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#mcu timelines
helenakey · 26 minutes ago
Are we really not gonna talk about how Sylvie turning out to be a woman, changing her name and hating to be called Loki sounds so much like a trans story? Even if it's just in subtext. Because I didn't know until now how much I needed a timeline in which Loki is trans and I totally head canon that she was born with a male body but choses to present as a woman.
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helenakey · 12 hours ago
I know that after this episode a lot of people are going to be shipping Loki with Syvie, but personally they do not give me romantic vibes at all. They are more like disaster siblings
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domwho11 · 18 hours ago
Please check out my Loki series 1 episode 3 review. Thanks a lot :)
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todaysrainythoughts · a day ago
Sketchy things the TVA has done (so far)
1. The fact that there were multiple timelines and one was chosen to become "sacred" by some undisclosed reasoning that has been deemed "classified"
2. That said timeline destining certain individuals for a life of failure and others a life of greatness
3. Their field technology just disintegrating everything in the vicinity and then being branded as Reset Charges??
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floosies · a day ago
The Professor and I
pairing: professor!Tom x poc!oc!fem
summary: A conversation can lead into a million things. These things can turn into the best decisions ever made.
warnings: age gap (character 25, Tom 39) , smut, cursing, fluff
taglist: @honeychicana @lex-the-flex
Tumblr media
Even in the worst of times.
Yours truly
On an evening in Roma
Words. Actions.
Futile devices
Carpe Diem
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domwho11 · 2 days ago
Please check out my good friend Ben’s Loki article. Many thanks :)
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peppy-but-depressy · 3 days ago
Okay okay okay so I’ve been thinking, did the Loki variants shown in the 1st episode (hulk Loki, runner Loki, frost giant Loki) screw up the timeline just for existing? Because logically it doesn’t make sense that there’s a frost giant Loki who is the same age as Loki because wouldn’t the tva have reset the timeline as soon as Loki wasn’t left alone as a baby and found and taken in by Odin since that’s what’s supposed to happen in the sacred timeline?
Or does the tva exist outside of parallel universes where they control the timeline of all universes? As said in Dr. Strange there are multiple universes and realities outside the plane of human reach, but the tva is one of those realities not perceived by humans or any other alien race in the mcu, so it’s completely understandable that they would control those realities as well.
We know that the tva only really deals with large scale events that throw the sacred timeline off course, does that mean that the changes to the timeline that lead to the differences between the Loki variants that cause them to look different were not big enough for the tva to intervene until that changes causes other more damaging affects to the timeline overall (like a snowball rolling down a snowy mountain)?
Or would all of the other Loki variants no matter their appearance, gender, race, etc, have caused the same result in the sacred timeline as the Loki that we know had (like for example, causing the death of Frigga, aiding to ensure the destruction of Asgard in Ragnorak, or the development of Thor after losing his brother to Thanos) and therefore they wouldn’t need to revert those small changes?
As said in Endgame by the sorcerer supreme the change to the past of one reality will doom the course of the other (which is what the tva works to prevent). But the sorcerer supreme said realities whereas the tva says timelines so either the tva controls all of the realities/timelines or the reality we know of (the mcu) is one of the many strands of reality within the sacred timeline.
This would also explain why the tva aren’t concerned with Steve Rodgers going back in time and changing reality because his change only impacted the reality but not the sacred timeline. AND why Peter Evans (Ralph Bohner) was Pietro Maximoff in Wandavision by chance of the x men and mcu realities slightly colliding.
Tumblr media
AND AND this is the perfect set up into the second Dr Strange movie: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
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yourgirlsfriday · 3 days ago
So I keep kind of just not writing these down for Petra but some fundamental differences just kind of need to be mentioned. 
 Petra is mixed, she obviously ‘passes’ as white but is in fact of desi heritage on her mother’s side. Her nana on her mom’s side immigrated from England and her mother before that from India.
 Petra compared to Peter is less emotionally okay, she’s not unstable, but in general, she is much more prone to showing her anger while bottling up her guilt, distress, fear, and sadness. Her humor tends to be more along the line of gallows humor when it’s let out in life or death situations unless it’s a quick brain-to-mouth quip, and those are often just so fucking random. 
Had Petra ever met with Venom in a TASM compliant story, while Peter would have been largely fine in that he’d deal with the Symbiote quickly in terms of separating, I don’t think Petra would have been? I feel it would have been much harder for her to ignore Venom’s voice and manipulations of her darker side, though the line would have still been drawn in the metaphorical sand against killing people. 
Gwen and Uncle Ben’s deaths weigh extremely heavily on Petra. Not that they don’t on Peter, but in comparison to how most Peters are portrayed here, Petra is a basketball of guilt. while specific events seem to trigger grief and guilt for Peter, Petra just holds onto it, let it sit right on her heart to punish herself. It was, after all, her irresponsibility that led to their deaths. To a certain point, in that way that a child’s mind connects two situations in an entirely illogical way, Petra feels like her parents' deaths are also partially her fault. She doesn’t know how but she knows it’s true. 
^In that vein, Petra and relationships are basically enemies. She doesn’t trust herself to keep her partners safe, and it’s led to her weirdly being in more relationships, sexual or otherwise with powered people, and of those powered people, a LOT have been Anti-Heroes. (Multi-versally speaking throughout her Tumblr career.)
Bottom line: Petra should definitely go to therapy, but never will unless someone forces her to AND Symbiote! Spidey is the darkest timeline where Petra is concerned.
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rodrikstark · 3 days ago
equally torn between writing another angsty canon compliant fic, writing a disgustingly fluffy headcanon, and just not writing at all 😌
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So... the TVA are essentially Space Calvinists.
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worstloki · 4 days ago
I mean in the comics they had him face several different versions of himself and come to terms with his life's consequences during a vision he had while dissolving in his father's stomach. the show isn't even coming CLOSE to how dark loki's stories can get.
EXACTLY. like. this panel alone is more unsettling than what I've seen about the TVA's blatant authoritarianness and it does it while staying lighthearted anyway??
Tumblr media
and that's without getting into whatever Ikol and Kid Loki had going on??? or how Nightmare is useless against Loki because a world where everyone believes the worst in him is his worst nightmare and that's just reality for him????? or how Loki works on using the remnants of the previous Loki to try and do better but the past still noticed the changes with Mephisto and Hel???? Loki's stuck in perpetual cycles of trying-to-be-better and being-better and being-limited-to-knowing-how-to-be-worse-and-using-it-to-be-better and selfmurders on a few notable occasions.
I don't expect the show to match up to Journey into Mystery or Agent of Asgard or any of the better comic arcs because those are masterpieces, but there are a lot of factors they seem to be trying to adapt and I hope it follows on to acknowledge that he never wanted to be a supposedly evil lying scourge.
at the very least he's dealt with psychological abuse and torture so it's not as if it would be a baseless thing to suddenly say he's suffered or regrets things and tbh if the show leads on to anything like this where even the TVA/TimeKeepers still see Loki as bad but the narrative acknowledges he isn't I'll be thrilled.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#not to hate on the show because it IS fun and i do believe it's setting itself up to be more suspenseful and heavier#but currently any darkness is an undertone#an irrelevance a detour a footnote to what i hope is an ascent that deals with more meta and acknowledges Loki's side of things#if the female Loki Variant is bitter and trying to make their story more than what is written?????#well i already love her but it would be a lot more#Loki trying to be good and a hero by working with the TVA imo was an actual attempt to simply do that#he has no reason to stay with them of course because of their nature in immediately suspecting his betrayal and/or threatening with death#but I do think he was trying to stop the timeline from collapsing if that truly is what would happen#and that's why he wants to get to the Time Keepers you know?#because they sounds COMPLETELY dodgy and a fully-made propaganda product#if they are legitimate he'd be fine with it maybe tell them to pen better stories or tell them how wrong they were about him and others#but otherwise his story is so cruel and tragic and....... he was still willing to return to his timeline if possible#mcu loki is so soft compared to the other lokis#like#he genuinely doesn;t seem to mean people ill-will or hurt a lot of the time and at the very least doesn't enjoy it#if they make the female variant mirror king loki's character in terms of bitterness or wanting revenge i will be !!!!!!!!!!!!!#we'll see though#i guess#we've still got 4 episodes to go#the Loki show#loki spoilers#loki show spoilers
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worstloki · 4 days ago
don't rlly understand why ppl are upset TVA!Loki is "ooc" or reconned. He literally got yanked out his timeline to develop. idk, I'm good at separating 2011!Loki from future Loki. No show is perfect but no one should rlly be surprised with how he is now. If anything, we're about to zoom through his character development especially with how the first episode went lol....It's funny that Loki is, slowly(?), becoming aware of how and who he is... unlike his family sadly. Yay for dysfunctional fams!
it's great you can separate the two and vibe with it, not everyone can though and to be fair the variant appears distinctly different in a few ways.
i would argue loki was already aware of how and who he wasn't which is what thor 1 was about, but by (probably) retconning Avengers 1 Loki for the show it does make for a semi-coherent development arc, though we obviously won't end up with TDW Loki because of the different scenarios.
meanwhile his family is stuck in their cringe main-sacred timeline while loki's sad for their loss <3
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saentorine · 4 days ago
I’m still working out how I feel about the Loki series, but the one thing that is keeping me most compelled is the hope that ultimately the show is meta-commentary on storytelling itself: the idea that a one true Sacred Timeline, ie a corporate-endorsed fictional canon, is a tyrannical abomination and fiction is infinitely richer for the opportunity to explore the same characters in multiple settings, in different forms, in different relationships, etc, a la the various comic universes and fanworks. I think that would especially justify the use of Loki (who exists in myth as well as numerous comic storylines, and is a fanwork favorite) in a story that seems like it could otherwise be about anyone. I really hope I’m not just getting my hopes up.
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Loki pretty much confirms that Steve did NOT create an alternate timeline by marrying Peggy, right? Meaning he was her husband all along?
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asgardian-viking · 5 days ago
Laurits Seier is a Loki variant, that´s it it´s canon now.
If there´s a timeline where Hulk Loki is a thing, or that he somehow won the Tour De France... than somewhere out in the big multiverse there´s a Loki who end up becoming... an emo
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end-o-the-line · 5 days ago
hi! where do you think bucky's encounter with isaiah bradley fits within your timeline? they mention that they sent a couple of guys to fight bucky and no one came back, so i suppose he was already active enough during that time for usa to know of him!
Oomph, you know what, Falcon and Winter Soldier fucked my timelines all to fuck okay. I was waiting for the series to finish up before I tried to piece the new info together, and then I got distracted and never had time to do the work. But anyway! The new info does change some things. Big things.
For example, the dog tags showed me that my guesses as to when Bucky was drafted were wrong by a long shot, and he was in fact part of the post-Pearl Harbor wave of drafts and likely got his draft card on Christmas Eve of 1941. Which is annoying since I need to go back and fix the info, BUT the new info made his draft date and his rank of Sergeant in 1943 MAKE SENSE. That’s a whole other nerd infodump though.
But Isaiah Bradley’s story glitched my Winter Soldier timeline HARD. Bucky being not only active but a huge, known threat during the Korean War, one Hydra was willing to send in, means he was fully operational at least 3 years to a decade before I estimated, that he likely did have some initial memory loss from the fall and it wasn’t nearly as hard or lengthy a process to recondition him, and that he was sent into things I honestly did not expect him to have been involved with. Like full-blown wars.
So, Bucky definitely fought in the Korean War, and that also means he probably was at least peripherally involved in the following: the guerilla wars in both the Baltic states and Ukraine. The Soviet-Japanese War. The First Indochina War. The Hungarian Revolution. And Vietnam. And those are just the ones in the 1950′s. Knowing they used him to fight in wars as well as for assassinations puts him in a lot more places. It also makes it far more plausible that Bucky was involved in the assassination of JFK.
Bucky also confirmed that it was Hydra, not just ‘the Soviets’, pulling his strings way back in 1951, when he said Bradley was one of the things Hydra feared most. It begs the question, was Hydra operating with the Soviets and only branched into other governments after the Soviet Union fell, or were they always a worldwide insidious thing, acting independently and basically putting resources into every side of every fight simply to sow chaos. It kind of seems like the latter, to me, but it’s a question I figured I’d put out there.
The story of Bradley’s encounter with the Winter Soldier also helps to explain why, if Bucky only lost half his human arm in the fall from the train, he wound up with a metal arm that encompasses his entire arm, shoulder joint, and up into his clavicle. I am still confident in saying the flashback scene from the movies where Bucky is getting his metal arm attached is in 1954 because of the articulating saw. Since Bradley broke the metal arm, it means that scene was just one of the memories Bucky had of getting a replacement metal arm attached.
Since the metal arm was not, in fact, indestructible or the original one, every time his metal arm was broken/damaged/ripped off beyond repair, they would’ve had to take a little bit more of his remaining human arm off to attach a new metal one. Just like they have to drill new and bigger holes when they do hip replacements. It also explains why he saw/heard Zola calling him the Fist of Hydra, but it was someone else in that scene attaching the arm. Cause it wasn’t the first one.
I am just now realizing how far I rambled with this....I hope I answered the question somewhere in there?
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