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entry-777 · 2 minutes ago
I want to go back to indiana to surprise my mom for mothers day but um... if i go back my dad can see that im near (yes he forced me to download life360 even tho i am going on 24 this year no i don't wanna talk about it) and will go absolutely apeshit if i dont go visit my stepmom for mothers day too but just the Thought of being anywhere near my stepmom make me so anxious i get chills all over and feel ill
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imanothingslag · 4 minutes ago
i like when black moms say the most dumbest things for dance move terms. girl what do you mean “break a little hip for us”
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nachodroppedfood · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Good bye sister Isabella, it was a pleasure working with you. Truly.
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levixreader · 13 minutes ago
(Dad!Levi x Mom!Reader) - Mini Me
Charlotte: French name meaning freedom
Summary: It's a typical day in your household. It all started with Charlotte getting into Levi's tea collection and now Levi was marching out the door with you thrown over his shoulder and his mini-me following at his heel. -Charlotte is 5 in this story-
Warning: Pure fluffiness, Levi deserves happiness ;v;
Daughter of Mine | Master List | Requests
Tumblr media
“Ok brat”, said Levi, his arms crossed in front of his chest. “tell me the truth”, he insisted his brows furrowing, “Did you mess with my teas?”, he asked eyes narrowing down at the small child by his feet. Charlotte blinked, steel eyes widening innocently staring up at Levi. Her lip quivered. He sighed closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose. He couldn’t stay angry at her. Not when she was looking at him like that. “Just-”, he began opening his eyes again, “Just don’t do it again”, he said kneeling towards her. Charlotte looked at him, her lips still pushing downwards, “I’m sorry daddy”, she said quietly as she fiddled with her hands. Levi’s eyes widened, his chest in pain.
That had done it.
Now Charlotte could chuck every teapot in the house out the window and he would let her.
You watched, in amusement, from the couch, sipping silently the tea you had brewed earlier in the morning. A small smile dangled from your lips. Not even you had the Lance Corporal wrapped so tightly around your finger.
“It’s ok”, he cooed enveloping Charlotte’s small frame between his arms. His hand stroke the back of her head. Your eyes softening at the heart-warming scene. But then, Charlotte stretched, pushing her little feet to her tippy-toes and reached up to grasp Levi’s neck the best she could. Levi’s eyes shut relishing the moment, the hand wrapping around her little body tightening. He could hear her soft breathing around his neck. His heart could stop.
“Daddy!”, came her soft voice again, “You’re squeezing too hard”, she complained wiggling in his embrace. You smiled widely. Levi didn’t let go immediately, soaking up the few seconds he delayed letting the small girl go. But when he did, he didn’t let her too out of his reach. “Sorry”, he muttered, his eyes filled with warmth.
Charlotte started to bounce from her heels. She did this when she thought of an idea. Normally, these ideas required the help of your husband, for the most part. You see, Charlotte was 80% Levi and 20% you. She, of course, inheriting features like the shape of your eyes and a couple of moles here and there, but to anyone that had eyes, she was a carbon copy of Levi. She had straight black long hair and his steel-grey eyes and from how she had managed to get to his tea collection, she was an Ackerman through and through.
Sometimes you wondered if Levi would be more carefree and show more emotions if his upbringing had been different. Would he also clench his fist and pout just waiting to burst an idea out? You chuckled. Now that would be a sight.
“What are you laughing at?”, he asked, his eyebrows knitting together. Charlotte, following Levi, also turned to look at you, pout still in place. But this time her eyebrows mirrored Levi’s. You laughed. You couldn’t hold it in. Which only made them both frown. You laughed even harder spilling some of the liquid on the couch. “Tch”, Levi said getting up from the floor. “Th”, said Charlotte now looking up at Levi, never letting her little fist relax.
Your eyes watered.
This was too much.
Too funny.
“Oi”, said Levi, now hoovering over your trembling body, his hands holding his hips, “What’s so funny, huh”, he said both curiously and now a bit annoyed. You genuinely couldn’t talk. From behind him Charlotte friend to copy his posture, puffing her little chest out. Another burst of laughter erupted from you. Levi’s nose flared. “We’ll see who’s laughing in a few hours”, he said leaning over you, hand grabbing you by your waist. In a quick movement, he lifted you up from the coach. You squealed, no longer laughing. “Put me down!”, you demanded making him smirk. “No”, he answered throwing you over his shoulder. The remaining tea spilling over the floor. He swirled to look at the wet floor. “Tch, we’ll clean that later”, he said, eyes narrowing at the splatter.
“Th”, came Charlotte little voice once more. You giggled, looking at your daughter. Levi’s grey eyes widened finally understanding what you were laughing at. He smiled and playfully gave your ass a slap. “Stop making fun of our daughter”, he said chuckling. It was your turn to pout. “I am not”, you argued making him chuckle again. “Common, let’s go to a tea shop”, he said marching towards the door, Charlotte already trotting behind him. “Hey! Put me down!”, you demanded, your hands reaching for your dress, making sure it covered your ass. “Not a chance”, he said opening the front door.
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mlovesstrawberries · 14 minutes ago
accidentally logged into my homeroom with my bi gradient star trek profile pic so now I'm stuck between actually showing my face and outing myself to my very Christian, trump-supporting homeroom teacher and entire class
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kairisplace · 17 minutes ago
bro do the trend
If you’re talking about the painting one, I want too :((
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fleetwood444mac · 22 minutes ago
mutuals whenever i reply to your posts i want you to imagine i am writing it in bubble letters on a napkin and folding it into a heart and putting it in your lunch box
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nishinoyawn · 23 minutes ago
jollibee slaps and i wasn't even raised on it, straight up bussin
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mouseandboo · 26 minutes ago
Powerful Mom
Powerful Mom by Gail Anderson Via Flickr: Our son made this from a Shutterstock picture awhile back. This was inspired by me easily finding ingredients for a recipe that our daughter had searched for without success. This picture is perfect for Mother’s Day, which is coming up on Sunday (May 9, 2021).
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crazyw3irdo · 29 minutes ago
shoutout to the worker at the mall who had to deal with
me, dressed emo as hell, running into the toy store, grabbing one of those teddy bears with a huge body and tiny head, and just repeating “my SON”
my mom, looking through the funky pop, trying to find a matching aziraphale for the crowley she just found
my mimi politely & awkwardly pointing out rubix cubes and other toys in an attempt to find out what we like
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comqliqated · 29 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so cute 🪴 ッ
pachira aquatica
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solaeria · 31 minutes ago
Yes this is not formatted but like...I keep thinking about Mikoto and how she felt throughout the years as the feud between The Uchiha and Konoha got worse ——— while she did not ever show it, Mikoto was terrified ; she lived in constant fear for her children, what would be of them? Would they survive a possible attack? Would they be forced to fight? Should she step in and stop this? Could she? Those were all questions that plagued her daily and the worst part is that....she had no one to ask help.
Both her parents were dead, her grandfather also dead ; no friends within the clan to share her worries with, she was completely alone ——— Fugaku’s family hated her, so she couldn’t count with her in-laws either.
Mikoto lived in constant anxiety and when Sasuke and Itachi were not home she allowed herself to crash ; panic attacks so strong she would be rendered useless for the rest of the day. Mikoto was so young and so terrified and lost, really all she needed was someone to guide her, someone who cared for the Uchiha and for the Village to help her save her clan.
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tokyoflashh · 34 minutes ago
the fact that people might know how i feel makes me wanna throw up
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hoe-turnedhousewife · 36 minutes ago
Since we have made it to 500 followers
Tumblr media
Here's a treat 😉
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