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#merry and pippin and frodo
daffodil--lament · 4 hours ago
okay imagine you're on a cross country road trip with a trio of dumb cousins, one of their childhood friends, their four gay uncles (you're one of them), and also your great uncle. however your great uncle hurt himself when you went cliff diving in florida, so he had to stay behind in a hospital.
you're stopped at a gas station when it gets set on fire. shit! in your rush to get all the uncles and kids out, you realize you're missing two of them. gay uncle #1 runs to look for the kids when he is hit by a bus and ran over by like seven more cars in a row. fuck. all four kids are nowhere to be seen, even though you SWEAR you just had the other two. the remaining three uncles begin to journey to look for them. you get a phone call from your great uncle, who says he thinks he saw the og two kids get picked up by a hippie trucker. great.
you drive god knows how long and get sidetracked by a gang of bikers who threaten you but let you go when they realize you're your great uncle's friends, an old homeless man who's secretly a rich guy pretending to be homeless for more money, and another crazy old guy predicting the end of the world.
finally, starving, the three of you stop at a mcdonalds, and as you're walking out with your food, you spy the two og missing kids sitting in the PlayPlace™, dangling their feet between the bars, eating chicken nuggets and smoking weed. hi I'm aragorn son of arathorn and you're watching disney channel
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hotporridgepot · 8 hours ago
in a couple of weeks the weird rich old man in my village who has always reminded me of bilbo baggins is going to have a party to celebrate the whole area being vaccinated and having no cases in months and he's invited the whole village
there'll be ceilidh dancing, fireworks, beer, a buffet
am i literally about to go to a replica of bilbo's 111th birthday party
i think i hit the shire jackpot with this one
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rohirra · 8 hours ago
Like time travel AUs have so much potential, not just for chaos which is always a good thing but also for just very wholesome stuff?
Elros landing in the third age right after Celebrían sailed and comforting his brother?
Luthien and Beren landing in Gondor in the foruth age and learning what their legacy led to?
But also:
The Hobbits landing in Valinor during the Years of the Trees and causing first and foremost chaos but also shutting down the Finwean family drama by hosting a meal and giving therapy?
Like Frodo talking with Fëanor about how it feels dealing with the loss of a parent? Them bonding over this and just generally getting along? Because I can imagine them to
Merry and Pippin and the Ambarussa friendship!! Sam in elf heaven! Also learning more about gardening from one of Yavanna's Maia!
All of them being baffled by Gandalf being not an old man and not at all grumpy? Telling him about fireworks?
General confusion amongst the Valar who's creation these funky little creatures are because they weren't part of the plan? Yavanna giving Aulë a knowing look™
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Hey, I know that I still have a few requests in my inbox but recently I have no energy nor inspiration for them but I still want to write something so
Fandoms I'll write for:
Harry Potter
The Hobbit
Penny Dreadful (season 1&2)
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egoboe7 · 15 hours ago
I just watched this video and will never be able to watch the Mines of Moria scene the same ever again. 10/10, must watch. It’s the fight scene with the cave troll, but Mamma Mia plays in the background.
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t4tfaramir · a day ago
a list of things that actually happen in the soviet lord of the rings movie:
- there's a VERY 90s looking narrator who only speaks a handful of times, and is often shown silently staring into the camera
- the ringwraiths have a kickass synth theme
- the hobbits are the same size as everyone else EXCEPT tom bombadil and goldberry, who are giants
- the hobbits' legs are hairy up to their knees
- gandalf wears this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- bilbo is overtaken by greed for the ring, gandalf stands up and waves his hands as disco music plays, and bilbo is cured
- déagol has a fake mullet
- gollum is just sméagol but really green. whever he's on screen the soundtrack turns into gurgling noises, growling, and rhythmic laughter
- sam's eyebrows look like this:
Tumblr media
- the barrow wight looks like this:
Tumblr media
- frodo tries to threaten aragorn
- the ringwraiths stab frodo and just fucking run away?? aragorn is nowhere in sight despite vowing to protect frodo with his life literally one scene prior
- there is one shot of court jesters who join the council of elrond and are never seen again
- saruman has one of the best evil laughs i've ever heard and also tiny orcs are dancing at the bottom of the screen during that scene
- gwaihir the eagle lord appears to be a stuffed animal that gandalf rides through the magic of terrible special effects
Tumblr media
- elrond has a beard
- legolas is played by a woman. he has no lines that i remember
- they use gimli as a fucking table. this is the most he contributes to the plot, considering he has maybe two lines total
Tumblr media
- boromir is basically painted as an antagonist
- they get chased by warg puppets
- legolas' and aragorn's swords appear to be made of tinfoil
- the orcs trying to kill them are visibly cracking up and the sound cuts out, so i can only assume they were laughing
- gandalf dies from the orcs, is shown crossing the bridge afterwards, and disappears again when aragorn does a headcount
- pippin becomes hypnotized by an elf woman ringing a very small bell
- sauron is shown at the very end in the mirror of galadriel as a human eye. it's brown and otherwise completely unremarkable
here's links to part one and part two if you wanna see this masterpiece yourself
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lady-latte · a day ago
150 Followers Event
Tumblr media
AHHHH GUYS I REACHED 150 FOLLOWERS OMG I’m so??? Happy?? Thank you guys so much for everything! For all the feedback and love I’ve received on my writing and just in general being so cool 🥺❤️
So as a celebration! I’m doing a 150 Followers Event that will be going on for a week! Until June 28th
Feel free to send in any asks you wish, or use the links provided! Please specify that your ask is for the follower celebration!
Tumblr media
Question Asks
☕️(1/2/3) Fanfiction/Writer Asks (2) (3)
Writing give me a character and I’ll write a drabble
⏱10 Minute Fic Challenge
🗣Dialogue Prompts
🌹Types of Touches
Tumblr media
The 10 Minute Fic Challenge depends on the prompt! So I may take it seriously, or it may end up as a crack fic. I’ll write whatever the first idea comes to mind.
The Drabbles will vary in length, either one paragraph or two. Just enough to get the main concept instead of setting the scene and being proper.
Tumblr media
Tagging: @wishingtobeinadifferentuniverse @tolkien-fantasy @elvish-sky @entishramblings @rowandor @moonheartsposts @thespiritoflife @iwenttomordor @justfollowtheroad @little-miss-raven @sunflower1000
Tumblr media
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t4tfaramir · a day ago
me: ooh, hobbits!
Tumblr media
mom: we have hobbits at home
the hobbits at home:
Tumblr media
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hetaczechia · 2 days ago
Pippin: I got kicked out of the dining room for slapping Merry with a piece of pizza.
Frodo: Why did you slap Merry with a piece of pizza?
Pippin: I found it on the floor, I wasn’t gonna eat it.
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velvet-chaotic · 3 days ago
lotr modern roadtrip au where nothing bad happens, the fellowship is just going on a trip.
arwen is also there cause her and aragorn are trying to see every corner of middle earth before getting married and settling down. legolas is in his rebel phase and went out backpacking on his own. gimli is also a backpacker and they meet in some cheap inn and decide to travel together cause it'd make thranduil angry. pippin and merry are insane and decided to become tornado hunters for funsies so frodo and sam are travelling with them to make sure they dont get blasted to the other side of the globe. boromir is there for some reason, no one knows who picked him up but he's there and he wont leave.
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jarwars · 3 days ago
New video with @torchbluelegacy where we reacted to the beautiful production value of the Soviet LOTR! Still wanna know why they kept zooming in on candles 😂 subscribe for more LOTR content!
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grumpynathanos · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Lord of the rings/Pokemon crossover
Crop thieves having a feast! Pip’s zigzagoon is really proud of his pickup abilities, he has found the greatest shroom. Merry is so jealous and Sam is not sure about all the stealing, but Raticate does want that turnip
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egoboe7 · 3 days ago
Lets talk about the Fellowship for a second. They’re all kinda outcasts, all very different from the rest of their races or family. Lets dig a little deeper into each one, looking at both their movie and book selves.
Frodo: Frodo’s an orphan, his parents drown and he went to live with Bilbo. Bilbo was already thought of as weirdo by the other hobbits because of his adventure, so Frodo, they thought, must be just as odd. Also movie Frodo is much to thin to be considered pretty by hobbit standers and both Frodos are a bit to adventurous.
Sam: Not much to say here, as Sam is an exemplary hobbit. His looks are hobbity enough and he enjoys gardening. The two things that set him apart are, his desire to meet the elves, and, of course, his association with the Baggins.
Merry: Merry is a Brandybuck, which are not all that respectable to the hobbits of Hobbiton, they go out in boats after all. Also he and Pippin definitely are a bit adventurous for hobbits.
Pippin: Pippin is very curious, and curiosity leads to adventure. He is a Took, an outcast from the hobbits of Hobbiton. Like I said befor, he and Merry are definitely a bit adventurous for hobbits.
Aragorn: Aragron is a ranger, lives on the outskirts of civilization. As we see in Bree, people are a bit afraid of him, he’s just too odd, too different. Aragorn also lived in Rivendell, but he was a man among elves, also too different. He’s too human for the elves, yet to elven for the humans.
Legolas: Legolas is the prince of Mirkwood. His father is Thranduil, who, after the death of his wife, turns cold and distant. Legolas also associates himself with humans, unlike the other Mirkwood elves.
Gimli: Gimli is entirely respectable before the quest. I can’t really think of any thing to say about him. (edit: Milkywhoreos is corenct, Gimli is to diplomatic and poetic.)
Boromir: Boromir is respected and loved by Gondor, but his family life? He probably had to raise his brother and loves him more than anything, but his father is a big jerk.
Gandalf: Do I even have to say anything here? Gandalf is completely bonkers (But, like, in a good way.)
So, in conclusion? Each member of the Fellowship was practically alone before they found each other. They had small, broken or non-existing families, and/or were un-liked by others. Then they found these other alone people, and said “I didn’t really have anyone, and they all didn’t ether. But now we got each other, and I don’t care if you’re an elf, or a dwarf, or a hobbit,or a wizard,or a human, we’re now family.” They didn’t have family, so they found one.
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sarcasticamaleont · 4 days ago
Classmates in a snob voice: Is there any actually hot looking character in the Lord Of The Rings?
Me, in the verge of implosion, having listed to them buchering it after admitting they have only watched the first movie:
Externally: Well yes...
Internally: fucking cunt. How dare you disrespect in such ways the whole fellowship of the ring, relatives, friends and partners included?
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