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#mob!bucky x reader
barnestuff · 23 hours ago
morning kisses
Tumblr media
summary waking up in Bucky’s arms.
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings none. fluff.
a/n I hope everyone’s doing well <3 not my gif
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Bucky slowly opened his eyes, his hands searching your body on the bed. He wrapped his arms around you and sighed. Nothing felt like holding you in his arms. He didn’t want to wake up but he couldn’t keep his hands off you. He buried his head in your hair and inhaled the scent of your shampoo. It was his favorite scent in the whole world.
“Good morning, Bucky.” you said with a lovely voice, looking at him, your head still on his bare chest. He smiled at you, he didn’t realise you were awake.
“Good morning, pretty girl.” he said, his voice raspy from sleep, and his hands went to your chin, lifting your head up to kiss you. You slowly leaned and kissed his lips.
Bucky was tired before meeting you. He was tired of endless fights and chaos all around him. He was tired of fighting. He was longing for peace, until he met you.
You were his peace. His comfort. You were everything he had and needed.
In little moments like this, he couldn’t help but think how lucky he was to have you. He could never even imagine being this happy, but there he was wrapped up in sheets, his girl in his arms, smiling like an idiot.
“Slept well?” you asked as you started kissing his neck. He chuckled.
“I always sleep well when you are next to me, doll.” he said and rolled you so he could be on top of you.
“Bucky!” you squeaked. He started peppering kisses all over your face. His lips were on your cheeks, forehead, nose, eyes. You were giggling like a little girl in his arms. He took his time with your lips, kissing them slowly and tenderly. You smiled into the kiss, loving the feeling of his lips on yours.
You loved waking up in Bucky’s arms. Every morning you would wish to wake up in his arms for the rest of your life. Waking up warm, safe and happy, smelling his comforting scent.
Bucky broke off the kiss and laid on his back, pulling you to his chest. You smiled delightfully.
“Good morning, baby.”
“Good morning, Bucky.”
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:
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imaginedreamwrite · a day ago
Love Like Ours: Part 2
With the start of the meeting between your father, the head of the Jersey crime family, and Barnes, the director of the New York crime family, the estate was left generally empty, save for the hired hands that kept the house running smoothly.
Your stepmother was busy occupying Morgan’s time, and you were left to your own devices with the promise to stay away from the meeting or face the wrath of your father.
However, staying away from the meeting didn’t necessarily mean that you couldn’t find yourself in the hallway outside the meeting rooms, casually reading a book while pretending not to hear the message of the meeting unfolding within the rooms.
You wanted to be involved, and you found it starkly unfair that your father didn’t include you in the family business. He had risen to power to become the fierce head of the Jersey family, and he had an heir who wanted to learn the ropes. Only, in your father’s eyes, you were an innocent little flower who needed to be nurtured and cared for. Your birth mother was gone, ashes among the wind, her presence replaced by Pepper Potts. Pepper was a great woman, kind and sweet, the great love of your father’s life who ran a great deal of business behind closed doors, yet your father wouldn’t even give you a chance.
“I want you to have a life better than I have.” Your dad would always tell you that he wanted more for you than a life stuck in crime and the dirty details of the Jersey mafia.
You wanted a chance to prove yourself. You wanted a chance to prove to your father that you were stronger than he thought and more capable than he realized. Your father tried to keep you out, he wanted to send you abroad to study in the best universities London and France had to offer, yet all you wanted was to come home.
“Y/N,” your father’s guard warned when you stepped out of your room with a book tucked under your right arm, “I know exactly what you’re doing.”
“You need to relax, Ross.” You closed the door with a soft click and began traipsing toward the staircase. You placed your left foot on the carpeted stair and took that first step down, well aware that Ross would follow you.
“Your father gave clear instructions-“ you glanced over your shoulder at the man with silver-streaked hair and a fine grey dipped waistcoat overtop a black dress shirt.
“I’m not going into the meeting. I’m simply going to be sitting near the room reading. Everyone knows the business hall has the best ‘natural’ artificial light.” You turned your head and bound down the rest of the steps, the chosen book still tucked under your right arm and your calf grazing skirt as pristine as ever.
“Your father does not want you to be near the Barnes-“
“I am not afraid of James Buchanan Barnes.” You stood straight and held your head high. “Barnes is a dog, like most men who wander these halls with their uptight arrogance.”
“You shouldn’t speak of Barnes that way. He’s not a man to be messed with.” Ross followed you, almost to the doors leading to the business side of the estate, stopping short of the double set. “And your father has great reason to keep you away from that pissant.”
“He won’t let me come to that conclusion on my own.” You reached for the handle and turned the knob before you pushed the door open and stepped inside. You closed the door behind you and wait a moment to gather yourselves before you exhaled slowly, rolled your shoulders back and lift the book to appear as if you were reading the unfolding story within.
You took the first few steps toward the door and then strode past, slowly. Your eyes flicked toward the door where you made brief eye contact with the man of the hour, his bright blue eyes crinkled in the corners that matched the smirk on his face. He dipped his head and tucked his chin into his hand as he watched you pass with barely hidden amusement.
As you passed the door, you exhaled sharply. Your stomach was bubbling with warmth.
James Buchanan Barnes may have been a dog, but damn he was attractive.
** **
It was too hard not to watch you every time you walked past the door slowly and calculatingly. The book, he took notice of, was a play on the tale of Hades and Persephone, and he felt the draw and the relation to the same story in your arms.
Was he Hades, caught and entrapped by the beautiful Persephone who lay beyond his fingertips? Was he the poor soul who had his heart stolen by Persephone with a single glance?
“Bucky,” Steve whispered his name, stirring him from his gaze, “you want me to take care of this?”
Steve’s offer was taken immediately when his Persephone had departed, leaving him with the desire to follow his trail.
“Where the hell are you going, Barnes?” Your father asked as Bucky lift his phone from his pocket.
“Steve’s going to take care of the meeting for me. I gotta make a call.” Bucky ignored your father’s sour mood and slipped from the room.
He exited the meeting room, left what Stark called the ‘business’ hall and followed his Persephone throughout the house.
A soft, calf-sweeping skirt flounced delicately as each step taken was deliberate and slow. A book was tucked behind your back, held in two hands with your fingertips running over the indented lettering that gave a proper title to the legends written on the pages.
The entire mansion was buzzing with energy, both tumultuous and tense and energetic and quiet. The point stemmed from two separate families coming together to strike a deal that would further the relations between two solid and alpha-type men reigned in their respective kingdoms.
As you moved throughout the lobby in soft and slow strides, humming under your breath, you were made aware of the eyes that followed you. The icy blue irises tracked your every step as you purposefully walked slower in his presence, almost as if dangling yourself from a string.
You hummed under your breath as you walked from the entranceway straight to the back doors that led to the garden in all its splendid beauty. You hummed a soft, melodic tune that spoke to his ears and stirred that familiar feeling in his heart that had often afflicted you at the sight of excellent human refinement.
And he was nothing if refined.
“Persephone,” he called softly as you opened the door to the garden, “little temptress.”
You turned your head and smiled softly, your eyes meeting his icy blues, an unspoken mutual wanting and respect crackling in the air.
His deep brown hair was coiffed and only added to the natural handsomeness of the man with crystalline eyes and a strong jaw. His chin was lowered ever so slightly as he cast upon you a gaze of appreciation not ogling. He was a man of strength, great and undeniable, and that was strength was no more prevalent than the size of his frame and his mountain-like strength.
He was a man who could charm the best of women, with his charismatic smile and the depths of his blue eyes that made any woman weak to his appearance. He was a man who could have worn nothing but a sack used to store grains and flour, and still, he would’ve stolen the hearts of all who knew him.
His name was James Buchanan Barnes, and he was a handsome devil in the flesh.
“Hades,” you turned away and slipped through the door, shutting it softly behind you with a click.
You continued on your path with the book tucked behind your back, humming softly to the same tune that drew him into your depths.
“So this is love,” you sung softly, your voice no doubt carrying to him, “so this is what makes love divine; I’m all aglow, mmm.”
Even after you had left for the gardens, you could feel his eyes on you. Even as you dug into your skirt pocket and produced a pomegranate, you could feel him watching you.
Slowly, you lifted the pomegranate to the sun and turned the ripe, red fruit in your hands. It was a message meant for your Hades from his Persephone…
The pomegranate would be taken, and you would be his.
Stark...Zeus be damned.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sidepartskinnyjeans · a day ago
So does anyone remember a fic with mob/mafia Steve and bodyguard Bucky. The reader wants to leave work because its after 6 and Steve fucks her on his desk.
There's a moment in it where he looks over her head and mouths "I love her" at Bucky and it is 🥵
It inspired a much fluffier moment in a fic I'm writing and I'd like to link back and credit the writer.
Please help!
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myavengersimagines · a day ago
I felt like there was some detail missing for the first Snakes and Ladders chapter, so I've had a small re-write to add some more details and give it some length.
I hope that you guys enjoy <3
Chapter One
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myavengersimagines · 2 days ago
Chapter One: Snakes & Ladders
Tumblr media
Description: You're on holiday with your Mafia boyfriends Bucky and Steve, but the weather leads to you all having a miserable time. Bucky and Steve come up with a great idea to pass the time whilst they wait for the sun to come out.
Word Count: 3.2K
Warnings: Smut, Use of nicknames (Princess, Doll, Baby, Daddy, Good Girl, Sweetness), F/M/M, Mafia AU, Mob AU, cockwarming, BDSM elements, Dom Bucky, Dom Steve, minor mentions of violence, under 18s dni
Notes: Every decision made during this fanfiction is made using snakes and ladder board, random number generator and coin flipping generator. I wanted to try and make every option as random as possible to see where the story is going to lead to. I have already generated all the numbers for the entire snakes and ladders game, so now I'm just filling in the space around it.
Part Two >>
When both of your Mobster boyfriends offered to take you away on a stunning vacation to a secluded beach-side Villa on a remote Island, you hadn’t particularly imagined that it was going to raining for close to a week straight. Instead, you had imagined the feeling of the sun beating down on your skin whilst Bucky used his skilled hands to rub lotion into your skin, taking great care with every inch stay still; we don’t want your beautiful skin to burn and blister, doll he’d warn with so much tender longing in his voice. Then you’d be carried into the sea by Steve’s strong arms. He’d dunk you underwater, kissing you beneath the surface and make you completely forget about your need for oxygen.
Crack. The deafening sound of thunder came from the skies overhead following by the blinding lightning that always followed. You found yourself narrowed your eyes as you glared out the glass windows of the villa, watching as that tranquil sea that you desired was a deathly black colour crashing with a foamy substance against the shoreline, stretching far out and almost meshing into those dark rainclouds over the horizon.
There was almost this feeling of guilt that was brewing inside of you. Almost. At first, you had come to terms that everything that was happening was completely out of their control; however, it was easy for them to slip back into work mode. It felt as if there was nothing else that could be done, so Bucky and Steve had found themselves getting more and more invested in work back in Brooklyn, having these long phone calls ordering Natasha and Sam to take care of business whilst they were away. It was when Steve hadn’t joined you both for dinner one night whilst speaking to the Odinson’s that you felt this resentment growing; you were all supposed to be enjoying this vacation together without worrying back home.
It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that you had maybe binge-watched almost everything on Netflix. Back home in Brooklyn, Steve and Bucky kept you busy with escorts to gala events, parties and meetings that you hadn’t had time to even glance at a TV, but it appeared that this vacation was the perfect time to catch up on all those shows that you friends had gushed to you about.
Every now and then, either Bucky or Steve would duck into the bedroom, check that you’re doing alright or if you needed anything, if you were lucky, they might even snuggle up beside you and start asking mundane questions about these shows Who is that? Why are they doing that? Who killed him? That’s not the best way to dispose of a body… Until finally, you ordered them to leave, and they did with a smirk and a playful smack on your rear.
It was difficult for both Bucky and Steve to see you this upset. This vacation was something that you had been looking forward to since they had given it to you as a gift for your birthday. It was a whole three weeks of their undivided attention, sunbathing and snorkelling, eating good food and just being together. If there had been any other problems, they would have been able to solve them with a snap of their fingers, but the weather was an unruly mistress – not dissimilar from their beautiful partner.
In all their wisdom, Bucky and Steve had even charted a private plane to take you off the Island to another sunnier destination. But, the airport soon put a hole in their plans as the weather conditions were too bad to fly anywhere. So Steve and Bucky took out their frustration on the poor pilot and had literally beat the messenger, leaving him a bloodied mess on his own private jet before leaving to ice their knuckles and try and decided what their next option could be.
An afternoon of mauling over ideas of how to turn this vacation around had led them to come to a brilliant solution. Bucky sauntered through the quiet Villa, hearing the sound of voices coming from the bedroom, leaning against the doorway and watching you curled up in the centre of the bed with your eyes fixed on the screen. “Doll…” His voice was gentle, but it caught your attention immediately. “We got a little surprise for ya~” Bucky stuck his tattooed hand out before him as an invitation. “Come with me.”
This invitation seemed to pull a hefty sigh from your lips as you remained unmoving on your bed. “Can I just watch the end of this episode first?” You gesture to the screen across the room. A sense of anger burned with Bucky’s chest as his dangerous blue orbs lingered on your lump in the centre of the bed. Ever since this vacation had turned sour, Bucky noticed a change in their usual good girl as you acted more defiant and abrasive than usual. It wasn’t a good look on you, and it wasn’t something that either he or Steve would allow for much longer.
Even though your eyes remained fixed on the screen, you could hear Bucky shuffling around the room behind you. “I’m sorry, Doll, but made that sound like a request?” He was standing beside the bed now, and you could feel your body locking up in fear of his wrath. You opened your mouth to argue before you saw that look on his face, and it made your blood run cold before you quickly snatched the remote and shut off the TV without a second thought. Then, with a clumsy clambering, you climbed from the bed and stood beside Bucky with a kind smile on his features, hoping to subside his anger. “Good girl~” His voice was a low grumble as he leaned down to peck your forehead in a tender way.
“Now, I understand why you’ve been so grumpy.” His voice was thick as he cupped both of your cheeks in his hands, causing you to have to look up into his loving blue eyes. “This wasn’t the vacation that any of us wanted. Doll, I wanted to watch you flaunt around in all those bikini’s that we brought, but the weather Gods had different ideas.” Bucky said with humour to his voice, and you took your opportunity to let out a soft giggle.
At that wonderful sound, Bucky couldn’t help but let out a dreamy hum and muttered in a soft voice. “There’s our pretty girl~” His voice cooed in an adoring way. “Stevie and I’ve been neglecting you, hmm?” Then, leaning down, Bucky’s soft lips brushed against your jawline, leading all the way up until your ear. “We got a surprise for you. I think you’re going to like it a whole lot.” Then nipping at your earlobe in a playful way that made you squeak before suddenly shrieking as Bucky lifted you with ease and threw you over his shoulder, and carrying you through the Villa.
The sounds of your displeasure to be carried sung throughout the entire building, and it only made Steve grin madly as he spotted Bucky rounding the corner with you thrown over his shoulder. “Did our girl show some resistance?” Steve rose from where he was sitting across the plush couch and drew his arms over his chest in an expecting kind of way. “Oh, no…” Bucky said before dropping you onto the couch opposite where Steve was standing and laughing as you bounced softly against the comfortable surface. “I just like carrying her wherever I go~”
A deep scoff came from Steve before he responded. “You’re gonna spoil her, Buck.” Then gazing down at you as you pulled yourself to an upright position and looked over at Steve. Just the look of you made him want to melt on the spot; it was only now that they had come to the decision that they had neglected you on this vacation. It didn’t matter if the weather wasn’t on their side. That certainly did mean they were allowed to leave you high and dry. “Did the punk tell you about our little game?” Steve rose his brows at you, and you felt your stomach clench in wonder and intrigue before shaking your head.
Then they both gestured down to the coffee table between the two couches, and a firm frown set on your lips as you saw the board game ‘Snakes and Ladders’ laid out on the table. “This a game for babies.” You muttered coldly before crossing your arms over your chest. You scornfully found yourself already hating their idea of theirs and found yourself wishing that they had just left you to your own devices and allowed you to continue binging Netflix.
“Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong~” Steve chose to ignore your petulant tone with a big grin spreading across his cheeks. “This is a much more adult game of Snakes and Ladders, baby…” Then he reached down onto the table and picked up a stray piece of paper resting beside the board and held it out in your direction for you to accept. “You give that a read and then decided if you still want to throw a tantrum.” The writing was neat and legible, meaning that Steve had certainly written it, though some of the vernacular used was certainly that of Bucky’s. These rules were a joint effort.
Game Rules
- For the entirety of the game, Princess must remain seated on one of Daddy’s cocks.
- If a player lands anywhere on a ladder space, they will roll for a reward.
- If a player lands anywhere on a snake space, they will roll for a punishment
- There is NO cumming permitted during the game. If these rules are not met and a player orgasms, then they will roll for a punishment.
- Any gloating, teasing, tempting or brattiness will result in a punishment roll
Princess Rewards
1. Thrust(s) (roll for the number of thrusts, then roll for the intensity of the thrusts)
2. Hair pulling
3. Praise
4. 10-second touch (1-2 Daddy Stevie touch, 3-4 Daddy Buck touch, 5-6 Princess touch)
5. Dirty talk
6. Marking
Princess’ Punishment
1. Spank(s) (roll for the number, then roll for the intensity)
2. Humiliation (1-3 decided by Daddy Stevie and 4-6 decided by Daddy Buck)
3. No rewards for 2 turns
4. Teased
5. Vibe on clit for 30 seconds
6. Edge
As you came to the end of the rules, you found that your mouth had become increasingly dry whilst your bikini bottoms that you were wearing as panties were becoming more soaked by the second. For a moment, you wondered how they might have come up with this idea, but you remembered the type of minds you were dealing with. It took you a second to truly accept that this was all true, opting to re-read the rules a few times over before finally looking between both Bucky and Steve. “Does that sound more fun than just a stupid game of Snakes and Ladders, doll?” A tender nod came from you before Steve urged. “Use your words, baby.”
“Y-yes, sir.” Those were really the only words that you were able to form, and it made both of the men beam a smile at one another, truly enjoying this moment. It gave them this great sense of power and joy, knowing that they could short-circuit your brain in such a way with only a piece of paper and some dirty threats.
With a soft clearing of his throat, Steve responded. “I’m glad to hear that, sweetness~” His voice purred as he rounded the coffee table and pinched your chin softly between his thumb and forefinger. “Now, we are gonna need you to be a good girl and think of some rules for your Daddies too, hmm?” Steve hummed, and he leaned down at her lips, slipping the paper from her hands and turning it over to the blank side. “We’re gonna need 6 rewards and 6 punishments. It can be whatever that beautiful mind of you can dream up~” He urged, slipping a fancy looking pen into your fingers.
The two of them observed the way that your hands trembled as you began to jot down your rules. Bucky hummed as he watched your write in beautiful lettering. Whether it was messy or neat, it came from you, and that drove Bucky wild. He loved nothing more than receiving little love notes from you, finding them hidden around rooms with dirty little promises and secrets hidden between the pages.
It didn’t take long for you to begin to fill the page with all these ideas and promises of what you wanted both of these incredibly handsome men to do to you and wanted you wanted to do to them in returning finding yourself feeling this slight part of cynicism as the tables turned. Now it would be completely up to lady luck, for, however, would get rewarded or punished.
Daddy’s Rewards
1. 10 seconds of ball play
2. Make out with Princess
3. Thrusts (roll for the number of thrusts)
4. Begging from Princess
5. Edge Princess (roll for the number of times edged)
6. Expose boobs for the next 2 turns
Daddy’s Punishments
1. Edge
2. Princess has no punishments for 2 turns
3. Teased
4. No moaning for 3 turns (punishment roll for failing)
5. Princess gets to watch Daddy’s make out
6. Throat fuck other Daddy
It took you a couple moments, and you spent your time reading the words you had written over and over, wondering if they seemed fair compared to what Bucky and Steve were about to put you through. There was two of them you needed to try and turn the odds in your favour somehow. “I’m done~” You sung softly, looking across to the other couch where both Bucky and Steve were lounging now, holding out the paper for Bucky to snatch from your hands and begin reading it, trying to hide the smirk on his face.
They made soft humming noises, nodding their heads and looking at one another in small moments. It kept you completely on edge as you gulped softly and awaited your fate. “You like them?” You asked with a soft and vulnerable edge to your voice as you perched yourself up on the couch. “We love them, doll.” Bucky answered with certainty, “Now, what are you just sitting there for? Clothes off.” Again, you were reminded that Bucky didn’t request anything. No, instead, they were thick commands in your direction.
Without any hesitation, you clambered up from the couch. You began to tug at your clothes, throwing your sundress to the ground and pealing your bikini bottoms down your legs, watching as they fluttered the ground with a telling wet spot in the crouch. A tender blush pulled at your cheeks as your eyes fluttered up to Bucky and Steve, both undressed now along with you, their taut and primed bodies exposed to your greedy eyes, muscles wound tight and cocks’ firm and ready between their muscular legs.
“You are a sight to behold.” The warm voice of Steve seemed to drag you away from taking in every inch of their skin to memory and looking at him with a smile pressed to your lips. “Are you going to be a good girl and let us know who’s cock you want to warm first, baby?” He asked with genuine curiosity to his voice. It seemed like whenever you were forced to decide, you between our two men, that you became a bashful mess, and it appeared this time wasn’t going to be any different either.
There was this look of inner conflict that was pulling across your features, eyes darting from one member to the next and licking your lips all the while. Steve’s cock was long and hard, angry red tip that was practically dripping with pre-cum from how he had clearly worked himself up whilst creating their little game for you to play. On the other hand, Bucky was equally as hard but visibly thicker than Steve being just that shorter in length, soft pink tip that was glistening from his arousal. “Do you want us to flip a coin, beautiful?” Steve offered in a kind way to put you out of your misery.
“Yes, please.” Your voice was breathless in response, rubbing your thighs together softly as Steve reached onto the table and slipped the coin from the surface, flipping it into the air with ease and calling competitively. “Heads.” As it flipped once, twice and three times before landing on the rug beneath the coffee table with the outcome tails pointing upright. This filled Bucky with a great sense of accomplishment from doing almost nothing at all. Of course, it was 50/50 odds, but Bucky still felt as if he had won the jackpot.
The brunette held his hand out in front of him, and you stepped around the coffee table and took his hand. Bucky tugged you close in the next second and took hold of your waist, turning you around and slapping your ass, making you squeak aloud. “I hope that you’re ready for tonight, doll, ‘cause I’m not giving this damn game up until I win.” His voice was filled with venom as he tugged you down onto his lap.
The way that Bucky was able to manoeuvre and manhandle you to being in the exact position that he wanted you in always left you feeling more like an object than a person – not that you were complaining. You sat with your back, his taut chest, legs spread over his thighs, and cunt stretched deliciously over his cock, spreading your walls in a way that almost brought little crocodile tears to your eyes but instead made a mewl spring from deep in your throat.
“Does that feel good, sweetness?” The sound of Steve’s brought you back to reality for a moment. “Does it feel good having your little cunt spread wide of Buck’s big cock?” His eyes flickered down to the apex between your legs to see the way that Bucky’s cock was nestled deep inside of your cunt and humming as he licked his lips. “Jesus, if I weren’t so sure I’d get a good in that pussy later, then I’m sure it’d make me jealous,” Steve muttered, making Bucky smirk and pepper a few kisses against your shoulder lovingly. “Now, ‘cause you’ve been such a good girl whilst we’ve been on this vacation, we’re going to let you roll first.”
Reaching forward, Steve dragged back the coffee table so that it was closer to them all, within reach even with you perched on Bucky’s lap. He picked up the die in hand and placed them in your open palm. “What do you say?” He urged softly, and you squeaked. “Thank you, Daddy~” At the moment, it was difficult to focus on really anything other than the way that Bucky cock was spreading your walls in such a wonderful way. Still, you clutched the die in hand and allowed it to spring from your hand, tumbling a few times on the board before coming to a dead stop.
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sebastianstansqueen · 2 days ago
The King And His Queen 11
A/N: I Know this part is a lot shorter then the others, feedback is always appreciated if you want to be Tagged, either send an ask or comment on this or click on Taglist open.
Wordcount: 654
Warnings: Fluff, bit of angst, Wanda being a little rude i think that's it let me know if its not
Masterlist //  Taglist open // Series Masterlist
Tags: @cherryblossomskye - @babylooneytoonz - @wonderlandfandomkingdom - @miraclesoflove - @amelia-song-pond - @lharrietg - @austynparksandpizza -
Tumblr media
The next day you were ready to go to Wanda’s dinner again for breakfast with Brooklyn again, not even thinking about the guy from yesterday, you walked down to the main floor after waking Brooklyn up and helping her get ready for the day. Bucky had been in the kitchen making breakfast, like normal. “Hey where are you two going?” He asked.
“Oh we were gonna go to Wandas for breakfast again.” You said.
Bucky frowned. “Sorry but I don’t want to take any risk with Brock.”
“It’s alright so what are you making?” You asked.
“Egg’s but since you both are awake now, I’ll make pancakes.” Bucky said as he started getting out stuff for pancakes, Brooklyn sat at the counter pouting. Bucky looked at the little girl. “What's wrong?”
“I wanted to see aunt Wanda and uncle Pet today.” She said with a grumpy face.
Bucky sighed thinking for a minute. “They can come over while I’m working today.” He told her.
The little girl perked up. “Yay!” You smiled at the young girl, minutes later both of you had plates with eggs and pancakes, your small family falling into small conversation. After breakfast you called Wanda, while you, Brooklyn, and Bucky watched one of Brooklyn cartoons.
“Hey.” Wanda answered, sounding cheary as usual.
You smiled. “Hi, um I and Brooklyn really wanna see you later or soon.”
“Um yeah you can come to the dinner any time you want you and Brooklyn are always welcome.” She answered.
You frowned, noticing Bucky look at you out of the corner of your eye, you pulled the phone away from your ear and mouth. “Don’t worry.” He nodded once, turning back towards the tv. “Um I’ll explain when you come over but I can’t go to the diner because of something.”
“So Barnes is doing this again.” She said irritated.
Your eyebrows furrowed. “What? No this has nothing to do with Bucky, well sort of kinda but it’s mainly to do because of his work.”
“I’ll see you later, Barnes better not be there when I come over.” She hung up.
You leaned your head against the back of the couch. “You alright?” Bucky asked.
“Wanda’s being kind of a bitch at the moment.” You sighed. Eventually, Bucky went to his office to do some work, soon after Wanda came into the living room with Pietro, You smiled. “Hey.”
“Hi.” They said at the same time.
Wanda turned toward you. “So why does Barnes not want you to come to the diner?” Wanda asked.
“Remember that guy I was talking to yesterday?” You asked.
“Yeah, what about him?” She asked.
“Well turners he’s not a great guy.” You told her.
Wanda rolled her eye’s. “The man you live with isn’t…” She cut herself off when the guard by the elevator door glared at her she gritted her jaw. “Perfect.”
You now rolled your eyes. “Wanda, Bucky’s not like that guy, the guy at the diner, was most likely spying on me or something.”
“Why?” She asked.
You turned to her.“Whoever gave me my amnesia is probably plotting to do something again.”
“Oh my god, I wasn’t even thinking about the possibility of Walker-” She was talking but spots started taking over your vision. “Oh, my god.” Wanda said with shock as you fell back onto the coach. “Peat stay here with Brook.” Wanda was taking the stairs two steps at a time getting to Bucky’s office, she burst through the door.
“Maximoff this better be good.” He said already annoyed with her presents.
She was breathing heavily. “Y-Y/n passed out on the couch lucky.”
Bucky’s eyes widened getting out of the leather chair and bolted out of the office, and down the steps to the living room just as he got to the couch your eyes were opened. “Y/n, are you okay?'' he asked.
“I remember everything.” You told him truthfully.
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𝗦𝗨𝗠𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗬:  Your life is as good as it gets. The perfect husband, the perfect daughter, the perfect job. But what you are unaware is that your husband is a deadly assassin and your long-lost friend, now a fearsome mob boss is hell bent on getting you back. But what you don’t know can't hurt you, right?
𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦:  psychological disorder, PTSD, domestic abuse, yandere, obsession, violence, cursing. If you find any of this triggering please DNI. Also inform me if I left something out.
ᴛʜɪs ɪs ɴᴏᴛ ʙᴇᴛᴀ ʀᴇᴀᴅ, sᴏ ᴀʟʟ ᴍɪsᴛᴀᴋᴇs ᴀʀᴇ ᴍʏ ᴏᴡɴ
Tumblr media
“For how long?” You almost woke Iris up with your temper. The little girl had cried herself to sleep.
“Calm down! Don’t worry, just listen to me. Sam will bring you to my house. Once you are here you don’t have to worry.”
“Steve, for how long are you making Sam follow me? He literally is my neighbor. Not even in my wildest dream did I think he would be working for you!” If Steve was in front of you now, you would’ve punched him.
“We will talk when you come here. I’ll answer all your questions. Just come home.”
You wanted to ask a million questions at least but you decided talking face to face would be better. “Ok.”
“I’m waiting. Bye.” You clicked the phone shut and handed it to Sam.
“What do you think all those useless hospital visits were for?” Sam gave you a smirk and you shook your head.
“Since college. Steve! Are you kidding me?” You punched his bulging bicep and he pretended to be hurt. You were sitting on the couch in your room as Rissie slept peacefully on the bed.
You didn’t believe your eyes as you walked in Steve’s house, or rather mansion. This one was bigger than the one he lived as a high schooler and that only meant one thing, he had expanded his ‘business’.
Steve had prepared an entire room just for you and another for Iris. But you weren’t going to let your child sleep away from her mom in the house of a gangster. What didn’t sit right with you was the way the room was decorated. It was as if he knew all your choices and likings. Well, he did know everything about you, didn’t he?
“What? I had to make sure you were okay!” Steve said with such nonchalance that you thought for a second whether stalking someone was legal now.
What Steve loved was that you weren’t friends separated by time, no, right now you were best friends as if all those years hadn’t passed.
“Steve..., what about... what about the man...?” For a second Steve didn’t catch on to what you were saying. “What man?” You visibly gulped, “the man Bucky killed. There would be a trial. And I would have to go to the courthouse. I don’t...” you couldn’t hold in much longer and you cried your eyes out. You wanted to ask about Bucky, but you couldn’t take anymore of heartbreak.  
“Shh, it will be fine. The man was a homeless drug addict. No one would ask for him. Him going missing wouldn’t be a big deal. I’ll handle everything.” He said with such a ruthlessness that it scared you. A man had died. It didn’t matter if he was homeless or a senator. All that mattered was, a life was lost. This quality and the moral compass of yours had made you one of the finest doctors.
As you cried, you covered your eyes with your hands and pathetic sobs left your body. Steve hesitantly pulled you close and your body instinctively relaxed in his warmth. He held you close and whispered sweet nothings into your ears.
You cried for all the precious things you had lost and all the unwanted information you had gained. You wished you hadn’t cleaned your house that day, that you hadn’t seen those videos of what Bucky or the Soldat was capable of. You wished you had been more vigilant today and hadn’t let that man enter. You wished you had noticed James in your house earlier. You wished you had been smart enough to understand Sam’s intentions.
Thriller was your favorite genre but it didn’t mean your life was supposed to be a thriller! Lost in your thoughts you didn’t realize that you had fallen asleep on Steve.
Steve slowly tilted your head as he felt the sobs receding and started hearing soft snores. He saw you were fast asleep. Your eyelashes and cheeks were drenched and so was half of his shirt, but he didn’t care for it. He noticed the imprint his button his left on your cheek while your face had been buried in his embrace and he winced.
He soothingly rubbed his thumb over the imprint and gave himself a victory smile. He gently picked you up bridal style and laid you on the bed. He tucked you under the blanket and pecked your forehead. He finally had you, and he wasn’t going to ever let you go.
It was dinner time when Steve opened the door. He had knocked but there wasn’t any response. So, he sneaked in the room to find both you and Iris sleeping. He had to agree Iris was a smart and adorable girl. She had taken all the right features of her parents.
He kneeled beside your side and softly placed a hand on your face. “Wake up.” He slowly shook you and you opened your eyes, they were bloodshot red from all the crying. He hoped that every day he would be the one to wake you up from now on.
“Hey! Oops, how long has it been? When did I fall asleep? God, I’m so sorry...” you started rambling. “Don’t be sorry. I just woke you up to tell you that dinner’s ready.” He gave you a smile and you wondered how people resisted throwing themselves at Steve.
“I’m.... you know what? I am very hungry. I’ll wake Rissie up and we’ll come down.” He nodded and got up to leave. You quickly held his arm and stopped him right in his tracks. He thought he should probably warn you not to touch him like this; you had no idea what effect you had on him.
“I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am. I was such an idiot. I was so lost in my own thoughts I didn’t even thank you. I don’t know what to do or how to express it, but Thank you so so very much!” You were almost about to cry again but Steve stopped you.
“Hey! You don’t need to thank me at all. I’m your best friend and that’s what friends are for, right?” You wanted to ask him whether you were really still friends, but you refrained. You smiled and nodded your head.
You slowly woke Iris up by pressing kisses to her face. She had seen things that no child should see. She needed your reassurance and your support. You need to be strong; not for yourself but for her. And you suddenly realized you both were alone, all alone in this entire world. All you had was each other.
“Wake up, Love.” You said as you kissed her forehead. “Mom?” She rubbed her eyes and they hauntingly reminded you of Bucky. “Where are we?” She asked pouting. “We are at my friends place.”
At that she smiled “We are with uncle Thor?” Iris adored Thor. “No, we are at my other friends place. You don’t know him, but I’ll introduce you. He is a good man, but promise me Rissie you’ll behave.” She nodded her head furiously, “I promise.”
“Mom, what about dad? Where is he? Is he okay? He is always so cool with his metal arm but today he scared me. He looked like a superhero in those clothes though.” He probably was a supervillain you thought to yourself.
“I don’t know where he is. And today he scared me too. But listen to me Iris. Why don’t we play a game? It’s only you and me. We don’t trust anyone else except the two of us. Not dad, not Steve, not Sam, not Thor. Nobody. Just the two of us. If you want to share something you come to me. If someone calls you, even if it’s dad, you won’t go without my permission, ever. You stay with me and I stay with you. Pinky promise?”
“Pinky promise mom. I love you.” She said so innocently that you wanted to cry, but you had to hold yourself, “I love you too. And I promise you I’ll keep you safe, my brave tiger. Did momma tell you how proud she is of you? What you did today saved both our lives. And I’m sooo proud of you.” You bombarded her with million kisses and she attacked you with a billion.
When you both headed downstairs you were met with twice the number of people you expected. And Steve introduced you to each one of them. Tony was the lawyer and kinda the brains behind everything; Clint was his left-hand man; Sam, Vision and Bruce were some of his most trusted men. Wanda was his wife, who he had made very clear he married for business. What Steve didn’t tell you about though, was his son, George. He was around Iris’s age and a little taller than her. You would be lying if you said that the boy wasn’t cute.  
You all had dinner while they engaged you in small talk. All the dishes were your and Rissie’s favorites. And you suspected that it was on purpose but you didn’t complain. What you didn’t appreciate though were the looks thrown towards you by Wanda. It felt as if it were up to her, you would be dead by now. And while the others treated you with respect and love and made you feel as if you sat on this table every day; one person wasn’t impressed by you, Vision. You pushed the thought aside thinking that maybe, he was just awkward.  
As you finished the dinner, you thanked everyone; especially Sam. You were mad at him, but you weren't ungrateful. Iris and George had already become friends and he took her to see his toy collection. Seeing his toys, Iris missed her home. She missed the toys her mom used to impulsively buy and her dad would bring home for her from around the world. But George assured her that she could play with them whenever she wanted.  
Steve left a little early as his work called. You talked with Sam for a few more moments and then finally collected Rissie and headed upstairs. Someone had already kept clothes for you two on the bed. You supposed they belonged Wanda and George. After you both changed and freshened up, you tucked Iris in and told her a bedtime story as she drifted off to sleep.  
You tried your best but you couldn’t sleep. You were thirsty and desperately wanted water. And being the shy idiot you were, you had forgotten to ask for a bottle while coming upstairs. You wasted another half an hour debating whether to go to kitchen or not. It was almost midnight and it wasn’t your home for you to roam freely. Though they all seemed friendly and kind, you hadn't forgotten they were all a part of a crime syndicate.  
But your throat became too dry and you gathered your courage and slipped out of your room. You made your way to the kitchen and let out a loud breath, till now nothing had wrong yet. As you headed back to your room, you heard loud moans coming from another guest room. You couldn’t care less. You thought it must be one of those guys and some maid. But what did stop you were the names they were moaning. It wasn’t any maid; it was Wanda. And the worst of all was that the man wasn’t Steve; it was Vision.  
You quickly ran from there. You had absolutely zero interest in getting entangled among all their internal stuff. Tomorrow morning you were going to pack your bags and leave. You didn’t want Iris and yourself to be stuck in this jungle. But now you were confused. Should you tell Steve or should you not? He did tell you that he didn’t love her but he didn’t tell you if it was open marriage. And even if it was, did he know that she was banging one of his very own men?
You were drawn out of your thoughts when you saw Steve standing outside your door. He was softly knocking it as you approached him “I’m here, just went to get water.” you shrugged. “Are you okay? You seem flushed.” You nodded awkwardly while your internal monologue rambled, should I tell him, or should I not? “I'm fine. I just ran all the way up here. But forget that, what brings you here?”
"I just wanted to talk.”
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barnestuff · 2 days ago
marry me
Tumblr media
summary bucky blurts out the question.
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings none. fluff. a very very cute bucky.
a/n gif not mine. bucky in wakanda. fluff. have nice day/night <3
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
You and Bucky were laying on the grass near the lake, his arms around you, your head hidden in the crook of his neck, Wakandan sun shining and warming you. Bucky was shirtless and you were in a bikini, you loved the feeling of his skin on yours, it felt like heaven.
“Penny for your thoughts?” you looked at Bucky, caressing his cheek, your hands on his beard.
“Just you, pretty girl.” he said, looking at you with pure love. When Bucky looked at you like that you always felt butterflies in your stomach, it felt like you met him for the first time. You could never get used to him looking at you with pure love and admiration.
“You are a charmer, aren’t you sergant?” you gave him a smile and he lifted his eyebrows
“Am I?” he asked and started peppering kisses on your face. Your lips, cheeks, forehead, eyes.
“I” a kiss on the right cheek. “love” a kiss on your nose. “you.” He looked at you with the biggest smile on his face and you kissed him. His lips were soft and warm, you felt his love for you on his lips.
“I love you too, James.” you tucked in a strand of hair on his face behind his ears and kissed him again. He broke the kiss and his eyes held the same look again.
“Marry me.” he whispered.
“What?” you asked him, thinking he is not serious and smiling.
“I said, marry me. You are the one for me, doll. I want you to know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. ‘Doesn’t matter where we are or when, as long as I’m with you. I always feel like I am home when you are with me, something I haven’t felt in a long long time. I don’t know if I deserve you, but I am willing to try to be a better man for you, as long as you want me to be with you. I love you, pretty girl.” he said and there were tears in your eyes by the time he finished. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him, him on the top of you.
“Of course, I will marry you, Bucky.” you said and he smiled widely, making you smile too. He gave you another kiss, making you melt.
“I am sorry. I wish I didn’t just blurt it out. I wish I had a ring to give you.” he said, giving you an apologetic look.
“Oh, baby, it was perfect. I couldn’t think of a better way to propose, really.” you said and he smiled at you. His hands rubbed the sides of your waist.
“What if we go to the city this week? We can buy rings and have a celebration dinner?” he asked and you kissed him again, giggling after you broke the kiss.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” he said and you put your head on his chest, hugging him, your legs tangled.
Everything is perfect.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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Go On, Leave Me Breathless - Chapter 3
Tumblr media
Mob!Bucky Barnes x Reader (OFC)
Warnings: Fighting, Mentions of death, Murder, Anxiety, Violence, Crime, Explicit language, PTSD 
Word Count: 3.7K 
A/N: I had a small bit of self doubt with this fic the last few weeks which is why i haven’t updated it, but I re-read everything I have planned for it and had a revival so here’s chapter 3. I originally hated it this chapter but i’ve got it to a point where I really like it now so yay! Let me know if you’d like to be tagged!! 
Previous Part  |  GOLMB Masterlist 
Chapter 3: The Readjustment Period 
The harsh slam of the balcony door startled Y/n awake with a panicked gasp. Her eyes shot open, searching frantically for the culprit that had ripped her viciously from her dream world. Her heart was beating rapidly seeing nothing out of the ordinary.
It took her a moment to collect herself, to talk herself down from the ledge of fear that she was teetering on. The loud noise had been an untimely addition to the nightmare she’d been trapped in.
Like most, last night had been restless, she’d tossed and turned in her plushy marshmallow bed into the early hours of the morning. Only to be plagued with the dark demons that dominated her mind when sleep finally took her. It was always the same, some version of the crash, whether it be how it really happened or a warped variant she’d created in mind over the years.
Finally, she sat up, her eyes anxiously swept the room. Her fingers ran across her silky satin sheets, finding comfort in the cold fabric against her fiery skin.
She breathed in and out slowly, her chest heaved as she centred herself. With each inhale familiarity flooded her body, she was home and safe, no one was in her room. On her deep exhales, she pushed herself further away from sleep, leaving the pain and darkness behind.
The early morning sunrise peaked through the drawn curtains, the wind thrashed against the window panes. Between a gap in the curtains a strip of sunlight stretched across the room, hitting her bed and warming her covered legs. It was a welcomed comfort.
Heaving herself from her bed, she started the morning, pulling herself together, piece by piece and swiftly leaving the loneliness of her bedroom behind. She felt ready to face the day; the perfected fake smile plastered tightly on her face.
Reaching the kitchen, her breath faltered, as her eyes landed on Bucky already in the kitchen, seated at the breakfast bar. It’d been three days since Steve had left and he hadn’t left the confines of his bedroom since.
He hadn’t noticed her, his eyes were fixed on the countertop, wide with fear. His balled up fists rested on the table defensively. Between his hands sat an untouched jet black coffee, no steam rose from the mug. The only signs of life coming from him were the heavy breaths escaping his lips, his shoulders vibrating steadily. He may have been physically in the room but mentally he was far far away.
Y/n took a tentative step into the kitchen, moving carefully, praying not to scare him or worsen whatever memory he was stuck reliving. Bucky could hear the soft footsteps moving closer but remained motionless.
“Good morning James.” She sang softly as she passed him, careful not to look in his direction as she winced at her own words.
Pulled from his unyielding mind, Bucky’s head shot up from the table. Her gentle voice pierced through his tough barriers soothing him back to the present. He sent a low grunt back at her, as his eyes followed her around the room. He unclenched his fists, his shoulders sagging as he watched her cheery movements.  
The unexpected burst of positivity  undercut Bucky’s darkness. It was almost too overwhelming, almost enough to make him bolt upstairs and lock his door, almost enough for him to isolate himself from the world completely. Almost.
But fear crept under his skin immediately, crawling along his joints and seizing him in place. He’d spent the last few days hauled up alone, consumed by darkness. The memories and pain had attacked him relentlessly. The thought of being alone for another day made him more uneasy than little Miss Sunshine.
He also knew the time for hiding and wallowing in this empty mansion was over. Tony had shown up at his door the night before, Jarvis in tow with his new wardrobe and a large bottle of Glen Mckenna. No words were exchanged, but Bucky understood. It was time to put him back to work. So he pushed away the nausea that churned his stomach, squashing it up until he could pretend it didn’t exist.
He fixed his gaze back on Sylar as he searched for a way to capture her attention without starting a pointless conversation. He’d never been very good at making small talk and had no plans to improve on those skills now.
He scanned the countertop, settling on a small folded piece of paper, Y/n’s name scribbled on it messily. Stealing another glance in her direction, her back was turned to look out of the window, soaking up the warm sun rays. Seeing his way in, he grabbed the note and the stone cold cup of coffee and crossed the room.
Y/n didn’t notice Bucky creeping up beside her to get rid of his coffee. When she turned away from the window, she tried her best to suppress her gasp at finding him so close to her. Her senses were flooded with the unfamiliarity of him, hints of an oaky cologne drifted up to her nose.
Her back was pressed against the countertop, faced with his broad chest. He wore a black button down shirt and a fitted burgundy jacket. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the mustard coloured tie that sat off centre.
Without thinking, she reached her hands out, her fingers grazing against the silky shirt as she fixed the tie. She could feel heat radiating off his body, her hand lingered over his chest. Neither of them dared to breathe.
Y?n’s eyes widened, fearing she’d crossed a line and yet she didn’t pull away. Bucky didn’t move or say anything, craving more of her touch even though her hands hadn’t left him yet.
Y/n tugged down on his tie lightly, her eyes trailed up slowly meeting his gaze. Bucky’s mouth hung open, words teetering on his lips but not quite materialising. He gulped loudly, his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he presented the note. “Think Stark left this for you.” He muttered, breaking her gaze.
“Thanks.” Y/n replied, the air returning to her lungs as she took the note from his gloved hand. “The suit looks good by the way.” She nodded to him and skimmed the scrawl on the paper. She missed the way Bucky’s cheeks flushed at her words.
“Tony’s already left and he wants you in today. So it looks like you’re stuck with my awful driving this morning.” Y/n sighed softly. There was a gnawing feeling in the pit of Y/n’s stomach, this wasn’t a coincidence. This was the first step in a plan for Tony to keep Steve sweet. Bucky was going to be stuck with more than just her bad driving.
Whilst he was imprisoned by Pierce, Bucky hadn’t ever considered the possibility of returning back to his old life. He’d contemplated his escape many times in the long lonely hours locked up in Pierce’s compound. He always imagined that if he escaped, he would have to start his life over, get a new identity, and move to another state.
Somewhere along the way he’d given up on being saved, he’d never been strong enough to formulate an escape plan. He resigned himself to a life of torture and pain, of being an unquestioning, brainwashed solider to a sadistic ex-king pin.
When Sam and Nat found him, he’d resisted being saved. There was a small part of him that was still alert under the influence of the blue serum and it only helped him resist. He was so scared of what he was returning to, going back to his old life seemed impossible. He wasn’t sure he could deal with the readjustment.
Being amongst the Stark family, hidden and posing as a new recruit, would provide some relief. At least he could recalibrate in the shadows. No one here really knew him, he didn’t have to feel constant prying eyes on him and hear the hushed whispers.
As they entered Stark’s building, Bucky’s heart beat impossibly fast, his skin felt clammy, his clothes felt tighter, his breathing ragged. When he arrived a few days ago with Steve, it had been quieter and he'd been able to hide behind his veil of hair. He craved that same emptiness now.
He shuffled behind Y/n, closely following her movements. He was her shadow, walking so close to her that he tripped over his own feet every couple of steps. It surprised him that they were stopped by nearly everyone on their way in, Y/n was greeted by everyone warmly.
It was completely different to what he’d known, he and Steve had run things very differently back in the day in Brooklyn. They preferred to be feared by their recruits, not liked. There was no open communication between the top dogs and the lower ranking men.
Every time they were stopped, Bucky’s heart stopped entirely, fearing that the ruse was up and he’d been recognised. He noticed the suspicious looks, but deep down he knew it was only because he was acting obviously shifty. It was strange for the new guy to be side by side with the second in command. Following her like a lost puppy, refusing to look people  in the eye as he clung to Y/n’s sleeve. Their cautious eyes made him crave the
loneliness of the Stark Mansion.
Bucky’s looming closeness didn’t go unnoticed by Y/n either. His tense energy hugged her shoulders, she could hear the change in his breathing when they were stopped. His discomfort tugged at her heart, she wouldn’t wish this on her worst enemy.
The air lightened considerably as they entered the empty hallway to her office. The static buzz of people was a safe distance from Bucky and finally he fell into a step next to her instead of pressing up behind her frightfully.  
“Are you alright?” She inquired quietly. Bucky paused his steps, pondering the question. Y/n stopped too, facing him.  Bucky struggled with himself, he wanted to say no but appearing weak seemed like a wiser fate. Y/n reached out, placing her hand on his right forearm, gently brushing her fingers back and forth.
Bucky melted under her touch, just as he’d done earlier; any thoughts of hiding the truth disappeared. “It’s just a lot to handle. Wasn’t expecting that many people.”
Y/n nodded knowingly, “I get it.” She replied. Her hand dropped down the length of his arm, holding onto the sleeve of his suit jacket. Bucky’s eyes closely followed her gentle actions. “Actually, I don’t get it. I can’t imagine how hard this is. But you took a big step today and you should be happy with that.”
Y/n smiled sweetly at him, Bucky’s frosty eyes warmed. Her hand hovered over his, daring to tangle their fingers together, but she held back. Bucky lips turned up tentatively in return. “Thank you,” he whispered gently.  
Y/n’s lips parted to speak again, but she was cut off by the sound of bounding footsteps headed in their direction. Peter appeared behind them, a nervous grin eating at his cheeks. Y/n turned to face him, Bucky turned the opposite way.  
“Hey Y/n.” Peter smiled, carefully eying Bucky’s tense body as he rocked back and forth on his heels. “Mr. Stark sent me down here. Said I’m working with you both today.” Y/n returned his smile and nodded before she walked off to her office. “He said something about the docks?” Peter continued as he and Bucky followed her.
Y/n sighed to herself, “yep we’ve got a candy shipment coming in today. I need some help moving it to the clubhouse.” She mumbled, grabbing a large brown envelope from her desk drawer.
“Awesome, well I’m here to do all the heavy lifting.” Peter joked, puffing his chest up. Y/n looked up from her desk laughing quietly at him. Bucky let out a loud breath, closely resembling a scoff.
“Let’s get going then.”
For the first time in years Bucky felt a glimmer of his old self ignite. Being down at the docs for a dodgy dealing with a suspicious, white haired man, it had always been a part of the job he favoured. He’d overseen all shipments for Steve.
In fact, as he stood side by side with Peter and two others from the Stark family, watching as Y/n expertly handled the trade off, he couldn’t ignore the niggling feeling that he’d seen this particular white haired man before.
The receding hair slicked back to his scalp, the large well groomed moustache, his sneaky laugh that carried halfway across the docs. Even his name, Stan, sounded familiar. He hoped this Stan guy didn’t recognise him. These types of men were known for being untrustworthy, they followed their own moral compass. It could bring an extra set of trouble his way.
He watched the deal take place between the pair rather quickly and then the  formalities were dropped as Y/n embraced Stan, before making her way back to her men. The whole thing felt like a big blur and Bucky quickly lost track of himself. One minute they were being attacked by the windy salt infested air and then he was being driven to one of Stark’s many clubhouses in Queens.
Y/n didn’t bother handing off any instructions as they arrived, simply wandering off upstairs to meet with James Rhodes in the office. Bucky cursed himself as he watched her walk away, hating that a part of him felt lost without her close by, that she wasn't in his eyeline to guide him.
He was left alone with Peter and two lorries full of watered-down alcohol and boxes filled with kilos of pills. Peter held in his hand the brown envelope, he pulled out a wad of paper, handing some to Bucky without daring to look at him and started checking things off the page.
Bucky followed suit quickly, resentment eating at his skin because Peter seemed to know what he was doing, while he felt completely lost. The only solace he found in the task at hand was at least he could enjoy the silence.
By 3pm that afternoon, they had completed the inventory check and had begun moving the boxes into the clubhouse. Everything was accounted for, except Bucky’s sanity. By 3pm he was ready to slam his head into a wall; convinced it would be less painful than dealing with Peter Parker for another second.
The quiet he’d hoped for was a distant dream, the younger man was relentless. As they had gotten into a groove of checking things off their respective lists, Peter’s confidence around Bucky grew. The questions trickled in slowly at first, with Bucky replying in grunts and other incoherent noises.
But with each passing hour, the silences became shorter and shorter and then simply stopped existing all together. Peter determinedly filled every moment with a new question.  
Where did they keep you? Will you go back to Mr. Rogers when this is all over? Will Pierce come looking for you? Do you remember what they did to you? Do you know what happened between Mr. Stark and that lady that came with you? Do you like staying at the Stark mansion?
No topic was off limits and it was a wonder that Peter didn’t make himself ill with the amount of twists and turns his brain did. He was never deterred by Bucky’s hard glare, the one word responses or the complete lack of answers in some cases. He was far too swept up in the excitement of working alongside one of his idols to notice the toture he was inflicting on Bucky.
As they finished up with the first lorry, inspiration sparked in Bucky’s mind. It was time for a change of tactics with the next lorry. They stood beside one another, looking at the next shipment, both of them hot and bothered.
“Okay kid, new plan. I’ll unload and you can carry them to the back.” He declared, wiping a light sheen of sweat from his forehead with the back of his leather glove. He didn’t wait for Peter to respond before stomping off into the darkness, searching for a moment’s peace.
It was a new groove, this system meant they missed one another entirely, it was a welcomed beat of relief for his brain and his ears. Travelling back and forth through the lorry was sweatier work for Bucky; the air in the metal box was far stuffier. Although he’d taken off his jacket a couple hours back, he was boiling.
He hid himself in the back of the truck behind a large stack of booze, shallow sweaty breaths escaped his lips. He peered over the boxes, checking for signs of Peter’s return. The younger man was nowhere to be seen and there was enough unloaded off the truck already to keep him busy.  
Bucky exhaled nervously before finally slipping his hands out of his scorching leather gloves. A sigh of relief fell from him as the air hit his skin. Slowly, he stretched out his unmatching hands inspecting them. The right one was clammy and tinged a light pink, while the left remained the same cool shades of black and gold. It was cold to touch, almost lifeless. The stark difference between his hands was something he’d still not grown used to.  
He carefully unbuttoned the cuffs of his shirtsleeves and rolled the soft expensive material up along his flesh before repeating the actions on the whirring black and gold metal.
Sadness and anger consumed him as he stared at himself, at the modifications that had been made to his body against his will. A dry, silent sob broke from him as he recalled Pierce’s menacing words from the day they took his arm. Just a minor upgrade to make you the perfect soldier.
He threw his heavy hands down angrily and dropped to his knees, his head falling forward as he screamed silently. The pain was everywhere within him and nowhere around him and he was trapped inside his own mind again.
Peter arrived back at the lorry, no new boxes had been unloaded and Bucky was nowhere in sight. Quietly, he whistled to himself, skipping his way into the truck. As he reached the back of the lorry, he stumbled into a box and knocked it sideways. His legs collided with Bucky’s tense body, knocking him brutally back into reality.  “Oh man, I’m so sorry. I didn’t…” Peter grovelled, stumbling back as Bucky rose to his feet.
The small distance between them allowed Peter to see the fear in Bucky’s eyes. He gulped loudly, “are you okay?” Bucky shook his head, looking away from him while he caught his breath. “Shall I go get Y/n?”
“No!” Bucky rasped desperately, throwing his body in Peter’s direction, his metal arm instinctively flew up, his strong cold fingers wrapping around Peter’s neck, Peter nodded as best as he could under the restriction of Bucky’s hand.
His eyes widened in the darker light of the lorry as he saw the shine of Bucky’s left arm. His mouth fell open, his own hand wrapped around Bucky’s wrist. “You have a metal arm? Dude, that’s awesome!” He  exclaimed as loud as he could with Bucky crushing his windpipe.
Bucky’s fearful eyes met Peter’s. “Keep it down!” Bucky whispered, finally letting go of him, pushing him back into the wall of the lorry. Peter gasped as the air returned to his lungs and they heard footsteps approaching them. Bucky dipped his head to hide behind the boxes.
“Everything okay back here? I heard a crash, just wanted to check that the inventory was fine.” Y/n called, poking her head around the open doors.  Peter grimaced at her, letting out an uneven breath. “All good, I just knocked over a box. Nothing broken or spilled.”
Y/n nodded at him, half listening as her eyes scanned the dark space for Bucky, disappointed that she couldn’t see him. “Okay well let's get things finished up here, I have a few more errands to run.” She called and retreated back upstairs.
Once alone, both Bucky and Peter relaxed into an extremely uncomfortable silence. Preter didn’t dare look in Bucky’s direction as he picked up another set of boxes so they could finish.
“I’m sorry you had to see that.” Bucky mumbled, his eyes glued to the floor as he kicked the air nervously. “And I’m sorry if I hurt you, c-caught me in a bad moment.”
Petr remained silent, looking over at Bucky, watching as he hunched his body up defensively, his head hanging low between his shoulders. He resembled the stance of a small child waiting to be punished. “It’s cool man, thanks for not strangling me too hard.” Peter quipped with a smirk on his lips.  
The air in the lorry lightened and Bucky released a husky chuckle, meeting Peter’s gaze. “No problem kid.” He replied as he walked out with a stack of his own boxes.
Peter remained firmly in place, the boxes in his tired arms felt heavier. Another couple hundred more questions formed in his mind, but when Bucky came there was one he couldn’t get off his mind. One he had to ask.  
“Does Y/n know? About your arm I mean.” He blurted out. Bucky turned his head to Peter, worry etched into the lines on his forehead and shook his head. “Have you thought about telling her?”
“Why would I do that? It’s not exactly something to go shouting to the world.” He remarked sourly, shooting Peter an equally sour look.
“Maybe not to you, but you still should.” Peter affirmed. “It’s not as bad as you think.”
“The scared look you had in your eyes is  kinda working against you here kid.”
Peter turned to face Bucky, his eyebrows askew with disbelief. “That wasn’t cos of the arm, it was the hand around my neck. Fight or flight dude.” Peter threw back quickly.“And, Y/n is the least judgemental person ever.”
“Why should I care what she thinks?” He grumbled, turning away from the younger man.
“Well...You’ve been staring at her all day so I just figured-”
“I wasn’t staring at her.” Bucky huffed skulking back into the darkness of the empty van. Peter smiled to himself; it was clear he'd hit a nerve, but there was no hand strangling him, so it must’ve been a good nerve this time.
“Whatever you say Mr. Barnes.” He called and walked off with the last of their shipment.
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sunnybarnesflowers · 3 days ago
Chapter 02
Warnings: None.
Note:If you want to be part of the tag list please reblog.
Tumblr media
After what happened on the restaurant, you got worried if you would get fire or not, but anyways you start to get ready for your shift.
Getting at the restaurant, Nat came to talk to you.“ Hey, how you feeling?” she asked hold and squeezing gently for comfort.
“ Yes, a little nervous but yeah I'm good?”
you weren't actually sure.
“ Relax, Sam would never fire you just because a crazy women said so.” Nat was a close friend with Mr. Wilson so was normal hear her call him by his name.
After that you start you shift , as usual normal day, restaurant busy, waitress going back and forth With plates and drinks, was a normal day , until the same brunette, which Wanda said was one of the Mob boss , walked in and made his way for your section. Making your way towards his table.
“hello, my name is y/n and I will be your waitress for today, can I start with your drink?” offering a small smile for the man.
“Hmmmm...two glasses of white wine , please" he answered with a sweet smile. You excuse yourself after notting down his orders and went to get and attend others table.
While this Bucky was watching your very move, how you sweetly smile for kids, and how you deal with mean clients , you are what he need, someone sweet but can stand be herself, Bucky knew who you were, because he made his homework.
When you came back with his drinks you apologized for take too long.
“No problem ,I mean I not the only one on this restaurant “ he laughed and just keep his eyes on you, studying every detail of your face. You clear your throat. “ You already decided what you will eat as entree, or you need more time" you say politely, but deep inside you were getting nervous and uncomfortable, because he didn't answered ,he kept looking at you.
“You got used with him staring at you" Mr. Wilson said , breaking bucky from his staring contest.” You gonna answer her or I will choose for you...” he said looking at the brunette.
“ Wilson, I not here for business, just was close by and decided to stop and have a meal" he shrugs, “ then why did you order two glasses of wine?” Wilson said give a knowing look at the brunette,  which roll his eyes and look at you. “ Tell me y/n , what would you ask of the menu?” his question take you and Wilson off guard. “um...the spaghetti with meatballs and's a good , because combine with your choice of wine...” you answered in a professional posture. “ okay, but what YOU like of the menu?” ‘oh...’ you paused and looked at your boss with help written on your eyes, and looked back at him.
“ummm...lasagna bolognese...” he humm, and smiled at you “then will be two lasagna bolognese please" you writes down and excused yourself. Wilson looked at Bucky “ What you planning? If you thinking of what I know you were thinking then you should stop.” He said with a stern voice ,and bucky just shrugs off with a smug smile on his face.”just making a friend, she look very funny, why can't I just you know try.” Sam looked over his shoulder and back at him.” She have a boyfriend, that's why you shouldn't do anything”
Bucky smug smile, fell at the second the word ‘boyfriend' slips out. He didn't know you have a boyfriend, apparently he didn't found everything about you...yet.
bucky open his mouth for answer, when you came back with his orders. He paused and looked at Sam. “ Sam ,give her a break she might be hungry" Sam only roll his eyes but he accepted.
Sam left and leave you standing without a clue of what just happened. Bucky get up and walked to the other side of the table and pushed the chair. “ Come sit with me" he said gesturing for the chair.
You hesitantly sit looking at him, he moved back to his seat and sat, “so tell me abou you...” you give him a questioning look for him,” There's nothing to tell about me. I'm sorry but i need to go back to wor-" as you were getting up he hold your wrist “Come on , sam gave you a break , dont worry about the tips”.
For twenty minutes you two talked ,at first was awkward,  but you start to relax and tell somethings about you, when you two finished , you thanked him for the meal and he put on your hand 50 as tips and you looked at him as if here were crazy, and tried to give it back, he just closed your hands and leaned close to your ear,”you better look in between the tips” and left.
The rest of the day was, passed by quickly and you found yourself look at piece of paper that he left...was his number, you dont know how long you've been staring at the piece of paper, but something inside you was telling you for not call or text him, you set the piece of paper aside and went for bed.
On the other hand the car outside you apartment building, Bucky sat looking at his phone, since he left the restaurant, he's been waiting for your call or text, sadly never came and Bucky, let a frustrated sigh out. ‘I need to be patient ‘ he thought.
‘Soon you gonna be mine, rather you want or not...’
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rosie-the-dead-shrimp · 3 days ago
Chapter 1- you
Pairing: mob bucky x reader
Warnings: violence, sexual situations?, LANGUAGE.
Summary: your husband owed a debt to the wrong kind of person, you just so happened to be the bargaining chip.
Tumblr media
You weren’t stupid, you knew. The money you saved so you could quit your job and open your art studio suddenly draining out of its account, the cheep perfume and pink lipstick stains on his boxers, you knew he was a cheating liar the first time he came home late and insisted he showered before coming near you. You knew beyond a doubt he was gambling away your money and spending his paychecks however few and far between those were on hookers and strippers.
You didn’t leave though, not when you should have, you didn’t leave when the bank foreclosed your family house that had been in your family since the Victorian era, you didn’t leave when he first pelted you with a glass vase when you didn’t cook his steak enough, you didn’t leave when you found him in bed with his sister of all people. You didn’t leave because for some reason you knew you couldn’t. You didn’t have it in you, Y/N Macmillard didn’t back away from failure even when it was two seconds from exploding into pieces.
You stayed loyal even when his 6 pack turned to a beer belly, you stayed loyal even when the sex lasted a minute at most, you stayed even when your came to find out he was to most vanilla in bed, you stayed loyal even though you had yet to cum in 4 years, staying loyal to a cheater with a 2 inch at most dick was probably your stupidest idea ever.
This though, was an unforeseen possibility. You had come to find out your husband was 2 and a half MILLION dollars in debt to the mafia, how had you come to find out? A man dressed in a fancy suit came to your door demanding you put on your finest dress and come with him. You refused until he pulled a gun on you.
On the drive to wherever you were going you questioned him asking a lot of questions, all you found out was his name was John and his boss needed to speak with you.
The house, no castle would more suffice for the sure size of the place. It was beautiful, gothic Victorian style exterior with a slight mix of Victorian and modern on the inside. A house you would only ever get to dream about living in.
With the beautiful house came a drop dead handsome man in a suit that cost more than your apartment.
“You husband owes me quite a lot of money mrs. Macmillard, are you aware of that” he asked once the two of you sat down
“I’m not surprised mr….”
“So how much do I owe you?” You ask dejected knowing that $2,000 dollars you saved was as good as gone
“2 and a half million” at that you choked on your saliva, you expected a lot but this? No way in hell
“I don’t have that, I’m living paycheck to paycheck as it is” he nods rather unsympathetically.
“Figures” he starts sipping on his drink “ though I must ask what is a young beautiful woman like you doing with a lying fatass with a gambling addiction?” Great question I wonder that myself ever second of the day you almost say but hold your tongue “I don’t…. I-I…. Love him I guess” you sputter out mostly because he called you beautiful, something you haven’t heard since your wedding night.
“You guess?” He quizzes an eyebrow raised, not missing your legs clinching together.
“There’s nothing I can do about this debt, I have nothing” he simply smiles
“Oh? Is that so?” He asks apparently knowing something you don’t
You not anyway feeling like an idiot
“Except you do” he states raking your body with his eyes
“And what is that exactly?” You ask raising your voice a little
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Can I enlist some help to help me find the writer to Notorious cause one day I was like reading or the next I couldn’t find it I really loved it. It went on hiatus for a bit but I still loved just rereading it and I can’t remember what the writer name was.
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barnestuff · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
summary in which bucky finally finds his home.
pairings bucky barnes x reader
warnings soft!bucky, “have you eaten today?”, fluff.
a/n gif credits, have a nice day/night!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Bucky thought he would never fall in love, not after everything that happened to him. He was convinced that his heart was frozen.
Then, you came along.
It was almost like a dream, unfamiliar, but comforting. He rarely had beautiful dreams, and it always felt too good to be true. He was so used to having and living through nightmares.
“Doll, I’m home” he closed the door and started walking to the living room, concerned that you didn’t answer his greeting like you always do.
He understood why you didn’t answer him when he got to the living room. You were laying on the couch, sleeping, with Alpine next to you. You both looked so peaceful and cute, Bucky felt his heart swelling at the sight in front of him. He hated that but he knew he had to wake you up since six pm was not an ideal time to take a nap. He walked up to the couch and gently caressed your cheek to wake you up. You opened your eyes, eyelids still heavy from sleep.
“Hello, pretty girl,” he said, smiling.
“Hi,” you gave him a tired smile, happy to see him but still sleepy.
“I brought food, let’s eat, yeah?” he said, his hand still on your cheek, his thumb moving on your cheek slightly.
“I want to sleep.” you closed your eyes again.
“After dinner, baby. Have you eaten today?” he asks you with concerned eyes.
“‘Can’t remember.” you said and got up from the couch, leaning on his body and hugging him. Your arms were wrapped around his waist and your head was leaning on his shoulder.
“I missed you so much.” you mumble.
“I was just gone for a few hours, pretty girl.” he smiled at you and you didn’t answer, hiding your face in the crook of his neck, inhaling his scent.
“I missed you too.” he said.
He was attached. He was in love.
He constantly missed you, wanted to touch you all the time. He thought about you all the time. He dreamt about you, about touching you, kissing you, even when you were next to him, he missed you.
He loved little things like holding your hand while walking, or cuddling on the couch after a long day, a kiss on the cheek before leaving, the way you say good morning after waking up, how you would jump into his arms after he comes home from a mission.
He walked into the kitchen. It was 3 AM and he was ready to fight if there was someone dangerous in your shared house. He was both relieved and concerned when he saw you cooking something. You were wearing one of his shirts and shorts, looking adorable as always. He leaned on the door and watched you for a while as you kept cooking, oblivious to his presence. He loved watching you as you focused on something, you always looked very cute.
“Doll, why are you awake?” he asked after a while, trying to whisper. You jumped a little bit when you heard his voice so suddenly but you quickly relaxed when you recognized his voice.
“I… I just couldn’t sleep.” you said but he knew it was more than that. Still, he didn’t push it. He knew you would talk to him about him whenever you were ready, just like you always did.
“May I ask what you are cooking?” he asked and lifted his eyebrows, making you laugh. He hugged you from behind, his arms around your waist, his head on your shoulder.
“Pancakes. You like them?” you asked him as you put the pancakes on a plate.
“Well, I haven’t eaten one since the 40’s.” he said.
“You are lucky then, not to brag or anything, but I’m pretty good at making pancakes.” you whispered and he held your face, giving you a kiss, you smiled into the kiss. He led you to the living room as you held your plates, he was holding your hand, and both of you sat down at the couch, sharing a blanket. Bucky’s left arm was around your shoulders, right one holding his plate. Your legs were hanging off his legs.
You two ate your pancakes in silence, some kisses and giggles were shared.
When you fell asleep in Bucky’s arms, he watched you for a while. Admired and remembered your face, noticed how peaceful you looked while being asleep. There were moments like this when he wished that he could keep you in his arms forever, feel your warmth all the time.
Then, he picked you up in bridal style, taking you to the bedroom. You didn’t wake up until he reached the bedroom and laid you on the bed. He gently laid next to you and wrapped his arms around you.
“Goodnight, pretty girl.”
After decades, Bucky was happy. He was in peace. His dream was next to him, his girl was with him. He was home.
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stevesbestgirl · 4 days ago
A Moment of Your Time - Part 20
Mob!Bucky x f!Reader (3416 words)
Warnings: oral f-receiving, alcohol consumption, gambling, petty lady drama, 
Series Masterlist - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 🔥 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 🔥 Part 19
“Bucky, no!” You chased him away from the box of cookies on the counter, “Those are for Wanda’s tonight! You told me you didn’t like sweets or I would’ve gotten you some.”
He skittered down the counter, chewing thoughtfully with a smirk on his lips. “Yeah, well, I used to say I didn’t want a frau either, doll. Things change.”
You faltered as you closed the pastry box, your heart leaping to your throat. He’d said it so offhandedly, you knew you shouldn’t read into it too much. Glancing at him, he was sucking powdered sugar from his thumb, raising an eyebrow suggestively at you as you met his gaze.
Huffing, you pushed thoughts of marriage away, “Cut it out, James Barnes. I’m not showing up to ladies’ night late with my lipstick smeared.”
His fingers snaked around your waist, “What? ‘S not my fault you look so stacked, sweetheart.” You spoke softly in your ear, “And I don’t have to smear your lipstick.”
Ignoring the flame that flickered to life in your belly at his touch, you twisted, leaning against the counter to face him, “You bought me this dress, Bucky.”
“That’s got nothing to do with it.” He kissed your cheek, “In fact, you’d look even better without it.”
“Stop it!” you protested, cheeks hot.
“C’mon sweets, gimme a kiss at least. For good luck.” He said just a kiss, but his fingers had drifted to the hem of your dress.
Catching his hand in yours before it could go further, you pecked him on the lips, “That’s it though.”
Chuckling, he pressed his forehead to yours, “Fine. I’ll hold out hope for a big win later in the night.”
Once you’d finished reprimanding him, he walked you down to Wanda and Vision’s apartment and knocked on the door for you. Wanda opened the door, eyes widening when they landed on Bucky beside you.
He tipped his head, “Wanda, looking lovely as ever.”
She smiled, though it didn’t quite reach her eyes, “Thank you, Mr. Barnes, good to see you.” She stepped back, Come in, please.”
Bucky chuckled, “Don’t trouble yourself, I’m just here as an escort.” He brushed his hand over your back and dropped his lips to yours, murmuring, “I’ll see you later, doll.” His eyes lingered on yours for a moment before he brushed your chin and nudged you inside.
Turning back to Wanda, he cleared his throat, “Tell Vis to come up when he’s ready. I wanna run something by him before everyone else shows up.”
Wanda nodded, “Of course.” She welcomed you inside and you both waved farewell to Bucky.
He gave you a half-smile, “Have fun.” Then he headed back to the elevator.
The moment the door closed, Wanda seemed more at ease, “I’ll be right back, I’m just going to fetch Vis. Make yourself at home.”
“I’m sure there’s no rush. The men aren’t starting until eight anyway.”
She laughed softly, “Better safe than sorry.”
She disappeared and you took a seat, tracing your fingers over the lid of the cookie box; you were a little nervous. Introducing yourself to everyone was one thing, but tonight would be the night they decided if they liked you. And you wanted them to like you.
Wanda returned just in time for another knock at the door, revealing May, who was brandishing a tray of finger sandwiches. Greetings were repeated and Wanda glanced back at you, “Oh, Y/N, you didn’t have to bring anything! That’s so sweet of you!”
You smiled, following her to the kitchen, “I couldn’t show up empty-handed.”
She arranged the snacks on the counter, smiling warmly, “We’ll make sure to add you to the rotation for next time.”
May glanced at the box, “Wasn’t Jane bringing cookies tonight?”
Wanda chirped, “We’ll have some extra then. More never hurt anything.”
But the twist of anxiety was back in your stomach. You’d done something wrong already. And more troubling was May. The warmth from when you’d first met was nowhere to be found.
Thankfully, Vision strode in, breaking the tension. “Ladies,” he greeted. “Have a good time tonight.” Polar opposite to May, Vision was now animated and warm, meeting your eyes with a friendly smile. Far cry from the first time you’d met him.
Vision left to meet Bucky and let Jane in on his way out, leaving you all to go through the pleasantries once again. God, this was exhausting.
Wanda set the cookies Jane had brought on the counter and you watched Jane’s gaze fall on your box, “I was supposed to bring cookies, right?”
Wanda said smoothly, “I didn’t assign Y/N anything to bring, but she picked something up for us anyway.” You sent her a grateful look and there was another knock at the door. “That must be Laura!”
Moments later, she returned to the kitchen with a plate of cheese and crackers, Laura in tow.
“Sorry I’m late girls, had to wait for the babysitter. She beamed at you, “Glad you made it!”
“Well, now that we’re all here,” Wanda sent a teasing look at Laura, who rolled her eyes and laughed, “Who wants some wine?”
Once everyone had a glass of wine in their hand, Wanda herded you into the dining room, where the table was laden with playing cards, several more bottles of wine, what looked like a bottle of bourbon, and an ashtray.
Laura laughed at the look on your face, “You didn’t think this was gonna be some stuffy soiree, did you?”
“I’m pleasantly surprised,” you squeaked, sipping your wine.
“You know how to play Texas Hold’Em?” Wanda asked. You shook your head and she grinned wolfishly, “Don’t worry. We’ll teach you.”
You’d never really gambled before; your mom had always said that card games weren’t for nice girls. But you supposed that dating a mob boss had probably already spoiled that image. What your mom didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her.
You took a seat at the table, sipping your wine again, making Wanda grin, “Deal her in.”
Wine started flowing and you eventually got a handle on how the game worked, although not before you’d lost nearly $1.50.
“I fold,” May sighed. “Anyone want a sandwich?”
“Yes! And some cookies?” Wanda replied, tossing her bet into the pot.
“I’m out too,” you tossed your cards down, “I’ll go with you.”
You followed May into the kitchen and refilled your wine glass while she collected snacks on a plate.
“I just wanted to check, is Peter alright? I wanted to stop by and apologize, but Bucky insisted on walking me down and-”
“Peter is fine. He said Mr. Barnes went easy on him because you spoke up,” she gave you an approving nod. “Just be careful with him. He’s a good boy. And he’s all I’ve got.”
You nodded, biting your lip, “I didn’t think things through today. I’ve been on my own so long that I guess I’m still getting used to how I affect other people. But I care about Peter.”
“That’s good to hear.” She smiled wryly, “Sorry if I’ve been a little cold tonight.”
“I deserved it,” you granted sheepishly.
She tipped her head, “Let’s get back in there.” You followed her through the doorway and she glanced back at you, “You said Mr. Barnes insisted on walking you to take the elevator four floors down?”
“That’s nothing,” Wanda piped up as May set the snacks on the table and you returned to your seats. “You should have seen him when they said goodbye. I’ve never seen that man look softer than concrete before today, but he melted like a stick of butter.” She laughed and dealt a new hand.
Blushing, you grabbed one of Jane’s cookies and Laura grabbed a cookie too, humming, “These are good Jane, new recipe?”
Jane looked vaguely annoyed, “Those are the one’s Y/N brought.”
You held yours up, grateful for a chance to change the subject, “These are Jane’s. They’re better than the one’s from Martin’s.”
Laura shrugged, not fussed with the cookie details or Jane, “Barnes looking all soft? Clint said he was head over heels, but I can’t picture it.”
Wanda laughed again, “Like a puppy.”
“I’m gonna have to see this for myself,” May joined in.
You smiled weakly, unsure of what to say. You’d only seen glimpses of that man they were alluding to. Your Bucky was almost always soft and sweet. Finishing the round with another loss, you excused yourself to the bathroom, embarrassed by the color in your cheeks.
Gazing in the bathroom mirror, you weren’t even sure why you embarrassed. It stoked a strange sense of pride, knowing everyone was afraid of him, but you could bring him to his knees. Making your way back, you felt less flustered, although you froze in the kitchen.
“-careful what you say around her. No doubt everything will go straight back to him.” It was Jane.
“I don’t think so,” Laura spoke up. “She covered for Clint.”
“She went to bat for Peter too,” May added. It was nice that May still stuck up for you after today.
“She seems different from the others,” Wanda concluded. Others?
“Then don’t complain to me when your boys get in trouble like Thor did.”
“Give her a chance,” Laura advocated. “I like her.”
You made a little noise opening the cookie box and they quieted. When you walked back in, there was soft chatter between Jane and Wanda.
Laura held up the deck, “You back in?”
You forced a smile, nodding, “I’m ready to play.”
She dealt and you kept your expression even as you peeked at your cards. Your heart leapt, finally a good hand. You tossed a nickel into the pot to stay in and then waited while the others followed and Laura dealt the cards in the middle.
Those cards made Laura and May groan, dropping their cards onto the table. Wanda laughed, “Check.”
Jane flicked another nickel into the pot, “Raise.”
“Call,” you flicked another nickel in.
Wanda raised an eyebrow at Jane, “Fine. Call.” She tossed a nickel in.
Laura flipped a fourth card. You got a little boost of adrenaline; you didn’t know much, but you knew that had helped you.
Wanda glanced between the two of you, “I’m out. Have at it, girls.”
“Check,” Jane said evenly.
Flipping a dime in, you smirked, “I raise.”
Laura seemed to be fighting back a laugh, but Jane matched you, meeting your eyes as the dime clattered onto the pile. Laura flipped the last card and you wanted to squeal; you couldn’t have asked for better. There was no way Jane could beat your hand.
She stared intently at the cards in her hand for a long moment before tossing another dime in, “Raise.”
You wanted to win. You wanted to win so bad. But as Jane stared at you over the table, distrust glimmering in her eyes, you suppressed a sigh.
“I’m out.” You tossed your cards down as Jane cheered, May clapping her on the back.
Wanda was watching you intently, but finally she laughed, “That was intense ladies.” She spoke directly to you, “Glad you’re getting the hang of it.”
You smiled, exhaling heavily and trying to soothe the hum of excitement inside you. You doubted a poker win would be enough to win Jane over, but it at least seemed to lighten the mood.
Four hours and three bottles of wine later, you were all saying giggly goodbyes at Wanda’s door, except for May who still seemed solid as a rock.
“Y/N!” Wanda caught your arm, “Good playing tonight.” She held you back while the others filed into the elevator across the hall, “You caught on just fine. I thought you had that round with Jane for sure.”
You chuckled softly, averting your eyes, “Yeah, lost my nerve, I guess.”
The elevator doors closed, leaving the two of you alone. Wanda crossed her arms, “Bull. You could have beat her, I’m sure of it.”
“I don’t know what you’re-”
“Don’t let Jane get to you. She had a run-in with one of Barnes’ past girlfriends that didn’t end well, but she’ll warm up.” Insecurity bubbled up in your gut, but Wanda wasn’t done, “And I know what you’re thinking, but I can tell you that Barnes didn’t walk any of those girls to my door, or anyone else’s. We invited them to be polite, but we like you. So don’t water yourself down.”
You smiled, “Thanks. I really appreciate that.” And you did. It was like she knew exactly what to say to make you feel better.
She grinned, “No problem. Now you’d better get going before the big, bad, boss-man starts to worry about you.”
You bid her goodnight and thanked her again before leaving. It was only once you were in the elevator that you realized just how tipsy you were. You’d never had so much wine in your life, but it had been a blast.
Walking into the apartment was like walking into a bar; the air was clouded with smoke and it smelled like whiskey and beer. You hadn’t really considered where the men would be playing, but you supposed it made sense that it was here.
Navigating your way into the dining room, it was almost comical how similar the scene was to the one you’d been in twenty minutes ago. Instead of wine bottles and baked goods, the table was crowded with peanut shells and liquor. Instead of nickels and dimes, the pot was quarters and dollar bills.
“There’s my doll,” Bucky called over, obviously three sheets to the wind. As soon as you were within arm’s reach, he pulled you into his lap, sloppy kisses seeking your lips. “You taste like wine,” he hummed.
You wrinkled your nose, “You taste like cigarettes.” Thor snorted a laugh from across the table, but Bucky didn’t seem to notice.
“Boss, we gonna play?” Strange asked impatiently.
You grabbed the cards in front of Bucky, “I’ll play his hand for him.” Laughter went up around the table, but no protest came from Bucky. You cocked an eyebrow, “Unless anyone’s got a problem with that.”
Bucky laughed raucously, “Don’t take it easy on her boys.”
The first round of bets was already done, so Thor discarded a card from the top of the deck before dealing the three cards in the middle. You appraised your hand while the men exchanged smirks.
“Check,” you said finally.
Vision tossed a quarter in, “Raise.”
To his left, Clint grinned at you, “Raise.” Another quarter. And on it went around the table. Strange, then Peter, and finally Thor. They knew Bucky was bankrolling you, so they were trying to capitalize on the chance for some easy money.
You pulled a dollar from your pocket, tossing it in, “Raise.”
Vision cleared his throat, “Call.” He tossed a dollar in, but he didn’t look nearly as enthusiastic about it this time. Clint did the same.
Strange smirked at you, “Raise.” He tossed a dollar to match yours and another quarter in.
Peter tossed his hand down, “‘M out.”
Thor called, matching the current bet. You tossed another quarter in, as did Vision and Clint, finally ending that round of betting.
You glanced at Bucky while Thor dealt the fourth card, surprised at how quiet he was being. It was unlike him. But he was watching you intently, not really paying attention to the game at all. Turning your attention back to the cards, you assessed your hand. You knew that the odds of you having the best hand out of all of these men was slim to none.
“Check,” you said finally. Vision followed suit, clearly not comfortable with how high the bets had gone.
You didn’t like how intently Clint was watching your facial expressions- he knew you better than any of Bucky’s men. But he checked too.
Strange grinned, “Losing your nerve, boys?” He tossed fifty cents in, “Raise.”
Thor huffed, “Fold.” He slapped his cards down grumpily.
“Call.” You tossed in fifty cents.
“I’m out. Wanda will have me sleeping on the couch,” Vision made a face. Strange laughed, looking smug.
Clint glared at Strange, but threw two quarters in, “Good thing I got that raise.” He grinned at you and you smiled back.
Thor revealed the final card. You painted a faint smirk on your lips, your eyes flicking from the cards in your hand to the ones on the table. You tossed a dollar into the pot, “Raise.”
Clint stared at you some more, trying to read your expression. Strange watched Clint as he tossed his cards down, “I’m out.”
Strange plucked a dollar from the stack in front of him, but instead of tossing it into the pot, he turned it over in his fingers, watching your face as you let another faint smile glimmer over your lips.
Huffing, he tossed his cards down, “I fold.”
Bucky squeezed you around the middle, his voice too loud for the close proximity, “That’s my girl!” You laughed exuberantly as he kissed your cheek.
Tossing the dollar back onto his pile, Strange stared you down, “What did you have? Full house? Four of a kind?”
You tossed your cards down, face up, grinning from ear to ear, “Absolutely nothing.”
A chorus of groans went up around the table and Strange swore under his breath. You thought you saw the ghost of a smile on Clint, but it was gone before you were sure. Leaning in and cupping the pool in the crook of your arm, you swept it all over to Bucky before sliding off his lap.
“Have fun.” You kissed his cheek, murmuring in his ear, “Don’t make me wait too long.”
But by the time he crashed into the bed next to you, you’d already fallen asleep. You dimly snuggled into his side, despite the thick draft of alcohol that followed him. When you woke up again, it was to Bucky’s lips on your thighs underneath the blanket.
You noticed a faint throbbing in your head as you sat up sleepily, “Bucky?”
“Mornin’ sweetheart,” he hummed, his nose pressing into the fabric of your panties over your core. Pulling them only down to just above your knees, he threaded himself through so your legs were tightly wrapped around his head.
“What are you- ah!” Your sentence ended in a squeal as he flattened his tongue against you, tracing his way up to your peak, where he placed a soft kiss before swirling his tongue around your clit.
His lips and tongue worked against you fervently until you were dripping against his tongue. His fingers slid inside you, exploring more boldly this time. Your breaths had dissolved into heavy pants until he crooked his finger inside you, making you cry out as your vision went fuzzy. He didn’t stop until you were pleading for a chance to catch your breath, your hips bucking against him as your only defense with your legs pinned around his neck.
Crawling back up to press a soft kiss to your lips, you stifled a moan as you tasted yourself on him. “Sorry I got in so late, doll,” he laid back down and tugged you into him.
“How are you feeling?” you asked softly.
“I’m alright. How about you? You party too hard with the ladies?”
“Head hurts a little,” you admitted. “But it was fun.” You wanted to tell him about everything that had happened- how Jane didn’t like you, but you didn’t want to prove her right.
“Yeah?” You could hear the pleased smile in his voice.”
“Yeah. Everyone was nice. I like poker.”
“No kidding,” he laughed, loudly enough to make you wince as your head throbbed. “Sorry,” he murmured quickly, rubbing your back. “But you surprised ‘em all last night. You clean the ladies out too?”
“Nah, I broke even down there.”
He chuckled, softly this time, “Well, you definitely impressed the men.”
You rolled your eyes, “Oh sure, like you weren’t glaring at them all behind my back, silently threatening their jobs if they didn’t let me win.”
“I would never do that,” he said in mock offense.
You giggled, replying sarcastically, “Yeah, okay.”
You could hear him grinning, “Well, I didn’t last night. That was all you. And it was adorable.” You blushed, burying your cheek into his chest and he patted your back, “C’mon, doll, let’s get you some water and something to eat.”
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cryptidcasanova · 4 days ago
Are You Mine?
Tumblr media
Mob!Bucky x Reader
Summary: You made the mistake of falling for the mysterious and handsome stranger you met in New York. Unfortunately for you, you never asked about his line of work.
Are you mine tomorrow? Or just mine tonight.
Warnings: Dub/Con (I’ll list Non/Con to be safe), Protective/Possessive Bucky, hate sex, vulgar language, violence, degradation, knife play, overstimulation. 18+ only. Proceed with discretion.
Words: 5.4k
Tumblr media
“C’mon doll, don’t do something stupid.” James warned with a debonair smirk.
The dark, goading look in his eyes made your heart constrict. His pupils were dilated and you knew the look all too well. He wasn’t angry, no. He was ravenous.
“Stay with me.” He coaxed, gently this time, setting down his glass of bourbon to cup your face. He was so close that you could feel the warm timber of the words that rumbled in his chest. “You don’t have to be scared.”
His words would have melted into your skin if not for the heavy implication behind them. 
He wanted you to give up your family, your life, your everything to be his. You weren’t scared, no. You were angry. 
James pulled your attention back to him with the caress of his thumb on your cheek. Firm, yet gentle. Always in control. He drew you in like waves to the shore.
“Come on, doll. Are you mine?” His seductive purr made you shiver and he knew it. Your skin crawled at how easy he could manipulate your body. 
But defiance was carved into corners of your heart and you weren’t giving up without a fight. And while you closed the space between you your hand reached down, gliding across the cool crystal glass of bourbon.
Whispering against his ear your control snapped.
“Fuck you.”
Before James could react you used every ounce of your energy to propel your arm, shattering the glass across the side of his head.
He fell to the ground with a thunk.
And for a moment, just for a moment, you looked at him with pity. You cared about James, hell, maybe you even loved him. And you didn’t want anything to do with him.
Hysteria was an ice bath to the system when you saw the splintered glass in your hands. And the blood. You needed to get out of there. 
The front door was not an option. Someone could be waiting for James to come back downstairs and you didn’t want to run into any of his goons. 
Goons. What a word. 
Your thoughts drifted back to when James introduced you to his friends Steve and Sam. You had just started seeing him and he took you to the greasiest pizza place on the east side. Together the three of them were so happy, so carefree. You loved every moment of being with them.
Like a punch to the stomach you shook your head. They were all just muscle men. They hurt people. They weren’t your friends.
So you ran to the window and looked out to the countryside before pulling yourself out and over, sparing one last glance at the man passed out on the carpet.
You ran through the yard and climbed the neighbors fence and ran until your lungs burned and legs ached. You didn’t stop until you made it to a part of town where you could call a taxi to take you home. 
And then a thought struck you; you couldn’t go home. If anyone came looking for you that’s the first place they would go. Giving the driver different directions halfway through the drive you had to stay on your toes. 
It wouldn’t be too long before they knew what you did. You needed to find somewhere safe. 
The thought of running to the police would have been more appealing if you didn’t already know that the police worked for James. He was untouchable. How did you not see it before?
A thought struck you - you had an aunt that lived just outside of town. She was estranged and it had been years since you had seen her, but it was the only place you could think to go. She was one of the people you had never told James about. 
Stopping at the end of her street you walked the rest of the way, looking over your shoulder the entire way. Every crunch of leaves and sounds of cars in the distance made you jump.
But you were alone.
The house was quiet and overgrown in ivy from years of neglect. The lights were off. It must have been pretty late, after all. Rummaging the potted plants until you found the spare key you let yourself in quietly, and it wasn’t until you closed and locked the door behind you that you let out a breath you had been holding all night.
You were running away. You were running away from a life of crime and hostility and fear. All on your own, you had run away from the largest mobster in New York. 
You couldn’t go home. Nomadic in your own right you would have to keep running.
“Auntie.” You called out once, turning to face the walkway. The house was quiet.  “Auntie, I hate to show up like this -” 
Stepping from the walkway towards the living room you stopped. It was too quiet. Turning to the light switch you flipped it on in a hurry. The sinking feeling escalated when the house remained dark. Dark and alone, your heart was hammering. No. No.
And then the familiar sound of a metal lighter made your eyes snap to the living room.
Even in the dark, sitting in the silence, the silhouette of a man sitting in your aunt’s chair was all too familiar.
He didn’t say anything but toyed with the lighter, the flame licking light into the room. Even in the flickering glow he looked just the same as you had remembered him, as if it wasn’t his blood dried into the cracks of your hands.  
James looked as composed as you had ever seen him, but his eyes told a different story. If looks could kill.
“I think we ought to have a talk, doll.”
You couldn’t find the words to say. James was a ghost in your story and you were stunned into silence. 
His sneer was muted by the way he licked his lips, teeth catching them in a way that was practiced. He knew exactly what he was doing. 
“I think you’ve stated your position clearly.” He taunted, letting the light go out once more. “And now I’m going to state mine.”
It was a business transaction to him, and if you wouldn’t have been flooded with adrenaline you might have had the good sense to make a run for it. But you were trapped under his stare. His blue eyes were swallowed by the darkness of the night until he looked like one of the monsters in one of your bedtime stories.
This wasn’t the man you knew at all.
“We’re going home.” James cocked his head to the side, eyeing the way your hands were shaking. It made his lip twitch up into a muted smirk. “And then I’m going to teach you some manners.”
His words were the switch you needed, blinking in anger at his assumption.
“I’m not going anywhere with you, Bucky.” 
Oh, and that got his attention. 
You had never called him that. Everyone else called him Bucky, and his real name was reserved for you. He was proud in admitting that it was the second best sound you could make. Saying his name. Screaming it for the neighbors to hear. 
But not now. Not anymore. He had taken your love and trust and manipulated you. He wasn’t the hero in your story.
“See, that’s where you’re wrong sweetheart.” He grinned but it was a cold, detached grin that didn’t make it up to his eyes.
You had only seen that look in his eyes once before. It was before you watched him knock some guy’s lights out after an incident at a restaurant. Steve tried to deflect you, to steal your attention away from the scene, but you couldn’t forget the sickening crunch of broken bones. 
And it was all because of you. 
James needed to step away from the table to take a call and in the time it took him to leave the waiter - or what you had thought was a waiter - was trying to steal you away from the table. 
To steal you away from James. Of course you didn’t know what to make of it. And then when you noticed the gun tucked away in his jacket pocket you couldn’t help but freeze up. 
“Come with us princess. And you better not make any noise.”
You weren’t taught to be a fighter and never needed to be one, and with shaking hands you followed the thugs. Your eyes desperately roamed the restaurant until they finally found the solace of Steve’s baby blues, and while your own were filled with fear his eyes hardened into something wicked. Something mean.
You weren’t just pulled out from the restaurant, but were yanked like someone’s life depended on it. In hindsight it very well could have.
That was the straw that broke the camel's back. Someone had laid a hand on you, and James watched as it happened. And then before you knew it all hell had broken loose. 
Tables were kicked over and windows were broken and people were screaming bloody murder. 
You couldn’t pinpoint the moment between when James threw a coat rack like a javelin or when you were pushed to the ground by the frightened wait staff, but it all happened so fast. You couldn’t tell who was a thug and who was just caught in the fray. And then, when you flinched away when someone else touched you it was Steve, holding his hands out in peace.
Strong and imposing as he was, he wasn’t going to hurt you. He saved you, pulling you away from the mess.
Your heart ached. 
A frustrated tear slid over the slope of your cheek, and before you could wipe it away James was already there. He had moved across the room and was watching you with a curious expression, brushing the tear away with his thumb.
You didn’t even hear him approach. Closing your eyes, you couldn’t admit your defeat. 
It wasn’t fair and you knew it. 
“I am going to give you credit.” James spoke slowly so that you could hang on every word. “I didn’t think you had it in you to fight, and I’m proud of your will.” 
He caught another rogue tear, watching your composure crumble in his hands. You had fought so hard. Had run so long. “But you will not fight me on this. Baby, you’re not getting away from me.”
Leaning back against his hand you took a breath.
“How?” You mustered, opening your eyes slowly, like it might have all been a dream. “How did you even find me?”
He didn’t reply right away, a somber grin on his lips. 
James was digging into his pocket with his free hand and pulled his phone out before showing you the small going dot on the map. It was your location. He was tracking you the whole goddamned time. 
“Because you belong to me.” He paused for a moment, biting his lip. “And I care for you too much.” 
His touch lingered, moving his hand from your cheek down your jaw and around the back of your neck. Crushing you closer he reeled you in, nose to nose until you could see that hard exterior of his start to crack. 
He was full of malice and frustration but you saw something more. He was trying to stay calm.
“I mean it.”
And with a heavy exhale you stared back at him, crushed by his admission. Your heartstrings were aching. Of course you wanted to believe it. But that wasn’t realistic.
“I can’t do this.” You croaked, biting back the bile on your tongue. “I can’t be your girl, James.”
He shook his head once, nose brushing against your own.
“Yes you can. I know you can.”
And then, like his mask had been cast to the side he looked at you void of all the rage he carried before. It was just him. Sweet and kind. Your James. 
The pitiful whine that left your throat left you weak. Why couldn’t he have been the man of your dreams? He had been perfect. He was so much more than you could have ever wanted. 
James observed you the same way. He was watching as you shed the layers of pain and deceit and heartache. He knew it was inevitable. 
Deep down he must have understood, at least to an extent, that beyond everything else you were vulnerable.
And he loved that about you. 
You loved with your whole heart and hurt just the same. And he knew that this was going to hurt. 
He guided you into a kiss, the hand at the back of your neck holding you close while you tensed up. You didn’t fight him, but you didn’t open up for him either.
Oh yes. This was going to hurt.
When James pulled away it was with lofty breath, and his unguarded expression had hardened back into the businessman mask. Cold and closed off, he turned you by the neck to face the door. Against the shell of your ear you heard his enunciated demand.
“Enough running. It’s time to go.”
And at last he let go of your neck, letting you stumble forward on your own. James watched you closely, waiting for you to take your next move. 
It was a game of chess and you needed to stay one move ahead of him.
You had fought so hard to get to keep your future your own and you were starting to rewrite it without James Barnes. There would be no going back after this.
So you drew your leg back between his own hard and without mercy, and you knew you had hit your target when a low hiss spilled from James lips. And then when he was down on his knees you took your chance.
With any luck he would stay down. Damn him and his sweet words and his condescending power play. You weren’t going to give everything up for him.
Instead of running out the front door you turned at the stairs in the entryway, taking them two at a time without looking back.
You could run to one of the back bedrooms and jump out the second story window -
And then on the last step a hand shot out and grabbed your ankle, hurdling you back.  All of your momentum was absorbed by James, and instead of falling down the stairs he spun you around, pinning your body between him and the steps.
The wood was biting into your back and hip and his weight kept you pinned down. His smile was long gone. His eyes burned with something brutal.
“I said enough.” 
Your chest was heaving, breathing uneven, and he wasn’t even breaking a sweat. As a last resort you took to hitting his chest to try and break him off. You needed space but James hardly reacted, and when he did it was to pin your hands with a quick shush. 
Hovering over you he shook his head, biting his lip at the compromising position you were in.
“I was going to give you a minute to catch your breath,” He taunted with another smirk, shifting his weight over you. “I can see that your heart is jumping out of your chest.”
He was provoking you.
“But you had to go and do something stupid.” 
Pulling one of his hands back to the other pocket he procured the pocket knife he carried. He would never - 
“But that’s fine sweetheart. It doesn’t change anything.”
You stopped fighting against him the moment he moved the blade across your cheek, pressing just enough to get his point across. Holding a finger to his lips he pulled out his phone with the other hand.
It rang once, and when someone answered James moved the blade in warning across your bottom lip.
“Leave the car.” He ordered into the phone, pressing the dull side of the knife against your lips. “This is going to take a while.”
With a click the call was disconnected and his attention shifted back on you.
“You’ve done a number on me tonight.” James chastised, running his free hand over the side of his head where the glass was smashed. “And I was so goddamned angry with you, you little minx.”
With a tsk he dipped the knife lower, down to your heaving chest.
“But it was so fucking sexy. I couldn’t stay mad.”
Eyes widening at his words you tried your best to stay still. The kind, compassionate man you cared for was also this feral beast.
“James -” 
He shushed you again with the knife, a devilish twinkle in his eyes. 
“And even now you defy me.” He purred, moving the knife away so that he could admire you. He treasured you, coveted you, and would do anything to keep you. “You drive me mad.”
In a beat he changed again, leaning down to capture you in a poisonous kiss. James was possessive and domineering, more than he had ever been before. 
Even now, trapped underneath him, your body was succumbing to him. It was familiar with him, calling for him, and he used it to his advantage. 
He had ruined you.
James was goading, teasing your tongue with his own until a groan was swallowed by him. He was trying to remind you, to coax you back the way things were.
He was still the same man. Your man. 
You hated him so much. 
And then you kissed him back. 
Fueled by white hot rage you kissed him back. 
Every kiss and bite on his lips and every scratch of your nails against his arms was to pronounce your fury. You yanked at his hair, still threatened by the knife at your chest. The cold metal made your pulse jump.
You loved him and hated him and needed him.
His groan spurred you on, teeth clashing, tongues fighting, lips bruising. When James finally pulled away you were lightheaded. 
“You’re it for me, doll. Why can’t you see it?”
James pulled at your thighs, drawing them around his body before settling both of his hands to your backside. The knife was forgotten, second place to harshly groping your ass. 
Before you could protest he had moved, pulling you up and away from the unforgiving wooden stairs and closer to his body as he stood. Your arms held onto his shoulders, eyes on his.
The storm in your eyes was exactly what he was hoping for. 
“Use your words. Don’t tell me you don’t feel the same.”
“We can’t do this.” You implored, grasping to his shoulders to stop him. “I hate you. I can’t lose everything I have for you.”
“But you care for me.”
His smooth words made your pulse jump.
“Of course I fucking care!  But none of this is okay.” You roared, smacking him across the chest for good measure. 
If anything it spurred him on. James could take the pain. All that mattered was that you cared about him and he was going to use it as leverage.
“I care about you too, doll.” He urged. “I’m going to change your mind.”
“Like hell you are.” 
James smacked your ass with vigor, smirking at your yelp. There was light filtering in from the window that exaggerated his features. He was striking with his eyes blown wide and his cheeks sharp enough to cut. He was more unhinged than you had seen. 
“I get it, sweetheart. You’re upset.” 
He pulled you in, tugging at your bottom lip harder than before. The whine that fell from your lips echoed through the room. 
“So why don’t we make use of all that pent up energy?”
James rushed forward, charging you into the wall. Your back stung and you could hear a picture frame crack from the force of it.
He swallowed your pained hiss with his lips. 
The rush of it all made your body hot and angry, and James was branding your skin as his own. He nipped at your lips and your jaw and your neck. His sharp bite made you push your chest out at the sting. You were pushing him away, nails digging into his shoulder. 
He wasn’t deterred. James’ hands kneaded your ass painfully before moving around your thighs and to your hips.
He was holding you up only with his strength and the pressure against the wall, and you only helped his cause by tightening your legs around him. The friction of your jeans against his body only made your body buzz to life. Fuck.
His thumbs rolled over the indent of your nipples through your bra and James groaned. He wasn’t satisfied. 
The rational part of your brain was silenced when he roared, using both of his hands to tear your shirt straight down the middle. The ripping of cloth made you jump, watching his hungry expression land on you.
Fiery eyes were on yours he reached up again, and with a hefty yank the bra was destroyed.
He wasted no time grinding against your covered core in hard, forceful pulls. The brutal snaps of his hips and bruising hold on yours left you reeling. Between your jeans and the confines of his slacks you could feel the heavy outline of his aggression aching. 
He was going to destroy you.
And all the while his hand yanked at your hair to gain access to your neck. Sharp teeth bit down at the apex there, and with a hearty shriek you pushed against him. The sting at your scalp and jumping pulse at your neck sent you into overdrive, and when you groaned against him again he cupped his other hand over your mouth. 
At the sound of muted whines he smirked against your skin, biting down again. Biting and sucking, he was marking his way down to your chest.
Hot and angry, your skin jumped with goosebumps. He was showing no mercy, and with a fervent hunger he pulled and sucked at the skin sloping down your chest. He let go of your hair, focusing on overstimulating the breast he couldn’t latch onto with his mouth.  
His grip was brutal, kneading and pinching and groping while his mouth assaulted your other nipple. You couldn’t push away, only managing to push out your chest for him to use as he pleased.
And the grinding. It was all too much. With one exceptionally hard thrust the picture frame fell behind you and you gasped. Legs shaking, you were losing your grip. 
The pain had left a wave of pleasure in its wake.
When he pulled up James’ lips we bruised and parted, a thin line of red outlining his bottom lip. Blood. He had drawn blood. And then his lips were back on yours, both of his hands at the sides of your face.
“Still with me sweetheart?” James teased. 
His eyes had moved down between you, and with it his hands. You were mortified. Down the slope of your chest bruises were building. Worse yet, at the apex of your legs a dark, wet outline from the friction of his thrusts.
“Would you look at that?” He whispered in awe. 
Fingers dancing between you he rubbed right there, right at the outline of your cunt.
“You’re soaked babe. Should I take care of that for you?”
His offer was tormenting. Your nails were digging into his jacket sleeves, trying to push him back. 
“No, no James.” You pleaded, pushing at his sides. “This is all your fault.”
He jeered out a laugh.
“You know, I think I know just the thing. You wanna act stupid?” He warned lightly, and with a smack at your ass he pulled you away from the wall. “Fine baby, I’ll fuck you stupid.”
His long strides made quick work of the space, throwing you down to the ground in one of the rooms. Overstimulated by his swift movements the next thing you knew he was tugging at your jeans.
“James, f-fuck off.” You struggled to find the words, pushing at his chest. “I, I mean it -”
“Me too.” He promised earnestly, and once the pants and panties were cast aside he gave you another chafing look. “Look at me.”
The raging fire within you was fueled again by his taunting. When his hand moved your chin for you you gasped at him and then the mess between your legs. 
Even in the low light the gleam of slick was coating your skin.
“I think you love this.” He preened. “Your body loves this.”
And then his hand attacked with the speed of a viper, cupping your cunt fully. His fingers toyed there, swiping back and forth to create a sloppy sound for you to hear.
“Tell me to stop.” James teased darkly. “Tell me to fucking stop.”
But you couldn’t. You had no time. His fingers had lined up and attacked your cunt. Your soft, aching walls were burning for contact and he scissored them open. You were positively dripping for him. His harsh attacks were focused. His thumb was pressed down hard on your clit.
James was stroking at a devil’s pace, and your legs locked up when he hit a certain way.
His eyes told a story all their own. Jackpot.
He was relentless, aiming for that spot to make you jump. 
And he found it. Over and over he assaulted that spot until you were writhing. Even then he didn’t stop. 
Oh god, he didn’t stop and then you were gushing all over his hand and down your legs and onto the floor.
James was making a mess of you, and your blubbering had turned into lofty moans when he paid attention to your clit.  And he didn’t stop, wringing out the pleasure from your body with forceful orchestrations.
Your legs were tired and your stomach was taught from contracting over and over again.
“Such a fucking pretty cunt. So good to me.” He purred out with a smirk. “You like that?”
When you couldn’t find the words to reply he yanked at your hair again. Crying out he looked at you down the bridge of his nose expectantly.
“Stay with me.” He warned. “You like it when I take you apart. Who would have thought? Maybe if we did this sooner you wouldn’t have ran.” 
You hesitated when he let his fingers go still inside you. Holding a breath you tried your hardest not to react, but your cunt was clenching around him like your life depended on it.
“I hate you.” 
Your tone said otherwise. You had to swallow a moan as his fingers left you empty, wiping away your mess against your hip.
“Prove it.” 
James was challenging you behind a cheshire grin and when you couldn’t come up with a quick enough reply he pulled you up by your arms, spinning and pushing you down against the edge of the bed. 
Pushing your legs apart he hummed in appreciation. Ass in the air and nose to the sheets you turned your head to face him.
“Stay there.”
James was in a hurry to rip his own clothes off, tossing them to the side before he licked his lips. The way he stalked back over to you was primal, ravenous.
“I’m going to break you, doll.” He promised. 
A quick sting rippled through you as he spanked your ass cheek, making you wince into the sheets.
“You are going to break and you are going to beg, and are going to wish that you would have just listened to me.”
Another spank made your skin jump. 
In an instant he lunged, his fat cock spearing you open with a grunt. You couldn’t take it - weren’t prepared for the intensity of it. 
Your legs were still shaking from the mess you made on the ground. 
James was merciless, plunging deep and hard and fast until it stung at the corners of your eyes. Your body ached at the assault. With every thrust his balls were slapping against you and his cock was grazing the most sensitive parts of you. 
Whimpers turned into full on howls when his hand found your hair again, yanking you up to meet him.
“James!” You yelled out in frustration and pain, and the bubbling noises of anguish racked your body.
He was using you to keep himself suspended, and the burn made you yelp. You needed to use your arms to keep you steady as he ground his pelvis into your backside. 
And he didn’t stop.
James was going to break the goddamned bed. His other hand was there, digging into your hips before it danced around to the front of your pelvis. His hand slithered further, until he could trace your clit with quick brushstrokes.
“James,” Your panting was broken up by another sharp thrust. 
His cock nudged deeper and deeper into your body until your toes were curling at the pressure. 
“No, I can’t. I can’t!”
“You say that a lot, sweetheart.” 
James chuckled, pulling your head back far enough to groan against your ear. 
“You can take it.”
And with that he released your hair, letting you fall back to the bed while he took you from behind. One hand against your hip stabilized him as he ground his body against yours and the other had found respite at your clit.
A thunderous roar poured from your lips as you came hard and fast around him.
Your body ached with electric jolts but James didn’t let off the gas, pulling pleasure from your clit until you begged him to stop. 
You pushed at his hand feebly and when James finally let go it was only to settle both of them at your hips. It was a dangerous position to be in.
His stamina seemed limitless, only ebbed on by your defiance. You scratched at his legs to push him back but his weight was too much. He had you surrounded.
“You’re the only girl for me.” He chanted. “And I’m the only man for you. You are taking my cock like a goddess. My little minx.” He laughed when you scratched him.
His ruthless thrusts burned you from the inside out, until your voice was hoarse and your makeup was smeared. And he didn’t ease up until all that you felt were the hard planes of his body melting into your own.
The fight was being pulled out from you as James took it and converted it into his own power.
“You don’t hate me.” He soothed against your shoulder. “I know you don’t.”
His thrusts had changed, and his long strokes were replaced with quick, shallow ones. 
“You love me.” He added with a grunt, his voice cracking. “And I love you.”
Your ears pricked up. 
He had never said that before.
You hardly had the energy to turn your head to look back at James, and as you looked across the planes of your body, between the blood and the sweat and your own sticky mess your eyes found his. 
He was losing his control. 
The dopey, stupid look in your eyes was his undoing. With a final thrust he stilled, seated and sated, and he looked at you with clarity. 
A moment passed filled with longing and aching and vulnerability.
“You love me?” You whispered at last, vocal chords aching.
James, with his blown out eyes and his chest heaving hovered over you with a gentleness that had yet to make itself known.
“Of course I do.” He kissed the curve of your shoulder. “Of course baby.”
And when his hands caressed your sides lovingly you almost gasped.
“Are you mine, Y/N?”
His question sent a shiver down your spine. James rarely used your name. 
And even now, though your mind and body disagreed, your heart had fallen into a content, steady rhythm.
A slow, creeping smile tugged at your lips.
“I suppose I am.”
That was all he wanted to hear you say - that you were his.
James hummed his satisfaction, kissing your forehead tenderly.  
“No more running, little minx. Let’s go home.”
Your eyes were heavy as he moved away and wrapped a blanket around your body, and as he pulled you up into his arms you knew that with every step back to the car your fate was sealed.
Tumblr media
And the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways
So in case I'm mistaken, I just wanna hear you say 
“You got me, baby. Are you mine?"
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barnestuff · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
summary bucky needs your touch.
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings bucky being overprotective. fluff. a tiny bit of angst.
a/n I hope everyone is feeling well!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Bucky walked the way to your room, careful not to wake anyone up. Purple bags under his eyes were heavier than ever. He knew he had no other choice than coming to you. He silently turned your doorknob, getting inside and closing your door again.
Your room was completely dark and you were asleep on your bed, hugging your pillow. Your body looked very small as you were spread on the bed alone. He didn’t want to wake you up, but he had to hold you. He needed you.
“I will talk to Tony, you are not going on that mission.” he said as he sat on the bed you were laying on while reading a book.
“What?” you asked, tearing your eyes away from your book and looking at him with confused eyes.
“I am not letting you go on a fucking hydra base by yourself, y/n.” he said very calmly.
He couldn’t help but be protective over you. Sometimes it was too much but he couldn’t help it. You were his girl, his everything. Even the thought of you getting hurt was killing him. You usually didn’t mind how protective he was, you even liked it, but sometimes he would get too overprotective.
“First, I am sorry but that is not your decision to make. Second, why?”
“That is a whole hydra base, you could easily get hurt. And knowing that it is you, you’ll probably risk your life over something very unnecessary and get hurt. You are not going there, especially not alone.” he said.
“You can’t scold me for doing my job properly Bucky! This job is about risking your life. I knew this before I signed up for being an avenger.” you said to him, not shouting but clearly angry.
“I am not scolding you. You never focus enough on the missions! You can easily get hurt.” he said and ran a hand on his face, red from anger.
“I don’t need you to tell me that I am not capable of doing my job, James.” you said and got up from the bed.
“I am n-” you left the room even before he could complete his sentence.
It had been a few hours since your argument and you were sleeping in your own room, something you haven’t done in a long time since you always slept in Bucky’s room with him. You two would always cuddle while sleeping. He would wrap his arms around you and your head would be on chest. He loved cuddling. It would always relax him and bring him comfort. You would bring him comfort.
He tried to sleep after you left his room but it was impossible without feeling you next to him, without holding you. He was so used to feeling your body against his, he was used to your warmth and comfort.
He laid down next to you slowly and wrapped his arms around you. He sighed slowly at the relief of feeling your body touching his.
After a few minutes you shifted, pressing your face into his broad chest, inhaling his scent.
“Let’s never fight again.” you sleepily mumbled to his chest.
“I am here now, baby.” he said and pressed a kiss to your hair.
“I am sorry, Bucky.” you said and he heard you sniffle, you must have been crying.
“Doll, please don’t cry. I am sorry too, okay? We can talk about the mission in the morning. Let’s just sleep now, you must be exhausted.”
“‘Couldn’t sleep without you.” you kissed his chest.
“I am here now,” he repeated.
“Goodnight, doll. I love you.” he said and gently kissed your forehead.
I am here.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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fanficsonthebrain · 5 days ago
Mob!Bucky x Reader Master List
all Mob!Bucky fics I’ve reblogged and recommended!
Tumblr media
Soft Mob Bucky by angrythingstarlight
Partition by angrythingstarlight
Mob!Bucky having a touch day by propertyofpoeandbucky
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vanillanaps · 5 days ago
cockwarming with mob!bucky when you're pregnant would be how you guys cuddle half of the time
I’ll take that, thank you 🤲🏼
Tumblr media
Cockwarming with Bucky could occur at any given moment. If he felt like he hasn’t been around you enough or just simply feel like he isn’t as close as he could possibly get to you. But this time it happened while the two of you were in bed.
It was late and your favorite movie was playing on the tv. Bucky was cuddled right behind you, skin on skin, his face buried in the crook of your neck, hands scaling your sides, but it wasn’t enough for him.
You knew what he wanted when he groaned and tapped your thigh, signaling for you to lift your leg up. You’d giggle and follow along. Biting your lip as you felt him run his dick between your folds, the tip nudging at your clit a few times to make sure you were wet before a soft gasp escaped you as he pushed inside you. He was met with a little resistance, but eventually settled deep inside you. Bucky sighed in relief and draped his arm over your waist and placed his hand on your stomach to stroke the round skin that was carrying your future child with him.
“Better?” You asked.
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stevesbestgirl · 5 days ago
A Moment of Your Time - Part 20 Preview
Mob!Bucky x f!Reader (199 words)
Series Masterlist - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 🔥 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 🔥 Part 19
Walking into the apartment was like walking into a bar; the air was clouded with smoke and it smelled like whiskey and beer. You hadn’t really considered where the men would be playing, but you supposed it made sense that it was here.
Navigating your way into the dining room, it was almost comical how similar the scene was to the one you’d been in twenty minutes ago. Instead of wine bottles and baked goods, the table was crowded with peanut shells and liquor. Instead of nickels and dimes, the pot was quarters and dollar bills.
“There’s my doll,” Bucky called over, obviously three sheets to the wind. As soon as you were within arm’s reach, he pulled you into his lap, sloppy kisses seeking your lips. “You taste like wine,” he hummed.
You wrinkled your nose, “You taste like cigarettes.” Thor snorted a laugh from across the table, but Bucky didn’t seem to notice.
“Boss, we gonna play?” Strange asked impatiently.
You grabbed the cards in front of Bucky, “I’ll play his hand for him.” Laughter went up around the table, but no protest came from Bucky. You cocked an eyebrow, “Unless anyone’s got a problem with that.”
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wicked-mind · 6 days ago
Sneak Peak: Love Story
Summary: You and Bucky were destined to be. The best love story ever written. But like every good love story, there are some hiccups along the way.
Word Count: 2.1k
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of drinking, angst.
Note: This will be a soft!mob Bucky fic to be released soon (:
All Writings Masterlist
*gifs not mine
Tumblr media
You met James Barnes the first day of college. Your family had scraped enough money together to send you to the well renowned school and after your first class, Bucky chased you down in the halls and introduced himself to you and told you to call him Bucky. Of course you knew the Barnes family, everybody knew the Barnes family. They were powerful and there were rumors that they had ties to the mob but nothing could ever be proven. You tried to stay away from him, you really tried. But he was just so hypnotizing and handsome and called you all those cute pet-names. Bucky would text you good morning and goodnight messages everyday, even though you spent months ignoring him. Then one night, as you sat at your desk going over some homework for the next day. Natasha, your roommate, had gone out to grab you both some coffee so you were alone with the light on your desk the only thing illuminating the room.
You look up from your homework at the sound for a moment before looking back down at your textbook, continuing to write notes in your notebook.
Clink. Clink.
You look over at your window, seeing another pebble be thrown with a soft clink. You stood up from your desk, pulling your robe tighter around you and peeking out the window to see Bucky standing there with a handful of pebbles. You open your window and look down at Bucky, laughing softly as he dropped the rest of the pebbles from his hand, “What’re you doing?”
“Hey pretty girl. Just trying to be romantic, you know, like Romeo and Juliet.” He says up to you with a smirk on his lips.
“You know Romeo and Juliet die at the end and never get to be together, right?” You ask, leaning your elbows on the window ceil and looking down at him.
“We’ll write our own story then. You and me, the best love story ever made, baby.”
“Fine. One date, Barnes.”
It was, in fact, not one date but the first of many until you became officially Bucky’s girl. He was the best thing that’s ever happened to you. He was always making you laugh, doing anything to see that smile on your face which he would quickly kiss. Bucky would take you out for dinners or bring dinner to you when you stayed in the dorms and studied. He always had his arm either wrapped around your shoulders and whispering sweet things in your ear or had his fingers intertwined with yours, constantly kissing your knuckles. He was nothing like all the rumors you had heard about his father. He even took you out one night to a cleaning where you two could watch the stars twinkle across the sky and talked to you about how he didn’t want to be in his family business or follow in his father’s footsteps. He had watched it tear his family apart and didn’t want that for his future. He had turned onto his side to stare over at you as you two laid on the blanket he brought, lifting his hand to rub his fingers along your jaw until he tilted your head over to look at him with a finger under your chin, “You know somethin’ pretty girl?” He purred out to you, licking his lips at the sight of your beauty captured in the moonlight.
“What, my love?” You ask, turning onto your side to face him with a smile.
Bucky grinned over at you. He loved the way you looked at him like he was your world because you were entire universe. He had met many girls but you had captured your heart the first time he saw you in your shared class. He loved the way you spoke or how when you were focused you would chew on the tip of your pen with your brow slightly furrowed. And now, here the two of you were and he still couldn’t determine what good thing he must’ve done to have you waltz into his life and flip it upside down, “One day I’m gonna get us out of this town. Take you anywhere you want.” Bucky says to you, his grin widening when he saw the way your eyes lit up at his words, “Gonna marry you, sweet girl.” He said softly as he leaned in before leaving a gentle kiss on your lips, “Gonna spend the rest of my goddamn life with you.”
But like every good love story, the two of you were torn apart. Bucky’s father unexpectedly passed away about a year after the both of you graduated and Bucky had decided that he needed to step up and take his role as he was destined to do. His mistake is that he thought you would stick with him and for a little while you did until things started tearing the two of you apart. Bucky would come home at odd hours and you started to notice that when he did, his knuckles were always bruised and bloody and when you’d ask, he would tell you not to worry about it. Bucky was keeping more secrets from you and eventually it caused a fight between you two as you followed him down the hallway towards his office, “Bucky! We are in the middle of a discussion, you can’t just save it for later!” You say, grabbing his arm and stopping him outside of the double doors to his office. Your eyes were filled with tears but they hadn’t fallen yet. This happened a lot, you would start talking to him about how you were feeling neglected or in second place when it came to his work and it always ended up with him sauntering off for another work meeting in the middle of the discussion. You were tired of the lack of communication and secrecy with him.
Bucky sighed and looked down at you, “Baby, I’m really sorry but I have to take care of this right now.” He said, lifting a hand to touch your cheek but you stepped away from him, causing him to clench his hand and shove it into his pocket, “Can we please talk ‘bout this later?”
You swallow hard and look up at him, “No, James. It’s now or never.” You told him in a shaky voice, your eyes locked with his as you folded your arms. You could tell he felt bad but if he felt bad enough, then he would stay and finish this conversation instead of running off to put work ahead of you. Again.
Bucky opened his mouth to respond, ready to give in and put you first when his office door opened and Steve glanced at him, “They’re on the phone, Buck. They’re not going to be kept on hold much longer.” Steve told him.
Bucky nodded towards Steve then looked back down to you, reaching a hand out to touch your waist and gently kissed your forehead, “Later, sweet girl. I promise, okay? I’m so sorry, darling.” He said before turning and walking through the doors of his office.
You watched the back of his head as he walked through the doors until Steve shut both the doors behind him. You blinked a few times, tears finally slipping from your eyes and down your face. You shook your head and went back to the shared bedroom you had with Bucky, pulling out a suitcase and packing as much as you could before walking out of his home and not looking back.
Bucky knew he had fucked up just by the way you looked at him and from the way you called him by his first name. You never did that unless you were angry with him. He was reciting his apologies in his mind after the meeting, expecting you to be curled up in his bed watching some horrible romantic comedy movie. He was going to curl up next to you, rub your back and leave soft kisses on your forehead until you would talk to him and he would vow to never let work come first compared to you again. But when he opened the door to find the tv off and the bed still perfectly made, confusion came across his features. Bucky checked the bathroom next and that’s when he noticed the drawers and cupboards open and your toothbrush missing from its spot next to his. Bucky panicked and went to the closet, looking around to see most of your clothes missing from their hangers and shelves. He grabbed onto one of the sweaters you had left, going and sitting on the edge of the bed as he ran his fingers over the fluffy fabric. You had told him now or never and he let his work decide for him. Bucky had lost you. He pulled out his phone and tried to call you, being sent to voicemail after the first ring each time. He sent multiple texts.
Please come back baby, let’s talk about this.
Y/N I love you.
Please I need you.
You forgot your sweater, come back to get it.
Please just talk to me.
You sat in the cab, looking down at your phone as each message appeared. You always had the function that lets people see you’ve read their texts and you knew Bucky was watching as you read each of them but sent no reply. He had chosen work above you. All the promises he made of taking you away from this town to anywhere you’d like, marrying you, spending the rest of your lives together had fallen through. You needed to get away, become your own first priority to feel valued again and learn to love yourself without Bucky.
11 Months Later
“Is Y/N coming?” Bucky asks curiously as he sat across the table from Steve and Natasha at the fancy Italian restaurant. They were getting married in six days. You had introduced Natasha to Steve after you and Bucky had gotten together and they fit together like perfect puzzle pieces. Bucky had brought them out to dinner just to ask this question.
“She’s planning the wedding.” Steve said with a chuckle.
“And she’s my maid of honor.” Natasha said with a small smile. The two of them knew Bucky was still in love with you. He had moped around for two months until he returned to daily activities but they both knew when Bucky went to bed alone in what used to be your shared room, he returned to his mopey state.
“So… she’s coming?” Bucky asks, needing to hear the words that you were coming to the wedding. This would be the first time he’d seen you in roughly eleven months. He had sent you multiple texts and even called you once a month, just wanting to see how you were doing. You never answered his phone call because you knew if you heard the way he said those cute names he’d call you that you’d melt like ice cream in the sun, but sometimes you’d text him back. Short things like:
Hey sweet girl, I miss you and hope you’re doing okay.
I hope you’re doing well too.
Saw your new picture. I’m glad you finally got to see the Eiffel Tower.
Thank you. It was beautiful.
Then there were the drunk texts:
Babby i miss u
I just wan hear your voice
please answer
Put the whiskey away and drink some water. Take care of yourself, please.
I’m sick sweeet girl
Ibuprofen for headaches, dayquil for colds during the day and nightquil for colds at night, drink plenty of water and have some chicken soup.
not that kind of sick
love sick
i miss u. Doc said some lovin n cuddles would cure it up
Go to bed Bucky.
“Yes, Buck. She is coming to the wedding. Natasha’s trying to find her a hotel.” Steve told Bucky who beamed for a moment before his brow furrowed.
“Why would she stay at a hotel? Everybody else is staying at my house.” Bucky questioned, wondering if you requested a hotel just to stay away from him as much as possible.
Natasha chewed on her bottom lip before speaking, “I just thought it’d be easier for the both of you.” She finally said.
Bucky shook his head, “That’s ridiculous. It’s been almost a year and we are both adults, we can be around each other for less than a week.” He said, pulling out his phone and clicking on all the hotels to buy out all the rooms so you’d have to stay at the mansion, “Besides, all the hotels are booked. And shouldn’t the wedding planner stay where the wedding is being planned?”
“What are you doing?” Steve asks, watching Bucky focus on his phone.
“Booking all the hotel rooms.” Bucky muttered out before looking up to Natasha innocently with a smile, “Just trying to help you out, Nat. One less thing to worry about.”
Natasha rolled her eyes, “Thanks, Bucky. So considerate.” She said with a smile before raising her wine glass to her lips.
To be continued...
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