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#me talking
etheralfemboy · 6 minutes ago
anyone have any tips with how to deal with ur bf not talking to u for two months straight even when u called them like every other day at minimum and is now submitting pictures to other peoples blogs but still hasnt talked to u
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ginnyweasely · 7 minutes ago
anyone have any good tv series recs?? i am bored out of my mind i need stuff to wATCH HELP 
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bronzetomatoes · 10 minutes ago
stfu i'm not going to leave the most diverse and accepting gaming community i've ever seen because your poorly written google doc with 4 year old twitter receipts told me that these young adults who play block game for a living are horrible awful people!!!!
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scentistmp3 · 15 minutes ago
i hope no one is ever afraid to send me asks or dms to talk about stuff not only can you ask me anything you can also just tell me anything. this blog is for all of us. i love talking to u guys
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I forgot how much fun it is to hang out with other queer people
Got scarred for life last night when a fight broke out amongst my friends - at the beach, no less - over who was an ‘Alpha’ and who was an ‘Omega’. 
I will never be more terrified of my 4′10′’ coworker than when she stared down her girlfriend and declared: “YOU’RE THE MOST OMEGA BOTTOM BITCH I’VE EVER MET!” 
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stinkrascal · 18 minutes ago
What age did brie meet elia? How long have they been friends?
i think brie is like two years younger than elia (see im two years younger than isa, and brie is my self-insert and elia is basically her self-insert so like ;-; shhh it works), and they met in high school! so brie was probably a freshman and elia was a sophomore/junior in high school when they met, so i'll say they met when brie was 14, and elia was 15, going on 16. that sounds about right!!!
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lorelaileighs · 19 minutes ago
have you ever watched a show and then later on found out that people ship two if the characters but that ship hadn’t even occurred to you while watching?? rb and tell me which ones in the tags I’m curious
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m2lily · 19 minutes ago
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catcze · 22 minutes ago
The letter arrives at the dead of night, in the mouth of a messenger bird. You take it from its beak and give the fowl a treat before sending it off again.
The letter has a small packet of seeds attached within. A red ribbon holds the letter together.
Beloved Catte,
I've taken your words to heart and have started a small garden on board the ship. Surprisingly, the crew enjoys it as much as I do. I think they're just happy to do something that isn't cleaning the deck.
I've sent you a few seeds to grow. (Even though I'm not sure how legal it is to grow non-native fruits where you are, but following laws have never been my strong suit I suppose.)
We've long since left the island, sailing eastwards. I'm always a bit nervous when heading there, as anything close to Inazuma always makes me nervous, but I trust Beidou. She's sailed this pathway many times and has never had any issues.
Still, I,
The next two sentences are scribbled out heavily, you can't make out the words if you tried.
Disregard that. I'm probably just being paranoid.
I'll be home in a few months, with any luck. I can't wait to see you again.
Keep holding onto that shell for me,
⠀[ This letter arrives in the early morning, as the dawn breaks and transforms into the day, delivered by a bird that has a small ribbon around it’s leg. Although the envelope smells like wind and sea from it’s long journey, when it’s opened, there’s a distinct scent of sweet vanilla. Aside from the slip of paper, there is also another weight inside–– a resin-cast red maple leaf, small enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand, with a small hole drilled into the resin and a durable red tie laced through it, long enough to fit around one’s neck. Under the light of the morning sun, the gift shines. ]
⠀My love, I hope this letter finds you well! Are you alright? It seems as if there’s something on your mind, if your last letter is anything to go by. If you have any worries, please feel free to tell me about them. You know that it’s never a bother to hear about your troubles, and it might ease your mind some.
⠀I’m glad to hear that my request has done you good in some way! I remember your fellow sailors complaining about how often they’ve eaten fish before when I used to visit you on the ship, so I hope they enjoy the variety of their meals then, haha. 
⠀The seeds that you’ve sent me seem to be doing fine as well–– They’re growing healthily, and seem to enjoy the sun. Thankfully, the authorities haven’t come knocking on my door quite yet, demanding that I hand over my newfound plant children, so I like to think that I’ve avoided any trouble with the law. 
⠀On a different note, I’ve found this pretty thing in a new stall in the market yesterday.I couldn’t help but think of you when I saw it, for obvious reasons, i just had to send it over. I actually drilled that hole in it and tied the string myself, so you can wear it near your heart and lessen the risk of it falling out of your pocket or hand, since I’m sure you’re quite busy. I hope you like it, Kazuha. Let it be a reminder of how much I care for you, dearest, and that I think of you always. 
⠀I hope this letter and gift from home alleviate your worries somewhat. Captain Beidou is a capable woman, and you have a mighty ship, so there is little cause for concern. But still, stay safe and remain vigilant, alright? I’ll be eagerly awaiting the day that I can greet you at the docks once more, no matter how long it may take. The shell you’ve gifted me is lovely, and holding it reminds me of you, but I still do miss holding your hand in mine. Please stay safe and well, dearest.
⠀––Catte 💞
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horrorxweasley · 22 minutes ago
Does it piss off anyone else that toys and gadgets that help people who need it concentrate become trends?
Like, i have fidget toys to keep me concentrated and calm but my school banned them because they became trends so i started to fail classes and i had to actually argue for weeks with teachers to convince them to allow me to have them.
And even now when i bring it up to people or some of my peers seen me with a fidget toy they would either say can i have a go, or laugh at me ”because they were popular ages ago and not anymore”
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th-alassa · 22 minutes ago
sometimes you gotta sit on your bed in your underwear, hair freshly bleached and blast some music loud enough to scare your neighbors
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