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#mickey henry x reader
buckysbrattybug · a day ago
Ok! So this is not a request just more me trying to imagine Mickey Henry as a daddy,, I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm assuming he's a party person/just wild in general, and I imagine his little getting really hissy with him because she feels like she's not getting enough attention or isn't enough to match his energy so she starts being purposely bratty the more she gets into her head about it (not listening to daddy, picking at her food, any way she could disobey) and Mickey gets more irritated as time goes on, hehe lots of spankings and punishments👀
also why is this kinda toxic I hope it's not too much😳
no bc i love this so much😫😫
Tumblr media
^^ he’ll definitely cuddle u after punishments tho🥺💞
you’d get in your head and be like “oh well he’ll find someone better than me. someone more fun and someone who he loves more and pays more attention to. i’m so boring.” so you’d start acting out and being a brat.
every time he tries to feed you, you’ll push his hand away, turning your nose up at him. every time he tells you not to do something, you’ll do it anyway.
eventually, mickey gets fed up and spanks the shit out of you, until you’re raw, bruised and sobbing. and only then, can he get a straight answer out of you.
you refuse to let him touch you, instead curling up on the floor and crying your little heart out.
“y-you don’t love me anymore. ‘m too boring ‘nd you want someone more i-interesting.”
“honey, what are you talking about? of course i love you. you’re my girl.”
“you don’t!” you scream and he hauls you off of the floor, eliciting a pained shriek from you. “let go of me!”
“what has gotten into you?” he shouts back exasperatedly.
“you don’t want me anymore! you’re gunna leave.” you sob into your hands and his face softens.
“come here.”
“come here. now”
he pulls you into his lap, rubbing up and down your leg comfortingly.
“why would you ever think that, my angel? you’re not boring!”
“i am.” you cry softly and he kisses your cheek.
“shh. you’re my baby. you’re the best. the only one for me. don’t beat yourself up, baby.”
and so comfort ensues.
of course, you still push your boundaries plenty, acting like a brat whenever you can just to get a rise out of him.
but he wouldn’t have you any other way.
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mickey-henry · 3 days ago
𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐲𝐨𝐮
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
summary: bucky falls asleep on your shoulder after an exhausting mission
word count: 1.8K
author’s note: hello! welcome to my fifth fic😊 I wrote this for @blackberrybucky’s writing challenge with the prompt “knowing my fate is to be with you” from abba’s waterloo. I’m eager to share this with you all! here's the playlist I made based on this fic. likes, reblogs, messages, replies, and comments are cherished! I hope you like it! 💖
Tumblr media
Finally back from his mission, exhaustion consumes Bucky like the night: all-encompassing and endlessly devouring. His head is heavy; it stings to keep his eyes open and burns when he tries to shut them. Tiredness envelops him like a weighted blanket—it takes more energy than usual to move underneath its ponderosity. He mindlessly stumbles to his room, anxious to strip the remnants of the mission away. He thoughtlessly throws his clothes into the corner of his room, bumbling toward the shower.
He’s desperate to remove this mission from himself, roughly scouring the grime off his skin, unsatisfied with his scrubbing until his skin reddens and prickles. He welcomes the discomfort—anything to distract from the pelting thoughts that ravage his psyche whole. Every little thing that went wrong loops in his mind. The chaotic rubber balls of thoughts slam around his skull, continuous and unyielding. Even the soothing pulse of the showerhead does little to relax him. He reluctantly redresses in a fitted black t-shirt and gray joggers. The ordinarily comforting cotton aggravates his skin; nothing feels right when he’s trapped in a state like this.
He grabs a beer from the fridge, the smooth alcohol trickling down his throat; its bittersweet silk does nothing to soothe his aching mind. He downs the entire bottle before remembering to shut the refrigerator door. He sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose before heading back to his room, ready to crash for the night. His thoughts are an anchor, entangling his legs, pulling him deeper and deeper into the darkness. Nothing can haul him from the depths of himself.
Yet something does—you.
Muffled singing breaks the chains of his wretched state. Your voice brings a smile to his face—he instinctively knows you’ll pull him from the depths of his mind.
The irresistible gravitational pull of your soul draws him in like no other; resistance is futile. He fell into your gravity the day he met you. Since your introduction, he’s been inexplicably drawn to you, tugged towards your glowing spirit, like a moth to a flame, desperate for a glimpse of your fluorescence.
You’re the sun to his moon, the light to his dark, the joy to his pain—the two of you form a delicate dichotomy. His world changed for the better the day you met; you quickly became the luminescence of his life. He’s grateful for even a single ray of your sunshine.
Your effervescent glow, like sunshine on the ocean, makes him want nothing more than to dive into the depths of you. He hopes you can spare a bit of your light with him tonight.
He’s gently knocking at your door before he realizes what he’s doing, your melodies like a siren’s call. He pushes it open once he hears a muffled reply, taking a moment to admire you from the threshold.
You sit cross-legged on your bed, hugging a pillow as you stare engrossed at the movie playing on the television. A smile trickles across your cheeks as you look towards him.
“Hey blossom, can I join you?”
“Of course, Bucky,” you answer, scooting yourself over to make more room on the bed. You throw your lap pillow aside and pat the spot next to you. “There’s plenty of room.”
Bucky sits beside you, his arm lightly brushing against yours. Of course, you don’t mind the contact, but you feign ignorance, unsure how he feels about it.
“What are we watching?”
“Mamma Mia 2! It’s the best musical movie. The first one is great too, but something about the sequel really gets me. You haven’t missed much. Ooh, here comes the best part of this song!” you exclaim, straightening yourself as you prepare for the chorus. “Waterloo, I was defeated; you won the war. Waterloo, promise to love you forever more. Waterloo, couldn’t escape if I wanted to. Waterloo, knowing my fate is to be with you. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Waterloo, finally facing my Waterloo,” you softly sing, slightly embarrassed now that you have company. You glance to see Bucky’s reaction, noticing him smiling and shaking his head. You look at him quizzically. “What?”
He loves to watch you in your element: happy, bubbly, sincere. Your adorable heart passionately sings along to the movie. He’s never met someone so unapologetically themselves; he admires that quality about you. Your kaleidoscope eyes glimmer as a smile tugs at your lips. He’s never known someone more perfect than you. These ideas swirl around his mind at a million miles per hour. Of course, he voices none of this; instead, he smiles and says, “you have a lovely voice, blossom.”
You can’t help but blush, “Thank you.”
You continue to sing along, your gentle melody carrying throughout your bedroom. As enjoyable as the movie is, Bucky can’t help but watch you instead. A particular lyric sticks with him, an echo of his feelings: he couldn’t escape you even if he wanted to. He’s sure it’s destiny the two of you met; he’s so appreciative of your kindness and friendship.
After a few more scenes of the movie pass, you feel Bucky’s weight shift on your side—he falls asleep with his head perched on your shoulder. Your heart flutters in your chest; this is the most vulnerable Bucky has ever been with you. This small gesture means the world; you’re in awe that he’s comfortable enough in your presence to let his guard down.
Bucky’s head slides down from your shoulder. You gently guide his head into your lap, praying you don’t wake him. He remains asleep, his legs curling into his stomach as you situate him on your thighs. You softly stroke his soft brown hair, letting it run between your fingers, resting your arm on his bicep. The heat of his torso warms both your legs and your heart.
When you first met, Bucky’s eyes, haunted by a subtle sadness, drew you in unlike anything you experienced before. The torment behind his eyes and the pained expressions he hides in the daylight finally dissipate; he’s relaxed, happy, and at ease asleep in your lap. You’re relieved to see his anguish melt away.
In his slumber, he pulls your arm between his, gently hugging it and intertwining his fingers in your hand. Without thinking, you softly kiss his temple. Your cheeks burn as his lips curl into a smile from your touch.
You hope Bucky can feel the love spiriting through your veins. It shatters your heart knowing how Bucky sees himself: damaged and broken. You see past the cracks in his mirror; the beautiful reflection of his soul is clear to you: his pure, sweet, wholesome essence. You could stay in this moment forever, content and at peace, even with your arms and legs fast asleep.
Waterloo’s catchy melody echoes through your mind. It’s destiny that Bucky is here with you, in your arms, at peace for once in his unnaturally long life. You know he went through hell and back—a super-soldier lost in time. You can’t help but be thankful that through all the dark twists and turns of his life, it’s led him to you. He’s a beautiful friend; you’re so grateful to know him.
He wakes up as the credits roll, confused at the sense of serenity rushing through his veins. His head rests in your lap; he feels the gentle caress of your fingers as they circle through his hair. He’s surprised at the placidity; it’s been a long time since he’s felt this way.
He lays unmoving, desperate to stay in this moment for as long as he can.
His internal monologue usually goes on forever: never stopping, never ceasing. Even in his dreams, his thoughts follow and haunt him. The black hole that is his consciousness destroys everything it touches—ravaging peace and light.
But at this moment, in your lap, arms, and presence, his thoughts mellow.
His usual turbulent, reckless current of thoughts are now calm, gentle waves that softly kiss the scorching shore. He bobs up and down in the wave pool of his cognizance rather than swimming against a fierce riptide.
The calmness is overwhelming; the floodgates of his feelings come crumbling down. Suppressed emotions bubble to the surface, the lava-like torrent erupts his tranquility. Even as he feels everything at once, he feels secure because he’s with you.
God, he loves you so much. He wants nothing more than to profess his love; his heart screams and yearns for you. He knows he’ll be okay, though. Even if your love for him is only platonic—basking in your light is enough. Like the song you sang earlier, he promises to love you forevermore.
He selfishly indulges in this moment, memorizing how your fingers feel in his hair, how your thigh feels against his cheek, how your arm feels wrapped between his before you eventually let him go. He wishes this moment could last forever. He wouldn’t mind spending eternity with you; paradise is in your arms. He doesn’t feel like he’s holding the weight of the world anymore, all he’s holding onto in this moment is your soft arm.
The moment ends as he sniffles, surprised at the tears slowly trickling down his cheeks and embarrassed at his unexpected, visible vulnerability. He shifts to sit back up beside you. “I’m sorry for intruding on your space,” he whispers.
“It’s what you needed; it’s no problem, truly,” you reply with a smile. You wait until he looks you in the eyes to continue. “My door is always open if you need me. Don’t hesitate, Bucky, I mean it.” You angle yourself towards him, cupping his cheek and brushing the tears away with your thumb.
The kindness and love in your eyes surprises Bucky. He has never grown complacent to the way you look at him, adoringly, with light and joy in each glance. You are incredibly patient with him; you never push him to open up. Yet here you are as he bares his soul to you, unjudging and gentle.
“Thank you, blossom,” he answers. He knows your words are truthful, but he can’t help the swarm of insecurity buzzing its way through his mind. Although his words sound confident, his eyes are stormy with doubt.
Without hesitation, you press a gentle kiss on his brow, resting your forehead on his as you whisper, “I’m always here for you, I promise.”
He presses his lips gently into yours before he can refrain—a quick, chaste, and soft peck. You feel the heat spreading across his cheeks as his lips leave yours. Before he can turn away, you pull him back, softly kissing his pillowy pink lips. It feels perfect and passionate—everything you could ever dream of.
The universe signs its blessing in the stars, unifying your souls, a match made in the heavens.
Wrapped in each other’s arms, you both finally face your Waterloo.
Tumblr media
taglist (and some mutuals I think would be interested): @multiplums @midnightf @starryevermore @mardema @belladonnabarnes @millennial-teenybopper @starlightcrystalline @amelia-song-pond @nahthanks @elijahs-wife @leyannrae @champagnebuckyyy @babycap @lavender-fog @kinanabinks @justreadingficsdontmindme @barnesdogtags @writingsomewrongs @meetmeatyourworst @rebelemilu @winter-james @ritesofreverie @certainaesthetic @bloomingbucky @belowva @sableseb @bucksbestgirl @bvckysmoon @angeloniaa @thatsthethingaboutbucky @onceuponabarnes @gogolucky13 @amayatheowl @romantizzity @bubbly-moonwarrior @buckyblues @bucksfucks @mindingmyownbusiness @bloomingbucky @jurassicbarnes
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fandom-basurero · 4 days ago
Making It Up To You
Pairing: Mickey Henry x Reader
Word Count: 2.6K
Warning(s): implied smut*, angst if you squint, fluff, a slightly steamy ending
*please take this warning with caution!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For the first time, we are dipping our toes into writing Mickey Henry!! I’m so so pumped for this one because I fell for Mickey HARD!! This ones a little bday love for the wonderful @karollbey !!! I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS BBY THIS ONES FOR YOU!!
Summary: After catching up with your friends, Mickey finds a way to surprise you for your birthday to make up for his irresponsible behavior this past month.
Masterlist is in bio!
“Thank you, guys. You guys come at the best times possible,” you say gratefully, grabbing your purse before you open the car’s door. 
“It’s not a problem, girl! You deserve birthday love!” Your friend exclaims before a smirk grows on her face. “While we’re here in Greece, when are you gonna finally let us meet that boyfriend of yours, huh?” 
“That’s right! You keep talking about him!” Your other friend chimes in. Seeing their excited faces, you give them a small smile. 
“Maybe when I hear about another block party or something I’ll let you guys meet him.” You respond to them. Opting not to push the subject further, the three of you exchange goodbyes before the two drive off, causing you to remember just what you’re dealing with now. Sighing, you slowly make your way through the door of the building and up the stairs, reaching in your bag to grab the keys for your’s and Mickey’s shared place. 
It has been rough for you the past two months, especially since you have been working overtime in order to meet the rent. You had felt bad enough knowing that Argyris had been generous to let Mickey and now you have the place, and even more so because there was trouble making it every month. One big problem was that Mickey was slacking. 
Yes, the DJ was charismatic, passionate, and very well happy with his job, but nonetheless, he was having difficulty meeting his half of the rent. As you trudged up the stairs, you replayed the conversation from last night.
“This is embarrassing, Mickey! Embarrassing! I literally had to tell Argyris that I can’t even pay the rent till next Friday!” You sigh, putting your phone away as your eyes locked with his. 
“Honey, it’s gonna be alright, Argyris understands, he knows we’re trying you know. He knows us.” He tries, trying his best to calm down your already worked up self. 
“Yeah, he knows us, but that makes things worse! I don’t want us to come off as irresponsible!” 
“No one’s saying you are, sweetheart, you’ve been trying your best-”
“Okay, I know I’m doing my part, but are YOU, Mickey?” 
Mickey gulps, a nervous yet charming smile forming as he reaches to hold your face in his palms. “I promise, baby, I’ll do my share this time around I prom-”
“Mickey, all you do is promise and then break it! It’s getting tiring that I’m trying to juggle these two jobs to make ends meet!” You argue, voice raising as the frustration does nothing but grow. Mickey gently hushes you as you let out frustrated tears, ringed hands leaving your face to embrace you. “I’m gonna find a way to make it up to ya I’m sorry. I’m sorry you feel overworked. I’m sorry. I’ll try harder.”
You purposely woke up earlier than usual to go about your day, thankful that talking with your friends had helped you simmer down a bit, especially on your special day. You were now in front of your door, nervous about whether or not there’d be tension between you and Mickey like last night. Well, here goes, you think, unlocking the door and going in. “Mickey?” You call out, quick to notice that the place was dim with nothing but the orange and yellow hues that were coming from the incoming sunset. It was quiet. Too quiet. Your eyes darted around the living room area, then in Hector’s unused room. 
“Mickey, you home?” You try to call out once again, tiptoeing cautiously to your shared bedroom, no one. There was one more room to go. You cautiously walked to Mickey’s music room, carefully opening the door to see nothing but black. 
“So dark in here,” you mutter to yourself, stretching your arm in the dark to find the light switch. You flipped the switch on, jumping in surprise when you see your boyfriend sitting on the bench in front of his keyboard. His party hat was cutely tilted to the side while he pulled the string of the small confetti popper, making a popping noise as the bunch of colorful confetti bursted into the air. “Happy Birthday!” He yelled to you excitedly, hands up in the air before they landed onto the keys of his keyboard. You could barely process what was happening, still in shock at the sight that you were met with just now. You didn’t realize that you had tears running down your cheeks as your boyfriend sang happy birthday to you in accompaniment with the chords that he was playing. You shook your head in denial, refusing to accept that your boyfriend was indeed singing happy birthday for you. You let out a gasp when you saw him pick up a cupcake with a candle from the desk next to his keyboard, using his lighter to light up the candle before carefully walking to you. You could only sniff, your smile not being able to be contained as your eyes met his. 
“Make a wish, sweetheart.” He whispers, his eyes never leaving yours. So you did, closing your eyes with your hands folded, with your wish in mind, you pucker your lips and blow the sparkling candle with a puff of air. You open your eyes smiling wider than before as you feel Mickey’s lips press gently onto yours. 
“You’re so crazy, got me crying over here,” you mutter teasingly, giggling as he wipes your tears away with his free thumb. 
“Ah, couldn’t help but surprise you on your special day. Made you dinner tonight.” He chuckles, pulling away when you gasp in surprise, eyes widened and eyebrows raised. 
“You didn’t!” 
“Did to! For once,” he replies, laughing at the last part alongside you. “I made us spaghetti. I know how much you love pasta, so I thought it'd be something I can do to make it up to you .” 
You squeal, pecking his lips excitedly before you hold his free hand, not hesitating to walk out of the mini studio to the kitchen. “Oh, you’re already succeeding, come on I’m hungry!” You exclaim. 
Mickey had charmed you through the night to say the least. From a wonderful conversation at dinner, to a little karaoke session in the studio, he had done nothing but make it easier for you to forgive him from last night’s conversation. It even felt as if the conversation had not happened at all. Everything he did for you only topped the last act of kindness of his. This next act was definitely something you didn’t expect. 
“Why don’t we take a drive to the beach? It’s gonna be sunset for sure.” He asks you, arms wrapped around your waist protectively as he had pulled away from a slow and passionate kiss you two shared. You could only raise your eyebrows in disbelief. Mickey couldn’t help but laugh and adore the way your eyes lit up at his suggestion, knowing how much the sea has become your favorite sight to see ever since moving to Greece. 
“Oh, I’d love nothing more.” 
In true Mickey fashion, he passed you your helmet (he was proud to have made that one), made sure you were secured behind him, and took off in his motor scooter. He knew better than to try talking to you during this drive. You were more than happy to know that he knew you that well, for you always enjoyed looking out at the horizon, admiring Greece in all its beauty as he zoomed through the roads and the cars. He had also let you enjoy the feel of the sea at your feet, holding your hand as you had kicked the water with joy. He loved watching you be this carefree, he loved being the reason that you were feeling this way. He didn’t like watching your face get worn out nearly 24/7 because of him. He felt a sense of guilt watching you always hold back your tears whenever you two argued about rent or Hector. He knew you were trying your best. Trying for yourself, trying for your family, and for him. 
That’s why he had made it a clear point to make your birthday a special one, so that you can see that he is trying too. Trying to be a better guy, trying to grow up, trying for you. “Enjoying yourself?” He asks, seeing you bend over to pick up a few pebbles knowing that you’d want to skip them. He had indulged himself with a few too, giving you time to formulate your response. 
“Way more than I’d like to admit,” you confess, throwing a pebble and watching it hop on the water’s surface. You look over at Mickey with a grateful smile on your lips. “I… I really am grateful to have you, you know.” You tell him seriously, your heart now racing when his blue eyes meet yours. “I’m sorry about bringing up rent the way I did yesterday,” you manage to let out, fiddling with the pebble in your hands. “I’m just worried… It's been hard to settle and I want to make things work, you know? I want us to work.” 
Mickey had nodded in understanding, cupping your face to make your eyes meet his again. “Hey, now. Enough of that talk, you are doing great okay? We’re here to unwind.” Your guilty look did not leave, however, he saw how you were trying to let it go. 
“But- mmm.” Your words were left up in the air as he gently pressed a quick kiss to your lips, pulling away with a soft smile on his face. “Nope! I told you we are here to unwind!” He argues playfully at you, smiling more when he sees your lips curl up. “That’s my girl. Let’s just enjoy ourselves.” 
You nod in agreement, relaxing into his palms. “Can we hug till the sun goes down?” You ask in a whisper. You smiled when Mickey accepted your request right away, arms returning to your waist, bringing you closer to him. You let your head rest on his chest, concentrating on the sounds of the waves crashing alongside his steady heartbeat, admiring the mixture of pink, orange, and blue as the sun slowly disappears and goes beneath the horizon line. It felt as if the peace that you had been searching for in Greece has been found today, the peace found from the presence of Mickey and the view of the beach allowing your body and mind to calm itself down from its anxious state. The peaceful aura only continued on the ride home, Mickey encouraging you to close your eyes and rest on his back, taking in the now cool wind as he rode you two back home. 
The next time you open your eyes is when you pass by the all too familiar road that lets you see not only the sea ahead, but also Greece in a different light. You can only look at it in awe as you watch the distant lights flicker, looking at your surroundings in newfound content until your eyes meet the back of Mickey’s head. You couldn’t help the butterflies that you had felt in your stomach at the thought and sight of the man in front of you, opting to hold him tighter to express your gratitude.
Tumblr media
“So how was your day today, sweetheart?”
You laugh at the now shirtless man that was standing beside your shared bed, shaking your head. “You’re talking as if you and I haven’t spent the afternoon and now evening together!” You sarcastically reply as you get comfortable in your pajamas, hopping onto the bed and under the blankets only for your boyfriend to follow suit.
“What? Can’t a guy ask how you’ve been through his time together with you? Come on, tell Mickey Henry how you’re feeling” He argues with a teasing smile, wrapping his arm around your waist over the blanket to bring you closer.
“I guess you can,” you giggle, before a pause takes over the room. “I’m grateful. Very grateful to be spending my birthday with you.” You hum, “I was alone on my birthday since moving to Greece. Last year I felt lonely. I was homesick. I wanted to have my friends or family to be here with me. Hell, I still do, lunch with my friends made me only realize how I’ve led a lonely life here and how much they mean to me. But… when you surprised me and did all these things, I realized… maybe I’m not as lonely as I make myself out to be.”
Mickey smiled at your response, humming in satisfaction as he leaned over to press a kiss to your head. You’re a fucking strong person for even making the move to try out life in Greece, let alone a life with me. If anyone deserves all the love, especially today, it’s you. I want to make it up to you from here on out.” He responds with sincerity, a small pause returning once again in the atmosphere before the playful glint in Mickey’s eyes return once again. “So does that mean I did great today for a start?” He asks you.
“It was okay,” you tease. You laugh when Mickey’s eyebrows raise, as if a challenge has been bestowed upon him. He only laughs, his body starting to crawl on top of yours, adjusting the blanket so it’s underneath you both. You laugh as he dramatically scoffs in disbelief, typical Mickey.
“Just okay?” He asks, scrunching his nose as he lets out a chuckle, watching you cutely squirm and squeal under him. “That’s not good enough.” He huffs, making you giggle. You naturally bury your hand in his hair, playing with it as the other caresses his back lightly and gently, up and down.
“I suppose it isn’t.”
“I got something’ that can help me figure out the truth from you.” Your eyebrows raise in interest, a smirk teasing to appear on your face. “Oh? What would that be?” You challenged him.
“This,” he breathes softly into your lips, leaning in to take up the rest of the gap between you both to lock lips with yours. You only sighed in content, lips parting to move with his soft ones, allowing that wave of warmth flowing from her lips to her toes. All thoughts have been silence, for all she can think and feel was his lips and tongue against hers, his hands slipping under your shirt to have more of you. You whined when he pulled away, a smirk now adorning his face knowing that he got you in his trap. You were now left wanting more. “Changed your mind?” He asks breathily, his hands continuing to lightly trace your upper body underneath your shirt, causing a small whine to nearly leave your lips. “You have me feeling like I’m on cloud 9, from the studio till now,” You admit breathily. You felt like you were still in that daze, as if you were daydreaming. You felt like you were floating whenever you were with Mickey, his cologne had overtaken your senses and the sight of his swollen lips and his pupils blown up with lust had become your main point of focus. Your heartbeat only raced even more at the sight of his growing smirk.
“What if I told you…” he starts, eyes remaining on yours as his hands begin to wander in the places that he knew would make you easily fall apart. “That I had one more surprise gift incoming for you, right now?”
Another wave of warmth had made its way throughout your body, the heat settling on the place where your body begged to be touched. You were done playing games with Mickey, done resisting the thought that has been floating in your mind since the change of the atmosphere. You only knew one thing: you wanted him, all of him. You wanted him to love you and you wanted to feel all of it.
“Then I’d tell you to make sure that you surprise me.”
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*feedback and comments are greatly appreciated!
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slutforbuck · 4 days ago
Peter Pan Part 5 -- Mickey x Reader
part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5
The salty air blew your hair across your face as you leaned back in the sand. “Thank you for bringing me out today Mickey.” “Anything for you Sugar.” You turned to watch as he flopped down next to you, button down shirt flying open in the wind, dark shades covering his beautiful ocean blue eyes, and his signature carefree smile blessing his face. Smiling contently as he pulled you to his side, the two of you sat in silence, looking out over the ocean. You were so at peace that you thought you may fall asleep, but Mickey noticed this before you did. A mischievous smile crossed his lips and he grabbed you by the waist and ran towards the water with you in his arms. “Mickey!” You laughed as a cold wave crashed over the two of you, knocking you off your feet. Mickey never let you go and hooked your legs around his waist to keep you from floating away. “You looked like you needed to wake up.” His ocean blue eyes stared down at you, his nose crinkling slightly as he grinned at you, now drenched in water. You laughed as you gently slapped his arm, “You ass! I was awake!” “You looked pretty out of it to me.” He laughed and threw you into an oncoming wave. When you popped back up from under the water, you dove for him, “I was totally awake. Not at all daydreaming about all the things you did to me last night.” Mickey groaned as you wrapped your legs around him, anchoring yourself again. “You know we have a party tonight. How adventurous do you wanna be?” The two of you smirked at each other before heading back to the shore to leave.
“Miiickkk!! What time are we leaving?” Lean, muscled arms wrapped around your waist, and Mickey rested his chin on your shoulder in the crook of your neck. “Depends on if you want to have a little fun before we leave.” Finishing up, you turned yourself in his arms and held his face in your hands. “Come on, you promised me a long ride.” With a quick kiss on the cheek, the two of you were out the door. The party was in full swing by the time of you strode in. Mickey’s arm was draped softly around your waist, and you immediately began swaying to the music. “Mick dance with me!” Laughing, he pulled you against him, spinning you until you were dizzy. The last spin sent you straight to the bar, where you fell onto a stool trying to catch your breath. You ordered drinks for yourself and Mickey, and looked back out to the crowd looking for his unmistakable blue eyes. Before you could down your shot, your eyes connected with his and your jaw dropped. Wishing that you could chalk it up to him being drunk, you turned to face the bar, downing both drinks you had ordered. I can’t believe he’s already kissing some tramp. We’ve been here maybe fifteen minutes and he’s SOBER. Well two can play at that game. You stood, adjusting your clothes so that more skin could be shown. Every man you saw had his eyes trained on you, and a smirk stayed plastered on your face. You found one of the most intimidating looking men, and pressed yourself against his chest. He had no arguments, and his hands quickly found their way to your ass, pulling you closer and roughly kissing you. Suddenly you were pulled away from the breathtaking kiss, and pushed to the side. Once you regained your balance, you saw Mickey and the man standing toe to toe. Internally you groaned and pushed Mickey out of the way. “Back off Mick.” “Are you really going to do this to me Y/n? You were all over this guy!!!” A heavy hand came down on your shoulder, letting you know that if he needed to, he could handle Mickey for you. “We can discuss this later. But right now, I’m having a good time. A lot like the fun you were having with your tongue down that slut’s throat and your hand working its way up her skirt.” With the last words dripping with anger, you turned sharply on your heel, pulling your new friend behind you.
A warm breeze accompanied the soft sunlight coming in through the windows of the unfamiliar room you woke in. You rolled to your side and saw the man from last night, and all the memories of what happened came flooding back. Quietly you slipped out of the bed and pulled your clothes on, hoping to be gone before the man woke up. Luckily his apartment was on the first floor, and you snuck out through his patio. Your bare feet touched the cool concrete and you made your way to the nearest café. The squealing of breaks made you jump, and you turned to cuss the driver. Before you could get words out, you noticed it was Argyris. He leaned over and pulled you into the car. “Where the hell have you been? Mickey called me this morning saying you never came home last night.” “Like he’d care.” You scoffed at the mention of his name. “What happened korítsi? He said you disappeared with some guy, you didn't come home. You haven't answered your phone when I’ve called.” Tears welled up in your eyes and you turned to face the window. “Where are you taking me?” Hearing the crack in your voice, Argyris’ voice softened, knowing you needed time before you could explain why you were upset. “I was thinking the beach?” Through the tears that had began to fall, you smiled and gave Argyris a small kiss on the cheek. “Thank you.”
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mickey-henry · 5 days ago
Headcanon: Looking under the Greek night sky with Mickey?🥺
gosh I would give anything to live out what I just wrote AHHHH🙊
𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐤 𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐬𝐤𝐲
mickey’s dj-ing the party you spontaneously decided to attend
your favorite drink trickles through your veins as you sway to donna summer’s “I feel love”
you’ve been eyeing him ever since you noticed him
he’s wearing a ridiculously vibrant button-up shirt over a skin-tight white tank top (classic mickey vibes)
you catch his gaze, pleasantly surprised when he gives you a wink
he leans over to talk to his friend before making his way over to you
“hi there, gorgeous. run away with me?”
“okay, mr. handsome stranger. where are we going?”
you’re on the back of mickey’s motorcycle, hugging his fit torso before either of you have introduced yourselves
he stops on the shore of a beautiful beach illuminated by the setting sun
“wanna go for a swim?”
“I normally know a bit more about a guy before I strip in front of him, no matter how gorgeous he may be.”
he smirks, “my name is mickey, i’ve lived in greece for seven years, and I dj for a living.”
you smile and share a sentence-long blurb about yourself.
“now that we know more about each other gorgeous, ready for that swim?”
next thing you know you’re paddling through the bright blue waves, giggling as he pulls you under the water for a kiss (because how hot was that scene let’s be real)
you could kiss him forever; he feels so good. freaking mickey henry, man.
the sun is long gone, and the two of you lay wrapped in each other’s arms in the sand, basking in the pale moonlight
you both watch the stars, talking about anything and everything
after a few moments of silence, he presses languid, sensual kisses along your neck and jaw as he traces your thigh and hips with his hand
you spend hours in his arms and on his lips
mickey henry is a dream come true
join the sleepover!
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mickey-henry · 5 days ago
SLEEPOVER TIME!!!! first off ily mel🥺. and can i request a fluffy bucky drabble where he takes care of you when you're feeling mentally drained
ya girl is going through it😭🤚🏾
ily sunshine! 🥺💖 I got you; I hope you like it! (also sorry this took like four days oops)
𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐦𝐞 𝐨𝐧 𝐦𝐲 𝐛𝐚𝐝 𝐝𝐚𝐲𝐬
bucky would come home one day and find you staring off into space; a stark contrast to your usually upbeat, sunny disposition
he pecks your cheek and says he “forgot something at the store” and will be right back home
you barely process his words, but you nod and tell him, “be safe”
bucky barnes, the adorable boyfriend that he is, decides now is the time to curate a self-care box just for you
he saw the idea online somewhere and has been waiting for the opportune time to surprise you
you’re his sunshine, so he’s going to give a bit of that back to you
he grabs a yellow bin and stocks up on all things yellow: snacks, candies, and lemonade
he grabs a wicker basket and picks out a soft pair of pajamas and matching socks
he stocks up on your favorite lotions, bath bombs, and shower gels
he wants the best for his girl and is adamant that you get not one but two customized boxes
when he gets back home, he presents you with the self-care basket
you’re stunned speechless, pressing your lips into his as a silent thank you
he insists on running you a bath
he scrubs your scalp with shampoo, lathers conditioner throughout your crown, detangles your locks, and braids your hair for you as he sits on the floor beside the tub
he lets you rant about anything and everything
he reminds you how much he loves you, repeating the kind phrases and reassurances you normally give him when he’s had a rough day
normally you’re the one taking care of him, but tonight, it’s all about you
after the bath cools, he rubs lotion in your skin and helps dress you in your new pajamas
bucky makes your favorite dinner once you’re seated on the couch with your favorite movie on
when the movie ends, he says he has another surprise for you
he presents the sunshine box, “you’re my sunshine, darlin’. here’s a bit back for ya.”
gosh this man loves you with all of his heart
the night ends with you laying on top of him, his hand gently rubbing your back until you drift off to sleep
join the sleepover!
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jane-doe6 · 10 days ago
Can’t Take Him Anywhere
Pairing: Mickey Henry x Fem!Reader
Words: 800+
Summary: Mickey is a horny boyfriend. 
Warnings: explicit sexual content (vaginal fingering, public sex, handjob), getting caught, Mickey being stubborn, a bit of fluff
a/n: 18+!!! SMUT!!!! NO MINORS!!! So my account crashed and I had time to write and so I made this one yesterday. It was an entertaining idea I had. I hope you like this fic. 
Tumblr media
You and Mickey ran down the streets of Athens towards the movie theater. His scooter broke down a few blocks away and he decided that you two could run to the theater. 
It was the last night that the movie you two wanted to see, was going to be in theaters. So there you were holding your heels in one hand and holding Mickey’s hand in the other. 
He laughed as you almost smashed into his back when he slowed down. You scolded him and smacked him across the back of his head. It just made him laugh harder. 
You told him to speed up. You two only had about five minutes to get to the theater. You told your crazy boyfriend to check the motor of his scooter before you two left the flat. But of course, he didn’t listen to you. You had told him “I told you so,” about a hundred times as you two were running. He brushed you off and told you it would be fun to run. 
You two made it. You halted to a stop in front of the ticket stand and he handed the man your tickets. You took deep breathes trying to catch your breath. He pulled you into the theater and you let out an involuntary yelp at the sudden movement. The patrons in the theater shushed you as you smacked Mickey on the arm. 
He got you two a seat in the back and you slumped in the chair, still tired from running. He smiled as the commercials ended. He placed his hand on your thigh and rubbed small circles on your soft skin. 
“Don’t you dare.” You hissed, as you felt his hand move up your thigh. 
“Oh, c’mon. I know you want to.” He smirked, as his hand slipped under your skirt.
“I swear to god, Mickey.” You warned but gasped quietly as his thumb rubbed your clit through the cotton of your panties. 
“That’s it, baby.” He smiled and slipped a finger into your panties to rub your little bundle of nerves. You quietly moaned and bit your lip to try and be quiet. 
“I’m going to kill you.” You whispered, and he just smirked and ran his finger up and down your wet slit. You coughed a bit to cover a moan. 
“So wet, sweets.” He praised and pressed a finger into your weeping hole. You covered your mouth as to not lead the other people in the theater as to what was going on. He thrusted his finger in and out of you and pressed his palm to grind against your clit. You pressed your face against his shoulder to muffle your sounds. 
“Oh, god. Make me cum. Please.” You quietly pleaded against his shoulder. He thrusted another finger into you and crooked them up to brush against your g-spot. You bit down on his shoulder as you came around his fingers. He helped you ride your high out as your hips ground down on his hand. He pulled his hand out of your panties and brought his fingers up to his lips. He sucked your juices off his fingers.
“So good.” He groaned quietly as he tasted you. You reached over and palmed the bulge in his pants. His hips bucked up at the contact. 
You rubbed slowly against his hard cock through the fabric of his jeans. You leaned over and caught his lips in a heated kiss, the movie now long forgotten. 
You unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans and reached into his boxers and pulled his cock out. You swiped your thumb over the tip collecting the pre-cum off the tip. You stroked it into his cock as you jerked him off slowly. He groaned against your lips as you stroked him. You thumbed under the crown of his cock. His tongue slithered into your mouth and your tongues explored each other’s mouth. 
He was almost there as your hand moved faster, working over his cock. One more stroke and he’d cum, but someone clearing their throat from behind you stopped everything. You pulled your lips away from his and turned your head. 
Your eyes squinted as a flashlight shined over you two. It was the same guy from the ticket booth. You quickly stood up and Mickey tucked himself back into his jeans. 
“You two have to leave before I call the cops.” The teenage boy squeaked, and you quickly nodded and grabbed Mickey’s hand. You two ran out of the theater and he was laughing his ass off, as you two ran towards your flat.
“Oh, shut up. You started this.” You said and playfully shoved him back. He wrapped his arms around your waist as the moonlight shined on your face. 
“But you love it.” He smiled and placed a kiss on your cheek. You pushed his face away and he laughed and placed another kiss on your lips. 
“You make it so hard to stay mad at.” You grumbled and crossed your arms.
“C’mon, I’ll carry you home.” He offered and turned around. You rolled your eyes and placed your hands on his shoulders, and jumped up. He caught your legs and you wrapped your arms around his neck. He walked to your shared flat with you on his back. You still scoffed at what he did in the theater. You couldn’t take him anywhere.
@honeyel @greeneyedblondie44​
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oops-aquarius · 11 days ago
Sebastian Stan & Co. Masterlist
Tumblr media
Sebastian Stan:
nothing yet!
Bucky Barnes:
nothing yet!
Mickey Henry:
nothing yet!
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jane-doe6 · 12 days ago
Early Morning Cuddles
Pairing: Mickey Henry x Fem!Reader
Words: 500+
Summary: Mickey doesn’t want the Reader to leave for work.
Warnings: None. Not in anyway. There’s a smidge of curse words but that’s it. It’s all fluff. Literally all fluff. 
a/n: I wrote this in like thirty minutes because I thought this was a cute idea. I really liked the idea of clingy Mickey because he’s so cute! I really hope you like this fic!
Tumblr media
You groaned when you heard the annoying blaring of your alarm. Your eyes popped open and you rolled out of Mickey’s embrace to turn it off. You heard him groan and pull you back to him. You rolled over and cuddled into his chest.
He tightened his grip on your waist and buried his face in your chest. You ran your fingers through his fluffy bedhead and he purred and snuggled closer to you. 
You hated having to leave his embrace in the morning. He always guilt-tripped you into staying in bed all day. You pretended to hate it but you couldn’t help but love it. 
“Baby, I have to go to work.” You whispered and tried to pull out of his hug, but he just held you closer. 
“No,” He mumbled against your chest and peppered kisses against the top of your breasts.
“Yes. I can’t miss another day. They’ll fire me.” You said, and you felt him smirk against your skin. 
“That means you can stay with me.” He smirked, and you rolled your eyes when he looked up at you with a goofy smile. 
“I need to pay the bills.” You pointed out and pointed your finger at him. He playfully nipped on the tip of your finger. You chuckled and pulled your finger away. “You’re a child.” You scoffed and slipped out from under him. You went to stand up but he wrapped his arms around your bare waist and pulled you back onto the bed. 
“Stay with me.” He whispered in your ear, as you fell back on his lap. You looked up at him and rolled your eyes. 
“I can’t. I need a shower and coffee before heading to the shop.” You explained and stood up quickly so he couldn’t catch you. You strode towards the bathroom when your feet were suddenly off the ground. You squealed as he carried you over his shoulder. 
“I’ll make your coffee.” He said, as he placed you on the counter and started making the coffee. 
“You’re dramatic as hell.” You teased, as he brewed the bitter liquid. 
“I just want you to stay with me.” He stated and stood between your legs and you placed a kiss on his nose.
“You’re too cute.” You muttered, “Fine, I’ll stay.” You sighed, and he smiled and picked you up and spun you around the kitchen. He placed kisses all over your face. 
“Thank you, thank you.” He smiled, and you chuckled and cupped his face and kissed him lovingly. He placed you back on the counter. 
“But if I get fired. You have to get a job.” You countered, and he rolled his eyes. 
“I have connections. You won’t get fired.” He said and placed a kiss on your nose. 
“Those better be some strong ass connections.” You stated as the timer on the coffee pot went off. He turned and poured you two a cup of coffee. You two sat in a comfortable silence as you two drank your coffee, stealing quick kisses in between sips. Once finished, he took your cups and set them in the sink. 
“Let’s go back to bed.” He smiled and picked you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he carried you to the bedroom. Thank god for early morning cuddles.
@honeyel​ @greeneyedblondie44​
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jobean12-blog · 13 days ago
The Record Players
Pairing: Mickey Henry x reader
Word Count: 1,441
Summary: Mickey always shows up at your DJ hate it but do you hate him?
Author’s Note: This is for my lovely friend @happygowriting 1k follower celebration and The Hat Draw Challenge! I picked #8 which was enemies to lovers with Mickey. This is my first Mickey fic! This was such a fun challenge! Thanks for hosting sweets and CONGRATS!!! You’re awesome and deserve every one and more! Thank you all so very much for reading! Much love always!❤❤❤ Music dividers by the lovely @skylightlantern
Warnings: lots of cursing, some angst, hints of fluff, oral sex (f rec), semi-public sex (18 +ONLY PLEASE!!!)
Gifs not mine: This first one is by @reidbuck , the second by @starrybrock and the third by @asterie thank you all SO MUCH :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“What the fuck are you doing here Mickey?” you grit out as you plug in the speaker cable.  
“Hello to you too babe,” he replies. “And what do you mean what the fuck am I doing here. I came to see you!”
He lazily drapes his arm over your shoulders and presses his lips to your cheek. “How ya been beautiful?”
You push him away with a groan, ignoring his question and continuing to set up your equipment.
“If you’re just gonna stand there and look pretty the least you could do is help out!” you snap.
“So, you think I’m pretty, huh?” he teases. “In that case, I’m all yours.”
You roll your eyes before scoffing and shove some wires at him. “In your dreams.”
Once people start showing up the air buzzes with energy and you quickly finish setting up so you can get the music going.
“Thanks for the help Mickey, see ya!” you say, clearly giving him his cue to leave.
“Aw, come on, why can’t I stay up here,” he whines, throwing you a flirtatious smile.
“Because this is MY GIG!” you shout, knocking him in the chest. “FUCK OFF!”
His shoulders slump and he shuffles backward off the stage, nearly tripping and falling down the steps. You laugh before looking away and focusing on your job. The crowd erupts at the first beat of music they hear, drinks sloshing and hands raised high.
Your friend passes you a cold drink and you smile down at her, chugging half before placing it down on the speaker. You start one of your favorite songs, whipping your head around when the music picks up. Grabbing your drink, you dance off the stage and into the arms of your friend, finishing off the rest of the alcohol before really letting go.
A warm body slides up behind yours and strong hands grip your waist. You immediately recognize Mickey’s smell, his breath hot against your neck as he leans down to whisper in your ear.
“Taking a little break I see,” he simpers, turning you around in his arms.
You’re drunk but not drunk enough to fall for his bullshit.
“You know I always like to dance during my sets. Back off!” you yell, still barely loud enough over the thumping music.
He holds his hands up in mock surrender and backs away, jogging up to the DJ stand and grabbing your headphones. You shoot daggers at him, your fists clenched at your sides as you watch him take over.
“I’m gonna fucking kill him,” you seethe but your friend grabs your hand and twirls you around.
He plays your favorite song, knowing you won’t be able to resist staying on the dance floor. You do your best to erase him from your mind for the next six minutes as you move to the music and let it flow through your veins.
When the song ends you shoot straight for the stage and rip the headphones from his head.
“Why do you always do this!” you scream. “I didn’t ask for your fucking help!”
The crowd goes quiet, the party silent now except for the sound of your voice. Mickey turns to everyone and smiles, holding his hands out and pointing toward you, “let’s hear it for your amazing DJ tonight!”
Tumblr media
Thankfully, everyone explodes into cheers and you push passed Mickey to start the next song. Once the music is going and everyone is dancing again he pulls you off to the side.
“What the fuck is your problem?” he asks, his face scrunched up.
“You Mickey! You’re my fucking problem!” you screech, sticking your finger into his chest. “You’re always showing up at my gigs and trying to take over.”
He grabs your wrist and pulls you into his chest. The feel of his warm skin pressed against yours makes you gasp, momentarily forgetting why you’re so mad.
“I’m sorry,” he says, his voice soft and only for your ears.
Somehow you catch the words despite the loud atmosphere and you instinctively lean into him, inhaling the smell of his skin. His nose brushes your cheek before his lips meet the corner of your mouth and just as your eyelids begin to flutter closed the song ends, pulling you back to reality.
You leave his arms and run to your computer, working the crowd over while you get the next song ready. You see Mickey leave the stage from the corner of your eye and disappear into the crowd. Once you have a few songs queued up you get yourself another drink and locate your friend.
By the time Mickey finds you again you’ve finished your second drink and you’re pressed up against some stranger, his hands on your ass and your bodies moving together to the music. Mickey downs the rest of his beer and drops the bottle to the floor.
His large hands wrap around your waist as he drags you away from your dance partner.
“What’s going on over here?” he asks, holding you in place.
Your eyes widen in shock and you jerk yourself away from his hold.
“What the fuck do you mean?” you yell.
Mickey tugs you away from the crowd even as you try to pull away from him.
“Why were you dancing with that guy?” he asks, his face hovering mere inches from yours.
“What the fuck do you care!?” you scream and turn away.
He grabs your arm and yanks you toward him, your back slamming along the wall of the house as he cages you against it.
Tumblr media
“I care…” he starts, before running a hand through his hair. “I just,” he pauses, then whispers, “fuck it,” and crashes his lips to yours.
There are no distractions this time, nothing to pull you from the feel of his lips and hands. The music fades away, the only sound left the rapid beating of your heart and the rush of blood in your ears as his mouth trails kisses along your jaw and down your neck.
Your movements become frantic as you pull at his shirt, pushing it off his shoulders before scratching your nails down his chest and fumbling with his belt. He pulls away for a brief moment, cradling your face in his hands and holding your gaze.
It looks like he wants to say something but instead he slowly smooths his hands down your body, slipping them under your dress. His fingers hook into your underwear and he slides them down your legs, kneeling before pushing your dress up over your hips.  
His lips graze your inner thigh, the scruff of his beard leaving a delicious burn in it’s wake and when he reaches the sweetness between your legs you cry out his name, grabbing his hair to pull his face closer.
The grip he has on you is bruising and he spreads your legs wider, dipping his tongue between your folds and tasting you like a man starved. Your back arches off the wall and you thrust yourself further onto his tongue.
Your legs shake in his grasp as his tongue makes one last slow slick from top to bottom then up your stomach and over your breasts until his hard body is pressed to yours. His pants fall to his ankles and he settles between your legs.
His mouth opens, but you don’t want to hear the words, don’t want to know whatever he’s about to say so you frame his face in your hands and kiss him. He answers with the slip of his tongue between your lips, the taste of you still lingering.
He pulls his mouth away. “Look at me.”
Your fingers dig into his shoulders and you do, unable to take your eyes off him. He sinks into you, closing his eyes for only a split second at the feel of you wrapped around him.
He sets a smooth and steady pace but only for a moment because it isn’t enough, isn’t close enough. You lift your leg and wrap it around his waist, grabbing his ass to pull him deeper. He loses all restraint, his hips slamming into you as he fucks you against the wall.
You tighten around him and his hips stutter but his gaze never wavers. It isn’t long before he’s spilling inside you, his weight pushing you harder into the wall. You breathe. Breathe him in.
“Fuck,” he whispers into your neck. “That was…”
“I know,” you pant. “I know.”
It’s as much as you want to confess. You didn’t want to admit that it felt too good and nothing, no one would ever compare to it.
Tumblr media
@book-dragon-13 @drabblewithfrannybarnes @eurynome827​ @jhangelface0523 @jewels2876 @hiddles-rose​ @aquahogcodes​ @ironmansuucks @lookiamtrying @loricameback​ @marvelgirl7 @mardema @moonlacebeam @nano--raptor @randomfandompenguin @lizette50 @starlightcrystalline @white-wolf1940
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𝔟𝔯𝔞𝔱𝔱𝔶 𝔰𝔞𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔡𝔞𝔶𝔰 (✿˶◕‿◕˶人◕ᴗ◕✿)
hey bbies!! my new url has inspired me hehe,, i want to get to know you guys more and interact!! so every saturday i’m going to hold a little gathering!!
so all day, send in asks and little requests for me to write (only hcs and blurbs because i won’t be able to do full fics for everyone😣— i can’t guarantee that i’ll get to every request but i’ll try my best) for any daddy of your choosing — as well as concepts and ideas you have <3 and also tell me stuff about yourselves!! i want to hear anything u have to say as well as if u want to ask me anything, i’ll be more than happy to talk💞
as the name suggests, it’s ddlg themed and will consist around the theme of brattiness (my favourite😌)
it will run from 9am - 9pm GMT (but i don’t mind getting them a little after, just use whatever time zone is good for u loves) — they may be cut short some weeks due to personal obligations etc...
i want to hear from as many of u as possible so keep your asks coming😚😚
it will start this saturday, (it’s monday now so get ur asks ready my loves)
see u soon!!😚😚
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buckysboobs · 15 days ago
Tell Me You Own Me | Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
pairings: mafia!bucky x reader
summary: daddy teaches his little starlet a lesson when she acts like a brat and accuses him of cheating.
warnings: strong language, rough sex, age-gap (not really mentioned but it would make it better) overstimulation, breeding kink, dom/sub dynamics, mentions of cheating, slight angst, daddy kink, hair pulling, spanking, slapping, spit kink, blow jobs, cock slapping, dirty talk, pussy eating, cum eating, slight bondage, degradation kink, name-calling, humiliation kink, petnames, mentions of blood and violence, choking, bucky's dogtags, angry!bucky, dominant!bucky, shameless smut, this is literal filth, unprotected sex (don't.) little plot, slight fluff at the end also bucky calls her little girl because it really isn't my fic if i don't add THAT.
inspired by 'off to the races' by lana del rey.
She taps her nails against the table, bottom lip pulled between her teeth as she waits. Bucky isn't home yet, and she's made up more than enough worst case scenarios about where he might be. She knows he's a busy man, what with the heavy responsibility of leading The Barnes Family, dealing with drugs and the extortion that follows (involving anyone with a death wish.)
She shouldn't be mad at him, she knows that too. He's been a little distant lately, missing a few dates and she can't help but fear that he has probably gotten bored of her. But that doesn't seem right, it wouldn't make sense, would it? After all he really did warn her about the consequences of them getting into a relationship. And with how he had described it at first, she's yet to experience the worst but she knows he'll protect her if it comes to that. Hell, if a fly came anywhere near her he'd probably shoot it with a machine gun.
'I'm a bad man' my ass, she thought, smiling to herself. She really was fond of her old man.
She looks at the clock on the wall and sighs. Half past six. He had promised he'd be home by five and they'd have a nice dinner and maybe cuddle. She had finished revising her Economics chapters— that she absolutely loathed— just for this.
She shouldn't feel like crying, it's wrong. He's a grown man with things to do. He probably got caught up with someone at the restaurant, he's a well known figure afterall. He needs to do some work and put up a front to make sure no one finds out that James Buchanan Barnes— a name among the ladies, high profile businessman and war veteran in the Upper East Side is indeed the underworld mastermind behind the infamous Mafia that the media seems to be creating shitloads of hype about.
"But what if it's something else?" The voice in her head taunts, "What if he's with someone else?"
She shakes her head abruptly, pushing the thoughts to the back of her mind. Her bottom lip quivers and suddenly she's angry. He had fucking promised. She wipes a few tears that had managed to roll down her cheeks, pulls out a tissue paper and aggressively wipes the maroon lipstick he likes on her so much till her lips grow chapped. She changes into more comfortable clothes, neatly tucking the dress she had bought for the occassion to the back of their shared closet.
The urge to reach out, grab the nearest flower vase and thrash it against the wall is high. She wants to do it. She's going to do it. She stands up and starts walking when she hears a click in the lock.
She turns towards the door, nostrils flaring. The door opens and in walks the devil, in all of his glory. His disheveled hair is pulled back, falling graciously just above his broad shoulders. The first three buttons of his creased white dress shirt are unbuttoned, revealing his dogtags resting against his toned chest. His sleeves are rolled up to his elbows. He's holding a velvet suit jacket over his shoulder, which he drops right on the floor before cracking his neck and pushing his shoulders back to ease some tension. He sighs in content, as if he's done a lot of physical work.
"I see you're finally home." She says, crossing her arms over her chest. He looks at her, eyes lighting up and a smile appearing- fuck, that smile makes her weak.
"My little starlet," He mumbles fondly and stalks towards her, reaching out to hold her when her eyes fall on the red stain on the collar of his shirt and widen in disbelief.
She gives him a chance to come clean and brushes off his hands, missing the hurt look on his face as she steps back and huffs, "Where were you?"
"Got held up at work, my love. Had to deal with this guy who wouldn't pay me back." He rants, giving off a charming smile, "Was looking forward to our date tonight."
Fucking liar.
She shakes her head, eyes glassy with tears of frustration. Her lips curl into a snarl, "Stop fucking lying to me."
"The hell are you on about?" He asks, voice laced with concern as his eyebrows furrow in confusion.
"You've been coming home so late! And you're almost always on your phone, making more late night trips to work, you've been distant with me and brushing me off when I ask you if anything bad happened at work, but you're nice to every other girl we come across, acting like your charming self, like— like I don't satisfy you anymore because I know you're into the model type and i'm not one of them," She looks up into his stormy blue eyes and gulps because he seems to be catching on and oh god he looks angry, "You're cheating o-"
He cuts her off, head tilting, "Finish that sentence and see what happens."
She huffs bitterly, stomping her foot on the ground. She is not going to let him get away with this, especially not after he used his bedroom voice on her. "I was saying that you're cheating on me, aren't you?"
"You-" He looks taken aback and at a loss for words, a hand coming up to wipe at his face in exasperation, jaw clenching. "You stubborn little girl. I am many things but a cheater ain't one of 'em. I thought we talked about this?"
"I don't believe you." She almost yells, eyeing the red stain on his shirt before she begins to ramble breathlessly "I knew you would get bored of me eventually, I had seen it coming. Especially with the way all girls seem to throw themselves at you-"
"-And you flirt back sometimes. I mean, I get that it's your personality to be nice and flirty for your alter ego or something, but sometimes it just feels like a— like a fucking punch to the gut! And I love you so goddamn much so I don't understand where I went wrong but if there's some girl that you're see-"
"My rose."
"-Ing you could have atleast had the balls to tell me like a real fucking man!? You thought I wouldn't notice? I see everything. You fucking promised. And now that you're finally here I cannot stand the sight of your face because the only man I've ever truly loved has hurt me by being an unfaithful assho—"
"You have no right to yell at me, asshole!" Without thinking, she grabs the dreadful flower vase and throws it right at him. He ducks just in time as the vase hits the wall behind him and shatters to the floor. He stands back up and shakes his head, nostrils flaring, eyeing her figure as she steps back with her hands clasped over her mouth and tears rolling down her cheeks, chest heaving . She can't believe she just did that.
"Shit- daddy i'm so—"
He gives her a look and she shuts up for a second before he grabs her by the jaw and presses his lips to hers in a rough, passionate kiss. She tries to half heartedly pull away at first, pushing at his chest but he's just so big and strong that he barely budges. Eventually she gives up and melts into the kiss, wrapping her hands around his neck and tilting her head to give him easy access. She could never really deny the way he grabbed her.
Bucky hums in appreciation, teeth pulling at her bottom lip that he gradually sucks into his mouth, tongue lavishly prodding against hers.
He pulls away with a squelchy pop, a thin string of saliva between their previously adjoined lips as he looks into her eyes.
"I'm not fucking cheating on you."
She licks her lips, blinking twice "Then why do you have a fucking lipstick stain on your collar?"
"I don't-" he stands up straight and frowns before pulling the collar away from his face to take a better look. And she does too. Her eyes widen again and she steps back sheepishly.
Bucky turns towards her, "That's blood."
"Oh." She rubs the back of her neck.
"Yeah. Oh." He mocks, quirking an eyebrow up at her, a bored expression on his face. She puts her hands behind her back, smiling up at him hesitantly as if it would make up for her impulsive actions.
Oh. You fucked up bad.
He walks away from her and brings back his velvet suit jacket, holding it up in front of her, "As I said, I got held up to teach this guy a lesson. The blood got all over my suit jacket, must have gotten on the collar too." With that, he unrolls his sleeves and there's a few drops of blood on the cuffs as well.
She looks down at the floor in shame, hands now fiddling with the hem of her shirt. (Well— his, technically. But.)
"And i've been a little distant because you have your exams in some time and I heard you complaining about it to your friends over the phone." He explains, voice stern and laced with dominance. Like a dad talking to his child. "Also, I feel like i've been a little too clingy so I wanted to give you your space to not come off as too strong. I know you ain't got no major issue with what I do but I feel like it could still be overwhelming, so I don't tell you everything that bothers me about work. I love you, and only you. I got no eyes for any other woman. I would never even think about cheating on you. Not when I have everything I ever wanted right in front of me, do you understand?"
Shit shit shit shit shit.
She nods timidly and refuses to meet his eyes. "I understand."
"Good girl." He whispers and bends slightly, gripping her jaw to make her look right into his eyes. "Now, you did break the damn vase and I don't really give a fuck about it— but you gotta be punished for that temper, ain't that right, little girl?"
She fiddles with her fingers and nods, all the anger dissipating and sadness taking place— she hated the way he treated him when he was just trying to care for her. Why did she have to be such an impulsive overthinker? She had disappointed him.
"Use your words." Bucky warns.
"Yes, daddy. That's right."
He smiles his million dollar smile at her and walks over to take a seat. She doesn't move from her place, waiting for him to speak up, which he does after pulling off his shirt and manspreading over the edge of the bed.
Her man is a sight, chest slightly sweaty and heaving, prosthetic gleaming. Hair pushed back, those thick thighs parted like a king, eyes raking over her form.
She doesn't hesitate to take off the shirt she's wearing, slowly unbuttoning it while maintaining eye contact. She lets it fall to the floor, revealing her chest adorned in a maroon lace bra that left little to the imagination and a matching thong. She hears him groan in appreciation and feels a little proud.
He eyes her for a second before his expression lights up, as if he just got a new idea. A smirk graces his features. "Grab that maroon lipstick of yours, would ya?"
Observant fucker, she thinks but obeys and he holds his palm out, gesturing for her to hand it to him. She does.
"Get on your knees, bitch."
She feels a shiver up her spine and kneels. He tells her to part her lips and patiently starts applying a coat of the lipstick over the plush skin, thumb reaching out to wipe the little smidge that got out. The act feels so intimate that she feels her skin heat up, teeth sinking into her bottom lip. Bucky tuts, running his thumb over the dark cherry stained lips and she sucks it into her mouth without warning.
He slaps her across the face.
"Didn't say you could suck, did I?" he asks and she holds back a moan, pouting up at him.
"You didn't, daddy. 'M sorry."
"You better be. Now lay over daddy's lap, ass up."
She scrambles to follow and when her clumsy self takes too much time, Bucky huffs out a condescending laugh and grabs her roughly by the arm and jerks her over his lap. He pulls down her thong, palm running over the skin of her ass. She's anticipating the spank, but it never comes. When she relaxes her posture to wiggle in his hold, he smacks her ass. She cries out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, and Bucky tells her to count.
"Always acting like a fucking brat." He pants, palm kneading the flesh, fingers slowly inching towards her exposed pussy that was clenching around nothing. She was fucking dripping.
"You really are just a little cunt begging to be fucked, aren't you?" He taunts and she moans, wiggling her ass, earning another spank. "Pathetic little slut, acting out just 'cause you didn't get my cock."
"Please, daddy." She whimpers, trying to grind against his thigh. He yanks her hair back and pulls her up slightly, metal fingers pushing into her pussy without a warning. She hisses when his digits begin to massage her velvety walls.
"Please what, you little slut? You want daddy's cock, is that it? Want me to fill that loud mouth of yours with my cum?" He retorts, flicking at her clit. He presses her head back into the bed and then smacks her ass three more times.
She's panting breathlessly, her aching cunt clenching around his thick fingers as they work their way in and out of her. She feels herself getting close and before she knows it, she's empty again. She whines in complaint, earning a mocking laugh from Bucky.
"You didn't think I would let you cum so easily now, did you, doll? That's pathetic." She opens her mouth to respond but he shoves his dripping fingers past her lips, making her moan at her own taste. "That's a good girl, suck on daddy's fingers, just like that." He groans when he feels her tongue roll around his digits, and pulls his fingers out to run them across her chest before sucking them into his own mouth, moaning erotically.
She feels herself clench at the sight.
"Daddy please," she cries out, making grabby hands at him.
"Please what?" He's having too much fun with this, he knows it, "What do you need, doll?"
Her next words leave him slightly surprised, "Tell me you own me. Please."
He shakes it off as warmth blooms inside his chest. He bends down to kiss her, groaning into her mouth as their tongues prod against each other, breath mixing, souls merging into one. Her hands find themselves in his hair and she pulls at it slightly, making Bucky grunt against her. He pulls back to place kisses down her neck, tongue swiping at the spot under her ear before his teeth bite at random places across her chest, leaving cherry shaded bruises in their wake. "I own you. You belong to me, you're my little plaything. Only mine to love and fuck, isn't that right?"
She whimpers at his filthy words and nods hastily.
He unclasps her bra as she archs into him but he pushes her back down by placing a hand over her tummy.
"God these fucking tits," Bucky groans, pulling one into his mouth, making his little starlet cry out again. He digs his teeth into her nipple, flesh hand making it's way to her clit while the other pinches the nub, reveling in the little whimpers and pleas of 'Daddy, Daddy, Daddy' spilling past her lips.
He kisses down her navel and parts her thighs, cock straining against his pants at the sight of her pussy drenched and glistening, pulsing around his fingers. His mouth latches onto her clit while he slightly rubs his stubble against her folds. She emits a pornographic moan, eyes rolling to the back of her at the action.
"Taste so fuckin' good," He mumbles into her pussy, and her thighs almost close around him when his fingers start to thrust faster. He's got three of them pumping in and out, stubble making goosebumps raise on her skin and her clit pulled between his teeth— this man is going to destroy her.
"Oh shit— daddy right there!" She cries out when he hits just the right spot and he goes even faster, tongue rushing past to lick the wet slick around her folds, fingers being pulled in by her tight walls. She starts grinding onto them and he smacks her thigh as a warning.
"Come on baby, look at me." Bucky growls, and she opens her eyes just a little to see him looking up at her with those gorgeous eyes of his, a few strands of hair falling over his forehead, sweat dripping off the sides of his face and his pink lips closed around her clit. A groan runs past her lips, and she tries to close her thighs around him again when he grips her ankles and holds them in place.
"Your thighs are shaking so much," he comments almost cockily, thrusting his fingers at an impossible pace. She cries out and feels her body heat up, vision going white. She let's go when he curls his fingers up in a come hither motion and pulls at her clit with his teeth.
After coming down from her high, she looks up at him nervously. Bucky shakes his head in mock disappointment and slaps her sensitive pussy, making her whimper.
"I was expecting you to beg for it," he chuckles darkly, standing up and unbuckling his belt, "But since you wanna be such a fuckin' whore and cum so bad without permission, i'm gonna make you cum all night."
She feels herself tremble at his tone, a deep burning rising in her pelvis when he grabs her wrists and buckles them against the headboard of the bed with his belt. He grabs her cheeks harshly, leaning down to whisper in her ear, "I'm gonna make you cum so many times you won't be able to think for days. I ain't gonna stop, not even when you beg me to. I'm gonna abuse that tight little cunt of yours and you're going to thank me for it like a good girl."
He looks at her expectantly and she nods at him with wide eyes, lips parted. Her lipstick is completely smudged and something about seeing her at his mercy like that, makeup ruined and face flushed ignites a fire of desire deeper than anything he's ever felt. He shakes his head with a smile before pulling his hand back and then slapping her across the face, making a red handprint appear on her cheek. She moans desperately at the action, feeling her pussy pulse.
"Alright," Bucky hums, "Now you're going to suck my cock."
He pulls his pants off and she sees his cock straining against his boxers, a wet patch appearing on the dark material. He pulls it out and her mouth waters, already open and waiting. Bucky situates himself just above her, weight balanced on his knees as he lets just the head move past her flushed lips. She tries to take more in but he doesn't let her, only allowing her suck on the tip, making some precum land on her tongue. She tries to kiss the tip again but he thrusts his dick into her mouth entirely, making her gag and shut her eyes. She rolls her tongue around his shaft as he pulls out and thrusts back in, maintaining a hard pace as she tries to breathe hard, eyes droopy and jaw slack, drool running down her chin while the slick between her thighs pours onto the sheets. He groans at the feeling of her warm mouth around his cock, watching her sinful face grow wrecked with every thrust, bound hands restless against the headboard of the bed.
She whimpers when she looks up at him and he throws his head back, slight red patches visible around his mouth and on his lips due to her lipstick, chest gleaming with sweat, dogtags swinging back and forth with every movement and his eyes shut in pleasure. God, she loves the feeling of being used by Bucky.
Bucky thrusts his cock into her harder, making it reach the back of her throat before suddenly he pulls out and slaps her with it while she tries to reach out with an open mouth. He chuckles at the action and then thrusts back into her, holding her head in place by her hair and using her mouth for his own pleasure only.
"Fuck," he grunts when he feels the coil in his tummy tighten, "Don't swallow."
There are tears falling down her numb cheeks, and she just blinks up at him in response. With an erotic groan he spills into her mouth. He hisses when he runs his hand over his dick and then turns towards her. "Open up."
She does and he sees a pool of his cum on her tongue. He pursues his lips and spits into her open mouth, "Swallow it."
She does it like it's the greatest order in the world. The humiliation, the feeling of being degraded by her man, the dominance and control he holds in bed makes her pussy pulse harder.
"Daddy," she whines, parting her thighs and wiggling her ass against the sheets, "Please fuck me? I promise i'll be good for you."
Bucky's lips curl into a smile and he cups his pussy with his hand, leaning down to rub his stubble against her thighs. She tries to grind against him but he simply slaps the inside of her thigh, "Are you going to apologize first?"
"Yes!!" She cries a little too quickly, wiggling her ass and trying to get friction against his hand, "I'm sorry for misbehaving and being a brat. I'll be a good girl from now, I promise. Just- please fuck me."
He chuckles at her antics and reaches up to cup her cheek, lining his cock with her pussy, "Oh i'm going to fuck you, alright."
He's deep inside her with just one shove and she groans loudly when he starts pounding into her like an animal. His cock is literally tearing her apart— she doesn't even understand how he could have that much stamina. His dogtags clink against each other and dig into her chest, and she loves the feeling of them.
Bucky fucks her thorough, making her cry out when he reaches her g-spot and completely abuses it. She throws her head back and he fumbles with the belt binding her hands before hastily unbuckling it.
She reaches out to hold him as he fucks into her but he grabs her hands with his metal arm and holds them tight by her head, leaning back to look into her eyes as he thrusts relentlessly. Her lips are parted in a silent scream and she feels herself tightening around him while his flesh hand plays with her clit, pulling and tugging at it the soft nub.
"Taking my cock so well," Bucky growls, penetrating her aggressively. She looks up at him with a glazed expression and he knows she's about to climax.
"Daddy— need to— fuck-" she hisses, her back arching off the bed, "Need to cum, daddy, please let me cum-"
"Go on, slut. Let it go." Bucky gives her the permission and she does, white spots clogging her vision yet again and body going limp under him as he keeps thrusting into her sensitive, aching cunt.
He pulls out and she whimpers at the sensitivity but suddenly Bucky flips her onto her front and smacks her ass, shoving himself back into her in one go.
She screams at the intrusion and Bucky starts fucking her raw, smacking her ass with every thrust till her flesh heats up like it's on fire. Her voice croaks like a broken record and her hands reach out to hold onto something— anything, so she could ground herself. Bucky notices and yanks her back by the hair, pulling her flush against his chest as he violently fucks her like there was no tomorrow. His body cages her against the bed and his metal arm wraps around her throat, making the blood in her veins rush.
"Shit, daddy please no—" she chokes, "No more please! I can't— can't take it-"
He's carnal with his pounding— aim powerful while his hand comes down to play with her clit, "Yes you can," he growls into her ear, "You— shit— you act like a bratty little bitch so I'm fucking you like one."
His dick twitches inside her and and she feels her pussy throb even harder, eyes stinging with tears— it hurts so fucking bad and she loves every second of it.
"So fuckin' tight, like a damn virgin when you're far from one," He chuckles at the last part, cock ramming into her g-spot, "You feel so good, I'm going to cum."
"Fuck!" She moans, throwing her head back to rest it against his shoulder. He leans down to bite at her neck, thrusting roughly.
"You want me to cum inside you, you fuckin' whore? Is that what you want? Breed you like a little bitch?" He taunts in a husky voice and she's getting close—
"Yes! Yes please daddy cum inside me!"
"Oh I will. Gonna breed you, fill you up with my seed till you're full with my babies," He pants, increasing the pace again with dedication. He holds himself off just to give in to the pleasure, "Gonna make you a mother, see you swollen and round with my children, you'd like that wouldn't you? Wanna be owned by me?"
She cries out in pleasure, grinding against him. He feels himself twitch inside her again and whispers into her ear, "Cum for me doll, make a mess all over daddy's cock."
And she does, she cries out in ecstacy and feels her load dripping down her thighs and onto his balls, and he fucks her through it, the sound of skin slapping heavy in the room. Her body goes slack and her eyes close, and Bucky spills inside her with a guttural moan.
After a moment, he pulls out and lays back down on the bed, carefully holding her against his chest. She looks up at him with the most breathtaking smile and he smiles back at her when her fingers come to play with his dogtags. He's not done with his promise yet, but he's going to let her body rest for a while.
"My man," she mumbles dreamily, pressing a kiss to his chest, "My Bucky."
He kisses her forehead and while he might be a powerful man, his heart is the softest when it comes to his little starlet.
He tucks her hair behind her ear and in the softest of voices mumbles back; "Yours."
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank you for 1k followers! I appreciate you guys so much, also I have received so much love from you guys over the time that i've been here and I'm so grateful for that <3 enjoy this filth.
Also would it be too much to ask if I promoted my instagram here and begged you guys to check it out, maybe even follow if you like my edits hehe? Ok. Go check it out while you're at it: @/barnescult. thank you love you x
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thanks again for 1k!! i really appreciate it. also if you have requests or want to give feedbacks or just talk- i'm all ears. send in an ask or drop a message :)
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multi-stann · 15 days ago
Sugar Daddy Saturday Headcanon- Mickey makes you a playlist
a/n- Please like, comment, and reblog!! It means a lot to me that i know anyone who reads my stuff, likes my work! Don’t be afraid to send me asks as well. I’m currently taking requests(for sds and main fics), and i’m always open to talk to new ppl:)
Warnings n stuff: 18+, just a sweet little hc :)
he actually makes you several
one for nearly every anniversary, your birthdays, shit like that
he’ll ask you what type of music you’re feeling, and most of the times you say “surprise me” and he does
some will be slow tempo- which isn’t like his regular mixes- others will be club dancing music
just depends on how he’s feeling, but each one is made out of love
he usually puts around five to seven songs on it, just so it’s not an overwhelming amount
one time he put ten and you’ve made it into a joke between the two of you “oh don’t put ten this time, don’t want you flipping out again!”
he’s made songs just for you- but usually the playlists consist of music he’s found that he likes
you two will dance to it in your apartment
on your birthday one year, he had a session that night
he played some of the playlists(including the new one), added an extra few songs, and you danced the night away
he enjoyed watching you move so freely with the beats of the music, enjoying yourself on the dance floor with alcohol running through your veins
that night was exhilarating, and mickey made it even better
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cjsinkythoughts · 18 days ago
Lol I think I’ve already read addictions at least 15 times. I love it!
Aww! Thanks! I was kinda nervous, but I'm glad you enjoyed it! 🥰
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bucksfucks · 19 days ago
    𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐢 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐡 ₊˚. ୭̥
Tumblr media
                ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
MAY 2021.
                ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
b. barnes
honeymoon by @iillicitarts
you’re the best book i ever read by @mickey-henry
reoccurring face by @swtbbybarnes
southpaw by @gogolucky13
wet, sharp, and cold by @balenciagabucky
attitude problem by @bloomingbucky
deal with the devil ft. nat by @buckyblues
best man by @navybrat817
let me love you by @slothspaghettiwrites
destroy by @navybrat817
fatws series by @cjsinkythoughts
don’t look at me like that by @elijahs-wife
riding by @msmarvelwrites
back shots and salted liquid drops by @balenciagabucky
s. rogers
on call by @buckysdaydreams
well taken care of by @bloomingbucky
cardinal direction by @sventeen-daybreak
m. henry
once in a lifetime by @buckycuddlebuddy
s. wilson
know that i won’t forget your ocean blue by @balenciagabucky 
there are many ways to say, i love you by @ritesofreverie
misconstrued and mistaken by @certainaesthetic
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𝐦𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐲 𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐲 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
main masterlist
Tumblr media
𑁍 𝐨𝐧𝐞-𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬
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multi-stann · 22 days ago
Sugar Daddy Saturday Headcanon- Mickey is your first
a/n-Please like, comment, and reblog!! It means a lot to me that i know anyone who reads my stuff, likes my work! Don’t be afraid to send me asks as well. I’m not currently taking requests(i’ll occasionally ask for ideas though!), but i’m always open to talk to new ppl:)
Warnings n stuff: 18+, smut, unprotected sex, bit of an age gap(not really implied though)
It was a hot night, but the small ac within your room kept the two of you cool when you got back from a night out
nothing like the unusual, the both of you took a shower together to cool off even more
many make outs had happened in that very shower, outside of the shower, wherever was possible, but this time it was different
you could both feel that it was different
mickey knew that it would be the first time for you, so that’s why he always waited
he never rushed you, only told you that whenever you’re ready he’d be right there waiting
and he was
it was a little unplanned
a little messy
a little untamed, the whole thing
you had told him previously that you didn’t want him to be too gentle on your first time
that you wanted to make it even more memorable, even though having it be with him already was
he understood, so when you two started making out as usual in the shower; the water cascading down your bodies; you knew it was time
and you knew where you wanted your first time to be; and you didn’t want it to be romantic.
honestly, mickey was all up for it
you were pressed up against the shower wall, his lips on yours, his hands roaming your wet body as yours did the same to his
he loved touching every part of you, feeling you
toying with your nipples, running his hands over your sides, then down to your pussy where he played with your clit
he had you a moaning mess within a couple of minutes
two of his fingers then slipped inside of your pussy and he began to finger you; his lips pressing against yours to silence some of your small cries of pleasure, more-so to feel you even more
his tongue slipped into your mouth and you moaned; your hands grasping onto his shoulders as he finger fucked you
you could feel your orgasm approaching rapidly, and before you could warn him, you came
your walls enclosed around his fingers and he slowly finger fucked you down from your high, and when his lips finally separated from yours, you were panting heavy
he loved the blissed out look on your face, but he knew you wanted more, even before you started to beg him
“mickey...please. take me right here, right now.” your voice low in volume and came out in almost a whimper
he gave you that charming smile and pressed his lips to the crook of your neck, nibbling, sucking, kissing the skin there
he mumbled against your skin “mmm, loving every second of this sweets. gonna feel so good.”
one of his hands hiked your leg up around his waist and then you felt his tip nudge at your core
you involuntarily moaned, eyes shut, ready for him to push in
“fucking do it, please!” you begged more, and he obliged; not wanting to keep you waiting any longer
he wanted to hear you, to hear your beautiful sounds while his cock drove into you
so he pushed in, not too slowly and not too fast
he didn’t want to hurt you, but he also knew you didn’t want that normal sappy shit of a first time
you immediately grasped onto his shoulders when he pushed in, giving you a couple of inches, then as a few seconds went on, he pushed further in; until he was completely stilled inside of you
his mouth went to your jaw and nibbled on the skin there, then he started to move his hips
his thrusts were sort of slow to start with, but he picked up his pace
his hair was sticking to his forehead and was tickling your neck when he leant down to press kisses there
his hands were gripping your waist, your boobs, your thighs, anything he could get ahold of just to feel you everywhere
your nails dug into his skin and you both remember when you woke up that he had scratches all along his biceps and shoulder blades, the middle of his back too
your neck was adorned with bruises, along with your collarbone and some on your boobs
you two barely made it back to your bed before crashing, and the next morning, mickey was sure to fix you some breakfast; even if it was a little disastrous
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Peter Pan Part 4 -- Mickey x Reader
Warning: 18+/smut
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The next few months went by quickly. The days were filled with Mickey dragging you across Athens and to different islands. Your nights were filled with parties, clubs, and amazing sex. Between the chaos of the days and the nights, you barely had time to rest. Some days you went to the beach while Mickey worked with Argyris, those were some of your favorite days. Getting the chance to lay in the sun on the warm sand, or floating in the cool water, the waves gently rocking you, had become rare. Mickey wanted adventure, to constantly be going. The man barely ever stopped.
Today was one of those days, and you reveled in the fact that you had all day to yourself to stay in the sand. The sand warmed your toes early that morning. You sighed a relieved breath as you dropped your things and started towards the ocean. The wet sand softly squished between your toes as you came to the edge of the water, where it lapped against your feet. You made your way out into the water, until it was around your waist. Standing as still as you could with the water gently rocking your body, you looked out towards the horizon, just being able to make out the outlines of the few islands dotting along the water. Finally feeling content with the quiet breeze and the ocean spraying across your face, you smiled before turning back towards the shore. Dragging yourself out of the water, you sat down in your beach chair. You laid back and let the sun warm your body. The sound of the waves crashing in the distance and the salty smell of the ocean pulled all the tensions from your mind and body. You had almost fallen asleep when your phone buzzed with a text from Mickey telling you that their client had left. Sighing, you gathered your things together and began your walk back to the apartment.
The soft sound of the piano greeted you as you walked through the front door. As you dropped your keys on the table, you called to Mickey. “Mick? Are you okay?” You leaned against the doorway, folding your arms across your chest and watched Mickey’s fingers slowly dance across the keys of the piano. The music stopped abruptly, and he turned to you. “I didn’t hear you come in.” He smiled, almost as if he was embarrassed that you had caught him playing. He reached up from his seat, arms inviting you to sit with him. You smiled as you pushed yourself from the wall and settled in his lap, softly kissing his cheek. “What have you been doing?” Turning towards the piano, you noticed a pencil and partially written sheet music. “I wanted to surprise you.” He gently slid you off of his lap, and pulled a chair next to him. His fingers went back to the keys as the soft notes began to play again. You watched him intently, memorizing the way his face concentrated on the notes. His eyes closed and his brows tightened as he threw himself into the music. He slowed as he neared the end of the song and his face relaxed. The love and happiness showed on his face, a smile spreading across his face, and his nose scrunching up. Moving to stand behind him, you wrapped your arms around him. “Mick that was beautiful.” He smiled as he turned to take your face in his hands, softly kissing you. Your hands tangled in his hair as he walked you backwards, until the back of your knees hit the couch. Gently he laid you down, his lips never leaving yours.
The soft light of the morning sun began to shine through the window, waking the two of you. Mickey pulled you up closer to him. “Morning,” His scratchy morning voice breaking the silence of the morning. You turned to face him and smiled, “Good morning.” His warm lips pressed to yours, and his warm arms wrapped around your cold body. Pulling away, he stared into your eyes. “I love you.” Your head snapped up at the barely whispered words. “You..What?” He leaned his forehead to yours, “I love you Y/n. You are so beautiful, so supportive, so fun. I love how carefree and spontaneous you are. I love everything about you.” He pressed his body against yours, holding your face in his hands. Starting at the top of your head, he kissed his way down your body, not missing an inch of your exposed skin. His long, skilled fingers found themselves between your legs, barely grazing over your wet center. A soft groan left your lips, leaving Mickey grinning. Slowly he dipped one finger into your dripping center, sliding in with ease. Another found its way with the first, and your hands gripped his hair as he moved his mouth over your sensitive bud. You were almost to your end when he pulled away from you. “Miiickkk—“ You began to whine as he pulled you to your feet and captured your lips in a rough kiss. Breathlessly you pulled back, sliding your hands down his thighs as you dropped to your knees. Gently, you took his length into your mouth. You began to slowly suck and drag your tongue over the underside of his thick cock. A loud moan escaped his lips as he held himself up against the couch. Wrapping a hand around the base of his length, you began to pump as you sucked, keeping a steady pace. You pulled away with a soft “pop” of your lips as he whined and thrusted towards you, missing the warmth of your mouth. Roughly, he grabbed you under your thighs and threw you on the couch, immediately covering your body with his. He locked eyes with you as he slowly pressed into you. You gasped as he sped up, slamming himself into you. He brought one hand down to rub your clit as he continued to roughly fuck you into the couch. An intense heat began to build in the pit of your stomach as you neared your orgasm. “M..Mick…Mickey!” You screamed his name as your orgasm crashed over you, making your walls contract around his cock. He dropped down to his elbows, bringing himself closer to you. His thrusts became short and sloppy as he neared his end. His breathing became shallow as he released, painting your walls with thick ropes of cum. The two of you laid pressed against each other, trying to catch your breath after coming down from your high.
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