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amaranthine-psyche · 6 hours ago
Ahahahahahaha I have less than three months till my med school exams and guess whose idiotic ass decided to get covid... I'm gonna throw hanDS
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ginger-student · a day ago
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April 9th, 2021
26/100 days of productivity
Hello! I hope your day went well!
I am so proud of me today, because I pushed myself into studying evolution and all the eras and periods and epochs.... It's a lot to memorize, but I guess I can manage to remember basic information :D
Weekend is coming, time to finish homeworks and tests in Moodle and also time to pamper myself and relax a bit :D
Picture shows me during the weekend.
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jewelsmeraki · 2 days ago
I’ve been suffering from really bad burnout throughout this entire year.
But today, I got the best news i’ve ever gotten in my entire life.
I still can’t believe it, i’m shaking. I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear such a news.
I know numbers don’t matter and as long as you get through med school then you’ve made it. But seeing my name next to that #1 made my world.
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ginger-student · 2 days ago
April 8th, 2021
25/100 days of productivity
Today was such a long day. I was not busy with classes, I studied for the usual amount of time, but something felt strange. I have no idea why I felt like that.
I finished my maths homework, studied taxonomy of protozoa and some physiology of them.
I also downloaded quizlet, so I might create some flashcard tonight.
One thing that makes me happy is that the covid situation is getting better, less patients are hospitalised, but our university already stated we will be online schooled until the end of the semester. Maybe exams will be in present form. We will see.
Also, my medschool entrance exams are aproaching, i still have 2 months left. I plan to end my biology revision by the end of the april and then do it all over again until exams. I am already getting nervous.
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delusional-9ne · 2 days ago
So I've been reading and studying viral hemorrhagic fevers for hours now and now I'm wondering, if all the animals that are currently extinct, were deliberately killed because they were reservoirs of certain diseases that had too high a mortality rate. Or even, maybe they were infected by other reservoirs (looking at you rodents )... anyways, pray for me to excel on my exam
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neetstudyblr · 3 days ago
Hey! I'm from India too! I gave my neet in 2020 and got into a med school Alhumdulillah, just wanted to know which state are you from? PS. It makes me so happy to see someone with almost the same interests doing the same thing! All the best ❤
Hiii!! First of all congratulations for cracking the exam, mashallah. I am from Delhi. I was not able to get into a med school so I descided to take a 2nd gap year, I'm hoping to get into a med school this time. And, yes, it's nice to find people with same interests and it's so Good to find you , Dr.CrookedSpyFlowersuitcase💚💚💚.
Thanks for the ask!
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ginger-student · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
April 6th, 2021 
23/100 days of productivity
Hello! First day of lessons after holidays. Felt a bit tired and almost fell asleep during maths, but otherwise, I was productive. I revised my biology notes - embryogenesis and evolution. It’s not my favourite topic, but there are worse :D 
Also, it snowed early in the morning, so when I looked out of the window, it was all snowy. I like snow, but for my geographical location, it’s not usual to have snow in April (but it already happened in the past). I already want it to be sunny, I want everything to bloom, to wear cute skirts, to go for beuatiful walks and hikes... For now, there’s only my mug with my fav tea for me :D 
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medicsart · 4 days ago
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I was in a low mood today, didn't even want to open a book to study. So I ordered hot chocolate, lit a candle and an insence, got a cookie.. Only with that the ambiance was totally changed and my mood was up. So I started studying and it got better.. Sometimes a little change, a gesture to yourself can change the day..
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lincolnthe-sparkplug · 4 days ago
I swear being exhausted in medical school is so glamorized. I legit would feel bad if my classmate looks more tired than me even though I’ve never been this tired in my entire life. At one point you just start to not care I guess, I could literally sleep 12 hours and still be tired, I can stay up all night to study for a whole week and still be behind....
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martamedblr · 4 days ago
06.04.21// I made a study timelapse TIKTOK because I’m a ZILLENIAL and I have an exam TOMORROW and I wanted to BE COOL
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medemedemed · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
This upcoming week is gonna be a really long one, with 4 twelve-hour long days, but it’s also my last week in infectious diseases and you can bet I’ll enjoy every minute of it!
From my studygram
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ginger-student · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
April 5th, 2021
22/100 days of productivity
So, my Notion list of notes is getting bigger and bigger by each passed day. I decided maybe I could try typing my handwritten notes in Notion. At first, it was very confusing for me to use this platform, but now, I love it! Maybe I do not use it like professional, but I like it my way. 
This are just a few topics I have typed for now, but there will be more of it. It’s part of my revision. 
I have no idea why, but today feels like Sunday for me. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have any classes? :D Tomorrow’s physics has been cancelled, so I will have some spare time to work out and clean my study corner, because during Easter holidays it got messy and dirty. 
Also, has anyone some experience with MoocLab? I found it just today, but I am not sure whether I should create an account and join studygroups there or not. If you know this website, or you’re already a user, feel free to dm me :) 
I was wondering about joining an online study group, but I am not sure about the breaks :D My spoken english is very poor and my accent is funny (#slavic) so I feel really shy to speak in front of others. 
Without thinking about that, I would like to join some study group. Google meet would fit me the best, but I am open to try new platforms :)
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warmyellow-girl · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i feel like the size of my handwriting has been getting out of hand after i started studying with an ipad. there's just so much you can fit on one page when you zoom in. i was like "i take it as a challenge" and now i struggle with reading after printing ha!
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heyitstords · 5 days ago
On SGD Anxieties
I am halfway done with my second semester in my first year of medical school, and I honestly thought (believed, even) that I would already be immune to the panic and anxiety that comes with student group discussions (SGDs). The fear of not knowing who your preceptor is, the fear that you haven’t read the case cover to cover enough times, and the fear of being asked on the spot and not knowing the correct answer - it all gets into my head. Coupled with sleep-deprivation and coffee-induced palpitations, it sure is one intense combination. (Remind me to never ever drink coffee again before any SGD. It might just be my cause of death.)  
I’m currently on the sofa, just finished with my SGD. I’m forever grateful for the Lord sustained me so greatly through this day. I passed my first pulmo exam (despite only starting last Saturday + despite the fact that physio has always been a weak spot), and I was blessed with a kind, understanding preceptor for today’s SGD. Special shoutout as well to my groupmates who were able to explain everything so well, I ended up learning a lot in the process. Thank You Lord for giving me strength today. 
The anxiety that comes with every SGD may be unshakeable, but nothing compares to the feeling of finishing one on a great note. I am slowly coming to terms with the possibility that maybe the fears won’t stop coming (since I am built like this, little worrisome shy bean), but I also know that I won’t let them hinder me from still striving to do my best. It helps as well to remind myself that this is all for a bigger purpose, and that I’m not just doing this for myself. Every time I remind myself of my ‘why’ (or the Lord does it for me, in His own amazing ways), I sit a little taller and give myself a much-needed pep talk. 
I’m exhausted and sleep-deprived (with my coffee palpitations slowly tapering off), the country is in shambles, this administration is a joke, yet one of the ways I’m coping is by taking all the wins that we can get, big or small. A win is a win. Today was a personal win, and I deserve to celebrate. 
I’m off to play League. 
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