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#mermaid au
bunnimew · 53 minutes ago
Fandom: Rise of the Guardians Relationship: Jack Frost/Pitch Black Also featuring: Jamie Bennett Tags: Mermaid AU, Sea Stars, MerMay, Idiots in Love, Fluff without Plot, Modern Mer AU istg, Pitch is a literal drama king, Jack likes rocks Rating: T Words: 2349 Summary: Pitch finally proposed to Jack, but it's not just his fiancé on Jack's mind.
He's absolutely smitten with his engagement gift, too.
For RotG Mermay 2021 prompt Sea Star On AO3 Here.
Jack carefully brushed away the sand and sea life that had settled over the cold, hardened lava. Small pieces of rock broke away in his calloused hands, and he tossed them into the bottom of the sled, because why waste material? But he was here for the bigger pieces. The biggest, if Jamie and he could lift them.
This flow stretched forever. There would be plenty of rock to drag back and Jamie already had, like, thirty hands cleared. Jack was totally slacking. It wasn’t his fault, though! Jamie didn’t have a little guy to look out for the way Jack did, now.
Jack admired the beautiful little sea star wrapped securely around his arm. The tight little warmth was already so comforting and familiar. Jack couldn’t imagine going back to—
“Jack!” Jamie cried from across the lava flow. Jack looked up just in time to see him roll his eyes and flick his tail irritably. “You’re not even on the rock anymore! You’re just clouding up the water, you idiot!”
Okay, yes, Jack was doing that. His brush wasn’t anywhere near the lava. His bad. Jack shook himself and swam back to where he had meant to be working. “Sorry, I just—”
Jamie snorted and didn’t let him finish. “I know! You were distracted by your brand new sea star! I get it!” Jamie laughed. “But seriously, I want to go home tonight, so if you could focus for like ten more minutes, that would be great.”
Yeah, okay, Jack could do ten minutes. He could promise no more than that. “Alright, alright. Let’s get this done,” Jack said with a grin born of Jamie’s good humor. His smile gentled into a smitten upturn of lips when he leaned down to poke and prod at his passenger. “C’mon, little guy. I’m gonna need you to move so I can go faster.” Jack slowly and carefully peeled each of his little arms away until it was easy to move him from Jack’s arm to his back, just over one shoulder where he would be safely out of the way.
“I really do get it,” Jamie said. He was looking down at his work, but obviously talking to Jack. “I want one, too. It’s really cool that you and Pitch…”
Jack bit his lip and tried not to grin too hard or let his fluttering fins give him away. He loved talking about it, but he had sort of already talked Jamie’s ear off and it was actually kind of cool that Jamie had something to say about it now. So Jack was going to try really hard not to talk over him, and let Jamie have his say. About Jack’s thing. That just happened to him.
“I mean,” Jamie laughed, “I’m not sure how I feel about you and the word, ‘Commitment,’ but try anything once, right?”
Jack laughed with him. He had a point. “Hopefully once is all I need. That’s the idea, right? Hey,” Jack asked with a gesture at the rock beneath them, “How much of this do you think we can take at once?”
Jamie shrugged. “I’m willing to go for all of it if you’re willing to go for all of it.”
“We will never lift all of it.”
Jamie put his hands on his scaled hips. “Not with that attitude we won’t.”
They did not lift all of it.
But they gave it a good try. The important part was the sled was full, their job was done for the day, and Jack’s sea star was safely and happily back on his forearm where he could admire it the whole way home.
It was the sound of Jamie’s amused snort that made Jack finally look up. Pitch was there, looking regal as ever with his huge flowy fins and a tail that went on forever, hovering by their fancy little fanbike holding a bag of takeout. Yeah, they were acting like a disgustingly smitten pair of seahorses. Jamie’s attitude was completely warranted.
Jamie nudged Jack’s shoulder. “I’ll push this the rest of the way to the shop,” he offered. “You go home with your mer.”
Jack nudged him back. “Don’t be stupid; this thing is heavy. I can make it the rest of the way. Pitch can wait five minutes.”
It was Jack who could barely wait the five minutes, and everyone knew it. As soon as the sled was settled in its cradle, Jack was off with a parting, “Have a nice night!” a return, “See you tomorrow!” and Jamie was laughing the whole time.
Pitch also definitely had laughter in his eyes, even if he was keeping it mostly inside. He handed the bag of takeout to Jack with a kiss then put both hands on the fanbike handles. “I thought we’d skip cooking tonight. Ready to go?”
Jack was ready to investigate the bag in his hands, but he’d only gotten the corner unrolled when Pitch asked. Fine, okay, he could wait until they were home. It wasn’t like he could eat it on the way, anyway. “Sure. Take me home, Riptide.” He wrapped both arms around Pitch’s waist, one hand full of delicious takeout, and rested his cheek against Pitch’s spine.
With the flip of a switch, the little bike panels opened and the fan was exposed. It always took a little fiddling to get the fan going, but then the water was passing easily through and propelling them effortlessly toward home.
Jack closed his eyes against the oncoming water and enjoyed the feeling of holding on to Pitch, of his little sea star clinging to his arm, of the warmth between them compared to the cold flow of the ocean. Jack loved the cold. But he loved Pitch more.
Their home wasn’t as big as it could be. Pitch was horribly dramatic (Which was a good thing; it’s how he got paid) and wanted some huge cavernous maze of a house, but when Jack pointed out that someone would have to keep the thing clean, he folded to Jack’s much more sensible idea of a reasonable home with plenty of room around it for a coral garden and fancy toys like the fanbike.
Pitch still got his wish of a horribly dramatic house, with different rocks used in geometric patterns all up the sides. It sure showed off how much money famous actors made compared to someone like Jack, and Jack secretly suspected that was all Pitch really wanted, anyway. The show-off.
If Jack didn’t find his posturing adorable, they would have a serious problem.
As it stood, the reminder of their stark walls and clearly custom everything (Except the one cheap dolphin Jack stuck in the coral because he thought it was cute and Pitch couldn’t stop him) just made him smile and bury his face deeper into Pitch’s back. His fiance was a ridiculous man and Jack absolutely loved him, drama and all.
Pitch spun in his arms to wrap one around Jack’s shoulders, effectively locking them in an embrace. He lifted Jack’s arm to bring the little sea star closer to his face and, hilariously, began to coo at it. “How’s the little guy been today? Behaving? Happy? Did you feed them?”
Jack wanted to laugh, only he’d been the same way all day. No wonder Jamie was fed up with him. Not wanting to get stuck outside fawning over their baby for the next four hours, Jack tugged them along toward the house. “I just fed them yesterday. But yes, they were an absolute darling. Stayed wherever I put them and didn’t bother me one bit.”
“Aww,” Pitch cooed some more. He gently ran his fingers over the little legs and Jack was one-hundred percent certain that if he was not guiding them through the door, Pitch would have swam right into the wall for all the attention he was paying. As it was, his hair brushed the top of the doorway and Jack grimaced. That was close.
When Pitch nearly smacked into a side table, Jack rolled his eyes. “Maybe you should wear them for a day. Get some quality time in so you don’t lose your mind as soon as I’m home.”
Pitch woke up enough to scoff. “That defeats the purpose, Jack. It’s your engagement gift.” Suddenly a light lit up in Pitch’s eyes. “But you could always get another one for—”
“Pitch!” Jack interrupted with a laugh. “We’ve barely had this one for, what, three days? Let’s get good at caring for it before we double our commitment.”
Pitch’s expression failed to dim. “I love that you want to care for it. I love that you want to get good at it. I would gladly double our commitment if that’s what it takes—”
Jack pressed his hand over Pitch’s mouth to stop the rambling waterfall of dramatic confessions, then pressed his lips to the back of his hand in a mockery of a kiss. “I love you, too. I’d love it if you’d wear a sea star for me. But I’m also very hungry and you promised me takeout. It’s time to show your love by feeding me.”
Pitch blinked in shock, and slowly held up the bag of takeout.
Jack smiled. “Thank you, Cuddlefish.”
Pitch had them set up on the lounge and the food dished out in record time. The mer moved fast when he was motivated, and showing Jack how much he loved him was a goal Pitch strived for like he had something to prove. He didn’t, of course, but reassurance never seemed to reassure Pitch for very long.
Maybe a sea star of his own finally would.
Jack placed his sea star on his chest while he ate, where they would be safe from Jack rolling onto his back. Pitch neglected his dinner in favor of petting the tiny legs again, and petting Jack’s skin beyond them. “It looks fantastic on you.”
Jack smiled. He felt like he was glowing. “You picked a really good one. I love it.”
Pitch leaned down to press his lips to Jack’s shoulder. “I love you.”
Jack took hold of Pitch’s chin and pulled him into a kiss. “I love you, too. Eat your dinner.”
Pitch pouted at him.
“I love you,” Jack said, petting Pitch’s hair. “Therefore I want to feed you. Eat your dinner.”
Pitch gave a dramatic sigh, but obligingly shoved some food in his mouth. Jack grinned.
Honestly, it was hard not to talk and pet and preen when they were together right now. The guppy love was unbearably strong and with Jack’s meal already eaten, he found himself doing nothing more than gazing adoringly at his fiance while petting the symbol of their engagement. They were hopeless. How had Jamie not punched him, already? Jamie was a saint.
Pitch definitely noticed Jack’s stare. Thankfully, they were long past the point in their relationship where eating was embarrassing. Nope, the only embarrassed one here was Jack, for getting caught being stupid and helplessly in love, again.
If anything, Pitch enjoyed the attention. He always enjoyed attention; how else could he be a famous actor and not go mad with it? He was licking his fingers, and Jack wasn’t even sure Pitch had gotten anything on them, when the silence between them broke.
“My agent wants you to sit for an interview.”
Jack blinked. “Say what?” He’d been watching Pitch’s fingers and not listening.
Pitch laughed and snuggled down beside him. “You’re the new fiance of Riftland’s most prominent actor. Everyone wants to hear from you.”
“Except Jamie,” Jack muttered.
“My agent thinks it would be a good idea to cash in on the interest. And they’re my agent, so you know they won’t publish anything untoward.”
Jack’s lips pulled into a smirk. “Say ‘untoward’ again, slower this time.”
Pitch swatted Jack’s shoulder, careful of his beautiful sea star. “You’re horrible. Tell me you’ll do the interview.”
“Of course I’ll do the interview.” Jack swatted Pitch back. Just to keep them even. “I love talking about you. And me. And this wonderful little sea star I now have.”
Pitch’s smile lit the room. Jack felt pride that he put it there. Neptune, they were hopeless.
“Just let me know when,” Pitch said. “They were thinking sooner rather than later, but I know you have a real job to do.”
Jack snorted a laugh. It was a running joke between them, that Jack was the only working adult between them. Some days it really seemed to be true.
“I’ll ask Jamie about starting early tomorrow. He’ll probably be glad to be rid of me!”
Pitch slid an arm over Jack’s waist. “Nonsense. Jamie adores you.”
“He adores me when I can think about something other than you.”
Pitch’s grin said everything he didn’t. Jack shoved his hand in Pitch’s face to make that stupid, silly look go away so Jack could breathe again. Fuck, they were so in love.
They were so in love.
“I know we only just got home, but,” Jack tentatively began, twirling a finger in a lock of Pitch’s soft hair, “I think it’s time for bed. How about you?”
In place of an answer, Pitch pressed his face into the crook of Jack’s neck and did something with his tongue that made Jack’s tail squirm.
He clutched at Pitch’s shoulders and tilted his head back in bliss. “I’m glad you agree, but you seem to have already forgotten the bed part.”
Pitch swept Jack off the lounge and swirled them through the water of their home. “You must forgive me, Jack,” he said with a playful leer, “I thought ‘bed’ was a metaphor for something else.”
Jack laughed and wrapped his arms tighter around Pitch. “You’re the melodramatic artist, Tigershark. I just collect rocks for a living. When I say bed, I mean bed.”
Pitch halted abruptly on the threshold to their room and raised both eyebrows in interest. “Can we have both?”
Jack made him wait a handful of seconds, just to make him want it.
Then shrugged. “Yeah, sure.”
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abaikgirl · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Local legends warn sailors about going to the docks alone at sunset or they’ll be seduced by a beautiful siren who is said to possess the ability to see the future.
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greatenthusiastwinner · an hour ago
Day:6 part your world charlastor finale part !!mermay!! //full version coming soon
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ooferprincess · 3 hours ago
Big brain moment
Fnf fans hear me out.
A mermaid AU like in my drawing, B U T
Bf is a human, and Gf is sorta like a siren, but they both genuinely love each other
Think about it.
PLEASE. If you wanna add onto this or ANYTHING just chat through my asks or dms. I encourage it I’m getting curious
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rein-ygaia · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mer!Sal is checking in on his human crush as she's collecting seashells, but, he almost gets caught so he panics-
Hopefully I can get a couple more Mer!Sal stuff out during May (and maybe after May if people are wanting more of this AU-)
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weepylucifer · 4 hours ago
Dinluke selkie AU wherein Din is like “under NO circumstances is the pelt coming off” like even when he’s human-shaped he’s still got it wrapped around himself and he’s not about to let it out of his sight where there’s any other human being that could possibly perceive it... for obvious reasons
and Luke is literally the only person he’s ever met outside of his enclave of selkies who is like “Your concerns are very understandable and you don’t have to take your coat off to be friends with me” whereupon Din falls immediately and irrevocably in love
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bangtanloverboys · 5 hours ago
summer nights // pjm
Tumblr media
summary - as the days grew colder, you weren’t ready to say goodbye to your dear human friend
paring - human!jimin x mermaid!reader
genre - fluff, angst; mermaid au
prompt - “just don’t leave me yet”
word count - 339
warnings - kinda sad, but not?
authors note - mermay mermay mermay
bts ghostie drabble marathon
Tumblr media
“Tell me another story,” you leaned back down onto the rock you were currently resting on, eyes focused on Jimin who was resting on the sand below. He’d spent the last few hours on the beach telling you various stories he’d grown up with, along with stories about his own life as well. 
“Y/N, it’s getting late. I gotta go.” He huffed, gesturing inland. 
His statement elicited a frown from you, “Why do you always have to go? Why can’t you stay?” You hated the fact he would always leave, sure he’d come back the next day, but you missed him. 
“I wish I could stay, but I told my family I’d be home after sunset.” He mirrored your frown, “But I always come back don’t I?”
“Yeah, but summer is almost over.” You explained, leaning up onto your elbows. “You return to your school, don’t you?” 
You watched as he deflated at your comment, knowing it was true. Your friendship was completely accidental, having rescued you from a net you were trapped in. Instead of calling anyone and profiting off of you, he genuinely helped you; trying his best to make sure that you were alright before you swam back into the ocean. He was nothing like what you were told humans were like, so needless to say you were intrigued by him. After carefully watching him over the course of a few days, observing the way he’d return and speak out into the open sea, not knowing if you’d even hear him. From then on, it was history. 
But with summer coming to an end, you slowly realized that he was going to be leaving you soon. He’d become such a close friend in such a short amount of time, you weren’t ready to see him off. Thus you soaked in as much time as you could with him, risking coming even earlier and earlier in the day to see him.
“Please, just don’t leave me yet.” You pleaded.
Slowly, he nodded. “Okay, one more story.”
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new mini chapter! plot's developin' yall
slurp slurp
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bd-agent-doppio · 6 hours ago
((So betta fish are carnivores! Good to know! This is a bit of a shame since early canon for mer!Doppio had him eating raw potatoes as one part of his diet....))
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papastrawbeary · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Mermay (2/5) Mermaid AU Malcom
I had to draw Mal in a proper style this time xD as always he's a clownfish in the mermaid au!! I worked super hard on the colors and vibe of the piece- reblogs and support are hella appreciated 🥺❤️
~Commissions are open~
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lilolilyr · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mermaid!Quỳnh for @toomuchactionforme and coincidentally also for MerMay!
Sources in a reblog, check the notes please!
There will be another version of this (later linked right here)- without the black and white parts- that I like better and will make a taglist for, so there won't be one for this one.
Do not repost my moodboards or image edits without permission And credit! Edits on this one were /5 and /8.
Reblogs are always appreciated! <3
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doomstypewriter · 8 hours ago
I didn’t want to send thru asks but!! I loved your animatic!! Also lol. Lmao. Fucking loser almost drowned trying to get slam some fish. I mean this affectionately.
Hi Anon!!!
I'm very happy to hear that.
Not only he almost drowned, but he permanently damaged his hearing. You see, that's why he isn't replying any of the texts, he's just realised he cannot hear that much and he's bummed out about it.
Oh, to make it worse his words before getting into the submarine were "Don't worry, my thicc ass has been down there tons of times! It's just a lot of water".
Thank you for the ask!!!
Link to the animatic
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soft-quirrel · 8 hours ago
Should herrah be a crab?
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theamazingbard · 8 hours ago
Standing in front of the tank, Kaz finds himself less than impressed with the creature inside. A mermaid, siren, fish. Whatever you might call her, she's weak and trapped.
Same as him.
She presses her hand against the glass, inky black eyes locking with his own.
There's no power or magical song that can capture his mind like the legends foretold. But there are different stories that have appealed to him-- those of spies beneath the waves. Quiet, slippery shadows that are never seen.
"I have a job for you." Kaz tells her. Her eyes narrow. The distrust there almost makes him smile. "You work for me, and I get you out of here."
With a flick of her ruby red tail, she breaches the surface-- a small space between the top of the tank and the ceiling. "From one prison to another?"
Kaz hums. "I'm no slaver. Once I pay off your unfortunate indenture... you're free."
"Free?" Her nose wrinkles in disgust. "I'm not killing anyone."
"Didn't ask you to." He folds his hands over the top of his cane. "Just... watch the streets. Tell me what you see. Unless, of course, you'd rather stay here."
The mermaid purses her lips. "Fine. The deal is the deal, as your people say."
This time, Kaz does grin. He's been waiting for a Wraith for a long time.
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mollymauk-teafleak · 9 hours ago
When than asks if zag can zag one of those mermaids who are able to change their tail into legs?? Is that an ability all mermaids have in this au?
He can, yes! He can move from tail to legs with a bit of concentration and energy which is why he can’t do it while he’s in pain and weak in the fic. 
Not all menfolk can do it, Zag inherited the ability from his mother Persephone who I think actually started out as a human and chooses to like as menfolk with her husband, in contrast to Zag who eventually choses to live human with Than! 
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mollymauk-teafleak · 9 hours ago
idk how much worldbuilding you've done for the mermaid au, but I'd love to hear more about Hades kingdom. Do he and his brothers have separate kingdoms? Are characters like the Furies, Achilles, Theseus, etc merfolk or humans?
The answer to how much worldbuilding as I’ve done is ‘not as much as I should have done’! Because I’m really not sure about Hades’ brothers. I kind of had the world divided up into just menfolk or regular humans, rather than there being gods? So it’s a little different from my modern au which is very much ‘the gods are still doing their job, just in the 21st century and have acclimatised to that’
Maybe they are also menfolk and have their own separate kingdoms in the other oceans, never really visiting Hades because his is the smallest and coldest, up in the North while they have charge of the warmer seas with the more plentiful prey and habitat. 
The furies are menfolk I’d say, so are Achilles who's very much playing a similar role as Zag’s trainer and mentor figure. 
Theseus is a human! When Zag and Than grow up and get together, Zag explains a lot of his weird behaviour as him being a professional swimmer (not totally a lie?) and Theseus is also a swimmer and thats where their rivalry comes in
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