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#miles edgeworth
autisticvampireclub · 8 minutes ago
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@adoginahellsite little kitten miles has me 🥺
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characteroulette · 53 minutes ago
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I have. even less explanation for all of these. besides the obvious “Apollo and Klavier are in love and you cannot convince me otherwise” orz
I guess also I wanted to draw characters with fangs and claws, also, so that’s why this happened. Klavier and Kristoph are Sand Beings, Clay is also a Red Oni, Sebastian is a silver Dragon like Edgeworth, and I nixed the idea of Klavier being the one to get cursed with Lights because I thought of a better plot point.
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Apollo also blushes blue! Because he and Trucy share a parent!
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characteroulette · an hour ago
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literally no one is going to understand what this is really because this is an AU based off of my NaNoWriMo from last year but
have some Dragon Edgeworth, Werewolf Phoenix, Red Oni Apollo, Blue Oni Trucy, and Tengu Kay and Maya.
(mostly this was an excuse to draw some WINGS again. and also for the joke of “Apollo raised by a Dragon” and that Dragon happens to be Miles Edgeworth) (I will die on this hill that Miles should be Apollo’s dad)
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adoginahellsite · an hour ago
I can’t stop thinking about aristocats now so
Narumitsu but miles is fancy rich cat who gets lost with his two kittens, Kay and Sebastian, and meets stray Tom Phoenix with his daughter trucy :)
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lenalawlipop · an hour ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: 逆転裁判 | Gyakuten Saiban | Ace Attorney Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Characters: Mitsurugi Reiji | Miles Edgeworth, Ayasato Mayoi | Maya Fey Additional Tags: Case 1-4: Turnabout Goodbyes, Miles Edgeworth POV, Manfred von Karma is an abusive father, Mentioned Franziska von Karma, mentions of abuse Series: Part 3 of Stories From Case 1-4: Turnabout Goodbyes Summary:
Maya Fey's voice pierces the courtroom and shakes the pillars of Edgeworth's lack of faith in humanity.
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lenalawlipop · an hour ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: 逆転裁判 | Gyakuten Saiban | Ace Attorney Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Mitsurugi Reiji | Miles Edgeworth & Naruhodou Ryuuichi | Phoenix Wright Characters: Naruhodou Ryuuichi | Phoenix Wright, Ayasato Mayoi | Maya Fey, Mitsurugi Reiji | Miles Edgeworth, Karuma Gou | Manfred von Karma, Mitsurugi Shin | Gregory Edgeworth Additional Tags: Case 1-4: Turnabout Goodbyes, Miles Edgeworth POV Series: Part 2 of Stories From Case 1-4: Turnabout Goodbyes Summary:
Miles Edgeworth hasn't found anything less funny in his entire life. Being accused of murder isn't his type of humor.
And yet.
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lenalawlipop · an hour ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: 逆転裁判 | Gyakuten Saiban | Ace Attorney Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Itonokogiri Keisuke | Dick Gumshoe & Mitsurugi Reiji | Miles Edgeworth Characters: Itonokogiri Keisuke | Dick Gumshoe, Mitsurugi Reiji | Miles Edgeworth Additional Tags: Missing Scene, Gumshoe POV, Light Angst, Case 1-4: Turnabout Goodbyes Series: Part 1 of Stories From Case 1-4: Turnabout Goodbyes Summary:
By the time Gumshoe finds him, his calendar already marks the 25th of December. Edgeworth is shivering, staring vacantly at his own hands. There are handcuffs around his wrists, but he's not picking at them, he’s not fighting it. The officers around him are at attention, but they look awkward. They don't meet Gumshoe's eyes when he tries to find an explanation.
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the-east-art · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Some art for @charybdis-nerdrages ace attorney swap au fic! Love their art and their writing so much! Rose ronin my love ❤️❤️❤️
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catuoon · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
me ranting about how they didn’t mention about what Godot’s role is for Parallel Universe play
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greentrickster · 3 hours ago
I consider making an omelet and Miles boards an airplane.
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donaldtheduckdad · 3 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
AU where we get that one scrapped Dual Destinies design of Phoenix having a goatee and wearing a sweater vest knitted by Trucy... THE DAD ENERGY IS TOO STRONG WITH THAT DESIGN I CAN'T GET OVER IT
Bonus scribble:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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milk-addicc · 4 hours ago
okay but originally there was fake Edgeworth in Recipe for Turnabout case???
Tumblr media
aight wheres my fake-narumitsu contents at??? /hj
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havinghorns · 4 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some other Ace Attorney ink illustrations
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coldflame96 · 5 hours ago
Turnabout Parent Trap, chapter 20 (the end!)
I finally finished this bad boy and the last chapters a bit shorter so I thought I’d do something a little different. Don’t read if you haven’t read the rest of it please. 
It’s been a long journey. Thank you for sharing it with me. :)
Read the full thing on AO3 here
February 11, 2029
Gatewater Hotel Imperial Hall- Los Angeles, Japanifornia
Phoenix was nervous. Well, not nervous exactly, but more just excited. He was getting married! Not for the first time, but hopefully the last.
“Nick, they’re almost ready for you,” Maya came in. And then she gave him an unimpressed look. “What have I told you about messing with your tie? And your hair. Look at you, you’re a wreck! Don’t make me get my sister in here!”
“No thanks,” he muttered, “You’re bad enough.” And got a light smack on the head for that. He saw how the deep purple she was wearing brought out the bronze tones in her skin as she readjusted his tie and smiled.
“You look beautiful, Maya.”
She rolled her eyes. “Of course I do. My wife’s a dress designer.” And then she smirked. “Besides, you’re the star here. Miles won’t know what hit him.”
“He’s seen me like this before.”
“Sure, but you look way better now than you did at 21. I saw the pictures.”
“Wow,” he scoffed, offended. “That’s-“ And then he paused. “Wait, really? I’m 36, how is that even possible?”
She shrugged. “Some people get better with age.” And then she gave him a smug look. “You were pretty dorky before.”
“Gee, thanks.”
“Y’know,” she started, starting on his hair now, “I’m kinda surprised you’re even doing all this again. Kinda figured Miles wouldn’t wanna bother.”
Funny story about that. “It was his idea, actually.”
“Really? Wow. And here I thought he was the pragmatic one. Guess he is a romantic, after all.”
She finally took her fingers out of his hair, and he made to run a hand through when she smacked it away.
“I just fixed it, Nick!” she glared. “If you mess it up again, I’ll kill you.”
“Yes, ma’am,” he mumbled.
He heard a piano start playing and Maya grinned. “Well, that’s your cue.” And then she offered up her elbow. “You ready?”
He took a deep breath, and then linked his arm with hers. He was born ready.
Apollo sat next to his sibling, who practically had stars in their eyes as their parents exchanged vows at the altar. The old bearded guy gave them permission to kiss and they did eagerly which of course was something he’d seen many times at this point, but he clapped along with everyone else.
Trucy giggled from next to him and he looked at them curiously. “What is it?”
“Nothing,” they shook their head, “It’s all just kinda crazy, isn’t it? Two years ago, I didn’t even know you existed. Now we’re at our parents wedding.” She laughed again. “It’s all just so backwards!”
He rested an arm on their shoulder. “Yeah, I guess we were never very traditional, huh?”
He vaguely heard Dad announce something, and then people around them started getting up. “Oh, I guess it’s time for the reception.” He offered his hand. “Coming?”
They took his hand.
When Iris had learned that Pearl, her younger half-sister, had moved to Germany last summer, she was disappointed. They had been getting to know each other rather well and she thought that she could finally tell her the truth about her.
But then Mr. Wright had told her she’d gone to Germany when she came to visit one day and she thought that was it. She’d waited too long and lost her opportunity. And then he had told her he was getting married. And even invited her. She wasn’t even sure if she deserved an invitation after what her sister did, but she appreciated it none the less.
She had been about to decline, but then Mr. Wright had told her Pearl would be here, and well…now here she was. It was only too bad she hadn’t been able to get Pearl alone so far. Maya had been quite welcoming and friendly and allowed her to mingle in with their group, but this was a delicate matter. She couldn’t just blurt it out in front of everyone.
She saw Mr. Wright pass through the hallway, from what she was assuming was the bathroom, and he nodded at her, pointing his eyes down the hall.
“You should catch her before she goes back in,” he advised.
“Thank you.” And then she already started walking.
“Iris?” he called out, and she turned her head in confusion. He gave her a small, shy smile. “Thanks for coming.”
He really was quite handsome…she felt her face heat up and she mumbled, “Of course.” And bolted down the direction he’d pointed her at, ignoring how her heart skipped a beat.
Mr. Wright was quite the charmer. She sometimes wished she’d been the one engaged to him once upon a time instead of her sister.
But it probably wouldn’t have worked out either way. His heart clearly belonged to someone else.
She was broken from that train of thought when she saw Pearl’s familiar figure just about to open the door back into the reception room.
“Oh, Ms. Iris!” she gasped. “You look so pretty!”
Pearl certainly looked quite beautiful herself, looking grown up in her dusty pink A line.
“Thank you, Pearl. You too. Did Ms. von Karma make that dress for you?”
The girl grinned. “Yes, she did!” And she did a little twirl. “Do you like it?”
She smiled gently. “I love it.” But she should get to the point. “Hey, Pearl, do you mind taking a walk with me? There’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”
She perked up curiously. “Oh, okay then.”
And Iris led the girl to the courtyard where they wouldn’t be disturbed.
Like peeling off a bandaid. Hopefully it wouldn’t bleed.
Gatewater Hotel Banquet Hall- Los Angeles, Japanifornia
Miles watched as Phoenix opened the bottle of wine, Where Dreams Have No End, 2010 etched on it. He nodded, raising his glass in a toast and once he got the satisfied clink, they both took a sip at the same time.
Miles raised an eyebrow. “Oh, this is better than I remember.”
Phoenix shrugged. “Well, you know what they say about fine wine.”
Miles eyed his partner appreciatively, saying without much thought, “Yes, much like yourself, it ages quite handsomely.”
Phoenix gave him an incredulous look at that and Miles noted with pleasure how his ears turned red. “What, are you drunk already?”
“Don’t be ridiculous,” he huffed, “I’m not such a lightweight to get drunk off one sip of wine.”
Phoenix didn’t say anything, instead choosing to focus on his cake, their live performers starting with a slow, melodic song. Which brought up a concern…“Are you sure inviting them to perform was a good idea?” he asked his husband softly, touching his arm, the performers in question being the singer Lamiroir and her partner Herod, formerly known as Thalassa Gramarye and Jove Sadhmadhi. Though the young blond pianist they had with them was unfamiliar to him.
Phoenix looked at him, distracted for a moment from his cake. “Lamiroir is Apollo’s favorite singer, right? Why would it be an issue?”
Miles really didn’t like it when he acted willfully obtuse. “You know why, Phoenix. Having them here with the kids is a risk. What if they say something?”
“They won’t. I already talked to them about it.”
“Apollo and Trucy aren’t stupid, as you well know. What if they find out?”
Phoenix grabbed his hands, pressing a light kiss to his fingers. “Miles, they’re 14. They’re old enough to know that they didn’t just sprout up from nowhere. It’s not like we have anything to hide.”
“Well, yes, but-“
Phoenix didn’t let him finish that sentence, kissing him firmly. Miles pulled away, glaring with no heat.
“That was quite rude.” He got a kiss on the jaw in response. “I was talking and-“ Another kiss. “Ugh, you’re trying to distract me, aren’t you?”
Phoenix looked smug as hell. “Is it working?”
Yes. “No.”
He chuckled, “Liar.” And then kissed him again, softer this time.
“Hey lovebirds!” Larry called out, causing them to break apart. “Come get your pictures taken!”
He rolled his eyes and watched as Phoenix did the same.
He supposed a few pictures wouldn’t hurt. But not before he kissed his husband another time.
Trucy never really “got” Apollo’s type of music. She was always more into upbeat stuff like the Gavinners, but this Lamiroir lady…was not bad. Her voice was beautiful, and she could see why Apollo liked it, even though it was kinda slow in her opinion.
Something about her was weird though…Familiar somehow. But Trucy was sure she’d never met a celebrity before.
She watched as the man with Lamiroir started playing something faster paced on his guitar and she smiled. Now they were talking.
“Dance with me, Apollo!”
“Trucy, I don’t dance.”
She rolled her eyes, and then she spotted a familiar dark head and got an idea. “Fine, I’ll go dance with Clay then.”
Their eyes went wide and they grabbed her arm. “You can’t do that!”
“Why not?”
“Because!” their eyes darted. “Because I’m gonna dance with him!”
She asked faux innocently, “But I thought you said you don’t dance?”
“Well, I lied!” And then to her delight, they marched over to Clay, saying something to him that she couldn’t hear, and he looked both confused and pleased as they started dancing awkwardly.
She waved sweetly and laughed as Apollo glared at her and Clay waved back.
“Excuse me, Miss,” she whirled around to come face to face with her grandfather, his eyes twinkling. “May I have this dance?”
She curtsied dramatically. “Of course, sir.”
And she let him twirl her around. For an old guy, he was surprisingly graceful.
Mia was feeling quite good after her couple glasses of champagne. Light on her feet and even lighter in spirit. She was giggling as Lana twirled her again, resting her head on her shoulder.
She heard a cleared throat and she turned to see Phoenix standing there, looking incredibly handsome in that suit. Mr. Edgeworth sure knew what he was doing that was for sure.
“Do you mind if I borrow your wife?” he asked Lana.
“So long as you give her back,” was Lana’s response and he laughed.
And then he grabbed her arm. “Come and dance with me, Mia.”
“Careful, Phoenix,” she grinned like a shark, “Your new husband might get jealous.”
He snorted. “Okay, how much champagne have you had?” he asked, as he started to sway her gently.
“Not enough.”
“I somehow doubt that.”
She saw how carefree he was and smiled. “I’m really happy for you, Phoenix.”
“Yeah. It feels good to have a wedding I can actually go to.”
“Why? So you can drink all the champagne?”
“Exactly. Get lit, as the kids would say.”
He cringed, which delighted her. “Please stop.”
She laughed. “Stop what? I’m sticking with the times.”
“You’re not. I live with two teenagers. Neither of them ever say that.”
She pouted. “Well, they used to.”
He muttered, “Yeah, maybe in the Stone Age.”
She flicked him on the head. “Don’t be rude. I’m not even 40 yet.”
“What is with you Fey women and hitting me today?”
So Maya got him earlier? She wondered what wise crack he said to deserve it. “Don’t be a baby. Someone has to keep you in line.”
“I have a husband for that.”
“He’s too soft.”
He opened his mouth to argue, but then refrained and just pouted. “Whatever.”
She patted his cheek fondly, pouting. “Phoenix, will you get me another champagne?”
Damn, that usually worked.
Maybe this wedding was a mistake.
Franziska watched as Maya danced with Pearl, Iris having to leave in a hurry for some other obligation, Kay was dancing with Frau Skye’s younger sister and well…she was quite bored.
She was feeling restless. She saw her stupid brother in the center table kissing his foolish husband like the shameless man he was and had a solution.
She stalked over to their table. “Miles Edgeworth,” she said sharply, and watched them break away, her brother looking a bit disgruntled. Ugh, obscene. 37 years old and acting like a lovesick teenager. “You will dance with me.”
He raised an eyebrow. “Is that a request or an order?”
He rolled his eyes. “Alright then.” And then he stood from his spot.
Phoenix Wright looked amused, and just said in a dry tone, “Good luck!”
She levelled her glare to him. “You’re next.”
He just got even more smug, which annoyed her. “Can’t wait.” Sometimes she lamented the loss of her riding crop. She missed the days when men cowered at her feet.
“Was your wife unavailable?” Miles asked flatly, doing an elegant twirl.
“Shut up,” she snapped, and then she mumbled in embarrassment, “Yes.”
“I see. So you were bored.”
She glared at him but he was unperturbed. She would have to attempt a different method. She switched over to her native tongue and said in a wistful tone, “Why must you assume the worst of my intentions, older brother? Is it not acceptable for your sister to dance with you at your own wedding?”
“Of course it is. My apologies for doubting you.” He didn’t sound completely sincere but she supposed that would be good enough.
“I am taking your husband for the next song.”
“Just don’t kill him, please.”
“No promises,” she said in English this time. The song ended and she made her way back over to where Phoenix Wright was. She nodded. “Your turn. As promised.”
He grinned. “Oh, good, I’ve been waiting!” Then he turned back to her brother. “If I don’t come back, take good care of the kids, yeah?”
“Of course,” Miles said solemnly and she rolled her eyes, dragging the man out by the arm.
She was expecting him to have two left feet as he was an absolute disaster in everything else, but he was surprisingly competent.
“I must admit, Phoenix Wright, I am pleasantly surprised.”
“I did not peg you for a dancer.”
“I took some classes.” And then he got that stupid smug look again that made her regret ever saying anything nice. “See, I guess I’m not totally hopeless at everything, huh?”
“I never got to thank you, by the way.”
She pursed her lip. “For what?”
“For making Maya happy. Taking in Pearls. You’ve grown up a lot.”
She narrowed her eyes. “I hope you’re not intending to imply I’ve gotten soft.”
He gave her a wry look. “I would never imply that.”
“Good. Because I will happily rip your head off your body if you hurt my brother, I hope you understand.”
She heard him gulp. Ahh, yes there was the fear she so desperately missed. “I understand completely. Thanks for clearing that up.”
She smirked. “My pleasure.”
The party was finally over, her and Herod packing up their belongings. She’d been rather hesitant to come here when Mr. Wright and Mr. Edgeworth invited her. She didn’t want to cause any trouble with their family, of course. But Mr. Wright had assured her it was fine and said he wouldn’t say anything so long as she didn’t.
And she hadn’t planned on saying anything. The twins she’d given birth to 14 years ago were flourishing under their care just like she knew they would. They didn’t need her. Sometimes she felt that twinge of regret when she would see parents with their children walking the street together, but it quickly passed. She’d made her decision, and she was no longer able to bear children. It just wasn’t meant to be, she supposed.
She wondered if her partner knew…
“Excuse me, Ms. Lamiroir?” She heard a child’s voice and turned around, coming face to face with both of the twins. Had they…figured it out? She wondered if they inherited her ability of observation.
One of them, the one with the shorter hair in a spiffy pantsuit, spoke up. “I’m a really big fan of your work. Can I have your autograph?”
Oh, that was it? “Oh! Of course!” She mimed writing. “Where should I…?”
“Right here.” They shoved a vinyl album in her face. Her vinyl album. She smiled ruefully. Life had a way of connecting things, didn’t it?
She got out her fine tip marker. “Who should I make this out to?”
She nodded and signed out To Apollo. With Love, Lamiroir. “There you are, dear.” She handed it back to them.
“Thank you so much!” They sounded breathless. But the other one didn’t say anything, only assessing her quietly which made her a bit nervous.
“Did you need an autograph too?” she asked.
The child blinked, as if caught out of a trance. “Nah, I’m just here for moral support.”
“I see.” She saw the one who’d gotten her autograph run over to one of their fathers to gush, but the other one was still staring. “Was there something else I could do for you?”
“You just look familiar. Have we met before?”
She frowned, thankful she had a cloth covering the bottom half of her face. She saw the child’s fathers off only a few feet away with their sibling, Mr. Edgeworth looking at her curiously.
“No, we haven’t. Unless you’ve been to France?”
They furrowed their brow. “No, I haven’t. Sorry, I must have been thinking of someone else.” And like that, the tension was gone as the child grinned. “Thanks for playing tonight! Your voice is really beautiful!” And then they waved to join their family.
“Sweetheart,” Herod put his arm around her shoulders. “Am I crazy? Or are those two…?”
“They’re just the grooms’ children,” she finished, but she could tell by his face that he wasn’t convinced. She tapped his wrist gently. “We should hurry. They’re going to close down soon.”
He paused for only a moment before nodding. “I’ll grab Machi.”
And like that, the party was over and they all went their separate ways once again.
May 23, 2029
LAX Airport- Los Angeles, Japanifornia
Apollo got a sense of déjà vu, though the airport was different this time.
“Are you sure you’ll be alright?” Papa asked as they walked in through the door. “You got yourself into quite a bit of trouble the last time.”
Apollo rolled his eyes. “Well, unless there’s a secret triplet that me and Trucy don’t know about, I don’t think that will happen again.”
Trucy snorted at that, but Papa just glowered. Apollo thought he was due for a scolding for getting smart, but Dad steered Papa gently away. “They’re fine, Miles. They’ll look after each other.” And then he gave them both a stern look. “Right?”
He nodded furiously, while Trucy, who was always much braver than he was, just rolled their eyes. “Yes, Daddy,” they sighed out.
Papa was satisfied with that. “Very well. But you call us if anything goes wrong.”
“We will.” He went to hug him. “Bye, Papa.”
He gave Dad a hug too while Trucy gave one to Papa and then, after Dad practically dragged Papa out of the airport, they were finally able to get through the baggage line.
He wondered if all his friends from last time would still be there.
May 24, 2029
Maine, USA
“Alright, campers, we have made it to our destination! Welcome to Camp Gourdy!” Trucy was jolted awake from the loudspeaker and then nudged her twin. “Polly, we’re here.”
Apollo blearily opened their eyes, squinting against the bright sunlight, and then their eyes widened as they sat up. “Oh! Hey Trucy, we’re here!” She gave them a flat look. “Oh, right.”
She rolled her eyes fondly. “Alright so, as soon as they open the doors we have to make a run for it. Otherwise, we’re not gonna be able to get our luggage.”
“Why wouldn’t we be able to get it?”
“Just trust me.”
They quickly shoved their way to the front, ignoring the squawks of protest from other campers. Trucy saw her bright blue luggage and Apollo’s red bag about to get buried. “Quick, Polly, grab it!”
“Got it,” they grunted, hoisting their bag over their shoulder.
She grinned in triumph and gave her twin a fist bump. “C’mon, let’s go get our cabins.”
She looked around curiously. Everything seemed the same from when she was here last. Not that she expected much to change.
They approached the check in, and she was mildly amused to see it was the same grumpy old lady from last time. Windbag, right?
“Name and pronouns!” The woman barked.
She blinked. “Sorry, what?”
She huffed, still grumpy as ever. “I said your name and pronouns, whippersnapper, I don’t have all day.”
“Oh! Uhh, Trucy Wright. She.” And then she added on. “Or they.”
“Well, which is it? She or they?”
“Both?” Windbag gave her a flat look and she grimaced.  “Just she then is fine.”
The woman handed her a name tag that read Trucy. She/her. Yellow. Wow, so maybe things were a little different. She wondered if people complained about them not being inclusive enough.
“Name and pronouns!” Windbag barked to Apollo, who flinched under the intensity.
“Apollo Justice!” they yelled, making the old woman wince.
“Don’t shout, child, my ears still work!”
“He.” Windbag glared and Apollo flinched again. “They?”
“Fine.” She threw the nametag at them and Apollo couldn’t get out of there fast enough.
“Well, she’s as unpleasant as ever, I see,” they huffed. But then they furrowed their brow again as they looked at their name tag. “There weren’t pronoun options last time.”
Trucy shrugged. “Maybe they’re catching up with the times.”
“Well, they could do it a little nicer.”
“What cabin are you in?” she asked, nodding towards the tag.
So they were in different cabins again. Interesting.
Apollo hadn’t expected to have the exact same cabin mates as last time, but he was still a bit disappointed that Athena wasn’t here. He’d quite liked her. But the other girl, Junie, was here so he supposed that counted for something.
“This is the first time me and ‘Thena are separated,” the girl sighed out.
“Oh, do you know what cabin she’s in?”
“Yellow, I think.”
“Oh, that’s the same cabin as Trucy.”
Junie frowned. “Trucy? Isn’t that the awful girl you got stuck with last time you were here?”
He grimaced. “A lot’s happened since then.”
“Oh, really?”
“Yeah.” Junie just continued to stare at him expectantly. He supposed he should elaborate. “We found out we were twins separated as babies and that our parents were divorced, so we switched places and our parents are back together now and happily married.”
She looked like she had a lot of questions, but just said, “Okay. Well, um, congratulations!”
Trucy was unpacking her things when a familiar face came bouncing up to her, that tall, ginger girl from last time. Agatha?
“Oh, hey, Apollo!” She grinned.
“Not Apollo,” she said wryly.
“Oh, you’re the other one!” she put her fist in her hand. “Um, Tracy?”
“Gotcha! Well hey, is Apollo here too?”
“Yep. They came with me.”
“Oh really? Wait, does that mean you guys actually are siblings?”
Was she serious?
“We look identical.”
“Well, yeah, but it could’ve just been one of those weird freak Twilight Zone things!”
Trucy cocked her head. “What’s a twilight zone?”
“Oh, it’s this show my mom really likes. It’s about like people who get stuck in like alternate worlds. Sometimes it’s kinda scary, but I find the vibe of it really soothing.”
Sounded interesting, actually. Maybe she could check that out when she got home.
“Sounds cool,” she admitted, “But it was nothing crazy like that. Our parents just separated us when we were babies because they broke up.”
The taller girl’s eyes bugged out. “What?! That’s awful!”
She shrugged. “Yeah, but then we traded places and forced them to talk again and now they’re back together, so it all worked out in the end.”
The girl grinned. “So my theory was right then!”
“What theory?”
“Oh! I guess you wouldn’t know,” she chuckled, “So you see, me and Apollo both have Greek names, right?”
“Yeah…” What was her name again?
“And my mom is single and his dad is single, or was at the time, so I theorized that we were siblings separated at birth.”
Trucy stared at her blankly. “You guys don’t look anything alike, though.”
“Well, no, obviously because we’re not related, but…” she held a finger up. “The theory was true. Just not for me.”
Well, she couldn’t argue with that logic.
And then she got a hard pat to the back. “But hey! I’m glad it worked out for you!”
She was strong. Trucy always did like strong girls. “Thanks!” she grinned, leaning closer. “What was your name again?”
The look she got for that was priceless.
The mess hall was the only time all the campers came together. Atleast the ones in his age group. So he was only partially prepared for a whirl of orange to practically tackle him to the ground.
“Apollo, oh my gosh! I missed you last year and I thought you got banned and were never coming back!”
“Athena,” he wheezed, “You’re choking me.”
“Oops.” She let go of him quickly. “Sorry.”
He set his tray down on a free table. “So you’re in the same cabin as Trucy this time?”
“Yep!” She slid in the chair next to Junie, grabbing her hand and squeezing. “She told me all about your crazy family!”
‘Crazy’ was an understatement. They were utterly mad.
With just the three of them, and Trucy chatting it up from a distance, it really felt like old times.
“So where do you live now?” Athena asked, “Are you still in Germany?”
He shook his head. “No, me and my father moved in with Trucy and my other father last summer.”
Athena gave him a sympathetic look and said in broken German, “it was adjustment?”
He nodded. “Only a little.”
He was curious why she couldn’t say that in English, but at the awestruck look Junie was giving both of them, he figured she was just showing off.
“Well, atleast Trucy won’t try to dump a bucket on your head this time,” Junie said quietly.
He certainly hoped not.
Maybe he could finally have the full camp experience he wanted from the beginning.
It had been a bit of a rough sleep for Trucy that night, as it usually was anytime she was in an unfamiliar place. Though atleast she didn’t have nightmares anymore. Those seemed to have stopped a while ago. She wondered if it was because Papa was there now.
In an echo of last time, she heeled her sneakers on and snuck down to the nearby lounge for some coffee. Daddy didn’t like her drinking coffee unless it was decaf, and Papa swore by tea, but they weren’t here and what they didn’t know didn’t kill them.
As expected, the place was a ghost town. Just how she liked it this early.
She sipped her coffee gingerly, remaining blissfully uninterrupted this time, and then jolted a little when the trumpets went off. Well, that was her cue to disappear.
She quickly changed into her t-shirt and shorts, tying her hair back, which was getting long again. She wondered if she should cut it. She’d gotten spoiled from it being short for so long. But now it was almost halfway down her back and starting to be a nuisance.
The first day for her cabin didn’t officially have anything scheduled, so when she heard familiar sounds of a cheering crowd and the clink of metal, she wandered towards it.
She shouldered her way closer to the front, her height making it hard to see, and smiled when she saw the fencing match, the familiar dodge and jab. Oh, she’d missed that. Maybe she could incorporate more sword fights into her magic shows. Though she was sure Papa would have a heart attack.
She heard the cheers and then Counselor Lotta, still with the same full afro and the southern accent, “And the winner again is Apollo Justice. Our undefeated champ so far! Any of y’all brave enough to challenge them?”
She grinned. She raised her hand, shouting out, “I’ll take a whack at it!”
“Wha’?” Lotta looked around, “Who said that?”
Trucy kept her hand up and watched as the crowd let her go to the front, still grinning as Apollo’s face came into view.
Lotta squinted at her. “Now why does this seem familiar?” Then she shrugged. “Whatever. Put your gear on and git ready to face off.”
It was as she was putting her helmet on that Apollo asked smugly, “Are you ready to lose again, Wright?”
She smirked, even though they couldn’t see it and held up her sword. “I’m gonna win, Justice.  And I’ll do it without pushing you in a basin.”
Apollo got in position. “We’ll see about that.”
“On yer marks!” Lotta called, and then she put her arm down with a whistle.
And Trucy swung.
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4ragon · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
I don’t usually remember to advertise here but I wrote a fic. I’ll put the description under the cut if you can’t read the pic.
[Major AAI2 Spoilers]
Miles blinked a few times, hoping perhaps that he was simply reading the time wrong, but no, the clock continued to stubbornly read twelve thirty-two AM even as he glared at it. 'Whoever this is better have a good reason for calling me,' he thought furiously, fumbling for the answer button. “Hello?” he said. “This is Miles Edgeworth.”
“Hi Mr. Edgeworth, do you think Pops killed my mom?”
hurt/comfort, implied/referenced abuse
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bambixronno · 6 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: 逆転裁判 | Gyakuten Saiban | Ace Attorney Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Mitsurugi Reiji | Miles Edgeworth/Naruhodou Ryuuichi | Phoenix Wright Characters: Mitsurugi Reiji | Miles Edgeworth, Naruhodou Ryuuichi | Phoenix Wright Additional Tags: Fluff, Angst, only a lil bit though, Idk if this counts as fluff but fuck it, and there’s only like a tiny bit of angst right at the end, Post-Case 1-5: Rise From The Ashes, Almost Kiss, Roleswap, Alternate Universe - Role Reversal, Canon Divergence - DL-6 Never Happened (Gyakuten Saiban), Defense Attorney Miles Edgeworth, Prosecutor Phoenix Wright, Phoenix von Karma, also gumshoe is here, did i ever tell you guys how much i hate titles, I Wrote This Instead of Sleeping, anything to avoid writing my other more important wips amirite, no beta we die like mia, fun fact this is saved in my docs as ‘Phoenix von Karma my beloved’, i just really didn’t want to write my other fics okay, Pre-Relationship, can’t believe i forgot that tag???, it’s like the only thing i can write Summary:
“You’re not like them.”
“No. Not yet. But I refuse to let myself be backed into that corner. If I can’t trust myself to stay away from that line, I need to remove myself from it altogether. Don’t you see, Edgeworth? My word means nothing anymore.”
After State vs Skye, defense attorney Miles Edgeworth decides to see how his dearest courtroom rival is holding up
Inspired by this edit!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some more 8 year old Edgeworth for @browniefoxs broken Isekai au
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