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#mha toga
paingwen123 · 3 hours ago
Weird shigaraki head cannons I have.
Tomura gets weirdly jealous whenever someone else tries to befriend spinner. Like he’s not even attracted to spinner he just gets jealous.
Tomura sometimes when he looks at toga sees hana and it’s made it hard for him to understand or want to get close to toga.
He vents uncontrollably to kurigori.
He get jealous whenever he sees urraka and izuku being close. Because he doesn’t have a relationship like that.
He was forced to learn everything that a high schooler knows. Including sex Ed.
He was forced by afo to go to a real school for a short amount of time.
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padmedaferret · 4 hours ago
*when bakugou was captured by the lov
Twice: Do u guys think it's hungry??
Toga: Maybe thirsty?
Dabi: Idk fuck, u want pizza or something?
Kiroguri: Rum maybe?
Toga: Isn't he like underage tho??
Twice: TEQUILA!!!
Dabi: How bout let's not give the kid alcohol..
Kiroguri: Why the fuck would we do that?
Dabi: True.. Hey kid u want a beer?
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paingwen123 · 9 hours ago
After the war. Part 3.
As toga was brought back to the realm of the vestiges she had asked her self the question “who was that?” She then saw that she was kneeling on the floor. She felt a soft but firm hand on her back. “Are you okay do you need help?” It was nana. “Yeah I am fine just a little shaken up” toga looked up and nana got up and said “well thank you very much it means a lot for you to do this for us.” “Yeah not problem” toga replied. Hana walked over and once again gave her her hand. As toga got she heard a sound of thundering footsteps and someone say “ya yeet” as she got toppled over again. Toga groaned. She may have been somewhat dead but somehow she still felt pain. Hana then said “Oboro get off her.” As the person she now identified as oboro got off she got up. Yet again. And there stood tallish kid with weird goggles and vibrant blue hair. “Um” toga started but oboro loudly shouted “hi my names oboro shirokumo nice to meet you.” “Well oboro it is nice to meet you my name is toga himiko.” The young kid then started to yell really loud and really fast. Toga was confused and just stood there dumbfounded. “ oboro just explain slowly.” “Oh sorry. Basically I’m in the same situation of living death that you’re in” ok. “Ok um where did you come from .” “The door over there. It goes to the rest of the realm of the vestiges.” Oboro had a. Lively energy fro someone that was dead. And he seemed really familiar to her. How odd. Oboro then said “I just wanted to say hi. Hi. But at the same time bye. Oh and if you want to talk to someone just call for me.” He then turned around and bolted out the door that lead to the other realms. Then hana said “ok I’m gonna talk to some people so I’m gonna head out please make yourself at home.” As hana then followed oboro . Toga was still there she was so dumbfounded. She didn’t know why.
When hana left. It took toga a few minutes to hype herself up and look around. She then looked through the doors. There was a room that looked like a game room. A kitchen. A library. And the room she woke up in. And many more. When toga had finished exploring she finally sat down in the room she was first in. And that’s when it really hit her. There was something about this room that made her realise a lot of stuff. The league had betrayed her. Well dabi did. Tomura didn’t actually care about her and her friends. She then started getting all her memories back about her past. About the dark room, about her family, about her well everything. She had every single memory she ever obtained. Including the ones that hurt her. She saw the memory of twice melting in her arms. And the memory of magne being blown up. Worst of all she had the memories of hurting those innocent people. Toga started breaking down and crying. After crying for about an hour she decided that sleep would be the best in this situation. So she did.
That was a bad idea. Her dream started with her just walking in an dark grey empty room that was covered with water barely touching her toes. It was just a normal dream. When suddenly she felt a hand on her foot. Actually on both her feet. Then it was her legs. She freaked out and tried to run but instead got pulled into the shallow water . The lower part of her body was basically under the water. She then started feeling hands on her shoulder and on her stomach and then finally on her neck choking her. She screamed out in pain when she felt the hand plunging into her stomach. Then she was fully pulled under.
Toga woke with a jolt and again started crying. She was weak and vulnerable. She then walked outside. The moonshine was still bright. But she didn’t want to be in it. She didn’t want to do anything. If she couldn’t die yet or go back to the living world then she might as well just stop moving. Toga then returned to the room. There all her emotions became so distraught and scary and intense. That was the intention of this room. That was the hell of this place. But she didn’t care. She felt like she deserved it. So she kept in there.
Even when she heard hana come and go she stayed in there. Even if she was bored even if she was tired of being so sad she stuck in there. Never once did come out. She just sat there. Never daring to go asleep in fear that she would get the dream. She was so tired and emotional and out of it. She wasn’t herself. She didn’t even know what constituted as herself at this point. Everything was so painful. She never once said a thing or moved.
Then one day she heard footsteps coming towards the door. She expected to see nana or hana or maybe even oboro. But instead when the door opened she saw as slender, pale , white haired, green eyed, man. He was in a hospital like pajamas. A long sleeved white shirt and and long white pants. He then started to walk towards her and then held out his hand.
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originaldouble · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Just wanted to color this toga
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shigaraki and toga acting like siblings hcs?
Welcome to the comfort zone anon, so get ready for some adorable headcanons about the best siblings of the League! Let's go!
When Toga has nightmares, she knocks on Shigaraki's door. He's not that good with sleeping, so probabilities are he is awake playing videogames. He doesn't ask, he just opens the door and let's her climb the bed, making herself a pillow fortress. Shigaraki hurries with his game so he can put some calming music and he goes with her, under the blanket that serves them for a roof.
Toga likes hearing about Shigaraki's games. He tells her about the characters and the stories and speaks of other worlds with so much wonder that she gets carried away. She has to beg him to play pretend with her, but he always does eventually. They're the queen and king of a land where siblings reign in twin thrones and they don't need stupid crushes that don't love them back, because they have their family and that's enough.
They don't have a castle. They like it better when they're traveling across the land with their loyal companions. She has longer fangs in those dreams and she can eat whoever she wants, because they come back from the ground like nothing ever happened. They don't have to hide, they're royalties. And how should they use their benefits?
Toga wants a wardrobe full of dresses and coats. Shigraki wants all the games he can buy. They talk about having cats and dogs, about in that land, Shigaraki can activate and deactivate his quirk. They laugh because Dabi is probably a dragon-man that can't control his own powers and Compress is a magician that can change his face as he likes. Twice is always half asleep and that's why he talks differently. He has lived too many lives and every one of them lives inside of his head, chatting non-stop. Kurogiri is a elemental, Spinner is a shapeshifter, Magne is a rebellious queen from another kingdom.
Toga eventually falls asleep, so Tomura takes down the pillow fortress and carefully, slowly, he sets her in the middle of the bed, around the pillows and under the blanket. He stands up, turns off the computer, he takes a minute to himself on the roof of the place.
Some nights, Toga will realize he's gone, so she wraps herself in the blanket and she goes to the roof too.
They stargaze for a while. She's a bray and he's a freak and the world doesn't want them. Their families didn't want them. Just a girl and a boy too young to be that broken, searching for the answers in the stars.
And then, she touches his arm. He doesn't move as he leans on him, covering him with the blanket because he's cold. Maybe she can't warm him like Dabi could, but she can maybe brings him some comfort.
Of course the mornings next they are back at wanting to kill the other. They're back at insulting the each other, but even if they don't know how normal siblings act, they realize there's a bond between them.
No, something more. Because they're the king and the queen. The boy with too many hands because he only wants to help and the girl with fangs way too long beacuse she only want to keep within her her favorite people, to never be apart.
And if they have nightmares, they know where they can run to, they know with who they're save and sound.
A world where they can live in. That, that's the world they want to create from the dust of the old world.
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fellowlooser · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here's the art I just made 💫🌌 was on a cool cosplay date with my best friend today, as Toga and Deku so I had to make something
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ok so I love imagining Shigs involving his league members in his games but "subtly" (they all notice just won't comment on it because they don't want him to stop or feel uncomfortable) like in the sims, animal crossing etc. like a type of chair that Spinner likes JUST HAPPENS to be the exact colour of his scales, or his garden will be filled with Toga's favourite flowers, some patterns on walls will look like designs that Compress has had on his masks, Dabi's favourite colour being used to paint the house or Twice's favourite animal will be a pet but it's a complete coincidence he swears.
Usually Shigaraki would say if he wants something, but in this case he doesn't know how to ask because he never had friends before.
That's why he keeps giving them hints. He's the boss, he can't just go and be all childish about how he want them to play with him, right?
This headcanon is adorable and there's so much you can explore in here. How does the League reacts to it? Do they play with him? I bet Toga, Twice and Spinner do, they'll be all excited to create characters and have adventures around. I'm not sure about Magne, Dabi and Mr. Compress, but they'd sure appreciate it.
Thank you for sharing it with me 🥺💖 it brings me so much comfort.
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alien-remains · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Redraw of a sketch from horikoshi (u know the one)
Im surprised that ive improved alot bc ive only made one other drawing between april to now??anyways i missed making art
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sad-moons-stuff · 15 hours ago
enjoy some of my favorite crustyass memes, which I leave there, because I have no space in my phone
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think I have a thing for weird crusty boys
Tumblr media
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clickbait-official · 17 hours ago
from @artwitch28's headcannons
tw: implied/referenced abuse, depressive themes, and transphobia
Endeavor was a stuck up little bitch.
Not that a lot of people knew.
Oh well. He’ll get his revenge one day.
Touya sighs, setting his keys on the counter.
“Keigo! I’m home!”
The house was big- airy, if that was a word. Birdboy hated closed spaces. Touya couldn’t blame him, either; he couldn’t stand anything that looked like his “training” room.
There was a thunk upstairs as Keigo ran down to greet him.
“How was work? How was Dad?” He asks.
“Dad”, Atsuhiro Sako, was Touya’s adopted dad. They worked together under their agency, the League of Heroes. The League of Heroes were made up of heroes who were told they were villains, or considered outcasts.
“It was alright, Big sis Magne started asking people if they wanted interns.” Touya responds to his fiance.
Keigo comes up behind him, hugging him and wrapping his wings around Touya.
“Hmmm. Did you look for an intern, dove? You could get your brother~”
“I didn’t think about it, no. But there’s Toga already. Did you?”
Touya can feel Keigo smile into his shoulder.
“There’s one with a bird quirk.”
“Oh, I see.” Touya smirks.
His stomach rumbles as he does.
“Aww, does my little birdie need some food?” Keigo says, a twinkle in his eye. “I’ll go get you some.”
He grabs his hand and leads him to the kitchen.
They look through the fridge, then the freezer.
“Chinken nuggets?” Keigo asks, after a beat of silence.
“You did not just reference that, again.”
And Keigo laughs, loud and clear. Touya thinks it’s the prettiest thing he’s ever heard.
God, he’s in deep, isn’t he?
They sit together at the counter while they wait for the food to cook. They don’t talk for a bit, just enjoying each other’s company.
“Speaking of Shoto, how’s the family? Rumi’s been talking ‘bout Fuyumi a lot.” Keigo says, taking the pan out of the oven.
“Oh my goodness- remember that crusty kid I was talking to you about? He’s dating Natsuo.” Touya deadpans, and Keigo bursts into giggles.
“God, he could do so much better! And he chose the crustiest kid on this side of Japan!” He rants, Keigo staring from across the table.
“Hana’ll kill you for that.”
Touya sighs again, knowing that he was right. “Yeah, I know. I still don’t know why Natsuo chose her crusty brother, but he’s happy. And it gets him out of the house, too.”
Keigo nods. “Away from Endeavor.”
“Away from Endeavor.”
They sit for a while in silence at that. Touya knows Keigo used to idolize Endeavor, and he knows why.
God, out of all people, couldn’t Keigo have a good childhood?
At least he’s not hurting now.
The sun has fallen, and they’re laying on their bed.
The moonlight filters through the curtains. Keigo’s been asleep for a while now.
The slightest breeze drifts into the room.
If we lived in a harsher world, we’d be so much more cruel.
Oh, what a beautiful night to be alive with you.
Touya brings Keigo into the agency. He’d been curious about how it worked- the League was unprecedented.
Touya hoped he’d want to join too. He wouldn’t mind his soon-to-be husband patrolling with him.
Hero work is a dangerous game to play, after all.
The League of Heroes’s building is not very intimidating. It’s survived thunderstorms, 52 mental breakdowns (not by the same person), and now the prank the entire League is in on.
It’s time for the hero charts.
It had taken so much bribing, from the poor intern that worked for one of the higher ups, to one of the higher ups themselves.
Touya could only hope it was worth it.
Oh, it was worth it.
On live television, in front of nearly the entire world, Enji Todoroki, known as Endeavor, had gotten massively pranked.
First, it was the glitter. Then, the water balloons and the rainbow slime. After that, it was the chicken and the three fire extinguishers.
And of course, copious amounts of cheese.
And it was all filmed. It was all broadcasted to a live audience.
Oh- and everyone knew who did it.
But there was no evidence.
God, Touya loved trashing Endeavwhore (and that’s an insult to sex workers).
It was the night after when Twice suggested something Touya had never thought of before.
The night was young, fireflies just beginning to come out. They were on the balcony, drinking and catching up like family would.
“Hey,” He said, “Why don’t you sue him? Get your bro outta that place and over here.”
Twice was a genius.
Twice was a goddamn genius.
Headlines were all over the place. “Endeavor gets sued?” “Enji Todoroki- an abusive piece of shit?” “Endeavor loses custody!”
God, the journalists were having a fucking field day with this. Touya can’t blame them, though.
The day was beautiful. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming, and little kids were running around outside. Keigo was sitting next to him, listening to his music. Touya finished up some paperwork to finally, finally get his siblings out from under Endeavor.
Thankfully, there was enough evidence to prove he was at least neglectful. People could finally see just how much of an asshole he was, and how high his civilian casualty and endangerment rates are.
There was one teeny, tiny, thing.
The Commission.
The only reason Endeavor was still in the top ten is because of that fucking Commission.
God, he hated the Commission. The things they did to Keigo, the scars that still remain on his psyche.
Fuck the Commission.
It just- It made him so angry. The way Toga and Spinner were treated, how Twice wasn’t able to get help until he became a hero- God, he hated it.
And he didn’t even know how bad it was! He was sheltered from Quirkist attitudes. Well, as sheltered as you can be, living with Endeavor as a dad.
He only knew a little bit of how much they had suffered under this system. He knew there was something more to how Twice always stayed in his hero costume, or how Magne avoided that one part of town. How Toga stared at that one schoolyard for a little too long before walking away.
And he hated it. So, so much.
Fuck the Commission.
It’s Touya’s first free day. The hecticness of moving all of his sibling’s stuff into their house was crazy. Who knew that keeping a house was so hard? Not him, that’s who.
So, like any rational person, he goes out to catch up with a close friend.
He had met her during his time at U.A. Her name was Hana Shimura. They bonded through their shitty parents. She was the older sister of the crusty fuck, Tenko.
Why did Natsuo decide to date him? He'll never know.
Somehow or another, the conversation went from how their days went to when Tenko got his quirk.
“Yeah, he decayed the dog! Thankfully he froze up after, so I got Mom. If he didn’t freeze up, I’d be dead.”
The way she had said it- so casually...She probably was terrified at the time.
“There was a UA student that helped him, too. Oboro? I think that was his name...Anyway, Oboro really helped him! He’s kinda a father to him, if I’m being honest.” She went on, telling Touya how proud of Tenko she was.
How he had become a search and rescue hero, which he already knew, and using his quirk he had helped so many people! Because he can decay the debris trapping civilians and rescue them!
They walk down the street, still talking about their siblings and generally how life was going.
They were gonna meet up with Twice. There was a new restaurant that he noticed during his patrols.
Touya heard it was pretty good from Fuyumi and Rumi.
It looked pretty nice, too. He’d walked by it a few times.
“So how is Twice, anyway? I don’t hear much from him these days.” Hana says, pushing open the door to the restaurant.
“Guess you’ll find out, huh?”
Twice is sitting at an empty table in a corner. He was smart enough to change out of his hero costume, just like Touya and Hana.
He lifts his head as they get closer to the table.
“Hey guys! How’ve you been!” He greets them as they sit down.
“Good, good. We were talking about my brother, Tenko.” Hana says. Touya nods in agreement.
“And also how he got to be a hero, too.”
“Did I ever tell ya how I got to be a hero?” Twice asks them, barely containing a smile.
He never told them, well, not Touya.
Turns out, when he was having trouble with his Quirk, one of his doubles went and got a hero license. At the time he was barely of the streets, so he became a hero, joining up with Mr. Compress and Magne to create the League of Heroes.
Because why not? It kept him off the streets and he could help people like him.
A win-win for Twice.
Touya hated how his weird uncle was treated before he became a hero.
Because he was a person, like anyone else. Just a person.
So why was he treated so differently? Why didn’t people help him when he needed it?
God, Touya was so tired.
It’s late one night. Touya is alone with his adopted father.
“Dad, why’d you decide to be a hero?” He asks out of the blue.
Atsuhiro’s eyes mist over, and Touya worries for him. Touya’s told him all about the horrific shit he’s gone through, and he can’t help but wonder if he had gone through something horrible too.
Atsuhiro takes out a silver locket, and gently pries it open. He points at the picture inside.
“Look! It’s them…My perfect little family... That’s them! There’s my little girl, and the most beautiful person to ever exist. There they are…”
It’s silent for a moment, the only thing one could hear were the cicadas far away from here.
Touya opens his mouth, “What...What happened to them?”
“A hero. He didn’t care for protocol. He killed- He killed them! And no one believed me…” Atsuhiro trails off, looking down at the floor.
Touya can’t help but feel sorrow, too. He could’ve had a mom, another sister...
He really needs to stop adopting people.
He can’t imagine the pain Mr. Compress must’ve been in. To lose a lover, a child? Oh, it must hurt- so, so much. To lose what was essentially a part of you?
Oh, it hurts to even imagine.
“...They’re really pretty, Dad.”
“They...were both so beautiful in this picture. Toga reminds me of her, y’know? They are both so pretty, so grown-up, and have that same sense of humor…”
Touya’s not sure to who he’s referring to, but nods anyway.
Who’s he to question grieving old men?
“And the days fly by so fast now, I can’t help but feel as though I’m supposed to be insulted by it. But I can’t bring myself to care anymore…It hurts, Touya, it hurts. Sometimes...I can hardly bring myself out of bed...I feel like a ghost…”
It’s silent for a moment, before Touya speaks.
“Dad, I think you need to get help. This isn’t normal. And…I think they’d want you to be happy too, Dad. Don’t you deserve to be happy, too?”
“...I don’t know.”
“You don’t...know?”
“I don’t think I am. But...I want you to be happy. And Tenko, and Hana, and Twice, and Magne...But it’s so tiring, being happy. And I don’t know what to do!”
His sobs seem to echo through the building.
“Come on, Dad. Let’s get you help. You can get some rest.”
He leads Sako back to his house, Atsuhiro being half-asleep by the time they get home.
Mr. Compress takes the spare bedroom, and falls asleep as soon as he hits the pillow. Keigo notices Touya, and walks over to him.
“Heya dove~ How was your day?”
“Worrying. Dad...Dad needs some help. He’s got some shit going on...He’s so tired, Kei. We need to get him therapy or something.”
“Oh, baby…” Keigo whispers, but Touya is too tired to hear.
He falls asleep in his fiance’s arms, safe and sound.
The house is abuzz with activity when Touya wakes up. Keigo’s laughter echoes around the place, filling the air with a sense of home.
What a beautiful way to wake up.
Touya gets dressed and walks downstairs. Keigo’s in the kitchen, talking amicably with his sister, Fuyumi. Dad was smiling fondly at the sight, picking at his food. Natsuo was talking on the phone with someone, blushing a little.
Keigo turns towards him, and oh, he was so handsome.
“Good morning, dovely~”
Unbelievable. It was too early for puns.
“Ugh, no. Don’t ever make puns this early. Dad, you doing okay?”
Atsuhiro looks over at him, the corners of his eyes crinkling.
“I’m doing just fine, sonny boy~”
“God, it’s too early for this shit. Keigo, get me some coffee, will you?”
“Language!” Fuyumi scolds.
Eventually the coffee is made, and tables cleaned. Breakfast is done.
Keigo helps set up an appointment with Fuyumi. She’s a part time therapist, part time substitute teacher.
Touya takes a deep breath. One day, Dad will be okay. He’ll be alright.
Time for work.
It’s a beautiful, sunny day when Touya goes on patrol again. This time with Magne and the new intern, Toga.
He already knew somewhat what the girls had gone through.
“Good morning, Magne, Toga.” He greeted them.
“Good morning!” Toga says, and then they go off.
Touya’s stuck in his thoughts as they walk to a coffee house while on break. He listens in as he reaches for the door.
“Yeah, my parents threw me out cause they didn’t think I was a girl.”
“My parents threw me out, too! I had to run away, they didn’t like my quirk very much...I got lucky, and Mom became my mom! That’s how I became a hero! How did you, big sis Magne?”
“Mr. Compress saved me from one of those fucking creeps. He let me stay with him for a while, and helped me get back on my feet. I decided to be a hero then, to help people like me.”
They sit down at one of the tables, still talking about their lives. Touya takes a bite of his muffin.
Ah, life was alright, if just for a little while.
--- requests & asks are open! (request em here) ---
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trashformha · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
toga coloring
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raspberrysflavour · 21 hours ago
i’m very interested in what you think will happen to AFO at the end of the story. i feel like killing AFO would just go against everything the story has been telling us and be going against dekus ideologies, but i also feel like him going to jail wouldn’t do much either. it’s clear that he has a lot of influence and power even behind bars, so that’s not gonna do much in stopping him.
Generally speaking I think that AfO, if the premises of the manga hold up (I think they will, I think that HK went off track for a moment in order not to let us think that the ending is already 'set in stone'), will be 'defeated' at the end of the manga. Now, what does defeating a super villain mean, especially in BNHA, might be very tricky to understand. Because I think also that society would have to be changed at that point of time, and would be advicating for rather different views, I am not sure 'villains prisons' will even be a thing - but I'll take it into consideration.
I think that we need to make a distinction, between villains like AfO and villains like Shigaraki. Shigaraki has been abused by his father, then he became homeless and got kidnapped and groomed in order to bring destruction, much like Dabi’s villain origin has been losing himself and his family in Sekoto Peak after years of abuse and neglect. Toga has been thrown out by common society due to her Quirk factor, and Jin has always been poor and with the lack of someone to rely on, he tried to survive (I’m making only the case of the main three villains, because we know more of their backstory, not because I think that Spinner, Compress and even Kurogiri are less important). As you see, the reason why society has discarded all of them - is because there is not enough sympathy or will to do, if someone could rely on heroes. All of them have a big reason to do where they are, fighting for what they are. Now, as for AfO we are told that his reasons are purely selfish, and that all he does, he does it for himself only - in order to be more powerful. He uses anyone who will be used, or who AfO manipulates into using them - and the fact that he does not have an inherent reason, besides the one selfish will to be powerful, and be more powerful than anyone else does not give him any justification for all the destruction he has brought just for the sake of it. This is why, I think there will be a distinction in people who are going to be saved, and people for whom simply saving might not be the outcome they want (look at Muscular, or even at the interaction Izuku has with Overhaul. Someone has to want to be saved, in order to - but I am sure, that even then, Izuku will offer his hand to AfO too, only to be denied). This brings on a discussion of ‘violence for the sake of it’, which IS to be seen as bad - the one AfO perpetrates, and a ‘violence which is originated from the desperation of feelings like rage, hate and the knowledge that it is the only way to get through your own thought’ - kind of violence, which while not justifiable still deserves a chance to correct itself.
This said, I think a suitable ending for AfO would be him, in his original body, holding possession of both AfO and OfA. Now, this sounds absolutely mundane and absurd from me, but the thing is - if the Quirk Singularity theory is true, and if as we saw so far, it is pretty impossible to hold on to too much power at once (Nine, Shigaraki in the PLW, the same Izuku when he confronted Nagant - or the former users of OfA, especially Shinomori) - the overload of so much power in just one body, AfO and OfA, and their constrasting nature, would bring AfO to a 'vegetative' state. Or, even better, as we know that OfA has been originated by AfO (here, I talk about the Quirks), it would make sense that if reunited once again, they would simply cancel each other out (always by the principle of overload - as one person could not possibly wield all that power at once). In this scenario, I think a very important role will be played by the same Vestiges (letting loose all their power? just letting go of their piece of Quirk which has been lingering in OfA? just overpowering AfO even more as his will is not as strong - especially as we know that, as per his words, he does not feel hate?), but I am not entitely sure which. However, I think that this is more or less how it will go (with Tenko's help, and leaving Izuku Quirkless) (and in my opinion, render AfO quirkless, is, more or less, the same thing as him ‘dying’ - but of course, I think that there will be needed other precautions in the case he survives the amount of power stored in between the two Quirks, if that’s how it’ll go). 
Thank you for the ask, and have a nice day/night wherever you are my stranger!
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raspberrysflavour · 22 hours ago
Are there even good female characters in bnha at all? Every fandoms "best girl" is undeveloped and wasted potential. My girl toga just gets yeeted from the plot when smth good for her can happen. Uraraka is a background girl now. Class A girls are irrelevant to the main plot. Other villain girls die. Mirko u "the best the strongest girl" is irrelevant as well and it pisses me off when people call her a stong fem just because shes buff. The only girl that I enjoy is Fuyumi because I really can relate to her wish of fixing a broken family.
Very much like I said here, and even if it may be somehow harsh to reduce all the female characters in BNHA to this, no I don't think there are female characters that are written in a good and deep way (and definitely not at the level of HK's male characters, that frankly are some of the best shounen characters I ever came across).
All the female characters have inherent problems, and while that also might be a potential for growth, HK has not used it once to advance to plot of a single female character. There is so much wasted potential among characters like Uraraka and Lady Nagant, and for the rest (excluding Toga) there has been so much hype and just a lot of interest in Mirko, but as I said here, I don't really see the reason. Once I read that 'feminists went crazy over her because she is a strong independent hero' and from that moment on, I asked myself whether I was the different one by thinking that it really did not make sense to get hyped for a buff character who said very much enjoys beating up villains? But no, I think it's just the fandom trying to pick up at every loose thread to salvage of the disaster that has been made by the over sexualized, or rather character-wise flat, female characters. The characters I'd like to exclude from this are Rei and Inko. Unsurprisingly, Rei is rather diverse in her characterization from all the other characters (she is both seen as weak AND strong, and that alone just makes her different), while Inko is depicted in a 'mother's perspective' which makes her emotional and a good character, but only in relation to Izuku (indeed, if not for him, her character would not be relevant).
As for Fuyumi, well, I don't honestly know. I think Fuyumi has potential, but I also think that we see so little of her and her perspective, that maybe that's exactly why we tend to enjoy her (HK does not have space to ruin her). Which is not a compliment for the narrative, but it's still something. I'd like to delve into a further deeper into the topic of BNHA female characters, but this is not the case. I hope however, that more or less my objective opinion has been made clear. Please enjoy your day/night, wherever you are!
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t0mbst0n3-fr13nd · 23 hours ago
Random Things My OC Would Say to Fictional Characters
Warnings: Cursing {it gets cut off though}
Note: It's not organized so the fandom might be scattered
Tokoyami: So your quirk is like mine?
Axar: Nope, my quirk happened after I was diagnosed with D.I.D.. It's just a coincidence that my quirk changes my appearance with different identity.
Tokoyami: Oh. I thought we would have something in common.
Axar: Me and you don't, but my sister does!
Tokoyami: How so?
Axar: My sister basically has the same quirk as you.
Oikawa: Are you another one of my fan girls?
Axar: First, I'm taken. Second, I'm not a girl. But I am a fan!
Sakuna: Finally, someone that comes close to me.
Milo [another identity of mine]: You think you can even come close to my power?!
{Milo is a cocky bastard}
Inosuke: Fight me!
Axar: No.
Inosuke: Why not?! Its because I'm better than you isn't it?!
Axar: Why would I need to fight you when I could take your word that your stronger?
Inosuke: Oh.
Toga: Since you're now apart of the LOV, can I have some of your blood?
Axar: My blood is made of acid, and I like talking to you, so unless you want to die, no. You cannot have any of my blood
Remus: So you can cut off your head?!
Axar: Yep.
Remus: We should stick it on a pole and when someone walks by, scream at them!
Axar: I can't talk if my throat is not connected to my lungs buddy.
Virgil: I like your spider.
Axar: Oh that's not a spider.
Virgil: Then what is it?
Axar: A person!
Penelope: *transforms back into a human*
Virgil: WHAT THE FU-
Tanjiro: Zenitsu said that we act like parents.
Axar: How so?
Tanjiro: He said that I'm fatherly and you're motherly.
Axar: It's because we both basically raised our younger siblings.
Pidge: 'Mistaken for the wrong gender' buddies?
Axar: 'Mistaken for the wrong gender' buddies.
Celeste: Finally. Someone who can make some good tea.
Axar: I am a world renowned barista, so I would hope!
Nikki: You have weird animal senses.
Axar: That's because I'm a werewolf.
Nikki: Really?!
Axar: Of course!
{No I am not actually a werewolf, it's a joke.}
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