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#mermaids mini meme
bebe-benzenheimer · a day ago
Tumblr media
Mermaids Mini Meme Siren [1/1]
Madison Fear
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bebe-benzenheimer · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mermaids Mini Meme Original idea/AU/Creation [1/1]
AU: Koilee from Papa's Gameria as a mermaid
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bebe-benzenheimer · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Mermaids Mini Meme Zodiac mermaids [2/2]
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bebe-benzenheimer · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Mermaids Mini Meme Zodiac mermaids [1/2]
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bebe-benzenheimer · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Mermaids Mini Meme Colors [1/1]
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chayscribbles · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
chayscribbles’ monthly writing update ☆ april 2021
words written: 19 066
projects worked on: Andromeda Rogue (wip total: 55 059)
proudest accomplishment: this.
lmao re: my proudest accomplishment: yeah winning camp nano was great and all but honestly, being able to make a silly little shitty meme comic was a big step in my quest to overcome my crippling perfectionism.
i don’t think i’m made for monthlong challenges. even with small goals. having to stay focused on one thing steadily for so long just burns me out no matter what. i think i’ll just go back to my mini short-term challenges interspersed with scheduled breaks.
i’ve also allowed myself to toy with some wip concepts that have been rolling around in my brain, for moments when i need a break from andromeda lol. i’ll talk more about them below so i don’t clog up anyone’s dash.
more specific wip-related comments + featured excerpt below.
still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this wip that literally started off as a silly AU that came to me in a dream on december 1st 2020 is now over 55 thousand words long... i’m shaking
i think i’ve actually “finished” my outline for book one??? [shaking eyes emoji] it’s still pretty vague but all the main events are there. not to jinx anything but i can actually see myself f*nishing a draft within the next few months hhhhHHH
i’m also being attacked left and right by ideas for book two 👀
uhhh besides that there isn’t anything new to say about this wip that i haven’t covered in my camp nano writing updates i think.
so yes i haven’t talked about these at all here because they’re just concepts without much meat atm. i really have no idea if i’ll ever actually write them (especially since i’m so deep in andromeda and don’t see myself really giving anything else that much attention right now) but they are fun to think about every once in a while. most of them are actually rehashes of old wips from MANY years ago.
11:11: a girl struggling to adjust to many changes in her life is paid a visit by the 11:11 fairy, who grants her 11 wishes with the usual genie wish caveats as long as she makes them for eleven 11:11′s in a row (hope that wasn’t too confusing) and learns that the true magic was the friends we made along the way. i came up with this in high school and literally pictured it as a cheesy Disney channel original movie, and i think it would be fun to revisit someday.
unnamed portal fantasy royal drama: this was originally a story i wrote at the end of high school that was literally just The little mermaid 2 but with fairy-like people instead of mermaids. but i think i could maybe fix it into something a little more original. no i’m not at all inspired by whatever the fuck is going on in royal news lately haha what are you talking about
unnamed wlw historical supernatural murder mystery: a young woman from a very religious village makes a deal with some supernatural beings to do their bidding in exchange for extraordinary musical (and magical) talents. meanwhile another young woman in the village wrestles  with doubts about the town’s religion while trying to solve the string of strange murders. (both women end up kissing, obviously.) i got really into this concept a few weeks ago when listening to classical music playlists while working, but then got stuck at the part where i had to invent a religion ._.
this post is already incredibly long i’m so sorry that this excerpt is as long as it is. but if you’ve already read all this so far i think you can have a somewhat spoilery Finneas / Petra bit, as a treat.
for context: Petra, who doesn’t really trust Finneas yet at this point, has just accidentally stumbled upon a big secret of his.
“Pilot,” she called before Finneas could cross through the doors. “Can we talk?”
He appeared to hesitate, then he slowly turned around and, grimacing, returned to where she was waiting.
Before Petra could open her mouth, Finneas hissed, “You cannot say anything about what you saw tonight to anyone. Alright?”
“I’m not even sure what I saw tonight,” Petra hissed back, unable to resist a peek at his hands, hands on which she had seen leaves grow through his skin. The scars that covered his palms suddenly made sense. “Are you a Hep—”
“Shhh!” He cast a furtive glance at the entrance to the hotel, then over his shoulder down the walkway, before turning back to her. “Yeah,” he confirmed. “Yeah, one could say that I am. But you have to keep quiet about it.”
“And why should I?” Petra challenged. “What else are you hiding?”
“Please,” he implored. “I can’t afford anyone knowing about this. I-I just… I can’t.”
Petra blinked, the sharp words melting on her tongue before they could leave her mouth. She had expected him to negotiate, to use one of his slick tricks to bargain with her or win her silence.
She did not expect him to beg.
“I’ll do everything you ask of me for the rest of this trip if you promise not to tell anyone,” he promised. When she simply eyed him in response, he let out a huff and ran a hand through his hair. “Look, give me your hand.”
“What? Why?”
“Just trust me for once.”
Petra warily held out her hand, palm up. Finneas took it with both of his, rough skin pressing against hers. He then locked eyes with her, and his voice seemed to drop an octave when he spoke.
“I, Finneas Becker, swear by the stars that I will do all that you ask of me until we safely land on Sayntagnesia.” With the hand placed over Petra’s, he traced his middle finger down the middle of her palm, sending a shiver up her arm. “As long as you do not tell anyone that I’m… about my…” His voice faltered, and he chewed on his lip for a moment before quickly whispering in one breath, “If you don’t tell anyone I’m a Heppling.”
He rapidly released her hand. Bewildered, Petra turned it over in front of her face.
“Did… did you just put a spell on me or something?” she demanded.
“What? No,” he said, suddenly sheepish. “It’s… On Ghillairde… It’s a Ghillairdan thing. When we make oaths.”
Petra searched his face for any signs of insincerity. Instead, she found nothing but genuine fear. That stony, impenetrable wall he’d kept up since the beginning of the voyage had crumbled the moment he realized she knew his secret, and in its place was raw vulnerability. Even the hand thing, as strange as it was, felt nothing less than honest.
And having his full cooperation was incredibly tantalizing.
“Alright,” she conceded. “I’ll keep your secret.”
not me looking for any excuse for him to take her hand hahaha
☆ TAGLISTS (general + andromeda rogue). let me know if you want to be added/removed.
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distvrbic · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
— HOMECOMING is the first mini album released by fictional South Korean co-ed group  DISTURBIΔ. It was released through their label, Hummingbird Media and it’s distribution partners on October 12, 2020. The album contained the title track, “catchup!”, which was promoted for four weeks. After a week, the group promoted subtitle track “So Sorry” for two weeks.
01. catchup! :: Title :: Insp
02. So Sorry :: Promoted :: Insp
03.  Moonlight :: Insp
04. Tell Me Now :: Insp
Everyone was convinced this was a brand new group. Literally no one remembers their  2017 debut, not even the members.
Maybe three people over in the nugu corner of stan Twitter knew they existed as a group who just dropped off the face of the Earth.
The charts...well.
DISTURBIA did a lot better internationally who still don’t shut up about how catchup! had to be laced with something because it got stuck in everyone’s heads
They got a lil attention because they were a coed group with a bright concept and an uneven amount of members
The concept matched the album title...five troublemakers put in charge of Homecoming. Ending in disaster but with the kind of vibe of people running out and things on fire but you see them holding hands spinning around with confetti and dancing + laughing
Basically the this is fine meme but like...make it aesthetically pleasing
Jiae akgaes got real loud...just like they did in the very, very short time she was with SugarPlum under the name Ruby. Pretty girls just make people vicious.
You look at the Silas fancam getting 400k views on twt and then look at the simply does not match up.
You look at the fancam of Jonghak’s bird from one of their Youtube videos blowing up and then at the music video streams and look away.
They just had a good time when they weren’t dodging questions about their three year absence and when people weren’t pointing out how obvious Jonghak’s insoles were.
The rooftop live acoustic video for “Moonlight”....DISTURBIA said we are SINGERS ft Dohwi’s tiny claps when Bomin moved into a higher key in the last chorus.
Styling!! They looked bright and colorful in mostly streetwear inspired looks but coordinated.
Lots of pants that looked great but were also easy to dance in with layers and athleticwear pieces and...bucket hats.
The one (1) goodbye stage where they dressed up like The Breakfast Club
Jonghak had natural black hair worn down so that when the Jorehead peaked out it was kind of devastating. He had the most natural makeup with highlight that made his cheekbones pop
Silas had light blonde hair that went through a lot to give him a messy, boyish look with extra blush and fake freckles. Also dark eyebrows. Yes.
Jiae had dark brown hair often worn with butterfly clips and in waves or stick straight. A very classic style to go with the glitter freckles and pink eyeliner and blue mascara.
Dohwi had dark blonde/light brown hair in a fashion mullet that often had some clips and glitter going on if not for a hat. His makeup was either next to nothing or a lot of messing around that...mostly worked out!
Bomin had bright red hair and light bangs. She just looked so cute with blush and super glossy lips and eye shadows. Her makeup color palette was played safe so it wouldn’t clash too bad with her hair and the clothes. The Ariel from the Little Mermaid memes when she had the blue contacts I Agree.
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bnharpchub · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Welcome to Tuesday! We’re just getting started on this week. Have you thought about your weekly challenge? Maybe you’ll think of something while joining in on todays fun!
Tumblr media
Today’s Mini-Event - LORE! Sea Creature EditionTM
Since we’re doing an aquatic themed week, we’ve decided to specifically focus on SEA CREATURES! Think of your muse in an aquatic setting, and decide on what kind of creature they would be! Here’s some little things to help you when you decide on what to write!
What kind of creature would they be? They can be a mermaid, but maybe they’re something else? You can research some sea creatures or just come up with something on your own!
What kind of lore do they have? Are they considered a legend, or have they been spotted before? What kind of rumors do sailors speak of in the tavern after sailing? Are they feared?
Are they just a creature, or do they have magic? What do they look like? You can describe them or draw them!
Where do they come from? Have they always been a sea creature or did they perhaps wound up this way under different circumstances?
Tumblr media
How can you participate today? Check out these ideas!
Reblog the memes/starters we have posted! They’ll all be made to fit this theme!
Maybe create a verse! Find someone else to work on one with you! Writing verses together is SO MUCH FUN!!!
Or even just go simple, and design your muse’s swimsuit!
Tumblr media
Make sure to tag us with @bnharpchub​ if you want to share your stuff with the community!
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bnharpchub · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Welcome to Tuesday! We’re just getting started on this week. Have you thought about your weekly challenge? Maybe you’ll think of something while joining in on todays fun!
Tumblr media
Today’s Mini-Event - LORE! Sea Creature EditionTM
Since we’re doing an aquatic themed week, we’ve decided to specifically focus on SEA CREATURES! Think of your muse in an aquatic setting, and decide on what kind of creature they would be! Here’s some little things to help you when you decide on what to write!
What kind of creature would they be? They can be a mermaid, but maybe they’re something else? You can research some sea creatures or just come up with something on your own!
What kind of lore do they have? Are they considered a legend, or have they been spotted before? What kind of rumors do sailors speak of in the tavern after sailing? Are they feared?
Are they just a creature, or do they have magic? What do they look like? You can describe them or draw them!
Where do they come from? Have they always been a sea creature or did they perhaps wound up this way under different circumstances?
Tumblr media
How can you participate today? Check out these ideas!
Reblog the memes/starters we have posted! They’ll all be made to fit this theme!
Maybe create a verse! Find someone else to work on one with you! Writing verses together is SO MUCH FUN!!!
Or even just go simple, and design your muse’s swimsuit!
Make sure to tag us with @bnharpchub​ if you want to share your stuff with the community!
Tumblr media
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bnharpchub · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Welcome to Tuesday! We’re just getting started on this week. Have you thought about your weekly challenge? Maybe you’ll think of something while joining in on todays fun! 
Tumblr media
Today’s Mini-Event - LORE! Sea Creature EditionTM
Since we’re doing an aquatic themed week, we’ve decided to specifically focus on SEA CREATURES! Think of your muse in an aquatic setting, and decide on what kind of creature they would be! Here’s some little things to help you when you decide on what to write!
What kind of creature would they be? They can be a mermaid, but maybe they’re something else? You can research some sea creatures or just come up with something on your own!
What kind of lore do they have? Are they considered a legend, or have they been spotted before? What kind of rumors do sailors speak of in the tavern after sailing? Are they feared?
Are they just a creature, or do they have magic? What do they look like? You can describe them or draw them!
Where do they come from? Have they always been a sea creature or did they perhaps wound up this way under different circumstances?
Tumblr media
How can you participate today? Check out these ideas!
Reblog the memes/starters we have posted! They’ll all be made to fit this theme! 
Maybe create a verse! Find someone else to work on one with you! Writing verses together is SO MUCH FUN!!!
Or even just go simple, and design your muse’s swimsuit! 
Make sure to tag us with @bnharpchub​ if you want to share your stuff with the community! 
Tumblr media
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bnharpchub · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
                 WEEKLY SCHEDULE MARCH 7TH - 13TH
Tumblr media
                           Weekly Theme..... AQUATIC || DISCORD
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Welcome to the SECOND week of themes! For this week, our selected theme is AQUATIC - covering all kinds of verses from mermaids to sea monsters to pirates..! Anything that has to do with the ocean!
As for weekly changes, we’ve replaced POSITIVITY THURSDAY with ARTSY THURSDAY! This decision was made because we noticed many love expressing themselves in visual mediums as well. Positivity from now on will be sprinkled throughout the week with little pick-me-ups! 
Tumblr media
          It’s your weekly updates and activities announcement! No events today besides little promos and positivity sprinkled here and there! Make sure to check out our WEEKLY CHALLENGE post for this weeks activity! 
           Welcome to OC MONDAY! We’re back again for another day of spoiling our OCs and appreciating their muns! To keep with the theme, maybe talk about what your OC wears to the beach! Do they have any shells they like? How about fish? See what you can do with our aquatic theme! 
Mini-Event - Pirates! For today’s mini event, pick out a pirate ship for your muse and design/write about the crew! OCs and Canons can participate, but try and fill the crew with OCs/NPCs! Make sure to check out the official mini-event post for more! 
           Verses Tuesday! Today, imagine your muse in an aquatic-themed verse! Would your muse be a fantastical mermaid, a tricky siren, or some form of sea monster the locals tell tales of in the taverns? Share with us your ideas on a verse regarding aquatic themes and creatures! 
Mini-Event - SEA CREATURES! What kind of sea creature would your muse be? What’s the lore on them, and what do people know? What DON’T they know? Are they feared or respected, have they been seen or are they simply folklore? Tell us all the details! 
            It’s time for the time of the week again - writing day! We’ll have prompts and starters posted as well as little ask memes and such! Make sure to check out today’s mini-event to see what we have up! 
Mini-Event - Lore! Write up the lore for the world around your muse in their aquatic verse. Are they a lonely sea creature or do they live in a vibrant underwater society? How do they fit into their world? Do they enjoy it or do they yearn for a life outside of the sea?
          We’ve decided to replace positivity Thursdays by having positivity all through the week....and instead we’ll be focusing on another fun aspect of the community! Art! Whether it’s graphics or edits or full blown art - all is welcome! 
Mini-Event - Vacation! This week has been focused on more relaxing, less stressful and less cry-worthy ideas and prompts! So, let’s talk about your muse’s DREAM vacation! Make sure to check out the prompt info on the day of for more ideas!
          Dash Game Friday! Another day of relaxation before we head in to the weekend for showcase day! Check out our blog to see what games we’ve found and queued up for you to play with! 
Don’t forget the weekly challenge! Tomorrow is the day we’ll send those bottles out on to the dash!!
          Showcase day! We’ll be tossing out the messages in bottles our community put together - whether it be straight from their blog or a mystery bottle for you to find and discover....!
Tumblr media
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dmukcs · 3 months ago
ORANGE CARAMEL - Catallena (까탈레나)
This week’s rec is Catallena ( 까탈레나) by Orange Caramel!
Tumblr media
watch the MV here:
If you haven’t already heard of Catallena, you may know of it due to the weird nature of the music video. It’s colourful, bright, involves the members dressing up like sushi, and is overall a very eye-catching and fun MV with an insanely boppy song and choreography to match!
Alternatively, you may know it through the memes of kpop, involving the iconic “Hah!” scream from their dance practice. If you know, you know (and if you don’t know, then may I interest you in the first 30 seconds of this video here:
Catallena is Orange Caramel’s third Korean-language single, and sixth overall and received great reception from music critics and public alike when it released, 12th March 2014.
  Its genre is classified as pop, Italo disco and hi-NRG, a hybrid of the three if you will, with elements of the 70s and 80s. It interpolates a sample of a Punjabi folk song, “Jutti Meri”, in the chorus. The lyrics of the song find the group being enticed by a “Catallena “ woman. 
It interpolates a sample of Punjabi folk song "Jutti Meri" in the chorus. The lyrics find Orange Caramel being enticed by a "Catallena" woman. Though I’m not quite sure myself what a ‘catallena’ woman entails, Lizzy - a member of Orange Caramel - said: “It’s a new word, so it may be a little unfamiliar, but the exact definition is well portrayed through the song, which is about people who are immature and choosy, but strangely enough, others want to become close to them anyway.”
The digital version has sold over 1,011,735 copies in the country as of December 2014. It peaked at number 4 on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 and number 11 on the US World Digital Songs chart. Catallena was also a commercial success in South Korea, where the digital version peaked at number 6 on the Gaon Digital Chart, where the physical edition charted at number 5 on the Gaon Album Chart.
Generally, this song has received favourable reviews from the music critics, who praise the “electric mix of musical styles and ‘clever’ production”.
In a review on Billboard by Jeff Benjamin, he cites the song as a “mishmash of peculiar sonic elements” and noted it as a “departure from K-pop’s heteronormative love lyrics”. 
Taylor Glasby, reviewing for Dazed, claims it as “the queen of the disco” and says that the “comical, twisted and wonderful ‘Catallena’ was a tune that welded itself to your brain”. Despite labelling it as more of a novelty side-project, he says he felt that “it brimmed with confidence and represent the group turning a corner”. 
There are many more reviews I won’t bother to bore you with, but here a good few that are an interesting read:
Tumblr media
members left to right: Lizzy, Nana, Raina
Orange Caramel (오렌지 캬라멜) were a 3-member sub-unit of popular girl group After School, under Pledis entertainment who debuted in 2010. They were their first sub-unit within the group, made up of 3rd generation After School members, Nana, Raina and Lizzy. As of December 2019, only one member of Orange Caramel remains under the company, but according to the group’s website, Lizzy and Raina are still part of the group. 
They began their career with their debut song Magic Girl, on their first mini-album titled The First Mini-Album, and were a commercial success. The album peaked at number 2 on the Gaon Album Chart, with the lead single peaking at 18. Magic Girl became an iconic song, with fun choreography and flashy bows, as it was often parodied on variety shows throughout the 2010s. 
Their later album, The Second Mini Album, and their singles from The Asia Project also did quite well, peaking at No.10, No.3 and No.8 respectively. 
Overall they were quite successful in their time as a group. They slowed down their activities in 2015, as did their main group After School, and began to branch out into individual activities. As of 2016, they held what would be their last concert together. However, despite two members leaving the company, they say that should the opportunity ever arise, the sub-unit would perform as a three again someday. 
Their fandom name is Candies and their fandom colour is Yellow & Pink. 
I tended to listen to more of their title tracks than anything from their b-sides, so I can’t offer much, but some songs I would recommend are: Magic Girl, Funny Hunny, Lipstick (one of my person favourites!), Shanghai Romance and My Copycat. 
photo reference:
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stroblitz · 4 months ago
E, V, Z :)
E - Have you added anything cracky/hilarious to your fandom, if so, what?
I’ve made a few cracky/meme type of things for the fandom.  There’s the dabbing Ivan. Also, the monopoly pic (by far the most known due to notes) Boris K hitting on Oliver mini-comic. And finally, Yuriy as the Little Mermaid and loving it.
V - 3 OTPs from 3 different fandoms
This is a hard question since beyblade is pretty much my main fandom. I don’t really go hard in others enough to get an OTP or even many ships. I guess the closest would be: McCree/Hanzo from Overwatch since I like fics with them in it (and cute comics). Junpei/Akihiko from Persona 3 (can’t find any fanart for them so enjoy this random screen shot from some dancing game they were in). And then Zagreus/Thanatos from Hades the game (the romance route I took lol)
Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go (prompts optional but encouraged)
This is going to be beyblade themed (of course). I love, love, love the idea of people having nicknames. Either stupid ones are given by opposing teams or cute ones shared between friends. Silly ones like Champ for Takao, or Chump depending on who’s saying it. Ming-Ming becomes MiMi to her close friends. Garland has Garly from his family that spills over to his team (much to his embarrassment.) Micheal is Micky which he hates (another family nickname that spills out). And yeah, just cute names that randomly pop up from various places. I can easily see many having nicknames from their native language that crosses over (nothing family-related so you won’t get oniisan for Hitoshi because of Takao though Takao would totally use that on Hitoshi to be cute). Yuriy being called Red, Giancarlo called Blondie. Shorter bladers being called short stuff/imp/etc. There would also be team names given by fans and haters alike. The Commies for Neoborg. The Clowns for Julia and Raul. Just stupid things like that (though the ideas I just gave would be the hater nicknames). There are just so many possibilities and I love it :D
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dadzathechaosgod · 5 months ago
Favourite Stream Moments!
Streamed by Philza on Twitch on Wednesday 2nd of December 2020
Hardcore boi is here!
Also check out his 1mil celebration video if you haven’t yet! (and read the description lmao)
We can hear him playing in the bg already lmao
Haircut Pog!
Starting at the wither skeleton farm today
Garden time babeeyyyy
oh no sad hardcore lore
he and she kissed for the first time at the swing and this turned the tree into soulsand :((((((
Gapple gang catch up first though!
Vods might have to get (partly) nuked soon rip
Aww Kristin had her first ever tooth pulled today (in the uk by a british dentist, even)
She cracked it a while ago but only got pain recently
And no dentists nearby would take a new patient
Private dentist, bc she isn’t on NHS yet and they’ll take her
They had to wait outside until they were fetched, any and all covid measures taken (which was actually reassuring)
He was prepared to sit in the waiting room, but he’s allowed to go in with her!
Then the dentist asks when the last time Kristin went to the dentist is
(who hasn’t been since she was a kid)
which, thankfully he was kinda okay with it (the american thing probs helped lmao)
so he examines the tooth, takes an x-ray to examine the damage
and either they could leave it and wait until it becomes a bigger problem, or they could yoink it out that day
(and phil immediately went “that one” at that lmao)
so she got the injection against the pain
And phil is just,,, holding himself bc he knows the awful feeling of having teeth pulled out
and so when the dentist starts to pull and like,, rock back and forth to get it out
and Kristin just starts LAUGHING
so the dentist is just stone cold pulling that tooth out, as Kristin is giggling while being rocked back and forth, and Phil is trying not to laugh at the side
and finally the tooth comes out (and it’s a chonky boi)
long story short it cost like 130 pounds and they’ve got the covid situation under lock and key
Kristin has got a sore gum and should be completely fine in a few days
although she’s salty about not being allowed to drink today bc of the painkiller from the whole thing
(Also there’s new scam train emotes!)
“teeth are alive”
chat is getting cursed again bc of the teeth story, so time to go do productive stuff
Ian made a 2:30 put to Kristin and Phil didn’t catch it lmao
(i actually don’t think it helps, phil)
new nether void project!
mini lava lake, with ships in them!
(like,,, at most some lave striders will spawn in them)
The ships will be coming in through a portal!
aaand now we’re looking up when microwaves were invented (due to a dono’s story)
(They’ve existed since 1946, btw)
Also tommy is here and he says “fuck microwaves”
and “i don’t use microwaves makes my shit funny”
oh god here come the microwave stories
tommy is very passionate about microwaves today apparently
oof he wants to build the ship coming from diagonally? that’s gonna be a pain to build
Tubbo told Phil recently about how you can’t just go off do your own thing at 16 when you stop going to school, you have to go to a college or an apprenticeship or something until you’re 18 and Phil just,,, never realised this bc he went to college and just didn’t think about it
(which is probs the reason why tubbo and tommy are still actually going to college lmao)
Correction made by Ian: this wasn’t a thing back in the old days
(aka several wither for those of you that don’t know)
Phil just learned there is no free post-secondary education in north america rip
also this boy took a-levels in photography, media and art and didn’t even go to his classes
it’s funny Phil still thinks anyone making important decisions in the us wants to increase the edcuation/wealth/prosperity of the country lmao
also for US peeps: 5head do your first 2 years at a community college then transfer to a better one for the same degree at like half the price
the person is getting called out for it lmaooooo
Phil might unleash a long hair pic on us uh oh
we’ve gone from microwaves to ramen to learning trades and weird jobs and we’re less than two hours in
and now Ian has got a first class honours masters degree in love
“is it gonna be today? let’s find out boys, let’s find out” phil narrating the chill part of chat’s thought
He thinks he’ll most likely die to fall damage, void damage or kinetic damage (from flying into a wall trying to flee the warden)
also bc i just realised i hadn’t noted that down yet but we’re now building a leafblock frame for the portal!
also this will probs be the last build in the nether void
which is sad but i’m also really excited for what big build is gonna be next
words of advice from phil: NEVER LIVE TO WORK! work to live and then do and grow in stuff that you’re actually interested in outside of it!
So many cool ideas for the portal,,, they all sound awesome tbh
Annnd now we’re talking about carson showing granny boob on stream
which, first of all don’t do that buds, second of all if it does happen, stop your stream, delete your vod and the clips, and start over like nothing happened
Portal is gonna have an actual portal!
And everything that sticks out will just be hidden behind a curtain of black concrete, bc it’ll just become invisible with the void background
rip struggles with max portal size
also phil wants to get more into the habit of doing random discord streams (bc they’re dmca free so he can play whatever he wants)
but there’s like a 50 people limit so first come first serve
dream smp is fun to play bc it’s more early game instead of endgame, but chat is just unreadable sometimes then
Exploding lettuce person is still here to remind us of whatever that stream was
Anyway, portal attempt 2: basalt and pretty glass!
both chat and phil are now just catjamming to Somewhere else by Muzz!
It’s such a good song and now reminds everyone of the terra swoop force run
someone put somewhere else on beat saber pls
“dadza your child is going insane” “which one”
i’m kinda curious when dream smp chat will learn that phil does whatever he wants, which includes completely ignoring any dream smp drama when he’s playing hardcore
B O N K go to horny jail @ mermaid stripper dono
Phil is just surprised at this point that people are still surprised at tommy starting wars lmao
honestly i love phil but i absolutely hate his ice chewing
also i’m like actually envious of his elytra skills king
pee break lmao
little blade is sending us dream smp updates while dad’s gone lmao
alsp @ everyone who doesn’t know: spamming 7 will get you timed out, don’t do it especially if someone in tts tells you to
dad’s back! he saved us from endless sevens
“we aren’t all evil” “hmmm, doubt.”
how does a man just forget about 8 double chests of filled with glass?
(also i just saw tubbo’s exile tommy poll lmao)
elytra glitch but it’s just the “loud sound” one and not the “might die” one
Phil wants to get this project finished before the end of the month/year, so he might go hard on the hardcore stream these upcoming weeks
Momza will use a squirtgun to force him to focus on editing and hardcore lmao
Altho Phil says no squirtgun allowed bc electronics + water = bad time
Phil is pretty much the gatekeeper (gates of heaven style, not the exclusionist sort) of hardcore
If people die in hardcore, they need to get mourned and blessed by dadza and his chat before they start a new one
Phil is explaining again how circumstances basically forced him to be at his weakest right before he died in season 2 (he’s told it before in the stream in techno’s base)
(i also have twitter open and i’m really gonna have to watch back the vods for dream smp tomorrow huh)
People are now memeing the “I did this and this in hardcore... and then I died” lol
“thank you dad for doing the thing”
First base layer of the portal is done!! It already looks pog
Also have I told y’all how much I enjoy it when random people get called out by like, siblings and stuff, on stream
bc it’s hilarious
Phil can see tommy become a more coherent xqc?
Well Rip Tommy ig
Also rip Tubbo’s stream I don’t think it could handle 160+K (which, POG WTF)
He’s auto hosting Philza now
Rip there’s 80K people here now bc of Tubbo’s host/raid lmao
Phil thinks Tubbo should move out lol bc the internet sucks so much
oh no ian why would you do this
he told the tubbo raid/host to type 7 in chat whyyyyy
chaotic neutral that man, i swear
okay so basically tommy and fundy raided tubbo which brike his stream awww
More advice of the day: use Chatterino to be able to actually view your chat
“Dadza your kids are fighting again” “but i’m making a cool portal :((((((“
He’ll have a chat with tubbo after stream if the boy wants to
Phil is considering abandoning l’manburg if dream goes on with the obsidian walls
(which, mood)
Also Phil is fully aware of the fact that ranboo lacks the spine to ever say no to the plans tommy comes up with
Also apparently techno was lurking while all of this was going down?
Phil refuses to give his opinion on the exile tommy poll lol
Lol he threw steak just as through the portal and then panicked a lil bit when he picked it up again in the overworld
“angry green man?”
Chat suggested Phil and Techno just burn the discs “if the children can’t play nice with the toys, they can’t have them at all” 
Phil thinks that goes to far tho
Technoblade came by just to say “I am the king of feminism” 
Phil thinks there’s so much contradicting that statement he doesn’t even know where to begin lol
420 subs pog
Every time he says he’ll lose 20k viewers due to it and every time it’s really not that bad lol
Everyone who clicks away is weak, regardless
only a 1000 this time (also it’s going down every stream he plays it lol)
Anyway, back to business, the magenta edge is already looking pog
Also i giggle a lil bit every time people spam s5 in the chat every time he does something dangerous/just falls off of something lol, some people just want to watch Philza die (again)
Shoutout to the people replying with “VC PHILZA” when others start spamming to vc some other cc lmao
F in the chat for Techno joinging a vc he wasn’t supposed to join rip
“Friendly reminder: Blocks have eyes. That is a line of sight. Have fun sleeping tonight!”
Ohhhh crying obsidian added to the portal!
“Time to listen to zombie piglins die. Music to my ears, a nightmare to Techno’s.”
Phil wants to make a similar farm on the dream smp but he’s gonna ask dream for permission first (bc Phil is an actual adult who knows he can get further by actually asking for permission for stuff)
And now we wait until porky has finished bartering for a good 4 stacks of gold ingots
(he definitely needs a better bartering set up)
Someone commented that the gold might despawn bc he threw like four stacks so que Phil dramatically whining while flying back to the piglin grinder and opening the first of his double chests of gold lmao
Phil’s only advice for starting streamers: go scatter your content everywhere, stream on youtube and watch/ask streamers who acutally know what they’re doing
Fun fact: Phil’s favourite war crime is the ones he committed in smp earth lmao
“i mean, tommy got murdered like every other day, i just threw airstrikes at him whenever i had a chance” about smp earth
(oh how the times have changed)
“would you prefer it if i looked at him? or should we ignore him. like the pleb he is.”
he was about to show us his selfportrait he did for art, but the greenscreen is covering most of it :(
“quackity is griefing your house” “oh no, anyway”
Niki raid!!
I vibe with Phil talking about tiny dog syndrome, where small dogs are just little demons lol
I’m a big dog kinda person what gave it away
people said tommy is like a tiny dog then, but tommy is funny, not just loud!!!
Phil talked about the difference between dogs and cats and my mind just went “TOMMY AND TECHNO?”
Phil once made the mistake of drinking three pints of monster energy drink with vodka rip
General advice: don’t drink them at all or at least not more that one in a day
Now everyone is just either talking about their pets or about alcohol and energy drinks (and mixes of the two lmao)
Phil doesn’t think he should be doing drunk streams anymore bc he’s got more people watching and he’s gotta be a good example :(((
(Momza says she’s always drunk tho lmao)
Phil messed up by ordering redbull vodka’s while out drinking with like,, executives back at his retail job
he probably would’ve become a manager or something if he hadn’t
(so it all worked out for the best! he’s happier now than he’d probably have been then)
Phil apparently either had to witness stuff and keep it under wraps, or just completely missed things that like, literally everyone else knew lmao
Phil talked about how Formed by Glaciers and Somewhere New are his favourite Kubbi songs while the first was palying and like,,, just immediately Somewhere New followed it up like spotify became sentient lmaoo
Time to get back to placing crying obsidian!
(also Formed by Glaciers is the song from the 5-year montage and Somewhere New from the Endlantis montage!)
uhoh he had hitboxes on and something with eyes looked at him from through the wall
“The void looks back”
ALSO the portal looks absolutely gorgeous with the crying obsidian lighting up the edges just a little bit
*que EA rant on the gambling thing* honestly i’m so glad they’ve outlawed that stuff in europe
“surprise gamemechanics” yeah suuuuure
EA sucks, to summarize
Portal with shaders looks POGGGG
Quackity raid!
chat on stream is frozen again rip
“I head you fucked up my house? Big Q?” *zooms in on face*
Phil’s played with Kristin on a backup and like, fished in endlantis and stuff “and I murdered her, but she had it coming”
Time for the obligatory explanation of the nether void again now that 20k dream smp viewers visited
And Endlantis time!
It’s so funny to see the dream smp viewers just be amazed at what a minecraft world could be, if only people fixed their creeper holes lmao
“Going for the 5-year record” *crosses fingers*
ANNNND we’re going on a warden rant again
The warden, for those who don’t know yet, is meant to literally be like a natural disaster, and it will not drop anything
Literally the only thing you can do is run away
For a moment Phil thought it was a thunder storm, but it’s just rain :(
lol it literally stopped raining as soon as he got back inside again
Enderchest tour!
also use cauldrons filled with water to get rid of being on fire in the nether (5head)
Named-items-on-the-walls tour pog
Chat is spammind “DA WINKY?” now
“Todd and Antoine. They’re save from being yeeted. for now.”
We’re just doing a full tour again lol
Including the broken not-available-anymore villager with the bookcase/book trade!
Battle of Endlantis Pog! (DEFINITELY check out the video on this one, it’s the most hype thing ever I think)
Also that dupe is still in game probs lmao
in the words of Philza himself “Tommy does not belong in government”
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marciavalance · 8 months ago
ask game!!
hey i decided to make my own ask game with interesting questions bc i feel like it
1. What is your favorite feature on a person?
2. Did we fake the moon landing?
3. If you were a mermaid and Ursula offered to take your voice for legs, would you do it?
4. What songs make you feel things?
5. Rats or mice?
6. Who would you let hit you with a bus?
7. What celebrity would you not mind crying in front of?
8. What is the best flavor of GoGurt?
9. Team Edward or Jacob?
10. What is the best flavor of scented candle?
11. Does chalk feel gross to you?
12. What soda do you think you have the same energy as?
13. Would you save orphans from a burning building?
14. What is the grossest habit a person can have?
15. Is The Office or Parks And Rec funnier?
16. If you had to only read one book for the rest of your life what would it be?
17. What would you go on Dr. Phil for?
18. What is your favorite smell of cleaning product?
19. Do Scorpios suck?
20: Opinion on mini cowboy hats?
21. Who was your first celebrity crush?
22. W or M?
23. Do you think sleeping with socks on is a cardinal sin or not?
24. How would you escape Jurassic Park?
25. How dangerous is ‘too dangerous’?
26. What color of M&Ms are the best?
27. How much “stuf” is too much in an Oreo?
28. Do you sing as well as you think you do?
29. What is your favorite flower?
30. Is crying at the Grand Canyon acceptable?
31. Is dodgeball great or terrible?
32. What song captures your vibe?
33. Is shipping real life people OK?
34. Do you blame things on your zodiac sign, MBTI type, or Hogwarts House?
35. How soft do you like your Starbursts?
36. What is the best flavor of Mountain Dew?
37. What is your favorite Twitter reaction meme?
38. What is the best smell in the entire world?
39. What do you still do that you did as a child too?
40. What’s the dumbest but funniest joke you know?
41. What’s your lucky number?
42. Are you a conspiracy theorist? What’s a conspiracy you believe?
43. Who do you simp for?
44. Do you know any other languages other than English?
45. How do you respond to “are you okay”?
46. What gives you a huge dose of nostalgia?
47. What would your “Hello, My Name Is” sticker say based on your personality? (if that makes sense)
48. What superpower would you want to have and how would you use it?
49. Love or money?
50. What is your favorite dinosaur?
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baloobird · 8 months ago
HEY GUYS!!! So this happened:
Tumblr media
I never thought in a million years that it’d get to this point. Thank you so so much, you guys are wonderful and so supportive, I can’t think of a better fandom to be a part of 💜💜💜
Well, actually, finish something for all of you.
So...I have a lot of wips.
Tumblr media
And I mean a lot of wips 😂
So I’ve created a poll with a few of these wips and I want you guys to choose which one you want me to complete! I have mini summaries next to each choice so you’ll know what the wips are about (and finally, I’ll have motivation to take one off of this overwhelming list 😅). The choice with the most votes will be the one I’ll finish next!!
This poll will be open for ONE WEEK, I will close it on August 30th at 8pm EST
Again, thank you guys so much for following me and supporting my work, it’s just so incredible that writing fanfic about 2 superheroes has led to so many friendships (and even roommates with one, what the shit, how does that happen??) and reading so much talent that this fandom has provided. I hope you guys are having/had an awesome day, all of you deserve it 💜💜💜
The link to the poll is here! 
If you’re new to my blog and my work (first of all, HI👋), a link to my AO3 is here! 
I love and appreciate every single one of you!!!
Tumblr media
*taglist under the cut*
Taglist: @keep-a-bucket-full-of-stars​ @dexteritymisdirectionsuggestion​ @peuty​ @starkaroos2034​ @teamtonystark-always​ @podcastsandcoffee​ @bestofirondadfics​ @desirexwolf​ @genderfluidspacedragon​ @theoneexile​​  @just-the-daydreamer​ @my-leg-is-not-a-chew-toy​ @diminajackson​ @theofficialdeannawinchester​ @whatwasmyprevioususername​ @autisticbabynurse​ @ironmanismydad​ @tinyandsteven​ @dreamingformuses​ @smokesteamair​ @intuitive-mathgeek​ @legendarypenofeating​ @petermyspiderson​ @zselenophile​ @and-so-my-adventures-begin​ @sarcasticmusic​ @fandomsofrandom​ @cluusheen​ @mjc-dream​ @emygirl​ @pxterbpxrker​ @pawprinterfanfic​ @innocent-until-proven-geeky​ @aizawa-wears-crocs-old​ @jaelyn-raquel​ @iron-damn​ @pixeltrix-13​ @anyonewantathroatsweet​ @m0ther-of-dragons​ @chaos-with-a-pen​ @spideynamu​ @bthtallmadge2​ @warmwithafewfrostymoments​ @the-reverse-mermaid​ @icymapletree​ @kitkatwinchester​ @hold-our-destiny​ @brushes-of-sage​ @ghostinthebau​ @canonismybitch​ @tmifangirl24​ @loverofstuffsworld​ @stuck-in-a-fictional-universe​ @drowned-in-books​ @peanutdoodles​ @hauntedbybleachella​ @aelinasardothien​ @tonystark-built-this-in-a-cave​ @pj-hermes-tonystark-obsessed​ @spidey-reids-2003​​ @7peternotparker7​ @justme--emily​ @dongjiayun​ @dykeragee​ @jmercer1997​ @swagfictionreadingnerd​ @dredfulhapiness​ @fallenstar07​ @starkfridays​ @romeoandjulietyouwish​ @himaboroshi736​ @spiderling-the-meme​ @iron-loyalty​ @tonystarkdadmode​ @hopefuldreamers-world​ @riseuplikeglitterandgold​ @joyful-soul-collector​ @loveliestdisappointment​
Let me know if you wanna be tagged/removed!!!
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papenniesandbentoboxes · 9 months ago
Face Reveal!
Yay! I have 100 lovely, wonderful, amazing followers! Thank you all for being so awesome! 
As promised, I’m doing a face reveal!
Tumblr media
That’s me.
I also promised a chaotic mini biography, so here goes. This is worse than Nigel Mookerjee’s memoirs. Also, his memoirs are iconic and beautiful and I could never compete with him.
(btw by mini i mean mini by nigel mookerjee standards so this is extensive and not mini by normal standards and very chaotic)
When I was born I was very very tiny. I had bright fiery carrot red hair with white around my crown. I was a genetic rarity since there was only one other redhead in my family in the past 100+ years. From the moment I could move my hands I did jazz hands and acted like a game show host instead of being a baby. 
Going on to preschool, I remember spending all my time playing with the musical instruments and coloring outside the lines because I hated the strict teacher and then they locked me in the bathroom for five minutes of time out. 
I started reading chapter books at 4. When I was 5, my mom borrowed a book called How to Teach Your Child to Read or something like that and I straight up just read that book. I started reading Nancy Drew books when I was 6 and Hardy Boys when I was 8.
When I was eight, I started professionally acting. I played Tiny Tim in the Act Theatre’s A Christmas Carol. I hated the guy who played Bob Cratchit because he was a jerk.
When my sister turned 6, we had a birthday party where my mom and I made her a DIY pinata out of paper mache and an oatmeal box thing. It took an hour to get it open. All the kids tried with the plastic bat and eventually the bat broke. After that, we got an ax handle and used that to hit the pinata. Didn’t work. We eventually had to get a chainsaw and use that. After we got the pinata open, everything was just plastic and candy dust.
I was in team level gymnastics by the age of ten, but I never competed because my mom and I weren’t gonna pay $100 for a leo, tshirt, and flipflops. I was in level 5 gymnastics when I quit.
I was homeschooled in the Pacific Northwest (where it is wet and grey 97% of the time) and moved to the high desert areas of Washington when I was 13. It is very hot and I hate heat. If anyone tells me this part of Washington isn’t a desert, I will show thou pictures of the natural vegetation with is DIRT, SAGEBRUSH, and FRICKIN TUMBLEWEEDS.
I’ve never gotten carsick in my life, but both my dogs do and they have both thrown up on my lap on three separate occasions.
In my freshman year winter break, I came back to school in January sunburned. 
When I was 14, my sister and I joined a circus. A youth circus, but still, a circus. The other kids were like, “You’re first years, you’ll only be clowns in your first year.” So, being me, I rebelled and proved them wrong, getting into 6 acts my first year. Suck it, haters. My main acts that I did were spansets (it’s an obscure circus act), Roman ladders, tumbling, swinging ladders, and tight wire (low wire without the poles). I eventually became a ringmistress and got to wear a really neat red and gold tail coat and a top hat. I had to quit circus after a knee injury from falling off of low wire and then making it 10x worse after my tumbling act.
The fabric on my spansets feels like if cheese graters were a fabric. It has ripped off my skin and I hate it.
My favorite person at circus taught me how to do a back flip through Newton’s First Law of physics.
When I was 18, I won 3rd place in the mezzo soprano category at State for vocal stuff. After I collected my medal, my choir teacher and her husband (the vice principal at my highschool) took my mom and I to eat Mexican food. The waiter there flirted with me and because I lack all social skills, I said, “Yike, buddy, I really like this cheese.” My mother, my choir teacher, and her husband laughed hard about that.
I sing opera, gospel, jazz, musical theater, and country. Because I was bored, at the beginning of quarantine, I got dressed up in my Legolas costume and sang “Kerosine” by Miranda Lambert in my front yard with my giant karaoke machine speaker.
When I was in Les Mis, I played Fantine and at the end when I was standing on top of the barricade, the lights would go black and then we’d have to go off stage to get ready for bows. I fell off the barricade more than one time. I was also a barricade boy so I got to die twice in the same show. I wore giant sideburns and a black wig and I was A MANLY MAN.
I played Scuttle in The Little Mermaid and nearly got killed because I rammed my head into a speaker and then fell off the stage and into the side door. It was fun.
My first roller coaster was the Incredicoaster in Disneyland.
After my first crush and heartbreak, I got over that stupid ass guy by going rock climbing, repelling, and white water rafting. If you ever want to get over a guy, just do something that could potentially kill you without safety gear.
I got nicknamed Buffy by one of my college roommates because I have arms not unlike Thor’s. I like the nickname, hate the person who gave it to me. She was an asshole and made my depression worse.
I was diagnosed with autism when I was 19 (just this February) and it was like watching a TV show with a twist ending and then looking back at all the foreshadowing in all 19 seasons of this weird TV show.
I’m allergic to cashews and we found out the hard way.
I lack most social skills unless I am in a professional setting and then I turn into a weird charmer. 
I can gargle “What A Wonderful World” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.
I won my church’s Star Wars trivia night and won a nice basket of Star Wars stuff. I also won my library’s Star Wars trivia night. No one else knew what Boba Fett’s ship’s name was.
Tumblr media
This is my sister and I at circus. I was a ringmistress that day and she was Lead Clown, Do-See-Do. I did her makeup. 
So that’s me. This is the face behind all the memes.
Stay rad, dudes. Yeet.
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syntaktis · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
“Man, we look stupid. We should’ve gotten store-bought costumes.” // FUTURAMA ASKBOX MEMES // @fightstars
               ROY LOOKS DOWN AT THEIR HOMEMADE costumes and frowns a little. “i thought we were pretty clever going as the little mermaid and prince eric, i mean i make a beautiful mermaid,” he murmurs, pouting. “do you think people are judging us for not buying the costumes instead of repurposing what we already had?” he asks, sighing. he fiddles with the hem of the mini-skirt he has on and rubs the back of his neck with the other hand. 
                “maybe we should go?”
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anaelsbrunette · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mermaid!Anael/Sister!Jo x Sea Witch!Ruby 2.0
Living on land has brought the females closer, and made them realize maybe they don’t need anyone else to make them happy. 
Word Count: 
943 words
mentions of homophobia, skinny dipping, mention of death, fluff, girl x girl relationship, thank you @talesmaniac89​ for these dividers! 
Returning to the sea was something neither female wished for, but staying far away wasn't the best either so both found a home close to the waters.
A standing building of cobblestone, three acres of grass surrounding the front area,  a private beach just behind in the yard. Ruby had been most pleased in discovering that, and Anael was grateful for the extra perk.
Living in the human world, or the surface was difficult. One ought to behave a certain way, dress appropriately and watch their words. The world was not aware of magic, not aware that a former siren and sea witch I lived amongst them. And the females worked to maintain the facade up. Also, outside their home they were friends, for homophobia was at an all time high during this time period. Saddening yes, but Ruby enjoyed keeping their blossoming romance behind closed doors.  
The most romantic the two females got to was holding hands, no touching of the lips or worship the forbidden bodies helping them blend in. It was completely platonic right now. They didn't even share a bed, though Ruby chose to be that way. Anael was 17, and Ruby 20, not much of an age difference as in Atlantica, 17 was the age one became an adult. However, the sea witch did not want to corrupt the siren so early, the innocence of her aura balanced Ruby's darker one. Ying and Yang, corruption of either creates an imbalance and it was best to avoid that. Even if Anael was getting curiouser about some things humans tend to go through...
Tumblr media
   Three years had passed and the females finally adjusted to the surface world, Ruby paid rent by selling items form the sea, mostly jewelry Anael made. The former siren found crafts her calling and produced many trinkets, there were boxes and boxes of necklaces and bracelets, perfect to sell off.
A few Anael secretly kept as selling them was a burden and wore them with pride, Ruby would often tease her, saying she ought to be a busy bee. What the witch did not know was that each tease made the auburn's heart flutter. When their hands touched, Anael could feel the rush of excitement course through her body. Perhaps Ruby felt it too, goodness to Chuck Anael hoped she did.
" Anael," Ruby says softly, knocking on her door with a slight chuckle," Are you daydreaming?" The brunette makes her way towards the former siren, messing up her curled tresses a bit. " Perhaps, did you mention something Ruby? I apologize for not focusing."
The witch wants to say something, brush her thumb on the bottom of Anael's lip but suppresses the urge. " Just that i was thinking of making an evening swim and supper was on the table." The auburn smiled softly, masking the disappointment of being alone for supper yet again. Maybe she made the woman annoyed, and the evening swims or disappearances were a way Ruby got free time. " O-oh, i see..." Casting her eyes downward, Anael tried to whisk her thoughts away.
" I will bring some shells to fuel some creativity hmm?" Ruby smiles, rising to her feet and walking out the door, quick to distance herself. It was getting harder every passing day, just the locking of eyes made the witch blush. The feelings bubbling up shouldn't be present, but Ruby couldn't bare to get rid of them. In a way, they were telling Ruby something she may have not realized at first.
Bare feet hitting the sand outside, she takes in a deep breath, the salty air of the ocean welcoming her. Sure she made a promise to never return to the ocean years ago, but decided to be a bit more lenient. After all, Ruby could not go back on her roots, to the place that made her a strong witch and independent. To the very ocean that gave her a second chance in life, right when...
Blushing, she opened her eyes as the chilly waters nipped at her toes. That was too much thinking for now. Peeling off the layers of her dress, down to the slip underneath, her bare body approached the waters. Diving underneath the surface, only to come up again gracefully, pale moonlight illuminating her face.
In the distance, Ruby could spot her home, a light on the left signaling Anael was still in her room, hopefully done with her supper. The siren may have thought she was careful in hiding her emotions but ruby could notice something was different, could be due to the passing years. Being human and finally free, it could have been not what the young siren expected.
Either way, the sea witch wished the girl would smile more, it pained her to see anything bring sadness or break her heart. Hell, Ruby would curse whomever dared to toy with her emotions. Anael was new to the real world, unaware of it's hardships and failures, sure the girl needed to stand on her own but there were more effective ways to do so.
Swimming farther out, Ruby ducked under the passing wave, coughing a bit at the salt entering her mouth. That she did not miss, then again, she was human now. There were no gills to make breathing easier, so if Ruby drowned Death was able to claim her.
Thinking about Death, she remembered their last conversation. Billie said she'd come when the timing was right, and Ruby hoped it was not now.
Providing feedback is the best way to support this series and the writer, as content creators we are struggling to get our work out there and produce what we love for our own enjoyment and for others. By commenting, you help us pump out fics such as these and continue writing. Blank reblogs or likes do not count anymore, it is not enough, we wanna know what’s on your mind. Did it make you cry? Happy? Frustrated? WHAT IS THE TEA? Unfortunately, we can not read your mind, so please, leave comments with your reblogs, send in your feedback here, or submit a post ( it’s also a place to request more of these works)that details one of the scenes in a meme!
Mini Anaely taglist:
@becs-bunker​ @herfalsegod​
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himbowelsh · 10 months ago
Are there certain types of headcanons other than the valentine's one that you would write for? I'd love to send some ideas but ik you don't write for x reader :') so lemme know!
!!  okay, okay, absolutely. like you mentioned, i don’t write reader insert content as a personal preference;  i have no talent for it whatsoever, and feel way more comfortable working with canon characters.  otherwise, headcanons are my jam, and i’m always up to write them!   here’s my menu:
ship headcanons
how the fandom’s popular ships  (or rarepairs!)  would do certain things.   my default (if someone just requests “BoB ships”) is Winnix, Speirton, Baberoe, Webgott, and Luztoye, but i’m open for almost any rarepair.  for example:
how would the ships dance in a nightclub?
how would the ships hold hands?
what are the ships’ love languages?
what’s their favorite thing about their partner?
character headcanons
specific things about specific characters   ---   nothing to do with ships, just them and how they do things.  i try to cover all my bases, with as many characters as i can.  i love doing these because they’re so creative!!!  examples:
band of brothers / pacific boys and their secret hobby / guilty pleasures
band of brothers boys’ kinks
band of brothers boys’ make-out styles
band of brothers boys’ favorite broadway musicals
band of brothers boys’ greatest fears
individual character headcanons
here i just focus on one specific character.  i’ll either do a dump of a bunch of different headcanons, or focus on one thing about the character.  (by this, i mean questions like  “what are liebgott’s favorite sports?”  or  “how many weird injuries has babe managed to acquire?”)   a few examples:
renee lemaire headcanons
floyd talbert headcanons
albert blithe headcanons
individual ship headcanons
no, yeah, bascially the same thing, except i’m focusing on ships.  these basically turn into mini-fics, i’m sorry.   (ship memes are basically this too, but different.)
shifty / tab headcanons
winnix, when nix decides to quit drinking
again, i won’t do reader insert stuff.  that said, i’ll write...  fics about anything.  rarepairs, modern aus, weird aus, romantic ships, platonic ships, speirs robs a bank, babe and julian get married in an ihop...   whatever you like!  sometimes i reblog memes, and you can send me lines/prompts from that, but if anyone has a fic they want to see, prompt me in my inbox and i’ll write it.  i’m very slow, but love writing fics.  not all of them end up on AO3, but i try.  a few examples:
“things you said too quietly”  ft.  speirton
this webster sickfic, holy hell, going back through my archives is an adventure
‘webster’s learning how to drive’ au
the little mermaid au, ft shifty/tab
the mortar trio have a spa day
that’s my repertoire, basically.  also anyone can feel free to jump into my inbox to send me their own random headcanons, or bounce off my own, or anything like that, but...  yeah, this is all the stuff i’m comfortable writing!
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