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#meal log
roze-does-stuff · 19 hours ago
Saturday June 19th
breakfast: banana chocolate bread, weird but yummy! And a great way to get rid of a overripe banana. Also had a Gatorade with it.
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I’m on a Gatorade kick now, but only this flavor.
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Lunch: leftover enchilada and green beans
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Dinner: salad and cheeseburger !
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carltonlassie · 22 hours ago
I bought a cleaning paste and got super excited that I cleaned the entire bathroom & kitchen in 2 days (it's been a while and ive been feeling bad about the executive dysfunction 🙈)!
since they're so clean now, I wanted to make it even nicer and get a shower head to replace the crappy default (moldy on the inside🤮, as it turns out) shower head! It feels good to have a clean shower! Plus I got this motion activated light strips and put it in the pantry and other such dark spaces and it's like.... Wow..... Wonders of Modern Technologies.....!
but knowing how it's difficult to maintain it......bc life sneaks up on ya........!! I don't understand how my coworkers are always asking if I'm doing anything exciting over the weekend because I do the chores + take my pup out to a nice park fun time and I'm tired! Then I rest for a bit while I engage in my silly little hobbies....... and then I have to cook meals and it's Monday again? Wild how y'all have time to go to places all the time..... Makes me wonder who performs the labor of upkeep in your household fellow coworkers.............!
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chefrewsblog · a day ago
Watch "Orange Ice Cream #JuiceIceCream#FrozenDessert#HealthRecipe#IceCream#Foodie#FoodBlogger#Vlogs#Ice#" on YouTube
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foodfoodi · a day ago
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Large eggs 4
Kosher salt, plus more to taste 1/8teaspoon
Water 2 teaspoons
Unsalted butter, divided 2tablespoon
Yellow onion, diced 1/4 cup
Green bell pepper, diced 1/4 cup
Red bell pepper, diced 1/4 cup
Shredded cheddar cheese 1/2 cup
Calories 936
Fat 70g
Carbohydrates 15g
Fibre 2g
Sugar 6g
Protein 60g
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5/17 Log:
Today was a better day calorie-wise. It’s also because I didn’t go to the gym today since I had work. But I only work three days a week so it’s not too bad. I want to try to go to the gym tomorrow morning before work but we’ll see. Since I didn’t go to the gym, I chose low-calorie foods with higher nutrition (although I just need to start choosing foods that have a higher nutrition value anyways lol). 
I had pizza for breakfast. Not the greatest breakfast but I want to eat the pizza before it goes bad. I was going to have it for lunch but I forgot to pack it. So, I had my favorite frozen meal since I work at a grocery store. And (I’m so proud of myself) I voluntarily had an apple. If you know me, you know that I absolutely hate fruit; not the taste, but the texture. 
My workplace had a party for pride month and they were giving out cupcakes and I couldn’t resist. It’s been so long since I’ve had one so I decided to splurge. I still have leftover pizza for breakfast or lunch tomorrow so one more day of pizza and then I’ll be done; I’m starting to get tired of it lol.
Breakfast: 158 calories
Mushroom Pizza, 1 slice: 125 calories
Irish Breakfast Tea with sugar: 33 calories
Lunch: 435 calories
Healthy Living Beef Merlot: 180 calories
Berry Boost Shake: 160 calories
Honeycrisp Apple: 95 calories
Dinner: 362 calories
Vegetable Beef and Barley Soup: 125 calories
Whatchamacallit Chocolate Bar: 237 calories
Snack: 250 calories
Vanilla Cupcake: 250 calories
Weight Log:
Current Weight: 216 lb
Goal Weight: 150 lb
Pounds Lost: +2 lb
BMI: 38.3
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no-coconut · 3 days ago
lunch today is a big mac salad aka greens, cheddar, pickles and ground beef with thousand island dressing. also had 2 slices of bread and butter, the leftover rutabaga fries with fry sauce and some berries.
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Good morning everyone! Ugh, I forgot to post yesterday but I was so exhausted, I went to bed at 8! I had a good day yesterday in terms of mental wellness. My condo’s pool just opened for the season so I went there and tried to regain the tan I lost since I came home for the summer from college. I did make the mistake of going to the gym after spending a whole day in the sun, but I remembered to stay hydrated! 
I was a little over my caloric intake than yesterday, but the app I use budgets 2,010 calories/day for me based on my health goals and activity level, so I felt justified in eating more because I was hungry. I am an advocate for eating when you’re hungry but I struggle with differentiating hunger and boredom, oops! But, I’m trying to retrain my brain to acknowledge that I’m not hungry, I’m just bored. I think once I move into my apartment in Florida in August, I will plan my meals to be at exact times so that I only eat during that time. Not necessarily fasting but training my brain that now is not the time to eat because as of late, I’ve just been eating whenever I want to which is a big problem. 
I had pizza last night, a big food splurge, because my mother was not able to cook last night. She has chronic pain and last night was not a good night for her. On those nights, we tend to eat out and I’m trying to get myself to cook rather than eat out with them. But it’s hard when you’re eating chicken and broccoli and they’ve got McDonalds right next to you. But I was exhausted as well so I went for it. And now, I’ve got breakfast and lunch for today lol. But the funny thing is, I had four slices of pizza (which is not great to begin with) and I was still hungry. I decided to wait a little to let my brain register that I had actually eaten but I was still hungry. So I decided to grab some whole wheat pasta and tossed it in some olive oil and garlic. Not the best food to eat, but it filled me and kept me full, especially since whole wheat is a complex carb. 
I went to the gym after sitting in the sun for upwards of five hours, which is not good. So I took it a little easier than I normally would have. Note to self: go to the gym before spending the day at the pool. I would have loved to spend the full hour on the treadmill like I used to, but my body was getting so exhausted I had to stop and take a breather. Once I felt better, I did my ab workout and called it a day. 
I gained 2.4 pounds since I last posted on Tuesday, which seems crazy to me since I’ve been working out more that when first weighed myself on Tuesday. But who knows. Hopefully this number will start to go down as I continue, but I’ll also be on the lookout for non-scale victories. I want to get a tape measure as well to measure my body measurements and track my progress that way as well. 
5/16 Log:
Meal Log: 1,704 calories
Breakfast: 80 calories
3/4 cup Great Value Vanilla Yogurt, Light, 80 calories
Lunch: 565 calories
Peanut Butter Sandwich on White Bread, 227 calories
1/4 cup raw zucchini, 8 calories
NutriGrain Bar, Blueberry, 120 calories
10 Ritz Whole Wheat Crackers, 140 calories
Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese, Light, 2 pieces, 70 calories
Dinner: 908 calories
Mushroom Pizza, 4 slices, 500 calories
Whole Wheat Pasta with Olive Oil and Garlic, 408 calories
Workout: 490 calories
Treadmill: 40:29, 324 calories
Ab Crunch (machine) 3x20, 40 lb
Crunches 6x20
Heel Touch 6x20 (each side)
Plank Hip Dip 3x10 (each side)
Russian Twists 3x20 8 lb
Superman 3x30 sec
Weight Log
Current Weight: 216.4
Goal Weight: 150 lb
Pounds Lost: +2.4 lb
BMI: 38.3
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fyxkmeeee · 3 days ago
Ana sugar fix for the night:
3 spoon fulls of powdered sugar
One drop of vanilla extract
A tiiiny amount of honey
A few drops of water
Mixed into oblivion.
I already ate too much today so might as well get a good sugar rush.
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no-coconut · 4 days ago
today was a breakfast burrito but per usual, I overfilled it and can't roll it up 😂
burrito has 3 eggs, some bacon, green goddess dressing and some micro greens. also had some rutabaga fries, 2 slices of homemade bread with butter and pink guava jam, strawberries and iced matcha
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prettylittleroses · 4 days ago
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Today I felt a little more hungrier and I almost binged, but thankfully I didn’t. I just had water and apple cider vinegar, and I feel so fkn sick now :(
I highly doubt I’ll be able to get anywhere near 1150 calories tomorrow…
DAY 2 - 900 calories
Breakfast: Nothing
Early Lunch around 11:30am: Mixed Vegetables and lamb steak 306 cals
Snack: 2x sugar free hot chocolate 16 cals, keto chocolate mousse 112 cals
Dinner: Nothing
Calories: 433
Net calories: 422 (Don’t wanna fkn talk about it 😔)
Goal: 900 max
Total weight lost since Day 1: 0.2kg (kms)
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mandarin-skys · 4 days ago
Food Log 6/15
CW : ???
Breakfast Total: 151 kcal
Mango: 90? Kcal
1/4 cup of Yogurt: 52 kcal
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Lunch/Dinner Total: 279 kcal
PB&J: 119 kcal
Bread (70 kcal) AlmondButter (32 kcal) Jam (17 kcal)
4 pizza rolls (147 kcal)
4 slices, green apple (13 kcal)
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Total today,
430 kcal
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Hey everyone! I started this Tumblr so I can keep track of my health and fitness and use social media as a way to keep myself accountable.
I have always been overweight, but ever since I started college, my weight has become unmanageable. I guess the freshman 15 is a real thing! And the dining hall at my school doesn’t have many healthy options, except for the salad bar, which I don’t trust. Fortunately, I am living off-campus now so I can better manage what I eat. 
Today’s food choices were in-between great and awful. Lunch was great, but dinner and my snack were not. I definitely binged on dinner. I think part of me understands why I need to eat healthy and I’m trying to eat healthy food that tastes good. But the other part of me is craving all of the unhealthy things I used to eat. And I started binge eating some of the food. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Fortunately, I did accomplish my water goal: 40oz of water. 
I went to the gym today for the first time in a few months. It felt really good to be back in then gym. I think I forgot how much I loved to lift weights. The gym at my college isn’t well conducive to people who are my size. The girls there judge anyone who isn’t a size small, and the “Chads” and “Brads” don’t help either. 
Meal Log:1,351 calories
Breakfast: 165 calories 
Mango Smoothie, 165 calories
Lunch: 306 calories
Baked Chicken Thighs, 3oz, 151 calories
Boiled Broccoli, 1 cup, 150 calories
Peach Mango Energy Drink Mix, 1 pouch, 5 calories
Dinner: 472 calories
Macaroni and Cheese, 2 cup, 398 calories
1/2 Hot Dog, no bun, 74 calories
Snack: 408
Ritter Sport Chocolate Bar, 12 squares, 408 calories
Workout: 783 calories burned
Stairmaster, 10:00, 24 flights of stairs
Treadmill, 42:45, 2.07 miles
Chest Press 6x10 30lb
Chest Fly 6x10 40 lb
Overhead Press 3x10 20 lb
Row/Rear Deltoid 6x10 40 lb
Arm Extension 6x10 40 lb
Arm Curl 6x10 30 lb
Lat Pull Down 6x10 60lb
Weight Log
Current Weight: 214.0 lb
Goal Weight: 150 lb
Pounds Lost: -
BMI: 37.9
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no-coconut · 5 days ago
look at this absolutely flawless loaf of bread I made today!
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and for lunch I had a salad with chicken, bacon, tomatoes and a homemade green goddess dressing. this was a 'use up all the leftovers' kinda meal
and add on some strawberries and a good portion of the bread because warm bread fresh from the oven and slathered in butter is one of life's best experiences tbh
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roze-does-stuff · 5 days ago
June 14th Monday
Breakfast: I tried a new kind of breakfast bar! It was maple syrup-y and a coffee-ish.
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Lunch: just a chicken sausage , beans, and an applesauce. (And a few bites of leftover pizza)
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Dinner: more turkey enchiladas! And some pickled radishes and an applesauce.
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Today was a bit of a lazy day. Mom and I went shopping in the morning, I picked up my diploma, and then I took a anti-nausea pill and took a nap (gotta love side effects).
Tomorrow my parents are out of the house, so I’ll be hanging out at home and waiting for them.
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breathing-er-ror · 5 days ago
Total : 948
2 eggs w hot sauce, ketchup a nectarine and juice :302
Rice w egg, corn and soy sauce (- seaweed) : 340 I tried a new recipe and I was p sure I would be bad and it looked bad but it actually tasted kinda good (?)
Zucchini noodles w a cup of tuna tomato sauce and a mini babybel light : 124
Moments biscuit chocolate bar : 99
Fiber one brownie : 83
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no-coconut · 6 days ago
my cat is trying to sneak some leftover Indian food 😂
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I realized I have a big weekend of non keto coming up so feels a little silly to transition back into keto just to go off again. so planning on cooking at home and keeping carbs low without going full-on keto for the time being.
going to stick to my omad tho!
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roze-does-stuff · 6 days ago
June 13th Sunday
breakfast: skipped it! woke up late and went straight to lunch.
Lunch: more veggie stirfry, it’s a staple.
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Dinner: salad and barbecue chicken! First grill out of the season!
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I also went walking yesterday. I walked about 2 miles and got sunburnt. Ouch!
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Remember your sunscreen kids and see ya tomorrow! ~ RDS
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breathing-er-ror · 6 days ago
Total : 1.016
Sirataki noodles w brushel sprouts and sause : 148
Bread crackers and cheese : 242
15 cookies and some nutella : 583 :/
An ice popcicle and 2 hard candies : 43
I think I stopped myself from binging..I hope I don't binge ever sucks when I do :(
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