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loreleys-road-to-md · 31 minutes ago
*me leaving X hospital after a spending a terrible day there on practice*
I will never set foot in this hospital again. And if I happen to be a patient please take me to any other hospital, this is worse than death
*me a year later, seeing an ad looking for traumatology anesthesiologist residents (my dream job) for X hospital*
But what if it wasn't so terrible after all...
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ilikeapplesandyou · 33 minutes ago
My college is so fucked up. Here we go for med school for 6 years, okay. But, my college is so disorganized that they don't know how to manage the students, so because of that there is a possibility that we're going to stay for 7/8 years. I spent one year without having EAD classing because of how disorganized it is. I'm mad
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sherlock-study · an hour ago
been doing some academic stuff on the side
I’ve been really interested in rheumatology ever since I got sick, and it’s really nice being able to give back to this field through research. didn’t want to seem like I'm boasting on my other social media channels (where people actually know who I am), so instead I'm telling you guys. 
Currently I have a couple of projects going on:
Been working with the global rheumatology alliance to translate a covid vaccine survey into Traditional Chinese. It’s almost ready to go live! Yay!
Since the rheumatologists at my school’s hospital aren’t too involved with research, I've teamed up with a couple of hepatologists (and my OWN rheumatologist! How cool is that?) to study the effects of HCV viral clearance and autoimmunity using archived serum from a previous project. So far the results seem to be quite promising, it seems to be the first of its kind, and we’ll be submitting abstracts to AASLD and a couple of Taiwanese GI/rheum conferences. Not even joking I would HAPPILY quarantine for 14 days if that means I get to go and present my research this November in Anaheim, CA. 
Will likely also be submitting a patient perspectives poster for ACR Convergence 2021. The event will be virtual, this isn’t anything scientific, but it’s a poster nonetheless. The more pubs the merrier I guess.
surreal to think that I am now co-writing an academic research paper with the dude who diagnosed me with lupus.
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ilikeapplesandyou · 3 hours ago
I have a seminar in 20 minutes and my wifi is down. Guess I'll have to use all my 4G
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fencingthings · 3 hours ago
A professor must really have a reputation, if the first thing he says after showing up for the exam is "Don't worry, I won't be grading your papers."
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sherlock-study · 4 hours ago
Oh my god I hate gunners
I hate gunners so so much
like ok I guess I’m more ambitious than your average med student, gets involved in a lot of research and extracurriculars, but I for one don’t go around kissing ass, peeking at everyone’s grades, bad mouthing people and being a general pain in the ass
this dude pisses me off SO much and I’m stuck with him on our nurse shadowing rotations (yeah we do this and it’s cool). I’m trying to keep myself from screaming at him every 3 seconds.
If my eyes were capable of rolling back as far as I wanted them to, I would be seeing my own medulla oblongata
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metanoic · 6 hours ago
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it’s dissection time, babyyyyy
i’ll probably upload photos of the actual thing later, so tw in advance
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machiattostudy · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Vendredi 7 maaaai 
Reading Lovecraft and laughing about the crocs’ fashion in the OR with my collegue. 💉
This is the last week of this semester. Exams start in 2 weeks. Today I have to finish writing an assignment for my psych lesson, checking on 2 lectures of gastroenterology I missed last Monday  + Planning a study strategy for the next two weeks. 
I hope you guys are fine :) 
Take care and let’s ace those exams ! ⭐️
🎵Currently listening to : an Anesthesia lecture lol 
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goggles-mcgee · 9 hours ago
Wayne Can You Explain
Reporter that is new to Gotham but thinks they are on to something: "Mr. Wayne, can you make a statement why whenever the Bat is around, you never are? To be more clear, you and Batman are never seen in the same place even if you are at an event that is crashed by Gotham's Rogues."
Bruce who is running on a protein bar and 5 hour energy: "I'm super scared of bats, a bunch flew in my face once when I got stuck in a well, if any of you recall. He's basically an oversized one. I don't need that in my life."
Everyone there and all those who are watching: -oh my god Bruce Wayne is afraid of Batman-
Harley who was watching this just to see Bruce and seeing everyone buy his frankly bullshit dodge: "ARE YOU KIDDING ME WAYNE!? Imma McFreakin lose my shit."
Harley now calling up Jonathan: "Did you see that shit?"
Jonathan who happened upon the interview when he went out to spread some good ol' fear, who is now remembering asking Bruce back in med school what he was most scared of when they were learning about phobias: "I can confirm. Wayne is afraid of bats."
Harley: "Enough to be scared of Bman?"
Jon: "Fear isn't exactly rational Harley."
Harley mostly to herself: "Oh my god I'm really gonna McFreakin lose it."
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redwoodforestwiki · 22 hours ago
Bruh im an embarassment i forgot i should wear something short sleeved for the vaccine and had to pull my arm out of my shirt in front of this huge room of people
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The weirdest thing about medical school is when you’re sitting there thinking “this is so much material” and “how did I get this behind” and then you realize that all the material was from that same day.
But you gotta keep going because fire-hose of knowledge doesn’t stop for anything.
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shreystudiesmed · a day ago
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Something I use to help motivate me - YouTube study with me videos. They're great cuz I prefer studying with someone and the pomodoro timer helps keep track of how much I've studied too. Plus it has the added advantage of being on the laptop so I can switch off my phone when I'm studying so I don't get tempted/interrupted. White noise helps a lot too!
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medicalelin · a day ago
It's not that I don't want to pay attention to zoom lectures (because I really do!), it just seems physically impossible. Oh how I miss in person classes...
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6.5.2021|thursday|1 day befote exam
1/100 days productivity
i am totaly lost with my studying right know. i feel panicked and very not in the mood for study and the exam. i hate this feeling but most of my life i live like this, cramming exam the last day. actually i considere myself a rather good student. but my expecteion for myself is veeery high and it makes me sick. so now on i try my best then leave it to higher places like unicorns, gods etc. later this day or perhaps tomorrow i am going to post how i will plan my day. hope it is gonna be better for me.
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emgoesmed · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Went to a local cafe to mentally psych myself up to study.
I had class earlier this morning and realized I’m way behind on studying renal pathology and histology. I really need the mental energy (and this delicious latte) this morning!
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