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king-queenie · 4 minutes ago
I wanna draw krbk bringing their adopted daughter, Emi, home for Natsuki to meet.
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king-queenie · 5 minutes ago
Aizawa: Bakugo answer question 3.
Baku: okay well um- mmmmn
Aizawa: are you okay?
Baku: I'm fine *whines*
Denki: pfft I've never heard you make that sound before
Deku: yeah Kacchan are you sure you're okay?
Baku: *panting* I said in fine ahh~
Kiri: *smirks* you sure? *secretly turns vibrations higher*
Baku: f-fuck you-
Aizawa: okay moving on, Todoroki number 3 please-
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simpforsadbois · 43 minutes ago
✨100 prompts for 100 followers✨
All right, so to celebrate hitting 100 followers, I've decided to do a little event 🖤
I had a lot of fun just throwing this list together, so please don't be shy about sending in requests! Special thank you to @aidendontdoit for the idea 🖤
Please send me a request with whatever prompt number(s) and character you would like & I'll put it out as soon as I can. Characters I currently write for can be found on my pinned post. This will likely be drabbles/short one shots, depending. Certain prompts lean toward adult themes, so please be advised that some of these may end up being NSFW! If you're uncomfortable with that type of content, please just mention SFW only in your ask 🖤
Thank you again! 🖤
“I can’t stop thinking about you.”
“The more I look at you, the more I think we need to leave.”
“Look at me. I love you.”
“I never thought I’d be so lucky, especially not in this lifetime.”
"Shit, my ex is right there, can you hide me?"
“I’m asking because I’ve seen the way you look at me.”
“I’m tired and my bed feels so empty without you here.”
“I think I’m in love with you and I don’t know what to do.”
“I desperately want to take you out for dinner and slow dance with you until the sun comes up, but I also want to grip your hair as I watch you writhing underneath me.”
“If you don’t stop looking at my lips without doing anything about it, I will take you right here on this counter.”
“We really shouldn’t be doing this…”
“Who said I ever stopped?”
“I fell for you without even knowing it and, damn, does it hurt that you can’t see it.”
“Please just look at me while I confess, after that you can look anywhere you like, I swear.”
“What? I meant it as a compliment.”
“Every time I look at you, I think I fall a little more in love.”
“You are more than you think of yourself. You’re everything to me.”
“Don’t look at me like that and then feign innocence.”
“You’re the best thing that has, and ever will, happen to me.”
“You keep saying that we’re friends but you look at me for a moment too long for that to be true.”
“Not only am I deeply in love with you, you’re my best friend.”
“I would honestly die before I let anything happen to you.”
"Sorry to break it to you, but shouting at each other from across the room doesn't exactly count as talking about your feelings."
“I don’t care if you think you look like Godzilla when you wake up, you’re my beautiful Godzilla.”
“Will you stay the night?”
“Don’t kink shame me.”
“We need to talk about what happened last night.”
“How can you stand there looking like that?”
“Why do I feel like I’m home whenever you’re near me?”
“I will love you forever and when ‘forever’ ends, I’ll love you some more.”
“If only you could see yourself the way I see you, because, holy shit, you’d realize how much I’ve fallen for you.”
“Are you awake? Oh my god I was so worried, holy shit I thought I was going to lose you.”
“Don’t think about anything. Just tell me that you love me and hold me tighter.”
“I think we need to talk about the fact that I’m in love with you and also that I’m pregnant.”
“Would you reconsider if I was sober?”
“I’m so madly and deeply in love with you, please meet me so we can discuss this.”
“Is it worth breaking your vows over?”
“I hope you’ll never forget how much I adore you.”
“Why didn’t you answer your phone? It was an emergency, I needed to tell you I love you.”
“Forgive me if I’m misreading things, but do you want to make out?”
“My heart hurts when I look at you.”
“I’ve fallen for you and it’s becoming difficult for me to get anything done.”
“All I can think of is your lips on mine.”
“Don’t blame it on the alcohol, you tasted like you wanted me.”
“You keep that photo of us in your wallet?”
“If anything ever happens to me, remember that I’ll always love you.”
“I told you not to read that.”
“I got everything I wanted. My everything was you.”
“Where are your clothes?”
“Don’t pretend that you don’t feel the same way.”
“Don’t tell me you love me unless you mean it.”
“I can’t do this anymore.”
“You’re such a fun drunk.”
“They told me that you’d break my heart but, holy shit, they never said it’d feel like this.”
“Don’t act innocent, you had me pinned underneath you 5 minutes ago.”
“I could never not love you.”
“I can’t think of a life that doesn’t have you in it.”
“Please, just stay a little longer.”
“Why are you helping me?”
“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
“No, it’s really not that complicated. He’s a bad person.”
“You can keep pretending, but you’ll never be happy.”
“You snuck into my room, at cuddle?”
“I’m not good at this. I never have been.”
“Are you banned from all Taco Bells, or just that Taco Bell?”
“Please don’t cry.”
“Do I regret it? Yes. Would I do it again? Probably.”
“I would’ve died for you.”
“If I leave now, I won’t come back.”
“There will never be a place for you here anymore.”
“Everything is temporary, this was merely one of those things.”
“Superheroes aren’t allowed in my house, especially after they’ve destroyed my living room. go away.”
“I’m just tired of this. I’m tired of it all.”
“I can’t believe I’m telling you this.”
“I wish I could fix this.”
“All I know is, it’s taking everything in me not to fuck the living shit out of you right now.”
“You hurt me and I still trusted you.”
“Dance with me?”
“I think that’s enough."
“I want to strangle you 99% of the time.”
“I don’t think I can forgive you.”
“I don’t need a gentleman right now.”
“Oh, I was just another notch in your bedpost?”
“You really had me fooled. I might’ve almost said something I’d regret.”
“When was it that you realized that you didn’t love me?”
“I can’t even look at you right now.”
“I’m not someone who breaks easily, but I must commend you on this.”
“You know I wouldn’t call unless I was in pain.”
“I never thought I’d be the one to hurt you.”
“Don’t say anything else, just stay.”
“We can start over. I’ll do anything, everything can be perfect. Just please don’t leave me.”
“There hasn’t been a day I didn’t think of you and it’s starting to hurt.”
“I never thought I’d love you this much.”
“Where did you learn how to do that?”
“It was a mistake and I know I can never fix this.”
“I hope it hurts to think of me.”
“This isn’t over. You always come running back and I always welcome you.”
“Don’t make me fall in love again.”
“I thought I didn’t miss you, but then I saw your photo.
“You wanna fuck me so bad it makes you look stupid.”
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kentoshousewife · 48 minutes ago
tw: gangbang, voyeurism, double penetration, choking, humiliation, mentions of blood, face slapping, spitting, filming.
just thinking about bakugou letting his friends fuck you while all he does is watching and touch himself through his pants.
sero is fucking your pussy while denki takes you tight ass, meanwhile kirishima is abusing your poor throat. they are all so mean, calling you a dirty slut for enjoying it so much and passing you around like their little toy you are. you thought no one could be as rough as katsuki, but kirishima was right now proving you wrong. he doesn’t care you are choking on his cock already, he is going to grab your neck too and squeeze so hard you can barely breath. he wants to see you cry for them and he was getting it when he saw you sobbing around him. all he did was laugh at you and let you breath for just a few seconds and then going for it again. denki was also a sadist, during the whole time he was abusing your poor ass he was also spanking it very hard, making it red and making you think it was about to bleed anytime soon. sero was not different from the other boys, he was even worse just laughing and mocking your stupid cries while pinching your clit, which made your legs squirm a few times. when kirishima was not inside your mouth, sero make you open it again so he could spit on it and then make you swallow it while slapping your poor face and call you his “nasty good girl”.
bakugou couldn’t be happier by the sight, and to tease you later, and make you cry again, he would film everything so you could be able to see how pathetic you look whining about his friends cocks.
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nanaosaki3940 · an hour ago
The Crimson Butterfly [Boku No Hero Academia X Tokyo Ghoul] 
Tumblr media
If you wanna check out the whole version of the story, then please check it out in Quotev - 
1. Prologue
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king-queenie · an hour ago
Krbk argument
Baku: oh yeah? Well- you're not masculine!
Kiri: *dramatic gasp* you take that back you overrated little twink!
Baku: hey I am a twunk- that is inbetween was twink and a hunk-
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sassiart8 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yes. the door remained open.
Run young Midoriya, run.
🥦 🥦 🥦 🥦 🥦
🏳️‍🌈 I’m on Instagram: Sassi_art8
unfortunately I have reached the maximum of 10 photos and I can not share the screen for the credit but thanks always to @incorrectheroquotes for inspiration💕.
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hanashimas · an hour ago
MHA Ultra Impact Homepage Voicelines: UA Kids
Tumblr media
Original voiced lines from Ultra Impact, featuring the UA kids!
Unfortunately, no-one on the net seems to have made a video of the characters’ voicelines so you’ll have to make do with text and Your Imagination...
The characters all have the same homepage voiced lines no matter the rarity you have them in (in-battle voices are different between versions apparently though).
In addition to general voices, they also have voiced lines players can only listen to during daytime, lunchtime, afternoon and nighttime! There’s also a special voice players can listen to when something’s inside their gift box and when an event starts. (I can only listen to the gift and event voices of units I have).
This post was supposed to have all the characters together, but it just got too heavy so I separated them into three parts. I’ll post the remaining 2 parts (Pros and Villains) when I’m done with them
Midoriya Izuku
Tumblr media
笑って、困ってる人を助ける かっこいいヒーローになりたいんだ! I want to be a cool hero who saves people in trouble with a smile!
もっと効率のいい訓練メニューにするには… To make this training menu even more efficient, I need to...
おはよう!まずは朝の鍛錬、頑張ろう! Good morning! Let’s begin the day by doing our best in morning training!
立ち止まってる時間はない。今日も全力だ! I don’t have time to stand still. I’m gonna go full force as well today!
もうこんな時間か…お腹すいた…! It’s that time of the day already? I’m famished...!
今日のお昼はどうしょう…やっぱり、かつ丼かな?! Wonder what I should eat for lunch...Should I get katsudon after all?!
午後はヒーロー基礎学か...! 今日の先生は誰だろう? We’ve got Heroics classes in the afternoon...! Wonder who the teacher will be today?
お昼の後は眠くなるけど、気合入れて行こう! It’s easy to get sleepy after lunch, but let’s get psyched up for the rest of the day!
明日の鍛錬に備えて、早く寝よう! Let’s go to bed early to prepare for tomorrow’s training!
もうこんな時間?! まずい、早く寝ないと...! It’s this late already?! This is bad, I’ve got to go to bed now...!
Late Night:
まだこんな時間?!早起きだね! But it’s still this early! You sure wake up fast!
んぅ…まだ眠いぃ…でも二度寝したら朝の鍛錬が...!(悶絶) Nghh...I’m still sleepy...but if I go back to sleep, I’ll miss morning trainingg...!
Gift Box:
何か届いてるみたいだよ! Looks like something’s arrived!
楽しそうなことをやっているみたいだ。僕たちも急ごう!  Looks like they’re doing something fun. Let’s also hurry and join them!
Bakugo Katsuki
Tumblr media
俺はナンバーワンヒーローを超える男だ。よく覚えとけ。 I’m the man who’ll surpass the Number One hero. Keep that in mind.
俺の力が見てえなら いつでも見せてやるよ...! If you wanna see my power that badly, I’ll show ‘em off to you anytime you want...!
俺が一番だってことを、今日も思い知らせてやる...! I’m gonna show them all that I’m the best again today...!
朝っぱらからどいつもこいつもうるっせーな。 Fucking noisy this early in the morning, every last one of them.
適当に飯食うか…何にすっか。 I should eat lunch....What to choose...
暴れたりねえなぁ…とっとと演習でもさせろやぁ! I haven’t rampaged enough yet...! Hurry up and fucking let me do the next practice already!
生ぬるいことしてる暇なんてねぇんだよ! I don’t have the damn luxury to do half-hearted things like this!
チッ!今日もクソナードがうぜぇ...! Tch! That damned Nerd won’t fucking shut up either today..!
新技考えてたつーのに、もう夜かよ。 What, it’s nighttime already? I was thinking about a new move too..
クソねみぃ…スゥ…(小声)寝るか… Sleepy as fuck....(inhales)….time to sleep I guess...
Late Night-Dawn:
この時間じゃあ、ぶっ飛ばす相手もいねえからなぁ… There’re no opponents to blow away at this time of the day...
ああ?!俺は眠くならねえんだよ! Aah?! I don’t fucking get sleepy!
Gift Box:
なんか届いてんぞ。てめえの荷物ぐらいさっさと片せや! Something’s arrived. Get your fucking package tidied up already!
なんか始まったみてぇだなぁ…全員黙らせに行くかぁ! Looks like something’s ‘bout I go and make them all shut up!
Todoroki Shoto
Tumblr media
俺は、アイツとは違うやり方でヒーローになる。 I’m going to be a hero in a different way than he did.
たった一言で、変わることもある。 Even a single word can bring change.
朝か。今日もやってくか。 Morning, huh. Let’s get on with today’s training as well.
起きると枕が足元にあるんだが、なんでだろうな。 My pillow was located by my feet when I woke up. Wonder why.
昼は蕎麦食いてえな。ざるの。 I want to eat soba. The cold types.
なりたい俺になるために…やれること… The things I can order to become who I want to be...
授業の予習復習もしとかねえとな。 I’ve got to preview and review the lessons too.
授業が終わったか…腹減ったな。 Looks like classes are over....I’m hungry.
やっぱ畳は落ち着くな。 I feel more comfortable with tatami mats after all.
腹減った...蕎麦食いてぇ。 I’m hungry....want some soba.
Late Night:
ねみぃ…けど、まだ布団敷いてねえ… Sleepy...but, I haven’t spread the futon out yet...
寝た気がしねえな…まだ起きるには早くねえか? I don’t feel like I’ve slept at all...Don’t you think it’s still too early to wake up?
Gift Box:
何か届いてるぞ。受け取った方がいいんじゃないか? Looks like something’s arrived. Don’t you think it’s better if you go and receive it?
賑やかだな。祭りか何かか? It sure is lively. Is there a festival of some sort?
Uraraka Ochako
Tumblr media
強くなるには、特訓あるのみ!だよね? There’s no other way but to train if you wanna get stronger! Right?
早くヒーローになって、父ちゃんたちを楽させたげるんだ! I’m gonna become a hero as fast as I can and ease Dad and Mom’s burden!
朝ごはんはちゃんと食べんと元気でないよ? You’re not gonna have any energy if you don’t eat breakfast, you know?
朝は気持ちいいね!今日もやるぞ!って感じ! The morning sure feels good! It gives you this ‘Let’s do this!’ feeling!
お昼は定食にしようかな。お米おいしいし。 Maybe I should get the set menu. The rice here’s tasty after all.
授業は大変だけど、これもヒーローになるため! The lessons are difficult, but this is all for becoming a hero!
疲れたけど、みんなも頑張ってるし、もうひと頑張り! I’m tired, but everyone’s still doing their best so I’ll give it one more go!
もう夕方か…一日があっという間すぎるよ。 It’s evening already...One day passes way too quickly.
今夜は星が見えるかな?外散歩したいな! I wonder if we can see the stars tonight? I wanna go take a walk outside!
よ、夜は静かすぎると...ちょっと怖いかも。 I, if it’s too quiet during the nights, it is kinda scary.
Late Night:
早起きできた私エライ!けど、眠い... I deserve praise for waking up early!! But....I’m still sleepy...
星空もきれいだけど、朝日もキラキラしてていいよね... The starry sky certainly is pretty, but the morning sun’s glitter is also a great view...
Gift Box:
なんかプレゼントが届いてるみたいだよ!いいね! Looks like a gift’s arrived! Good for you!
なんか盛り上がっとるみたい!私も行こうっと! Looks like something exciting’s happening! I’m gonna join too!
Iida Tenya
Tumblr media
規律を重んじ、人を導く!俺はそんなヒーローになる! Someone who respects the law and guides the people! That’s the kind of hero I will be!
憧れはまだ遠い!だが諦めるつもりはない! The path to becoming what I admire is still far-off! But I don’t intend to give up!
おはよう!さあ、今日も張り切っていこう! Good morning! Let’s go full throttle as well today!
今日の予定もハードだが、しっかりと秀麗を積まれば! Our plans for today are also hard, but they will all be worth it if we continue working hard!
昼食はビーフシチューにするか。だが栄養バランスが...! Maybe I should have some beef stew today. But I’ve got to think about the nutrient balance...!
昼食はしっかりとろう!午後力が出ないからな! Eat lunch sufficiently! Or else you won’t have energy for the afternoon classes!
予習復習しっかりと!地道な努力こそ、大事なのさ! You should properly preview and review your lessons! Steady hard work is what’s important!
授業を終えるたび実感する...! さすが雄英、レベルが高い! I’m reminded every time a lesson ends...! As expected of UA, their lessons are all high-level!
しまった!もうこんな時間か!そろそろ寝なければ、明日の授業に支障が出てしまう! Oh no! It’s already this late?! If I don’t go to bed soon, it’s going to affect my performance tomorrow!
妙な時間に目がさえてしまった…!よし、少し身体を動かそう! Accidentally woke up in this odd hour...! Alright, let’s work out a little!
Late Night:
少し早いが、二度寝するにもいかん...! おはよう! It’s a little early but I cannot let myself go back to bed...! Good morning!
朝の鍛錬はやはり気持ちがいいな!今日も頑張ろう! Morning training sure feels good! Let’s also do our bests today!
Gift Box:
届いた荷物を受け取っていないのではないか? Don’t you think you have yet to pick up your delivered package?
何かのイベントが催されているようだ。先に行くぞ! It seems like an event of some sort is being held! I’ll be seeing you there!
Jirou Kyouka
Tumblr media
いい音出すには練習あるのみ!だよね?よぉし、やるか! There’s no way but to train if you wanna be able to create good sounds! Right? Alright, let’s do this!
ロックはやっぱいいよね。テンション上がるよ! Rock music is great, don’t you think? Gets you all hyped up!
ふわぁ...なんか音楽かけて、目ぇ覚ますか… Yawns...Maybe I should put some music on and wake myself up...
音楽聞いて、気合入れるとするかな。 I should listen to some music to psyche myself up.
この時間は、あちこち腹の鳴る音が聞こえるんだ。 During this time of the day, I can hear the sounds of stomachs growling from all directions.
この後の授業は何だっけ…数学だとキツイな… What’s after this again..? I’ll hate it if it’s Maths...
い、いい音拾うためにも、ジャック部分ちゃんと手入れしなきゃね。 I-in order to pick up good sounds, I’ve got to tend to my jack parts too.
帰ったらギータ―引こうかな。いや、ベースがいいかも。 Maybe I should play the guitar when I get home. Nah, the bass seems like a better idea.
明日もあるんだから、もうそろそろ寝とかないとね。 We’ve got lessons too tomorrow, so I should go to bed soon.
もう夜だから ボリュームは控えめに、と。 Since it’s already nighttime, I should lower the volume.
Late Night:
はぁ…なんか上鳴のウェイの幻聴が… Sigh...I feel like I’m hallucinating Kaminari’s whey right now...
ゲッ!もう朝じゃん!集中しすぎた! Geh! It’s morning already?! I was too deep in concentration!
Gift Box:
お?なんか届いてるみたいだよ。受け取ったら? Oh? Looks like something’s arrived. Maybe you should go and pick it up?
すっごい楽しそうな声が聞こえる...! イベントっぽいな! I can hear some really excited voices there...! Seems like an event is ongoing!
Yaoyorozu Momo
Tumblr media
常に下学上達、一意専心に励まなければ!  We must continuously increase our depth of learning, and wholeheartedly strive to improve ourselves!
大きなものを創るのには、まだまだ時間がかかりますの。 I still consume too much time when making large objects.
本日も最大限、努力させていただきますわ! I will be working myself hard to the maximum as well today!
さて、今日のスケジュールを確認いたしましょう。 Now then, I should reconfirm what is on today’s schedule.
皆さんの頑張る姿を見ていると、私も刺激されますわ。 When I see everyone doing their bests, I get motivated too.
次のテストでも、いい成績が出せるといいのですが。 It would be nice if I could perform well again in the next exam.
今日の実技も反省点が多いです。あとでまとめませんと。 There is also a lot to reflect on today. I will need to summarize them all later.
個性を使いましたし、軽食を取っておきましょう。 Since I have used my quirk, I should let myself eat a light meal.
寝る前に、暖かい物でも入れましょうか。 I should drink something warm before heading to bed.
ふわぁ...もう遅いですし、ベッドに入りましょう。 Yawn...Since it’s quite late, I should head to bed.
Late Night:
まだ起きるには…少し早いじかんですわね。 It’s still...too early for me to wake up.
目が覚めてしまったし、読書の続きでもしようかしら。 Since I’ve woken up, I might as well continue reading where I left off last.
Gift Box:
あら?なにか届いているようですわね。 Oh my? It seems that something has arrived.
なにかイベントが開催されていますね。気になりますわ。 It seems like an event is taking place right now. It certainly is piquing my interest.
Kirishima Eijiro
Tumblr media
後悔はしたくねえ...!守れるヒーローになってやる! I don’t wanna regret things anymore...! I’m going to be a hero that protects!
おいっ!硬化してるときは触んなよ!怪我すっぞ! Hey! Don’t touch while I’m hardened! You’re gonna get yourself injured!
っしゃあ!今日も気合入れて行くぜ! Alright! Let’s also get fired up for today!
気合入れに熱い茶でも入れてやろうか? Should I make you some hot tea to psyche you up for the day?
腹ぁ!減った!肉!肉食うぞ! I’m! Hungry! Meat! I’m gonna eat meat!
授業でじっとしてると、身体動かしたくなるぜ...! Staying still during class makes you wanna move your body afterwards...!
眠くなってきたときは…こう、瞼を…硬化して...! When you get sleepy...all you’ve got to do is...harden your eyelids, like this...!
赤点取んねえようにしねえとな。爆豪に教えてまらうか。 I should take care not to get failing marks. Maybe I should get Bakugo to teach me.
うわぁぁぁ眠れねぇ!っっよっしゃ!漢らしく、自主トレするか! Arrghh I can’t freaking sleep! Alright! Let’s do independent training like a man!
やっべぇ!こんな時間なのに、腹減ってきたな… Darn it! I’m starting to get hungry even though it’s this late already...
Late Night:
…へへっ!誰よりも早起きって気持ちいいよな! ...heheh! Being the first to wake up sure feels good!
やべ!そういえば宿題してねえ!…今からやれば間に合うか?! Oh no! Now that I think of it, I haven’t done homework yet! ...can I finish in time if I start now?!
Gift Box:
お!なんか届いてっぞ! Oh! Looks like something’s here!
騒がしいけど…祭りでもやってのか? It’s kind of a festival or something?
Kaminari Denki
Tumblr media
俺が強ぇやつだってこと、証明してやるぜ! I’m gonna prove to you that I’m strong!
今かわいい女の子が通ったよな...! A cute girl just walked past me just now...!
授業はちゃんと受けねえとな。補修は勘弁...! I should take classes seriously. Don’t wanna go to supplementary lessons...!
やっべ!宿題忘れてた! Oh no! I forgot about homework!
昼食がてら、電気の充電もしとくか...! I should charge my phone up while I have lunch.
さっきの問題テストに出んのかなぁ…全然わかんねえ...! Will that question earlier show up in an exam..? I don’t get it at all..!
やっぱ身体動かすのが向いてるわ!実技最高! As I thought, I’m more cut out for activities that move the body! Nothing beats practicals!
最近はこんなの流行ってんのな!ネットサーフィン止まんねえ! So this is what’s trending lately! Can’t stop surfing the net!
…もう寝とくかぁ。いや!夜はまだまだこれからだ! ...I should go to bed now. Nah! The night’s only begun!
Late Night:
あ~変な時間に起きちまった。二度寝すっか~ Man, I didn’t mean to wake up in this weird hour. Gonna go back to sleep.
徹夜はよくねえってわかってるけど、楽しいんだよな~! I know staying up late isn’t good, but it’s really fun y’know?
Gift Box:
おーい!なんか届いてるっぽいぜ! Heey! Looks like something’s arrived!
なーんか楽しそうなイベントやってるみたいだぜ! Looks like they’re doing a fun-looking event!
Tokoyami Fumikage
Tumblr media
暗闇の中でこそ光るものもある、とだけ言っておこう。 Some things only shine because they exist inside the darkness. That is all I have to say.
誰もが選択を迫られているものだ。...もちろん俺自身も。 Everyone is forced to choose something in life. ...and of course, that includes me.
はぁ。やはり俺には、朝日は眩しすぎる。 Sigh. The morning sun proves to be too radiant for me.
やることはいつも通り、研鑽を積むだけだ。 I shall be doing my usual routine and devote myself to training.
もう少々勉学に励んでおこう。テストが気にかかる。 I should strive to pursue more knowledge. The upcoming exam is weighing on my mind.
闇を出ないからといって、俺と黒影の力をなめるなよ。 Just because we do not go outside the darkness, you shouldn’t be underestimating Dark Shadow and I.
小腹が空いたな。リンゴでも食うとするか。 I’ve become a little peckish. I should eat an apple.
日が沈む時間が近づくだけで、黒影は嬉しそうだ。 Dark Shadow seems happier the closer we are to sunset.
やはり闇が深いほど落ち着く。だが、力の制御が... As expected, the darker it is, the more comfortable I am. However, I lose control of my power...
この程度の一日で、疲労を感じる場合ではない。 I have no luxury to feel weary after a day of this degree.
Late Night:
夜明けが近づいているな。また夜を待つとしよう。 Dawn is approaching. I shall once again wait for nightfall.
例え深淵の者といえど、睡眠は必要だからな。 Although I may be a dweller of the abyss, I do need my night’s sleep.
Gift Box:
贈り物があるようだ。受け取るといい。 It seems like a gift has arrived. You should receive it.
どこからか喧騒が聞こえるな。何かの催し物か? I can hear tumultuous sounds reverberating from somewhere. Is there an event of some sort?
Asui Tsuyu
Tumblr media
ケロ!私のことは梅雨ちゃんと呼んで! Ribbit! Call me Tsuyu-chan, please!
私、思ったことは何でもすぐ言っちゃうの。 I have a tendency to blurt out anything that comes to my mind.
ケロケロ!今日も頑張って行きましょう! Ribbit ribbit! Let’s do our best today!
私、雨だと特に調子がいいの。蛙だから。 I do very well especially when it’s raining. Cuz I’m a frog.
食後にゼリーも食べようかしら。 Maybe I should have some jelly after lunch.
蛙っぽさをもっと磨いて、実践に使える技を増やしたいわ。 I need to polish my frogginess even more, and increase the amount of moves I can use in combat.
“個性”で跳躍すれば、離れた場所からも駆け付けられるのよ。 I can quickly rush to distant places if I use my quirk to jump.
夕飯は…パスタにしようかしら。 I wonder...if I should have some pasta for dinner.
髪が長いから、お風呂は少し時間がかかるの。 Since I have long hair, bathing takes time.
ケロ!もうこんな時間…早く寝ないといけないわね。 Ribbit! It’s this late already...I should go to bed soon.
Late Night:
目が覚めてしまったわ…みんなはまだ寝てるかしら… I didn’t mean to wake up this early....wonder if everyone else is still asleep...
少し早く起きすぎたわね。ゲコ。 It seems like I’ve woken up a little bit too early. Gecko.
Gift Box:
ケロ?何か贈り物届いてるみたいね。 Ribbit? Looks like a gift has arrived.
ケロケロ?なんだか楽しそうね。私たちも参加しましょう! Ribbit ribbit? That looks fun. Let’s also join them!
Shinso Hitoshi
Tumblr media
こんな個性でも結構やれるんだ。 Even a quirk like mine has a lot of things it can do.
ふつう構えるんだけどな、俺と話す人は。 Usually, people who talk to me put up their guards.
絶対に諦めない。そのために、今日も頑張らないとな。 I’ll never give up. To achieve my dreams, I’ve got to do my best as well today.
眠気吹き飛ばすには、自転車だな。やっぱ。 Cycling’s the best way to blast off the sleepiness, as I thought.
昼飯…何にするかな。 What should I have for lunch...
訓練で結果を出さないとな。 I have to deliver good performance during training.
アイツらは今何をしてるんだろうな。ヒーロー科は恵まれてるよ。 Wonder what those guys are doing right now. The Hero Department sure is blessed.
体力もつけて、アイツらに追いつく! I’m going to build up stamina, and catch up to them!
夜更かししすぎたか。さっさと寝ねえと。 I’m staying up too late. Got to go to bed now.
ちくしょう…目が覚めちまった。 Dammit...Accidentally woke up.
Late Night:
ちょっと起きるのは速すぎたかもな。ねみぃ... Maybe I woke up too soon. I’m sleepy...
クッソ…二度寝してる暇なんてねえのに… Dammit...even though I’ve got no time to spend sleeping in...
Gift Box:
何か、届いてるよ。 Something’s arrived.
何かやっているみたいだな。行ってみるか? Looks like something is being held. Wanna go and have a look?
Amajiki Tamaki
Tumblr media
あぁ…帰りたい… Ahh...I wanna go home...
俺に話しかけるなんて…(小声)暇、なのか…? To think that you would talk to me....(small voice) Do you have...too much free time...?
また一日が始まる…辛いけど、頑張らないと。 And so another day begins....It’s hard, but I’ve got to give it my all.
朝日が眩しいな。まるで、ミリオみたいだ。 The morning sun sure is bright. It’s a lot like Mirio.
食道のメニュー…いつも何を食べようか迷う。 The menu in the cafeteria....always makes me wonder what to eat.
そろそろ帰れる...! 早く帰りたい...! I can go home soon..! I want to go home as soon as possible...!
午後も何事もないといいんだが… It’d be nice if nothing happens either in the afternoon...
こんな時間に目が覚めるなんて…何かの前兆か…? To think that I’d wake up in this ungodly it an omen of sorts..?
だいぶ遅くなってしまった…早く寝なければ...! It’s become quite late....I need to sleep soon...!
Late Night:
この時間は、人目が少なくて安心できる。 I feel relaxed at this time of the day since I don’t have to worry about the public eye.
もうすぐ日が昇る...! ああ、一日が始まる...! The sun will be rising soon...! Ahh...the day’s about to begin...!
Gift Box:
何か...届いているようだが... Looks like...something’s here...
人が多い。いたた、お腹痛くなってきた… There’s a lot of people... oww, my stomach’s starting to hurt...
Toogata Mirio
Tumblr media
俺は立派なヒーローになるからねっ! I’m gonna be a splendid hero, just you see!
元気があって何よりだよね! It’s great that you’re so energetic!
今日も一日、元気とユーモアの溢れる一日にしよう! Let’s make today a humor-filled and energetic day!
気持ちのいい朝だよね。今日も頑張るぞ! What a nice morning! I’m also gonna do my best today!
何食べたいか当てていい?ラーメン!だよね? Can I guess what you’re gonna eat? It’s ramen! Isn’t it?
実習もインターンも基礎は一緒だぜ?パワァー! The fundamentals behind practicals and interns are the same, you know? Powerrrr!
午後は眠くなるよねぇ。 It sure is easy to get sleepy in the afternoon.
太陽が傾いても、気を抜かずにパトロール!だよね! Even if the sun’s started to set, we shouldn’t lose focus and keep on patrolling! Right?
明日の元気のためにも、速く寝るべきだよね! I should head to bead early if I want to keep being energetic tomorrow!
うーん。まだ寝てる時間だよね… Hmm...I’m supposed to still be sleeping at this time...
Late Night:
元気すぎてうっかり早起きしちゃったよね! I’ve got too much energy I accidentally woke up!
二度寝は二度ねえ!なんつってね! Say no to sleeping in! Just kidding!* (T/N: A homonym pun. Original is nidone (sleeping in) wa nido nee (never again))
Gift Box:
何か届いてるみたいだね。 Looks like something’s arrived.
何やら賑やかだね!行ってみようよ! It sure is lively for some reason! Let’s go have a look!
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kirbaku-crap · 2 hours ago
prompt of the day
everyone in 1-A is more scared of kiri than they are baku and make it kiribaku
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bnhahqincorrectquotes · 4 hours ago
kirishima, arguing with sero: bakubro back me up on this with zero hesitation
bakugo: whatever he said, he's right. and fuck you, deku
izuku: I wasn't even in the conversation???
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antisocia1-butterfly · 4 hours ago
Hiii congrats on 100!! 🤗 I hope it’s okay if I participate in your event, could I please get a matchup with a male from mha and haikyuu? I am 5’4, an ambivert and a Latina. I have pale skin, mid-length brown wavy hair with bangs, and hazel eyes. I am described as someone who comes off as cold or aloof when I’m around people I don’t know. After getting to know me, I am the complete opposite. I’m just a bit shy at first lol. My friends have told me that I give good advice but like to joke about my stubbornness. I like to make people laugh and try to make the best of any situation. However I have a hard time expressing my emotions. I’m also described as easy going and fun to be around. I love animals especially dogs. I am a hip hop dancer and love to perform. Enjoy reading and playing video games. I love music especially hip hop, rap, & reggaeton. I also love to write music/poetry. I can be playful and love to tease my friends. I also really like to eat and travel. I really enjoy having deep conversations. I can’t stand people who bully others and people who are fake. I like to be honest and helpful in any way I can. My style is usually anything comfy/casual and I don’t really like wearing skirts or dresses. I speak English and Spanish (learning Japanese & Portuguese). I enjoy watching crime investigations. I don’t really any fears, just not being able to accomplish my goals/dreams. I would say my love languages are words of affirmation and physical touch. What I look for in a partner is someone that is selfless, mature and has depth to them. Also if they are really accepting because I’ve never had that growing up. Thank you so much!! 💞💓💞
thank you for requesting!!!
I match you with… KIRISHIMA EIJIRIO
Tumblr media
I think that Kirishima 100% understands being an ambivert. which is good because you guys end up understanding when one person is feeling more introverted or extroverted. I also believe that he would think that your eyes are super pretty(which is true hazel eyes are beautiful). I can see him telling people that you're just shy when you two are around new people that you don't know and they get a little intimidated by you, it become a running inside joke between friends. Sometimes Kirishima will come to you for advice on a situation if he doesn't know how to handle it. Commumication might be hard but kirishima will always remind you that he is there to talk if you need it. he love watching you dance, and bonding over music. you two would go back and forth playing favorite songs from different bands/artists, and introducing each other to said bands/artists. I think that he finds it really interesting that you speak other languages and will have you give him mini-lessons in different languages you speak. Kirishima doesn't care where you come from economically, but he is proud of how far you've come to get where you are, and knows to apperciate what he has because there are people who have less than him
I match you with... AKAASHI KEIJI
Tumblr media
Akaashi is more on the introverted side, but he deals with bokuto so he knows how to deal when you're feeling both introverted and extroverted. Both you and akaashi can come off as cold or guarded when you first meet, but you guys and your guys' friends know that's not the case. both of you guys have trouble expressing how you feel, but you guys have small tells/details that will let each other know how you are feeling. Akaashi is more of a cat person but dogs works for him too. He will always support your dancing, and music/poetry. Akaashi would love to travel with you, no matter where you guys decide to go! He is also one person you can always have a deep convo with. It can be about literally anything and he can manage to talk about it for hours. He will always support you in your dreams no matter what it might be. If you want someone mature he's your man. He knows that there are people who have less than him, and does his best to help those in need. I think he would also enjoy watching crime investigations with you!
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naemiki-mao · 6 hours ago
See You Later Traitor
Denki Kaminari x Reader
Genre: Angst with twist ending, Song Fic
Summary: After finding out your boyfriend is the traitor, things take an unexpected turn
(Song used : Olivia Rodrigo-Traitor
Tumblr media
It was late. Way too late for you to be camouflaged in the common area watching A Silent Voice on the lowest volume. But that’s the norm for the hero. What wasn’t the norm was a certain electric blonde sneaking out of the dorms.
“What the fuck?” You whispered.
Pausing the movie, you followed your ditzy classmate. It was a while before he stopped walking. You stayed nearby but out of sight.
“It seems like we’re in the final stages of the plan”
What plan? Denki what the hell are you doing?
“ It seems that way” Denki’s voice sounded…different?
You peaked from the leaves of the tree you’ve been hiding in and oh boy…the sight broke your heart. Your boyfriend of 2 years face to face with the league of villains.
You jump from tree to tree and back to the dorms as fast as you could to warn the others. You couldn’t believe it. Tears threatened to spill but you keep pushing yourself.
“CODE YELLOW” You yell from the common area, running up the stairs banging on doors. Your classmates rubbing the sleep from their eyes as they walked out of their rooms “WAKE THE FUCK UP”
“Y/n what-“ Your teacher emerged from his own room with sleep evident in his black nest of hair.
“It’s Denki”
Before anyone could react, the invader alarm went off across the school grounds. Everyone ran out of the building seeing the surrounding buildings engulfed in blue flames. Thank goodness all of the other students heard your screams and evacuated in time.
Everyone split up into groups to fight the league but no one was going after Denki.
“Y/n go find him” Aizawa instructed you, “Bakugo will be there shortly”
Running in nothing but sleeping shorts and a tank top, you try your best to find the blonde. It took longer than expected but you finally found him. On top of the hill with the single Japanese blossom tree.
“Lighting bug” He walked towards you with open arms. It’s almost cinematic. The burning buildings in front of you, the grunts and screams of your classmates fighting for their lives, and your traitor of a boyfriend trying to hug you.
“God I wish you would’ve thought this through before I went and fell in love with you” You hit him with a ball of debris from the fallen building.
“You don’t understand, Lightning Bug” He grunted, dusting off and trying to charge at you again “I did this for us”
You were struck with an electrified punch sending you stumbling backward. You snapped out of it just before he could charge at you again and dodged his swing. Swiping your leg underneath his causing him to lose balance and fall on his back.
“When you’re sleeping in the bed we made, don’t you DARE forget about the way YOU betrayed ME” You scream, hitting him with another chunk of debris.
The traitor grabbed at your wrist and brought you on top of him. “I betrayed no one. I wanted to show you what I was capable of. I wanted to prove myself to you. All of this is out of love.”
“You’re still—“ you choke on your words trying to get out of his grip, “YOU’RE STILL A TRAITOR”
You heard the cracklings of his quirk before you could hear Bakugo yelling, “OI, DUNCEFACE! LET GO OF HER”
With the distraction you were able to break away from his grip before Bakugo landed on top of him, apprehending the boy.
“Why are you siding with him. He’s never going to treat you with kindness the way I did.” Kaminari strained from underneath the explosive boy.
You bend down to cup his face with blood, sweat, and tears present on yours, “Cause I know that you’ll never feel sorry for the way that I hurt”
Aizawa was the first pro hero to locate the three of you, wrapped Kaminari in his capture weapon, and handed him over to the police. You watched broken heartedly as the cop car drove away past the horizon. You didn’t even bother to wipe away the tear that fell at the sight.
But, somebody did.
You turn to see who but no one was around. You were in a void of darkness. Lost and confused.
“Y/n” A voice called, “You’re crying”
Teary E/c eyes met concerning bright yellow ones.
“Denki?” Your voice was shakey, “But you were arrested?”
“Arrested?” He almost wanted to laugh, “Y/n I’ve been beside you all night.”
You finally sit up and see that you were in your shared bedroom. Kaminari places his hand on yours and squeezes. You look down and see the wedding bands on your fingers.
“It felt so real though” You choke looking back up at your husband.
Denki brings your hand up to his lips and places it on his cheek as he wipes away the remaining tears with his free hand.
“It’s ok now. I’m here and I’ll never do anything to hurt you”
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a-bee-ja · 7 hours ago
So I imagined this kiri and bakugo coming home from a hard day from training to find their darling in their hoodie/shirt, so she immediately goes up to them and hugs, kisses them all over.
Kirishima comes in late as well, he knows your asleep so he tries to make the less noise possible, but when he steps out of the shower you're already awake and smiling softly at him, silenty him to join you in bed. And he does, with the small comment of "nice shirt, fits you better than it fits me" he says before kissing the crook of your neck.
Bakugou usually comes home late, but he always wakes you up with his usual groan before pulling you closer to him. He inhales your scent, before letting out a loud dramatic sigh, expecting his little brat to at least ask him what's stressing him? But when she only turns around and he sees his hoodie on her, he turns into putty, only growling ocassionaly when she stops playing with his hair.
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imidori-ya · 7 hours ago
aoyama and tokoyami having a buddy detective episode where they’re both equally dramatic little fuckers, because aoyama is the center of attention and has to do this whole fashion thingy like in that one mlp episode where rarity has to find who framed rainbow dash (i was little pls don’t attack me), (and if he’s in 1a he should be given some screen time and proof that yes he should be in 1a) and tokoyami who is just a goth dramatic fucker tm. and dark shadow has to go undercover at a fancy gala.
Hi. I have asks dating back to 2018, so please forgive me for getting to this ABSOLUTE BANGER of an ask so late.
I see your Aoyama/Tokoyami buddy detective story and raise you a buddy cop comedy starring Kirishima as the bumbling detective who accidentally solves crimes with just the power of his positivity and Bakugou, the overly serious and way too aggressive federal agent who’s been assigned to work a mysterious serial robbery case with the incompetent local PD. The basic plot is that Kirishima smiles at people and they just turn themselves in. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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simpforsadbois · 7 hours ago
Thank you all so much for 100 followers! Every note that I get literally makes me so happy and I really appreciate the support. I’m thinking of maybe doing a little event to celebrate? I know it’s a small milestone, but I wanna do something to acknowledge it. I’ll gladly welcome any ideas! 💕
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uwublossom · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Kirshima💕❤❤💕 Been a while since I drew digitally on krita so i had to get the hang of it again sorry it took so long working on another drawing hope to get it out soon! Mabey some doodle in between drawings lol . . . ❤Like and follow for more❤ 💜Comment what you think💜 💙Don't repost without credit💙 🖤Made in krita🖤 💛Have an amazing day💛 . . . My tags #uwublossom82 #uwublossom #uwublossom82✨ . #bnhafanart #bnha #bnhadrawings #bnhaships #bnhagame #mhaships #mhafanart #mha #mhadrawing #mhaseason5 #mhaart #kiribaku #krita #kiri #kirishimaedit #kirishimaeijirou #kirishima #digitalsketchartist #digitalartwork #digitaldrawing #digital_art #digitalart #digitalartist #digitalpainting #likeforlikes #followforfollowback #repost (at Las Vegas, Nevada)
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ms-ladynagant · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Me watching this scene:
Tumblr media
This shit to bright, bro
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