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#messy bc i wear it so much
moonsuke · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Good but not good enough luck as usual... rly want pavel but am lucky to get his artifact bc artifacts have no pity summons? but where’s my pavel???
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judging-seahorse · 11 hours ago
OC questions time! For anyone you feel like chatting for. And you don't have to answer all of them if you don't want, I just got on a roll, lol.
What is their favorite spot to take a new someone who they really like (platonic or romantic or both)
Are they extravagant when they shop for clothes? Or more of a cheap or disinterested type?
Do they keep a super clean home, a tidy-but-lived-in home, or a messy one?
Do they enjoy their work (or school) life?
If they were given the option to change one event in their life, what would it be? Would they go through with it even if they knew that it would heavily alter the future in unpredictable ways?
What could they discuss for an hour (think a really long Ted talk) without boring their audience?
What is their favorite spot to take a new someone who they really like (platonic or romantic or both)
"Oh, I love taking them stargazing! There's just something so nice about laying on blankets in the dark and staring up at the sky," Riley says with a grin.
"Cheesy," Micah replies, laughing when Riley whacks her on the head.
Are they extravagant when they shop for clothes? Or more of a cheap or disinterested type?
Micah shrugs. "Honestly, as long as I can move around in them freely I don't really care what I wear."
"I want people to have an experience when they meet me," Riley says thoughtfully. "Mici doesn't need to make an impression but I do. Just to give them the right vibes, you know?"
Do they keep a super clean home, a tidy-but-lived-in home, or a messy one?
"Truth be told I'm not—"
"She's not home enough for her to clean the house," Riley cuts in.
Micah sticks her tongue out in reply. "Rude but true. Riley does most of the housework but I keep my workspace clean enough."
"Which isn't clean at all."
Do they enjoy their work (or school) life?
"I could do without the bratty customers," Riley mutters. Micah pats their head in sympathy.
"I could do with my Librarians not running off every two seconds and giving me a damn heart attack."
If they were given the option to change one event in their life, what would it be? Would they go through with it even if they knew that it would heavily alter the future in unpredictable ways?
"There was a time I would have answered yes," Micah answers, absentmindedly playing with her shirt. "There was a time when I almost did say yes."
Riley tilts their head. "Was this when [redacted bc spoilers]?"
Micah nods. "Yeah... but it's better now."
What could they discuss for an hour (think a really long Ted talk) without boring their audience?
"Ask them any question about history I dare you!" Micah exclaims, wrestling Riley's hand away from her mouth. "They're such a nerd I learn so much from them—"
"Oh shut up," Riley grumbles, successfully managing to clamp their hand over Micah's mouth. "Ask her about murder. She knows twenty-seven different ways to kill a man with a spoon. And counting."
ty ty for the ask!!!
for this au
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kindofokayimagines · 2 days ago
imagine for richie’s bday reader learns how to knit just to knit him a sweater but like it’s her first time so it’s kinda rough but it’s still adorable so richie is like so so happy but everytime he wears it to school everyone makes fun of him but he doesn’t care bc he gets to shut them up by telling them tht the one and only y/n made it for him
this concept i love it so much omg 🥺 like there are dropped stitches and its either too big or too loose on him but he wears it regardless, not caring that it looks messy because "my girlfriend made it for me, did you know? my girlfriend made this 😌" he's so damn proud of it too, its all worth it to see yn all happy and smiling at him when she sees him wearing the sweater, she would gasp "you're wearing it!!" and he nods "well of course i would wear the my most prized item of clothing!" 🥺💕
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twomewtwos · 3 days ago
home | kaidan x dragonborn
another thing i wrote bc i was sleepy... my dragonborn doesnt have a name bc im bad w names, but hes a male breton(?) w brown skin
there's a harrowing softness to it that the dovahkiin believes he'll never grow accustomed to. the sensation of the bed dipping under his lithe yet still existing weight is not unnoticed, he squints at nothing in particular, his thighs cushioned by the dirty mattress, yet, they had never felt so restless. familiar, jagged armour clunks against the hardwood as kaidan enters the room, eyes closed as a sigh ripples through his form. the dovahkiin is still squinting as he pricks his head up to stare at him, like an anxious bird. kaidan manages a smile. the weeks spent travelling have been long & arduous, with wolves consistently finding them along the twisting cobble roads, giant settlements visible through the treelines scratching the sides of their journey, the silhouettes of their towering, thundering mammoths a worrying reminder of the fragility of their bodies... the paths themselves even proving to be a headache as they're steadily growing evermore difficult to discern; fading from the repeated boot prints of patrolling imperials & their stormcloak captives. the dovahkiin cannot muster a smile in return, he merely sits there, lost within the labyrinth of himself, in a plain set of black pants, his shirt absent & tossed carelessly to the floor. wordlessly, kaidan kneels down to pick the fabric up, but does not stand again. remaining on his knees, he tilts his head as the dovahkiin pans his own down, black hair falling in front of his face, veiling himself from the world. “something on your mind?” kaidan's voice is firm but caring, but the prophetic hero is silent. his hand has at some point balled into a loose fist, resting on his naked chest. expression twisting into one of concern, kaidan stands upright with a grunt. the dovahkiin continues to stare at a plank in the wall straight in front of him. `riften is such a sleazy place,ʼ he tells himself, `so much so, that even the wood in the very stitchings of the buildings is rotting away.ʼ even as the standing man's armour is chipped away, gauntlets resting on the dresser beside them, the dovahkiin is still quiet, eyes burning a hole into the wall. kaidan removes everything he is wearing, leaving only his pants & belt on, sitting beside the dragonborn, he's undoing his boots, too. it's awkward, but kaidan's not judging him for making it that way. looking to the side, he's prodding his way through this situation. “are you alright with me being in here?” a shallow inhale, “no.” turning, kaidan faces the other, yet, the dragonborn is unmoved. “no, uhm, no, stay, stay.” he splutters out. kaidan stands, the dovahkiins trance is broken, head flickering up. “look, if you aren't completely sure, i'm going, i'll sleep on the floor of inigo's room. or... share with him. i don't mind. i'm not about to make you unhappy.” the dragonborn's iris' stir, “no, no please. you can stay.” a brown skinned hand flickers up to meet kaidan's fingers, ghosting the edges. it makes kaidan pause, he looks down at the dragonborn, & thinks of how small he looks beneath him. for who he is, for what he holds within, kaidan was expecting someone bigger. not this lithe, mid-late twenty year old with long, messy black hair, with one pretty, pretty brown eye, the other pure white, blinded. both as deep and soulful as the tamriel skies at night, one imbued in blackness, the other in nothingness, they shine in the dim candlelight. something primal fights inside the pit of kaidan's stomach at the sight of them. of his youthful face, with his plush lips & slightly pointed ears. the dragonborn doesn't know what he is, either, precisely. leaning into the title, he says he knows he's a dragon since he was a little boy, running wild through the wilderness, living free, with no family, culture, or roots to his ancestral tree, he believes there's some breton in him, but he's not even sure. he jokes that he's certain he's not a khajit at least, due to the smoothness of his skin, to mask the insecurities within his spirit. he wonders who he is, with no kin to call his own. the narrative has said he is
dovahkiin, so dovahkiin he will be. dovahkiin is all he knows... but kaidan is one outlier to the mysteries of life; it's the one complexity he's enjoying being lost within. the dragon's brown index finger & thumb brush against the surface of kaidan's skin as if he were a fine canvas to start a grand painting on. “stay, stay. i'm just...” throat drying, his tongue swipes over his lips. breathing through his nose suddenly feels difficult, he sniffs, kaidan's expression eases. “i'm here, aren't i? and i'm me, and i'm- i'm- someone, like me, who has lived like me. and now i'm in a building, in a city, surrounded by... by so much, there's-” he hiccups. “there's- there's so, so much noise and so many things to say and do and i don't quite know how to understand it all.” sniffling sharply, the whites of his eyes glint with tears. “i, i, i know bark, kaidan, i know the earth and grass and i know my bedroll and i know our camp and how we'd eat around it and, and this isn't bark, kaidan, none of this wood is, it's dead.” the warrior above him descends subtly, sitting on the mattress. the dragonborn's eyes squeeze shut, sealing his tears away, with a sniff, he deeply inhales, but even the air feels wrong here. “i'm not making a lick of sense, i know of this, i know, but i do not speak in tongues of knowledge to you, kaidan, i see you as my, my friend, perhaps, whatever that means.” laughing dryly, he wonders if all those extended, heavy looks they'd give each other while sitting around the campfire meant anything. the first friend he's ever had, so he is not quite sure if kaidan frantically & breathlessly asking if he's okay after every battle before even checking his own wounds, is something that friends do. “i prefer the outdoors too.” the man says, voice low, a whisper. “even the smell of this room, it isn't right. it's not home, kaidan, outside is home.” the blood is home, the fire is home. shifting, kaidan holds out his hands, palms upright. the other's gaze flickers to them, then back up at him. “you don't have to lie in the bed, you can lie on me.” the words escape the swordsman's mouth before he can comprehend them, he blinks, “well, i mean, if you'd like, it's just, i see you're struggling and i-” “okay.” once more, kaidan blinks at the response. he didn't think he'd get this far, so now he's not sure where to go from here. “uh, right...” a careful pause follows, before the man is sliding backwards, resting his head against the pillow. it's definitely not clean, but it beats sleeping on the cold dirt considering the severity of the snow earlier. the dovahkiin watches, concerned and unsure. the other reaches his hands up from where he lies, and the brown skinned man sniffles in response. the bed buckles under their combined weight as the dragon crawls closer, facing the wall, he curls up on kaidan's body, hands gripping just beneath his knees, and the strong arms of the swordsman wrap around the now balled-up dragonborn. “see? not so bad, is it?” thick black eyelashes wet with tears, the dragonborn notices, upon the chiseled yet warm body of the knight, just how tired and sore he is, his limbs ache as a dragon's would after a long flight. “there you go. i don't feel “dead”, now do i?” kaidan gently teases, the dovahkiin responds by turning his head, pressing his face into the upper left section of the man's chest. a flush is fought against as the dragonborn presses a swift kiss to kaidan's breast, a distant giggle murmurs through his throat. “no... no, you feel like home.”
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nikrangdan · 4 days ago
enhypen x short!reader
Tumblr media
pairing: enhypen x short!reader
genre: fluff, comedy
description: how enhypen would react to a short reader!!! this was requested btw i hope u guys like 😁 ive written separate headcanons for sunghoon and jay before but i wrote more here anyways 😏 THERES A COUPLE CUSS WORDS IN HERE
okay lets get this straight
hes literally the tallest member in enha
and then ur the shortest in ur friend group
im literally crying bc when u guys are standing facing each other heeseung is just looking straight over ur head LIKE UR NOT EVEN IN HIS LINE OF SIGHT
and THIS is why he always has his arm around ur shoulder or he makes sure ur holding onto his arm or smthn
and when hes practicing he likes to bring u up to dance with him
like he holds ur hands and u just try to 💃🏻🕺🏻💃🏻 with justin bieber playing in the background
“i cant dance heeseung u know this” u stare up at him
“i know just vibe to the music~”
he finds it hilarious so hes giggling the whole time u two do a little jiggy
AND THEN HE GETS ALL SOFT AND TURNS U AROUND TO BACKHUG U AND FACE THE MIRRORS and he watches u guys sway back and forth slowly to the music
he loves the height difference and hes always looking at it in mirrors
*takes a deep breath* ... JAYYYYYY‼️‼️
he probably mentioned how short u are a couple times when you first met but i dont think he would be the type to constantly point out ur height and tease u or smthn
BUT!!!!! he loves it
alot of clothes you like are often too big for you and hes like
I Am Here To Rescue You From Distress, My Love
Ur so thankful for him!!!
he loves finding clothes for you
shirts arent a big problem its mostly the pants
he says “u look so good”
Jay ur superman 🔥
idk he just thinks ur so cute
he likes to stare at u like 🥰🥰☺️☺️
Jay has such big heart eyes for u AAAAAA
when u two are in the kitchen u arent able to reach the high cupboards
one time he stood on it and was like “y/n look”
you literally almost broke your neck trying to see him because HE WAS SO HIGH IN THE AIR
so high u were like “u got enough oxygen up there⁉️⁉️”
and then he said “u look like an ant” and he started dying at his own joke
But he never pulled that stool stunt again bc u attacked him viciously🤗🤗🤗
Wait im crying already
everytime i write about jake i have to take a break
hes literally too much for my heart
he GIGGLE!!!!!!!
Hes so obsessed with u its not even funny
he probably loves u more than u love him AND HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE BC HES JAKE SIM
His favorite thing ever is when sit in between his legs and ur back against his chest yknow
when u guys watch movies he feeds u popcorn like that
Head Pats!!!!!
He pats ur head alot or ruffles ur hair alot
and hes just so gentle with u
Ur like his little baby >_<
Jakes big fluffy bulky jackets
he wants u to wear them
and he
he zips them up all the way and puts the hoodie over ur head
and he just dies of laughter
Ur standing there like 🧍🏻‍♂️
“its getting hot in here jake”
you tried to flick the hood off but the chunky sleeve mixed with ur short arm was not a good combination so you couldnt even raise your arm
That made jake lose it and he just fell to the floor in tears😭
but seeing him so happy made u 🥰☺️ kinda so its okay
Hello hand holder
i say this whenever write for hoon
but this guy🤝🤝🤝
Get those hands ready yall
mmm okay
he probably calls u shorty whenever he teases u
Rude ass 🙄
ur like “😐” and hes like
“im sorry” *attacks u in a very messy and unmannered hug to the point where u fall back onto the couch and almost break ur leg*
i bet he holds stuff up in the air so u have to jump up and attempt to get it😭 so evil
but he doesnt like seeing u suffer for too long so he gives it to u after like 5 seconds 😁
he teases u alot but when ur out in public hes like Bodyguard Hoon
Hes not letting anything happen to u!!!!
one thing he says he doesnt like but we all know hes lying is when u like to jump on his back and force him to give u a piggyback ride
he just accepts it
one time u fell asleep on his back and he was like
“uh y/n”
yeah he eventually plopped u on the couch which woke u up
Sunoo thinks ur so adorable 💧_💧
like u two could just be sitting next to eachother watching something
and u have ur legs pulled up to ur chest and ur arms wrapped around them with ur chin on ur knees
you hear him giggling to himself
u look over like ......🤨 “what”
“nothing y/n *giggles again* ur just so cute”
ur like Staaaaawwp and u push his shoulder
and then he pushes u back
Play fighting ****
u guys laugh so much 😭😭
sunoo likes to talk about you alot
to everyone
literally everyone
to the boys: “omg y/n fell trying to reach the garlic LMAO”
to his mom: “y/n went up to this guy thinking it was me and pushed him it was so funny”
to his instagram: “how did y/n fit through my neighbors doggy door and why”
PLEASE when u two have arguments for fun
u go jump on the couch so u can be taller than him
and u just stare at eachother before bursting out into laughter
he loves to show u off aaaa “heres y/n” ☺️☺️☺️☺️
Please i think id cry if i was friends with jungwon (AND NI-KI)
he play too much 😫 he actually has no chill
“can u reach this y/n? or should i carry you *evil laugh*”
but besides from the teasing he adores u so much
and theres some things you arent able to do
But hes so happy to do it for you!!! he loves feeling like hes doing smthn for u
He always has this proud dad look on his face whenever u literally do ANYTHING
u could literally pick a twig off the ground and jungwon would go 😊 thats my y/n
he likes to massage ur legs when ur just chilling on ur bed or smthn
hes got one hand massaging ur legs and his other hand massaging his own legs
“i’ll make us grow taller y/n!”
“what??? you don’t need to be taller jungwon, i do!!” u snatch the hand hes using to massage his own leg and plant it right back on ur own legs
he starts laughing really hard and u think ur the president of comedy now 🔥🔥
he likes feeling tall when hes with u
but he also likes being babied 🙁🙁
Plz give him head kisses and cheek pinches
This kid is literally a titan
and hes crazy
picks u up BRIDAL STYLE and starts running around the room like an animal
like WHAT ???????
he says its because you’re the only THING around and he needs the exercise
and this kid is a teaser too😫😫
“y/n can you hand me the cereal up there? oh wait you cant”
you turn around like What the hell did u just say...
yeah he got a smacking that day
“im just kidding i didnt mean it”
ni-ki is also very sweet
he offers piggyback rides and makes u little gifts
one time u got a cramp from being on ur tippy toes too long
he was laughing at first but then he saw ur eyes welling up with tears and he ran to u really fast 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
heres an analogy
ni-ki hands : whale :: y/n hands : seahorse
they just vanish into thin air and u guys think its peak comedy
“whered ur hand go y/n 💀”
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bowandcurtsey · 4 days ago
Hola! I love your writing! Could I pls request a NSFW Yami x reader, they have really slow and passionate sex bc Yami got really hurt during a mission and Reader thought she’d lose him so when they get to the bedroom they don’t say anything and just start making love. Ik it’s sappy but I’m a sucker for soft Yami!!
my heart is bursting at this request oh mi gawd, fanning myself just thinking of the scenario in my head.
Yami x f! Reader
Warnings : NSFW
He just left for a one week mission. Just one week. And he came back lying in a hospital bed.
Tears of anxiety rolled down your cheeks onto his hand that you were holding on to. Your heart was worried sick as perturbation sunk deep into your bones.
You came out from the toilet of your shared room, wearing nothing but a bathrobe and sat on your shared bed, but except it was not shared today, the other half was empty and it has been empty for 2 weeks now. You let out a sigh as your hands patted the colder side of the bed .
The sound of the door knob turned. Your eyes opened wide in shock looking at the familiar figure. His muscular build, his messy black hair, the stubbles on his face and the soft smile that he only wore for you.
You ran into his arms, your lips crashing against one another; sucking, nibbling and latching onto on another in frenzy, like a dog with a new bone.
Even with one hand injured, he easily carried you up with his free hand and settled straight into your bed.
You both made out with such intensity but so gently at the same time, it was as though this was your first time. Your fingers ran through his hair over and over, as your bodies entwined with each other.
Your lips briefly parted for air, but it was as if he was your oxygen; the moment his lips left yours you were already wanting more.
Your hands unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants like it was the only thing you knew how to do, his erect member was released in mere seconds.
You stroked his member so gently and carefully but your grip on him was tight. A grunt of approval left his throat and oh boy did you miss his voice so much, even a grunt sent your heart palpitating.
Yami loved it when you were needy, he loved teasing the hell out of you about it, he loved seeing you in a quivering wet mess below him. But today he knew he had a lot to make up to you for; for worrying you, for making you wait, for making you cry because of him.
He knew everything that was happened even though he was in his slumber, and he realised how much you both meant to each other. His mind and body only had one thing in mind right now: to send you into sweet ecstasy.
His free hand yanked open your robe, exposing your naked body to him. His mouth trailed downwards to your breasts and he feasted on them.
Your moans echoed through the room as his mouth abused your nipples while palming and squeezing your breasts.
"I missed your voice sweetheart," he murmured against your skin, "I'm ready to drown in them all night long" as he inserted 2 digits into your leaking sex.
The feeling of the sudden intrusion caused you to scream out his name, "Yami! ahhh!" your toes curled in delight, "I..I'm cumming~" you cried out.
"Heh. Already?" he let out a low chuckle, "I just went in baby."
He continued stroking your insides, his thrusts getting faster and he felt your walls clench around his fingers.
"Aaaaahahhhhhhhh!!!" your orgasm came spilling over, washing pleasure throughout your entire body as your muscles clenched up tightly.
Yami towered over you and planted a soft kiss on your lips, "sorry to keep you waiting sweetheart."
Your hands wrapped around the nape of his neck, "I want more baby~" you looked at him teary eye and mouth agape, a hint of red creeping up your cheeks, but you just couldn't get enough of your man.
"Fuck." the colour of his eyes seemed to darken, as he licked his lips, "when you beg me like that, don't blame me if you can't walk tomorrow baby"
With one swift move, he pulled both your legs over his shoulders and positioned his tip at your entrance, he leaned forward and you were almost curled into a ball, "I won't stop until you're filled to the brim with me baby," he smirked and penetrated you all the way till he was balls deep in you.
You cried out his name as you started seeing white, your nails digging into his chest.
"Fuck. so tight." he groaned. He buckled his hips and started slamming into you, again and again.
"ahhh! so good!" you cried, "I'm cumming again baby~"
"Damn baby, it's only been 3 minutes." he teased you, "someone's been a good girl waiting for me"
You couldn't even respond to him because the tightness in you was released yet again, waves of pleasure radiating throughout your body, sending you into your euphoria.
Your tongue hung on your lips, drool falling off from the sides and your eyes were in a daze. He lowered both your shaking legs, folding them in front of you and his hips started picking up speed again.
"Ahhhhh!" the sensitivity taking over your body, "N-No more baby~"
"No?" Yami growled, "your body is saying another thing baby, you're clenching around me so tightly."
It's true, your walls were clenching again, about to send you into your 3rd orgasm, arousal dripping from you, soaking the sheets below you.
Yami bent down and pressed his lips on yours again, "told you baby, I'm not stopping until you're so full of me."
Oh Yami. Yami Yami Yami. *licks lips*
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juuheizou · 5 days ago
been thinking abt older!suzuya (like 40+ older) a lot lately. no sex hormones = prematurely aging bones so he would probably have to retire from lifting heavy quinques and fighting ghouls by then, and i kinda like him picking up a second career in forensics rather than a management role at the ccg. i don’t see him tolerating much extra schooling, so perhaps not as /the/ pathologist, but a forensic pathology tech perhaps?? that way he can still have the experience of cutting up bodies and solving puzzles without straight up shattering his old bones. i like the idea of him working under a medical examiner as quirky as himself and working his way to lead tech as quickly as he became a squad leader bc he is good at being in charge.
and bc of the aforementioned early-onset osteoporosis he often walks w a cane to prevent falls and he has one of those canes w a secret blade attached to the handle in case he needs to cut someone.
also he grows his hair long again. like the shortest layer is down to his shoulders and he wears it up in a lot of messy ponytails and buns.
and he dresses like a quirkily stylish (prematurely) silver fox w a pop of loud patterns in every outfit he wears. that and graphic tee/hoodie combos.
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slutforsalvatore · 5 days ago
Damn Do a annie x stefan imagine with stefan helping annie explore y/n's wardrobe, basically she loves her moms clothes and stefan finds a really hot lingerie hidden - he puts annie to sleep and whoosh nsfw😌
ahhh this is so cute <3 also for the nsfw it has degradation and daddy kink so dont read if youre not ok with that lol
so annie wants to play dress up and stefan’s like “alright well, at long as we dont make a mess.”
and annie goes into your side of the closet and starts to look at the dresses, which are way too big for her but shhh. and she goes into the jewelry section and shoes
so stefan decides that while annie is picking out stuff to dress up in, he would do some cleaning on his side of the closet. its not like super messy, its just a little lol. and so while he is looking through his shoe boxes and putting shoes in them, he opens a box that had red lingerie in it and stefan’s like
“😳 ive never seen this before” and annie walks over and is like
“whats that!” and stefan closes it quickly and is like “just some old clothes of uh... mom’s”
“oh can i wear?” annie asks and stefan’s like “no, its dirty and way too uh, small for you to fit, sorry baby. but you can keep lookin through her stuff and we can have a fashion show.”
and annie’s like “ok!” and she goes back to doing her own thing and stefan opens the box again, heart racing as its two small pieces of lingerie that he was sure wouldnt cover anything. before he could get wrapped up in his thoughts tho, he sets it down and puts it away so he can focus on annie, but he knew he would confront you abt it later
and so you get home from work and stefan waits until you all eat dinner and put annie to bed before saying anything, but throughout that whole time you notice him acting sus (*among us music*— im so sorry) lol and when youre getting ready for bed you ask him whats up
youre in the bathroom brushing your teeth whike stefan is back in the bedroom and youre like
“hey, stef! you ok today?”
and stefan’s like “um, yeah, why?” and you just say “well you were just acting kind of weird. like you wanted to say something.”
and so then stefan enters the bedroom with your lingerie in his hands, a questioning look on his face. and your eyes widen and youre like “oh shit.” and hes like
“well i was fine today until i found this in one of my shoe boxes”
and youre like “hahahah yeah... oops”
and stefan goes up behind you bc youre still facing the mirror and hes like “when were you gonna show me then?”
and youre like “um... your birthday?”
and hes like “but thats not for another month. you were planning of starving me of this for a month?”
and you chuckle nervously as you feel his breath on your neck and his hands close in on your hips. “y-yeah?”
“hm, well,” he hums. “since ive found it, why dont you put it on for me now, okay, baby?”
and you check the time, seeing as it wasnt that late and youre like “alright.”
and he sets the clothing down and goes to the bed to wait for you. and so you change in the bathroom, adjusting the straps and whatnot, and so then you open the bathroom door nervously, going into a flattering pose ad you present yourself to stefan. and once he looks up and sees you— oh my god, that man is just enamored and very much turned on. he cant stop staring at you for like 10 mins and you start to get wet from his stare and so you say
“you gonna come and fuck me or just stare?”
and stefan smirks and uses his vampire speed to pick you up and toss you over to the bed. and he starts kissing you. its wet, hot, and delicious. your tongue immediately meet and there’s electricity shooting through your veins as he caresses your hips, feeling over the soft material of your lingerie.
and his lips trail down your neck and you weave your fingers through his hair, moaning softly as he sucks on your sweet spot. and then his right hand goes down to your clothed cunt, running his finger tips over your covered slit and you suck in a deep breath, whining his name
“s-stefan,” you squeak out and he just laughs mockingly and says “god your underwear is soaked and ive barley touched you. that desperate, huh? you a desperate little whore?”
and you arch your back as you feel his fingers slide under your panties and you try to speak, but your breath gets caught in your throat and he says
“use yours words, princess”
and you say in a really breathy voice “y-yeah, youre whore, daddy.”
(pls its too early to be writing this 😭)
and he smiles at you, his eyes going dark with lust. “yeah, that’s right. now be daddy’s good girl and spread your legs for me, okay?”
and you say “yes daddy.” and you immediately open them. and he then slides a finger into you, groaning at how wet you are. his right hand then goes to your breasts, massaging them through your bra. and so then you take your bra off and stefan chuckles, then diving his head down.
and as he takes your nipple into his mouth, he slides another finger into your heat, curling them and finger-fucking you. his thumb reaching up to your clit and he starts to rub the abc’s over the sensitive bud while his teeth clamp around your nipple softly, pulling slightly. and he looks up at you, getting impossibly more turned on as he sees your head thrown back in pleasure. your hand his in his hair, constantly pulling at the tufts. and your back is arched and youre trying bot to moan too loud so you dont wake up annie, but you cant help it.
and once you feel yourself nearing your orgasm, stefan starts to rub your clit faster, pumping his fingers into your harder
and youre practically screaming “stefan! stefan! o-oh, daddy, oh.”
and you thrust your hip up, riding out your orgasm. and you collapse on the bed, a sheer lining of sweat over your forehead. and stefan pulls his fingers out of your pussy, sucking his first finger. and he notices your stare and puts his middle finger in your mouth, watching as you take it all in and swirl around, tasting yourself.
he groans at the sight and takes his finger out of your mouth, going down to his belt and unbuckling it. and he looks at you as you take off your underwear and says
“you wanna do this?”
and youre “yes yes yes. please i need you.”
and he smiles and says “good. im gonna absolutely ruin you.”
and wetness starts to pool between your thighs at his words and you scoot up on the bed as he climbs up. you open your legs up wide for him, watching as he guides his dick to your entrance. he gently slides it up down your entrance, breathing in deeply as he can feel your wetness. he then looks into your eyes and you give him a nod. and then he enters you slowly, both of your moaning and groaning. he stretches you out nicely, and you fit him like a glove.
he enters you completely before pulling and then slamming into you again. your eyes go wide and youre moaning loudly, your nails digging into his shoulders.
“a-ah! stefan! ooh,” you praise him.
and he just rams into you and he hits your g-spot perfectly. you cant help but wrap your legs around his waist and dig your ankles into the base of his spine.
you feel yourself coming close and your back is arching as the knot in your belly unravels. stefan feels your walls tighten around him and his thrusts become more sloppy. and as you two cum, you put your hands on each others mouth to cover up the sounds of your moans.
you too come down from your high, stefan peeling himself off of you and collapsing beside you. you roll to face him, whining in pain. and hes like
“awe no did i go to hard?”
and youre like “no. it was perfect. really really hot. im just a little sore”
and hes like “im sorry baby. ill clean you up yeah?”
and you smile and nod and say “i should wear lingerie more often”
and stefan laughs and is like “you do that, youre getting fucked everyday”
and youre just like “oh well...” hehe
stefan conceps masterlist
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deathdcnce · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
[ harry styles. witch/kidnapped,newcomer. twenty-one/twenty-four. pansexual demiromantic. cis male. ] was that just THEOPHILUS BELROSE, I saw coming out of THE AMUSEMENT PARK? the STUDENT is best to be described as OUTGOING, but pronouns could also be LONELY and as well as being previously unmarked they can easily be noticed by A SMILE THAT CAN HIDE A LOT, NOTEBOOKS HELD CLOSE TO HIM, HIDING ALL HIS PROTECTION SPELLS AND JINXES &&. THE SMELL OF TEA THAT SEEMS TO LINGER CONSTANTLY ON HIM as well as AN EMPTY OPEN BIRD CAGE, which has only just appeared. // @lovebitestarter​​​
abby here, welcome to my fave kids ! ! twenty-four and currently in the bst time zone ! although, that’s subject to change because the uk is messy !! female, and i go by she/her pronouns. i never know what to put in these, so i’m ending it very quickly; if you want to plot or anything, i’m usually 99% of the time around on discord ! why is harold wearing glasses so much in that graphic what have i created HELP
full name: theophilus belrose
nickname(s): theo, idk make nicknames up for him
birth date: june fifth
zodiac: gemini
age: appearance twenty-one / actual twenty-four
gender: cis male
pronouns: he / him
sexual orientation: pansexual demiromantic 
relationship status: its complicated but probably single
▹𝐁𝐀𝐂𝐊𝐆𝐑𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐃 ( tw. child neglect / abuse, abandonment issues, touch starvation, talks of self-destruct which can be seen as possible self-harm [ he lets vampires feed from him ] ) 
dgdfjkghdf, so he doesn’t have a bio yet; but it’s a work in progress. for now, you can have these bullet points that are currently a work in progress, because his background lowkey crosses over with another. be prepared, he’s a mess
so theo was born in liverpool, uk. his parents never cared, like at all. i think they only had him to try and strengthen their own relationship ( bc they were soulmates and it was expected of them, he guesses )
he is a born!witch, setting him apart instantly from his family who are all humans
his own social interaction wasn’t the best, and he learned to express it in other ways. he learnt at a young age, he liked to decorate and make himself look pretty
at the age of fourteen his parents moved them to london, they had some weird thoughts that when theo got his soulmark his would get a better pairing if he was in london?? idk they’re wacko
it was at this point that he met alice. she was older and he instantly admired her. nothing romantic, just platonic admiring. 
although his parents like to tease him about it, claiming that she would be his soulmate. 
alice quickly became his only friend, and he definitely clung onto her more than anyone would consider normal. but that was also where his touch starvation made itself known, at the age of sixteen. hanging out quickly became spending nights cuddling and watching dumb movies
she seemed to understand more about him, than theo did 
at eighteen the moment he had been waiting for never happened, he never got his soulmark. another thing that pushed him further away from his family. 
he was deemed a freak by his family and things would never get better between them. he would spend more and more time with alice ( who he def! knew was a vampire, after asking what skin cream she used because she never aged ) he was practically living with her at that point.
and that continued for a few years until he turned nineteen and his complication with feelings. although he never had time to explore them, or what they meant as after an incident in a dark alley and theo trying to save alice he got bitten by her
and she left town. 
and that was really when his abandonment issues hit him, he spent a year going out and letting vampires bite him in his own self-destruct, also it’s probably losely linked to his touch starvation
his powers, which he never actually learnt how to control were slowly getting out of control and one night at the age of twenty-one he killed a vampire who was feeding from him. 
his powers, at that point became more linked on his emotions which were just as unstable as he was. 
his life continued much like that on an ongoing cycle until a few months ago ( in game time ) when he had enough and packed up and left 
he had been in touch with alice this whole time, keeping out the details of what has been going on with him, but he knew he wanted to be where she was. he has also decided at this point they are PLATONIC SOULMATES. 
so he arrived in everwinter a few months ago, and was instantly taken into the kidnapped clan where he’s been ever since. 
just yknow, trying to survive. 
accent: his accent is actually still kinda scouse, all those years in london and he didn’t lose it. 
quirks: he talks SO FAST. refuses to get rid of old clothing, he just trys to reuse it into something else. GLITTER EVERYWHERE. always going to reach out to touch people but holding back
habits: baking when stressed, constantly changing the polish on his nails, borrowing things and forgetting to give it back
nervous ticks: laughing, chewing on stuff; it’s weird hes weird, playing with other peoples hands when he gets the confidence
sense of humour: the worst kind, no one will laugh
positive traits: outgoing, quirky, kinda touchy but also kinda not
negative traits: anxious, insecure, can easily become withdrawn
hobbies: he likes trying to make his own spells and experimenting there, gardening especially with herbs and stuff
fears: being alone, never being enough, that his parents were right about him
GOOD INFLUENCE: please this boy needs someone to steer him right with magic, because there is so many people around him that is going to drag him into darkness and right now he will go willingly
KIDNAPPED COVEN: i am no longer begging. i need them
theo is a naturally born witch, he thinks he was a glitch because he was the only one born in his family as a witch. he has a coven, if you can call it a coven.. i feel maybe a few of the elders and older ones within the coven he would seek comfort from. and if theres any other newcomers he would try and bond with them. 
theo has ALWAYS looked forward to being soulmarked, he used it to explain a lot that people said didn’t make sense about himself. why he never had a boyfriend or girlfriend, it was because he didn’t have a soulmark - or so he told himself. 
his soulmark makes him lowkey kinda anxious, and he doesn’t know what it means for himself. he’s just glad its over the left of his ribcage so he can hide it away. 
hats, he actually has a lot of fedoras not sure why 
brown shoulder length curly hair  ( think prince!hair harry )
glitter? everywhere. it’s in his clothes, he uses it as lowkey make-up ( especially as freckles ! ) 
fairy lights, he takes a lot of comfort in them 
nails painted different colours every few days 
journals filled with different spells, charms, hexes 
emotions ready to crack and spill out 
a heat under his palms which situations get to high
pocked filled with jellybeans 
a child-like nature soon to be ruined 
too soft for his own good 
the constant need to be held and cuddled 
unwritten letters he can never write now
character aesthetics
jack frost ( rise of the guardians )
rapunzel ( tangled )
willow rosenberg ( btvs )
josie saltzman ( legacies )
he’s actually this big soft baby who needs to be protected at all costs 
his kitten? his best friend 
also, he kind of just,,,, attracts cats idk how he does it 
he’s currently learning different protection spells so he can keep himself safe, he does not trust the malkavian clan 
theo is plant dad 
he let other peoples words and opinions get to him far too much, to a point where he doesn’t really understand himself, or why he feels the ways he does 
emotions are confusing for him 
his touch deprivation has not gotten better, in fact it’s probably worse; someone hug him please 
he had put so much hope into soulmarks that now he has his, it feels so wrong, like he doesn’t deserve it 
he wears and takes a lot of comfort from oversized hoodies 
one wrong move with him and he probably will descend into chaos magic and go dark 
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smokeywhalee · 7 days ago
Alex Echo Three One
John Soap Ilysm MacTavish
I see you simp for both of these lads and I gotta say that both are serving looks 😏😏😏
Alex (Echo 3-1)
Favorite thing about them Out of the new characters in MW2019, he intrigued me the most because of how iconic he is with his soothing voice, hot looks, and overall he's an awesome character.
Least favorite thing about them To be honest, I have none. He's such a Chad.
Favorite line "What happens when a CIA agent goes to sleep? They go undercover." "Let's get evil." "You're a born leader, Farah."
BROTP Kyle/Gaz, Price.
OTP Canon: Farah Karim. I love his chemistry with her throughout the campaign and every Faralex moment is quite memorable in my eyes. Fanon: Samantha Coleman (@echo-three-one's OC). Hoo boi, Ray's series "A Forgotten Memory" and "Whatever It Takes" is a very fun one to read so go check that out because it's a perfect blend of action, comedy, and fluffy romance featuring our TF 141 bois, but more exactly Alex. I gotta say that I love love love Samantha and Alex's relationship in the series and that is one of the most awesome aspects of WiT.
NOTP Barkov, Hadir.
Random headcanon Alex's full name is Alexander Collins (based after @echo-three-one's headcanon in his series) and he pretty much went with a lot of pseudonyms and fake accents in his various missions for safety reasons. Examples include Nathaniel, Ray, Chad, Michael, et cetera.
Unpopular opinion His new outfit in the Warzone/CODM looks very good on him, but I kinda prefer his campaign hairstyle than the Warzone hair because I think the spiky/messy look suits him better. I feel like they should've kept the campaign hair bc of it.
Song i associate with them Couldn't think one for him XD
Favorite picture of them
Tumblr media
Favorite thing about them His accent, and how badass he is in MW2 and MW3. Seriously, he's one of the most iconic CoD characters of all time and I love him from the moment I played the MW trilogy!
Least favorite thing about them The reboot design is quite a downgrade from the OG hot ass soap bar brick design of him...
Favorite line "Break's over, Roach. Let's go." "Dogs, I hate dogs."
BROTP Ghost, Roach, Gaz (OG)
OTP Price. I just love their brotherly relationship that grew very well throughout the whole series.
NOTP Eh, maybe Viktor Zakhaev.
Random headcanon Soap speaks with a thick Scottish accent, but he'll speak in full Scottish dialect to annoy everyone and he doesn't like wearing kilts in front of everyone to avoid teasing.
Unpopular opinion None.
Song i associate with them Couldn't think of one for him XD
Favorite picture of them
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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whorefordazai · 8 days ago
Hey bestie I heard requests for the event are open again 😏‼️Could I request a match up? She/they Scorpio, INFP, and for appearance I’m 4’8 ( ik I’m short 🥲), thick long dark brown hair and pale asf bc who needs sunlight. Likes : cats, reading, drawing, also I hoard stationery like there’s no tomorrow. Dislikes : loud noises and dogs. love languages are quality time and physical touch. I’m a very quiet shy person. Aesthetically I’m a massive softie and my fav colours are pink, black and green.
I match you with...
Sigma! ´ˎ˗
Tumblr media
👾 heard about your sigma obsession so decided to take advantage of that 😏 even tho he works at a casino, loud noises can stress him out too. so when he finds out that loud noises bother you—he’ll immediately come up with an idea! he’ll get you noise canceling ear muffs (just so you can still have fun and be with him all at once). he likes it when the both of you maintain things together at the casino! he’d never thought about partnership before he met you, but he knows you’ve got ambition to help out. just imagine matching ear muffs with sigma (sobs) except he doesn’t wear it around others, only when he’s with you :)
👾 he tried liking dogs—he really did—but he found out they’re too much for him. especially when he runs a casino, he barely has time to take care of a dog and give it his full attention. so when he found out you love cats ohoho 🌝 he definitely has cats all around the casino! (OMG CASINO CATS—) they never bother the guests, it’s more like they roam around and visit the two of you the most. at the end of the day, he just likes cuddling with you in bed with multiple cats surrounding you guys.
👾 he didn’t know how touch starved he was before he met you 🤔 he loves holding hands! especially when the casino gets noisy and the two of you are trying to make your way through the crowds of people. he tightly holds your hand and weaves through the crowds with you :) the two of you sometimes have small meet ups during the work day. he’ll be like “meet me on floor seven when it’s 2:30pm okay?”—and once you meet up, he’ll just hug you close to his chest with his arms wrapped around you and chin resting on your head. he’ll let of exasperated sighs while muttering a lot of “today has been a little stressful” and “thank you, I really needed this.”
👾 he likes matching outfits with you hehe 😏 he thinks it’ll be a good look on the casino if the two leaders are well dressed and ready to lead!! he knows your a shy and quiet person (he can sometimes be too, when he’s not in front of others) so he’ll stand up for you if anyone insults you. the casino can be full of many ignorant people, so he won’t waste time kicking them out if you get disrespected.
- yellow | coldplay
- this side of paradise
- nothings gonna hurt you baby | cigarettes after sex
- claudia | finneas
- saturday sun | vance joy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hitantenshi · 11 days ago
💘 + HatsuRen <3<3<3
send me 💘 + A SHIP and i’ll tell you—
Hatsuharu Sohma x Renji Ameshita Sohma:
where they first met and how at Kazuma’s dojo when Renji was signed up for instruction there by his aunt
how long their ‘flirting’ phase was before feelings got involved hmm… i mean… neither one of them actively flirted with the other, but feelings got involved anyway
who fell for who first ( if applicable ) Renji, definitely
where their first date was and what it was like probably something like visiting the Shiraki bookstore and then playing games in Haru’s room
who asks who out and how ( with a sign? spelled out on a cake? just a simple ‘will you go out with me’? ) Haru asks Renji out pretty straightforwardly, after Renji has confessed how he feels about Haru in the expectation of having those feelings rejected
who proposes first hmm… probably Haru
if they keep / kept their relationship secret or let everyone know right away they keep it generally secret (aside from close friends) until after the curse is broken
where the proposal happens and how ( kiss cam at a baseball game? on a hillside surrounded by ducks? at a disney park? ) knowing Haru, it probably just slipped out at some point in the middle of an otherwise ordinary day
if they adopt any pets together it would depend on how Isuzu and Anju also feel abt pets
who’s more dominant they’re pretty versatile, but Haru is the one who would come out on top if they were actually “fighting” for dominance (it’s the “black” Haru element)
where their first kiss was and what it was like in Hatori’s clinic — Haru was definitely the more refined of the two of them, Renji was p much a teary mess only half believing what was happening
if they have any matching couples stuff ( mugs? sweaters? pillowcases? ) they both have those leather bracelets which Haru made
how into pda they are Haru is very into PDA and Renji warms up to it
who holds the umbrella when it rains Renji bc he is that little bit taller
where their usual ‘date spot’ is ( if applicable ) Haru’s room
who’s more protective Haru
how long it is before they sleep together ( can be as in ‘had sex’ or as in ‘shared a bed’ ) lol it’s… i mean… look how quickly Haru and Isuzu slept together, clearly Haru has gumption in this arena… so it was prob pretty quickly for Haru and Renji as well
if they argue about anything it’s usually less arguing and more like Renji yells and then Haru cuts to the heart of what Renji is actually trying to say in a way that disarms him, and then they work things out calmly
who leaves more marks ( lipstick, hickeys, scratchmarks etc. ) Renji (he’s a biter)
who steals whose clothes and how often as previously stated, Renji wears Haru’s clothes super regularly
how they cuddle ( spooning? facing each other? ) facing each other
what their favourite nonsexual activity is playing video games together, probably
how long they stay mad at each other Haru usually gets over things quickly, but Renji is more likely to stew for a good day or so before he apologizes
what their usual coffee / tea orders are (granted, i don’t drink coffee so i have no idea lol) Renji will order black coffee to look tough, but then doctor it up with cream and sugar when no one is looking. Haru will get some variety of latte
if they ever have any children together i’m counting Sora and Riku!
if they have any special pet names for each other Haru is the only person by whom Renji doesn’t mind being called “Ren-Ren” Renji isn’t much for giving people nicknames or pet names
if they ever split up and / or get back together nope — things are just a little nebulous at times before the polyamorous relationship gets established
what their shared living space is like ( messy? clean? what kind of decor? ) on a scale of 1 to 10 of mess level, it’s probably around a 4-7 range
what their first christmas / hanukkah / etc as a couple was like oh well hmm it was new year’s so they didn’t spend it together
what their names are in each other’s phones Renji is “Ren-Ren” in Haru’s phone (and he adds a <3 to the end once they get together) Haru is “Haru” in Ren’s phone (but he sometimes changes it to “Stud” bc cow jokes)
if they have any ‘couple traditions’ ( buying a new mug for their collection every year? baking every friday evening? ) i could see them (including Isuzu and Anju) regularly taking long park walks together
who falls asleep first and who wakes up first Haru tends to fall asleep first and Renji tends to wake up first
who’s the big spoon / little spoon they alternate depending on the mood
who hogs the bathroom Haru — it’s all that hair gel
who kills the spiders / takes them outside Renji kills them and Haru takes them outside
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honklore · 12 days ago
hello! i just found ur blog and omfg i’m in love with your writing style! may i pls have some soulmate au hc’s for a reader who’s an artist? (i’m indecisive so you can choose who the hcs are with!) so like (insert cc u write for here) has got paint stains on his hands and like assorted sketches and stuff on his skin all the time from his soulmate. ty so much!! :]
masterpiece | quackity
(gn reader, quackity is the loml, reader is so talented but v messy, chat teases q to no end, quackity is the biggest softie in the world but refuses to acknowledge it, plantain slander)
listen to: rainbow connection (cover) by sleeping at last
Tumblr media
sweet quackity :((
it starts when he’s eighteen, and it happens like almost immediately
he got these splotches of purple on his hands and his mom was like ?? are u getting into fights ?? are you okay???
and q rlly doesn’t mind aside from the weird questions when the colors are a little too close to red or purple
but!! nowadays mostly you just sketch w a pen
it’s during your classes usually,,, ur an art history major and you need something to occupy your hands (which is actually why you started drawing in the first place)
so during the day quackity will acquire lil sketches of famous paintings,,, or sometimes originals,,, but they’re always washed off before the day is done
sometimes random art facts/theories/studies but he has no idea why someone would write him about van gogh’s use of color
*cue u aggressively scrubbing your skin in the shower bc you always forget how permanent the ink is*
quackity is sort of... hesitant when it comes to writing on his skin. esp with streaming, he’s scared that fans will react badly ,, that negative thought keeps him at bay most days
but sometimes he writes lil notes on his legs,,, where chat won’t see anything ,,,, and they’re always either rlly sweet or rlly weird
(hope ur having a good day)
(hey bestie :P )
(soulmate my beloved)
(will u be the howie mandel to my dr. phil)
that last one made you genuinely worried for your future
badly drawn picture of a duck holding a briefcase (this is me)
which confuses you but as he draws more, you begin to associate him with ducks, and sometimes the duck wears a tie, and sometimes a beanie, and one time he had a giant blue axe which kind of concerned you
but you digress
when you get stressed u finger paint
and it’s just a way to create chaos and feel the cold paint on your skin like idk it’s relaxing yknow :)
quackity is streaming
and he doesn’t realize what’s happening. he’s reacting to attaway general,, and he’s kind of invested
it’s only when he pauses it to make a point that he notices
and he tries to hide it but chat notices right away
it’s not that he doesn’t trust chat he just knows things can get negative quickly and he wants his space to be free of that
but someone donates “artist q?”
and quackity lets the joke run
he stands up and pulls the mic super close to his mouth
“i’m in my artist arc chat! nihachu watch out >.>”
it’s literally so silly bc q knows that chat knows but they’re letting him do his bit
and later that night he checks twitter and artist q is trending, but quackity’s soulmate is also trending
it’s all mostly supportive, and there’s already some rlly endearing fan art of quackity with paint all over his hands
quackity private tweet: ❤️❤️❤️
and he gets a lil confidence boost after that
answers questions abt u on his alt
tells the story of his mom thinking he was getting into fights
“guys paula is still my number one and my soulmate will just have to understand that”
“we already agreed we would both reject each other for taylor swift chat it’s fine”
answers donos and doodles on his hand
which he can do now bc chat knows!!!!
(you’re so talented your honor)
(have you ever seen attaway general?)
(charli d’amelio is in it)
(charli d’amelio is in it shit dixie sorry)
and you’re like !!! it’s on my hand !!!! it’s not hidden at all !!!
this image is so endearing to me like you’ve got paint stains all over your hands and quackity’s scrawl is filling in the empty spaces like he didn’t want to interrupt your work
duck with a beret, a mustache, and a paintbrush (this is me now)
ik he is going to share the most mundane things in a way of showing his love
(i listened to this song the other day)
(i bought a literal plantain today those things are big as shit)
(update: not good :/)
(i’m writing lore)
(i have an exam tomorrow)
just :(( sweet quackity wants u to know every little detail abt his life bc he wants u to know him
and you reply when u can
(added to my playlist!)
(i like plantain chips but i’ve never had the fruit alone)
(rip buddy :/)
(lore? like fnaf?)
quackity finds out you know extensive fnaf lore and the two of you stay up arguing about which is worse: the bite of ‘87 or the bite of ‘83
both of your legs look like newspapers that night and it takes a lot of scrubbing to get all of those off
one day you’re painting smth and quackity randomly gives you his discord
(add me and we can watch game theory together and see who is right)
the two of you end up watching it and getting in call with each other
when you hear his voice it’s like everything falls into place
he fills in all the empty spaces,,, answers all the questions you didn’t realize you had,,,, and he’s so wonderful that you find yourself missing him dearly whenever he’s not on call with you
you join him in calls on his streams sometimes like for jackbox or when he’s cooking
you stop joining him on calls on his stream /s
but chat loves you and always takes ur side over q’s
you get tons of followers on your art account and you even get to sell some of your paintings!!
ur new favorite colors to use are blue and yellow i don’t make the rules
but everyone starts to catch on and they find it really sweet
you catch up on quackity lore solely for him and declare yourself a c!quackity apologist
you’ve definitely retweeted the meme that’s like “if villain bad why hot”
when u guys meet quackity kisses your forehead :((((
when you
a drawing of two ducks holding hands (this is us)
thank you for the kind words and for requesting !!!
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loki-the-trikster-god · 14 days ago
sup it’s clyde
ooh cool hope you’re having fun with it
haha that’s awesome. we made more muffins so that’s good.
SLEEP. SLEEP GOOD. i swear nobody on this website gets any sleep
oooh cool. frozen pasta has been quite the mystery, but i think it has turned out to be quite the delicacy
yeah that’s fair. it’s pretty much the same thing over and over, and with a boring teacher it’s just painful mostly
wow that’s a very aggressive textbook. i’ve never heard anyone talk about stuff like that. maybe it’s an american education thing. oh cool that must be quite interesting to learn about tbh
lol that’s unfortunate
ty amigo it means a lot bc most of my family is quite religious and they make a lot of gay and racist jokes and it makes me want to scream most of the time
for the record i am not a racist, homophobe, transphobe, and i lecture anyone who is (that i am not scared of bc i value my life tyvm)
ily too friend
i love cloaks so much they are just like a big evil ominous hug. that sounds weird but cloaks are oddly comforting. i remember a few months ago i took a blanket and tied it near my neck and walked around for the rest of the day with a cape
it was weirdly awesome
i don’t remember what it smells like either sadly, but i do remember the food was like really good.
wow okay that sounds super annoying. i kind of want to walk down to the states and watch you stab him just because it would be quite awesome
exactly! they can’t blame you for playing your role, right?
wow that’s actually like so cool. cellos are fascinating tbh because they are like large alto violins. i want to learn to play the violin one day
hahaha ty amigo i might just have to bc i don’t want to have that weird gender conversation, even tho it’s pretty much inevitable
i love the rain so much it is glorious. umbrellas are overrated, i prefer to let the rain soak through my eternally messy hair and just be nice and cold
the smell is nice. it’s weird how rain has a smell, but it’s something we all notice and can relate to
exactly lol. id be so bored without either hehe
hmmmm i’ve never heard of prince of egypt. might have to watch it. yes mulan is an icon i love her. did you watch the new live action movie? the music is really good but i’ve never seen it. i want to tho
ooooh interesting. mental note: don’t put cream on soul. other than that tho...
i like it friend, i really do
ahaha yes i did enjoy it, ty amigo :)
until next time *ominously backs up into the darkness* *trips over feet*
Hihihi friend!!
Muffins :)))) I’m baking more bread tomorrow if I have time
I cancelled my appointment to sleep in today, and I’m glad I did. It feels really nice to be rested.
Yeah it probably is an American thing. The american public school system is WHACK dude.
(Random thought: why is the post button bigger than the edit button in drafts??? Like if I were done with the post, homie, I would have just posted it. But no, I have to hit the god damn hamburger menu every singnle time!!) anyways
AUGH I’ve got some family like that too (looking at you Aunt Constance) and it’s just. Like will you Please shut up. Also that’s valid of you. I don’t debate much for my own sanity but I call people out, especially irl. It’s funny cause you’d think I’d have more of a filter in real life but really it’s on here that I’m in control. In reality I’m just like FIGHT ME LOSER lmaoooo. Probably why I don’t have a ton of friends ahfksofkd
Cloaks are the single best article of clothing. I Want A Cloak Very Badly. It’s next on my list after I buy some suit stuff for a fancy dinner this summer. P.S. men’s fashion sucks what the hell do you MEAN you have to wear kakhis to a beach shut the hell your mouth!!!!
Maybe I should televise it when I fight josh. It’d be pretty fun to watch lmao. I have another rehearsal tonight, so I’ll let you know whether or not he’s alive by the end of it aufjsodofi. I’m keysmashing a lot today. Because no thoughts. Lmao.
Technically cellos are bass violins hehe. They’re very tasty and I love them. Idk why I phrased it that way, but I meant it. Pretty instrument go brr,,,,,, also when you learn violin let me know!!! Violin is pretty and maybe we can play together!!!
Ugh yeah weird gender conversations. I get you, man.
Omg YES I got to rehearse in the rain the other day and it was like. Top ten best things of all time it felt so nice and wet and warm I loved it. Hhh rain is the best.
Prince of Egypt is phenomenal, you absolutely have to watch it. I haven’t seen the live action mulan but it certainly looked pretty. Maybe I will at some point. I don’t watch stuff a lot lmaoo not unless I’m with other people. Maybe I’ll see it with my school friends.
Good idea. I usually put vanilla on my soul, but that’s just me.
Until next time, bro!!
*skulks away* *runs into a wall and makes a small mrrp noise like a disgruntled cat*
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reneestjohn · 15 days ago
I’m a cam girl & ben doing this since rona started . I came on Tumblr for exposure but now I have a daddy master . He’s wanted me to be his submissive baby girl . I feel stuck bc that’s not why I opened my tumblr.
Hello Dear Friend .
I receive so many q&a’s from cam girls /girls with only fans .
Most want to earn big $$$$, but cannot figure out how and/or the reasons why they are not .
I am going to address your concern , and some others that girls constantly ask me , that I feel are important.
That way this response will be a one and done, and I can repost it whenever needed .
I blocked a lot of bloggers , so I can be completely honest with you dear friend .
I do not know you , but I must be savage in my response to help you . ❤️🙏🏼
1. Competition:
I do NOT think your competition are the girls on Tumblr.
Most are average looking girls , with average looking bodies .
For this reason , do not immulate them .
Learn your craft . It takes skill to part a man with his money 💴
Throwing up a pic in lingerie, will give you likes on Tumblr, but will not help you in the real world or help you make money .
You need to invest in your body , go to the gym , take up pole . Most girls I know in the business have had work done , always focus on people /other girls in the business who are a step ABOVE you .
(I met most of my current dancer friends either at the gym or pole dancing lessons . I chose the most outstanding girls to befriend, to learn from. )
This is how you learn and make money faster .
2. Appearance -
if you are not a naturally pretty girl (people run to do things for you because you are so very attractive), then you will have to work a little harder , for big money .
Those are facts .
Men pay big money to girls they would never have a hope of attaining irl.
Girls who are out of their league .
I see girls on Tumblr who post pics with messy rooms and clothes in the background. No one is paying money to see shit their gf and/or wife is giving them at home .
Try to angle pics to focus on your best features . Always choose close up pics to post dear friend . People should pay to see more .
A lot of only fans on Tumblr reveal too much to soon . Why pay when everything is already given to you .
You are in the business of selling an idea ;
Polish your nails , wash your hair , cover imperfections with makeup , post close up pics , and for fucks sake , remove the dirty clothes and doggie toys from your background .
A shitty appearance will yield less money .
3. Stay focused on you business
Dear friend,
honestly ,
Why do you have a “Daddy” on Tumblr?
Your are NOT a submissive.
Is he paying your bills? , if not , he needs to move the fuck on .
Boyfriends on Tumblr are dead weight .
Doms on Tumblr want a young girl to play with and control . You do not have time for games right now .
Also , if he is a really nice guy, you do not want to hurt him .
If you want a sugar daddy you can easily find one irl . In order to accomplish this faster , you must live in a big city .
Omg! Dear Friend.
The people in my neighborhood/near my work are so rich . They come to the hospital wearing shoes that cost $10,000.
I know this because a patient having an apparent heart attack , was more concerned with vaulting (understandably) his very expensive watch , shoes, etc.
This is so gross to me , but maybe helpful to you .
You need connections.
If you make friends with successful girls in the business, they can tell you what to do , and where to go to meet these men .
I dance only occasionally (2x a year?) but can make thousands of dollars when I do .
Why is that ?
Because my friend tells me when the “big monied” business men are coming to town . Apparently, they have a entertainment budget .
Anywhose ,one guy will easily tip $1000. Six of those , and I call it a night
No sex, no touching , no champagne room.
If you just absolutely need a Daddy , he should assist you financially.
Also to stay safe , someone must know you do this . A keeper of your secrets.
My grandfather is the only person who knows of my shenanigans. He said I am most like him .
A wild horse 🐎😪😅
We have become closer since my sexy playtime accident and trauma .
He has always paid for all of my living /educational expenses while I was in college / finishing my program .
I do not need to dance , but I do . I just HATE that I have to ask him or my Daddy for money 💰 😭😭
Anywhose , my grandfather made me promise to stop doing that (sporadic dancing ) back in February.
I did . 🙏🏼😇
I am also going to speak with my Daddy about this . It is shitty behavior I am not proud of . I could lose my career , my Daddy , everything .
Honestly, I seriously do not know what is wrong with me ...and my logic /impulsiveness.
Sorry for the rant , a lot of things are are going through my head as I write this ...
Back to you .
You should not be involved with a guy who knows you are a sex worker (if it will be ongoing /your real work ). Keep that shit separate. You can NOT mix emotions and finances .
Most guys involved with sex workers , become their pimps and promoters . You do not need that .
Also , please make sure you have your GED , and take business /finance courses .
You work so hard for your money , learn to invest (not throw it away on inconsequential material things ) .
Most dancers I know , ages 23 and above , own property , their home , and car out right.
Account for every PENNY your earn and spend
Please be safe , work from home , or at a club (with other girls to support you ) , and do NOT do drugs
Sending your the best vibes and prayers I possibly can ❤️
Best Wishes💫
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kousukii · 17 days ago
Husband Things! feat. Sakusa Kiyoomi
Tumblr media
genre. fluff note. so i had this in my drafts from my old acc, i didnt post it before bc i had to alter this numerous times until i was satisfied i dont think it got any better. but hey at least it gets to see the light of day now
Tumblr media
this man lives in my head rent free
he lives for the blissful morning kisses,  messy, nose bumping into each other, lips landing on your chin, jaw, and lingering across your cheeks. 
the silent giggles and soft smiles with the soft rays of the sun outside was the very thing he wanted to wake up to.
he pushes your back on the bed and intertwines your fingers, pressing it against the pillows, lips finally connecting with yours, feeling him smile in the midst.
 “you have to go” you try to push him off you knowing he’ll snooze again “let's stay like this for a while” he nuzzles closer, drawing tiny circles to your back.
refuses to let you do heavy work or any chores in that matter bc he worries too much. cutting vegetables? no, you could chop off your fingers, bleed on the veggies, wasting it, and potentially harm the agricultural economy. mopping the floor? no, you could probably slip and snap your neck, then he’d have to live the rest of his life as a widower. 
you tell him he worries too much and that you managed to make it pass childhood just fine. eventually compromises and lets you “help” him sometimes.
though helping merely seems to be stepping on his feet with your arms around his neck as he vacuums around the house.
occasionally goes out with you and does errands together, yes he hates crowds but he’s not totally incapable of going outside okay. its the things he would go far to do for you.
always remember to give you a call at least once when he’s at work, just wants to know if you're okay, if you’ve eaten, or should he pick you up after work?
and mans always remembers to update u when he’s out with the boys so you wouldn’t worry 😗
his voice and tone changes when he’s talking to you and atsumu uses that information to shit on him daily
throughout your relationship he’s grown very understanding and tolerant of your moods and feeling, and he always tries to match up with your emotions
“what's the matter?”
“are you angry at me?” he notices your timidness at the other end and his features loosen up. 
“no, what makes you think that?” he talks slowly and softly, being too wary of your feelings. 
“earlier this morning you wore your shoes in ‘angry’ ” “how does that make any sense?” “i just know okay!”
“i wasn't angry at you. did i make you worry?” sakusa doesn’t even try hide the smile that was painting his face. atsumu just gags at the sight 
“i’ll be home soon, do you want me to buy you food to compensate?”
he never imagined ever sharing his clothes with anyone, at first he will physically snatch back his clothing from your grasp, it was personal and you had your own set of clothes too, but he eventually learned to give in bc he cant ever say no to you.
now, he would even leave pieces of clothing here and there to see how it looks when you wear it. gives himself a mental high five bc wow does it look good on you.
“so you’re stealing my socks now too?” he’d sigh as though annoyed as he oggles at you from the door frame. “at this rate i wont have clothes anymore” 
“but you're always away” you reply quietly. omi just dies there and there and runs out to take your hand in his, worried he’d been neglecting you.
it's not uncommon for you two to fight. sakusa kiyoomi was a proud man and had strong views. 
if it's a really bad fight, he’d pack a few belongings on his sports bag and go to the dorms. he thinks it's best so that you both can sort out your emotions and mostly because he can't trust himself with his words when he’s angry.
the image of you crying and the sound of your sobs engraved in his head had his heart breaking.
those are days the msby team realize their outside hitter wasn’t as collected and cold as they thought, hearing his muffled weeps and whispered apologies on his damp pillow while they awkwardly stay outside.
as much as he’d want to just hug it out and forget about the whole thing, he wants to talk about it so you two can right your wrongs and avoid it in the future. he just wants to do better for you, for the both of you.
all in all no matter how busy he is, how stressful life can get, and how many times you quarell, he’ll do everthing to make things right, for all he wants is this love to be the most permanent thing in his life.
Tumblr media
© kousukii • reblogs would be nice (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
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loki-the-trikster-god · 20 days ago
clyde is me
i am clyde
we that does sounds gross. is it like cooked pasta that is frozen or not cooked pasta frozen? i don’t get the purpose of freezing either version though
the muffins are so good tbh i’m glad u enjoyed hehe
oh oki i thought it was literal for a second like-
ikr if people think i’m the maximum intelligence then humanity really is doomed
asdf ikr. science is like so interesting on the magic school bus but i want to die during science class. just another example of how fucked up society is
literally tho everything sucks more when it’s virtual
except for procrastination, because at home i have tumblr, it’s blocked at school
gasp a win win scenario murder is now encouraged as long as all utensils are cleaned afterwards
mental note: get a sword
hehe ty. my hair is overly thick like if i grow it even a little long i get a massive headache
hehe some books are good (i have the best ones in real copies so that’s pretty good too)
idk if it’s a saying but it’s weird either way.
homework sucks. not that i have too much (actually i have a lot what am i saying?) but it still sucks.
ooh u seem to be into medieval... and ballad stuff
sounds interesting. ahahaha it’s pretty solid reasoning i love it
it sounds so mature compared to my favourite book which is called the extraordinaries by t j klune and is literally 400 pages of gay superheroes, and gay sex jokes. it’s fricking hilarious i can’t read it in public or else i’ll start laughing too hard that ill get weird stares (i speak from experience)
oh definitely duel them to death. or u know roast them really badly that works too. gunshots are too loud and too messy. knives... eh flying daggers are badass but slitting throats are messy too. duel to the death sounds efficient and it’s a challenge and who doesn’t love those?
hm. questionnnnn: what’s ur favourite hobby? besides writing and reading.
asdfhjk ikr they even had to like sexualize her and make her all skinny and stuff bc “that is what girls are supposed to look like”. i didn’t see this while watching it but i bet they gave her breasts too (breasts is a weird word) and i bet she’s wearing a dress. seriously tho. like u said, they are fricking mountains!!!
anyways. clyde, out
until next time :)
Clyde is you! And cecil is me.
Sorry it’s taking so god damn long for me to respond to these - I promise I’m not ignoring you or anything it’s just a mixture of executive dysfunction and school. :(
It’s like frozen and then you cook it and it’s like normal pasta except lamer. I miss vegetables.
Muffins are important
The other day I forgot my own name when asked so if I’m the pinnacle of intelligence then,,,,fuck.
God fuck society man. Also fuck school. In math today I got questions wrong cause I wasn’t supposed to reduce radicals so I got 9 and the answer was radical 81. And like,,,,,,,,, it said fully simplified. So fuck that. Anyhow,,,,
Boring classes are better for me online cause I can fool around instead of losing my mind so that’s a thing.
You should absolutely get a sword. Stab your enemies, seduce people, be awesome. Also extra ✨dramatic flare✨
Oof thick hair. V fluffy. Can I touch (it’s ok if i cant)
You can floof my hair it’s v floofable
Homework is the worst I am incapable of doing Things. I don’t have loads of it ever so that’s ok but it’s like rrrheg.
I am into medieval stuff and like ballads and stuff I’m an old poetry person. I once read the Canterbury tales in Middle English. It was so fun.
Your book is extremely valid I’d love to read it,,,,,, I’ll put it on the list. I would never think less of someone for reading a less “””mature””” book or liking less complicated things. People like what they like and there’s as much value in a good comic as there is in like Keats or some shit. And comics are more fun. Anyhow that’s my rant.
Alright! Seeing as I have your consent, I shall have at them! My sword is a little heavy for a dueling blade but fuck Josh I don’t really care. Proper dueling etiquette dictates that I must give him a days notice, so I shall be texting a warning in the group chat. (I’m joking btw I won’t stab my costar)
My favorite hobby,,,,,, besides reading and writing would be cello probably. I’m not serious about it but it’s really nice.
Mmmmmmmm yes get me them mountain tiddies /j
But seriously wtf. Chill out homies.
My question for you is: favorite weather
Until next time bro!
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midnightsukki · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
bakugou x f!reader
warnings: swearing(minor), ooc bc writing for bakugou is hard asf and i’ve yet to do any character studies for any of them — i just really wanted to write this </3
“he’s what?” you ask, sitting up on your bed, your phone pressed against your ear.
“a villain did it and now he won’t stop asking for you — y/n please come collect him.” kirishima begs, you can hear whines and yells in the background.
“let me get this straight.” you slide out of your bed, fitting your loose shoes on and grabbing the jacket hanging off your doorknob as you leave your dorm room. “you guys snuck out of the dorms and off campus for a snack, ran into a villain, then tried to fight it — which you know bakugou isn’t allowed to do since he doesn’t have his license. and the villain turned him into a five year old?” you pause to pull your hoodie over your head to protect your body from the cold nip in the air before continuing. “and now bakugou is asking for me personally? that doesn’t make sense, he practically hates me.”
“he likes you a whole lot more than you think, y/n.” kirishima interrupts. well that’s confusing, your hotheaded classmate was always arguing with you.
“yeah, sure.” you scoff, hopping down the stairs. “i’m almost there —“
you’re interrupted by an explosion coming from down the hall and you wince. you hear kirishima yelling at bakugou through the phone, something about how throwing fits isn’t manly. the further you walked down the hallway, the more you heard the yelling from outside of your phone. after silently hanging up, you raise your fist to knock on bakugou’s dorm room, getting one knock down before the wooden door is thrown open. denki smiles at you, a look of relief washing over him as he pulls you in.
“thank god —“
“y/n!” bakugou’s squeaky voice screams and you glance past denki at the messy dorm. the small, blonde child races towards you, a bright smile on his face as he grabs your leg. his arms wrap around your knee, his hands gripping your pajama bottoms.
“what the hell — he just,” sero gapes at bakugou’s sudden change in mood.
“what? the three of you couldn’t handle one five year old?” you tease, smiling at the three boys.
“he’s like the devil!” denki exclaims and bakugou sticks his tongue out at him before turning to hide his face in your leg, denki rolls his eyes.
“y/n.” bakugou tugs at your pant leg slightly to get your attention and you bend down to his height. the toddler fiddles with his fingers nervously, pulling at the oversized skull shirt he was wearing, no doubt the one he was wearing before his transformation. “marry me.”
you blink, trying to process the words that just came out of his mouth. you open your mouth but nothing comes out, you’re speechless from shock. however, the group of boys were not. they desperately tried to hold back their giggles, failing miserably when denki lets out a snort, igniting the fits of laughter and you shoot them all a look.
“y/n!” the young blonde drags out your name in a whine and you look back at him, his bottom lip tucked out in a pout.
“bakugou, you’re too young.” you explain softly, placing your hand on his small shoulder. “ask me when you’re older, alright?”
this made the small boy really excited, a wide toothy grin replaces his pout and you stand up straight.
“oh? when he’s older? care to explain, y/n?” denki adds, raising an eyebrow as he places his arm over your shoulder in a friendly manner only to have bakugou kick him harshly in the shin.
“don’t touch her! she’s my wife! you’re not cool enough!” bakugou’s squeaky voice exclaims.
“it’s not like he’s going to remember when he goes back to normal, it’s just to calm him down. also you deserved that.” you shrug at denki’s scoff of disbelief, pulling your phone from your pocket. “we have to tell aizawa.”
“no no no —“
“we’ll get into so much trouble —“
your phone is snatched out of your hand by sero’s tape before you could even unlock it and you scoff. “what are we supposed to do? we have classes tomorrow and who knows when bakugou returns to normal!”
“we can figure it out tomorrow if he hasn’t changed back by then.” kirishima suggests and you sign, looking down at bakugou who yawns.
“fine. but if he doesn’t change back, i was never here.” all three boys nod, relieved and you bend down to the toddlers height again. “it’s your bedtime.”
bakugou’s eyes widen and he quickly shakes his head no. “i’m not tired! i want to play with you!”
“it’s late —“
“no! play with me!” bakugou interrupts and you raise your eyebrow.
“well i’m tired and i want to sleep. get the boys to play with you.” you reply, noticing bakugou’s gasp as he glares at his friends.
“i don’t like them!” you bite back a laugh as you glance at his friends, each sporting a different irritated look at the five year old. “i like you!”
he wasn’t going to give up on playing with you so you sigh tiredly, running a hand through your hair. “fine. let’s play.” you give in.
bakugou grabs your hand and pulls you further into his room, rambling about playing hero and saving you. you glance at the other boys, they’re sleepier than you, having to deal with five year old bakugou’s rage before you got there must’ve tired them out.
you would’ve let them go sleep if they sneak out of the dorms for someone as little as a snack, instead you call out to them. “i’m not doing this alone. come play hero with us.”
“you guys are the villains!” bakugou exclaims, pointing a stubby finger at them and you nod.
playtime didn’t last long, the excitement of having you there and playing together tired bakugou out quickly. you’re surprised he lasted longer than the others, each passed out around the room: kirishima on the couch, sero up against the wall, and denki sprawled out on the floor. you suppress a yawn as bakugou crawls next to you, rubbing his tired eyes and you sigh, picking him up carefully. you place him on his bed, letting him crawl under the covers himself. it was around 2:25am and you figured you should get back to your own dorm before anyone wakes up.
“y/n.” bakugou grabs your sleeve, tugging you closer to him and you sit on the edge of his bed. “don’t go.”
“i have to. i’ll see you tomorrow, don’t worry!” you flash him a smile and he shakes his head.
“tell me a bedtime story.” he demands and you nod, too tired to argue with him.
“slide over, bud.” you sit next to him on his bed, lifting your feet so they’re on the bed, over the covers. he tucks into your side and for a moment, you forget that he’s a classmate of yours who’s been affected by a quirk. you tell a story that your own parents used to tell you all the time before bed and before you knew it, you both dozed off into a well deserved sleep.
the first one to wake up was you, slowly blinking as you look around the unfamiliar room. the three boys that were sleeping on the floor were gone, the room seemingly empty. this definitely was not your dorm, your tired mind trying to remember how you got here. your neck ached from the awkward sitting position you slept in so you try to sit up more to relief tension off your poor neck. you freeze when the unnoticed figure hums and pulls you closer by the arm around your abdomen. you look down to see normal aged bakugou, his face had a peaceful expression instead of his normal scowl. you couldn’t doubt how attractive he was, your hidden crush on him was small and unnoticed by everyone, including yourself. suddenly the memories of last night came back in a rush, the quirk that turned bakugou into a five year old, his odd affection towards you, his question about marriage. you doubt he’d remember any of it, you hoped he didn’t.
trying not to wake him, you shift on the bed, failing to pry his iron grip off of you without waking him up. you really didn’t want to deal with the embarrassment of bakugou waking up to you, yet you slowly realize you might have to for him to let go of you. you try to ignore the way your heart picks up when the blonde boy pulls you closer, his body heat warming you up. a small noise came from the boy and you froze, tensing up.
“stop moving so much, it’s early.” he hums, his voice raspy from sleep and your face flushes.
“y-you’re awake.” you squeak out and he scoffs, a smirk growing across his lips, not sitting up.
“no shit.”
“i can explain — kirishima and denki and sero were here and they needed my help so i —“
“i know. i remember.” he rubs your side softly, opening his eyes to look at you when he finally sits up. “you know, i’m older now.”
he remembers. the knowing look in his eyes makes your face flush, the smirk on his lips grow.
“so, when do you want to plan the wedding?”
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