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#me included
princekirijo · 3 hours ago
As much as I really like Sae as a character I wish she was held accountable for at least half the shit she does before her change of heart.
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wonhostiddymilk · 3 hours ago
toji fushiguro big tiddy mousepad
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jackalopefreckles · 7 hours ago
Its not fair how many people I know who have always had to be the bigger person with their parents
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defness · 9 hours ago
I will admit she got me too. She's so pretty, why did they have to make her so pretty!? AAA
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teawithswift · 14 hours ago
i finally got a switch and animal crossing but the craze has died out here
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c0rnerkid · 15 hours ago
7, 18, 29, 35 and 49! <3
7. What was your first word as a child (that wasn’t a variation of “Mom” or “Dad”)?
i dont know, my parents didnt keep track of that :( the curse of being the youngest child
18. What’s that one TV show that you’re a little bit embarrassed to watch but you still like nonetheless?
H2O just add water.... its bad.... but i have rewatched it so many times... its my comfort show
29. Who’s your go-to musical artist when you’re feeling upbeat?
probably abba tbh ^-^ i have a whole upbeat playlist of all kinds of different artist though so i wouldnt just listen to them
35. You have to get one meme tattooed on your body, what meme is it and where does it go?
i would put the minimalistic loss on my ankle simply so that people would notice i have a tattoo there and once they looked closer they would just. see loss. and hate me
49. What’s something that you don’t have a picture of that you wish you did?
probably me with my grandpa dads side, grandma moms side and aunt dads side. they all died in the past three years and i have next to no pictures of grown up me with them
thank you tanja! idk what it is about these numbers but i think theyre really pleasing together. they fit well
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shadows-of-1832 · 23 hours ago
🔬- The Bones AU
Was there one scene you were building up to/knew you had to get just right?
Of what’s been posted so far, has to be the second-to-last scene from “The Archangel in the Ash,” where Enjolras’ father makes his appearance. For me, I sort of struggled with this lead up partially because I diverted from how it’s done in the show. While the twist in the show is well-done (in my opinion at least), I couldn’t quite picture Fortier doing the same thing, which is sort of how Charlie got pulled into everything as well. 
The storyline involving Charlie’s background stemmed from a long-abandoned fic in which I never even got far enough into to even introduce his character. He gets sucked into the unravelling of everything that Enjolras, Eponine, and everyone did when he gets used as a messenger, something that Fortier may or may have not done on purpose in order to keep an eye on everything going on and not necessarily being certain how “accessible” the paper trail has become. 
How the “reunited” scene played out went a bit different than I initially planned. One thing I felt needed to happen was Enjolras not seeing Marchand’s demise, and initially how I saw this was Enjolras taking cover in the bathroom with the unconscious Thatcher. But while working on it, that didn’t seem right for Enjolras’ character, to simply cower away at the order of someone who’s a stranger to him. Had it been Eponine giving the order to hide and not his father, he may have listened depending on the variables. Enjolras has a limited trust of Fortier, enough to know he's not going to kill him, but not enough to where he's comfortable following any commands from him, especially with everything that's been hidden all those years. Enjolras getting shot and blacking out, was the only way I could see Enjolras being in the same room but not seeing Marchand’s death.
There are other things I’m slowly working with to happen in this AU  3 or 4 years down the line from “The Archangel in the Ash” that I’m quite excited for that are more Enjonine-centric. Hopefully I’ll get to them some day, but there’s still a bit to get through first before those scenes happen.
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effexors · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tagged by mia <3 @dykemulcahy
pictures 2 describe u from ur camera roll
tagging @charden , @greghircsh , @george-louis-costanza , and anyone else if u wanna this is ur sign to do it
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wittlefuckpet · a day ago
You’re insanely pretty — and so is your blog.
Hope you’re having a wonderful night <3
Thank youuuu 😣😣😣
You as well for all three things 💕
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anxietylord · a day ago
I feel like with a fandom that has SO many years of canon and so many different canons it’s so hard for me to decide what goes into a fic and what doesn’t. It can be really discouraging when I find something I like from a different canon but I’ve already written 40k of a fic and can’t go back and rewrite it, this is why I end up abandoning fics I love working on, it just gets too overwhelming
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isthisyoughurt · a day ago
One does not simply simp for fictional war criminals withouth having issues
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