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#ml guiltrip
heistank · 3 hours ago
Nobody at all:
Adrien in Guiltrip: She a little confused but she got the spirit.
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flightfoot · 4 hours ago
After watching guilt trip I have to ask, why do you think Adrien is so naturally good at being gentle with people. Like his upbringing allows him almost zero interactions who other kids gets he’s so gentle yet also kinda clueless.
It’s just Adrien has the weird social skill set where he’s both hyper competent and also completely incompetent.
What do you think?
My best guess is that Adrien is just insanely empathetic, with having a really good talent for reading emotions, so long as they’re things that he’s experienced and are portrayed in ways similar to how he portrayed them when he felt them. Which is one reason he’s oblivious to Marinette’s crush, she handles her crush on him very differently from how he handles his crush on Ladybug.
It’s ideal for situations like with Juleka in Guiltrip, because he’s been through a very similar experience himself with his mom, and probably has a good clue of how he would’ve wanted to be treated at the time.
It falls apart when it comes to people whose mindset is more alien to him though, and can lead to him giving more benefit of the doubt than he should, since he’s using his own perspective and mindset as a baseline.
Huh. You know, him being so empathetic may make him a good Butterfly wielder, come to think of it.
So yeah. Adrien has sky-high empathy, but low real-world experience.
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pink-horns · 8 hours ago
Rose Lavillant, or should I say Lavillant Rose, (get it? Lavillant Rose ~ La Vie en Rose. hehe) really takes looking through pink glasses to another level and I love her for it.
Tumblr media
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maggies-scribblings · 11 hours ago
So. I really loved Guiltrip and the way it portrayed chronic illness.
Tumblr media
(It’s on that thread on Astruc’s Twitter about how Adrien was supposed to have a disability)
It was a very nice reply.
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chezamie · 13 hours ago
I can’t unsee! The hugs of relief, care and adoration, the expressions of fondness, gratitude and appreciation. I just really like hugs in ML.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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overworkedunderwhelmed · 16 hours ago
You’re all just not ready for Adrien to teach all his modelling secrets to Juleka and it shows.
In the not-too-distant future, the modelling pair of friends can be relieved as their significant others are just beaming on the sidelines, especially because at this they all know this is the one other model they all can trust to be polite and respectful and ensure one another are comfortable.
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coccinelle-et-chaton · 18 hours ago
On Marinette and Adrien's crisis management strategies
No, I wasn't done talking about Guiltrip. Let's discuss.
So the other day I made this post poking fun at the one scene where Rose sneezes and while the class goes berserk, Marinette orchestrates and organizes the mass hysteria, while Adrien quietly is trying to get everyone to chill.
You know, this scene:
Tumblr media
Guiltrip gave us an excellent insight into one of the things that makes the bug and cat, the bug and cat with and without their masks: Their crisis management strategies.
I would argue that one of the biggest lessons of ml is that you can't always control the situations around you, nor convince mean people to stop being mean, but you can control how you react to these negative scenarios. I would argue even further, that it is precisely Marinette and Adrien's ability to manage themselves in these situations what makes them practically impossible to akumatize.
So far, Marinette has been close to being akumatized thrice and in two of those occations she either reasoned with herself or had someone else's help (Mme. Bustier) to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Adrien, on the other hand, has been akumatized once and for what I would consider pretty freakin' understandable reasons. This is to say, in a world where grown men get akumatized over pigeons and the way bread should be made, crisis management is indeed a super power. And it was oh so interesting to see this episode contrasting each style, because for a brief moment, we actually saw them being Ladybug and Chat Noir without the mask.
Why? Well, who is known to manage complex, time-sensitive problems under stress and delivering an equally complex, thoughtful solution? Who, in the direst hour, is able to calmly consider the situation and provide the unwavering support needed to overcome the odds? I'll give you a hint:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was also very interesting to see how these crisis handling translates into the ways they each rationalize a negative situation and where they turn to for support. When they attempted to console Juleka, while Adrien tried to approach the problem first looking at it from Juleka's point of view (something we see him doing also with Chloe or even his dad), Marinette rallied the rest of her friends to show their support (something she herself relies on when she is feeling down, as we see when she reaches for Chat Noir or Alya).
You can argue that maybe if Marinette hadn't jumped the gun to tell everyone, Adrien would probably have been able to reason with her, provide her some experience-based words of encouragement, and avert the crisis that emerged when Rose found out Juleka had told the class about her illness. But you can also argue that if Juleka hadn't witnessed how willing her classmates were to support her, she would still feel alone, thus prolonging her suffering. In this sense, both crisis management styles have their pitfalls and advantages by themselves, but when you put them together, they create a well-rounded solution.
So yes, I'm not even sure I made my point, but that's what I wanted to say.
tl;dr: Guiltrip showed us Marinette and Adrien acting like Ladybug and Chat Noir for 0.2034 seconds and they were both completely unaware.
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emsylcatac · 19 hours ago
I know it is highly possible that Zag did not actually think about details, but I still wonder what exactly is Rose's medical problem that she has to attend hospital everytime she has a headache, while she seems totally healthy and fit. By the way, up to now Pigella is the only hero who actually looks like a Mahou Shaojo.
Hi! First I'd like to say it's not Zag who thought about details or anything really, but Thomas Astruc & the writers team; Zag just isn't a writer of the show 🤭
Back to the ask, I think Rose's illness is purposefully left out, also because kids watching the show don't need to know exactly what she has nor would they really understand the name of an illness - but they need to know something happened, that can still come back, and that despite it being invisible it's there. And that despite being ill, Rose has an admirable strength that she uses to spread positivity and wants to be treated normally.
I'm not in the medical field but there's plenty of disease that forces you to go to the hospital but make you seem completely fine on the outside that no one could suspect it. There's chronic or orphan disease people have for instance that you wouldn't suspect of unless being told that aren't less incapacitating!
I think it's a good choice to not detail exactly what Rose has so people who face the same kind of illness as her can identify with the character, or people who know others who have a disease can appreciate them more if it makes sense!
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leethetree0 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Their cute cooperation in Gang of secrets made me draw this.. Especially when akumatized Juleka called her akumatized girlfriend 'Princess'.. And I was glad that Guiltrip happened to be basically about this couple!
Tumblr media
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miss-inkwell · a day ago
Tumblr media
Pigella’s transformation sequence reminds me a lot like Cure Peace’s transformation and I love both
Tumblr media
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pink-horns · a day ago
Tw : Suicide, Death
If I'm being perfectly honest, I had started to hate Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste because he was creeping me out with his forceful flirting and being in love with Ladybug while he's dating Kagami.
But after watching Guiltrip, I can positively say that this boy needs some major help. The continuous suicide attempts are becoming less about impressing Ladybug and more about him just wanting to die (not just give up). Like his love life shenanigans don't look like shenanigans anymore. They look like a cry for help.
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toujoursmiraculous · a day ago
I’ve seen in your post that you said Gloob doesn’t care about spoiling the fandom, just so you know, they are not going to release Queen Banana next Tuesday anymore, they’ll release Furious Fu again. Disney Germany however is planning to release Queen Banana from what I’ve been told, so yeah, “other countries” don’t care if you get spoiled or not. Sorry for sounding rude but the way you worded that really bothered me and I’m tired of people treating Gloob as an enemy when they try so hard to give the fans the best experience they can manage.
Good lord, what’s with the asks based on my Thoughts and Reaction to Guiltrip post because they’re latching onto something I wrote that they don’t “like”? The fandom’s becoming more negative every day. Gloob really doesn’t care, I hate to break it to you. The only reason they’re removing it is because people have been desperately begging them not to air them for awhile now, and they decided it’d be in their best interest not to air Queen Banana. Not because they care about the fans. They’re a company, not our friends. Not the creators of the show who put in a lot of effort to create it for our enjoyment. If they really cared from the start, they’d do what France and Switzerland are doing and keep them in order from the start and respect the people who actually created it to have a specific order. They wouldn’t have aired Guiltrip the other day either. Because I don’t know if you noticed, but Guiltrip had spoilers in it too, maybe not earth-shattering, but it has spoilers that are important. I know a lot of people who are trying to avoid that episode because they want to watch it in order and people on tumblr and other places on the internet are making that hard for them. That’s not fair to them because a company decided to air something out of order when they didn’t have to. So that’s why I have a problem with Gloob, because I care about other people being able to enjoy the show. Gloob was the main concern at the time, now they’ve pulled the episode. That’s great! Now maybe Germany will end up doing so, too, once people ask them not to air it. But that doesn’t take away from the fact Gloob already released episode 11 of the series, nor does it mean that Gloob won’t do this again in the future. I hope you realize that people are free to have opinions that differ from yours and be unhappy with a company when they do something wrong. And as you said, a lot of people are upset with Gloob, and for good reason! It’s our right to be, because it’s greatly affecting our experience in watching a show that we love, because a lot of people don’t have a choice in finding out what happens in a new episode when it releases. Also, saying “Sorry for sounding rude” but then end up being rude anyway, that just makes your apology worthless. It gives you the idea that you can be rude to others just because you don’t like what they say as long as you say “sorry” with it, and that’s awful and very disrespectful. 
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buguettez · a day ago
Adrien, I think you forgot something...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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marvelousmsmol · a day ago
rose looks like one of barbie’s little sisters when she’s transformed i have nothing else to do with this thought except share it
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gale-gentlepenguin · a day ago
ML Fic: I'm fine
(Post Guiltrip: TW:Suicide mention)
Chat noir arrived at their usual meeting place. Ladybug hadn't proposed a night patrol in a long time. Chat noir knows that these always impact his sleep, but its always worth it just to see ladybug.
"Good evening Bugaboo." Chat noir greeted as he took notice of Ladybug, who was standing there. She had her arms crossed and her expression was clearly not one of joy.
"Umm, is something wrong?" Chat noir asked. He felt a brief stint of panic. What did he do wrong? He needed to figure it out quick.
Ladybug walked closer, and as she did chat noir realized her expression wasn't of anger, but of a different emotion, worry.
"Can we talk for a bit Kitty?" Her voice was soft and calm. Chat noir felt himself ease. Maybe she was going to open up about something. He felt guilty that his default was to try and figure out what he did wrong.
Ladybug headed to the edge of the roof. She sat down and patted the spot next to show where she wanted him to sit.
The cat hero complied and sat next to her.
"Quite a beautiful night isn't it?" Chat noir complimented the night. Paris always did sparkle in the night. Both he and Ladybug loved that about the city.
"Yes..." Ladybug agreed, but it was clear her mind was on other things.
"So what is it you want to ask me?" Chat noir inquired.
"How... is your home life?"
Chat noir paused. This was not a question he expected. Ladybug was always the one that put the ax to personal questions.
"My Lady are you planning a home visit?" Chat noir cooed. "I thought we weren't suppose to talk about our personal lives."
"Chat noir, please answer the question." Her tone had a bit more bite to it. Not anger, but concern.
"Oh umm, well. Its alright I guess. Not much to really tell."
"Whats your relationship like with your parents? What's school life for you? Are you bullied? Are you..."
"My school life is fine. I got good friends that I can see when Im not busy with things, like being a hero." Chat noir replied. "Im glad you're interested but I think there is more to this then just a nice chat about our personal lives."
Ladybug stopped.
"You're right. There is more to this. Im... worried about you."
"About me?" Chat noir chuckled. "The goofy kitty? Im fine."
"Im serious." The heroine stated, she was not going to let chat noir play this off.
"Ladybug Im fine." Chat noir assured. "I mean if we want to really delve into something, I did have a break up relatively recently, but I was able to move on from it. It just didn't work out since we both wanted different things. "
Ladybug looked at him and softened a bit.
"Im sorry to hear that."
"Its not as bad as you think. I mean its a bit of a rough patch but it will be fine. Honestly you were having more of a tough time from what I remember. How are you doing with all that?"
"Huh? Oh I was a bit bummed but I am reprioritizing things. Superhero stuff makes it hard to date." Ladybug confided. "But Is that the reason you have been so... self destructive..."
"Self-destructive? Wait you think I'm..."
"Don't try and play it off, you have been sacrificing yourself WAY more often than necessary and both of us know it." Ladybug raised her tone.
"You think because of a... No Ladybug. I am doing my job. I buy you time to figure out what the lucky charm does so we can beat the akuma. Have I been a bit reckless a few times, yes. But thats because I know you will fix it. Im not self destructive."
"What about when we fought reflekta and that sentimonster portal."
"That was the bubbles making us feel gloomy. It wasn't reflective of how we are."
"Chat noir those bubbles weren't forcing you to be gloomy it was attracted to your internal guilt and then built on it. When it first hit you, you almost cataclysmed yourself!"
"I was trying to destroy the bubbles."
"That is a load of Bull..."
"You are making a big deal over nothing."
"Chat noir you need to talk with someone. This is serious!"
The blond hero stood up.
"Ladybug, I'm fine. If you want me to stop sacrificing myself when needed I can't. I can promise to try and keep it to a minimum." Chat noir stated. "I appreciate your concern but I really am fine. I think we should just start the patrol."
"Kitty please. I felt crazy overwhelmed and I had someone to talk to about it and it helped. I was in a dark place, I don't want you to suffer."
"Im not suffering Ladybug. Besides its not like you could tell the person everything we go through." Chat noir responded. He was getting ready to go patrol. Ready to jump to the next rooftop. "Lets just start patrolling the..."
"I did though."
He stopped.
"I told someone... who I was." Ladybug answered.
"You... you did?"
"Yes, it made me realize how much of a burden this whole thing is. Without fu, there was no one I could really talk with... he had Marianne who understood. I think you should have someone to talk with that you can tell everything to. It can really help."
Chat noir looked at her.
"I see. I think you should go get some rest Ladybug. I will handle the night patrol."
"Chat noir please."
"Good night Ladybug."
The cat jumped from the roof to the other one. Ladybug got up and quickly followed.
"Chat noir hold on, the conversation is not over."
"I think we've both said enough." Chat noir kept moving. He started moving faster. Ladybug sped up to compensate.
Chat noir tried to lose ladybug, but she was just as fast and in the well lit city, Ladybug could keep finding him.
Chat noir slicked into a dark alley, ladybug followed only to be unable to see where the cat went.
"Kitty please. I know this is a tough conversation... I know it feels like I betrayed your trust. But I want to help you."
A message appears on Ladybug's phone.
She opens it.
'You didn't betray my trust. You did what was right for you to feel better. I don't blame you for that. I just want to be alone right now. I will be fine. Maybe I will talk with someone, I just need some space.'
Ladybug sighed.
"Is that what you really want? You don't hate me? You aren't going to do anything rash?"
Another message.
'It is what I want, I could never hate you, and its just patrol, I won't do any rash decisions.'
"Come out Chaton... please. Let me see your face. I won't leave until I see it. I need to know your okay."
Chat noir sighed. But he walked out of the shadows.
"See, I am okay."
Ladybug hugged him.
"Its okay kitty, Im here. Let me be here for you."
"Im fine ladybug you don't need to do this. Im fine. Im fine."
Ladybug held him tighter. She saw he needed it. She saw the tears streaming down his face. She could see how alone he felt.
"Its my turn to be there for you kitty."
Chat noir felt his heart bang against his chest, he closed his arms around her.
"Im... not fine."
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amarylliasky · a day ago
So does anyone know where to watch Queen Banana and Guiltrip with eng subtitles??? Cuz I can’t find them anywhere. If anyone knows please link them!!
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bibirds · a day ago
After the recent episode I have decided that I need julrose fics to read, if anyone can send me recs I'd appreciate it! 🤗
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