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#mdzs fanfiction
the-winter-senpai · 8 hours ago
The Latin American fandom of MDZS/The Untamed is wild.
These people seem to think the Junior quartet are annoyed/disgusted by Wei Wuxian and would even go so far as to bully him when this whole ass man saved these kids' lives several times.
It makes noise in my head that they'd think these kids (specially Sizhui) would talk shit about their senior when it's more than obvious that they think "If Hanguang Jun loves him then he must be good so we love him too" like did we watch the same show? Are we into the same story? Am I reading something wrong?
And I don't want to create discourse there because some people are super rude and I'm honestly tired of discourse. But seriously, stop making these wonderful teenagers that love their senior into these hateful little shits that want him dead for the sake of writing sad fanfiction, it's not even in character!
I'm pissed 😡
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rosethornewrites · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
From the next chapter of “the thing with feathers.”
“He’s regained a few memories, but you can practically count them on your fingers,” she told her. “The adoption was my idea.”
“What of Cangse Sanren?” her friend asked softly, her voice uncertain.
“She’s dead, and as it turns out Fengmian cared more about the death of his sworn brother. The boy never deserved my vitriol, A-Hong, even if my husband once cared for his mother.”
Jin Hongzhen looked thoughtful at that, and Yu Ziyuan hoped she’d assuaged her concerns.
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A Wangningxian fic
12k words
Summary:  Lan Wangji and Wei Ying are going on a hunt, and Wen Ning is just happy that they have asked him to come along, even if sometimes they seem to forget that he is there at all. He can just fade into the background and act as muscle when needed right? His plans are slightly derailed when his friends step into a hidden array and become... pocket sized.
Tags: Case Fic, Curses Graphic, Description of Corpses, Humor, Getting Together, Post-Canon, Shrinking, mdzs reverse big bang
My second entry for the MDZS Reverse Big Bang! Based on art by Bee ( @astronocria ) and beta’d by Missyriver!
my wangningxian agenda never sleeps lol.... 
I am never writing a case fic again, those parts of the fic were AGONY. People who write long case fics on the regular are the cornerstone of fandom and honestly they scare me a bit now.
But hey I tried to be funny! Come and read. Leave comments and kudos. And REBLOG this, please!
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middayfiddler · 2 days ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù, 魔道祖师 | Módào Zǔshī (Cartoon) Rating: Mature Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Relationships: Sòng Lán | Sòng Zǐchēn/Xiǎo Xīngchén Characters: Song Lan | Song Zichen, Xiao Xingchen, Xue Yang | Xue Chengmei, Wei Ying | Wei Wuxian Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Time Travel, Time Loop, Non-Linear Narrative, Canon-Typical Violence, Implied Sexual Content, Angst with a Happy Ending, More Novel Compliant, First Time, Angst, One-sided Song Lan/Xue Yang Summary:
It is the sixth time – or fourteenth, or twenty-seventh, lost in his pointless count – that he finds himself content, happy even. He remembers Xingchen’s face, his lips and fingers and scent. As long as the time returns in the vicious, punishing circle, he is never to forget them.
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xxfanfictionmasterxx · 2 days ago
Feather Light pt2
Lan Wangji x [F]Nie!Reader
Summary: Peaceful or not so peaceful days of the Cloud Recess lectures spent reading together while Wangji prays he won’t get gray hairs from the stress Wuxian brings (continues to adulthood times)
•18 Jun 2021•
Tumblr media
(Y/N) stood with her arms crossed as she let out a sigh. She watched as her brother was dragged into yet another one of Wei Wuxian’s mischievous plans. It was a miracle he hadn’t been thrown out yet.
“(Y/N)?” Jiang Yanli said a bit worried from her spot at the table.
“Nothing.” She said as she turned her back to the problem boys. “I’m happy my brother has made friends but why did they have to be the most mischievous boys in all of China?” She plopped down opposite of Yanli with a huff. She laid her head against the cold table with a slight whine. Yanli giggled at her before putting a bowl of soup next to her head.
“Here.” She gave her a spoon as she sat up. “Don’t worry, they’re not that bad.”
“Easy for you to say! They’re your brothers, you have to like them.” She muttered away as she ate the soup. The two young ladies ate their soup and drank their tea while chatting. A light knock on the gate got their attention.
“Wangji? Come!” She smiled and waved to him to come and join them. Lan Wangji swiftly made his way to stand by the table.
“You know, you don’t have to keep me company.” Yanli said, urging (Y/N) to go with Wangji. (Y/N) nodded with a smile before the two left on their daily walk.
The days of the Cloud Recesses consisted, easily enough, of We Wuxian getting in trouble and bringing Jiang Cheng and Nie Huaisang with him on his mischievous ideas. Wangji was appointed to watch Wuxian copy the house rules every day after their lessons so (Y/N) spent a lot of time reading in the library to offer her silent support to her friend as he had to endure the energetic boy. Wuxian would tease Wangji at every opportunity he got about him and (Y/N). And Huaisang watched miserably as his sister “wasted her time” around the “stiff Lan Wangji” instead of doing something fun with him and his new friends or getting to know Jiang Yanli. Not that the two girls hadn’t spent time together and become friends, it was just she had found a comfortable calm when she spent time with Wangji.
Wangji sat at the middle table doing his work as Wuxian sat a bit away, copying the Lan house rules.
“Mmn.” The sudden conversation made Wuxian look up at Wangji, seeing (Y/N) emerge from the many shelves behind him. She sat down next to Wangji as she spoke to him, his gaze flicking from her face to the open book she was holding. Wuxian smirked to himself as he watched the otherwise stiff and brooding Lan Wangji. He didn’t care to listen in on their conversation, instead opting to draw the scene unfolding before him.
(Y/N) sat with her back leaning against Wangji’s shoulder as he wrote. Neither suspecting a thing of what Wuxian was up to this time.
“Wangji-Xiong. Lan Wangji.” (Y/N) could hear Wei Wuxian trying to grab Wangji’s attention. He, of course, ignored him. She tried hiding her smile as she continued with her book. “Lan Zhan!” Wuxian burst out making (Y/N) jump in her seat, closing her book. She looked over her shoulder at the two.
“You two...” She sighed as Wangji glared up at Wuxian.
“Don’t look at me like that.” He backed away reluctantly. “You didn’t react when I called you.” He pouted.
“Ah-“ (Y/N) pouted as she looked between the boys. “Excuse you, I’ve known him far longer than you have. Show some respect!” She turned to face them in her seat. She swatted her book at Wuxian before Wangji grabbed it. The scene soon got out of hand and Wangji ended up storming out of the library. (Y/N) glared at Wuxian as he tried to catch his breath from laughing too hard. She sighed before she stood up to follow Wangji.
“A-Ah, wait! You can call me Wei Ying too.” He smiled sheepishly. She shook her head in disbelief.
“I only tolerate you because didi likes you.” She said before leaving.
(Y/N) wandered the Cloud Recesses aimlessly for a while, thinking it was better to let Wangji cool his head alone for a while.
“Ah, lady (Y/N).” Lan Xichen smiled as he greeted her after noticing her walking closer.
“Sect leader.” She smiled as she vowed bus he caught her arm to stop her bowing.
“Please, we’ve known each other long enough and you’re a close friend of Wangji. There’s no need.” He smiled kindly at her.
“Apparently not as close as I thought...” She sighed as she shrugged her shoulders.
“That Wei Wuxian is now running around calling him Lan Zhan to annoy him. But I can’t tell if he really dislikes it.”
“Then maybe he wants you to call him that too?” Xichen smirked as her as her eyes widened.
“Really...? You think so?” She doubted that were the case.
“I know my brother well.” Was all he said before he excused himself.
Tumblr media
Taglist open
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satan-chillin · 2 days ago
Hereafter (3/7)
Wei Wuxian is sent off of Cloud Recesses, bade by his fathers to “have fun and make friends” which, now that he thinks about it, sounds like a gross oversimplification of what the next six months away from home will entail.
If he happens to form unlikely connections, start a matchmaking, and gets unwittingly involved in the presently strained political state of the cultivation world, those are just par for the course.
Chasing after one of the famed Twin Jades of Lan, however, is an added bonus.
(Or, WWX was sent to Gusu by his fathers Wen Kexing & Zhou Zishu)
Part 2 of Spirited Away Series. Part 1 here.
Also available in Ao3. Hereafter Chapter 1, 2
The scowl Jiang Wanyin was throwing at him was really uncalled for.
“Is that face supposed to be anger on my behalf or...”
Jiang Wanyin scoffed. “You wish. You’re obviously in the wrong here.”
Wei Wuxian was tempted to smack him if his back wasn’t aching (and itching) as hell. He rolled his eyes. “Throw me in the ditch, will you. At least Nie-xiong thinks—ow!”
“Don’t move much,” came Nie Huaisang’s warning from the other side before dabbing a wet cloth at his back. Wei Wuxian was pretty sure they were both wincing. “And, well, you were guilty for taking the sacred Lan forehead ribbon, Wei-xiong.”
“Fine,” Wei Wuxian grumbled. “In my defense, I didn’t know it’s that important. Are those ribbons made from special silk or something?”
“It has always been part of their tradition,” Jiang Wanyin said, crossing his arms unrepentantly. “Even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else outside their sect, we respect that as their guests.”
Chastised, Wei Wuxian pouted but did not retort. He understood Jiang Wanyin’s point, and he could imagine a-die’s disapproval that he might have taken it a little too far. Wei Wuxian let the matter go. “Fine, that’s on me, but I didn’t start the fighting!”
He was certain that he had planned to get some air the previous evening to lull his bones to sleep. He’d been delighted, in fact, when Lan Zhan had pulled up short, though he seemed to have gotten it in his head that Wei Wuxian was due for a punishment and not even the fun kind. All that for sleeping late as if Lan Zhan hadn’t been doing the very same thing, and pointing it out broke a bit of that surface calm that had Wei Wuxian defending himself the next moment (or trying not to get hauled, really).
The ruckus and noise that followed resulted in… this.
He hadn’t been disciplined this bad since a-die had him running twenty laps around the manor. He was also sure that the only one suffering was him; Lan Zhan being a Lan was definitely used to this, though he would have to have been unruly himself to develop a thick skin to withstand the strikes.
Wei Wuxian was hard-pressed not to think too much of a porcelain back lined with red—er, not in present company, at least.
“What’s that expression for?” Jiang Wanyin asked haltingly.
“Heh. Wouldn’t you like to know?”
“That better not be another trouble in your mind. Look, carrying you back once is enough. I’m not looking forward to doing that again.”
“Speak for yourself. Nie-xiong can carry me.”
“Ah.” NIe Huaisang chuckled nervously. “I’m not exactly as strong as Wanyin to do it often, Wei-xiong.”
“Pft. You’re just jealous you’re not the one being tended right now.”
“What’s that supposed to—A-jie!”
Wei Wuxian found enough energy to turn around towards the ajar door and found a young woman entering with a tray of food that smelled delectable. Jiang Wanyin closed the door behind her and helped her down to where he previously sat.
“Good morning, Young Master Wei. I apologize for barging in like this, but I heard what happened from A-Cheng and thought to bring some soup over,” she said kindly. “It’s a shame that we haven’t been introduced before. My name is Jiang Yanli.”
Wei Wuxian hid a grimace as he sat up and pulled his thin robe over. It wouldn’t do to appear indecent in front of a young lady. He bowed as low as he could. “It’s an honor to meet Maiden Jiang, even if this one is unfit for the company of a maiden.”
He knew he liked Maiden Jiang when she returned his smile brightly, waving off his apology before serving him a bowl of what she called lotus soup. “I’m guessing the three of you haven’t had the morning meal,” she addressed the three of them. “I made enough for us.”
Jiang Wanyin wasn’t exaggerating when he had called his elder sister good-natured, and it was clear why he loved and admired her greatly. She reminded Wei Wuxian of shijie Xiaolian, in fact, with both their caring and motherly nature. She closely treated Nie Huaisang like another younger brother, and based on how concerned she was over Wei Wuxian’s back and empathetic of his situation, she was probably considering him as a new addition.
Wei Wuxian wouldn’t mind, to be honest, but Jiang Wanyin probably would.
“Don’t spoil him much, A-jie,” he reminded her once she began peeling lotus seeds for Wei Wuxian. “He can move his hands.”
“I don’t mind,” Jiang Yanli told him gently. “A friend of A-Cheng is my friend too. Besides, this is the first time I’ve met the person you speak highly of.”
Wei Wuxian snickered at the sudden red on Jiang Wanyin’s cheeks. “Aiya, Jiang-xiong, you never told me,” he couldn’t resist teasing. He inclined his head. “You know, I never quite figured out why you seemed opposed to me spending time with Nie-xiong before, but I think I know now why.”
“If the next thing that will come out of your mouth is another nonsense you can forget it,” Jiang Wanyin replied shortly before offering to clean up and marching out with the dirty dishes. Nie Huaisang excused himself, muttering about fetching another basin of warm water but following Jiang Wanyin’s direction.
Maiden Jiang smiled impishly after them, eyes alight with something like a secret only she was privy of. Once left alone with her, Wei Wuxian stood, not without difficulty, and set about making a pot of tea for her. She looked startled and was about to protest about not needing to be served but thought better of it once she considered their new distance where she now sat across from him. If it was even possible, her ever-present smile softened. She thanked him, both for the cup of tea and his thoughtfulness.
“A-Cheng can be prickly to most,” she began conversationally, “but he’s a good person who finds it hard to express himself. Before, he only had A-Sang who was determined not to be shaken off. I’m glad he has you now too.”
Wei Wuxian grinned toothily then sighed, feigning disappointment. “To be fair, Maiden Jiang, when he told me about you, I thought he wasn’t actually picturing his sister,” he mock-whispered. “Now, though, I understand that you racked up all the patience and left him a sour grape.”
Her clear tinkling laugh was infectious. “I suppose that makes him more suitable for our colors,” she jested. “But you haven’t seen A-Cheng with his dogs, Young Master Wei. He loves them dearly, and they’re his first friends. They must be missing him as much as he misses them.”
“Ah, dogs,” Wei Wuxian repeated weakly. They must be as nice as Maiden Jiang, and Jiang Wanyin, thought of them, but he couldn’t help but repress a shudder. “Are they… cute?” he asked lamely.
“They are. Energetic and very cuddly too.” Maiden Jiang—bless her soul—did not point out the abrupt awkwardness. “I love them as well, but I find that I’m partial to cats. A-sang once brought one with him from Qinghe when he visited us.”
Cats were alright, he thought. There had been a female tabby that his shixiong liked to feed and had shown Wei Wuxian her kittens when he was a child. It had been one of his early memories in the manor, and he told as much to Maiden Jiang who happily listened about his childhood at Four Seasons. It was likely that she knew as much as her brother, though she made no mention of it, telling him instead about her days as a little girl in Lotus Pier and how she had taken up culinary, learning from the head of the kitchen who had been like a grandmother to her.
“Young Master Wei,” she said, “I’d prefer it if you call me Yanli.”
“Only if you call me A-Xian.”
“Very well… A-Xian.”
Although he was a little better, Wei Wuxian was embarrassingly waddling come afternoon. To make matters worse, he had the misfortune to come across some sniggering peers who followed a haughty-looking young master who barely spared Wei Wuxian a glance before walking the path without pause.
Unexpectedly, though, Jiang Wanyin took a minute to properly greet the young master who merely acknowledged it with a curt nod. Rude.
Wei Wuxian raised an eyebrow. Jiang Wanyin simply muttered, “Prancing peacock.”
“You know him?”
“Who doesn’t?” He rolled his eyes. “Right. That’s Jin Zixuan.”
“I gathered as much,” came the dry reply. Wei Wuxian had made it his mission to memorize as many names as he was able, and he had started with the names of the heirs of the major sects. “I never thought you knew him personally since I’ve never seen him with you or Nie-xiong. I guess you sect heirs have an inner circle.”
“Would’ve been better if we only knew each other in passing,” Jiang Wanyin huffed. Annoyed, he supplied, “He’s A-jie’s betrothed.”
Wei Wuxian blinked at the direction where Jin Zixuan and his lackeys disappeared to. “Huh.”
He had only met Yanli earlier, but already he felt a protectiveness toward her; such a lovely and kind person better be treasured by her future spouse.
Wei Wuxian’s eyes darted once he caught sight of white from his periphery. He noticed Zewu-jun approaching, smiling. “Young Master Wei, Young Master Jiang.”
He could only return the greeting in embarrassment. He hoped that smile wasn’t a dig at his state; after all, he did commit what must have been comparable to a crime to his younger brother.
Gods, that sounded dirty.
Lan Xichen, blissfully unaware of what was going on inside Wei Wuxian’s head, said, ”I honestly did not expect to see you moving about today, but I’m glad to see you well enough to walk.” As if sensing Wei Wuxian wanting to say that it hurt all over, he added, sounding apologetic. “Uncle is strict, but his punishment is worse than necessary. It can take you a week and a half to completely heal.”
Wei Wuxian internally winced. While he wasn’t overly enthusiastic with the lectures—oh, he loved learning, and, truly, that was the only thing motivating him to wake up early and tolerate Lan Qiren’s droning voice—he really didn’t need the dent on his studies.
“I’ll let you know of a place that will help you heal faster so you won’t fall behind in your schooling,” Lan Xichen said. “Nonetheless, I’m pleased to see that Young Master Wei is being taken care of by his friends.”
“It’s kind of Nie-xiong to tend my wounds,” Wei Wuxian said happily. “Young Master Jiang might be getting a little fed up, but I admire his patience, and because of him I get to know Maiden Jiang and her cooking.” He nodded sagely, completely aware of Jiang Wanyin’s growing embarrassment. “I also believe that he’s waiting for me to heal to beat my ass for getting spoiled by his sister and Nie-xiong.”
It was funny how Jiang Wanyin struggled between wanting to throttle him and smack his back and debating whether it was worth it to do either or both in front of the esteemed Zewu-jun.
The place Lan Xichen mentioned was a stream by the backhills, easy to miss with the light mist that surrounded it. A cold soak could be what he needed.
Wei Wuxian ambled by the bank, untying his belt but stopped when he caught movement in the water. He squinted.
It was Lan Zhan. Naked from waist up.
“What are you doing here?”
He was also murderously glaring at him.
“Zewu-jun told me about this place.” Wei Wuxian cleared his throat, his eyes admittedly lingering at the expanse of skin that seemed to go on indefinitely… and where angry red marks marred his back. As someone who was inflicted with the same punishment, Wei Wuxian knew it was as bad as it felt.
He reached for his sleeve, taking out a small pouch. “Believe me when I say I didn’t know—” He fell silent. He wasn’t planning to return it this soon; later, maybe, after his bath. “I shouldn’t have snatched your ribbon. I’m sorry.”
A flurry of pale cloth completely hid Lan Zhan’s torso from his sight, though he still refused to turn in Wei Wuxian’s direction. He sighed, removing the fan from his waist and propping his sword by a rock. Hesitantly, Wei Wuxian dipped his toe on the water, shivering at the frigid contact.
His soaked robes weighed him down as he trudged further into the cold water, slowing at the progressively slippery smooth stones under his bare feet. He bit his lip, grateful that Lan Zhan’s back was on him or else he’d see how utterly ungraceful he was just to reach him.
“Here,” he said awkwardly, extending the pouch. Lan Zhan determinedly ignored him, though there was an unmistakable pinking at the tip of his ears. Not knowing what to make of it, Wei Wuxian clicked his tongue and clarified, “I have your ribbon inside.” He frowned suddenly, feeling an odd shift in the water. “Wait. Lan Zhan, do you feel that?”
As soon as the words left him, a strong current took him by his ankles, dragging him underwater, and Wei Wuxian knew no more.
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sugarandspiceyandere · 3 days ago
Yandere Nie Huaisang Headcanons
These are my interpretations of his persona and none of these are 100% accurate. I don’t condone any of these actions in real life and all of this is purely fictional. (Also with this my Inbox is cleared out! So idk request smth if you want)
Tumblr media
Okay but tell me why I saw this damn show and was all invested and at the end, he turns out to be behind everything. When I tell you I was beyond shook, it really IS the quiet ones huh. Anyway’s recap for those who don’t know or forgot, Nie Huaisasng (also this is based on the anime and Drama I am still reading the novel) is the youngest brother of Nie Mingjue who is FINE ASF in the anime. He is quite intelligent but has a lot of limitations when it comes to cultivations and studying because he easily gets bored and it’s really not his thing. He relies a lot on his older brother who is the head of the clan and is a good strategic leader with great battle experience. Very loyal and loves his brother a lot, since he created an elaborate scheme that placed many in danger just for it to be revealed. Anyway, let’s get on with the analysis.
In any media (drama or anime), his group was Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng. Though he didn’t get into too much trouble (aside from drinking late at night with Wei Wuxian), he clung a lot to them. Often telling stories and going on and on about his brother and their clan. It was a great friendship and he was always depending on them. I see that with his S/O, regardless of the time or if you met at Gusu or at the Unclean Realm or somewhere else. He’d probably act very shy at first, but once a conversation starts and a friendship blooms, you’d be in his sights. If he needs something, he'll go to you for help. Does he want to talk? You. Advice? You. He's constantly around you because he's just so clingy. When he loses his brother he's in shambles and powerless to do much, but you'll be there to listen and help him expose his brother's killer and all his crimes.
Possessive and Obsessive? For sure. He doesn't want a repeat of what happened with his brother but at the same time you're just so precious he can't lose you. He isn't at all that strong and he knows that, but that doesn't mean he can't do something about it. He's possessive because you're the only thing that brings him comfort and solace. Does he have an unhealthy issue with clinging to people? Yes but shit bitch me too. The obsession starts because he's interested but it turns to blackmail information which you guessed. Manipulation.
He's Manipulative and that's that. Literally, SPOILERS BTW he managed to get Jin Ling trapped to guide Wei Wuxian and Lan Wanji to make connections about his brother and the arm. Mo Xuanyu, the kid he told about the ritual and kinda pushed him to it? Lying to Lan Xichen that Jin Guangyao moved to result in his death? This mofo has done a lot more that’s for sure. I see him as the type to get blackmail information and threaten you with it without saying or confronting you. Dropping subtle hints that you should tread carefully or else. Gaslight? Being overbearing and making you think he can’t do anything? All of the above. He’ll break you down only to bring you back up. A cycle that’s neverending. Would he put others in harm's way for you? Yes, he would. The biggest thing with him is that NOBODY suspected him of anything. In that sense, he is capable of so much more. He’ll cling to you to make you stay with him and help him, he’ll spread rumors and inform you of ‘information’ to make you doubt your peers and others. Why would he lie? He’s so sweet and a bit clumsy. Doesn’t know that much as well, he means no harm he’s just scared, paranoid, and on alert.
Danger level? 7/10. It’s the manipulation, the fact that he will make it so you never know. You will never know it’s him unless he says something or you catch him in the act. While he physically may not be able to do much, he has a huge advantage over you mentally and should not be taken lightly. He isn’t that high because he can’t hold a reign over you physically, but mentally he does. It doesn’t matter what you do because you’ll fall for it all the time.
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noppoh · 3 days ago
Title: Finding Loyalty
Fandom: Mo Dao Zu Shi / The Untamed
Pairing: Jiang Cheng x Jin Zixuan
Rating: M
Status: Ongoing, Chapter 9/? posted
Word Count Chapter: 5.257
Word Count Story: 47.536      
Summary Story:
Wei Wuxian, vilified as the Yiling  Patriarch, is invited to Jiang Yanli’s and Lan Xichen’s wedding. Jin Zixun takes the excuse to ambush him and Jin Zixuan arrives to mediate. When the Ghost General loses control, Wei Wuxian pushes Jin Zixuan to  the side and takes the brunt of Wen Ning’s attack.
What follows is a desperate attempt to save him and prevent the cultivational world from fully turning against him.   A story in which Jiang Cheng is his usual, snappy self, Jin Zixuan opens his eyes to what’s really going on and his father’s behaviour in particular, and Jin Guangyao finally finds what he’s been looking for.
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lanwangjisnow · 3 days ago
Lan Wangji x gn reader
@kdrama-i-nation request
Tumblr media
It was a test day for disciples at Gasu. Lan Xichen was individually evaluating his students flute playing skills . It was a huge relief for you when Lan Xichen commented your skills were in a good state excluding few mistakes, after you were nervously playing a tune he had taught in front of him. He was explaning what could be done to fix those missing points but then Lan Wangji entered.
He stood near the door until his brother gave permission.
“Wangji, come in “
Lan Wangji walked in put a book on a table and turned away .
“Wangji, are you going out?” Zewu-Jun asked
“ Mn”
“ Do you have someone to go with you?”
“ No” Lan Wangji bowed and left.
Lan Xichen sighed. You wanted to ask him if his brother does not have any friend at all but you were too shy and you didn’t . However, Lan Xichen noticed a little sadness in your eyes.
“Y/N is something not right?”
“No….. Is he…. always alone?” yes, you did it. Finally mumbled it.
“My brother? Yes” Zewu-Jun smiled bitterly.
Next day, one of Lan Wangji’s least favorites happened. Lan Xichen assigned group work and put everyone into groups of four. It was a quite surprise that you were selected to Lan Wangji’s team. Exactly, you loved to be on your secret crush’s team but never expected it would ever happen. Each group had to bind some single manuscripts into a book.
Lan Wangji disapproved noisy teammates except you. He had never noticed you until then. He appreciated your quietness. However, you were silent because you were nervous. Lan Wangji did most part of the work while two loud disciples were chatting. Eventually, you wanted to draw a nice pattern on the cover. You had one day seen Lan Wangji was looking at rabbit lanterns dearly and thought he would love rabbits
BUT when you were drawing rabbits on the cover other teammates laughed.
“Seriously, rabbits?” they chuckled.
You looked at Lan Wangji. However, he was paying attention to your work and seemed pleased. He frowned at those two who were laughing and they immediately shut their mouths. The work was submitted soon and group was dismissed. You felt so sad thinking it could be the only moment you spent close to Lan Wangji until you found it was wrong. Ever since you were in his group, he shared couple of words with you here and there. It was not much but you were so glad.
Another day at Lan Qiren’s class he had to pair up students for night hunt. He asked two more students who they wanted to paired up with before it was Lan Wangji’s turn. Lan Qiren asked Lan Wangji to choose a partner but he did not expect more than an answer from his nephew like “anyone is fine” or “I have no one on my mind”,
Lan Wangji stood up and unwillingly looked around while you were wishing him to pick you but will he? He would never pick you because you were nobody to him. However, he pointed you. You startled. Were you dreaming? Could he be showing someone behind you? You turned back. Students; especially females were frowning you. You were still doubtful if it was you he wanted as the partner.
“Y/N” Lan Wangji said feeling your tension.
Yes, that was your name, so it was really you. However, this was just a beginning. During the night hunt, Lan Wangji and you got to know each other better. After that Lan Xichen could easily detect how his cold brother enjoys your company and he and Lan Qiren both thought new connections would be helpful to Lan Wangji to forget past sorrows. You became Lan Wangji’s companion until one day when you two were sitting with Lan Wangji under a tree, Su She passed by saying “Lovers” insultingly.
Your eyes widened and Lan Wangji sent a death glance at Su She before he walked away but then turned to you and asked “ What if it’s true? “
“Huh” you gasped but Lan Wangji smiled. Yes, he smiled and crashed his lips against you instantly.
Pulling off slowly “Shall we do it again?” Lan Wangji asked all the time staring at you.
You felt like you were floating in midair and looked down as you were blushing. Finally, you mumbled “ yes” and Lan Wangi pulled you to him and kissed you. When you had no idea about this, Lan Wangji had been waited for this moment since months, and toady was the day he had actually made his dream come true.
Tumblr media
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im-a-really-bad-bitch · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
That look when you realize that you found your home T_T
Tumblr media
that my though T_T huhuhu. Wangji really miss that pure smile.
Tumblr media
When they know that their home is each other...
My heart can't take T_T
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rosethornewrites · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
From the next chapter of “the thing with feathers.”
A-Hong looked worried, Yu Ziyuan noted immediately—it was subtle, given her need to hide most of her true emotions in the snake den that was Koi Tower, but there. She couldn’t fault her friend for her concern.
“Ah, the new baobei?” she asked. “I didn’t know there was a sister—she’s so young.”
“Adopted,” Yu Ziyuan told her, then set A-Lian down on the ground where she immediately and adorably greeted A-Hong as she’d been coached, her red ribbons flowing in the air with her bow.
An involuntary twitch of A-Hong’s lips told her the display had landed perfectly. Hopefully she’d be hard-pressed to find fault with the child now.
(Note: I’ve not written much on this because I have a one-week intensive job. This is the first I’ve written on it since Sunday.)
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maskedfangirl · 5 days ago
*leaves explicit Untamed fic on tumblr’s doorstep like a cat with a dead pigeon*
Lan Wangji/Wei Wuxian, 5,770 words
“This must stop,” Lan Wangji tells him the next day, as they walk a quiet road where no one can hear them except songbirds. “The rumors. I can’t abide it.”
Wei Ying turns to walk backwards, facing him. He twirls his dizi between his fingers as he says, “Would you rather we tell the world the second Twin Jade of Lan is reduced to primal screaming by prostate stimulation?”
Or: Everyone thinks the Yiling Patriarch is haunted by wailing ghosts, but it’s really his shockingly vocal boyfriend.
Or: Lan Wangji comes to a realization about his relationship with the Lan Clan’s rules, by way of loud sex.
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mjsakurea · 5 days ago
Fair and Foul - Chapter 5
A modern Wangxian zombie apocalypse AU
Previous chapter 
""Ah so the rumors are true?"
"What rumors? What are you talking about"
"I have friends in Cloud Recesses you know, ones that told me about a boy bitten and left to die, only, you didn't, did you?""
Continue reading below or read on AO3.
Content warning for this chapter: it contains a very brief scene of attempted sexual assault. I marked the beginning and end of that scene with asterisks so it can be easily skipped.
Lan Wangji’s feet carried him towards the Silence Room automatically. Sleep never came to him the previous night. Despite that, he rose punctually at 5:00 AM. He hoped the other camps would be talkative today, anything to distract himself from the previous night’s events. As he lay in bed that night, his mind kept running over different scenarios. If he had only been more outspoken in defense of Wei Ying. His heart stung picturing the betrayed look that passed over Wei Wuxian’s face when his secret was revealed, a secret Lan Wangji vowed only hours earlier to keep. He did keep it, though. That was also what bothered Lan Zhan. How could have the guards been informed about the bite? The three from Lotus Pier had not been in Cloud Recesses all that long, so the opportunities for it being exposed were few. Surely his own family had not betrayed him. From Lan Zhan’s impression, they seemed just as shocked—if not more so--than the rest of the crowd. Jiang Yanli in particular had been desperate to plead her brother's case. Jiang Cheng on the other hand—Lan Wangji could not read what he had been feeling, but he had been silent.
As Lan Wangji had been thinking of the Jiang siblings, he happened upon them, standing and conversing with his brother.
“Are you sure we cannot persuade you to stay and rest another night? Koi Tower is a long journey from here,” Lan Xichen spoke as Lan Wangji approached.
“We’re sure. We’ve overstayed our welcome as it is. I only hope Koi Tower’s reputation of hospitality is not as exaggerated as Cloud Recesses’ of safety,” Jiang Cheng snapped back. Jiang Yanli was silent but nodded beside him, her eyes cast down to the ground.
Lan Xichen’s smile did not reach his eyes as he responded, “Very well then. I wish you a safe journey.” He bowed politely. Jiang Yanli returned the bow, but Jiang Cheng spun and began to stalk off. Jiang Yanli turned and hastily followed him. They both carried packs on their back, provisions for the journey.
Lan Wangji caught up to his brother.
“Ah, Wangji, I did not notice you there. If you’ve come to wish our guests off, you just missed them,” he said.
“They are heading to Koi Tower.”
“Wei Ying?”
“Was seen reaching the bottom of the mountain before our watchmen lost track of him,” Lan Xichen said, “Wangji,” he continued after a pause, “I am sorry what happened to your friend. You couldn’t have known. Although it was unfortunate, banishing him was the best course of action.”
“Was it?”
Lan Xichen turned to face Lan Wangji. His mouth gaped open and closed. Lan Zhan did not give him a chance to speak before leaving his brother behind, continuing down the path toward the Silence Room. Exiling Wei Ying was a mistake, he could not be more certain. In these times when Corpses outnumbered humans, there was safety in numbers. Without the protection of others, Wei Wuxian was vulnerable. However, if Wei Ying was truly immune, it was less the Corpses Lan Wangji worried about. After all, there were things far more dangerous than Corpses out in the world: other humans.
The abrupt pounding of fists meeting glass startled Wei Wuxian from his doze. He bolted upright, slamming his head into the ceiling of the car he had broken into in the early hours of the morning. Broken into being a bit of an exaggeration, it was abandoned and unlocked on the highway, practically inviting Wei Wuxian to crash there when he stumbled upon it. He collapsed across the backseats, locked the doors and windows, and fell asleep as fast as flicking a light switch off.
Now, he was awoken just as suddenly. Wei Ying clutched his forehead and shifted upright more gingerly than before. The pounding in his head echoed the pounding on the car door. His vision came into focus slowly. Silhouette outlined by the morning sun was a Corpse beating bloody fists against the glass. The car wobbled with every impact. Wei Wuxian kicked his feet, scrambling to melt into the far door.
“It can’t get in, you’re safe, it’s okay,” he muttered to himself. He controlled his breathing, taking deep inhales and slow exhales.
While he stayed inside and the Corpse remained outside, it was safe, but he knew it would not stay that way for long. Either the Corpse would break through the window, or the hammering would draw the attention of other Corpses in the area until they swarmed the car. Escaping now while he still had the chance was his best option, Wei Ying knew. He had to make a run for it. His legs ached at the thought. A trek both up and down the mountain of Cloud Recesses in one day without rest left his muscles sore. The cramped backseat left his legs stiff, as well.
As much as his instincts were telling him to escape, Wei Wuxian questioned them. He was already bitten. What was the worst that could happen, getting bit a second time? He let his head fall back against the window. He was so tired. The fatigue was a deep ache that left a heaviness in his bones. He wanted to close his eyes again. If he could only fall back asleep and wake up in Cloud Recesses, or better yet, Lotus Pier. If he could fall asleep and dream of better times while the Corpse feasted on his brain. He exposed everyone in Lotus Pier to the same fate, why did he deserve to escape it? Maybe he could go back to Lotus Pier. Somewhere deep down in her undead brain, the Corpse of Madam Yu would probably find satisfaction in killing him. Knowing her, she would find one last reason to be annoyed with him—maybe his flesh would get stuck in her teeth. Wei Ying chuckled at the morbid thought.
He heard the first resounding crack in the car window and saw it start to spiderweb out from the point of impact. His time was running out. It was then he made up his mind. Although he should be dead, his life was not over yet. If everyone wanted him dead, he would live to spite them, to spite everyone who screamed at him that he should be killed without mercy. Wei Wuxian would get his revenge by staying alive.
He turned around and gripped the door handle. He took a deep breath before slamming the car door open. Wei Ying burst through the door at the same moment the Corpse’s fist shattered the opposite window. He sprinted down the highway. As he ran, he did not turn to check if the Corpse was pursuing him or not. It did not matter. He would run as far as his legs would take him. He could feel them burning already, but he pushed through the pain.
As the running brought back memories of another time, he vaguely wished Lan Zhan were here running alongside him like before. Then, he shook that thought from his head. Despite the burn in his legs, he picked up his pace. He did not need Lan Wangji with him. He did not need someone who betrayed him. If it were not for Lan Wangji, he thought, he would not be in this situation right now. A tear rolled out of his eye. He should be angry at Lan Zhan. Lan Wangji was no better than all the others who wanted him dead. Wei Wuxian should hate him, so why did his chest ache thinking about him? He brushed it off, his chest was aching from the running, that was all. He pushed all thoughts of Lan Zhan from his brain and focused on his breathing. Wei Ying zoned out as he let his feet carry him to an unknown destination.
Wei Wuxian only slowed when he came to a small road sign. It advertised a town a few kilometers down an adjacent road. He stopped, breathing heavily. Straight ahead, the highway continued uninterrupted into the horizon. With no signs of life down the highway, Wei Ying turned down the side road. A town meant the possibility of food. Wei Wuxian had been too distracted to think of food earlier, but now that the idea was in his mind, his stomach started to grumble. He kept his pace at a brisk walk going forward. After giving his legs a chance to rest, he could no longer push himself to keep up the brutal pace he had been at, fueled by adrenaline alone. The town was close enough that he could allow himself to slow down and still be able to reach it before midday.
He thought fondly about finding an empty house to crash in when dusk fell. As he stretched and felt his back crack in multiple places, he admitted to himself that sleeping in the backseat of a small car was not one of his smartest decisions. Wei Wuxian hummed a soft tune while he walked, the only accompanying sound being the mellow chirp of crickets. He could see the tall signs of gas stations and cheap fast food looming on the horizon. It would not be long now. Like an oasis in the desert, the town rose into view.
As the Sun beamed down directly overhead, Wei Wuxian reached the town. After seeing a few towns, none stood out from the others. They were all equally dilapidated as this one. Abandoned cars with shattered windows lined the main street. Glass from the cars was indistinguishable from glass from the broken storefront windows on the ground. As Wei Wuxian journeyed closer, the glass crunched beneath his feet. He wandered around peering into every shop. Despite the neglect, he could get a glimpse of the life these buildings must have contained in the old days. Ripped leather cushions on elevated chairs were visible in the skeleton of what might have been a salon or barbershop to the left. Toppled shelves spilled their contents in a ruined bookstore to the right. While interesting, none of these stores were what Wei Ying was looking for. He kept his eyes peeled for evidence of anything edible, a grocery store would be ideal but even a corner store or drug store would do.
It was only when Wei Wuxian was losing hope of finding anything, as he reached the far side of town, that he stumbled upon a goldmine. Proceeded by a large parking lot was a massive, box-shaped grocery store. Wei Ying stood at the road and stared at it for a moment, hoping it was not just a mirage created by his desperate imagination. As he hesitated, his stomach growled audibly. With that, he could not wait any longer. He jogged through the parking lot, weaving around crashed cars and discarded shopping carts. Reaching the formerly automatic doors, Wei Wuxian pried them open. When the double doors parted, a loud bell clanged from close overhead. Wei Ying startled and nearly let the doors slam shut and collide with him. He quickly slipped inside before they hit him.
Inside, his eyes took a minute to adjust to the dimness. As he squinted around, he noticed how the front entryway area he was standing in was completely bare, too bare, kept clean. In a semi-circle surrounding the entryway were empty shelves forming a barricade from accessing the rest of the store. Wei Wuxian shivered with sudden chills. He did not like the feel of this place. He took a single step back towards the doors.
“Haven’t seen you around here before,” a man’s voice said to his left, “I would remember a face that pretty.”
Wei Wuxian jerked his head around to face the voice. A plain-looking man in a dark jacket stepped out from behind a shelving unit. As he was facing the man, he heard a whistle from behind him. He spun around again only to face two other men coming out from behind shelves to his right. One of them strode to stand in front of Wei Wuxian at a short distance. The other two took a few steps towards him on either side. His head was on a swivel keeping them in his periphery.
“I was just looking for food. I didn’t realize this was your property, I mean no offense, I will leave now,” Wei Wuxian said. He took another cautious step back.
“Oh, we have food here, plenty to go around,” the man in the dark jacket said. Wei Wuxian paused, turning to look at him. Nothing about the man screamed sinisterly, but Wei Ying could feel the nagging voice in his head telling him to leave immediately and never come back. At the same time, his stomach was just as demanding.
“Really?” Wei Wuxian questioned.
“Yeah, we’ll give some to you, if you have something to offer in return,” the man said.
“I’m just a traveler, I don’t have anything to offer.”
The man in the dark jacket smirked. His gaze trailed down to Wei Wuxian’s feet and raked back up again. “Oh, I think you do,” he said. He took a couple of steps forward and Wei Ying stepped back on instinct. Once again, he felt a shiver run through him.
“That’s a nice jacket,” another voice whispered into his ear, too close. Then, two hands grabbed his shoulders. Wei Wuxian jumped and tried to twist out of their hold. His knee suddenly buckled as a boot slammed into the back of the joint. He cried out and fell to the ground. As he fell, the man behind him held onto his red leather jacket and pulled it from him. Wei Wuxian groaned and pushed himself up to his hands and knees. Before he could move to stand, a heavy kick landed straight to his ribs. He gasped as the air was forced out of his lungs. His back hit the ground roughly. He coughed as his lungs struggled to take in air and his head spun.
A heavy weight pressed on his thighs. Wei Ying’s disoriented eyes shot open. They met with the face of the man in the dark jacket. He grinned down at Wei Wuxian predatorily.
“Get off me!” he shouted. He tried to slam his hands into the man’s chest, but he caught both of Wei Ying’s wrists in one hand and pinned them to the ground above his head.  With his other hand, he slowly started to slide it up under Wei Wuxian’s shirt.
“No, stop,” Wei Wuxian continued to protest to deaf ears. His thoughts scrambled trying to think of an escape plan. He wanted to reach for a weapon, but his knives were all in the jacket that was taken from him and even if his hands were free, he could not reach his machete with the man sitting on it in its thigh holster. He was trapped.
The man’s grip on his wrists shifted and Wei Ying winced as his fingers pressed down on a barely healed wound. The man froze. He was starring up at Wei Wuxian’s hands. Wei Ying puzzled at the man’s reaction before putting the pieces together. He noticed that his long sleeves had slid down to his elbows, exposing his bite.
“Get. Off. Me,” Wei Wuxian growled. His eyes not leaving Wei Ying’s wrists, the man dropped his hands and scrambled backward. As Wei Wuxian’s legs were freed, he used one to kick the man square in the chest. The other two men moved to help their friend in the dark jacket to stand.
Wei Ying shot up to his feet. He drew his machete out of its holster and pointed it at the three men. The trio stepped back. Keeping the blade aimed at the men, Wei Wuxian stepped over to the automatic doors. He felt for the seam between them with his free hand. Once he found it, he spun around and pushed them open. He darted through the doors and fled through the parking lot. He ran onto the road and did not look back. He ran away from the town as fast as his feet could carry him. The soreness in his legs was back, as was the ache in his stomach, but Wei Wuxian was numb to it all. He focused on his breath moving in and out of his lungs, pushing on his bruised ribs.
Wei Wuxian passed by a few houses lining the road on his way out of town, but he could not bring himself to stop. He was still too close. He doubted the men would come after him, but even still he could feel their disgusting hands and hungry gazes on him. Being on the opposite side of the country from them would still be too close for comfort.
Currently, he did not know what part of the country he was in, however. He could not keep track of how far he had traveled or in what direction at this point. Every road felt the same. His time spent running blurred together. The area he was in now—past the houses and other signs of civilization—was growing more and more forested. The road climbed the slope of a gentle hill. There were mountains in the distance, growing closer by the step.
As the road crested over another hill, Wei Wuxian stopped suddenly. In front of him, the road ran into a tunnel bored into a steep rock face. A short distance into the tunnel, it had caved in. Rocks piled from the road to the ceiling of the arched tunnel. There was no way through—a dead end. Wei Wuxian kicked a stone at his feet and sent it flying into the brush lining the road. He could not turn back—he refused to—but what options did that leave him with. He glanced left to right. The rock face was too steep to climb. The only thing that stood out at closer inspection, was a narrow gravel road retreating off from the road and into the forest to the right. With the dense foliage, Wei Wuxian could not see where it led to. He stood there staring down the road for a moment. There were no sounds except for his own heavy breathing, not even the sound of birds singing or insects chirping. Since the alternatives were either turning back or wandering through the woods aimlessly, Wei Wuxian decided to chance the gravel road. He turned down it and began walking, feeling the gravel shift beneath his feet.
As he continued down the path, the forest grew denser around him. Branches hung over the path in many places, low enough that Wei Wuxian had to duck under them or push them aside. After ducking under one particularly overgrown branch, he suddenly came to a clearing. Surrounded by trees on all sides was a large swath of tilled land growing crops of all kinds. There was a patch of tall cornstalks in one corner, trellises of bright red tomatoes to one side, large pumpkins and squash dotting the ground in one area, and the leafy heads of root vegetables in another. Wei Wuxian’s eyes lit up and his mouth watered. He sped over to the tomato bushes and pulled a ripe one from the vine. He wasted no hesitation in sinking his teeth into the fruit. At that moment, the plain flavor tasted like the most refreshing thing he had ever eaten, almost as good as his sister’s famous lotus root and pork rib soup.
Wei Wuxian’s head snapped up. He did not hear footsteps coming up behind him, but the resounding click of a bullet slotting into place in the barrel of a gun.
“Don’t move,” a gruff voice said at his back. “Put your hands behind your head,” the voice continued.
Wei Wuxian obeyed. He dropped the half-eaten tomato and raised his hands up to the back of his head. The barrel of the gun nudged him before pressing into the small of his back.
“Look, I don’t want any trouble, just—"
“Move,” the man interrupted. Wei Wuxian tried to glance behind his shoulder to see who had apprehended him. He could only catch the barest glimpse of a mustached face. Catching him turning, the man nudged Wei Ying in the back harshly causing him to stumble forward. After that, Wei Wuxian kept his eyes forward as he was led by the mysterious man toward an unknown destination. He was forced out of the clearing, deeper into the forest. Wei Wuxian felt like he was being led off to be executed, however, if the man wanted him dead, he had plenty of opportunities to pull the trigger.
After winding through the forest, Wei Wuxian caught sight of a break in the trees. The man gave him a final rough nudge, shoving him through the last layer of trees. Despite the lack of trees, this new area he found himself in was not an open clearing. In front of him towered a solid stone wall, crowned with coiled barbed wire. Wei Wuxian was not given much time to gawk as he was pushed forward again. He was led to the right, walking in the shadow of the wall. Before long, they came upon an opening in the wall secured by a chain-link gate. When they reached the gate, the man behind him stepped to his side and gripped his arm at his elbow. With his free hand, the man slid the gate open. He pulled Wei Wuxian with him through the gate.
The gun did not return to his back, but the atmosphere of the inside of the compound was still somehow more threatening. Men and women dressed in military-like gear filled the compound. Every person Wei Wuxian could see was armed with a firearm. They moved with a purpose to and from buildings constructed of metal and stone. The lush foliage outside the wall was an alien landscape in comparison to this lifeless interior. He could not help but gape as he was led through the compound.
The man dragging him along only stopped when they reached the entrance to a large brick building. He shoved Wei Wuxian inside. This building contained wall-to-wall cells separated by metal bars. Each cell had a small metal cot. From what he could see, they all appeared to be empty. The mustached man brought Wei Wuxian to the nearest one and threw him inside. Wei Ying’s palms stung as they impacted the concrete floor. The metal bars of the door clanged shut behind him. Wei Wuxian shifted his weight off of his palms to sit on the floor. Now, he could finally get a good glimpse of his captor. His face was gruff with an ingrained scowl and adorned with a thin mustache. He had long hair braided back into a bun. He wore the same military garb as the others in the compound.
“A trespasser and a thief, you’re lucky I didn’t shoot you on the spot. Just be grateful I was convinced to be merciful today. I’ll decide what to do with you later,” the man said.
Before Wei Wuxian could react, the man was gone. He did not know quite what to make of his situation. He did, however, figure out one mystery: where he was. This was the Unclean Realm. They contacted the other clans so rarely, not much was known about them. Reality was often mixed with rumor, as was common in many cases. Many spoke of the Unclean Realm’s impenetrable walls. Some would say it was the keep of an ancient castle. Others argued it was a secret military base. The most correct rumors—from what Wei Wuxian had seen now—spoke of it being a prison, overtaken by resourceful survivors early on in the outbreak. Their resilience was well-known, as was their ruthlessness. From what Wei Wuxian had heard, he was indeed lucky that they took him alive. The last question plaguing his brain was why.
Wei Wuxian was still seated on the ground when the rattle of a door opening startled him. He heard the echo of footsteps walking toward him. He pushed himself up off the cement floor. Peering out of the cell bars, he saw an unfamiliar man approaching. He walked with his hands behind his back and wore a casual smile. His hair contained similar braids to that of the other man’s hair. After a few more steps, he stood directly in front of Wei Wuxian’s cell. He moved his left arm out from behind his back and held out an apple up to the bars.
“A bit more appetizing than a tomato, is it not? You must be hungry. Here, take it,” he said with a grin. Wei Wuxian stared at the man. His demeanor was so contrary to the other man, he felt a sense of whiplash. Grateful for the unexpected hospitality, Wei Wuxian stepped forward. The man was holding the apple slightly outside of the bars. Wei Wuxian reached forward through the bars to grab it with his right hand. Suddenly, the man latched his right hand on Wei Wuxian’s forearm and yanked with surprising strength. Wei Wuxian gasped as his chest slammed into the metal bars. The apple discarded, the man gripped Wei Wuxian’s arm tightly in his right hand and slid his sleeve down with his left.
“Ah, so the rumors are true,” he said, the smile never leaving his face.
“What rumors? What are you talking about? Let go of me!” Wei Wuxian said, struggling to twist out of his grip.
“I have friends in Cloud Recesses you know, ones that told me about a boy bitten and left to die, only you didn’t, did you?”
“What?” Wei Wuxian was caught off guard. He continued to fight the man’s hold on his arm. As he put strength into pulling away once more, the man let go. Wei Wuxian stumbled backward, holding his arm defensively to his chest.
“Who told you?” he questioned.
“No one of your concern,” the man answered. “I think there are more important things you should be concerned about. But for now, sleep tight. If you’ll excuse me, I have some business to attend to.” With that, the man turned and walked out, leaving Wei Wuxian alone again. His mind fought to process what just occurred. He stepped backward until his back hit the wall. Then, he slid down until he was sitting on the floor. He reached up and held his head in his hands. Just what had he gotten himself into this time.
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sweet-william-writes · 5 days ago
I could have integrity as a fanfic writer. Or I could give in and leave hidden puns in my fic about Lan Wangji's CANON breeding kink (which has it's own ao3 tag btw)
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eldritch-elrics · 6 days ago
nothing beside remains
Tumblr media
the origin story of NBR is pretty straightforward: i went "hmm how could xy get xxc back" and then went "oh my fucking god. sacrifice summon." the very first concept i had was (direct quote from notes) "xy tries to get song lan to resurrect xxc into his body" - but shortly after that i was like no. what if xy was desperate enough to do it himself. and it was all downhill from there
originally i had planned to have xy make xxc take revenge (on sl, or maybe jgy), like mxy did for wwx, but very quickly i was like nah. xxc would rather die again than kill someone he had no quarrel with.
also omg i can't believe i started writing it all the way back in november? took like 2 months to write wow (...with many pauses and detours along the way. but still.)
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eldritch-elrics · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
looking through my old fic notes so i can better respond to ask meme questions and. holy shit? i almost completely forgot about this? i was SO close to writing this and then i never did... still kind of an intriguing idea though. maybe i’ll think more about it sometime
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eldritch-elrics · 6 days ago
everytime we touch for fic bingo?
Tumblr media
'every time we touch' was born of a combination of two factors: first, i was working on 'nothing beside remains' which is an absolute angst-fest and i really wanted to write something fluffier, and second, the sangxian oneshot i wrote for a challenge with my friend just kept living in my brain rent-free, and i simply. wanted more sangxian. and so i wrote more sangxian. i am not immune to silly teenage romances. this was a VERY self-indulgent fic and extremely fun to write!
"thought of a great line" = the first three or so paragraphs of the fic, which i wrote down in a haze at about 5:30 am in january and then it all went from there!
bonus - here are some of the first notes i ever made for the fic:
some things that would happen in it
- nhs continues his sexuality advisor shtick
- helps wn figure stuff out :) bc wn has a big ol crush on wwx
- gets confronted by mianmian, who thinks she’s a lesbian but is questioning if she’s bi, and she wants nhs to help her with that. the whole scene is very fun wlw/mlm solidarity
- mianmian suspects jin zixuan is gay and wants nhs to go “help him with that”
- cue a very awkward but also very homoerotic encounter between nhs and jzx???
- wwx is like “bro you have to go see if you can seduce jiang cheng”
- so that happens, in some capacity
(author's note: it did not happen. but imagine)
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soft-for-xie-lian · 6 days ago
i find it low key hilarious that i've written a whole 10k fanfiction for lan xichen/jiang cheng, who i ship for funsies because i think their teasing/angy (respectively) dynamic is hilarious, but i haven't even TOUCHED song zichen/xiao xingchen, the ship that makes me want to cry if i think about them too long
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