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editfandom · 6 days ago
Hi sweetheart, can you make packs of Miranda Otto please? Thank you so much 🧡🧚‍♀️
done  🧡🧚‍♀️ 🧡🧚‍♀️
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Why ‘War of the Worlds’ (2005) is a underrated masterpiece.
Tumblr media
‘War of the Worlds’ was released in 2005, it is directed by the film god that is Steven Spielberg (Jaws, E.T.) and written by Josh Friedman (Terminator: Dark Fate, Avatar 2) and David Koepp (Jurassic Park, Mission: Impossible) 
Cast:  - Tom Cruise as Ray Farrier. - Justin Chatwin as Robbie Farrier. - Dakota Fanning as Rachel Farrier. - Miranda Otto as Mary Ann. -Tim Robbins as Harlan Ogilvy. - Ann Robinson as Grandmother.  - Gene Barry as Grandfather. 
First lets start with some history of ‘The War of the Worlds’ - The 2005 film is based off the novel of the same name which was written by H.G. Wells between 1895 and 1897, it then was then made into a series by Pearson’s Magazine in 1897 in the UK, Cosmopolitan in the US. Then becoming a hardback novel in 1898, it is one of the earliest written pieces to tell a story of conflict between Martians and man and so its one of the most commented on pieces of science fiction. 
It has been adapted and developed several times over many decades in many medias, the ones that come to mind are the famous 1938 dramatic radio reading that was directed and starred Orson Welles that actually caused public panic to those who listened in and didn’t know that the Martian invasion was fiction, its said that up to a million people ran out of their homes in terror.  (Source: )
Tumblr media
The 1953 ‘The War of the Worlds’ film adaptation, which was produced by George Pal and directed by Byron Haskin. It also starred Gene Barry (who played Dr. Clayton Forrester) and Ann Robinson (who played Sylvia Van Buren) who can also been seen at the end of the 2005 film, they play the grandparents of Robbie and Rachel which I think is a sweet little cameo to see for those who loved the 1953 film.  Ann Robinson also revived her role as Sylvia Van Buren in two other films and three episodes of ‘The War of the Worlds’ tv series in 1988. 
Tumblr media
In 1978 the most well known musical album by Jeff Wayne was produced and based off the story of ‘War of the Worlds’ this album included the voices of Richard Burton and David Essex.
Tumblr media
This was then turned into a concert musical which tours annually through out the UK and Europe, the concert includes live performers such as Carrie Hope Fletcher but also a 3D hologram of Liam Neeson. It also includes a mix of computer animation, pyrotechnics and a big mechanical tripod that comes out on stage and lights up and can fire its heat-ray. 
Tumblr media
(Source: Birmingham Mail.)
There have also been several Tv series, the two newest being the 2019 BBC version staring Poldark’s Eleanor Tomlinson and Full Monty’s Robert Carlyle, that has a Edwardian setting and follows closely to the novel. 
Tumblr media
The other being the FOX 2019 adaptation that is set in present day Europe but I found this version didn’t really go off the novel, and was frustrated with the lack of the famous Tripods.  (Source: 
As a kid I would watch the 1953 film with my mum all the time as its one of her favourites and I do really like it, but then 2005 rolled around and in comes Steven Spielberg’s version. To be fair it was probably 2006 when I finally saw it, I was nine years old at the time and I remember my dad bringing home the DVD that someone at work had lent him. I don’t remember watching it but I do remember having nightmares for a month after, only for a month though.  Many years later when I was half way through high school and getting more and more into film my dad then bought the DVD from Woolworth's before it shut down, the DVD didn’t have a case only a see through CD case so I think it only cost him something like 50p. So I re-watched and again I don’t really remember this but all of a sudden I was hooked, and it climbed to the second spot on my favourite movies list where it still sits today. Honestly if you asked anyone I was friends with at that time they will tell you just how obsessed I was with it.  
I have many scenes that I love in this film the first being the rise of the first tripod, but there are two that I geek out over every time. 
The first scene being the one in the basement at Robbie and Rachel’s house, the scene starts off with Ray asleep in a chair. He starts to stir when when a blue flash of light on his face, but then jolts up right at a load whooshing noise followed by closely by Robbie shooting up from just below the camera. I love the way that Robbie appears sort of fits with the sound that’s heard, also the whole mood of the scene which is pitch black with this blue flashing light every now and then. The fact that you’re just as clueless as the characters as well, you find out what’s happening when they find out.  Also the way that Rachel appears behind the basement stairs, which will appear again near the end of the movie in a much more damaged basement which shows just how much their world has changed in just a short few days.  The sound design in this movie as well is something that I love, I love when the sound in a film alone can creep you out. The tripod sound is one of my favourite sounds to exist, like if I heard that from outside I would be so creeped out and scared.  At this moment in time Robbie and Rachel have no idea what is hunting them or what Ray has seen, Imagine running from something and seeing something completely destroy the whole of your neighbourhood yet not knowing what it looks like. This is what runs through my mind when I heart Rachel cry “Is it them, Is it them?!”  Then the next morning when Ray goes upstairs and see’s that the house is just completely destroyed by an aeroplane that has crashed down in the middle of the the housing estate. This Boeing 747 was a out of use plane and the production crew bought it for $60,000 which then cost them $200,000 to transport, it was then broken into pieces and houses were built around it. Which just shows how far some movie productions will go to make a film look more legit. (We love practical effects in this house.) This scene is still set up at Universal Studios Hollywood and can be seen on the Studio tour. 
Tumblr media
(Basement and Plane crash scene.)
My second favourite scene, which is one of my all time top favourite scene ever with no surprise is the dock scene.  The speeding train that’s on fire is absolute stunning in every sense but for me the scene starts when the music starts.  ‘If I ruled the world, everyday would be the first day of spring.’ But i’m really glued to the screen when Rachel starts to follow the birds coming in from the river to in land, she follows them up to the hill where she notices the tree’s on the top are moving weirdly. “The tree’s are funny.” She then reaches out and grabs onto Rays hand who was talking to a friend.  Robbie turns to the hill as the camera slowly comes back and shows Robbie also turning to look at where Ray is looking. (Just remembering that this is the first time Robbie and Rachel ever see the tripods.) 
Tumblr media
The camera then shows us what the family is looking at to reveal a tripod stood on the top of the hill, it then moves one of its legs which crushes a tree and makes everyone else look back. Obviously chaos ensues from this point on, everyone running trying to get onto the ferry to get away from the impending doom, unfortunately we learn that no where, not even on the water is safe. As a tripod comes up from out of the water and attacks the ferry, the family manage to escape and get to land on the other side of the ferry. They stop for a moment to catch their breath as people are being picked out of the water below them, they turn as a old air raid alarm is heard on the other side of the hill and we see tripods coming over another hill that was filled with people and using their head rays to wipe them all out, we also see in the distance a lighting storm indicating more Martions are still coming to earth. The scene is like a depiction of all the stages of the attack.  (Dock attack scene.)
Tumblr media
I mean all the action scenes in this movie are just so beautiful and amazing, but did we expect any less from Spielberg? And the CGI and practical are all done extremely well and fitted together to make a scene look as real as possible. One of the art directors that worked on this film, Doug J. Meerdink who has also worked on Jurassic Park: III, Cloverfield and Jurassic World. 
I was looking up some trivia on IMDB for this movie and found that there was a deleted scene that is called the ‘Camelot’ scene. This scene is supposed to take place between the attack on the ferry and the battle on the hill, it involves Ray, Rachel and Robbie walking through an abandoned housing estate that’s named Camelot, when a pack of tripods start walking near by.  One of the tripods breaks off and the family has to take cover behind a SUV, they watch helplessly from behind as the tripod reaches into the house and grabs people from the houses. This scene has never been released but apparently it was fully finished, VFX and all but then taken out a few weeks before post production was wrapped up.  There is only one official video from this scene that was in the actual trailer for the film, and it’s only a shot of the family hiding behind the SUV. 
Tumblr media
The only other shot from the scene is this landscape shot of a CGI tripod. 
Tumblr media
There are also photos of the set designers setting up the miniature of the housing estate to shoot this scene, the rest are fan arts of how the scene maybe looked/ played out.  (Source)
I really hope that one day Steven releases this scene, or for some anniversary adds it into an extended version of the film like we’ve seen for other films. Because I would love that so much! It seems like such an incredible scene, and to see the tripods up this close again would be so cool! 
One of the trailers that was released for this film doesn’t have any of the film shots it in, It takes place in a normal neighbourhood where people are just going about their normal nightly routine when suddenly over the hill there are all these brilliant flashing lights, everyone's just coming out of their houses in their pj’s and standing in the street marvelling at this sight in front of them. Then we see explosions and suddenly heat rays are blowing up the tress on the street which then goes into the title.  I just love this, a trailer that doesn’t give anything away from the movie but creeps you out enough to be invested.  (Trailer.)
Tumblr media
All in all it’s just an very visually pleasing film, it feels real enough to give you a sense of fear for the characters and for yourself. I also love that Steven stayed true to the source material,more truer than some of the other adaptations and also added in his own little Easter eggs.  The sounds, the aesthetic, the colours just everything comes together so beautifully. I think its a very underrated movie that deserves so much more love.
Tumblr media
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tellusepisode · 4 months ago
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 (series finale) will be on Netflix at December 31, 2020
Drama, Fantasy, Horror / TV-Series (2018)
Tumblr media
The tv-series comes from Riverdale‘s Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and is adapted from the 2014 comic book series of the same name also penned by Aguirre-Sacasa. We’ve gotten three seasons of Chilling Adventures in near-rapid succession since the show’s premiere back in October 2018, with the most recent season launch on Netflix in December 31, 2020.
Tumblr media
The Season 4 release date news was revealed at the end of an action-packed, thoroughly enticing new teaser trailer, which you can check out below. Season 4 will consist of 8, 1-hour episodes focusing primarily on Sabrina Spellman’s (Shipka) battle against the Eldritch Terrors unleashed by Faustus Blackwood (Coyle). Naturally, Sabrina will not be able to take down these terrifying forces from realms unknown on her own. Luckily, she has a badass team she can recruit in the form of her aunts, Zelda (Otto) and Hilda (Davis), her cousin Ambrose (Perdomo), and her friends, Rosalind (Sinclair), Theo (Watson), and Harvey (Lynch).
Creator: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Directors: Rob Seidenglanz, Alex Pillai, Craig William Macneill, Viet Nguyen, Michael Goi, Antonio Negret, Roxanne Benjamin
Writers: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Oanh Ly, Donna Thorland, Joshua Conkel, Ross Maxwell, Matthew Barry, Lindsay Calhoon Bring, Daniel King
Stars: Kiernan Shipka, Ross Lynch, Lucy Davis, Chance Perdomo, Michelle Gomez, Jaz Sinclair, Tati Gabrielle, Adeline Rudolph, Richard Coyle, Miranda Otto
The post \Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 \(series finale\) will be on Netflix at December 31, 2020\<\/a\> first appeared on \TellUsEpisode\.net\<\/a\>. via WordPress
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princesscaliban · a year ago
Keep Her Calm | Sam Corlett
I wanted to write sad (IDK WHY OKAY) 
but it gets fluffy at the end. IDK man
Tumblr media
Normal day.
Normal ringtone.
“Hello?” She got up from her chair, excusing herself from the room, “This is her.”
Not a normal day.
Not a normal call.
“This is Sheriff Franks with the Harold County Police Department. I heard you’re in Canada?” 
“Yeah, I’m filming a show in Vancouver.” She said, “Why are you calling? I don’t know—
“I’m sorry to inform you, via telephone. But your father has passed. At one o’clock…..” 
It became a blur.
It all became a blur.
A guttural moan echoed the hallway before she tossed her phone against the wall.
No emotion.
No tears.
No reaction.
Just a stare into the white wall in front of her.
She could still hear a slight ‘hello?’ from the phone that was down the hall.
She could hear the room of people she was just in go silent.
She could hear foot steps head her way before a door creaked open, “You good?”
No answer.
No movement.
No reply.
She was numb head to toe.
Aside from the fire that seemed to burn down her throat.
The feeling that she had swallowed a rock.
The immediate urge to hit the wall she looked at.
Sam picked up her phone and saw it was still on a call, “Uh, hello?…… yeah, I’m her boyfriend…”
He listened to the Sheriff explain what had happened before hanging up the call.
A lock screen of the two of them showed up, smiling at each other on the beach. His lock screen matched. 
“I am.. I’m so sorry, bubba.” He bent down in front of her, resting his hands on her balled up knees, “I don’t even.. know what… to do.. for you..”
Her eyes glazed over.
She hadn’t moved a muscle.
“What do you need?”
No answer.
He moved next to her, leaning back against the wall, wrapping his arm around her shoulders; he could feel each breath getting deeper. And with every exhale her entire body shook.
“I’m here for you.”
Apparently those were the four words that flipped her switch.
Out of control breathing.
Mumbled words.
Her hands flailed everywhere.
She shoved his arm off of her and wouldn’t let him near her.
She kept repeating, “No, no, no, no…”
“Come here.” Sam tried to pull her up for a hug but she pushed away moving down the hall, “Come on, calm down, you have to calm down.”
She tried to brace herself on the wall as she held in a scream. Causing her to lose control of her breathing. “Breathe, breathe..” 
He wouldn’t give up on her, pushing her arms down, “Calm down..”
The door behind them opened up, “Everything good?”
“No!” She screamed, shocking them all, “My dad………” 
she whispered, “is dead.”
And with that, she broke down even more.
Her effort of fighting off Sam was weak.
Her legs felt like jello.
Her body felt empty.
As a sobbing, uncontrollable mess she fell into Sam’s arms and he sat down, “Stop holding it in.” He pushed her hair from her face, “Breathe…please, just breathe.”
Her whole body was attempting to breathe but kept jerking as she held it in. Some of the cast was still at the door, some had gone to get others, no one really knew what to do.
“…she left the room and we heard a scream, Sam we to check on her and then she was fighting him in the hallway until she said her dad had died…” Ty explained to Miranda, leading her to the hallway they were in. 
Miranda was the first one they thought of. Her and Michelle had taken the Motherly roles of everyone on set. 
She peeked in the hall to see Sam’s arms wrapped around her, stroking the back of her head, whispering to her to breathe. His eyes closed, slightly rocking back and forth. “Sam, is she calming down?”
He tipped his head back and forth, he didn’t know what she was doing but she was finally breathing at a somewhat normal pace. He kissed the top of her head, “You’re going to be alright, I promise.”
He didn’t know how long they had been in the hallway but he knew it had been a while. Every time he went to move she started to panic, gripping onto whatever she could until he sat back down. “I just want to get you a water, kay?”
“No, no, no, don’t leave me.” She didn’t look up, she didn’t move from his lap, she kept her head dug into his chest and her hands clutched onto his t shirt.
Somehow he texted someone they needed a water and in came Miranda with a bottle of water, a wash rag and a change of clothes for her. 
“Sweetie, you need to drink a bit of water.” She bent down at the two of them, “We need to get you changed so you can go home.” She took her turn pushing her hair from her face, “Look up so I can wipe your face off.”
Miranda’s soft touch lifted her chin up to show the mascara and dark eye makeup smeared all over her cheeks, her lipstick splotchy and her eyes red and swollen. She gently wiped her entire face off, “What do I do?”
She stunned the both of them. “For now, go home and rest. That’s all I want you to focus on right now.”
“But-but-but I have—home--
“Leave it to me. I’ll get it figured out and talk to Sam about it.” She nodded to him, “You’re both good to go for the week and however long you need, sweetie.”
“I don’t want… to go… home… I can’t….” She began panicking again, the thought of her dad not being in his normal recliner or seat at the kitchen table. The thought of his shoes not being in the garage, his specific soda sitting unused, his closet not being touched, her mom now alone in her house she grew up in.
Miranda’s hands grabbed her face, “I know you feel like the world is ending right now, but you will be okay.” She kissed her forehead. “You just need to change, okay?”
Sam went to scoot back and help untie her shirt but she followed him, not letting go of his arm. “C’mon bub, I’m right here.” He reminded her, making her look up at him. “Just take off your costume.”
The corset was unlaced and taken off as well as her dress and shoes. Miranda unpinned her hair from the braid it was in and collected the pentagram shaped pins from it. Her sweatpants and hoodie she had arrived in were put on her like she was a child. She felt like she couldn’t even control her own arms or legs. 
As soon as she was done she attached right back to Sam, hugging onto his arm like her life depended on it. Thankfully he wasn’t in costume, he had cut earlier in the day and was just hanging out on set. 
“Let’s get you back to your place.” 
“…” She shook her head, her crying seemed to begin again, “Stay here.”
“We can’t stay in the hallway all day and night.” He rubbed her back, resting his chin on the top of her head. “Drink some of this.” 
Her shaky hand came up and grabbed the water, he helped guide it to her mouth where she barely took a sip.
He could see her phone lighting up next to her, calls from unknown numbers and from her mom. He took it on himself to text her mom back:
Mom: Honey, please answer me back. Please call me. I know you are upset. We all are. I just want to know you’re okay.
Mom: The sheriff said they called you. They talked to Sam. 
Mom: Do I need to come get you? 
Mom: Please just answer me. Don’t have to call.
——: It’s Sam. She’s doing better than she was when she found out. Miranda is going to figure out flights. I’ll give her your number. I’m trying to get her home but she doesn’t want to move. Let me know if you need anything. I’ll be coming with her if that’s okay.
——: *attached contact: Miranda Otto*
Mom: Thank you, Sam. Please do bring her home. Make sure she is okay. I know you will take care of her. 
Mom: Her dad appreciated you. He always talked about you and how proud he was of you. We both love you and thank you so much for always taking care of her.
Mom: He just spoke of you the other day, remembering the last time you were here and all of the fun we had. He couldn’t wait for you two to come back. I can never thank you enough for all you do, Sam. You and the rest of the cast. Send my love to them.
He didn’t tell her what her mom was saying, but he read it over and over. It caused tears in his own eyes. -Her dad appreciated you.-  It reminded him of the time she had said her dad referred to Sam as his son-in-law when he saw him on a TV at the mall. He smiled and pointed, wanting to tell everyone around him who he was.
Sam had never been close to any of his past girlfriend’s families but there was something about hers that wrapped him in tight and made him feel like home. It could be the house in the middle of nowhere that smelled like cinnamon every time he walked in. It could be her mother’s hugs that lasted minutes instead of seconds. It could be her extended family that accepted him the minute he walked in the room for a get together. It was the small town family that stood behind her as she sat her dreams high and achieved them. Supporting his achievements just the same as hers. 
Like the time he received a text at 12:05am because they went to a midnight screening of his newest movie. Her mom and dad sat next to each other with popcorn and their ticket stubs, ‘First in the theater! Proud of you, Sam!’ was the exact photo he had received from her dad. Followed a few hours later by, ‘Applause! Standing ovation! (Very scary!) Can’t wait for your Oscar nomination one day! We love you!’
He was so in his mind he didn’t notice Michelle next to him until she whispered, “Sammy, Gav has your car pulled around. Her bag is packed in your trailer. Go get what you need and I’ll bring her out to you.”
He nodded, loosening his grip on her, “Bub, I’m going to go get my stuff, Michelle is going to be here with you though. I’ll be right back.” He felt her shake her had no, “I have to get my stuff so we can leave. I promise I will come right back and get you.”
“Don’t leave…”
“I’m not leaving, I’m going to get our stuff.” He slowly pulled away from her and rested her arms on Michelle’s shoulders, “I’ll be right back.” 
“Oh, sweetie. He’ll be right back, I promise.” Michelle said, letting her melt into her lap like a small child. “Don’t get worked up again…” She rubbed her back, feeling her breath begin to speed up. “No, no… breathe in your nose, out your mouth..”
Sam ran to his trailer and grabbed his bag and hers before running by set and getting his keys from Gavin, “You good, dude?”
He paused for the first time since he sprinted out of the hallway, “I think so.”
“Is she going to be okay?”
“At some point, I hope. It’s just her and her mom now.” He played with the keys in his hands, “Her mom keeps texting me and I don’t know what to say back. I feel so bad, I don’t even know… I mean I’m sad but it’s not my dad, but he was, he was her dad and—
“He was like family.” Gavin spoke for him, “I get it. If you need anything, don’t be afraid to call or text me, any of us. We’re all here for you guys.”
Sam didn’t even reply, he hugged Gavin, waved at a few others and went back to the hallway.
The door slammed open right as he got to it and she practically jumped on him, “She was afraid you left…” Michelle said, holding her phone and water, “I tried to tell her but she kept fighting me.”
“I’m sorry.” He apologized to Michelle, who immediately told him not to. 
Suddenly she let go of him and hugged someone her size that had run up to them; Kiernan had just arrived back from another set, hearing the news as she came in the door. “I'm so sorry….” was all he understood as she squeezed onto his girlfriend.
“Oh, Sammy.” Michelle hugged him, seeing the lost look on his face, “You’re allowed to have emotions too, I know that you knew her family well.” He nodded and hugged back, “You have each other, you’ll be fine. It’s going to be tough, very tough, but you’ll get through it. Both of you will.” 
She sat the phone and water in his hand, “Take her home, make her rest, give her some Advil PM, make sure she eats and stays hydrated. And you too.”
Without a word she latched onto his arm and followed him out the side door where his car was. He opened her door and she nearly fell in before he leaned over to buckle her belt.
In the sun was the first time he could see her whole face; red, swollen, eyes strained, lips bitten, cheeks damp. He took a moment to gather himself before getting in the driver’s seat and pulling away.
The drive was quick and she seemed to regain a little bit of strength to walk into the apartment place unassisted. He found her on the couch, curled up in a ball in the corner, eyes wide open towards a window.
“Is this real life?”
Sam paused what he was doing, “Is this really happening?” She asked again, her body shaking to catch her breath up again. “My dad…… died….. he’s dead….”
He kept silent, he didn’t know how to answer. 
“My dad.. is gone…” She kept mumbling small sentences to herself, “He left me… forever..” 
“He is never coming back…”
“I won’t see him again…”
Just listening to her broke Sam’s heart.
“Sam, don’t ever leave me.” 
He snapped out of his thoughts, “I won’t, I don’t plan on it.” He sat down next to her, “Don’t worry about that.”
She pulled him towards her and he fit himself between her and the back of the couch, “I don’t want to lose you.”
“Bub, don’t even think of that.” He sat his hand on her stomach, feeling her breath quicken. 
“I can’t imagine… you.. never seeing you… again…” She turned to look towards him, “I love you, Sammy.”
“I love you too.” He grabbed her cheek and kissed the tip of her nose, “Promise me, you’ll never think about losing me.” She nodded, “Because I’m never leaving you, not if I have a say in it.” She kept nodding, “And you’re never leaving me.” 
She agreed, “Never?”
“Never.” He repeated, “No matter how mad you are me, no matter how mad I am at you, now matter what I say, no matter what I do; there is not one thing that I can think of, that you would do, to make me want to leave you.”
Sam kissed her forehead, resting his lips there for a few minutes, holding her tight; just speaking of leaving her made him a nervous wreck. He leaned back and settled her head on his chest, “You’re not going through this alone, bub.”
Her helpless cry let him know she was listening, he brushed his fingers through her hair, trying to keep her calm until she fell asleep and he could figure out what Miranda and her mom had figured out for them to do.
A few minutes went by and her body startled itself back awake, her fingers grasped at his sides and she dug her head into him. “I’m here, I’m not going anywhere.” He crying began again and he tried to shush her, rub her back, remind her to breath and everything else he could think of.
“I knew that I loved you, the day you walked into the first table read.” Sam randomly started talking, “I remember what you were wearing, what you said to me, I was mad you were sitting by Chance and not me. I wanted to talk to you more but I didn’t have a reason to.”
Her grip on him slightly relaxed the more he spoke, “When you got signed for the rest of the season I was so happy. I knew we would get to know each other and talk more and you just filled a void I didn’t know I had.”
He smiled to himself, “Apparently it was really obvious, everyone told me it was obvious that I liked you but I didn’t want to admit it. I didn’t want to admit that I loved you and we hadn’t even gone on a date or been alone together.”
“But then we went on a date.. sort of.. we got ice cream after shooting one day and Gavin told everyone else to not go so it was just us. I’ve never told you that.” He let out a little laugh and felt her face scrunch up in bashfulness.
“I knew I had fallen for you when I could recognize your laugh outside the makeup trailer. I had unknowingly memorized your Tim Horton’s order. I would look at your shooting schedule before looking at mine. When I saw your death scene in part three I didn’t want it to happen, I didn’t want you to not be on set every day.”
He felt her fingers start brushing his side as she relaxed even more, “So when I read that you somehow got brought back to life I had a little party in my trailer.”
“Me too.” She mumbled, remembering her quick relief of reading she wasn’t being written off the show.
“Then we went to the farmer’s market one day and I kept taking pictures of you because you got excited about every little thing we found and I thought it was cute.” He had a box full of developed film of them, over a year it really added up to fill the box.
“I wanted to kiss you so bad. All day. Like, allllllllll damn day.” He cringed just thinking about how he felt that day, “And I didn’t. I kept wondering what it would be like to kiss you. I had never been so uneasy about kissing someone but it was like I didn’t want to ruin what he had, I wanted it to keep going and didn’t want to rush it.” He was so embarrassed just thinking about it, but he could feel her tiny giggles and could tell she was relaxing the more he kept talking.
“Then we had the group scene where we were all in the living room and you were sitting on the floor where your mark was and I sat on the couch just waiting for my mark and they never made me move. We didn’t have lines but we were in the background of the scene. It shot for hours and you kept leaning back against my legs and you let your head drop on my lap when they would cut and you kept playing with the rips in my jeans and you had on that navy dress with the front that went way down and super dark lipstick that I like on you.”
“It was apparently my attempt at flirting.” She winced just thinking about it, “I was happy they didn’t move you.”
“After they cut for the end of the day I remember seeing you in wardrobe and you changed super quick and they had to get all of the accessories off of me and it was taking forever, but I was secretly rushing them so I could get to you.” He laughed, “This is so embarrassing.”
She turned her head a bit and kissed his chest, “It’s cute.”
“I left the trailer with my shirt in my hands and ignored everyone talking to me until I got to your trailer where I froze. Not because it was like thirty degrees out but because I couldn’t believe I had finally made it there.” 
“I remember Lucy yelling at you for not having a shirt on in the cold and that’s when I opened my door.”
“Yeah, that happened. Then I didn’t say anything and just walked in your trailer.” They both sat in silence, reminiscing on that day.
She closed the door slowly and turned to see him right behind her, shirtless, out of breath from running, looking directly into her eyes. Sam didn’t say a word, his hand came up to hold her cheek and she reciprocated by grabbing his waist; her cold fingers didn’t even phase his skin.
He was giddy as he leaned down to her height, watching her lick her lips before she matched them up up to his. After a few seconds he pulled back a little, “I’ve been wanting to do that… for so long…”
She didn’t answer, she giggled and moved her hands up his back, pulling him towards her. 
Neither knew how long it had been but they had moved to the seat in the miniature kitchen, she was straddled across his lap and he held onto her all over.
She sat up quick from kissing his neck and said, “shirtless scenes” and he responded with, “damn” keeping his head to side where she had been kissing him. 
“Just don’t leave a mark.”
Her fingers grabbed the back of his curls, pulling his head back up, “I can’t make promises.” 
Their foreheads rested against each other, both slightly out of breath, “That was worth the wait.” He smirked, leaning forward to kiss her quickly. They both jumped as someone knocked on her trailer door. She immediately jumped up and went to answer it, leaving Sam to stand in her kitchen confused.
“Dinner? Lach and I are going to that Indian place.” Kiernan said, taking a step in the trailer. “Hey Sam..” 
“Hey” He waved quickly, going back to acting like he was on his phone. 
Kiernan looked at her and then Sam, then did it one more time giving her a weird look. “Actually, you seem…. busy.. so, next time.” She winked at her, opening the door and leaving.
“Do you think she—
“She knows.” She laughed, placing her hands on his chest. “And I don’t even care.” He laced his fingers through hers, letting her body fall onto his, “Why did you wait so long to do that?”
“I didn’t want to mess it up.” He grabbed her waist and leaned her against the fridge.
She looked at their hands, tangled together in front of her, “Mess what up?”
He paused and let go of her hands, grabbing her waist and setting her up on the miniature kitchen counter they were by, now they were at eye level, “The possibility, of us.”
With no answer she grabbed his chin and connected their lips again, letting it get lazy and sloppy as she kept pulling him closer and closer. He pulled back, obviously aggravated with something before he pulled his phone out of his pocket.
“Yeah?” He asked, holding his phone in front of him. 
Gavin’s face popped up, “It is Poker night at my place and you are not here so you get to bring the pizza.”
“I don’t know if I can make it tonight.” He tried not to laugh as her fingers poked and dragged along his stomach.
“You said you were coming like two hours ago. You don’t have to get pizza, just get here so we have enough players.” 
“I don’t think I’m coming.” He kept smiling and Gavin looked at him weird, “I’m busy.”
“Busy with…. WHO?”
Sam laughed as he turned the camera to face her on the counter. She immediately covered her face and laughed hearing Gavin begin a chant of ‘ohhhhhhhhhh’ and ‘ahhhhhhh’.
The camera went back to Sam who nervously pushed his hair back, “I’ll give you a pass this one time…. one time.” Gavin repeated to him, giving him a thumbs up and a few winks that he knew she couldn’t see. “Later.”
Sam hung up and tossed his phone on the counter. She picked it up and put it on silent, “If we could stop the interruption—
He quieted her with his lips but she pulled back, “I do want Indian food though..”
He was brought back to the current day by his phone vibrating, messages came in from Miranda. 
Miranda: I emailed you the flight info. It’s tomorrow afternoon. 
Miranda: You’re there for a week. Don’t worry about us here.
Miranda: Is she doing better?
He looked down and saw her eyes closed and cheek smashed against his chest; she was finally asleep.
Sam: Perfect. Thank you so much.
Sam: I’ve kept her calm but she finally fell asleep.
Miranda: You’re the perfect person for her right now. Keep reminding her everything is okay, keep her breathing steady, keep her healthy. Sending all of my love to you two. 
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birdsofpsd · a year ago
Olha eu de novo , queria pedir da Miranda Otto / Zelda ( e para uma amiga minha que não tem tumblr ) ela que ícone e packs
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