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#mental health aware
the-wellbeing-warrior · 4 days ago
𝗔 𝗪𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗯𝗲𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗤&𝗔 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵: 𝗗𝗼𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗶𝗰 𝗟𝗮𝘆𝗱𝗲𝗻 -𝗔𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝗖𝗘𝗢
Tumblr media
Ireland has some terrific mental health organisations nationwide. Over the next couple of weeks, the Wellbeing Warrior will bring you a series of Wellbeing focused Q&A’s with some of the people who help run these brilliant organisations.
Today’s Q&A is with Dominic Layden, CEO of Aware Ireland.
Aware is an organisation close to my heart. I have had the privilege of volunteering with them for more than two years. Aware provides support & information for people who experience depression or bipolar disorder and their concerned loved ones. It was founded in 1985 by Dr. Patrick McKeon, as a response to the clear need for information, understanding and support, both for individuals who had a diagnosis of depression or bipolar as well as family members supporting a loved one. For more information on Aware please visit
Dominic kindly took some time out of his busy schedule tell us about life as CEO of Aware and how he looks after his own personal wellbeing. If you would like to support Aware in continuing their wonderful work, please do so by visiting:
1. What does a day in the life of a CEO of Aware look like?
A. Very varied, which is great. Most days I am very busy, intellectually challenged and stimulated. Most of my work has clearly defined outcomes so you can see what you have done and that gives me satisfaction. I really enjoy being part of the team here. We are a national organisation, but we have small team of 11 ft staff and 5 p/t staff and all the team are highly committed to our purpose so that adds an extra value to all our work. The purpose is everything and the team we have in Aware are highly skilled, motivated and a pleasure to work with. Of course, we have good days and sometimes some of our days is on work that is less satisfying but for the team and myself I think for 95% of our time it is very rewarding work.
2. Tell us about your organisation and what it does in the promotion of mental wellbeing.
A. We were established in 1985 and were set up to inform, educate and support people with Depression. Our services have evolved over the years and we provide a range of support services (Support Groups, a Support line open 365 days of the year and a support email service). In addition, we provide several adult CBT programmes delivered in groups and online. We also offer a wide range of Information services including online lectures/Webinars and Wellness talks to organisations and Schools.
3. As CEO of Aware, I can imagine you have a heavy work schedule, while at work do you have any wellbeing practices to support you in between all the emails, zoom meetings and phone calls.
A. I was trained many years ago to make a list of items to be done in a day/week and to prioritise and nearly 40 years later I am still practising that. I find that helps to put the day in context and of course many a day I get distracted and redirected but having a plan keeps me in control of my agenda and diary. I drink two coffees at work, eat a light lunch and get exercise during the day (most days). When I need a break from the desktop, I chat to a staff member.
4. It can be difficult for people supporting a loved one with mental health difficulties, would you have any specific tips or advice for those people in minding their own wellbeing while supporting others?
A. It can be difficult to help another person unless you are in a good space and Aware tries to help by having relevant information available so that individuals can be well informed and educated on the topics on Depression and other mood conditions if appropriate to the person you are caring for. Knowing the signs, spotting when someone is struggling and having a plan I think helps. You also need someone you can share your burden with, so you do not feel you alone and carry all the burden which is why we have our Relatives Programme to help those caring and minding for others.
5. If someone were to ask you for one piece of wellbeing advice, what might you say to them?
A. Try and be grateful for what you have now.
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niklasuele · 8 days ago
i get if ppl are mad because eden played like shit but not because he was laughing with his former team mates pls bro he was literally meeting his old friends why are ppl attacking him for laughing with his old friends??? i mean ofc he was sad and all but like he was meeting his old friends? like what do yall really expect him to do💀 sportsfans are so fucking unhinged i stg stop being such sore losers and move on😭🤚
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femmilingus · 10 days ago
Fire Starting Fairy
As a cop out because I’m a mess, here are some things that I’ve started doing which seem to be helping my brain not to Toya. Writing letters to people who have hurt me and just being brutally honest about everything. It feels good to get it off my chest and no one ever has to see them. I plan to burn them but haven’t had the chance to be a little fire starting fairy. Watch this space! Morning…
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im-the-punk-who · 12 days ago
Apparently the new side effect of my meds is that I get headaches if I do not keep myself fully caffeinated 20/7 (four hours are subtracted for sleep). This is not necessarily a problem as my default and preferred state *is* complete and full caffeination but I do worry about the effects this will have on like....everyone around me. But don’t worry it’s self-care.
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mybasementstudentworld · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Dogs on skateboards. Pretty much sums it up. Having a different mind is not something that is bad. It just means that I see the world through a different lens.
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tarantulas4davey · 12 days ago
so,,,,, i’m gonna start with the obvious one
a r m
he’s just cuddly in general but specifically h u g s and not cuddling/other forms of affection
if you’re shorter than him, he wraps his arms around your shoulders really tight and pulls you to his chest and like,,,,,, leans his head against yours???? or gives your forehead a lil smooch (pls i’m so soft i want a hug from this man so bad) OR honestly it’s not even a height thing this man would stand on a chair to hug someone like this if they needed a real hug
if you’re not really a hug person or he’s saying hi/bye/casual friend hug thing, he’ll do the cross/switch arm hug??? (the one where one arm is around your shoulder and the other is on your like,,,,, rib cage/waist area???? you know what i mean 🤚) and he’ll do like the bro pat on your shoulder cause this isn’t really a hug you can hold onto honestly shdhbd
his personal favorite is (guess what i’m about to make this about besties, y’all know me) if he’s sitting in a chair or on a couch or something race will walk over and loop his arms around al’s neck or sit on the arm or just plop himself in alberts lap and kiss his cheek or something and UGH theyre so cute i need to get back into writing
if you’ve sent anything to my inbox that i haven’t posted yet i’m worKING ON IT I PROMISE IM SO SORRY FJDHDBDBB
also @racecrack-higgins if you have any thoughts on this please for the love of god share them fhdhdhdb
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strawberrysodatown · 14 days ago
u know, probably the most f*cked up thing that happened to me at BYU was in like my second ish year when I was in my human development class and my professor said some super transphobic stuff to our class of like 300+ people in a huge auditorium and me- even while being honestly transphobic myself- was appalled at what he was saying and I made a comment in front of everyone about how he was wrong and I tried to talk about my trans friends experiences that I didn’t even understand fully at the time- and he used the f*cking slippery slope fallacy on me and I just gave up because I did not have the energy to argue with a grown man in front of 300+ people. But I would have now. Every time I pass by that man’s office at work when I’m cleaning I’m silently just >:(  
#he was like: oh what's next people will start identifying as animals like where does the line end??#and in my head i was like: I know what slippery slope fallacy is sir I learned about it in middleschool shut the f*ck up#but I just kinda shrugged and sat down because OOF the pressure was intense and again- was kind of transphobic myself#in the way that I had no idea if it was real or not but I was also NOT OKAY with people being harassed about it wtf#i only hope that since then he's had some character development#because there were absolutely trans people in there- statistically with that high of a class number there had to have been#and to hear that????#yall i'm sorry I couldn't fight better then I'm so sorry#anyways other than that BYU wasn't really that bad for me#let's just say I'm glad I took all my religion classes before I figured out that I am a lesbian hahaaaa#it probably would have been a lot harder I honestly think God was protecting me by not letting me know for so long LMAO#honestly when I think about it that way my whole life makes a lot more sense#I don't think I could have handled the mental pressure if I had been aware of myself while being at school- i was already havin a rough time#there are a lot of moments as i was growing up like: why am i so different from everyone else and why does nothing romantic happen to me#and now I'm like: my dude you would have figured things out a lot quicker otherwise and your life would have been hell#I don't care if you don't believe in God- I do and I think they were watching out for me haha :')#and now that I'm tougher i have to go through mental health crisises NOOOOOW aahhhhhhh#i'll be okay
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christiandomme · 14 days ago
And another thing!
The thing about the “you’ve finally shown me that I am not enough” that really gets me?? Is that I am waiting for it?! How many years am I friends with you? How many I love yous? How many things do we overcome together? How many sincere shows of connection? And I am still waiting for every single person in my life to inform me that they have finally realized that I am too much or too little. 
I am loved! I am respected! I have dozens of healthy relationships with tons of affirmation! 
And I still constantly wait with baited breath for when we reach the limit. 
And what really galls me, is the freaking relief that I feel when someone chooses not-me. ‘Ah yes, you were correct. You are grieving because you have lost a connection but doesn’t it feel so nice that they told you a hurtful thing or stopped communicating after all? You don’t have to wait for the shoe to drop any longer. End of a relationship after seven years? You’re sobbing but at least you don’t have to wonder when you won’t be enough to keep them anymore! You’ve arrived!” Like, I hate that feeling but also the sigh of release of loosing the thing I was so convinced I could never keep is... a whole wheelbarrow of complex. 
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Turns out, getting life insurance is a great incentive not to off yourself. Life may be the worst ever but if you grew up poor the thought of “I paid this much every month for x months and I’d be throwing it down the drain” is just motivation enough to grit your teeth and tough it out another day. Sometimes that day is all you need.
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femmilingus · 21 days ago
The High Lowsies™
This week’s post is probably going to be just as disjointed as my posting schedule. Sorry not sorry. I am sorry however for the fact that I have to CW you absolute legends // mention of suicidal feelings. I’m currently experiencing what I might try to coin as the ‘High Lowsies’. This essentially means that I am depressed as fuck, all external stimuli exacerbates how much I want to die (not…
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Someone: You're just making Patton feminine because he's overly emotional!
Me a person who has been told my whole life that being femme and emotional is a sign of weakness on my part and that if I don't do something about it, I'll end up dead and depressed: I'm... I'm just trying to cope? What...who hurt you?
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mini-oddity · 23 days ago
To my fellow allies: now is not the time to say “we did it” and move on.
One trial of accountability does not eliminate the systemic racism that is rampant in our society. For those who claimed to be an ally during this trial, you don’t get to just wash your hands of this now that it’s over. That’s the difference between performative allyship and actually being an ally. To be an ally that is something you must actively do every single day. It’s about staying educated, supporting black folks, raising your voice with them, and calling out the injustice that is happening.
Black folks will continue to be targets of attack. This trial didn’t fix that. Yes, it was important that he was held responsible for his actions. But he was just one person in an entire system that is rooted in racism by protecting and benefitting white people while oppressing black people and other minority groups.
Justice will not be served until these systems are changed. 
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