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dizbunny · 9 minutes ago
Every time the Mickey Mouse short “canned” is played an Oswald fan dies a little
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closeted-calliope · 13 minutes ago
Me? Starting another monster au for my obscure oc x canon raggedy ann ship? It's more likely than you think. Anyway, this time its Henny falling in love with Mickey, who is a big hot vampire lady (not the RE8 kind though, sorry.) Hope y'all enjoy!!!!
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snowstorm324 · 44 minutes ago
Epic Mickey Crossover AU “UST” (Unofficial Sound Track): First Realm (BETA)
Main Area: Purple Coins - Super Mario Galaxy
The Base of the Tin Bird: Battlerock Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy
Battle the Tin Bird: Crocodile Cacophony - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Main Area (Post boss/paint): Forest Interlude (Mario Paint Cover) - Donkey Kong Country 2
Main Area (Post boss/Neutral): Forest Folly - Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Main Area (Post boss/Neutral thin): Dark World (GameChops Zelda and Chill remix) - A Link to the Past
Main Area (Post boss/Thin): Sector Y/Solar - Star Fox 64
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sweetcresta · 44 minutes ago
Father’s day had never been a holiday Ian recognized. He never marked it on the calendar, never made sure to give his father a call to say happy father’s day. neither did his siblings. it was just another day for them.
Sometimes Frank would come around and ask where his cards and gifts were, but they always just rolled their eyes and made snarky comments. Fiona would say ‘my gift is raising your children’ and Ian would mumble things under his breath about him not even being his dad.
But this year.. this year, he has the day marked on the dry erase board on their fridge - even circled it and put a heat - amongst photos and magnets and takeout menus. all the little things that make them a a family.
When he opens his eyes that Sunday morning, the sun is shining bright and he’s instantly filled with so much love as he turns in his and Mickey’s bed to find Annie sleeping soundly on her back, sandwiched between himself and Mickey. She’s almost one year old and recently has gotten into the habit of crying from her crib until they pick her up and move her to their king mattress. She’s a sweaty sleeper, so he pushes her dark curls away from where they’re sticking to her forehead and smiles. He thinks she just might be the most perfect baby he’s ever laid eyes on with her plump lips and button nose and those blue eyes he had hoped she’d have.
He looks towards Mickey whose sleeping on his side towards Annie, his hands pillowed under his head. Even in unconsciousness he can see the dark bags under his eyes and he’s wearing the same shirt he’s worn for the past few days - parent hood will do that to you, but Ian’s never found his more attractive, so he’s leaning forward, careful not to disturb Annie and placing a soft quick kiss to his husbands lips.
Mickey shifts, smiles into the kiss and opens his eyes.
“Happy father’s day.”
“Mhmm,” Mickey hums. “Fuck, i forgot to get you a gift.”
Ian shakes his head, “You’re kidding? she is my gift.”
And Mickeys chuckling, splaying his hand over Annie’s pudgy belly that Ian loves because it tells him they’re feeding her, taking care of her, loving her.
“You’re so cheesy, man.”
Ian smiles and so does Mickey. They smile so much now. They smile when Annie makes those shrieking laughs, when she crawls, when she’s fond of a toy.
Silence surrounds them for a while, then Mickey’s saying, “One of the best things that ever happened to us.”
Yeah, yeah she is. “Let’s make breakfast then take her to the pool.”
Twenty minutes later Ian’s frying up some eggs and Mickey’s sitting Annie into her high chair to feed her some oatmeal. it’s her first time trying it, so Mickey makes a whole show of turning the spool into an airplane before shoveling it into her mouth. He spoons away the food that pools in the corner of her lips and Ian takes it as a victory when she doesn’t instantly spit the food out.
“Took that like a champ lil monkey. it’s good, huh?” Mickey gives her more, smiling all the while. Ian’s heart flutters and fills until he thinks it might burst at the seems. it wouldn’t be a bad way to go.
after everyone’s full and Ian and Mickey have gotten their coffee, they put Annie in her swim suit - a blue one piece covered in pink butterflies - that Fiona had sent for her and they get their own on. They grab towels and the baby bag before and take the elevator to the top floor. When they push open the door that leads to the balcony, the cloudless day greets them with warmth. Ian breaths it in, points his face to the sun and basks in ur for just a minute.
They put sunscreen on; Mickey covers Annie with it until she’s all white and Ian laughs.
Mickey opts to stay out of the water, so Ian places Annie on his hips and heads to the stairs that lead into the pool. They descend and when the water reaches Ian’s hips he sinks down to his knees, maneuvering Annie so he can hold her in front of him.
She loves the water, kicking at it and giggling when Ian lifts her up and down. Her hands are clasped together in excitement and Ian think about a Father’s day a few years from now; one where Annie’s old enough to grasp the concept. One where she makes him homemade cards and wakes him up with kisses and a ‘happy father’s day!’
He kisses her hands, her cheeks. He thought he could never loved anyone as much as he loved Mickey, but then came Annie at 7 pounds 6 ounces and now he knows what it feels like to love someone more than yourself, to be willing to jump in front of a train for them. He’d die before he ever saw Annie hurt. And now, more than ever, he just doesn’t understand how his parents were able to discard him and his siblings so easily, because he looks at his daughter and he knows there isn’t a thing he wouldn’t do for her; he’d crawl on gravel, walk all the deserts, give her his last sip of water. He’d die a thousand deaths before he even put her through what his parents put him through. It’s the most unconditional, most palpating love he’s ever felt. There’s never a second he’s not worried about her. He never makes a decision without considering her.
It’s so hard being a parent. It’s contact stress and worry. it’s constant throw up and shitty diapers and clothes that she grows out of so quickly. It’s so much money and time an energy, but he wouldn’t change it for anything.
He leans in, bops his nose to Annie’s and then whispers, “I’m so happy i’m your daddy.”
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cxssiopeiia · 54 minutes ago
hi which song?
good 4 u - olivia rodrigo
dandelions - ruth b.
its very important hehe
good 4 u !!
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reallydumbkingdomheartsaus · 56 minutes ago
Kingdom Hearts au where Mickey takes on the negative traits of the Disney corporation
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tamiettitami · an hour ago
ok so i had this idea in the tags of a post a longggg time ago 😭 so basically “i wish you would write a fic where” mickey and lip are unable to reach something they need up on a high shelf so tami comes in to grab it with no issues and hands it to them (because for some reason in this idea ian isn’t there to help and both lip and mickey refuse to grab something to climb up on to grab it 😌)
“who put the fuckin’ cereal so far back?” lip calls from the gallagher kitchen. “it never goes past the pencil line,” he mutters, and mickey enters in a pair of red plaid boxers, his torso covered by the same grey tank top he’s had for as long as lip has known him.
“fuck you say?” mickey nods towards lip, his back straighter than a board as he stalks over to the refrigerator where he’s standing in front on his tip-toes.
lip falls back onto his heels, “i can’t reach the goddamn tootie fruites,” he groans.
franny laughs from the living room, “you said tootie!” she exclaims, running into the kitchen and pointing at lip. she sticks her tongue out before jumping onto the couch and standing on the cushions, her butt against the headrest as she continues watching her show on TV.
“debbie give her coke or some shit?” mickey jokes, but lip doesn’t find his quip amusing. instead, he backs up from the refrigerator and puts his hand on the small of mickey’s back, pushing him towards the metal ice box. “i’m shorter than you, shithead, what makes you think i can reach the goddamn box?”
lip rolls his eyes and perches himself on the countertop. “i don’t fuckin’ know, mick.” mickey tries anyway, but his fingertips barely grip the edge.
“it’s a lost cause, man.”
just then, tami enters the gallagher house with fred in his stroller. her eyes instantly drift to the top of the refrigerator where she spots the box of tootie fruites. “thank god you guys have cereal, we’re all out at our house,” tami bumps mickey out of the way with her hip and grabs the box with ease, “lip, remind me to get more, will you?”
lip stares at tami dumbfounded as she pours a handful in front of fred. his mouth opens and closes a few times in quick succession as he tries to think of something to say, but, eventually, mickey speaks up. “yo, toss us the fuckin’ fruit toots, or whatever the fuck they’re called.”
“jesus,” tami grabs the box off of the kitchen table and tosses it across the island and mickey who fumbles and drops the box on the ground. lip snatches it then, and carries it upstairs with him before mickey has a chance to react.
“fuckin’ thief,” mickey mutters under his breath.
“yeah, and you aren’t one?” tami retorts, and mickey flips her off with a scowl.
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cxssiopeiia · an hour ago
levi + pastel green 😩😩 ily bb <33
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dinasknifewife · an hour ago
fhe deep tree tree mendous buttercup
Tumblr media
So many hugs and sunshine and picnics! I haven't been on a picnic in like 10 years? You are also definite tree tree mendous vibes, like 10/10 would like to go adventuring with you!!!
Also it's so funny when people say I'm mysterious, I am nearly incapable of dodging personal questions. Also @schwulchen is so talented at asking me personal questions like if you catch their twitch streams you'll learn too much about me cause I just can't refuse them haha
But you're 100% the deep for me too 😂
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xgoldendays · an hour ago
I’ll actually never be able to stop thinking about Mickey and Ian as dads and the fact that we’ll never see it.
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Tumblr media
Day 2363
June 20, 2021
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gallavichgeek · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Saving Grace - Chapter 4
The battle between Mickey's head and his heart is starting to weaken as he realises that this may be a fight he was doomed to lose.
Read chapter 4 here or start from the start here
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awesomegirlystuff · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Freddie Bartholomew, Jackie Cooper and Mickey Rooney
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y0itsbri · 2 hours ago
so ian and mickey get a cat in the future, of course.
it was a stray that just couldn't stay away whenever mickey would go outside for a smoke break outside their building. mickey was pretty quick to warm up to it, giving it pets and attention and pieces of his jerky. it was starting to get cold out and he couldn't stand to let the thing freeze out there by itself. he gave the cat a stern "don't be scratching or biting any of my shit" talking to when he first took it home and they've been besties ever since. there was only one accident of a knocked over plant pot but mickey swears it wasn't the cat's fault. ian has been demoted to Cuddle Buddy #2 as the cat curls up against mickey's feet or chest whenever it has the chance. mickey thinks it's hilarious when the cat gets the zoomies. meanwhile, ian is properly freaked the fuck out when he locks eyes with glowing orbs when he gets up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. mickey has somehow gotten the cat to do little tricks for treats. ian has tried but it just will not listen to him. he thinks mickey is the fucking cat whisperer.
although the cat doesn't listen to ian very much, they appreciate each other's presence. feeding the cat everyday at the same time forces ian to stick to a pretty good routine. he talks or sings to the cat every morning while he waits for the coffee to brew. he gets the cat little outfits, which it begrudgingly wears. mickey makes fun of it, "the fuck does your dad have you wearin' now? looks kinda stupid... but ya pull it off well at least. that makes two of us." he snaps a photo of the glaring cat and sets it as his lock screen.
the gallaghers never really had any pets growing up besides debbie and carl's quickly forgotten turtle and the experiments of a young psychopath carl. needless to say, most of them were pretty awkward around the cat at first.
lip almost trips over the damn cat nearly every time he visits. he swears the cat is doing it on purpose because it "senses fear" or some shit. mickey always gives him shit about being afraid of something that weighs like seven pounds and lip quickly reminds him that his "precious baby" has daggers for teeth and nails. he's been in enough fights that he doesn't need to lose to a fucking cat, too. lip decides that the cat won't leave him alone until he gives it attention and he pets the cat like how a dad pats a dog. they both feel a little better about each other after that.
debbie does the whole baby voice cooing at the cat, but it always manages to slink away and avoid her attempts to pet it. debbie eventually calls it a little demon cat and gives up. mickey may be warming up to the idea of having debbie as a sister-in-law, but he still finds it hilarious that the cat has a better bitch-o-meter than his own fucking cousin.
carl is slightly less awkward than the other gallaghers since he basically ran a doggy daycare in the basement for awhile there. the cat always goes to carl for the best ear scritches. they're silent companions who just so happen to be in the same room as each other all the time. he sometimes sneaks the cat a little bit of whatever food he is eating as if it's a dog. the cat doesn't mind at all though. mickey notices (because the cat is his baby, of course he notices) and he's like "hey c'mon carl, stop it i don't want a fuckin' garfield on my hands." carl agrees to comply, but really he just becomes sneakier in his attempts.
the cat takes to liam and franny pretty easily. franny draws a picture of her, uncle ian, uncle mickey, and their cat -- which is hanging front and center on the refrigerator. the kids spend a lot of their visits on the floor playing with the feather on a string or trying to get the cat to bat the balls back to them. liam always explains the rules of the games to both franny and the cat, who both listen intently and obediently. ian still cannot believe that the cat will listen to liam but not him.
when fiona comes back to visit, she's initially shocked that both ian and mickey have become cat people. they're hardly people people. but it's obvious that the cat is another perfect fit in the puzzle that is their family. it just makes sense.
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can you imagine how much monica would have loved mickey?? she would literally be their number one supporter :( she would be so proud of both of them for being together after all those years
yeah it's really a shame we never got to see them interact, it would've been so interesting. she would have loved Mickey, I think she would've found him funny and charming (just like Ian does) and would have loved him for how utterly devoted he is to Ian and how happy he makes him 💖 and you're right, she'd be so proud of them for being brave and fighting for their love through it all 💓
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