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#me to explain
metalsonic3-0 · 10 minutes ago
you dont have to answer publicly bc last anon feels kinda malicious but being nervous about change is normal? i feel like everyone i know has felt at least some anxiety surrounding things changing and not knowing how to deal with it!
Yeah and I get nervous about change BAD, it makes me distressed to the point of what I think is potentially a meltdown so I'm trying to stay calm about everything.
And I honestly hope to start working on this after I fly back home next week, my old therapist there is like 99% sure I'm Autistic it's sooooo common in my family literally 2/4 siblings are plus nieces and nephews and I know change can be especially hard for them.
Plus my entire life was extremely stagnant up until a couple years ago so lot of change lately.
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pistolslinger · 18 minutes ago
one day fandoms & writers as a whole will understand that it’s uncool to reduce characters of colour down to ‘class clowns’ and nothing else
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bluelightsaber · 47 minutes ago
I’m blanking 😭 whats john and gareth @ your tags?
no worries! just louis being…himself 😌
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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homoose · an hour ago
also i need more email interactions. something about the unprofessional use of their emails makes me 🥰🥰🥰
tmsidk headcanons
OMG lol yes love this for them
I think even after they’re together they still email because she sends him memes and he likes to forward her the newsletters of the academic journals he’s on the mailing list for whenever he finds something that he thinks she’d like
like their email chain would look like:
Spencer Reid
Re: Play Based Learning
Hi! I found this article in one of the journals I’m subscribed to— could be helpful to share with your principal the next time the issue of playtime comes up.
Love you,
Miss Honey
Tumblr media
Spencer Reid
Re: Re:
I don’t understand. Did you read the article?
Love you
Miss Honey
Re: Re: Re:
Sorry yes!!!!!!! It’s amazing. Thank you! The lady in the meme is just confused because she’s supposed to be from before when math existed.
Love you <3
Miss Honey
Re: Two for you <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Have a good day!!!!
Love you
Spencer Reid
Re: Re: Two for you <3
What is the salt in water thing?
Love you. See you tonight!
Miss Honey
Re: Re: Re: Two for you <3
It’s not important. :)
Found another one for you!!!!
Tumblr media
Love you!!!! Can’t wait!!!!
Spencer Reid
Re: Re: Re: Re: Two for you <3
Miss Honey
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Two for you <3
SUCCESS!!!!!! I can almost hear that cute lil laugh from here <3
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ladychlo · an hour ago
#Im panicking#my 13yo neighbor come to me and asked me about pride flags and she was a confusing the Lesbian one with trans one#I told her ofc that a trans women can use both flags if she is Lesbian too#but the thing is she told me I dont like boys and that she hate it when her friends try to meddle her up with boys#and its panicking me bc we dont have any proper education about this#like queerness is not even considered or acknowledged in our society unless its gonna be whispered as a deviance#and as something you deserve death and hell for so im scared for her#because she is in the BTS fanthom so she is picking on words like lesbian and gay and using vocaly and without understanding how dangerous#it is#and idk how to do it because im scared for her and sad and I dont wanna confuse her#this is like the third time she used queer lexicon with me#and idk what to do genuinely#at my age I'm still waaaay too careful but at her age she doesn't fathom the complexity of it#its jail if she is not careful#its making me sad for her i dont wanna scare her i want her to explore her gender and sexuality#but i cant word it right for her#we grow up internalizing so much self hatred I went to hell to deal with that and I still do#i dont want her to deal with that too#idk of she is straight or not or cis or not#when she told me that she was sending the lesbian flag to her friend I had to explain to her that its not about female friendship#its more than that she told she knows but her brother snitched her phone and called her out for that#sorry im ranting here im trying to think out loud here
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sparring-spirals · an hour ago
nO one come near me thats all i could have ever wanted for them, i cant believe its CANON that they all go and do their fun shit and solo journeys but at the end of it all, they go home (because home is where everyone else is!!!!) and they can drink pina coladas from the beaurebar and come in and out as they please. they all go and retire on rumblecusp. together. together. sitting in circles reciting old stories (reciting true facts, looking at memories thrown up by programmed illusion). the m9, older and still full of chaos, mucking around Rumblecusp. what. what
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old-long-john · 3 hours ago
Applying for jobs really is the worst. It’s just. Exhausting. And it feels like you have to chip off a little piece of your soul and staple it to each one and then when they reject you (or don’t respond at all) you don’t even get that little piece of soul back, they just keep it as a sick trophy. 0/10, would not recommend.
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wonderofasunrise · 3 hours ago
32 or 61 for Kerry/Susan please ❤️
#61 - "I'm pregnant."
Okay, I'm letting the cat out of the bag now - I have a WIP, a passion project of some sorts in the form of a multi-chapter Kerry/Susan AU fic. I've been working on it on and off for months, writing whatever I can come up with out of order (a process which involves at least three different Google Docs files for notes etc and not-so-subtly tweeting about it every now and then), and I can't promise anything because I just...well, suck at planning things ahead especially when it comes to writing anything lengthy (unless it's an academic essay *laughs nervously*). Fingers crossed I will be able to post the whole thing someday - if and *only* if I manage to finish it in advance, because I love the idea so much I don't want to take the risk of posting it early and writing as I go along...only to (God forbid) abandon it. I don't want to give away too much, but hopefully you'll get the gist from this excerpt of one of the chapters I've managed to finish:
“Susan?” a voice calls me almost immediately as I step out of the cubicle. I look up in a swift move to find the source of the voice, and sure enough my head starts to spin again. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see none other than Kerry Weaver—her bright red hair kind of gives it away—with a very concerned look on her face, which I try my best to ignore.
Slowly, I make my way to the nearest basin, and just as my hand is about to turn the faucet another wave of nausea surges over me. Please do not vomit, please do not vomit, it was bad enough to storm out of a fucking trauma but to vomit in front of Kerry of all people…?
“Are you okay?” she asks just as my nausea passes, the tone of her voice as concerned as her expression. I know that at this point even saying a single syllable will bring back the nausea, so I simply nod.
“Are you sure? I was in the trauma room, and I was just as surprised as everyone else to see you storm out like that…”
“Yes, Kerry, I’m fine,” I suddenly snap, though immediately I can feel guilt lingering over me as I know Kerry is genuinely worried. Say what you want about her, the woman does care about the wellbeing of her colleagues (or employees? Whatever.). I glance at her while putting some water into my mouth, somewhat grateful that I don’t see any sign of her being offended. If anything, her expression grows even more worried, and I know that at this point there is nothing I say that can ease her concern.
“Okay,” Kerry says, seemingly giving in. “It’s just—you normally have the best composure of the lot, and I never expected a trauma to affect you that badly, that’s all…Susan? Can you walk?”
Her concerned tone returns as soon as she catches the sight of me dropping to my knees, no doubt thanks to me turning around too quickly after I finished my business in the sink. Instinctively one of my hands travels to my stomach, and I pray to all that’s holy that the gesture somehow goes unnoticed by Kerry, who is now kneeling next to me, her crutch abandoned, with one of her hands on my back.
“Can you stand up?” she asks in a tone that I would never expect Kerry Weaver to use when speaking to an adult. I nod, though I myself am not quite sure. I try anyway, with one of my hands still firmly on my stomach and the other holding onto Kerry for support. Once I get back on my feet, I let go of the other woman and I take a deep breath, relieved when no more sign of nausea kicks in. I try to make my way out of the ladies’ room, and I can feel Kerry’s eyes firmly on my back as I turn around—more carefully this time.
“You know, if you’re not feeling good, you can go home and rest,” she says. “I-I would hate to see you not in your prime at work, and more importantly it’s clear you really can do with a rest. We have a busy day ahead, and if you’re...feeling like you’re not up for it, you can go home. I can cover for you.”
I can tell she chose her words carefully, and she tried her best not to insinuate that I am not up for a busy day at work. Heck, she knows I’m more than capable—I’m one of her best attendings, after all, but still…who can really guess what Kerry Weaver actually means?
As for going home and resting, I can’t deny that I need it badly. I barely got any sleep last night, partly due to anxiety ahead of my appointment with Coburn this morning, and who can guarantee that I won’t storm out of another trauma? Still, part of me is trying to fight the urge to go home, because work is the best form of distraction I can think of and at home I know I will drive myself mad over everything, with no one to talk to and all.
“I’m pregnant,” I suddenly blurt out, the words coming out of my mouth far more quickly than I could comprehend. My eyes grow wide at the realization of what I just said, to Kerry of all people, and I try to avoid her eyes so much it’s ridiculous.
Unexpectedly enough, Kerry steps closer toward me, and she puts a hand on my shoulder. Just as unexpectedly, I find the gesture quite comforting, and God knows I have been deprived of comfort for far too long the last couple of weeks. It doesn’t feel as awkward as one would expect, coming from Kerry Weaver, and I sigh as I let her hand give my shoulder a gentle squeeze.
“How-how far along are you?” she asks in a tone that can barely conceal her surprise.
“Four weeks. I-I saw Coburn this morning,” I say with a shrug. She nods, and then lets go of my shoulder so that she can focus on looking me in the eye, which always makes for an interesting sight thanks to our significant height difference.
“In that case,” she states matter-of-factly, “You should go home and rest. I don’t want you to feel worse than you already do. Go home, get something to eat, and rest. I’ll cover for you for the rest of the shift.”
Now that sounds more like the Kerry Weaver that everyone knows and loves (though that part is still up for debate, I reckon). At this point I know there is no use fighting with her, so I nod and turn back to the door, silently hoping that somehow nobody will pay any attention.
“Kerry?” I mutter, suddenly remembering something important before we part ways. Letting her know of my pregnancy is bad enough (though it’s by no means a fault on her part); having everyone else know before I’m ready will be a disaster. I have enough on my plate at the moment, and the last thing I need is being the center of the latest ER gossip. “Um…thank you for letting me go home for the day, and I guess—well, I would really appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone. I have too much to deal with at the moment,” I say in a voice so low I will be surprised if she actually listens.
But apparently she did, because she nods and puts a hand on one of my arms and gives it a gentle squeeze—which, again, does not feel as awkward as one would expect coming from her.
“Of course,” she responds. “It’s not my call to let people know. It’s yours, and yours only. Don’t worry about it.”
And with that, I mouth a thank you before exiting the ladies’ room, trying my best to forget everything that has happened today. It’s not even noon yet, and too much has already taken place. Perhaps Kerry is right: I really can do with a rest.
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pedantichunny · 3 hours ago
PRIDE MONTH LINKED UNIVERSE HEADCANNON, that I'm pretty sure only I have!
Wild is aromantic
You know how young lesbians pick men to be in love with to fit in? Yeah.
He's 'in love' with Mipha partly because he felt so shit after all the survivors guilt and blame pushed on to him due to Mipha dying and it being 'his fault' and she was in love with him and made him Zora armor, so he has to be in love with her back.
Partly because both Zelda and Papya are in love with him and hes very romance repulsed (not that he knows that) and needs an excuse to never be flirted with EVER without offending with them
And partly because he thinks that everyone feels love and the reason he hasn't fallen in love is because he was obviously in love with Mipha this whole time! Which also explains the interesting cocktail of painful emotions he feels any time he goes to Zora Domain.
Wilds ideal 'relationship' is living next door to his best friend (or with his best friend) and just vibing doing stuff together often.
50% chance he realizes hes aromantic bc Twi will not shut up about how in love he is with Midna, and how she broke his heart, while Wild just sits there thinking about how awful it would be to fall in love and then he realizes
Thank you for listening to my Aromatic headcannons
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i went to the doctor for a regular check-up and was casually served hard hitting truths like that apparently our generation is the most deprived of general life experiences since the post war generation... but did i ask
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munumono · 4 hours ago
A Poet's Poem . 03
Tumblr media
part 2
• Toji Fushiguro X Reader • part 3
• warnings: gun, stalker, blood, dark (just in case)
• I'm quacking 17 notes + 1 reblog am I dreaming
• Thank. You. So. Fruity. Much.
• Asking you for a virtual date
Tumblr media
"I love thee with a heart that shall not die, till the sun grows cold and the stars grow old."
You placed your cup on the table after taking a sip of your beverage. You looked at the man who asked you for a 'tea-coffee' invitation. You sighed at the thought of maybe being at home, making plans for a party night or just laying back and reading prose & poems, or binging on movies instead of having a morning date with a stranger; well, a stranger for now, at most.
"Are you feeling bored?" The man spoke interrupting your thoughts. You quickly shook your head signifying you didn't, but you did feel bored. "Don't worry, it's fine to feel bored." The man said with a genuine smile.
"Do you, do you have something important to do or to ask which involves me?" You spoke. "Just because, I did say no for this tea-coffee invitation of yours, but, you said you have something to show...may I know what is it?" You asked.
"Sure, but first, let me introduce thyself" Backing the chair a bit to stand, he stood up and slightly coughed to clear his voice, which was, apparently just a show off but we're going to let it pass. "Toji Fushiguro, the 'only' good looking staff and receptionist of The Lilies Hotel." He said.
To be honest, you really did find the 'only good looking' part a bit random and funny. You laughed a little. Staying on your seat, you introduced yourself. "Y/N, Y/N S/N."
"A name as pretty as the person!" He exclaimed placing himself onto the seat. You disagreed to that compliment as an act of politeness. "So..." You said. "Oh, I know I know, okay so, these are just few questions if you don't mind me asking." He said and waited for your permission and continued as soon as you gave one.
"Okay so, during the time the gun was with you, did anything strange happen? Like some unknown people happen to follow you or anything?" He questioned.
You thought for a second before replying, "Not really, it was all fine, except the gun. The gun really kept me terrified for days." You answered with a slight laugh towards the ending.
Toji nodded, trying to think of something which you apparently didn't have an idea of. "About the gun, where did you exactly find it?"
"In my bag, after I woke up on the bench outside a coffee shop. I don't really remember how I ended up there, but I kind of feel it's the same gun which I came across the night before; when it was laying under the lamppost on the street."
He nodded again. Staring at the table, he happen to figure out a conclusion. He seemed unsatisfied though. It was pretty hectic for him trying to find the gun for the past days. The gun belonged to him.
Under the mask of a charming staff working at this very hotel, he happened to be a part of something which he didn't want anyone to figure out, especially you. He lived a simple life, until the dusk.
Being an assassin paid him pretty well. The bigger the risk, the bigger the cheque. But the only thing which worried him the most was unintentionally getting people involved in his life, which might lead to things he was too scared to believe. He didn't want his 'after dusk life' to be the reason of someone's...death.
For this reason, he intentionally lose all his contacts with the people he was close with and, avoided being close to someone in the future. But with you, he has barely any choice. The gun along with other weapons he was provided by the very gang, was missing for weeks, making him pause all his assigned missions.
He couldn't let the Superiors know about this, it was risky. Not for him, but for the people he knew, as in colleagues. He leaned back on the chair, staring at the ceiling, multiple thoughts running in his head.
"Excuse me, but, are there anymore questions?" You asked. Snapping out of his thoughts, he looked at you. "Yeah, one last question." A playful smile appeared on his face. "Are you free tonight?" He asked.
You stared at the man for couple of seconds, not knowing what to answer. You definitely didn't want to say 'yes' but for the 'no', you were trying to figure out a proper excuse. Before you could speak, the man stood up exclaiming. "I will take the silence as a yes. Meet you at seven here, then. Enjoy your 'tea - coffee', I have to go get back at work. If you need something do inform me or anyone of the staffs. See you then." He finished his sentence with a wink which complimented his playful grin.
Tumblr media
Toji would definitely not want anyone to be involved in his life, but he asked you out for tonight. Undoubtedly, he wasn't doing it all just to impress you, but more of using you for his own very mission he had to pause because of his missing gun. Toji is a man of words. He will finish something he started in any way he can. He didn't know that finding the gun after weeks will also come with a gift, which was you.
Your unknown involvement in this situation made things a lot easier for him. And he wouldn't let the chance go. Even though, he kept his eyes on you if you also happen to be living a 'simple life till dusk ' like him and being a part of the opposite party who had almost caught him the night he lost his gun just in case. Can't let his guards down.
He was surprised you didn't recognize him after both of yours first encounter, or pretended not to. He did recognize you right after the moment he found out where his gun was residing. Noting your time of arrival and departure for work, and all other things just to figure out the best time he can ask you to return his gun.
Thinking you might freak out if he asks about it in person, sending a note was the only option he thought seemed normal. Adding a flower bouquet to it was his habit of 'perfection'.
Now as for how your involvement made things easier for Toji was only known to Toji himself. Whatever he does, but he won't let you get affected by his plan in any sort of way. In short, he will be using you but will be also protecting you which, somehow, doesn't seems to make sense.
Tumblr media
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verivr · 4 hours ago
Discord servers are truly host to some of the worst scum on earth I can't believe that there are kids who think it's a good website
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