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alexsaal · 15 hours ago
"One of my biggest mistakes in life is thinking people will show me the same love I've shown them"
- Heath Ledger
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viercca · 15 hours ago
chciałabym choć raz zasnąć, nie martwiąc się o naszą relację...
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rel8able-lyrics · 20 hours ago
"Regrets and mistakes, they're memories made."
- "Someone Like You" sung by Adele
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hearts-poetry · a day ago
And I wonder, why do we have so much on our minds that we‘ll never share and say so many other things we don’t even mean because we are unable to express ourselves in certain moments? It must be that which makes us writers, the desperate wish to find all the words lost during conversation, make up for all the times we‘ve hurt someone only because we lacked words, only because our feelings overwhelmed our souls with silence...
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rosesnthorns832 · a day ago
Life went to hell for 3 years. I lost it all. I was getting back up. Things getting better. And I threw it all away
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katkanary · a day ago
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Wtf is this, AO3????
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meandmypeace · a day ago
Yes I did them consciously 💅
It always starts like this..
If I were him/ her/they, I swear to God I wouldn't have done it..
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I mean it is such an easy thing to jump to conclusions, to not know the real truth, to not analyse stuff and just predicting..
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None of us know what it is like to walk in someone else's shoes...
Every Decision a person makes is a result of situation and people surrounding them
Every person has its own level of sorrows, for that a 6 year old child would feel bad ,if toys are broken but a 16 year old wouldn't or maybe would
A girl can be whore to someone but deep inside she might be dealing with pain and scars left by her ex lovers, friends, family
A guy holding an athletic build is sexy to eyes but might be seeing a violent family at home
A worker having a sound family and happy children might be leaving not so great impression on co workers and bosses
Every person is going through some serious fucking shit that we cant imagine
Everybody is smiling nobody is happy..
I just wanna say...
Don't be someone who makes people learn how to walk.. Be someone to help when they need to stand back up if they fall
After all y'all can't get inside my head.. Y'all can only advice.. If you are someone that loves me...
Be there for me when I need help.. Let me make my decision on my own.. What if it went wrong.. Let me make mistakes.. But let my brain work God dammit.. Next time ⌚ .. Don't judge, just ask or leave .. But Use your brain too
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if it was only you anyway, it would’ve been worth it
you became somebody different --- a different version of your old self; the one i met, the one you sang --- i wasn’t me at any point; and then my eyes were turned to dirt --- i took your hand and read your palms wrong; it was a story for your tone ... so many tongue-kissed old elopers; savage painters, dented tails
... i make mistakes every other tuesday (and i go home; and cry alone)
i guess i’m stuck here in this kitchen; in the yard, the trees and grass ... i keep track of all these saplings (streets and rubble, bricks and rocks) but sometimes i don’t keep track of anything at all ... and i guess i’m here to hold your hand ....
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usvi-islandguy · a day ago
It’s better to remember the good 😌 than remember the bad of our pass but it’s even better to look pass our pass mistakes and looking forward to our future.
We must give our future a chance before we desired to give up before we even got their .
How can our future self change what our pass self did and we don’t give the future us a chance to proved to us that we are better than what we used to be.
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mysticalbitchsposts · 2 days ago
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You are enough. Let this be a reminder for today, and all the days to come..
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A Life with No Regrets
A Life with No Regrets
Do you have any regrets? Making decisions is one of the most difficult aspects in life. That’s why very often we prefer that other people make decisions for us. Not regretting them is another. Sometimes we make decisions that turn out to be mistakes. Is it okay to regret those mistakes? In Episode 24 of Beautiful Ghosts Podcast (listen in your favourite podcast app, YouTube, or Website) we…
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drunkentimes · 2 days ago
Misinterpreted The Situation 😬
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