rabbit hole, and found a whole new Doctor Who community, lost to YouTube, or even, Internet time entirely.
       That’s a little bit of a dramatization, but the point still stands that I discovered something that a lot of people forgot. The thing is, I know nothing about the My Little Pony area of fandoms, but I found this new world of Doctor Who so fascinating. Not only that, but it was a whole community!
       It was intoxicating! Doctors that I’d never dream of! And actually seeing the doctor see something he truly did not know! But most of all… people who understood what made Doctor Who, Doctor Who.
       I’m not a My Little Pony fan, not in the slightest, but as a Doctor who fan, your series is beyond stellar! I know when people understand Doctor Who or not, and you all did know on a level I don’t even thing some real Doctor Who show writers do! Also, your adaptation of the doctor feels so real, it is just stellar! 
       So, now I have to thank you, all of you. You gave me hope about the future of Doctor who will be bright and full of life! You let me see a new world of story telling. I never saw audio plays used like a legitimate series to such effectiveness and its truly brilliant and has inspired me to try to work on something similar, in due time.
        Yet, lastly, thank you so much for the pure, utter joy your work emanates. Yet again, I’m only a Doctor Who fan, but this  series has genuinely gave me more enjoyment that some Doctor Who episodes. It is just, raw, stupid, enjoyable, and oh so timey-wimy fun! Even with some real Doctor Who-esc  dark/sad moments that makes it feel like I’m listening to a real BBC and Hasbro collaboration!
       In fact, the work of your team gave me a Idea for a episode I just couldn’t keep in my head. I know you most likely have plans for all the future audio plays, but I  am a story teller through and through, so consider the last part of this letter like a pitch. Yet again, I’m not trying to be entitled and be like “Here’s my idea, Now make it!”, no I literally have no other living soul to share this idea with and its killing me.
        Now if I had to title it, it would be a two part play called “Turn Timer” and “Pestering Past”. “Turn Timer” would start with the Tardis crew just bumbling around in time and space. Maybe heading from or to an adventure. Yet when the Tardis enters modern times, it gets thrown off course due to a temporal blackhole (Or something?) making the Tardis materialize in front of a mansion that should not exist, that stands right dead center in the Evergreen Forest (if I got it wrong don’t kill me). The master of the house would be a unicorn named Turn Timer, and would be letting any travelers stay.
       Yet when the Doctor reluctantly stays in a room, they discover that some of the travelers have been seeing a hairless ape-like creature attacking residence, even Turn Timer who would have been attacked, saying that they just popped up a few months ago and he’s been trying to cover it up for business.
      Soon, after the Doctor and Tick Tock (Sorry but I have to say this here, that name did NOT age well) go off without Derpy who does not quite trust Turn Timer because…. well I made the name reverse Time Turner for a reason. Yet both the Doctor and Tick Tock does not notice the clearly weird name, so that means duel plot! Yay!
       Eventually the smart duo would figure out that these creatures are just human like Autons. Yet, since humans, or even humanoids, don’t exist in this universe, this is extremely odd (at least I think,  I still know jack about My Little Pony). Also Imagine this would lead into some funny jokes about how the Doctor needs to explain what the hell a human is, and I just imagine Tick Tock confused Autons being exactly like humans and not just modeled by them.
       Meanwhile, Derpy would be grilling Turn Timer (Also again, only a Doctor Who fan but I can just imagine the Donna theme here and it makes me smile) and I Imagine that 70% of this second plot would be jokes. Until before the Auton realization, where Turn Timer makes the mistake of saying Doctor instead of Time Turner (Which I assume he would sign in as) and would be forced to knock out Derpy. Now, after they figure out the Autons are Autons, and the jokes are done, I’m guessing that Turn Timer would project some sort of communication hologram or magic thingy to the Doctor so they can have an exchange that goes along like this.
   TuTi   “Hello Doctor! Sorry but i did not expect for your assistant to be able to see past my perception field.”
 Doc    “ What did you do to Derpy Turn Timer?”
     TiTo “and what perception field?”
   TuTi “ Oh don’t be daft, Doctor! I swear ever since you regenerated you have become so thick! you can’t even see what is so clearly obvious!  You only know one person who would know the correct configuration for a humanoid Auton, and be smart enough to do it! ”
    Doc, in his serious voice, “ Who are you?”
     TuTi, Outraged “Don’t act like you don’t know! We are best friends! The bestest of friends that have ever existed. Long before you started taking your pets onto your Tardis.  You know deep down, and you are running away from it! Like you ran away from your universe! Our Universe! I am tired of seeing your adventures in this world like you did not live in another.”
    TiTo “Who are you then?”
    Doc, still serious “Don’t humor him”
      TuTi “ Oh Doctor….Can’t even ask your own questions anymore can you? How far you have fallen from what you once were. You once could snap your fingers and make army’s turn and run away. Now you can’t even keep your pets (Companions) on a tight enough leash anymore.”
      Doc “ Wait, fingers? how did you-”
     TuTi “Oh now you are getting it. Finally, we are getting back the Doctor that counts. My Doctor, The Oncoming Storm! The Great Exterminator! The Destroyer of Skaro! And lastly, The Timelord Victorious!”
     Doc panicked and angered yelling (Probably) “Who are you?”
     TuTi “ Finally…. Well… I am the master of the house.. the Master! Of the house.”
   That is where “Turn Timer” would end and go into “Pestering Past”, which would pick up with the Master finishing his evil monolog and him and Derpy being in some sort of cave with the Masters Tardis being rigged as a paradox machine. Derpy would probably be in some sort of status field but still being able to interact with the Master.
     I am sure they would discuss why the Master was so obsessed with getting the Doctor to recognize him. The fact that in the Doctor Who universe,  The Master was so utterly empty without his “Best Friend” he could not stand to exist in a world without him, So he tracked the Doctor down, even through different universes just so he could have fun with his “Best Friend”.
     Also probably  telling Derpy more about the Doctor than he has. And most likely telling stories about when the Doctor was very angry, and why he is the last of the timelords.  I thought this would be a very interesting thing to pop up later on, a Derpy is wondering if the Doctor is worth being around if they could do such a thing then turn around and say its horrid.
    On the topside, I’m imagining the Doctor more scared and upset than seen in your audio plays. The fact that he came to a whole new universe, a place to make a new start and have less weight to carry, has been shattered by probably the only person that could have followed him. And to make it worse, it was someone who knows almost as much as the Doctor without his self control, and knowledge of his past life.
     When the Doctor and the New Master meet face to face, I imagine it would be a battle of chaotic personalities on each side. Also, In my characterization of the Master, I think he would be sarcastically energetic to counteract the Doctors normal energetic craziness. Also, for the hell of it, let’s make the Master obsessed with pegasi instead of unicorns because narrative symbolism.
      Lastly, we would learn that creatures that don’t belong in the world of My Little Pony (Cybermen and Terror are my best examples) where caused by the Masters Paradox machine. This gives a reason why they appeared and connects things in a neat little bow. Also gives a reason for Tick Tock to be mad too, due to the fact that the Master indirectly fueled the war he lost his family and time period for.
      And that’s all I have. I don’t know how it would end except I think the Master would snatch Derpys Tardis key to use it to make something to keep tabs on the Tardis crew.
     I’m sorry that half of this thank you and appreciation letter was more about my ideas than how I adore yours. Everyone on the PwPP crew to me is absolutely stellar! You all have made something truly amazing from a Doctor Who story telling standpoint. Lastly, please have fun making your audio plays or whatever you go on to do. It breaks my heart watching people create and have no fun in it.
With love and appreciation,
We’re happy this show has brought you plenty of Doctor Who entertainment, even if you’re not an MLP fan. It’s always fun to learn about people who are generally a fan of one but not the other, who are still big fans of our series.
We aren’t really taking any ideas since we have a solid outline of what the rest of the episodes will be, and we can’t really reveal what characters might be appearing later. Your idea was a fun take on the Master though, perhaps consider writing a fanfic, as I’m sure people would enjoy it and we’ll be willing to post fanfics here.
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Hold You Up ~ Part 33
Tumblr media
My Blurb: Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you are all having a safe and WARM week! Here in Illinois I am eternally grateful for four wheel drive. I can’t believe how far this story has come and how much love and support I receive. I want you to know the end of this story is planned. I don’t want to continue to drag it out. I’m not sure how many chapters there will be still but at least two more. I am dedicating this one to @pikapuff316 who I haven’t talked to much lately but I hope you are doing well and staying safe! As always if you didn’t write it don’t post it anywhere. And if someone else is interested in being added to my lil tag list feel free to message me!
Disclaimer: Coronavirus doesn’t exist here. 
Summary: Kiya had left the states after a bad break-up to pursue a new career with the NXT UK Division. Her plan was to lay low and do her job, not find two alphas.
Pairing: Fabian Aichner x OFC Kiya Bryant x Marcel Barthel
Warnings: A/B/O (squinting required), Pregnancy
Tagging: @snarkandsarcasmftw @pioched  @pikapuff316  @miss-tipton-is-beautiful  @wardlowobsessed  @imperiumdumptruck  @aura-ravenora77 @kyrathegreat985​. @sirhunterwalker​  @jumbledmindofmonet​ @nightelf230​  @blkwd​  @ms-novel​  @abschaffer2​  @dibiaseslegacy​
Read First: Hold You Up Masterlist
Also Check Out: My Whole Masterlist
Kiya stared at her stomach in the mirror of her dressing room, running her hand over the small bump that had started to appear. If she hadn’t been looking nearly every day she would have chalked it up to eating too much of Fabian’s chicken alfredo. But sure enough, there was finally a bump appearing, still fairly concealed by her clothes but it was there and she rested her hand on it lovingly. Her nightly routine of scrutinizing her belly had finally paid off just as she hit the 14 week mark, marking her step into the second trimester. She smiled when she heard the front door open and Marcel announce that they were home. The last several weeks had been a flurry of travel between NXT and NXT UK for Marcel and Fabian as they continued to compete in NXT’s tag team division and support Wolfe and Walter in the UK. They had talked with Hunter about beginning to phase out of NXT and had even turned down an opportunity for the titles when Undisputed Era were unable to compete. Kiya wasn’t happy with their decision, especially when Oney and Danny ended up with the belts but she was grateful that they would be around more as the pregnancy progressed. 
She was also grateful that the relaunch of NXT UK at the new BT Sports Arena had created fewer headaches than expected. The merchandise had been easy to relocate and her numbers were still up freeing her to start dreaming of a nursery. Her smile turned into a frown as she looked around her dressing room. They were going to have to do some rearranging of their apartment to accommodate their new additions. Fabian and Marcel appeared behind her in the mirror. Marcel’s eyes went straight to where her hand rested and she moved it to show them.  
“Look I have a bump!” She beamed at them. 
“Yes you do.” Fabian smiled, pressing himself to her back and placing a kiss on the mark on her neck. 
“You look stunning.” Marcel added, kneeling in front of her and pressing a kiss to the bump. Kiya laughed and ruffled his hair before pulling her shirt back down. 
“I’m glad you guys made it home for supper. It was going to be embarrassing if I ate an entire pizza by myself.” she grinned at them. 
“Well you are growing our sons.” Marcel winked at her. 
“What if they are girls?” Kiya shot back at him. 
“Then they will be as beautiful as their mother.” Fabian grinned, earning a snort and eye roll from Kiya.
“Where are we going to put the nursery?” Kiya asked after dinner. She was comfortably planted between both men on the couch. Her back was pressed against Fabian, his arm thrown over her shoulder while her legs were flung across Marcel’s lap.
“Well you could get rid of some clothes…” Marcel stopped when he saw Kiya’s eyebrow raised. “Or we could move some stuff in the Office/Gym around.” he finished.
“The bassinets could go in our room for now. They need to be near us the first few months anyway. That gives us more time before we have to rearrange.” Fabian pointed out.
Kiya nodded in agreement, “any thoughts on a theme for the nursery? I know we don’t know what we’re having yet but a general idea?”
“A jungle theme? With animals and such?” Marcel suggested. 
“I like an ocean theme.” Fabian countered, “Jungle animals would scare the kids.” 
“And sharks aren't going to scare them?” Marcel pointed out. 
They continued to argue their points back and forth while Kiya looked between them, half amused and half surprised at how vehemently they defended their ideas. “Umm guys I think…” she started but neither of them noticed her. Sighing she wiggled herself off the couch which caused them to look at her in concern. “You guys are yelling and I want ice cream!" she stated, hands on her hips, before heading to the kitchen.
Kiya looked at the clock and checked her phone again. How could they be late right now! Her leg bounced as she looked up when the elevator dinged, only to sigh when an elderly woman stepped off. Biting her lip she looked at her phone, refreshing the messages just to make sure. 
Today was their anatomy ultrasound for the twins. 20 weeks, halfway through. They would be able to see how they were growing and with any luck find out the genders. Fabian and Marcel’s flight had been delayed but they swore they would make it on time. She was getting worried now that she was checked in at the clinic waiting to be called back and they were nowhere in sight. 
“Kiya?” the friendly nurse Jill smiled at her. “Ready to go?”
“Ummm. Ya.” Kiya smiled halfheartedly back as her eyes looked towards the entrance again. 
Ten minutes later she was laying on the exam chair getting ready to start the exam when there was a commotion in the hallway. Jenny shared a confused look with her before jumping when the door crashed open, revealing Fabian and Marcel red in the face and out of breath. 
“We’re here!” Fabian gasped. 
“Did we miss it?” Marcel had his hands on his hips and was leaning over. 
Kiya laughed at their state before shaking her head. “No, we were just about to start.” They sighed in relief before making their way to the chairs beside her. “What happened?” she asked.
“Flight was delayed twice, we finally landed and ran straight from the plane to the car. Wolfe said he’d grab our luggage.” Fabian filled her in,
Marcel nodded and continued, “Then we broke several laws and ran up the stairs to here.” 
“Are we ready to get started then?” Jenny hesitantly looked between them, the doppler ready in her hand. When they nodded she turned to the screen and began moving it around. “Alright here’s Baby A, I’m going to take some measurements to make sure everything’s growing like it should. Do you guys want to know the genders?” 
“Yes please!” Kiya nodded as the sound of Baby A’s heartbeat filled the room. Jenny moved the doppler around as she took measurements. They were able to make out the head, arms and even a foot before Jenny paused. 
“Looks like they don’t want to open their legs to show us. Let’s move to Baby B and see if they will.” Jenny smiled encouragingly before moving further up Kiya’s belly. She repeated the process again, allowing them to see the limbs and even see Baby B trying to escape the doppler. During one flip Jenny was able to capture the legs open and blew it up on the screen. “Baby B is definitely a boy!” 
Fabian & Marcel grinned wildly causing Kiya to roll her eyes. “What about Baby A?” Jenny moved back down her belly to find Baby A with their legs spread wide open now. 
“Well I think that answers itself” Jenny pointed to the screen. Kiya looked over at her mates who were smiling so big, she was worried they would hurt themselves. 
“We’re having a set of boys.” Kiya laughed.
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deludedimagines · 2 months ago
Compromised Position
Request for: Reader being Erwin’s sister and she is secretly together with Levi. Yet Erwin catches them at the worst moment and interrogates Levi.
Warnings: suggestive themes (nothing major, fair warning though)
Word Count: 1.6k
A/n: Bit nervous to post this one, but I think it could be one of my personal favorites, enjoy <3
Tumblr media
It wasn’t easy to keep your relationship from Erwin. His deductive skills and analysis of situations were essential for the Scouts line of work and Humanity’s progression, but that talent was detrimental for hiding your relationship. Erwin could read you like a book and in the start, you were worried he would figure out you liked Levi to begin with and that would have only made the situation more awkward because not even Levi knew.
When what was between yourself and Levi moved to grow more serious, it was becoming difficult. You’d discussed it with Levi, about how you’d prefer Erwin didn’t know. It wasn’t because you were ashamed, you just knew if your brother found out it would only lead him to having a conversation with Levi about responsibility and righteousness, which wasn’t something you two needed. For all you both knew this relationship consisted of spending time with each other during the day and being in each other’s arms at night, but the second Erwin knew, he’d demand to know where it was going. How could either of you answer that question when neither of you knew.
You’d entered Levi’s office 15 minutes ago to have tea with him, the both of you had sat on his couch engaging in light hearted conversation about how each others day had been. As soon as the tea was finished and the cups were put aside, it hadn’t taken long before you were wrapped in his arms. Straddling his waist, you tilted your neck as Levi trailed soft kisses against your skin, his hands making light work to begin taking your shirt off and your fingers threaded through his hair, anticipation building within you.
A knock came at the door and before Levi could tell the person to leave, the door opened. “Levi I need this paperwork-“
You froze and felt Levi pause too. You moved your gaze in sheer horror to see the very last person you wanted to see you both like this. Erwin stood absolutely still at the door with paperwork in his hand, his expression just as horrified as both of yours. Suddenly he spun around and slammed the door shut, you could hear a faint curse from behind, but you weren’t entirely sure you'd heard that right.
“Fuck.” Levi’s cursing was as clear as day and you pushed yourself off of his lap, trying to do back the few parts of your shirt that he’d undone.
“Y/n, Levi, see me in my office in 5 minutes.” Erwins voice came from the other side of the door and by the sound of his receding footsteps he left afterwards.
You groaned and covered your face with your hands. This was worse than him figuring out there was something between the two of you. Levi was by your side, placing his hand on your lower back. “It will be fine.”
“How can you say that Levi? What will we say…” This was the worst case scenario and you had no idea how you'd proceed.
“The truth, that we’re seeing each other.”
You looked at Levi, seeing the resolve in his features and a soft sigh passed your lips. Maybe this conversation would go well, maybe you had nothing to worry about.
          ⊱ ────── {.⋅ ➴ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
Precisely five minutes later, both yourself and Levi sat in front of Erwin, your uniforms in pristine condition compared to the slightly disheveled look that was present beforehand. None of them spoke, you sat with your hands clasped in front of you, fidgeting slightly. Levi sat in his seat without any indication on his features that he was worried, in fact he looked as nonchalant as ever. Meanwhile Erwin was pinning you both with an intense look, his eyebrows furrowed slightly as if he was contemplating something and analysing the situation. His elbows leaned against the table while his hands were clasped together, his entire demeanour indicating how seriously he was taking this recent discovery. You couldn’t blame him for this reaction, in fact it was exactly what you’d expected and been worried about. All you could do was wait, continuing to fidget nervously in anticipation for when the interrogation would begin.
“How long has this been going on for?”
You didn’t dare sneak a look in Levi’s direction, but felt the need to answer as many questions as you could.
“A few months.”
Erwin’s expression seemed to harden.
“And what is it between the two of you.”
“A relationship.” You answered again, trying hard to contain your nervousness which was slowly mixing with annoyance. Erwin was both your older brother and your commander, it would not be easy to start getting annoyed at how he was processing this.
“Will your feelings interfere with your duties?” Surprisingly Erwin pinned his look entirely on Levi and you parted your lips to respond, of course Levi’s feelings for you wouldn’t compromise his duty. Instead Levi only remained silent and you found your heart rate increasing slightly.
“Not in ordinary circumstances.” He replied coolly and your mouth dropped. “Levi…” to that he only shot you a look that told you to stay out of it and he returned his full attention to Erwin smoothly.
“What circumstances would you be compromised?”
“Life or death.” He continued to speak as if it was the most ordinary conversation, but you could hardly believe what you were hearing. This had started between you over late night talks in the kitchen and here he was admitting to Erwin that he cared enough about you to be compromised by you.
Your throat had gone completely dry and you tried to clear it to ease that feeling. Erwin closed his eyes momentarily, taking the weight of the words into consideration.
“And where is this relationship going?” Opening his eyes once more he looked to you both this time. You sure as hell didn’t have an answer and found a slight frown forming on your lips, this was the question you’d been dreading. Depending on Levi’s answer it would change the dynamic between the two of you because you were both admitting this to the Commander of the Scouts and your brother. He was the only one that could have an opinion on your relationship, relatively speaking, of course you craved his permission and acceptance, but you wouldn’t be defined by it.
“Don’t answer that Levi.” You glanced in his direction, hoping that he wouldn’t because a part of you feared there was nowhere for it to go and if he said that, it would break your heart. You were almost certain Levi had no intentions of marriage, it wasn’t a topic the two of you discussed. It was only recently the two of you had started sleeping together, he’d confessed he had no intention to due to his childhood background. But what was between the two of you was different, you made him think of possibilities he hadn’t been open to beforehand. Yet you couldn’t sit here, knowing that the stoic Captain that everyone respected and could be intimidated by, had deep vulnerabilities and let Erwin ask the difficult questions.
Levi only offered you a side glance before meeting Erwin’s gaze and resolutely saying “This relationship goes on to marriage.”
Your mouth practically fell open and you had to raise your hand to cover it, Levi’s tone indicated he wasn’t asking. He was hardly even asking you and he certainly wasn’t asking for Erwin’s permission.
Erwin closed his eyes again and a deep sigh passed his lips. “Alright. I understand and can see you mean a lot to each other. I doubt anything I will say can dissuade you. However,” opening his eyes again, a slight tinge of embarrassment was on his cheeks as he averted his gaze and said “you need to lock your doors.”
If you couldn’t see how obviously embarrassed Erwin was to have walked in on you both and you weren’t so embarrassed that he had too, you probably would have retorted that he should wait for a reply before walking in. Instead you only nodded in agreement, far too relieved that this conversation had gone surprisingly well and no one had yelled. You could only imagine it was a lot for your poor brother to process at once, his strongest soldier and his sister, but here you all were. Sensing the conversation was over and it would be best to stick to yourselves for a while after the embarassement of earlier, you made to stand. Levi stood up as well and you both began to walk towards the door.
“Y/n, wait.” Turning around you looked at your brother and a smile formed on his lips “I’m happy for you, the both of you.” His gaze moved to Levi afterwards and you found a weight was practically lifted off of your shoulders that Erwin approved and it wouldn’t cause a rift between the two of you. You offered him a wide smile “Thank you Erwin, see you at dinner” and with a small wave you left the office feeling a whole lot lighter than when you came.
Falling into step alongside Levi, you both walked down the corridor again and you found yourself glancing at him every now and then.
“Why are you looking at me like that?”
“You just told Erwin you want to marry me, how else am I supposed to look at you?”
“Tch. I have to ask you first, brat.”
“Was that not you just asking me?” Your eyebrows furrowed in slight confusion.
“That’s a pretty shitty proposal. Why would I look at Erwin the whole time if I was proposing to you.” His eyebrow arched ever so slightly and you had to admit he had a point.
Holding open the door for Levi first, he paused beside you before walking inside and placed his hand on your arm while he kissed your forehead softly “I’ll propose when you least expect it and in a way you deserve.” His voice was low and gentle and he lightly pecked your lips before walking inside and you could hardly contain your smile as you followed him inside. That was when Levi closed the door and locked it before he lifted you in his arms and you wrapped your legs around his waist to continue right where you’d both left off.
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you-li-ya · 2 months ago
Happily Ever After
Pairing: BTS member x reader
Word count: 1431
Warnings: character death, murder, suicide
Summary: Writing has always been difficult for you. You loved to fantasize about stories, stories about dragons and fairies, magic and friendship and romance. For you, nothing could beat a good love story.
However, as much as you wished to write about all your dreams and wishes, you could never find the right words for it.
In which perspective should you write it?
How should you begin your story?
And how should it end? A happy ending? A tragedy?
You never really knew, but luckily, you had him. He helped you to organize your daydreams, gave you inspiration for an introduction and encouraged you to finish your stories. His love for your ideas, all the tales you tell, always animated you to keep going, to see his glowing eyes and growing smile, while reading your books.
He was your biggest motivation and no opinion was more important than his.
He couldn’t stand reading, never did. For him, it was the most boring activity one could do. He never understood how one could like it, calling it addicting. That was, until he read your stories. He saw the world with your eyes, felt fabrics with your hands. He learned to love reading books, reading your books. They were the biggest treasure in the world, right next to you. And in his opinion no one, except for him, was worthy enough to read your books. And nobody but him would recognize the value of you.
next part
Books. Everywhere were books. Stacked on the table, piled next to the bed. But they weren’t just any books. No, every single volume, every page, was written by you. He could open any of those, in his eyes, treasures and immerse into a new world, another universe, a paradise. Your fantasy, your whole mind was completely innocent, free of any filth. And your whole being was just as innocent as your mind. Once he saw you up close at a fan meeting. If he hadn’t known beforehand, he would have thought he was standing in front of an angel. You radiated such purity that he was afraid to stain you, when your fingertips touched while you took his copy of your newly written book. You gave him a smile, showing so much love in your eyes, he had to hold himself back to not whisk you away. Far away from all of the others preying eyes, who just waited to taint you, to let you wither like a beautiful flower in a field of weed. He could not allow that. No it was his mission, the purpose of his whole life, to protect you. He would be your knight in shining armor.
Covers. He loved the hardcovers the most. The printed picture of you on these had the best quality. It was easier for him to copy your face from them, print posters for his wall and small photos for his wallet, so  he could always look at you.
He remembered the first time he saw your face. It was on the back of the book, you flashed a big grin for the camera, showed how excited you were to publish your first novel. Your name was printed right under your picture, so perfect sounding and melodic that he couldn’t stop himself from saying it out loud.
But right under your image was his. In your very first book and in every other one as well.
Kim Namjoon. Your editor and the very first person in every of your acknowledgments.
He loathed to see this person soil your beautiful book covers and execrated him every time he read your thanks to Kim Namjoon. Him, being your biggest support, your help in dark times? Nonsense, he was your biggest fan, he read no other book than yours. Wrote you letters, was the first to inform you what a masterpiece you created. So why wasn’t he mentioned but this excuse of a man? He truly hated Kim Namjoon.
Pages. He always imagined you would smell like the pages of an old book. You mentioned once in an interview that you loved to collect antique novels. All of your book recommendations were on your personal blog. He read every single on of them and immediately purchased the next one if you updated your list, but he could never really find the reason why you liked those books. They were boring, completely ordinary and it made him feel sick, thinking how you would believe those are better authors than you. He just hoped you wouldn’t let yourself be influenced.
He loved you for your originality. If someone was to wear the same outfit as you or to have the same hairstyle, it would always be the other person who copied you, be it a normal person or a celebrity. Everything you did was better, and while he normally hated changes, he trusted you to make the right choices, be it on your body or in your books. The only thing he could never forgive was you talking down on yourself. He would never lean back and watch how someone, not even yourself, would dim your light. He would protect you, but how?
Words. Every word that passed you lips was like a spell that enchanted him. From your soft voice in the interview videos, the emotional whisper in your public readings to the happy laugh when you announced your engagement. The man next to you, Kim Namjoon, moved his arm around your waist when the desktop of his computer went black. He saw his reflection in the cracked monitor, the mouse he previously still held in his hand, laying behind the broken screen. Did he threw it? He didn’t notice it, still to enraged about your future plans to care for the damage in front of him.
You, engaged to him? Don’t make him laugh. You were destined to be with him and not with your editor. He had already planned everything, from your wedding theme to where you would live after your honeymoon. And you, you just destroyed everything. Yes, it was your fault that he destroyed his monitor, that he began to loose his mind. You should take responsibility for your actions.
He was out of his apartment and on the street, on his way to you when a different thought crossed his mind. What if it wasn’t your decision? What if it was this man, if he was responsible for all of this? Did he blackmail you, force you to marry him? It had to be like this, you would never deceive him without a reason.
He quickened his pace, you must be scared to death, completely alone with this monster. You were so helpless without his protection, it was almost cute.
Finished. Your book was finally finished. You told him, he inspired you to write it, the male protagonist was his role. He was thrilled hearing that. All those months he had kept you in his apartment were paying off. He was distraught when you refused to talk to him, completely ignored him. The only time you broke your silence was to yell at him or to cry. He hated seeing your tears, he never really knew what to say, none of his words helped you feel better. But one day he finally found the reason for all your sadness.
His clothes were soaked in blood when he came home later then usual. His feet carried him into your room, wanting to show you his gift for you. He saw tears well up when he showed you his surprise, but after this night you never cried again. He was more than happy that he finally eliminated the cause of all of your sorrow. To celebrate this, he hanged your present over the door to the kitchen, to always remind you, there was no reason to cry anymore. He never noticed how you refused to enter the kitchen since then or how your eyes were always down casted when you left your room, just to avoid the sight of Namjoon’s head over the door frame.
To be continued. Were the last words on your manuscript. His fingers caressed the letters, before he closed the book. A prince, you wrote him as a crown prince. But, why did he hurt you so much in the story? It wasn’t like you to write such cruel books. You normally would create your own world, so why did you pick the Joseon era? What triggered your change? His feet carried him into your room, wanting to confront you about your abnormal behavior.
You laid in your bed, blood dripping down your arm, your breath shallow. Your eyelids flattered open when his shadow fell upon you. You gave him a weak smile, to tired to show or even feel your hatred towards him. He didn’t understand, why were you hurt? Pieces of the mirror laid next to your bed, splattered with your blood, both of your wrists cut open.
He knelt in front of you and held your hands, which were getting colder and colder. You wouldn’t die, you wouldn’t leave him alone. Now that you no longer hate him, both of you could start a new life, explore the world and create your own love stories. Your last breaths came only slowly, you struggled with every gasp. Your eyes opened a last time and to find his.
“I… I am so tired about- About everything that’s happening… Why… Won’t you leave me alone… For the last few minutes… H… Hoseok?”, your eyes squeezed shut when you took an especially straining breath.
The corners of his mouth curved upwards. It was the first time you called him by his name, not just some cuss or insult. Now, you truly loved him.
He kissed your forehead, covered you with your blanket and turned the lights off, before exiting your room. The slumber you fell into afterwards was for eternity, but this was okay, because he was always there to care for you. He would never leave you alone.
Tumblr media
And here is my first fanfiction and the start of my first series as well. M biggest thanks go to Google Translator and any other translating website, I feel like this fanfic sucked all of my English skills out of me. Thank you for reading and happy birthday to our Hope.
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multiwendi · 2 months ago
Maybe, I've met my soulmate too | h.jc
pairing: Joochan x reader genre: slight angst & pure fluff word count: 1 481 warning: swearing theme: enemies to lovers!au & soulmate!au
Joochan hates Y/N so does she. They did not find a way to behave normally, without cursing or arguing with each other. But then they need to find their way to each other.
Tumblr media
It all started at the age of 17 when Joochan and Y/N have started their junior year in high school. They argued so much that they both ended up in detention several times. Joochan always teased Y/N, and she didn't like it, so she defended herself. When it was finally time to go to college, she thought she would finally get rid of him and never see him again in her life. Joochan thought the same thing. It was until today. They met as Y/N hurried through the campus to her shift at a cafe nearby.
"Oh my god! Not you again, Y/L/N," you heard Joochan shouting at you from behind.
"Shut up, man. Return to the trash you came from," she yelled at him, running on to work.
Tumblr media
As the days went by, they met more and more, not only on campus but also in the cafe where she worked.
"You must be kidding. What a coincidence to meet you here, Y/N," his arrogant voice was like an injection for her ears. Pretty annoying.
"Can you just order and go to hell, please?" she rolled her eyes, annoyed.
"You shouldn't talk to customers like that. Maybe I'll complain about you to your boss," he smirked, folding his arms on his chest.
"Try it once, and I'll kick your ass so much you won't sit on it for a month. Now please, order something," the blood in her veins began to harden.
"Was that supposed to scare me? You're still funny tho. One americano, please," he finally ordered. Y/N nodded, taking money from him. She turned around to make him the americano, so he could leave quickly.
"Here's your order. Don't come back, bye," she placed his order and smiled.
"I'll come back soon, don't worry," he grinned at her and left with a cup in his hand.
Tumblr media
The wheater was awful for a few days since it was winter. It was freezing and snowing. It was late at night when Y/N's shift was over, and she was on her way to her apartment on campus. She barely saw anything because of the snowing. She was just in front of her apartment as she slipped on a frozen puddle, falling backward. But she didn't fall on the ground but in someone's arms.
"Hey hey, watch out," his voice was startled. He helped her stand up.
"Thank you for sav-" she turned to face her savior with a smile, but when she saw Joochan, her smile faded.
"You again. You should finish it," Joochan's provocative smile made her want to punch him.
"Thanks," she snapped at him.
"Ohoho, you should act more polite to someone who saved your ass," he came closer to her, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. His smile was still the same.
"Don't touch my hair! Am I touching your hair? Now I do," she tugged lightly at his hair to move him away.
"I was thinking lately about us two. Perhaps we could make a truce, high school is over, and we are old enough to stop behaving like children. Don't you think?" he tilted his head to the side and smiled kindly at her for the first time in their acquaintance.
"Are you trying my patience, or are you serious for the first time in your life?" she frowned, analyzing his look.
"I'm deadly serious. So, I promise you I won't make any jokes about you. I am not going to act like an arrogant idiot anymore. Here is my hand to prove that I am serious," he held out his hand to her, which she accepted after a moment's hesitation.
"Same for me. I'm going home. I could invite you for tea or coffee, but we have only made a truce. So I'll invite you when we know each other longer. See you later," she smiled nervously, leaving him on the spot. Joochan waited for her to enter her building, and then he went to the dormitory.
Tumblr media
The next morning Y/N was preparing to go to the lecture, looking in the mirror to see if she had a crumpled shirt when she noticed that one of her strands of hair was blond.
"What the hell?" she took the strand of hair between her fingers and stared at it for a good 5 minutes.
"Am I still dreaming or what?"  she pinched herself, whimpering with pain.
"I don't know what to do with this," she sighed. She ended up making a bun, so the strand of hair wasn't very visible.
"I'll try to dye it when my classes end."
On the other side at the same time
Joochan was sleeping peacefully when his roommate woke him up with loud noises coming from the kitchen. He growled, rising reluctantly to see what was happening.
"Ah, Hyung. I didn't want to wake you up, but the pan slipped out of my hand when I wanted to make breakfast," the younger boy bowed to him with a silly smile.
"Are you okay?" Joochan looked in the fridge at what he would have for breakfast. He found some yogurt.
"Yes, I am. Hey, have you been to the hairdresser?" Bomin asked him, looking at Joochan's hair.
"No, why?" Joochan looked at him with confused eyes.
"You have a blonde strand of hair there," Bomin pointed at the hair. Joochan put the yogurt on the kitchen isle and went to the bathroom to look in the mirror. Indeed there was one strand of blond hair.
Tumblr media
For perhaps the hundredth time, she had tried to dye the strand of hair to black. But it didn't work like always. She was in despair. She didn't know what to do with it. She sat on the bathtub, holding the strand between fingers.
"What am I suppose to do with you?" she talked to the hair. She grabbed the phone, searching for an explanation for why the strand of hair had turned blonde out of nowhere. She couldn't find much. When, after a long search, she found a forum where one girl had the same problem. At the end of her post, she wrote that it appeared when she met her soulmate.
"Maybe, I've met my soulmate too."
Tumblr media
It was Friday evening, Joochan was coming to her place. It's been three weeks after their truce, they became friends and sometimes went out to eat together, but most of all, they had a literary project. She was waiting outside the building when her apartment was. Joochan finally appeared.
"Hey. I brought some chicken for us," he grinned at her, walking in.
"Thanks! I haven't eaten yet. Can we eat first and then look up at the project?" she asked him, closing the door behind him.
"Okay, that sounds fine," he nodded. Y/N noticed that he has a blonde strand of hair too.
"Have you been to the hairdresser?" she asked him, sitting on the couch.
"I was just about to ask you the same question," he sat next to her, placing the bag with chicken on the small table in front of them.
"I asked first," she winked at him, which made his cheeks blush lightly.
"I wasn't. The day after our truce, I woke up, and Bomin pointed that out. He tried to dye the strand of hair, but it didn't work. So I let it be. What about you?" he looked at her. He saw the shock in her eyes. She was silent, making Joochan a little bit worried.
"Y/N? Are you okay?" he asked cautiously.
"Uhm. I don't know. I am just thinking about something," she said, still looking shocked.
"About what?" Joochan tilted his head, waiting for her response.
"I have the same story as you. I have the strand of hair blonde from the day after our truce. I was wondering what could have caused it. So I searched and found one post about a girl whose strand of hair turned blonde. That strand
was touched by her soulmate," she said, looking at him to see if he didn't find it as strange as she did.
"Are you trying to tell me that you are my soulmate?" his eyes were shocked, as were hers.
"Nobody except you touched my hair. I am shocked because we used to be enemies, and now we are soulmates," she shrugged.
"Yeah, it's weird, but if that's the case, we should try it," Joochan leaned closer to her face, kissing her on the lips. She placed her palm on his cheek, deepening their kiss.
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“A Deal With Cupid”: James Fleamont Potter: PS Reader: Chapter 4
Tumblr media
(A/N: Reader has a very cute/kawaii aesthetic to her and is all about the pampering.  I was originally gonna make her an oc but I know a lot of you have been missing reader content so I figured this would be a good compromise.  A reader insert with all that that entails but with a little bit of a theme, lol)
James laid flat on his back with his hands folded behind his head.
Eyes closed and perfectly comfortable and he listened to a certain someone figit around his dorm room.
A smile tugged at his lips at the grumbling he could hear from the floor.
Y/N had been arranging and rearranging papers for the last twenty minutes and apparently none of it was going her way.
He peeked one hazel eye open to peer down at her.
In her frustration, her metamorphamagus abilities had kicked in.  
Which meant that her hair had grown in length considerably and turned into absolutely wild neon green curls which kept falling in her face.
James bit his lip to keep from laughing as another wild curl bounced into her vision.
She puffed her cheeks out and blew it away from her face before rather aggressively twisting it up into a bun.
"Question." James said with an amused chuckle.
"Yeah?" she asked, not really paying that much attention as she continued to sort through papers.
"What does green mean?" he asked.
"You're hair.  It's like acid green at the moment." he said.  "I've noticed the whole metamorphamagus thing tends to kick in when your emotions are high."
"And here I thought I was the observant one." she said lifting her brows at him.
"Well, I do have to have a certain amount of observation skills." he said. "I am quidditch captain."
"Shit!" she suddenly gasped.
"What?" he asked alarmed by her sudden outburst.
"You have a quidditch game this Saturday!" she said and began going through papers at rapid pace.
"Yeah? And?" he asked, concerned at the level of frustration she seemed to be exhibiting.
"I forgot!" she whined snatching her planner up and flipping through it.
James laughed, "Is that it? It's no big deal, love."
"No big deal?!" she screeched. "James, I have devised a three month plan to get you together with your dream girl! If we're doing this, my showing up to that first game and supporting you is crucial!"
James refused to say it but in a way... he'd already gotten his dream girl.
Just not necessarily in the way he wanted.
Not fully anyway.
He quickly recovered and said, "Well, I'd love to have you there, Y/N but if you've already got something planned then stop stressing about it, love."
"As if I'd miss the first match?  Or let other activities interfere with my match making?" she scoffed. "I'll be there.  Regardless.  I'm just pissed I forgot and I need to rush to pick out an outfit."
"You'll look lovely in anything." he said, laying back on his bed again and closing his eyes.
Her laughter drew his attention again and he peeked one eye open at her.
"Well, firstly, thank you for your compliment." she said. "But secondly, you obviously don't get it.   A, I need to look hot.  Unspeakably so."
James gulped.
"And B, I need to be very ridiculous about it.  I need signs.  I need to wear your house colors.  I need to wear your number.  We got to go all out.   Girls pay attention to that kind of thing.  And of course, I've backed myself into a corner on this one.  God dammit, I need to find...."
James cut her off as he stood up and rummaged through his trunk for a moment.
"What are you doing?" Y/N asked curiously but he ignored her. "James? Hellooooo?"
"Here." he said handing an old quidditch jersey over.
"Excuse me?" she asked.
"Wear that to the game.  It's got my name and number and everything on it." he said and she turned it over in her hands.
"Hm, I don't know.  I'm quite a bit more voluptuous than you, James.  Might not fit." she said, tapping her cheek.
James snorted, "In case you've forgotten, I'm totally jacked.  So while you may be more 'voluptuous' as you put it, I've still got you on actual frame and muscles.  Plus they have to be able to fit over the gear.  So I think you're good."
She chewed on her lip for a moment before standing up and shrugging it on.
James' heart fell to his stomach at the sight of her in his Quidditch jersey.
She wrinkled her nose and the neon green of her hair faded into a brilliant gold to match the details.
"This could work." she said looking at herself in the dressing mirror.  "What do you think?"
But James couldn't say anything.
He couldn't do anything but stare at her.
He could barely breathe.
Y/N's brows furrowed as she looked at him.
His jaw was slack and eyes wide.
There was flush creeping up his neck.
"James?" she asked moving towards him. "Are you ok?"
"You look fucking fantastic." he breathed.
Y/N giggled,"Oh, well. Um, thank you."
He just nodded and finally managed to get ahold of himself as he came to stand behind her at the mirror.
He looked at the mirror image of them staring back at him.
They were so very different but James noted how they just seemed to fit so well.
Y/N seemed to notice just how close they were and how good he smelled.
She could feel the hairs standing up on the back of her neck in response to it.
"We look good together." he commented.
"Yeah." she said. "That's why it's so believable."
Part of James loved that and part of him hated it.
He didn't want to do this anymore but he also didn't want to stop.
He didn't know what to do but he'd come to the conclusion that he didn't want to be with Lily anymore.
He just wanted Y/N and he wanted this.
He just wanted it to be real.
"I think you can check this one off your list." he said. "You look fantastic."
"Thanks, James." She smiled at him sweetly through the mirror.
"What color hair should I do?" she asked. "And eyes?"
James reached forward to hug her from behind, sitting his chin on her shoulder.
"Well, you'll look good with anything." he said. "But truthfully, I think you look the absolute best with just your natural hair and eyes."
"Really?" she said with a little grin. "I have all these choices for colors and you think just the regular old Y/N is best?"
"There is nothing regular about you, love." James said turning her in his arms and looking at her very seriously.  "You're probably the most spectacular person I've ever met."
Y/N found herself staring at James in that moment.
His words were so honest and so sweet.
She just melted at the sight of his sweet boy and his beautiful hazel eyes looking at her.
"Thank you, James." she whispered.
"No problem." he said bringing her into his chest for a hug. "Regardless of anything I'm always here for you, love.  Forever."
Y/N settled her head against James' broad chest and while she was overjoyed with the attention he was giving her... something felt off.
A sense of dread filled her as she realized something.
Y/N Y/L/N was developing feelings for James Potter.
She was breaking rule number one is match making etiquette.
Never fall for the client.
"Are you ok, love?" James asked. "You're kind of shaking."
"Just a bit cold, I think." she lied and internally crumbled when he pulled her in a little tighter and rubbed her back.
"Oh, ok." he said and snatched his blanket off his bed before wrapping her up in it and bringing her in again.
Y/N nearly died over this boy.
This wonderful, sweet angel boy.
How could she do this?
How could she let her feelings get involved like this?
But she couldn't turn  back out now.
James was a good guy and he'd approached her because he genuinely needed help.
It was decided.
She would just have to put her feelings aside and help him get his dream girl.
Even if that meant her bawling her eyes out over it afterwards.
The two them were interrupted by a sharp knock at the door and Sirius Black rushing in without waiting for a response.
"Prongs, I need to hide in here for a bit.  Filch is looking - oh, you're here."
Y/N rolled her eyes at Sirius' not so discreet comment.
"Yes, I'm here." she said before pulling the blanket off and laying it back on James' bed. "But I'm leaving now so don't pop an eyeball out or anything."
Sirius gave her somewhat of a blank look while James sighed.
"You don't have to run off, love." James said.
Y/N shrugged as she tucked her papers away rather quickly and threw them in her bag.
"It's alright." she shrugged. "I need to pop by the library anyway.  And I have a third year I need to see about some glitter."
"Ugh, don't be tainting everything with glitter." Sirius sneered.
"Well, I'm actually gonna be using it for some Gryffindor banners, thank you very much." she said. "The first match is Saturday in case you'd forgotten."
James smirked at her obvious taunting of Sirius.... even if she herself had forgotten about the match.
"Of course I haven't forgotten." Sirius snapped.
"Good to know." she said as she tugged her jumper on over James' jersey.
"See you later, love." she said pecking James' cheek before she winked at Sirius.  "Bye, Puppy."
"Don't call me that!" he yelled after her but she was already gone.
"I can not stand-"
"Yeah, yeah." James said waving his hand dismissively.  "So what did you do to Filch?"
Sirius shrugged, "I didn't actually do anything. He slipped in cat shit and he assumed it was me.  And you know there's no talking him out of that but I'm not trying to get detention right before the game."
"Wise man." James chuckled but furrowed his brows at the look on Sirius' face.  "What is it, Pads?"
Sirius chewed his bottom lip for a second.
"Why didn't you ever tell me you were into Y/L/N?" he asked.
James mildly panicked as he searched for an answer.
"Well, I've always thought she was pretty." he shrugged.
"Ok, yeah, I can see that.  She's not bad looking." Sirius pressed. "But you've been after Evans for years.  So why the big change?  I mean, you spend the whole summer talking about how you were gonna get with Evans this year and then suddenly everything changes on the train and now you and Little Miss Nosy are all over each other."
"Ok, first of all, don't call her that. She's not nosy."
"Yes, she is.  She's even said it herself."
"No, she's observant." James corrected.  "Just because she picks up on things doesn't maker her nosy." James said steadying Sirius with a look that told him not to push it.
But in typical Sirius fashion... he didn't listen.
"Well, it's weird that she sets everyone up all the time.  That's nosy.  You can't just force love." Sirius complained.
"She doesn't force love, Sirius." James said.  "And she's said that numerous times.  She just pays attention and helps things along.  Why are you being like this?"
"I'm not being like anything." Sirius said. "I just don't think she's good for you.  Maybe she's using on you what she does for everyone else.  We barely see you anymore. It's all Y/N this and Y/N that.  Even when she's not even around. It's disgusting."
Sirius paused his rant when he was met with silence and when he turned around he knew he went a little too far.
James sat on his bed, fist clenched tightly beside his thighs, hazel eyes fiery and his face was red with anger.
"Prongs, I-"
"Shut up." James snapped.
"Prongs, I was just pointing out that-"
"Shut up, Black." James snapped and Sirius visibly flinched. "You don't know anything about her.  Don't you dare talk about her like that.  I love her and it has absolutely nothing to do with her match making skills.  Get out."
Sirius blinked but got the message and left the Prefect dorms.
He had almost made it to the kitchens when he heard something some rather disturbing groans.
He gently peered around the corner to see Y/N with her wand pointed at the throat of a seventh year Ravenclaw.
His eyes widened at the sight.
Never in all their time at Hogwarts had he ever seen such a look of rage grace her features but she looked positively murderous in that moment.
Her hair had turned a blinding white color and her eyes matched it with eerie white orbs surrounded in black.
"Why do you care what I say about Sirius Black?" sneered Robertson.  "Oh you fucking him too now?  I heard you were with Potter now.  You slip him a love potion?  Figures.  What's next? Whoring around with Pettigrew and Lupin as well?"
Sirius could feel anger bubbling up inside his stomach at the audacity of such a statement but it fizzled as a smile worked it's way across Y/N's face.
"Unlike you, I don't need a love potion to make people like me.  It's called being a decent human being." she said. "However, you can run your vile little mouth about me all you want.  I don't care.  But if you ever said another word about Sirius Black and what he does or does not deserve..... it'll be the last thing you EVER say.  Because I'll cut your tongue from your head."
Robertson laughed at her and she pinned him to the stone with her other hand and shoved the tip of her wand into her mouth.
"Let me make myself crystal clear." she said. "I may look sweet and am generally nice to just about everyone.  But I have seen things, you little toad.  Things that would make you curl up and wish for death.   If I were you, I wouldn't mistake my kindness for weakness.   And if you're smart you'll leave Sirius alone.  Because if I catch you so much as looking at him, I'll make you beg for death."
Sirius watched as Robertson's eyes widened.
"Have I made myself clear?" she pressed her wand down his throat a bit more making him gag.
He nodded all the while choking a bit and she let him go.
He skittered away from her.
"Oh and Robertson." she called after him and he hesistantly turned around.  "I really hope you're smarter than this but if you breathe one word of this to his cousins, it won't be pretty.  So go ahead and tell Bella if you think she's faster.   I dare you. Because no matter how crazy Bellatrix is or how fast you run away, I'll always be faster.  Just something for you to keep in mind."
Robertson took off as far away from her as possible and Y/N continued on her way to the library.
All the while Sirius Black stood there staring after her, desperately trying to process what had just happened.
Chapter Three
Chapter Five
Hello darlings! Soooo we started with some fluff, had a revelation, a bit of a tiff and then some draaaaammmmmaaaa! How are we feeling about this hot tea?!  I'd love to hear from you and I hope you're all having a lovely day!  
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Tumblr media
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For we rise and we fall, and we crash on the coastlines (Only our love will last 'til the end); Chapter 1
thank you to @drowninginstarlights for editing! Heads up for Travis’ and Gable’s terrible dad’s and mom death!
the journey of a selkie, a cursed fisher, a lighthousekeeper, her aprentice and a very confused mortal as their lives intertwine and the magic around them grows.
or a selkie au with general folklore themes!
In the end, Uriel doesn’t even remember what happened. All they have are pieces of their memories, flashes of knowledge. They remember being afraid of the sea, ever since they were young. They grew up in a big coastal city, where the sea was as much your enemy as your only source of income. They remember their father, a deeply unpleasant man. They remember anger. They remember a fire, and a boat sinking, and they don’t think they’ll ever be sure what actually caused it, but that doesn’t matter. There was no doubt in their father’s mind that it was caused by them.
They remember, before that, being in school and being taught not to curse people, not even as a joke, and certainly not on the sea. Magic is finicky business. It doesn’t take much for things to get out of hand.
So here’s the thing. They remember their father spitting his last words at them, but they can never remember the exact phrasing. Must have been something like “may you dwell upon the sea forever,” or “may you never stray far from the sea.” It must have been, because they remember thinking Odd words for a dying man .
There is power in the last words of a dying man, they did not think.
After that, they couldn’t drown. They remember not being able to drown. They don’t remember the months after, the ones they must have spent on some shore somewhere, slowly realising something in their father’s wording must have made it so they couldn’t die. So they couldn’t ever leave.
They stared out to the vast expanse of the ocean, now both their prison and only companion.
William’s father hated magic. He was a wealthy man whose money made money, and he’d never seen any point in such frilly business as magic.
William’s mother, however, had loved magic. Not only that, she’d respected it, and believed that it was important to teach it, as much as any of the other fundamental truths about the universe. There were even whispers that her own mother had come from the sea itself.
Like anything his father hated and his mother loved, William adored magic. He’d stand and stare with great intent whenever his mother had shown him even the most basic of protection charms. But then she’d fallen ill, and then suddenly she was gone. Really gone, gone as in there was no trace of her left in the house, not even her body. It hadn’t taken long for Father to get rid of all her possessions too.
“She’s gone back to the sea,” William would tell people. They’d look at him uncomfortably, clearly thinking this was just a child struggling to process grief, but he always knew better. The only thing he always wondered is why she hadn’t taken him with her.
Years later, his father was on a trip and William was alone. He had grown up attempting to forget about his mother, about everything, but he couldn’t. He’d grown up to enjoy being left alone in his vast house where he never felt at home, spending the downtime between his father’s presence nursing his wounds.
He stared out of the window of the penthouse, dreading his father’s return, hoping with every inch of him that his father’s ship wouldn’t make it to port.
Eventually, he couldn’t stand there any longer, so he turned inwards. There wasn’t much left of his mother’s teachings in the house, his own memories turned fuzzy with time, but he had managed to snatch a single grimoire from the library. Bargains were easy, he imagined, and especially so for him. He too, in some way, belonged to the sea.
So in the middle of a dark, cold night, while the full moon hung heavy in the sky, he went to plead to the waters.
“I am not, I must admit, entirely sure what this whole deal is,” he said, the moonlight shining off the sand around him, “But you took my mother from me.”
He looked at the lapping edges of the water. The sea remained just the sea. The waves came and went.
“I get that you won’t just drown my father for me, and I don’t particularly have much to offer but-” he shuddered a bit, knowing what he was about to do was cruel and very dangerous, “You can take me, William.”
As he spoke his name, the wind picked up suddenly. It smelt of salt and distant rainfall.
“You can take me like you took my mother,” he continued, “And in exchange, I want you to make sure his ship doesn’t get here.”
The sea seemed to agitate, the waves picking up, dark even in the moonlight.
“Did you hear me?” he yelled, raising his voice over the rushing wind, “You just need to drown-”
As he spoke his father’s true name, the world went black.
He hadn’t expected to wake up, after that. It seemed fair enough, a life for a life. Maybe he would get to be a cool water spirit, scaring tourists. Or maybe a fish, with no memories at all. He did not expect to wake up and find himself a seal.
He knew about selkies, sure, but waking up and being a seal was still a shock. He stared at this new body, his new completely different body, attempting to rationalize what he knew was true - that it was him.
The other thing he did not expect was to wake up looking onto the ocean, and seeing a storm raging. There was a ship, tossing up and down with the waves, a very familiar ship. It was so close to port, but he knew that it couldn’t make it. It was sinking. His father’s ship was sinking.
He knew it was the sea showing him their deal was signed. He hadn’t known, not truly, the enormity of his choice until he stared at it, burning in front of him. He didn’t know how to feel as he stared into the sinking ship.
How many people had he just killed? What was he supposed to do?
He stayed there for a long time, looking on until the ship fully disappeared under the waves. Eventually, when there was nothing but dark wreckage on the surface, he dove down into the water. Time to learn how to be a seal.
At least now he didn’t have to be human anymore. At least then he could swim far away, see where the ocean currents take him.
It’s not like there was anyone at home missing him anyway.
Eventually, Uriel got their hands on two things: a small living, and a fishing boat. The boat was just a little too small for them, but it was cozy. She was old enough that her boards creaked in the wind, ropes faded and fraying, and the paint was so worn that her original name was entirely illegible.
Uriel couldn’t die, and they couldn’t leave the waters for too long,or they got antsy. They’d never gone away for long enough to test the ocean's patience, but it wasn’t hard to imagine the consequences. So living on the water was their only option, and as they still enjoyed food and food cost money, fishing it was.
It was a lonely existence, but they discover you can get used to even the loneliest things. They had eternity in front of them to learn how to do their job, and do it well.
They settled in a small town by the name of Safe Harbour. Uriel knew painfully little of magic to understand the how or why, but the town was protected somehow and the magic was strong. Everyone was perfectly content to buy Uriel’s fish, and never talk to them unless they spoke first.
Routine took over and life was almost pleasant. Uriel wasn’t exactly happy, but they imagined this is as happy as people like them got to be, so they pressed on. There was always more fish to be caught.
William met Uriel the only good way of meeting people, which is while robbing them. By now, he was perfectly capable of hunting for his own food, but it was such a chore, and a boring one at that. Other seals could tell he was different, that the sea owned him in a different way, and anway, he couldn’t actually talk to them. He didn’t have to be a seal, all the time. But it wasn’t like he could really talk to the humans either, and the vulnerability of being human once again always set him on edge. So he stayed a seal, and passed back and forth through towns, being a general nuisance.
The only consistent thing about his life these days was stealing, and that was practically second nature. So he didn’t think anything of it when he swam up to a small fishing vessel to get his lunch for the day.
He managed to climb up on the deck, and was about to flop back into the sea, triumphant with a fish in his mouth, when he heard a loud voice.
“Hey!” they shouted.
He froze, turning to look at the irate fisher. He wasn’t the type to be afraid, not anymore, but this person was incredibly tall with long, flowing hair that was almost stark white tied haphazardly back. They had the look of someone who had been on sea for years, but they also didn’t look older than maybe their late twenties. They were also holding a harpoon, pointed menacingly at him.
He wasn’t the type to be afraid, but he was, perhaps, a little nervous.
“I swear those damn seals get smarter every time,” they muttered.
He dropped the fish out of his mouth and sighed. “I have always been this smart, I'll have you know.”
This made them pause, looking at him baffled for a second before they let out a cry and charged at him with the harpoon.
“Whoa, okay no need to be rude,” he said, attempting to quickly move out of the way. But he was, in fact, a seal, and seals aren’t made for quick motions on land, to his dismay.
Desperate times call for desperate measures. He transformed into a man.
The stranger stopped again, the harpoon dangerously close to his body.
“Who are you? And what are you doing on my boat?” they say.
Travis couldn’t help but grin as he held up his hand, with his fish clutched in it. “I feel like it’s rather obvious.”
Uriel didn’t know how to feel. There was a man on their boat. That’s an undeniable fact. First there had been a seal, and now there was a very annoying silver haired stranger, wearing a ridiculous coat and actively stealing their fish with his bare hands.
They could deal with seals. They could deal with other sea creatures. They weren’t in any way prepared to deal with this.
“Asking for names, just like that?” he said, “How rude of you.”
They could feel more annoyance bubbling up inside them. “I wasn't asking for your name!”
The stranger smirked at them again, clearly enjoying getting them riled up. They should have harpooned him to death then and there. They’ll never know why they didn’t.
“Well, you may call me Travis Matagot anyway,” he said magnanimously, dropping the fish and extending a hand.
They stared at it incredulously, before deciding that their life was already so weird, this might as well happen. They shook it.
“You can call me, uh…” they said. It had been so long since they had to give out names like this. “Gable,” they settled on eventually.
“Like the roof thing,” he said, deadpan.
Gable felt their cheeks heating up. “Shut up!” they said, still holding a lowered harpoon in their other hand, “You were stealing from me, what makes you think-”
“I was hungry,” he said, shrugging. He seemed harmless, if very annoying, so they cautiously put the harpoon down.
“Can’t you fish? You are a seal part of the time, apparently.”
Travis visibly relaxed a little once they’re no longer armed. “Now, why would I, when I can have others do it for me?”
“You could have just asked me,” they said.
Now it was Travis’ turn to be taken aback. He stared at them. “What?” he said.
“I have a lot of fish soup,” Gable said, knowing what they were saying is surreal but being certain that by now they were far too late to stop this trainwreck of a conversation.
“Like in general?” he seemed almost amused.
“I always make too much,” they admit.
That's how Travis ended up in their painfully crowded combined kitchen and living room, his coat draped over the back of the chair he was sitting on, staring at a hot bowl of fish soup.
He almost wondered if he ought to accept food at all, but although he didn’t know what to make of Gable yet, they certainly didn’t seem the type to trap him eternally by feeding him.
Gable stared at him, almost self consciously. He almost wanted to pretend he didn’t like it, just to see how they’d react, but regrettably he was hungrier than he thought, and the soup was surprisingly good.
“You liked it,” they said, grinning.
“It was fine,” he said, stopping himself just short of asking for seconds.
“I have spent a lot of time perfecting that soup, Travis.”
He laughed. Time had been something of a laughable concept for a while now. “Well, can’t have been that long. How old are you, twenty five?”
That made his companion pause. They looked down and, honest to god, started counting on their fingers. “Probably forty by now,” they said, looking at him sheepishly. “No clue what that is in seal-man years, or whatever.”
He stared at them, somewhat intrigued at last. But not enough to pry, certainly. “First of all, you must have heard of selkies before,” he said. They gave him a blank stare that meant they honestly probably hadn’t. “And I don’t know either, we don’t age, exactly.”
Gable shrugged. “Sure, did you want more soup?”
“Well if you insist,” he said, passing his bowl to them.
They fell into this new routine together easily. Travis would come and try and steal things or otherwise be an annoyance. Gable would threaten him with increasingly odd weapons or just bodily throw him off the side.
And sometimes Travis stayed, and ate Gable’s repertoire of fish based dishes, or mucked about in the small space of the boat. They both occasionally went to town, although mostly separately, as Gable had the reputation of a gentle constant and Travis was rather more of a trickster cryptid.
They never talked about the pasts that plagued them or the curses on their heads, and they were both entirely too stubborn to admit this is the happiest they had been in a very, very long time.
There wasn’t a single moment that they realised they had become friends, and certainly not one they acknowledged. There was only a night, and a tipsy Travis falling asleep on the couch, his silver gray coat left behind, still slung over the chair he usually ate at. There was only a morning Gable spent staring at it wistfully, telling themselves they shouldn’t read into it.
There was him waking up, not for a second doubting his coat would still be there, safe and untouched.
And so in the fragile silence of their friendship, time pressed on.
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moonlightwritess · 2 months ago
Mystic Sisters- Ch.9 Kiss and Makeup
Tumblr media
Yua’s pov
I felt like I was going to throw up. My emotions were running all over the place and so was my brain. It was late but I knew I had to talk to Haru. Maybe I shouldn't be doing this. I thought, reaching for the doorknob with sweaty palms. The cold air hit my face as I walked down the familiar street remembering the last time I was here. 
It was a few weeks after we broke up. Haru stopped coming to school and stopped answering his phone. I knocked on the front door calling out his name but no reply. His parents' car wasn't in the driveway. I peaked around to the back to see the back gate was unlocked. That wasn't like them. I grabbed the doorknob and it opened. Stepping inside there was nothing. Not a couch, a painting, not a single piece of evidence that a family once lived here. Every room was completely empty and so was I.
“Haru?” I called out disparately. Falling to the floor the tears I had been holding back started to spill.
“You can't just leave me here.” I cried. 
Here I was again, standing in front of his house with tears threatening to fall. 
“Yua?” Haru puzzled, shutting the front door behind him. “What are you doing here?” he asked walking closer. I don't know how long I was standing there but I didn't hear him open the door. 
“We need to talk.” my voice came out more as a whisper. 
“It's midnight. Couldn't this have waited until tomorrow?”
“No. I'm tired of you running away. I'm not leaving until we talk.” Haru quickly looked around before grabbing my hand and leading into the house and back to his room. Nothing had changed. Everything was back in its place like the house wasn't empty a few months ago. Every picture frame, piece of furniture, even the flower pot Haru’s mom kept by the front door. Being back reminded me of all the nights we would spend here watching movies and doing homework together. All the times we pulled all nighters for midterms and ended up eating way too many snacks. Then we would walk sleepily to Mystic cafe for coffee before our test.  I finally met Haru’s eyes and he stared at me worried. He still had his hands wrapped around mine.
“Why did you leave?” I asked bluntly. When he didn't say anything I asked again. 
“I thought we were okay. You told me you loved me and then disappeared. Haru I tried calling you I even came back here but you were gone. Why? You left me here and that hurt!” I cried out.
“Hey don't be so loud. My parents are asleep.” he said calmly. He took his free hand and tried to wipe my tears but I swatted his hand away. I stood up walking away from his bed. 
“I don't even know why I came here. You obviously stopped caring about me a long time ago. And what makes matters worse is that I still love you. Even after all the shit you put me through, I still love you!” Haru pulled me into his lap. We stayed in silence until Haru spoke.
“Yua I still love you. I always will.” he whispered into my ear.  I was torn. Those three words are what I waited months to hear but now I don't know what to feel.
“I know what I did was wrong but I had no intention of hurting you.”
“Then why did you leave?” I mumbled. I turned to face him, still teary eyed.
“I had to. I didn't want to but I had to. I had so many family issues and they all piled up at once. The next thing I knew we were packing up and headed back to our family home. I never meant to hurt you that night. When I came back I knew that I hurt you and didn't know how to talk to you so I kept avoiding you.I meant it when I said that I loved you. I never knew if I was coming back. I thought it would be better if you forgot about me.” 
“ We've been friends forever and dated for two and a half years. Haru I couldn't forget you.” I had been playing with the necklace around my neck while Haru talked. It was a habit that I picked up anytime I thought about him. I laid against his chest trying to take in everything that was happening. 
“You still wear it?” he smiled, brushing the hair out of my face.   
“Of course idiot”. We talked for a little while longer. I zoned out for a little while taking everything in. Nothing about him had changed.well maybe his hair. His hair had grown out a little but I still liked it. He still had that same smile that I loved since we were kids.  “You know you could have just told me what was going on.”
“I know. I should have but everything happened so fast.” I looked at my phone and it was 2am. I let out a yawn and got up.
“I should probably go home.”
“I'll walk you back. It’s late.” I nodded and yawned again before following him out of his room. Haru held my hand as we walked back to my house. It was silent but it was comfortable like it had always been. 
“Thanks for walking me home.” I said once we got to the front door. He let go of my hand and pulled me to his chest. 
“Let's talk some more when it’s not 2 am.” he laughed and I nodded against his chest. He leaned down to press  a light kiss on my lips.
“Good night Yua.” 
A few weeks later
“Why are you so smiley?” Hikari asked from across the table at breakfast. She gave me a confused look before digging her fork into her french toast. 
“No reason.” I smiled, looking up from my phone and sipped my orange juice. Hikari shrugged and continued to eat while scrambling to finish her math homework.
“If you weren’t up all night with Hisako playing video games then maybe you would have finished.” I joked. She looked up for a second to give me an angry glare before going back to her homework. 
“Girls! Hurry up with breakfast before you're late!” Mom yelled running through the house while biting into an apple. She had a meeting this morning and has been running around the house since 5 am. 
“Has anyone seen my phone?!” She yelled pulling her sweater over her head.
“Living room!” Hikari and I yelled back in unison. 
“Why is she always like this?” I asked, shaking my head. 
“Oneesan! Let’s get ice cream.” Hikari said happily as she and Hisako waited for me after school.
“Oh… I actually have plans.” I looked over her, smiling at the figure walking over towards us. 
“With who?” She pouted cutely. 
“With me.” Haru said leaning down to kiss me. 
“Okay ew. I guess I’ll go with Hisako.” Hikari said, walking away disgusted. She only walked a few feet before turning back to face us. 
“Wait are you officially back together?” 
“Maybe.” I winked, reaching up to kiss Haru’s cheek. Hikari walked away again with the same disgusted look walking faster to catch up with Hisako. I laughed reaching for Haru’s hand.
“Where do you wanna go?” Haru asked after walking around for a few hours.
“Let’s get ramen!” I cheered, grabbing Haru’s hand. There was a ramen shop that had opened up in Harajuku. 
“I see why you wanted to come here?” Haru laughed once we got to the building. I looked at him with a mischievous grin on my face.   
“How could I miss out on a Naruto themed ramen shop?” I squealed. Haru playfully rolled his eyes before following me inside. Everything felt normal again. After we talked at his house that night we talked a few more times before deciding to give our relationship another shot. I found us a table when Haru ordered the food. I felt off like someone was watching me. I haven't felt like this in awhile. It couldn't have been just me right? Hikari seemed fine so maybe this time it was really just me imagining things. I felt at ease when I saw Haru walking to our table.  
“Extra scallions, no garlic, firm noodles, extra spicy, and iced tea.” Haru smiled now sitting across from me. I smiled back happy that he still knows my ramen order. 
“And aren't you missing something?” I questioned. He laughed and pulled out a charm from his pocket. 
“And a Sasuke charm that you wouldn't let me leave without.” I smiled watching him add the charm to my keychain.
“Thank you.” The waiter came by with our food. I enjoyed every bite and planned to make Haru come back. While we were eating I noticed that Haru tensed up a bit. Maybe he was nervous. That wasn't like him though. After dinner we walked around Harajuku for a little while longer, popping in a few stores along the way. I noticed that Haru seemed distant and distracted. He only replied back to me with “yeah” or “okay”.  
“Haru?” I stopped him by standing in front of him. 
“What’s up?” he asked, confused. 
“Why are you so distant tonight?” He came closer now standing right in front of me, looking down. “Why are you so tall?” I mumbled looking up at him.
“Babe i'm fine.” he reassured, leaning down to kiss me. “Are you sure? We promised not to keep secrets from each this time.” 
“I promise I'm fine. Let’s go home though. I don't need your mom yelling at me because I brought you back past curfew.” he laughed. 
“It wouldn't be the first time.” 
Haru’s pov
I dropped Yua off and told her goodnight. Her mom gave me some lemon bars to give to my mom. My mom loved Naomi’s lemon bars. Walking back to my house I felt someone following me. I picked up on his scent. It was the same from earlier. I turned around to face where the scent was coming from.
“I know you're following me so just come out. I don’t bite well, not always” I was met with a teen boy with blue eyes dressed in all black. 
“So you’re the one that’s been stalking my girlfriend.” 
“I wouldn’t call her your girlfriend since she’s been crying about how you left her for a long time now. Maybe you should leave her again. That would make my job a lot easier” The boy said completely unbothered.
I looked him up and down before grabbing him by his collar “Who the fuck are you and what do you want with my girl?”
The boy yawned as if he was bored and pushed me off of him. “ You're in my business, don't do that. I’m pretty sure you have your secrets that you wouldn’t want her to know right?” He looked at me and his eyes were very cold. The boy smirked at me “you're pathetic and not worth my time so  let me handle my business in peace.”
He tried to walk away from me but I wasn’t about to let him go without knowing what he wanted from Yua. I grabbed his shoulder, turning him back towards me. “ If you think i’m just gonna let you leave then you got another thing coming. Now answer my question what the fuck do you want with Yua?!” I yelled as I attempted to punch him in the face but he dodged me and held a blank face as if he was bored.
The boy sighed before smirking at me. “You really wanna do this? Alright” He said before hitting me with a roundhouse kick catching me off guard hitting me directly in my jaw. I got ready to send another punch his way when I felt his knee hit me in the stomach with extreme force. I stepped back gasping for air. “Damn this guy is fast how did he land two hits in a blink of an eye!?”I looked at the boy who just looked at me and there was no smirk this time his face was serious.
  “I can do this all day. You wanna keep going? You seem out of it already so how about you dont waste anymore of my time.” he kept the same bored tone.
“Stay away from Yua and then I’ll leave you alone.” I growled this time using my speed and tackling him to the ground putting him in a headlock. I had to move faster than him if I wanted to get somewhere.
The boy sighed again and I heard him speak under his breath. “Idiot.” before breaking out of the headlock and elbowing me in my neck and sending a right hook across my face.  And just when I thought he was done he sent another kick hitting me straight under my chin sending me flying and hitting the concrete ground roughly.  “Next time you get in my way I won’t be so gentle.” the boy said before walking away.
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nhlandotherimagines · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Oh Brother- Nolan Patrick (ft. Travis Konecny)
Author’s Note: I’ve been working on this for ages, and I finally just said ‘screw it!’ and am posting it! I’d love any and all feed back, and please tell me if you find any mistakes I’m the worst at editing! Thank you in advance!
Summary: Baby Konecny, that’s all you’re known as now that you’ve moved in with your older brother Travis. You love your brother, but things get a little difficult after one night at a bar with his bestfriend Nolan. Okay, and maybe one night turned to more, but Travis can’t know.
Tagging a few people, so if for any reason you would like to a) not be tagged on this particular post for any reason or b) would not liked to be tagged on any of my posts please do not hesitate to tell me ☺️ @anastasiyaigorevnadobrodevskaya @titobeauvs @bigboigritty
Word Count: 8.4 K
WARNINGS: This is definitely ✨spicy✨ at times, 18+ (sexual themes), cursing, alcohol, ANGST, anxiety, lying about/hiding a relationship, hospitals, some cute moments as well of course. (Please let me know if you find anything else in here that should be mentioned here thank you)
“Hey Y/n/n, you coming out with us after the game tonight?” Your brother Travis yelled to you from the kitchen of your shared apartment. You had just moved in with him a few months ago to start school in Philly, so you hadn’t gotten out much.
“You really think you’re okay with your baby sister going out with you tonight TK?” You added giggling to yourself as you pulled on your Flyers jersey. “Well you need to get out and see the world kid!”
“Call me kid again and I will set Nolan on you during warm ups.” You smirk joining him in the kitchen and grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.
Travis’ face twists a little, but you choose to ignore it. “Fine! I’ll go.” You add shoving his shoulder lightly. He smiles at you, but it doesn’t quite reach his eyes. You don’t press him on it though as you both get ready to head to the arena.
“Trav and Nolan seem off, do you know what’s up with them?” You hadn’t really noticed, but now that Travis’ girlfriend Karly was pointing it out you could totally see it.
“I don’t know, but when I mentioned sticking Nolan on him earlier for calling me a kid, Travis did get a little weird. I hope they are okay.”
“I’m sure it’s nothing, you know how Trav can be at times!” Karly smiled reassuringly. The two of you continued to talk throughout the game, and soon enough you were waiting together outside the dressing room. Thankfully Travis and Nolan came out of the dressing room together both laughing which was a good sign.
“Hey babe!” Travis smiles wrapping his arms around Karly lifting her off the ground. You roll your eyes playfully and smile up at Nolan. He winks down at you, and your face heats up slightly.
“What’s up baby Konecny?” Nolan smirks down at you, resting his elbow on your head to emphasize the height difference. “Nolan I swear to god you’ve gotta stop calling me that! Just because I’m TK’s sister doesn’t mean I enjoy you pointing it out.” You scold, trying to ignore the butterflies erupting in your stomach.
“Oh my bad let me try that again.” He clears his throat dramatically and drops his arm so it’s around your shoulder, “What’s up baby?” His voice is deep, and you nearly choke at the pet name. You open your mouth, and close it immediately. Unable to form any coherent sentences. Thankfully Travis finally turns to you, a frown on his face as his gaze comes to Nolan’s arm still around your shoulder.
“Alright then, are we ready to go?” He asks awkwardly. You and Karly share a look, and Nolan’s arm falls from your shoulder. You try not to think about it, but you already miss the contact and feel cold as he steps away from you. “Let’s go!” Karly smiles, and starts dragging you out to the parking lot by the wrist. She is practically running, and yells to the boys that you are both going to the bathroom before you leave. This seems odd because you had gone not even a half hour ago as you both waited for the boys.
“Do you seriously have to pee again? You didn’t even drink that m-“ You started to question but Karly quickly cut you off. “NOLAN IS INTO YOU!”
“Woah! What!? Karly what are you talking about?” Your heart rate sped up and your face felt like it was on fire.
“That’s what is wrong with Travis. He is pissed off that his best friend is into his little sister! I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.” She is mostly just rambling on to herself and you feel sick. “He’s not into me Karly, he’s just nice to me because I’m TK’s baby sister.”
She stops and stares at you for a moment before her smirk grows even wider. “Oh. My. God. You’re into him too!”
“Nooo! No. No. No. Karly I am not, don’t even say that.”
“Why not?”
“Travis would kill me if he found out that I like Nolan!” After the words spilled past your lips followed by a moment of silence, your eyes nearly popped out of your head. “Karly I didn’t mean-“
“OH MY GOD! This is amazing!”
“SHHHH! What if they hear us!?”
After a few moments to collect yourselves, you head out to the car. As you open the passenger door of Travis’ car Karly grabs your arm. “Do you think I could sit in the front with Trav?” You know exactly what she is doing. “But I always sit shot gun...” you whine.
“Y/n, seriously just get in the back it’s a five minute drive back home.” Travis sighs out, rolling his eyes at your dramatics. You groan inwardly and climb into the back with Nolan.
“So Patty are you coming over to pregame with us?” Travis asks watching Nolan in the rear view mirror as he starts the car.
“What you meant to say I think is ‘Hey Patty will you come over and babysit y/n/n so Karly and I can fornicate before we go out?’ and the answer is yes I can, but I’m drinking your liquor and you better keep it down this time.” Nolan smirks at you once again and you quickly look down at your hands a smile tugging at your lips.“Yeah I’m with Patty here, I don’t need to hear that again!” You and Nolan laugh together in the backseat as the two in the front seat do their best to deny the accusations.
About an hour later, you are stepping out of your room dressed in dark jeans, a band tee, and a leather jacket. Your hair is curled a little, and your makeup all done. “You clean up nice baby Konecny” Nolan smiles at you from his spot on the couch as he tosses you a can of beer.
“Am I gonna be stuck living in your boyfriends shadow forever Patty?” You giggle cracking the beer and falling on to the couch beside him.“Jealous?” He grins, leaning back and stretching his arm across the back of the couch just behind your head.
“Not in the slightest.” As you both sit in a comfortable silence, you can hear music starting to play down the hall and you groan loudly and check the time on your phone. “They do this every time!”
“Oh don’t be such a baby y/n, they’re in love.” Nolan teases. “Yeah well they will still be in love tonight when I’m passed out drunk and can’t hear them.” You grumble playing with the hem of your shirt, and take another swig of beer.
“Sounds to me like someone needs to get laid” You immediately spit out the beer in your mouth choking on it. “Point proven.” He chuckles
“Hey! I get laid plenty thank you very much!” You shoot back at him after catching your breath. “Oh yeah? Must be when we are at the rink then, because last I checked TK hasn’t seen a single guy step foot in this apartment. And I know you don’t go out.”
“Why do you care?” You spit at him, becoming angry because you know he’s right. With that Nolan leans closer to you, and you can feel his breath on your neck. Subconsciously you tilt your head revealing more of your neck to him. You can practically hear the smirk in his voice as he whispers, “Gotta keep an eye on my competition.”
“What the-“ You don’t even have a chance to process the words when Travis’ voice makes you jump.
“Travis! Ready to go?” You practically shout, the nervousness pouring off you. Already on your feet walking towards the door.
“Wow TK that was fast. Not sure if I should be congratulating you or apologizing Karly.” Nolan chirps. You can feel the tension in the room, but no one acknowledges it. So soon enough you’re all packed in an Uber. Travis and Nolan both have their heads stuck in their phones, and Karly’s hands are all over Travis. It’s all really uncomfortable for you, so you’re the first out when the car pulls up to the bar.
Ignoring the entire group you make your way inside and to the bar, trying your best to flag down a bartender. “Want a hand short stuff?” You feel your breath catch in your throat as Nolan’s hand falls to the small of your back when he slides into the spot next to you. You just nod in response, as Nolan orders you a drink after quickly catching the attention of the bartender. He smiles down at you, and his hand slides lower so it is now resting dangerously close to the top of your ass.
“You look really good tonight Y/n.” You blush and mutter out a weak thank you, “You don’t look too bad yourself Patty.” Before either of you can say anything else your drinks are placed in front of you. Grabbing them quickly, you made your way to the booth Travis and Karly had claimed for you all.
“Wanna dance Y/n!?” Karly asked hopefully, a wide grin on her face. You chug about half your beverage, and take her hand as she drags you to the dance floor.
You and Karly dance for awhile together and you try and forget about the boys entirely. You’ve been mostly successful in that until you feel two big hands on your waist and a body dancing against you. You’re having too much fun to really care about the stranger dancing with you, until Karly speaks up about it. “Y/n, Nolan hasn’t taken his eyes off you all night! I think he’s jealous!” She smirks wiggling her eyebrows.
“You’ve been making eyes at my brother all night, how would you even know? Besides he’s not jealous.” You throw back, ignoring the pit forming in your stomach. You really wished Nolan felt that way about you, but he doesn’t. He couldn’t. You’re just baby Konecny. A frown creeps it’s way onto your face the farther in your thoughts you get. You’re so lost in thought, that you don’t even notice Karly slip away to find TK. It’s not until you feel the warm hands leave your hips, that you manage to tune back into your surroundings.
“I think you are done here man, go find someone else to bother.” Nolan is now standing between you and the guy you’d been dancing with. If you had been able to stop staring at Nolan, you might have even noticed how attractive your dance partner had truly been. “Nolan-“ You try and butt in to tell him it’s okay.
“Listen dude I didn’t know she was taken I’m sorry!” The mans hands go up in defence as he smiles apologetically at you. “Yeah well she is, so you can go now”
Your heart stops at his words. You knew it was just him playing the protective big brother roll, and hell TK probably sent him to do it. That doesn’t mean you didn’t feel things when he said it. “Okay I don’t know why TK told you to come over here, but I am quite capable of taking care of myself!” You scold him crossing your arms. You push past him bumping his arm as you head towards the table again. You don’t manage to get far though before Nolan’s hand is wrapped around your bicep. “He didn’t.”
You turn around to face him, and are taken aback by how close he is. The look in his eyes indecipherable. “What?” You manage to croak out, unable to comprehend what’s happening because you’re so nervous.
“TK didn’t send me over here. In fact Karly and TK left 5 minutes ago, but how would you know right? You were too busy basically having sex with that guy on the dance floor!” His words are sharp and his grip on your arm tightens slightly.
“I was not! And even if I was Patty, what’s it to you? Maybe I’d like to have a guy take me home for once, maybe I’m sick of having to go home and listen to my brother have sex with his girlfriend!” You’re yelling now, but as Nolan’s eyes darken you get nervous. “You’re not my babysitter...” you mumble dropping your eyes to stare at your feet. “I know I’m not your babysitter Y/n, but I can’t let you go home with strangers.”
“Why not? I’m an adult!” You’re sure you sound like a whining child at this point, which is not helping your argument. Nolan groans. He lets go of your arm and runs his hands over his face and stares up at the ceiling. “Because. Because I want to take you home. Okay?”
“N-Nolan what are you talking about?” Your heart is pounding in your ears, and your head is spinning.
“Y/n, I’m sorry if this is weird, but god I think you’re amazing and there is nothing I want to do more than be with you tonight. I want to be the one you dance with like that.” He lets out a shaky breath, before finishing, “And fuck Y/n/n, I want to take you home with me.” Before you can even comprehend what all of it means you’re stepping into him. You run your hands up his torso and down his arms slowly. He’s eyes are watching your every move, as you spin around so your back as facing him. Grabbing his wrists you set his hands on your hips, smiling over your shoulder at him. “Then shut up and dance with me Patty.” Nolan smirks, and pulls your body flush against him. You move your hips against his, biting your lip hard as you feel his bulge rub against you. His lips attach to the base of your neck, leaving sloppy kisses in a trail to your ear. “Y/n-“ he whispers in your ear, “let me take you home.” It’s a desperate plea, but the way he pulls your earlobe between his teeth as he pulls away makes you rub your thighs together.
“Nolan-“ you practically moan his name, “This is a bad idea.” With that he grips your hips, spins you around, and crashes his lips to yours. He is trying to communicate how it’s not a bad idea, or if it is, that it’s worth it. And as you melt into him, becoming more needy, you know he’s right. You barely make your way out of the bar and into the Uber before Nolan’s hands are roaming your body more freely. His lips are searching yours, as his hand creeps up under your tshirt. He moans against your lips when his fingers reach the lace of the bralette you were wearing. You arch your back in anticipation of his hands finally palming at your breasts, but you groan in frustration as he pulls away from you entirely. “Someone is needy!” He chuckles, “we are here.” He winks at you paying the driver and practically drags you out of the car into his building.
When you both finally reach his apartment he unlocks the door letting you inside. As you stand in his living room you start to feel self conscious. “Baby come here.” Nolan’s voice snaps you out of your thoughts as you follow it into the kitchen. The pet name fuelling the fire that had been growing in you all evening.
Before you turn the corner into the kitchen, you pull your shirt over your head and throwing it to the floor. There is no going back now. “Fuck.”
“Are you just going to stare at me all night Patty, or are you going to fuck me? Because if not I’m just going to do it myself.” You smirk at him, running your hands down your sides stopping at the waste of your jeans.
“Jesus Christ! I was ready to bend you over this counter, but I think watching you touch yourself sounds pretty fucking hot.” He smirks and pats the counter looking at you expectantly.
Your evening started in Nolan’s kitchen, and eventually you found your way to his bedroom. The chemistry between you two, was undeniable. Nothing prepared you though, for the feeling of waking up in his arms. You were facing him, his face inches from yours. His breathing was shallow, and his cheeks their usual shade of pink. He was beautiful. “Anyone ever told you it’s rude to stare?” His voice was groggy and you’d be lying if you said it wasn’t sexy as all hell.
“I wasn’t-“ you began your protest, but were cut off by your phone ringing loudly from the nightstand.As you roll over to grab it, Nolan groans in protest. Your stomach drops when you see the name flashing across the screen. “Oh fuck!” Nolan’s eyes are wide when you turn back to him, terror evident on your face. “It’s Travis.”
“Hey Trav, what’s up?” You answer, hoping he doesn’t pick up on how unsteady your voice is.
“Where are you? Are you okay? I tried getting Nolan on the phone to see what happened last night.” His voice is laced with worry, and guilt washes over you. “I’m okay, I promise.” You’re practically whispering into the phone. Nolan’s eyes burning into you with his hand covering his mouth in shock, isn’t helping your nerves.
“Holy shit, y/n, did you go home with someone!?” You can hear the smirk in his voice. “Umm- uh- yeah I guess I did?”
“Atta girl! Do you want me to come get you?” He asks, and you nearly throw up at the thought.
“NO!” You cringe outwardly at how fast and loudly you protested. “I’ve already ordered the Uber, I’ll be home soon!” With that you quickly said your goodbyes and hung up. Immediately getting out of bed, and searching around for your clothes. You can feel Nolan’s eyes on you.
“You could just stay awhile you know.” His voice is so soft it almost doesn’t sound like him. “Right!” You laugh humourlessly, “and would you like to explain to my brother that it was actually you I slept with last night?” As you look over at him for the first time since you left the bed, all the air is sucked from your lungs. The sheets draped around his waist, an arm resting behind his head, his hair a mess. He looks so perfect, but his face twists at your words and the look now present in his eyes is one you can’t place.
“The kitchen.” He responds lazily. Your brows furrow in confusion. “Your clothes. They are in the kitchen.” He adds, but his eyes don’t meet yours. Your mind wanders to last night in the kitchen, and you can’t help the smirk that comes to your face. Walking slowly back over to Nolan, your place a hand on his cheek. He leans into it, and your heart melts as his gaze finally meets yours.
“I had a good time last night. We should do it again sometime.” You wink at him and he chuckles lightly in response. “We just can’t let my brother know we are fooling around. He’d kill us!”
“Sure. Yeah.” He responds shaking his head and kissing you lightly. “Don’t tell your brother.”
“Took you long enough!” The words were out of his mouth before you even closed the door.
“Jesus Trav, I’m an adult I shouldn’t have to let you know exactly where I am and when I’ll be home!” You glare at him, as you kick off your shoes and basically fall onto the couch. He laughs at you as you let out a loud groan. “Long night?”
“You have no idea!”
“Okay ew gross!” He whines covering his ears.
“You asked! Besides I’m sure your night was just as eventful!” You laugh as he gives you the finger, walking down the hall.
Over the course of the next couple months you found yourself falling into bed with Nolan more than you’d care to admit. You also wouldn’t admit how much you enjoyed spending time with him. He was always so sweet to you, and you wanted more than the whole “friends with benefits” arrangement, but you knew you couldn’t have it, even if it was something Nolan wanted too. Which it wasn’t. The only part you really hated about this whole thing, was hiding it from Travis.
“Nolan needs a date to the Christmas charity dinner.” Travis announces as he falls down on the couch between you and Karly. He had just gotten back from practice, so when that was the first thing out of his mouth you and Karly both looked at him in confusion. “You should go with him Y/n, he says his new girlfriend is too shy to go. So you should go with him, because it wouldn’t be weird y’know?” He states matter-of-fact-ly.
“Babe, why would going with Y/n be any less weird than going with anyone else?” Karly speaks up before you can, because your mind is running a million miles a minute. Did Nolan have a girlfriend? He couldn’t. Right?
“Because, it’s not like there would be anything happening between them. It’d give his girlfriend peace of mind.” He shrugs getting up from the couch, and walking into the kitchen. Karly sends you a sad look, and you feel sick.
Travis really had no clue what was going on, and you should be trying to keep it that way. You couldn’t help the question falling past your lips though, as he came back in the living room with a glass of water. “So who is this girlfriend whose job I’m expected to take for the evening?” You groan internally at how jealous that sounded.
“Dunno,” Travis shrugs, “he gets pretty flustered any time someone asks about her. Doesn’t want us to know I guess. The only reason we even found out about her in the first place was because Patty kept showing up to the rink covered head to toe in hickies and scratch marks.”
“Sounds to me like this girl is just a hookup Trav.” Karly adds and smiles at you. She is obviously trying to make you feel better about the fact the guy you like is with another girl. She doesn’t know however how much that comment hurt. It’s you, you’re the hookup. Travis shrugs once again and takes a sip of water, turning to watch whatever bad reality show Karly had put on to watch. You tried to watch too, but the tears that stung at your eyes threatening to fall, forced you to get up quietly and slip out the front door.
Not sure what to do next, you pulled out your phone pressing Nolan’s contact. “Hey Y/n, what’s up?” He mumbled as he answered your call. “Hi- can I uh” you hesitate for a moment as the first tear slips down your face, “can I come over?”
“Uhhh I’m kind of busy at the moment.” Your stomach drops at his response, and the tears fall faster as you try and hold back a sob.
“What did you need?” He speaks again when you don’t respond.
“Oh- Travis said you needed a date to the charity dinner, a-and I was just thinking we could talk about it.” You say, voice breaking slightly. “It was stupid anyway, never mind.” You cover your mouth quickly to muffle the sob you’ve been suppressing. “Y/n, are you okay?” You can hear the concern in his voice, he knows you’re crying now. You can’t form any words, so you shake your head even though he can’t see you. You let yourself cry now, no longer fighting it as you slump against your steering wheel.
“Where are you? I’m coming to get you.” You can hear him pulling on his shoes and grabbing his keys. “I-I’m in my car.” You manage to get out in between sobs, desperately trying to stop crying. You want to object, and tell him you’re fine, but you can’t. You need to see him.
“You stay right there, you’re too upset to be driving. I’ll be there soon. Okay?” You hear him get into his car closing the door. You nod in response, and even though he can’t see you he seems to know. You expected him to hang up, but he doesn’t. Instead Nolan puts you on speaker phone, but he doesn’t say much. Instead you hear him muttering to himself about stupid drivers and occasionally telling you he’s almost there.
You must have spaced out, completely focused on the anxiety driven sobs wracking through your body, because you don’t notice when he hangs up. Moments later your car door is opened, and a hand is placed gently on your thigh. “Y/n.” His voice is so quiet you almost don’t hear it, “what’s wrong?” Embarrassment floods you immediately. You groan throwing your head back against the headrest, wiping at your face in frustration. You try once again to tell him you’re okay, but your voice is gone. You just shake your head and and try to stop the tears.
“Look at me please.” His voice is both firm and pleading. You drop your gaze to wear he is knelt down next to your car. His thumb is rubbing soothing circles on your thigh, and his eyes are full of confusion. The tears that had slowed mostly to a stop, sting your eyes again. You want to jump into his arms, and just stay there while he holds you. You know it’s not an option, so instead you let out a little whimper tears falling again. “I’m sorry.” Your voice is barely above a whisper and cracks as you say it, but you manage to muster out the apology.
“No. No, don’t be sorry. Hey it’s okay!” He wipes the tears from your cheek with his free hand, but they are immediately replaced with new ones. “I’m going to call TK, he will know what to do.”
“No!” You practically yell at him in protest. “P-please don’t.”
“Okay.” He looks at you, concern once again written all over his face. “What do you need?”
“You.” You regret the honest answer as soon as it slips past your lips, but decide to keep going anyway. “Fuck, Nolan I’m sorry I just- I’m really confused, and I just. Im sick of being Travis’ little sister. I’m sick of being baby Konecny and when I’m with you, I feel like I’m me. Like I’m just y/n. That’s all I want, but I feel guilty about it. And I know that the boys are giving you a hard time about “your girlfriend” so I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m holding you back, and I’m sorry I’m jeopardizing your friendship with Travis. We can stop now.” Nolan says nothing. Instead, he reaches across your lap and unbuckled your seatbelt. He gently frees your arm from it and then pulls you into his chest, and rubs your back. You step out of the car and wrap your arms around his waist as tight as you can, your legs feeling like jelly beneath you. You both stay there for a moment, as you cry against his chest.
“You’re upset. Why don’t you come stay at my place for the weekend and have a little break from TK?” Nolan mumbles into your hair, placing a soft kiss to the top of your head. You push back from him, and look into his eyes. You were going to yell at him, tell him this was only going to make things worse, but maybe he was right. Some time away from TK and Karly would be good. “What do I tell him?”
Nolan shrugs, “That you’re staying at a friend’s place?”
“Okay.” You sigh, and Nolan smiles at you. The smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes, but it still makes you feel a bit better. Nolan let’s go of you and opens his passenger door motioning for you to get in. You do, and he closes it gently. He closes and locks your car as well before hopping in the driver’s seat.
You decide to text TK.
Y/N: I’m going to be staying at a friend’s place for the weekend. See you Monday?
TK: Sure! Everything okay?
Y/N: Yeah! Don’t have too much fun with the apartment all to yourself 😛
“It’s going to be alright you know? You’re not holding me back from anything.” Nolan speaks leaning over and giving your knee a reassuring squeeze. And maybe, it will be.
You had spent the rest of the afternoon with Nolan between your legs. Nothing you hadn’t done before, but there was so much more emotion behind it, that it scared you.
As you laid in Nolan’s bed after your afternoon activities, his hand ran gently up and down your back. Tracing patterns across his chest, you let out a content sigh. You opened your mouth to tell Nolan how you felt, to ask him what this was to him, but before the words could even form on your tongue a knock on the front door caused both you and Nolan to jump up.
“Shit.” Nolan grumbled pulling a pair of shorts on, “I’ll be right back.” You frowned in response and got out of bed pulling on a pair of Nolan’s shorts and one of his hoodies. Little did you know, that just down the hall your worst nightmare was unfolding.
“Travis! What are you doing here?” Nolan said just loud enough for you to hear, and your body froze in fear.
“Hey Patty have you heard from Y/n at all? I’m a little worried about her. Wait a second is your girlfriend here!?” You could hear the excitement in Travis’s voice, when he realized he might finally get to meet the mystery lady.
“Um- yeah, now isn’t really the best time TK.” Nolan mumbled and you can practically hear his cheeks heating up, from your spot in the hallway just out of view. Your hands were shaking as you lean against the wall, trying to control your breathing.
“Oh shit! Did I interrupt something?! Dude you shoulda just told me! I’ll just call Y/n if you haven’t heard from her.” At that your heart stops. Where is your phone? You set it down when you got there.
“Okay, see you later TK!” Nolan basically shouts, trying to close the door you assume. Relief begins to wash over you, and you feel like you can breath again.
However, the relief leaves just as fast as it came, when you hear your phone ringing. Stomach dropping, as the memory of setting your phone on the table by the front door comes to mind.
“Nolan.. why the hell is Y/n’s phone in your apartment?” You can hear the anger in your brother’s voice. “Teeks I can explain” Nolan’s voice is weak, and your heart breaks a little despite its rapid beating in your chest.
“Great idea Patty! Please explain to me why you didn’t bother telling me my sister was your secret girlfriend!” He’s fuming and you don’t know if you should rush to Nolan’s aid or climb out the fire escape. “She’s not actually my girlfriend...”
“Okay so you’re telling me you’re just fucking my baby sister!? I’m going to fucking kill you”
“Travis stop!” You surprise yourself as your running to put yourself between the two best friends. “Please don’t.” You whimper the last part. Tears streaming down your cheeks, as you use your arms to push him back trying to keep the distance between him and Nolan.
“I told you she was off limits! I told the whole damn team that they weren’t allowed to mess with her. So what? You just thought you’d fuck your best friend’s sister like some cheap whore when you could have any girl in Philly!?” Your face twists at that. You know that Travis didn’t say it to hurt you, but you couldn’t help feeling sting of hurt mixed with jealousy you wish you didn’t feel.
“I-it’s not like that” Nolan mumbles out. Your heart crumbles at his limited response. “Travis, take me home.” You plead, trying not to let more tears fall.
“Y/n- don’t-“ Nolan reaches out for you, but Travis shoves him. Hard.
“Travis! Please!” With that, you lose it. Hands shaking, sobs escaping you relentlessly, and you can’t catch your breath. Both guys stop, eyes snapping to you. Travis wraps his arms around you, affectively keeping you upright.
You don’t hear anything else, or see anything else. Everything stops.
Your eyes flutter open, and you’re met with a white ceiling. Head aching nearly as much as your chest and you groan. “Y/n/n! You’re awake!” It’s Karly’s voice that startles you, “are you okay?”
You don’t know where you are, or what happened really, but you can only manage to ask two questions. “Where is Travis? Is Nolan okay?”
“Y/n-“ you can hear the pity in her voice. “Oh god!” You start crying again, “this is all my fault!”
Karly speaks softly to you, telling you everything is fine. Telling you Travis is coming, and that Nolan will be fine. You hardly listen. You just allow yourself to cry until you fall asleep.
“I’m so sorry. This is all my fault. You knew it was wrong, and I told you it would be fine. I’m such an idiot.” You listened to his voice as he mumbled, hand gripping yours as tight as he could without hurting you. Keeping your eyes closed, you fight back the tears. It hurt so bad, everything hurt. You couldn’t face him, you were embarrassed, and heartbroken. “Nolan, I think you should go.” Travis’ voice makes you wince inwardly.
“Teeks, I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt her, or you. Tell me she’s gonna be okay.” Nolan’s voice breaks and he lets go of your hand.
“The doctor said she is okay, she needs some rest. She is just stressed Nolan.” Travis sounds just as defeated as Nolan’s, “I’ll text you if anything changes I promise.” You could hear Nolan get up and leave, and honestly, your heart went with him. When the realization hit you, you’re shooting up in the bed eyes wide gasping for breath.
“Y/n/n-“ Travis starts, as he rushes to your side.
“I- I’m sorry Travis. I’m so sorry! God I’m so so stupid.” You start rambling, chest heaving, breathing shallow.
“Slow down! Just relax please, you’re okay. It’s okay.” Travis is squeezing your hand now, concern for you evident in his features.
“I ruined everything. He’s your best friend, and I ruined it...”
“Nolan and I will be fine. This is between him and I, not you. Don’t blame yourself ple-“
“I love him!” Your sudden outburst shocks you just as much as it shocks Travis. The silence that follows is deafening. You try to think of something to say, anything to make this less awkward. Before you or Travis can speak though, someone at the door clears their throat. Your eyes snap to the source, and your stomach drops to the floor.
“I- uh I left my keys” Nolan mumbles, scratching at the back of his neck. His cheeks are red, and his left eye is purple and swollen. Travis sighs and mumbles something about giving you a minute, before he gets up and leaves the room. Not without bumping a little to hard into Nolan’s shoulder. More awkward silence follows, and this time you manage to find words first. “Jesus Nols your eye, are you okay?”
“It’s nothing.” He mumbles.
“It’s not though! I’m sorry, about all of it. I shouldn’t have gone home with you, I shouldn’t have called you, I shouldn’t have kept it from TK, and I shouldn’t have said that I lo-“ you stop unable to say it again, “Well you heard. You didn’t need this drama.”
“So you regret it?” His entire body tenses.
“You don’t?” You laugh out humourlessly
“Lying to my best friend? Yes. Taking you home? Being the person you call when you’re upset? Falling in love with you? I’ll never regret any of that. I’m sorry I hurt you, I’ll leave you alone now.” He says the last line with so much hurt it kills you. He snatches his keys off the table by your bed and turns to leave, but you grab his wrist. “You don’t mean that. You don’t get to say that and leave me.”
“What do you want me to do?” He raises his voice. You’ve never seen him like this. “I can’t stay. You wanted to leave my place last night. I don’t see what the problem is.”
“I didn’t want to leave Nolan I wanted you to fight for me, for us! I wanted to hear you tell my brother that you wanted me as much as I wanted you. I know you don’t though, and that’s alright. But you do not get to say you fell in love with me, and walk out of here like nothing happened. You don’t get to fuck with me like that!” Tears fall slowly down your face, and you let them. Sure you probably looked like a hot mess, but you didn’t care anymore.
“I thought this was just sex for you. I didn’t think you wanted anything more than a distraction from your brother’s life. I tried to get you to stay with me that first morning. I tried to show you how much I wanted you in my life yesterday. Y/n I drove like a bat out of hell from the rink to pick you up because you were hurting. I was at the rink talking to Giroux, trying to figure out how the hell I was supposed to ask Travis for his permission to date you. Actually date you. I’m in love with your stubbornness. I’m in love with your aversion to being called baby Konecny. I’m in love with how you look in my jersey even though you refuse to wear it because ‘why wear mine when you could wear one with your last name’. I’m in love with your laugh and your smile. I’m head over heels for you baby, and I can’t stay here. I can’t stand seeing you in that bed knowing it’s my fault you’re even there, knowing that when you leave you’re going home with Travis and not with me. I can’t stand around and watch you hurting, only to make it last longer. I’m sorry.” His whole body seems to deflate as he adjusts the keys in his hand.
“Nolan I didnt know.”
“Yeah well...” he mumbles, and refuses to look at you. With that you let go of his hand and he’s gone.
“Well Miss Konecny you should be good to go. Just take it easy for the next couple weeks alright?” You were hardly listening to the doctor, but really he was more talking to Travis than you. After signing discharge papers, Travis helped you out to his car. He stops opens your door for you, and you mumble a thank you. You’re so caught up in your own thoughts, you don’t
“Trav?” You say, after awhile of driving. “Yeah?” He asks, taking another turn you’re sure is just taking you away from your shared apartment. “Where are we going?”
Pulling over and parking the car, Travis looks over at you guilt written all over his face. You look out the window, taking in your surroundings for a moment before it clicks. You’re in front of Nolan’s building. “Travis please no...”
“Y/n/n listen. I’ve never in my life heard Nolan talk about anything too real. When he left the hospital, he stopped me in the hallway. He apologized for hurting me, and you. But you know what else he told me? He told me he wouldn’t take it back. He said that if his options were to have you for those few months again or to take it all back and have it never happen he’d hurt me again. He told me he loved you, and that he still does. He said he’s not sorry for loving you, but he’s sorry he didn’t do it right. Then I called Claude. He told me about Nolan just about in tears trying to figure out how to make it work without hurting his friendship with me, but mostly about preserving our relationship. He was worried about what would happen between me and you. He is so into you, and obviously you are into him. So into him, and so worried about it you landed yourself in the hospital. I was the issue here, so now I’m going to fix it.” He pats your knee soothingly. “Please let me.” You can only nod, and pull yourself out of Travis’ car. He drapes an arm over your shoulder and pulls you into his side.
“You hit him didn’t you?” You ask quietly in the elevator ride up to Nolan’s floor. “I did. I thought he was using you. I was so upset. He didn’t fight back, he wouldn’t even defend himself. I’m such an asshat.” He admits
You nod in response, and hug him as tight as you can. “That’s my big brother, the asshat. Thank you for always looking out for me, but you really shouldn’t have hit him.” He whispers an apology into your hair as the elevator doors open. “Now let’s go get your man! Ew no, I’m not calling him that ever again.”
You laugh at that. Travis smiles at you as he knocks on Nolan’s door. You wait patiently, but nothing happens. The door never opens. Travis knocks again. Nothing. Your heart feels like it’s breaking all over again. Travis continues knocking. He even tries calling Nolan. Nothing.
You reach out and grab his wrist to stop his assault on Nolan’s door. “Trav. It’s over, it’s okay. He doesn’t want this.” Before he can say anything, his phone rings. Both of your eyes snapping to it hopefully. You deflate as you see Karlys name flashing across his screen. You sigh and slide down the wall beside Nolan’s door, as Travis answers.
“Hey babe. Well I decided to take Y/n to Nolan’s apartment to try and fix this, but he is refusing to answer his door or his phone.” You groan a little dropping your face into your hands. You feel pathetic. “Are you kidding me right now!” Travis’ last line comes out much louder than the others, and you jump a little. Looking up at him you see an expression you can’t quite read. “Stay there! We are on our way!”
You’re pretty sure he doesn’t even wait for Karlys response before hanging up. “Trav? What’s wrong? Is Karly okay?”
“Karly is fine, but we have to go.” With that he’s grabbing your hands and pulling you off the floor and out of the building. Foregoing the elevator, and instead rushing down the stairs like a mad man.
“Travis what is going on!” You’re frustrated and he’s not responding to any of your questions, as he jumps into his car. You follow suit, grumbling under your breath. The drive isn’t that long, and you spend most of it wondering why Nolan wouldn’t answer the door. How were you supposed to go on seeing him all the time again? He wants nothing to do with you right?
Your mind is still spinning when Travis pulls into his parking spot. Karly is already waiting outside.
“Listen Y/n/n, you’re going to be okay. If things with Nolan were meant to be they will be. Karly and I have to go, but we will be back later okay? Call me if you need anything.” Travis’ voice is soft, but hurried as he leans over and opens your door for you. The confusion is clear on your face as you get out of the passenger seat. Karly sends you a quick apology before sliding into your spot.
And then they were gone. Before you could even ask where they were going, they were gone. You’d never felt more alone in your entire life. The one person you wanted to see wants nothing to do with you, and your support system just up and left you.
As you make your way slowly up the stairs to the apartment, tears fall for what feels like the millionth time in the last 48 hours. Your heart was so unbelievably broken, and you couldn’t even starts to think about how to put it back together. As you finally made it to the door, you unlock it and let yourself in. As you close it, you fall back against it small sobs escaping you into the quiet apartment.
“Y/n?” Your eyes snap up, heart beating a million miles an hour.
“Nolan? What are you doing here?” There he was standing in front of you, dressed up and holding a bouquet of your favourite flowers.
“Well- I uh came to apologize. I’ve been here since Travis text me to say you were leaving the hospital. What took you guys so long?” He chuckles nervously, but makes no effort to move closer.
“We went to your apartment. Nolan I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. God I was so stupid, I don’t know how to make this better.” You’re shaking now, overwhelmed by emotion.
Nolan sees you struggling, and quickly closes the distance between you both. Dropping the flowers along the way his hands find your hips to hold you up. “The past is in the past babe. We can’t change it.” You deflate at his words, fresh tears springing to your eyes.
“But,” he adds, placing a finger under your chin lifting it up so you’re looking at him. “We can start again, and do it the right way. I don’t wanna hide you.” His eyes slip from yours to your lips. Your heart skips a beat, as he leans into you pressing his lips to yours in a kiss like none you’ve shared before. This kiss is not driven by lust, it’s all love. It’s slow and steady, as he pulls you closer to him. You stay like that awhile, both to afraid to stop. Nolan pulls away first though, so you can both catch your breath.
You smile up at him, reaching up to gently touch the stitches above his left eye. You frown a little, as he flinches but doesn’t stop you. “It’s not as bad as it looks.” Nolan mumbles, cheeks heating slightly.
“Really? Because I was just about to say it looks kinda hot.” You smirk up at him.
His fingers flex on your hips, eyes going a little darker. “You’re gonna be the death of me Konecny.” His voice is deep and it sets your whole body on fire.
“Stop talking and kiss me already Nols” With that Nolan’s lips are on yours, and his hands are on your thighs lifting you off the ground with ease. You wrap your legs around his waist as you pins you to the wall. A moan escapes your lips as your hands find his hair, tugging it lightly. The kiss grows needier by the second, and you’re getting impatient. As you push your hips into his to get some friction, Nolan pulls away.
“We should slow down.” Nolan sighs, as he sets you back down. “Why?” You pout, gripping his shirt and trying to pull him back into you.
“Because, I want to do this the right way. Let me take you out first before I fuck you in your brothers apartment” he chuckles.
“We’ve had sex before Nolan. Besides,” you say, running your hands up his torso to the back of his neck. Tugging on the hair a little before you continue. “Wouldn’t fucking his baby sister all over his apartment be a great way to get pay back after he punched you in the face.”
“Y/n. I’d rather not have my best friend kill me before I even get a chance to show you off. He could walk through that door at any second.” Nolan groans glancing over your shoulder to the door.
“You’re right he could.” You smirk as you start kissing his neck.
“Babe-“ he warns, but it lacks sincerity and you take that as a win. “Can it Patrick. Let me have my fun!” You wink, sliding down to your knees.
And just like that, he was at your mercy. He was a total mess above you, hands gripping your hair tightly as you took him in your mouth.
The fact Karly and Travis could walk through the door at any moment to see the two of you. Nolan with his head thrown back, pants at his ankles, and you, hands gripping his thighs tightly and tears forming in your eyes. It had your senses heightened. On edge already, your pussy clenching on nothing.
When Nolan came, his name left your lips followed by many profanities as you swallowed his cum. You smirk up at him, and trace your finger over his tattoo lazily. “Worth it?”
“Fuck, so worth it princess.” He groans pulling you to your feet attaching his lips to your neck.
Nolan pulls away after a moment and you whimper slightly at the loss. He chuckles as he pulls his pants up and you groan in response. “Sorry baby, but standing just inside the door with my pants around my ankles is not a good look.”
“I liked it” you pout, “your legs are nice.”
“Oh yeah?” He quirks an eyebrow at you, a smug grin growing on his face. You nod, cheeks heating up slightly. “Especially your thighs.” You wink.
Nolan throws his head back and laughs pulling you into his chest. “You’re amazing you know that?”
“So I’ve been told.” You wink up at him. His grip tightens on your waist, and his smile grows impossibly wider. Your heartbeat quickens as tears spring to your eyes, and you do everything in your power to hold them back as you press your forehead against Nolan’s chest.
Everything feels so perfect in that moment. You’re not Travis’ sister. Not baby Konecny. Nolan isn’t Travis’ best friend. Not the Nolan Patrick. He is yours, and you’re his. The only think that matters now is how at home you feel standing awkwardly in the hallway embracing each other, with no intentions of letting go.
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sabineelectricheart · 3 months ago
Wardrobe Robber
Summary: Lyra is a slob when it comes to her clothes. Good thing Morty is there to lend her a hand. It may or may not devolve into kleptomania.
Rating: K+ - Suitable for more mature childen, 9 years and older, with minor action violence without serious injury. May contain mild coarse language. Should not contain any adult themes.
Words: 1800
Notes: Some cutey, unpretentious Folkloreshipping fluff. Eusine’s reaction is of free interpretation. Hope y’all enjoy it!
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It was early November. The winter months were approaching and the Johto region was getting colder and colder, with cutting winds coming down from the mountains and torrential rain on the northern cities.
For that reason, on the last leg of the year, every sunny day was seized to its maximum. One such day was today, and Lyra had decided to spend it on a picnic for one on Lake Lucid, on the eastern end of Route 38. The nurses that cared for the place were out and about with their work, as the sun bended in an angle just right with the Bell Tower, framing it most beautifully.
The brunette girl brought a selection of her Water Pokémon, who were now happily playing on the lake, while she sat in the shores, munching on a sandwich and shivering with cold.
The Champion pulled her thin, red sweater tighter around her lithe body, cursing her bad luck. She felt a nudge from her right and looked up to see her friend Morty looking down at her.
“Are you cold, Lyra?” He asked, his brow slightly furrowed.
The blond man rarely concerned himself with pleasantries these days, not with people whose company he enjoyed. It seemed standoffish, but the brunette found it endearing.
Lyra smiled as a greeting and nodded slowly, rubbing her arms for warmth.
“I should have listened to the weather forecast and brought an extra jumper.” She admitted, earning a smirk from Morty. “I thought I would be hot with the hike here, but no such luck.”
He began to remove his own jumper and she looked away quickly when his shirt rode up and displayed a sliver of porcelain, soft skin.
“Here.” He said, handing her the purple jumper he was wearing.
She thanked him and sent him a quick smile before pulling the sweater over her head. She breathed in the imbued scent, one that reminded her of the tiny flat he had behind his gym, and felt herself flush. The sweater smelled of the fine sandalwood incense he always used, mixed with rice wine, sacred ash and chrysanthemum flower.
It was absolutely intoxicating.
Lyra pulled her chocolate-coloured hair out of the back of the sweater before she pulled the sleeves over her hands and placed them in her lap.
Morty, in turn, leaned closer to her, an inquisitive and mildly concerned look on his face.
“Is there a reason you are blushing like that?” He asked, his voice calm like the surface of the lake.
If possible, she flushed darker.
“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Lyra answered, avoiding his gaze.
“Well, if you aren’t feeling well, you ought to visit the Pokémon Centre.” He advised. “The nurses are remarkably kind, and they make great tea.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.” The brunette chuckled.
Morty offered her a kind, if toothless, smile before spiriting away to his business.
After that, it became a bit of a habit to steal Morty’s clothes. Within over a year of theft, the brunette found herself with quite a selection.
They smelled like him and were far more comfortable than her own shirts and tight jumpsuits, so Lyra just could not resist. Besides, it was not as if it was all part of a plan to raid the gym leader’s wardrobe, but rather she was very, very, careless with her clothes. Everything from rain, mud, tea and Pokémon dung has, at some point or another, stained her outfits.
When you look closely at it, it was all the fault of Ecutreak City, with all its messy traps for her to humiliate herself in public. No fault of her own, really. Besides, of course, forgetting to return the pieces.
The Champion able to hide it well at first, only wearing his shirts in the comfort of her own home, but soon she could not help but begin wearing them to League casual engagements and out shopping in Goldenrod City, and now people were beginning to notice.
Will and Karen laughed amongst themselves anytime they met either Lyra or Morty, Jasmine and Bugsy smiled kindly at their interactions, and Pryce, Falkner and Clair rolled their eyes in derision over personal affairs taking precedence over important professional business.
Even Eusine had noticed!
It had been one afternoon, when she met the clueless man in Cianwood City to discuss the League purchasing an old Codex on Suicune that he wanted for himself, due to come up in auction at Wyndon City in the Spring. She was wearing a brown pullover, tied with a golden pin she had borrowed from the gym leader when her blouse ripped after an attack on National Park.
Eusine narrowed his eyes and locked aim on the pin.
“Is that Morty’s?” He asked coldly, with little regard to common curtsy.
She had only shrugged in response.
“Be careful with that.” The man barked derisively, as if he thought she would lose it on purpose. “It is an heirloom.”
She narrowed her eyes, she might be careless with her own clothing, but she was taking very good care of Morty’s. However, she elected not to make any comment, lest she was locked on a discussion with Eusine of all people the entire afternoon, and what a waste of a perfectly pleasant afternoon that would turn out to be.
However, unfortunately for the man, it was right then and there that Lyra decided that the League ought to buy the damn book, after all.
After the New Year’s, on another miserably rainy day in Ecutreak City, Lyra was at the Library, studying up on Imperial Law. She sat in a lone desk by the humming radiator, so engrossed in the subject on hand that she was oblivious to her surroundings.
Suddenly, a deep voice cut through her concentration.
“Would that be my old shirt?” Morty asked, looking curiously at her with his arms loosely crossed.
The Champion looked down at herself and panicked, remembering that she was, in fact, wearing his shirt, a blue and yellow long-sleeved model that hung loosely on top of her yoga pants.
She looked up at him, face flushed and her mouth open, unsure of how to explain herself.
“Uh, um… Yes?” She responded quietly.
Morty smirked, seemed rather pleased with the situation.
“And why exactly are she wearing my shirt?” He asked breezily, in intents to let the situation drag as much as he could.
She shrunk into herself, hoping that she would not drop dead from pure and unaltered embarrassment.
“It’s so comfy…” She mumbled, earning a rare throaty chuckle from the boy before her.
Lyra sighs.
“I’m really sorry, Morty. I’ll give it back tomorrow.” She reassured him, shifting uncomfortably in her seat.
The gym leader just shook his head.
“You should just keep it.” He said, raising his eyebrows and looking her up and down. “This shirt is very old, I bought back when I was fourteen. It was going to end up at the charity basket anyways. At least you’re putting it to good use.”
He, then, turned on his heels and headed down the labyrinthine rows of shelves, effectively leaving her in a puddle.
A few days later, Lyra was wearing the first piece of clothing she lent, the purple jumper, to a girls’ breakfast in Goldenrod City, revelling in its warmth and its general “Mortyness”.
She was laughing with Whitney about some stupid gym anecdote when she suddenly knocked over her glass of red berry juice.
It splashed down onto the table, droplets flying all over her. The jumper might have been a rich violet, but it was now covered in a multitude of dark stains. Her gaunt hand flew to her gaping mouth, guilt beginning to tighten its hold on her throat.
The Champion scrambled out of the restaurant with no words or even a plan about where to go and hoped that she could somehow salvage the sweater. On her way towards the Department Store, where she assumed she would find some miraculous stain remover, she ran into somebody’s chest.
Lyra looked up to see Morty looking down at her with concern shining through his eyes.
“Are you alright?” The blond gym leader asked, placing a hand on her waist to steady her.
The girl crossed her arms across herself in an attempt to hide the mess she had made. She nodded quickly and attempted to shoot past him.
“Yes, I’m fine.” She mumbled as she tried to free herself from his grasp.
Morty reached for her shoulder, putting a stop to her escape attempts.
“Hold on there, Lyra.” He commanded, his voice stern. “What happened? You seem very distressed.”
The Champion turned to face him slowly and she felt tears burning behind her eyes. She had not meant to ruin something of his, but the lack of intent did not make the guilt go away. She removed her arms from her body and showed him the dark stains that were across her front.
“I’m sorry…” She sniffled. “It’s berry juice. I ruined it.”
Lyra avoided his gaze, waiting for him to yell at she or get angry, but instead, Morty began to laugh.
“Don’t you think that you’re being dramatic?” He asked her with a chuckle.
She frowned.
“I am not dramatic! I feel guilty, that’s all.” She explained with a pout.
Morty leaned over and ruffled her hair.
“Don’t you worry, Lyra. We just have to find a dry cleaner’s.” The young man said calmly, as if nothing could ever bother him. “I am sure a good one will wash the juice right out.”
She flushed. Somehow, in her panic, she had forgotten that she could go to a dry cleaner’s, instead of trying to remove the stain herself, which she would never manage.
“I’m really sorry, Morty.” She said, embarrassedly. “I’m always asking to borrow your clothes and I can’t even take good care of them. I’ll pay for the cleaning, and a new sweater, too.”
The blond man held up a bag from the Department Store. “It is no trouble at all, Lyra. There are plenty of jumpers from where this one came from. I hold no special attachment to it.”
“But still…” The brunette bemoaned lightly, still feeling nervous about the whole situation. “At least let me return what I borrowed. At least let me return the pin you gave me, Eusine said it is an heirloom.”
“I really want you to keep it all.” He insisted. “To be honest, I find it flattering when you wear them. It makes me happier if you have them than it would getting it all back.”
Lyra blushed profusely. “Cheeky. I bet you say that to all the girls.”
Morty shook his head and chuckled. “Nope, only the cute ones who borrow my sweaters.”
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