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#mobius salt
cuddlymuffinofoptimism · 15 hours ago
-omg when I tell you I was jamming to I Need a Hero
-that was so iconic I stan
-Loki's office outfit? Everyone shut up I'm in love
-miss minutes is so adorable
-loki u little bitch
-why am I suddenly shipping rovanna (don't @ me if I spelled that wrong sorry) and Mobius I feel like there's some underlying "we both have feelings but we'll never actually say anything"
-plz Loki's monologue, I'm deceased
-loki asleep at a desk guys apparently I have a new sexuality-
-omgosh the Asgard file? With Ragnarok?? HOW MUCH PAIN DOES ONE PERSON NEED TO GO THROUGH???
-plzzzz rip Mobius' salad and Casey's milk they were sacrificed for a good cause
-the way Loki was so emotional when he first looked at the file, and then legitimately two seconds later with Mobius he's like "Ragnarok? Meh anyhoo-" hurt me
-the mission to Pompeii, Loki speaking in Latin, releasing his horned friends I'm in tears this is hysterical
-also note the ironman parallel, arms spread wide while something explodes in the background marvel what are you trying to say here
-Mobius calling him a scared cold little boy made me want to murder himmmm
-"Here's a weapon." "Absolutely not."
-ofc they set a bomb I mean plz how could they not see that coming
-Loki being shushed like five times the entire episode is a whole ass mood
-when she took her hood off first of all, I called it secondly, wow I'm very bi
-that cliffhanger should've been illegal
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lazy-cat-corner · 2 days ago
-But Avengers: Endgame didn’t need Thanos to return if the TVA could just arrest Thanos and his henchmen before they even landed at Stark Towers. The timeline would not have changed much except for Tony being alive which means the TVA let all that destruction and chaos happen just because they wanted Tony dead.
Literally, that’s the only difference not fighting Thanos would have made!
Tumblr media
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lazy-cat-corner · 6 days ago
...okay so for what it’s worth I DO like that Loki only came around when he was reviewing the footage HIMSELF on his own terms. Nobody there to tell him who he is and who he should be. Nobody could tell him how he should feel. He just let himself feel with no fear of judgement.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In some ways that was a healthier outcome than what Mobius was trying to accomplish. It was still traumatizing but probably the best possible outcome that could have happened. I don’t think Mobius would have gotten what he wanted if he hovered over Loki. He needed that space. He needed that time to think and understand what he was feeling. He needed to remind himself of his autonomy despite everyone in the TVA telling him otherwise.
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worstloki · 7 days ago
I'll have you know you ruined me. ALL I thought of in the first ep was tesseroki.
But okay. So. What was that?? With Mobius?? Claiming it's all he ever does to cause death and destruction?? SPECIFICALLY so that other people can rise up???? Excuse me but what the f*ck?????
that's because the first episode had a lot of tesseroki
Mobius is a manipulative b*stard trying to get Loki desperate enough to do anything to spite that idea, which is convenient bc the TVA is the only ones with the power to let that happen :)
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lokilicious-hiddles · 11 hours ago
💚 Episode 2 spoilers below 💚
💚 Some thoughts:
The absolute chaotic energy in Episode 2 was exactly what I’ve been needing from this show
Loki loves to be right (but we already knew that) and he gets so frustrated when he isn’t
Loki’s ridiculous metaphor with the salad and juice box - has he ever used salt and pepper shakers before? He was having too much fun, but that’s just his style
Poor Mobius just wanted to eat his lunch
Casey is ✨traumatized✨
Loki doesn’t particularly enjoy paperwork/studying
But he will do it when he needs to
And don’t get my started on Loki sitting so casually at his desk like that. Tom Hiddleston has legs for days
The Latin bit was just brilliant
My horned friends
Right on cue!
Pompeii exploding is a good metaphor for my ovaries this entire episode
Like Loki was just looking so fine
I have fallen even more in love with Tom Hiddleston 😩
Loki is also here to have fun and he wants everyone to know it
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heatherleigh02 · 16 hours ago
Loki spoilers:
The reason Loki uses the salad, the salt shaker, the juice, etc to explain things and simplify things for Mobius is because...
He's used to explaining things to Thor. And you can't tell me Thor isn't a visual learner. Especially the Thor he left, which is first avengers movie Thor.
I'm dead.
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ironvampire · a day ago
omfg i love loki so much, i don't feel as though we've ever really seen much of the chaos and mischief in him and this episode was just *chef's kiss* my boy be ruining people's salads and setting goats free💖💖💖💖 and i feel as though loki has been head cannoned to be nonchalant and just like unbothered but omg he was like a hyperactive puppy chasing around after mobius and frantically shaking the salt and pepper i just💞💞💞💞💞💖💖💗💓💖💕💞💘💝
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anushkamkjbooks · a day ago
Loki episode 2
Parts I loved. Spoilers
*him explaining his magic scientifically.
*Shushing the shush lady.
*Almost crying while reading the files on Asgard.
*"I can push Hulk down the rainbow bridge", "I can set fire to the palace"
*"Ragnarok obliterates the salt "salt being Hulk
Him being fucking intelligent.
*"I never stab on the back, that's such a boring form of betrayal" no bb we know you stab in the stomach 🥺
*"it got old" stabbing on the back.
*"I love to be right" I can't with him
*"Oh c'mon it's cool" about the destruction of Pompeii by Vesuvius. "They're all gonna die anyways."
*He announces that people are gonna die. I can't with this scene
*Falling asleep on the desk.
*Mobius gushing over Jetski.
*"three magic lizards" every time!!
*No one bad is ever truly bad and no one good is ever truly good."
* "you're very clever" "I know" shrugs
*So you're telling me Loki has a childish mindset which is why Mobius challenges him to find the variant in the files?
*"You're gonna take my job if I am not careful."🥺 We love our hardworking,talented boi.
* "if anyone's anyone, you're me"
Nvm are those Dove shampoos on the back?
* "I miss Randy"
* "I would never treat me like this"
Spoilers ahead
I had a feeling this would be a female Loki
I love her
And Loki Wtf????
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galaxythreads · a day ago
I love the scene from the second episode. Because it shows it's all an act. Loki sees files of the destruction of Asgard. There are almost tears in his eyes. Moments later, he pretends to Mobius that it doesn't matter. Loki specifically pokes everyone in this episode to get a feel for who he is dealing with. And he probably spoiled the Mobius salad on purpose. He had no other kind of revenge if he wanted to play nice.
Absolutely. This was Loki's acting episode. The amount of charades that he put up is boarding on impressive.
And his little petty revenges for the people who are holding him hostage is just...silently hilarious to me? Salt the salad, then dump milk in it. But I think that Loki was more so lost in the moment (which actually it was an amazing analogy) that he wasn't presently doing this to be nasty.
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crzyprsn42 · a day ago
I'm watching Loki 1.02
Spoilers below the cut
Previously on ends and I'm already crying
Why does the 'you aren't dressed right' lady look like Agatha?
Love how she took the pretty girl with her. I would have done the same
Sassy Loki
He looks so handsome 😍
Loki talking about his powers 💕 I'm simping
Mobius, he has feelings for Loki, I know it
Mobius, I hate you again
Mobius I hate you even more
Loki is trying to impress him so much and Mobius makes him feel bad about himself
Fucking bullshit
He's fucking gaslighting him
Why do you always have to make him cry???
Why doesn't Mobuis understand what Loki is saying?
The salt 😂😂 & the milk 🤣🤣
Pompeii 😎
The two of them: chaotic gays✨
I love him
See told ya
So cute
Mobius simping over jet-skis
Magic Lizards 😂😂🦎😂😂
Life is Chaos how true you are
No one bad is ever truly bad, and no one good is ever truly good.
See them flirting 😏
Mobius I kinda like you again, let's see how long it lasts
Give the man his knifes back!!!!!
Gods, they hate him, don't they
Love his magic
They usually survive
Fucking shit
Loki2 I love your style
Lady Loki destroying the time line all at once is so classy of her
Love your decision making Loki
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caricature-of-a-witch · 6 days ago
salt about the Loki series as of episode 1 (followed by a link at the very bottom to the stuff I did like because hell did I enjoy it)
definitely think a lot is overacted. especially in the first half but later on as well. I think at times it's supposed to make a point but it just seems sorta ooc? take the moment Loki tries to get Casey to get him the Tesseract - pretty sure the way he's acting here is supposed to underline the later point that I don't want to hurt people, I do it because I have to, I don't get anywhere otherwise (paraphrasing a lot here obvsly). the scene is pretty much that - he comes in, spots Casey, crouches next to him still looking vaguely lost, looks around, and then switches to a "fierce" expression and threatens to "gut him like a fish," and instead of doing anything to even appear like he'll follow through he gets distracted by Casey's lack of fishy knowledge. which goes very nicely with aforementioned later point but... no matter how long a day he's had, you'd think the literal (if maybe self-proclaimed? not that it matters) God of Lies should be able to pull a more convincing act than that. which goes for a lot of other scenes throughout the episode as well, I think (e.g. "I am smart" to Mobius, since when does he have to verbally assert his own intelligence) - it's not Ragnarok levels of being-ooc-for-funsies but in comparison to Thor I & II and Avengers (or even just Thor I and Avengers, since Thor II hasn't happened for this Loki), it's still a drastic difference that I'm having a hard time explaining away. he's literally fidgeting in his chair when Mobius asks if he enjoys hurting people while showing scenes from NY, full on leg-bouncing and hand on his face and everything. the only comparable thing I can think of is his wringing his hands in Thor I with Sif and the Warriors 3, and that was still a lot more subtle.
some other things - clambering onto a rock proclaiming to some random people that he's Loki, and [...] burdened with glorious purpose? (nvm the sudden language barrier. are you telling me they speak English on Asgard) what's the point of that? why the constant harping on about how he wants to be a God King(TM) and whatnot, and to rule Midgard as though he ever had any actual interest in that? I'm also mad at how easy it seems to be for the TVA's agents to get a hit on him/restrain him. dude's got at least a couple centuries of warrior society combat training as well as actual battle experience under his belt, as well as greater physical strength than most "normal" people, you'd think he can avoid getting slammed into a desk or physically restrained from moving by some random agents.
but still, again, what bugs me most is the complete lack of a poker face. Loki's got very little idea what's going on during a large part of the episode, and his shown way of dealing with that is... yelling at people? loudly and explicitly demanding respect? what, because that's what he did in Stuttgart? we're aware that there was a point to Stuttgart, right. that was pre-planned, meant to attract attention, to distract. what's the point here? if he's being disrespected already, surely yelling "respect me I am a god" isn't gonna... work? there's no end goal, there's just desperate, planless scrambling for something, which, while completely understandable under the circumstances, seems very out of character for Loki to do. as a general rule, he plans things ahead of time at least to some degree, even if those plans end up going wrong (see: letting Jotuns into Asgard and manipulating Thor, which works a bit too well and ends with Thor banished. see: getting Laufey to try and kill Odin so Loki can prove himself worthy by saving him, only Thor returns unexpectedly and ruins the moment. and so on.) so, with this, where's the plan? why not wait until he has at least some degree of information - where is he, how does this place work, where's the exit, what do they want and how can I use that to my advantage? but there's none of that, and instead he further shows a surprising lack of restraint by openly showing a hell lot of emotion and self-image to one of his captors who has... not actually treated him well at all. look yeah Mobius prevented him from being melted from the face of the universe or whatever but that clearly hasn't happened for altruistic reasons, and while he was oh so nice and offered him a seat (wow) and a drink (incredible) and talked with a Very Understanding Calm Nice Voice to him, he also dragged up a bunch of trauma, some of hich hadn't even happened yet, shows Loki his mother's death with zero context, and then has the gall to blame him for it, tells him the point of his existence is to cause pain but make other people better versions of themselves, and whatever the hell else bc so far I only watched it once and my memory isn't that detailed but I think I'm getting the point across. and that's the guy Loki opens up even a little bit to?
I'm honestly hoping that there's a deeper point to at least that last bit (since by that time Loki might have gathered enough information to do come up with a plan and start manipulating people himself, and do something more complex than threatening to gut them), because otherwise I just... have no explanation.
also do not get me started on the timeline stuff because for one time travel in the MCU hasn't made sense the moment it was introduced and is only marginally doing better here if even that and I've been mad about it since Endgame, and also I'm incredibly mad because from what I've gathered so far, what the Time Keepers have done is choose whatever timeline tickled their fancy, declare that one "sacred," and eradicate most if not all of the concept of free will by murdering or resetting or pruning or otherwise stopping anyone who doesn't comply with their idea of what's right. protect the sacred timeline to keep the multiverse from happening so there won't be war my ass. why and how would the multiverse even be at war?!
smaller bits! because I'm not done :D
- "you're good at doing awful things and getting away" bitch where the only scene Mobius gave as evidence of that is the DB Cooper thing which was basically a prank/lost bet and which according to Wikipedia had zero casualties and no one was harmed at all (yes I had to look it up I had no idea who DB Cooper was.) they literally had to invent a completely new scene because there was none in canon to support that claim. (love the idea of that bet though)
- is showing Frigga's death and telling him That's what's supposed to happen meant to make him agree with the TVA and its ideas and plans? or any of the other scenes for that matter. that's what they insist his life should be? and he's supposed to, what, say Ah yes of course I'll get right back on that? is there a point to that other than psychological torture
- mini salt crumbs about the scene near the end where the TVA agents get burned - this one agent scans the glowy thing and goes "time signature is early 3rd millennium. definitely anachronistic" like what you couldn't tell it's anachronistic at a glance and in fact had to add that to make sure everyone gets it as though weird glowy things just lie around in 1858 or whenever the hell you were lmao
baseline is, I don't trust the show yet but I'm intrigued and I do hope they'll go somewhere good that will let me ignore my salt more easily, and so have also my personal list of good things so far, which are much less plot-related or whatever but nonetheless brought me great joy
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doctor-8 · 24 days ago
salt cookie and pirate cookie, from the fanart ive seen, is just a different flavor of klein and mobius
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thankskenpenders · 3 months ago
Enerjak Reborn: Epilogue
It’s time to answer the question on everybody’s mind. How did Ken respond to Ian killing off Locke, one of his pet characters?
Well, the answer, as you should expect, is: poorly
Now, it’s important to remind everyone that Ken has not actually read the arc. He never read any of Ian’s run, to my knowledge. But his fans were sure to tell him all about it and ask him how he felt
Eventually, in 2010, two years after this issue dropped, we got a response from Ken talking about how he felt about Ian’s run. (Again, even though he wasn’t actually reading it himself.) Said response is worth reading in full if you’re interested in all this drama and Ken’s mindset. You literally get to see the guy brag about how he actively ignored what Bollers was doing when the two were sharing writing duties, as if this is a good thing that makes him a better writer. He also criticizes Ian for using the previous writers’ characters instead of introducing even more characters to the bloated Archie cast in his first few years on the series. But the relevant part to the discussion of Enerjak reborn is here:
“I especially don’t consider anything either does with any of the echidna characters – especially Locke – to be canon as neither created the characters nor established them in stories as the viable fan favorites they’ve become. No matter what Ian writes, he can never alter the fact that in MY universe, the events of Locke’s passing as depicted in SONIC #143 is canon. Anything he writes can easily be counter-written by a better story with an alternative solution.”
Let’s just brush past the very funny part where he calls Locke a “viable fan favorite”
So yeah. Penders was VERY unhappy with the way Ian wrote Locke, and the way Locke’s death in Enerjak Reborn meant that the timeline depicted in Mobius: 25 Years Later wasn’t the one true future of the series. He’s also gone on record saying that he thinks Ian didn’t get the relationship between Locke and Knuckles. When asked about Ian’s work, this has always been one of the major things that’s bothered him
On a broader level, his ramblings here are reflective of how he views comic franchises in general. A particularly illustrative quote from him is provided in the comments section below the article I linked:
“The only work I consider significant to any character is the work done by the original creators. Anything done afterwards by anyone else pretty much doesn’t count. For example, I consider the original issues of FANTASTIC FOUR by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to be the only stories that matter in the entire run. Anything being done today is by writers and artists who are simply building off the work Stan and Jack originated. I apply this standard to just about every character I ever enjoyed over the years.”
This odd mindset explains a lot about Ken. It explains why he hates that Ian kept using his characters, and why he actively avoided building off of the work of his contemporary writers at Archie. I can see what he means on some level, of course. When another writer comes in and adds more novels to a series after the original author dies, I generally tend to ignore those. And I skipped a good chunk of Twin Peaks season 2 because it had less involvement from creators David Lynch and Mark Frost, making a lot of it feel like filler. But we’re talking about a licensed comic, one that had been a collaboration between multiple writers based on the work done for the games and cartoons from the very beginning. Ken was never the sole writer--he wasn’t even there for the first year--and he was writing stories centered around characters he hadn’t created like Sonic, Sally, and Knuckles. He doesn’t take credit for creating any of those characters, but the hypocrisy still seems to be lost on him
But of course, we’re not just talking about Ian’s handling of all of Archie Sonic here. We’re talking about Locke. And as Ken has said himself, Locke was based partially on his own father. And that’s really the kicker here
As I’ve said many times before, I try to avoid psychoanalyzing Penders and digging into his personal life. I don’t know the guy, and that’s his own business. But it’s hard not to when he literally says shit like THIS to fans
Tumblr media
Locke is emotionally abusive towards his wife and son. Locke is also based on Ken’s dad. Ken refuses to see Locke as abusive, even though that’s exactly what he wrote, because that would mean acknowledging that his own father was abusive. So there’s always an excuse for why father knows best. It was a different era! They’re not humans! He could see the future! He might have hurt Knuckles, but it toughened him up, and he was always there for him in the end! The dad is never, ever at fault. The moms, on the other hands, are mere bystanders to the child rearing done by the dads. It’s just sad, really
I get why Ken would be bitter that Ian took this fictionalized version of his late dad, went “hey, this guy’s an asshole,” and then killed him off. I get why that would upset somebody. He wrote a very personal story there. But it’s not like Ian was pouring salt in a fresh wound--Ken lost his father all the way back in 1982. I know this because Ken literally dedicated the M25YL story about his version of Locke’s death to his dad. It had been nearly 30 years when he wrote this response to Ian’s work. That’s plenty of time to see a goddamn therapist instead of projecting all of your baggage onto Knuckles the Echidna and writing stories for kids about how you should never question your dad ever
Tumblr media
The irony, though, is that Ian’s different take on Locke is arguably way more nuanced than Ken’s ever was. In his final moments, Ian’s Locke turns into this tragic figure who only realizes too late that the way of life the Brotherhood had raised him to believe was a mistake, that he had failed his son by passing those beliefs on to him. But he’s still held responsible for what he did. He’s a horrible dad, and the characters around him call him out for his failures, but you pity him for only now realizing what he had done
Ken, on the other hand, gestures at Locke doing horrible things, then tells you to forget about all that and stop questioning him. Knuckles pretends he has a totally normal Leave it to Beaver-ass father-son relationship as soon as they reunite in the Knuckles series. As an adult he thinks back on how great a job Locke did raising him, even though Locke literally took him from his mother, raised him to believe that his mother and the rest of his species were all dead, and then pretended he himself was dead for six years of his son’s childhood (among MANY other things)
M25YL gestures at those very same themes of not repeating your parents’ mistakes that Ian touched on in Locke’s final moments. Knuckles is raising Lara-Su very differently from how Locke raised him, and Locke admits that he wishes he had raised Knuckles differently on his deathbed. But his decision to suddenly admit wrongdoing in this flashback to his death feels unearned and arbitrary. Locke is never at fault. We cannot question Locke. Knuckles turned out fine, so don’t worry about it. Locke might regret the way Knuckles raised him, but Knuckles is not allowed to hold any ill will towards his father or question his methods whatsoever. We’re allowed to gesture at the idea that Knuckles doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes of the previous generations, but those vague mistakes aren’t allowed to be anyone’s fault. That’s just “how things were”
Ken would do a lot more than just complain about Ian’s handling of Locke on the internet, though. Because you see, the way Ian wrote Locke is commonly cited as one of the main reasons why Ken started copyrighting his work, right up there with Bioware basing the story of Sonic Chronicles partially off of the Knuckles comics without his blessing. And those copyrights, of course, were what started the legal battle that would kill off the original Archieverse
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birdsareblooming · 5 months ago
Sonic may actually be lost royalty
Tumblr media
I keep going down these rabbit holes I shouldn’t go down BUT! Although this theory is one that I don’t fully believe in (unlike the infinite/solaris theory and the chaos emerald theory) I still have a good argument that I want to talk about very bad.
I also tried to make this as short as possible but there’s a lot of ground to cover, but at least it’s not the infinite/solaris theory. But I have a TLDR at the end.
[Spoiler Warning for Sonic and the Black Knight]
let’s start with a ✨numbered list✨
1. Blaze the Cat
Tumblr media
Blaze is the biggest caveat for this theory, but I think it’s best to start with her.
Now, firstly I need to clear up some things.
Tumblr media
[Eggman: My world...]
Tumblr media
[Eggman Nega: and my world...]
Tumblr media
[Eggmen: are in a manner, inextricably linked!]
Tumblr media
[Blaze: Like two Eggmans?]
Part of the Blaze’s world is that it’s a parallel universe. Parallel Eggmen, Parallel emeralds, Everything else that isn’t stated outright. Like how Tails and Marine are definitely counterparts. Seeming as Tails came from South Island and Marine came from southern island, Tails is definitely based on a kitsune and Marine, in theory, based on a tanuki. 
And, although not stated completely, Blaze and Sonic are universal counterparts.
Tumblr media
[From Sonic Wiki: Blaze was designed as a charater who was equivalent yet and alternate version of Sonic’s character.]
Much like the Sol and Chaos emeralds, Sonic and Blaze are a mirror version of one another, although slightly different.
Alright, now that we have that out of the way:
Looking at the connections between the others, Sonic and Blaze seem, a bit too different.
The Sol and Chaos emeralds fulfill the same role, although their different appearance, and have a similar story.  Tails and Marine fulfill the same role, although their different appearance, and have a similar story. The Eggmen fulfill the same role, although their different appearance, and have a similar story. 
Blaze and Sonic fulfill the same role, although their different appearance, and have a... completely different story. 
Blaze was born to a royal family, and set to protect the Sol Emeralds and the Jeweled Scepter as her birthright, and it’s somewhat hinted that her powers may also be a birthright. Sonic, on the other hand, has no known past, and seems to have just run into the Chaos Emeralds by accident. 
You could claim that Blaze does take on the role of both Sonic AND Knuckles, which is fair and stated on the wiki, however Knuckles is also never stated to be any kind of royalty, and certainly doesn’t have that kind of past, his past being one of the more tragically alone ones. 
And here’s something interesting.
Time has warped our vision of Blaze. We all know her as “Princess Blaze the Cat.” But from watching Sonic Rush, her opening game... she is never mentioned to be a princess until the very end.
Tumblr media
[Burning Blaze: As princess, it is my duty to protect the Sol Emeralds...]
From what I remember, this is the FIRST mention of her royal status. 
From this game’s viewpoint, they reveal the mirror status of the dimensions. They then show both Blaze and Sonic having mirror super transformations using their emeralds, highly implying that Sonic and Blaze were mirror versions. (also this was implied already by just Blaze’s shoes.) and then it’s revealed that Blaze is royal, and a princess. 
So if she’s the mirror of Sonic, what does that mean for Sonic? Especially right after showing the two of them being, well, mirrors.
2. King Arthur
Tumblr media
SATBK is much less transparent about the counterpart universe thing.
Now this is an alternate universe, set up by Secret Rings, and surprisingly not just a story Sonic told as an elaborate excuse.
They don’t hide obivous Sonic characters being put into roles, and their in these roles for a reason.
Blaze and Silver as Percival and Galahad, the knights who quested together for the holy grail. Knuckles as Gawain literally only because of “Gawain and the Green Knight” But I respect that so much. Jet as Lamorak because of Lamorak’s fiery temper and competitiveness.  Shadow as Lancelot because he’s the “closest knight to the king” stated in game (👀) Tails as a Blacksmith because that’s p much the medieval version of a mechanic. Amy as the Lady of the Lake because like. Fuck she’s the most powerful one there. (but seriously, in forces she’s shown to be the most level headed leader and strangest, especially in Sonic’s absence. As well as “sensing” that he was still alive and having a past in tarot.) And Merlina as Merlina because... well that’s a whole other theory.
(all my theories are being brought up in the post. like i know the first two were expamples of theories I fully belive in but damn this is like a avengeners, ok,)
But Sonic as King Arthur makes sense when it’s revealed. Although he wasn’t anyone’s counterpart in Secret Rings (because secrets rings was confused as hell) He is in this game, and as the ring leader of everyone following him in SATBK, it makes sense. 
Although something that was never brought up...EVER is the Knight’s backstories, which are EXTREMELY important not only in Arthurian legends, but for the knights in Sonic lore. All of the knight’s mentioned backstories are important to their character, in both contexts. Although their never brought up.
*DEEP BREATH* Alright. The similarities between Sonic Character/Knight backstories.
Shadow and Lancelot have pretty simmilar backstories when getting down to it. Shadow/Lancelot were both raised for greatness, but still outshined by Sonic/Arthur. Although remaining loyal to them, even if for Shadow it’s only in times of need. Shadow doesn’t want to admit he’s a supporting role to Sonic, although Sonic generations kinda throws that Idea out of the water when Shadow cheers Sonic on while watching from the sidelines, much like early Lancelot.
For Blaze and Percival, in multiple interpretations Percival is of noble birth. Upon meeting Sonic’s Gang/The Knights, Blaze/Percival get’s inspired by their heroics and eventually joins them.
“Lancelot and Percival prove morally superior to Gawain who follows the rules of courtliness to the letter rather than the spirit.“ Is an actual quote from Wikipedia. Although it is VERY hard to find a concrete backstory for Gawain other than “separated from his home”, I think this proves enough. As well as the Gawain and the Green Knight story (in which Gawain tries to slay the green knight and then he picks up his head and says “see you in a year” is pretty representative of Knuckles constantly breaking the master emerald in a comedic light.) 
Lamorak/Jet are known for challenging Arthur/Sonic to competitions. 
Galahad/Silver are searching for an object/person aided by Percival/Blaze
So now that we’re all good, do you see the similarities between part one.
Although everyone else has given backstory similarities, Sonic is given none, seeming as, as far as we know, Sonic HAS no backstory.
But isn’t it interesting that King Arthur’s backstory is being lost royalty? And the secret son of the king? Wack.
3. Sonic Fucking Underground
Tumblr media
Now, most of you are probably unfamiliar with Sonic Underground. Good.
If you’re not, you watched it as a kid and you’re nostalgic, and let me tell you I watched the entire show recently and it’s not as good as you remember.
But Sonic Underground’s quality and history could be a post on it’s own, it doesn’t matter here. What matters is the plot:
Tumblr media
[From Sonic Wiki: Sonic, Sonia, and Manic are the children of Queen Aleena, the rightful ruler of Mobius and are pursued relentlessly by Doctor Robotnik and his bumbling bounty hunters sidekicks, Sleet and Dingo. As infants, the siblings were separated and placed in hiding to fulfill a prophecy made by the Oracle of Delphius (a spoof of the Oracle of Delphi of Ancient Greece) that the triplets would grow up to find their estranged mother, overthrow Robotnik and take their places once more as Mobius' rightful rulers.]
Now, Sonic Underground is VERY SEPARATED from Sonic Lore, and nothing has ever taken from it besides Manic appearing in some comics, although from what I know he’s never mentioned to be Sonic’s brother. So This is the part I always take with a grain of salt, however;
4. In conclusion/TLDR
We have Two Instances of Sonic being lost Royalty (One in a separate reality and one in a separate continuity) We have Two Instances of Dimentional Counterparts of Sonic being Royalty (Blaze and King Arthur) We have zero given backstory for Sonic We have Three instances of Sonic, or a counterpart, being royalty
And from what I remember hearing, three’s a pattern.
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beautyinthebelljarr · 5 months ago
The trauma sits on my lap like a housecat I cannot move;
a humming hive of an albatross sinking the hateful harbingers of its talons into the sinews of my shoulders. On Sunday mornings, in this incubator of sullen insulation and isolation, the pain unravels like maritime knots one by one, an Indonesian snake charmed to resurrection by the silence and the salt and pepper static. Trauma is so inescapable, a hell we carry within us all like an everpresent Easter basket teeming with the smashed shells of the women we did not become.
I carry him within me always, always inside of me like a steadfast, sadistic shrapnel. Cohabitating in the cupboards of my bones in the cacophony of unrest like feuding roommates and I know, I know that no eviction notices can summon him out of my cells like warrants warding off his convict DNA, nothing can undo what has been done. Rape is permanent, a dolorous dogma etched in godly granite, an irreversible crime that still casts its shadows like a bleak umbrage across my consciousness. It affects me daily, in the most miniscule and most magnified ways, manifesting in my flinching at backfiring cars and the panic of slouching men who walk too close behind me and how does one remove evil from their epicenters like an excision? There is no exit wound for rape, no undoing of trauma once it has rattled the confines of the skull like cellar doors, melting the plasticine lumen of my synapses into mobius, circuitous amalgamations of melancholy mush. It sounds fatalistic, because rape is fatalistic.
Trauma is enduring.
Senseless evil does not make sense because it is senseless, it is lasting. It is as indelible as the deep rooted onyx Braille of stick and poke tattoos prodded with sewing needles into skin in the back of school buses; resilience after trauma seems like a pipe dream because, after all, trauma is the most resilient force of all, hair pin triggered and set off like the faulty fuses of alarms at the smallest of intrusions. It is a calcified curse no one asks for, a cemented chaos glued like sinister spackle in the chasms of our cartilage. No one can pull me out of this, can pull me back from this. No one, not even the wizened winters turned springs bleeding into summers like repetitive baptisms, can erase the worst that has been done to me, the worst that has been within me. Rape is a betrayal, a debauchery of the sacred, divine delineation between men and girls and how can you hate a thing so small and defenseless?
How could he? How could he? How could they?
I am back in January 2009, three months post rape. The tremors that seized my limbs like seismic waves, undulating and pulsating to the apex of near convulsions, my body shaking so badly in enduring earthquakes that the emergency room was not far off. Those purple blue limbs always cold yet always perspiring in those night sweats, those neon nightmares of him standing in the corner, the doors I could not lock tightly enough. Digging my nails into my thighs where my rapist held me down; how I began to leave half moon scythes of impressions on this crime scene body in a manicured manifestation of the malice to which I had been subjected. That body, this body that no longer felt like mine; a rejection of the temple of my own frame like the mixing of blood types in hemolytic shock. I became homeless within myself; not even my own body was my own. Not even my own body is my own; this is one of the irreversible invasions of rape, of penetration by force. Nothing could remove my rapist out of my frame, nothing can remove my rapist from out of my frame. He lives on within me. Thirty one now and still carrying his the contamination around within my shell like a timeless, torturous toxin. Back then, January 2009, too traumatized to walk so I crawled from room to room, dragging myself from bathroom to bed to the 4 PMs that bled into one another so indiscernibly.
And how badly I needed someone to sit by my bedside, to hold my hand as I told the story of what had been done to me; those six hours to which he subjected me, of hostage and entrapment and suffocation and rape and photographs and degradation. How great is the wound of a trauma gone unnoticed, silence fermenting into a fodder of feverish rage. How I ached for the love that was not in my home; parental eyes turned blind and indifferent, the final nail in the coffin that set my BPD into motion. Years of emotional neglect culminating into the ultimate betrayal. How things could be different now had someone just embraced me until my pain was not a private poison of a purgatory, what it would have meant to spill out my sadistic secret like a garrulous, gushing gash of gossip. Irish mothers and their do not asks and their do not tells and their generational grazing over of garish ghosts as if willful ignoring will simply make them go away. Yet, trauma does not go away. Trauma is not a drafty door to be patched up, a papercut that will coagulate beneath the tensile teeth of bathroom tissue. Rage at the rape and rage at the hands that would not hold mine back.
How could they? How could they?
Within me, there is that trapped teenager, that stunted youth, unaware of the passage of time. She is defiant and cold, tantruming and hostile. She is still a singer, still stapled like a specter on the ceiling of that room in a realm of removed dissociation, hovering just beyond the firmament of this earth. She is still there, back in that room with him. She is razor blades and the rage that refuses to simmer, nine inch nails and primitive, punitive pain personified in combat boots and punk bands, hungering for a mother to mollify the morbidity of her metallic edges. Thirty one now and I have tried to make myself into the person I needed then, the person she needed then in those months after the rape, unhinged and made of eternal, internal earthquakes and utmost upheaval. I look at her with pity now, with maternity now, with the desire to regress back there to hold her closely in my aged arms.
Rape is irreversible, yes, but I have heard that the sooner that help is given in the aftermath, the sooner the healing can begin. The damage, reduced. These core beliefs would not have become concrete commandments within me after my rape, after all of that violence. Now, they are tangled knots of cat yarn, incapable of being so delicately unraveled and undone. The mark has been made, the rage is enduring and intolerable at times.
Cause and effect; if someone had seen past the depression, the bedbound blues, everything would be different. I go back there all the time to butterfly effects, the small alterations that could have prevented it all. Maybe if I’d been on that street five minutes later, maybe if I’d lingered a little longer inside. What if, what if, what if. It is pointless to peel off the paint of this purgatory now; he raped me and it is a done deal. Rape, the violation of all things sacred, the infection and invasion of mind and body through forced intercourse. And I wonder why it had to happen, why it had to happen to me. I had so much going for me then and he ruined it all. He took everything from me that night when he raped me, an agent of change that still affects and alters and aches within me daily, no matter how much therapy I receive or how many portraits I paint to take my mind off of the infrasonic pulsating of intrusive thoughts rumbling in the background of my brain, always.
Always, always there.
He is always, always here, within me,
Senseless evil does not make sense; it only makes scars.
How could he? How could he?
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cheatdeaths · 6 months ago
ROBERT HOUSE: Six harbors unrequited feelings for Robert House. She feels indebted to him for bringing her back from the dead. they nearly had a falling out when he demanded the Brotherhood be destroyed, and while that cooled her infatuation with him, she still jumps if he commands it. House is largely unaware of this infatuation, though he does feel a large sense of pride and gratitude for the work Courier Six has done for his vision of New Vegas and the Strip.
BENNY & YES MAN: Upon arriving at the Strip, Six sought Benny out to get answers. She got them as well as an offer: help him overthrow House. Benny, along with Yes Man, taught Six the ways of underhanded scheming, and somewhere along the way the business relationship became something a little more… physical. The chip traded hands several more times before Benny fled into the hands of Caesar’s Legion, where Six helped him escape after making him promise he would never show his face in the Mojave again. Yes Man was disassembled and reconnected to House’s systems soon after, Six having been given access to him during her time working with Benny.
CAESAR'S LEGION: With the generous offer to use her medical experience to attend to Caesar’s tumor, a complication in surgery had him dying on the table. In the resulting chaos, Benny and the chip were lost, and there was only one guess as to who was responsible. Six, by some miracle, talked the Legate Lanius down from throwing the Legion into the fray at Hoover Dam, cinching it for Mr. House. after Lanius’ retreat, the securitrons under the fort were dispatched and cleaned up what legionaries were still at Fortification Hill. Six spent time in Arizona teaching medicine to some of the slaves, and was careful to also outline ways they could rebel once the opportunity arose. With the war in full motion and the power vacuum that arose after Caesar’s death, the Legion struggled to organize themselves enough to deal with the growing pockets of resistance.
NCR: Her time in service with them has the mostly on pleasant terms, though her work with Robert House and preventing them from making a foothold in the Mojave has the relationship friendly, but strained.
BOOMERS: Though the Boomers have begun to interact with caravans and traders outside of Nellis, they remain largely at the air base. It is Six's hope that some kind of truce can be brokered to allow for air travel across the Wastes thanks to the Boomer's resources.
BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL: Upon House’s demand that the chapter be destroyed, Six spent excess time trying to figure out a way to create some sort of unlikely alliance. Her hand was a bit forced when Brotherhood Scribe Veronica Santangelo attempted to kill her. Not long after the hidden bunker was nothing but a pile of underground rubble, and those who had been outside the bunker upon its destruction either made their way back to California or died the same way so many in the Mojave do.
GREAT KHANS: Sfter peacefully resolving the hostage situation with the NCR and preventing the last of the Khans from complete wipeout, the Khans are making due and scraping by with their smaller numbers.
ENCLAVE: Encouraged to place their bets with the NCR, as the NCR retreated from the Mojave so too did the remaining members of the Enclave who had chosen to back them in the battle.
FOLLOWERS OF THE APOCALYPSE: With Arcade at her shoulder encouraging an independent New Vegas, the next best thing was to work with the Followers of the Apocalypse and the Kings to make Freeside and North Vegas a better place for those less fortunate. After all, all the good fortune comes back around tenfold.
THE STRIP & THE FAMILIES: After some changes in management, the three Families that run the top casinos on the Strip are to a much better standard. Fortunes are still won and lost in moments, only now it’s with far more flair.
THE KINGS: Convincing The Kings to make nice with the NCR, Six made it worth their while when Mr. House finally took control of the Hoover Dam. Still a fixture of Freeside, The King's work -- though tentatively -- with the Followers of the Apocalypse on improving conditions. Six wishes badly to be a member of The Kings, finding an unlikely friendship with their leader, the King himself.
FREESIDE: Though there is a bit of a disagreement on how things should be handled, the overall wish to make Freeside more than just a place for addicts and pickpockets is strong enough to disregard any ill feelings.
GOODSPRINGS: Six spent several months recovering in the small town. Thanks to the efforts of Doc Mitchell, Sunny Smiles, and the other locals of Goodsprings, the damage of being shot in the head was... relatively minimal. Courier Six can still be found visiting from time to time, appreciative and attached to the little place that saved her life.
NOVAC: After Jeanie May Crawford’s unfortunate death, and introducing Chris Haversam to the settlement, Novac did well for itself, though Dinky the t-rex toys are still not purchased by anyone other than Courier Six.PRIMM: After Beagle’s unfortunate death at the hands of the Powder Gangers, Primm’s new sheriff, Primm Slim, did a surprisingly good job of keeping the peace.
JACOBSTOWN: Six and Lily worked with the super mutants here to help develop a cure for their schizophrenia. The settlement flourished as a safe place for super mutants, and their supply trades, facilitated by Cassidy Caravans, helped sustain their small haven.
POWDER GANGERS: After Six helped Ringo and Goodsprings from their attack, word spread around their ranks to keep an eye out for a woman in a vault suit. Eventually, with the help of upgraded securitrons, what remained of the Powder Gangers were once again incarcerated if not killed outright.
THE SORROWS: Working with Daniel, Six assisted with their escape from Zion and the battle between the Dead Horses and White Legs. She eventually met up with them again, where she was finally able to meet Walking Cloud’s children.
DEAD HORSES: Six worked with Joshua Graham in repelling the White Legs from the valley. Follows-Chalk was invited to the Strip to see the glory of the old world as a guest of honor before he moved westward to see what the NCR territories had to offer. Six spared Salt-Upon-Wounds’ life. Whatever the Legion would instill as punishment was worse than death.
THE BIG MT.: To the Courier, the entire expanse of the Big Empty was a nightmare. She spent her time there finding comfort in the personalities of The Sink, and visits sparingly to check on Dr. Mobius as well as look through the centuries of research that might benefit the Mojave.
THINK TANK: Angered and afraid of the brains of the Think Tank, after being reunited with her brain and making sure her spine and heart were where they needed to be, Six guaranteed that the they would do no harm to the rest of the Wasteland by killing them and taking the Big MT for herself.
SIERRA MADRE: Following the trail left behind by Father Elijah and the mysterious other courier in hopes it would take her mind off of Veronica’s death, Six wakes up with a bomb collar around her neck and a pressing need to return home. After all, she left a lot of unfinished business behind. She jumps through all the hoops Elijah has put forth, working with a group who doesn't trust her to break into the long-sealed casino for nothing. The golden bars are still locked in the vault along with the late Elijah's corpse.
LONESOME ROAD: information to come.
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greatgrandpamarsh · 6 months ago
"HON HON HON! UN BAGUETTE EIFFEL TOWER!" A pale purple bat started throwing extremely salty baguettes at GGM whilst hovering above him. "Connard!!" - Belmonte the Bat (purple-paws-of-mobius)
"For a Frenchie, you're REALLY bad at making baguettes! You're using WAY too much salt! These are disgusting!"
".....say. Where do you keep the guano?"
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beautyinthebelljarr · 6 months ago
December and I am hanging by a thread.
I open my mouth in the cold to scream;
Nothing comes out.
For how long can one hold a hell within themselves before it singes through like the cherry cola coal of ashed cigarettes seething through denim jean knees? For how long are we made to drag ourselves around this earth like plastic Barbie dolls gripped at the platinum ponytails, rickshaws carting chasms and cartridges of soiled souls that echo like empty chapels? This old pain is a burden that cannot be dropped like an offering at an altar, an albatross that cannot be untied at the laces like the unpinning of an avian yoke.
I carry this hell within me, always.
And it is so lonely, so infinitely lonely to be half dead like a burned out glowstick amongst those with pulses who prowl around with their presence and their awareness. I am trapped in this aquarium of the past, a composite sketch of burned out Christmas lights strung together in a parody of illumination. There is no spark within me, no light at the end of this tunnel that seems so interminable, mobius loops of racecars that sputter diesel on cement and call it progress. I am spinning in place, snow tires whirring in the crushed crystalline cocaine bones of blizzards, static and staying in the steadfast slurring of suspended animation. I stand in place and spin in circles like Whirling Dervishes trying to find the hymns of a deity in the hula hoop hive of full circles and religious rotation.
I have laid my pain bare, have let this tiger out of its cranial cage only to find I am ill equipped to subdue it, lion tamer lacking the lexicon and the leather to mitigate its ferocious roar within me. “Speak it and  release it,” they said. So I did. And I did. And I spoke until I turned blue; I put words to this infinite, silenced symphony within me. “Let it go,” they said. I sent out the white doves. They sank their teeth and their claws into my marrow. The past is so unforgivable and so unforgiving.
I have an open wound in my mind’s eye, still running like a blood orange yolk down the spine of all my senses. It is senseless, this suffering.
How many times can I speak of trauma before it puts itself to sleep like the salt and pepper static of a deadened limb, polluted with the paralysis of pins and needles and this misery is so needless yet so essential. This state I am in is not healing; it is just another branch of hell, an extension of an underworld I have dwelled in for so long like a lingering coma.
As a victim, I count myself amongst the dead.
There is no life in me, no life in this pain that percolates like 4 AM coffee and at 1 AM he is by my bedside like a punctual specter of a dragon I cannot slay. How do we put the past behind us like rearviews, adjusted? How do we sing to sleep the sailors of sadism like straying sirens? Trauma feels so endless because it is; one winding road that always ends where it began. I think of deviating off to the rest stops, to picking up blades or bottles or bone. These are the psychopomps that have led me through the Underworld before, guardians that have guided me through the afterlife of the aftermath. I exist only in units of pain, in amperes of agony.
When does an endlessness end?
December and I am hanging by a thread.
I open my mouth in the cold to scream;
Nothing comes out.
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