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#mobius m Mobius
wandaloki · 9 minutes ago
I don’t understand the whole “Mobius tortured Loki” at the same time I wouldn’t exactly call it a therapy session either because let’s be honest getting shown your own graphic death isn’t exactly therapeutic.
I’ll start by saying I don’t like the TVA and I don’t trust the TVA and I don’t know if we can trust Mobius but at the same time people are treating him like he is already the villain and (I was literally about to say “that’s not how I see it” without even realising 😭) anyway back to my point. What he said to Loki was harsh, very harsh but he didn’t exactly lie* but at the same time it was kind of a necessary wake up call unless you want to see him continue on his self destructive destine path to painful death.
If Mobius had’ve coddled Loki and just shown him nothing but empathy that would’ve done absolutely nothing for him what so ever, at the point Loki is at it would’ve made Mobius appear easy to manipulate and walk all over and I’m not saying Loki couldn’t be able to manipulate Mobius with their current dynamic but it definitely makes it more challenging.
The TVA are the ones who are threatening Loki with death or whatever they call it “pruning” Mobius is literally the only one offering him a lifeline and he isn’t in charge here and he doesn’t HAVE to help Loki he could’ve just let him die and got off with less paperwork, it isn’t his shout whether the TVA kill Loki or not basically he lets that decision lie in Loki’s hands and I know that’s not morally right because that literally forces Loki to either comply or face death but again it’s not Mobius who is making that decision, he’s just doing all he can to keep Loki alive and whether or not that is with good intentions we will find out.
*I feel like I should add a disclaimer that I didn’t agree with when he blamed Loki for his mother’s death, but I also am not like “that line shouldn’t have been in!” I’m not even sure Mobius believes Loki should be blamed for his mother’s death, the way I interpreted it is he literally just said it to try and get a response out of Loki, to admit whether or not he actually enjoys hurting people and I recognise that it was manipulative for sure but Loki is also manipulative and that’s what makes me excited for for their dynamic because they can both be manipulative, Mobius isn’t someone who’s just going to coddle and blindly trust Loki, it presents Loki with a challenge which will provoke character development, we’ve already seen it, and that’s what he needs. Is it the correct and moral way to go about it? No definitely not. But we’re literally all here stanning a character who isn’t always correct or moral so I don’t understand why we always expect him to be treated by others correctly or morally?
So yeah people are allowed to like his character and they are allowed to like his and Loki’s dynamic and just because it isn’t presented in a healthy or moral way doesn’t make it wrong to like or enjoy it, once again we literally stan a manipulative and morally grey character. Why is Loki the only character allowed to be morally grey and get away with it?
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diorskywalker · 5 hours ago
jealousy, jealousy
Tumblr media
mobius m mobius x tva!reader
mobius, your partner in crime, grows jealous of you and loki
spoilers for loki episode one, crying (not reader), jealousy, implied smut
2.2k words
this is named after the olivia rodrigo song, and was requested. that’s right besties, i kept saying i’d come back !! also anon you said something about how i could make it smut if i wanted, i wasn’t sure if that was what you wanted so i just kinda hinted at it but. let me know if you want a smutty part two!
Being in the TVA, you met a lot of people. Many of these people died shortly after, but that’s beside the point. You met many people, but a majority of them you had no time to get to know.
You’d always been interested in the Variants. Where they came from, what inspired them, why they were here in the first place was part of what made you a good agent. But you never really got to know why they were there, or who they were in their correct timeline.
“Hey!” Your thoughts were interrupted as you watched Mobius quickly walk over to you, file in hand. “I think I have something that’s gonna interest you.” he said.
Mobius didn’t stop walking, just motioned for you to follow him. So you did, trying to catch a glance at the file he was carrying to see if it had some clue of what he was trying to show you.
“Loki, the one from Asgard, is here as a Variant. I’m thinking if we can convince the judge, he’s gonna be a real asset for our situation right now.”
Mobius was your field partner, in a sense. You went on many correction missions separately but they were always related, as of now the two of you were dealing with someone evading and killing TVA crews left and right.
“Loki?? The God of Mischief is in our facility?” You asked, now keeping up with Mobius’ sense of urgency.
“Yep. And we’re gonna stop him from being reset.” Mobius said, finally reaching the doors to the courtroom.
You both entered, quickly taking a seat to watch as the trial unfolded. You hardly noticed how close you had slid into the booth next to Mobius, you two were essentially best friends. You were at his side day in and day out, but nothing more ever happened. Nothing more was allowed to happen.
There was no written rule from the time keepers restricting the two of you from Fornication, but it was essentially an unspoken rule. Your friend in another department's stance was that a relationship can bring children’ and you weren’t sure if those children would be seen as variants.
Just as the judge ruled to have Loki reset, Mobius spoke from beside you. You slid out from the bench, following Mobius up to the judge. As he argued in favor of freeing Loki into his custody, essentially, she finally turned to you.
“Do you agree with him? That Loki could help you?” She questioned, Mobius turned to look at you for your response.
“I do. The variant we’re facing right now is classified for the time being, but Loki would provide an essential benefit to our efforts.” You responded.
She looked between the two of you, glancing at Loki one last time before allowing you to take him. But she let you both know that anything that happened was on the two of you.
As you walked with Loki and Mobius, not one part of you was surprised that Loki was being rather rude to the both of you. It was in his nature, especially during the time period he had apparently been yanked out of.
You couldn’t help but watch as Loki admired the architecture of the TVA. You’d been there for so long, you never really took a moment to look at it for what it is. For someone not from there, it must be rather strange to see floating cars. But for you it was just where you always were, where you had always been.
It truly wasn’t often that you saw people react to these things for the first time, it wasn’t often that you met people other than the ones you spoke to every day at all. It was nice to see him in awe of the place he was in, because otherwise everyone was just accepting of what it was.
“What about you? You haven’t spoken at all. Why are you here?” Loki questioned, turning to face you for the first time since you both left the courtroom.
“I’m Mobius’ partner, we handle the same Variants.”
“And I’m one of them?”
“Not exactly.” You said, continuing to walk ahead of him once the three of you exited the elevator.
Once you approached the theater was when you realized what Mobius had planned, and if you didn’t know that the TVA was blocking his powers you may have been a little more afraid of how Loki might handle what he was about to witness. You’d seen him show a Variant their future and past before only one time, the time he learned to keep the control to his variants' time collars on him at all times.
You entered the time theater, sitting at the end of the table closest to the door. You watched as Mobius sat where he could control the projector, but motioned for you to move your chair next to his.
“You’ve always been a little better at this than I am.” he explained, and you nodded as you moved to sit next to him.
To appropriately use your projector you had to sit with your thighs touching. But time moved differently in the TVA, you’d known Mobius for so long that you knew he didn’t care how close you sat next to him. You’d always been partners, you always would be.
There was a silent agreement, that you would operate the projector and Mobius would try to essentially interrogate Loki. It became obvious once he pointed to the first moment he wanted you to pull up for him. A moment all too recent to this version of Loki.
What surprised you, though, was how easy it was to tell that there was more that Loki wasn’t saying. You knew a lot about him. That he had been betrayed and lied to his entire life, that he never felt like he belonged anywhere. You knew things about Loki, because he was an important person to the TVA - all of the galaxy’s heroes and villains were.
You knew there was more to him, you’d seen his future and sacrifice for his brother. But seeing the God up close and personal made it more obvious than ever that he was more than meets the eye.
When you were all interrupted, you followed Mobius out. Of course you were expecting the tongue lashing from taking Loki away from being reset. but you weren’t expecting to hear that another team had been taken out.
Of course you both would take care of it. The investigation was being manned by both of you, but that didn’t mean that you weren’t otherwise occupied trying to catch Loki up to speed so you could take care of it.
As you and Mobius went to re-enter the room, you noticed that Loki had disappeared. You both went running, trying to find him before anyone else could. You knew that if they did they were going to end up killing him.
“Let’s split up, better to have two people trying to keep him alive out there than one.”
Mobius agreed, and you both went your separate ways. While he went to actually look, you just went back to the time theater. If you were Loki, you would go back to see what your future held. What the real you was doing and would do in the future.
You sat on the chair you had previously occupied, watching as Loki came back into the room.
“Everyone’s looking for you, you know.”
“I suppose you are as well?”
“Yes, but I’m not going to do anything to you.”
He stopped to read you for a moment before slowly approaching the table.
“Could you… could you show me what happens to me?”
You nodded and pulled the chair Mobius had been in earlier out watching as Loki took a seat.
You showed him how the buttons on the projector worked, before watching him maneuver them to show him moments in time that seemed to catch his interest.
You kept quiet, allowing him to practically forget you were there. Seeing him react to his future, the tears and smiles, were enough to convince you fully that you and Mobius could trust him. But the moment was interrupted once the door opened again, and then face you were met with was not that of Mobius who you knew would harm Loki.
As soon as a fight started you grabbed your communication device, letting Mobius know that you and Loki were both currently in the time theater - hoping that both of you together would be enough to spare him from being reset.
But he was able to do that on his own, and you did nothing to stop him from messing with the remote a bit. But as soon as it was over you watched his face deflate again as he sat on the floor in the side of the room.
“I can’t leave, can I?” He finally asked, watching as you sat beside him.
“As far as we know right now, it’s not advisable.” you answered, watching him hang his head again. “But we need you here, even if some people here are a little less open to the idea.”
“Why, clearly all I’ve ever done has been bad. I couldn’t even save my own brother-“
“Loki, you did save Thor. More than once.”
“And that hug, I’ll never be able to have that. I-“
“You did have that. The man you saw in that projection is you, even if this version of you didn’t have it.” You tested the waters as you tried to rest a hand on his shoulder comfortingly. And to your surprise, he didn’t protest. “You sacrificed yourself so Thor could live, you’re more than you think of yourself. Mobius and I see that, maybe you can see it as well.”
He met eyes with you again, and for a moment you thought you saw a smile.
The door opening distracted you as you turned to see Mobius standing in the doorway. He seemed to access the situation in front of him, and as he did you noticed a glint in his eyes that you had never seen before.
But you brushed it off. You both knew there was a mission at hand, and Mobius was just interested in getting Loki on your side.
Once everything was discussed, you allowed Loki to go into the room across the hall and change, a sort of symbol of trust for him that you were both allowing him to go off on his own without some sort of supervision.
As soon as he was gone you turned to Mobius, but for once in his life he wouldn’t look back at you.
“Hey, are you okay?”
He seemed to soften as your concerned words, but remained nearly ice cold. “I- I uh- I just think you might be getting a little too close to Loki.”
“I was comforting him-“
“You don’t need to do that.”
“He’s going to help us!”
“And that doesn’t mean you need to be his best friend!”
Mobius had never once raised his voice with you, but in that moment he did.
“Excuse me?”
Mobius saw the look on your face, the hurt look, the look that he never wanted to see from you.
“I just think you’re making a mistake getting close to him.”
“Do you really distrust my judgement that much? How long have you known me Mobius?”
The look in his eyes never left, and it was in that moment that you were starting to piece it together.
The will they won’t they of your friendship. The way he only acted this way once he saw you with Loki.
“Are you… are you jealous?”
Mobius’ head shot up once you said that, but he couldn’t lie to you, so he nodded.
You stepped closer to him, a hand brushed against his cheek as he watched you in confusion.
“I’ve known you for as long as I’ve known myself. And from the moment we met, and we became partners, I knew that the time keepers destiny for me was right here, right now, with you.”
His eyes seemed to soften more than they already had, “You can’t touch me like that, we could create a branch timeline.”
“I think the only way a branch timeline would be created is if you don’t let me kiss you right now.”
His cheeks flushed at this, but he nodded “Please…” he finally mumbled, nearly against his own will.
You closed to the distance between the two of you, your lips moving in a way that made it clear to him you were nervous - but sure of your actions all the same. His arm wrapped around his waist as you let your hand remain on his cheek.
After a moment you both pulled back, smiles covering your faces.
“Told you the time keepers wouldn’t come for us.” shouldn't mumbled, pressing another kiss to the corner of his lips.
“I guess not, real shame. We could’ve been doing this for so long.”
You laughed at that, “How about you come back to my quarters later for dinner, maybe we can make up for lost time.”
His flushed face deepened, but he nodded as he pulled your body tightly against his.
“I think I just might have to take you up on that.”
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gaygh0stt · 6 hours ago
i wanna get back into writing so...anyone got some lokius prompts👀
(preferably not nsfw, I'm not one for writing porn but some light nsfw might slide lmao)
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superdogbiter · 8 hours ago
Loki,standing next to Mobius:”Can you knot?”
Mobius:”Can i what???”
Loki:”I mean can you tie a knot”
Mobius:”I cannot”
Loki:”So you can knot?”
Mobius:”No i can not knot”
Loki:”Not knot?”
Mobius:”Who’s there”
Loki,getting angry:”Moby”
Mobius:”Moby who”
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imposterogers · 8 hours ago
if the tva exists outside of time in its own dimension than mobius could have met future!variant loki first and fell in love which is why he looks at present!loki so endearingly ✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼✋🏼
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superdogbiter · 8 hours ago
Mobius:”Maybe have a little more care in how you speak.Loki is a little murdery but he is under my care and my lover”
Hunter B-15:”He got his collar on me and repeatedly teleported me”
Mobius:”He is my lover PROFESSIONALY”
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superdogbiter · 9 hours ago
Mobius:”I’m really worried about Loki,i’m taking him to a therapist”
Hunter B-15:”Why?”
Loki,sitting face down at the kitchen table:”Ravioli Ravioli give me the seretoni”
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mr-another · 9 hours ago
As of Disney+'s Loki series, Agent Mobius, as portrayed by Owen Wilson, has officially stepped into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As an agent of the Time Variance Authority, Mobius is crucial to preserving the timestream. While his attention is on the God of Mischief in the MCU, Mobius has spent much more time monitoring the time-traveling misadventures of the Fantastic Four in comics.
Mobius made a brief appearance in 1991's Fantastic Four #352, by Walter Simonson, before making his first full appearance in the following issue. As a high-ranking member of the TVA, Mobius had Justice Peace abduct the Fantastic Four and bring them to the TVA, trying them for crimes against synchronicity.
First and foremost on their list of offenses was voyaging into the Timestream to destroy the Time Bubble. This Time Bubble was meant to wipe out the Fantastic Four's timeline 40 years in the future, but Marvel's First Family changed their intended fate by destroying the bubble.
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Tumblr media
Behind the scenes, Mobius had previously tried to punish the Fantastic Four for their actions. While traveling across time and space, the Fantastic Four were briefly stuck in the Mesozoic era without their powers, thanks to the TVA. And right before the Fantastic Four's detainment by the TVA, Reed Richards was also engaged in a time-traveling duel with Doctor Doom.
This was the last straw, earning Mobius' undivided attention. Of course, the Fantastic Four eventually devised a plan to escape, with the Human Torch and the Thing distracting the TVA while Reed and the Invisible Woman planted a virus that temporarily erased their timeline from the TVA's records. Mobius still managed to return in 1994's Fantastic Four Annual #27, by Mark Gruenwald and Mike Gustovich. In this issue, the Fantastic Four, including Scott Lang's Ant-Man, managed to help Mobius rise up in the ranks of the TVA.
Marvel's First Family even convinced Mobius that he should try to work for the TVA's rival company, the Kang Dynasty. After telling his superiors of this, Mobius was promoted at the TVA. In 2005's 4 #15, by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Jim Muniz, Mobius reluctantly asked the Fantastic Four for help against temporal anomalies, caused by Ramades, the oft-forgotten son of Kang.
In 2005's She-Hulk #3, by Dan Slott, Juan Bobillo, Paul Pelletier, Rick Magyar, Scott Kolins, Mike Vosburg, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Ron Frenz, Joe Sinnott, Sal Buscema, Mike Mayhew, Don Simpson, Lee Weeks, Eric Powell, Tom Grummett and Gary Erskine, Mobius presided over She-Hulk's trial as well. Jennifer Walters had tried to warn Hawkeye of his death in "Avengers Disassembled" before it happened, for which the TVA placed her on trial.
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Tumblr media
Although she's also a regular Avenger, She-Hulk has been a vital member of the Fantastic Four, making this occasion another judgment of Marvel's First Family. It's perfectly understandable that Mobius would carefully monitor the Fantastic Four's activities, considering their importance to the timestream. The instance in which the Fantastic Four destroyed the Time Bubble is only one of the many adventures where they've been active players throughout time and space.
The number of times that the Fantastic Four have repelled Galactus from devouring Earth is astounding, defying the natural order. More importantly, the Fantastic Four were the pioneers of the modern Marvel Universe, ushering in the age of heroes. If the Fantastic Four weren't around, neither would several heroes who have impacted the universe. A particularly important moment came when Mobius offered that, if the Thing stopped his rampage on the TVA, he would make it so that Ben Grimm never became the Thing in the first place.
The implications of this offer are vast, considering that, if Ben never became the Thing, the Fantastic Four wouldn't exist at all. Without the Fantastic Four, several catastrophic universal events would have taken place. Still, the Marvel Universe would be a very different place without the Fantastic Four, which is why Mobius watches them.
The Fantastic Four have shaped the Marvel Universe, ushered in an age of heroes, saved the Earth several times over and explored new frontiers throughout the universe. But tiAgent Mobius, however, the Fantastic Four are some of the biggest wild cards in the timestream. 
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superdogbiter · 9 hours ago
Mobius:”I see you hit rock bottom”
Loki,voice muffled by pillows:”Not a chance! I can sink lower”
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imposterogers · 10 hours ago
owen wilson: loki u pussycat
loki: owen wilson u CLOWN
this is literally what happened
imagine “pussycat” and “clown” slowly turning from terms of insults to terms of endearment
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imposterogers · 10 hours ago
I have a very important life changing loki the sugarbaby or mobi???i mean loki is really older right?i need answers.i haven't slept for days searching for answers
they both think of themselves as the sugar daddy and shower each other in gifts but really they’ve gone and created a relationship with a dynamic of equal power
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superdogbiter · 10 hours ago
Loki:”Can you describe the person who attacked you?”
Mobius:”They weren’t very friendly”
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imposterogers · 10 hours ago
i just learned that mobius drawing the little stick figure was owen wilson’s idea now i need to lie down
are you serious that was such a soft moment I—
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superdogbiter · 10 hours ago
Loki:”Tell you what,i’ll get the gasoline”
Mobius:”We’re not setting him on fire”
Loki:”Oh come one you never let me burn anything”
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symphony-in-silver · 11 hours ago
Michael Waldron: “we wanted an actor who could convey Mobius’s inherent sense of goodness” / “it’s a platonic love story”
Kate Herron: “Mobius is full of empathy and it’s a really beautiful moment when he says he doesn’t see Loki as a villain”
Tom Hiddleston: “Mobius kind of loves Loki”
Some of y’all: “ABUSER! BURN HIM!”
Tumblr media
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