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#mha matchup
blueflqme · 18 hours ago
Hiii could I please get a matchup with a male from bnha? I am 5’4, Latina and an ENFP. I have pale skin, brown wavy hair that reaches a bit past my shoulders and hazel eyes. I am described as someone who comes off as cold or aloof when I’m around people I don’t know. After getting to know me, I am the complete opposite. I’m just a bit shy at first lol. My friends have told me that I give good advice but like to joke about my stubbornness. I like to make people laugh and try to make the best of any situation. However I have a hard time expressing my emotions. I’m also described as easy going and fun to be around. I love animals especially dogs. I am a hip hop dancer and love to perform. Enjoy reading and playing video games. I love music especially hip hop, rap, & reggaeton. I also love to write music/poetry. I really like drawing and painting. I can be playful and love to tease my friends. I also really like to eat and travel. I enjoy having deep conversations, like a lot lol. I can’t stand people who bully others and people who are fake. I like to be honest and helpful in any way I can. I speak English and Spanish (learning Japanese & Portuguese). I’m into watching criminal investigation shows. I’m a bit of a video game person as well. I also don’t like to wear skirts or dresses. Thank you so much!! 💘💘💘
hi! i hope you have/had a lovely day <3 and i hope you're happy with my response!
Tumblr media
i feel like you two would get along really well!
he would find it really easy to get to know you and break through your aloof exterior.
you two would bond over video games, and would often have competitions to see who could win the most. ( if you like games with winners & losers of course! )
i feel like he would make a few jokes at first about not wearing skirts or dresses, but would immediately stop once you told him to and feel sorry. and he never does it again!
i also think the fact that you enjoy making people laugh would draw him to you.
together, you always manage to make the class laugh.
but i also think you would be able to reel him in if he ever goes too far, which is a great trait to have!
Tumblr media
okay so there is a bit of a contrast between denki and shinsou, but i do see them both!
it would take him a bit longer to get to know you, since he's quite cold himself.
however, once you two are close you're practically inseparable!
i feel like he would be a really good person to have deep conversations with.
he would be drawn to you because he likes how you can be the funny friend but also know how to be serious when the situation calls for it.
you would have little play fights over the cats vs dogs debate.
i feel like he wouldn't feel that strongly about video games before you two got close, but as soon as you're dating he realises he loves them too!
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p1nkbaby · 19 hours ago
Hi! I was wondering if I could get an MHA matchup?
I’m 21, 4’11, female she/her, bisexual.
Gemini sun, Virgo rising, Aquarius moon. INFJ
Likes: good food, art, singing, dancing, my pets, staying in, rainy days, car rides, photography, baking, naps
Dislikes: very large groups, people who are weirded out by things I like or freaked out by how excited I get when I talk about certain things, loud yelling, people who won’t tell me what they think
Hobbies: singing, dancing, digital art, photography
Personality in a nutshell:
Extroverted introvert- I’m very friendly to those I meet, minus some initial shyness and reservations- but I get drained after too long. Complete crackhead with those I know and get my sense of humor. I like memes that make no sense at all- like the post-irony “bêæns,” kind of shit 😂 I’m lowkey an elderly woman trapped in a 21 year old’s body
Very loyal and would drop everything for those I love but kinda judgmental of myself and others at times. Sarcasm is 75% of my humor. I talk too much 😂
Style: alternative, sophisticated. People say I dress like an old lady sometimes. I think it’s either like homeless person with massive combat boots or rich 50 year old lady and very little in between lmao
Tumblr media
for a romantic my hero academia matchup, i’m going to ship you with: tamaki amajiki!!
Tumblr media
why i ship it: it seems like the two of you would be really compatible. there’s some similarities paired with a perfect amount of differences. you two could have days where you just chill at his house because you don’t want to go anywhere or be surrounded by people. i also feel like he has your sense of humor, so the two of you could send memes back and forth to each other. he also doesn’t judge you— like at all— he’s too nervous thinking that you’re judging him. he loves listening to you talk about the things you love for hours on end. seeing you excited makes him happy. your extroverted side would be good for him as well, it helps him get out if his shell when he needs to. he also loves your pets. he’s a huge animal lover definitely because they’re less scary than people. he also likes how you dress.
a song that reminds me of this relationship: make you mine - public
staying inside and cuddling on rainy days
him talking to your pets more than he talks to you
you helping him get out of his shell
tamaki taking pictures of you
he keeps a photo of you on him always
you airdropping him memes in public
he likes to listen to you sing
lots of naps
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anim3tingz · 19 hours ago
'Match-Up' for uravityko
Hey, Ivy. Sorry for the wait, love. I hope you enjoy it. ❤️
Assassination Classroom
Karma Akabane
Tumblr media
Relationship Song: Self Control - Bebe Rexha
Oh, Lord! The sarcasm!
Both of y'all are very sarcastic individuals, but this boy takes things to the next level. You know those times when you just can’t deal with anything; let alone someone’s sarcastic ass comments? Yeah, Well, Karma likes to go over that line, at times. His reasoning...You look fucking hot when you get mad. He knows you tend to be a little bit of a hot head and he loves to push you to that limit. Not all the time, though. And, he knows not to push it too hard. He just loves seeing your fiery side come out.
He’s able to easily pull you out of your moods by simply making a sarcastic joke. You’d have the most annoyed face on, but as soon as the joke leaves his lips you try your damnedest to try to suppress your laugh. It never works, though.
He loves making you laugh...And, making you angry. Lol. Did I mention he finds you hot when you’re mad? But, don’t worry he’d never make you cry.
If you’re having a bad day he’s right there pulling you into his arms for a hug. He doesn’t like seeing you sad or upset. And, babe, you can bet if it was a person who made you upset he’d do something about it. He’s not letting that person get away with hurting you. “They’ll never bother you again, Ivy. I promise.”
You guys are both pretty laid-back so I see you guys down to do pretty much anything together. Wanna watch anime? He’s right there with some snacks. Feeling artsy? He’s down. He’s actually quite intrigued by your glass paintings, tbh. He loves watching the whole process. It’s very relaxing. Plus, there’s just something about watching you in your element. You seem so happy and at peace with the world in those moments.
A surprising activity the two of y'all do together is makeovers. He’ll gladly offer himself as your model. You wanna do his makeup and hair? Go right ahead. He finds the whole thing actually pretty relaxing and plus he’s not gonna lie...He looks hot AF all made up. It’s not unusual to see him checking himself out in the mirror once you’re done. He feels like a model. And, if you’re a good girl, he’ll put on a little fashion show for you.
Tumblr media
Study dates!
Everyday after school you’ll go over to each other’s houses and work on homework/study. I mean Karma’s a smart guy, but he can be a little lazy, at times. So, don’t be surprised if y’all end up making out instead. Tbh, it’s hard to study whenever you’re around, but he’d never admit to that.
He loves to hold your hand, fingers intertwined, as you guys walk. The warmth of your hand against his just does something to him. He feels so happy and at peace.
Piggyback rides! Karma’s got a playful side, so I definitely see piggyback rides being a thing between the two of you.
Also, this man checks you out ALL the time. Sometimes he’ll be sly and sneaky about it, but a majority of the time you’ll just blatantly stare at you with a smirk etched on his face.
Tumblr media
Hugs with karma are warm and tight. He loves to grab you by the waist and pull you into his chest as he rests his head on top of yours. Just don’t be expecting to leave his embrace anytime soon. You’re going to be stuck in his arms for a while, js.
Now kisses...babe...Kisses with Karma are passionate and playful. You can expect playful nips at your lips and even some along your neck. And, he LOVES to leave hickies on your neck. He’s a bit possessive and loves to show others that you belong to him.
Tumblr media
Speaking of which, a jealous Karma is a little scary. Lol. God bless the sorry soul who was flirting with you. We all know that crazy look Karma gets in his eye. If you can it’s best to pull Karma away from the person before he has a chance to do anything. Because, he will. When Karma sees someone hitting on you, especially if they’re particularly persistent, he just sees red. So, unless you want to help hide the body it’s best to just drag him away from the situation as fast as possible.
Now, don’t think you’ll get away unscathed. Oh, no, no. You can expect that boy is going to pin you down and make sure you know who you belong to.
Just know he trusts you wholeheartedly, it’s other people he doesn’t trust. You’re his and his alone.
My Hero Academia
Keigo Takami (Hawks)
Tumblr media
Relationship Song: I.F.L.Y. - Bazzi
Keigo is a sarcastic, smart-ass, but you're able to dish it right back at him. He’s never been more attracted to you like he is in these moments. God, when you roast him, he loves it. Nothing gets him more riled up than your sass.
You guys also make a pretty great team. I mean the both of you never second guess your choices, which is vital when being a hero, and y’all just have a very great dynamic going on. There’s so many partners who have contrasting personalities and end up butting heads when it really counts. Y'all aren’t like that. With a similar thought process you guys bounce ideas off each other with ease.
When chilling out together you guys tend to end up watching TV or playing video games. He’s also gotten into a few anime shows because of you. He’s really into ‘Durarara!!’, atm.
He, himself, isn’t very artistic, but he loves to watch you draw & paint. If you ever want to draw him he’d be very down with it. Lol. Just don’t expect him not to get a little playful with it.
Tumblr media
Keigo actually has a bass guitar so I see the two of you having little jam sessions together. Whether you guys play similar music or not, you guys are always learning to play new pieces and playing them for each other.
Like Karma, I see Keigo down with getting a makeover from you. You wanna go all out on him? Go ahead. Hell, he’ll even let you take a picture of him all dolled up afterwards.
Dates with Keigo are usually stay-at-home events or to the arcade, movies, or amusement park. He’s pretty laid-back and is down for anything as long as his with you.
You craving food at 12am? He’s down to make a food run. What do you want?
Also, I feel like he’d own a motorcycle. I see y’all going on night rides together. The adrenaline from the motorcycle and the feeling of your arms wrapped around his waist is absolute euphoria to him. These moments are his favorite, hands down.
Tumblr media
This man LOVES to cuddle. So, don’t be surprised if you often find yourself wrapped up in his arms. He sees you as his personal teddy bear. You’re warm, soft, and smell great. Why wouldn’t he want to snuggle with you?
Tumblr media
Kisses with Keigo are passionate and somewhat lazy. He often pulls you into kisses as he wraps his arms around your waist. Slow, lazy kisses are his go to, but he likes to mix it up every now and then and surprise you with a really intense breath-taking kiss.
He’s a tease in every sense of the word. You can expect wandering hands when you’re around him, ex. surprise butt/boob grabs when cuddling/kissing or when leaning into a kiss he’ll swerve on you at the last minute. Just little things like that.
Tumblr media
When Keigo gets jealous he’ll simply walk over to you and wrap an arm around your shoulder and pull you in close to him. He may be a crowd favorite, but he does have a very intimidating presence to him so whoever was flirting with you instantly gets the message.
Now, if you were ever to get attacked by villains you can bet he’s not holding back. As soon as he gets you out of harm’s way he’s going in for the kill. It takes a lot for him to get very angry, but hurting you drives him feral every time.
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anim3tingz · 19 hours ago
'Match-Up' for weird-questions-from-an-infp-t
Hey, love! It’s almost 12am and I finally finished. I was going back and forth with girls for you. I couldn’t choose. Lol. I ended up deciding on girls who were a little more outgoing. For some reason I just feel like they share a lot of similar interests with you, but, also, being outgoing would bring a little more spice to the relationship. Funny enough they both ended up being redheads. Lol.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy it.❤️
Assassination Classroom
Hinano Kurahashi *I ship y’all so hard.*
Tumblr media
Relationship Song: Paper Rings - Taylor Swift
You guys went from ‘Childhood Best Friends’ to ‘BF/GF’.
You might be wondering how that happened and just sort of did. You both ended up developing a crush on one another over time. You were nervous to tell her. You constantly were second-guessing if you ever stood a chance with her, but all that went away when one day she just leaned in and kissed you.
Hinano is like the Sun to you. The world can be a dark place, but Hinano, ever since Kindergarten, has always been the shining star in your life.
She’s a little more on the outgoing side, which is actually one of the reasons y'all became friends in the first place. She just walked right up and struck up a conversation with you. It totally threw you off at first, but you soon found out she was very easy to talk to, and well...the rest is history.
I could just see the two of you talking for hours on end about anything and everything. You have questions, she’s got answers (sometimes theories). It’s one of your favorite things to do together. Heck, it’s how y'all became friends in the first place.
Because of the ease of communication between the two of you, arguments rarely, if ever, happen. You guys are just so open with one another.
Now it isn’t uncommon for you to end up suppressing your emotions when you get stressed out. However, since being friends with you for years, Hinano is able to easily catch on to when you start to close up and is able to bring you back from spiraling into the darkness of your mind.
She tries to be that little bit of sunshine in your life. She knows that you do so much to be there to cheer up others that you tend to neglect yourself. She loves you and wants you to see how much you mean to her at any chance she can get.
You just want to chill out at home and watch TV? She’s down. Hinano loves to just chill out on the couch cuddled up against you. It doesn’t matter what’s on TV, either. She just loves being with you.
NGL. I think she’d be really into watching superhero shows/movies. I mean she’s trying to assassinate her teacher, after all. It might help give her some good pointers and ideas.
I can definitely see y'all bonding of superhero shows/movies. I mean Comic-con dates anyone? I could totally see her cosplaying, too. I mean, tbh, she’s really great at it. She’s a very artsy individual so I can see her spending months just working on putting together the perfect look.
Dates between you two mainly consist of just hanging out at home together, but you two also like to go out every now and then. Movies, amusement parks, etc.
Speaking of amusement parks, I could see you two winning plushies for each other. It’d just be the cutest sightseeing the two of you walking around with a multitude of plushies in your arms.
I see you guys holding hands wherever you guys go. If you guys can’t hug each other you’re holding hands. I see Hinano being the one to always grab your hand and drag you somewhere. She loves dragging you along with her on adventures.
Tumblr media
Hugs are just as playful. Whether it’s her jumping on your back in a surprise hug, running into your arms, or you hugging her from behind. Also, wrapping her up in your jacket is totally a thing. You guys just radiate such a cute, playful vibe when you guys are together.
Tumblr media
Playful, sweet kisses (Eskimo, cheek, nose, etc.) You blush so easily so she loves to just randomly kiss you and watch your face turn red. Kiss her randomly and she’ll just smile brightly. She’s just so in love with you.
Tumblr media
*I love them so much. It still breaks my heart, that their real-life romance was cut so short. Finchel.*
To be honest, Hinano is more likely to be the jealous one in the relationship. You’re very kind and sweet which tends to attract a lot of people your way, girls, in particular. You might not be very aware of this fact, but she does. You’ll know she’s particularly jealous when she starts to pout and become a little more clingy with you; mainly by hugging you. If you do happen to pick up on this, just hug her and give her your undivided attention. She knows you would never do anything, she just gets a little self-conscious, every now and then.
My Hero Academia
Itsuka Kendo (Battle Fist)
Tumblr media
Relationship Song: Everybody Talks - Neon Trees
Much like with Hinano, I believe you guys would’ve been friends first before ever dating, which is how all the best relationships start. Let’s be honest.
Kendo is a little more spirited and isn’t afraid to put someone in their place if they’re being rude. Much like you, she just doesn’t like dealing with people’s BS. Let alone, letting someone else have to deal with BS when they don’t deserve it. (Monoma has some issues he’s working through. God bless him.)
You’re both very kind-hearted and are always there to help others. It’s almost as if it’s second nature for you guys.
I feel that because she had a bit more of a dominant personality that she’d help bring you out of your shell to new things. Not that you wouldn't anyways. I just think you’d feel more comfortable doing things with her. You guys just have this really solid bond.
She loves listening to your thoughts and ideas on subjects. Plus, she just loves talking to you. Her favorite moments are when a random question will just pop in your mind and you blurt it out to her, particularly if the question requires some forethought.
Date nights usually revolve around you guys playing video games together. I see friendly competitions, like Battleblock Theater, Mario Kart, etc. A particular favorite is Guitar Hero. It’s got great music and it’s a blast to play.
Speaking of music...You guys actually have pretty similar tastes. She LOVES ‘Queen’. Her favorite song, ‘Killer Queen’.
While hand holding is still a thing with y'all, it’s not as much to the extent that it is with Hanano. Hugs, however, are. She loves to lean into your touch when y'all hug. Her most favorite position is sitting in your lap, leaning her back against your chest with your arms wrapped around her. She feels comfortable and at home in your arms. You’re her personal teddy bear.
Tumblr media
In public, her kisses are sweet and playful. However, when it’s just the two of you alone she’s not afraid to grab your hoodie and pull you into her kiss. Now, if you're feeling adventurous, pull her into a kiss. She’ll become a blushing ball of putty in your hands. She’s a tough girl, but she’s also got a secret soft side that only you get to see.
Tumblr media
Overall, you guys have a very laid-back, chill relationship. No jealousy. No insecurities. You guys just kind of vibe out together. You like similar things but also have your own personal interests. You guys have a deep bond, which comes from being friends, and a relationship full of love and support for the other. What more could you want.
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anim3tingz · 19 hours ago
'Match-Up' for magically-enchanted-girl
Hey, DD! I really enjoyed writing your ‘Match-Up’. I hope you enjoy it! :D
Shoto Todoroki
Tumblr media
Relationship Song: In Your Eyes - The Weekend/It’s You - Ali Gatie
I feel like Shoto is able to understand you better than anyone else. You’ve both had your fair share of hardships, especially revolving around the father figures in your life.
He also understands that trauma affects everyone in different ways, too.
He wishes you never had to go through what you’ve gone through and he tries his best to help you in any way. If you want help (therapist/etc) he’ll do research and share it with you. If you simply just want him to hold you he’s more than happy to oblige.
The two of you are both pretty blunt and stand-offish, but funny enough neither of you really notice these traits in each other. Now while this may be the norm for the two of you, you guys aren’t afraid to open up more when around friends. However, I feel like you’d be a little better at letting loose in comparison to Shoto.
When not around friends, it’s not unusual to catch the two of you just sitting beside each other reading. Whether you’re sitting side by side or laying your head in each other’s laps. I just definitely see y'all being a bookworm couple. Dates to bookshops and what not.
Aside from reading, I also see y'all watching anime together. This, of course, is something you’d introduce him to.
Lol. I can see him getting real into it, too. He’d have a waifu and everything.
When watching TV he definitely holds you like this:
Tumblr media
I feel like art dates would also be a thing, as well. Going to the museum, taking a painting class together or even just going to the local craft store and buying things to do a little craft at home together.
One of Shoto’s favorite things to do with you is take you on weekend beach getaways. During the day you get to enjoy swimming in the water and at night the two of you will just lie side by side staring up at the stars together with the sound of the waves lapping the shore in the background. It’s just very peaceful. You guys don’t get to do it too often, but he definitely makes sure to bring you out there as often as he can.
If you can’t make it to the beach you can bet he’s still going to give you the stars. He’ll sneak you out of the dorms and into the woods. He knows of a clearing there that has a perfect view of the stars. He’ll set up a blanket and the two of you will just lie back and stare up at the sky.
Tumblr media
In moments like this you can expect him to whisper compliments in your ear. He knows you tend to be insecure and he just wants to remind you how beautiful and amazing you are.
When Shoto falls for someone you can expect he falls...HARD. He doesn’t open himself up to just anyone. So, baby boy truly loves you if he decides to date you.
Shoto likes to hold your hand. And, if he can’t hold your hand he’ll find some other way to touch you. It’s a comfort thing for him. Remember, it took a lot for him to open up. So, being in a relationship I feel he’d always have to be near you or touching you in some way. Not in a clingy manner. Ya’ll don’t have to be right up on each other, but he definitely needs to have you around him.
Hugs with Shoto are tight, warm, and full of love. You just feel safe and at home in his arms. And, whenever you’re having a bad day or feeling particularly insecure he’ll just grab your hand and pull you into his chest.
Tumblr media
*Anime is Nagi No Asukara, btw. Never heard of it ‘til now, but it looks so cute. Omg.*
Kisses are sweet and passionate with him. Just imagine the intense passionate look he gives you as he runs his hand through your hair as he pulls you in for a kiss. Like, ugh.
Now, as I mentioned before, Shoto finds you beautiful. The way your long, black hair frames your face. The rosiness that spreads across your freckled cheeks when you get embarrassed or angry. He just can’t help the random smile that spreads across his face.
Whenever you do something he finds particularly adorable he’ll try to hide his growing smile, at first, but it almost always ends with him just getting too swept up in his emotions that he just has to kiss you.
Tumblr media
Now Shoto wouldn’t go out of his way to flash PDA, but if it happens it happens. He runs off his emotions when he’s around you so if he feels like kissing you...He’s going to kiss you. Plain and simple. Just don’t expect a whole lot of PDA, he still prefers to keep most of that in private.
I don’t feel like Shoto would really get jealous, not like how the others would. However, if you start to spend too much time with someone he may start to get a little self-conscious, especially if it seems like you’re having more fun with said individual. Shoto’s got self-doubts now. He loves you, but he also thinks there’s someone else who could make you happier. He wouldn’t tell you this, though. You’d have to be the one to realize his behavior and call him out on it. He’s just a total sweetheart and would treat you like a queen, but he’ll always think you deserve someone better.
When the two of you got together he swore he’d protect you. He knows of your past and never wants you to know any pain when you’re with him. And, if you’re ever in any danger, this baby goes into PROTECTIVE mode. Whoever is on the other end of his fury….God bless them.
Tumblr media
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Hiii could I please get a romantic matchup with a male from fruits basket and bnha? I am 5’4, Latina. I have pale skin, brown wavy hair that reaches a bit past my shoulders and hazel eyes. I am described as someone who comes off as cold or aloof when I’m around people I don’t know. After getting to know me, I am the complete opposite. I’m just a bit shy at first lol. My friends have told me that I give good advice but like to joke about my stubbornness. I like to make people laugh and try to make the best of any situation. However I have a hard time expressing my emotions. I’m also described as easy going and fun to be around. I love animals especially dogs. I am a hip hop dancer and love to perform. Enjoy reading and playing video games. I love music especially hip hop, rap, & reggaeton. I also love to write music/poetry. I really like drawing and painting. I can be playful and love to tease my friends. I also really like to eat and travel. I enjoy having deep conversations, like a lot lol. I can’t stand people who bully others and people who are fake. I like to be honest and helpful in any way I can. I speak English and Spanish (learning Japanese & Portuguese). I would say my love languages are words of affirmation and quality time. Thank you so much!! 💘💘💘
I’m sorry this took so long, lovely! My physical illnesses have been kicking my ass, but hopefully this is up to expectations and you enjoy it! <3
I match you with,,,
Tumblr media
Eijiro Kirishima!
First off, man does not mind you being closed off at first
He’s cool with you opening up when you feel comfortable, he’s willing to wait, he just thinks you’re cool either way
If you made him any sort of art piece, he would show it to literally everyone he possibly can
He’s all proud of it, and keeps it in his dorm for motivation!
So many inside jokes, but they’re the kind that happen entirely accidentally, about things that weren’t even supposed to be funny in the first place
I feel like there’s a lot of spontaneous things that happen when you two are together
He’s also quite an easy going, “go with the flow”, kind of person, so it can be easy to just decide that you’re going to do something
Nothing too crazy, of course, but it always ends up being an interesting time when you’re together
He’s not the best with advice or anything, but if you’re feeling down, he does his best to cheer you up in other ways
Stuff like telling dumb jokes or telling you stories you might find interesting as a distraction
He will always be doing his absolute best to cheer you up, though, because it makes him upset to see you upset
Big hype man, big on encouragement, big mouth if you will lolz
He is seriously the best at reassurance and speaking openly about how he feels, so he’s constant with compliments
Expect lots of random confessions of love and cheesy pick up lines, as well, this dork is full of them!
Tumblr media
Kyo Sohma!
Honestly? He’s happy to find someone that’s chill in the same way he is,,
Then you start opening up more and he’s just like “damn this is my fate now, I already love this person”
He’s used to attracting excitable people, he’s learned to love it, it was just a jarring change at first
He would be so excited to see you dance, especially if he knows just how passionate you are for it
Of course, he’d hide the fact that he cares in any sense, but truly he’s so proud of you!
Once you can get him to warm up to you more, he’s also quite fond of in depth conversations about whatever you can bring up
They’re not easy to get into with him, per say, but once he gets going, he will gladly keep talking with you
He will absolutely not hesitate to tease you in every situation he can possibly find, it’s just in his nature to be a little bit of an ass lolz
But if you were to tease him back? He tries to ignore it but he has no idea how to handle it, let’s be real
He’s not the best with voicing his emotions, but he tries his absolute best! He does prefer to just be with you, though, rather than express affection verbally
He loves doing simple things together like talking while cooking/cleaning, or sitting and watching rain fall
It gives him more time to appreciate the fact that you and him are together than he can in other situations, and that really is all he wants to do
Tumblr media
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anim3tingz · a day ago
Updates (5/9/2021)
Hey, everyone! I hope ya’ll have been having a great weekend. Happy Mother’s Day!
Sorry again for postponing the uploads until Monday. I wanted to have time to go over the requests I’ve finished and make sure everything was good. Plus, I was just wiped out from work yesterday. Working a 9:30am-7pm shift the day before Mother’s Day…-_-...I was exhausted when I got home. But, we’re all good now. :D
Completed Requests: *Will be published this Monday (5/10/21)*
weird-questions-from-an-infp-t (Match-Up)
magically-enchanted-girl (Match-Up)
Uravityko (Match-Up)
*Requests will be posted @ 3pm EDT.
*Anonymous requests, if any, will be posted late afternoon/evening.
Request Line-Up:
Anonymous (Match-Up)
Zeepzo0p (Match-Up)
Jay (Match-Up)
Pacificamott (Match-Up)
Shihozaki (One-Shot)
F0leysgirl (Match-Up)
Starbriteuwu (Match-Up)
011tsukishima (Match-Up)
Oatmilkislife (Match-Up)
Anonymous (Match-Up)
Pau-asthemoon (Match-Up)
Anonymous (Match-Up)
Anonymous (Match-Up)
*To those who submitted ‘anonymously’ I have received your requests. Since I can’t respond to ya’ll personally I just wanted to let you know. :)
**Just a reminder I will publish things every ‘Sunday’; unless stated otherwise.
***I’ll post an updated list every Wednesday & Saturday; unless stated otherwise.
Thanks so much for the love everyone! Have a great week!
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p1nkbaby · a day ago
Hey can I request a mha matchup and a quirk?
I just found your blog so hi! :) ’m J and I’m a Capricorn sun (cancer moon and libra rising) I have brown eyes and blonde hair (bleached) i’m 5’6 with a slim build. I love art like drawing and painting, art history, and baking! & actually majoring in biomedical engineering lol
I absolutely love to hang out with my friends and being spontaneous like just going out for coffee (im addicted to Starbucks and I’m lactose intolerant lol) or to a museum or just talking. I HATE bugs and I cry if one is ever near me lol.
I’m b l i n d so always wearing my glasses haha also I love having a sense of humor. I also have anxiety and can be way too emotional sometimes. I’m an ENFP & also I love tie dye clothes, makeup, and everything pastel. (Definitely art hoe aesthetic)
I look for someone who is caring and has a sense of humor and can be spontaneous with me :) My love language is probably receiving/giving gifts and words of affirmation.
Thank you so much🥺🥺
Tumblr media
( my hero academia )
romantic matchup
Tumblr media
for a my hero academia romantic matchup, i’m going to ship you with denki kaminari!!
why i ship it: like you, denki can be spontaneous. this means your relationship together will always be alive. it’s never boring with you two. he’s a pretty fun and sweet guy, which is perfect for you! his sense of humor will always manage to put a smile on your face. he’s pretty supportive when you’re feeling emotional as well. he loves that you bake, it means he can have some snacks from you! he’s the king at gift-giving when it comes to you. he loves seeing your surprised face when you open up whatever it is he has wrapped. he also is sure to let you know how much you mean to him. he likes how you’re super into art, he thinks it’s beautiful. he thinks of you to be smart, so he does bug you for help sometimes when it comes to school. the type of boyfriend to try on your glasses too. he also takes care of the scary bugs when they’re around you— though he teases you about it.
a song that reminds me of this relationship: can i call you tonight by dayglow
likes to pull pranks on you
takes care of the bugs for you
likes to have study dates... in which he never pays attention
you creating cool artwork for him to hang up in his room
him trying out the things you bake
being the type of couple who can’t be taken seriously
Tumblr media
quirk matchup
for your quirk matchup, i give you: paint splatter!!
quirk type: emitter
quirk description: it’s kind of similar to mina’s and bakugou’s in a way, though you really just produce different kinds of paints through the palms of your hands. when in battle, you can produce sweat that turns into colorful paint and you’re able to use it to your advantage. your farthest distance can be reached to twenty feet!
weakness: dehydration can cause your ‘paints to dry out’ in a way, so you need to stock up on water!
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The matchups are open to celebrate 810+ likes! The matchups are for any fandom on my Fandom list and Blacklist. RULES FOR MATCHUP!!! 1. Specify your sexuality. 2. Specify age/age range. 3. FANDOM. Tell me which FANDOM you want to matched with!!! 4. Gender 5. Say if you want it to be platonic or romantic. 6. Personality matters, people! :) 7. Be polite, please. 8. Have fun!
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anime-matchups · 2 days ago
“ Hey could I get a matchup with mha, diabolik lovers and obey me? Thanks 😊 “
@minhyukbabe - sorry for the wait 😭
• boku no hero academia •
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i match you with... mashirao ojiro, tenya iida, & mirio togata !!
• diabolik lovers •
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i match you with... laito sakamaki, kanato sakamaki, & yuma mukami !!
• obey me! •
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i match you with... beelzebub, asmodeus, & mammon !!
thanks for requesting ~ 🤍
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totallynotacatboy · 3 days ago
😊 Hello again, I saw your 100 followers prompt so first off congratulations 🥳, and second may I request a bnha matchup please? Romantic and Nsfw if you're comfortable with it?
I’m a straight male ,5’9, INFP-T, hufflepuff, my zodiac is a cusp of taurus and gemini. I kind of look like a chubby Aizawa in a hoodie. My love language is physical touch and my sub languages are quality time and acts of service. Honestly my ideal date is netflix and cuddles.
I daydream almost constantly, as soon as I’m bored I daydream I could go from creating a whole story in my head to thinking about death and getting depressed and vice versa. I ask weird questions to whoever will listen.
I'm not good with conversation whenever someone wants to talk to me I never know what to say and whenever I talk I'm interrupted or ignored, although if I get angry enough I will speak up and get sarcastic, I'm also not afraid to call out on someone's bulls**t. I'm not good at making decisions unless I'm completely sure of my choice and I'll probably feel guilty no matter what I decide. I'm also a bit of a picky eater.
I spend most of my time inside playing video games, watching cartoons,anime sitcoms, superhero shows or movies, or whatever's on Youtube, I also really like mystery shows. Although I will go outside if my friends want me to go somewhere or if I have to run errands, I can be more social with people I trust. I love music whenever I listen to music I get a burst of energy and can’t help but sing, My favorite genre is classic rock like bruce springsteen and queen. I love to cuddle and I can be clingy, if I could I would cuddle all day( I'm a little touch starved) . I'm afraid of the dark and death. I sleep with a lot of stuffed animals and plushies. I'm loyal and empathetic and I try to see the good in everyone and I’m always willing to help however I can.
I'll send two more asks, one containing nsfw information and the other with tw of anxiety and depression if that triggers you
If you decide to do this request I thank you for taking time out of your schedule to do this 😊.
Hey hey! You got it! Ngl I miss read your thing and got a bit confused but I figured it out in time, ngl I had a hard time deciding but then I big brained
I ship anon with
💞Mina Ashido💞
Tumblr media
Reason for matchup
Honestly it was between her a midnight, but I just thought she was a better match. I feel like she’s more laid back
why they love you
She loves to just kick it with you, just relax and hang. Mina doesn’t mind that you’re a homebody, she’d love to take dates on the town from time to time but understands that may not be for everyone
Mina doesn’t mind if you’re a bit quiet but you may have to tell her if she’s talking too much cause she may get carried away. She tries to give you time to talk
Date nights
Mainly staying in and watching Netflix or playing video games, you two take turns choosing the game and show/movie.
She loves cheesy romcoms and slow paced exploring games like Minecraft and animal crossing
Once in a while she’ll make you go to the mall with her, Mina wants to dress you up. She thinks you look good already she just wants to see you in her style
Which is brightly colored animal prints and jumpers lol but you can dress her up
I can see her wanting to do build a bear work shops with you, make each other a bear. Mina will leave you the sweetest message too on it
General headcanons
You two always have music playing in the house, no matter what. Mina can’t function without background noise. Luckily for you she likes old rock too
When ever you get depressed she will lay you on the couch and lay on top of you. Giving you soft kisses and calling you sweet pet names
Her hero work is long and her hours really depend, she may be gone for the whole night or she can be home 3 hours early. Mina is always tired and the moment she gets home she will find you and plop right on top of you
Her love language is words of affirmation, so the best way to get her to do anything is to call her cheesy nicknames and gently ask her. Works every time
She does hang out with the baku squad a lot, Mina wants to bring you so you can hang out with them but she understands if you dont wanna. Just know she’s always looking for stuff that reminds her on you
your dynamic
You two have the best friend dynamic, I feel like you two were already best friends before you two got together. You two can read each other like a book knowing exactly what the other is thinking
songs that remind me
of you two
Ring tone (remix) by 100 gecko ft Charli XCX, Rico Nasty, Kero Kero Bonito
Cyber sex by doja cat
U got that by Halogen
Nsfw headcanons
Okay so I can totally see her having a mommy kink, not at first though you may have to bring that up to her
Mina is a dom, if you wanna be top for the day you have to either convince her or fight her for it
She has such a sickenly sweet voice, she loves to just coo at you. Mina will act gentle but she has a lot of rules and her punishments can be kinda harsh
Mina loves to skinny dip already, she does it in private so if she wouldn’t mind doing to with you in a pool from time to time
Mina will cosplay for you if you dress up like a cat boy for her, just saying
Stay lovely~
Stay safe!
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totallynotacatboy · 4 days ago
Matchup Request !
Hi can I request a romantic matchup for a Male BNHA character with NSFW headcanons? :)
My nickname is Lea! I am straight cisFemale with she/her pronouns. I am a Cancer (zodiac), a character I relate to is Tomoko from Watamote and a character everyone tells me I’m most like is Naruto Uzumaki. I’m 5’1 and I have short dark brown hair (I shaved my head a year ago and it’s growing back). I believe my quirk would be pyrokinesis.
I can be very chaotically impulsive (shaving my head or getting a piercing) and outgoing when I’m with people I’m comfortable with. Around new people, I am very kind and shy. In a relationship I can get very clingy, most of my time spent with my partner. My love languages are physical touch, praise, and gift giving. I love to shop for clothes, makeup, skincare, watch anime, and listen to music. I love trying new places to eat, cooking, and baking. Dressing up nice and going out to the mall, club, restaurant, theme park, etc. I dislike insensitive people or super active people, I am very lazy. I just want someone I can cuddle with, buy lots of presents, shop with, vibe with, go out and have fun.
Alright! At first I thought of Denki but I feel like that wouldn’t work, then I thought of kirishima and felt that didn’t fit right either. Then I thought of the perfect person!
I match Lea up with
🖤!Sero hanta!🧡
Tumblr media
Reason I matched you
Sero honestly doesn’t mind your shyness, he may be a bit thrown off but once you two begin to bond you slowly fall for each other
He is very laid back and likes to take things easy once in a while but also loves to cause a bit of chaos around campus, often pranking people with Denki and you
why they love you
Sero loves how laid back you can be and loves to just stay in his dorm and cuddle with you in his hammock
He isn’t a personal fan of shopping but he is happy to go with you to hang out
Hanta’s love langue is to others word of affirmation and things that get him is quality time so just being with you will be enough
He isn’t the most emotionally intelligent but sero understands them. He may tease a bit (mainly about your height) but if you tell him to stop he will and apologize
Date nights
His favorite dates are just staying in his dorm or yours and watching random anime’s, you two take turns choosing the anime. He loves silly anime’s
When ever the fair comes to town you bet your ass he’s taking you, you two spend hours together just goofing off and riding rides
He is really good at some of the carnival games and wins you a giant brown bear, and you two end the date by sitting together eating corn dogs and watching fireworks
Other dates he may take you is just exploring the town, he will go down town with you and just explore the different shops! You two then split to buy each other a gift
You two take turns planning dates, you try to do it at least once every 2 weeks but of course his hero work is kinda messy
General headcanons
He loves early mornings where you two are still sleepy and you’re cooking each other breakfast and just wrap his arms around you while cooking and kissing the top of your head
You and sero try and incorporate each other’s quirk and found out if her lit some of his tape on fire you can swing him around
Most days after school you two are snuggling in his hammock and napping after a tiring day of work
You two are apart of the Baku squad which is just a pool for chaos to grow, without bakugo. You, sero, and the others will often go out late at night and hang out to cause mild chaos
your dynamic
You two have the dynamic of Elusive chaos and mild dumbass
You two honestly share a brain cell together and have no idea what’s going on 50% of the time but are always down for each other, people don’t actually
songs that relate to you
Lowlife by poppy
I’m stupid for you by water parks
Ho hey by the Lumineers
Nsfw headcanons
He loves morning sex with you. The drowsy feeling of sleep still on him and him lazily fucking you is the perfect way for him to wake up
Quickies happen a lot, since you two are impulsive and you randomly get horny af you two have done it in quiet a lot of places. Even in public
He loves your size different. Just being able to pin you to a wall and stare down at you gets him going
You two have tried fucking in a hammock before, you two flipped over. You two never tried to have sex in it again, but you do cock warming
He wants to somehow incorporate your quirk into sex since he can with his tape but you knew that was such a bad idea
Stay lovely~
Stay safe!
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anim3tingz · 4 days ago
Updates (5/6/2021)
Hey, everyone! Sorry I didn’t upload yesterday. This past weekend I got sick so it was a little hard to get the energy to want to work on requests, which was why I initially took the two days off to relax. Mix that with having to work 6/7am shifts these past couple days, one of which I was asked to work on my day off...So, It’s been a little rough. I work in a Deli so I’m always on my feet; which to anyone who knows the feeling, it’s exhausting as hell. Yesterday was my longest shift, 7am-4pm, and I was just exhausted by the time 4pm came. Ya’ll I came home and passed out. So, I apologize for all the delays, but I am currently working on them now.
And, holy crap! 15 requests pending! I’m so happy you guys are enjoying these!❤️
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for all the love and support. You guys are just so amazing.❤️❤️❤️
*Also, ‘Match-Up’ requests that have more than 1 show listed will take me a little longer to write than the usual 1 show ones. I currently have 7 of these types of requests in queue. So, I apologize if not many requests get published this Sunday (5/9/21).
**The quality of my requests will always trump quantity. I’m a perfectionist in everything I do and I want to give ya’ll the best. So, please be patient with me. Thank you.
Completed Requests: *Will be published this Sunday (5/9/21)*
*Requests will be posted @ 9am EDT.
*Anonymous requests will be posted late afternoon/evening.
Request Line-Up:
weird-questions-from-an-infp-t (Match-Up) *In Progress*
magically-enchanted-girl (Match-Up)
Uravityko (Match-Up)
Anonymous (Match-Up)
Zeepzo0p (Match-Up)
Jay (Match-Up)
Pacificamott (Match-Up)
Shihozaki (One-Shot)
F0leysgirl (Match-Up)
Starbriteuwu (Match-Up)
011tsukishima (Match-Up)
Oatmilkislife (Match-Up)
Anonymous (Match-Up)
Pau-asthemoon (Match-Up)
Anonymous (Match-Up)
*To those who submitted ‘anonymously’ I have received your requests. I just wanted to make sure ya’ll know I have seen them since I can’t respond to you guys personally. :)
**Just a reminder I will publish things every ‘Sunday’.
***I’ll post an updated list every Wednesday & Saturday.
Thanks so much for the love everyone! Have a great week!
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goldenbby7 · 4 days ago
Hello! Requests for matchups are now CLOSED. I have a few I need to catch up on, but after I’m all caught up I’ll open them again😊
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elaineiswithyou-blog · 4 days ago
Hi! idk if ure accepting rn but im here to request for a mha matchup <3
im straight, she/her, a minor. Likes: asian + spanish cuisine, spicy food, iced coffee, cats, oversized clothes, online shopping, going on morning runs, drawing (both traditional and digital), watching true crime documentaries and horror movies Dislikes: thunderstorms/rainy weather, any kind of insect, being ignored or pressured
in terms of personality, im generally reserved and quiet person at first. i come off as intimidating bc of face (apparently i look scary ??) but i think im an easygoing person once u get to know me. my playful side comes out more when im comfortable with a person. i like to think im also one of the funny ones in the friend group! i usually avoid confrontations or fighting others but i'd do it for the people i care about. im an ambivert, but i usually don't approach others first. im always looking after others but i forget to do so for myself lmao. im generally a nice/friendly person, but i can have an attitude when im provoked enough. Favorite color: lilac or sky blue Favorite sports: volleyball, futsal (which is basically indoor soccer), ice skating Do you have any siblings: yes, i have 4 brothers, 3 are older and the other is younger. my older brothers are overprotective, the eldest is the nicest and sweetest though—he always buys me food and other things i ask for. the next 2 brothers are obnoxious, they like to tease me a lot </3 (but as much as i hate to admit it, i know they truly care for me). my youngest brother is only 6 years old, and he is an absolute angel. each of them know me well in their own ways and ig that's what i appreciate about them the most *gags* sorry i don't really have the most affectionate relationship with my older brothers lmao Do you speak any foreign languages: yes! i speak english, filipino, mandarin, and spanish What’s your dream job: not set on a specific career yet but i want to work in the fashion/film industry
Spoiler: It’s Spanish Sero headcanon time I’d match you with... Sero! 
Sero loves spicy food and you two share a lot of your food with one another because you both like the same things, food wise. He totally let’s you borrow his hoodies and baggy sweatshirts since he knows you like oversized clothing. You and Sero are just totally enablers of one another’s online shopping habits. Sero doesn’t really like morning runs so it takes a lot of convincing but  he’ll do it if you beg hard enough but don’t expect no complaining. Sero also really likes horror movies. Sero likes rainy weather but hates thunderstorms. He also hates insects and gets freaked out by them.  You two probably meet through a mutual friend like Kirishima or Denki.  Sero likes to buy you big comfortable lilac or pastel blue clothing, especially like when you two are shopping online or for your birthday. Sero defiantly gets along and likes your siblings He probably has said pretty dirty things out in public to you but in Spanish so only you and him understood. He loves to tease you in front of friends and family too though he is a bit more cautious around your family. 
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fandomclutterr · 5 days ago
oh hello!! would u mind giving me a student matchup for bnha? male or female doesnt matter to me <3 im 5'2, with shoulder length brown hair, and green eyes. im also very pale to do physical illness. my zodiac is scorpio, im an esfp and typically described as kind, funny, and supportive! but i do have a habit of being brutally honest, which hurts ppls feelings :( im kinda insecure about my personality also. i constantly wory about the future, and im dramatic and can get hyper and overwhelming, but always try to stay smiling!! my hobbies simply include shopping and playing games with my friends *cough cough* roblox is the only thing i can play *cough cough* i wouldnt wanna be matched with anyone super mean, or too sensitive. i wouldnt wanna hurt them!! thatd be rude of me. thank u so much have a great day/night
My top matches for you are Tokoyami and Momo!
Tumblr media
This dude does *not* care. Tbh he likes how honest you are, so it shouldn't be a problem. I don't really know what he would do about you being worried about the future, but I think he'd just let you vent cuz he doesn't know what to do either. He doesn't mind you being hyper, but he does tell you to simmer down when needed, of course. Other than that, he doesn't care what you do, have a ball for all he cares!
Tumblr media
Momo absolutely adores you. She loves how kind you are and that you can stand up for yourself. It always lightens up the mood. She likes how honest you are, it makes it easy to ask for your advice. She likes to go shopping with you, and she has a good sense of style as well so she may suggest stuff if you let her.
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bubblxsboo · 5 days ago
Hi!!! Can I have a mha (boy) matchup please 💕
She/ her Appearance:5'5 curvey (a little chubby, and thick thighs) very curly brown hair (I just now cut it so I have an inch of hair on my head) hazel eyes, glasses, and I'm biracial( half black half white) so my skin is a pale tan Personality: I'm really quite and distant when I first meet someone but when I get comfy I'm a big dork, I can be very sarcastic but not mean. I'm told I can talk to much so I tend to try and be quiet (doesn't work that well) I try and be kind to everyone and my personality thing is infj( don't know if you want that) Like: drawing, music (a lot of kpop), exploring/being out in nature, horror movies, cats(especially black ones), cuddles or literally any physical affection Dislikes: peaches, any form of public speaking, spiders, I'm not the biggest fan of hights, big thunderstorms, being alone for to long Hobbies: writing, reading, listening to music, cuddling (if you count that as a hobby 😂) exploring places i play with my hands a lot, I have a really high pitched (idk sorta cute?) sneeze, I can be very clumsy (I literally tripped on air once😂) when I do something scary my hands shaky after I've done the scary thing (if that makes any sense)
I think I got everything, thank you have a wonderful rest of your day ( ◜‿◝ )♡
A/N: between you and me, you seem cute 😩 no homo dw. But I think I got it ! Hope you liked it !
Eijiro Kirishima
The first thought he had about you is ‘They seem cool!’ He didn’t care how quiet you seemed, you were cool and cute to him.
He loves your sarcastic side, after all he’s best friend with the guy with the biggest anger issues in the class.
He loves your hair. Doesn’t matter what length they have, they love them. He always want to pat your head.
He also love your dork side. You both always either laugh at Kaminari or Bakugo together. He doesn’t think you’re too loud, he loves seeing you laugh and that’s all that matters to him.
And if anyone told you that you’re too loud, he would definitely tell them to man up ‘cuz that’s not manly at all to say that to someone that is just having fun!
He will try to draw with you and when he sees your drawings he is so shocked. He drops his pencil and look at your drawing with his jaw dropped to the ground. ‘How do you do that ?!’
Kirishima likes rock music, but loves kpop and would jam to it with you. He will try to sing and make a funny voice just to see you laugh. He is a dork too.
You love cats ? He will get every cats he can get just to see your shocked and amazed face. He would definitely go to your door with a cat with a bow and when you would open the door he would scream ‘surprise!’ and smile with his sharp teeth.
Kirishima would hold you while thunderstorms. Isn’t what ‘manly people’ do anyways ? Of course he does that because he wants to make sure that you feel safe. He would cuddle you until the thunderstorm pass.
He knows you don’t like being alone for too long. So when he goes for hero training or just a mission, he would text you anytime he has the time. He would spam you with questions and if you tell him you feel lonely, he would say that he needs to be YOUR hero now and will cuddle you.
He loves your high-pitched sneeze, he thinks it’s cute !
If he sees you falling, he will try to catch you or see if you’re okay. But honestly, he thinks that it’s cute. He can be clumsy too. So you both can just fall because you tripped on the air both and facepalm the ground together. Midoriya would join.
Hope you liked it ! :)
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writingnojutsu · 5 days ago
hi everyone! I feel like matching people up right now!!
- send me a picture of yourself
- you can also add details of your personality if u want to
- specify for which fandoms (max:2)
Attack on Titan
My Hero Academia
Jujutsu Kaisen
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fandomclutterr · 5 days ago
Hiiiiiiii!!!!! Can you do a matchup for me from my hero Academia?? Preferably male.
5'3, tan skin, freckles across my cheeks, dimples under my eyes that I got made fun of for because we're usually on the bottoms of people's cheeks 😐. I have brown eyes with short black fluffy hair. I also have a birthmark on the back of my thigh. I'm pretty busty in the chest area but I hate it because boys would make weird jokes and comments about my boons so now im insecure 😅.
I can be pretty goofy and I tend to make a lot of John Mulaney quotes. My top 3 kins are Todoroki, J.D from heathers, and Bakugou. I use humor as a coping mechanism because I don't have a good relationship with either of my parents 😅. I'm pretty blunt and I won't sugarcoat things if you want my opinion I'm going to give you my honest opinion because I want you to be your best self. I'm pretty kind and caring on the inside but I will jokingly mess with you. I will always be there for you but if you cross me or hurt any of my friends in any way I will not I care what happens to you. I do not tolerate racist, pedophiles, rapists, or people that make stupid George Floyd jokes. If you're sexist or put down other women to make yourself feel better then I will curb stomp you. I can be pretty chaotic.
Random facts and things I like:
Im Latin American. I don't like chocolate Sue me 🙄. I really like sweet things but I hate bitter things. My favorite foods are definitely hot Cheetos, egg rolls, orange chicken, and cheesecake. My favorite movies are Anastasia, Alice in Wonderland, Heather's, and The Shining. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music, sleeping (even tho I have insomnia 😔), and poetry. My type would definitely have to be someone taller than me and someone that can match my energy. Definitely someone that's going to be straight up with me and call me out on my dumb shit. I don't really care for Looks if I love you you're automatically attractive 😤. I tend to be insecure about my looks and smarts because my mom would degrade me a lot 😅. My favorite songs are definitely The Cult of Dionysus, Seven Nation Army, and Obsessed with you. People I strive to be like are definitely Marilyn Monroe, Tiffany Valentine from Chucky (don't judge me), and Melanie Martinez. I will NOT go a day without hyping you up. 😤❤ my astrology sign is Virgo and my sexuality is pansexual. I go by any pronouns but mainly she / her. My favorite poem is definitely My Mistress's Eyes Are Nothing Like The Sun by William Shakespeare. I tend to get really nervous around men because I got sexually assaulted a lot when I was younger. I'm not keen on physical affection unless I'm the one giving it because of that.
Do what you can and don't strain yourself ❤✨🌹🌻🌸🍄
Tiffany and Melanie are the baddest bitches, I don't make the rules
 Also you're cool asf 
Tumblr media
 My top pick for you is Bakugo!
 Bakugo is mad confused. Like he doesn't find you "annoying" (just a lil) but as a person, you confuse him to no end. He's the type of person to get worried for you if you aren't sleeping enough. "GET YOUR ASS TO SLEEP" typa beat. Sometimes if you're reading, he'll rest his head on yours (shorty) and skim the pages. It's his way of showing affection other than aggressively holding your hand, so just let it happen. He lightly insults you sometimes, but he doesn't really mean it a majority of the time. Do not boost his ego, please. It will not do anything good. He will totally call you out if you do something stupid, believe that. Bakugo isnt one to outwardly give affection if you dont want it, so just take it at your own pace.
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fandomclutterr · 5 days ago
Hello!! If it's not too much, can I get a matchup for BNHA? I'm a straight female. I am a 5'0 brunette and I'm on the chubby side with brown eyes!! I am very excitable and friendly, but also very loud which tends to put people off. I bounce off the walls a lot and get upset when I'm lonely. My personality type is ENFP!! My hobbies include playing video games, reading, and seeing how many energy drinks I can chug in a day!! My weaknesses would include a very short attention span and not being able to sit still for long. My zodiac is a Sagittarius 💘 Anyone is fine for the matchup!! Thank you so much in advance!! Have a wonderful day ✨
Thanks! My top matches for you are Izuku and Kirishima!
Tumblr media
He absolutely loves your personality, I have no other way to say it. Sometime he matches your energy and tbh it either annoys the whole class or livens up the place. You cheer him up super easily, even if it doesn't seem like it. He doesn't mind your short attention span, but he does know it exists and how to deal with it. He does tell you to take it easy on the energy drinks sometimes.
Tumblr media
E N E R G Y D R I N K C O N T E S T. He also matches your energy and never finds you annoying because of it. I also hc that he has a short attention span as well so its just a ton of chaos. Hes also a little loud sometimes, so again, chaos. You won't really have a chance to be lonely, he tries his best to stay near you when he can, it never burdens him.
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