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#me rambling
transtilinski · 14 minutes ago
Sink,, hair,, ? Shaking?
Time to get sexed up by a formerly feral supernatural creature.
Stiles twists, leaning his back against the sink, and faces Peter.
“I buzzed my hair for you! Look at this? Where did all my hair go? It went with all the patience I had!”
It’s awfully tempting to kiss his knuckles in greeting instead of shaking hands.
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starlight-rats · 17 minutes ago
Very frustrating that dog foods dont offer trial sized bags by default. If Chiron reacts to this food that's coming what am I supposed to do with 30 entire pounds of food I cannot use?
#donate it of course but not many people want an open bag#im hoping going back to 30/20 puts some weight on him bc thats what he was on at his highest weight#hes specifically on a food for sensitive skin and delicate digestion rn#and the 30/20 flavor thats coming is one we dont have locally and has most of the same ingredients#but. it is not exactly the same 😬#we will see we will see#asdfghjkl also laugh with me. I'm putting the laziest dog in the world on sport dog food#chiron can muster his energy up for a good play session once a day or maybe a brisk 5 block walk before passing out for 20 hours#and. he will eat sport food. again. because if i cannot get him to eat more i must decrease the amount he needs to eat#so new food + desexing should hopefully strike a nice balance between his metabolism and calories obtained and how much he is willing to eat#hes such a sweet goof but i swear one day the stress he gives me will kill me.#dont worry tho! instead of not eating enough he just DOESNT eat full stop on other foods so i know he likes his current one#all the wait him out advice in the world will not help because he is absolutely willing to not eat for a week if he doesnt like the food#anyway this is just all stress rambling bc im nervous about new food and upcoming neuter#local farm and fleet start stocking salmon 30/20 challenge 🔪🔪🔪#hmm. it says all life stages so. if chiron wont eat it or if he reacts to it i technically could give it to Jason#but. i would rather keep him on his puppy food because i worry about everything all the time
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hearts1ck · 22 minutes ago
God why is he so hot. Puppy, i feel like he'd be in control until he actually gets to fuck you and then he's a mess as he says you're the best he's got, who cares if your brother is sleeping in the living room, you can be quiet, right little one?
i. . ./s,m,mcluds, ,, i . i. i. ok thats it i can’t take it anymore
im assuming from the last line we’ve just all collectively agreed foolish is ur older brother’s best friend which is [brain being microwaved noises] so what does this mean for you. that means he’s flirting and messing with you all day and ur like. home from college during the summer n he’s teasing you constantly, when ur brother walks into ur room just to stare at you and leave, foolish follows right behind and bodies the bed (and maybe even you), pulls shit just to get ur attention like spraying himself and then you with water while watering plants for your mom, pushing you into the local pool,,, but then also. maybe he brings you stupid lil snack breakfasts in bed and lets you sleep in and just kinda lays there talking softly with you while you chew on the pop tarts he gave you.
so maybe later – one some things lead to other things and hes got his strong arms guiding you back into your bed and pressing you close and going from cool-headed to desperate in the matter of seconds,, n he’s just grunting and whining from behind you with a loose hand over your panting mouth because even despite the way he’s struggling with composure you’re getting loud. “shh, shh, dont want him to hear, right?” and he’s praising you for trying, tries to be nice until he whispers a dark little “wouldn’t want him seeing how quick you’d open up for his best friend, right?” n then u kinda lose it for real.
maybe you switch from your parents house to his and your brothers apartment and you just. can’t resist messing around but you dont want to fuck up his sheets too much so he holds you down for real, you can feel his strength with every shift of him against you, and he slicks up your thighs and fucks them while he plays with you, groans into your hair and shoves fingers in your mouth,, or even covers your face with the inside bend of his arm to muffle you and says something like, “thought you could be quiet,” while you whimper and tighten your thighs around him,,
and when you have to go back to your separate colleges,, maybe he takes a pair of your underwear to remember you by ..,.,fdjskld???? just something he can jerk off to with one of those wiry thick arms
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waterloosunset17 · 32 minutes ago
I wanna dance like a Drunk Dad with Harry Styles. I wanna twirl him around our kitchen at three am. I wanna attempt to dip him and fall on top of him laughing when I inevitably drop him.
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flowersforone · 41 minutes ago
Just rewatched EP 163 of Inuyasha and it struck me as so odd that it's never shown or even implied that Miroku comforts Sango after everything that happens. It's so out of character for him not to because at that point in the story they're already engaged. It doesn't have to be explicitly shown, but it could be implied by having them walk off together or something. It's really jarring because this is right after the Zushi Nezumi arc where Miroku comforts Sango. I know it's just a filler episode and it's not about them as a couple, but it's still painfully out of character. One of the main characteristics of their relationship is that, he's there for her when she needs emotional support. In the manga this is something that's always consistently shown, and idk I wish the anime were the same. These two are one of my all time otps, and I just want to see the bad ass demon slayer get comforted by her emotional support monk.
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otakushrew · 52 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Made my Fairy Ranmaru OC! First drawing I’ve done in ages! and I’m really glad it turned out well in spite of things! I’ve never really done side views, and there’s also the challenge of doing the eyes like the source material. I used markers and colored pencils here, and since the scanner here at home is finicky I stuck with the time-honored tactic of snapping a pic on my phone and sending it to my pc.
Sakuya is the Class Rep for 2-A! Ranmaru’s classmate. A friendly, easygoing gal who describes herself as “a smooth-brain Martial Artist”. Her hobbies include video games (closet Otome fan), anime, cosplay, eating sweets, and things generally categorized as physical activity. (i.e. Training, parkour, slack-lining, and Iaido.)
She’s friendly with everyone, but some will note that it’s almost like a means to keep her distance from people. She knows a fair thing or two about how people think and act, but she doesn’t think she can manage socializing with most people her own age. The only genuine friend she has is one who’s been with her since childhood.
Very few people know, however, that the calm hides a storm. One of the teachers has taken an unhealthy interest in her friend. In theory, one well-earned beating would straighten things out, but that’s not gonna end well and she knows it. This is Et Fran de Muse Academy, after all, the school “with no dark side at all”. Who’s to say any accusation, no matter how well backed-up by evidence, will be heard? Sakuya swore to protect her friend no matter what, and this powerlessness she feels is killing her on the inside.
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official-flower-consultant · 52 minutes ago
guess you’ll just have to keep playing my games bestie/wife 😋
oooo also very pretty color and amazing dream story ♥️ also that was w i l d i bet you had a fun time analyzing that one
i’m like about to pass out so more challenge tomorrow after school so here’s tonight’s finial question in light of your story whats the w e i r d e s t or most memorable dream you’ve had??? (or if they’re different why not share both😋)
also amazing new tag and i think you’ve just earned yourself a few more funky new tags for when you next decide to manifest in my ask box
GOOD NIGHT IHSAP!!!! and may our little game continue tomorrow ♥️
Talking about my estranged dreams I’ve written down my beloved.... sO here’s a weird one:
I was in English class and the seating was confusing for some reason but that wasn’t the important part. The important part was that everyone kept insulting me and eventually I was sent up to this weird mountain we all apparently lived on (???). But uh oh there was some sort of mountain god of death thingy that decided to trap me in a cage.
The mountain god was like “All my followers hate you” and I thought that was very rude. I explained that I didn’t do anything to them. Luckily the mountain god was understanding and decided to let me go on the condition that I beat it in a fistfight.
Anyway I lost but it let me go anyway.
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boytouya · an hour ago
THE EMOJI?? THANK YOU BESTIE this calls for a cloud fancam
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heriticklish · 2 hours ago
Laptop crashed and I lost all the progress on the Axel comic, so that’s fun.
I guess I’ll introduce you to these two instead??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These are O and Shoal! They have no relation to each other or any other characters, but I made them both while I was gone and they have my whole heart. You guys can feel free to ask questions about or to these two as well! 
Yes they are both ticklish
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valisandre · 2 hours ago
Writing Update
I’m not sure how many are still following me these days for my writing, since it’s been pretty sparse for the last couple of years. 
2019 was a rough year for me personally, I suffered a miscarriage after trying for a long time for a second child, and then giving up. Since then, especially so with the pandemic, things have been just... wild. 
I have started writing again, and I am in the process of finishing the final chapters for Of Love and Mages (Khadgar/Female OC), Corruption of Men (Khadgar/Lothar), Stay for  You (Khadgar/Lothar shadowlands fic) and Whatever It Takes; Break the Chains (Khadgar/Lothar abo fic)
As much as it pains me to say this, once I have finished with my current Liontrust WIPs I will no longer be starting any new works for that particular ship. I’m saddened that my muse has dried up for those two, as they were what got me into writing in the first place, but I am tapping a dry well and it’s not fair to keep beating myself up when there are other things I want to venture into writing. 
I hope that with my new works, people will take a look at them and see what more I have to offer with other ships I post for. 
I love you all. 
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waterinathermostat · 2 hours ago
🎥📺👾??- 💐 Flower Anon (I hope you had a good day today ☺️☺️)
🎥 - This one is tough cuz I have a lot of favorites but The Half of It broke me and put me back together in a way I’ll never get over and I love it so much
📺 - This one is tough too. Animation wise (without counting movies) probably Jujutsu Kaisen. But for like. Plot/story? Nana. Hands down. Makes me cry every time I watch it but in a good way
👾- okay hear me out I don’t think there’s aliens out there like us. Like. Mass Effect aint gonna happen. But there’s probably like plants or bugs or fish or something out there, the universe is hella big there’s gotta be. So maybe not like. Guys in flying saucers but there’s gotta be something
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washingmachinecrocs · 3 hours ago
ok ok. thoughts on today's to your eternity episode:
- A. A Afgjdn AAA A *sobbing*
- MARCH.... she had so much left to live im. im ok hold on give me a minute. ok
- girlboss parona
- hayase is so. so fucked up yet i can't bring myself to dislike her idk way
- on the other hand the narrator said in the preview that fushi will learn to talk and im actually a bit disappointed about that..... i was OVERJOYED at having a mute protagonist and now :( nvm i guess
- i cried again and it's only episode 5 oh my god i don't think i'll survive this show
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