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#mob!bucky barnes
stevesbestgirl · an hour ago
A Moment of Your Time - Part 21
Tumblr media
Mob!Bucky x f!Reader (6573 words)
Warnings: shower sex, unprotected sex (pull out method), daddy kink blink and you’ll miss it, a few swears, mild violence, blood, dark!Bucky, sort of!dark!Reader?, oral (M receiving)
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A/N: Like I said, this is a long one. Sorry, not sorry, I stayed up until 12:30 to finish this and I’m not splitting it up. We finally get to see some of dark!Bucky and some more spicy content, so really, this chapter has it all. Enjoy!
Throwing your robe on, you followed Bucky into the kitchen, stunned to see it looking more or less normal.
Cocking an eyebrow, you chuckled, “Honestly, I was expecting a mess.”
“Nah, I made ‘em clean up after themselves,” Bucky waved a hand idly as he prepped for breakfast.
Sitting at the table, you made a face, catching a whiff of the cigarette smoke, “Do you have a candle or anything? It smells like smoke in here.”
“Don’t think I do. Not exactly a candle kind of guy,” he chuckled. “Does it bother you?”
“I don’t like it much,” you admitted. “My brother used to smoke while we walked to school and then I’d smell like it all day.” You made a face, “I’m sure it’ll be okay after breakfast. And it’s probably a good thing anyway,” you teased.
“Why’s that?”
“If you hadn’t tasted like cigarettes last night, I probably would have dragged you to bed with me,” you smiled at the tabletop as he glanced over his shoulder at you. “Don’t think your men would have appreciated it.”
“Maybe not, but I would’ve.” He sounded almost grumpy as he turned back to the stove.
“What time was it when you came in?” you asked innocently.
“I think ‘bout two,” he mused.
“How are you up so early? You were still awake before me,” you laughed.
“Habit. Up at five every day during boot camp and it sticks with you. Can’t sleep in past seven now.” You hadn’t known he was in the military. It made sense, considering most men had been, but he hadn’t said so before.
“Where were you stationed?” you asked curiously.
“Italy. 107th regiment.” You were sure you’d told him your father was stationed in Italy; it was strange that he hadn’t mentioned it. “Don’t like talkin’ ‘bout it much.”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” you said quickly. Even more strange; Bucky had always been an open book for you.
He set two plates on the table, kissing you softly, “Nothing to be sorry for, doll. I’ll tell you eventually, I’m sure. Just not this mornin’.”
You nodded, “Thanks for breakfast, Bucky.”
You ate in comfortable silence for a few minutes before he cleared his throat, “You mentioned your brother. I should probably meet your family soon, huh?”
You smiled wryly, “My mom’s probably already mad she hasn’t met you. And George- well, he can be difficult to get along with. He’s grumpy. Always thinks he knows better than everyone else.”
He chuckled, “Sounds like me with Rebecca.” His expression went soft, “I’d like to meet ‘em.”
You were pensive; it should have been exciting, the thought of Bucky meeting your family. But what if your mom didn’t like him? What if George was rude? You weren’t keen on the idea of fighting with your brother in front of Bucky.
However, you were already overdue for a phone call with your mother. She usually called every two to three days, so she was likely furious that you hadn’t been answering. Once she found out you were living with Bucky- well, it wouldn’t be pretty.
“I’ll call my mom today,” you said finally. “George should be visiting her sometime this coming week, so we could probably go for dinner then.” You chewed your lip, anxious at the thought.
Bucky took your hand over the table, “There’s no rush, doll. We’ll go when you’re ready.”
You shook your head, “The longer I make her wait, the worse she’ll get.”
He laughed, the sound soothing your nerves, “I’ll defer to your judgment on that one. You just tell me when to show up.”
You nodded, standing and pecking him on the lips, using the opportunity to slyly grab his empty plate. He followed you to the sink, his fingers dancing on your waist.
He chuckled low in your ear, “Sweetheart, did you just kiss me as a distraction?”
Trying to bite back a smirk, you replied, “That doesn’t sound like me.”
“You don’t think so?” He tugged your robe down over your shoulder, teeth grazing the skin by the strap of your nightdress. “Careful teasing me, doll. We’ve got all day.”
Resisting the urge to melt under his touch, you asked, “You don’t have to work?”
He hummed, brushing his lips over your neck, “Nope. ‘M all yours sweets. Thought we could spend the morning in bed, maybe go out tonight-”
As if on cue, there was a rap on the front door. Bucky practically growled, “I told them-” He took a breath, kissing your shoulder, “I’ll be right back.”
You finished washing the breakfast dishes and wiped the table down for good measure, but Bucky still hadn’t returned.
“I thought I told you to deal with this.” Bucky wasn’t shouting, but he was displeased and his voice carried. “In fact, I’m pretty sure I told all of you that I didn’t want to be bothered today.”
Tugging your robe back up over your shoulder, you strode into the living room, where you could see a somewhat tired-looking Thor, muttering a quiet explanation in the entryway. Bucky’s arms were crossed and his back stiff. You felt bad for Thor, but something about seeing a man his size nervously avoid Bucky’s eyes made you suddenly aware of the beating of your pulse.
Once Thor stopped speaking, Bucky rubbed his chin, sliding his palm over his cheek in exasperation. You spoke softly, “Bucky. Go ahead.”
He looked to you, the hardness in his expression melting away. He left Thor, who kept his gaze respectfully forward, waiting by the door as he tugged you back into the kitchen, “Doll, I just promised you the whole day, I can’t-”
You splayed your fingers over his cheek, brushing your thumb over the morning stubble, “You can. I understand; you’re the boss. They need you right now. I’ll be here when you’re done.”
He closed his fingers around your hand on his cheek, “I’ll make it up to you. Promise.” He looked guilty, but he also looked like you felt- disappointed.
You smiled at him, “Don’t worry about me. I’m not going anywhere.”
He kissed the heel of your palm, “Think about what you want to do tonight. Whatever it is, I’ll make it happen.”
Laughing softly, you leaned in, “I’ll give it some thought.” You captured his lips in a brief kiss and he lingered before pulling away, seeming to consider changing his mind. But he squeezed your hand before releasing it and headed back to Thor, still in his pajamas.
You grabbed a dress from your room before heading to the bathroom, but Bucky snagged your arm on his way past, “I don’t think so, babydoll, you’re coming with me.”
“Bucky!” you laughed. “I thought-”
“Thor is meeting me in the lobby in half an hour. I’m not wasting any of that time, so c’mon.” He steered you all the way to the master bath, giving the hot water knob a sharp twist.
His lips crashed on yours, his hands pawing at the belt of your robe until it came undone. His fingers dipped under as it fell open, the smooth silk of your nightdress the only thing between your skin and his.
You shrugged the robe off, the thin straps of your gown falling down with it. You fumbled with his robe, unbothered by the soft whoosh of your nightdress falling to the floor without Bucky’s hands to hold it in place.
Halfway out of his robe, his eyes darkened as they fell on your bare hips, “No panties, baby?”
You blushed furiously, “I never put them back on after-” Your blush deepened; you couldn’t say it.
“After I ate your sweet cunt for breakfast?” he finished for you, eyebrow raised. There wasn’t an ounce of shame in his voice.
Your mouth went dry, your thighs clenching at his vulgar words. He smirked, but your eyes were following his hands as he undressed. You loved the way his biceps rippled as he moved, the muscles usually hidden beneath a suit jacket. The soft smattering of hair on his chest highlighted the subtle tone of muscle. You were sure he was more heavily-built during his army days, but you thought he looked perfect as he was.
“Enjoying the view, sweets?” he teased, fingers toying with the waist of his pants.
You nodded, making him grin, but the smirk faded in surprise as you tugged his pants from his hips. Brushing your lips over his jaw, you murmured, “Thought you weren’t wasting time?”
Then his hands were on your waist, pushing you inside, the warm spray cascading over your shoulders. His lips devoured yours, teeth clashing with yours as his tongue traced the inside of your lip. His fingers threaded through your hair as the water seeped through, steam rising on your skin.
Your own hands traced the lines of his chest, fingers dancing down his abs. He groaned into your lips, “Just a little further, doll. Want your hands on me.” Breath catching, your hands trailed over his hips, watching his eyes flutter closed as your fingers wrapped around his length. His voice was rough, “Just like that, baby. Touch me.”
With each pull of your hand, he tightened his fingers in your hair as he panted into your mouth. You reveled in the way you could make him groan; it was a powerful feeling, knowing he was at your mercy.
At least, he was until he growled, nipping your lips with his teeth, “Your turn, little girl.” His hands found your hips, twisting you around so his chest pressed against your back, his fingers dipping between your thighs. His teeth grazed over your neck as his fingers teased you while he murmured in your ear, barely audible over the crash of the water, “Such a good girl for me, doll. Dunno how ‘m supposed to get any work done knowing you’re out there waiting for me.”
“I’ll always wait for you,” you affirmed, voice shrinking into a plea, “But don’t make me wait now.”
He rolled his hips into your ass, nudging you into the wall with a chuckle, “Better not waste anymore time then.” He teased his head at your entrance, peppering the back of your neck with kisses as he pushed inside of you.
His groan spilled onto your neck and you felt goosebumps rise on your arms, despite the hot water. He wrapped his arm around you, cupping a breast in his large palm, his other hand on top of yours, splayed against the tile, his fingers lacing through yours.
The sensations were almost overwhelming; the water spray on your shoulders, Bucky’s lips on your neck, his fingers tracing your breast, every drag of his cock making your knees weak.
His fingers slipped back down between your legs, “Alright babydoll, I don’t wanna be late, but we’re not done until you say.” Tipping your head back onto his shoulder, your soft moans echoed off the tile.
His fingers on you had your back arching, pressing back into his hips as he drew you up to the edge. There was no pause for teasing, all you had time to get out was a stammered plea, “B-Bucky, I-”
And then he had your legs trembling, your breathing going ragged as he cooed in your ear, “There’s my sweet girl.” His fingers didn’t stop on your sensitive clit, making you keen. “Told you, sweets, you say the word.”
Your fingers found his, stilling them, “Want you to finish.” You breathed the last part, almost worried he wouldn’t hear it, “Please, Daddy.”
You could hear the way his breath caught, his strokes growing wild, your sensitive walls making you cry out. His praises dissolved into disjointed grunts as he pulled out, warmth painting your back only to be washed away by the water.
You turned, burying your face in his neck, “Let’s get cleaned up.”
Despite the hurry, he insisted on washing your hair, fingers massaging into your scalp with deliberate care. His soapy fingers worked their way down your neck, over your shoulders and down your back. He washed every inch of you, although you did have to scold him for lingering too long on your chest, his thumbs tracing over the slick skin with almost worshipful slowness.
You returned the favor, fingers curling into the damp brown locks before trailing your palms over his skin. You watched his face as your hand stroked his now soft member, memorizing the way his teeth dug into his lip and his eyes pinched closed at the sensitivity.
Now it was your turn to linger too long; your touch had his cock stirring again and he growled a warning, “Careful, baby. Don’t start something you can’t finish.” Cheeks hot, you finished your task, though you were a little remorseful when he finally turned the water off.
He handed you your towel before hastily drying himself off, pecking you on the lips before leaving, “I’ve gotta get moving, baby, I’ll see you in a bit, alright?” You nodded, clutching your towel around you as you watched him disappear into the bedroom, hearing the closet door snap.
By the time you were dressed, Bucky was gone and you were left with the intimidating task of calling your mother. God, how were you supposed to talk to her on the phone after what you’d just done? Part of you suspected she’d be able to hear it in your voice, that uncanny sense she’d always had for when you’d done something wrong.
Once you were dressed, you glanced at the phone, opting to pour yourself a glass of whiskey instead. Luckily for you, Bucky had left it out last night, so you didn’t feel too bad about helping yourself. Seating yourself on the couch and taking a sip, you picked up the rotary and dialed her number.
The line hummed and you found yourself hoping she wouldn’t answer; maybe she was visiting with Darlene next door, or she was- “Hello?”
“Hi, Mom? It’s me.” Not your smoothest greeting.
“Y/N? Where in God’s green earth have you been? I’ve called you at least a dozen times.”
“Sorry Mom, I’ve been busy.” Not technically a lie.
“Busy, huh? Too busy to call your mother and let her know you got home safely after leaving? You could’ve been dead!”
“I’m sorry! I got distracted.” Another half-truth, but what were you supposed to do? Tell her you were kidnapped on your way home from her house by your new boyfriend’s business rival? You took another sip of your drink.
“I can’t believe I had to call Elizabeth to make sure you were okay. You weren’t too busy to visit her.”
“That was work, Mom. I was delivering a dress for her mother.”
“And I have to hear from Mrs. Van Dyne that you’re supposedly staying with this Barnes fellow you told me about? Do you know what people will say?”
You swallowed the lump in your throat, “That’s not true, mom. Mrs. Van Dyne’s daughter is dating someone who works for Bucky’s competition. They’re just rumors.”
The line was silent while she contemplated your lie. You knew she would see through you, she always did, but finally she sighed, “I knew that couldn’t be true. Next time I see that Van Dyne girl, I’m giving her a talking to.”
Relief and guilt swirled in your stomach; was it because it was over the phone or had you gotten better at lying? “So, I take it you changed your mind then? Since you’re calling him Bucky now,” she noted.
“Yeah, I guess I did,” you bit your lip. “We went out to lunch this week. And we’re going out tonight.”
“Two dates in one week? That boy must be head over heels for you,” she laughed.
“He is.” You found yourself smiling into the phone, “I am too.”
The silence stretched as she took in your dreamy tone, but it couldn’t last, “So, when are you bringing him for dinner?”
You chuckled nervously, “That’s part of why I was calling. I know George will be over this week and Bucky wanted to meet you guys, so I thought I’d bring him around.”
“Oh, yes! George is coming on Wednesday. I can make a turkey, no, a ham! What does he like for dessert?”
“He’s not much of a sweets guy, but he likes cookies.” You felt like you should know what he liked- you wanted to know.
“I can make some oatmeal cookies then, or maybe some fig newtons; I’ll have to see what I’ve got around the house.”
After that, you didn’t need to contribute much to the conversation. She was so busy planning the evening that she didn’t need you to say much other than the odd ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and you threw in an occasional hum of acknowledgment to keep it interesting.
When you finally pried yourself off the phone, you weren’t sure if you had the energy to call Betty, but you knew you had to. She deserved to hear from you, especially after you’d left so abruptly last time you were over.
Mrs. Graham picked up the phone, “Graham residence.”
“Hi Mrs. Graham. Is Betty home?”
“She sure is, I’ll get her for you.” She paused, “Have you talked to your mother lately, dear? She called her the other day, looking for you.”
“Just got off the phone with her, ma’am,” you admitted politely. “Already apologized for making her worry.”
“Of course you did, you were always a good girl,” she fawned. “I’ll get Elizabeth for you.”
The line was quiet for no longer then forty seconds before a breathless Betty picked up, “Y/N?”
You laughed, “Yes?”
“Oh my gosh! I was hoping you would call soon; I’ve been going crazy!”
“Why didn’t you call? I gave you the phone number!”
“I was nervous! What am I gonna do if I call you and some scary mob guy picks up the phone? What if it was Barnes?”
You snorted, “Bucky isn’t a scary mob guy.”
She hummed smugly, “I think you’re blinded by love. You’re not thinking clearly.”
“Who said anything about love?” Your cheeks were burning, which you were grateful she couldn’t see.
“No one had to say anything.” You could hear her grin through the phone. “If he’s not a scary mob guy, tell me about him.”
You knew you were giving her exactly what she wanted, but you’d been waiting so long to talk about him, “He’s actually very sweet. He likes to cook for me-”
“That’s so sweet! The men I’ve dated wouldn’t know a spatula if it hit them on the ass,” she giggled.
“Elizabeth!” came from the background.
“Sorry Mom!”
Laughing, you continued, “He’s so protective, it’s sort of cute. And he keeps buying me presents, even though I’ve told him not to-”
You could practically see Betty’s eyes roll, “Well, why would you tell him that?”
“I don’t need-”
“What did he get you?” You wanted to be annoyed, but her enthusiasm was infectious. And boy, was she enthusiastic. By the time you were done talking about Bucky, she was begging you to borrow a dress for her upcoming date and insisting that you wear your bracelet next time you visited.
“I can’t wait to see! That is, unless he’s whisked you off to Paris or somewhere romantic already and I’m never going to see you again.”
“Not quite. He did tell me to think about where I wanna go tonight, but I’ve got no idea.” You cut off what you knew was coming, “And no, not Paris.”
“They just opened that new drive-in! It’s just like the ones down in Pennsylvania, apparently.”
“Really? I haven’t seen a movie since I was a little kid. Although, knowing Bucky, I won’t be watching much.” It had popped out before you could think better of it. Scrambling to cover, you laughed, “You warned me about how men can be, but hearing about it is nothing like the real thing. Bucky’s always trying something.”
She laughed, “Yeah, they’re all like that.” She thought for a moment, “On the plus side, it seems like those rumors have died down. Hope is the only one still talking about you and Barnes and I told everyone that she’s full of it. Oh! And wait ‘til you find out what I heard about her!”
You were on the phone with Betty for at least an hour; she had so many questions, a bunch of gossip, and she was positively gushing about a new friend she’d met at the grocer. When you told her about card night, she was scandalized, but not so much that she didn’t ask you to teach her how to play Texas Hold ‘Em. You bid her farewell with the promise of trying to get her an invite to the next one.
It wasn’t quite lunchtime yet, but you’d hoped Bucky would be back by now. You knew you’d told him to go, but you already missed him. Wishing he’d mentioned when he would be back, you made lunch and hoped he’d be home in time to eat.
Making an extra sandwich, you took the plate to the front door, finding Peter on the other side, “Oh- hi! You, uh, you hungry?”
“Yeah, thanks.” He took a bite, seemingly at ease.
“I’m sorry. About before.”
“Don’t be,” he smiled easily. “I know you didn’t mean to-”
“But I did,” you blurted out. “I got you in trouble.”
“Not much. And I don’t mind shadowing Clint in the field. It’s good practice.”
“I’m still sorry. I liked having you as my guard.”
His cheeks flushed slightly, “‘M sure I’ll be back.”
“You will,” you promised. “Speaking of coming back-”
“I’m not sure when Mr. Barnes will be back,” he chuckled.
Glancing longingly at the elevator, you sighed, “I figured as much. Thanks anyway, Peter. I’m right inside if you need me.” He smiled and tipped his head to you as you went back inside.
Flipping the radio on, you curled up on the couch. If you were going to see a movie tonight, a nap might not be a bad idea.
When you stirred, Bucky’s knuckles were brushing your jaw, “Hey, doll. Sorry it took so long.”
Groaning, you rubbed an eye, “It’s okay. ‘M glad you’re back though.” Blinking the fuzziness away, you caught sight of his knuckles, torn and bloodied, “What happened to your hands?”
You reached for him, but moved them out of sight, “That’s nothin’ doll. Nothing to worry about. Just work stuff.”
You sat up, “You had to hit someone?” It was one thing to know about his work in the objective, but it was another to see the evidence of it. Even more, he’d only gone out to do this because you’d told him to.
“Just had to get some answers, doll. No big deal,” he was speaking so softly, you wanted to brush it away and relax.
“No big deal? You left to go do that?”
“Sweetheart, you told me to go,” he reminded you pleadingly.
You couldn’t argue with that. You wanted to, but you couldn’t. You stood abruptly, striding into the kitchen with Bucky on your heels. You pulled out the first aid kit you’d seen when you explored the kitchen and pointed at the dining room, “Sit.”
He smiled, bemused, “Doll, my hands are fine.”
“Okay, okay.” He went into the dining room and you wetted a washcloth in the sink before following him in.
You gently wiped the blood away, keeping your eyes on his torn-up knuckles and not his face. “Sweetheart, I don’t understand. You stood in my office practically dripping on the carpet without batting an eyelash. Why are you so upset over some bruised knuckles?”
“I- I don’t know,” you admitted. “Guess I was just surprised.” You dabbed disinfectant over his hand, “Sorry for freaking out.”
“Don’t be sorry,” he urged, brushing a thumb over your cheek. “Did you decide what you wanted to do tonight?”
You knew he was changing the subject, but you let him, “Betty said that new drive in was open. I thought that might be fun.”
His brow furrowed, but his tone was even, “Yeah? Where’s that?”
“She said it was down in Long Island, if that’s not too far?” You were doubting your choice now, “I can pick something else.”
“No, no, no, sweetheart, that sounds perfect,” he insisted.
And then he wouldn’t hear anything else. He made a few calls, found out what time the movie was starting, and changed his clothes before ushering you out the door. In the elevator, he brushed his hand over your back, “You excited, doll?”
You nodded, “Betty made it sound so neat.”
You knew you were acting off and it wasn’t fair to him. You’d known what you were signing up for. So, you tried to push it from your mind. It helped that this was your first time riding in the front of the car with Bucky.
Sliding over the seat, you tucked yourself under his arm, watching the city pass through the windshield. He seemed a little distracted, his hand restless on your back. If his thumb wasn’t tracing circles on your waist, he was brushing his fingers over your thigh, or tracing your kneecap.
“You okay, Buck?”
“Course. Why do you ask?”
“You seem distracted.”
Finally draping his arm over your shoulders, he chuckled, “You’re getting too good at reading me, doll.” He sighed, “Feeling a little guilty, I guess. Didn’t mean to upset you today.”
“I was just surprised,” you squeezed his knee. “And I missed you,” you admitted.
“Woulda much rather been with you.”
You hummed, “I know. But you’re here now.”
You stopped for dinner, though it took some convincing to get Bucky to agree to pizza instead of someplace fancy. When the drive-in came into sight, Bucky chuckled at the way you perked up in the seat.
Brow furrowed with worry, you gazed out the window at all the cars in line, “You don’t think they’re full, do you?”
He squeezed your shoulder, “They’ll have room for us, doll, don’t worry.” Still, you chewed your lip, trying to count the cars ahead of you. “Hey,” he urged. “Trust me. ‘M gonna take care of it.”
Prying your gaze from the windshield (you’d counted twelve cars), you nodded, leaning your head on his shoulder. It was difficult to worry as much with his arm around your shoulders and his scraped-up knuckles on the steering wheel; he exuded control. Still, your heart sank when the three cars in front of you pulled off to turn around when they reached the gate; they were turning people away. Undeterred, Bucky pulled forward.
One of the ushers pulled his wide-eyed gaze from the exterior of the car, leaning into the window, “Sorry, folks. We’re full up for the night.”
Bucky took his hand off the wheel to reach into his jacket, “There’s a spot in there somewhere.” He pressed a bill into the boy’s palm, “Do me a favor and find it for us.”
The kid stammered out a reply, gaze on the money in his hand, “I’ll, uh- I’ll be right back.”
You watched him go, glancing at Bucky’s confident expression, “Does that usually work?”
He scoffed, “Almost always. I gave him a twenty, he’ll find us a place.”
Sure enough, the kid came rushing back, waving Bucky forward in a ‘follow me’ gesture. Bucky grinned at you as he pulled forward, gravel crunching under the tires.
The usher led the way to a small knoll behind the rows of already parked cars, “There’s a spot right up there at the top, sir. I hope this works.”
“Perfect,” Bucky flashed a charming smile. “Now don’t be blowing all of that, you hear me? Take your girl on a nice date or something.”
The kid nodded enthusiastically, “I will, sir.”
Bucky pulled into the space, taking care to line up the view just right. He checked his watch, “It’s a little after eight, so it should be starting soon.”
You gazed at the screen pensively, “I wonder why this spot wasn’t already filled. It’s so nice.”
Bucky chuckled, “If I had to guess, I’d wager this is the owner’s spot. But since he’s not here tonight, we get the best seat in the house.”
“Oh. That makes sense.” You blushed, feeling sort of naïve. It also made you feel bad for the people that got turned away ahead of you, although there was a part of your that enjoyed the feeling of getting special treatment.
Regardless, all of that faded to the back of your mind as the screen flickered to life. Bucky leaned out the window to grab the radio receiver, hooking it on the mirror so the sound floated in the window. You eagerly scooted closer to Bucky, eyes fixed on the screen. He gave a bemused chuckle, squeezing you into his side. You couldn’t help the faint smile on your lips as the music started and the opening credits rolled.
Entranced by the screen, you didn’t notice that you were fidgeting as the movie went on, but Bucky did. “C’mere,” he murmured, sliding his jacket off. He bunched it up and put it against the door, twisting so he was leaning against it. He drew his knee up, draping his leg over the seat before closing his fingers around your hips to pull you in so you were sitting between his legs.
Both of his arms snaked around your waist, holding you close as he hummed, “Better?” Nodding, you leaned into him, still transfixed by the film.
When it cut to the intermission screen, Bucky’s breath tickled your ear, “You really like movies, huh?”
“It’s been a long time since I saw one,” you admitted. “Mostly I just like stories. It’s why I like books too; people are interesting.”
“If you say so, doll,” he laughed. “In my experience, people aren’t great.” He gave you a squeeze, “I’m more interested in you.”
Rolling your eyes, you giggled, “So says the guy whose life could have come straight out of a book.” You glanced down the hill, noticing a small line forming by the concession stand, “Oh! Can we get popcorn, Bucky? Please?”
He laughed, “Like I could say no to that.”
Untangling yourselves, he held your hand down the hill and you got in line. Noticing you had goosebumps, he held out his now-rumpled jacket for you to slide your arms into. You leaned into his chest, burying your face in his neck while you waited.
Growing restless, you pointed to the women’s restroom, “I think the bathrooms are just on the other side, I’ll be right back, okay?” He looked hesitant to let you go, but you kissed his cheek, “You gotta save our spot in line, Buck. Promise, I’ll be right back.”
Reluctant, he nodded, jaw clenched. You could feel his eyes on you until you rounded the corner. Luckily, there was no line, so you went right in. There was one woman at the sink; you smiled politely, but she only stared at you while she dried her hands and then walked out.
Inside the stall, you heard the door close. Thinking that intermission was ending, you hurried, but opening your stall revealed two men, dressed in employee polos, leaning against the sinks.
“I’m sorry, is this restroom closed for cleaning?” Couldn’t they send in female employees? You tried to slink by, “Sorry, I’ll just get out of-”
A hand closed around your bicep, “Not quite.” Glancing up at the black-haired man who held you, you opened your mouth to scream, but a hand clamped over your mouth, muffling the sound. “Ah, ah, ah, none of that. Did you really think you and your boyfriend could buy your way into Rogers’ territory and no one would notice?”
You frantically shook your head, but the other, a blonde, only chuckled, pushing himself off the sink, “Sorry sweetie, but there’s gotta be consequences. And as much as we’d like to have some fun, we’re on a time limit here.” He traced the neckline of your dress and you kicked at him, catching his shin with the toe of your pumps.
He cursed and the brunet laughed, “They said she was feisty, you shoulda been more-”
Taking advantage of both of them being distracted, you stomped on his toes, using the brief moment his hand faltered over your mouth to shriek, “Bucky!” You tried to wrench yourself away, to lock yourself in the stall, but his fingers clamped back down on your arm.
“That was a mistake, you stupid broad,” the blonde hissed as he recovered. He shoved you into the brunet, who grabbed your other arm, holding you firmly into his chest. On instinct, as the blonde moved toward you, your knee came up between his legs. His expression froze in surprise and he stumbled back into the sinks, cursing loudly.
“Let go!” you screamed.
The rickety door splintered, crashing against the wall to reveal Bucky. You took pride in the way the man’s fingers loosened on you, allowing you to wrench yourself from his grasp as Bucky stalked toward him. The look in his eyes was enough to give you goosebumps; you suddenly understood the way his men cowed to him, the way smiles tended to flicker when his name was mentioned.
“Wait outside, sweetheart.” He flexed his fingers, gaze not on you for the first time. When you delayed, hesitant to leave him alone with two opponents, only then did he look at you, cold fury laced into even the slow turn of his head, “Go.” He didn’t shout, didn’t even raise his voice, but the message was clear- he wasn’t going to ask again.
Heart hammering in your chest, you hovered by the now broken door, hanging pathetically on its hinges. You watched your captor take a swing, breath catching in your throat as Bucky dodged, faster than you could have ever guessed he would move. It was almost graceful, the way he twisted out of the way and countered, throwing his elbow into the man’s gut and following up with a punch that met his chin as he doubled over.
You could hear his teeth clack together, a sound that normally would make you feel sick, but you found yourself watching with a sick sort of fascination as he stumbled backwards. Without missing a beat, Bucky’s foot slid out, catching the blonde at the ankles and sending him sprawling. Then Bucky was on him, blow after blow raining down on him.
You heard the crunch of bone and only then did Bucky’s fists still long enough to yank the man up by his collar, “You can tell Rogers that next time he, or anyone, lays a finger on my girl, he’ll be cleaning up more than a little bit of blood.”
Thrusting him back onto the tile, Bucky rose. He casually rinsed his hands off in the sink, tearing off some paper towels to dry his knuckles and throwing them on the floor next to the dazed and bloodied men. Turning toward the door, he caught sight of you standing there, mouth agape, and faltered, if only for a second.
You walked back to the car in silence, the gravel crunching underfoot as you crossed the street. He opened the door for you, cursing suddenly, “I forgot your popcorn.”
“I, uh, I don’t need it,” you fidgeted before sliding in.
“You wanted it.”
“Bucky, get in the car. Please.”
“I can just-”
“James Buchanan Barnes, get in the damn car,” you hissed.
He huffed, but he complied, slamming the door, “I’m sor-”
You cut him off, pulling him over to you roughly by his collar and capturing his lips with yours. It was frantic, sloppy even; you felt feral. Climbing into his lap, your hips seemed to move of their own accord, grinding against him in an attempt to soothe the ache in your belly.
He broke away, “What- you aren’t scared? Or upset?”
“Why should I be?” You knew you’d been disapproving of the way he did business before. Hell, you’d been bothered by his busted up knuckles just this afternoon. But seeing it for yourself, seeing him defend you- it was a rush. James Barnes was a man to be feared. And he belonged to you.
“I don’t feel bad for those men. They deserved it. You protected me,” you breathed, peppering kisses over his neck. “I have nothing to be scared of.”
“You’re not afraid of me?”
You palmed the crotch of his pants, practically purring, “Afraid isn’t the word that comes to mind.”
He groaned at your touch and before you could think better of it, you were undoing his pants, tugging at them until he helped you slide them down his thighs. Heart beating in your throat, part anxiety and part excitement, you freed his already hardening cock. You only knew what to do based on rumor and the occasional story from a friend, but inexperience wouldn’t stop you right now.
Parting your lips, you traced your tongue over the underside of his shaft, adjusting to the salty, almost bitter taste of him. His soft groans served as encouragement and once you felt ready, you took him in your mouth, sliding him over your tongue inch by inch until you felt like you were going to gag.
Hearing his breath hitch sent another volt of electricity through you. You couldn’t take all of him in your mouth, but remembering how he’d used his fingers on you, you wrapped your hand around the remainder of his shaft, moving it in tandem with your mouth as you worked up so something resembling a steady pace.
“God, baby,” he moaned, “Such a good girl, perfect girl for me.” His disjointed breathing made his praises erratic, “Look so pretty, lips ‘round my cock.” He stroked the back of your head encouragingly, the other hand clenched around his thigh.
You could tell he was getting close by the way his hips were straining against you. Your eyes were watering, spit dripping down your chin, but you increased your speed, humming against him. With a strangled groan, warmth spilled into your mouth, making you cough as you tried to swallow.
As you both caught your breath, you sat up, wiping your chin and hoping the blush in your cheeks wasn’t visible by the light of the screen. You glanced at the movie; intermission was long over. You weren’t sure what was happening anymore, but you doubted it was as interesting as the last half hour of real life.
“What’s the matter, sweets?” he asked softly, voice gravelly.
“Can we go home?”
“Course.” He fixed his pants and unhooked the radio from the mirror before starting the car. “Sorry about the movie. I know you were excited.”
He held his arm out and you snuggled into him, “We can see another one.”
He cruised down the driveway and pulled out onto the road, cranking the window up the block the cool night air. Once you were on the main road back into the city, the steady sound of the engine and the rise and fall of Bucky’s chest made your eyes grow heavy. Resting your hand on the inside of his thigh, your blinks got longer until your eyes refused to open again.
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barnestuff · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
summary bucky finds out that you had been hurt during a mission
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings knife wounds. doctors. a worried and very sweet bucky.
a/n have nice day/night <33 this fic is based on this request! thanks anon <3 not my gif
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Bucky was running through the compound halls, his mind only focused on finding you.
Quinjet had just landed and Bucky found out that you were injured. He started trembling right after he heard Steve telling him that you had a little injury. He didn’t even think about the word “little”, just focusing on the fact that you were hurt.
His thoughts were so loud but so quiet at the same time. He was so focused on finding you, he didn’t even realise that he was crying. Were you okay? Were you in pain? How could he let you get hurt? How could he fail?
I couldn’t protect her. He kept running, hoping to find you in the medical wing.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
“It should heal in just a week, just be careful, y/n.” Dr. Cho said with a small smile on her face. You nodded with a smile and thanked her before she left.
You had been on a solo mission for about three days. It was tiring and even though you had a knife wound on your stomach, the mission was pretty successful.
After Dr. Cho left, you wondered where Bucky was but since it was 2 am, you assumed he was asleep and decided not to wake him. You wanted to hug your boyfriend more than anything but you didn’t want to wake him up either.
You were almost falling asleep when you heard loud footsteps. Someone was running to the medical wing of the compound and you exactly knew who it was.
You weren’t surprised when you saw Bucky running into your room. His messy hair was in a low bun and the purple circles under his eyes were telling you he didn’t sleep in the last three days. His eyes were concerned at first but when he saw you in the medical bed, awake and alive, he let out a breath.
“Oh, thank god.” he muttered under his breath and quickly walked to the bed. He sat down on the chair next to the bed, holding your hand. He kissed your hand a few times before looking at you again.
“It’s nice to see you too, handsome.” you smiled at him.
“You have no idea, doll. You have no idea how nice it is to see you. I-I swear I stopped breathing when I heard you were hurt.” he said and you could see tears prickling his eyes. You squeezed his hand, I am here.
“How did you find out?”
“I wasn’t asleep, I saw Steve awake and asked him what was wrong, he said that you had a little injury.” he kissed your knuckles again. You put your free hand on his cheek.
“He was right, Bucky. Nothing too serious, just a little injury. Cho said it will heal in a week.” you said and he leaned in to kiss you. His lips were chapped and you could feel all the concern and love in his body. When you finally broke off, he smiled.
“I was so worried, doll.” he whispered. You kissed his cheek and scooted over on the bed, motioning Bucky to lay down next to you.
“You sure, doll? I don’t want to hurt you.” he said, making you roll your eyes.
“You could never, Bucky. Now come cuddle with me.” he grinned and carefully laid down next to you. He had an arm around your shoulder and your head was on his chest. He kissed your hair a few times after sighing.
“I would never let you out of my sight until your wound heals properly, you know that right?” he said and you looked at him.
“Would you carry me everywhere?” you asked playfully, making him smile.
“Anything you want, dollface.” he said and you closed your eyes, loving the feeling of having him this close.
“Goodnight, Bucky.” you mumbled to his chest.
“Goodnight, baby.” he said and kissed your hair, sleep taking him.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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licensed-fan-girl · 15 hours ago
Pride and Perception - ch. 3
Hello again, lovely readers! Things are starting to heat up now, I hope you enjoy!
this story can now also be found on my ao3!
chapter 1 chapter 2 chapter 3 chapter 4
Tumblr media
summary: James Barnes was the mob king of Brooklyn. Everything he wanted, he got, and anyone standing in his way was eliminated, but there was never enough evidence left behind to really convict him. He was not one to be trifled with and everybody knew it. Eveline Stone had only been the boss of Queens for six years, but that was more than enough time to know a bad deal when she saw one. If Barnes thought he could come in a buy her city or take it by force, he had another thing coming. He was the most infuriating man she'd ever met, but he was also probably the only person in New York who could help her find who she was looking for.
pairing: Mob!Bucky x Mob!oc: Eveline Stone (can be read like a reader insert)
chapter warnings: mentions of sex trafficking, domestic abuse, rape, and hostages (nothing actually happens)
word count: 3846
Thanks for reading!!
Nat and Eveline had arranged with Carol Danvers, the owner of the Captain’s Café, to have this meeting take place after her café closed. Carol – known as ‘the captain’ around town – liked Eveline and the support she provided young women but didn’t want to get too involved with the mafia. Her neutrality made her café the perfect place for this meeting. They had arrived right after closing to meet Carol and get the key so they could lock up when they finished.
“You know I like you girls,” Carol had said, “But nothing happens to my shop, understand?” She fixed them with a small glare.
Eveline laughed softly, “of course, Carol, we’d never let anything happen to our favorite coffee shop!”
With a smile, Carol handed them the key, “then be careful, you two” she called before heading out into the night.
Natasha and Eveline now sat waiting for Barnes and Rogers to arrive. “I don’t know why I let you talk me into this” Eveline said, rapping her fingernails on the table-top between them.
“Because you know that it’s a good idea to finally figure out what the hell he wants, and that an alliance with him is the perfect solution to our problem.”
Deep down, Eveline knew she was right but was still skeptical of Bucky’s motives. “I just don’t trust him.”
“which is exactly why we are having this meeting.” Eveline envied her friend’s optimism.
Shortly after 9:15, Bucky and Steve came through the door. Eveline walked over to meet their guests. They took a few moments to silently appraise each other before Eveline turned her eyes to Steve. “Nat, would you like some help cleaning up?” She turned and asked her friend.
“oh, I’d love some,” Natasha responded with a condescending smile, heading for the kitchens in the back.
With a dismissive tone, Eveline asked: “Rogers, would you be a dear and go help Natasha in the kitchen?” And without waiting for an answer, she walked over to a table and sat down, leaving Steve no choice but to agree, and Bucky none but to follow.
Once seated, Bucky looked at her expectantly, almost hesitant to begin speaking.
“Well, let’s hear it” Eveline began, “as long as it’s not as dumb as the last offer you wasted my time with.”
Bucky scoffed, “You mean the solid business deal I proposed to you several weeks ago?”
Eveline could not believe the audacity and arrogance this man possessed. “Solid business deal?” She said incredulously. “Imagine with me for a moment Mr. Barnes, that tomorrow, I walk into your office, and offer to buy your precious Brooklyn from you.” Bucky chuckled softly to himself. “Seems silly doesn’t it? So tell me,” She continued leaning across the table between them, “Why the fuck, would I sell anything to you?”
A moment of silence passed between them where all Bucky could manage to do was stare into her eyes. Eveline decided he was cute when he was flustered – and then mentally scolded herself for thinking such things about her enemy. Well, not quite a true enemy, she reminded herself, that would all depend on the outcome of this meeting, she supposed.
“You know, Nat thinks I should be nice to you,” Eveline said, sinking back into her seat with a shake of her head, “she thinks we could use your help finding and relocating a couple of targets that have found themselves in Brooklyn…” She watched as Bucky’s eyebrows raised slightly before continuing, “But after your performance in the park yesterday… I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be of any use at all.”
At that, Bucky’s eyes widened and Eveline could see a multitude of emotions ranging from shock to amusement flash across them before he schooled his expression back to the classic smirk. “You have targets in Brooklyn?” he asked with a laugh.
“A couple of sex-traffickers,” She said her eyes darkening, “domestic abuse, rape, the whole nine yards… we’ve been after them for months.” Intensity seeped into her voice as she spoke, “we aren’t entirely sure where they are, but,” She paused as a whirlwind of emotions welled up inside her, “we know they’ve taken hostages with them from Queens.” Just thinking of those young girls on their own made her blood boil.
Raising one eyebrow, he responded, “So this is a rescue mission?”
“of sorts”
Sensing the shift in tone, Barnes leaned back and crossed his arms, thinking before his next words. “They’re out of your territory now,” he said calmly, “why do you care?”
This question was one Eveline had not been prepared for. What did he mean, why did she care? Feeling her emotions begin to rise, Eveline took a deep breath in an attempt to calm herself before answering, “because no girl should ever have to live like that. These girls are from Queens,” she said, slowly bringing her head up to meet his eyes, “that makes them my responsibility.”
Bucky nodded slowly, his usual arrogance returning, “Well, good luck with that sweetheart, but even if I did tolerate that kind of shit, what makes you think I’d let you do any kind of digging in my city?”
“Oh, sweetheart” Eveline responded with a syrupy tone, “I’ve already started” she finished, her voice turning cold. She enjoyed the way Bucky’s mouth literally fell open at her words before continuing. “How do you think I even know where to look? Your precious Brooklyn isn’t near as clean as you might like to think, and it doesn’t matter if you ‘tolerate’ sex trafficking because it’s happening right under your nose! Hell, it’s happening under your own roof, and you-” She stopped herself, feeling her anger at his willful ignorance beginning to take over. Eveline took a moment to gather her thoughts, allowing a cold calculation to return to her gaze before continuing with the same intensity, “You refuse to do anything about it, but somebody should. I would appreciate it if you’d let that somebody be me.”
※ ※
Bucky recognized the look in Eveline’s eyes as she finished her sentence. Hell, he’d seen it in his own eyes plenty of times before. The feeling of righteous anger was one he knew all too well.
“You’re really passionate about this aren’t you?” He asked softly, allowing his usual cocky façade to fall, extending a laurel branch.
“I could use your help” She responded, avoiding the question.
Realizing he had reached the end of her rope, Bucky stopped pressing. If she didn’t want to tell him, she wouldn’t, but Eveline wasn’t as good at hiding her feelings as she would like to believe.
“what did you have in mind?” he asked.
A look of confusion crossed her face, “hold on,” she said raising one hand in a cautionary gesture, “weren’t you the one who was so desperate for this meeting? What’s in it for you?” He watched her eyes as once again her walls began building back up.
He’d been so caught up in watching her, that he’d momentarily forgotten what he was doing there in the first place. Coming back into the reality of where he was, Bucky took a breath and gathered himself. “Right, well,” he said, clearing his throat, “there is the small matter of your spies somehow finding the location of a great number of my safe houses and private businesses that I’d like to discuss.”
He watched as a slight smirk slowly grew on her face, “oh that” she said with a shrug, “what exactly would you like to discuss?”
“I want them out” he responded with a commanding tone, having returned to the business mindset he inherited from his mother. “Here’s how this is going to work, dol-, Eveline.” He paused catching the glint that reappeared in her eyes. “I will offer to help you in your manhunt, so long as you take your targets back with you to Queens to deal out your punishments and get your team out of Brooklyn. For good.” She sat up a little straighter, becoming every inch the mafia boss, he was learning to expect. “And, if you tell me how you managed to locate and enter some of the most well-hidden locations in New York.”
He watched as she thought about it, her head tilting slightly to the left. “Alright,” she conceded, her acceptance releasing the tension from his shoulders. “I’m willing to work with those terms, if you allow me into your territory with access to your resources – temporarily – in order to most effectively and efficiently locate my targets for elimination.”
Once again, Bucky was taken aback by the directness with which she addressed him in stating her terms. He’d made many deals in his time on top, and very few men had ever spoken to him with such authority and tenacity. Eveline Stone continued to impress him.
He wasn’t thrilled about the notion of allowing her access into his business, though, no matter how limited. “Very Well,” He replied slowly, “I will take your terms under consideration. Allow me a week to consider, and I will get back to you.” She arched a single eyebrow, causing him to roll his eyes, “And I promise not to contact you in any form until I have an answer.”
Eveline nodded her head with a smirk. “Okay,” she said lifting her chin, “Mr. Barnes, it would appear you have yourself a deal.” She extended her hand to him across the table and as he took it in a surprisingly firm handshake, Bucky couldn’t help but wonder what he was getting himself into.
* * *
Back in his office in Brooklyn, Bucky was pacing. He could not believe the conversation he’d had with Eveline stone not three hours ago. He’d had something entirely different in mind when he imagined meeting with her to talk. He hadn’t expected such fierce anger from her, and the strangest part was that it wasn’t entirely directed at him. Bucky paused to look out the window of his office thinking about who exactly it was Eveline was after and why the hell they would have run to Brooklyn. Her accusations against the integrity of his gang resonated in the back of his mind. Could there be any truth to them? He didn’t think so, but he also didn’t think she was lying.
Bucky had been pacing and thinking in his office for those three hours when Steve came in to check on him.
“Buck what are you still doing up? It’s almost one in the morning!”
“I know, I know, I just…”
Steve rolled his eyes with a sigh. This was not an unusual occurrence for them.
“you can’t get her out of your mind, I know” Steve paused and looked at his friend for a minute in thought before continuing. “The results of all the background checks won’t come through until the morning at the earliest, so you might as well go on to bed. You obviously need your rest, you look like shit, jerk.”
Bucky chuckled to himself. Steve was one of only three people alive who could get away with talking to him like that. He knew his friend was right, and that staying up wasn’t going to do him any good, but he also knew he wouldn’t be sleeping a wink until those results came in and he could fact check Eveline’s claims. He just couldn’t get his mind to rest until he was certain one way or the other.
“I know punk, and I promise I’ll head to bed soon, but you shouldn’t stay up any later on my account, I know Peggy’s waiting for you.”
At the sound of his wife’s name, Steve’s face softened into a light smile. “Alright, just don’t stay up too late. You’re of no use to anyone if you haven’t slept.” and with that, Bucky was alone again with his thoughts. He knew he was in for a long night. It was part of the reason he had bothered to stay in his office, hoping to at least be able to get some work done while he was up. But his mind was too preoccupied with a particular person to allow him to think clearly about anything else. Get it together, Bucky scolded himself. He was the leader of the largest mafia in New York, he didn’t get distracted by women, no matter how beautiful and passionate they were. Bucky groaned, closing his eyes and pinching his brow as he turned to shut off his computer for the night. He’d just have to wait until the morning.
* * *
When the sun finally rose, Bucky rolled right out of bed and headed into his office. Much to his disappointment, there was no news. The background checks he’d called for last night on a handful of his Brooklyn business partners were taking their sweet time coming together, and Bucky was growing impatient. He could still hear the disgust in Eveline’s voice as she spoke of the sex traffickers that she claimed were rampant not only in his city but among his own men. Background checks were a standard requirement Bucky insisted on for membership in his gang, but he had never taken such measures when determining who to partner with; it was bad for business.
Bucky sighed, frustrated with his own impatience as much as with the slowness of the process. Deciding to do something else to pass the time, he sat down to answer some emails and sort through the mountains of paperwork he knew would be waiting for him in his filing cabinet. As he began sifting through various reports from around town, his mind kept drifting back to Eveline. From their very first meeting, he had been unable to keep himself from admiring her tenacity and boldness. It had surprised him to discover the authority Eveline commanded. She knew who she was and what her business was about and was not about to let anyone threaten it. As someone in a similar position, Bucky could understand and respect her ability to hold her own. If he was being honest, she reminded him of both his mother and his sister. Before that slightly unnerving thought could get much further, there was a knock on his office door. When Bucky gave the okay, his third, Tony Stark, walked through the door with a file folder in his hands.
“These are the results of the background checks you requested.” Bucky took the folder with as much composure as he could muster, though he was sure Tony could likely tell how nervous he was.
“Thank you, Tony,” Bucky trailed off, all of his focus having turned to the file in his hands. With a nod of his head, Tony left the office, closing the door softly.
He had waited so intently to have this information, but now that it was in his hands, Bucky was hesitant to open it. What if Eveline was right? What could he do about it? Some of these men were bosses in their own rights and had been loyal business partners for years, he couldn’t simply cut them off, or try to shut them down. Although that’s what Eveline’s done, he thought to himself. If she could do it in Queens… Bucky shook his head, and before he could get any farther ahead of himself, he opened the file and began reading.
※ ※
A grand total of five days had passed since their meeting with no word from Bucky, and Eveline’s concern was growing. When the first two days had gone by with complete radio silence, she began to think that she had been too harsh in her critique of Brooklyn. Her original intention had not been to insult his business methods, but had it come across that way in the moment? What did he think of her, knowing she had a moral weakness? Would he see it as a weakness? What would he have told Steve about her on their way home? Eveline chided herself for having such concerns. It shouldn’t matter what he thought of her, or if she hurt his feelings, her accusations were correct – she just hoped she hadn’t ruined her chances of securing this deal.
In the midst of these frequent self-debates, responses had come in from Pepper and Peggy. About a week ago, Eveline had asked them for any updates on their target’s location along with updated descriptions of the women they had taken hostage. Neither had heard or seen anything of the sort, but Peggy had told her that Steve felt the meeting had gone well and informed her that Bucky had ordered a background check on several of his top business associates. Eveline was only slightly offended that he felt the need to fact-check her, but she hoped that the results would encourage his cooperation.
This train of thought was interrupted as Gomora knocked on the door and poked her head into the office. “Anything?” Eveline asked her assistant – a bit too eagerly if the smirk Gomora gave her was anything to go on.
“He’s on line two.” She said before closing the door once again.
Suddenly a ball of nerves, Eveline picked up the receiver on her desk and pressed number two. “Mr. Barnes,” she began doing her best to sound nonchalant, “Were you satisfied with the results of your background checks, or do you require more convincing?”
She could hear the surprise in the pause before Bucky conceded, “believe me, Miss Stone, I have all the proof I need.”
“Excellent!” she grinned, “so we’re confirming the deal?” Eveline heard him suck in a breath before continuing. “There are a few changes I’d like to make to the original terms, first” he stated. “I’m not sure how you learned of the background checks, but yes I looked into a few of my top business associates to confirm or deny your claims and was surprised and disgusted to find you were correct.” Eveline was surprised to find him admitting it so easily. “Having made such a discovery, I’d like to make some additions to the terms we laid out last week.”
She didn’t quite know what to make of that, but she was willing to hear him out. “Alright, go ahead” she relented hesitantly.
“Your terms were, if I recall, temporary access into Brooklyn and some of its resources in order to locate a few runaway targets, whom you agreed to take out of my city limits to deal with, correct?” He pressed. “Well, I’d like to allow you round-the-clock access to Brooklyn’s resources, though only in a partial capacity, free reign to handle anyone you find however you see fit, and a place to stay for you and whoever else you might need.” Eveline had expected many things when he said he wanted to change terms, but this was not one of them. It made her wary. “Let me get this straight, you want me to move into Brooklyn, increase my access to your resources, and allow me full control of punishment for whoever I decide deserves it?”
“Only temporarily,” he assured her, “I’m not asking you to buy a house, just come stay with me – with us – while you’re working…” he seemed to stumble over his words, “you know, for the sake of effectiveness and efficiency.” It seemed Eveline wasn’t the only one nervous about the outcome of this conversation.
“Why do I need to move to Brooklyn for this to work?” she asked with confusion.
Bucky cleared his throat before continuing, “We’ve agreed that you’ll remove your spies and inform me of their methods, I’d like to ask you to also inform my head of security and consider critiquing their training regimen.”
Now that was a real surprise. Bucky Barnes, King of Brooklyn, wanted her to strengthen his security team? “I still don’t see why I need to move to Brooklyn.” She could see him rolling his eyes as she heard him sigh through the phone “I’d just prefer if the person I’m divulging secrets to was… I don’t know...” “right under your nose?”
Bucky released a breath. “Yeah, something like that.”
Eveline decided even if he had acted like an idiot the first time they met, it was clear now that Bucky knew what he was doing. He wasn’t stupid. He knew how to play his cards right, protecting his own just as she would have done. She gained an ounce of respect for the man, and, seeing the reason in his request, yielded to it. “Alright, Mr. Barnes, I concede to the logic behind these changes, but there’s one thing I still don’t understand,” she said turning in her chair to look out the window behind her desk. “You have sweetened my end of the deal considerably and have only asked for a training session in return. What are you really getting out of this exchange?”
Bucky hesitated on the other end of the line. Eveline could tell that whatever he was about to say, he wanted to phrase carefully so as not to reveal all of his cards at once. “We’re mafia, Miss Stone. You and I know what kind of life we signed up for when we took this job.” His voice had taken on a weightier tone than before. “My life has been a series of crimes, many of them repeated offenses, for which I feel no remorse. I do not pretend to be a moral man, Miss Stone, but I am not without a conscience.” He spoke with a sincerity she had never heard him use before. “I will put up with and even encourage a great deal of immoral actions, but I will not tolerate abuse of any kind,” Bucky stated firmly, “especially not against innocent young women.” There was a distant feeling in the silence as he finished speaking as if he was lost in memory or thought. Eveline wondered where he had gone.
Wherever his mind had taken him, it was clear that no matter their differences, the two of them stood together on this issue. “I was greatly disappointed to discover that nine of the fifteen associates I ran checks on participate or support various modes of sexual abuse regularly,” he said, once again addressing her. “At our last meeting, you offered to help me clean up shop. I’d like to take you up on that.” She wondered if he’d run similar checks on any of the men he claimed as family but thought better of asking. This was a tentative alliance, and she didn’t need to test its limits so soon. Eveline smiled softly to herself. This phone call had gone better than she could have hoped. “Well then,” she asserted with a renewed sense of control. “I look forward to our partnership, Mr. Barnes.” “As do I, Miss Stone.”
Their conversation lasted another 20 minutes as they worked out the finer details of their agreement, and when Eveline hung up the phone, she did so with the distinct feeling that they were finally beginning to understand one another.
If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! It would mean the world to me if you could let me know what you thought, and if you noticed any mistakes, or if I neglected to include a chapter warning you think applies!
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oitommothetease · 16 hours ago
Invisible String (4/?)
Pairing: AU - Mob!Bucky x Reader
Description: James Buchanan Barnes, the owner of the most expensive-looking club in town and your new apartment. He was a dick and you hated him. What could possibly go wrong when you, the new girl in town, start bartending at his club to pursue your dreams?
Word Count: 2.6k words
Warning: 18+ (discussion of assault, nervous breakdown, anxiety attack, just don’t read this whole series if you are a kid)
Tumblr media
You woke up to a night of dreamless sleep like you always did, but then the events of the previous night hit you. You wished it was a dream, but one look in the mirror and a bruise running along your cheek was enough to confirm. Not only that, but you remembered asking your boss to stay over, but you didn't expect him to. The blanket on your living room’s couch and the bowl of fruits and a glass of juice situated out for you on the kitchen counter proved that he did stay.
And then the reality sunk in, you have a decision to make. You can either go to the cops or let that guy get away. The latter sounded not so great, but you knew going to the cops isn't going to be great either. You've seen enough detective shows to know that. You've had enough, and you just wanted to forget it. 
What did Mr. Barnes mean when he said you were going to talk about this? Are you supposed to visit him before work? Is he going to come to your place?
You decided to work on your book but ended up not being able to concentrate, so you started watching a show and fell asleep while watching it. Maybe some Chinese take-out could make you feel better. It didn't. Nothing made you feel better. You wished you had some friends in this new town because you didn't want to burden your work friends. 
After a horrible day of trying to cope, when you finally made your way to the club, you noticed the security was increased. Usually, security guards weren't present inside the club, but today it was different. Everyone was so vigilant and you felt a little safer. If you didn't know any better, you'd think Mr. Barnes did it for you, but again he would have done the same thing for any other employee. 
"Boss wants to see you," Pietro told you. You were about to head for Clint's office when the blond twin spoke again and pointed his finger towards the stairs." The boss."
Okay, well maybe playing naïve couldn't avoid this meeting, so you slowly walked upstairs. How bad could this go, it's not like he saw you in your most vulnerable state? Oh, wait, he did. 
You knocked on his office door, wanting to rip the band-aid and get over with it. 
"Hey," you said, faking a smile. "Thanks for getting me home last night and for breakfast today. I didn't even know I had fruits and juice at home because let's be honest, I'm a toast and coffee kinda gal."
Mr. Barnes didn't say anything, he just looked at you as if you were a confusing puzzle that he couldn't solve. He raised a hand towards the seat in front of him and you took it, nervously fiddling with your fingers under the table.
“You do that a lot, you know?” he asked, it wasn't a question, it was merely an observation.
“Deflecting a serious issue by using a joke.” Mr. Barnes observed as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“What are you? My therapist?”
He arched an eyebrow, indicating that you were literally doing the thing he pointed out. 
"Yeah, well, it's called having a healthy coping mechanism. You should try getting one, brooding is only gonna help you this far."
 "It's not healthy if you're not dealing with it," Mr. Barnes pointed out. 
You scoffed in incredulity and you felt very, very attacked. 
What is it? Attacking y/n day?, you thought. 
"Anyway, I think I want to press charges," You changed the subject to a more serious conversation to avoid him calling you out on your bullshit. 
"Okay, I understand.” 
“You do?” You asked, bewilderment clearly written all over your face. “I mean, letting an employee go to the cops is not gonna be great for your club's reputation and yours too. And, you know, considering the shady business, you do-” 
"What exactly do you think we do?" He asked.
And that's when it hit you, you didn't know what he did or mob bosses do in general. All your knowledge about it came from movies and Wattpad, both of them are not a great place to gain knowledge.
“What exactly do you do?” you pondered.
 He obviously wasn't expecting you to directly ask him, nobody has directly asked him or even made it known that they are aware of his work. It was kind of like a silent pact that everybody signed for, everybody except you, apparently. 
“Um, you know, I've been working for almost 2 weeks here now, and I haven't seen any drugs around here, so it's obviously not drugs. You don't look like the sex trafficking types-”
 "Jesus, woman!" He exclaimed, offended by your assumptions. 
"Then just tell me what you do."
You expected him to tell you something, but he just kept looking at you with a face void of emotions.
 "Fine, don't tell me," you mumbled, raising your hands dramatically in defeat. 
“So you don't mind me ruining your reputation by going to the cops?” 
“I told you I don't care. Your safety is my utmost priority,” your face might have given away the surprise you felt because he quickly backpedaled. ”I mean, the safety of my employees.”
“The safety of my employees is my utmost priority,” he told you, providing an extra emphasis on the word employees. “Anyway, one of my people would take you to the police station near-"
You cut him off immediately. 
"No, you can't tell anyone else. I don't want everyone hopping on the pity train. I'm already ashamed that you know about it," you pleaded but your voice was firm, telling him that this was not up for a discussion.
At this, his eyes and features softened. Bucky didn't want you to feel guilty or ashamed for somebody else's actions, but clearly, you did. 
"Okay, then I can take you. You just had to explain to the officer last night’s events, and they'll ask you to recognize Rumlow and then we can-"
Mr. Barnes’s voice faded into the background when it finally hit you.
"You know what, I changed my mind. It's too much. I don't want to press charges anymore. I didn't think this through," you backtracked. You did think this through, but now all the factors were adding up in your brain. You'd have to explain the details to a cop who is probably going to be another man and a stranger, and then they'd ask you to identify the guy. You didn't think you had it in you to face him. At least not now. 
He interpreted your thought process and promptly changed the topic. "Okay, we can work with whatever you want, and at least let Peter escort you home after work."
"What? No!” You quickly declined.
“It's for your own safety,” Bucky tried to reason. He wasn't letting you get off this easily.
 “I'm a strong, independent woman and I'm not scared of anything.” 
That was a lie. You were scared of many things like heights, dark, spiders, confrontation and the list goes on and on. 
You remembered all the lectures your mom gave you telling you that women should be scared because men are monsters, and you'd lose your honor if you are reckless and some other patriarchal crap that you didn't pay attention to. But you weren't scared, you were just always careful. You'd always put the keys between your knuckles when you went home alone. In your previous job, you used to laugh it off whenever your coworkers made a sexist joke. You'd ignore the subtle shoulder touch that your previous boss did. You told yourself that this is what it takes to make it. If you were to run away every time someone eyed you in a wrong way, then you'd spend your whole life running. 
Women usually shrug this behavior off as it is what is, but the truth is it shouldn't be like this.
“Please, I insist.” 
“I'm very capable of taking care of myself. Just because one bad incident happened doesn't mean I'll fucking break!” You stated, your voice louder than your regular voice to get across your point.
That was also a lie. You were walking on a thin line and you were ignoring your emotions. You were one outburst away from a breakdown, and you just couldn't bring yourself to feel anything. 
Mr. Barnes tried to call your name, but you were already bolting out of his office. 
You needed a drink. No, fuck that. You needed multiple drinks. It wasn't exactly wise to get drunk during work, but it couldn't get any shittier than this, right?, you thought.
 Wrong. It could get way shittier than this. Now it was almost midnight, you were kind of tipsy, and you could see two Mr. Stark, your regular customer, in front of you. 
Did he have a twin? Is he and his twin brother one of those identical twins that dress up the same? Because that's what it looked like.
 “Earth to y/n," Mr. Stark said, or was it his twin? It was getting hard to keep track anymore.
 And that's when you noticed. 
“Holy, Shit. You're triplets, Mr. Stark," you announced. 
"Okay, kid, close my tab.”
“Hey, y/n. Are you okay?” Peter asked, noticing the concerned look Mr. Stark gave him before leaving.
“Yes, I'm fine. Absolutely fine.”
Turns out you were not fine. You've been pretty much hammered for the past week, and you could barely get a sentence out without giggling or slurring. Your colleagues took notice of your state and whenever someone pointed it out, you'd just shrug it off as a bad day or a bad week. There was no concept of time in your drunk state.
You couldn't concentrate on your book, you could barely look at someone without squinting, and you've been eating takeout and leftovers for the past few days. 
James would have fired if someone working under him was this irresponsible, but he knew your reasons. He knew you clearly weren't coping with the trauma well. Your work ethics were shoved down the trash that even Clint asked why you weren't fired yet.
Bucky didn't want to talk to you, he thought that maybe giving you some space would do you good, but clearly it wasn't working. Usually, the mob boss didn't interfere in the affairs of his employees, it was Clint's job, but when you smashed a bottle on the head of a customer, he had to interject.
“I TOLD THIS FUCKER NO!” you yelled, Peter’s hand around your middle from behind. Another empty beer bottle was in your hand, ready to be smashed across the face of the drunk dude in front of you.
Pietro and Wanda were enjoying the show. Peter, being the peace lover he is, held you back when you smashed a bottle across a drunk customer's face. Even though Peter was younger than you, he was stronger, and he was not only holding you back but also himself. He didn't want to cause a scene and that is why he was mulling comforting words in your ear like, he's not worth it, you're gonna kill this guy.
Damn right I am, you thought.
It was ironic because everyone in that club had killed someone except you.
When Bucky walked into the room, the drunk guy turned towards him and pointed at you. ”You are hiring crazy bitches now? Just called her baby girl and she went psycho!!!”
Bucky didn't understand what was happening. He told the security guards to take that man outside his club and he walked towards you. He firmly yet gently took a hold of your left arm, signaling Peter to let go of you. Without a word, he started walking in the direction of his office, dragging you along with him.
Once near his office, he lightly yanked your hand and shoved you inside, making you stand in front of him.
"What the fuck is wrong with you?" he inquired, having had enough of your incompetence.
You were seething with rage. "Wrong with me? I told him no, but he didn't listen."
Bucky stepped forward, his anger dissipating into sympathy. " I know, he mumbled, "and I'm so-"
 "No, you don't know!" you yelled, body trembling and tears welling up in your eyes. "I told him no multiple times, I even tried to push him off me, but he just kept coming back."
Bucky's eyes furrowed in confusion. He didn't understand your words, the drunk customer didn't touch you. And that's when he realized, you weren't talking about the drunk customer. He cognized that the drunk guy purely triggered something that you've been suppressing for days now. Bucky was aware that you needed to get it out of your system to cope healthily.
“I told him no, you know? But he just wouldn't listen,” you stated, trying to convince yourself that you didn't lead him on. ”And he was so…. so strong and… and then he hit me and everything just went blur, I couldn't see but... but I could still feel him with me.”
Not realizing that you were not in that place anymore, you wrapped your hand around yourself to seek some sort of protection and comfort, bottom lip quivering, the welled up traitorous tears were streaming down your face and all you could think about was that night. 
“I… I can't get his touch out,” you stammered. ” I shower, multiple times a day, but I still can't get his touch out.”
With that, you broke down completely and shattered on the floor, sobbing ferociously. Your knees ached because of the position you were situated in, but the emotional pain was enough to overshadow the physical one.
For once in his lifetime, Bucky did not know what to do. Cautiously, he made his way towards you and knelt down in front of you. He did not know what to say or do to make you feel better.
You launched your body towards him, snaking your arms around his shoulder to settle on his neck as if he was the only thing grounding you. You lurched onto him like he was your anchor, and maybe he was. It took a minute for Bucky to register your actions, and when he did, he wrapped his arms around your middle and closed the minuscule distance separating you.
He surprised himself with the way one of his hands automatically reached for your hair and whispered words of comfort in your ear. He caught you as you crumpled physically and emotionally. 
”You're going to be okay, doll,” he whispered and kissed your temple with sincerity. ”I will make sure of that.”
The second part was barely audible, it wasn't meant for you, it was a promise he made to himself.
Bucky held you tightly yet gently while you sobbed on his shoulder.
 He didn't know how long he held you, it felt like an eternity to him with the way he could feel the guilt and rage inside him. When you passed out in his arms, he gently placed you on one of the comfortable couches in his office and draped a blanket around you that he had for when he would work late at night.
An office chair might not be the most ideal place to spend the night in, but it didn't matter to Bucky. All that mattered was you.
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vanillanaps · a day ago
Mob!bucky coming to meet you for a date but when he gets there he sees some guy being rude/gross to you
Tumblr media
You’d be sitting at the table waiting for Bucky to arrive. He offered to pick you up, but you told him its fine since you drove to work this morning and would just meet him there.
You were only at the table for a few moments before some random guy slipped into the booth seat across from you. Your face scrunched up into confusion, “Can I help you?”
He shook his head with a smirk on his face, “Just was wondering why such a hot babe like you was sitting here all alone?”
You physically cringed at his words, “I’m waiting for someone, it’d be best for you to leave before he gets here.”
The man rolled his eyes and scoffed, “Why are bitches like you so stuck up? God forbid a man actually shows you interests and you lie.”
“Excuse me?” You were a bit taken back.
“What are you deaf now? Should’ve known you were just a basic broad.”
You went to response but the seat cushion dipping besides you and an arm being wrapped around your shoulders stopped you, “You wanna repeat that?” Bucky asked, taking a sip of his drink while never breaking eye contact with the man.
He instantly froze up. It was no secret who Bucky was and what he was known for doing, the guy knew he was screwed, “I-I’m s-sorry, Mr. Barnes.”
“I think you’re apologizing to the wrong person.”
His eyes immediately snapped towards you, “I apologize. I was out of line.”
You rolled your eyes, leaning back into the seat ignoring his apology because it wasn’t genuine. It came from fear.
“If I ever hear you talking to my girl or any other woman like that, you’ll know what’s coming for you.” Bucky told him, tilting his head to the side, basically telling his to scram, which he did, “You okay, doll?”
“Better than ever.” You smiled softly, leaning up to kiss his lips, “Now let’s order, I’m hungry.”
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barnestuff · a day ago
Tumblr media
summary the pet names Bucky calls you
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings fluff. pet names.
a/n Hope you like it <3 not my gif
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Doll is usually what Bucky calls you.
It’s like your name to him.
Bucky loves that it is familiar so he uses it on every simple occasion.
“I love you, doll.” or just a
“Good morning, doll.”
It just slips out of his lips very easily.
And he loves that you get frustrated whenever he calls you “doll”, no matter how long you two have been together.
it never fails to give you butterflies.
Baby is for when Bucky is needy.
“Baby, please five more minutes.”
He knows what that nickname does to you and he loves it.
You could never resist him when he calls you baby.
He would come home and hug you, mumbling:
“I missed you so much today, baby.”
(yes, he is the baby in the situation)
You two would be making out and he would whisper between kisses:
“Let me take care of you, baby.”
Bucky calls you sweetheart when he wants to comfort you.
He would hold you tightly and whisper:
“I know sweetheart, I know.”
and it always has this very special effect on you
it always calms you down
“I promise It’ll get better, sweetheart.”
Bucky just knows you better than anyone else and always knows what to say.
pretty girl
Bucky calls you pretty girl when he is feeling possessive
No need to lie, green looks kinda good on Bucky.
“You are mine, pretty girl. You know that, right?” he would say softly.
and it would give you tingles down there
“You are doing so well, my pretty girl.”
yes please.
honey is for domestic occasions
“Honey, I’m home!” or
“I made dinner, honey.”
It’s very natural, domestic.
You love it when Bucky calls you honey,
it feels very familiar,
but gives you goosebumps at the same time.
Bucky calls you beautiful when he means something he says.
“I don’t know what I would do without you, beautiful.”
It is a way to assure you that he is serious.
“I love you more than anything, beautiful.”
and you always know he means it.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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licensed-fan-girl · a day ago
Pride and Perception chapter teaser
Hello lovely readers! Chapter three of Pride and Perception is coming your way tomorrow!! In the meantime, please enjoy this brief teaser!
word count: 644
warnings: mentions of sex trafficking, domestic abuse, rape, and hostages (nothing actually happens)
Tumblr media
A moment of silence passed between them where all Bucky could manage to do was stare into her eyes. Eveline decided he was cute when he was flustered – and then mentally scolded herself for thinking such things about her enemy. Well, not quite a true enemy, she reminded herself, that would all depend on the outcome of this meeting, she supposed.
“You know, Nat thinks I should be nice to you,” Eveline said, sinking back into her seat with a shake of her head, “she thinks we could use your help finding and relocating a couple of targets that have found themselves in Brooklyn…” She watched as Bucky’s eyebrows raised slightly before continuing, “But after your performance in the park yesterday… I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be of any use at all.”
At that, Bucky’s eyes widened and Eveline could see a multitude of emotions ranging from shock to amusement flash across them before he schooled his expression back to the classic smirk. “You have targets in Brooklyn?” he asked with a laugh.
“A couple of sex-traffickers,” She said her eyes darkening, “domestic abuse, rape, the whole nine yards… we’ve been after them for months.” Intensity seeped into her voice as she spoke, “we aren’t entirely sure where they are, but,” She paused as a whirlwind of emotions welled up inside her, “we know they’ve taken hostages with them from Queens.” Just thinking of those young girls on their own made her blood boil.
Raising one eyebrow, he responded, “So this is a rescue mission?”
“of sorts”
Sensing the shift in tone, Barnes leaned back and crossed his arms, thinking before his next words. “They’re out of your territory now,” he said calmly, “why do you care?”
This question was one Eveline had not been prepared for. What did he mean, why did she care? Feeling her emotions begin to rise, Eveline took a deep breath in an attempt to calm herself before answering, “because no girl should ever have to live like that. These girls are from Queens,” she said, slowly bringing her head up to meet his eyes, “that makes them my responsibility.”
Bucky nodded slowly, his usual arrogance returning, “Well, good luck with that sweetheart, but even if I did tolerate that kind of shit, what makes you think I’d let you do any kind of digging in my city?”
“Oh, sweetheart” Eveline responded with a syrupy tone, “I’ve already started” she finished, her voice cold. She enjoyed the way Bucky’s mouth literally fell open at her words before continuing. “How do you think I even know where to look? Your precious Brooklyn isn’t near as clean as you might like to think, and it doesn’t matter if you ‘tolerate’ sex trafficking because it’s happening right under your nose! Hell, it's happening under your own roof, and you-” She stopped herself, feeling her anger at his willful ignorance beginning to take over. Eveline took a moment to gather her thoughts, allowing a cold calculation to return to her gaze before continuing with the same intensity, “You refuse to do anything about it, but somebody should. I would appreciate it if you’d let that somebody be me.”
※ ※
Bucky recognized the look in Eveline’s eyes as she finished her sentence. Hell, he’d seen it in his own eyes plenty of times before. The feeling of righteous anger was one he knew all too well.
“You’re really passionate about this aren’t you?” He asked softly, allowing his usual cocky façade to fall as he extended a laurel branch.
“I could use your help” She responded, avoiding the question.
Realizing he had reached the end of her rope, Bucky stopped pressing. If she didn’t want to tell him, she wouldn’t, but Eveline wasn’t as good at hiding her feelings as she would like to believe.
“what did you have in mind?” he asked.
Thank you so much for reading! The full chapter will be out tomorrow!!
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bonky-n-steeb · 2 days ago
𝗦𝗨𝗠𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗬:  Your life is as good as it gets. The perfect husband, the perfect daughter, the perfect job. But what you are unaware is that your husband is a deadly assassin and your long-lost friend, now a fearsome mob boss is hell bent on getting you back. But what you don’t know can't hurt you, right?
𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦:  psychological disorder, PTSD, domestic abuse, yandere, obsession, violence, cursing. If you find any of this triggering please DNI. Also inform me if I left something out.
ᴛʜɪs ɪs ɴᴏᴛ ʙᴇᴛᴀ ʀᴇᴀᴅ, sᴏ ᴀʟʟ ᴍɪsᴛᴀᴋᴇs ᴀʀᴇ ᴍʏ ᴏᴡɴ
Tumblr media
You both were sitting in his balcony, overlooking the gardens. You didn’t want to wake up Iris. So, you both decided to go somewhere else and talk. Sitting on a swing, you were just breathing the fresh air in. The silence was very warm and comfortable.
“So...?” You decided to break the silence. “Nothing really, I just wanted to talk like the old times. About nothing in general.” He scoffed at that. “I missed you.” He spoke. Steve looked at you just the way he used to years before. Just that back then you used to look down while now you were craning your neck.
You gave him a pained smile. “I missed you too.” You didn’t dare look in his eyes for you feared what you might see. You stared straight ahead. “The garden is beautiful. Your gardener has done a great job.”
“He sure has.... are you okay? You want to tell me something? You seemed pale when you came up.” He said looking at you expectedly. You debated whether to tell him. Should you?
“Nothing really. Told you, i ran all the way up. Didn’t want to disturb anybody.” You shrugged. You had a feeling he knew you were lying, but gladly he didn’t drag it. “So... how’s Bucky? I mean...” your eyes widened. It was the last thing you expected him to say.
“He’s... I don’t know. The shadow of the man he once was.” There was no point in lying. You had irresistible urge to ask about what happened to the drug addict but you didn’t want to know the answer.
“Was he like this from the... I wanted to ask you the day we met. I saw... I saw your neck.” He confessed feeling guilty somehow. He had noticed the marks on your neck but hadn’t asked. As he didn’t need to, he knew what had happened. He just wanted to hear it from you.
“Oh... that, no. He wasn’t like that before. He was kind and caring and everything I ever imagined and more. And then... then I don’t know what happened. Maybe I do...” you gulped at the thought of the Soldat.
“That was the only time he hurt me. Not once before had that happened.” You weren’t meeting his eye and he noticed that. “You want to share something? You know your secret would be safe.”
You desperately wanted to tell him about the truth but you couldn’t. You couldn’t risk his life. The information was too confidential. “Not really.” You pressed your lips together.
Both of you didn’t speak for a while. “You know, I did come to see you after that day. I used to visit the park every day in the hopes of seeing you. I used to stand near your house. Hell, I even went to your school once. I didn’t see you but I met your bullies. They told me you had beat the shit out of the leader. Not gonna lie, I was impressed.”
She chuckled at that, “I was super mad that day. And that idiot decided to bully me, and I swear to god the rush I felt while hitting him. The whole school had gathered.”
It was the day right after you had left him. He had been sitting alone and eating his lunch. Too bad the bullies decided to piss him off. But it wasn’t their day. He had removed all his anger and frustration on them. His father had been proud of him that night. He had known that his son was capable of handling the business.
“Also.... I know that you wanted to see me.” You turned around with shock. “But I didn’t see you anywhere.” At that he shook his head. “I was always behind you. And it’s not metaphorical. I was always a few feet away at the park. I saw how you used to search for me. I used to sit in my window and see how you expectantly stood at the tree near my house. And I even saw you standing outside my school. I purposely missed you.”
“Why Steve? I... I wanted to apologise. You could’ve just met me once.” Your eyes were wet with unshed tears. “I couldn’t see you walk away from me again. You were the only person I wanted to believe me; in who I was and not my father.
I never told you about my family not because I wanted to lie, but because I wanted you to like me; a skinny idiot boy who couldn’t protect himself. I wanted to be my own man, and you were the only one who helped me. Others were too busy trying to groom me into a man I’m not.
That day, I had a little hope you would choose me; Steve, not the son of Joseph Rogers and neither Bucky. But you didn’t even take a second before leaving me. I wasn’t even an option for you. I felt as if... I didn’t even matter to you.”
“That’s not true. You meant a lot to me. You still do” You said holding back tears. “You didn’t even give me a chance to prove myself. To prove you I wasn’t like my father. To prove you that I would...” he quickly stopped himself before saying that he would love you more than Bucky.
“Forgive me Steve, please. I know I did a mistake. I should’ve at least reconsidered. I punished you for a crime you hadn’t committed. I left you for your father’s crimes. I shouldn’t have done that.” You said sobbing.
“Some days I wonder that maybe I would’ve been a different man if you had chosen me.” He didn’t want to guilt trip you, but he wanted to make you feel enough guilt that you would lean in to him for support. So that your guilt wouldn’t let you leave him this time.
“Hey, no more crying. Now that we’ve finally met once again, we can make up for all the time we missed.” He took your chin between his fingers and raised your head. “We can be best friends just like we were that day. And I know, some parts of our soul are still untainted like they were years ago.”
“Steve... I don’t know how to thank you. You’ve done so much for me. I...” you choked up and cleared your throat. “I don’t know what I can do for you. But I... I need to leave tomorrow.” His eyes widened.
“The hell you are. You are staying here and not leaving. This is the only way you can repay me.” You were sure he used his mob boss voice at you.
“Steve, me staying here is not safe. Not for you, not for George, not for anyone else. I need to go before Bucky comes...”
“Why are you worried? Do you know how many of us are there? We can easily subdue Bucky if it comes to it.”
“No, you can’t! I’m not doubting you. But you have no idea what Bucky is capable of. He has killed Presidents with high level security, killing me in your house won’t be a big task for him...” you instantly but your tongue.
“He has killed what?” Steve asked. “You never heard that, Steve. Please for your own good. I never said anything. I’m leaving Steve that’s all.” At that he gripped your arm.
“You are not. I don’t care what he has done. I won’t let him harm you; I promise you. But if you leave, he’ll get you sooner and you’d be helpless.” You still weren’t agreeing.
“You’ve done so much for me Steve. I wouldn’t be able to live if something happened to you, or your family or your people. Bucky is as it is prejudiced against you. I...”
“Don’t think about yourself, think about Iris. Here she has a comfortable roof and she is safe. Where would you go with her? Stay here, please.”
He was right. “Okay. I... Stevie you are the best.” His heart melted at that. You finally called him Stevie. You hugged him and he held you tight. “Can I ask you something?”
“Ask me two.” You happily replied. “What does Bucky do exactly? I know he is not in the military...” you peeked you from his embrace, “Something nobody should be doing.” You replied.
He didn’t ask further. “You still wanna tell me why you were so flustered.” You cursed Steve in your head, why did he have to know you so much. “Umm, no.”
“Alright, wanna have donuts?” You quickly nodded. And like the old times you both enjoyed your donuts. What Steve didn’t tell you though, was that he knew. He had walked up the same route as you and he had heard Wanda and Vision, too. It wasn’t a secret; it was a part of their marriage deal as long as he didn’t get her pregnant.
Steve just wanted to test your loyalty to him. He wanted to know whether you would tell him, or you would lie. You did lie this time, but he was sure, after a few days you wouldn’t.
It had been two weeks and you were breathing. There was gladly no sign of Bucky anywhere. Though you were happy, you felt as if this was the silence before the storm.
Living with Steve was nice. Except one thing, your freedom. Not that he didn’t let you out or anything, just that whenever you went anywhere, Clint and Sam would always be by your side. The only worst part was that he didn’t let you work.
Apparently, he had asked for a leave from your hospital and they had sanctioned it, after all who denied Steve Rogers. They were even paying you full time, despite being on leave for so long. But you missed the stench of the hospital, you missed the thrill and most importantly you missed the feeling of when a life was saved.
Steve had not so subtly asked you to work for him more than once, but you always denied. You had no interest in getting stuck in the jungle.
Otherwise, it was super fun. You could give time to yourself; your dark circles had reduced; your skin was in better condition. And the best part was the garden. You adored plants. And so, you used all your spare time gardening in his mansion.
Rissie was getting home schooled along with George. They both had grown close to each other. Though you regretted paying her hefty school fees; only if you knew she was going to be home schooled, you wouldn’t have paid her yearly fees.
Currently you were sneaking into your room. Now it had become a ritual for you and Steve to have long talks in the quiet of the night. And it was just like the old times.
You saw Iris was fast asleep and you joined her on the bed. You weren’t quite sleepy so you decided to binge on Family Guy as you did almost every other night. It wasn’t funny anymore but it was your guilty pleasure. It had become routine for you to watch it. After that, it didn’t take much long for you to fall into deep slumber.
Your eyelids faintly opened up in the middle of the night and you could see someone standing on the edge of the bed. As the moonlight peered in, you saw it was Bucky. You wanted to get up. But you were in much too deep sleep for your body to react.
When you were finally able to get up, you looked around but gladly no one was there. You checked the bathroom, closet, under the bed, nope, he wasn’t there. And literally nothing was out of place. So apparently now your sleep paralysis demon was Bucky!
You were scrolling past a news article when you heard commotion. You went downstairs and saw absolute chaos. There had been a fight and while the others were slightly injured, Clint was shot and was critical.
“Can you help us? Please? We don’t have a doctor right now, he is on the way, but he might be late.” Vision asked you. His own leg had a cut, but he could walk. Sam’s hand had a minor cut from the look of it, but he was much better than the others.
Now you didn’t care where these people had been. They were your patients now, and the surgeon inside you roared to life. You agreed without a second thought.
You were surprised to find they had a whole operation theatre inside the house. You quickly took the reins and began your work. Halfway through, another doctor joined in. And it took you a moment to realize him.
Clint was finally out of the danger and the procedure was successful. Later you kept on patching everyone else up. For once they were glad that you were a trauma surgeon. And they all thanked to you.
But right now, you were too busy wondering why and how Thor was here. It was almost evening now as you finally sat on a nearby couch. You saw Thor approach you.
“Hey!” Your voice was filled with uncertainty. Thor being Thor, he first hugged you tight. “I missed you. We all miss you the hospital. We are so sad that you won’t be coming anymore. Just a year more and I swear to god you would’ve been the chief of surgery.” You already were the chief of trauma surgery and you wouldn’t say he was wrong.
But that’s not what caught your ear. “What? Who told I wasn’t coming back?” Thor raised his eyebrows and you knew the news wasn’t good. “Didn’t you... didn’t you resign?” You audibly gasped.
“I did what? No I definitely did not resign. I’m on a leave. And why would they pay me if I’ve resigned?” Thor was even more worried now, “The hospital isn’t issuing you a pay check anymore. I talked with Maria from the HR that day itself.”
“That’s not true.” You couldn’t believe your ears. You’d checked your bank account, and it had a steady incoming of your salary. “It is. Your position is gone too, Alex is now the chief of Trauma.”
Had you really lost your job? But then why hadn’t anyone told you about it? And who was paying you salary? You would find that soon, but currently you had other questions too. “And what are you doing here?” He pursed his lips, “That’s my question to you too.”
“You go first.” You crossed your arms across your chest and raised an eyebrow. “Uhh, Steve is almost the unofficial board member of our hospital, you getting what I mean. And well, a long time back he gave me a deal I couldn’t deny. So, I work for him.”
“Umm, what? Why did I have no idea about any of this?” Thor was very close to you. Hell, even Bucky liked Thor once. But then why had he kept all these secrets? “Thor, you know I’ve worked there for years, so why didn’t any of you even once think of telling me this?”
Thor lowered his head and looked around as if he was going to tell you some conspiracy, “I know. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, but Steve made sure you wouldn’t know of that. Also Steve was the one who submitted your resignation. I didn’t have any idea how he knew you, I still don’t.
But whatever it is, he cares too much about you. I think he loves you. He’s talked yo me about you a few times and I’m sure he has a thing for you. Don’t tell him I told you, he wouldn’t like that...”
“Well, I guess it’s too late for that.” Both your heads whipped around. Steve was standing right behind you on the couch and he was staring holes in Thor’s head. “I suppose you are late Mr. Odinson. It would be a pity to fire you.”
Thor left without another word, but he gave you a look of pity and worry. Before you could think further, you saw the change in Steve’s eyes as he looked at you. From a fire spitting dragon, he was suddenly a puppy who was caught red handed. “I can explain.” He said calmly as he walked towards you on the couch.
You didn’t need him explaining you, you had joined the dots. “I don’t need you to explaining me anything. I just want one answer; why? Why didn’t you tell me any of that before? And did you keep on paying me and just carried forward the pretense of me still having a job. Why did you make me resign without even asking me once?”
“To protect you. If you ever go back to that hospital Bucky will find you. And we don’t want that. I just want what’s best for you.” He had snatched away your pride and he was still behaving as if he was helping you.
The fact that you still had your job was the only normalcy you had. That hospital had become a safe space for you in all these years. “Steve, I need some space. I’ll be back before it’s night, I promise. I just need to go somewhere alone. And no, you aren’t going to send anyone to track me. I can take care of myself. Please.”
Before he could protest you walked away.
You went to the best place you could calm yourself. A place where you could indulge yourself in a fictional world without any worry; a library.
You took your comfort book and sat in the comfortable sofa. You were a few chapters deep when someone sat a little too close to you.
As you turned around, your blood turned cold and you wished you were still with Steve. He gave you a sweet smile, almost like when he was yours. And you gasped,
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5littleassbutts · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Manhattan mob boss Buck Barnes rules the streets of his burrow with an iron fist. Sucked into the world of money, drugs, and violence at a young age, Bucky had worked his way up from being an enforcer to now calling the all the shots. He's ice-cold and has never missed a target. One taste of the life was enough to seal the deal and he never looked back. Now as one of the most powerful men in New York he has his sights set on one thing that he will not be denied, her.
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barnestuff · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
summary bucky needs to hold his girl after a long day
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings fluff, a brief mention of food?
a/n have a nice day/night <3
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✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Bucky was having a bad day.
He had his reasons. He couldn’t drink his coffee in the morning. Sam wouldn’t shut up about the paperwork he had to do. His phone was dead because he forgot to charge it, so he couldn’t text you.
Maybe it was not the worst day he had, but still a bad one.
He just wanted to go home as soon as possible and hold you in his arms. The urge to come back home to you was killing him.
When he finally got out of work, he practically ran home. The weather was nice in the morning so Bucky chose to walk, but now he was regretting that decision since it got colder. Bucky rarely got cold because of the serum, so it must be a freezing day he thought. Now he was even more eager to go home, get warm under the blankets with you in his arms.
When he reached the building, he climbed the stairs two at a time, quickly reaching your shared apartment. He opened the door with his keys. Inside the house was warm and familiar, he sighed in relief.
“Honey, I’m home!” he said loudly to let you know. He took off his jacket and started walking towards the kitchen, expecting to find you there.
“Living room!” he heard your voice saying and walked to the living room.
The sight was adorable. You were sitting on the couch in one of Bucky’s sweaters, your favorite blanket wrapped around you and Alpine sleeping next to you. Bucky smiled at how adorable you looked, you smiled back and made grabby hands.
“Is there room for me over there?” he asked, lifting his eyebrows, still smiling widely.
“There is always room for you, baby. Come here,” you patted the spot next to you and lifted the blanket. Bucky sat down next to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulder, pulling you to his lap, your head on his chest.
“You are freezing cold, Bucky! Did you walk all the way here?” you asked the moment you felt his hands touch your skin. His hands were under your his shirt, needing to touch your skin more than anything.
“I didn’t expect it to be this cold. But you are warm, doll. Just let me hold you and I’ll get warmed up very quickly.” he grinned, making you smile too.
Bucky sighed at the feeling of holding you in his arms. You were warm and soft, the sound of your breathing relaxing Bucky. He had been waiting for this moment since he left the home this morning. You kissed his chin, his beard tickling your skin. He looked into your eyes with a delightful smile on his face and gently kissed your forehead.
“I missed you today, pretty girl.” His voice was raspy but you felt the love in his words.
“I missed you too. Bad day?” you asked and put your hand on his cheek, slowly caressing his beard.
“Doesn’t matter.” he said and you buried your face in the crook of his neck, inhaling his familiar scent. Next few moments were spent in each other’s embrace, Bucky’s hands all over you. His hands were still on your waist, rubbing your soft skin. You kept kissing his neck, making him chuckle.
“Baby, we need to get up. You didn’t eat anything yet did you?” your voice was sleepy.
“Five more minutes.” Bucky whispered and kissed your forehead. You both knew it was going to be more than five minutes, but neither of you cared.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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moonlight-onyx · 2 days ago
List C prompt #36 with Bucky but the reader says it instead pls.
note: i made this mob!bucky i hope you don’t mind too much
1.5k sleepover + list c
#36: “Do you understand what you’ve done?”
Tumblr media
james wasn’t impulsive. not in the way that’s traditionally associated with the word. he didn’t buy things just to buy them, or take you on random trips without planning anything ahead of time. but he had no control over himself when it came to the disrespect of his family.
and stark just wasn’t letting up.
tony stark and his father howard had been doing business with the barnes family for almost eighty years. howard understood very clearly that you don’t get on the receiving end of the rage of the barnes.
tony, however, was young and naive. and he couldn’t care less about the old fables and legends about the nightmare that was bucky barnes.
it was supposed to be a quick exchange at one of bucky’s night clubs. tony was going to drop off the money for a duffel bag full of coke. and bucky was supposed to be there but he’d had an emergency come up at the last second.
as soon as you saw the way tony fidgeted as he made his way through the clouded club, you knew something was up.
he gave you a smile as he moved closer, taking a seat next to you instead of grabbing the bag and leaving.
you tensed a bit, suspicious of his actions and furrowed your brows. “stark, what the hell?”
“why are you with that clown?” tony sniffled, rubbing his nose a bit.
“who, james?”
“yeah, he’s such a bump on a log,” tony placed his hand on your thigh as he turned to look at you, “i could be so much more fun”
you heard a loud bang ring through the air, a sound you were far too used to, the sounds of screaming following. you wiped a bit of blood from your face and stood, your jaw clenched tightly.
you turned to see bucky standing in the doorway, gun still in his hand as his hands shook with rage.
“did he hurt you?” bucky stalked over, his hand cupping your cheek as he examined you.
“do you understand what you’ve done, james?” you glared at him. “do you know how many fucking people are here?”
“i don’t give a shit,” he grumbled, “he should’ve known better.”
you sighed and kissed his lips softly before pulling away, “i wanna take a shower now.”
“okay, sweetheart,” he threw his arm over your shoulder, the weight of it oddly comforting.
Tumblr media
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vanillanaps · 2 days ago
I need soft mob!bucky cuddling you after a long day
Tumblr media
He’s laying on his back while you’re laying basically on top of him, head on his chest and your leg thrown over his waist. He’s listening to you rant about your day, never interrupting. Instead, he stroked the expose skin of your thigh, the other hand rubbing your side as he gave you soft hums here and there to make sure you knew that he was listening.
“Call off tomorrow and we can stay in bed all day.” He offered, glancing down at you when you sighed, “They’ll be okay without you for a day, you need to take care of yourself and I’ll be damn if they run my best girl into the ground.”
A day off would hurt you. Honestly, you desperately needed it, “Okay, only if you make breakfast.”
“Deal.” He smiled before flipping the two of you over, covering your face in kisses, “Now, let me help you relax a little more.”
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vanillanaps · 3 days ago
cockwarming with mob!bucky when he's on the phone with steve. steve would be asking him if he has any idea who you've been secretly seeing
Tumblr media
Okay like y’all are laying in bed right? Steve just called you, but you decided not to answer, well because you were currently in the middle of cuddling his best friend with his cock settled deep within your walls. So when bucky’s phone started to ring, you immediately shook your head.
“Why not?”
“Bucky, your dick is literally inside me, what do you mean why not?!”
“He’s gonna be suspicious if we both don’t answer, calm down it’s fine.” He told you, shushing you with a kiss before he answered the phone and putting it on speaker, “What’s up, Steve?”
“Hey man, I was just calling to ask if you seen Y/n lately? She’s been really weird and distant, I think she’s seeing someone, do you know anything? Has she told you something?” Steve packed on.
You and Bucky stared at the phone with wide eyes. Was there a chance that he knew what you and Bucky had been doing lately? Was he fucking with you?
“Uh, no, I don’t know anything. Listen, I gotta go, I’ll hit you later.”
“Bucky!” You shouted, smacking his arm, “Way not to be suspicious!”
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oitommothetease · 3 days ago
Invisible String (3/?)
Pairing: AU - Mob!Bucky x Reader
Description: James Buchanan Barnes, the owner of the most expensive-looking club in town and your new apartment. He was a dick and you hated him. What could possibly go wrong when you, the new girl in town, start bartending at his club to pursue your dreams?
Word Count: 1.5k
Tumblr media
After an exhausting day, Bucky just wanted to go home, have a drink and pass out in his bed. But of course, he had to forget his keys and phone in his office. He debated going back to the club because he knew you were going to be there. 
It wasn't like he was avoiding you, he just prevented going to places where he knew you'd be present. He stayed in his office or was just absent from the club during your shifts. Well, maybe he was avoiding you.
He was an ass to you, which he usually didn't care about because he was an ass to everyone. But for some unexplained reasons, he felt bad after being mean to you. When you walked in with your kind of a shitty story with a lot of plot holes about how you wanted to change scenery, he assumed you were sent by his enemy, Rumlow.
All it took was one background check for him to figure out you weren't lying. What he couldn't figure out was why you'd leave a perfect job in a big city and move to a smaller one and work in a club. 
He didn't need anything when he walked into that store. James Buchanan Barnes is one of the richest people in the town, of course, he had people to do mundane chores for him. He came to that store for you. He needed to apologize to you. Not only that, but he felt something weird in his stomach like he had bad hot dogs, but this was worse. It was his guilt eating him up and stealing his sleep. 
But Bucky Barnes did not feel guilty, not for some girl that threw her perfect life away for a bartender job. So he offered the job to you, simply because you wanted it so much. Maybe his approach was not ideal, but he was trying. He also didn't exactly offer it to you, but he did give it to you and left, hoping that you'd come to his club and take the job, which you did.
He would drop extra tips on your counter every now and then. He would make sure that you do not have to serve their rough customers. Likewise, he was sure Wanda and Pietro could handle anything thrown in their way like drunk touchy customers, drunk flirty customers, drunk angry customers. Furthermore, he made sure you got the busy business customers that are there for work.
It's not like he didn't think you couldn't protect yourself, but again, he barely knew you. Honestly, there wasn't much to dig about you either. You didn't lie about your college and work, and that was enough for him to believe you weren't some double agent sent to spy on him and his business. 
Still, he didn't like you. He didn't like how you were always sweet and polite to customers. He didn't like how you joked with Peter and how your eyes lit up when you laughed at something that Wanda said. Not only that, but he didn't like that his family and friends trusted you enough to hang out with you. You weren't a spy, but you could still be some sort of hypnotizing witch by the way everyone liked you in an instant. Mostly, he didn't like how he felt after getting a glimpse of you. He didn't like that he was so intrigued by you and how he wanted to know you. He didn't like how his eyes would linger on you during daily CCTV camera inspection a little longer than necessary.
Bucky just wanted to get his stuff and go back to his place as soon as possible. He didn't expect anything when he walked through the door, he specifically didn't expect his nemesis assaulting his employee.
After shoving Rumlow out of his club and away from you, the mob boss instantly made his way towards you. Bucky didn't know how to approach or console you. He couldn't touch you, he was aware that you wouldn't react positively to a man replacing the touch of a man who forced you. 
He stretched out his open palms towards you in surrender and submission, hoping that you'd realize he wasn't going to attack you.
"Hey, y/n." He gently called for you.
You flinched, but when you recognized the voice, you reluctantly opened your eyes to find his blue ones and outstretched palms in front of you.
"Hey, it's me. I'm not going to hurt you."
Carefully, you placed your hands in his, and he held yours very lightly like he was scared that you'd break. Maybe he wasn't wrong. Softly, he started running his thumb in circles on your palm in an attempt to soothe you. 
"I'm sorry," you blurted out, closing your eyes in regret.
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have worn this," you could feel the tears streaming down your face, but you didn't want to face him. "It's all my fault "
In your head, you were convinced it was your fault and Mr. Barnes, your boss, is going to yell at you and fire you. You were preparing yourself for another blow that never came. 
"Hey, y/n. Please look at me."
Unwillingly, you did. 
"You listen to me very carefully. It wasn't your fault. The only person at fault here was that fucking asshole."
Bucky knew it was your trauma talking. He never forgot the resilient girl that kept dropping random movie references in a conversation with a mob boss. He thought maybe you didn't know, but both of you knew you were not naïve. He couldn't let your susceptible brain convince that strong girl that it was her fault, he desperately needed you to know it wasn't.
"No, I shouldn't have-"
"It's not your fault," he told you carefully, still maintaining eye contact. He knew you were in a vulnerable state, and he should not push you, but he also knew that your mind is going to conjure up stuff to deal with trauma. He couldn't let your mind justify a heinous, vile act of a monster. "Do you understand that?"
Begrudgingly, you nodded, and Bucky finally let a breath out he knew he was holding.
"Is there someone I can contact? A partner or a family member?"
You shook your head and took your hand away from his grasp.
"Okay, so here's what we're going to do. I'm going to take you home and we are going to talk about this in the morning. We'll take further steps when you're feeling a little better," he planned. "Does this sound okay?"
Bucky understood your nod as a yes and proceeded further," Doll, you gotta let me in, please. I can't take you home if you don't talk to me."
You blinked a few times, trying to ground yourself. Finally, you took your phone out of your back pocket and handed him the device with your address on the screen. He took it from you and without saying another word he started moving towards the door and you followed.
The mob boss would never accept this to anyone, but he frequently kept looking over his shoulder until you were seated in his car. He kneeled down and put the seatbelt on you before making his way towards the driver's seat, but when you flinched at the contact of his skin with yours, it made his heart ache.
The car ride was silent, which you didn't know whether to appreciate or not. On one hand, silence can be deafening, leaving you alone with your thoughts. On the other hand, noises can be annoying. So you settled with humming a Taylor Swift song and Bucky didn't say anything. He tried to keep his eyes on the road, but every 5 seconds he would glance your way.
After reaching your home, Bucky stayed in the living room while you got dressed in your bedroom. You called for him when you were finally settled in the comfort of the silk bedsheet you brought last week. Bucky tucked you in bed, making sure that you were comfortable and he was about to leave, but you broke the silence at last.
"What happens next?" you asked.
"If you feel comfortable, then we'll talk about this tomorrow," he informed you. "But I swear to God, doll, I will make him suffer for what he did to you."
You didn't know what that meant, so you just nodded.
"I'm going to lock the door behind me, doll. Sleep well." 
"Please stay," you murmured, already drifting off to sleep.
You didn't know whether he heard you or not. You didn't know whether he stayed or not, even if he heard you. You were too tired to check and before you knew it you were already asleep.
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shakedown pt. ix
Summary: Life without parole. 
Tags:   @projectcampbell​ @charmed-asylum​ @jhay-fangirls​ @cynic-spirit
A/N: Cross posted from ao3. 
Tumblr media
Each day throughout the holidays was the same. Bucky would greet you at the threshold of your bedroom, a cup of coffee and a croissant in hand. You'd dress and join him downstairs which was alive with people. Members of the family or associates or the occasional stranger would filter in dropping off presents, taking orders, or asking favors. Everyone wore the same dumb grin when they saw you in his living room as if you were a welcome addition. Bucky proudly showed you off to anyone and everyone pinching and poking your skin until you complied with a forced smile.
Then, in the evening as things mellowed to a manageable chaos, Bucky played Santa watching in delight as you opened presents and offered thanks from people you didn't know nor cared to. Afterwards, you'd retreat to bed, the door remaining open and Bucky's eyes stalking you in the darkness.
Despite showing you off, nothing more than a pretty thing to show his power, Bucky kept those who could socialize with you to a minimum. Minimum being Steve, Natasha, and Peter.
Natasha, who quite frankly simultaneously terrified and aroused you, took it upon herself to show you the ways of life as a mobster's lady. Behavioral expectations for women who found themselves in your position included but were not limited to: opening your home at ungodly hours to those who needed it, staying out of the way, looking perfect, and ignoring your mans faults.
"That's some Tammy Wynette bullshit." You scoffed from your seat on the mattress.
"Traditional isn't always wrong."
"You don't strike me as the type to submit."
The red head smiled smugly. She sat on the edge of the bed, closer than any of the others were permitted to. "I'm not." Her answer in all its simplicity enraged you.
"Neither am I!"
"You and I are not the same. You're role is much different than mine."
"I don't want a role to begin with."
"You'd rather be dead?" She left silently, practically a ghost in your room. Death certainly wasn't an option you'd consider or want him to explore. Still, anything seemed preferable to the gilded cage you found yourself perched in. Escape was futile; your phone lay tucked away in your purse which was hidden somewhere in this house.
To escape the thoughts that seemed impossible to stop swirling inside, you ventured to the living room. Bucky got off at having you close, something thrilled him of peeking out his office door and seeing you curled up on the plush velvet.
"Y/N!" Your name pulled you from the book Steve gave you (exactly the type of novel you'd read which churned your stomach).
Peter Parker stood in the living room holding a towel wrapped parcel in his arms. "Told ya that you're the luckiest woman in New York." He'd seen you a couple of times, but hadn't quite gotten around to saying anything.
Perhaps he was the greatest betrayal of all. He'd known Bucky in a more formal sense. How stupid you'd been to trust him, to seek comfort in him. A scoff left your lips.
"You don't think so?" His head tilted like a puppy. "I think Mr. Barnes is the best."
Before your opinion could be stated-you'd gotten really good at practicing it in the mirror really putting everyone in their place- Bucky emerged from his study. "That's why you're my favorite." His arm draped over your shoulder.
Peter blushed almost looking bashful at the comment, "I have that thing I borrowed. I wanted to drop it off sooner rather than later."
"Of course." Bucky waved a hand in dismissal. His attention seemed to flicker away from everything else once he entered your vicinity. It was suffocating. "Say doll, why don't you go put on something pretty and some wine to be chilled." Not a question and certainly not a suggestion. A squeeze of your shoulder and you nodded.
"Are you expecting company?"
His red tongue flicked around his plush lips. "No, I got dinner on the way. We're gonna have the house to ourselves tonight." Soft puffs of breath hit your ear sending shivers over your spine. "We've waited so long for us to have the house alone. Too many people around to do anything..." A pause as his voice dropped sensually, "fun."
A cold weight settled in your tummy. Avoiding his affections would only last so long, you knew that, but you naively hoped you could push it off for a little while longer. As if someone else operated you like a puppet on a string (isn't that what you were anyway), you complied with his requests.
What choice did you have? Natasha was right, as much as it had infuriated you, she was right. The looming threat of the smoking gun Peter returned forced you into compliance. So you dressed and grabbed a bottle of wine from the wine cellar (if you smashed it at the right angle would it kill him?).
Bucky paid the delivery driver and plated the food himself. Balancing two plates, he motioned his head toward the formal dining room. "Come along."
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oitommothetease · 3 days ago
Invisible String
Pairing: AU - Mob!Bucky x Reader
Description: James Buchanan Barnes, the owner of the most expensive-looking club in town and your new apartment. He was a dick and you hated him. What could possibly go wrong when you, the new girl in town, start bartending at his club to pursue your dreams?
CHAPTER 1 - 1.1k words
CHAPTER 2 - 1.6k words 
CHAPTER 3 - 1.5k words
CHAPTER 4 -  2.6k words
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oitommothetease · 3 days ago
Invisible String (2/?)
Pairing: AU - Mob!Bucky x Reader
Description: James Buchanan Barnes, the owner of the most expensive-looking club in town and your new apartment. He was a dick and you hated him. What could possibly go wrong when you, the new girl in town, start bartending at his club to pursue your dreams?
Warning: Sexual assault(not v described), mention of an anxiety attack.
Word Count: 1641
Tumblr media
It turns out you definitely can't do this. Working in retail sucks, majorly. Customers are so awful to you and other employees as well. You didn't make the products, you don't control the prices, then why should you listen to them rant about it all day?
This job was from 9 am to 4 pm, which reminded you a lot of your previous job. By the time you got home, you were exhausted mentally and physically. Your current schedule was eerily similar to your previous lifestyle, which left you with no time to work on your book.
You felt like you were stuck in an insufferable loop that you just can't seem to escape no matter how hard you try. You thought about Mr. Barnes a lot, too. If only you weren't so egoistic and been a little nicer, then maybe you could have had that job.
With each passing day, you were becoming desperate. The only reason why you didn't run to Mr. Barnes a week ago was your pride. A pride that would not let you bow down to that rude, egoistic asshole.
It's like the universe could hear your thoughts and the devil himself walked through the doors of the store. Fuck, he can't see you here. He's going to think you're some nut job who's chasing stupid dreams after having an excellent degree. At least that's what your parents think.
You were about to run and hide behind an aisle when the voice you knew too well called out for you.
"Hey, do you know where I could find-"
"You," He said, without an emotion. "What are you doing here?"
You pointed towards the badge with the name tag on your shirt and mouthed working.
"Why?" You pretended to think, "I don't know, I interviewed for this other job about a week ago, but the boss was an ass."
"You lied to me," he stated as if it wasn't the most obvious thing.
"Gee, sorry, dad."
"You're doing it again."
"Doing what again?" You questioned.
" Diverging a question with a joke," He answered with an unaffected tone like he was studying you and your reaction.
"You know who I am." he stated. It should have been a question, but both of you were aware of what he meant.
"A vampire?" You mocked. He didn't look like one though, but hey, neither did Edward nor Stefan. But God, those steel-blue eyes could drink you up and you wouldn't complain. Focus.
For the first time you saw an emotion on his face that wasn't unaffected or bored, he was confused. Of course, he was confused, you were referencing twilight to a mob boss (you think, you weren't sure, but that's all you could gather from all the articles you found about him online).
"I need that job," you confessed. " I know it's not very convincing, but I need you to trust me-"
He raised a brow at that and his lips turned into a smirk. God, you wished you could swipe off that smirk from his stupidly handsome face.
"But you don't trust me, " you stated dejectedly and started turning around. "You wanted something? "
In an instant, his hand wrapped around your wrist gently, stopping you in your tracks. You ignored the involuntary shudder that ran through you and immediately yanked your hand out of his grasp.
You turned around and were about to give him a piece of your mind about how he shouldn't just come to your place of work and touch you without consent. He clearly guessed your thoughts and cut in.
"Clint Barton, the manager, he will tell you everything you need to know about bartending and handling the customers."
Did he just hire you? What changed between this and your previous meeting with him?
And just like that, he left. There was a part of you that wanted to say fuck off I don't need your help, but you knew better, so you went to that club later that evening. You found the Manager, Clint. He told you he was expecting your arrival and that made you feel weird because Mr. Barnes was totally opposite the day you met.
Your new job required you to be at work from 8 pm to 3 am, which was ideal for you. You usually reach home and pass out till 4 in the morning and wake up around noon. This schedule gave you a lot of time to work on your book.
You ended up making friends with some other people that work there as well. Wanda was the smart, sarcastic one that you'd have died to have as a friend in high school. Pietro, her twin brother, was also nice, a bit fast and impatient, but he was nice to you. Peter looked very young, but he knew what he was doing and he'd help you out a lot. That kid had a lot of energy and adrenaline, which surprised you every time he'd be done with work way before you.
You didn't see Mr. Barnes frequently. You saw him one time entering the club, and you tried to give him a smile which he ignored and went straight to his office upstairs. And then you decided to ignore him as well. It wasn't like you to be petty, okay, maybe you were being petty, but in your defense, he started it.
You were finishing up cleaning the table and were about to call it a day when a man you didn't recognize, probably wasn't a regular, came in asking for a drink.
"I'm sorry, sir. We're closed." You told him politely.
"Whiskey on the rocks."
You wanted to refuse him again, but you stopped yourself when he came into your sight. He didn't look like the kind of man who'd take your no seriously. He looked just as intimidating as Mr. Barnes, even more, but Mr. Barnes knew his boundaries, whereas this man in front of you evidently didn't. You could tell this by the way his gaze was slowly taking your body in and stopping a little longer at your cleavage.
You wanted to cringe and curse yourself for choosing to wear a top like that in a place filled with drunk men. The smarter part of your brain told you that he can go fuck himself, and you shouldn't think about men when you dress up. Women are entitled to wear whatever they want to and fuck men and people who tell them otherwise.
Carefully, you made his drink and handed it to him. His hand lingered on yours while taking the glass from you, and you wanted to just throw the drink across his face. His gaze remained on your chest even when you fixed your top and coughed twice to call his behavior out.
"What time do you get off?" he asked, eyes still on your chest.
Is this guy for real? , you thought.
"Um, this is highly inappropriate and I think you should leave now because I have to call it a night." you rejected politely, raising your hand towards the door, hoping he'd leave.
He chuckled darkly, his stare still drinking in your body as if you were a piece of meat, and it made you very, very uncomfortable. He obviously wasn't taking no for an answer, and you had no clue what to do. You were the only person left, and you didn't even know who to ask for help.
"Come on, baby girl," he said, walking towards you and forcefully snaking his hands around your waist to settle on your hips. " Don't make this harder than it should be. "
"No!" you yelled, pushing him away and creating some distance between you.
"Hard way it is then," he decided, walking towards you and forcefully holding the hem of your shirt in his hands to remove it. You struggled, yelled, and pushed him off you again. He furiously lunged forward towards you and hit you hard across the face. "Fucking bitch."
"Rumlow!" a voice boomed from behind you, and you hated yourself for being in such a vulnerable state. As much as you tried not to, tears welled up in your eyes and you hated being the helpless damsel in distress.
"Get the fuck out of here." the familiar voice ordered.
"Chill, Barnes. We were just having a little fun," the man known as Rumlow reasoned nonchalantly. "Besides, it's not my fault if she wears clothes like this."
You were all about feminism and how women should be treated equally with respect despite their attire, but at that moment you hated yourself for choosing that deep-neck shirt this morning.
"I'm not going to chill while you sexually harass my employees, so get the fuck out of here," Mr. Barnes warned again.
You closed your eyes and hoped that maybe this was a shitty dream and you'd wake up in your bed and have an anxiety attack because of the nightmare. You hoped that maybe the ground beneath you would open up and swallow you, so you could just not think about this ever.
You heard two sets of footsteps faintly in the background, one dragging its way away from you and the other rushing towards you. Furthermore, you didn't have it in you to open your eyes and meet the ocean blue ones that you knew were waiting for you.
In your head, you had already taken up the blame. The verdict came out the moment his gaze landed on your chest that it was your fault that you wore this shirt. Of course, if you were thinking right, you would have realized that you were undoubtedly the victim here and Rumlow was an asshole who assaulted you, but in your helpless state, your mind decided you were at fault here.
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fictivefrolic · 3 days ago
Pawn: Four
“You okay?” 
You look towards Happy and smile a little. Well. No. You didn’t smile. Not really. But you barred your teeth. “Fine,” you answer, “Can you see if you can lose the tail Barnes has on me? I’d really prefer this not be a public spectacle.”
Happy nodded and switched lanes. “I wondered if you’d noticed,” he snorted. 
You shrug, “Tony asked if I wanted a tail on Bucky… I figured I’m better off not knowing what he’s doing. But that doesn’t mean Tony didn’t set one up anyway.”
The driver, who you’ve known since you were six said nothing. And that was proof enough for you. Happy was loyal. Almost to a fault where Tony was concerned. And, in his way, he was loyal to you. And you knew that he wasn’t happy about this, even if he understood it. 
“Where are we going again?” you ask. 
“Newark,” Happy answered. 
“Ew. He would live there.”
And Happy chuckled. You were definitely your mother’s daughter. 
You sighed and started across the restaurant. Evidently, your father had decided that the best way to make his case was to bring his new wife and their kids. Badly behaved kids if the ipads at full volume were any indication. 
You were embarrassed and you hadn’t even sat down yet. People were looking. Glaring and muttering. It was distracting. And you wished that Tony would have just told him to fuck off. 
“Thank you,” you mutter to the waiter who’d stood and pulled out your chair, dodging the hug that your dad was trying to go for and setting your bad at your feet.
“How have you been?” you ask, leaning back so your water glass can be filled. 
“How have I been?” he asked incredulously, banging his hand on the table, “How long has it been? You haven’t even met my wife! Or your little brothers!”
You smile. Or at least you show your teeth as your dad tries to pull the kid’s faces out of their tablets, only to be met with blank stares. And his wife, with her bottle blonde hair and horsey teeth was looking at you like something she’d rather not step in on the street. 
“What do you want?” you ask calmly You don’t feel calm. You’d like to take the zippo lighter he’s playing with and light his wife’s hair on fire while her kids film it for tik tok. 
“What do I want?” he puts a hand on his heart. A gesture you suppose is meant to convey hurt. But just looks… wrong. “Word on the street is that my little girl is getting married. And I’m not even invited?”
“I haven’t talked to you in 10 years,” you say, nonplussed. Your lips feel bloodless. Of course you knew what he wanted. Tony had told you. And your mom had wanted to come in your place and tear things apart. 
“Well I- I thought now would be the perfect time to reconnect,” he said, reaching for your hand. 
“And this has nothing to do with you needing a lawyer? Or going bankrupt?” you ask this pulling your hand back. And You can see his thin facade of parental affection crack. His eyes are doors closing. Going from warm and happy to cold and shark like. You also don’t miss that the constant buzzes and beeps from the tablet headed kids are softer now. They’re listening. 
“No,” he said, sounding stung. And the blonde horsey woman sniffs. 
“What do you know about it?” Her voice is everything you hate about Jersey. Like nails on a chalkboard. 
“I know that you were a waitress in a two-bit roach-infested diner until you flashed your shit at my dad. And I know my dad embezzled money from his old boss to start his own business thinking he could make it… But he forgot that to run a used car lot it’s generally better, to be honest.” You say all this without raising your voice. However much you’d like to. You’d like to scream at him and tell him that he wasn’t your dad. That knocking up your mom when she was 16 and then trying to use you as a weapon until you weren’t little and cute anymore was disgusting. But you don’t. 
You’d rehearsed that speech in your head 1000 times. You imagined reducing him to a quivering mass of pathetic maleness in a cheap suit. But now? Watching him try to hang on to his youth with a comb over and too much cologne, you realize it isn’t worth it. You can say every hurtful thing that’s burning the roof of your mouth. You can spew it out like a firehose of vitriol. 
But what good will it do?
Instead you get to your feet and pick up your purse, “So no. You will not be coming to my wedding. And no. I will not be taking your case.”
You suppose you should have let them defend themselves. Listened to the begging and abuse. But you don’t. You walk out of the room, your head held high and ingot the burning in the back of your throat. You wish you could hate him. You wish that you didn’t have these stupid hopes that one day he’d be a better person. The kind of dad you want in your life. That he could love you like you deserve. But. you can’t. And as Happy holds the door open for you, the irony isn’t lost on you that a literal hardened criminal pretending to be a businessman is a better father than your actual father.
“You okay, kid?” Happy asked, “You hungry?”
“I just- just drive, Happy, please?”
The driver frowned, but nodded. He thought about calling Tony. Or Pepper. But. He figured you wanted to lick your wounds in private. To let things scab over before you had to talk about it. Over. And Over again. And deal with their feelings and expectations about what you should or should not have said. And part of him, when he heard the quiet sniffled from the dark corner you’d slid yourself into wanted to turn the car around and tear the man limb from limb. 
Bucky leaned on the railing outside of your building and lit a cigarette. The driver had, inevitably lost his tail. Bucky had counted on that. But what he wasn’t counting on was getting a call from Newark and one of his low-level guys that his bride-to-be was having a meeting with some two-bit car dealer that had proceeded to start yelling about criminal empires.
Not, as his little sister said, A good look.
When the car pulled up to the curb, Bucky exhaled a cloud of smoke upwards, half remembering some line from a book his nanny had read him. Something about a dragon. And he snorted to himself. 
He had questions. And if you knew what was good for you, you’d give him straight answers.
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Invisible String (1/?)
Pairing: AU - Mob!Bucky x Reader
Description: James Buchanan Barnes, the owner of the most expensive-looking club in town and your new apartment. He was a dick and you hated him. What could possibly go wrong when you, the new girl in town, start bartending at his club to pursue your dreams?
Word Count: 1147
Tumblr media
You just wanted a new start away from the judging eyes of your parents and the constant comparison to your sister. Moving to a different and smaller town would mean giving up your corporate job and choosing to work on your novel full time. And that's exactly what you wanted.
Of course, that career choice wasn't accepted by your parents and that's why taunts and judgements were constantly thrown at you during the family dinner on weekends. Having a know-it-all doctor sister with an amazing doctor husband and gorgeous children who aspired to be doctors wasn't ideal either. So when you finally broke the news over dinner one night, your mother signed and shook her head in disappointment. On the other hand, your father had a lot of stuff to say. One thing led to another and the next thing you knew, your family was trying to convince you to marry some rich, arrogant family friend of theirs and be his trophy wife.
Having had enough of this bullshit, you finally stood up, bolted out of that house and decided to never look back.
Maybe you didn't think this through, maybe you shouldn't have been spontaneous and should have considered talking to your accountant before quitting your job and packing up everything.
You didn't realize the errors of your path until it was too late, until you were standing inside an apartment with a realtor who was convincing you to buy this amazing place at a not-so-expensive rate.
“So, what's the catch?” you asked.
She cleared her throat, trying to avoid the inevitable interrogation.
“What is it?” you questioned again. “The owner is a dick? Drug dealer? Woman beater? Criminal?”
The realtor huffed, clearly not expecting your approach to the situation. ” God, no. No, it's nothing like this. You saw that club on our way here? ” She pointed her thumb towards the road, and you nodded.
“Yeah, big, fancy place.”
“Well, the owner of that bar, James Buchanan Barnes, also owns this building and he and his friends are not the kind of person you want to mix up with. People are scared of him and they don't like being on his radar.”
“I’ll take it.”
“What?” she asked, her tone filled with bewilderment.” This is the part where clients tell me they need a few days to decide, and then they look the owner up and send me their refusal the next second.”
"One gal to another. I don't have a lot of money to own a place like this. With the money I have, I can afford a two-bedroom apartment with 5 roommates. So if I can get this amazing place at a cheap price, then I think I can handle a shitty neighborhood."
The realtor didn't try to convince you further. She felt relieved to finally get rid of this apartment, but she also felt bad for you. She didn't voice her concern again, knowing that you wouldn't listen and she should just take the win.
Three days later all the papers were signed and you were finally moving into your own place. A place where you can do whatever you want to without hearing a disappointed sigh in the background.
The novel you were working on was about a 21-year-old woman who accidentally traveled to the past while trying to travel to the future. Sci fi mixed with action was your jam. With your job, you could hardly get 3 pages done in a week, therefore this whole new life.
All you needed was a job that didn't require a lot of your time but also paid the bills. You could work at the supermarket down the street, but that would take up your whole day, and you'd have to deal with dick customers. You needed a job that would keep you free during the day because that's when you're the most productive.
Bucky didn't like people, especially new people in the town, people he didn't trust, people he didn't have any leverage over. Unfortunately, you were one of those people, so when you waltzed in applying for a bartender job, he wasn't pleased.
Whereas you were oblivious to the daggers he was sending your way through the computer screen.
Usually, Clint, the manager or one of the men Bucky knew and trusted would take interviews on a new employee, but for you, Bucky would make an exception. That is how you landed in his way bigger office than a medium-sized manager's office.
"Any bartender-related past job experience? "
"I worked in retail in high school, so I know how to deal with assholes, I think I can work with drunk people," you joked, he didn't respond. "Um, I did a few bartending gigs in college."
"College? What major? "
"Mass Media."
"Any other job experience?"
"I worked in a company as a PR for two years."
He raised his brow in bewilderment, asking you to explain. He didn't say it, but you just knew.
"I mean, haven't we all left our corporate jobs to bartend?" You joked and he didn't respond, again.
"Why did you move here?" He interrogated, clearly not enjoying your antics.
"I guess, I just wanted a change of scenery and work," you lied, he picked it up in a second but didn't push it further.
"You're done." He declared.
"Oh, um, thank you. Would I be hearing about it, or you just have the calling policy because no one took my number and-"
"We are not hiring you." He cut you and declared, again.
"Excuse me? No offense, Mr. Barnes, but it's a fucking bartending job. I don't know what more you require than experience or communication skillset because I literally have both."
"I don't trust you," he pointed a finger towards the door and you stood up. " Those guys down there working, they're not just my friends, they're my family. I trust them with my life. "
"What is this? Fucking fast and furious?" you half yelled.
A voice in your head told you to tell him about the book. Surely that would make him trust you or your reasons for pursuing this career despite having a complete opposite career in the past. But you wouldn't give this arrogant man an opportunity to see you vulnerable.
"You know what? I don't even need your stupid job." You announced before bolting out of his office.
That was a lie. You needed that stupid job. It was a perfect job, you could have the day all to yourself to structure the plot of your book and you'd have to work in the evening and night. But obviously, your stupid ego would not let that man have the satisfaction of knowing that something is wrong. You don't need a knight in shining armor and horses to save you, you learned horseback riding in a summer camp in grade 6. You can definitely do this and you got this.
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barnestuff · 4 days ago
out of the ordinary
Tumblr media
summary bucky comes back home after a fight.
pairing biker!bucky barnes x reader
warnings bikers, gangs, blood, bruises and scars, implied violence, worry, so much fluff, a tiny bit of angst, implied smut at the end.
a/n I hope everyone is doing well! not my gif
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✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
“Bucky, are you okay?” you asked with a worried voice the moment he entered the kitchen. His long hair was messy and his lips were bleeding. He took his leather jacket off as you quickly walked to him. Your hands went to his bruised cheeks. His beautiful face was filled with purple and red bruises, scars and blood. Your thumbs softly rubbed his cheeks as he smiled at you.
“It's okay, baby. I'm fine.” he said, his voice low, and took your hands to his lips, kissing your knuckles. You shook your head and wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing a kiss to his shoulder. His heart shattered when he heard you sniffle. He sighed and touched your chin, lifting your face, making you look at his eyes.
The way your beautiful eyes looked at him with concern rather than love made him hate himself. He hated that he was the reason behind your eyes shining with tears.
Yes, you were far from an ordinary couple. You had a pretty simple life, a decent job, good friends, an apartment full of plants. Your neighbours would love you, you were kind and nice to everyone around you, it was your nature. You would bring light to everywhere you go.
Bucky was a biker gang leader. He had been in the bikers world since he was a kid, because of his father. His job was far from ordinary. Bucky was used to having blood stained knuckles. Before he met you, he was used to cleaning his own wounds. He was used to being alone. He was the opposite of you. He had no idea why you chose him.
He had no idea why you chose him, but he was beyond thankful. He would simply be lost without you. You were the light in his life. Maybe he didn’t deserve you but he was ready to become a better man for you.
“It’s just...I’m… I’m just worried about you, Bucky. This whole gang thing is dange-” he interrupted you with a soft kiss on your lips. You tasted blood on his soft lips but the way he kissed you was sweet, the kiss was filled with love. You broke the kiss to look at his eyes.
“Doll, it doesn’t matter. I could never leave you, no matter what. You know that I can’t leave the gang, but I promise to do my best to come back to you everyday, I promise.” he whispered, pressing his forehead to yours. Bucky always knew what to do and say when you get anxious about his job. He knew you.
“I love you so much, James.”
“I love you too, pretty girl. Now, I am wondering what is in the oven because it smells like heaven in here.” he said with a grin on his face, making you roll your eyes.
“Apple pie.” you smiled and his eyes lit up immediately, you knew that it was his favorite. You shook your head slowly and said:
“We have to get you cleaned up first, baby. No apple pie until I clean your wounds.” you said and he smirked.
“But I want to thank my girl and take care of her first, doll.”
His hands on your waist lifted you up and your legs wrapped around his waist almost like a reflex. He started kissing you and put you on the counter gently.
“Bucky!” you squealed as he peppered kisses all over your neck.
“Let me thank you, pretty girl.”
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